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Ancient Egypt/1009 B.C.

The Duelists were in a mixed bag of shock, awe, and disbelief when it finally hit them. Most thought Yugi was lying when he announced their current setting. But, others, namely Yugi's closest friends, believed him after experiencing a glimpse of Ancient Egypt from the Memory World.

"I know this overwhelming to most," Yugi sagely tried to reassure the more anxious members of the group.

Carly freaked out. "Eh?! We're in Ancient Egypt?! 1009 B.C.?!"

"Whoa! Does that mean we're in the Sahara Desert?!" An overwhelmed Leo exclaimed in shock.

Syrus surveyed their surroundings. "No, this area's too rocky. I think we're east of the Nile."

"That makes sense," Lyn said, "since the Ancient Egyptians built most of their cities on the east bank of the river, towards the rising sun."

"How do we even know we're in Ancient Egypt? We could be anywhere!" Jack said, throwing an arm over his face to block out the incoming dust winds.

"Well, we can tell y'all from some firsthand experience when we were sorta thrown into Ancient Egypt ourselves," Tristan tried his best to explain to the giant group. "But, we didn't really time travel per say."

"Yeah, it's more like we were thrown into the memories of a legendary Pharaoh," Tea said but before she went on, Yugi stopped her and looked ahead. "What?"

"Quick! There's someone coming this way," Yugi pointed to a hooded figure walking aimlessly in their direction.

"Should we hide or ask for directions?" Yusei asked.

Before the group could make a decision, the hooded figure collapsed on the sands. Yugi, Seto, and Lyn instinctively hurried past the others and raced over to help the individual. When Seto helped remove the hood, his and Lyn's eyes widened in shock upon seeing familiar long and whitish blue hair hanging out. Yugi, too, was taken aback abruptly when seeing the individual's face unveiled.

When the others arrived, there was a mix of shock and befuddlement. Some even looked between Lyn and this blue-haired individual.

"Hey, am I seeing double?!" Leo exclaimed.

She looks like just like...! Mokuba gaped in shock when seeing the mysterious person's identity revealed.

Seto and Lyn got a good look at the woman, whose physical appearance mirrored Lyn's. Even the woman looked at Seto in bewilderment.

"You..." But before Seto could finish, the woman spoke out.


"You look just like me!" Lyn exclaimed. How is this even possible?!

The blue-haired girl shifted her eyes to Lyn and replied. "And you... you must be a mirage... there can't be another me..." She suddenly collapsed onto Seto. "...need water..." She weakly reached for a small bottle concealed in a bag hanging by her side.

"Guys, we need to find shelter for her!" Yugi immediately called to the others.

"Over here!" Jaden shouted as he pointed to a small cavern situated in the distance. "We can take cover in there!"

"Excellent," the King of Games said as Seto and Lyn helped the woman up.

Are they both mirages? Why do they look... like me and Seth? The woman thought as she was carried off toward the cavern.


Chapter 46

Journey in Ancient Egypt! More Chaos in the Present!


Cavern/1009 B.C.

After being given plenty to drink, the woman finally came to shortly thereafter. She awoke to find Yugi, Seto, and Lyn sitting beside her. The other Duelists and cohorts filled up the front area of the cavern where the sunlight was penetrating through.

"Looks like she's coming to," Yusei said, watching the blue-haired girl sitting up.

"Easy now," Lyn said. "You were walking a long way without drinking water."

"I... I had completely lost track of time and kept walking," the woman answered, seeing that her bottle was empty. She eyed both Seto and Lyn with great interest. "You two aren't mirages... you're flesh and bone just like me."

"Well, it's not every day I see another girl who looks like me," Lyn replied.

"Seth, you said Seth," Yugi addressed the woman. "My friends and I heard you mumble that name."

"Yes, Seth... whom I came to see in Thebes... what do you know about Seth?" She plainly replied as she pointed to Seto. "But, this man bears a striking resemblance to Seth."

Seto didn't say anything and let the woman continue speaking.

"Excuse me. I was just returning to Thebes. May I ask who you all are?"

Lyn replied. "We're..."

"Travelers. I know our group seems large, but we've come for something crucial," Seto apologetically stopped Lyn beforehand and answered the woman. "We came here to see the Pharaoh."

"The Pharaoh? Why would you need to see the Pharaoh? It must be something crucial if you need to see him."

"Believe me. It's something that will affect all of us," Yugi said.

"That's right. We don't intend to bring harm to the Pharaoh or his people," Yusei spoke out as the woman faced and listened to him.

Jaden added. "We need his help tracking this one guy who we're after. This one guy is a danger to us all. He holds powerful items we need to take back!"

As the main Duelists tried their best to explain, the woman sagely nodded and stood sensing nothing but good intentions from them. She stood and genuinely smiled to them.

"My name is Kisara. I thank you for giving me water," the blue-haired girl expressed her kind generosity to the group, especially Yugi, Seto, and Lyn. "You all don't need to tell me your names."

"Well, at least, let us tell you ours," Yugi replied. "I'm Yugi Muto. The man whom you believed was Priest Seth is Seto Kaiba. And the woman who looks like you is Lyn Stromberg."

"Guys, we need to act quickly. There's no telling if Professor Frank has already made his move yet!" Crow called out.

"He's right, guys, but we can't go to Thebes with this many people," Jack said.

Kisara realized their dilemma and nodded. "He's correct. I can take you to Thebes, but we must go in a smaller group. Which of you wants to join me?"

"Well, obviously I'm going," Lyn stepped in.

Seto and Yugi both added and joined Lyn.

"Oh, how about me?!" Joey sprang up and ecstatically ran up to them. "Hey, Mai, want to come?"

"Thanks, but I'll stay here. Tea, hun, maybe you can join them?"

"Sure," Tea replied as she walked over with the small group.

"Don't worry. The rest of us will stay here and guard the place," Tristan reassured them. "If any thieves try to hijack our place, we can just Spirit Fuse and kick them out."

Duke asserted. "Be careful out there, guys. There's no telling if any bad guys might be out there."

"No worries. We'll be extra careful," Joey replied nonchalantly.

"We'll be waiting," Yusei nodded as he and the others watched the five Duelists leave with Kisara.

"I hope they'll come back with what we need to stop Frank," Akiza said with skepticism while walking behind Yusei. "Do you think we'll really find him here in Ancient Egypt?"

"I don't know, Akiza, but I believe we'll find him somehow." The determined young man said.

Trudge scoffed and sat behind a cavern wall. "They better not take too long then. No telling when that scumbag will show up next."

Meanwhile, Carly sat next to Jack and was getting giddy with excitement. "Can you really believe we're in ancient times, Jack? You know that girl who looks like Lyn?"

"Her name is Kisara, but what was that whole deal of her saying Seto looks like some Priest Seth guy?"

"My deduction is that we met Lyn's distant ancestor. Or, maybe she could be Lyn's previous incarnation?"

"You don't seriously believe that, do you, Carly?" Crow overheard her.

"Why not? I mean, did you ever think we'd be traveling through time? Twice to be exact! I'll need to do my math, but we're several thousands of years from our own time, guys."

Mina sighed. "So, we're long ways from home. That's if we'll ever have a home to go to anymore."

"If we can't stop Frank, we might be stuck here in the past forever," Luna said, sitting down with arms folded over her lap. Hanging her head, she deeply sighed.

"Sis, let's not lose faith yet!" Leo tried his hardest to cheer her up.

"He's right, you know," Serenity said as she sat beside Luna and put a comforting hand over the child's back. "My brother, Yugi, Seto, Tea, and Lyn won't let us down. They'll come back with the Pharaoh or someone who can help us stop Frank. Have faith in them like you did for Yusei."

Sensing Serenity's genuine reassurance, Luna's spirit was starting to ease as a small smile adorned her face.

"I just hope you're right," Alexis said, staring out of the cave. "We're in a time and place none of us here are familiar with."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," Tristan spoke out.

"Wait, don't tell me you've been to Ancient Egypt before?" Syrus turned and looked at Tristan in confusion.

"Well, yes and no... it's a long story," Tristan added.

"Then, no need to tell us," Mai interjected. "Your point of view might bore them."

Duke snickered. "Oh, sick burn, Tristan."

"Shut up."

Jaden sat down and pulled out his card deck. He went through his Elemental Hero deck until he came across the Elemental Hero Neos card, which he stared fondly at.

"Neos, you really pulled through for me. Thanks, buddy."

"Talking to your cards again, Jay?" Syrus asked, listening to his pal 'conversing' with the Neos card. "Man, what a crazy experience it's been."

"It sure has, but we're not out of the woods yet, Sy."

"Or, in this case, another timeline," Aster plainly stated.

Jaden gave a goofy grin. "Yeah, that, too. Haha. But, what's made this experience better for me is getting to know Yugi Muto and his pals. I've looked up to Yugi for a long time. The first I meet him, he gave me the Winged Kuriboh." He said, showing off the Winged Kuriboh card. "Now, I get to join him on one of his quests. It's been an honor."

"Don't forget about Seto Kaiba, dork," Chazz said, sitting in a corner with his arms folded behind him. He leaned back and waited for the five Duelists to return.

The prodigy chuckled. "Yep, can't forget Seto Kaiba either. Him and his brother."

Mokuba looked outside the cavern as a thought crossed his mind.

Atticus walked over to Yasmin, who just happened to be standing near the cavern mouth. He approached her and saw Alexis not too far from them.

"Are you ok, Yasmin?" Atticus asked the female Gravekeeper's Assailant.

She nodded as she sensed the vibes around her. "Yes. It's just that Ancient Egypt has an aura similar to the one that the Gravekeeper's realm has. It almost feels like home to me."

"The Gravekeeper's realm, that's where you've spent your life after we lost contact?"

"Yes, but it was recently lost because of those evil alien invaders called the Rajita. I don't know if there were any other survivors who could've escaped. I left shortly before it was ravaged by those monsters."

"That's too bad. I'm sorry."

"But, Sleipnir's summoning was a blessing as now we're reunited again."

"Yasmin, I..."

She put a finger to his lips and nodded. "Don't say anything. I intend to protect you with my power."

Alexis watched the two kiss as she walked away and sat beside Blair.

"You ok, Alexis?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine until we get out of this time and get back home," Alexis folded both arms over her lap. I'm happy for you Atticus. She thought, leaving the two reunited friends alone.

Yusei walked past Atticus and Yasmin as his eyes stared out toward the seemingly endless desert. Watching him from inside the cave were Akiza, Jack, and Crow.

I hope everything's well back in the present time. We're both in a critical bind. Let's see our way through this, future princess. The focused Signer stoically stared over the endless desert landscape.


Present Day/Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/4:10 PM

After looking at her watch, Megumi decided it was time to take Yusuke and Kazuma home. She headed over to ask Ai and Makoto help carry the twins. Kasumi got up and accompanied them whilst noticing Impmon facing the opposite direction.

"Megumi, is that little thing with those two?" Kasumi asked her as she referenced Ai and Makoto.

"Yeah, his name is Impmon," Megumi replied, tying her wooden sword behind her back. She watched Ai and Makoto tending to the twins. "He's always with Ai and Makoto when we come here. He's a cute little thing."

Kasumi nodded as she eyed Impmon. "Hey, we're leaving now! You don't want to get left behind, do you?!"

"Impmon! We're leaving!" Ai called over to their Digimon.

Makoto pondered. "What's bothering Impmon I wonder?"

Suddenly, they noticed and heard a crowd screaming in fear. Impmon was the first to pick up on the commotion as he saw people fleeing from the park area. Megumi and Kasumi saw people running away from something close by. BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon, too, sensed terrible vibes as they trembled in Yusuke and Kazuma's arms.

"What's going?" Kasumi wondered as they saw people fleeing from a single location.

Grabbing the back of her kendo sword, Megumi readied herself. "Whatever it is, we need to get going. I don't want to get involved with whatever's going on."

"Right, we'll help!" Ai said as he and Makoto helped push the carriage with the twins and the baby Digimon.

Impmon felt shivers around his fur. "I got an awfully familiar feeling about this. It feels cold. The one guy I remember giving off cold air was..." He raced past Megumi, Kasumi, and his own partners.

"IMPMON!" Ai and Makoto cried out.

"Where the hell does he think he's going?!" Kasumi exclaimed.

Megumi wondered. "Could he know what's going on?"


As Impmon arrived at the site, he saw several frozen trees and the ground covered in sheets of ice. He surveyed the vicinity and rubbed his own arms despite having fur.

"All right, ya creep! I know you're here!" Impmon dared the cold 'entity' to show up. "Get out here and prepare to face me!"

Suddenly, an evil and low chuckle emanated seemingly out of nowhere. Impmon stood still for a moment as he felt cold breeze blow past him. A cool wisp of air blew behind him as a solid figure emerged from the frozen ground. As Impmon turned around, he came face to face with a familiar face.

"Hello, Impmon. It's been a long while."

Impmon gaped fearfully when he saw IceDevimon!

IceDevimon fully emerged from the ground and raised his arms.

"B-But, you're dead! I saw you die in the Shadow Tournament!"

"Yes, you did and no thanks to Renamon," IceDevimon grinned evilly as his red eyes burned with fury. He floated closer to Impmon and chortled. "Relax, old friend. I don't mean to harm you. I'm here for Renamon's offspring. Point me to their direction and I'll grant you freedom from those Tamers of yours."

He's after BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon?! Impmon thought while holding his ground. "Sorry, but you ain't going near those pups!"


"I don't know how yas came back, but ya really stooped low going after two pups! I won't let you near them!"

IceDevimon sighed. "What a shame. You could've made my job much easier, but I'll do it myself. And it's such a greater shame you've allowed yourself to be tied to a leash by two Tamers."

"Being their partner's allowed me to evolve past a level you could ever dream about, pal!"

"Well, then, why don't you show me?!" IceDevimon howled as he brought down his claws and narrowly missed Impmon, who barrel-rolled to the side. He turned and saw Impmon running through a bush. "You're not worth the pursuit. I must find Renamon's offspring. If I can't have her, her children are my other priority!"

Just then, IceDevimon felt a swift kick connecting with his face. He was pushed back only slightly as he shook off the attack. He looked across to see Kasumi and Megumi standing on the opposite end. Megumi readily had her kendo sword drawn out to attack him with.

"Two humans?" IceDevimon blinked in befuddlement. He sneered toward them. "That was a lucky shot, human. Which one of you hit me?"

"That would be me!" Kasumi pointed to herself. "I'm Kasumi, former national fighting champion! You'll make a decent warm-up before I get back on track toward my recovery to the championship!"

Megumi sweatdropped. "Didn't you say you'd take a break from active competition, Kasumi dear?"

"Did I? Oh, well, maybe I changed my mind?"

IceDevimon openly scowled. "I won't be denied my revenge on Renamon!" Suddenly, a dark purple aura surrounded him as a sinister power was manipulating him. "Necromon didn't revive me to mess around with a bunch of humans!"

He's giving off some kind of sinister aura. And did he say he was revived? Megumi sensed IceDevimon's dark aura with her keen warrior senses. She gripped her kendo sword tightly and methodically circled him. "Kasumi, make sure and back me up. We might only stand a chance if we attack together."

Kasumi popped her knuckles and took on a fighting stance. "Whatever works."

Megumi shifted her eyes as she spotted Ai, Makoto, and Impmon pushing the carriage with the twins and pups. IceDevimon quickly picked up on Renamon's scent, which came from the pups. He pivoted his head and saw them taking an escape route with the pups and twins.

"So, you were only trying to divert my attention!" IceDevimon hissed as he flew up and went straight for the others. "I know you're hiding the pups from me!"

"NO!" Megumi and Kasumi shouted together as they pursued IceDevimon.

Impmon, Makoto, and Ai noticed IceDevimon coming for them. They pushed the carriage along quicker toward the gates.

IceDevimon fired an ice beam that hit the ground behind the kids and Impmon. They fell back as the carriage tipped over and pushed the twins out with the baby Digimon. As IceDevimon's eyes lit up, he went straight for the pups.

"Ah, yes, they have Renamon's scent!" The ice fiend cackled evilly. "Thank you for making my job easier!" As he prepared to snatch them...


...Megumi jumped off the ground and hit IceDevimon's face with her kendo sword. One blow sent IceDevimon falling to the ground. Megumi landed on her feet and held a kendo stance with her wooden blade. Kasumi ran over to stand by Megumi's side.

"Nice save, Megumi."

"Nothing to it. Not the first time I've brought down a few freaks."

"Wow, Miss Megumi is amazing!" Ai said.

Makoto cheered her on. "Way to go!"

Impmon checked over the pups and the twins. "They're all ok now." He glanced over his shoulder to see Megumi and Kasumi holding their ground against IceDevimon. Sheesh, I must be outta the loop, but when did that lady learn to fight with Digimon?

"You... you annoying human!" hissed IceDevimon, who had his eyes locked on Megumi. "You and that other human have dealt me enough trouble for the last time!" He opened his wings and unleashed a barrage of icicles at them. "Avalanche Claw!"

Megumi and Kasumi evaded the incoming icicles. IceDevimon dove toward them with his claws and ready to gut them. Kasumi pulled off the belt she wore and threw it across as she used it to ensnare IceDevimon's left arm. She tugged pulled IceDevimon with it. It became a tug of war between the Digimon and the ex-fighting champion. Even with her brute strength, Kasumi had some trouble pulling IceDevimon, who then started freezing her belt. Megumi ran up while IceDevimon had his guard down. She ran up and landed a kendo strike across his chest. Kasumi grabbed her belt and picked IceDevimon with it. She then slammed IceDevimon on the ground with her belt.

"They got him!" Makoto cried out.

Impmon gaped in shock. "Now, I'm really seeing things!"

