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Northern Digital Realm/March 19, 2009/3:57 PM

It was two against one, and the odds were still uneven.

As Imperialdramon was knocked back, Omegamon barely had time to raise his own sword to intercept another attack. With a grunt of effort, the Jogressed digimon pushed his opponent away, allowing him and his ally a few seconds to catch their breath.

"He's toying with us, Omegamon," Imperialdramon stated.

"Of course he's toying with us. Why should this time be any different?" Omegamon stared at the challenger and tried to recall the first time he and Imperialdramon had met this Harbingermon, many digi-cycles ago.

Back then, Omegamon and Imperialdramon had appointed themselves the protectors of the digital world. After Valmarmon's defeat, there were several other digimon who thought they could rule with an iron fist, but none of them were a match for the Jogressed-mega duo... that is, until Harbingermon first appeared.

We were arrogant. Omegamon thought. And we had grown weaker in our arrogance.


Eastern Digital Realm/2500 Digi-cycles ago

Omegamon and Imperialdramon, the leaders of the Royal Knights and the Dra-Warriors, respectively, had been sent by Huanglongmon to find a digimon that had been reported to make terrifying prophesies. They didn't have to search long before they found him.

He looked simple enough. He was roughly human sized and had the appearance of a muscular man with a raven's head, wearing nothing more than a loincloth around his waist.

"Prepare," he said. "Prepare for the coming of Apocalymon."

"Ha!" Imperialdramon snorted. "Bring him on! Go tell your master that he's no match for the protectors of the digital world!"

"You are mistaken; he is not my master. If he were, you would have no knowledge of him until he decided to strike, and then you would be soundly defeated. No, my true master sent me to warn you, to give you time to prepare."

"Surely you jest," Omegamon responded. "We, who helped defeat the great evil of Valmarmon, will not be so easily defeated by one such as him."

"Ignorant fools! Do you really believe that? Then fight me, if you dare. I will fight you with the strength of Apocalymon, and prove just how wrong you are."

"Wait, if you have the strength of this Apocalymon, why don't you fight him?" Imperialdramon asked.

"My master has forbidden me to do so. My mission is only to bring warning of Apocalymon's coming, and to chastise fools who do not heed it."

With that, Harbingermon plucked a feather from his neck and transformed it into a sword.

"Listen," Omegamon started, "I don't want to fight you but if you are asking for a challenge, I am happy to oblige! Supreme Cannon!!"

Omegamon raised his Metal Garurumon cannon and fired a blast, but Harbingermon simply deflected it with a single swipe of his sword. With another, he transformed Omegamon back into Agumon and Gabumon.

"Omegamon, no!" Imperialdramon cried out. "You'll pay for that buddy! Mega Crusher!!"

With another two clean slices, Harbingermon deflected Imperialdramon's blast and transformed him into Veemon and Wormmon.

"I pity you fools. I truly do. Had you heeded the warning and trained to your fullest, you would have grown strong enough to defeat Apocalymon. Now you will have to start from scratch."

Harbingermon plucked out four more feathers and transformed each into a dagger. With a flick of his wrist, he sent the four daggers into the hearts of the four rookies, reverting them all the way back into digieggs.

"I think that was a bit harsh," a voice behind Harbingermon declared, "though I suppose it was a necessity."

"Indeed it was, Huanglongmon," Harbingermon turned to face the golden dragon digimon. "I regret it as much as you, but they had to pay the price for ignorance and arrogance."

"But can they regain their strength in time to stop Apocalymon?"

"Possibly... What say you, Oraclemon?"

With a shimmer of the air, there appeared the translucent figure of a woman in a blue gown. White light glowed from her pupilless eyes.

"I see all. I know all. Destiny has been sealed. Salvation shall come not by the hands of digimon alone, but alongside human children. Courage, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, Hope, Light; eight pure souls shall guide them in their quest. Four more shall follow in their footsteps, and then a whole world shall be revolutionized."

"Human children?" Huanglongmon scoffed. "You can't be serious!"

"By the will of Ancientmon, it will be so." Harbingermon turned to look at the digieggs of what used to be Omegamon and Imperialdramon. "It is a shame they will remember nothing of their past life, but in order to learn their lesson they must have a totally clean slate. For Apocalymon, these two," he pointed to the digieggs of Agumon and Gabumon, "will be enough, though they will have the aid of six others. They might not even need to combine into Omegamon, but eventually a foe will come who will require them to. For these two," he indicated the digieggs of Veemon and Wormmon, "another dark time will require them to awaken, but they, too, will grow stronger with the help of children. Eventually the time will come when Omegamon and Imperialdramon will need to return to their rightful positions, and at that time, you will restore their memory and tell them of all that has transpired today."

"If the messengers of Ancientmon command it, it will be done."

"Come, Oraclemon. Our duty has been completed. It is time for us to return."

With another shimmer, the two disappeared.


Northern Digital Realm/Present Time

Omegamon focused his thoughts back to reality just in time to parry another blow from Harbingermon. Imperialdramon took this opportunity to charge in and knock the raven-headed digimon down.

"Keep your head in the game, Omegamon," Imperialdramon stated.

"I know, I know," Omegamon replied, "but at least we're holding our own!"

"Indeed, you two have grown stronger," Harbingermon interrupted, "but it is not enough to obtain victory."

"Oh, yeah? We'll see about that! Positron Laser!!"

Harbingermon regained his composure, discarded his sword, and then plucked another one of his feathers, this time transforming it into a bo staff. He spun the staff in front of him with a blur of motion, intercepting Imperialdramon's attack and dissipating it before it could do any damage. He then planted the staff in the ground and vaulted into a kick that sent the Dra-Warrior leader flying. Just as Harbingermon landed, he felt his legs sweep out from under him. Apparently, while his focus was on Imperialdramon, Omegamon had rushed in with a sweeping kick before he could regain his balance. Harbingermon quickly applied momentum to his fall and turned it into a backwards roll, quickly rising to his feet once again, jumping forward to bring his bo staff down hard on Omegamon's head.

Omegamon easily back-stepped away from the blow as Imperialdramon appeared behind Harbingermon, but a quick reverse thrust from Harbingermon's bo staff kept him at bay.

"Well, Harbingermon, I think it's safe to say that we're pretty evenly matched," Imperialdramon stated.

"True," Harbingermon agreed. "We have been fighting for over an hour and none of us has landed a disabling blow on the other."

"So now will you tell us what this is all about?" Omegamon demanded. "We get a message to meet you here, and then you immediately start attacking us. Aren't you going to give us a warning and a chance to try and heed it?"

"I'm afraid that this is a completely different situation. This time, no amount of preparation can help you against the coming foe. You are either ready, or you are not."

"Are you going to tell us who this enemy is?" Imperialdramon asked.

"Knowing who you're up against makes no difference if you are unable to defeat him. I was sent to fight you at my full power, to see if you have what it takes to win. Defeat me, and I will tell you everything."

"That's insane!" Omegamon cried out. "There's no way the two of us can defeat you by ourselves!"

"Then it's a good thing you two aren't alone!"

From out of nowhere, a blue and white armored warrior flew down and landed near the trio of warriors, a long red scarf trailing behind him.

"Justimon!" Imperialdramon exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"Huanglongmon told me about the message you received and thought I could help out. I got here as soon as I could."

"Well, my friend," Omegamon said, "You've arrived just in time. Let's see if we can't take him down together! Transcendent Sword!!"

Harbingermon once again discarded his weapon, this time plucking two feathers, touching the tips together and transforming them into a nunchaku, just in time to catch Omegamon's War Greymon sword in the chain. Before he could launch a counter-attack, though, he had to jump out of the way of Imperialdramon's flying tail.

"Ha ha!" Justimon laughed. "Got you now! Justice Kick!!"

Justimon leaped into the air to deliver a powerful kick. Harbingermon, unable to dodge while still in midair, could only cross his arms and brace for the impact, which knocked him back several hundred feet.

"Impressive!" Harbingermon complimented. "But it's going to take more than that to defeat me!"


It's been nearly a year since Masaru had left the human world, and he and Agumon had been enjoying themselves thoroughly. Each day had presented itself with a new and exciting experience, and today was no different. The pair had been hiking up a mountain when something had crashed into it.

"Aniki, isn't that Omegamon?" Agumon asked.

Masaru turned to look, and sure enough, he saw Omegamon pulling himself out of a crater in the side of the mountain.

"Yeah, that's him, Agumon. Hey, Omegamon!" Masaru called out.

Omegamon turned and saw the pair coming towards him.

"Masaru! Agumon! This is a surprise! I haven't seen you since you defeated Yggdrasil. What are you two doing here?"

"We could ask you the same question," Masaru replied. "How'd you end up in the side of a mountain?"

"Harbingermon got in a lucky shot."

"Harbingermon? Who's Harbingermon?"

Omegamon pointed into the distance, where three digimon that Masaru didn't recognize were fighting. "There. Right now, Two of my allies are fighting against a digimon called Harbingermon. So was I, for that matter, until he threw me into this mountain..."

"Three on one? That doesn't seem like a man's fight!" Masaru objected.

"Well, Harbingermon isn't your typical digimon. He's a servant of a being known only as Ancientmon, and only shows up to bring a warning of great evil. Last time he was here, my friend Imperialdramon and I were foolish enough to challenge him, and were defeated swiftly. This time, he calls us out and attacks us without warning. He says that a great evil is on the way, but he won't tell us anything unless we defeat him. We're stronger, but so is he, and even with Justimon helping us, we're only barely holding our own. So let me ask you, who's the one fighting fair?"

"Let me get this straight. A single digimon is fighting against three mega-level digimon, and isn't being overpowered? Forget the fact that we've got to defeat him to get any info out of him; I want to fight him just for the challenge of it! Right, Agumon?"

"You bet, Aniki!"

"Heh, you haven't changed a bit, Masaru. If you want to fight, I'll take you to him." Omegamon pointed to his back. "Hop on."

As Omegamon brought them closer to the fight, Masaru could make out more details of the fighters. The largest and most obvious was a blue dragon with black and gold armor, red wings, and a white helmet, whom Omegamon identified as Imperialdramon. He and an armored digimon with a red scarf, Justimon, Masaru was told, were fighting against a third, human sized digimon, which had to be...

"Harbingermon!" Masaru called out, and the raven-headed digimon turned to look at him. "If you're looking for someone who can defeat you, then look no further!" With that, he leapt off the speeding Omegamon and flew toward Harbingermon, punching him across the side of his beak. An orange light appeared around his hand, and quickly engulfed his entire body, which Masaru then channeled into his digivice.



"Oh-ho!" Harbingermon exclaimed. "A new challenger! Let's see what you have to offer!" Harbingermon plucked out another one of his feathers and instantly transformed it into a large sword. The blade was about eight inches wide and nearly six feet long, and its handle added another foot and a half to that length.

"You want to fight swords, eh?" Masaru held out his digivice and summoned a weapon for his partner. "Geo Grey Sword!!"

Shine Greymon plunged his hand into the ground and withdrew a sword with two blades coming out of opposite ends of a circular hand guard. He charged towards his opponent, bringing down his sword with all the strength he could muster, but Harbingermon parried it easily. Several times, Shine Greymon struck, but not once could he land a blow on his opponent.

"It is useless!" Harbingermon taunted. "I can create any weapon I want out of my feathers, and I am a master of them all!" The messenger digimon took his massive sword, and, with a single swing, knocked Shine Greymon away.

While Harbingermon's attention was focused on Shine Greymon, Justimon had snuck up behind him and was about to attack his blind side when Masaru jumped in between them.

"Stop right there," Masaru said. "This fight is between Shine Greymon and Harbingermon. A man fights his battles one on one, if he can."

"But that's insane!" Imperialdramon interjected. "He's too strong for just one mega! How on earth are you going to overcome him by yourself if the three of us couldn't do it together?"

"Whoever said that this was as strong as Agumon gets?" Omegamon said, as he shot Masaru a knowing look.

Masaru held out his digivice and swept his hand through its light.



Now armed with a flaming sword and shield, Shine Greymon attacked with renewed vigor, but Harbingermon still blocked every move. However, when Harbingermon counter-attacked, Shine Greymon blocked his moves, as well.

For nearly half an hour the exchange continued, neither digimon giving an inch, each unable to land a blow on the other, and still the others only watched.

"This is going nowhere!" Justimon exclaimed. "Let us help him. They're evenly matched, so we can tip the balance in our favor!"

"Not yet!" Masaru shouted. "Shine Greymon still has more fight in him!"

"We must defeat Harbingermon together," Imperialdramon chimed in. "If we cannot, then we have no chance against this coming evil, whoever it is."

Omegamon placed his hand on Masaru's shoulder and said, "It's okay for a man to accept help when he needs it. Teamwork is a manly attribute, too."

Masaru hung his head. "You guys are right. I let myself get too caught up in the battle itself and lost sight of what we really need to do." He lifted his head again, and fiery determination shone in his eyes. "HEY, HARBINGERMON!"

The raven-headed digimon turned around to see Masaru charging straight towards him. He moved to strike Masaru down with his sword, but Shine Greymon used this momentary distraction to gain the upper hand.

"Blaze Chain!!"

Shine Greymon's sword extended and wrapped around Harbingermon like a fiery chain, just as Masaru delivered an uppercut into Harbingermon's chest, knocking him into the air. Justimon, Omegamon, and Imperialdramon appeared above the airborne digimon and charged their weapons.

"Justice Burst!!"

"Supreme Cannon!!"

"Positron Laser!!"

The three attacks hit Harbingermon and slammed him hard into the ground, where he found Omegamon's and Shine Greymon's swords hovering inches above his neck in an X shape. Surprisingly, he started to laugh.

"Hahahaha... Well done, well done. I yield. What say you, Oraclemon?" Harbingermon inquired to the open air. "Shall we give them the message?"

Like so many years before, Oraclemon shimmered into visibility, and spoke in her ethereal tone.

"I see all. I know all. Tribulation shall come. The one who was divided will be reunited, and those who do not join together will be torn apart."

"'The one who was divided...'" Omegamon echoed. "Could it be...?"

"Yes, someone is trying to reunite the seven pieces of Valmarmon," Harbingermon replied, "and they may very well succeed."

"There must be a way to stop them!" Imperialdramon reasoned.

"The future is a funny thing; knowledge of it can cause it to change. Had I not come to you all those years ago, Apocalymon would have destroyed you and taken over the digital world. So there is a chance, however small, that you may be able to prevent your enemies from gathering Valmarmon's pieces. But if your enemies succeed in reawakening him, then there is only one hope. Valmarmon is much too strong for any one digimon to defeat. Even I, at my full power, could not do it. You and your allies must band together, as you have done to defeat me, if you are to have any chance at defeating him. Beware of dissension. Your enemies will seek to divide you, to make you fight amongst yourselves instead of against them. You must not let this happen. Only a united force can stop Valmarmon. And now I bid you farewell."

