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Chapter 47

Insurmountable Odds! Rising Conflict Across Time and Worlds!


Meikai/Demon Priests' Main Lair/5:26 PM

Long waited on his throne. He waited and waited, and then...


Occupying an explosion of blue light from the wall came smoke. Long opened his eyes as he made out three figures walking forward. A sick and evil smirk adorned the Demon Priest's features when his three guests made their presence known to him.

"Welcome, my three guests. You have auspicious timing."

Yusuke, Rio, and Yasha walked through the smoke with determination.

"Oh, and don't worry about the wall," Long chortled as he stood from his chair. "I never liked it. I was planning to redecorate..."

"I bet. We're here to kick your ass and stop your stupid ritual," Yusuke declared. "Why don't you just hand Rio back his sister and we can make some amends?"

Yasha shook her head. "Long isn't the type you can bargain with. We'll have to fight him."

"Figures," the ex-Spirit Detective shrugged and took a battle stance.

(Cue Random YYH Battle Themes)

As Rio dropped into a fighting stance, his Demon Stone power probed a similar source near them. He turned around facing a window and ran over to see Kyo sitting near the ritual site. His blood immediately boiled when his eyes fell on Kohana, who was laying asleep on a platform.

"Greetings, little brother," Kyo chuckled evilly as he stood and folded his arms. "I've been expecting you."

"KYO!" Rio roared as he jumped out the window and landed on the ritual grounds. His eyes burned with hatred while facing his older brother. Popping his own fingers, Rio felt an adrenaline rush consume him. His desire to kill Kyo blinded him from his real mission: saving Kohana. "Just you and me, Kyo. I'm going to rip your heart out for what you've done!"

"Ah, yes, I can see the hatred your projecting onto me, brother! Most excellent. Neither of us will have any regrets when one of us kills the other. Remember, one of us has to die..." Chuckled Kyo, who invoked his Demon Stone and allowed a wolf-shaped aura to consume him. "Let's go!"

Rio yelled as a black lion-shaped aura covered him. "I'll fucking kill you, Kyo!"

The brothers quickly stormed toward each other and finally clashed.

As the brothers commenced their long-awaited battle, Yusuke and Yasha were focused on Long.

"They'll be at each other's throats for a while. Let's not interrupt the start of the ritual," Long said, removed his cloak and revealed dark green and black body armor covering most of his chest and back. A long greenish brown tail swung around and pulverized a portion of his own throne.

Suddenly, Yasha sensed another familiar presence. She shifted her attention on Long and prepared to run off.

"Yasha, where you going?!"

"My mother is coming here. She's near," Yasha replied.

Has Tsukiyomi figured out Selipa's death? Long assumed the worst. He eyed Yasha and bumrushed over to intercept her.

Yusuke ran up and cut Long off from the pass.

"Go meet Tsukiyomi, Yasha!" Yusuke said as he seized Long's hand. "Me and this bastard need some time to be acquainted!" He surprised Long and shoulder tossed him into a table.

"Be careful, Yusuke!" She said as she stormed off to find Tsukiyomi's location.

Long rose from the debris and laughed at Yusuke. Yusuke ran up and narrowly missed a punch. Long slipped past Yusuke and jumped near his throne.

"I didn't say you could laugh."

"You're an amusing fool," Long said as he ran over to Yusuke and threw his right fist forward.

Yusuke evaded Long's punch and clobbered him with an uppercut to his jaw. Long rebounded and expelled an Youki blast that knocked Yusuke back. Yusuke slid back against a wall and saw Long charging like a bull. The ex-Detective jumped over Long and let him crash through the wall. Yusuke readied his spirit-imbued fist and caught him with a jaw-shattering punch.


One punch sent Long crashing through a wall. Yusuke hastily dashed to meet him. Long recovered fast and tail slapped Yusuke off his feet. Yusuke fell, but landed on one hand and landed on his feet.

Long grabbed a tile and ripped off a series of tiles lining the floor. Yusuke jumped aside as Long pulled the floor and swung it across. Yusuke ducked under the tiles being swung at his direction. Long slammed the tiles down and missed crushing Yusuke with them. The ex-Detective barrel-rolled to the side and launched himself into Long. He hit Long with a headbutt and made the Demon Priest double over. Long grabbed a hold of Yusuke and slammed him into a wall. He then grabbed Yusuke's face and threw him across the room.

Yusuke hit the nearest wall and looked out the window to see the brothers punching each other.

"Yusuke, why don't you show me the power of a full Mazoku?" Long goaded the ex-Detective. "I know you're Raizen's descendant son. There's no need to withhold all that raw power."

"Anyone tell you 'be careful what you ask for'"?" Yusuke grinned sadistically as a red aura produced over his body. The familiar tattoos appeared over his skin. His canines grew. The Mazoku blood was fully invoked. "This what you want? Good." He quickly ran up to Long.

Much to the Demon Priest's surprise, he was punched back several feet. He saw Yusuke blitzing him like crazy and hammering him with body blows.


Back on the ritual site, Rio and Kyo's fists connected as sparks of Youki energy leaked out. Their lion and wolf auras clashed whilst the brothers tested their wills. Rio concentrated his lion aura as it nearly consumed Kyo's lion. Kyo clenched his fists and punched Rio's chest to break his concentration. Kyo grabbed Rio and threw him into the ground.

Kyo sauntered to his fallen brother and smiled sadistically.

"Get up, Rio. I'd rather not kill you laying down. Stand up so I can rip your heart out!"

Rio slowly stood and held his ground ready to fight Kyo. Kyo ran up and tried kicking his skull, but Rio catches his brother's foot and throws him into a pillar. The pillars collapsed where the two brothers were laying. Rio gingerly stood on his feet and forged a black ball of Youki. Kyo stood and mirrored his brother's exact stance.

"Burning Black Sun!"

"Frozen Black Moon!"

They flung their black spheres at one another. Both attacks coalesced and exploded with intensified Youki that shattered their surroundings, sans the platform holding Kohana. Rio and Kyo prowled around one another waiting to make the next move.

Kohana slowly began to stir as her demon stone probed her brothers' active Demon Sun and Moon Stones.

(End theme(s))


Shinjuku District/5:35 PM

Megumi and Kasumi were caught in a critical dilemma as IceDevimon held the kids and the pups hostage. One wrong slip and IceDevimon would have his way with them, especially the YellowKouInumon and BlackViximon.

"Drop your weapon," IceDevimon ordered Megumi, who complied and let go of her kendo. He veered over to Kasumi, who hesitated to charge him. "Smart choices. Now, you don't pose a threat." With that, he fired beams from his eyes. One hit Megumi's legs, which pinned and locked her down. Another did the same to Kasumi. "I'll save you two for later." He eyed Makoto and Ai, who didn't budge an inch. "And you two brats better not try anything."

Makoto trembled. "We've got to do something."

Ai whispered. "What? With Beelzebumon elsewhere, there's nothing we can do."

"All right! I'm in a good mood. Why don't we start with the little ones first?" He befuddled the four as to which 'little ones' he referenced. His eyes turned toward the twins as he firmly put a foot over them. "These two brats can watch as I kill their pups first!"

"NO!" Ai and Makoto screamed.

Yusuke and Kazuma cried as they squirmed under IceDevimon's foot. Megumi and Kasumi tried their best to break the ice binding their feet. IceDevimon raised his right hand, which he turned into an ice blade.

"Farewell, you little mongrels!" laughed IceDevimon. "It's a shame Renamon can't be here to see this, but oh well... you can tell her you failed to protect her precious pups!" He raised his hand blade, but before he initiated his action...

...he and the others noticed a small flying creature, emitting a white aura, gliding over them. It was a DigiGnome. It had granted the wish of an individual, but which one was not known.

"A DigiGnome? Here?" IceDevimon curiously eyed the small creature. Before he could hit it with an ice beam, two beacons of golden light flared underneath his feet and blindsided him. "Gah! The light! It stings!" He screeched as the bright light burned him, causing the ice demon to recoil in pain. He dropped the pups, who became drawn to the glowing light near the boys.

Upon witnessing this turn of events, the two ladies and the twins noticed two glowing objects in Yusuke and Kazuma's hands. The curious twins gazed over the glowing objects, which turned out to be D-Arks. Yusuke held one with an purple stripe and Kazuma held one with golden one.

"Hey, that's a D-Ark!" Makoto pointed to the objects.

Ai pulled hers out and gasped. "Just like ours!"

Kasumi was befuddled. "Care to explain this?"

"Well, it looks like those objects just chose little Yusuke and Kazuma," Megumi replied as she, too, was equally surprised.

Ai and Makoto cried out in unison. "This means Renamon and Inumon's kids will be able to evolve!"

Yusuke looked at his D-Ark and then to BlackViximon. YellowKouInumon hopped over to Kazuma and prodded his D-Ark.

IceDevimon managed to recover as he witnessed the situation unfold. He scowled fiercely. "Blasted DigiGnome interfered with my execution! I won't give you the chance to evolve!" He flew across to grab the twins and destroy their D-Arks. However, the D-Arks responded to the twins' danger and blindsided him again. BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon, too, responded to IceDevimon's threat and were greatly empowered thanks to the D-Ark's powers.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Slash)

"Looks like they're getting ready to defend their new Tamers," Ai observed. "Mako, are you seeing this?"

Makoto nodded. "Yeah, this is so cool!"

Yusuke and Kazuma were completely mesmerized as their partners evolved.

"BlackViximon... Shinka! BlackRenamon!"

"YellowKouInumon... Shinka! ShineInumon!"

When it was said and done, Yusuke and Kazuma opened their eyes to their evolved Digimon partners. A black-furred Renamon and a yellow-schemed Inumon (without a collar) obstructed their new Tamers from IceDevimon, who uncovered his eyes and shot an incensed glare at the evolved Rookies.

"Well, that's quite the growth spurt!" Megumi watched in awe.

"BlackRenamon and ShineInumon? Yep, they're Renamon and Inumon's kids," Ai said.

"Wow..." Needless to say, the boys were awestruck.

"Yusuke," BlackRenamon addressed her new and official Tamer. "That D-Ark is proof of our bond. You and me, Kazuma and my sibling. You wish was what made this happen."

Yusuke looked down at his D-Ark and smiled. "My wish came true!"

"Yes, and we're here to protect you both from him," ShineInumon said, giving a kind gesture to Kazuma. He turned and glared at IceDevimon. "Now we'll better protect you in our new forms. Now, it's time to make Yusuke's wish to protect them come true, BlackRenamon."

BlackRenamon took a stance. "Yes!"

IceDevimon scowled. "So, the two pups have grown. Now that they're fully grown, they're acting like big shots. Well,hate to break it to you, but this doesn't change things! But, I'll humor you two!" He took to the air and beckoned the two Rookies to pursue him.

Before they did, BlackRenamon noticed Megumi and Kasumi still trapped by the ice.

"Diamond Storm!" Shooting a barrage of diamond shards, BlackRenamon broke the ice and freed the two ladies. "That's for protecting out Tamers and us. We owe you this much."

"Why, thank you," Megumi said, kicking her feet out of the broken ice. She picked up her kendo. "And we'd be glad to help y'all."

"He ain't getting me with another ice beam!" Kasumi growled and smashed her fist into her hand.

"Well, this will prove to be fun. I guess we can continue playing," the ice fiend chortled evilly and flew down. He saw BlackRenamon and ShineInumon dashing up to him. They caught him with a double punch into his chest. "Augh!" He was knocked a few feet back followed by their double attack. "Ok, this time I'm not taking any of you lightly!"

"Makoto, Ai, protect our Tamers," ShineInumon instructed the older twins.

(End theme)

As Ai and Makoto covered for Yusuke and Kazuma, the two Rookies and the women fighters readily faced IceDevimon. IceDevimon backed away and slightly grinned.

Fools. They forgot I can regenerate while influenced by Necromon's power. IceDevimon thought, calculating his next countermeasure. "Come get me!" He flew across to attack them head-on.


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/5:46 PM

Back at the shrine, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna finally commenced the Dai-Valkyrie/Valkyrie upgrade initiation. She placed the Orb of Minos in the center and stepped away. Everyone else standing on the sidelines watched the Valkyrie Kuiper Senshi, Makemake & Haumea, the Neo Senshi, the Sailor Quartet, and Tuxedo Kamen waiting for the orb to glow. It was only a matter of patience, but the Orb of Minos finally emitted a subtle white glow. Then came another brighter glow and another. The mystic orb floated off the ground and revolved over the Senshi's heads.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto meticulously watched and nodded. "The time has come."

RJ watched Neo Moon. "Hope this is all worth it."

Mako eyed Battle Jupiter and smiled proudly. "You're making daddy proud."

Sam and Ryuuhi observed Blue Mars closely. Max and Daiki crossed their fingers for Cyber Mercury. Adam and Demona watched Summoner Venus

"Ready, guys?" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna asked every participant in the Senshi upgrade initiation. She got unanimous nods from her team, the Neos, and the tuxedo-garbed man. "Here we go! Sleipnir, we're ready! My friends wish to receive the mystic powers of the Valkyrie and Asgard warriors! Give them the powers you've given the Sailor Senshi, myself, and future Princess Serenity!" She clasped her hands and watched the orb producing many white beams of light that washed over the chosen participants.

(Cue Valkyrie Profile OST – Take Flight)

"It's finally started," Ryuuhi confirmed. My sister's about ti intake an immense amount of power!

"We're behind you, guys!" Adam called out to them.

The Mooncats, the Eris dogs, the Chimeras, Morpheous, Wolk, and DemiDevimon also observed the first few moments of the ongoing initiation.

"Helena, I can feel you're about to get a lot stronger!" DemiDevimon said, jumping around in Wolk's arms.

As more streams of white light impacted their bodies, the Kuipers, Neos, Quartet, and Tuxedo Kamen felt immense mystical energies surging within them. For some, namely the Kuipers and Neo Moon, their established Valkyrie powers were being stacked with double the power they had before. The Neos, Makemake, Haumea, the Quartet, and Tuxedo Kamen sensed more power building within them, waiting to upgrade them into their new forms.

The Kuipers and Neo Moon watched as their Valkyrie Daggers floated over them. The Neos, Quartet, Haumea, and Makemake witnessed their Henshin Sticks & Rods being changed into Valkyrie Daggers right before their eyes.

"Kuiper Senshi and Small Lady, to activate your new powers, state the following incantation: Dai-Valkyrie Power. Make-Up," commanded Pluto.

Sedna added. "Sailors Makemake & Haumea, Neo-Planetary Senshi, and Sailor Quartet, you will state the following incantation: Valkyrie Power. Make-Up."

Before Tuxedo Kamen could assert, a deep and soothing female voice called to the man through telepathy.

'Prince Endymion of Earth, trust me as I tell you to state the following incantation: Norse Knight Power-Up.'

Who are you?! The man surveyed the area, but saw only the other Senshi near him and his future daughter standing on his right hand side. He couldn't find any source of this disembodied voice. He finally came to a realization and eyed the Orb of Minos. Are you calling to me from the orb?

'Yes, but we have no time. Will you accept the new power bestowed to you, future king of Earth? Your enemy is closely approaching.'

I will. Tuxedo Kamen affirmed his status and let the new mystic power ignite invoke his new transformation.

The participants opened their eyes, took their items, and invoked their new transformations.

"Eris/Ixion/Quaoar/Orcus/Varuna/Neo Moon... DAI-VALKYRIE POWER! MAKE-UP!"

"Makemake/Haumea/Blue Mars/Battle Jupiter/Cyber Mercury/Summoner Venus/Ceres/Juno/Vesta/Pallas... VALKYRIE POWER! MAKE-UP!"

"Norse Knight... POWER-UP!"

Sedna smiled genuinely. It begins.

As each Valkyrie Dagger hovered in their places, the assembled Senshi grabbed the Daggers as their armors & Sailor garb vanished (Kamen's tuxedo grab vanishes) whilst auras enveloped their bodies. Each Senshi's foreheads gleamed, revealing their respective planetary symbols. Dai-Valkyrie/Valkyrie/Norse Knight armor materialized around their bodies complete with accessories.

