A/N: This is a sequel to my other story 'Isola Di Poveglia'. It's a short Halloween-inspired story starring Rumble and Frenzy who travel to one of Earth's most haunted places (Poveglia Island) and 'spend the night' there in search of the missing component that was dropped there. It's a homage to ghost stories and those paranormal investigative shows. Although it was intended to be a one-shot (even though it's three chapters long) I left it open in case I ever got inspired to do a sequel.

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Chapter 1

"Overture Delle Spirito"

Daily duties in the Nemesis helped to keep Rumble and Frenzy preoccupied and also helped to block out the horrifying encounter a year ago when they unintentionally ventured into the human's realm of the supernatural; a realm that remained unspoken between the two after a private vow taken in one of the storage rooms and away from fellow Decepticon optics.

They were never to mention the encounter between themselves or to others.

Ghosts were rare, but not uncommon in the Cybertronian world. The luxury of being metallic and not organic was the life-expectancy. Humans were brief figments in time while the Transformers were practically immortal. Plus, humans were more in abundance and the probability of leaving a dark mark on a location was more common.

Frenzy, for the briefest moment, was curious of how many souls had lost their pathetic fleshie lives on that island, but Rumble made him reconsider; he didn't want to know and Frenzy agreed… ignorance in this case was probably bliss.

The one fact that really ate at the twins was that in the end, dead or alive, they let the humans get the best of them, and that was the reason for Rumble and Frenzy's feeling of shame—especially when they had to explain the encounter to Soundwave.

Frenzy was still surprised that Soundwave didn't seem to react when they told them what happened on the island; but he was probably curious despite his silence. What really did catch his master's attention was what happened in the Bell Tower and what he had personally experienced during the possession. Frenzy didn't even want to think about it; it was a horrible, dread-filled experience that he wouldn't even wish upon on his worst enemy…well maybe Starscream.

The ghost, whatever it was, it was not like the others that had followed them around the island; he could feel it. Hatred… whatever it did, it filled him with an uncontrollable hate; suffocating and trapping him in a cloud of darkness. Frenzy also recalled it speaking to him, it was faint and quiet but he didn't need to increase his audios to know what it ordered. He always knew, as if they were connected and able to hear each other's very thoughts.

He was supposed to kill Rumble that night and he thanked Primus that it ran out of energy before it could force him to do its bidding.

Soundwave only asked one question, a question that still continued to plague the black and red twin's thoughts even now after a year…

"Specify why it chose you."

Frenzy thought he knew the answer at the time. "Probably cause I was the one tha' went up to the tower."

But when Frenzy really thought about it, he didn't really see it as an explanation. The difference between Rumble and himself was that despite both being nothing but a couple of sparklings (he knew the assumption was about right and he accepted it with the roll of his optics) but Frenzy was smarter than Rumble, or at least able to use plain old common sense better than him but… why did it go after him? Rumble would have probably of been an easier target.

Frenzy shook it off, every now and then he would come back to analyze the question, but he could never find an answer that suited him. Perhaps he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it was just bad luck that he was the one to go into the Bell Tower, and besides what did it matter now anyway?

Like the humans constantly said 'It's all in the past'… or some slag like that.

Thundercracker's optics panned up to the ceiling lights, the flickering driving him nearly insane. It had been going on for the past couple of months and enough was enough already. Skywarp also found himself annoyed by the lights, since it was currently happening in Seeker Hall. It was weird how the problem was jumping from one hall to another. Last time he checked it was in Stunticon Hall and then in Seeker Hall, then to Combaticon Hall and now it was back again. What the slag.

"I thought Hook fixed the fragging light problem in our hall," said Skywarp.

"He did," Thundercracker replied.

Skywarp scoffed. "Perfectionist my aft."

Thundercracker smirked at Skywarp's remark as they headed for the doors of the Common Room. The doors slid open, revealing several mechs already occupying the area, the usual visitors; Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Swindle, Vortex and Brawl, the Cones, Rumble, Frenzy and of course the Stunticons who were surprisingly getting along and not beating the slag out of each other… it wouldn't last long.

Thundercracker and Skywarp took their usual spot; the table in the far left corner and far from the Stunticon and Triple Changer's tables. Skywarp already had his optics set on the Energon Dispensor in the corner. "You need refueling TC?" Skywarp asked.

"Yeah why not," Thundercracker shrugged.

"Well…" smiled Skywarp, "Could you get me one too, oh buddy oh pal?"

Thundercracker rolled his optics. "But you're a teleporter, you can get it much faster than I." This was a game that Skywarp always dragged him into; which one had the better, creative excuse. Thundercracker, who didn't usually fall for it, was in the mood for it today and that was the only reason he decided to play along.

"Yes but I'll waste energy doing that," Skywarp lazily answered, a smirk on his face. "Besides, I went on patrols today."

"Yes but I had to have my audios exposed to Starscream's ranting about how he will someday be lord of everything in the universe," Thundercracker replied, the faintest trace of a rare, humorous smile gracing his face.

"Slag, really TC?" Skywarp asked, breaking character briefly.

Thundercracker frowned, also breaking character. "Yes unfortunately that is true."

Skywarp sighed and then, "Alright fine I'll get them."

Thundercracker smiled briefly before his purple and black friend teleported from sight and then returned back shortly with two cubes. When Thundercracker was handed his, he could already see something wrong with it.

"Can I have a full cube Skywarp or are you rationing them for some unexplainable reason?" Thundercracker teased.

Skywarp's optics flickered in a befuddled stare. Looking down at the cubes he was finally able to discover the reason for Thundercracker's unusual remark. The cubes, although new and should have no reason to of been touched previously, already looked like there was a sip take out of them. It was a very small amount, but it was enough to raise a brow plate at.

"Huh… that's weird," Skywarp said, somewhat to himself. "I'll go get another set; I don't know whose lip components have already soiled it."

"That's probably wise," agreed Thundercracker.

Skywarp teleported to the waste dispenser and set the cubes the side of it; no sense in wasting energon but he certainly wasn't going to drink out of them. As Skywarp busied himself Thundercracker's glance fixed on Ravage who had just entered the Common Room. Thundercracker never really took an interest in Soundwave's creations, but Ravage's odd behavior certainly caught his attention.

Ravage's usually mellow attitude appeared to of been violently disturbed. The cyber panther's front legs were huddled closer to the ground, as if in a defensive mode. Thundercracker also noticed there was that unmistakable glint in the cat's optics, as if prepared to attack a potential threat.

Skywarp returned with two full cubes and sat across from Thundercracker, finally taking the opportunity to take a sip. Thundercracker's gaze was still fixed on Ravage, who after a series of scans in the Common Room stalked out and disappeared.

Thundercracker immediately searched for an explanation. Sure Ravage was mean-spirited, but there was always a good reason why the cyber-cat would be on edge—especially in their fortress. Thundercracker decided to push it to the side; no need to blow out his cerebro chips on something that wasn't his business anyway.

Still… he was curious.

Skywarp huffed as Thundercracker rolled his optics; the malfunctioning lights seemed to of followed them to the Common Room, as if there was no escape from the pesky and unexplained annoyance.

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