After delivering his message, Harbingermon shimmered and disappeared from beneath Omegamon's and Shine Greymon's swords. Oraclemon, too, shimmered into nothingness.

"Someone is trying to revive Valmarmon?" Imperialdramon wondered.

"Who's Val-" Masaru tried to interject.

"Im... Impossible! The seven pieces of Valmarmon are scattered among the 5 Digital Realms, and inter-realm travel is restricted!" Justimon exclaimed.

"Inter-realm what?" Masaru wondered, but was again interrupted.

"It's not unheard of for an enemy to cross into other realms. Ghidorah invaded the 5th realm and enslaved the Sovereigns," Omegamon pointed out.

"Ghidorah? That Godzilla villain?" Masaru was confused, and he was still being ignored.

"But that was only because Kaiba had merged the Digital World with the Virtual World," Justimon said.

"WILL SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Masaru shouted, finally gaining the attention of the others.

"Oh... Forgive us, Masaru," Omegamon apologized. "What would you like to know?"

"First, who are you two?"

"Ah, yes, we haven't been properly introduced. I am Imperialdramon, leader of the Dra-Warriors, a clan of dragon type digimon. Ryo, you better de-digivolve before you introduce yourself."

"Right." Justimon glowed white and split into two beings. One was a large, bipedal, black armored dragon with red demon wings, and one, surprisingly, was a human boy about Masaru's age. "I'm Ryo Akiyama and this is my partner Cyberdramon."

"You... you can turn into a digimon?" Masaru asked incredulously. "Is that Hyper Bio-Evolution?"

"It's actually called Biomerging. It's similar to Bio-Evolution, but I actually merge with my partner, instead of just infusing myself with digimon data."

"So I take it you're not a part of DATS."

"Hell, I'm not even from this world!"

"So, what are, you, an alien?"

"Oh, no... That's not what I meant. I'm... Well, maybe I should start at the beginning. The Digital World you know is not the only digital world out there. It is one of a group of five. The four largest realms were given designations based on the four points of the compass while the fifth realm acts as a central hub that connects the other four, where Huanglongmon rules over the four Digimon Sovereigns, and they, in turn, rule over their respective realms: Azulongmon over the Eastern Realm, Zhuqiaomon over the Southern Realm, Baihumon over the Western Realm, and Ebonwumon over this realm, the Northern Realm."

"Wait. I thought Yggdrasil ruled over this world."

"That's partially true," Omegamon chimed in. "Ebonwumon is the eldest of the four Sovereigns, and had decided that he wanted to delegate his task of watching over this realm to someone else. So, he reprogrammed a program that had plagued the Southern Realm, known as the D-Reaper, into a program that would rule over the Northern Realm. You know that program as Yggdrasil. We Royal Knights, the sworn servants of the Sovereigns, were given orders to treat any order from Yggdrasil as an order from Ebonwumon. Ebonwumon couldn't, however, have predicted how Yggdrasil's new programming would react to the humans, who hadn't yet ventured into his realm. You see, the D-Reaper was a program originally designed by the humans in the Southern Realm to control the digimon population. Ebonwumon had reprogrammed Yggdrasil to be the protector of the digimon population. When the humans invaded this realm and started deleting the digimon, Yggdrasil decided that it was the humans that needed 'deleting.'"

"Hold on. How did humans create the D-Reaper if Yggdrasil was reprogrammed before we found the digital world?"

"That's a little difficult to explain," Ryo said. "Like I said, the Digital World is divided into five realms, but the four main realms are each connected to a different, parallel version of Earth. It's the reason why inter-realm travel is restricted. The four outer realms are not connected directly to each other, only through the fifth realm, and only the Sovereigns, the Royal Knights, and a handful of other digimon, including Imperialdramon, have access to this realm. The reason the realms are separated is to prevent the humans from crossing over into other realities, though, exceptions have been made in times of great need. For instance, I'm from the Earth connected to the Eastern Realm. I became the only human with access in order to battle a foe called Millenniumon, who also had the ability to traverse realms, and eventually settled into the Southern Realm's Earth to tame Cyberdramon. Then, Omegamon's and Imperialdramon's partners were brought from the Eastern Realm's Earth in order to battle an extraterrestrial threat from the Southern Realm's Earth that had spilled into the Digital World."

"Omegamon had a partner?!?!?" Masaru and Agumon cried out simultaneously.

"Two, actually," Omegamon affirmed. "Well, three if you count the time the Agumon in me was partnered with Ryo. As a Jogressed digimon, each of my component digimon had his own partner. Imperialdramon's the same way, and his Veemon was also partnered with Ryo for a time. And I wasn't the only Royal Knight with a partner, either. In fact, Gallantmon was created by a human child in Southern Realm's Earth."

"So why were you trying to destroy our Earth?" Masaru asked. "If you two had partners, you should have known how beneficial humans and digimon could be to each other."

"We did know, and we tried to persuade Yggdrasil. We convinced him to send Sleipmon to Earth, but when he failed to return, Yggdrasil's wrath grew stronger. He obstructed our memories of our partners so that we would follow his orders without question. When you destroyed Yggdrasil, you also destroyed the mental block he had placed in us."

"This is a lot to take in. Who's Valmarmon?"

"Valmarmon is the reason there are five realms," Imperialdramon explained. "Long ago, the Five Digital Realms were unified as one. There was an epic battle between Valmarmon, Digi-god of Darkness, and Granasmon, Digi-god of Light, that lasted seven days and seven nights. On the verge of defeat, Valmarmon managed to separate his body into seven pieces, which Huanglongmon and Granasmon's other generals managed to seal and hide within the five Digital Realms."

"Wow, Aniki," Agumon said. "This guy must be really tough!"

"You said it, Agumon. And someone's actually trying to revive this bozo?" Masaru remarked.

"That's what Harbingermon said, at least. I think Huanglongmon suspects something, too," Ryo replied. "I think that's why he gave me orders to find you once I had helped Omegamon and Imperialdramon. I had no idea that you'd be dragged into the fight anyway."

"Me? What's this Huanglongmon want with me?"

"If someone truly is trying to revive Valmarmon, then we're going to need all the help we can get. This includes you and your fellow DATS members." Ryo reached into a sack and pulled out several small, spherical objects, which he then tossed to Masaru. "Here, you'll need these."

Masaru looked down at the objects he now held. "Huh? But aren't these...?"

"Yes. They're Space-Time Oscillation Bombs. However, they've been modified from Kurata's design so that they don't create as much wear and tear on the fabric between the digital and human worlds. Masaru, your mission is to return to your world and bring back any allies you can find. Meanwhile, Agumon, you will scour the Digital World to find their partners. We'll all meet back here in one week, where, hopefully, I'll have some more allies to introduce you to."

"Ryo, you don't mean..." Omegamon started.

"Yep! I've also been instructed to gather the Digi-Destined, the Tamers, and the Legendary Warriors."

"Legendary?!" Masaru exclaimed. "That's so cool! I can't wait to meet them. Come on, Agumon, we've each got a job to do!" With that, Masaru activated one of the Space-Time Oscillation Bombs and a green and black portal appeared. "Ryo, Imperialdramon, it was nice meeting both of you. Omegamon, nice seeing you again. Agumon, let's both do our best!"

"Right, Aniki! Say hi to Chika and Sayuri for me!"

"You got it, buddy! See you in a week!" Masaru stepped through the portal, heading back home for the first time in a year.


Gates of Time/March 23, 2009/12:10 PM

Idly sitting in a white chair and facing the Gates of Time, Sailor Pluto was in complete peace. She hasn't had to help train the Kuiper Belt Senshi or get involved in any activities recently. She hasn't even received any premonitions to warn her of any impending threats.

There hasn't been anything to alarm the Time Guardian.

For as long as she's been the Time Guardian, Sailor Pluto has always been cautious of what many refer to as 'the calm before the storm'. No major enemy attack has happened since the defeat of the Taiyoukai. That was a little over two years, four months, and 22 days ago. Other than a few inconveniences with minor threats, there hasn't been anything that would alarm the Time Guardian.

Until now.

A flickering beam of light flashed above the ceiling, which garnered Pluto's attention.

The Time Guardian shifted her eyes upward as she saw an envelope fall next to her.

"What's this?" Pluto raised her left brow, picking the letter off the floor. How did this get in here? What phenomenon is this? Questions filled her thoughts. She stared at the letter suspiciously and opened it. There was a folded letter inside. Pluto pulled the letter out, unfolded it, and scanned the written content. No one from Earth should have access here without my permissio- Her eyes stopped dead cold at the end of the letter as she gripped the letter tightly. Her face contorted with dread. No, can it be...? But, what could... she... want?

Pluto got off her seat with the letter in hand. She reread the letter again and scanned all the way down to stare at the writer's signature. It was signed only with a single letter, a flourished 'C'.

"I must get to the bottom of this. If this is who I think it is..." She said as she raised her Garnet Staff and teleported herself out of the time room.


Desolate Wasteland/12:14 PM

Sailor Pluto opened her eyes as she carefully observed the environment around her. It was hot. The blazing heat scorched the air as Pluto felt the wind pelting her with sand.

Just then, she sensed an anomaly in the midst.

What this is this? I'm sensing an irregularity.

Suddenly, the winds started to pick up once again. A sand storm was approaching from close by. Pluto jumped back several feet as she saw a billowing sand storm nearing her. As her eyes picked up on her surroundings, there was nothing but sand and a few stones scattered across isolated areas. The only other signs of life she could sense were a flock of birds flying above her and a snake that burrowed its way through the sand dunes.

"All right, come out! I know I'm not alone here!" Pluto called as she demanded the 'individual' who sent her the letter to appear. Her chest pulsated rapidly as she whirled around and became unhinged when she saw nothing behind her.

'Pluto, we're not alone, but I can't see where this one is concealing itself.' Pluto's wolf spirit appeared beside her. The wolf glanced around as he turned and spotted what appeared to be a shadowed figure behind a thick sheet of sand swirling twenty feet from where they stood.

Sailor Pluto picked on that the presence behind the sand sheet and firmly gripped her Garnet Rod. Her eyes narrowed intently while calling out to the figure. "Are you the one?! Face me now!"

"Very perceptive, Guardian of Time. Just as I'd expect from you," the figure behind the sand sheer spoke. The voice was deeply feminine, sounding very similar to Pluto's serious tone.

Once the sand sheet fell, the figure was revealed to be a woman. This woman physically appeared to be in her early-30s. Her appearance was similar to, but also contrasted with, Pluto. This woman had long, brown hair that went all the way down her back. Her skin was paler in complexion than Pluto's. The woman's eyes were crimson just like Pluto's. The woman wore what appeared to be a dark purple female business suit complete with black high-heeled shoes.

Pluto frowned as she recognized the woman by first glance. "You." She deeply growled while standing her ground. "So, you wrote the letter?! And you're the source of irregularity I've sensed now."

"Very good, my dearest twin sister…" The woman smiled unperturbedly with arms folded.

"You're no sister of mine… wait…" Pluto sensed another anomaly. There's another source within her. Once, the green-haired woman came to a realization to what this 'source' was… her eyes and mouth gaped in horror. "No! You couldn't be Ch-"

The mysterious woman smirked as she set her arms by her sides and raised her right hand. "I am simply Sailor Charon. Or, Sharon Rivers if you wish to refer me by my civilian name. I'm afraid your role as Time Guardian has expired."

"Surely you jest," Pluto scoffed. "You dare tell me to relinquish my guard post?!"

"At your current level, you wouldn't even last a second with me. Why don't you show me your Valkyrie power, Time Guardian? I see your spirit guardian is ready to take a bite out of me," the woman known as 'Sailor Charon' pivoted her head as she could see the wolf clearly crouching in a defensive position.

"Charon. You're not just a Senshi… no, you shouldn't even be here. I can't allow the other Senshi and our allies to come into contact with you!" Pluto exclaimed as she jumped back with her wolf guardian. "Are you ready my friend?"

The wolf spirit nodded firmly. 'As you command, Pluto.'

As Pluto raised her Valkyrie Dagger, she called out. "Pluto Valkyrie Power!! Make-Up!!" With that, the Time Guardian's regular Sailor outfit was replaced a beautiful, armored Valkyrie suit. "Charon, we cannot allow you to idly cross into this world. You must die." She whirled her Garnet Rod, which quickly transformed into her Garnet Keyblade. "I must preserve this timeline from you."

Charon offered no response. She remained unfazed by Pluto's threatening gesture.

"Why don't you transform?" Pluto wondered why Sharon hasn't draw out any kind of power item to defend herself. No, she's not alone.


Before the Time Guardian could respond to her wolf's warning, she whirled around and was caught by twenty long green tendrils. These tendrils penetrated out of the sand and easily ensnared the Valkyrie Senshi in its tight grip. Pluto struggled to break free as her wolf guardian tried biting his way through the tentacles. One tentacle shot forth and knocked the wolf aside, causing it to vanish from Pluto's sight.

"NO!!" Pluto cried out as she fidgeted. The tendrils firmly locked around her waist. "Can't… let myself… be defeated… like this… no…" She lifted her head as she glanced at her attacker. She could barely see a shadowed figure with several tentacles sprouting out of its back. She turned her head and watched Sharon's skin change from a pale color to a more tanned complexion like Pluto's. In addition, as her vision faded, the last thing Pluto saw was Sharon's brown hair turning green.

"…Relax. Just consider this a permanent vacation, dear sister," Sharon chuckled as she placed her hands across Pluto's cheeks and caressed her face. "Such a beautiful complexion. Yes."

"Charon-sama," the tentacle figure spoke, her tone was deeply feminine and seductive.

"It's time, Hydra. Time to implement the next phase…" Sharon stated as she confiscated Pluto's Garnet Keyblade. "…the Dawn of Chaos." Then, she and Hydra teleported with Sailor Pluto in tow.

The coming of a new evil was approaching and this time without the Time Guardian to perceive the chain of events that'll soon occur.

And the future itself would ultimately be affected by this 'disturbance.'


Neo-Domino City/Tops Residential Resort/Luna's Room/March 24, 3009/11:34 PM

One millennium in the distant future, a green-haired girl fidgeted in her bed as she tried to get a good night's sleep. But, tonight that wouldn't be the case. She was having a dream, but this one was more of a vision. A message from her guardian spirit.

"No... no! What... does this mean...?" She murmured as her body shot up. Her eyes were wide open and pupilless.


Luna's Dream

Luna quickly came to her senses and blinked while gazing at her surroundings.

"I'm back in Spirit World, but... why?" She wondered while surveying the lush, beautiful landscape.

She found herself standing in the middle of grassy meadow, teeming with beautiful flowers all around. Across the distance was a clear, blue lake that covered a large encompassing area.