Kasumi picked up her belt and waited for IceDevimon to stand up. She jumped onto IceDevimon and mounted his back. She wrapped his arms around his neck and tried applying a neck hold to subdue him. Megumi ran up and landed a palm strike into IceDevimon's chest, which stunned him for a bit.

"Miss Megumi and Miss Kasumi are doing it!" Ai cheered them on. "C'mon! Take him down!"

As Megumi prepared to hit him with another kendo strike, IceDevimon recovered and threw Kasumi off his back. As Kasumi hit the ground, Megumi went over to check on her.

"I won't be humiliated by a bunch of humans!" IceDevimon bellowed as he fired beams through his eyes. "Tundra Freeze!"

"LOOK OUT!" Kasumi pushed Megumi aside and took the beam for her.

Megumi and the others watched in horror as Kasumi was locked in a block of ice.

"NO!" Megumi shouted as she tried breaking her friend out.

Clenching his fists, Impmon had seen enough.

"They need help!" Ai said.

Makoto turned to Impmon. "You're ready to go?"

"Let me at this jerk!" Impmon said as his Tamers drew out their D-Arks.

IceDevimon chortled evilly as he stalked toward Megumi. "I'll give you this. You two are much stronger than normal humans. For you to even last this long is commendable, but I'm ending it here!" He launched himself at Megumi and tried beheading her with his claws.

Megumi narrowly dodged IceDevimon, but the minute she rolled away her feet got turned to ice by the icy demon's Tundra Freeze. Now rendered immobile, Megumi couldn't move her feet, but still managed to hold onto her kendo sword. She defiantly held her ground and prepared to protect the children from IceDevimon.

"You have a valiant warrior's spirit, human," IceDevimon smirked. "It reminds me so much of Renamon's." He sharpened his claws as he walked closer. "Allow me to reward you a warrior's death. You should feel honored to have your life taken by me."

I can't move my feet! I'm sorry Kasumi... I couldn't beat him. Megumi thought as she dropped her kendo sword and lowered her head. "You can kill me, but you won't have the children."

IceDevimon raised his hand and prepared to slit her throat.

"NO, YOU DON'T!" Impmon shouted as his partner's D-Arks lit up and evolved him into Beelzebumon Blast Mode. The mighty demon warrior glided past Megumi and punched IceDevimon hard.

(Cue Megadeth - Duke Nukem Theme)

As IceDevimon was knocked into the air, the ice demon somersaulted over and checked his face, which was cracked open by Beelzebumon's fist. He watched Beelzebumon BM landing beside Megumi.

"Beelzebumon! You're a fool to defy us demons!" IceDevimon hissed. "Necromon also sent me here to get you to join us. We're going to revive Lord Valmarmon!"

"Valmarmon? Sorry, but I ain't interested."

"You'll pay for your defiance, fool! Necromon will see to it that you're dead!"

Beelzebumon pulled out his Berenjena shotguns and smirked. "Then, why don't you tell Necromon's cowardly ass and tell him to meet the other end of my Berenjena guns?!"

"Um, Berenjena?" Megumi interjected. "You mean those guys are called Berenjena? Did you know they're called eggplants in Spanish?"

When hearing this, Beelzebumon sweatdropped and his mind immediately blanked out.

"Eggplants...?! EGGPLANTS?!" Beelzebumon was at a loss for words. "You mean these beauties of mine are Spanish for eggplants?! Who's the freak that decided to make these and call them a type of vegetable in a different language? Is he trying to make them sound cooler than they really are?!"

As Beelzebumon went on his tirade, Megumi sweatdropped and IceDevimon had no words to describe how the former Demon Lord was acting.

"Look, never mind that. Could you be kind enough to break me free?" Megumi asked, tapping her frozen feet with her kendo sword.

"Huh? Oh, right," Beelzebumon grumbled as he fired two blasts from one shotgun and cracked the ice apart.

Now freed from IceDevimon's trap, Megumi sprang up and landed on her feet.

"Ah, much better! Thanks, little Impmon!"

Beelzebumon scoffed. "Do I look little, lady?"

"Could you also happen to free my friend behind us? I don't think she appreciates being trapped in ice."

"Fine," the former Demon Lord walked over and used Darkness Claw to break the ice, which freed Kasumi from her frozen imprisonment.

Letting out a deep gasp, Kasumi shivered from head to toe. Megumi walked over and helped her up.

"Easy does it. Impmon just helped us," Megumi said, helping her friend up to her feet. "See?"

Kasumi blinked thrice when she saw Beelzebumon. "...what? That's Beelzebumon? Are you sure?"

"Yep, he took on quite a growth spurt. I've been told they evolve, or digivolve," the kobudo instructor replied. "Ai and Makoto were really helpful telling me all about Digimon info."

"Uh huh..." Kasumi was still at a loss for words as she and Megumi watched Beelzebumon facing off with IceDevimon. "Ah, but I remember that guy!"

"You two ladies stay back and let me handle this," Beelzebumon said while cocking his Berenjenas. "This one's on me."

"You're a fool to underestimate the new powers Necromon has given me!" hissed IceDevimon as he dove toward Beelzebumon and unleashed an icicle barrage. "Avalanche Claw!"

The Mega simply walked through the icicles and blasted some with his shotguns. He flew up to meet IceDevimon and gutted him with his claws. IceDevimon gaped as he saw Beelzebumon's claws jutting through his gut. Beelzebumon dropped IceDevimon like a bad habit and let him start dissolving away.

"What a waste of time," Beelzebumon shrugged as he walked off leaving IceDevimon to die. "Ya should've stayed dead, IceDevimon. I told you I've evolved beyond a level you'll ever reach. Tell Necromon he can screw himself." He walked off to meet with his Tamers.

"Nicely done, Impmon," Megumi said, watching him walk past her and Kasumi.

"I'm Beelzebumon in this form, lady."

"Whatever you want," she said as she watched IceDevimon's body breaking down into digital dust. "Is he dead?"

"It's over. He'll be gone in a few..."

Suddenly, everyone froze when they heard IceDevimon laughing. Rather than beg for his life or scream in agony, the seemingly 'dying' IceDevimon was laughing. Alarmed, Beelzebumon turned around and watched IceDevimon standing up. The ice demon's dissolving body was suddenly reconstituting itself. Megumi and Kasumi hurried over to the children and the pups.

"What the hell is going on?!" Beelzebumon demanded. "You should be dead!"

"By all accounts, yes I should be," the ice devil chortled evilly. A demented look etched on his icy features as his eyes glowed. "But, thanks to Necromon's necromancy spell, I can't die. No matter what you do, I'll keep coming back."

"You two get the kids and the pups out of here!" Beelzebumon ordered his Tamers, who immediately complied and carried them off.

Before he established contact with the kids, IceDevimon's attention was diverted when Beelzebumon, Megumi, and Kasumi blocked his path. The former Demon Lord summoned his Blaster while Megumi gripped her kendo sword and Kasumi taped her fists. All three were ready for battle.

(End theme)

"As long as I'm linked to Necromon, I'll never die. I've become what you call a 'Digi-Zombie'. Digi-Zombies are brought to life once data from a slain Digimon such as myself is harvested from either a Digimon that has absorbed that said data or has been collected from the Dark Area. A part of me remains in Guilmon, but the spiritual essence of me returned to the Dark Area only to be freed by Pharaohmon. After I met my demist against Renamon in the tournament, my spiritual data returned to the Dark Area and has remained there... until..." IceDevimon smiled evilly. "Necromon collected my spirit data and revived me. He has even granted me new abilities and enhanced my powers. As a Digi-Zombie, I can't be killed by any conventional means. So, no matter how many times you destroy me, I will reconstitute myself."

Beelzebumon snorted irritably when hearing this. "Well, ain't this a bitch."

"But, don't think I came alone. Necromon will be sending me allies as we overtake this city with all its protectors gone. And you really believe you three can stop us?"

Megumi retorted. "Kasumi and I might be just humans to you, but we're not letting you monsters terrorize our town. And I'll protect every child from the likes of you."

Kasumi cracked her knuckles and grinned. "You picked the wrong day to piss me off!"

IceDevimon laughed and glided into the air. "Then, let's settle where we left off. Just know, those brats and those two pups will be mine."

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Beelzebumon declared as he flew up and backhanded IceDevimon down.

As he stood up, IceDevimon looked around and found himself surrounded by the trio.

"Heh, my, my, aren't things looking more interesting," the ice demon smirked, goading the three to attack him.

They converged on the ice demon and initiated an three-way assault on him.


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/4:23 PM

Meanwhile, Sailor Pluto, Tuxedo Kamen, the Kuiper & Neo Senshi, the Chimeras, and company were still getting rested but remained vigilant of enemy activity. If they weren't aware of the activity brewing in Shinjuku Park, they may soon be. But, they stayed alert for any sign of Sailor Charon and Dimitri, with the latter being manipulated by the former.

(Cue Magister Negi Magi OST 2 - Time Passing)

Sailor Sedna sat on the steps near the shrine waiting for Charon and Dimitri to turn up anytime. The other Kuipers watched their leader closely. Sailor Pluto walked over and patted Sedna's back.

"May I?" Pluto asked as Sedna nodded. Sitting down next to the Ice Senshi, the Time Guardian looked to the skies and addressed the Kuiper. "I know it must hurt seeing what she did to Dimitri. I'm equally distraught she masqueraded herself as me in an attempt to fool you and the others. I'll never forgive my twin sister and I intend to make any excuses for her."

Sedna looked up to her and replied. "But, why didn't you tell us you had an evil twin sister? She nearly destroyed us back there!"

"Do you truly believe we can save Dimitri?"

"I want to believe that, yes."

"Your friends behind us want nothing more than to stop Charon and save Dimitri, too. Small Lady is willing to fight alongside you to bring Dimitri back." She motioned Sedna behind them to see Neo Moon, RJ, and Tuxedo Kamen smiling to them. "We're all in this together, Sedna."

"I know, but Charon..."

"Leave my twin sister with me," Pluto said. "With the new Valkyrie power I've acquired, I think it'll be sufficient for me to fight her with."

"By yourself?"

"I won't let her tricks overtake me like last time. This time I intend to bring her down to my level. It'll be time to settle an old sibling rivalry between us."

As she stood, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna and Pluto nodded to each other. They attentively turned to the Kuiper and Neo Senshi watching them near the shrine. The Kuipers respectively approached Pluto and Sedna.

"Kuiper Senshi," Pluto addressed the group. "Sedna holds with her fragment of the Orb of Minos, a power that granted us our new Valkyrie forms. We were both greeted the source of the Orb of Minos, Sleipnir." When she said this, the Kuipers were quickly intrigued and listened. "Sleipnir each granted us the Dai-Valkyrie forms you see right now. After being granted her new power, Sleipnir presented her with a fragment of the Orb of Minos."

With that, Sedna summoned the miniature Orb of Minos that Sleipnir gave her. The Kuipers marveled at the powerful mystic orb floating in Sedna's hands. The Neo Senshi were quickly drawn in toward the orb as they crowded near the Senshi. Neo Moon had her eyes hanging over the orb's majestic aura.

"Pretty," Neo Moon whispered, completely awestruck by the small orb.

"That's a crap load of power in that little thing!" RJ was mesmerized by the mystic energy contained in the object.

Eris smiled. "You mean this thing granted you and Sedna these awesome new Valkyrie forms?"

"Yeah, and with this I can grant you your Dai-Valkyrie forms," the Ice Senshi addressed her team.

Upon hearing this, Eris, Ixion, Varuna, Orcus, and Quaoar were beyond speechless. The notion of becoming Dai-Valkyries like their leader and Pluto never once crossed their minds... until now.

Even Neo Moon and the Neo Senshi weren't going to pass up on this opportunity.

"You seriously intend to give us these Dai-Valkyrie forms?" a baffled Orcus asked Sedna.

Ixion smiled modestly. "We just got our regular Valkyrie forms not too long ago."

"After what we've been through, you guys deserve it," Sedna smiled as she held the orb in her hands. "Besides, if we're going to be fighting Dimitri, we need to be strong. That's why you guys need these power-ups to even stand a chance."

"What about us?" Neo Moon interjected as she walked over and confronted Sedna. "After seeing you and Pluto turn into Dai-Valkyries, I just can't pass up on this opportunity to become stronger!"

"We never intended to leave you out, Small Lady," Pluto smiled to Crystal Tokyo's princess.

"I'm ready," Varuna nodded. "If it means getting stronger to kick Charon's ass, I'm all for it."

"If Varuna is ready, then I am, too!" Quaoar said with renewed determination, regaining her will to fight again.

Ixion added. "Likewise. We're all ready to advance to the next level."

Blue Mars and Cyber Mercury wanted to say something as Max and Sam respectively stood next to them. But then, everyone heard footsteps approaching them. They saw two unfamiliar figures walking up the shrine steps.

"Who are those two coming up the steps?" wondered Battle Jupiter.

"There's nobody on the shrine last I checked," Blue Mars replied.

Everyone stood on guard as the two figures stopped halfway across the steps.

"Who goes there?" Pluto demanded as she confronted the two figures. Her eyes widened the minute she recognized them. "So, you two finally came."

"Anyone invite guests?" RJ eyed the two newcomers suspiciously.

"Pluto? Who are they?" Neo Moon inquired as she and the others saw the two people that Pluto confronted.

(End theme)

The two individuals were revealed to be Vivian Wong and Miho Nosaka. Naturally, none of the Senshi could even recognize them, which left them clueless.

However, Max and Sam at least recognized the young Chinese woman.

"Isn't that Vivian Wong, the Asian Champion Duelist?!" Taken aback, Sam pointed to the woman.

Max nodded. "Yeah, that is her! But, who is the other girl?"

"Mind explaining this Pluto?" Tuxedo Kamen asked the Time Guardian.

Pluto nodded and answered genuinely. "This arrangement has been in the works before my capture, but this meeting was surely delayed due to what happened. Since last summer, I was awakened to the calling of two new Sailor Crystals. These crystals belonged to two more unawakened Kuiper Senshi."

"You mean then... these two are the newest Kuiper Senshi members?!" Sedna gasped as she gawked at both Vivian and Miho.

"We were awakened because we couldn't escape our destiny," Miho said. "Our memories have long been suppressed and for a long time I've been a friend to Yugi Muto's group. I've been gone because of college, but now that I've graduated I'm home again and as you can see I didn't come alone."

Vivian nodded. "You could say I know Yugi Muto, too, but I had more of a crush on him and Seto Kaiba."

Upon hearing this, the Kuiper Senshi and the others sweatdropped when hearing Vivian's shameless secret.

"Great, so we got a Yugi and Seto fangirl as an additional member to our team," Varuna sardonically muttered.

Vivian gave Varuna an irked glare. "What was that?"

"C'mon, Vivian," Miho tried to ease the tension between her friend and Varuna. "Please, excuse my eager friend, everyone." She bowed apologetically to the Kuiper Senshi.

"It's ok," Sedna replied. "Varuna has a habit of giving newbies a hard time, but don't take it personally."

(Cue Magister Negi Magi OST 2 -Truth)

"As I was saying, these two were awakened with the purpose of eliminating a recent demonic infestation that attacked locations globally," Pluto went on and explained the details regarding the two new members. "I found Miho Nosaka in Osaka one night when she was attacked by one of these demonic creatures called a Weeper. These Weepers feast on the dreams of the living, which would later lead to the most fatal results. However, when a friend of hers was near death and her own life was put in danger, the Star Seed in Miho initially responded and transformed into a Sailor Crystal. When this happened, Miho's life changed forever and she embraced her destiny."

"It was on that night I became Sailor Makemake and slayed that monster," Miho stated. "I am guardian of the Kuiper Belt Object, Makemake, and the Senshi of Illusions!"

"Shortly after Makemake was awakened, I sent Miho on the mission of finding her partner. The second new Kuiper would be located in Hong Kong."

As Pluto motioned over to Vivian, the Hong Kong native smiled proudly and bowed before everyone.

"At first, what started as a reunion with Tristan and Duke became a Weeper mess. When I met Miho, I hated how close she was to Tristan and thought she was just an annoying mousey girl. Boy was I wrong? Thanks to her and Pluto, my Sailor Crystal was brought before me and I was fully awakened. Not to deter my destiny, I accepted my responsibility and became Sailor Haumea," Vivian said, pumping a fist over her head and proudly boasted. "I am guardian of Planet Haumea and the Senshi of Sand!"

"Since their awakening, I sent them on the mission to eradicate the Weeper infestation covering the globe. In the process, this served as their necessary Senshi training. It was crucial they put the value of teamwork over their own individual ambitions. Over time, and after many battles with Weepers, their powers gradually evolved faster than Sailor Moon and her team initially during their battles with the Dark Kingdom. It wasn't long until they became Super Senshi, and once they battled the mastermind of the Weepers, the Sandman."

"Really? The sleep god?!" Daiki asked.

Intrigued, Sailor Pallas was awestruck. "Ah, so he wasn't just a fairy tale?!"

Sailor Juno sighed. "Get a clue, Pallas."

Summoner Venus was flabbergasted. "Wow, I didn't think he existed?"

Adam explained plainly. "Of course he does. He's just not some funny looking old man riding a sand carpet you might remember from your usual fairy tales, and he's certainly not the Neil Gaiman version."

Sailor Ceres nodded. "Certainly not either version, I understand?"

"The entity, you call the Sandman, was once a benevolent being that mutated into a grotesque hive mind that seemingly created these creatures," Ryuuhi explained. "He was always a demon from Makai to begin with, but it was the evil influence from humans that changed him for the worst."

Neo Moon gasped. "I had no idea."

RJ boasted. "This Sandman guy should consider himself lucky he hasn't into my dreams or I'd hand him his ass."

Blue Mars replied. "But, I take it you two didn't destroy him."

"We purified him," Miho answered. "During our battle with the Sandman, we were nearly killed. It was that near death experience that allowed us to invoke our Eternal Senshi powers. Together, we defeated the Sandman and destroyed his hive."

