A.N.: So I've been wanting to do fan fiction for a long while now, and I've decided there just isn't enough ClairexShane lemons. So, I've decided this will be a rather long series of one shot lemons. Mmm, enjoy ;)

"Hello?" Claire called as she entered the Glass House, having just come back from her classes. When she'd first stepped through the door, the house had been unusually silent.

"Michael?" No answer.

"Eve?" No answer.

A long pause, when Claire had walked further into the house, too scared to not be answered if she called out for him.


She felt hot breath on her neck and turned around, feeling a scream bubble up in her throat, her body rigid. She sighed in relief when she saw it was only Shane. How had he been so quiet?

"Hi." She smiled, her heart flooding with warmth at the sight of him. Her eyes were fixated on his shaggy and layered brown hair, his warm brown eyes, his full pink lips. Very kissable lips.

As if reading her mind, Shane snaked his arms around her tiny waist and pulled her close. She dropped her backpack to the hardwood floor and wrapped her arms around him also, inhaling his nice manly scent. Axe. Mmm, axe. She liked axe.

"I missed you." Shane said and pressed his lips softly to hers, like she might break. It was a kiss so tender, so loving, it made her body tingle and course with warmth.

"Good," Claire whispered and pressed her lips harder to his. She needed him; badly. She wanted him with every fiber of her being but she knew he would pull away soon, he always did. He'd talk about promises that he'd made, and how his word was all he had…. He'd tell her he wanted to go there with her, but it just wasn't possible right now.

But after a while, he didn't pull away. He traced her bottom lip with his tongue, asking silently for entrance. Did he even have to ask? Claire let her tongue slide into his mouth and collide passionately with his.

She tangled her hands in his hair, steeling her mind for the moment he'd pull away, say the had to stop. But he didn't. His hands moved in slow circles over her back, then slowly traveled down and gripped her butt.

She gasped and moaned into his mouth, their kisses becoming hot and feverish; filled with need.

"Claire," Shane groaned, grinding his hardness against her. "I need you."

Her body filled with excitement and flooded with an even more intense heat. She pressed her lips against his again and felt him push her against the nearest wall. She wrapped her legs around his strong waist and grinding herself against the bulge in his jeans.

He moaned and squeezed her ass, again grinding his hips and his erection into her covered but very over-heated centre. The heat between her thighs was almost unbearable and she groaned, still kissing him urgently.


Her hands snaked up his shirt, causing him to groaned and shiver, grinding his erection against her harder and throwing his head back. She was trembling and shaking with need.


His hands started to lift up her shirt and throw it over her head as their tongues battled together for dominance, their hands eagerly roaming one another's body.

"Claire, wake up."

Claire snapped awake with a gap. "Dammit." She mutter, burying her head into her pillow. The heat between her thighs was still there from the dream, and it was still almost unbearable.

They were in her room, and had been sleeping together, but not 'together'. It had only been a dream! Claire felt her throat swell and her eyes sting.

"Claire," Shane whispered concernedly. "What's wrong?"

She shook her head, her whole body heated up, just thinking about what it would be like if he'd finally take her like she'd wanted him to since the first time they'd kissed. "I had a dream," she said, almost inaudibly.

He rubbed her back, which made the heat in her body build. "Was it a nightmare?"

She thought for a second, looking at the hardwood floor of her room, her jeans and his jeans in a pile at the side of the bed, her stuff askew throughout the room. "Yes." But it had been exactly the opposite of a nightmare. But this, right now, not being able to be with him, was.

He kissed her forehead and turned her head so she would look at him, "I wouldn't let anything hurt you."

"I know that Shane," she said quietly, looking down at her hands again, then up at him. "I just, need to be close to you." She breathed, feeling heat rush to her cheeks.

Shane seemed to waver for a moment, "Close how?" He asked hesitantly.

"Just hold me." She whispered and lay down on her side, looking up at him. He was perfect. The only man for her. The only man she wanted, or would ever want.

He lay down beside her on his side also, facing her. They gazed at each other for awhile and then he slowly pulled her closer to him, gathering her in his arms, their bodies just inches apart.

Claire closed her eyes at the heat spreading between them; it was wonderful. But she needed to be closer. Slowly, she wriggled herself closer, so that every part of the front of their bodies were touching. Still not enough. She wrapped her arms around him and threw a leg over his and pressed herself closer.