The little girl twirled around as she saw a Kuriboh with seemingly larger (and cuter) eyes. The little Duel Monster walked on tiny little paws and had a long, stiff tail with a red bow tied at the end.

"Kuribon!" The girl exclaimed as she raced over and caught the hair furball, who jumped right into her arms. "Have you been?"

"Pi, pi!" Kuribon chirped as she 'communicated' with the girl.

"What? Something wrong?" She inquired as she listened to the creature. The child could understand everything it was warning her about. "My world and this world are about to be in ruins?!"

"That is correct, Luna."

Recognizing the powerful feminine voice booming out, the girl named Luna whirled around and saw the particles of white light coalescing to create a dragon's body. The dragon's body shape formed, giving it a more soft and feminine appearance. Its light blue body was long and serpentine. The head of the dragon was small, hidden underneath a golden face guard that protected her forehead. The helmet ended with a protrusion that jutted upward. A blue gem was embedded in the center of this helmet. Tufts of long, sea green hair flowed out the back of the helmet. The dragon's soft body was protected under golden armor. Elongated arms stretched out at the sides with golden armor covering its hands. Its hands consisted of five, long fingers. Two, large wings spanned out the sides of its back, displaying a magnificent wingspan of pink and blue skin (they were more akin to a butterfly's wings). A soft, light blue aura shimmered, surrounding the feminine dragon.

Its yellow, slanted eyes were fixated on Luna, who gazed up at her in awe.

"Ancient Fairy Dragon, what's going on? Kuribon is telling me..."

The dragon quickly addressed Luna's concern. "What Kuribon speaks is the truth, young Luna. Our world and your world will soon be shrouded by darkness. Everything will be destroyed."

"No, that can't be. The Dark Signers were defeated! We prevented our worlds from being destroyed!"

"This is an even more urgent matter than the threat the Dark Signers posed. There's an impending Temporal Wave coming our way."

"Temporal Wave?" Luna asked, gravely concerned about what her dragon was hinting to.

"You and the other Signers must travel to the last week of the third month in the year 2009 before this time wave reaches them. Our worlds here are about to come into ruins because of a series of events that will gravely affect the past. You and the Signers have to go to the past in order to prevent it."

"But, how? None of us have the power to travel through time."

The Ancient Fairy Dragon pivoted her head as an image materialized behind her. The image projections displayed a beautiful sanctuary with a city covered entirely in an array of white and silver. Luna gasped in awe, quickly recognizing the city from first glance.

"That's Neo-Crystal Tokyo! I've seen it before, but I've never been there. I hear it's almost like a paradise."

"Luna, you and the Signers are to go to Neo-Crystal Tokyo. It's imperative that you all must see Neo-Queen Serenity. Only she has the source that'll allow you all to travel to the past. Tell her about the situation... of course, I'm sure she probably already knows about the Temporal Wave."

The child prodigy gazed at the image while holding Kuribon. "She does?"

"I'm very certain, Luna. But, there isn't time to lose. You have until tomorrow before dusk to see Neo-Queen Serenity and go to the past. If you and the others don't go before the Temporal Wave washes over you, it'll be too late."

"No, I can't let that happen... I won't let everything go to ruins! I have friends and a brother... loved ones I care about," she boldly declared. "Thank you, Ancient Fairy Dragon. As one of the five Signers, I'll make it my duty to tell everyone."

The female dragon's face expression softened as she stared at her Signer. "I faith in you, young Luna. Please, save all that is dear to us."

With that, the entire dimension was washed over by a white shimmering aura of translucent light. Luna frantically glanced around as the white light also began engulfing her. Then, she heard the calling of another voice. This time it belonged to another child: a young boy.

"Luna... Luna! Can you hear me?!"

The girl whirled around and gasped. "Leo...!"


"Luna! Wake up!" A green-haired young boy, the twin brother of Luna, shook his sister's shoulder. "Can you hear me?!"

As Luna finally came to, she blinked repeatedly and looked towards her brother.


"Leo... I was there..."

"Where? In Spirit World?"

"Yeah, I was... and I saw Ancient Fairy Dragon. She warned me..."

"About what?" He asked.

"We have to go," Luna said as she threw her arms around her brother. "if we don't go... we're going to lose everyone. The Temporal Wave... we have to tell Yusei and the others. They have to know! As Signers, they HAVE to know!"

"Ok, ease down. Luna, try and clarify a little better," Leo said, lowering his tone as he sat down beside his twin sister. "A Temporal Wave, you say? What's going to happen?"

"As I said, once it reaches... we're all done for. This world and Spirit World will be destroyed and this threat will be worse than what the Dark Signers posed. Ancient Fairy Dragon also said we have to go see Neo-Queen Serenity. We have to go to Neo-Crystal Tokyo. That's the only place where we'll find a way to go back to the past and save everything before... it's too late."

"Neo-Crystal Tokyo?! Neo-Queen Serenity?! Luna, you realize that her palace is heavily guarded. We'd need a good reason for going there."

Luna turned and shot a serious demeanor at her brother. "Ancient Fairy Dragon told me that she believes Neo-Queen Serenity may already know about the Temporal Wave. So, she might already be expecting us to come... and I have no doubt she'll let us in since I'm a Signer along with Yusei, Jack, Akiza, and Crow. Leo, we have until tomorrow afternoon. There's no time to lose. We have to tell Yusei and the others. We need to meet with them in the morning. And we'll need to go to Neo-Crystal Tokyo before it's too late." She grasped her brother's hands and felt warm tears form in her eyes. "Please, Leo... we have to..."

"Say no more. We saved the world once and we'll do it again," Leo smiled boldly, reassuring his sister. "I've always wanted to time travel. Let's make this happen, Luna!"

"Thank you," Luna smiled warmly as she embraced her brother. We saved the world, but now... it's time we save the past. I feel this will be the start of a brand new journey. As she hugged her brother, the red symbol of a claw glowed on her right arm.


YuYuGiDigiMoon Season 3: Dawn of Chaos


A New Saga Unfolds! Heroes Under Attack!


Shinjuku District/March 25, 2009/12:00 PM

Shinjuku District. Everything has settled and been rebuilt since the Taiyoukai attacks. There have been no invasive attacks from either the Digital World, Makai, or even outer space. The city's heroes have taken this time during the last two and a half years to settle down.

All was calm.

Until now.



An explosive blast rocked the streets of Shinjuku near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Innocent civilians began to flee as their normal, boring lives were about to become a mess.

Two armored figures wielding lances and shields collided at the center of the section. The two figures turned out to be Gallantmon and Chaos Gallantmon, the 'brothers' of the Hazard. Gallantmon rammed his Aegis Shield against Chaos Gallantmon's Gorgon shield. They both held each other off while their struggle was halted to a stalemate.

"Didn't expect US to attack, did ya?!" Chaos Gallantmon cackled as he brought his Balmung lance forward, attempting to stab his brother.

Gallantmon quickly countered with his sacred lance, Gram, and slammed it against the Balmung's very tip. "But, I'm still more prepared to stop you, Chaos Gallantmon!"

"Touché," the dark Exalted Knight retorted while standing his ground. "I've brought along my colleagues to give me a hand."

"Our Tamers are here as well!"

As the two knights carried on their battle, the Beast/Victory Tamers and their digimon partners carried on by keeping the Demon Corps confined within the same area. Suzakato glided over as he fired his 'Firepalm Blasts' over an army of Vilemon, which were quickly vaporized by the warrior's flames.

"Who else wants some?!" Suzakato shouted as he saw more Vilemon flying towards him. "You guys were better off retreating. For your sakes, I hope you know you're fighting a hopeless battle! C'mon, I have more where that came from!" Large balls of fire formed inside his palms, which he used to launch a series of flaming blasts. "Firepalm Blast!!"


Marine Devimon growled as he launched his white tentacles towards Mega Gargomon. The green-armored armored digimon caught the marine demon's tentacles, firmly gripping them with his hands.

"I have him, numbskull! Get him!" Marine Devimon roared out.

"What the heck?!" Mega Gargomon hollered as he glanced upward to see Skull Satanmon diving towards him with his staff. "Ah, nuts!"

Skull Satanmon howled out like Tarzan. He zipped around Mega Gargomon's view, throwing off the mega digimon's sight. As he came down, he raised his staff and slammed it across Mega Gargomon's face.

"Take this! Bone Blaster!!" Skull Satanmon howled as he blasted Mega Gargomon. Then, the impact shot caused Skull Satanmon to fly back. "WHOA!!" He flew back and landed into one of Marine Devimon's waiting arms. "Nice catch... Whew, I haven't been this active since... um..."

"The Rajita invasion?" Marine Devimon answered.

"Yeah, that's it! Ugh, sheesh... too tired already..." Skull Satanmon panted.

"You're nothing but a bag of bones! How can you lose stamina?!" The marine demon digimon snapped.

"Um... I don't know? I guess I'm a living plot hole, aren't I?"

"Never mind! Good work... for once. Your attack managed to paralyze our rabbit friend here!" Marine Devimon snickered as he tightened his grip on Mega Gargomon. "Can't believe that staff can still pack enough punch to paralyze mega-level opponents."

"Yeah, I surprise myself, too. Um, go me?" Skull Satanmon said as he flew out of Marine Devimon's hand. He glided in front of Mega Gargomon and taunted him. "How did ya like that one?!"

Mega Gargomon couldn't move an inch as the paralysis effect was in place. "Shoot... now I know how our good buddy Imperialdramon felt."

"Now, to play with you until we grow bored," Marine Devimon stated as he spewed a poisonous, black ink at Mega Gargomon.

As Mega Gargomon was washed over by the attack, he coughed and tried hold his breath. "Darn it!" Gah! This smells worse than the whole boy's locker room in Henry's gym class! Wuh! Gack, help!

Meanwhile, Henbu was dealing with a five Bakemon. The ghost digimon attacked by thrusting giant, blue fists at the Beast Tamer. Henbu jumped up, getting out of dodge from the Bakemon. He turned as he saw Mega Gargomon in trouble.

"Mega Gargomon! Hold on, my friend!" Henbu called out as he landed on the ground. Using his terrakinesis, he unearthed a chunk of the ground and rode on the floating debris to head off towards Mega Gargomon. However, he looked over his shoulder and saw the five Bakemon pursuing him. "They just won't quit!"


Higher in the air, Lady Devimon bombarded Sakuyamon with a barrage of flaming bats. The golden-armored mega summoned a holy barrier, which warded off and vanquished the bats. Lady Devimon swayed over on her right side and launched another wave of bats at Sakuyamon's blind spot.

"Darkness Wave!!" Lady Devimon roared.

Sakuyamon stopped the forthcoming bats with four mystical fox spirits. "Spirit Strike!!" She called out, letting her foxes capture the bats and vaporize them completely. "Yes, you'll have to try better than that." Luckily for Inumon and I, Suzie and Antiramon took Yellow Kouinumon and Black Viximon to safety. We can fight freely without having to worry about the pups.

Lady Devimon scowled. "Witch. I'm not through yet!"

Looking below her, Sakuyamon watched Seirika summoning a rain cloud to wash down an army of BlueMeramon.

"GAAAH!!!" The BlueMeramon army cried out in unison as Seirika's surging water engulfed them and washed them across the streets.

Seirika lowered her staff and stayed afloat in mid-air. "Hope you guys enjoy your cold shower." She pivoted her head and saw Sakuyamon repelling Lady Devimon's bats with more spirit foxes.

"Keep it going, Sakuyamon! You've got her!"

Sakuyamon pressed while warding off Lady Devimon's deadly bats. "Yes, it's over for you, you hussy."

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!" Lady Devimon angrily screeched. "I swear... I'll show you the epitome of true digi-beauty!" With that, her left armed turned into a long blade. "Now come here!"

"Your funeral," Sakuyamon retorted.


Youkai Inumon fended off General Scorpionus, who attacked him head-on with rapid sword strikes. The dark canine digimon countered by forging a sword out of his dark flames and fighting a sword battle with the enemy. Youkai Inumon proved to be efficient with his flaming sword while blocking General Scorpionus' strikes. He managed to kick one sword out of one hand and knocked another sword out of Scorpionus' third arm. Youkai Inumon kicked Scorpionus in the abdomen, seized the cybernetic digi-warrior by an arm. He swung General Scorpionus across, but the enemy landed on his feet gingerly without losing balance.

"Nice try, Youkai Inumon! But, it'll take more than your inferno blade to dismantle my new and improved body!" General Scorpionus exclaimed as he coaxed the Underworld native to attack. "C'mon! Is that all you have to offer?"

"Not a chance," Youkai Inumon growled as he bumrushed General Scorpionus. Good thing our pups aren't here to witness this. You're the best, Suzie and Antiramon.

The cybernetic monster opened his mouth and launched a series of red blasts. Youkai Inumon sidestepped one blast and evaded another. The canine digimon timed each forthcoming attack and dodged them efficiently.

Meanwhile, Himakko was surrounded by six Phantomon. The hooded ghosts flew in to attack using their scythes. Himakko quickly countered as he used his magnetic powers to 'pull' and confiscate their scythes. The ghost digimon stopped their attacks as Himakko dropped their weapons.

"Not so tough without your toys now, are ya?!" Himakko called out. He raised his hands, making the scythes float off the ground. "Here... I think these belong to you!" With that, he dropped his arms and 'launched' the scythes directly towards their former wielders. The blades quickly caught the Phantomon, slashing them in half one by one. "Huh. That's it?"

Before Himakko realized it, twelve Phantomon floated right behind him. He turned, an evil smile adorned his face.

"Perfect. You guys really do provide the entertainment," he remarked while turning to watch Youkai Inumon. Stay on him, buddy. We'll send these creeps back to the Digital World in no time!


As for the Beast Tamers, Phillipe led the charge on top of the government building. Phillipe, Kazu, Kenta, and Jeri glanced upward as Vilemon and Phantomon surrounded the area. Artemismon, Andromon, Marine Angemon, and Angedramon faced off against Puppetmon, Yamidramon, Atolmdramon, and Fuugamon.

"Sheesh, and just when we were going to have a nice spring break," Kazu snorted while clenching his fists. "You denied me the chance to look at hot girls and playing video games! You creeps are gonna pay!"

"Well put, Kazu..." Phillipe sighed. Typical. That's what's going to motivate him? Girls and video games?

"Don't worry. We'll have these bozos taken care of!" Andromon declared as he stood his ground.

Artemismon unsheathed her sword and readied herself for battle. "Phillipe-kun, for you... I'll punish these disgusting vermin."

Fuugamon scoffed as he heard the Amazon's remark. "Vermin? Who's she calling vermin?"

"She means us," Yamidramon plainly said.

"WHAT?! Oh, that wasn't very nice! Mean Amazon lady is going to regret insulting me!" The orange-skinned ogre digimon threw a temper tantrum. "Let me at her!"

Atolmdramon chuckled. "Relax. We and our Nightmare Soldiers will have these guys begging for mercy. Puppetmon, if you will..."