As they completed their transformations, the Kuiper Senshi's Valkyrie armor were replaced with majestic Dai-Valkyrie armors.

Dai-Valkyrie Eris' armor clashed with her friends. It was more revealing, showing off more of her body and wearing less armor to grant her better flight & agility. She had green light green armor and helmet coupled with armored sandals, which revealed her bare feet and green pedicure. She had her lasso firmly attached to her right waist.

Dai-Valkyrie Ixion's armor was mostly covered, sans her arms and back. She wore yellow and black armor coupled with a long black skirt hanging down from her waist armor. Her bow hung on her right hip.

Dai-Valkyrie Orcus wore dark purple and black armor and headgear, similar to Venus' Dai-Valkyrie armor, that covered most of her body, sans her legs and arms. The long skirt hanging from her waist arm split in the middle and revealed her long legs. Her sais were attached on both sides of her hips

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar wore brown, green, and golden armor complete with headgear. Only her arms were revealed. The skirt hanging from her waist armor covered most of her legs. She firmly held a silver lance in her hands.

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna was garbed in a more battle-suited Dai-Valkyrie set. Her armor was more akin to Jupiter and Eris'. It was more revealing, showing off more of her skin and wearing less armor to cover her body. Despite the revealing armor, it awarded her better flight and mobility. Her armor and helmet was a well-blended mix of white and gold coupled with armored Greco-Roman sandals, which revealed her bare feet and gold pedicure. She firmly held her battle ax in her hands.

Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon emerged complete in her new Dai-Valkyrie armor. In addition to accessories, including a pink headgear, she wore a full-bodies pink armor trimmed with gold and white. She wore white armored gloves. Adorning her shoulders was pink armor trimmed with gold. Her feet were encased in white and pink boots that went above her knees. Her torso and waist was covered in golden-schemed long skirt, which well the way down past her knees, leaving an opening at the forefront that revealed bare legs. Underneath all of this armor was a black bodysuit, evidentally shown around her collar areas, forearms, and calves. The golden crescent moon is seen embellished on the front of her headgear. Two silver carapace sets surrounded the helmet's sides, letting three feathers protrude outward on each side. Her long odango hair freely hung down the sides of her helmet. A long golden quarterstaff with a large ring and a three-pointed prong. Upon completing her transformation, four transparent white wings stretched outward and subsequently faded.

Valkyrie Makemake came out revealing her new form. She wore a set of lavender armor and boots. Her helmet had the face resembling a chameleon with a tiny horn jutting out the front of the helmet. A yellow battle skirt hung down from the bottom of her waist armor. Hanging on her right hip was her sheathed dagger.

Valkyrie Haumea emerged in her complete new form. She wore maroon-schemed armor, covering her chest, forearms, and boots. Silver bracelets adorned the martial artist's wrists. A silver skirt hung down from her armor. Her helmet had the face features of a rodent-like creature. Her dagger was now hanging on her right hip.

Valkyrie Blue Mars came out wearing azure-schemed armor, which included her body armor, forearm armor, and boots. Silver bracelets, trimmed with gold, adorned the half-Koorime's wrists. A purple skit went down from her waist armor. A swan's face was embellished on her helmet. Her dagger was seen hanging on her right hip.

Valkyrie Summoner Venus came out wearing orange-schemed armor, including the body & forearm armor, boots, and waist armor. A white skirt hung down from her waist. Unlike most of the other Valkyrie Senshi, Summoner Venus' attire added some unique features, including long white sleeve cloth covering her arms. A fuu dog's (Shisa's) features adorned the front of the helmet. The dagger is seen hanging on the Valkyrie Senshi's right hip.

Valkyrie Battle Jupiter emerged wearing a set of olive green armor, including the body and forearm armor. Her battle skirt was leather complete with silver studs. She wore brown Greco-Roman armored sandals, revealing her green pedicure. Her forearms was concealed in leather green arm sleeves, but her hands were uncovered and showed green fingernails. A bird's features embellished the helmet. Hanging down on her right hip was her dagger.

Valkyrie Cyber Mercury came out wearing a full-bodied navy blue armor. A white skirt hung down from her waist armor. Two cyan ribbons hung down her back as cable extensions seemingly encircled over her shoulder armor. Her helmet's front had the face of a water horse. Her dagger hang on her right hip.

Valkyrie Ceres emerged wearing a full-bodied pink armor, including her boots and gloves. A yellow dress hung down from her waist. Embellished on the helmet was a gorilla's face.

Valkyrie Juno stepped out wearing a set of green armor. Her battle skirt was made of leather material with golden studs. She wore green Greco-Roman armored sandals, revealing green pedicure. Her forearms was concealed in leather green arm sleeves albeit her hands were uncovered and showed green fingernails. On the front of her helmet was the face of a lynx.

Valkyrie Vesta emerged wearing a set of red armor. She, too, wore a leather battle skirt with silver studs. She wore red Greco-Roman armored sandals, revealing red pedicure. Her forearms were concealed in leather red arm sleeves, but her hands were uncovered and showed her red fingernails. The face of a bear was embellished on the front.

Valkyrie Pallas came out wearing a full-bodied cyan armor, including boots and gloves. A white dress hung down from her waist armor. Embellished on her helmet was the face of a seal.

(End theme)

(Cue Kamen Rider Black RX OST – Hikari no Senshi)

Tuxedo Kamen was now garbed in a full set of black and silver chest armor with red trim. His face was concealed behind a silver helmet. Emblazoned on the helmet were large red eyes. His arms and legs were covered in black leather. A silver belt, with a red gem embedded at the center and doubled as a belt buckle, formed around his waist. A long black cape hung down his back, giving him a Kamen Rider-esque attire. Hanging on his hips was a holster holding a gun on the right and a sheath carrying his sword on the left.

(End theme)

The Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper Senshi, Valkyrie Neo Senshi, Valkyrie Makemake & Haumea, and the Valkyrie Quartet were fully absorbed and mesmerized by their new armors. They also felt stronger and brimming with intense mystical energy. Their animal spirits materialized before the Kuipers.

Eris met eye-to-eye with her falcon spirit.

"It's about time you know my name, Sailor Eris. Call me Zephyr."

Eris smiled. "But, why to tell me your name?"

"Err... to build up suspense?"

The Texas girl sweatdropped. "Yeah, and I'm future queen of Planet Eris." She reached over and pet Zephyr's head. "Still, I love that name." She saw him blush and purr delightfully to Eris' charm.

The maned wolf hovered over to Quaoar.

"You may call me Flora."

Quaoar nodded. "Fitting name considering we can summon flowers."

The cobra flew over to Ixion and wrapped herself around the Valkyrie Senshi's neck. The two met eye-to-eye and exchanged smiles.

"Bane. Is that name ok?"

"Yes," Ixion approved.

Orcus watched her bat land on her right shoulder.

"You really look cute in that armor!" The bat winked, eliciting a laugh from the Australian girl.

"And what should I call you?"

"How's Razor?"

Orcus have this some thought. "Huh, I had thought 'Vinnie'."


"Yeah, you remind me of a crazy boy back home named Vinnie."

Razor sweatdropped, sighing. "Oh, Orcus."

"But, I like Razor better," she said, stroking Razor's chin.

The rabbit landed on Varuna's left shoulder and folded his arms.

"Need a name?" Varuna asked.


"I was going for Sparkle just to see your reaction."

Flash groaned. "Man, you can be a bitch."

"Nah, I'm the big, bad bitch."


"Flash is a cool name," Varuna said, shaking her rabbit's hands.

Valkyrie Makemake and Valkyrie Haumea were graced by the presence of their animal spirits. Makemake was taken by surprise as a small green chameleon appeared on her right shoulder. Haumea watched a tiny jerboa rodent appear in her hands.

"Hello," the chameleon greeted Makemake. "Sailor Makemake, I am your spirit animal. My name is Mirage." He spoke in a deep and polite tone. "I hope you're not disappointed that you ended up with a lizard."

Makemake smiled genuinely and let him crawl across her arm. She watched him hop into her hands. "Not at all. I've always wanted a chameleon for a pet, but didn't think I end up with a talking one."

"Well, I'm not a pet, Miho."

"No, but we'll make good partners, Mirage," she said, petting his head.

Haumea watched the jerboa turning around and looking at her.

"Greetings, Sailor Haumea. My name is Flint-!"

"KYA!" Haumea squealed happily as she hugged the tiny mammal. "SO CUTE!"

"HELP! CAN'T BREATH!" Flint screamed for his life.

The others sweatdropped seeing the Valkyrie Senshi of Sand flat out embarrass herself. She let go and modestly laughed. Flint hopped on Haumea's head and bopped her with a few kicks.

"Ow! Ow! What?! Not my fault I can't resist cuteness!"

Flint screamed out profanities. "The fuck?! I ain't cute! I maybe small, but I'm a kung-fu master badass rolled up in one furry package!" He hopped back in Haumea's hands and shot her an irked glare. "Now, how about a proper greeting?"

"Right, right," Haumea apologized. "So, you're Flint?"

"Yes, and we'll be partners, but I get the feeling this will be a rocky start."

"I can make it work."

Flint twitched his nose and sighed. "Let's hope so, Sailor Haumea, for our partnership's sake."

The Neo Senshi and Quartet watched their spirit animals materialize before them.

A beautiful white swan appeared next to Valkyrie Blue Mars. Summoner Venus turned as a large fu dog (shisa) appear near her. Battle Jupiter turned around and saw a large thunderbird appear. Cyber Mercury was lifted off the ground by something big and she happened to be on the back of a water horse (Nessie of the Loch Ness legend).

Valkyrie Ceres saw a pink-furred gorilla sitting next to her. Valkyrie Juno turned around and came face to face with a green lynx, who walked up and greeted her. Valkyrie Vesta was immediately flipped over off her feet as she landed on the back of a brownish red bear. Sailor Pallas was scooped off the ground and bounced into the air by a blue seal.

"Look at these animals!" Daiki was taken aback by all the spirit animals amassed in a single area.

Sam smiled. "They all have spirit animals like Moon and the others."

Max nodded. "Isn't this great, bro?"

Adam watched Summoner Venus hugging her fu dog. "She looks so happy."

Demona added. "I can't say anything bad about Ai. At least her beast is a cute fu dog."

The white swan greeted herself to Blue Mars. "You may call me Frostburn, Koori."

"Frostburn? Such a nice ring to it," Blue Mars said.

"I have two forms. What you see is when I'm my serene state, but when I unleash my fury..." Frostburn's body became ignited in blue flames. Her body transformed into a dragon with only two limbs ad wings. "...I become a wyvern. This form symbolizes us being hybrids. You, daughter of Sailor Mars and Hiei, are part-Koorime, part-human. I am what you could call the cross between a phoenix and a dragon... the animals commanded by your parents." Blue fire consumed Frostburn again turning her back into a swan.

Blue Mars smiled. "This will be the start of a glorious relationship."

The water horse turned its head and addressed Cyber Mercury in a kind tone. "Hello, Amaya. You can call me Kelpie."

"Well, since my mother had a water dragon, I had a feeling I end up with a giant aquatic animal," Cyber Mercury added, stroking the aquatic beast's back. "I thought you'd call yourself Nessie."

"Nah, way too typical of a name I'm afraid."

"Well, makes no difference to me."

The fu dog bowed his head to Summoner Venus. "My name is Inari. Pleased to meet you, Ai."

"Cute name," she said, petting his head. "Like Inari Okami."

The thunderbird addressed Battle Jupiter using a calm and collective masculine tone. "You may call me Ford, Umi."

"Cool, named after the car," Battle Jupiter smiled as she and Ford conversed.

The gorilla shook Ceres' hand and spoke in a deep feminine tone. "My name is Cadence."

"Kinda fitting I'd end up with a primate. Nice to meet you."

"The name's Harmony!" The seal laughed joyfully as Pallas landed on her feet. She and Pallas hugged each other.

"Hah, so much for that jellyfish prediction!" Pallas laughed aloud.

"What?! Who said I'd be a jellyfish?!" Harmony fumed. "The nerve of this rude person!"

The red bear let Vesta slide down his back. Vesta flipped into the air and landed on her feet on the floor. She and the bear bowed each other.

"Hello, Vesta, I am Flare. I hope our new partnership will produce great rewards."

"Same here. I'm glad I ended up with a bear since I am a beast tamer."

Flare nodded. "Indeed."

The green lynx ran over and jumped up putting her front paws on Juno's shoulders. Juno grabbed the lynx and playfully wrestled her to the floor. Juno and the lynx sprang up together whilst encircling one another.

"I am Mara."

"You're quick on your feet," Juno remarked. "Then again, you're a cat."

"Looks like we're going to have a lot of fun together," the lynx grinned.

Finally, the disembodied voice that Mamoru heard earlier appeared and came out of a golden ball of light. Everyone present watched as a majestic gray alicorn with a purple mane flew out and landed near the Norse Knight.

"Mamo..?" Neo Moon watched the Norse Knight being greeted by the mysterious alicorn.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto murmured. "At last, you've come out of your slumber in Elysion."

(Cue Magister Negi Magi OST 2 – Truth)

"Greetings, Prince Endymion," the alicorn openly addressed the man. "I see you've finally received your Norse warrior upgrade."

"Who are you?" Norse Knight inquired.

"I am Gaia," she kindly answered. "I come here from Elysion."

"You mean..."

"Yes, I was freed from my seal by Helios. He and the Maenads went through great lengths to try to release me. It was just now that my seal became undone," Gaia said. "I was your steed when you were Prince Endymion in the past. Fate has decided it was time to see you now. I am the last piece of your forgotten memories. Touch my forehead. I hope you will remember me." She leaned forward, allowing Norse Knight to touch her face.

As he pressed his hand on her forehead, Gaias' horn glowed and produced a mental link between them. Together they saw images from the past replay. Mamoru was taken aback when he saw himself on horseback and to his surprise he rode on Gaia on route toward the moon.

"I served as your transport toward the Moon Kingdom," Gaia revealed to Norse Knight's shock. "When the Moon Kingdom was destroyed, I had lost you. For years, I was without a home until the Priest of Elysion provided me sanctuary. When I told him you were gone, he was much devastated. The Golden Kingdom lost a great man in you, Prince Endymion."

"And now you've returned to me."

"We've been reunited and I can't be anymore happier, my prince. I missed you."

Norse Knight hugged Gaia as the two reunited their bond. The others witnessed the reunion between the rider and his steed.

"I had no idea Mamoru had an alicorn," RJ said. "Did you, Usa?"

Neo Moon didn't answer as he eyes fell on Norse Knight and Gaia. She knows Helios?!

"Helios still protects your daughter by sending Pegasus in both the here and the future," Gaia acknowledged, taking notice of Neo Moon's presence. "As long as Lady Serenity exists, Helios will always be watching her from Elysion."

Norse Knight added. "Yes, I know. And one day I hope to send him my regards."

"You will... one day, Prince Endymion. But, I believe we have more important concerns. You face numerous evil powers that are on the verge of destroying your world."

"That's right and we just received upgrades through the Orb of Minos, a power produced by Sleipnir."

"Sleipnir. I remember him," Gaia nodded. But, before she could finish, Gaia and the other animal spirits sensed the approaching evil presence. "An evil source approaches."

(End theme)

"It's Charon, everyone!" Dai-Valkyrie Pluto warned everyone. She dropped into a battle stance while Lupe appeared next to her. "Senshi, have your animal guardians ready!" She beckoned to the Kuiper and Neo Senshi.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna added. "You heard her, guys! Get ready!" With that, Knut appeared by her side.

"I also sense Dimitri is with her!" Adam shouted.

(Cue My-Hime OST – Yamiyo no Prologue (Extended Version))

The Kuiper & Neo Senshi, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto, Norse Knight, Ryuuhi & the male Neos, Demona, the Chimeras, and Morpheous readily held their ground. They looked up to see Sailor Charon and Angemon X dropping in from the skies. Sedna shot a fierce glare toward Charon and saw Angemon X with her.