Sighing, Vivian nodded. "Still, it was a scary experience, but if we hadn't fought the Sandman, we wouldn't hit our peaks as Senshi."

"Wow, to think, you two became Eternal Senshi in a shorter time frame than our mothers!" Cyber Mercury was impressed with the two Kuipers.

"Pardon?" Miho and Vivian turned and faced Cyber Mercury in befuddlement.

"Oh, these five here are the daughters of Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter," Sedna introduced the Neo Senshi to them. "Miho, Vivian, this is Neo Moon, future daughter of Sailor Moon."

"We know," Vivian said as she and Miho respectfully bowed their heads to the Crystal Tokyo future princess.

Miho added. "Pluto informed us all about her and Crystal Tokyo."

"Then, how about I introduce the others?" The Ice Senshi said, introducing the rest of the Neo Senshi and the Sailor Quartet to them.

(End theme)

"Pleased to meet you all," the lavender-haired girl genuinely smiled to the Neo Senshi collective.

"Our honor," Adam nodded.

"It'll be good working with you," Blue Mars said.

Demona folded her arms and chuckled. "These Senshi just keep popping up, don't they?"

"Well, isn't there a Senshi for every planet?" Mika said, overhearing their discussion as she and the Chimeras joined them.

"I guess, but I was just joking," the demon succubus shrugged.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto quickly addressed everyone. "These two were supposed to have met us much earlier, but unfortunately when I was captured, I was unable to contact them sooner than planner. I originally intended them to join us a week and a half ago. But, better late than never."

"So, how did you know we'd be here?" Neo Moon asked the two Kuipers.

Vivian aptly pointed out. "Well, as you know we had our delay, so we were worried something had happened. Miho and I booked ourselves a flight to Tokyo after getting a call from a friend of Miss Setsuna's."

Miho continued. "So, when we arrived in Tokyo, we were stopped by a boy. I believe his name was Aoshi."

"Ah, Aoshi Inuki!" Sedna said. "We know him!"

"Indeed, even though I wasn't expecting an immediate capture, I had my own contingency plan in case anything happened to me," the Time Guardian went on. "I had foreseen a confrontation with Charon and didn't hesitate to stop her when I received her letter. I overestimated my clairvoyance and was ambushed by Charon's warriors. Before my meeting with Charon was to occur, I feared I might not have survived. So, I took precautions and asked my old friend, Okami Inuki, to call Miho and Vivian."

"That's when we came to Tokyo and Aoshi found us," Vivian said. "Miss Setsuna sent photos of us to Okami and that's how the kid was able to find us."

Miho added. "Aoshi brought us to stay at his father's dojo while this crisis boils over. After dropping off our luggage there, Aoshi left to see regroup with his friends. As for Vivian and myself, we were told by Okami to go to Hikawa Shrine and hopefully find you all here."

"And we're lucky we did. He told us you guys might've been out on a mission or something."

"Oh, you have no idea!" Eris said. "We went through hell and back in another dimension!"

"Yeah, and we were just with Yugi's group not too long ago," Orcus said.

"REALLY?!" Vivian happily squealed with delight when hearing this. "Damn, I missed out!"

Miho asked. "Are Yugi, Tea, Tristan, and Joey ok?"

"They went to the past to stop some nutcase," Varuna flat out said.

Sedna interjected. "It's a long story, but they should hopefully be back. But, we should worry about the here and now." She approached Miho and Vivian, shaking their hands. "I'm honored to have you join as part of the Kuiper Belt Senshi. I'm the leader, Sailor Sedna."

"We're meant to serve you and the future queen of Crystal Tokyo," the two woman bowed their heads.

"No need to get so modest," the Ice Senshi giggled. "Listen, I'm very thrilled to have two new members. Sailor Makemake, Sailor Haumea, please stand."

The two girls complied and stood.

"Show me your Henshin Sticks."

With that, Vivian and Miho showed their Henshin items.


The two girls nodded and raised their Henshin items. "Makemake/Haumea Planet Power! Make-Up!"

(Cue Magister Negi Magi OST 2 - New Hope (Symphonic Version))

In an instant, Miho and Vivian transformed into Sailor Makemake and Sailor Haumea, the two recent additions to the Kuiper Belt Senshi. The other Kuipers were marveled by their new teammates' forms.

"What crisis do you now face, Sailor Sedna?" Sailor Makemake asked, her seemingly childish disposition replaced with a determined and focused one.

"We're ready to fight alongside you and the others," Sailor Haumea said, addressing in a more polite and serious tone.

Neo Moon walked over beside Sedna and answered. "We're facing a large assortment of different crises as we speak. As you heard Pluto mentioning Charon, that is an enemy we were on the run from as she has taken hold of Sedna's dearest friend and has mind controlled him to do her bidding."

"So, you wish to save this friend of yours?" Haumea asked Sedna, who slightly turned her head and conveyed sadness.

Neo Moon smiled. "He's more than just a friend to her. She loves him dearly."

RJ chuckled. "That's mildly putting it, Usa."

"Please, the more help, the better," Sedna openly pleaded to Makemake and Haumea. "I'd really be honored if you two would join us in the fight to stop Charon, Paradais, and the Neo-Rajita! And to bring my friend and his Digimon back!"

Makemake smiled. "We can clearly tell you love him, Sedna. We'll join you and help reunite you with your love."

"Thank you," Sedna was ecstatic to hear this.

Larry watched everything happen and motioned to his team. "And we're going to help them, too."

Hayata nodded. "Right."

Sara replied. "Of course."

Mika added. "Count me in. This Charon bitch is going down."

Looking on from the shrine, Luna, Artemis, Diana, Desi, and Lucy proudly welcomed the two additional Kuiper members.

"This is incredible, Luna," Artemis commented. "Sailor Moon and the others will be thrilled to see new members."

Luna smiled. "Indeed, and especially now when we need all the help we can get."

Lucy asserted. "Sedna's clearly happy to have them join the team."

Even back in the shrine, Morpheous watched everything take place. He still kept Wolk and DemiDevimon under close watch.

"Helena and her friends getting more power? This oughta be interesting," DemiDevimon murmured as Wolk stayed silent.

As the Kuipers welcomed their new teammates, Pluto motioned Sedna over and reminded her of the Orb of Minos. Sedna picked up the orb and presented it to the new Kuipers.

"What's this?" Makemake asked. When she touched it, she witnessed her brooch emitting a bright glow and seemingly reacting to the orb's immense mystic power. "Wow... for a second, I felt... stronger?"

"Sailor Makemake and Sailor Haumea, I understand you claimed to reached your peaks as Senshi," Pluto addressed the duo. "But, as you can clearly tell, myself, Small Lady, and the Kuipers don completely different forms you're not familiar with."

Haumea blinked. "Um, yeah, I was just going to ask why you aren't in regular Sailor gear."

"You thought being Sailors was great? Wait until you become Valkyrie Senshi," Sedna said, showing the Orb of Minos to Makemake and Haumea. "You will ascend to new levels unimaginable to even you. Your strength, speed, and fighting skills will be augmented several times over. In addition, you'll each gain a spirit animal guide."

"Do you wish to accept or not?" Pluto asked the two.

Makemake and Haumea hastily answered without regret. "We accept!"

"First things first," Sedna said as she motioned to the main Kuiper Senshi team, the Neo Senshi, and the Sailor Quartet. "Without the main Senshi here, it's up to us to thwart the dark forces that bring chaos to our world. As the next generation, we must uphold our Senshi responsibilities!"

The determined young women nodded together and affirmed their positions as Senshi.

(End theme)

"Haumea and Makemake," Pluto openly addressed the two. "Just so you know, when the orb grants you your Valkyrie power, you likely won't receive the newest Dai-Valkyrie power that I and Sedna have received. The other Kuipers and Small Lady will receive theirs because they already received their initial Valkyrie power-ups."

"In short, don't be disappointed," Neo Moon plainly said.

Makemake nodded. "That's ok. Haumea and I don't take shortcuts. We'll earn our powers if we must."

"We might have to wait until Aoshi brings the Moon Heart Crystal to grant y'all your Dai-Valkyrie forms," Eris said.

RJ, Daiki, Adam, Ryuuhi, Max, and Sam stepped back to give the girls room.

"This is gonna be sweet," RJ said. "Usa's getting another upgrade. Good for her."

Daiki smiled. "Amaya's finally getting hers, too. It's been long overdue."

Adam eyed Summoner Venus. "Let's see how their Valkyrie armors turn out."

"I'm mostly curious about what spirit animals they'll receive," Max said, watching Cyber Mercury.

Sam faced Blue Mars' direction. "We're about to find out.

Ryuuhi forged a mental link with Blue Mars. Good luck, Koori.

"Tuxedo Kamen," Pluto addressed the man.

"Yes, Sailor Pluto?"

"Join them."

"You mean...?"

"I believe you're due for an upgrade like the rest of us," she encouraged him.

"If you believe I must," Kamen finally complied as he approached the Senshi.

Neo Moon noticed him coming near them. "Tuxedo Kamen?"

"You won't be the only one getting an upgrade, Usa."

"You mean...?" Neo Moon's face lit up as she saw Pluto nodding. "This really means a lot to me. Thank you, Pluto."

"This might take a while guys," Sedna spoke up while she worked on the Orb of Minos. Hmm, now how does this work?


Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/4:35 PM

Back at the park, the battle with IceDevimon ended rather abruptly when Beelzebumon hit him with a full-powered destructive wave from his Blaster. It impacted IceDevimon fully force and shattered him into pieces. Megumi and Kasumi served their roles as Beelzebumon's back-up crew. They helped distract IceDevimon long enough for Beelzebumon to blast him into pieces.

"C'mon, there ain't no way he's recovering from that," Kasumi observed the shattered ice. "You said that attack was enough to reduce anything to atoms, right?"

Beelzebumon corrected her. "Almost anything."

"No... they're coming to life!" Megumi alarmed them.

They watched as the crushed ice pieces amassed together and diverged from each other. The two piles of ice reconstituted themselves and formed two IceDevimons instead of one.

"Me and my big mouth," snorted Kasumi.

"He did say there's no way of killing him unless we find this Necromon bastard," the demon gritted his teeth and faced the two IceDevimons.

Megumi gripped her wooden sword. "Now what?!"

"This is one of the special abilities we've acquired being Necromon's DigiZombies," cackled the sinister, icy duo. "Destroy our bodies all you like, but we'll keep coming back and in greater numbers. Destroy me and more will take their place. And even dissolving us into atoms won't be enough."

"Then, there's no way to put this guy down unless we find this Necromon," Kasumi concluded.

Beelzebumon snorted. "This is really gonna be a pain in the ass."

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have two pups to hunt. Play gentle with my other half!" The IceDevimon on the right laughed and flew over past the trio.

"GET BACK HERE!" Beelzebumon charged and glided after the IceDevimon, but the other icy clone hit him with an icicle. "Oh, you've done it now!"

"We'll go after the other one!" Megumi said as she and Kasumi pursued the IceDevimon looking for the kids and the Digipups.

Taking his eyes off the ladies, IceDevimon launched himself into Beelzebumon. Beelzebumon seized the ice fiend by his horns and slammed him through a tree. Beelzebumon flew up and bombarded him with a barrage of blasts.

"You better tell me where Necromon's hiding, you punk!" Beelzebumon demanded as he continued firing blasts.

IceDevimon burrowed his way underground to avoid getting blasted into pieces.

Where did he go?! Thought Beelzebumon, surveying the area. "Ai, Makoto, hope you relocated those two little guys and the pups somewhere."

Suddenly, IceDevimon's laughter filled the area and drove Beelzebumon mad.

"They won't get far, Beelzebumon! By the time those harlots find them, the other me will have captured the pups and the kids! Necromon will ensure that all remaining Tamers in the real world perish!"

"We'll see about that," the former Demon Lord growled as he saw walls of ice jutting from the ground and surrounding him. "If you think this'll keep me contained, think again, jack ass!" He quickly unloaded devastating destructive blasts from his cannon blaster. "How about some Death Slinger?!"

Whilst Beelzebumon fired at all directions, IceDevimon poked his head from the ground and patiently waited.

"You're an arrogant fool, Beelzebumon. In the end, the cleverest of Digimon always one-up brutes." He concealed his presence and waited for the moment to strike.


Meikai/Near Demon Priests' Main Lair/4:40 PM

The race to stop the ritual and save Kohana (along with Natsume and the other Makai warriors) was still underway. Yusuke, Rio, and Yasha quickly picked up the pace as they veered into another direction and headed down a flight of stairs. As they jumped off the stairs, they landed a good 30 feet on the ground level whilst bumrushing through a set of doors. They abruptly stopped as three paths diverged leading into different directions.

"Want us to take a different route and see where it takes us?" Yusuke suggested.

Yasha nodded. "No, I know exactly where to go. Follow me."

"Lead the way then," Rio said, grasping his chest. "I can sense the other two Demon Stones. We're gaining progress, but we have little time."

The ex-Spirit Detective replied. "Ok then! Yasha, you know what to do."

As Yasha took the corridor on the far left, they stormed through an seemingly endless tunnel. They reached the other end escaping a ceiling that nearly crushed them.


Catacombs/4:42 PM

Upon discovering Selipa's body laying on a tomb, Tsukiyomi initiated her own investigation. She placed her hands over her general's corpse and scanned for the wound 'Rio' had inflicted on her. She located the wound and sniffed it, picking up a peculiar scent. What caught her attention was the discovery of Youki residue still present in the wound.

Why is there pure Youki energy? This isn't energy from a Demon Stone wielder. Tsukiyomi thought, sniffing the Youki residue. The color in her eyes burned red when her suspicions were confirmed. "Long...!" She roared while carrying Selipa's body. You planned this from the start!


Front Quarters of the Demon Priests' Stronghold/4:45 PM

(Cue Random YYH Battle Themes)

The fighting between Spirit World/Makai and the Meikai groups were entering the final phases. More Meikai soldiers were easily dealt with by the Neo-Spirit Detectives and Chuu's gang.

Cammy used her Dragon Gazer Mirror to disintegrate a fleet of Meikai warriors charging down her direction. The Moonlight Knight battled a few Meikai warriors with his scimitar and kept them at bay. Aoshi, in full Lycan mode, punched and uppercutted a bunch of Meikai demons into the air where they were no longer seen. Riding atop of ShadowMetalGarurumon, Yui shot down a few Meikai soldiers off their demonic hogs. Shura assisted the Neo-Detectives and blasted a group of Meikai soldiers.

Meanwhile, Maya was backed into a corner favoring her left arm as Chii advanced toward her.

"Look at how pitiful you are cowering," Chii chortled evilly, turning her right hand into a blade and prepared to slit Maya's throat. "Any last words?"

Maya struggled as Chii pinned her against a wall.

"Good. Now Sorisa can finally be avenged since you killed her."

She ain't got a chance to hit me with that blade.

Maya quickly probed Chii's mind and wore a reserved smile.

"You forgot one minor detail..."



A long pink blade jutted through Chii's chest. Chii let out a gasp as she saw an energy blade protruding through her body. Maya removed her psychic blade from the demon and and split her down in the middle. As Chii fell dead and cut in half, Maya grabbed her arm and sighed with relief.

"That. Did you forget I can read my opponent's minds? And I can summon a blade in any angle I want," Maya said, sitting down as she waited for her Chimera healing factor to kick in. She pivoted and watched Kurama in the distance dodging Gami. "...Shuichi, be careful."

Elsewhere, Touya and Shishiwakamaru were fighting Maga, who unleashed his full demon beast power and transformed into a humanoid yellow frog.

"Mudballs!" Maga expelled poisonous balls made of mud.

Several hit the ground near Touya and his Shishiwakamaru. A deadly miasma seeped out of the mudballs and attempted to intoxicate them. Touya 'danced' about and summoned a cold wind to put out the poisonous gas.

"Why you!" Maga snarled as his armor began producing a green gelatinous liquid. "Try attacking me now!"

Shishiwakamaru took a chance and hit Maga with his sword. The blade ricocheted off the toad's skin. The swordsman backed off and analyzed Maga's skin.

"That liquid forms over his body and congeals a strong shield that seems impervious to attacks."

"Explains why your sword couldn't hurt me!" laughed Maga.

"But, are you impervious to these?" Touya said, blowing sharp icicles from his hand.

Maga caught all the ice shards with quick reflexes and crushed them in his hands. "Hah, nice try!"

Suddenly, both demons dashed by Maga's side. As he turned around, Shishiwakamaru transformed into his imp form and utilized a demon spell that neutralized Maga's shield. This allowed Touya to skewer Maga with an ice blade and slice him up into pieces.

Not too far off from the others, Jin and Moriya fought one another. Moriya completed his demon beast transformation and became a humanoid gecko. Moriya gave Jin some trouble utilizing a technique that enabled him to shed off a limb after Jin used his wind funnel to cut it off.

Moriya dropped into a fighting stance and watched Jin sitting up.

"It's time we end this!" Moriya laughed and charged ahead to attack Jin. "Die!"

"Growing tired of your talk, ya creepy lizard man!" Jin declared as he spun both fists around and propelled himself forward. He brought both fists forward, both of them powered by the wind. He and Moriya charged into one another, but it was Jin's wind fists that ripped Moriya into pieces, neutralizing his chances of regrowing any limb or piece of his body again.

Jin collapsed and smiled with relief. "...that does it for you, lizard man. Jin wins."

Not far from Jin's location, Suzaka mounted a comeback on Namiza and blasted him with a powerful multi-colored energy beam that vaporized the Shadow Guardian into bits.

Finally, Chuu took care of the final member of the Shadow Guardian unit, Shin. Shin, having transformed into a humanoid rhino, was caught by his horn.