"It's playtime, you snotty teenagers! Puppet Pummel!!" Puppetmon cried out as he brought down his hammer, smashing the concrete in front of the Victory Tamers and their digimon partners.

With Puppetmon's initial attack, it marked the start of this battle. Jeri floated off the ground as she aided Marine Angemon, Angedramon, and Artemismon to take care of the aerial Nightmare Soldiers. Andromon and Kazu confronted Atolmdramon and Yamidramon. Puppetmon faced Phillipe. Kenta dealt with Fuugamon.

As Atolmdramon charged forward, Kazu caught the digimon's fist and matched his overwhelming strength. Andromon charged across and connected blade for blade with Yamidramon's sword.

"Let's see whose blade is superior, android," Yamidramon hissed as he gripped his sword and held Andromon back.

Andromon responded, initially kicking Yamidramon back with his left foot. "Your move!"

Phillipe spent most of the time zipping around Puppetmon, utilizing his super speed.

"Over here!" Phillipe cried out.

Puppetmon slammed his mallet down and missed Phillipe.

"No, over here slow poke!"

Puppetmon repeated the process. Phillipe moved away.

"Gosh, you're already starting to bore me. Quit your day job, Pinocchio! I heard Disney doesn't want you anymore."

Puppetmon gritted his teeth and jumped up, bringing down his giant mallet. "GAAAH!! SHUT UP, BIG MOUTH!! PUPPET PUMMEL!!"

Once Puppetmon slammed his mallet, he created a hole in the roof's ceiling and turned to see Phillipe tapping his back.

"You almost had me! But, nah... still too slow."

Puppetmon growled as he pointed his mallet toward Phillipe. "I gave the Digi-Destined trouble. How could..." He swung once, and missed "I not even..." He swung and missed again "hit a stupid boy?!"

"I don't know? Maybe because..." Phillipe stopped as he raced away and zipped behind Puppetmon. "I have something called SUPER SPEED?"

"Super speed this!" Puppetmon whirled around as he tried to strike Phillipe a third time, who ducked away and raced across the roof.

"Strike three. You're out!"

"Get back here!" The former Dark Master pursued the speedy Beast Tamer.

As for Kenta, he cloaked himself in his surroundings and left Fuugamon completely befuddled. The ogre looked around for Kenta.

"Hey, you were just here. Where did ya go?!" Fuugamon scratched his head.

Suddenly, Fuugamon felt something swiftly kick him in his posterior. The ogre digimon yelped while rubbing his butt.

"OW! OW! THAT'S SMARTS!" Fuugamon whined until he was swept right off his feet and brought on his back. "HEY! IS THAT YOU?!" Then, he felt something gouge his eyes. "OW!!" The ogre cried while holding his eyes. "THAT HURT!!"

"You won't be able to find me, idiot!" Kenta's voice taunted the ogre digimon. "Let's see you try and follow my voice!"

Fuugamon jumped up onto his feet and fumed out of frustration. "You're fighting dirty!"

"Takes one to know one. You guys attacked us when we were about to enjoy spring break!"

"I'm going to give you a permanent vacation when it's all said and done!" Fuugamon threatened as he tried to follow Kenta's 'voice.'

As for the aerial warriors, Jeri adeptly flew across as her psychic powers allowed her to propel without straining herself. She raised her hands and fired psychic beams at five Vilemon, which quickly immobilized them. Artemismon slashed through three Phantomon with her sword. Angedramon blasted a swarm of Vilemon and Phantomon with her 'Holy Apocalypse' blasts. Marine Angemon summoned his 'Kahuna Waves' to trap numerous Nightmare Soldiers in giant bubbles.

"I hope Suzie, Ai, and Makoto are ok," Jeri said.

Artemismon responded as she punched a Phantomon away. "As long as Antiramon and Beelzebumon are with them, they should be okay."

"How many of these freaks did the Demon Corps bring?!" Angedramon exclaimed.

"I don't know, but let's hope this doesn't take long... for our sakes," Jeri said. "Takato, Himura, and the others are dealing with the main components of the Demon Corps. I wonder if any parts of Tokyo have already been hit with other Nightmare Soldiers?"

"If not, then it's just this area, but we better not let any stragglers pass through into the city," Artemismon commanded. Wow, I'm starting to sound just like Lady Athenamon every day.

"Here come more!" Kazu called out from the rooftop.

Phillipe scoffed while zipping around Puppetmon. "This is going to take us all day! I wonder if the Duelists, the Senshi, the Detectives, and the Legendary Warriors are going to come? We sure could use their help."


Domino City District/Industrial Illusions/12:09 PM

"Mr. Pegasus, I'm about to head out to lunch with Seto," Lyn, who was dressed in a dark blue business suit, walked out towards the entrance of the building.

Pegasus nodded as he waved to Lyn. "Ok, I hope you and Kaiba-boy enjoy your lunch, Lyn dear. You've been such a great asset to my company's Egyptology department! The program wouldn't be a success without you leading it!"

"Nothing to it, Mr. Pegasus," the blue-haired young woman answered with a smile as she walked out the front door. She stopped as she saw Seto standing outside of a black limo.

He was dressed in his usual big white coat. Kaiba glanced forward as Lyn walked over and kissed him.

"How has your day been, Lyn?"

"Same as always. Giving a lecture or two to Mr. Pegasus' employees. I swear some of them don't know jack squat about ancient Egyptian history. It's like teaching a high school class."

"Well, Pegasus has hired a lot of incompetent people."

"Maybe, but he fires them if they don't their job right. I've been trying to educate these people so Mr. Pegasus doesn't fire them."

Seto scoffed. "And what's with this Mr. Pegasus? You trying to win him over and escalate into a higher position in his company?"

"Nah, but I still don't get why you don't like him. He's not that bad... maybe a little kooky and unorthodox..."

"Biggest understatement I've ever heard when it comes to that guy."

Lyn smirked as she grabbed Seto's hands and took him inside the limo. "C'mon, I enjoy my job and I'm very fortunate Mr. Pegasus offered it to me in the first place. You know I couldn't pass it up. Besides, I can't stay cooped up in the mansion all day."

"I can't believe that in the five years I've known you, you've gone from street urchin to career woman."

"Hard to believe as well, but anything about Egypt is right up my alley," Lyn replied as she opened the limo's sun roof and let out a relaxed sigh. "Ah, it's such a nice day. The only thing that sucks about working in a building is not being able to go outside and enjoy the view as much."

"I see," Seto replied. Just then, his cell phone started going off as he reached over to grab it and answered it. "Kaiba Corp CEO Seto Kaiba speaking."

From the other line, one of his workers frantically spoke up from the other line. "Sir, the Solid Vision System satellite has been hacked. The safeties have been removed by this unknown source..."

"What?! Someone hacked into our company's satellite?! Our system's has recently been upgraded! Nobody in the world should have the technology yet to breach our systems!"

Lyn was taken aback by her boyfriend's angry reproach. "Seto? Is everything ok?"

"Hold on, Lyn," he whispered as he went back to bark at his employees. "Can you try and reset the safeties?!"

"We've been trying, but whoever this hacker is, he's one step ahead of us, blocking all of our attempts. We can't even shut the system down! And that's not worst of it... we've been getting unconfirmed reports..."

"Reports of what?" Seto began expressing concern.

"Sir, we've been receiving reports of duelists being rushed to hospitals after their duel monsters' attacks became real!"

"What?! Is this some kind of joke?"

"So far, there have been reports of 20 duelists being rushed to hospitals as we speak. The PR department is in a frenzy! The media are going to have our butts about this!"

Seto felt as if tons of weight were being dropped across his shoulders. Not only did he have a 'hacker' to deal with, but now he has to put up with the fact that random duelists have been hospitalized. "I'm on my way over to Kaiba Corp with Lyn. You and everyone in the department try to keep the news media leeches away from Kaiba Corp. We can't have any citywide panics... tell PR that no comments are to be made to the media! I'll be the one to warn the city about this dilemma!"

Suddenly, before Seto realized it, a reporter was knocking on his side window.

"Um, Seto...? They've found us."

"I know, Lyn," Seto answered as he finished his conversation with his employee on the line. "You know what to do. I'll be at Kaiba Corp soon." As he cut off his line, he opened the limo door. He stood and faced the reporter and his cameraman. "Look. If you want answers, then you'll have to wait. I'm about to head off to Kaiba Corp, but I'm warning you to not follow me."

"But, we've confirmed that at least 20 duelists have been hospitalized and there could be more. Mr. Kaiba, we have to know how these monsters came to life. Is this some kind of publicity stunt?!"

The CEO whirled around and stepped back inside his limo. "No comment."

"Mr. Kaiba, but the public needs to know! We also have confirmed reports of monster sightings in Shinjuku... two and a half years without attacks and now we're experiencing another!"

"HEY! BACK OFF!" Lyn shouted as she stepped out of the limo and approached the reporter. "If Mr. Kaiba doesn't want to address anything now, then he doesn't have to. We're going to handle this situation!"

"Ms. Stromberg of the I2 Egyptology department. Perhaps, you could shed some light..."

In response to the reporter, Lyn flipped him off. "Fuck off, vulture." With that, the two stepped back inside the limo and closed the door. "Ugh, I know I didn't come off as professional, but that old street urchin in me just wanted to come out. He better be glad I didn't kick his ass."

"Never lose that side of you, Lyn, especially if you're dealing with them," Seto smirked as he walked outside again and approached the cameraman. "Actually I do wish to say something to the public..."

"Then, please, go ahead..."

Immediately cutting off the reporter, Seto pointed to the cameraman and grabbed the reporter's microphone. "Domino City. This is Seto Kaiba speaking and I wish to address this unfortunate situation regarding the hospitalized duelists. We cannot confirm it at this time, but I've been told that an unknown source has breached our company's Solid Vision System satellite and removed the safeties from the holographic systems! This may explain how the monsters may have seemed to come to life. I can't give any answers about this phenomenon, but my thoughts and prayers go out to those duelists who unfortunately been taken to medical facilities. But, I can issue this statement: any and all duelists should refrain from dueling for the time being until we can regain power over the Solid Vision System and restore the safeties."

As she listened to Seto issuing his statement, Lyn sighed and prayed. "Max. Sam. Mokuba. I hope you three haven't been caught in the middle of this." She had just remembered that her brothers were returning to Domino City for spring break after their second year in Duel Academy. "The same goes to you... Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, Mai, Serenity, and Duke. Hell, even you Tyra." Just what the hell is going on here? Monster attacks in Shinjuku? That's where the Tamers live!


Domino City/Local Shopping Area/12:11 PM

Numerous duelists were on the run as summoned Duel Monsters began to systematically destroy the arcade windows. Standing outside of the arcade was a group of hooded people wearing red cloaks.

A few random duelists found themselves forced and locked in duels with these red-hooded figures. To make matters interesting (and worse), a pair of 'cuffs' were attached to each duelist's wrists by a long extension cable. Once each hooded duelist won their duel, their opponents watched as their Duel Disk was destroyed.

"Heh, what fun! This technology is superb!" One of the hooded figures gloated. "It wasn't that long ago that we were just Slifer Red scrubs, but now... our decks and these neat technological devices have put us up high in the duelist rankings!"

Another one of the figures chuckled as he watched his opponent, a little boy, collapsed while his Duel Disk shut down. "We're finally getting the respect we deserve. Without him, this wouldn't even be possible."

"He did us a great favor, but beating a bunch of losers is gonna get boring. What do you say we go hunt down some of the more well-known duelists?"


With that, the red-hooded duelists quickly spread out and began to search through Domino City. Their other colleagues stayed behind to pick off the other local duelists.


Domino City/Royal Flush Arcade/12:13 PM

As two of the hooded duelists reached outside of the arcade, they quickly took out a few random duelists. One by one, each losing duelist watched their Duel Disks explode. They turned around as they spotted two more duelists, a boy and his little sister.

"Little kids shouldn't be playing a grown-up's game, but still... this should be a good warm-up before we face the big-time duelists."

"Yes, a warm-up. This will prove to be amusing. You two will duel us! No questions!" The second hooded figure responded as he pulled out a cuff and attached it to himself. Then, pressed a switch that allowed the other cuff to launch forward and try to cuff the boy's Duel Disk.

Before the cuff could attach, two duelists jumped right in and knocked away the hooded duelists' cuffs. The hooded pair were befuddled as they saw who the two interfering duelists were.

It was Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler.

"Well, what luck! We've finally caught the big ones!" The hooded pair exclaimed in unison.

"You two better get out of here! Run!" Joey said to the two kids.

As the children headed out of the arcade, Joey and Yugi focused their sights on the hooded duelists.

"We saw your dueling methods, and we can't stand back any longer," Yugi stated. "Those cuffs or whatever you're using are destroying each duelists' Duel Disk! How dare you dishonor a duelist and their pride!"

"Since when did Duel Disks become the pride of a duelist? Please, save us lecture, King of Games!"

The second hooded duelists rebuked. "We're growing bored with these losers you call Duelists, but we're glad you two came."

"Don't forget me, boys!" A woman's voice called out.

The four Duelists all turned around to see Mai Valentine jumping off from a stairwell. She landed down beside Yugi and Joey.

"Ah, how lucky we are! Now, we have three of Domino City's best in one room!" The first hooded figure laughed with glee.

"But, there's three of us and two of you. The odds are in our favor!" Yugi declared.

"Not for long," the second hooded duelist said while snapping his fingers.

Suddenly, a window shattered as a third hooded figure jumped through. He raced towards his colleagues and joined them.

"What do you say we spread out and duel on wider territory? I doubt either of us wants to remain dueling in this confined space," the third hooded duelist offered as he nodded to his two partners. "I've got you, Yugi Muto!" With that, he pressed a switch and let a cuff fly out and attached itself to Yugi's Duel Disk. "Score!"

Yugi gritted his teeth as he struggled to yank the cable off his Duel Disk. "Damn! You two head out and lure those other two away!"

"Right!" Joey and Mai exclaimed.

With that, Joey and Mai headed out of the arcade as the other two hooded duelists headed out to pursue them outside. This left Yugi Muto and the third hooded duelists to settle their duel in the arcade.

"Just you and me, King of Games," the individual unveiled his hood. He was revealed as black-haired youth, who looked about 17 years old, wearing a Slifer Red uniform underneath his cloak.

"You must be from that Duel Academy judging by that uniform."

"Yes, and it wasn't long ago that we were just scrubs. Now, we're finally going to stomp a mudhole in every duelist in Domino City," the youth declared as he pulled out his deck.

"But, you're randomly attacking innocent duelists! Where's the honor in that?!" Yugi snapped, anger fueling within the King of Games. "They did nothing wrong!"

"We're no longer going to be at the bottom of the barrel anymore! If we can manage to defeat you and your friends, our pride as duelists will be satisfied! This is my chance to become the next King of Games!"