"Dimitri," the Ice Senshi muttered, anxiously and nervously sweating from her brows. "I have to believe I can save him."

"We will, Sedna," Neo Moon reassured her. "With our new powers, there's nothing that can stop us!"

"That's right," Norse Knight replied with renewed confidence. "And it would be in our best interest not to let these new powers go to waste. Sedna, are you ready to face Dimitri?"

Sedna clenched her fists and nodded, firming her resolve. "I am and I have faith we'll free him. I haven't lost hope."

Sailor Charon and Angemon X landed while facing down their opposition, who completely outnumbered them. However, Angemon X made up for Charon with his Ascendant power. Neo Moon, Sedna, Pluto, and Norse Knight stood forefront with everyone behind them.

"Seems they've been anticipating us," Charon remarked, eyeing the new armored forms the Senshi achieved. "Now I see why I've felt enormous energy spikes a few moments ago. You've all upgraded your powers and just in time, too." She turned to Angemon X and nodded to him. "Because, you will need it."

"We're going to remove your control over Dimitri!" Neo Moon declared.

"We shall see, princess," Charon said as she opened her hand, revealing an eye that flew out. "But, I don't do without a backup plan." Raising her staff, Charon produced energy beams that hit the eyeball and created over 30 Nix warriors. "There. I'd say the odds have evened out."

"Good. Now we can put our new powers to use," Orcus said.

Varuna growled. "That's what I'm looking forward to."

"Now, my Nix army! Engage and wear them down!" Charon commanded as the Nix bumrushed the Kuiper & Neo Senshi, Chimeras, and company.

"Get ready, guys!" Larry called to his colleagues.

Mika, Sara, and Hayata shouted in unison. "Yes!"

"Everyone! Hold them off!" Dai-Valkyrie Pluto called out. "Kuipers, you, Norse Knight, and Neo Moon engage Dimitri!"

"Right, we're ready!" Neo Moon said as she and Sedna watched Angemon X heading toward them.

Wolk took cover back inside the shrine with DemiDevimon, Mako, the Mooncats, and the Eris dogs.

"Be careful, Senshi!" Luna called to them as she and the others watched from shrine.

The Nix army quickly fought the Neo Senshi, the Quartet, the Chimeras, Max & Sam, and Morpheous. The united group and the Senshi's animal guardians headed off the Nix copies. Meanwhile, Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto, Norse Knight, and the Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper Senshi faced down Angemon X.

"Pegasus!" Neo Moon summoned her white horse friend, who materialized behind her. "Ready?"

"As always."

"We'll need to merge with our animal partners if we want to stand a chance," Dai-Valkyrie Sedna said, watching Angemon X heading toward them. "Since I know Dimitri better than anyone here, don't take your eye off him." She firmly gripped her Dragon Saber. "Neo Moon, I'm ready if you'll help me purge the darkness out of him."

"Of course."

Norse Knight took on a battle stance. "Gaia, lend your power to me when necessary."

"As you wish, Prince Endymion."

Angemon X quickly drew his sword and bumrushed the group. He took to the air and flew down using his sword to drive a giant fissure in the ground. The impact created a powerful force that knocked the Senshi back. The Senshi quickly scattered and readily prepared to take on Angemon X using their most effective options: teamwork and the effective use of their Senshi magic.

"This time I won't miss," coldly stated Angemon X as he turned his blade and specifically pierced a gaze to Sedna. "Especially, not you, my once beloved ex."

"Don't drop your guard! Not even for an instant!" Sedna shouted.

Neo Moon added. "Here he comes!"

As Angemon X engaged the group, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto flew toward Charon and tried blasting her head-on. Charon teleported out of her sister's reach and reappeared above her.

"You're in a real hurry to get our family reunion party over with, are you?" Charon chortled evilly, goading Pluto to meet her in mid-air.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto mounted Lupe as they ascended over to confront their nemesis.

"Let's settle our long overdue sibling matters. In the name of Pluto, I will scatter your remains to the wind."

Charon shrugged off her sister's vow. "You're making an empty promise, sister." She glided toward Pluto and Lupe, launching a barrage of energy beams from her staff. "But, it'll be my pleasure to kill you permanently!"

And with that, the sisters finally clashed again to settle their heated feud.

(End theme)


Shinjuku District/5:55 PM

BlackRenamon and ShineInumon dissected IceDevimon with their attacks. Combining BlackRenamon's metal-piercing diamond barrage and ShineInumon's golden fire, the ice demon was blown up as his body shattered into pieces.

"All right!" Makoto cheered.

Kasumi gasped. "No, wait!"

"Remember he can regenerate!" Megumi exclaimed. "You two! He's able to make copies of myself even if you destroy him!"

Their fears came to life as two IceDevimons emerged from the shattered ice. BlackRenamon and ShineInumon cut the ice demons off from the humans.

"You won't get past us!" ShineInumon growled at the IceDevimons. "We won't let you near our Tamers!"

"No matter how many times you destroy us, we'll keep regenerating!" The IceDevimons laughed together. They flew at the Rookie Digimon and fired ice beams at them.

(Cue Digimon Savers OST - Chouhatsu)

DarkRenamon and ShineInumon dodged the incoming beams. The IceDevimon duo redirected their flight toward the women fighters and the children. Megumi and Kasumi stood poised ready to defend the kids. The canine siblings lunged at the ice demons and tackled them down. The IceDevimon duo quickly took to the air and flapped their wings unleashing an icicle barrage. DarkRenamon and ShineInumon moved their Tamers and Impmon's Tamers away. Megumi and Kasumi took cover behind trees as the series of icicles pierced into the ground.

"That was a close one. Are you ok, Megumi?"

"Yeah, thanks for the concern, Miss Kasumi," the kobudo instructor tightened her grip on her kendo. She watched DarkRenamon and ShineInumon protecting the children. "They're magnificent creatures. And devoted in protecting the little ones."

"So, how are we going to beat something pretty much unkillable?"

"Beats me. I wish I knew," Megumi pivoted her view to the IceDevimons and studied them. And he keeps mentioning this Necromon.

"C'mon, you frosted freaks!" ShineInumon goaded the IceDevimons. He turned to BlackRenamon. "Take the kids to safety. I'll lead them away."

"No!" Kazuma reached over to ShineInumon, who ruffled his Tamer's head hair.

"I'll be fine, little Kazuma," he reassured his frightened Tamer. "Go now." He quickly headed off the IceDevimon and lured them into a forest.

"Let's go," DarkRenamon said, picking up Yusuke and Kazuma. "You two follow me, too."

"Right!" Ai and Makoto replied.

Meanwhile, Megumi and Kasumi decided to split up. Megumi followed BlackRenamon and the others. Kasumi pursued ShineInumon and the IceDevimons.


Shinjuku District/Near Shinjuku Bridge/5:58 PM

Beelzebumon finally shot down the three IceDevimons. As the icy demons hit the streets, the crowds stopped to witness the winged demon drop in and wait for the IceDevimons to sit up. As Beelzebumon readied his cannon, something hit him from behind.


A car was thrown at Beelzebumon, who turned around in time and unloaded a charged blast. He blew up the vehicle and stared over where another figure was facing off with him.

(End theme)

Beelzebumon's teeth gritted as he got a better glimpse of his attacker.

"No way... I remember I saw you die...!" Beelzebumon paled when he saw a large, black beetle standing as a bipedal and wearing silver armor and an Egyptian themed dress. He held a long staff with a green gem attached to it. "You're dead!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Taiketsu)

"Doesn't he bring back memories, Beelzebumon? He was one of the evil Pharaohmon's henchmen you helped destroy," One of the IceDevimon chortled as he recovered to his feet. "Kheprimon, are our team players ready to come out and have fun?"

Kheprimon acknowledged with a bow. He slammed his staff and beckoned his colleagues to arrive. With that, a beam of light blasted the ground and from it emerged another warrior. It was a winged humanoid resembling a golden-armored warrior with metal-plated wings and a hawk-like head.

"Horusmon, welcome to the reunion party," one of the other IceDevimons announced.

"But, wait there's more," the middle IceDevimon added.

Two more beams hit the ground near Kheprimon and Horusmon. From these beams emerged two figures. One was a behemoth and the other a regular-sized warrior.

The regular size warrior was a Digimon resembling a white-and-brown furred bipedal ram fitted with heavy golden armor and carrying a large hammer. The ram's own horns were large as his own head.

"Khnummon," the IceDevimons acknowledged. "And ThothBabimon."

The behemoth was a large bipedal gray-furred baboon garbed in heavy, bulky orange body armor with shoulder plating protruding out the sides. His knees and shins, too, were covered behind armor. A long sword materialized behind and mounted on the baboon's back.

Naturally, everyone bystander fled the moment these monsters appeared. Though, some stupid reporters stayed by to film the action on location.

"All of them once served Pharaohmon faithfully and died fighting your allies, Beelzebumon," the IceDevimons proclaimed. "Necromon pulled our spirits from the Digital Underworld and revived us. We've been granted another chance to destroy those that defeated us! If I can't have Renamon, then their pups and those brats can die in her place."

Kheprimon evilly chortled and slammed his staff. "You won't destroy us so easily, Beelzebumon. We'll keep reviving until you're worn down."

Horusmon screeched. "You're outnumbered, Beelzebumon. Realize you can't win."

(End theme)

Beelzebumon smirked. "Ok, let's say I can't... I'm still not going to die against you zombie rejects You want some?! C'mon and eat...!" As he pulled out his Berenjena shotguns, he couldn't get Megumi's happy face and eggplants out of his mind. Ugh, why did I have to remind myself of THAT?!

(Cue Digimon Adventure OST – Shuugeki! Soshite)

The Digi-Zombies quickly jumped Beelzebumon, who took to the air. However, ThothBabimon jumped up and slammed the demon with his sword. Beelzebumon hit the ground as Horusmon dove in to skewer him. Beelzebumon jumped forward and thrust his claw through his gut. However, what killed Leomon didn't faze the Digi-Zombie.

"That won't work!" Khnummon charged behind Beelzebumon.

Beelzebumon quickly took to the air as the IceDevimons unleashed a barrage of icicles. The winged demon biker flew around and evaded the coming icicles. The Digi-Zombies jumped up and piled on top of Beelzebumon while using their combined weight to pull the demon down.

"Let go!" yelled Beelzebumon, struggling to break free. He fired multiple shots from his cannon to knock them away. But, Kheprimon pointed his staff and stunned Beelzebumon, causing him to fall and hit the ground. "Ugh! Damn it...!" He stood up and watched the Digi-Zombies closing toward him.

The IceDevimons laughed together. "Allow us to introduce to Necromon's Digi-Zombie army. Beelzebumon, can you hope to stop us all by yourself?"

Standing defiantly, Beelzebumon knew the odds were stacked and them being Digi-Zombies with regenerative abilities didn't help. However, he was prepared to keep the Digi-Zombies from finding his Tamers, the pups, and the twins.

"ATTACK!" The IceDevimons simultaneously yelled as the Digi-Zombies attacked Beelzebumon from all sides.

"C'mon!" Beelzebumon goaded them and unloaded by blasting them with his Berenjena guns.

(End theme)


Ancient Egypt/Near Thebes/1009 B.C.

Elsewhere, and not too far off from where Mokuba's group were, Serenity, Akiza, and Alexis were scouring through the streets looking for them. They've had no luck finding them. The more the walked, the more the villagers watched them with suspicion. It certainly didn't help that their futuristic wear made them stand out from the general Egyptians.

"This is getting us nowhere," Alexis grumbled. "Where the heck are they?"

"Calm down, Alexis. Two of them are just kids," Akiza said. "And they're smart enough to stay out of trouble. We'll find them."

"That's just it, Akiza. You're too kind around kids. Sometimes they need to be scolded at if they want to listen."

"But, Mokuba is with them. He's responsible enough to not let anything happen to them," Serenity tried to reassure Alexis.

"Then, he should've been responsible enough to not let them go out..."

Suddenly, the girls realized they were being followed. They noticed villagers walking back into their homes. The girls turned and saw a group of cultists approaching them.

"Great, me and my big mouth," Alexis remarked.

"Hello there. You ladies aren't from around here?" One of the men asked as he walked over and grabbed Serenity's arm.

"Let me go!" Serenity demanded as she instinctively used her Spirit Fusion power to transform into the Fire Princess, a red-garbed princess warrior. She threw a fire-like pillar at the men and blasted a few back.

"Let's back her up, Alexis!"

"I'm on it!"

As Alexis and Akiza pulled out a few monster cards, nothing was summoned. The ladies were taken aback by the lack of monsters summoned. Serenity noticed this too.

"What happened? Where's your monsters?"

Alexis looked at her card. "I don't understand. We should be able to bring out our monsters!"

Akiza called out. "Come out, Black Rose Dragon!"

"Akiza, look out!" Serenity called out.

Before Akiza took heed of Serenity's warning, one of the cultists sneaked up behind her and backhanded her. Akiza hit the ground as the card fell out of her hand. Her psychic inhibitor, which doubled as a hair roller, fell off her head, letting her bangs loose. Akiza growled, gritting her teeth as the cultist stood over her laughing.

"You'll look even better when you're kneeling before me, wench."

"Akiza!" Serenity screamed out as she saw Alexis being detained by two of the cultists. As she rushed in to save them, one of the cultists pulled out a whip and struck Serenity's feet. Serenity was knocked off her feet as three cultists moved in to capture her.

"One of them turned into a Ka beast. I've never seen anything like that before, but we'll take her power and make her two friends into perfect mistresses to serve our needs," the head of the cultist group smiled a perverted grin. "Round them up!"

As the cultist who hit Akiza picked the Signer up, he grabbed her arm.

"Now, be a good girl and follow our command..." Suddenly, he saw the eyes on Akiza glowing as a red aura materialized around her. "What are you...?"

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds OST – Dark Turning Theme)

As her eyes turned white, Akiza faced the men wearing a dark and evil smirk. Paying little attention to the blood on her lip, she invoked her psychic powers, which had been suppressed thanks to the 'hairpin' device on her head. Now that the restraint was removed, the Signer was ready to unleash her true powers.

"Leave us alone, you bastards," Akiza growled as she used her psychic powers to summon a few real monsters.

Serenity, Alexis, and the cultists watched in shock seeing a bunch of real monsters materializing in the vicinity. A bunch of hedge guards & Evil Thorns, two Violet Witches, and three Lord Poisons were brought to life thanks to Akiza's psychic powers.

"A..Akiza?!" Alexis was in shock at what she and Serenity were witnessing.

I didn't know she had special powers like this! Serenity marveled at this turn of events.

"She summoned Ba monsters, but I thought only one Ba could be summoned at a time!" One of the cultists called out fearfully.

The head of the group gazed on in apprehension. "She's... she's a monster!"

Taking advantage of the situation, Serenity stood and attacked the cultists shooting fire blasts. Many of them scattered from the flames and fled from the vicinity. However, Akiza relentlessly sent her monsters to pursue them.

"Don't let them get away!" Akiza commanded, wearing a wicked smile that scared even her two colleagues.

"Akiza!" Alexis exclaimed. "Stop!"

"Not until they're all dead!" The Signer hissed out as she watched her monsters attack the men. A few like the hedge guards began squeezing a few to death. The Evil Thorns pinned a few cultists down and prepared to crush them with their sharp thorns. The head leader and a few of his followers were surrounded by the Violet Witches and the Lord Poisons. "Make them suffer, my children."

"Please, let us go!" The head of the group pleaded for his life and his men.

"I'm sorry, but I heard you call me a monster," Akiza's wicked smile didn't leave her. "Nobody gets away with calling me such. Children, punish these lowly pests!" She commanded as Serenity and Alexis jumped in to restrain her.

"Akiza, stop this! This is going too far!" Alexis exclaimed.

Serenity looked up and watched as Akiza's Black Rose Dragon started materializing. "Please, Akiza! We've scared them off! This is enough!"

