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Obviously, set in the premiere of season 2. It's John's birthday and Derek doesn't know and Sarah really did forget. That's all you need to know. Enjoy!

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John lay back on the bed, his eyes focused intently on the ceiling. Today definitely went down as one of his worst. He and his mom were ambushed, a man was dead, and he was nearly killed by Cameron who was supposed to protect him - and who he had come to care about very much. And to top it all off, today was his birthday.

John sighed loudly. Just another day in the life of John Connor - future leader of the human resistance against Sky Net. He thought bitterly.

John turned his head to the side. He jumped, nearly falling off the bed, when he saw Cameron sitting silently beside him. John waited for his heart to slow before sitting up.

"I didn't hear you come in." He said accusingly.

"I can be very quiet."

John rolled his eyes. Of course. He waited for Cameron to speak but after several minutes went by with nothing but silence he shook his head.

"What's up?" He asked.

Cameron stared unblinking at John before raising her eyes to the ceiling. John half smiled.

"I mean, why are you in here? What do you want?"

Cameron turned her eyes back on John. "It's your birthday." She stated.

John nodded. He stared at Cameron in confusion. Cameron turned and grabbed something off the side table. John watched her curiously.

Cameron turned to fully face John. He dropped his eyes to see what was in her hand. A…cake?

"You said people have cake on their birthday. I got it at a store at the promenade."

Cameron reached into her jacket pocket. She placed her hand palm up to reveal a candle to John.

John stared at Cameron in amazement. She got him a cake – a birthday cake, with a candle.

"I told the storeowner it was your birthday. He gave me a candle. Why did he do that?" She asked.

John smiled. "You put the candle in the cake. Like this." He took the candle out of her hand and gently placed it in the cake. "Then you light it and whosever birthday it is blows it out while people sing happy birthday." He explained.

Cameron stood and left the room. She came back in a second later and sat back down next to John. John watched as she sparked a match and lit the candle.

Cameron brought her eyes up to stare into John's. John smiled at her. Cameron analyzed his smile before imitating him. John chuckled.

"Should I sing happy birthday?" She asked.

John laughed. "No, that's alright." He bent his head and blew the candle out. Cameron gave him a small smile.

"Thank you, Cameron." He said softly.

Cameron watched the smoke from the candle rise and slowly fade away. She fixed her eyes on John.

"Happy birthday, John."

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