"To become King of Games, you must duel your hardest and honorably grant a duelist a match. You must have heart and..."

"Save me your drivel and duel me, Yugi Muto!"

Yugi snarled and pulled out his deck. "But, what's the meaning of these cuffs? I've never seen a device this advanced. Not even Kaiba Corp has such instruments."

"All you need to know is that it detonates the losing duelists' Duel Disk. So, once I beat you, I'll not only destroy your dueling pride, but your Duel Disk as well. You say your Duel Disks are your pride and joy? Well, I'm about to take that away from you!"

"That won't happen. It seems they didn't teach you well enough at Duel Academy, but allow me to teach you a thing or two about respect!"

"Yugi Muto. Prepare to feel the wrath of the Paradais Knights!"

"Paradais?!" Yugi was befuddled by the name.


"DUEL!!" The two called out and prepared to undergo their initial duel match.


Domino City/Monorail Station/12:15 PM

Just as their monorail ride stopped, a group of Duel Academy students that arrived for their spring break ended up getting caught up in the mess. They were pursued by these same red-hooded duelists.

Even Duel Academy's best were involved in the mix as they protected their fellow academy students from being caught by the cuffs.

One of these brave souls was a teenage brown-eyed boy with dual-toned brown hair. He wasn't completely out of his Slifer Red uniform, which was unbuttoned as it revealed a solid black undershirt.

He stepped forward and intercepted another Duel Academy student from being 'cuffed.'

The one he saved was a fellow Slifer Red student. This teen was much shorter like Yugi was during his high school years. He wore a light blue, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of khaki pants, in addition to large tennis shoes. His light blue hair was section into three layers. His gray eyes were positioned behind a pair of round glasses.

He spun away after being pushed aside.

"Jay!" The blue-haired youth shouted as he fell back and watched his friend 'cuffed' by the hooded duelist.

"You okay, Sy?!"

"I'm fine, but you ended getting caught!"

"I'll be fine, but why the heck are you guys attacking us?!" The brown-haired youth demanded an answer from the hooded individual.

The enemy chuckled as he pulled out his deck. "To finally make a name for ourselves and take you out."

"Yeah, we can't stand standing idly by and let you punks take the glory! We were part of the Slifer Red before you came along, Jaden Yuki!" Another hooded duelist spoke out as he jumped down from a light post.

"Then, why don't you try and knock us off our duel rankings, you Slifer losers?!" An arrogant voice, which Jaden and the blue-haired youth instantly recognized.

"Is that...?!" Syrus exclaimed as he and the others turned to see a black-haired teen wearing a tattered black jacket with gray trimmings and sharp edges. "Chazz!"

Jaden smiled as he waved out to his 'rival.' "Hey, Chazz! You came!"

Chazz Princeton scoffed as he observed the ongoing situation. He smugly glared at the second hooded duelist. "The Chazz was about to enjoy some good ol' 'R & R,' but no... you had to go ruin it. Say, loser, are these guys your friends?"

"Nope, and I wouldn't want to be friends of creeps who pick on Sy!" Jaden snarled as he locked eyes with his opponent.

"Good. Now, leave the other one with me," Chazz called dibs on the other hooded duelist.

Suddenly, two more red-hooded duelists jumped down from out of nowhere and prepared to throw their 'cuffs' towards Syrus. Then, from out of nowhere, a loud roar rang out and alarmed them.



A rapid, powerful force stampeded through and ran over the two hooded duelists. The others watched as they recognized the individual behind this unorthodox entrance. The loud-mouthed individual who made the ruckus was a dark-skinned teen wearing long, black dreadlocks. He was built as a strong, muscular type like a soldier. In fact, he wore military-styled attire, which consisted of a green shirt, beige combat pants, white wristbands witch matching bands above his feet, a bandana with a dinosaur's face emblazoned on it, bone earrings, and had a necklace of dinosaur bones around his neck.

"Tyranno Hassleberry, reporting for duty!" He called out, his voice tone had a Southern accent to it. "What in the Sam Hill is going on around here?!"

"Doofus, don't you see? You ran over them!" Chazz groaned as he facepalmed for a moment.

Upon realizing that he ran over the two hooded duelists, Tyranno stepped off them and chuckled. "Whoops, uh... sorry about that!"

"You don't have to apologize to them! Thanks for the save, Hassleberry!" Syrus called out.

"Whoever they are, they're targeting anyone with a Duel Disk and using some weird devices to make the losing duelists' Disks detonate," a girl's voice chimed in from across the train station.

The group, including the impatient hooded duelists, turned as they saw a tall, dark-blonde teenage girl approaching them. Her hair was sporadically arranged, with a large portion trailing the upper part of the nape of her neck. Her chest was well-endowed for a girl her age. She wore an accessory consisting of a short-sleeved white halter top, a blue-jean skirt, and brown shoes.

"Alexis! They're targeting random duelists?!" Jaden asked.

"That's terrible!" Syrus shouted.

"Yep, and these guys definitely are going to come for us," Alexis answered bluntly as she crossly glared at the two hooded duelists.

"Heh, there's more of us scurrying across Domino City than you realize. We'll defeat each and every individual with a Duel Disk. You bunch are on our top most wanted list along with Domino City's own legendary Duelists!" The hooded figure who was attached to Jaden declared.

"Domino City's best...?" Hassleberry was befuddled.

Syrus answered. "He means the legendary Duelists. Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, and Seto Kaiba... you know. Them!"

"Wow, we might even run into them if these guys are trying to find them!" Jaden exclaimed as he turned his sights on his opponent.

"There's also the matter of finding Aster Phoenix, my brother Atticus, Syrus' brother Zane, Blair, and others that we've attended classes with!" Alexis promptly stated. "We have to spread out and find them, guys!"

"But, you'll be dealing with my colleagues along the way. You better hope you don't get caught up in a duel... then again, it'll be a pleasure to take out Duel Academy's best!" The other hooded duelist who Chazz intercepted threw ran across and headed out of the train station. "Just know that you'll make it out with your Duel Disks intact!"

"Follow him and we'll spread out to find the others!" Syrus exclaimed. "Jaden, you'll..."

"I'll stay and take care of this creep," Jaden firmly stated. "You guys go on!"

"Right! We'll leave it to you, soldier! All right men! Head out and march!" Hassleberry roared out like a general and sprinted ahead with Syrus.

"Bah, you two leading the way? We're never going to catch up with that guy!" Chazz griped yet still followed as he raced off behind them. "Wait up!"

As Alexis turned, she watched Jaden preparing his duel with the hooded figure. "Good luck, Jaden." With that, she whirled around and followed the others.

Once Jaden placed his deck in his Duel Disk, the hooded character unveiled himself. He was a blonde-haired 16-year-old youth wearing a Slifer red uniform underneath the red cloak.

"If you actually wanted to duel, you could've asked me back in Duel Academy. This is not the way to issue a challenge."

"Please! With you and your friends there, we had no chance of ever catching up with you. So, we resorted to this in order to garner your attention."

"What are these devices?" Jaden pointed to the cuff attached to his Duel Disk.

"Cuffs that attach to our Duel Disks. They're very nifty to use. The loser's Disk shuts down and detonates as long as these cuffs remain in place," the Slifer Red student chuckled as he placed his deck in his Duel Disk. "I'll be the next King of Games after I'm done wiping the floor with you!"

"Try and beat me, but let's also make this fun while we're at it," Jaden smirked.

The Slifer Red Duelist snorted in irritation. "This is all fun and games to you? How insulting. You don't know the pride of being a duelist. Prepare yourself for you're about to be made an example of… by us, the Paradais Knights."

"Paradais Knights? Cute name, but you're not going to scare me away."

"You will fear us."

"Look let's have ourselves a nice competitive duel! No more attacking innocent duelists, got it?! Now, c'mon, nothing is going to stop me from meeting Yugi Muto! Get your game on!"


Tokyo Bridge/12:18 PM

Elsewhere and away from the Domino City district, there was a large-scale attack from both sides of Tokyo Bridge. With the Demon Corps assaulting the Tamers and their digimon in Shinjuku and the Duelists facing crafty Slifer Red students (in addition to an anonymous hacker that attacked Kaiba Corp), the Legendary Warriors were involved in a fight against the Neo-Dark Masters.

On one side: Kaiser Greymon, Jet Silphymon, Rhino Kabuterimon, Petaldramon, and Sakkakumon faced off against Piedmon, Machinedramon, and an army of their Nightmare Soldiers (sub-contracted with the Demon Corps). The army consisted of Vilemon, BlueMeramon, Bakemon, and Phantomon. In addition, Machinedramon brought his own machine army to bolster their numbers. These machine digimon primarily consisted of Tankmon, Mekanorimon, Tankdramon, Megadramon, and Gigadramon.

On the opposite side: Magna Garurumon, Reichmon, Daipenmon, Calmaramon, and Gigasmon confronted the two new Dark Masters replacing Puppetmon (who was demoted and later defected to the Demon Corps) and Metal Seadramon (a traitor who later became Kotori's partner).

King Etemon. The so-called 'King of Swing' was given a third chance after being released from his prison by Pharaohmon. But, he was left out of all the fun of the Shadow Tournament and left to recollect his strength. Since then, he began his own spree of terror by singing songs with his horrible voice. Then, he would take his time by absorbing data from each digimon victim he subdued with his music. Over time, that accumulated data would strengthen his body and gave him enough power to digivolve into the true 'Digi-King of Rock 'N Roll' (as he self-proclaims): King Etemon. He was Puppetmon's replacement (ironically enough the same former Dark Master that Etemon briefly feuded with when he was Metal Etemon). This was the ultimate insult for the childish Puppetmon.

King Etemon's body was nearly entirely golden. He sported a breastplate and shoulder pads of gold chrome digizoid armor. His blue boots - with fuzzy white trim around them - reached up to his muscular thighs. He wore a red cape - which also had fuzzy white trim around it - came down to his calves. He wore blue gloves, the same color as his boots. He wore a white visor, which a pair of orange lens now replaced his shades. A giant red crown sat atop of King Etemon's head, which was trimmed with gold and topped with a red ruby. A belt of platinum mixed with Chrome digizoid was strapped around his waist. At the center of the belt, there was an emblem of a Monzaemon's face embedded on it. Two Japanese characters were etched on his large breastplate.

Etemon TRULY felt like he was revived as the 'Digi-King of Rock 'N Roll' and being apart of the Neo-Dark Masters was enough to boost his over-inflated ego.

Replacing Metal Seadramon was a far sinister creature. It was Devitamamon, a demonic evolution of Digitamamon. This one, like King Etemon, was recruited to make up for the now 'soft-hearted' Metal Seadramon. Devitamamon vowed that he would not let a 'soft and petty' attachment (like developing a bond with a human) dissuade him from his mission. Of the four Neo-Dark Masters, Devitamamon was considered the 'wild card' as his body contained an unimaginable amount of evil energy on the level of a nuclear warhead.

Devitamamon was truly a giant. He was as large as Machinedramon. His gigantic frame was enough to tower over his minions. His central body was a massive, hatched brown egg. Jutting out the sides were large, muscular arms that were slightly bent. Long blades protruded out of his forearms. His legs were stocky and heavily built to carry his large body. Three long claws made up his feet. A long, stiff tail jutted out of the back of his shell. His head was a large, crocodilian face lined with large, bony blades that made up his teeth. There were at least 10 eyes on both sides of his face, which granted him the ability to observe his entire surroundings without even tilting his head. Large, perfect bat-like wings extended out of his back where they poked holes out of the shell. A thick, dark purple aura surrounded the behemoth as he roared like a demonic screech that rocked nearly the entire bridge.

King Etemon's minions consisted of the same Nightmare Soldiers in addition to WaruMonzaemon. Devitamamon brought his own little army, which consisted of Infermon.

"Behold, Legendary Warriors! You meet your end at the hands of us... THE NEO-DARK MASTERS!!" Piedmon roared out boldly.

Kaiser Greymon stood poised as he readied his massive sword. "Yeah? You might've caught us off guard, but we're not going to settle with you ruining our little vacation!"

"Still, we should be very careful. These two new Dark Masters... I can't believe they managed to find replacements," Magna Garurumon said.

"Yeah, these two are definitely going to be tough customers!" Rhino Kabuterimon exclaimed. "That Devitamamon's a scary guy."

"But, King Etemon looks so full himself," Jet Silphymon remarked.

"We'll manage, everyone," Sakkakumon replied.

Machinedramon growled. "Not taking us seriously? Well, don't worry. We'll end this as quickly and painfully as we can!"

Devitamamon snarled as he crushed a car under his right foot. "We will end this! At last, Legendary Warriors. I'll make things right and send you to the depths of the Underworld!"

King Etemon chuckled while cupping his hands together. He carefully eyed the Legendary Warriors. "So, these are the brats I've heard can turn into digimon? You're not so tough! Heh, heh, heh, you'll soon realize that I've become a TRUE king! You little brats are gonna bow before me... the King of Digi-Kings! Uh huh huh, uh huh!"

Calmaramon sweatdropped. "Worst Elvis impersonator... ever."

"Enough talk! King Etemon. Devitamamon. It's time to prove your worth as Puppetmon and Metal Seadramon's replacements! Take those five while Machinedramon and I take the other five! Armies set. The stage is set... LET THE FIRST AND FINAL ACT BEGIN!!" Piedmon howled as he and Machinedramon led their armies against Kaiser Greymon's group.

"IT'S SHOW TIME, BABY!" King Etemon yelled as he and Devitamamon led their armies against Magna Garurumon's group.

Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon called out in unison. "GET 'EM GUYS!!"

With that, the Ten Legendary Warriors immediately launched their attack on the Neo-Dark Masters. Kaiser Greymon lunged toward Piedmon, who jumped right out of the Z-Hybrid's reach. Piedmon retaliated by flinging swords directly at Kaiser Greymon.

"Trump Swords!!"

"Dragonfire Crossbow!!" Kaiser Greymon countered as he put his sword out and fired a blast of fire to cancel out Piedmon's swords.

Piedmon cupped his hands together and threw a beam of magic at Kaiser Greymon. "Clown Trick!!"

As Piedmon's attack came towards him, Kaiser Greymon lifted his sword up and blocked Piedmon's magical beam.

Meanwhile, Rhino Kabuterimon and Jet Silphymon launched attacks against Machinedramon. The Warrior of Thunder fired an electrical burst toward Machinedramon's face.

"Thunder Laser!!" Rhino Kabuterimon howled, shooting a stream of lightning through his horn.

Machinedramon roared out irritably as the thunder bolt stunned him. This allowed Jet Silphymon to implement her own attack. Swinging her windmill overhead, Jet Silphymon summoned a powerful whirlwind assault that knocked Machinedramon back.

"Ultra Turbulence!!" The Warrior of Wind cried out while spinning around with her windmill.