"Not enough for me..." She giggled evilly as her eyes conveyed a more crazed glare to them. "Black Rose Dragon, finish them!"

As the Black Rose Dragon prepared to open fire, the cultists panicked for their lives.

Serenity transformed into St. Joan and slammed her hand into Akiza's gut, channeling holy energies to help suppress the darkness controlling the Signer.

"I'm sorry, Akiza," Serenity said as she watched Akiza weaken. The Signer's aura subsided as her monsters vanished. Akiza fell into Serenity's arms while the cultists escaped with their lives intact.

(End theme)

Alexis scrambled over to pick up Akiza's Black Rose Dragon card and the metallic hairpin. Akiza slowly came to and awoke in Serenity's arms.

"...what... what happened?" Akiza opened her eyes and looked up to her two colleagues. "Serenity? Alexis?" She surveyed the area and saw ravaged earth from the battle that had taken place. "What happened here? Did those men...?"

"They're gone. We fended them off," Serenity said, transforming back to herself again.

"We? But, I don't remember... I..." The Signer stopped and eyed the hairpin piece in Alexis' hands. It suddenly dawned on her. "Oh no... don't tell me I... I..." She took the hairpin and firmly attached it to her hair. "I'm sorry... I should've told you earlier!" She stood and noticed the villagers in their homes refusing to come out. "I... I frightened these people with my powers. Then, you two must've witnessed what I did and are repulsed. You think I'm a monster, too."

"No, that's not true!" Serenity said, pulling Akiza into a hug. "Those men are to blame. You just couldn't control yourself! But, don't even think we see you any different!"

Alexis nodded. "Yeah, I just wish you would've told us sooner."

"I'm sorry," Akiza said apologetically as she embraced Serenity. "I didn't mean for this to happen."

Nodding, Serenity pulled away from Akiza. She then handed back the Black Rose Dragon to the Signer.

"I'm not the type to judge. You're our friend no matter what, Akiza. We're in this together."

"Hey, guys, looks like our search is over. I found Mokuba!" Called out Alexis, who pointed to Mokuba poking his head out of a corner.

The three ladies bolted over to where Mokuba was and confronted him.

"Mokuba, where have you been?! We've been looking for you and the others!" Akiza said, trying hard not to sound too strict.

But, then, 'Mokuba' blinked in confusion. "Who is this Mokuba you speak of? And..." He pivoted his head and saw Serenity. "Akahana? Is that you?"

The girls' initial response was that of obvious confusion. The girls then realized they weren't talking to Mokuba. This boy wore the usual male Egyptian garb and had a somewhat darker skin complexion than Mokuba naturally did.

"Who's Akahana?" Serenity inquired. "You're not Mokuba."

"No, I'm Abukom. You three are not from around these parts?"

"No, we're looking for a young man who looks like you, two children, and a friend of mine," Alexis said. "Have you seen them?"

"No, but I was passing along by and watched that battle," Abukom said, eyeing both Serenity and Akiza. "You two forced those evil men out of the village. I thank you."

Akiza wanted to say something, but Serenity simply nodded her off.

"Listen, I must go see Akahana. Maybe if I take you three there, we can help you find your friends?"

The three girls complied and followed Abukom to relocate to Akahana's home. Along the way, Serenity closely watched the Egyptian boy.

A boy who looks like Mokuba. He has to be Mokuba's ancestor or something. I wonder if I'll see anyone else's ancestor here. Joey did tell me about Atem before. Serenity thought as she turned to Akiza. "Everything's going to be ok, Akiza."

"Thanks, Serenity. I just hope you and Alexis don't ever have to see that again."

Alexis added. "Well, at least you sent those jerks running. By the way, Abukom, those men who attacked us..."

"They're rumored to be part of some underground cult. I don't know many details, but they've been raiding this side of Thebes. They're collecting people to steal their Ka energy or simply for slave trade."

"This isn't good," Serenity said. "We have to find the others as soon as possible."

In just a few minutes, Abukom arrived at Akahana's home with Serenity, Akiza, and Alexis. He knocked on the door. Akahana opened the door and welcomed him in with the girls. Serenity and Akahana stopped to notice each other.

"Hey, you...!" Serenity and Akahana cried out at the exact same time.

Abukom's jaw dropped when he saw Mokuba sitting in the dining room. "And you...!"

"You must be Abukom!" Mokuba called out.

"Mokuba!" Serenity noticed him.

Akiza saw the twins sitting up and running up to her. "Leo! Luna!" She crouched over and embraced the two.

"Alexis! We're so sorry!" Syrus cried out as she ran up to her.

Alexis met him with a poke to his forehead, which stopped him at his tracks. "That's as far as you go. Don't you realize how worried we've been?! We've been looking for you!"

"Relax, Alexis, we found them," Serenity calmly reassured her. "That's all that matters."

"You must be this Serenity that Mokuba speaks of," Akahana approached her. "I'm Akahana. This is Abukom."

"Pleased to meet you all," Abukom bowed. "But, why do you two look like us?" He pointed to their present reincarnations.

"Well, it's complicated," Mokuba sweatdropped.

"Well, if you say so," Akahana said as she and Abukom kissed each other passionately, which made Serenity and Mokuba exchange awkward looks. They felt odd vibes being near each other causing them to turn away.

"Just because they're doing it, doesn't mean..."

"I know, Serenity. You and Morpheous are together, and I respect that."

"Sorry," Akahana apologized. "We didn't mean to do that out in front of you."

"It's ok, really," Alexis waved her off.

Akiza quickly asserted. "But, we really need to find our way out of here."

"We came to find my brother and our friends," Mokuba interjected.

"Yeah, we want to see if they're ok!" Leo chimed in.

"Well, now that we're all here, we can discuss this and carefully plan out," Abukom suggested. "With the streets being dangerous as they are, we have to be careful where we go in the city."

The groups sat together with the couple and discussed how to further go about looking for their friends.


Present Day/Southern Digital Realm/Royal Knight Headquarters/6:03 PM

(Cue Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST – Battle Scherzo)

Alphamon and Omegamon X commenced in their heated engagement. It was a closely matched battle, which led to both throwing energy streams toward one another. Alphamon swerved through Omegamon X's bombardment of blasts. Readily preparing for Alphamon, the Omega inForce user summoned his Grey Sword and flew across to meet Alphamon.

"I'll end this!" boasted Omegamon X, readily preparing to strike Alphamon down at any given cost.

The Alpha inForce warrior quickly puts up a magical circle around himself, protected him from Omegamon X's lightning fast strikes. Alphamon rebounded by flying through the magical circle and summons two swords.

"Prepare to meet my Holy Sword Gradalpha!" He launched himself into Omegamon X and pulverized him hard with his dual swords.

Omegamon X put up his defenses whilst defending himself from Alphamon's equally fast strikes. Omegamon X thrust his Grey Sword forward, but narrowly misses his opponent. Alphamon swerved around and came up Omegamon X's rear. He quickly unleashes an immense blast into Omegamon X's back, sending him flying back.

Meanwhile, Buster Blader was having a tough time keeping up with Lobo, who continually unloaded a barrage of energy streams from his guns. Lobo phased out and appeared above Buster Blade. The Neo-Rajita general attempted to blast Buster Blader's face at close quarters. Buster Blader put up his sword and cushioned the impact of the beam. Buster Blade plunged toward the ground and watched Lobo hovering toward him.

"These two aren't going to let up anytime," Buster Blader stated, standing up and holding a battle posture.

Lobo sighed. "You Royal Knights are a royal pain in the butt, you know that? Why don't you just die already? I need my rest."

Omegamon X grumbled when hearing his lethargic partner. "We'd be done if you didn't all that time posturing. I'll need your help subduing Alphamon."

"Right, we need him alive..."

Alphamon inquired, listening to their quick exchange. "Need me alive? For what?"

"Don't you worry, you blood bringer," Omegamon X turned and slashed at Alphamon repeatedly. "We just need you alive for Lord Gamera!"

Buster Blader wondered. "But, for what purpose?"

As the two main battles commenced, numerous knights were seen fighting hordes of Rajita soldiers. There were obvious war casualties from both sides. Five hovercrafts bombarded the area near the Royal Knights Headquarters. Dynasmon and Crusadermon prevented some hoverpods from hitting the headquarters as they intercepted them with attacks.

"We need to keep them away from the headquarters!" Craniummon declared as he swung his weapon down and cut a giant mechanized combat suit in half.

Magnamon unleashed a golden stream of burning power that incinerated a fleet of Bio-Vivians and Draconian Guardians.

Suddenly, an immense blast erupted from the gates of the headquarters. The main Royal Knights and soldiers turned around to see that their gates had been blown up from the inside.

"We've been breached?!" Dynasmon exclaimed in shock.

Crusadermon added, equally surprised. "How did they get by inside?! Unless they've managed to destroy protocols!"

(End theme)

(Cue Godzilla Final Wars OST – Keizer Ghidorah Appears)

The fighting suddenly ceased as the Rajita soldiers bowed their heads. The Royal Knights faced the same direction the aliens lowered their heads and saw a large dark figure emerge from the billowing smoke covering the ravaged gates.

Lobo and Omegamon X ceased fighting Buster Blader and Alphamon as they, too, bowed their heads to the shadowed figure.

"Well done, my loyalists," came a deep and calm albeit with the authoritative tone. "The Chief Advisor and myself have quickly turned the tide of this battle on you, Royal Knights." Out from the smoke came Gamera, leader of the Neo-Rajita. He had a calm and evil demeanor as he seemed to already know that victory was imminent. "We've seized your headquarters right under your noses. Splendid job 'protecting' your fortress, defenders of justice."

Alphamon glared intently at Gamera. "Gamera! But, there's no way you could've..."

"You're well aware I have the power of going anywhere I please. It's only now I've decided to hasten my plan to seize control of the three major pillars of the Digital World."

Buster Blader protested. "You haven't defeated us yet!"

"Correct... yet. My Chief Advisor is leading men to seize full control of your precious fortress as it will now belong to me. Now, let's dispense this talk," the alien warlord shifted his sinister gaze toward Alphamon. He smiled and pointed directly toward the aforementioned Royal Knight. "You have something I require, Alphamon. Resist any temptation to fight me."

"Royal Knights never yield to the enemy! And neither will I!"

As Alphamon hastily glided forward to meet Gamera, Omegamon X cut the knight off from the pass. Alphamon expelled a powerful force that knocked Omegamon X back. Gamera simply looked at him and looked as confident as ever.

"Knights, press forward! We will reclaim our headquarters!" Alphamon declared to the loud cheers from his warriors.

Buster Blader flew up to meet Lobo and engaged him in sword vs. guns battle.

Alphamon flew up to meet Gamera, who simply floated into the air and lured him away.

"Be careful!" Craniummon called to Alphamon, who vanished into the clouds while pursuing Gamera. He turned around and swatted a hovercraft away with a swing of his giant weapon.

"Keep your eyes open for that monster, Alphamon," Buster Blader murmured he watched Omegamon X flying up into the clouds. "Now, where are you going?!" He glided up to follow Omegamon X.

Lobo sighed whilst itching his head with one of his guns. "Sheesh, headstrong as always, Gabuhime." He ascended into the sky and headed after them.

(End theme)


(Cue Godzilla Final Wars OST – Godzilla vs. Keizer Ghidorah)

Alphamon came up through the clouds and caught Gamera floating several kilometers away in plain sight. The Neo-Rajita leader unfolded his arms and forged a long green construct, which he turned into a giant blade. He grabbed the green energy sword and flew across to meet Alphamon. Alphamon readily met Gamera and clashed blades with him.

Gamera and Alphamon looked each other in eyes as burning hatred came from the latter's eyes.

"You'll pay for poisoning the minds of Digimon and Duel Monsters."

"They chose to join us of their own free will. There were many who were infected that sought refuge with my people and developed the Antibodies that cured them of their virus. It's your Royal Knights, who used justice as a facade to cover up their true dark nature, that drove them out. They grew to hate you and turned to us as their saviors."

"You're in for yourself, you monster! You and your people only want to expand your empire in our world!"

Gamera evilly smiled. "Yes, that is true. I intend to consolidate my rule over the Digital Realms and Earth. But, I require your Alpha inForce to make myself the strongest being this world ever seen!" He manipulated the energies from his blade and blasted Alphamon with it.

"You will never have my power!" protested the Alpha warrior. Spreading his wings out, he glided further above Gamera and produces a massive magic circle seen by all – Knights and Rajita warriors alike. "Perish from existence, you abomination! Digitize of Soul!"

An immense green blast expelled from the magic circle and came toward Gamera. Calm as ever, Gamera seemingly looked unfazed by the turn of events. Then, from out of nowhere, Omegamon X intercepted the beam with the Grey Sword and cut in half while instantaneously deleting it entirely.

Taken aback, Alphamon couldn't believe his own eyes.

"The Royal Knights' sense of justice is more like injustice," Omegamon X muttered coldly.

"I'm sorry for the bloodshed the Knights have caused, but I wasn't the one that ordered them. Their actions were manipulated by Yggdrasil."

"Enough of your lies. It's time to pay with your life, Alphamon!"

Gamera smiled evilly as Omegamon X flew ahead to meet Alphamon.

"Yes, that's it," Gamera smirked darkly as he phased out.

As Alphamon knocked Omegamon X back, he left himself wide open for Gamera to appear behind him. Alphamon turned around quick...


...only to have Gamera thrust his claws through his gut. Alphamon coughed and looked down seeing the villain's claws protruding through his unguarded abdomen.

Finally, now Inumon will be next. Omegamon X thought as the Gabuhime side was ready to confront the dark hellhound.

As Buster Blader reached the sky, he saw Alphamon gutted by Gamera.

"No! Alphamon!" Buster Blader called to his colleague. Before he could save him, Lobo phased in front of him.

Lobo pulled the trigger and blasted a hole through Buster Blader's right shoulder. The shot knocked Buster Blader back and sent him falling. The last thing Buster Blader saw was Gamera pulling Alphamon toward a portal behind them.

...how can it end like this? Buster Blader thought as he continued his descent to the bottom where the battles continued.

(End theme)


Inside the Royal Knight headquarters, Nagah and her fleet stormed the facilities while taking out Digimon and Duel Monster knights. Others were taken captive. Nagah reached the security network to find Igasu and Hydra finishing up dismantling the security protocols.

"Excellent, you two," Nagah commended them. "You've done your work. Now the Royal Knight headquarters belongs to the us."

Igasu added. "So, we're done? Then, let's go."

Hydra interceded. "Not yet. Lady Charon has ordered we remain here in case the Senshi come."

"Sailor Moon better be one of them. I want to pay her back for nearly killing me"

Nagah was quickly reminded of the Senshi. "Yes, the Senshi. Perhaps, if's wise if you stay here. We'll require assistance taking care of them." She closed the door behind them and sighed. I still need to settle the score with Sailor Mars. I want to test the Houou's power with the data I've acquired from that phoenix Sovereign! "I'll fight a phoenix with the power of another!"


(Cue Star Wars Episode III OST – Order 66)

The tide of the battle was turning for the worst for the Royal Knights. The Neo-Rajita numbers more than doubled. With Alphamon captured by Gamera, the Knights' morale diminished. Lobo and Omegamon X returned to overwhelm the Royal Knights.

Magnamon flew head-on and blasted Omegamon X. "Magna Blast!"

Omegamon X swung his Grey Sword and sliced the attack in half. He then glided over and stabbed Magnamon with his sword.

"Magnamon!" Craniummon howled as hundreds of omnidirectional blasts hit him. He ultimately succumbed to several explosive blasts raining down from hovercrafts.

"...don't let them win... my comrades..." Magnamon coughed as his body dissolved into digital dust.

"You monster!" Dynasmon yelled at Omegamon X. He threw himself into Omegamon X and punched him. "You'll pay for taking Magnamon from us!" He prepared to shoot Omegamon X point blank.

"Look out, Dynasmon!" Crusadermon warned him.