"Y... You haven't won yet...! We, the Shadow Guardians, won't be deterred by low-class Makai scum!" Shin tried boasting his way out of Chuu's grasp.

The alcoholic grinned and reared his head back. He then delivered a skull crushing headbutt to Shin and effectively killed him. He dropped Shin and watched Rinku finish up skewering a bunch of Meikai warriors with his yo-yo threads.

"Nah, these so-called elite guards are a bunch of pushovers!" Chuu roared.

With that, the entire Shadow Guardian fleet were vanquished.

Suddenly, several hundred Meikai warriors stormed out to attack the adversaries.

"You guys go on. Find Natsume and the others!" Chuu called to Kuwabara, Nadeshiko, Maya, and the Neo-Spirit Detectives. "Get to the castle ahead of y'all! We'll stay here and take care of these blokes!"

Nodding, Yui led the charge riding ShadowMetalGarurumon. "This way! We can use the route Yusuke, Rio, and Yasha took!"

ShadowMetalGarurumon slowed his pace as Cammy and Moonlight Knight mounted the metallic beast. Aoshi picked up the pace with his Lycan speed and caught up with ShadowMetalGarurumon. Shura, too, followed the Neo-Detectives and stormed past the main bridge into the castle. After healing herself, Maya sprinted ahead with Kuwabara and Nadeshiko not too far behind her.

The group made a successful infiltration into the Demon Priests' stronghold while the Makai warriors and the remaining Spirit Detective team dealt with the Sheol forces.


Hiei and Shiki continued their sword clash, which ended up going on for a while. Neither warrior were ready to concede to one another.

"Starting to get winded, Hiei of the Jagan eye?" Shiki goaded Hiei into attacking him. He dashed forward and tried catching him with his blades.

From the naked eye, they seemed to move and jump around like flashes of light. Shiki flickered out and reappeared behind Hiei. He attempted to gut Hiei from behind. The demon swordsman whirled around and countered with his sword. Hiei landed a punch into the cybernetic demon's face. Shiki narrowly turned his head and sprang into the air. Hiei channeled darkness fire into his blade and slashed Shiki with it.

"Sword of the Darkness Flame," Hiei chanted whilst hitting Shiki with his black fire-imbued blade.

After a succession of sword strikes, Hiei sent Shiki flying through a tower in the distance. A few seconds later and Shiki emerged with deep cuts over his chest.

"C'mon, show me the Dragon of the Darkness technique. The once forbidden technique forged from the flames of Makai."

Taking up Shiki's challenge, Hiei pointed to his bandaged right arm. A devilish smile formed on the demon's face as he prepared to pull the bandages off.

"You need to earn the opportunity first."

"Let's relocate. I've learned how destructive your Darkness Dragon can be when used in a less open area."

"Whatever you want, but know you asked for this."

The two warriors stormed out of the kingdom and went past the gates to relocate in Sheol's outskirts.


Kurama somersaulted over Gami and hit him from behind with a vine. Stunned but not knocked down, Gami whirled around and missed Kurama. The red-haired fox ducked and threw seeds into the soil, which grew into giant man-eating plants. Gami jumped up and threw a volley of Youki blasts that burned away the large flesh eaters.

Gami landed and surveyed the vicinity. He looked up and saw Kurama scaling up a tower. The Demon Knight charged and grabbed the tower, ripping it off the ground and shaking Kurama off. Kurama jumped off and landed on a bridge. Gami threw the large monument and missed Kurama as the tower crushed the bridge instead.

"Get back here!" Gami charged after Kurama.

While the Demon Knight pursued the crafty fox, Karasu emerged from a dark corner and keenly observed his red-haired arch nemesis leading Gami to a new fight location. The dark clad demon, being equally clever, shifted through the darkness and followed them.

"Lead the way, Shuichi. This time I'll have you all to myself." Whether Gami lives or not means little consequence to Karasu.

Karasu slipped into the darkness again and followed their direction.


As Mizuno went for a water funnel blast, Toki narrowly dodged and fired a Youki blast. The humanoid Sirendramon evaded the deadly blast and forged a bubble barrier to nullify the attack. Toki ran up to the bubble encasing her and punched it hard it exploded.

Baffled by her opponent's strength, Mizuno sprang back and created a good distance between them. Unbeknownst to her, Toki slipped behind Mizuno and applied a hold restraining her. Mizuno roared as she grew into a giant's size and transformed into her Sirendramon form.

Toki jumped away and marveled at Mizuno's dragon form. "What grandeur. This form which you've taken conveys marvelous strength."

Not to be won over with his 'compliments', Mizuno bellowed and expelled a powerful water blast that ripped through her surroundings. One water blast blew a hole through a wall and another destroyed a tower in one shot. Mizuno charged forward and smashed the ground with her tail. Toki sprang into the air and summoned a barrage of Youki blasts.

"I will have you! No matter what it takes!" Toki declared as he threw the blasts over Mizuno's massive frame.

She turned and released a blue beam that canceled all of his blasts.

Toki summoned a long energy whip forged from his own Youki. He whipped Mizuno and neutralized her with it. He struck Mizuno with multiple whip strikes and grabbed a hold of her neck. He squeezed and siphoned her energy with the whip. Mizuno weakened and regressed to her humanoid form.

Mizuno sank to her knees and the last thing she knew she saw a collar around her neck. Toki landed in front of her smiling perversely. Mizuno stood and tried summoning a water technique, but the collar electrocuted her and began suppressing her powers.

"No... you've..." Mizuno tried removing the collar.

"You're finally mine as I've vowed I'd do," the Demon Knight smiled as he ran up and punched Mizuno's gut. He knocked her out in one shot and threw her body over his shoulder. "I'll wait until the collar's effects overtakes you and you become my personal slave. Who said Lady Tsukiyomi is the only one who wants slaves?" He made off with his new prize suppressing his own Youki and headed through the castle's rear.


Unaware of Mizuno's capture, Brimstone was too caught up in his fight with Kanzo. Both warriors were surrounded by a giant ring of fire. The vicinity became so hot that the nearest Meikai warriors were burned alive for being too close. Brimstone ran up and landed punches all over Kanzo. Kanzo backed away and felt fire burning at the symbiote. The black symbiote screeched painfully. In response, Kanzo punched a hole in the ground and burrowed his way underground.

Brimstone placed his hand into the tunnel and sent fire into it to force Kanzo out. Kanzo flew through the earth and summoned a massive ball of Youki. As the fire emerged from the hole, he threw the Youki ball. Both attacks neutralized one another.

"You won't be getting far. I've now discovered your weakness," Brimstone stated. "The black organism you're wearing can't stand my fire."

"We won't be defeated easily!" Kanzo declared as the symbiote screeched and taunted the fire warrior. "You won't get me again, you fool! Make sure and rip this fool's head off so we can dine on him together!" The symbiote and his demon host laughed together.

Brimstone held his ground unfazed and powered up. Wearing his inferno cloak, he propelled into the air and fired a flame blast. Kanzo dodged and stormed near the castle. The flame warrior hastened his flight and went right after him.


Vigor continued his drawn-out battle with Mukuro, Yomi, Enki, and Toguro. With the way the battle went, Vigor turned the momentum against the demons.

(End themes)


Demon Stone Ritual Grounds/4:50 PM

As Kohana lied still on altar, the girl's Demon Stone was filling her body with dark power. Meticulously watching his sister, the Demon Knight mulled over his inevitable duel with Rio. A part of his mind still wondered about Selipa. His mind was so conflicted he couldn't focus.

"Stay focused..." Kyo murmured. "This is all about Rio. One of us will die... and one of us will become Arago's vessel. That honor will go to me."

Long watched from a window and waited for his guests to come.

"They're drawing closer, dear Kyo. It's only a matter of time when you and Rio duel to the death," Long muttered under a snake-like breath. "And Kohana, you my dear, will awaken to face the winner. Oh, I like how everything is falling into place."

However, little did he know, Tsukiyomi finally discovered his malicious scheme and was on her way to confront him on the matter.


The Neo-Spirit Detectives headed through a long corridor taking them in a courtyard. They saw a bunch of Meikai soldiers cutting them off from the pass. Cammy, Aoshi, Moonlight Knight, and Aoshi headed off and hastily took down the demons.

"I can feel her, guys," Yui mused. "Kohana's presence is a little weak, but she's alive."

"No time to lose! C'mon!" Cammy called out and used the Dragon Mirror to blast down a gate.

The Neo-Detectives charged forward and entered another section of the castle, but they were still some ways to reaching the citadel.


Yusuke, Rio, and Yasha were the closest to their destination. Sensing Kohana and Kyo, Rio was more determined than ever to end this nightmare. Yusuke sensed Long's presence and had a fist with the Demon Priest's name written all over it.


Thebes/1009 B.C.

As the small group reached the edge of town, Yugi decided it was necessary to find clothes fitting for the time period. They came to the obvious conclusion that their current garb would make them stand out like sore thumbs. They found perfect disguises after taking clothing from a nearby wash line.

(Cue Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin OST - Hail from the Past)

When they reached the heart of Thebes, Kisara led Yugi, Seto, Lyn, Joey, and Tea through a market center. The present day Duelists looked around at the crowds walking past them. Aside from Lyn, the rest of them were already familiarized with an ancient Egyptian setting. However, the circumstances were much different as this was not inside Atem's memories.

"Kinda crowded here," Lyn said.

"Ya haven't seen anything yet," Joey replied.

Just then, the group stopped when they saw a crowd of townsfolk witnessing something akin to a duel. Curious, the group followed Kisara, who hurried over to see what was going on.

"Hey, wait!" Lyn called out to Kisara.

"Where is she going?" Tea wondered as she looked at the crowds seemingly cheering. "I wonder what's going on that's getting these people riled up?"

"Looks like we've got our answer," Yugi aptly pointed across.

The group stopped behind a crowd and saw two young men glaring one another down. One of them looked like a mirror image of Joey, but this young man wore darker shade of blonde hair, wore light tan complexion (but not glaringly brown skinned), and the usual ancient Egyptian garb. The other looked like Seto but with a light brown complexion and wore rich Egyptian garb.

Seto and Joey were both witnessing an exact outcome being played out before their eyes.

The Egyptian Joey look-alike was on his knees after being crushed in a duel by the Seto look-alike.

"Seth," Kisara muttered, watching him standing before a beaten Joey.

"Looks like I've won again, Jono," Seth had a smug look when glaring down at a defeated Jono. "When are you going to learn to know your place? If you can't even beat me, you have no business dueling Prince Atem."

As Joey's jaw dropped, Seto shared that same smug look seeing his predecessor put Joey's in his place.

"Doesn't that position look awfully too familiar? Looks like your lineage have and always will be dogs, Wheeler."

"Shut it, Kaiba! I'm gonna-!" Before Joey could finish, he and the others saw more familiar faces.

"Jono!" Came a young boy's voice outside the market area.

All eyes turned to see a younger boy and a taller girl walking along with him. Both Yugi and Tea were flabbergasted seeing their predecessors. At least with Yugi, he expected to see Atem, but judging from the boy's age, he was not yet the Pharaoh. He looked and sounded exactly how Yugi used to when he was a teen. Tea was baffled to see an Egyptian version of herself. Both had light brown complexion like most of the local Egyptians in the area.

"That's... him, Yugi! And look it's... me, too!" Tea pointed out.

"Looks like we've landed to when Atem was still a prince. Notice he lacks the Millennium Puzzle?" Yugi keenly observed the young prince and his friend help Jono. "See, Joey? Even in the past, our friendship remains strong."

"Are you okay?" the Tea lookalike asked.

"I'm fine, Teana," Jono said sourly as the girl helped him to his feet.

As Yugi and Teana dusted Jono off, Seth openly scoffed and garnered the prince's attention.

"Seth, don't you think you've dueled Jono enough?"

"I agree, Atem. If I may ask, will you accept my challenge to a duel?"

"As you wish."

Kisara tried to call out, but the crowds were going into a frenzy seeing Atem duel with Seth. Even Yugi, Joey, Seto, Lyn, and Tea were eventually getting lost in the sea of people around them. Suddenly, a man, who appeared to be an aide working for someone, arrived and addressed him.

"Aknadin wishes to seek an audience with you, Seth."

"What's the issue?"

"I'd rather not say in front of the crowd, sir."

"I see," Seto acknowledged the aide and turned toward Atem. "Our duel must be delayed for the moment, my prince. Excuse me."

Nodding, Atem watched Seth and Aknadin's aide walk away much to the crowd's dismay. Atem and Teana took Jono aside to talk with him.

"Jono, what did I tell you about trying to duel Seth? You know he's a genius!" Teana openly scolded him. "When are you going to learn?"

"It's ok. At least by dueling Seth, Jono's seen some improvement," Atem said.

Jono chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "What can I say? I have nothing better to do?"

Seeing this brought smiles on Yugi, Joey, and Tea's faces. As Yugi proclaimed, their friendship stayed consistent across time. Seto and Lyn turned to watch Kisara wave to them.

"Please, excuse me. There's somewhere I need to be," Kisara apologetically said as she slipped through the crowds, leaving the Duelists behind.

Suddenly, Seto sensed something bother him in the back of his mind. His instincts were telling him to pursue the blue-haired girl.

"Lyn, we should go after her."


"I have a bad feeling something might happen. It might be an awful idea for them to meet up at this point. They're not fated to... I can't really explain."

"You don't have to. I understand clearly about messing up with the timelines. Let's go," she said, taking his hand as they guided each other through the crowd. "I can't believe we saw ancient Egyptian versions of ourselves. That's just mind-boggling to think about." As she and Seto made through the crowd, they watched Yugi, Joey, and Tea still in the crowds. "Shouldn't we wait for them?"

"No, they have to see the Pharaoh. The only way to him is meeting the prince, who you saw looks like Yugi."

"All right then," she simply nodded and followed Seto as they went looking for Kisara.

Once again, Seto felt another terrible vibe grip the back of his mind. Lyn quickly noted the disturbed look etched on his face.

"What now, Seto?"

"We have to hurry! C'mon!"

"I'm behind you!"

(End theme)

Using her smart street wit, Lyn helped Seto take a short cut pass toward the direction they last saw Kisara. Once they arrived, they stopped and hid behind a wall. To their dismay, Seto and Lyn saw Kisara about to catch up to Seth and the aide. Lyn instinctively jumped out and grabbed Kisara, pulling her into a corner where Seto waited.

Lyn had one hand over Kisara's mouth to keep her from shouting. The three hid behind a wall as Seth and the aide were about to turn around a corner.

Kisara pulled herself off Lyn and turned around, surprised to see her again.

"What's the meaning of this?" she demanded.

Lyn plainly answered. "What you're about to do is a colossally bad idea, messing with fate."

"But, why...?"

Before any of them could properly answer her, they heard Seth and Aknadin's aide exchanging word about the urgent matter regarding a cult.

"The Cult of Apophis is at large again, Seto," the aide explained to the young man.

"Cult of Apophis?" Lyn overheard them. "I know about the Staff of Apophis that Pegasus has, but a cult?"

Just then, the three heard footsteps behind them. They turned and heard a group of Egyptian men laughing evilly. Kisara's eyes widened as she fearfully slipped behind Seto and Lyn.

"Those men...!" Kisara cried out. "They're part of that group following me. They found me!"

"Hey, who are you? Are you those guys involved with the Cult of Apophis?" Lyn shouted toward the men.

One of the men looked somewhat surprised.

"What do you know about our Cult?"

"We know enough that you've caused enough trouble!" Seto exclaimed

"Not when we've stolen enough Ba to empower the Staff of Apophis and our transformations," another evil man amongst them replied.

So, it is the Staff of Apophis! Then, these jerks have been using its powers before we did! Lyn thought as she narrowed her eyes and glared at the men.

"If you'll kindly hand yourselves over to us, we'll take your Ka," a tall man with a goatee demanded as he advanced on them. "Since you apparently know of our organization, we can't have you spreading word around."

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories - Priest Seto)

With that, the evil men transformed into Duel Monsters of a variety of shapes and sizes – ranging from Goblins, Alligator Swords, and other warrior types.

"Then, you're able to turn into monsters, correct?" Seto asked, wearing a smug look as he and Lyn's bodies glowed and turned golden. "Ready, Lyn?"

"Let's do it!"

With that, Seto and Lyn utilized their Spirit Fusion powers. They transformed themselves into Kaibaman and D.D. Warrior Lady. The cultists were greatly taken aback by two strangers turning into Duel Monsters before their eyes. Kaibaman and D.D. Warrior Lady quickly bumrushed the evil men. Kisara was astonished with the sudden turn of events. What surprised her most was two strangers she met change into Duel Monsters.

They were able to transform into monsters, too?! Thought Kisara as she fell into a mental state of disarray.

Realizing that Seto and Kisara were more trouble than they were worth, the cult members quickly ran past them. The head of the group, the tall man with the goatee, grabbed Kisara and made off with her.

"NO!" Lyn shouted as she went after them, but Seto stopped her. "What are you doing?!"

"They went the opposite direction from where Seth and that man would be able to see them," he stated, taking Lyn's hand as they headed off after the men. "We can't let them take out her dragon!"

"Right, but we can't let Seth see that they've captured Kisara!"

Nodding, Seto replied. "We have to save her without Seth knowing we were even here to begin with!"

The two Spirit-Fused Duelists jumped on the roof of a home and watched the cult members loaded Kisara into a caravan on the edge of town. The couple nodded to each other and moved in to follow the caravan.

"We'll be able to rescue her if they lead us to their hideout, Seto."

Seto replied. "We have to do it before Seth finds out. If Seth is anything like me, he won't be far behind."

(End theme)


Cavern/1009 B.C.