"Claire," Shane groaned, but didn't push her away.

"I'm sorry, we just aren't close enough…" she said and pulled away to take off her tank top and throw it to the floor.

"Claire, don't--"

"Take your shirt off Shane." Claire demanded softly. But her voice held an odd tone in it that left no room for arguing.

He did as he was told, surprisingly, then went back to wrap his arms around her. "Is this okay?" He asked in a low voice.

Claire shivered at the huskiness in his tone. She snuggled closer and rubbed her cheek against his bare chest, her arms wrapped around his back. She looked up at him through the darkness and saw his eyes looking intently down at her, his eyes dark and lust-filled.

"No." She said quietly.

"No…?" He groaned a little, not moving. "Claire, you've already cleverly gotten us practically naked."

She put her forehead against her chest so she didn't have to look at him when she smiled so wide she thought that her lips might possibly crack.

"Claire," he sighed after a few moments, "you're killing me."

"I don't have to be." She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist so he could feel exactly how hot and ready she was for him. She knew it was bold, but, she's wanted him. For a while now.

He gasped, "Claire," he said, his voice very, very deep and husky.

"Hmm?" She pressed her lips against his chest, hoping he was giving in now. She wasn't disappointed.

"God you're so…" he groaned and turned his face into the pillow and mumble something incoherently. She distantly felt his hand leave the middle of her bra clad back and slid down, further, further--. She gasped as his hand rubbed against the wet heat between her thighs. His hand didn't hesitate, he just kept rubbing her, slowly. She moaned and let her head fall against the pillow. How long had she wanted him to touch her there? Everywhere?

He finished his sentence from before, "God, you're so wet for me, Claire." His voice was strained and husky and broke a little as his hand stilled, then slowly went up her back again. She sighed, expecting to be let down, but to her surprise, it was the opposite.

"Claire, I can't take this…I need…I need you, I love you." He sounded pained, and felt her legs get tighter around his waist, pulling her infinitely closer to the bulge in his boxers.

"I love you too Shane." She looked up at him. "I need you too. Probably more than you need me." She tilted her head up a little and kissed him full on the mouth, letting all her frustration, passion, and love for him show. It turned intense quick. His tongue and lips turning demanding against hers. She willingly let him take over, his hand going back down to cup her heat. "Shane…" she groaned, knotting her hand in his soft brown hair, barely getting in enough words before his lips were on hers again. He seemed to grow against her, hard as a rock. Curiosity got the better of her, her hand leaving his hair and growing down to his boxers and under them, her hand wrapping around his erection. He gasped into her mouth and squeezed his eyes shut, his hand shoving her panties aside quickly, his fingers thrusting inside of her, taking her by surprise. She cried out in delight, then started drowning in ecstasy.

Slowly, Shane took her hand out of his boxers and rolled on top of her. Claire lifted her back up as he undid the hooks on her bra and threw it on the floor along with their shirts and jeans. Before this, she'd never even well…pleasured herself before. Shane was pretty much her first at everything. Her first kiss, her first boyfriend. She'd always been too caught up in her school work to pay much attention to anything else.

And now, she definitely knew she had been missing out.

His fingers inside of her, making her feel unlike anything she'd ever felt before. She was so wet, it hadn't even hurt a little. But still, she needed more. "Shane…" she cried out as he slid his fingers out of her, making her moan at the loss. Oh, he was taking her panties off, his boxers following soon after.

She gulped at what she saw. His length was big, he was very well endowed. And he was on his knees between her spread legs, wide and ready and open to him. They lay there for awhile, admiring each other's bodies. His muscular chest, his slim hips…

"You're so beautiful." He whispered, finally leaning over her and kissing her slowly, his lips moving against hers until it turned hot and urgent. His big warm hands greedily roamed her body as he kissed her, his hands starting at her thighs and going upwards as his weight (which was extremely pleasant) rested on her. She gasped and arched her back when she felt his hands cup her breasts. She needed him so bad right now, she felt like she might burst if she didn't get to have him.

He broke this kiss and nipped at her jaw line, her neck, licked her chest--she gasped again. His tongue circled her nipple gently while his other hand kneaded her other breast. She never thought she'd want to be touched in the places he was touching her, but now she understood, all too well.