Suddenly, Lobo hovered behind Dynasmon and unloaded a barrage of energy bullets. These bullets transformed into wolves and tyrannosaurs beelined toward Dynasmon. Dynasmon whirled around and was repeatedly hit with these energy bullets. Crusadermon bumrushed Lobo and intended to catch him with yellow ribbons, but Omegamon X cut Crusadermon from the pass and blasted the pink-armored warrior back.

Suddenly, the sky split open and out from this portal came Gamera. The tyrannical alien scanned the warzone. The remaining Royal Knights watched the monster raise his hand.

"All right, enough games," Gamera declared. "Time to claim this area as my own."


Hundreds of energy blasts erupted from his hand and rained down across the long stretches of the vicinity. Numerous Royal Knight warriors and supporters were blasted by these blasts. Craniummon saw a beam heading toward him. He rolled away and saw Buster Blader laying on unconscious. He collected Buster Blader and glided away from the vicinity.

"Craniummon! Alert the other territories! We need all the help that we can!" Dynasmon alerted him.

Craniummon didn't look back and continued his trek out of the Royal Knight territory.

In a dramatic turn of events, the Royal Knight headquarters fell to the Neo-Rajita. One major pillar of the Digital World became was claimed by Gamera.

Gamera relished in his victory and witnessed his forces storming into through the gates. He re-entered the portal and eyed Alphamon, who was binded on a platform in another dimension.

"Alphamon, it's over. The Royal Knights headquarters belongs to us," Gamera proclaimed. "Now to claim the Alpha inForce and establish myself as the strongest single force in two worlds."

"Lord Gamera!" Omegamon X called to the Neo-Rajita leader.

As Gamera turned, Omegamon X and Lobo hovered over to meet him.

"Thank you for helping me wearing down the Royal Knights. You two will be rewarded for your services. Now that the Royal Knight headquarters belongs to us, I have another assignment for you two to complete."

Lobo replied. "And that is...?"

"Paradais requests Omegamon X to go the Central Digital Realm..."

As Gamera explained and closed the portal behind them, Lobo and Omegamon X listened clearly. Alphamon groaned as he barely listened to what they were discussing.

"No... the Chosen... are in the Central Digital Realm... Omegamon... must be warned..." Alphamon muttered as he closed his eyes and tried to link mind with Omegamon's.

(End theme)


Southern Digital Realm/Amazon Kingdom/6:07 PM

(Cue Bleach OST 3 – Invasion)

The Amazons and Neo-Rajita continued their long battle that stretched for hours. More casualties mounted on both sides. The technology supported by the Neo-Rajita turned the tide of the war to their favor, but the Amazons' resiliency, landscape familiarity, and battle ingenuity prevented the invaders from occupying their territory.

Bodies of slain Amazons and Neo-Rajita (Sirens, Foxzards, Bio-Vivians, and Kaiser Knights) were seen scattered across the lands.

The Amazons concentrated their efforts by dismantling towers empowering the high tech weaponry and armory. This neutralized most of the tech the aliens utilized against the Amazons, allowing the warriors to fight the invaders on more even grounds. However, as it would turn out, this did little to save the Amazons from what will soon occur.

An Amazoness soldier prepared to stab a Siren, until a green beam came out of nowhere and hit the Amazoness warrior. The warrior scream's were silenced as her body turned into stone. The Siren stood up and waved her hand over the petrified Amazoness and watched as a familiar green beam washed across hundreds of Amazoness warriors. All of these warriors were turned into statues instantaneously.

Unaware of where this mysterious green light came from didn't matter to the Neo-Rajita soldiers. They roared in celebration over the defeat of the fodder Amazons.

Demetermon, Amazoness Paladin, Fighter, Archer, Chainmaster, Unfriendly Amazon, Blowpiper, and Trainer became alarmed witnessing a majority of their sister clans instantaneously being turned into stone.

"Our forces are being turned to stone, Paladin!" Chainmaster alarmed her.

Paladin noted the green light turning more Amazons to stone. "This aura... could it be...?!"

"I recognize that power belonging to Medusamon, but she was killed!" Demetermon exclaimed.

"Stay on feet, my sisters!" Paladin called the everyone behind her.

"One of us has to go and alert our queens!" Archer suggested.

"I'll go," Unfriendly Amazon volunteered as she dashed off to the Amazon Kingdom.

Suddenly, the non-fodder Amazons felt the ground tremble and witnessed the earth splitting under them. They scattered as green light leaked out from the cracks and released a column of light that washed over the vicinity. The Amazons avoided getting caught by the light. A evil laughter erupted from under the ground and out from the earth came a ten-foot tall being.

This entity resembled a cross between a dragon and a serpent. It's features were obviously reptilian, albeit had humanoid features, namely the arms. It had a draconian head and body, but its yellow eyes, forked tongue, and tail were prominently serpent in nature. Copper scheme covered its scaly body, except for its yellow under belly and the tufts of red hair covering its back. A seemingly evil aura outlined this creature's frame.

"Greetings, Amazons. It's been such a long time, hasn't it?" The draconian serpent cackled between deep hisses. It addressed them in a snake-like albeit feminine tone, making it sound almost androgynous. "I hope you don't mind the new garden decorum I've created out of your warriors."

"That voice!" Amazoness Blowpiper recognized it.

"Medusamon! It can't be...!" Demetermon became horrified with the revelation.

"Oh, but it's true, dear Amazons," the serpent smirked evilly, letting her forked tongue slip out and taste the air. "And I can recognize your scents. I have returned, but I'm no longer Medusamon as you can see. You may call me Najadramon."

"Najadramon?!" Paladin exclaimed.

"You're still the slimy monster as far as we're concerned!" protested Amazoness Fighter.

"Everyone has a critic," chortled Najadramon. "But, I must say... no matter how hard you Amazons train your minds and bodies, you still haven't conjured defenses against petrification magic." She cackled as her eyes turned green. Two beams shot from her eyes and turned a tree near them into stone. "As you can see, my magic has advanced as I've acquired this new stronger form."

"But, how did you can you be alive?!" demanded Amazon Archer.

"Some forces behind the scenes collected my digital soul and granted me the new body you see before you," Najadramon proclaimed. "This was before Necromon had any chance of making me one of his necromancer puppets."

If she hasn't been revived by one of those Mao Kings, then who could've revived her? Paladin wondered.

"Let's dispense this talk and begin adding new garden statues," Najadramon eyed each Amazon discreetly. "Which one of you will be first?"

Amazoness Fighter quickly dashed forward. "How about me?!"

Najadramon sighed. "Fine." With that, she readily expelled fire from her mouth. "Draconian Hellfire!" She directed her fire blast toward Fighter, who jumped over the blast. "Fool!" She fired her petrification beams at Fighter, who surprised the serpent by evading them. "Oh, nice dodge, but not good enough!"

"You won't conquer us!" Fighter declared as she punched Najadramon's face.

Slightly fazed, Najadramon grabbed Fighter with her long tail and threw her back to her Amazon sisters. The Amazons assembled together and readily engaged Najadramon. Paladin, Blowpiper, Demetermon, and Archer stayed at the rear while Fighter, Chainmaster, and Trainer assembled Digimon and DM Amazons together to ward off Najadramon. But, Najadramon raised her snake-like body and looked seemingly unfazed by their presence.

"This will be fun," evilly chuckled Najadramon. "After I finish you, I will seek your queens, Athenamon and Swordswoman!"

"No, you won't!" Paladin declared. "Amazons, keep her from reaching the kingdom!"

With that, the Amazons charged across and initiated their assault on the revived dragon serpent. Suddenly, the Neo-Rajita armies arrived to intercept the Amazons. Najadramon used this opportunity to pick a part the main Amazons one by one.


D'Arcmon and Castillo raced across the forest whilst keeping pace with each other. They lunged forward and landed successive strikes in order to take the other out. D'Arcmon narrowly missed Castillo with her sword, attempting to behead her. Castillo kicked D'Arcmon's face and sent her flying back. As her sword fell out of her hand, D'Arcmon hit the nearest tree and watched Castillo bumrushing her.

"DIE!" Castillo roared as she prepared to impale the Amazon with her horns.

D'Arcmon held her ground and braced herself for the charging Neo-Rajita. She took Castillo by the horns and struggled to hold her back. D'Arcmon lifted Castillo off the ground and kicked her into the air. D'Arcmon jumped high on a tree branch. She used the branch as a trampoline and sprung herself up far above Castillo. She waited for Castillo to reach her level.

"Take this!" D'Arcmon spun around and spin-kicked Castillo while in mid-air. She kicked Castillo so far across the forest and watched her crash land near a rock formation. Like an acrobat, she swung across the tree branches and quickly reached Castillo's location.

Sitting up, Castillo growled and spat at the Amazon. "Damn you... I'll impale you!"

"You've already tried. Got anything else up your sleeve?" D'Arcmon goaded her.

Suddenly, both noticed smoke rising from the vicinity where most of the battles were being fought. D'Arcmon sensed her sister's distress.

"What's going on...? I can feel and hear my sisters pleas for help..."

Castillo's smirk widened as she openly taunted the Amazon. "What's wrong? Losing your nerve just because your foolish clans are losing? Looks like your territory is about to become assimilated by Lord Gamera's empire."

"No, you haven't won yet!"

Castillo beckoned her. "C'mon, let's settle this. I'll make this quick and painless!" She bumrushed D'Arcmon again.

Just as D'Arcmon prepared to stop her, Castillo phased out and reappeared at the Amazon's rear. Castillo thrust her antlers into D'Arcmon, who narrowly dodged, but one antler stabbed her right shoulder. D'Arcmon sprang back and favored her now injured shoulder.

"Now, to pierce your heart!" Castillo charged D'Arcmon again.

D'Arcmon grabbed some dirt from the ground and threw it into Castillo's eyes.

"GAH! MY EYES!" A blinded Castillo madly thrashed her arms around.

D'Arcmon ran up and took her by the horns again. She then whirled the Neo-Rajita warrior around and slammed her into the rock formation.

Suddenly, D'Arcmon noticed running water coming down toward her. She jumped up and landed on the rock formation. To her surprise, she saw Mermaimon and Mee-Nai battling it out.

"Mermaimon!" D'Arcmon called to her colleague.

While running across water, Mermaimon responded. "How about some help, D'Arcmon?!"

"You got it!" D'Arcmon sprang off the rock and flew into Mermaimon.

"Alley oop!" Mermaimon grabbed a hold of D'Arcmon's arms whilst swinging her around. She used D'Arcmon as a battering weapon and knocked Mee-Nai back. "I call that our Big Sister Swing!"

Mee-Nai was sent flying into a tree and knocked silly. Castillo jumped out of the water and screamed with rage.

"Enough of this shit!" Castillo cursed as her antlers produced energy balls, which all converged together to amass a giant red ball.

Mee-Nai added. "Allow me to join in." With that, she opened her mouth and conjured a large glowing red ball.

D'Arcmon and Mermaimon couldn't respond in time as the Neo-Rajita women launched their energy spheres and hit them head-on. Both D'Arcmon and Mermaimon yelled painfully as the glowing spheres overwhelmed and pushed them through the rock formation. The two Amazons were laying unconscious.

"We can take them as our prisoners, Castillo," Mee-Nai suggested. "We'll make them watch us torture their dear sisters." She licked her lips and let Castillo pick them both up. "Let's go see to Minessa. She might be in trouble."



Minessa's battle with Titaniamon didn't go exactly how she wanted. Titaniamon completely overwhelmed her opponent with lightning speed and brutal attacks. Minessa was on her knees trying to recover from her beat down. Titaniamon, still in her Speed Armor mode, had her sword ready to slay Minessa.

"Any last words, alien?" Titaniamon asked.

"Yeah... screw you!" Minessa hissed as she lunged forward. She tried gutting Titaniamon with her claws, but the Amazon narrowly dodged. Minessa felt a painful blow to her back where Titaniamon landed an elbow strike.

Titaniamon grabbed Minessa and punched her back. Minessa grabbed her face and watched blood leak from her nose.

"You cocky bitch... you're enjoying this...!"

Unfazed by her disparaging remarks, Titaniamon pointed her sword to Minessa's head. "I didn't want to resort to this, but you forced my hand." As she prepared to deal the death blow...


Two energy blasts blasted Titaniamon from her rear. The attacks quickly neutralized Titaniamon as the Amazon felt her body become paralyzed. Minessa was relieved when Mee-Nai and Castillo saunter forward.

"Ugh, sheesh, what took you two so long?!"

"Our opponents were more troublesome than we gave them credit for," Mee-Nai apathetically replied.

Titaniamon tried moving, but couldn't. She looked up to the three Neo-Rajita ladies. "You used a paralysis technique...?"

"You bet your ass it is!" Castillo said.

Minessa nodded. "Oh yeah. You can't even move."

"Indeed," Mee-Nai answered plainly. "When we work together, we apply a paralysis spell in our attacks, but the spell can only be used when there's more than one of us around, which is why I was against us three being divided. But, since all three of us are here together."

The three Rajita women formed a circle over Titaniamon as they zapped the Amazon with a paralysis net. Try as she might, even Titaniamon's armor couldn't protect her from their paralysis spell. She saw D'Arcmon and Mermaimon laying unconscious near Castillo.

"No... have we lost...?" Titaniamon wondered in disdain as Minessa picked her up.

"Let's go and meet with General Ztreko-Li to present her our new prisoners," Mee-Nai declared.

(End theme)


Meanwhile, Najadramon proved to be the biggest difference maker as she turned the majority of Swordswoman's elite into statues. As Amazoness Chainmaster tried bumrushing her, Najadramon blasted her with a petrification beam and instantaneously turned her to a stone statue.

Paladin, battered and beaten by Neo-Rajita soldiers, was lifted up by two Sirens. Demetermon, too, was taken captive and looked to be as battered like Paladin.

"Why don't we go and visit your dear queens?" Najadramon addressed Paladin and Demetermon.


(Cue Bleach OST – Encirclement Battle)

Athenamon and Ztreko-Li's heated battle came to a complete standstill. Neither one seemed willing to let the other concede. Pride was on the line for both of them. They bumrushed one another and clashed swords again. On the opposite side, Amazoness Swordswoman and Amazoness Queen were fighting on top of the main quarters. As Queen grabbed Swordswoman, she tried throwing her off, but Swordswoman grabbed on and kicked her into a fountain.

"I wish it didn't have to resort to this, my sister," Swordswoman sadly sighed as she jumped down and waited for Queen to emerge.

Queen jumped out of the fountain and tried to punch Swordswoman. Swordswoman narrowly dodged and kicked Queen's back. Queen stumbled back and fell to one knee. Queen quickly whirled around and tried cutting Swordswoman. Swordswoman kicked Queen's sword out of her hand.

"It's over, Queen. Surrender now."

Queen protested. "Not on your life. I will defeat you, little sister!" She lunged forward and tackled Swordswoman into a pillar.

The two women wrestled one another around the temple. As this was going on, Athenamon blasted Ztreko-Li back with an owl-shaped beam. Ztreko-Li took to the air while recovering from Athenamon's attack.

"Swordswoman, it's time!" Athenamon beckoned to her colleague. "Let's combine and put an end to this!"

"Let's do this."

As Athenamon landed beside Swordswoman, Ztreko-Li and Queen witnessed them merge into one being.

Athenamon and Swordswoman shouted. "Athenamon/Swordswoman! Yuugou Shinka!" The two completed their combined form. "Athenamon Victory Mode!"

This is the new Yuugou technique recently established by Digimon and Duel Monsters. Ztreko-Li analytically eyed Athenamon VM. Combined as one, their overall attributes have increased tenfold. She watched Amazoness Queen coming close to her. "What do you think?"

"Not bad I must say," Queen admitted. "Well done, little sister. You've found the perfect partner for the perfect merger, but..." She turned to Ztreko-Li, who unzipped her top and threw off her battle jacket.

(End theme)

Athenamon VM narrowed her eyes and muttered. "What are they planning? No, you couldn't have...!"

"You aren't the only one to have found a matching fusion partner!" Queen declared as Ztreko-Li dropped her sword to the ground near her feet.