Meanwhile, back at the Duelists' cavern base, most of the Duelists stayed inside to keep themselves from being seen in plain view. Some took the time to duel each other with their cards. While the activity level rose in the cave, Leo used this opportunity to convince Luna and Syrus to follow Yugi's group. Mokuba overheard them and agreed to go along as their chaperone.

When the four of them walked a good distance from the cave, Mokuba took a deep breath and smiled.

"I have to admit I wanted out of that cave so bad," Mokuba grinned. "Besides, I completely missed out on that trip Seto, Yugi, and the others had before. This is my chance to see Ancient Egypt!"

Leo chimed in. "Ha, what are we waiting for then? C'mon, it's this way!" He pointed toward Thebes sitting in the distance.

Luna added. "Let's be careful. I bet the others are already noticing we're gone."

Syrus sighed. "I just hope Jay doesn't get mad at me for doing this."

"Who cares?! We'll explain everything when we go back!" Leo said energetically. "They'll understand!"

"If that's Thebes, we'll hopefully find my brother, Lyn, Yugi, Tea, and Joey," Mokuba smiled as he waved to the three behind him. "Let's check it out, but stick close to me."

"Right!" The three shouted in unison as they followed Mokuba into Thebes.


When the absence of Mokuba, Leo, Luna, and Syrus was discovered, the group went into panic and searched outside the cavern. However, Yusei deduced that they might've likely gone to Thebes. Akiza, Alexis, and Serenity offered to bring them back.

The three girls' eyes fell on Thebes ahead of them.

"I still can't believe they went off without telling us," Alexis muttered irritably. "They're so going to get it from me!"

"Relax, Alexis, we'll find them," Akiza reassured her, staring across and facing Thebes.

Serenity sighed. "At least Mokuba went with them. All right, let's get going."

The girls headed off toward Thebes unaware of the evil cultists' activity.


Thebes/1009 B.C.

Later on when things settled down, Atem, Jono, and Teana left to retreat to a secluded section of the plaza, the still disguised Yugi, Joey, and Tea followed Atem, Jono, and Teana closely. Alarmed, Atem and his friends watched the robed Duelists approach them.

"Who are you?" Atem demanded.

When the Duelists disrobed, they revealed themselves to the shock of the three Egyptians.

"Atem, they look like us!" Teana pointed out.

Jono blinked thrice as he and Joey looked at each other. "Is this a trick?"

"What's the meaning of taking our appearance? Are you assassin spies?!" Atem demanded.

Joey tried to play peacekeeper. "Whoa, hold on! We don't mean to alarm ya!"

"Listen" Yugi intervened as he approached Atem. "Prince, you must warn your father, the Pharaoh."

"Why? What would my father need to know from three strangers?"

Yugi put his hands on Yugi's shoulders. "Please, hear us out. Tell your father that there's a man attempting to steal the three Egyptian Gods."

The Egyptians' reactions were that of apprehension and confusion when Yugi told them. Atem looked around and beckoned the three Duelists to follow him to another location to discuss their concerns.


Present Day/Digital World/5:09 PM

Back in the Digital World, the war between the Digimon-Duel Monster communities and the Neo-Rajita continued to spread.

The major battles have yet to be decided as the three major pillars of the Digital World, the Royal Knights, the Dra-Warriors, and the Amazon Kingdom, put up a long-lasting effort against the alien invaders.


Southern Digital Realm/Amazon Kingdom/5:10 PM

(Cue Bleach OST 3 - Encirclement Battle)

The battle front between the Amazon tribes and Ztreko-Li's forces spread out within and beyond the Amazon Kingdom's boundaries. Many casualty numbers mounted on both sides. Large numbers of Neo-Rajita and Amazons were killed as the war dragged on. The Amazons slowly gained an upperhand over the invaders mainly due to fighting on home turf. The familiarity of their territory granted them advantages over the invaders.

But, the Neo-Rajita drove the Amazons back utilizing advanced tech and gear to their fullest. Even tribal weapons were not a match for powerful high tech weaponry, but the Amazons fight back with advanced tech they've gained from the Dra-Warriors.

Battles were currently waged on land and by sky. No matter where one turned, there was a fight being engaged.

Two Lilamon sprayed thing, green beams and tore through a hovercraft. However, another hovercraft came up and blasted them both into digital dust. A Magnadramon flew over and expelled green flames that destroyed the flying mechanized transport.

Two Amazoness warriors rode on a Pegasusmon and Unimon as they flew over a fleet of Foxzards and Bio-Vivians. Pegasusmon and Unimon blasted a few of the aliens with their attacks. A few quickly put up their shields, protecting them from the Digimon attacks. The Amazoness threw spears which hit a few of these aliens.

Amazoness Fighter led a group of Amazoness soldiers against a fleet of Rajita Sirens. The female aliens bumrushed the battle-ready Amazoness soldiers. As the Sirens drew out their laser blades, the Amazoness women fought back using knife-edged daggers made from Chrome Digizoid. The Sirens were surprised their laser swords failed to cut through the Amazoness' weapons.

"Keep fighting, my sisters!" Amazoness Fighter bellowed while charging through a few Sirens like a raging bull. She picked up a Siren and bodyslammed her into the ground.

An Amazoness soldier lunged at a Siren and slit her throat using her blade. However, another Siren came up and impaled the unguarded warrior's chest with a laser sword. One Amazoness soldier cried out angrily and stabbed the alien with her spear. More in-fighting commenced between the Amazoness and Sirens.

Amazon Archer beckoned her Amazoness Archers to fire their arrows. After a swift hand motion, the Archers launched a massive barrage of arrows that came down from the skies and arrowed down a bunch of Bio-Vivians and Foxzards.

Amazoness Chainmaster bumrushed three Kaiser Knights, swinging her chain and catching one Knight. She pulled one forward and swung him into one of his allies. The third Kaiser Knight charged ahead ready to skewer the warrior woman with his claws. Chainmaster prepared for the Knight and threw her chain toward his legs. She chained up his ankles and yanked him off his feet. She ran forward using the three-bladed end of her chain and stabbed him. As the two Knights recovered, Magnadramon came up and vaporized them with green fire.

"Thank you, Magnadramon," Chainmaster said.

On another side of the battle, Amazoness Paladin and Unfriendly Amazon fought off a bunch of Sirens. Paladin slashed down a few Sirens with her sword. Unfriendly gutted a Siren and kicked her off her blade. A few Amazoness Scouts and Trainees provided aid to Paladin and Unfriendly. However, a Mach fighter mech unit flew over and gunned down a bunch of these Amazons, save Paladin and Unfriendly.

"Oh no!" Paladin cried out, fueled with rage seeing her sisters being killed.

Unfriendly snapped. "You sons of bitches!" She charged at the Mach fighter and dodged the incoming laser bullets coming her way. She swerved to her left side and jumped forward, driving her blade through the cockpit of the Mach Fighter unit. She slashed the cockpit open revealing a now dead Siren. "That's for my sisters you killed."

Elsewhere, Amazoness Blowpiper and a group of Amazoness Scouts attacked an army of Rajita cyborgs. Utilizing chainguns at their disposal, the cyborgs gunned a few unfortunate Scouts down. Blowpiper blew darts quickly that jammed their ammunition mechanisms. This allowed for the other Scouts to pull out laser guns and blast away the cyborgs. Blowpiper ran up to a cyborg and ripped its arm off, disarming it quickly.

Amazoness Trainer helped some Butterflymon and Amazoness soldiers hold off a Siren army.

Demetermon surveyed her surroundings and noticed she was surrounded by Rajita Sirens. They prepared to open fire. However, Demetermon quickly ran her hands into the ground and channeled her powers into the roots underneath them. The ground rumbled as the alarmed Sirens saw vines coming out to grab them. Demetermon pulled her hands out and allowed nature to fight her battle.

Paladin and Demetermon both turned toward the kingdom behind them.

"My queen," Paladin and Demetermon referred to their respective leaders – Athenamon and Swordswoman.

(End theme)


Within the forest, other battles were being waged closer to the Amazon Kingdom. More Amazoness soldiers fought Sirens, Bio-Vivians, and Foxzards.

Another battle front was being waged between Ztreko-Li's Subordinate Officers and Athenamon's elite guard.

Castillo clashed with D'Arcmon. Mermaimon and Mee-Nai. Titaniamon engaged the brutish Minessa.

Castillo phased out of D'Arcmon's reach and reappeared above her. The Neo-Rajita warrior drew out a gun and fired rapidfire plasma bullets that tore through the ground, but narrowly hit D'Arcmon. The Amazon prepared for the coming blasts and cut through them with her La Pucelle blade.

"Dancing Sword!" D'Arcmon howled, running ahead and hitting Castillo with a quick slash.

The slash knocked the gun from Castillo's hands. Castillo grunted as her near impervious skin protected her from the brunt of the blade. Castillo cupped her hands forward and threw a volley of energy beams toward D'Arcmon. The Amazon put up her guard and batted away the beams with the blade. Castillo lunged forward and clobbered D'Arcmon with a punch.

"Not so tough, are ya?!" Castillo smirked, licking the blood from her bottom lip. "I haven't even evolved yet! So sad for you, idiot."

D'Arcmon held her ground, panting and gripping her sword.

"Ah, so you want me to show you?" The overly confident Neo-Rajita grinned. "Ok then! You should've so sooner!" With that, she took a fighting stance as a red aura flared around her. "Thrust! Castillo Shinka!"

(Cue Bleach OST 3 - Start of Fight)

As she completed her transformation, Castillo's body became more deer-like. Nearly her whole body was covered in thick white fur, sports sheep-like horns above her brow, and her feet turning into hooves. Both of her eyes turned amber with a red outline around them. She instinctively shook her head and unleashed long projectiles that flew across like boomerangs.

"Boomerang Horns!"

D'Arcmon narrowly evaded the cutting-edge projectiles. As she somersaulted on a tree, the boomerang came back and broke the tree branch she stood on. D'Arcmon jumped up and landed near Castillo.

"Looks like you're having trouble," taunted Castillo as the boomerang projectile turned to her.

D'Arcmon rebuked, tilting her blade. "I won't fall easily!"

"We'll see about that!" laughed the Neo-Rajita, stomping the ground and splitting it two as D'Arcmon jumped up avoiding her. "I'll crush you with Pajiramon's power!"

"She has the power of a Deva?" D'Arcmon muttered. "But, I won't be easily defeated!"


Mermaimon and Mee-Nai relocated to another section of the jungle. They arrived near a lake where Mermaimon manipulated the water and unleashed a barrage of water bullets toward Mee-Nai. Mee-Nai used her sai and used quick reflexes to counter the water bullets. Mee-Nai slipped into the water and used her camouflage to throw Mermaimon off her guard.

Mermaimon touched the water's surface and tried feeling out Mee-Nai's presence. Her fingers felt a light albeit slow movement coming near her right side. She pulled out her anchor and slammed into the water, exposing Mee-Nai's presence and forcing her to undo her camouflage.

Mee-Nai flew into the air and unloaded a few energy balls. Mermaimon lifted her anchor, which forged a barrier over her that nullified these energy balls.

"My, my, you're not half-bad," Mee-Nai complemented her adversary.

The marine Amazon retorted to her. "You think that's something? You haven't seen me when I'm mad!"

"Oh, yes, you've shown to be very impulsive and thick-headed. Just like my colleague Minessa," Mee-Nai sighed, lifting her sai into the air. "No wonder you're so predictable."

"What now?!"

"This..." Mee-Nai giggled as she phased out and reappeared behind Mermaimon. She swiftly drove her sai into Mermaimon and attempted to cut her arm off.

Mermaimon narrowly dodged losing her arm, but still got stabbed in her shoulder. Gripping her shoulder, Mermaimon jumped back and watched Mee-Nai licking the Amazon's blood from her blade.

"Delicious. I bet you'll taste better when I've skewered you," the calm and reserved Subordinate Officer giggled at Mermaimon's expense. She phased out and reappeared above Mermaimon. "Take this!" She fired a pink energy blast.

Mermaimon instinctively dodged the incoming blast. As she landed on the lake's surface, she summoned pillars of water to guard her from Mee-Nai's blasts. Each blast hit a water pillar.

"How annoying. You make me resort to evolving to finish you. Oh well, can't be helped," the female Neo-Rajita added as she raised her sai overhead. She beckoned. "Strangle! Mee-Nai Shinka!" As a pink aura enveloped her, her body transformed.

When her transformation completed, Mee-Nai resembled a white naga (a serpent woman). She retained her woman's upper body, but her lower half became a long slender serpent's tail from the stomach down. Three pink dots formed under her right eye. A cobra's hood formed in the back of her head, completing her change.

"Great, just my luck," muttered Mermaimon.

"I have the data of Sandiramon incorporated into my being," Mee-Nai announced, which further confirmed the cobra characteristics she took on. She lowered her sai, which transformed into a lance that the snake Deva used to subdue his enemies. "Get ready to feel my bite, Amazon." With that, she lunged forward and prepared to strike Mermaimon down.

Taking a stance, Mermaimon summoned a water construct. "We'll see about that!"

(End theme)



Minessa and Titaniamon clashed swords back and forth. They traded sword strikes for a short interval. Titaniamon moved out of Minessa's sword reach. Having spent time reading her sword and fighting patterns, Titaniamon managed to dodge the Neo-Rajita warrior's sword attacks. Losing patience, Minessa roared and swung her sword down. Titaniamon swerved to the side and came up behind Minessa. She landed quick elbow into Minessa's back, causing her to stumble forward.

"Damn it!" cursed Minessa. "You redheaded bitch!"

"Look who's talking, you naked gorilla."

Irked by her opponent's insult, she whirled around and attempted to slice through Titaniamon's waist. All she could hit was the Amazon's after image. "Shit-!" Before she could finish, Titaniamon came up and pointed her sword to the back of Minessa's head.

"Give up," calmly muttered the reserved Amazon.

Nervously sweating, Minessa phased out and reappeared several feet from Titaniamon.

She's damn good! She's able to match and even surpass my own sword skills! Minessa thought while stepping back.

"Lay down your arm unless you're asking for a death wish."

"Me surrender to you?! You're outta your mind!"

"Then, my Oberon will strike you down where you stand.

(Cue Fairy Tail OST - Erza Scarlet Theme (Battle) )

Gripping her broad sword, she charged and clashed swords with Titaniamon. This time Minessa opened her hand and fired an orange beam from her palm. Titaniamon narrowly dodged the beam, which grazed her right cheek. Minessa gained leverage and pushed Titaniamon back. She phased and reappeared behind Titaniamon. She punched the redhead's back and made her stumble. Seeing an opening, Minessa thrust her sword and drove it into Titaniamon's back. The Amazon turned around and grabbed her sword.

"Nice try," Titaniamon smirked, applying and discharging lightning through her sword. "Testarossa Force!" She invoked her lightning spell and invoked an immense thunder force that repelled Minessa back.

After being blasted back, Minessa scowled and was on the verge of yelling. She slid her hand over her sword and beckoned her evolution power. "Engulf! Minessa Shinka!" A pillar of hot orange light consumed her. She quickly did her transformation before Titaniamon's eyes.

Before Titaniamon could even strike her down, Minessa jumped out of the pillar and punched her back. Titaniamon landed on her feet and favored her face. Minessa emerged and unveiled her evolved state. She now resembled a yellow-armored, red-striped Amazon warrior with two lion's claws folding over her enormous breasts, a yellow armored thong, a yellow armor-like neck garment, and yellow boots (with red stripes running down the sides) that go up all the way to her thighs. She sported sharp saber-toothed fangs and a long yellow lion's mane. Her revealing armor exposed more of her toned, muscular body. She kept the broad sword in her right hand.

"I have the power of SaberLeomon resonating with me. And I shall use it to pulverize you!"

"Think you're the only one who can pull off a wardrobe change?"

With that, Titaniamon raised her Oberon overhead. "Titaniamon Mode Change!" A set of emerald columns of light materialized around and consumed her. Titaniamon's entire wardrobe changed as her clothing and armor vanished, leaving her a transparent nude figure. A new set of white and gold armor materialized on her body. The armor was lighter and sturdier. It looked more akin to chainmail bikini armor, showing off her revealing figure. Her last wardrobe came in the form of footwear – a pair of armored sandals that go all the way up to her shins and thighs. "Speed Armor Activate!"

Minessa furrowed her brows and readied her sword. "Seems we both have the same idea, but we'll see who's fastest between us."

Titaniamon dropped into a sword wielder's stance and focused.

Both warriors utilized their augmented speed and clashed swords again. This time both phased out quickly and took to the air. Both moved rapidly matching sword strikes. Titaniamon and Minessa landed near a rock formation where they glared each other down. They were now on par with each other speedwise, but Minessa possessed the power advantage now with SaberLeomon's brute force.

"Take this!" Minessa used her claw attack. "Howling Crusher!"

Titaniamon's image flickered out before the attack hit her. She reappeared on Minessa's right side.

"Twin Fang!" Minessa unleashed a envenomed hairs from her hair to catch her with.

Titaniamon phased out quickly and left an after image behind for the hairs to hit. The Amazon found herself dodging Minessa's attacks. The drawback of the Speed Armor was that she sacrificed her power for speed, but that gave her the advantage of wearing out Minessa faster. As Minessa lunged at her with claws ready, Titaniamon amplified lightning her in her armored sandaled feet. She neutralized the Neo-Rajita warrior with a lightning-powered kick.

(End theme)


(Cue Bleach OST - Stand Up Be Strong)

Near the kingdom, Amazoness Swordswoman and Amazoness Queen continued to clash swords. Once beloved sisters, the two battle-hardened women were going at it like they were truly enemies. Swordswoman pushed her scimitar up and gained leverage over Queen. Queen struggled to hold her ground, but then used experience on her side by leg sweeping Swordswoman off her feet. Swordswoman lost her footing only to land on a hand. She used it to handspring herself back.

