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Weird little thing I wrote to try and combat writers block!

Prefer Blonde's

Travelling she had told him, see the sights of Europe, spend some time together.

They had been in Paris for two days and so far all he'd seen was the numerous overpriced boutiques in the fashion quarter.

Sure money was no object but still $200,000 for a bag that was so small it couldn't even hold a mobile phone was just ridiculous.

He rubbed a hand tiredly over his face.

Why had he agreed to this again?

Alice skipped out of another shop carrying more bags than her small frame should be able to support.

Coming to a fluid stop she smiled up at him, her topaz eyes sparkled with a joy he felt rolling off her in waves mixed with her constant undying love and devotion.

Oh that's why!

Sighing he shifted the bags he was already weighed down with so he could take the ones she was carrying.

"Almost done?" he asked slightly dreading the answer.

"Just two more left."

He nodded, could have been worse.

"On this street."

She added causing him to groan.

Following her as she set off down the street he kept his eyes on her back until a strong wave of lust hit him, his head shot up, eyes narrowing at the teenage boy literally drooling as he stared at his wife, eyes roving over her body.

A low growl escaped, to low for human ears but Alice heard it.

Recognising the look on Jasper's face she darted back to his side and took hold of his hand gently pressing her lips onto the palm.

His eyes dropped to hers.

"Yours." she whispered smiling up at him.

He couldn't help smiling at the level of disappointment and envy now pouring from the boy.

That didn't stop him shooting him a death glare as they passed.

She was his.

Always and forever.

"Jasper, you nearly gave the poor boy a heart attack." Alice reprimanded.

He shrugged, unrepentant "He shouldn't have been looking at you like a piece of meat." he growled.

"I can't help being irresistible." she said throwing him a playful smile.

That made him chuckle as he lifted their joined hands kissing her knuckles.

"Just as long as you resist." he smiled to let her know he was joking.

Alice turned to look back, her head tilting to the side as she surveyed the boy.

"Well…he's got a certain something." she teased.

Jasper scowled causing Alice to giggle.

With her free hand she reached up to brush his hair out of his face.

"Although I do prefer blonde's!"