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A Favor

She wanted her mother more than anything in the world right now. She had woken up from surgery that was necessary to make sure that her son had a normal life and she wanted her mother more than anything right now. Addison knew from Mark that Samantha Riley had kicked Sloane out when she had discovered that her eighteen year old was pregnant. Hearing Sloane ask for her mother was a surprise, but it was one that Addison had expected. When Sloane asked for her mother, Addison sighed. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do here. The logical thing was to call Samantha and let her know that her daughter was asking for her. Addison wasn't entirely sure that she wanted to put Sloane through that. Especially if Samantha wanted nothing to do with her daughter or grandson. How would Addison tell Sloane that her mother wanted nothing to do with her?

Addison had a sinking feeling that she needed to talk to Mark and see what his thoughts were on this situation. Okay so he hadn't seen Samantha since the day he had given her money, but maybe he had an idea on how to deal with Sloane's request that Addison couldn't quite think of.

"I am going to go talk to your father, okay?" Addison told Sloane before she patted the eighteen year old's hand

"I don't want him. I want my mommy." Sloane whispered, tears glittering in her blue eyes. She knew how it looked considering that her mom had kicked her out, but really she just wanted the woman who had given birth to her to be here. The baby's father had no desire to be involved and he had actually offered to drive her to the clinic to get the pregnancy terminated. He was a basketball player and he knew that a scandal like knocking up his high school girlfriend could affect his career and any possible scholarship offers that he could be in the running for. When she had told her mother that, her mother had said that he was much like Sloane's father and that if Sloane was going to be stupid enough to get knocked up by that kind of guy that she could do it alone just like Samantha had to.

"I know. We'll try to find her." Addison told her patient gently. Sloane grabbed a scrap of paper and a pen from her rollaway table and wrote down Samantha's cell phone number and put it in Addison's hands.

"Please call her. Or have Mark call her. I don't care. Just have someone call her." Sloane definitely could be polite when she wanted to be. Right now she was scared out of her mind and that was when the politeness came in.

"Okay." Addison told the young woman softly. She was in no way certain how Mark was going to handle this and she figured it best that she didn't speculate on that.

"I'm not ungrateful for what Mark has done for me. Really I-I'm not. He didn't have to take me in, but he did. I am also not stupid though. He did it out of guilt. Mom told me that he wanted her to terminate me." Sloane whispered as she played with the loose strings on her light blue hospital blanket. Addison wasn't sure what she was supposed to say to that. It didn't make sense why he wanted Samantha to terminate her pregnancy and then he flipped out when Addison had terminated hers. Maybe someday Addison would pluck up the courage to ask him why he had had such different reactions to both pregnancies.

"Well you should get some rest. I'll talk to your father and we'll decide who should make the call." Addison promised. Slone nodded, her blue eyes already half closed. Addison could not believe that she had Samantha Riley's number in her hand and Sloane wanted her mother called. Addison left Sloane's room and went in search of Mark.

She found him chatting up Charlotte King in the hallway. Not in a "I want to get in your pants" way but in a "the practice could really use a plastic surgeon" way. Addison was not happy with what she was seeing. Mark was having some sort of identity crisis that was causing him to consider moving to LA, but he did not belong here. Addison did not want to be followed anymore. Or at least that was what she kept telling herself.

"Mark!" Addison called down the hallway. She could see him say something to Charlotte and then he walked towards her.

"Sloane wants her mother." Addison told Mark before she put the piece of paper that held Samantha's phone number into Mark's hand.

"I'm calling her?" Mark asked with his eyebrows raised. He was not at all sure how the conversation would go. He hadn't spoken to the woman in nineteen years and he knew the conversation wouldn't be easy on either of them.

"You're Sloane's father." Addison pointed out. Okay so this wasn't a discussion over who would make the call as much as it was a command that Mark would make the call. Mark had already made the argument he was about to make in Seattle but he felt like had to make it again.

"Biologically yes, but not really. I wasn't there when she spoke her first word or took her first steps or when she graduated from kindergarten and elementary school and junior high. I wasn't there when she lost her first tooth or had her first boyfriend."