Queen bumrushed Swordswoman and attempted to behead her. Swordswoman ducked and jumped up, kicking Queen square in the jaw. Queen stumbled back and nearly lost her sword. Swordswoman held her ground waiting for Queen.

"We shouldn't be fighting each other, my sister," Swordswoman pleaded. "You helped deliver me when my mother gave birth to me! We were close! Why must we fight?!"

Queen withdrew her eyes from Swordswoman, not daring to look her in the eyes.

"You can still turn away from the enemy and fight alongside us."

"No, it's too late for that, sister," Queen muttered coldly. "I still mourn for our Sage's passing, but I still can't get over the notion of her choosing you to be a queen of our clan! I was the oldest child when you were born. I rightfully should've taken my rightful place after her! Paladin was only chosen because I left!"

As her heart ached listening to Queen, Swordswoman kept a cool composure and gripped her scimitar. "Mother didn't choose you because she sensed you had darkness and resentment after what happened on that bloody massacre... when she transformed into the black panther beast and slaughtered our sisters... but those sisters condemned her! Don't you remember?!"

"I was there, but you weren't. How could you have known how myself and our sisters felt that day?!"

Queen withdrew her urge to cry as she ran up and clashed with Swordswoman. She kicked Swordswoman's stomach and clobbered her with a punch. Swordswoman fell back and steadied herself. Queen ran up and kicked Swordswoman's face. Queen then clubbed her in the back. Swordswoman fell facefirst and lost hold of her scimitar.

"Sage selected you because you were the chosen one. I couldn't qualify because I still had hatred for what she did to our older sisters. She butchered them all."

"Because they were fools..." Swordswoman protested. "All my mother wanted was to love! She loved the man who would be my father! But, I'll never get to know him because they killed him in front of my mother!" She quickly picked up her scimitar and elbowed Queen's stomach.

As Queen stumbled back, Swordswoman jumped at her and wrestled her down. Swordswoman used her superior strength to overpower Queen. The latter struggled to match her younger sister's brute strength. She got out of this exchange with a headbutt to Swordswoman's face. Queen kip-upped to her feet and hit her with a side kick. Swordswoman fell into the front entrance. Two Amazoness Tigers lunged forward to attack Queen. Queen was ready as she grabbed one and planted it with a bodyslam. She wrestled the other and slammed its head into a rock. She turned around and picked up her sword.

Swordswoman stood up and beckoned Queen to attack her. The oldest sister obliged and speared Swordswoman past the entrance. Swordswoman folded her arms around Queen's waist and slammed her through a wall.

While the two sisters tried 'reconciling' their differences, Athenamon and Ztreko-Li engaged sword action on the Rajita general's airship carrier. Both warriors swiftly moved around the ship at supersonic speeds. Athenamon flew down and attempted to split Ztreko-Li in two. The reserved Neo-Rajita general utilized an evasive counter and moved aside at a hair's breadth.

Athenamon whirled around and swung her sword horizontally. Ztreko-Li countered by bringing her instrument over her face and blocking the Digi-Amazon Queen's blade. The sword play between the women demonstrated their tremendous skill in swordsmanship. Both warriors were able to fight on an even playing field.

Twisting her sword around, Ztreko-Li rapidly countered every one of Athenamon's sword strikes. She did this by switching her blade between her left and right hand.

Incredible. Her swordsmanship is on par with my own. Athenamon thought whilst dodging Ztreko-Li's sword thrusts. She perceived Ztreko-Li's sword being aimed for her forehead. She dodged by moving her head. She went for a straight sword thrust, which Ztreko-Li seemingly deciphered before the Digi-Amazon could initiate her attack.

Ztreko-Li moved her head and phased out behind Athenamon. Athenamon turned around and saw Ztreko-Li swinging her sword. With a sword swing, she unleashed an immense attack following the arch of her sword swing. The attack initiated became wide spread and wiped out a monument behind Athenamon. Athenamon was baffled by her opponent's speed.

She might be faster than me! The Digi-Amazon stayed alert. She floated up to meet Ztreko-Li. "Your name."

"Ztreko-Li, the third Neo-Rajita General in ranking and an elite amongst Lord Gamera's generals."

"You have quite the swordsmanship and almost on par with my own. And we're both highly intuitive and read an individual's demeanor. Tell me, what can you analyze looking at me?"

Taking Athenamon's challenge, Ztreko-Li studied the Amazon's features and noted a serious demeanor. If one were to guess, Athenamon's resolve seems to remain intact and her fighting spirit hasn't left her.

Ztreko-Li guessed right. "You're resolve is admirable. Let us continue our battle, Athenamon, but..." She lifted her sword over her face and narrowed her hawk-like eyes, piercing a determined glare. "...I won't waver to you."

Athenamon readied her sword. "Same here."

(End theme)


While the battle for the Amazon Kingdom pressed on, a presence hiding in the forest observed all the fighting going on. The half-dragon, half-serpent presence concealed 'herself' in the darkness and prepared to initiate Paradais' next plan into motion.


Southern Digital Realm/Dra-Warriors/5:13 PM

The battle between the Dra-Warriors and the Neo-Rajita invaders, led by Revenant, escalated as both sides gained advantages and lost warriors in the heat of battle. The Dra-Warriors utilized their own strength in numbers and advanced technological devices to fight the Neo-Rajita on equal terms.

Of the three major pillars, the Dra-Warriors were the most technologically advanced and sound. However, what they made up for in advanced tools, they lacked the raw power of the Royal Knights and the finesse & keen sense of land familiarity like the Amazons.

However, their technology was effective in holding off the Neo-Rajita.

(Cue Star Wars Episode III OST - Anakin vs. Obi-Wan)

Kyodaidramon (Herodramon's Mega form) and Espirtdramon (Ninjadramon's Mega form), both filling in as co-leaders in Imperialdramon's absence, proved to be just as competent enough to lead the Dra-Warriors. They were also doing well in keeping Revenant occupied during the long-standing battle.

Witty Phantom sat on a lookout post and witnessed the battle take place.

"Heh, things aren't looking good for our Dra-Warriors friends," the cruel imp smirked, savoring every second of the Dra-Warrior's dilemma.

Revenant held a giant battle ax over his back, waiting for Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon to make their next move. The methodical yet arrogant Neo-Rajita general circled around the two Dra-Warriors and phased out. He reappeared behind the twosome and readily brought his ax down. The Dra-Warriors evaded the ax coming down. Espirtdramon retaliated by firing a magical blast into Revenant's face. Kyodaidramon somersaulted back.

"You two nimble fools won't get so lucky the next time," Revenant scoffed in an arrogant tone. He lifted his ax off the ground, which ripped off a chunk of land. "I am Revenant, the Second General of Lord Gamera's elite! You worms are not fit to challenge me!" He swung around his ax and flung the chunk of earth toward them.

Kyodaidramon glided forward and punched the large piece of earth with his fist. Revenant ripped off another chunk and threw it toward them. This time Espirtdramon intercepted the chunk.

"Magical Blast!"

One magical blast zapped the piece of land and turned it into debris.

"Dragon Cannons!"

Kyodaidramon blasted another land chunk thrown toward him.

Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon started evading more debris being thrown their direction. They fought back and blasted most of the flying earth chunks. Revenant took advantage of this and bumrushed the Dra-Warriors. Using his enhanced strength, He punched the ground near them and pulverized it completely.

"Whoa!" Espirtdramon shouted as he and his partner took to the air.

Kyodaidramon remarked. "That giant bag of bones could do that much damage?"

"You're only lucky to still be alive," Revenant stated. "One cleave from this ax is enough to cut down your entire base."

"I'd like to see you try!" Kyodaidramon yelled, though he inadvertently just goaded him to do so, to which Espirtdramon cut him off.

"Whoa! Let's not give him any ideas!" Espirtdramon hounded his partner.

"Heh, perhaps I will," Revenant eyed the direction of the Dra-Warrior main headquarters. Preparing to lift his ax, he centered his view directly on the heart of it. However, just when he prepared to swing, the two Dra-Warriors charged the Neo-Rajita and pushed him back. "Ergh! So, you've changed your mind?"

Revenant blew them both back with an aura wave. The Dra-Warriors hit the ground as they landed together.

"Man, that's immense power!" Espirtdramon exclaimed.

Kyodaidramon stood up while favoring his back. "Yeah... we really seriously can't take our eyes off him. He may look like a giant bag of bones, but he's got super strength and he's faster than either of us."

"I'm disappointed Imperialdramon isn't here to witness the demise of his own headquarters," Revenant stated. "But, seeing the terror on your faces will be more than enough to satisfy me." As he produced another aura, the power emanating from him swept through the base and created a shockwave that stunned Dra-Warriors. "Can you measure my power? Did you or your warriors think you could stand a chance?"

Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon stood and readied themselves for the Neo-Rajita general. However, what they didn't realize, until the last minute, was the black mist leaking out from under Revenant's feet. This black mist spread around Revenant like an aura, but it served another purpose, too. This black mist deleted the ground underneath him.

"Espirtdramon, look!" Kyodaidramon pointed to the ground being deleted instantaneously in seconds.

Kyodaidramon painstakingly noted. "He's creating another aura that's deleting the environment around him. The only other being capable I know capable of this was the D-Reaper!"

"Not quite," Revenant said, methodically walking forward while the mist 'ate' the surface he walked on. "The D-Reaper just deletes. This dark mist my body is producing not only deletes, but effectively accelerates aging. Allow me to demonstrate." Without lifting a hand, the mist spread over to the northeast side of base and caught a few Dra-Warriors, effectively aging them into skeletons and deleting them.

"NO!" Espirtdramon bellowed in shock.

"You monster!" Kyodaidramon roared as he bumrushed the Neo-Rajita.

"Kyodaidramon, don't!" Espirtdramon flew in and grabbed Kyodaidramon, pulling him up into the air to avoid Revenant's aging mist.

"My Aging Mist can spread anywhere I will it to. It can even freely move through the air and spread," Revenant evilly chortled, beckoning his dark mist to pursue the two Dra-Warriors. He watched them flee through the air. "Flee, flee as far as you can, but you two are only delaying your own demise!"

As the mist spread over and reached closer to them, the Dra-Warriors upped their flight speed and tried outpacing it. Espirtdramon grimaced as the mist touched his tail and began eroding it.

"It got my tail!" Espirtdramon grimaced and called to his partner. "Kyodaidramon, cut off the lower half of it! It's spreading!"

Kyodaidramon complied and cut off Espirtdramon's bottom half of the tail, which fell to the ground and dissolved into dust. Kyodaidramon shuddered when he saw a bony protrusion sticking out of his friend's remaining tail.

"That was close. Thanks..." Espirtdramon panted, sighing with relief.

Kyodaidramon nodded. "It's all right, my friend."

The Dra-Warriors watched the aging mist coming toward them again. They hastily flew out of proximity of where the mist spread. A few more Dra-Warriors were caught by the mist and deleted.

"Enough! We're your opponents!" Espirtdramon chastised the Neo-Rajita general.

Revenant chortled. "Oh, very well. I'd rather much enjoy killing you two first. I merely wanted to give you a demonstration."

"By using our warriors as part of your sick experiment, you monster," Kyodaidramon growled.

As Revenant drew his dark mist to him, the Dra-Warrior duo cautiously landed and planned their next move.

"Oh, the drama. What will they do next?" Witty Phantom cackled. "Revenant, it's time we put them out of their misery!"


Outside of the base, Galaxiadramon (Jogress of Luzdramon and Panzerdramon), Samuridramon, Flamedramon, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Luster Dramon, and Armed Dragon LV7 headed the defenses against Revenant's Subordinate officers. In the background, the numerous Dragon and Duel Monsters engaged Rajita cyborgs, Kaiser Knights, Draconian Guardians, and Bio-Vivians.

Galaxiadramon wrestled with Mammut as the latter hoisted the Dra-Warrior and threw him into the air. Mammut bellowed as a red aura enveloped him.

"What now?!" Galaxiadramon wondered as he stayed afloat and watched Mammut's form changing. "He's...!"

"Trample! Mammut Shinka!" Mammut bellowed while his form resembled more like Mammothmon. A long silver trunk, tusks, and ears adorned his face. Tufts of ginger fur covered his massive frame. "I'll pulverize you!" He raised his trunk and expelled a giant ball of energy from it. "Freezing Breath!"

Galaxiadramon evaded the incoming freezing ball and flew down grabbing Mammut's tusks. The two powerhouses wrestled each other back. Mammut gained leverage and flipped Galaxiadramon over with little effort. Mammut seized him with his trunk and began choking him.

"Give up or I'll pop your head off like a champagne cork!"

Tightening his grip, Mammut squeezed Galaxiadramon's neck. The Dra-Warrior struggled to lift his feet into Mammut's face. Then, using his free right hand, he forged an excess of chaotic energy and pressed it into Mammut's face.

"Galaxy Rage!"

"AUGH!" Mammut roared painfully as the chaotic energy burned his face. He finally let Galaxiadramon go.

As the Dra-Warrior hit the ground, Mammut stomped his foot down and tried to crush him. Galaxiadramon rolled away and thrust his claws into Mammut's gut. The behemoth's skin was too thick for him to pierce through.

"What's wrong? Having trouble?" Mammut laughed.

"Not really," Galaxiadramon chuckled as his hands glowed. "Just need to find the right spot. There."

Suddenly, Mammut's eyes gaped as Galaxiadramon's claws extended and jutted out through his gut. These claws glowed with immense crimson energy. He gutted Mammut and left him to stumble back bleeding out data.

"Lord Revenant! Avenge me!" Mammut howled while his body broke down and dissolved into data fragments.


Taking their fight by air, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon and Blackwing glided around each other. The aerial monsters exchanged quick blasts to knock each other out of the sky.

When it became apparent Red-Eyes DD wouldn't fall, Blackwing decided to go all out and evolved.

"This time I'll put you down for good!" Blackwing screeched. "Scalp! Blackwing Shinka!" As a crimson aura surrounded him, he emerged taking on Crowmon's features, but retaining his humanoid stature. He took on a more crow-like head. Black feather covered his body and purple streaks came running down his back. Both his hands and feet became bird-like with sharp talons. Two wings spread out from his back.

Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon glided forward meeting Blackwing head-on. The aerial combatants engaged claw strikes after claw strike. Blackwing glided past Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon and opened his wings, flapping them rapidly.

"Let's see you take these!" Blackwing beckoned, sending a barrage of darkness-enhanced black feathers. "Black Feather!" He sent them at lightning fast speeds, which Red-Eyes DD had trouble of keeping up.

While Red-Eyes DD tried evading the feathers, Blackwing swept across and fired more black feathers with extreme accuracy. Red-Eyes DD tried putting up his guard, but quickly became overwhelmed. Red-Eyes DD flew low ground and went through a fortified building near the base.

"Attempting to hide? I don't think so! Black Feather!" Blackwing launched another set of black feathers that pierced through the building structure and destroyed it.

Red-Eyes DD barely escaped the now collapsed building. He looked up to see Blackwing hovering near him.

"Still alive? Well, you won't be for long," Blackwing glided toward Red-Eyes DD.

Red-Eyes DD retaliated and expelled molten blasts. Blackwing stopped as he rapidly warded the attack off by flapping his wings. The attack slammed into Red-Eyes DD and pushed him back. As Red-Eyes DD lied in a heap of his own molten rock, Blackwing surveyed the damage he caused.

"Well, that does it for you then," snorted the half-Crowmon hybrid. "Time to end this!" As he dove in for the kill, Luster Dragon dove in and headbutted Blackwing to the side.

This allowed Red-Eyes DD to rebound and fire another molten attack, one larger than the last. As molten ball hurtled toward Blackwing, it slammed into the Neo-Rajita.

"NOO!" screamed Blackwing. "All hail Lord Gamera!" As he finished, he dissolved into digital dust.


Having previously fought Ninjadramon and Herodramon a while ago, Smilodon and Cipher engaged Armed Dragon and Flamedramon.

"Ugh, just when I was about to go all out on Ninjadramon," Smilodon snarled as he turned and eyed Flamedramon. "Guess I'll have to take it out on this loser instead."

Cipher sighed with disappointment. "Aye, and this one, too. Herodramon was likely a better opponent." He drew out his blade and faced Armed Dragon LV7. "How about we evolve and take them out quickly?"

"Never thought you'd ask," Smilodon said.

With that, the Neo-Rajita warriors' bodies became engulfed in bright auras. Smilodon was surrounded by purple light. Cipher became shrouded in yellow light.

"Bite Off! Smilodon Shinka!"

"Carve on water's surface! Cipher Shinka!"

Flamedramon and Armed Dragon LV7 quickly bumrushed their opponents. However, they were too late to stop them. Eruptions of immense energy flew out from the two Neo-Rajita warriors. The Subordinate Officers were fast to complete their evolutions.

Cipher stormed out first resembling a half-crab humanoid creature. His hands were replaced with crab-like claws. His body was covered in chitinous composition, which doubled for armor.

Smilodon emerged next resembling more like a saber-toothed humanoid. His face and back gained vermillion stripes. His saber teeth became more pronounced. Large white stripes ran down the sides of his jacket with the same pattern that followed down to his legs. His feet became more furry and cat-like. After clenching both fists, pairs of blades protruded on each wrist. His braided hair became longer and much thicker, and now hanging down to his knees. The braid was striped blue and black with a squared-off blade hanging off the end.

"Brace yourself!" Flamedramon called out as he and Armed Dragon LV7 prepared for their opponents.

Smilodon charged head on with Flamedramon and slashed him, sending the Armor-Level Digimon back. Smilodon ran past Flamedramon and whipped his back using his braid.

Cipher attacked Armed Dragon LV7 with his claws. As the two locked up, Armed Dragon picked him up. Cipher fired beams from his claws and dazed Armed Dragon with it.

