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Chapter 6

The police showed up right after the meal was finished and House took care of it. Since Cameron had made a complaint before, it would not be a case of Crane's word against hers. House also handed over the drink coaster that was stained with the champagne laced with GHB. The case was airtight and the police assured her that Crane would not be bothering her anytime soon. He was still unconscious after being hit with House's cane.

After that, House and Cameron agreed they'd had enough excitement for one evening and left early. In the cab on the ride home, she rested her head against House's shoulder, holding his hand as she dozed lightly. He was exhausted too. He looked down at her sweet face and sighed. How could someone even think about hurting her? It blew his mind. She was so nice, caring and considerate. It amazed him that someone would want to take advantage of that.

The cab pulled up to the apartment, House paid the driver and woke Cameron. Once inside, she headed to the bathroom to take a hot shower. She felt so violated and dirty, but she also felt a sense of safety she'd never experienced before. House was there for her, and he was definitely her savior. Even if he didn't believe it.

As scary as the evening was, it made her want House even more than she ever imagined. Seeing him standing there, in the bathroom holding one half of the broken cane, he looked like an angel. Maybe it was the white shirt that cast a glow from the bright lights that made him look like an apparition. She seriously thought she was hallucinating until he took her in his arms and made her feel safe again.

She wanted to feel that closeness again. She almost felt like she had to have it the way House had to have his Vicodin.

When she emerged from the bathroom wearing her pajama shorts and tank top, House was sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV in his pajamas also.


He turned his head and smiled at her. "Yeah?"

"Could you..I mean..would you mind..sleeping in my bed tonight? Please?"

House understood completely and nodded. "Are you going to bed now?"

"Yeah. I'm exhausted. You don't have to come now if you don't want to."

He turned off the TV and got up without a word, following her into the bedroom. Once they were comfortable, Cameron's cheek against his chest, and his arm around her, they lay together in a comfortable silence.

"What made you think of doing the GHB test?" she suddenly asked, breaking the silence.

"Does it matter?"

"I'm just curious."

"Well, from what you told me, I would've been surprised if he didn't try to drug you. He tried everything else. You were just lucky that I wouldn't let you drink. Not like he would've gotten very far if you had."

She smiled up at him. "You saved me twice tonight."

"I guess I did. Now get some sleep."

She tried to fall asleep. She really did. But her mind was going a mile a minute and wouldn't stop long enough to let her drift off. What was going to happen next? Would he cut the trip short and go back to Princeton? Would he want to spend time with me? And how the hell did he manage to fall asleep so fast?

She watched him sleep for a few minutes and her hand went to touch his chest, feeling the muscles underneath his soft T-shirt. Her fingers slid across until she felt one of his nipples and she gently ran her finger over it, feeling it harden a little.

House stirred but he was still asleep, his breathing soft and relaxed so she kept on exploring. He was truly a beautiful man, with an amazing upper body that was perfectly sculpted but not overly. Just enough to make him look like he took good care of himself.

Cameron propped herself up on one side and her hand dipped under his T-shirt, and her fingers brushed against the hairs on his chest to his other nipple, which was also firm. He was giving off a scent that was becoming quickly intoxicating and she found herself leaning over to nuzzle his neck.

By then, House was awake, but he pretended to be asleep for her sake. He wasn't sure what she was up to, but he was curious as to how far she'd go. Catching a whiff of her hair and the feel of her fingers against his skin was making him very aroused and he felt himself growing under the sheet.

Cameron let her hand trail down his chest to the hem of his shirt and she pulled up a bit to expose his flat stomach. There was a light trail of hair from his navel down past the waistband of his pants and she thought it was very erotic. She leaned over and placed soft kisses on his stomach as she pushed his shirt up a little higher.

God, he smelled so sexy! It was a mix of very masculine body wash and something else, she wasn't sure. His own musky scent was as good as any aphrodisiac.

She pulled the sheets back to reveal a very nice surprise standing at full attention. Of course, she couldn't see him through his pajama bottoms, but the length alone was enough to shock her. It had to be at least 8 inches long at first sight, and she couldn't tell how wide but she didn't care. The thought of that long cock sliding in and out of her made her breath quicken and she felt her panties getting wet.

She slipped one hand under the waistband of his pants and felt the smooth skin underneath. She had to feel him, touch him.