(Cue Bleach Fade to Black OST - B07a)

"Hunt! Ztreko-Li Shinka!" Upon calling out her command, the Neo-Rajita general summoned energy from her sword, which leaked out in the form of wild surge of water. It washed over Ztreko-Li as it stripped away her usual garb and replaced it with a different set. The water shapes itself around Ztreko-Li like a cocoon, which she cuts herself out of with her sword. She emerged with all her old garments gone.

A white collar, made of bone, shaped around her neck with extensions that covered her nipples but still couldn't cover her well-endowed chest. She gained spaulders on her shoulders with two ribbon-like protrusions on her back. Forming across her stomach was a thin spine-like structure, which spanned from her waist to the underside of her breasts. She now wore a mini-skirt made of bone that surrounds a black undergarment. Ztreko-Li's feet were firmly secured inside white knee-length boots and her arms concealed in elbow-length gloves. Her long hair becomes free-flowing and wild. She prompt;y removed the mask covering her mouth.

"Oh, but that's not all," Queen evilly smirked as she placed her hand against Ztreko-Li's left hand. "Amazoness Queen!"


"Yuugou Shinka!"

As the two merged, Queen transformed and took the form of a giant scimitar. The weapon also featured an unusual hilt with a hand guard that completely covers Ztreko-Li's hand. As Ztreko-Li gripped the hilt, the presence of Amazoness Queen entered her body as the their dual consciousness shared one body.

"As you can see," Ztreko-Li addressed them in her tone, albeit gaining Queen's personality. "We developed a unique method of the now famed Yuugou technique. I change myself into a scimitar and when Ztreko-Li holds me, our minds share one body and I agreed to use Ztreko-Li's body as the medium." She whirled her scimitar around and quickly glided forward catching Athenamon VM with a lightning fast strike.

Athenamon VM could barely manage to keep up as their swords clashed once again. Ztreko-Li phased out and appeared above them. Ztreko-Li quickly infused hers and Queen's energies through their Scimitar, making it glow and then firing a powerful slash from the sword in a series of three shots. "Spear Blasts!"

Athenamon VM phased out and rapidly flickered around the incoming three blasts. All three cut through a temple and split it into three halves, causing it to collapse.

"Her power is immense!" Athenamon VM observed, astounded by Ztreko-Li and Queen's combined strength.

"I possess the DNA of a Tylomon," Ztreko-Li stated in her calm demeanor. "And I can manipulate the power of water. You can't defeat us both!" She declared while waving the scimitar around and launching a surge of water at Athenamon VM. "Cascade Force!"

Athenamon VM took to the air to evade the torrent of high pressure water that washed across the temple. Most of the homes and monuments were ravaged by Ztreko-Li's immense attack. Athenamon VM witnessed with dread as the water covered several blocks of the entire village. Even as far from the battle, other Amazons that stayed behind fled from the flood that washed through their homes.

"No, the kingdom!" Athenamon VM turned and faced Ztreko-Li. "That's enough!"

"Oh, Swordswoman," Ztreko-Li spoke in Queen's mannerisms. "You were always soft. What's a bunch of useless homes to you? The Neo-Rajita can just rebuild everything from scratch and grant me sovereignty over the kingdom. I'll even persuade them to spare you, dear sister. See? I'm not as heartless as you might think."

"You won't have this kingdom and neither will the invaders."

Ztreko-Li frowned and reproved Athenamon VM's response. "You leave me no choice then. I'll destroy Athenamon and make you my slave!" She swung her sword again, unleashing another torrent of high pressure water that swallowed up Athenamon VM.

The attack was so overwhelming that it successfully split Athenamon VM's fusion. Athenamon and Swordswoman both hit the ground as they lied next to each other. Ztreko-Li descended near them wearing an apathetic look. Swordswoman struggled to stand and bumrushed Ztreko-Li. The Neo-Rajita general ran up and kneed Swordswoman's stomach, causing the Amazon to double over in pain.

"No... Swordswoman!" Athenamon called out.

(End theme)

Ztreko-Li turned around as she spotted Unfriendly Amazon barely arrive. Unfriendly was shocked to see her queens defeated by Ztreko-Li.

"You came too late. With your queens swiftly defeated, your kingdom belongs to the Neo-Rajita. Surrender now."

"Unfriendly, get out of here!" Swordswoman pleaded.

Unfriendly drew out her sword and slowly walked over to treat her queens. Ztreko-Li prepared to take her down, but Unfriendly pulled up both queens and landed on a platform carrying them both.

"Unfriendly, you can't take her alone... they're that alien general and Amazoness Queen combined..." Swordswoman warned her.

"You mean... they both performed a Yuugou technique?!"

Athenamon confirmed. "Yes... and their strength was more than enough to split our Yuugou fusion. Unfriendly... what happened? Where are our forces?"

"They told me to warn you that Medusamon has returned... she..."

"Medusamon?!" The Amazons exclaimed in unison.

Their worst fears were confirmed when they saw Najadramon entering the kingdom holding both Paladin and Demetermon. Ztreko-Li was soon greeted by her three Subordinate Officers. The trio dropped D'Arcmon, Mermaimon, and Titaniamon.

Athenamon shuddered as she felt Medusamon's sinister and familiar aura emanate from Najadramon.

"But, we killed her, Athenamon," Swordswoman muttered fearfully.

Unfriendly added. "And she's taken on a more powerful form... she's not Najadramon. If she's here, then our sisters have all been turned to stone again." She quickly noticed Paladin and Demetermon. "Look! They have Paladin and Demetermon!"

Athenamon noted her two closest friends and Titaniamon taken as captives. "No... then our kingdom has been occupied?!"

"Well, well, it's been a long time, hasn't it?" Najadramon noticed the two Amazon queens and Unfriendly. "Athenamon, Swordswoman, did you believe I'd return to ruin your precious lives? Now, your kingdom has fallen to the Neo-Rajita like you've always feared!"

Ztreko-Li eyed Swordswoman. "Make the right choice. You have the chance to turn yourself in."

"My lady, don't do it!" Unfriendly discouraged her friend from turning herself to the enemy.

Swordswoman seemed to have other ideas. "Unfriendly... you and Athenamon need to go... you must warn the other communities. Gather as many forces as you can and return when you're ready."

"No, are you suggesting that I...!" Athenamon protested.

Unfriendly concurred. "We're Amazons! We don't surrender!"

"Unfriendly, as your dearest and closest friend since childhood, I ask you..." Swordswoman pleaded to her. "You and Athenamon go now... I turn myself in..." She whispered something into Unfriendly's ear, causing the DM Amazon to clearly understand and nod in response.

"What did you say to her?" Athenamon asked Swordswoman.

"Enough of this. Take those three!" Najadramon commanded Mee-Nai and her two cohorts.

"Go... NOW!" Swordswoman yelled as Athenamon shook her head.

Unfriendly grabbed Athenamon as the queen hated herself for what she was about to do: abandon her kingdom. Athenamon took to the air and transformed into a beautiful snow owl. Unfriendly grabbed onto Athenamon's legs whilst being carried off into the distance.

"Don't let them get away!" Ztreko-Li ordered as she swung her blade and unleashed another torrent of water at them.

The owl flew higher with Unfriendly hanging on.

"No matter. Even if they return, we'll be ready to take on whatever army they bring," Najadramon proclaimed.

Taking a deep breath, Ztreko-Li dropped the scimitar as it turned back into Amazoness Queen. The essence of Queen left Ztreko-Li, returning her to her self-composed state.

"That's the only downside to our Yuugou, Queen. Your impulsive nature takes control of my actions. I wouldn't have agreed if the Yuugou didn't increase my power."

Queen shrugged. "Look, at least we managed to defeat Athenamon Victory Mode. Granted, Athenamon got away, but knowing her she'll return and we'll get her. At least, we can apprehend my sister. Speaking of which..." She turned to see Minessa and Castillo bringing Swordswoman down.

Najadramon placed Paladin and Demetermon down. "Shall I turn her to stone?"

"No, leave Swordswoman alone," Queen insisted. "Besides, us sisters need some reacquainting alone. I want her to bow to her new queen, and quite fitting that I won't just be called 'queen' in name only."

Ztreko-Li nodded. "As we agreed, this territory will be claimed by the Neo-Rajita with you as the sovereign ruler of this land."

"Thank you," Queen smiled as she slapped on piece of rope over Swordswoman's wrists. As Swordswoman tried to break free, an electrified charge stunned and subdued her. "Aw, nice try, but these will keep you from breaking out. Don't try anything you'll regret, little sister." She grabbed Swordswoman and escorted her toward the main royal hall.

Lifting her head, Paladin witnessed Queen taking Swordswoman away. "Oh, Queen... how could you... to your own sisterhood?"

"Lock those two up and start rounding up the the villagers. Let the villagers know there's a new queen in position," Queen stated. "And you the Neo-Rajita will be our new defense force."

Ztreko-Li beckoned to Mee-Nai and her cohorts, ordering them to take Paladin and Demetermon to their cells. Najadramon didn't seem favorable to Queen's new authority and would rather turn all the Amazon villagers into statues, but she nonetheless complied and led Neo-Rajita soldiers into the village.

As Castillo pushed Paladin along, she and Demetermon hoped Athenamon would return with reinforcements.

Lady Athenamon, please... don't forget about us. We must reclaim our kingdom at all costs. Paladin thought, surveying the kingdom as the water summoned by Ztreko-Li completely covered and ravaged their sanctuary.

The Amazon Kingdom, the second main pillar of the Digital World, was now occupied by the Neo-Rajita and placed under Amazoness Queen's sovereignty.


Southern Digital Realm/Dra-Warriors Base/6:11 PM

(Cue Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST – Crisis in the North)

The last third of the main pillars was still being fought for. The Dra-Warriors and Revenant's Neo-Rajita forces were still engaged in a pressing conflict. Both sides lost warriors during the heat of the battles.

As Flamedramon and Armed Dragon LV7 lied battered, Smilodon and Cipher became complacent and toyed with them.

"How about we end their suffering?" Smilodon suggested.

Cipher added with a chuckle. "Exactly what I had in mind." She stalked toward Armed Dragon and raised his claw to deliver the finishing blow.

Smilodon powered up as his body bulked out and became covered in thick brown fur. He bumrushed Flamedramon and hit him like a freight train. Flamedramon was sent flying into the air as he hit the ground hard.

Smilodon opened his mouth and readied an energy ball. "Time to die!" He fired off the shot, but then Galaxiadramon dropped in intercepted the incoming ball. "What?!"

"Thanks for the save, Galaxiadramon..." Flamedramon struggled to sit up. "What took you?"

"I'm here not. It's all that matters," Galaxiadramon said, charging his hands with chaotic power. "Let's dance."

"You'll die with him!" Smilodon charged forward.

"Galaxy Rage!"

Galaxiadramon met him head-on and expelled chaotic energy, blasting a hole through Smilodon. Smilodon's eyes turned white as he fell and exploded into digital dust.

As for Cipher, he was abruptly cut off from an immense fire blast from the sky. Cipher looked up to see Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon. The black-scaled behemoth launched a molten ball, which Cipher dodged, but it wasn't enough as Red-Eyes DD and Galaxiadramon fired simultaneous blasts.

"AAHHH!" Cipher let out an ear-piercing roar as the blasts hit and incinerated him into dust.

"Five down and one left to go. Samuridramon's handling her," Galaxiadramon said to Red-Eyes DD. "You two going to be ok?"

Both Flamedramon and Armed Dragon nodded as they painfully got up.


Samuridramon and Iris landed a succession of swords strikes. As Iris phased behind Samuridramon, she released a green vine from her wrists and ensnared Samuridramon with it. She lifted Samuridramon off the ground with her vines and started crushing her.

"Let's see how long you last, dear," Iris chortled evilly, channeling energy, in the form of pink light, through the vine and using it to electrify Samuridramon. Samuridramon yelled in agonizing pain. "Yes, your screams of agony are music to my ears. Now, let's get this over with before I grow bored." She pulled out another vine, which she sharpened into a blade.

Samuridramon barely turned her head seeing the sharpened vine sword.

"Now die!" Iris declared as she thrust her vine sword into Samuridramon.

But, Samuridramon landed a headbutt to Iris' face. She did it repeatedly until Iris let her go. Samuridramon landed near her sword and picked it up. Iris recovered and charged ahead meeting Samuridramon head-on.

"Samuridramon... Shinka!" The Dra-Warrior called out as fractal code surrounded her. She emerged fully evolved. "Elementdramon!"

"What?! You were holding back until now...?!" Iris yelled as Elementdramon readied an white arrow with her crossbow.

"Arrow of Luna!" Elementdramon shot Iris with her arrow and one-shotted her into oblivion. Elementdramon sighed deeply, having vanquished Revenant's last Subordinate Officer.

(End theme)

As the Dra-Warriors gathered, they turned to see a large shadow casted down on them. They turned and to their surprise two black spheres blasted them. Following the ambush, a towering behemoth stood over the fallen Dra-Warriors giving a maniacal laugh.


(Cue Final Fantasy Tactics OST – The Pervert ~ Lucavi Demon Battle Theme)

As hovercrafts bombarded the Dra-Warrior base, Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon were still deploying hit and run tactics against Revenant. They avoided getting caught by his Aging Mist. This especially became true when the general invoked his Primary Evolved state

Revenant uttered a subtle laugh as he, unbeknownst to the Dra-Warriors, siphoned the data of his slain warriors.

"What's the matter, fools? Afraid you'll age?" Revenant cackled as a dark purple aura outlined him. "My Subordinate Officers have been killed, but they'll continue to serve my needs. Yes... as they've now become one with me and will augment my own power!"

Taken aback, Espirtdramon berated him. "You mean you just absorbed your own men's data for your own greed?!"

Kyodaidramon added. "But, I didn't even sense him absorbing data of any sort!"

"My aura's nature is unique as it allows me to absorbed data of the dead undetected. Your colleagues killed my men, but my subordinates were always expendable! Now with my own power augmented, my Aging Mist can expand across a wider radius and consume those outside this vicinity. Now, witness your warriors rot away into nothing!"

Revenant unleashed a black-and-purple smoke-like miasma that radiated outward from him. The aura also served as a barrier that protected Revenant from external attacks. Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon took to the air as they tried figuring out how to penetrate through the general's defenses.

"Our attacks won't be enough to pierce open that aura of his!" said Espirtdramon.

Kyodaidramon growled. "If only we have a source of light... wait... that's it! Elementdramon's Arrow of Luna! Maybe that can do the trick!"

"One of us will need to get Samuridramon and the others here..."

"That's a nice strategy, Dra-Warriors, but too bad you don't get the chance!" Came a deep and demonic voice.

The Dra-Warriors instinctively recognized the voice, but as they turned...

"Screaming Darkness!"

Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon were hit by extremely high-temperature beams, taking the shape of two massive spheres. They easily immobilized and taken down. The Dra-Warriors saw their attacker. It was BelialMyotismon.

"BelialMyotismon, it's about time you got here, fool," Revenant acknowledged the Paradais member. "I've lost my Subordinate Officers."

"Yes, but I'm more than enough to make up for your lost men," BelialMyotismon replied, widening his demonic grin. He placed one foot over Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon. "The Dra-Warriors and I go a long way back. Besides the Digi-Destined, they're the biggest thorn to my side."

"You monster... you planned to ambush us from the start?!" Espirtdramon snapped.

"Yes, and I wanted my presence to be as discreet as possible. Not even your high-tech sensors could detect my presence. Thanks to Revenant, now I can seize the opportunity to send you to oblivion just like I did to your leader, AlforceVeedramon!"

After being reminded of their former leader's demise, the two Dra-Warriors wanted nothing more than to avenge their fallen leader's demise. With the main Dra-Warriors taken captive, the Neo-Rajita swiftly took the Dra-Warrior base and used them to force the Digimon/Duel Monster dragons to surrender.

(End theme)

The third pillar of the Digital World fell and was claimed by the Neo-Rajita.