As Flamedramon stood, Smilodon patiently waited for him. His saber teeth became imbued with green energy. He then raised his sabers and fired

'saber-like' projectiles that seemed to pierce into Flamedramon.

"Missile Sabers!"

Flamedramon saw that these projectiles pierced through his armor. After subduing the Dra-Warrior, Smilodon ran up faster than Flamedramon anticipated. Smilodon kneed Flamedramon's face. Flamedramon fell facefirst and seemingly out cold.

"Hah, is that all? You're so pathetic!" Smilodon laughed over Flamedramon.

The Armor Digimon groaned, barely stirring a bit. "...that hurt..."

"I should just finish you now," the Neo-Rajita put a foot on Flamedramon.

Meanwhile, Armed Dragon fired an earth-shattering blast, which Cipher blocked with his claws. Cipher charged and clamped down on the armor supporting Armed Dragon's back. With one snip, he cracked a portion of the dragon's armor. Armed Dragon swung his tail forward, but Cipher phased out and caused the dragon to drop his guard.

Cipher crossed his claws together, releasing a powerful water current between these mandibles. Armed Dragon moved away and witnessed the water current blasting a hole through the ground.

"Aha, that could've been you. You won't be so lucky," grinned Cipher as he unloaded and bombarded Armed Dragon with numerous water blasts. When he did this, the water put up an offensive barrier to protect him from Armed Dragon. "C'mon now! Let's see if that armor is impenetrable enough to withstand these!"

Armed Dragon tried hies hardest dodging these water blasts. Even his bulky size wouldn't allow him to predict the excess to which Cipher was shooting off his attacks.


Samuridramon and Iris clashed swords and ran across following each other. When Samuridramon lunged at her, Iris would glide out of her opponent's reach.

"Let's end this game!" Iris cups her hands over her chest and chanted. "Flower Blossoming! Iris Shinka!" When she said this, pink energy erupted from Iris as it engulfed her completely. This pink light became violet. Her article of clothing stripped away, revealing a transparent nude figure.

As the transformation ended in a large burst of violet energy, iris unveiled her fully evolved form. She was now dressed in a green crop top with extended red & white rose petaled shoulder caps with a black cape. She wore long black leather stockings, vine-like bracelets around her ankles & wrists, and heeled boots. She completed her wardrobe change with a giant white rose, which doubled as a helmet.

"Your power has grown, but you stole it from a Rosemon," Samuridramon observed while not taking her eyes off Iris. "I won't waver!"

Iris gave a haughty laugh. "Oh, but you will, dear. Now, come at me!" She pulled out a rapier made out of a thorn whip and glided over to attack Samuridramon with it.

Samuridramon raised her sword while countering Iris' lightning fast strikes.

"Take this! Rose Spear!" Iris thrust her rapier into Samuridramon.

The Dra-Warrior narrowly evaded the blade and tried slashing Iris' side. The Neo-Rajita spun around behind her and began entangling her in vines.

"I've got you now!"

As Iris tightened her hold on Samuridramon, the Dra-Warrior tried cutting through the vines, but more would come and bind her. Nonetheless, she continue cutting through.

"Oh, you're quite persistent!" Iris said.

Samuridramon lifted her sword and sliced upward through the vines. She barely slipped out of Iris' vine trap. Iris turned around and faced Samuridramon, who took on a swordsman's stance.


As for Vorn, he was bombarded by a series of blasts and explosives from incoming Dra-Warrior tanks. He used his size and excessive mouth blasts to eradicate a bunch of Dra-Warriors. However, more tanks and mechs came to slow the gargantuan down.

In order to ward off the machines, Vorn evolved. His body ballooned up to take on his transformation. But, before he could complete it, two missiles were launched from the base that pierced through his stomach. These missiles contained deletion programs that quickly dissolved Vorn for good.

Three Subordinate Officers were removed from the battle, but the war for the Dra-Warrior base had yet to be determined.

(End theme)

While the battle commenced, something seemingly 'zipped' between dimensions. It was space tying between the Digital World and the Paradais dimension. Within it came a dark portal and within this darkness a pair of large yellow eyes seemingly appeared. The dark being set his sets on the Dra-Warrior base, cackling with intentions in mind.


Southern Digital Realm/Royal Knight Headquarters/5:18 PM

At the outpost of the Royal Knight headquarters, the Knight continued their long-standing battle with the Neo-Rajita invaders. Alphamon led the Knights along with Buster Blader, filling in for Omegamon, to ward off Lobo and his forces.

Alphamon and Buster Blader engaged Lobo, WarGreymon X, and MetalGarurumon X. Though outnumbered by one, Alphamon and Buster Blader put up a good effort preventing them from destroying the base.

"Your swordsmanship is quite impressive," Buster Blader acknowledged Lobo's skills as the latter quickly sheathed his sword. "Tell us your name."

"Lobo, First General of the Neo-Rajita elite."

"So, you're the top guy?"

Lobo dismissed them both. "No, Chief Advisor Nagah holds higher authority over me."

"She's the one who has helped Gamera ascend into the powerful entity he is today," Alphamon confirmed. "No matter. Whether he's one of the top ranked or not, these creature must perish."

(Cue Magister Negi Magi OST 2 - Gokai)

Suddenly, Lobo's interests seemingly were not with taking the base, which befuddled the Knights.

Lobo sighed. "Look. How about I let you two take over from here?"

"Why?" WarGreymon X inquired.

MetalGarurumon X growled. "This isn't the time to be a lazy bum, Lobo! We have our orders to defeat the Royal Knights and take the base!"

"Yeah, but I have no interest in their base."

"Need I remind you?" MetalGarurumon X added, snarling directly at Alphamon. "It was those damned Royal Knights who caused pain and suffering to Digimon infected with the X-Virus. But, because of Chatsuramon's paranoia, I was forced to leave my home despite having developed the X-Antibody! I was longer an infected Digimon!" Calming down, the Digimon sighed. "Fortunately, I found Agumon X and you. We've since them have become inseparable. You never abandoned me nor kicked me out of my home village just to save face!"

Overhearing MetalGarurumon X's open rant, Buster turned to Alphamon.

"Do you have any idea what she's going on about?"

"Perhaps..." Alphamon gasped when he remembered a detail. "Unless...! I remember Dynasmon and Crusadermon were sent to investigate the Western Digital Realm where the X-Virus had spread. They were ordered to destroy those carrying the virus."

"But, I heard the one named Gabumon X resisted the negative effects of this virus. After much convincing the Knights left, but she was still forced out of her village by the former village leader Chatsuramon."

"Then, this MetalGarurumon X is the same Gabumon X. No wonder she harbors much resentment for Royal Knights. Because Dynasmon and Crusadermon were the catalysts that led to her banishment by Chatsuramon," Alphamon said. "And it doesn't help that Digimon carrying the X-Virus were killed by us."

"You monsters might've spared my village, but other villages were not so lucky!" MetalGarurumon X chastised them. "The Neo-Rajita have given X-Virus Digimon a refuge and a new purpose to fight the wrongs you've inflicted on them! Of course, you Royal Knights, I harbor even more resentment for that coward Inumon! Wherever he is, I will deal with him personally!"

Lobo put a hand over MetalGarurumon X's face, cutting her off completely.

"That's enough, Gabuhime. You'll have your revenge," Lobo said.


"The three of us are in this war together. I won't let anything happen to you, two."

Alphamon and Buster Blader readied their stances.

"It's been mostly those two attacking us," Buster Balder observed, noticing Lobo's lack of enthusiasm for fighting. "He rarely attacks unless it's just guarding those two."

Alphamon nodded. "Indeed, and yet he's one of the enemy's lead generals. Just measuring his power, he clearly has a lot of power, but he very rarely ever has a reason to show it."

"Maybe we haven't pushed him enough."

"No telling, but my foreboding tells me those two possess a power that could rival my own," Alphamon referred to MetalGarurumon X and WarGreymon X.

Lobo coughed. "All right. Time for you two to show them your Jogress."

WarGreymon X replied. "It's about time."

MetalGarurumon X grinned. "Yes, these two are in for it now!"

"Jogress?" dreaded the Duel Monster knight.

Alphamon thought. Could they merge to become what I think they'll become?

Lobo surprised the Knights as he pulled out what looked like a D-Ark.

(End theme)

"That's a Digivice!" The shocked Royal Knight pointed out.

Flabbergasted, Buster Blader quickly added. "But, how did he?!"

"WarGreymon X, MetalGarurumon X! Jogress!" Lobo declared as the two X-Digimon Megas merged to form one being.

Once completing their merger, Alphamon and Buster Blader braced themselves for the Jogress-fused warrior. The being was an Omegamon, but with an armor exterior much shinier and sharper edges around its frame. What distinguished this Omegamon from Tai and Matt's was the Digicode inscription reading 'All Delete.'

"We are Omegamon X," the being introduced itself to Alphamon and Buster Blader. Lifting its WarGreymon X arm, the Grey Sword was brandished.

"Think we can take him?" Buster Blader asked nervously.

Alphamon replied. "We're knights. We never falter. Funny how they take on the form of my Royal Knight comrade. How ironic." With that, he flew across and attacked Omegamon X as the two warriors hastily thrust traded blows.

Buster Blader tried following the two warriors' supersonic speed movements.

"I can barely even see them move!"

Lobo folded his arms and smiled. "There. I'm sure they can finish the job." But, should they have trouble, I'll have to step in.


On the other side of the battle. Magnamon, Dynasmon, Crusadermon, and Craniummon fought off the amassed numbers of hoverpods and tanks. At least 2,000 Rajita cyborgs, Gharials, and Kaiser Knights filled the battlefield outside the Royal Knight headquarters fighting an even knight army consisting of Knightmon, Gearfried the Iron Knights, Gaia Fierce Knights, and Mirage Knights.

The four Royal Knights noticed Alphamon fighting Omegamon X.

"Wait, is that... Omegamon?!" Magnamon exclaimed.

Dynasmon narrowed his eyes and confirmed. "He does look like Omegamon, but it's not our Omegamon. Those two X-Virus Digimon just combined to form their own Omegamon."

"That explains the immense power I've sensed from afar," Crusadermon said.

Craniummon gripped his Duo Solar Spear and prepared to fly off. "We should help him and Buster Blader!"

"No, Alphamon looks like he may just handle this," Dynasmon said. "If he's lucky, he'll take that thing out and we'll have that alien begging for mercy."

Craniummon suppressed his urge to go. "All right, but the minute Alphamon is in trouble, I'm going out there." Yet, that thing called itself Omegamon X. Why do I have a bad feeling its power is more than us Royal Knights can suppress?


Unbeknownst to them, as the Knights defended their turf, a portal opened within their headquarters. From the portal came Gamera, Nagah, and a fleet of soldiers armed with data-neutralizer blasters, which were newly modified weapons used to subdue and even delete digital beings.

"We're here, Lord Gamera. The Royal Knight headquarters," Nagah announced. "The Knights are outside without realizing we've infiltrated their base."

Gamera acknowledged and discreetly surveyed the facility. He viewed the between between Alphamon and Omegamon X displayed on a wide screen monitor. An evil grin smeared over the alien's features. "He's right where I want him. Excellent work, Lobo. Nagah, time to initiate our next phase."

"You heard him, men! Spread out!" Nagah ordered.

Everything is falling into place! Now, Paradais, it's your move. The Neo-Rajita leader mused.


Elsewhere within the Royal Knight headquarters, two Knightmon fell to the ground dead. Standing over them was Igasu, now wearing armored battle gear and retracting both hands that she turned into blades. While the Knightmon dissolved into data, Igasu pivoted her view toward the security network. Behind her was Hydra, who helped her dismantle the security network.

"There now Gamera's men can better and easily take over the headquarters," Hydra smirked evilly.

Igasu ripped out a bunch of wires and smashed a monitor. "We're done here, right?"

"Not yet. We wait until the battle outside is complete," Hydra stated.

The red-skinned mutant pulled up a chair and kicked back. "Good. Now we watch the train wreck commence." She giggled evilly as they watched Alphamon fighting Omegamon X on screen.


Many kilometers off from the three locations, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi were hastily making their way to help their Digi-allies.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon & Sleipnir, Dai-Valkyrie Mars & Garuda, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn & Thanatos, and Lien & TobuCatmon advanced toward the northwest direction. There they would land in the Royal Knight Headquarter vicinity.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus & Cupid, Dai-Valkyrie Mercury & Kairyu, and Dai-Valkyrie Neptune & Hippocampus were moving toward the northeast where the Dra-Warrior location is directly positioned.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter & Bacchus, Dai-Valkyrie Uranus & Gryphon, and the Amazoness Senshi girls were also heading toward the northeast where the Amazon Kingdom was also located.

However, even with the speed their steeds were going, time was still against them. Paradais was already about to initiate their next phase against the Digital World's three major pillars.


Outside the Pharaoh's Palace/Courtyard/1009 B.C.

When Atem, Teana, and Jono brought Yugi and his friends to the palace courtyard, they listened to their whole situation involving Professor Frank attempting to take the three Egyptian Gods.

"This man wants the power of the three Egyptian Gods?" Atem was stricken with disbelief.

Jono wasn't entirely convinced. "Can you really believe them?"

"Well, there's been a lot of bad people after your father's treasures, Atem," Teana said.

"If you really believe us, then you'll take us to see your father, the Pharaoh, Prince Atem," Yugi pleaded to the young prince.

After careful consideration, Atem eventually gave in and nodded.

"I'll help you, but we have to look for my father first."

"Didn't he step out?" Jono pointed out.

"Then, he might be back by now," the young Egyptian prince said as he beckoned Yugi, Joey, and Teana to follow him. "C'mon, this way."

While the Duelists followed the prince and his two friends, Tea got a closer glimpse of Teana. The two young ladies exchanged quick glances.

"We really do look alike," Tea said, waving her hand to Teana, who responded the same way.

Teana blinked twice and nodded. "I wonder how this is possible. Are you sure you didn't use magic to make yourself look like me?"

"Believe us. If we knew magic and were trying to replace you, we'd make ourselves look exactly like you," Yugi said. "If you'll notice, I'm a bit taller than the prince here, and my voice is deeper, and Tea and Joey have fairer skin than you two, as well."

Just then, Atem heard a man calling out for him. This alarmed the three young Egyptians as the man's voice grew ever louder and closer. Atem whirled around seeing Yugi, Tea, and Joey standing out like sore thumbs. He motioned Teana and Jono to help find them a hiding spot. Then, Atem just remembered a secret passage he would use to get away from the guards and find a way into the city. Atem pressed his hands on the side walls near them. One wall slid open, which revealed Atem's hidden passageway.

"In here! Hurry!" Atem called out.

Teana and Jono helped take Yugi and his friends into the passageway and hid them there. Atem joined the three Duelists as Jono and Teana stayed outside in the courtyard to deal with whoever called for the prince.

"Someone's calling for you, Prince Atem. Shouldn't you see him?" Tea asked.

Joey tried hard not to sneeze when inside the passageway.

"Now's not the time. We have to get into the palace," Atem said as he led the Duelists through the passageway leading inside the palace. "Teana and Jono can deal with Mahad."

"Mahad?" Yugi remembered the name.

"You messengers still haven't told me your names."

"I'm Yugi Muto."

"Tea Gardner."

"And I'm Joey Wheeler."

"Pleased to meet you all. Now keep close, I know where to take us." Atem reassured them whilst leading them through a route taking them into the inner chambers of the Pharaoh's palace.


Near Thebes/1009 B.C.

(Cue Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin OST - Sandfall)

Meanwhile, near the outskirts of Thebes, Mokuba and his entourage walked past a few villages along the way as they drew closer to the city. Though a few villagers were giving them strange glances, the kids ignored them the best they could.

"We really stick out with just the clothes we wear," Syrus said. "They really think we're from another land."

Leo nodded. "They wouldn't believe us if we told them we came from another time. Right?"

Mokuba answered plainly. "Of course not. We shouldn't expect them to understand the mechanics of time travel." He stopped when he noticed a group of men hording a villager's home and pulling out an Egyptian boy. "Guys, hold on!"

Leo, Luna, and Syrus also watched the men dragging out a boy from his home.

"What do they think they're doing?!" Luna gasped when seeing the boy being forced out against his will.

"I heard ancient Egypt was big into slave trading," Syrus said.

"Yeah, and most were young boys taken to be used for hard labor," Mokuba observed, but he could no longer stand by and allow this to continue. He dashed ahead. "C'mon, he needs help!"

"Wait, Mokuba!" Syrus called out. "Oh, man! We really shouldn't be getting ourselves too involved like this!"

"No, that boy needs our help!" Leo shouted as he followed behind Mokuba. "You guys coming?"

"I am!" Luna said as she hurried along.

Sighing, Syrus gave in and went after the three to save the boy.

As the cultists were pulling the boy away, Mokuba finally reached them as he went up and pushed one of the evil men down. Taken aback by the teen's surprise attack, the other cultists readily started surrounding Mokuba.

"No! They've got Mokuba surrounded!" Leo exclaimed as he, Luna, and Syrus were trapped by other cultists in the area.

"They've got us!" Syrus whined as he sank to his knees. "I'm too young to die!"

"We don't know who you are, but you made a mistake crossing us, boy!" One of the cultists charged as he ordered his men to detain Mokuba and the others.

As the men moved in to take them away, Mokuba prepared to unleash his Spirit Fusion power.

That is until...

(End theme)

"Leave them alone!" a girl's voice shouted in the distance.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories OST - Prince Seto)

Mokuba's group and the cultists turned around hearing the voice. Standing out in the open was a figure with her face hidden by a scarf. The only thing visible was her glowing red eyes. To their surprise, they saw a Red-Eyes Black Dragon hanging above the figure's head. The dragon launched an immediate assault on the cultists and expelled a molten fire blast that knocked a few of the evil men back. The other cultists began retreating while picking up their comrades.

