The Princess and The Thief

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Normal Thoughts

(Inner Monster Thoughts)

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"Larxene!" I yelled. "How do you kill the damn thing?" Larxene growled at me.

"Quit swearing at me! And I don't know," She said. "Dad never told me how to defeat it." My eyes narrowed. "Your father sent this thing?" Larxene shrugged. "I honestly don't know." I felt my eye twitch.

"Larxene, when we beat this, I want an explanation and no arguments, understood?" I demanded. Larxene glared at me. "Fine."

Xaldin ducked as the Capture Demon swiped at him. "We better think of something fast if we want to survive." His voice gave no one the nerve to refuse but then again who would?

"I'm all open for suggestions," Xigbar said, taking aim at the demon and shooting at it. The Capture Demon growled viciously and went after Xigbar.

"Hey ass wipe!" I yelled, slicing at the demon. The demon hissed in pain and shrunk back, not wanting to get hit again.

"I think you got it on the run," Larxene said with a smirk but the smirk disappeared and look of horror came. "Luna, look out!" The Capture Demon grabbed me by the neck with both hands and started to squeeze. My flesh started to burn.

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed.

"Luna!" Larxene ran towards the demon. "Let her go you son of a bitch!" She tried to pull the arms away but got burned in the process. "Let go." Larxene tried to pull at the arms, ignoring the pain in her hands as they were being burned. Tears ran down Larxene's face, struggling.

"L-Larxene…" I gasped. Blood rolled down my neck. "D-Don't, get away."

"I'm not doing it so shut up," Larxene growled. "I'm not letting you die!"

Xaldin and Xigbar kept attacking the demon, making sure they avoided Larxene and me. The Capture Demon didn't slacken his grip on me. I could feel my skin sizzling under his touch. I pushed Larxene away with a hand. With that same hand I grabbed my dagger and plunged it into the demons arm. The demon howled in pain. The Capture Demon released me, grabbing its wounded arm. I landed on my butt, holding my throat with my free hand. "Luna," Larxene said, kneeling down next to me. She pushed my hand away. "Let me see." She hissed. "How bad is it?" I asked. Larxene didn't answer.

"It's bad enough that not even a potion will heal it, right?" Larxene nodded slowly. "Yes."

I sighed and stood up slowly. "Well there's no use of worrying about it now," I said. "I have a demon to beat."

"But-!" Larxene protested loudly. I gave her a smile which quieted her. "I won't die, ok? I have something to protect." I patted her head and headed towards the demon. Xigbar and Xaldin looked at me questioningly. "Luna?" I smirked at them.

"Don't worry. This won't take long at all," I said, my smirk disappearing as I charged at the demon. I raised my dagger and slammed it into the demons chest. The blade plunged into the demons heart, destroying it. The demon burst into smoke and ash. A sigh escaped my lips and I collapsed on the ground, out cold. The only thing I remember is the other's calling my name.

Xigbar's POV

I watched Luna as she slept peacefully in the hospital bed. Bandages wrapped around her neck. The doctor said that she would be in the hospital for a few days. The burn marks that the demon gave her are serious.

I gritted my teeth. I watched my partner and friend sleeping a troubled sleep. Her brows are furrowed and she kept moaning as if she was being tortured. The next time I see the king he was going to pay for what he done.

"Still sleeping, I assume," Xaldin stated as he walked into the room.

I nodded. "Yes. The doctor said that the demon injected her with something that makes her sleep. The Capture Demons use some sleeping serum into their victims as they burn them."

"We need to learn more about Capture Demons and how to beat them," Xaldin said. "We can't take a risk of this happening again."

I nodded in agreement. "Where is the princess?" Xaldin asked. I thumbed in the direction behind me.

"The princess hasn't left that spot since Luna got here," I said, pointing at the chair behind me. "It's been three days since the attack and she won't budge, even if you threaten her."

Larxene shifted in her chair but didn't wake up. "Has she eaten?" "Hardly. If Luna finds out, she'll have a conniption fit!"

Xaldin smirked slightly. "Well than since Luna can't force her to eat, than it's up to you friend." My mouth dropped. "What? Oh come on! Not cool," I said, fuming. Forcing Larxene to eat? Is he nuts?

Xaldin chuckled as he left. "If you don't get her to eat, Luna will have your hide."