With the fall of the three pillars, news spread across the Digital World. The Digimon/Duel Monster communities were stunned. Shock and tension spread throughout the realms. Nonetheless, despite the dramatic turn of events, many communities were adamant about shifting the balance to the Digital World's favor and continued fighting the Neo-Rajita invaders.


Outside the Royal Knight Headquarters/6:20 PM

Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Moon & Sleipnir, Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Mars & Garuda, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn & Thanatos, and Lien & TobuCatmon witnessed the Royal Knight headquarters being taken over by the Neo-Rajita.

"We're too late," Dai-Valkyrie Moon said in a saddened tone.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars frowned. "It's not too late. We can still make things right."

Lien blinked for a second as she felt a familiar presence. "Ah, Nagah-sensei! Lien can feel her in that place!"

TobuCatmon inquired. "Are you sure, Lien?"

"Yes! Lien says let's go in there!"

"Easier for you to say. Those are a lot of Rajita in there," Dai-Valkyrie Moon observed.

Sleipnir asserted, offering a solution. "If you girls stay close to me, I can get us by undetected. I have the power of camouflage that even their advanced detection devices can't probe my presence."

"That works great for us, Sleipnir," Dai-Valkyrie Saturn nodded.

"Indeed," Thanatos said.

Garuda added. "We can always count on you, Sleipnir."

"Hopefully this works," Dai-Valkyrie Mars said.

With that, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi mounted their steeds. Lien and TobuCatmon climbed aboard Thanatos and rode behind Saturn. Sleipnir closed his eyes and forged a concentrated white barrier around them. They were immediately lifted off the ground and carried off toward the now Neo-Rajita occupied territory. They flew by undetected and slipped through the entrance of the Dra-Warrior headquarters.

Astounded, Dai-Valkyrie Moon couldn't believe it. "I had no idea you could do this, Sleipnir!"

"I'm using an invisibility barrier, future lunar queen."

"Oh right. Now I feel dense."

Sleipnir landed them in an empty containment room where they could lie in wait for the time being.

"Now, we can begin planning," Saturn stated.

The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi nodded as they offered suggestions to each other. Lien jumped off Thanato's back and watched a few Neo-Rajita guards passing by them but the guard hadn't noticed them thanks to Sleipnir's invisibility barrier.

"They couldn't see us?" Lien blinked.

"We're in an invisibility barrier, Lien. Of course they can't see us," TobuCatmon reminded his Tamer.

"Well, Lien hopes we can see Nagah-sensei soon."

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn reassured Lien. "Don't worry. You will, because we're ready to move forward."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon and Mars smiled to each other.

"Ready to kick some butt?" The Miko asked.

"Let's do it."


Outside the Amazon Kingdom/6:21 PM

Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Jupiter & Bacchus, Dai-Valkyrie Uranus & Gryphon, and the Amazoness Senshi watched the Neo-Rajita occupy the Amazon Kingdom. To their surprise, they saw no signs of Athenamon.

"This is terrible!" Sely said. "The enemy have actually taken our home?!"

Ary scowled. "This isn't good. We're outnumbered."

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter furrowed her brows. "Yeah, but we're not abandoning the Amazons. We owe for them helping us find the Orb of Minos and getting our Senshi powers back."

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus turned to the Amazoness girls. "Is there another way through we can use without the enemy knowing?"

"Yeah," Ourany spoke up. "Follow me."

With that, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and their steeds followed the Amazoness Senshi. They were escorted around the Amazon Kingdom and led them to a secret passageway taking them to the back. Zey and Ourany pushed a stone obstruction blocking the secret passage.

"Here we go. This will take us to the farthest end of the village," Zey said.

"Thanks, Zey," Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter said, readying her Mjolnir. "C'mon, let's hurry, guys!"

Wasting no time, the group entered the secret passage. Zey and Ourany closed the entrance, ensuring no one will ever know about the secret tunnel's existence. The group headed down a narrow path as they stumbled into the back of the village where they noticed no villager was anywhere in sight.

"It's quiet," Dai-Valkyrie Uranus surveyed the unoccupied village.

"Come. I can hear some commotion this way," Sely said.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter replied. "Just lead the way. We're ready for anything."

The Senshi and their steeds were quickly escorted through the empty village as they headed toward direction of the queen's royal sanctuary.


Outside the Dra-Warriors Base/6:22 PM

Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Venus & Cupid, Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Mercury & Kairyu, and Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Neptune & Hippocampus watched in distress seeing the Dra-Warrior base being occupied by the Neo-Rajita.

"I can't believe this is happening," Mercury whispered shamefully. "We couldn't prevent this."

"But, we have a chance to rectify that, Mercury," Venus vividly declared.

Neptune nodded. "I wholeheartedly agree with Venus. Mercury, we can make this wrong right by restoring the Dra-Warrior's sanctuary."

"You're right," Mercury nodded as she opened her mini-computer. "Scanning the outer perimeters. The front is being heavily guarded, but I've located a tunnel not too far from where' positioned." She pointed northeast where they were currently at. "This way. We need to hurry before the enemy finds it."

"Relax, I can get us there," Venus said. "Just stay close to me." As the other complied, Venus teleported them to the tunnel location.

"There it is," Mercury pointed out. "By taking this tunnel, we should be able to infiltrate the base undetected."

Neptune walked forward. "Come, we have work to do."

"Let's take this base back for the Dra-Warriors," declared Dai-Valkyrie Venus.


Cavern/1009 B.C.

Back at the cave home base, the other Duelists were on edge with letting two other groups into Thebes. Mokuba's group leaving left had them almost in disarray. But, with Serenity, Akiza, and Alexis leaving to find them, the group wondered if anyone else was about to leave them.

"Sheesh, I wonder if anyone else is gonna leave?" sardonically remarked Chazz. "Maybe I should walk out and explore."

"You sit your pretty boy ass down, kid," Jack blatantly told him.

"You want to make me? Say it to my face."

"Ok, that's enough!" Crow interjected. "You two chill!"

Hassleberry and Atticus were having a quick duel as everyone else waited. Suddenly, Jaden stood up quickly and alarmed everyone.

"Jaden?" Atticus blinked.

Chazz remarked. "What's wrong, geek? Got the runs? Go outside and do it."

"That's not it," Jaden said, hearing a voice calling out to him.

Yusei stood and approached him. "Is everything ok, Jaden?"

"Someone's calling for help. It's nearby," Jaden said as he bolted out of the cave and looked outside. "Hey, where are you? I can hear you, but I can't see you!"

'Help us... please... help us... we're in danger...' Came a tiny voice from seemingly out of nowhere. It belonged to a Duel Monster Spirit. 'We're not far... please... follow our voices...'

"Which way?" Jaden turned his head as the voice was pointing him to the direction. "To the right and ahead?"

It wasn't long until Yusei and the other Duelists hurried out of the cavern. Jaden turned around and faced them with a serious look.

"Follow me. There's some people in danger who need help."

"Where? I don't see anyone out here!" Blair scanned the area.

"I'm lost, too," Duke added.

Yasmin interjected as she, too, was able to hear the voice Jaden alluded to. "No, I can hear it, too. It's a Duel Monster Spirit's plea for help. To the right and ahead... Jaden, we'll lead the way."

"This way!" Jaden said.

With that, the group complied and followed Jaden toward the source of where the Duel Monster Spirit called for help.


Half a mile from their previous location, the Duelists hid behind an assortment of rocks as they spotted a caravan. This caravan of cultists was on its way back from raiding a nearby village and complete with a caged cart full of villagers.

"See that? The spirit didn't lie," Jaden whispered.

Trudge growled. "They're loading those poor people into a caravan."

"They must have been taken from some local village," Carly said. "This is terrible."

Mai frowned. "We have to do something. We can't let them get carted off and worked to death."

"Right," Yusei said.

"Wrong, Yusei," Jack disagreed with him. "We can't do it. If we go in there and try to get involved, we'll risk the dangers of getting too involved and changing this timeline more than necessary. It's bad enough we have three groups of our friends out there running about."

Crow called him out on it. "Aren't you just being a little disingenuous, Jack?! Can we really leave those disadvantaged people to their fates?!"

"But, we'd be changing too much history..." Before Jack could finish, Tristan and Duke stood up and prepared to take charge of saving the villagers.

"Duke, Tristan?" Hassleberry looked at them confused. "What are y'all doing?"

"We're really the only ones who can do anything to save those people," Tristan said.

Duke nodded. "The rest of you take cover."

"What are you trying to imply? That we're useless?!" Trudge snapped.

Mai stood up. "I resent that statement. You two idiots think you can go out there alone just because you can Spirit Fuse? Did you forget I can Spirit Fuse, too?"

"Which is why we're asking you to stay behind and guard everyone," Tristan asked. "We'll take care of this in a hurry."

"Wait!" Yusei tried to stop the two, but it was too late.

Jaden cried out. "Hold on, you two!"

Carly miffed. "Those two numbskulls can't take on all those guys by themselves, Spirit Fusion or no Spirit Fusion powers!"

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories OST – Seto Kaiba Theme)

Tristan and Duke charged in unprepared to dispatch the slavers. There were at least 15 of them with the caravan full of captured villagers. The other Duelists held their ground anxious and worried.

"Hey, creeps!" shouted Duke as he ran up toward five of these slavers. "Taking these people somewhere they shouldn't be?!" He Spirit Fused into Strike Ninja.

Tristan Spirit Fused into Gaia the Fierce Knight.

However, the cultists' bodies glowed as they, too, invoked Spirit Fusion powers. Much to Tristan and Duke's dismay, the cultists transformed into various warrior-type Duel Monsters. The two were quickly overpowered and captured in the process. Tristan and Duke were thrown in a caravan with a bunch of villagers.

This didn't sit well for the other Duelists. Some were at unease whilst others were furious over what the two did. Mai, especially, wanted to get her hands on the slavers, but Yasmin restrained her.

"Those idiots! Why didn't they listen to us?!" Mai growled.

Carly added. "Now they got themselves captured with those villagers!"

"Look. They're carting off the caravans," Yasmin watched the slavers pushing forward the caravans across the desert.

"Right, this should lead us to their hideout," Yusei said.

"Wow, so Tristan and Duke really did think this through!" Hassleberry blurted out.

Crow groaned. "No, I seriously doubt it."

"Those two were reckless and acted impulsively," Jack remarked.

Jaden pointed ahead. "Let's go after them, but let's make sure not to get spotted!"

Sighing, Mai Spirit Fused into the Cyber Harpie Lady. "Those two idiots are going to owe us big time."

"Onward, guys! Let's save them!" An enthusiastic Blair shouted as she marched ahead.

With Jaden and Yusei leading, the group stormed ahead and followed the caravans discreetly to rescue their friends and the villagers. To make matters easier, Jaden, Winged Kuriboh, and Yasmin were guided by the spirits of the Duel Monsters the cult have been stealing, which lead them directly to the cultists' hideout.

(End theme)


Thebes/Akahana's Home/1009 B.C.

Suddenly, Luna, too, heard a similar distress coming from the Duel Monster spirits. She saw Kuribon materialize beside her telling her about the spirits' pleas for help.

"Kuribon? Some Duel Monster spirits in trouble?" Luna asked her Duel Spirit.

Upon seeing Luna 'talking' to someone, Serenity, Akiza, Alexis, Mokuba, Leo, and Syrus approached her.

"What's wrong, Luna?" Leo asked his sister.

"There's a distress call from some Duel Monster spirits. They're saying... Kuribon's even telling me to help them. They're being taken into some Cult of Apophis' hideout."

"Cult of Apophis?" Alexis was befuddled.

"Do these spirits know where it's at?" Akiza inquired.

"Yes, and we'll be seeing the others there. They all left the cave and went after this group to their hideout."

Akahana overheard Luna and spoke out. "Did you say the Cult of Apophis?"

"Yes, and they have a bunch of villagers captured. That's what the spirits are telling me and Kuribon is telling me where I can find them."

"Kuribon?" Abukom questioned.

"Look, we don't have time! We have to get there now!" Luna exclaimed. "Please before these evil men do something terrible to these Duel Monster spirits!"

"The Cult of Apophis are the ones who've been taking all the villagers. I would advise against going, but after what Abukom told me about some of you having special abilities, I believe we can stop them."

"You'll be coming with us, Akahana?" Serenity asked.

"We will," she said, referring to herself and Abukom. "We want to save those villagers, too."

"Luna, can Kuribon take us directly to this location?" Akiza turned and asked the child.

"She can."

"I have a feeling my brother, Lyn, Yugi, and the others might part of this. Then, what are we waiting for? Let's get moving!" Mokuba declared.


Present Day/Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/6:30 PM

The Kuiper and company spread their battles with the Nix army across the shrine. Sedna, the Kuipers, Neo Moon, Raizen Jr.,and Norse Knight took the fight to Angemon X. As for Pluto and Charon, they relocated outside the shrine and took their battle to the skies above the location.


(Cue Magister Negi Magi OST – Magical Battle (Extended Version ~ Strings Version)

Valkyrie Cyber Mercury, Daiki, and Black Luster Soldier Max took the fight an army of Nix storming through shrine's garden.

"Daiki, clear the path!" Cyber Mercury commanded.

Daiki, using his Hermes armor, dashed forward and fired pulse blasts to blow three Nixs into bits. Max bumrushed a Nix soldier and sliced him in half with his sword. Valkyrie Cyber Mercury beckoned to Kelpie the water horse, who soared near a water fountain. Mercury glided atop of Kelpie's head. Waving her hands forward, Mercury manipulated the water like a water bender and used it to smack a Nix aside. Kelpie expelled a water burst that destroyed another Nix.

"Mercury Water Armory!" Mercury let the water form over her arms, which doubled as armor. She dashed across pushing her hands forward, sending the water at a Nix, which dissolved the said creature.

"Allow me to augment your strength, Cyber Mercury," Kelpie said, turning into a glowing orb of blue light that flew over to Cyber Mercury and let her absorb his essence into her.

Valkyrie Cyber Mercury felt Kelpie's immense spiritual power augment her. Smiling with delight, Cyber Mercury took a stance as a group of Nixs emerged to attack her. She turned the water armor into giant whips, which she used to behead dissolve the creatures.

Max and Daiki were astounded by Cyber Mercury's showings.

"Looks like Amaya's gotten much stronger," Max observed, smiling genuinely. "She's so graceful."

Daiki sweatdropped. With that kind of power, she can easily kick my ass now.

"Great work, you two!" Cyber Mercury called to them. "We've cleared this side."

"Now, we can scour around and see if the others need our help," Max said as he and Daiki followed her.


Ryuuhi, Dark Magician of Chaos Sam, and Valkyrie Blue Mars were clearing another sector in the shrine garden. Ryuuhi imbued his sword with darkness fire and skewered through a horde of Nix soldiers. Sam blasted away three Nix with his magical scepter. The boys watched Valkyrie Blue Mars gracefully fly into the air with Frostburn the swan.

"Let's see if Koori is able to utilize her Valkyrie armor as well as mother did," Ryuuhi keenly observed a blue fire aura surround Valkyrie Blue Mars.

Sam cheered her. "Let those freaks have it, Koori!"

Valkyrie Blue Mars lifted her heads overhead and sung a tranquil albeit eerie chant. The Nixs converged toward her ready to blast her to bits.


"Calm down, fool," Ryuuhi said. "If you really care for her, trust in her ability."

"Denizens of darkness, be gone from my family's shrine!" Blue Mars cried out. "Mars Frost Burn Ignite!" She slapped both hands together as balls of fire ice produced from her ice fire aura. She directed the frost fire balls at the Nixs and dissolved them quickly.

"Allow me to merge with your being to increase your power, Blue Mars," Frostburn said, turning into a burning blue fireball, which immersed itself with Blue Mars' Valkyrie armor.

Throwing her head back, Valkyrie Blue Mars let out a deep and calm sigh. She felt an enormous spiritual force empower her. She forged an ice sword. Wings of ice fire produced from her back, She flew down and slashed through three Nixs with quick succession.

