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Chapter 12

Dean looked at Jo, not knowing what to do. He wasn't gonna kill her, but there wasn't enough time to exorcist the the demon. He looked at Sam, hoping that he would have an idea what to do, but he shook his head, he was just as speechless as Dean. Dean looked at Jo, she seemed to be in pain as she fought inside to keep the demon out of control.

"Dean, kill me. I can't keep it any longer..." she said and looked at the knife that he held in his hand.

"Jo, I can't." Dean said. He felt shame, weakness and most of all, love. He couldn't kill Jo because he loved her. He knew that if he didn't kill her the demon would, but he'd rather know that the demon was the reason that Jo would be dead, instead of knowing that it he had killed her himself. Jo watched him, and realized that he wasn't gonna do it. She knew what she had to do. She grabbed the knife from his hand and looked him in his eyes.

"I have to do it." she said, and Dean immediately understood what sh meant. She pushed the knife in her stomach, and a big black cloud flew out from her mouth. Then she fell on the ground. Sam was still holding his hand on her arm.

"No, Jo!" Dean screamed, even if he knew that it was too late. There was blood running down her cheek, and she was pale. Dean put his hand on the wound, and noticed that she had pulled out the knife, and that it was on the ground next to her. It was covered in blood.

"Jo, don't worry, we're gonna get you fixed up, it's gonna be alright..." dean mumbled, mostly to make himself believe that Jo could survive. He saw how blood covered his hand red, and he looked at Sam. Sam was holding her head, while trying to dial 911. Sam sighed, no signal.

"Dean, stop." Jo said and touched his hands. He flinched, her hand was cold, and white like her face.

"Jo, we're gonna get you to a hospital, it's gonna be alright." Dean said and knew how silly he sounded.

"I don't have time for bullshit Dean..." Jo said with a weak smile. "I sent the demon back to hell, but the other one, the one who killed my mom..." Jo coughed up a little blood, and Sam wiped it of her cheek.

"The other demon, Adrien... He wants you dead. Both of you... Kill him for my mom, will ya'?" she said, and her voice almost broke when she mentioned the demons name.

"I promise Jo, I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch." Dean said. Jo smiled, and Dean leaned forward to kiss her. They kissed for a long time, and when their lips separated, Jo took her last breath. Dean could feel tears in his eyes, and Sam put his arm around his shoulder. Sam also had tears in his eyes, but Deans sorrow was much bigger.

"We have to kill this demon. No matter what it takes." Dean said. Sam nodded.

"No matter what it takes." He replied.

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