House took a whiff of her hair as she rested her cheek against his chest while her hand explored that bit of skin between his stomach and his cock and he felt like he was in heaven. He stirred and let his hand gently rub Cameron's back.

"Wha..what're you doing?"

"Mmm..just..relaxing. Want me to stop?" she whispered back as she continued to place kisses along his treasure trail.

"No..carry on."

"That's what I hoped you'd say."

Before he could respond, she was kissing him with all the pent-up desire and desperation that she felt. He started kissing back and let his hands slide under her tank top so he could feel her silky soft skin. When one of his hands gently cupped her breast, she gasped.

Her breasts weren't big, but they weren't small either. In fact, he thought they were perfect. They fit in the palm of his hand just right.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her on top of him so he could take one of her nipples into his mouth, which by then was a tight bud and he happily kissed and sucked until she was rubbing herself against him. With a quick move, she grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head, throwing it to the floor and gave him full access to her breasts.


"You can call me Greg," he whispered as he gently bit her nipple and she cried out, but not from pain. It was pure electric pleasure he was giving her and she wanted more. It was just like the dream she'd had, only so much better. She knew he'd be extraordinary in bed, and so far he was proving to be just that.

Her hands grabbed the hem of his shirt and he helped her remove it. They rubbed their bare chests together and their moans filled the room.

His hands slid down over her thighs and grabbed her ass as he rolled them over and moved on top of her with a deep growl. "All mine," he grunted as his fingers slipped under the waistband of her shorts and made her squirm underneath him.

"I always was," she breathed as he placed hot kisses down her neck and across her chest as his fingers played with her.

"And always will be, I hope."

"I think that's a given," she chuckled as she continued to gyrate against his fingers. She was getting close. Oh, so amazingly close. "That's soo..goood.."

"You're nice and wet for me."

"Always," she panted as she rode his hand faster until she came and covered his fingers with her juices. House sucked on his fingers, and kissed her again, letting her taste herself on his lips. A lot of women didn't like that, but she seemed to. Of course, that was partly due to the fact that he was an excellent kisser and she didn't care what was on his lips as long as they were on hers.

"That was..like a dream I had months ago. It was so good."

House was pulling off his pajama bottoms but paused when she mentioned her dream. "How about we make the dream a reality?"

He stood there in all his naked glory, his erection still hard as a rock and she immediately went to him, got down on her knees without a word and took him in her mouth.

House hissed as she took him inch by inch and grabbed a handful of her hair. "You're…too good at that..unghh.."

Her hand grasped him at the base of his cock as she licked and swirled her tongue around the head until he was gently thrusting into her mouth.

He knew his leg wouldn't be able to stand there much longer and he placed his hand under her chin. When she sat back, he pushed her onto the bed, grabbed her legs and entered her slowly. Their groans filled the room as they rode together, slowly but deeply. It wasn't like the dream anymore. It was almost like he was making love to her.

When he grabbed her leg and lifted it higher, she cried out as he thrust deeper and covered her mouth with his to swallow her screams. He kissed all over her neck and down her throat until his mouth fastened onto her breast once again.

Cameron's other leg wrapped around his hip as she rocked against him. He grabbed her hands and held them down on either side of her head as he kissed her deeply and invaded her mouth with his tongue.

Her tongue danced with his as she met each of his thrusts, and she could feel herself getting close.

She opened her eyes and saw that House's eyes were also open, and staring deeply into hers. "Come back to Princeton with me," he panted, still thrusting. "You don't need to be here anymore. I want you with me."

She was about to tell him she'd follow him anywhere but she was so close..she couldn't keep her eyes from fluttering closed. All she could do was nod.

Her orgasm was powerful, so powerful that her walls tightened around his cock and he let out a strangled cry as he tried to hold back. He let her ride it out and then a few more thrusts pushed him over the edge and he fell hard.

"Oh my God, that was amazing," she sighed breathlessly as House collapsed against her and buried his face in her neck.

"You're incredible," House mumbled into her neck as he tried to catch his breath.

"And yes, I'll go back to Princeton with you."

He raised his head and smiled back at her. He didn't have to say anything else. She was his, he was hers and that was all the promise they needed. For once in House's life, he was actually happy.

The End

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