The mechanical demon growled angrily as he pressed his claws into the ground. He raised his head and opened his mouth, releasing exhausting black fire that scorched the area around him.

"Dragon Fire!!" Machinedramon roared as he spewed out black fire, which repelled the two Legendary Warriors back.

Rhino Kabuterimon coughed while strolling away from the black flames. "Izumi, get away from the fire!"

"I know! Ugh, this smell is so nauseating!" Jet Silphymon coughed as she glided away from Machinedramon.

Just then, Mekanorimon and Tankdramon guarded their master while launching their attacks on the two Legendary Warriors. Rhino Kabuterimon countered by shooting out more lightning through his horn and cancelled out their barrage of missiles. Jet Silphymon swooped in above the machine army and raised her windmill around to send out a strong wind that blew the machine digimon away.

Petaldramon stampeded toward Tankdramon and swung his massive tail, knocking the machine off the bridge. As Vilemon tried to ambush Sakkakumon, the Warrior of Metal spewed a gust of wind (which he coped after watching Jet Silphymon) and sent the Vilemon falling off the bridge.

"Hey, let's knock 'em all off the bridge! What do you say, Sakkakumon?"

The Warrior of Metal replied. "Makes our job much easier!" He turned as he turned into a giant ball of metal, surrounded by mouths. He spun around, spewing fire, lightning, wood, and wind at the Bakemon and Phantomon. "Slide Evolution... Mercuremon!!" The Warrior of Metal turned back into his H-Hybrid form and jumped right on the ground. He picked up a steel pole laying next him and jumped right on Petaldramon's back. "Press onward, my friend!"

"YOU GOT IT!!" Petaldramon roared as he charged through the army of Tankmon, Vilemon, Bakemon, and Tankdramon that awaited him.

Swinging the pole around, Mercuremon brought it down and began smashing it across the digimon that tried to jump aboard. Petaldramon hopped across and body slammed himself right on top of a collective group of Mekanorimon.

"How do you like that?! Huh?!" Petaldramon exclaimed as he pulled himself off the piles of scrap metal that used to be Mekanorimon.

"Darkside Attack!!" A pair of voices roared out from above.

The Warriors of Wood and Metal evaded the forthcoming missiles raining from the skies. The missiles blasted into the bridge and blew apart several concrete sections. Machinedramon looked up as he chortled with approval.

"Yes, keep it coming, Megadramon. But, I advise you to watch your aim while I'm around!" Machinedramon shouted.

"Yes, my lord!" Megadramon responded as he and Gigadramon encircled the skies as they targeted their sights on the Legendary Warriors. "After you, Gigadramon."

"No, no, after you, Megadramon."


On the opposite end of the bridge, King Etemon jumped up into mid air and cupped his hands together. He formed a massive energy ball in his hands and fired it at Reichmon and Daipenmon. The duo evaded the forthcoming ball and let it hit the ground, exploding on impact. King Etemon landed on the ground and flexed out his arms, striking a pose for his minions.

"How do ya like me now? Uh huh huh!"

"This guy's a nutcase!" Daipenmon spat out.

"That's an understatement! I think he would qualify as Japan's Worst Idol singer," Reichmon remarked.

"You two have no respect for rock 'n roll do y'all?! Huh, well, let the king give y'all a show to remember!" The golden-armored king pulled out a microphone until a missile flew down behind him and exploded. This managed to cause an explosion, which knocked King Etemon off his feet. "Ow!" He groaned whilst falling face first on the concrete ground. "Who dares to interrupt my concert?!"

"Your show's cancelled, king," Magna Garurumon scoffed as he propelled toward Devitamamon. He activated his cannon and let loose a wave of gunfire blasts at the monstrous behemoth. "Machinegun Destroy!!"

Devitamamon raised his right hand to counter Magna Garurumon's blasts. The blasts did manage to singe his hand a bit as he waved off it around. "You pest! Get down here!"

"Magna Missiles!!"

The Warrior of Light unleashed consecutive missiles, which bombarded Devitamamon from above. The demonic creature raised his ground and crouched over, letting the missiles hit his outer eggshell.

"Nice try, but my eggshell can withstand your attacks!"

"Let's test out your shell's durability then!" Magna Garurumon exclaimed while propelling upward and flew out of Devitamamon's reach.

Calmaramon raised her giant tentacles and used them to grab the Infermon that surrounded him. She propelled upward and rotated like a drill while falling down on a WaruMonzaemon. "Titanic Tempest!!"

The Warrior of Water planted herself on top of WaruMonzaemon, drilling herself down on the toy bear monster. Gigasmon came in to assist his girlfriend and rotated his body.

"Quagmire Twister!!" He bellowed as he spun around and delivered consecutive punches to another WaruMonzaemon. He stopped rotating and glanced over to see Calmaramon floating over her defeated foe.

"Piece of cake, but let's go and get the rest of them!"

Gigasmon nodded. "Yeah."


As he noted the progress of the skirmish, Piedmon realized how much stronger the Legendary Warriors had become since the Shadow Tournament. He didn't want to believe it at first, but the proof was happening right before his eyes. Even the new Dark Masters were showing signs of struggle against the combined efforts made by the Ten Legendary Warriors.

I didn't take for granted that they'd improve this much. Of course, we haven't even been seen much battle since the fall of Pharaohmon. Piedmon scowled while he and Kaiser Greymon slashed swords with each other. Even the Digi-Destined and their digimon pets didn't prove to be this troublesome. "Still, very exquisite... the fact you're giving us Dark Masters this much difficulty. Even with our armies, it's still not enough to beat you."

"Hasn't it ever occur to you that we've been fighting enemies like space aliens and strong demon lords during these last few years?"

"Actually, yes, but this is still quite the plot twist," Piedmon chuckled as he jumped back and evaded Kaiser Greymon's sword slash.

Kaiser Greymon scoffed in response. "Whatever. You just don't want to admit that you guys are old news. Even your two new friends aren't going to cut it."

"We'll see about that. We're still not out of tricks and the second act has yet to come," the Dark Master leader proclaimed as he readied his swords.

"C'mon, clown! Time to rewrite your stupid script!" The Warrior of Flame charged forward and prepared another attack.


Azabu-Juuban District/Juuban Park/12:21 PM

This was the local district where most of the Sailor Senshi have grown up and still reside. Even this vicinity was under threat by an invading enemy. However, it was an enemy the Senshi didn't expect they'd face again.

The Rajita have come out of their long dormancy and implemented an attack on the Senshi.


The eight Planetary Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen transformed to take the fight to a group of nine Rajita soldiers. However, these Rajita's appearances were slightly different from the run-of-the-mill aliens they fought several years ago. Judging by their appearances, their bodies were enhanced. Some had cybernetic implants implemented on their bodies. Others shared characteristics similar to various reptilian digimon and they referred themselves as Caimans.

These Rajita soldiers were the first of a new breed of hybrids that the new leader and Nagah have made.

"Ugh, just what we didn't need," Sailor Venus scoffed as she carefully eyed the Rajita hybrid soldiers.

Sailor Mercury noted how different the aliens were. "Everyone, did any of you recall the Rajita with these new appearances?"

"Now that you mention it, yeah," Mars nodded as she observed the Rajita soldiers. "These guys are even claiming they're from a reborn Rajita Empire. They call themselves the Neo-Rajita Empire."

"I thought the Imperium Empire removed every last single one of them from our world!" Sailor Jupiter exclaimed.

Sailor Uranus frowned as she gripped her Space Sword. "Apparently we were wrong. The remnants must have carefully concealed themselves."

"Add the fact that they've had plenty of time to recover," Sailor Neptune promptly stated.

Tuxedo Kamen immediately raised a more crucial inquiry to the Outers. "Why haven't we heard anything from Sailor Pluto?"

"We've tried, but she hasn't responded. I have this terrible feeling that something may have happened to her," Saturn replied while not taking her sights off the Neo-Rajita soldiers.

"Here they come!" Sailor Moon called out as the Neo-Rajita soldiers moved in and encircled them. "Pluto. Where are you?"

"I hope Yusuke, Rio-kun, and the others will be ok. Maybe they should've stayed with us..." Venus said.

"Relax, Venus. We can surely take these freaks down. Yusuke and the others had a good reason to leave if they felt strong Youki from the other side of town," Jupiter reassured her colleague.

Mars bit her lip and speculated in thought. Neo-Rajita Empire. If Pluto were here, she would've warned us. She can't be training the Kuiper Senshi since they're now experienced enough to deal with enemies on their own. Now, I'm sensing intense Youki from one side of town... then there are reports of digimon attacking Shinjuku and Tokyo Bridge. Domino City's also in a pinch. What in the world is going on here?! Hell's all broken loose... much less on spring break! I'm glad Cammy-chan took the kids away from here.

Suddenly, one of the Neo-Rajita soldiers stepped forward. It was a ten-foot tall behemoth that looked like a cross between a gorilla and a crocodile. Its entire body was covered in dark brown fur with yellow trimmings around its shoulders and face. The creature's face and snout protruded out like a crocodilian's, its mouth lined with sharp teeth. Its lower body was entirely covered in metal. Its hairless long arms stretched out the sides of its body. The creature shifted its yellow eyes down at the Senshi, its mouth gaped open hungrily as if it wanted to feed. This was obviously the leader of the fleet.

"Sailor Senshi. Pleased to meet you. I am Vespan, leader of the Imperfect Rajita hybrids," the behemoth introduced himself as he clenched his hands tightly. "I hope you don't mind if we intrude on your daily activities."

"Imperfects?" Sailor Moon murmured. "Whatever you are, we're not going to let you harm these people."

"We didn't come for these weak humans. No, no, we came only for you, Senshi. You'll provide us what we desire," Vespan chuckled as he glanced over his back and looked at his eight minions. "Isn't that correct, men?"

The other eight soldiers consisted of four miniature versions of the leader and four cyborgs. The cyborgs were essentially white-skinned, obese human-like beings garbed in black and red uniforms that fit their round frames. Atop of their heads were tiny clown-like hats. Their eyes all had that same cold and emotionless blue eyes that pierced a menacing stare at the Senshi.

"Now, where have I seen those guys before..." Venus noticed the fat cyborgs.

"VENUS! WATCH OUT!" Moon called out.

As Sailor Venus twirled around, one of the Caiman soldiers dashed in front of her and attempted to cut her in half with a laser sword. The blonde-haired Senshi evaded the alien's attack and jumped up. She countered by summoning a barrage of hearts, which shaped and formed a long sword.

"Venus Wink Chain Sword!!" Venus cried out as she threw her light sword at the Neo-Rajita Caiman.

The enemy quickly evaded Venus' sword and vanished, only to reappear above Venus. Sailor Venus whirled around and was backhanded to the ground.

Sailor Jupiter jumped right at her opponent, one of the four cyborgs. Utilizing her fists, she pummeled and buried electric-powered fists into the cyborg's gut. The cyborg doubled over while Jupiter shot a charged bolt into the Rajita soldier's face. As the bolt exploded, the cyborg covered up his face and let Jupiter continuously punch him. Then, as if gaining a second wind, the cyborg recovered and snatched Jupiter by her right arm.

"Hey, let go-" Jupiter stopped as she felt a bit of her energy leaving her. "What are you doing?"

The fat cyborg smiled as it spoke in a devilish, doll-like voice. "Taking a bit of your energy. Oh yes. You and your friends provide us with the essential energy to empower us imperfects."

"What?!" Jupiter exclaimed. "You guys! These things will drain-"

The Rajita cyborg headbutted Jupiter, immediately cutting off Jupiter's chance to warn the others.

Sailor Mercury barely dodged the Caiman soldier she was facing. The alien vanished and reappeared behind her. He quickly grabbed Mercury and seized her by folding his arms under her arms, applying a full nelson hold. Suddenly, a pair of small tendrils emerged out of the alien's face and attached themselves to Mercury's face.

"Let go!" Mercury shouted.

"Not until I feed... need energy... must have it... in order to evolve into like my brethren..."

It didn't take long for the other Senshi to notice. The Neo-Rajita soldiers were all attempting to siphon their Sailor energy to make themselves stronger. Sailor Moon and Mars nodded to each other while distancing themselves from their opponents, the leader and a cyborg.

Tuxedo Kamen jumped out of a Caiman's reach.

"Corporal Vespan! Will their Sailor energy be enough to give us full strength like our perfect brethren?!" One of the Caimans spoke up.

The leader, Vespan, chuckled while raising his hands over his head. "Of course! This is what Lord Gamera desires of us. He wants all of us to become strong and serve him efficiently. Otherwise, we'll never be any use to him!"

"Gamera...? That must be the name of the new Rajita leader!" Moon whispered to Tuxedo Kamen.

"Looks like we'll have to become Valkyrie Senshi if we want to take these freaks out quick," the Miko Senshi suggested.

Moon nodded in agreement. "Right."

As Sailor Uranus tried to slash a cyborg with her Space Sword, the cybernetic soldier caught the tip of her sword. He quickly delivered a shift kick in Uranus' abdomen and knocked her back.

"Damn, these guys just aren't regular Rajita soldiers," Uranus said, realizing how dangerous a single cyborg proved to be. "Neptune! Let's go with our Valkyrie power!"

"I was just... going to suggest that!" Sailor Neptune sprang away from a Caiman.

Sailor Saturn danced around a cyborg and swung her Silence Glaive, attempting a horizontal slash. The cyborg jumped out of Saturn's reach and fired red beams through his eyes. Saturn whirled her Silence Glaive to counter the beams from striking her. The Senshi of Destruction moved toward Uranus and Neptune.

As Sailor Venus stood up, the enemy she faced raced towards her. Venus pointed her finger at the Caiman's direction and blinded him with a shining ray of light. The Senshi of Love backflipped away from the enemy and rejoined the Inner Senshi.

"Shine Snow Illusion!!" Mercury cried out as summoned a freezing wind that repelled the reptilian soldier away. The Rajita released his tendrils off the girl's face and avoided the freezing air.

Sailor Jupiter seized the cyborg by its right arm and swung it around. As she rotated around (at least ten times), she swung and tossed the cyborg into a nearby tree. The cyborg smashed through the tree and landed on its feet with little damage. She panted (needless to say due to having a little energy drained) while racing back to the other Senshi.

"Is everyone here? Good," Moon said as she watched Vespan teleport in front of the Inner Senshi.

"CRAP! HE'S ON TO US!" Venus exclaimed.

Mars called out. "Transform into Valkyries now!"

Vespan cackled like a maniac as he raised his gigantic right hand. "TIME TO FEED!!"

Suddenly, Vespan felt an overwhelming force emanating from all eight Sailor Senshi. The Imperfect leader covered his eyes as multiple beams of various colors surrounded the Senshi, providing a giant barrier that shielded them from the enemies. Vespan' eyes were fixated on the array of intense energy that flowed through the barrier.