His other hand slowly traveled down her sides again, and back to the burning, aching wetness between her legs. He coated his fingers in the slickness and easily slid two fingers inside, feeling her tightness around his fingers, making him groan.

Claire moaned and threw her head back against the pillows, moving her hips in time with his fingers and getting submerging in ignorant bliss yet again. She felt something, not sure what, start to build up like a hard, hot knot in her stomach. It felt so good, yet so painful. What was going to happen? When would it go away? She felt herself start to get tighter and tighter around his fingers, all the while, he moved down her body, his lips kissing a trail down her stomach, past her belly button…

She looked down at him and they made intense eye contact, she let out a low cry. God, it felt so good, the pleasure was just building and building. But, where was he going?

She watched him with intense curiosity as his head leveled with her heat. What was he--she cried out loudly as his tongue darted along her tender clit. She threw her head back against the pillow, panting and arching her hips upwards as his fingers started thrusting in faster, his tongue massaging her nub. She felt her walls clamp down around him suddenly and cried out yet again, her body shuddering in delicious rapture as she writhed under him. Waves and waves of ecstasy overcame her until she felt herself calm down. His licked along her arousal and went back up to kiss her fiercely. Had that been what she thought it was? An orgasm. And it was amazing. So, so amazing.

Shane was still kissing her, but suddenly broke away. "Claire," he said huskily, "are you sure?"

"Shane, I want you…I need you…please, keep going." Claire took his head in both hands and kissed him hard for a few moments. It became feverish and needy as she felt the fire ignite in her again, the place between her thighs blazing with warmth.

"Do you…have a condom Claire?" Shane asked, breaking away and breathing heavily, looking down at her with dark intense eyes.

She nodded, reaching over to her nightstand and pulling out one condom she'd been saving for exactly this moment. Hey, it didn't hurt to be prepared.

Shane sighed with relief and quickly slipped it on. Claire watched him with curiosity and then realized he was gazing down at her. "Claire…" he took a deep breath. "Tell me anytime, to stop."

"I will." She said quietly, her nerves and body on fire. She didn't have it in her to feel scared. She just wanted him, needed him, as she'd said before. Wanted him to make love to her.

He nodded, leaning down to kiss her softly and passionately, then started rubbing the pad of his thumb against her sensitive nub. She moaned, then felt shock waves go through her body as he slowly entered her.

He stopped, breathing heavily, concern on his face. "Claire…" he was rigid, and looked strained.

She lay there, still with him inside her as the pain faded, she thrust her hips upwards a little experimentally then moaned. "I'm okay now…" she told him assuringly and wrapped her legs around his waist as he slowly started to slide further into her. In, out, in, out.

Claire moaned and bit her lip, her eyes drooped and making contact with his. His hands gripping her hips as he started to go a little faster. Claire felt that familiar feeling in her stomach again and let her hands roam his chest, his abdomen, then back up to grip his shoulders.

"S-shane…harder…" she moaned, breathing heavily.

He moaned and dug his face into her neck and did as told, causing her to cry out and moan in ecstasy.

"Shane…" she breathed. He moaned again, which only made the hot coil building in her lower belly build and knot tighter.

"Claire," he breathed her name cupping her face between his hands and making love to her with his eyes as well as her body. She felt herself get tighter around him as he increased his tempo and started thrusting harder, more wild.

She moaned along with him, then the room became filled with their rapid breaths for a long while. Shane's eyes rolled to the back of his head suddenly, breaking eye contact with Claire, they cried out together at the same time coming together. That hot knot in her belly releasing and quaking around his length as he gathered her up in his arms and drove into her still, causing them both to cry out in rapturous delight. Her orgasm shook her whole body and rolled over her in a delicious and oblivious haze.

"So good, so good," she moaned, "don't stop." She didn't want it to end.

He collapsed on top of her and kissed her sweetly, gently, and lovingly. "I love you Claire," he said, pushing sweaty hair from her face and gazing lovingly into her eyes.

She closed her eyes as he rolled over on his side and tossed something over to the trash to face her and wrap his arms around her. "I love you too Shane. Always." She said before they both drifted off into sleep.

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