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Chapter One: The Strange Dream

"My dear Bella," Edward sighed as he grabbed my hand. "Where do you think you're going?"

I grinned. We were finally back in Forks. I never thought I'd miss this place but after the mission in Italy I was glad things were back to normal. Well almost normal. My grin disappeared almost immediately. Things with Jake would be different I remembered.

His eyes narrowed as he examined my face for signs of sleepiness. "What's wrong my Bella? Are you tired?" He smirked.

He thought he knew it all. I smirked right back at him jokingly. "You're wrong. I'm not tired, I'm just thinking."

"Ah," he said. "What are you thinking about?"

"Jacob," I said straight out.

His smile immediately faded and was replaced with look of surprise. "What exactly about him?"

I looked up into his golden eyes. I knew he was jealous of Jacob's friendship with me.

"How it won't be the same anymore."

He must have known how worried I was about it because he placed my hand into his and rubbed circles into the back of my hand. He knew that would calm me down and it's true. It worked.

"I think someone needs to sleep," he ordered me with a calm voice.

I knew he wouldn't let me disagree so I shrugged and nodded. He smirked. He carried me quietly up the stairs without disturbing Charlie who was in his bed. He was snoring, like usual. I laughed as quietly as possible for me. He smiled down at me. I was where I belonged, with my Edward.

He placed me down on my duvet and stroked my forehead gently. I didn't want to fall asleep but I was tired after our long flight home, and as soon as my head hit the pillow I dropped into a deep sleep.

In my dream I was in a forest. The trees above my head were a deep green. It was too green. I was panting noisily. A large wolf came towards me and I recognised it as Jacob. I paced towards him and noticed that it took a lot of energy to move my feet. Jacob ran to me and nudged me with his huge nose. "Jake," I said. But the words never escaped my mouth. Instead a howl erupted. At first I thought it was Jacob but he hadn't moved.

"Pretty weird, huh?" he asked. He still hadn't budged. He was rooted to the spot as he took in his surroundings.

I was confounded. "Where am I?" I thought to myself. But as soon as I'd said that Jake's voice filled my head again.

"You're in the woods Bella. Doesn't anything feel different to you?" His dark brown eyes were looking me up and down.

"Nope," I smiled.

"You don't remember? I followed you after it happened. Seriously, you don't remember a thing?" his eyes were filled with uneasiness.

"After what happened Jacob? Tell me now," I was getting annoyed now. Why didn't he just tell me?

"After you transformed," he gulped.

And then I woke up.

Edward was gone.

I was hyperventilating. Where was Edward? Had he realised he was wrong to have come back? Did he not want me anymore? Was he lying about him wanting me forever on the way back to Forks? All these questions were running through my head. He'd realised. I knew it was all too good to be true.

I was busy clutching my body together when a piece of paper fell off my pillow and onto my bed. I identified the writing as my darling Edward's. I grabbed it and read eagerly.

My dearest Bella,

I'm sorry for leaving you but hopefully you won't have awoken.

I've gone hunting with Jasper.

Forgive me if I scared you.

I love you, forever and always my Bella,

Love, your Edward x

I embraced the note to my chest, relieved. He hadn't left. How could I have thought so? He wouldn't leave me. I looked to my right and noticed that if I didn't get up now I'd be late for school.

"Crap!" I thought.

I seized my clothes and got changed immediately. It was too late to have a shower, I'd just have one later. I grabbed my car keys off the side where I'd left them before I'd gone to Italy.

Just as I was about to open the door there was a loud knock. I opened it a crack and peered out. I was shocked to see Jake standing there, all 6 feet 7 inches of him.

"Um.. Jake," I smiled. "I'm kinda busy. Gonna be late for school, you know?"

"We need to talk."

I sighed. We might as well get it over it. I was only going to miss part of trig and I hated that lesson. "Fine," I shuffled into the kitchen, still tired from my lack of sleep.

"Bella," Jake whispered.

Jake was stood right next to me; I could hear him breathe deeply in and out. His eyes looked down through his dark eyelashes down at me. I couldn't bear to look into his pools of brown. He didn't understand the way I felt and I didn't want to spell it out to him. I didn't want to disappoint him anymore than I have.

"Bella," he murmured into my ear. The sunlight was beaming through the open windows and lit up his face. Today was sunny, for once. It usually rained in Forks but the Sun was dancing across the sky. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and I should have been happy. Today should have been perfect.

I felt my heart stop. He was leaning into me and I didn't like it. I didn't like the heat coming from his skin and I didn't like the fact he was about to kiss me. On my lips, may I add. I turned my face away from him and my plain brown hair softly hit his face. He breathed in deeply.

"Your hair smells like strawberries. I like it," I felt him smile against my skin.

I shuddered involuntary. His eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. He didn't understand the things I was going through. He would never understand me completely. He was never on the same wavelength as me.

I finally looked into his deep eyes. I could see the worry flash across his face, which then turned into anger.

I edged away from him slowly, I knew what was about to happen.

"Jake," I said. I noticed he had started shaking violently.

I was pressed up against the wall as he tried to control himself.

I wanted to go comfort him, tell him everything would be alright, that he will find someone perfect for him someday. It just wasn't going to be me.

"I'm sorry Jacob," I said meaningfully. I had to let him down nicely. "But I'm not-"

"Don't say you're not meant for me Bella," he interrupted. "That that leech is the one who was made for you. He should be dead Bella! He should have died long ago!"

I had returned to looking at my feet but my head snapped up when he said that, my eyes were full of anger. I was still against the wall but I felt the need to punch him with all my might. How dare he say that Edward wasn't meant for me! It's true I wasn't good enough for him, but Jacob didn't have the right to say that. He didn't have the right to say anything about mine and Edward's relationship. If that's what it still is.

He still quivered vigorously but I couldn't stop myself. I charged towards him and started hitting him in all the places I could find with my tiny fist. He deserved it for all the hurt he'd caused me since I'd come back from Italy with my Edward.

His mouth formed a 'o' on his face but then he suddenly realised what was happening. He grabbed my fist with his giant hand and placed it on his face.

"I need you Bella," he whispered to me sorrowfully. "Come back to me."

I didn't like making Jake sad. It was like knowing that you would never be able to see the Sun again. Not that you could that much in Forks. But Jake was my personal Sun and I never wanted him to go away. I wanted him to be my friend forever, like it was before.

"I can't Jake." I knew it would hurt him but I couldn't keep trailing him along. I didn't want to use him, even though if I could without hurting him I knew I would. My hand was still on his face and as soon as I'd said this my hand dropped to my side. Tears fell from my face and I couldn't keep them in. They just kept falling.

Jake shook his head with grief. We were only centimetres apart and he closed the gap with one step. He then placed his hand on my face and wiped away the flowing tears.

"I'm sorry that I'm not the right kind of monster for you," he said softly before turning on his heel and heading out the door.

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