"Yes, yes... I can sense their power growing. This is ample amount of the energy we need..."


As the barrier came down, the eight Sailor Senshi transformed into their strongest forms.

The Valkyrie Senshi emerged and quickly spread out to launch their counterattack.

Before Vespan realized it, Valkyrie Sailor Moon appeared under him and rammed her scepter into his massive stomach. The gigantic Rajita doubled over with extreme pain and slowly stepped back. Sailor Moon flew up at Vespan and fired a magical beam from her scepter, which blindsided the monster.

"Is that all you've got?!" Sailor Moon cried out, a look of serious determination on her face.

Vespan shook his head while picking himself off the ground. "Not yet... not until I feed... your current energy level is extraordinarily high... that's enough to make me evolve into the level I desire."

"What? You're talking nonsense!" Moon was perplexed by Vespan' remarks. I'm not going to let this thing even come near our child. Not MY Chibi-Usa-chan!

Suddenly, Vespan shook his head and unsheathed an instrument from his back. He tilted the item and turned on a switch, which activated and produced a long energy blade. He lunged forward and attempted to stab Sailor Moon with it. The Valkyrie quickly evaded the attack and swerved around him. She fired another scepter blast and knocked Vespan down to his knees. Just then, a section of the Rajita's back twitched. Then, a series of long tendrils sprang out and caught Sailor Moon by surprise. The tendrils pulled Moon and began to sap away her Valkyrie energy.

"NO!! LET GO!!" Moon shouted.

Tuxedo Kamen charged toward Vespan and transformed into his Prince Endymion form. As he unsheathed his sword, he jumped forward and threw the sword toward Vespan. The blade impaled the creature's chest, which caused him to screech out in pain. But, it wasn't enough to force him to relinquish Sailor Moon. The Caiman that Endymion fought earlier lunged at Endymion. The prince whirled around and caught the Neo-Rajita soldier. The two grappled as the Caiman kneed him. Endymion punched the alien and stabbed him with his sword.

"GAH!!" The Caiman howled in pain as he yanked the sword out of his side. He grabbed a handful of his own blood and threw it at Endymion's eyes, blinding him. He seized the chance and lunged at the prince. The two warriors immediately rolled around the ground. The Caiman tried to choke him out, but Endymion kicked him off.

As he wiped the blood from his eyes, Endymion turned towards Vespan. The alien held a firm grip around Sailor Moon, which prompted the prince to save his lover.

"Sailor Moon!" Prince Endymion exclaimed while releasing beams out of his hands. The beams severed as many tendrils to release Sailor Moon. "Hold on!"

Vespan merely laughed out as his body was being filled with Moon's Sailor and life energy. "Once I've finished feeding, your Moon Princess won't have energy power to even move. She's going to die!"

"No... can't let... this happen," Moon vowed to stay alive while clenching her fists. "I won't let you kill me!"


Sailor Mercury flew around the cyborg she faced earlier. The obese cyborg responded by propelling himself upward to grab Valkyrie Mercury. The blue-haired warrior swayed away, dodging the cyborg's hand grabs.

"Mercury Liquid Vaporizer!!" Mercury retaliated by summoning a gust of water vapor, which repelled the cyborg. The scorching water turned half of its body into rust, but not enough to destroy it. The cybernetic menace surprised Mercury as he recovered and seized Mercury by her right arm. "No! My attack didn't defeat him?!"

The cyborg grinned devilishly while happily absorbing Mercury's power. "Yes, just what I need."

Mercury noted what looked like a red gem embedded in the cybernetic alien's palm. I see. So, those orbs on his palms are siphoning off my strength... my power... I feel... if it keeps feeding... I'll die. I must... have to keep it together!


Sailor Venus teleported out a Caiman's reach. She reappeared by his side and blasted him with a bombardment of energy beams.

"Venus Random Crescent Beam Shots!!" Valkyrie Venus shouted as she rapidly fired energy beams. "This will teach you to hit a lady!"

The imperfect warriors crossed his arms in front and tried to charge through the beams. He was ultimately shot back and pummeled with energy beams.

"And stay down!" Venus snorted.


Sailor Jupiter speed-dashed around the cyborg she faced earlier. She utilized her super speed while outpacing the cybernetic alien's guided eye beams. Jupiter instantly blitzed in front of the cyborg and punched him in the chest. Raising her right hand, she summoned a bolt of lightning and threw it at the cyborg.

"Thunder and Lightning Shower Down!!"

The powerful thunder bolt electrocuted the cyborg, causing it to short circuit. The cyborg slumped to the ground. Valkyrie Jupiter panted as she fell to her knees, catching her breath. Her eyes shifted as she noticed the cyborg's right hand moving.


As Jupiter moved aside, the cyborg rose up on his own.

"Activating... back-up generator," it droned.

"I'll just knock out that generator then," Jupiter proclaimed.


As Sailor Mars glided through the air, she led a Caiman towards her. She evaded the imperfect soldier's tendrils, which attempted to ensnare her. Mars propelled herself up and placed her hands in front. She created ball of fire, which exploded and let loose a rain of fire over the Caiman. The Rajita soldier danced around the fiery blasts and quickly took to the air to engage Mars in aerial battle.

"Houou host! You're mine!" The Rajita imperfect screeched and unleashed numerous tendrils to ensnare Mars. "This is for murdering our Lord Ghidorah!"

Mars scoffed as she cupped her hands together to summon a massive burst of flames. The ensuing flames shaped into a bird's body, in turn becoming a phoenix. The fire bird screeched loudly as Mars launched it directly at the Caiman. The Rajita soldier pulled out a plasma rifle and attempted to blast the fire bird.

"Mars Celestial Phoenix!!" The Miko cried out. There's no way I'm letting myself get killed by these freaks. Not when my kids are waiting for me! "You can join Ghidorah in the afterlife! Be sure your friends take note and tell your new boss about who he's dealing with!"

As the fire bird flew toward the Caiman, the Rajita soldier evaded the bird and flew up. However, the phoenix propelled upward and pursued its prey.

No doubt about it. This is the one that Lord Gamera seeks! The Caiman thought while gliding as fast as he could from Mars' fiery phoenix.

"Houou, is it true that these guys have a new leader?!" Mars called out to the cosmic entity within her.


Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune took turns to bombard the Caiman and cyborg each faced initially before.

Neptune directed her Deep Aqua Mirror at the cybernetic monster she faced. "Submarine Reflection!!" A silver light shimmered through the mirror and rained out of the reflective surface.

The cyborg initially reacted and caught the light beam. The devices in his palms siphoned the beams through, feeding the cyborg with an ample amount of energy.

"Yes, just what I needed, but I require more!" The cyborg laughed and propelled forward to catch Neptune.

The turquoise-haired Senshi sidestepped the alien and spun around, kicking the cyborg's head. The cyborg twisted around from Neptune's blow. It quickly pivoted its head around, making Neptune cringe.

Sailor Uranus called out to her partner. "Neptune!"

"Where are you looking at?!" The Caiman teleported behind Uranus and caught her with tendrils, which attached themselves to Uranus' chest.

As she felt her energy being drained by the alien, Uranus gritted her teeth and cut them off with her Space Sword. But, this did not stop the imperfect soldier from punching her in the back.


Sailor Saturn pounced away out of her cybernetic opponent's reach. She twirled her Silence Scythe (the evolved weapon of the Glaive) and tried to execute a horizontal slash. The cyborg evaded the attempted slash and fired eye beams, which struck Saturn's chest. The Senshi of Destruction fell back as the cyborg dropped towards her. Saturn sprang to her feet and fired a guided beam through her Silence Scythe. The cyborg summoned a barrier, protecting himself from Saturn's beam.

"These things are persistent. More so than the regular Rajita soldiers we've battled before," Saturn analyzed the enemy's strength. How did they manage to augment their own strength? It's been over five years since the invasion... but still, this is not what we were expecting!


Witnessing the Senshi engaging the Rajita imperfects in battle, Luna and Artemis stayed on the sidelines behind bushes.

"Luna, so, it's true. The Rajita are still lurking on this planet?"

The black cat shook her head, unsure of what to make of this situation. "I'm just as surprised as you are, Artemis. They claim to be fighting under the command of a new leader, but who would replace Kaiser Ghidorah?!"

The white cat added. "There's also the matter of where they came from. They arrived here through portals, but from what location? In another dimension on Earth?"

"There's that possibility, but let's not count out the fact that they may have breached the Digital World and remained there while Planet Imperium rounded up every Rajita soldier except for Morpheous."

"If that's the case, they forgot to check the Digital World. That's if the Imperium people even heard of it and I doubt they do."

Luna sighed with grief. "This isn't good. Since over five years have passed, the Rajita likely have utilized this time to rejuvenate their numbers and have secured enough resources to rebuild a strong empire in the Digital World."

"These soldiers call themselves imperfects... almost like they're in need of an ample supply of energy to make them evolve, but into what...?"

"Strong soldiers and siphoning the Senshi's powers are all they need!" Luna affirmed.

"Oh, Mina..." Artemis looked on with worry as he watched Venus firing beams at her Caiman opponent.

"Plus, at their highest-level forms, they're more vulnerable and make themselves perfect targets for beings that absorb energy. If they even let those creatures feed off their energy, they'll in the likelihood..."

"Lose their powers?"

"Or worse... death," Luna grimly stated.

"Not like they haven't been revived before," Artemis countered.

"But, still, they can't let their guards down."

"I have faith in them, Luna. And you should, too."

The black cat nodded. "Yes, I should, but there's also Sailor Pluto."

"You're right. Where in the world is she?! She could've been here to warn us..."

"The Kuiper Belt Senshi. I hope the Rajita haven't spotted them," Luna said.


Shibuya District/Local Shopping District/12:24 PM

The Kuiper Belt Senshi found themselves in a pinch as they were surrounded by an army of Draconian Guardians, Bio-Vivians, and Foxzards. Already transformed into a Valkyrie, Sailor Sedna led the charge as she swung her Ice Trident around and summoned a freezing wind that turned ten Rajita soldiers into ice statues.

Sailor Ixion jumped over a Foxzard and kicked it in the back. She landed on her feet and looked over her shoulder to spot a Bio-Vivian firing a guided beam. She sidestepped the beam and pushed her hands forward to summon her flower cannon. "Can't believe we're really fighting against these alien freaks you and the older Senshi fought against!"

"Welcome to the club! These guys are very persistent!" Sedna exclaimed as she whirled around and stabbed a Foxzard. "These guys have a bad habit of spamming city blocks! How annoying."

A Draconian Guardian hissed while firing guided shots out of his plasma rifle. "In the name of Lord Gamera!"

Sedna faded out of the Draconian's view. She reappeared in front of him and raised her weapon. "Who's Gamera? Is that your new boss giving you orders?"

"Doesn't matter as you and the other Senshi will all perish. Even your allies... all of them will die once Gamera and his generals get done with your kind," the alien soldier hissed as he jumped up and unsheathed his laser blade. As he attempted to clash with Sedna, he felt a sharp pain penetrate his gut.

Sedna stabbed the alien and quickly turned him into ice. She glared coldly at the Draconian and kicked him off, letting his frozen body shatter to the ground. A new Rajita leader? Ugh, I don't like the sounds of this. I have to get the other girls to become Valkyries. They've only managed to reach the Eternal-level in these past two years. Time to rectify that and speak with Sailor Moon about it.

"Sedna!" Sailor Orcus called out from the distance.

The Ice Senshi turned as she saw Orcus ensnaring five Bio-Vivians with her shadow capture ability.

"How were we not warned about this?! It's not like Pluto was training us or dealing with an urgent matter at the Gates of Time!" Orcus cried out.

Sailor Eris jumped down behind Sedna and spoke up. "She's right. We haven't heard a word from Sailor Pluto. Not even Sailor Moon and the others have been able to contact her."

"I know. This is very troubling," Sedna said.

Just then, Lucy and Desi rushed over towards the Kuiper Senshi.

"Desi! Lucy!" Eris shouted as her dogs ran up to her.

"There's even more of those alien freaks on the other side of town!" Lucy barked.

"Varuna and Quaoar are taking care of them," Ixion called out.

"I see. Then, we should clear these streets of these things before we head out to Juuban Park," Desi stated.

Sedna looked down at the dogs and inquired. "Do the other Senshi need our help?"

"Well, just in case..." The dogs said in unison.

"Right, just as soon as we finish these guys off!" Sedna said.


"Varuna Flash Dance!!" Sailor Varuna shouted as she ran around and left afterimages to throw off a group of Draconian Guardians.

With the aliens befuddled by the afterimages, the real Varuna fired light beams from behind their backs. The aliens all dropped down as Varuna finished her handiwork.

As for Sailor Quaoar, she summoned vines out of her arms an ensnared three Bio-Vivians. She seized the aliens tightly while the rose in her hand grew exponentially. "Quaoar Rose Vine Shot!!" Then, the rose opened its petals and fired seed bullets. The seeds fired like a sniper's shot and killed each Foxzard.

"Nice shot, Quaoar!"

"Thank you, Varuna. But, we should go and join up with the others."

Varuna nodded. "Right. Damn, these creeps just had to go and ruin my motorbike ride. And such a nice day..."

"...there have been accounts of Duelists in Domino City hospitalized. Seto Kaiba has given warning to all Duelists in Domino City to stop active dueling."

Overhearing a news report from a television display in a store, Varuna raced over and watched the footage. Quaoar joined her friend and viewed the screen to get an idea of what was going on.

"Domino City? I was on my way there!" Varuna exclaimed. "Lyn... I hope she's ok."

"She'll be fine as long as she's with Kaiba," Quaoar reassured her friend. "He won't let anything happen to her."

"I hope you're right. Lyn can sure take care of herself, but what's happening in Domino City?"

"I don't know, but we have to get back to Sedna and the others."

"Right, let's go then."

The two Kuiper Senshi raced off from their current vicinity and headed toward the other side of Shibuya to meet with their teammates.


Sarayashiki District/Building Rooftop/12:26 PM

The Spirit Detectives arrived at the site of the powerful Youki signature.

Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Mizuno, Brimstone, and Rio Kuroshishi looked across the rooftop to see a figure. This figure was covered entirely in an armor similar to Rio's Demon Stone armor. But, this individual's armor was gray and purple, which contrasted completely from Rio's armor. Embroidered on his chest was demonic face, unlike Rio's lion's face. A face mask concealed the man's face, except for the eyes - which showed signs of possession. His eyes were purely dark purple and pupilless.

"Who the hell are you?!" Yusuke demanded.

"So, all of this Youki is coming from THIS guy?!" Kuwabara blanched.

Out of the whole group, Rio's face contorted with shock. His eyes and mouth gaped as he glared at the gray-armored figure. One word escaped his lips, catching his friends' attention. "Kyo?"

"Rio? You know this guy?" Mizuno inquired.