"It's the Red-Eyes Dragon Woman!" One of the cultists yelled out fearfully.

As the cultists fled leaving the boy and Mokuba's group, the red-eyed woman turned to watch the evil men leave.

"T-That's a Red-Eyes Black Dragon!" Syrus blabbered out, pointing to the dark-scaled beast hanging over this mysterious girl's head.

Leo added, looking confused. "But, that thing looks real."

"But, this person didn't transform like Mokuba did," Luna stated.

Mokuba recognized the technique. "She just summoned a Ka."

"A what?!" The other three turned and inquired.

"The Red-Eyes Dragon Woman has saved us again!" One of the villagers called out as the boy, who was saved, raced over to his father and mother. "Thank you!"

"Red-Eyes Dragon Woman?" Mokuba blinked in befuddlement as he faced the mysterious girl.

As her eyes stopped glowing, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon quickly vanished. She then focused on the four Duelists standing not too far from her.

"This way! Follow me!" The young woman called out as she turned and ran off.

Mokuba and his group made no arguments as they bolted right after her. They didn't want to take any chances and attract anymore unwanted attention with more cultists possibly hanging about. They caught up to the girl, who was wearing a yellow hood. She led them into a house where she presumably lives.

(End theme)

When opening the door, she let Mokuba, Syrus, and the twins inside. Closing the door behind her, she opened her hood and seemingly waited for Mokuba to turn around.

"Hey... whoever you are, I just wanted to say tha-!" Mokuba was immediately taken aback when the girl threw herself onto Mokuba and gave him a passionate kiss, which surprised Syrus and the twins.

"Whoa!" Syrus gaped when seeing the girl kissing Mokuba.

Leo blinked thrice and smiled. "Wow, Mokuba!"

Luna gaped stupidly. "But, she saved us. Why kiss Mokuba?"

As the girl continued kissing him, Mokuba instinctively pushed her away. The girl was pushed back while looking at Mokuba very hard and confused. When Mokuba got a better glance of her, he looked in disbelief.

"S-Serenity?!" Mokuba was flabbergasted when he saw a mirror image of Serenity, but this girl had slightly tanned skin and a darker shade of brown hair. On top of that, she was wearing Egyptian villager rags. "No... you're not, but you look..."

"Abukom... why...? What's the matter?" The girl asked, looking very confused by how Mokuba rejected her kiss. "This isn't the first we've kissed."

"Excuse me, but who is this Abukom?" Mokuba demanded.

"It looks like she has you confused for someone else?" Syrus said.

Leo walked over to the Egyptian girl. "But, you look like a friend of ours!"

"Then, she must've mistaken Mokuba for someone who looks like him." Luna deduced.

"That'd be the only sensible way of explaining things. I mean, we've already met a duplicate of Lyn, and now Serenity..." the younger Kaiba brother trailed off as he saw the girl walking over and examining him up close. "Huh? Y-You're not going to kiss me again, are you?"

"No, Abukom looks a little younger than you and he's slightly shorter," the girl said.

He sighed deeply and put her hands aside. "I'm not this Abukom. My name is Mokuba. It's interesting that this Abukom has my own name spelled backwards. Look, my three friends and I aren't from around here. We're here looking for my brother and a couple of our colleagues." He saw the Egyptian Serenity look-alike lightly jerk her hands away.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to confuse you for Abukom..." She openly apologized for her coming onto him. "When I saw you attacked by those evil cult members, I instinctively acted out to protect you... thinking you were Abukom."

"Those villagers and those men called you by the 'Red-Eyes Dragon Woman'. Do they know it's you?" curiously asked Leo.

She simply nodded. "No. I wear this garb to protect my face and identity. It's been recently that these men have tried to take people with the ability to summon their Ba. Those men have yet to find out it's me." She walked over and sat on a chair as she offered them places to sit down. "My father and mother were both taken from me from thieves when they protected me. I was only a child then, but seeing my parents taken away... it awoke something in me. My Ba emerged into the dark dragon you just saw. Since then, I've used the dragon to protect the villagers and their children. By protecting my identity they see me as their savior. Thus, I've adopted the 'Red-Eyes Dragon Woman' identity."

"Wow, so you're like the hero of this village!" Luna looked enthused hearing her story.

"Aren't you afraid they'll find out it's you?" Syrus asked. "What if one of the villagers rats you out to save their own butts?"

"I doubt it. None in this village can put two and two together between me and the 'Red-Eyes Dragon Woman'."

"With the way those cultist guys fear you, they took off in a hurry," Mokuba said.

The girl nodded. "Around these parts of Thebes, my Ba dragon is unrivaled. Even with all of their own Ba monsters, I can easily overpower theirs combined. That is why they fear me."

"By the way, you haven't given us your name," Leo smiled.

"I'm Akahana. If you wish, could you tell me your names?"

"Well, you already know me as Mokuba," the young Kaiba reminded her.

"I'm Leo!"

"I'm Luna. Pleased to meet you, Akahana."

"I'm Syrus," the light green-haired teen said. Wow, she's so cute... just like Serenity.

"So, I look like this friend of yours? This Serenity?" Akahana asked, to which she got nods from her four guests. "I see. Well, I may be to help you, but for the time being, it's best we stay here until my friend, Abukom, comes here. The streets are very dangerous these days with those evil cultist men and thieves roaming about abducting children and people with Ka monsters."

Mokuba nodded and turned around looking over at his group. He already knew Luna and Leo were both vulnerable being children, which made them perfect targets for abduction.

"I guess we came at a wrong time," Leo sighed, realizing he and his sister were in danger with these cultists around. "Don't worry, sis. I'll protect you."

Luna nodded and smiled to him. "Thanks, but we should be able to summon our monsters, right?"

"Well, we haven't exactly tried," Mokuba said.

"Man, it's not fair. I'm a teen, but I look more like a kid," the Duel Academy student sighed sadly. "I'm about the same size as Leo and Luna, too. Life is so unfair."

Mokuba added. "Akahana's right. We'll just have to stay here until it's safe to go out. We'll wait for this Abukom to show up and arrange something to help us find my brother."

Akahana smiled genuinely. "In the meantime, you should be safe here." She got off from the chair and laid a floor mat for the twins to sit on.

"By the way, Akahana, you mentioned your dragon being your Ba?"

"Yes?" Akahana addressed him after laying down another mat for the Mokuba and Leo. She sat back down conversing with Mokuba. "My dragon is strong because my spirit is strong."

"Well, I always thought that the creatures we summoned were our Ka," Mokuba confessed, which surprised and even intrigued Akahana. "and the Ba is the energy of the soul where the Ka are drawn from."

Akahana simply nodded. "Oh, there is some misconception to that."

"What do you mean?"

"There are actually five parts of the soul, not just Ka and Ba. The Ka is the vital spark called the life force, and when it is gone, you die. The Ba, or spirit, is your consciousness, and the creatures we summon are drawn from that, using our Ka as energy, which is why you feel weaker if your Ba is destroyed. The Ren, or true name, is the sum of all your past experiences, what makes you who you are, and if anyone knew your true name, they would have power over you. The Ib, or heart, keeps record of your good and bad deeds, and was what is weighed by Anubis against the Feather of Truth after you die. And the Sheut is the shadow, which could be defined as your 'presence', your impact on the world around you. Have you ever heard the expression, 'Standing in someone's shadow'?"

Mokuba smiled wryly, thinking of Seto. "Yeah, I think I know a little something about that." So, have we really gotten the whole Ka and Ba concept mixed up this whole time?

"Man, I'm so totally lost," Leo said. "This whole Ka and Ba thing... whatever!"

Luna added. "I don't know. My own Duel Spirits do get summoned almost like how she brought out that dragon, but I never had to focus on any energy or stuff like that. I just communicate with them and they come out when I need them. But, I do get tired after a duel."

"And you've been to their Spirit World, sis."

Syrus was lost on their conversation. "Spirit World? Now, I'm so befuddled."

"I just hope Seto, Lyn, Yugi, and the others are ok," the younger Kaiba brother said, leaning back against the chair as he stared at the ceiling.

"I'm curious how you came to know about Ka and Ba. Care to explain?"

"Well, you see..." Mokuba went on and tried to explain the best that he could.


Present Day/Shinjuku District/5:25 PM

Meanwhile, Ai and Makoto steered far away from the park as they could. They were able to relocate Yusuke, Kazuma, and the pups from IceDevimon. They found refuge in a local playground where they hid under a slide.

"Are we clear?" Ai asked her brother.

"Yeah, I think so," he said, poking his head out. "I hope Beelzebumon can beat that icy freak."

"Of course, he will, brother," Ai said, checking on the boys and the pups.

The pups were noticeably shaking and starting to whine.

"Oh no... c'mon, you two...! Mako, something's wrong with them!" Ai said as she tried calming YellowKouInumon and BlackViximon.

Yusuke and Kazuma held onto the pups doing their best to comfort them. Suddenly, Ai and Makoto saw IceDevimon hovering near the playground and scouring the area.

"Great, just our luck," Makoto tried hard not to yell. He turned to Ai. "What now?"

"If we try and move from here, he'll notice us."

"But, if we stay here, he'll find us."

The children were now in a dilemma between fleeing out or letting IceDevimon find them. The icy fiend hovered near the children without realizing they were there to begin with. The shouts of civilians were heard as they began fleeing from the location.

"That's right, you pitiful humans! Fear me and run!" IceDevimon laughed as he fired a beam and turned a tree into solid ice.

Megumi and Kasumi noticed people fleeing from the playground. They saw IceDevimon causing a ruckus to the civilians and their peace time.

"There he is!" Kasumi pointed to the icy creature. "The kids might be there!"

"Then, it's up to us!" Megumi said as she and Kasumi stormed right into the playground area. "Over here! Remember us?"

"Ah, you two just don't know when to quit?" IceDevimon smirked as he floated up and flapped his wings, sending a barrage of icicles toward them.

The ladies evaded the icicles shooting toward them. As they distracted IceDevimon, this gave the kids enough time to escape. However, when Makoto tripped and fell, IceDevimon noticed the children.

"Well, look what we have here!" IceDevimon laughed as he flew over in front of the children.

"NO!" Megumi and Kasumi shouted as they stormed over to stop him.

"Not so fast!" IceDevimon snarled as he picked the pups up. He also had both Yusuke and Kazuma pinned under his feet. "Stay where you are if you don't want harm done to these brats! I will turn them into ice statues!"

The adults and the older twins held their ground. With their hands tied, they were now held accountable if IceDevimon turned them into ice or worse, kill them. IceDevimon now held the fate of the pups and the kids in his hands.


Shinjuku Central Park/5:27 PM

Beelzebumon Blast Mode turned his back, which would cost him dearly as IceDevimon emerged from the ground. Before IceDevimon could attack him, Beelzebumon whirled around and blasted him into pieces. This proved to be a fatal mistake as these pieces came together and created three IceDevimons.

"Great," snorted Beelzebumon.

"We told you! You can destroy us!" The three IceDevimons laughed as they flew off into the city. "Catch us if you can!"

"Son of a bitch! Get back here!" demanded the demon, who pursued them in a hurry. "I hope Ai and Makoto were able to get those kids to safety!" He flew faster to catch up with the icy demons. "When I get my hands on y'all, I'm breaking some heads!"


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/5:30 PM

Back at Hikawa Shrine, everyone was ready to witness the Kuipers and Neo Senshi to receive their Valkyrie/Dai-Valkyrie upgrades. The male members of Neo Senshi, the Chimeras, Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Pluto, Morpheous, Max, Sam, and the others watched Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Sedna holding the Orb of Minos.

The Kuipers, Neo Senshi, the Sailor Quartet, and Tuxedo Kamen formed a circle around Sedna, who remained at the center holding the mystical orb.

"Ready whenever you are," Sedna stated, taking a deep breath and slowly lifting the orb overhead.

The Kuipers, Neo Senshi, and Tuxedo Kamen raised their heads, closing their eyes as they waited for their upgrades.


Tokyo Tower/5:33 PM

Sailor Charon came out of a portal after leaving the Paradais dimension.

"That should take care of that boy from that other dimension," Charon muttered. "This is what he gets for giving Sedna that sword." She turned and saw Angemon X waiting for her. "Are you ready to go, Dimitri? Time to pay your sweet Karin and her friends a visit."

"I'm ready to kill them, my mistress," Angemon X replied, bowing to her.

Charon evilly smiled. "Yes, onto Hikawa Shrine."


(Cue Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce)


IceDevimon: Stay back if you don't want these kids to die.

Megumi: Something's happening!

Ai and Makoto: The pups... they're... evolving?!

Beelzebumon: What the hell?! Who are you guys?!

IceDevimon: Allow us to introduce to Necromon's Digi-Zombie army. Beelzebumon, can you hope to stop us all by your lonesome?

Sedna: We did it, guys.

Neo Moon, Eris, Ixion, Quaoar, Orcus, and Varuna: Dai-Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!

Sailor Quartet, Makemake, Haumea, Cyber Mercury, Blue Mars, Summoner Venus, and Battle Jupiter: Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!

Tuxedo Kamen: Norse Power!

RJ: We've got company!

Charon: Did we crash the party too late? Oh well, even with your upgrades, you're still not a match for me and my Ascendant slave.

Angemon X: Sedna, you and your Kuiper team prepare yourselves for your demise!

Sedna: Dimitri, we're going to save you!

Neo Moon: We'll save him together!

Pluto: Charon, let's settle some sibling matters.

Charon: It would be my pleasure to kill you, dear sister.

Alphamon: Are you Gamera?!

Gamera: Alphamon, you have something I need.

Buster Blader: Our headquarters! It's being overtaken by the enemy!

Athenamon: Why are our forces being randomly turned to stone?!

'Voice': Because of me. We meet again, Athenamon and Swordswoman.

Kyodaidramon: We're gaining leverage over your men, Rajita scum.

Revenant: Don't speak too soon.

Espirtdramon: It... it can't be! BelialMyotismon?!

Mars: I'm getting bad vibes, guys. There's a distress going on in the three kingdoms!

Moon: We can't be too late!

Alexis: Mokuba, is that you?!

Tristan: There's a caravan of people that need our help! Duke, give me some help!

Jack: Wait, you fools!

Yusei: Saving those two will lead us to their hideout.

Jaden: I hope they'll be ok.

Yugi: We need to meet with the Pharaoh, Atem. It's urgent we see your father!

Atem: Mahad, what happened to my father?!

Aknamkanon: A man has stolen the Egyptian Gods...

Yugi: That's Frank! We need the Pendant!

Lyn: We found their hideout.

Seto: Oh, great. Is that (sees Tristan and Duke)... those dorks got captured?!

Yusuke: So, you're Long? About time we get acquainted (cracks knuckles) and I'm dishing you an ass kicking for all the trouble you've caused!

Rio: Kyo, stop this!

Long: Kyo, you should know the truth! It was your brother who killed Selipa!

Kyo: Is this true, Rio?! I'll kill you for killing Selipa!

Kuwabara: Nadeshiko, what's wrong?

Long: Well, if it isn't my dearest Nadeshiko.

Yasha: Mother, we should stop this bickering and stop Long!

Crow: Next time on Dawn of Chaos!

Insurmountable Odds! Rising Conflict Across Time and Worlds!

Venus: Please, don't miss out!

Kurama: Or, you'll be sorry.


A/N: We've got a bunch of rising conflicts about to explode! From the Digital World to the Meikai to Earth... and even Ancient Egypt! It's just the fifth day and we're nearing the final battles before the endgame.

The Ancient Egypt arc was more complicated when I started writing it. It takes some exclusive elements from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories game that included the Teana and Jono characters. Akahana is an OC created by LazerWulf as she serves as Serenity's Ancient Egypt counterpart. Additionally, thanks to Lazer, I was able to get by just fine. The AE stuff were the first actual scenes I wrote out. In fact, I've already written the entire AE arc before moving forward with the other scenes in this chapter. The next chapters should hopefully be smooth sailing from here on.

About the whole Ka/Ba situation, thanks to research from my colleague (LazerWulf) and beta'ing the whole Ancient Egypt arc, we've learned that Kazuki Takahashi-sensei apparently got the Ka/Ba details wrong, and for the longest time we've been following his information. Akahana's explanation of the five parts of the soul was derived from Rick Riordan's The Kane Chronicles pointing it out and Wikipedia for further verifications. Credit goes to those sources.

I really didn't want to spend too much time with the Digital World stuff between the Digimon/Duel Monster vs Rajita battles, but a part of me wanted to show progress with it. Besides, judging by the next chapter's preview, some major crap is about to go down with the three kingdoms. The Neo-Rajita and Paradais show how well planned they were entering these battles.

Finally, Miho and Vivian meet the Kuipers. They explain what they've been up to now and will soon receive their Valkyrie upgrade. In fact, the main Kuiper team and Neo Moon will gain their Dai-Valkyrie upgrades; additionally, the Neo Senshi and Sailor Quartet will get their Valkyrie power-ups. And I've now decided to give Tuxedo Kamen his just due. I've given him the name Norse Knight, and his form... may be a nod to Kamen Rider (thanks to an idea from Belletiger). They all get their upgrades just in time to fight Charon and Dimitri.

Speaking of the Meikai, Yusuke and co. finally confront Long. Rio and Kyo clash with the latter not realizing what really happened to Selipa. Major drama's about to go down. And Nadeshiko will soon learn about her link to Long.

Oh, and how can I forget IceDevimon! Hope none of you were too surprised. When I left plenty of hints leading to his on-screen return. Yes, and there are other evil Digimon that Necromon has revived. You'll see in the next chapter along with the pups finally digivolving! Oh, btw, did anyone like Megumi's remark about Beelzebumon's gun? ;)

Yep, lots of stuff is going down in the next chapters. Hopefully you can follow up and not get lost in the shuffle!

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