"But you are here now and she needs you to make this call for her. Do this for her Mark. Not for yourself or Samantha, but for your daughter who is scared to death." Addison told him softly. She could tell that he was nervous about calling his ex for the first time in nineteen years. She wasn't sure how much of a relationship Samantha and Mark had had but she wasn't sure it was her place to ask that question. Mark saw the question in her eyes and he sighed, knowing that she wanted some answers.

"I met her at Columbia in a basic chemistry class. She was sweet and nice and drop dead gorgeous too. We hit it off rather fast. I asked her out a week later and we spent six months together. I fell in love with her, but when she told me she was pregnant, I panicked. I couldn't handle having a baby and being in college at the same time. I felt that the baby deserved better than that. She managed to give me the news right before I was going into my Trigonometry midterm. When I met her later that afternoon, I gave her three hundred dollars and said that I was sorry but I couldn't be a father. I didn't want to be a father yet. She dropped out of Columbia and I never heard from her again."

Hearing the story from Mark, Addison was stunned into silence. She couldn't think of anything to say about the things that Mark had just told her.

"Did Derek ever meet her?" Addison asked. It seemed odd that Mark would have fallen in love with someone that Derek had never met.

"No he didn't. I liked her and I was concerned that Derek would run her off if I introduced them." Mark admitted. There were very few women he could be vulnerable around. Addison was at the top of that list. Lexie was or at least had been second until she had dumped him and Samantha, well she was the only other woman Mark ever loved and she had seen him vulnerable a few times when they were dating.

"Call her Mark." Addison whispered. She squeezed his shoulder and walked down the hallway to yell at Charlotte King for hinting that it would be good for a plastic surgeon to join the practice.

Mark watched Addison walk down the hallway, away from him and he pulled his phone out of his pants pocket. His heart was thudding against his chest and he was nervous and he hadn't felt nervous like this in a really long time. He wiped his free hand on his pants and tried his best to concentrate on breathing because that was the only think he could focus on. A few days ago he had told Addison that she was as wound up as Mark had ever seen her, but now it was his turn to be wound up. He couldn't stand still. He had to keep moving. He punched in the first three numbers into his cell phone and he could swear he was having a panic attack. Even if it wasn't physically possible, he felt as though he could feel his blood pressure rising with each number he dialed. When all seven numbers plus the area code, plus the number one fore out of state calls were dialed, Mark stopped moving and he waited as Samantha's phone kept ringing and ringing.

The fact that she was not picking up her phone was really driving Mark nuts. He was already stressed out with Sloane nearly bleeding out on him in surgery and now he had to call his ex and tell her that their daughter wanted her. Finally she picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Samantha answered

"Hi Sam" Mark greeted her. His nickname for her when they were dating was Sam so Mark hoped that he would not have to explain any more who he was. On the other line, Samantha had froze completely when she heard that voice. It had been nineteen years since she saw the man, but she would recognize that voice anywhere. Him calling her Sam only cemented her confidence that it was Mark Sloan on the other line. She had no idea why Mark was calling her after nineteen years and she wasn't sure she wanted to find out.

"I'm guessing the little slut found you then?" Samantha asked coldly. She was not happy with her daughter getting knocked up. She was still in high school. Samantha had all sorts of plans for her daughter and then Sloane had ruined it by getting pregnant and dropping out of school.

"You know, I'd appreciate it if you didn't call her a slut. She's not a slut Sam." Mark told her calmly, though inwardly he was seething. That was why Sloane called herself a slut. Samantha must have called her that. Mark hated that his eighteen year old daughter had called herself a slut. He hated even more that her mother had called her a slut.

"She's my daughter, I'll call her whatever the hell I want to call her." Samantha snapped.

"She's our daughter and I will not stand for you calling her that." Mark snapped.

"Oh so now that she is all grown up. Now she's your daughter." Samantha asked with a very obvious edge to her voice.

"Shut up Sam." Mark growled. He slipped into an empty room so he could yell and scream as much as he wanted to.

"You were the one who called me after nineteen years. What do you want?" Samantha asked in a bored tone of voice. She already was bored by this conversation.

"Our daughter wants you." Mark told Samantha quietly. Now the ball was in Samantha's court. Would she come back to motherhood or would she disappoint her daughter. Mark wasn't sure what would happen. He had become a father, but he had a feeling that Samantha had relinquished the mother title when she kicked Sloane out.