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Chapter Eighteen: Reversal


The journey was tiring because of the battle we had had before. I couldn't stop my eyelids from fluttering closed occasionally and Jacob noticed, demanding that we pull over so he could take over the tedious job. I immediately argued, he had been through as much as I had, and I didn't want him to hurt himself by doing too much.

After he insisted for several more minutes, I couldn't deny him any longer. I pulled over, and climbed out, as Jake did the same on the other side, and we swapped over. "Thanks," I muttered as we set off once more.

"It's no problem, baby," he replied, taking one hand of the wheel and holding it out for mine. I smiled and took it quickly, my heart calming under his touch. I closed my eyes, and let the thoughts of the past few weeks flick through my head, until my memories stopped and I drifted into unconciousness.


The car came to an abrupt stop and my eyes snapped open. Jacob looked over when he heard me groan because of my stiff joints. "Are you okay?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah," I replied, stretching my arms in front of me. "I just need to walk around a bit."

"Well, we've arrived at a hotel," he pointed out, and I looked up at the faulty lights that announced that we were at a 'Sleep Tight' hotel.

I nodded and got out of the truck, the prickle of pins and needles travelling down my right leg. "Ouch," I murmured, taking a few more steps so I could lose the sensation. It soon died down, and I collected the remaining bags that Jacob hadn't already grabbed hold of.

We walked into the hotel under the sky of night, the stars glittering in the blanket of the dark. The receptionist on the desk looked up when she saw the door open, and glared at us. I glanced nervously at Jake, and I saw the exact same expression on his face. What was her problem? We moved towards her and Jacob dropped the bags in his hand at his feet, and said, "A room for two please."

"Bed and breakfast?" she said in a monotone. I saw the magazine that she was clutching in her hands, and thought that she was annoyed with us because we had bothered her. I felt a small burst of anger bubble up in my veins. It wasn't our fault that we had arrived when it was still her shift.

Jacob looked down at me and shrugged. "It's your choice."

"No thanks," I said. I didn't want to have to spend more time than was necessary at this place.

She nodded, before telling us the price and giving us our key. Jacob got his wallet out of his shorts pocket and grabbed out a handful of dollars, counting them out before handing them to her. She snatched them, and gave us one last mean look before we left.

"What was her problem?" Jacob asked once we'd got into the elevator.

"I don't know," I answered, pushing the correct button. We were on the third floor; room number 94.

Once we got into our room we dumped our bags onto the floor, quickly unzipping them and grabbing something to wear for bed. I found my usual vest, and ratty shorts, knowing that Jake wouldn't mind what I wore because he loved me no matter what.

On the other side of the room, Jacob had pulled off his shirt, and taking off his shorts. He pulled back the duvet and got into bed, where he waited for me. I blushed, and took my clothes into the en suite, deciding to get changed in there. I swiftly took off my clothes, and put on my other ones.

As I came out I noticed Jacob smile endearingly at me, and I rushed forward, suddenly happy that he had booked a room with one bed. I climbed in, and I immediately felt his arms snake around my waist, holding me close. I placed my arms over his, keeping us together, and I felt his soft breathing as he fell asleep, me in his arms. I gazed up at his face and wondered what he was dreaming of. But before I could think about it too much, I, too, was asleep.


The sun filtered through the curtains as I woke up. The light streamed onto Jake's face, giving him the look of an angel. I twisted around in his arms, and gave him a light kiss on the cheek, watching his eyes flutter open, their long lashes framing them. "I love you," I whispered, kissing him once more. He turned his head so my lips landed on his, and I blushed, enjoying the warm feeling of his skin on mine.

"I love you too," he murmured, giving me a tight squeeze. After a second he said, "Guess what?"

"What?" I replied curiously.

"I'm taking you out."

I smiled in gratitude. "I'm so lucky to have you." I gave him another kiss, and chucked off the covers, getting out of bed. I grabbed some clean clothes, and hurried to the bathroom again.