I sighed, rubbing the back of my head. "Great. Just great."

Larxene's POV

I was dreaming, I knew. I was dreaming of the fight with the Capture Demon. Xaldin and Xigbar were lying on the ground, bleeding and dying. Blood pooled underneath their bodies. In their hands were their weapons, broken with flecks of blood. Xaldin's stomach is ripped open with entrails coming out.

I gulped down the vile that was rising in my throat. Gagging, I turned away from the sight only to be greeted with a far worse one. My eyes widen as I took in what I saw. Luna is hanging from a cross. Barbed wire snaked around her near naked body. Her clothes are shredded. Blood flowed from the multiple wounds on her body. As if it wasn't bad enough, nails were hammered into her hands and ankles.

Tears build up in my eyes, a cry escaping my throat. "Luna…"

Luna let out a pitiful moan and raised her head slowly. Her red eyes held sadness, pain, and a deadness that I've never seen before. "L-Larxene," she moaned. "H-help me…"
"Luna!" I cried, running towards her. As I got closer some invisible force pulled one of the barbed wires and a sickening noise came. I watched in horror as Luna's throat is sliced open. The barbed wire went through her throat. Blood flowed freely like a waterfall. The crimson liquid hit the ground, creating an ever growing puddle. Luna's head fell towards the ground.

I jumped and caught her head and landed in Luna's pool of blood. Her blood stained my shirt and pants. I held her head closer to me, crying. "This has to be a dream. Just a dream…" But it seemed too real to me. The coppery smell of blood hit my nose, making me want to hurl. Luna's skin started to grow cold. "No…no…please, Luna…please let this be a dream…"

I got no answer from Luna. "NO!" A scream ripped from my throat.

Xigbar's POV

I was heading back to Luna's room when I heard the scream. I dashed into the room and saw that the princess is thrashing around in her chair. "Princess! Calm down. It's just a dream! Wake up!" I said, trying to get the girl to wake up.

"No! Luna!" Larxene yelled. "She can't be dead!"

I growled, trying not to think about what she said. "Princess Larxene, wake up!" Tears ran down the girls cheeks. What is she dreaming about? I wondered, trying to restrain her. "Larxene!" I yelled, slapping the girl across the face.

Larxene gasped and her eyes snapped opened, looking wildly around the room before her gaze settled on Luna. She got up slowly and walked up to the bed. Larxene gazed down on Luna's sleeping face and let out a sigh of relief.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I had a bad dream," Larxene said, keeping her voice calm. "I dreamt that you and the other guy were dead. I turned and saw Luna tied to a cross. I started running towards her but somehow her head got cut off." She shivered.

"That's enough to make anyone scream. But as you can see, Luna is alright and I'm alive. It was just a dream."

Larxene just nodded. "How did you know about the Capture Demon?" I asked. I wanted to know how the princess knew about the demon. Larxene didn't say anything.

"Princess," I warned. "You better tell me. You owe it to Luna." Larxene glared at me which I ignored. "Tell me now." I glared at her with my one good eye.
"It was a freaking story!" Larxene hissed. "A legend that my father told us while my brothers and I when we were kids. Just a story!"

I raised a brow. "Well that story isn't so much of a story now is it?" I asked sarcastically. "Your so called story almost killed my friend and partner!" Larxene's eyes narrowed.

"Well I'm so sorry! It's not my fault that Capture Demon went after your precious friend! I tried to tell you that kidnapping me is more trouble than it's worth!" She yelled poking me in the chest. I smacked her probing finger away. "Well excuse us if we wanted to make an extra buck!"

"Enough you two!" A nurse walked into the room. "You can lower your voices or get out. I have a patient here that needs rest and she can't get it with you two fighting." She hissed.

Larxene and I apologized. The nurse glared at us and went back to checking Luna's vitals. Larxene and I watched quietly. The nurse checked Luna's blood, oxygen and heart rate. Then she checked the wound on Luna's neck.

"How is she?" Larxene asked.

"She's stabled," the nurse said. "For now anyway."

"What do you mean?" I asked. The nurse frowned slightly and sighed. "She's battling a very bad disease that the demon injected her with. She'll be out of commission for a while."

"What kind of disease?" "The type that can either make her stronger or kill her."

To Be Contintued…