"Know him?" Rio gritted his teeth as he trembled with dread. "That's... my brother... Kyo."

"YOUR BROTHER?!" Yusuke and Kuwabara exclaimed in unison.

Kurama analyzed Kyo's outward appearance and probed the overwhelming Youki within the man's body. "Hiei, it's incredible."

"Yes, and all of this power is derived from a single source. He has a stone similar to Rio's," Hiei deduced.

"Correct," Kyo interjected as he spoke in a calm, menacing tone. "My brother is the wielder of the Demon Sun Stone, but I possess the Demon Moon Stone." An evil chuckle escaped the armored man's lips. He shifted his eyes toward Rio. "Isn't that right, little brother?"

"No... you came back..."

"For you and our beloved sister. Rio, it's time to meet your fate. The Demon Priests are ready."

"Demon Priests? So, you're with them?" Yusuke directly confronted Kyo. "Well, we've only been told a little about them, it seems Koenma's daddy has concealed all information based on them." He pointed his finger and prepared to charge a Spirit Gun shot. "You work for them. Tell us where they're hiding."

Brimstone clenched his fists and channeled flames in his hands. "I doubt he's going to tell us."

"Actually, they'll be here shortly, Yusuke Urameshi and company," Kyo chortled. "I only came here to warn my brother. I didn't come here to fight all of you."

Kurama frowned as he whipped out a rose vine and shot a cold gaze at the Demon Moon Stone wielder. "You came here to threaten our friend. Don't think we'll let you go that easily."

"You talk big, but I doubt you can back it up. Arrogant punk," Hiei snorted as he unsheathed his sword.

Kuwabara bellowed out and summoned his Dimension Sword. "Rio is our friend. How dare you even call yourself his brother! Brothers should back each other up!"

"Rio took our sister and fled from us. He can't escape his destiny. The Demon Priests want us Demon Stone wielders to fight to the death."

"For what reason?!" Mizuno demanded.

"I'm not obliged to tell any of you."

"We'll see, you bastard," Yusuke growled intensely as he prepared to attack Kyo head-on.

Rio roared out in attempt to stop Yusuke. "WAIT!! YUSUKE!!"

Once Yusuke advanced closer, he reached out and punched Kyo. The Demon Moon Stone wielder vanished out of Yusuke's reach and reappeared on the opposite end of the roof. Yusuke whirled around with a bewildered look.

"Damn, he's fast!" Kuwabara exclaimed.

"Not as fast as me," Hiei snorted as he prepared to move to attack Kyo.

Kyo put a stop to that attempt as he cleared his throat. "I didn't come here to fight you, but if you goad me any further... I will have no choice but to utilize my Demon Moon Stone's full power. But, if I do that, this entire city will be reduced to a wasteland. I doubt any of you would want that."

Rio rebuked towards his brother. "Kyo, this is crazy! Whatever the Demon Priests are telling you, we shouldn't fight each other."

"We must and we will. And soon our sister will be implanted with the third Demon Stone."

"What is this third Demon Stone?!" Kurama demanded out of the man.

"Once again, I'm not obliged to tell, but they would be more than happy to do so."

"They?" Yusuke muttered.

Suddenly, the clouds above them amassed together and turned black. Loud thunder was heard rumbling from above the skies. The Spirit Detectives sensed an accumulating surge of Youki coming from out of nowhere. They shifted their gaze towards Kyo, who had a finger pointed towards the skies. Rio dreaded what was about to come and noticed the skies starting to distort.

"Look above you guys! The skies... they're..." Rio paused as he couldn't find any more words to describe the phenomenon.

"They're tearing apart," Mizuno observed.

Brimstone acknowledged the skies parting as a giant hole formed above them. "A portal and I see something coming out!"

"Something? Make that three really powerful Youki," Hiei noted as he gripped his sword tightly. "Could it be...?"

Kurama said with dread. "The Demon Priests."

"Had to state the obvious, didn't you?" Yusuke clenched his fists and felt his entire boy tense. "This Youki... they're freakin' intense! All three combined make Kiryu seem like..."

"A low-class demon. This is the power of the Demon Priests!" Rio exclaimed as he saw three shadowed figures descend through the portal.

If one could read his face behind his mask, Kyo smiled with delight. "Welcome to the human world, Demon Priests." With that, he dropped down to his left knee and bowed. "These are the Spirit Detectives that were instrumental in defeating the Eight Taiyoukai lords."

"Damn, we weren't prepared for this... I mean... more powerful than that Kiryu guy?!" The orange-haired man freaked out.

"Rio, your brother's a real prick to let these guys enter our world," Yusuke remarked.

"Please, don't fight them Yusuke! You and your friends... you don't stand a chance!" Rio pleaded to the Spirit Detectives. "Do you want to risk having your city destroyed?!"

"Well, we can't just let them slip through into our world without permission!" The son of Raizen exclaimed.

"Quiet everyone. They're here," Hiei stated.

As the Spirit Detectives looked upward, they saw the three shadowed figures hovering above them. The three priestly demonic figures stared at them with red eyes, which gleamed and invoked uncertainty to the Spirit Detectives. Rio backed off as his face contorted with overwhelmed fright. As for Kyo, he raised his head and chuckled.

"Demon Priests, welcome. Why don't you introduce yourselves to the best the Spirit World has to offer?" Kyo said.

The three imposing, shadow figures' gazes remained fixated on the seven Spirit Detectives. The seven didn't move an inch from their positions as both sides remained on a standstill. Then, the middle figure slowly levitated forward and acknowledged Kyo's presence.

The middle figure spoke up with a low, sinister tone. There was a hint of a snake-like hiss behind his voice tone. "Kyo, thank you for finding them. Ah, yes, I see your brother is with them."

"It's you... isn't it, Long?!" Rio berated the middle figure.

"Long?" Yusuke murmured as he shifted his attention towards the three figures.

The middle figure, who was named 'Long', turned towards the seven Spirit Detectives. "Ah, as for you... Spirit Detectives. So, you're the best that Spirit World has the offer? Meh, you don't look anything special, but if you and your team were responsible for Kiryu and Demento's demise... then I won't take you lightly. Of course, you have yet to face the power of a Meikai demon lord such as myself and my fellow priests."

"Meikai, so that dimension truly exists," Hiei remarked.

"What is the Meikai?" Kuwabara asked.

"Otherwise known as the Netherworld. It's the analogue of Hell itself," Kurama briefly confirmed from what knowledge he's accumulated about this said dimension. "It was once the afterlife for demons, but it was sealed away once its rulers began to seek control over the other realms. I believe these three Demon Priests have attempted to seize power, but someone like King Enma prevented that from occurring."

"Very good, vessel of Youko. You're correct," the Demon Priest on the left spoke, his voice was deep and wise. "We are the current overseers of the Meikai. Our power has yet to be matched by anyone for over thousands of years."

"Kiryu and the other seven Taiyoukai were merely pawns to test the limits of Makai's strongest warriors," the Demon Priest on the right spoke. This one had a deep feminine tone, confirming that there was a female priest. "We were intrigued to find out how far demons have evolved."

"We are the last of a long line of ancient monarchs, but we're not going to rest until we've claimed what's truly ours," the one named 'Long' decreed.

"And what's that?" Yusuke demanded.

"All three Demon Stone wielders will soon be ours," the Demon Priests declared in unison.

"Not on our watch!" Kuwabara rebuked.

'Long' chuckled as his red eyes glowed profusely. "Oh, I'm afraid you don't have any choice. We will claim Rio and Kohana soon. Very soon."

Clenching his fists, Rio stood his ground and glared at the shadowed figures. No way... you're not getting near Kohana!


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/12:29 PM

Meanwhile, back in Sailor Mars' shrine, Yui, Cammy, and Aoshi now teenagers - Yui and Aoshi being 15; Cammy was 14 - were left behind to take care of the Senshi's children. Well, in this case, it was only little Chibi-Usa, Koori, and Ryuuhi. Cammy held Ryuuhi in a blanket bundle while Koori was resting in her carriage. Aoshi held Chibi-Usa in his arms and watched Raizen Jr. in his carriage. As for Yui, she and Dark Gabumon faced the shrine's entrance.

Suddenly, the three kids sensed an overlapping surge of combined Rajita and Youki coming from all directions. Even the three half-demon children opened their eyes and sensed the powerful Youki accumulating away from the shrine.

"You feel that?" Cammy asked.

"Yeah, I do. They're all fighting all of those enemies at once?!" Aoshi exclaimed, baffled by what his sixth sense can probe. "This is insane!"

Yui spoke up. "You got that right. My brother, Inumon, Yusuke, and everyone are out there. We should be out there with them."

"I know, but looking after the kids is just as important. They're the future," Cammy promptly stated.

"She's right, Yui," Dark Gabumon reaffirmed. "After you guys, the babies will be the next generation to protect this world."

"Guess, but still... I hate being a sitting duck!" Yui shook her head, slightly irritated.

Suddenly, another voice chimed in and interjected into the ongoing conversation. "Then, get used to it, idiot."

Yui and her friends all turned to see a familiar, brownish red-haired teenage girl. She wore clothes like a boy (t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes), making her a full-fledged tomboy, but even her most prominent feminine features couldn't be concealed. Her breasts were overwhelmingly well-endowed, which promoted this girl to tape them down in order to flatten her chest.

"Kohana! We're glad you could make it!" Cammy called out.

"You're not the only one with a brother out there fighting some crazy monsters!" Kohana called out as she paced toward Yui and confronted her. "Both of them are risking their necks to stop these things from rampaging through our city! Don't think this is all about you, because it isn't!"

Yui snorted as she rebuked towards her 'rival.' "When did I say it was all about me?"

"You act that way."

"Guys! Stop! Please consider that our family and friends are out there!" Cammy shouted as she stood up while carrying Ryuuhi. "My sister and Hiei out there with our friends. And look who I'm taking care of. These are my sister and Hiei's twin children! They're my nephew and niece! Please, remember that this is everyone's battle. No one is being singled out!"

Aoshi couldn't agree more. "She's right. All we can do is hope that they'll defeat these monsters and return to us. And I'm sure they will."

"See, Kohana? We shouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves," Yui said. "We've only known each other for two years, but I was hoping we'd get over our silly rivalry. No matter what how much we might fight, we're still friends in the end. We're friends because you're special like the rest of us. You can sense and summon spiritual creatures."

"Look, I know that. I'm just distressed. That's all. I hope my brother can come back, because this Youki I'm sensing... it's more powerful than anything I've felt before. It's overwhelming..." Kohana sighed while folding her arms underneath her large chest. She shivered. "Damn it."

"I know. For once, I'm not sure what to make of this power... or this Rajita presence. Besides Morpheous, I thought they were all gone from our world," Himura's sister dreaded the current situation.

Cammy replied. "We can't say for sure what this means, but our city's being attacked from all sides. I've had a slight premonition that there would be a period where there would be an uprising of chaos."

"Could these events be a warning sign?" Aoshi asked.

The young Miko was unsure. "I don't know, but I hope not. I hope this all boils over and we'll all be ok."

Yui and Kohana both sighed in unison.

"I hope you're right, Cammy-chan," Yui said.


Unknown Dimension/12:30 PM

"Charon-sama, is it time?" A voice belonging to Nix spoke up, addressing to a dark figure sitting in her throne.

Standing from her seat, the same woman who helped to kidnap Sailor Pluto emerged. She was still in her civilian form, calling herself 'Sharon Rivers.' Charon folded her arms and let an evil smirk adorn her lips.

"Yes, the time has come. The local heroes are all spread out and will be worn out from their battles very soon," Charon declared as she stared at a floating orb, which displayed each front that occurred across the Japanese districts. "Nix. Hydra." She motioned towards the one-eyed monster and a tentacle woman hiding behind the shadows. "You two will engage the Sailor Senshi. Nix, you take the Kuiper Belt Senshi. Hydra, you go and finish what's left of the Planetary Senshi."

"Yes, Charon-sama," the two soldiers replied simultaneously.

Charon shifted her eyes towards a giant serpent-like figure and a smaller, demonic creature. "You two will deal with the Tamers and the Legendary Warriors."

"As you wish, Charon-sama," the monsters answered behind the blanket of darkness.

Charon watched the orb as she caught a glimpse of the Spirit Detectives and the Duelists. "Hm. These Demon Priests can it easier for us by taking care of those Spirit Detectives. As for the Duelists, well, one of our emissaries has already implemented his attack."

Suddenly, Charon turned as a hooded figure faced her with gleaming, yellow eyes. An evil smirk formed on the woman's face.

"All is going according to what we've prophesied. The pieces and the players are all set," she stated.

The prophet added. "Well done. And just as we've predicted, the Guardian of Time is ours."

Turning around, Charon stared at a giant cross pinned against a wall. She chuckled with sick delight. "Indeed. With my dear sister out of the way, everything is falling into place and how we've predicted." She paced toward the cross and shifted her eyes, up and down over the body of Sailor Pluto. Her seductive gaze remained fixated on Pluto's unconscious form. "They're already starting to worry about you, but don't worry... I'll make sure to take care of your beloved Senshi. Because, I am you now." With that, her hair slowly turned green and her skin complexion slightly darkened to match Pluto's appearance.


"Yes, very soon my role will come into play," she firmly stated. "But, that Earth's heroes cannot be allowed to perish now. Their fates will be ours to determine."

"Yes," the Prophet said.

Charon turned around and announced to her minions. "Members of Paradais, the time has come! Go out and change the course of history!"


Charon smiled evilly. "May the Dawn of Chaos escalate forth."



Suzakato: The Demon Corps sure are a pain!

Gallantmon: Takato, we have company! No, it couldn't be...!

Youkai Inumon: I thought I killed you! You mean... you aren't with the Demon Corps?!

Yugi: What do these Slifer Red students want?! Why are they after duelists?!

Kaiba: I have to get to the bottom of this and find that hacker.

Jaden: Sheesh, this is becoming a mess! Hang on, guys! I'm coming!

Sailor Mars: These Neo-Rajita soldiers... damn... I think they've absorbed most of our powers you guys...

Sailor Moon: Wait, it's not over... I see someone! Who are you?!

Hydra: Pleased to meet you, Sailor Senshi. It's a shame you had to fight me in your current conditions.

Sailor Sedna: Nix?! What are you doing here?!

Nix: Kuiper Senshi, the last time we met... I was only working undercover. Now, you face my real strength!

Kaiser Greymon: First the Neo-Dark Masters, and now this guy...?

Magna Garurumon: He's targeting our D-Scanners! Don't let him grab your D-Scanners!

Yusuke: Damn, the Demon Priests are this powerful?!

Rio: And they're just holograms?!

Kurama: I shudder to think how powerful they truly are in person.

Yui: Next time on Dawn of Chaos!!


Paradais Attacks! The Fall of Japan's Heroes?!


Charon: All is going according to what we've prophesied, my love.


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