I could hear Jacob get out of bed, and I heard him whistling with happiness. But then a sudden thought hit me. What if Jake and I wanted children in the future? I had never really wanted kids before, but now that I was with Jacob it felt like the right thing to do. He would be the perfect father to our children, and I could imagine two children, a girl and a boy, who were the perfect mix of both Jake and I. Jake's mesmerising eyes with his perfect hair, who had my pale skin and clumsiness. They looked absolutely beautiful.

But that could never happen. Not while I was like this. Not while I was a werewolf, and he was too.

"Hey, Bella," Jake called through the door, "are you alright? You're taking a while."

"I'm fine," I said loudly, fixing a smile on my face and opening the door to see his gorgeous face looking down at mine.

"You look beautiful," he replied, reaching down for a kiss.

I blushed. "And you look handsome."

"C'mon, baby, let's go."


The sun beat down upon us as we walked down the street, hand in hand. I seriously couldn't believe how lucky I was to have this amazing guy who was willing to do anything for me. I also couldn't believe I never saw it before, when I was with Edward. Edward was controlling and he didn't really care about me, otherwise he would have done what I'd asked and changed me to protect me. But I'm glad he hadn't now, because I never would have got to be with Jacob, the true love of my life.

"How about here?" Jake asked, gesturing to a cosy coffee shop, and I nodded eagerly. We entered the small place, the smell of coffee instantly hitting me. "I'll order," Jake said, allowing me to go and sit down. I watched him go up to the counter, and I waited patiently. He smiled as he made his way over, setting down the cups on the table and taking the seat opposite me.

"Thanks," I replied, taking a sip, and regretting it. The coffee was way to hot, and I placed it back down, deciding to wait for a few minutes for it to cool down. I gazed at Jacob, and I couldn't tear my eyes away. The thoughts of our imaginary children floated into my mind again, and I just knew I had to tell him. "Hey, Jake," I whispered, and he leant closer, his eyes boring into mine.

"Yes, Bells?" he asked, taking my hands from across the table.

"Have you ever thought about the future?" I asked, watching to see what his reaction would be.

He shrugged. "A little." I gestured for him to continue, and he blushed. "Bella, I know that someday I want to grow old with you, to do all the things that we can't right now."

"Such as?" I prompted. I still didn't know if he ever wanted children, I had never really asked him about it, but before now I never had a reason to.

"Children," he said softly. "You'd be the perfect mother."

I laughed softly, and for a moment he looked hurt. "I wasn't laughing at your suggestion," I clarified. "It's just I was thinking this morning, in the bathroom, that you would be the perfect father."

His face broke into a humongous grin. "So does that mean you want children too?" he asked, tightly grasping my hands with excitement.

I nodded. "Only with you."

He smiled even wider. "I love you, so much."

"Not as much as I love you."


10 Years Later:


I gently handled the new born baby in my arms, her big brown eyes gazing up at me in wonder. She was absolutely beautiful and had small wisps of black hair on the top of her pretty head. Jacob stood beside me, looking down at the two of us, his eyes never leaving his baby daughters. "Elona," I whispered, kissing her lightly on her head.

"Elona," Jacob repeated. "Elona Black."

I nodded, being careful not to jostle my baby. She closed her tiny eyes, and I smiled. She was perfect, just as I had imagined her all those years before. "Do you want to hold her?" I asked my husband, tearing my eyes away from her face for the first time since she was handed to me.

He nodded eagerly, holding out his arms and carefully taking the baby in his arms. "Hello, Elona," he whispered down to her sleeping form. "I'm your Daddy, and I love you very much." He kissed her. "You and your mother are my world, and I'll never leave either of you."

I couldn't help the tears as they started to fall. That was the most beautiful thing that anyone had ever said to me in my whole lifetime. Even Edward's, 'You are my life now' didn't compare to it.

"Hey," Jacob said to me softly, "don't cry."

"Jake, I can't help it, that was the best thing that anyone has ever said to me."

"Even when I agreed to marry you?" he joked.

I contemplated it in my head. "Fine, it's a very close second."

"I love you, Bella Black."

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"As are you, baby."

And as I watched my husband and our child interact, I knew that life couldn't get any better. Charlie and I had made up, Edward hadn't bothered us since that day so many years ago, and I had the two most important people in my world close to me.

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