"Koori, you are an awesome girl..." Sam said.

Ryuuhi snorted. "She's my sister. Of course she's great. Like me, she comes from two extraordinary parents."

Blue Mars landed as she smiled to Sam. "Impressed?"

"That's understatement."

"All right you two, we need to see if the others cleared the other areas," Ryuuhi suggested as he prepared to take off. "You two coming?"

Blue Mars took Sam's hand and nodded. "Yeah, let's go."

Sam grinned from ear to ear. "Lead the way, man."

Ryuuhi turned around and scoffed. "Yeah, whatever. Let's go."


Valkyrie Battle Jupiter rode on Ford the thunderbird as they expelled powerful electricity that dissolved a six Nixs. Mako cheered his daughter from the sidelines.

"Let them have it, Umi! Make father proud!"

Valkyrie Battle Jupiter jumped off Ford's back and glided over a Nix. She imbued her fist with lightning and punched the creature, making it explode into pieces. Two more Nixs came flying behind her.

"Ford!" Battle Jupiter beckoned to her thunderbird steed.

Ford flapped his wings hard and expelled electricity from his feathers. The lightning struck the creatures and vaporized them.

"Battle Jupiter! Incorporate my power in your armor! Your power will be twice as strong with our forces combined!" Ford turned into a ball of lightning that flew toward Battle Jupiter and merged with her armor.

Flexing her whole body, Valkyrie Battle Jupiter felt an immense power surge through her. She flexed her muscular arms and dropped down to see three Nix bumrushing her.

"Ready!" Battle Jupiter bolted forward as she ran so fast she turned into lightning bolt and blasted through the three Nixs. "Lightning Force!"Each one popped like zits and were dissolved by her lightning force.

Mako's eyes popped open seeing his daughter make short work of the Nixs. Valkyrie Battle Jupiter stopped as she saw the trail of burned grass where she ran through. "Oops. Hope Koori and Ryuuhi's mom doesn't chew me out."

"...hah, I think it's best we don't tell her," Mako said. I'm proud to have such a strong daughter. But, it's kinda sad... both my future wife and daughter could beat me in arm wrestling and they got bigger muscles than I do. He sweatdropped as Battle Jupiter called him over.

"Let's check on the others, dad."

"Right, but I think I'll let you lead the way, Umi."


Valkyrie Summoner Venus ran across with Inari. Inari launched himself across and turned into a golden pillar of light. He plowed right through two Nixs. Summoner Venus swerved around a Nix grabbing her and landed a kick to the creature's back. She pointed her finger and fired a quick beam that blew his one eyeball off.

"I love this new power!" Summoner Venus gleefully gloated.

Demona cupped her hands forward and expelled a Youki beam that dissolved a bunch of Nixs. Adam helped the ladies out clearing the path and using deadly demon precision to tear through the Nixs with his claws.

"Great, she's letting her new power go to her head," Demona sighed. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Relax. Let her have some fun," Adam chuckled, watching Summoner Venus choking a Nix with a golden rope. "She's really happy to receive her Valkyrie form. And having a cute partner like Inari brightens her mood."

Demona observed. "Inari's a cutie, I do admit. Maybe I should kidnap him from that girl."

Summoner Venus howled while dropping down and punching the ground. She channeled pure light energies to make the ground explode and knock a few Nixs into the sky.

"Summoner Venus, fuse me with your armor quick!" Inari said, charging toward her.


With that said, Inari turned into a golden ball and entered Summoner Venus' Valkyrie armor. Summoner Venus let out a deep gasp and smiled, feeling the power surge empower her. She landed and waited for the Nixs to surround her.

"Chain Whip Encircle!" Waving her finger around, she summoned a long chain, which she used to slice up and disintegrate the creatures.

"Nicely done, Ai," Adam clapped his hands.

Demona shrugged. "Not bad."

"Thanks, guys," Summoner Venus took a bow for them. "C'mon, let's check on the others!" She said as Adam and Demona raced ahead following her.


The Valkyrie Sailor Quartet demonstrated their newly acquired Valkyrie powers on the Nix army they engaged.

Valkyrie Sailor Ceres teamed with Cadence while swinging across the trees. They launched themselves off a branch and kicked down a bunch of Nixs. Cadence grabbed Ceres' hand and swung her around. The gorilla threw Ceres into the Nixs. Ceres clapped her hands together and unleashed a pink energy balls that vaporized the creatures.

Valkyrie Sailor Pallas flew off Harmony's back and released an energy beam that vaporized some Nixs in mid-air.

Valkyrie Sailor Vesta and Flare expelled intense flames that spread around and burned away Nixs surrounding them.

Valkyrie Sailor Juno and Mara bumrushed a group of Nixs, sending green energy beams that vaporized the one-eyed monsters.

"Sailor Quartet, allow us to merge with your armors," Cadence said.

The Valkyrie Quartet readily took in the spiritual essence of their spirit animals. More Nixs converged on the Valkyrie Quartet. Bright auras (pink, cyan, red, and green) produced around the Quartet and expanded their battle auras to instantly wipe out the Nix swarm.


Valkyrie Sailor Makemake and Valkyrie Sailor Haumea got the chance to demonstrate their new Valkyrie powers. Needless to say, they were able to take care of business.

Valkyrie Makemake dashed through Nixs and sliced them up with her energy whip. As two Nixs tried ambushing her, Makemake looked over to Mirage the chameleon sitting on her right shoulder. Makemake and Mirage both smiled together.

The Nixs seemingly went through 'Makemake' as she vanished. Makemake surprised the creatures as she utilized her new ability: chameleon camouflage. The Nixs quickly surveyed the vicinity and saw sakura trees behind them. Makemake quietly sat on a branch and lied in wait for the Nixs to turn around. She produced purple daggers and threw them into the Nixs. The energy leaked from the daggers and dissolved into dust.

Valkyrie Makemake undid her camouflage ability and jumped off the branch.

"Good work. But, I can make your cloak abilities better," Mirage offered as he turned into a ball of purple light and merged with Makemake's body.

Valkyrie Makemake felt a surge of power coursing through her body. She genuinely smiled and turned around seeing a Nix trying to sneak up on her.

"Now, now, you wouldn't sneak on a helpless girl, would you?" Makemake faked a smile. She produced another purple dagger and threw it at the monster. She whirled around and walked away as Nix exploded into dust behind her. "I bet you're having fun, huh, Sailor Haumea?"

She stared across seeing Valkyrie Sailor Haumea beating up a group of Nixs with kung-fu. Haumea flew into the air and winked to Flint.

"Wanna give me a hand, Flint?"

"I'd be my pleasure."

Haumea and Flint lifted their hands upward as several pounds of dirt came from the ground. This earth broken down into sand. Haumea and Flint manipulated the sand and sent it forward to wash back the Nix army. They raised her hands as they controlled the sand and made a giant cube out of it.

After containing the creatures, Haumea closed both hands and formed spikes from the sand cube. These spikes penetrated through the cube and skewered the Nixs inside. Haumea and fling dropped their hands by their sides as the sand fell apart revealing black dust remains of the Nixs.

"Nice job, Haumea, but I can make your sand manipulation better if you let our powers unify," Flint said as he turned into a small brown orb. He hovered toward Valkyrie Haumea and flew right into her body.

Valkyrie Haumea smiled as she felt a surge of spiritual energy empower her greatly. With Flint assimilating with her, the Valkyrie Kuiper felt stronger than she's ever been.

"All this power just from that little guy," Haumea gazed at her hands as small orbs of sand materialized in her palms. An excited grin smeared over her face. "I'm so digging this!" She turned around and was greeted by Valkyrie Makemake.

"Isn't it just extraordinary, Haumea? Now as Valkyrie Senshi, we're stronger than before."

"And our animal partners can boost our powers. I'm going to have a lot of fun experimenting with my sand manipulation!"

Valkyrie Makemake giggled. "Ok, but I think we cleared this area. Let's see to if the others will need our help."

Valkyrie Haumea nodded. "You're right. I hope Sedna is able to save that boyfriend of hers."

"Same here."

The two Valkyrie Kuipers headed off to locate their colleagues and help eradicate the last remaining Nixs.


The Chimeras helped Morpheous protect the shrine from the Nix army. Morpheous ran up and punched a hole through a Nix and let it fall dead. Larry proved an efficient group leader directing Mika, Sara, and Hayata in neutralizing the remaining Nixs.

Wolk, DemiDevimon, the Mooncats, and the Eris dogs stayed inside the shrine while watching the action outside.

"Eat this, prick!" Larry hollered, throwing a metal object imbued with psionic energy into the mouth of a Nix. He closed the monster's mouth tightly and kicked him back. The object ignited inside the creature causing it to explode into pieces.

Mika whirled her giant fan and charged it with her psionic power. "Heads up!" She threw the bladed fan, which was imbued with burning energy. It quickly eviscerated four Nixs and dissolved them.

Sara turned on her intangibility as a Nix kept trying to hit her. It even tried spitting blasts, but each blast seemingly went through her. Hayata took a katana from the shrine, which he attached to his right arm, and stabbed through the creature's eye. He twisted the blade and sliced it vertically in half.

Sara and Hayata gave each other a thumbs up as the Chimeras finished off the remaining Nixs.

(End theme)


(Cue My-Otome OST – Cruel Dance/Desired Battle)

Not too far from the shrine, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers, Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon, Raizen Jr., and Norse Knight engaged Angemon X. The Dai-Valkyrie were given the chance to utilize their new powers against the brainwashed Ascendant. The Dai-Valkyries quickly flew up and took turns flying around Angemon X. Angemon X fired random Ki blasts to catch them, but they swerved around his attacks and redirected them to the skies, avoiding any collateral damage to the shrine.

"HOLD STILL!" Angemon X demanded, whirling around to see the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers floating behind him. "Now you're really starting to annoy me." He propelled toward the Kuipers and turned his sword against them. They diverged in various directions. "You first!" He shot a heated gaze at Eris and flew directly toward her.

Dai-Valkyrie Eris narrowly phased out of Angemon X's reach. As she reappeared behind him, he turned and fired a beam at her. Dai-Valkyrie Eris summoned Zephyr, who merged with his partner. Eris formed wings made of green energy from her back and glided over the incoming beam.

Dai-Valkyrie Ixion summoned Bane and merged with the serpent. She then pulled out an arrow and infused a sedation venom to hit Angemon X with. As she fired, Angemon X demonstrated lightning fast reflexes and caught the arrow, but what he didn't realize was that the sedation venom leaked from the arrow in the form of gas. Angemon X coughed as he waved the green smoke from his face.

While Angemon X was subdued, Dai-Valkyrie Orcus merged with Razor and formed bat wings from her back. She glided over Angemon X and flew down to encase him inside a dark barrier. Angemon X witnessed the barrier expand into a dome encasing him like a trapped rat. Angemon X fiercely punched the barrier walls, but the Darkness Senshi's magic (in addition to Ixion's sedation venom) was taking a toll on the Ascendant.

"Finish Buster!" Angemon X unleashed an energy blast that ripped a hole through the barrier. He flew out still feeling the effects of the Senshi magic hindering his performance.

I see now! Our Senshi magic looks to be weakening him! Neo Moon analyzed. "Keep hitting him with your attacks!"

Angemon X descended to the ground to recover. This was the first instance he's ever had to fight magically-powered beings and it's been painfully obvious the Senshi's own magical powers take a toll on an Ascendant. Angemon X realized he couldn't afford to let the Kuipers use anymore attacks on him or risk defeat.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna pleaded to her brainwashed friend. "Dimitri, I know you can hear me! Your presence of mind is too strong for Charon to control! You've always told me Ascendants are not the types that can be controlled so easily!" She managed to garner Angemon X's attention. "You can hear me, can you? Dimitri, defeat Charon's control over you!"

Angemon X gritted his teeth as he covered the left side of his face.

"I think it's working!" Neo Moon said, slipping her hand into her brooch. "But, just in case..."

RJ interceded and stopped his girlfriend. "Wait, Usa! He hasn't gained control back!"

Angemon X dropped his hand and gripped his sword. His eyes glowed red profusely as he pivoted toward Dai-Valkyrie Sedna with a killer's intent.

"Sedna, look out!" Knut called as he threw himself in front of Sedna.

Angemon X rocketed upward to attack Sedna with his sword. Suddenly, Dai-Valkyrie Varuna surprised Angemon X and phased in front of him.

"Don't put your hands on our friend!" Varuna shouted. Flash merged with Varuna and augmented her strength enough to give her a fighting chance with Angemon X. She turned her head as Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar came up behind Angemon X.

Having merged with Flora, Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar unleashed long vines at him. Angemon X quickly turned and sliced the vines apart with his sword. He flew over and tried to stab Quaoar, but she phased out. Varuna seized the opportunity and pushed Angemon X into the ground. He rebounded and swiped his sword at her. Varuna jumped back and flickered out, casting an after image that Angemon X sliced through. Varuna came up on his right hand side and casted another after image for him to blast away. Angemon X easily repelled Varuna back with his battle aura and increased his Ki.

"Shit..." Was all Varuna could say upon feeling the Ascendant's power surge. "At least I can say Sedna's got a strong boyfriend." She summoned her battle ax and readily prepared to take him on. "But, I'm not afraid of you now that we know our Senshi magic hurts you."

As Angemon X's aura powered down, Norse Knight and Gaia came up behind the Ascendant.

"Dimitri, let's not take this any further than we need to," Norse Knight warned him. He dropped into a battle stance.

"You dumbass. Sure, you're not resorting to silly roses, but you think some fancy Rider gimmick can make a difference?" Angemon X chortled evilly as he bumrushed Norse Knight.

"Endymion!" Gaia glided toward her rider.

Norse Knight baited Angemon X long enough to jump into the air and avoid getting caught by his sword. Norse Knight came down and landed a kick to Angemon X's face. Norse Knight backflipped and mounted Gaia as she flew him into the air.

"Gaia Kick!" Norse Knight barely fazed Angemon X long enough for Raizen Jr. to come up and blast the Ascendant with a faceful of Youki energy.

"Here's a Demon Gun in your face!" Raizen Jr. expelled an immense Youki blast that knocked Angemon X back.

However, the Ascendant showed little signs of taking damage. But, damaging Angemon X was not RJ and Norse Knight's intention.

"Pegasus!" Neo Moon called while mounting the white pegacorn. He carried her across and fired a series of golden blasts from his horn.

Angemon X quickly canceled the beams cutting them with his sword. He whirled around watching Dai-Valkyrie Sedna riding Knut.

"Enough is enough, Dimitri!" Sedna shouted as Knut merged with her. She made a quick descent toward Angemon X and took out the Dragon Saber. Let's hope this sword can purify someone! Ken, pray for me! She closed her eyes and thrust the Dragon Saber into Angemon X...

...but to her shock, Angemon X caught the Dragon Saber. The blade's tip was barely a few inches from his chest where it could've dealt a blow and purge the darkness out of him. Angemon X powered up as his battle aura knocked Dai-Valkyrie Sedna back.

Neo Moon and Pegasus caught Sedna in time.

Angemon X gave heavy breaths as he noticed everyone fighting him surround him. If he really wanted to cut lose, he could easily vanquish them in one glorious planet crushing attack, but the Senshi's magic was still hindering his performance level. But, there was something else holding back. His consciousness was beginning to emerge and slowly break free from Charon's control.

"Dimitri! Please, let's not fight anymore!" Sedna pleaded as she removed her helmet and threw it down to reveal her face fully. Her eyes brimmed with tears. "It hurts me deeply having to fight you! It's cruel! Charon's turned us against each other and that shouldn't be the case at all!"

"Charon's opened my mind! You've been manipulating me, Karin! You never loved me! Now, I must kill you and your friends in the name of Paradais!"

Dai-Valkyrie Orcus gasped. "She's really gotten control of him."

"If Sedna can't get through to him, I'll be more than happy to knock his pretty boy ass out," Varuna growled and readied her battle ax.

"No, guys... I have to do this..." Sedna insisted as she slowly paced forward. Her eyes met Angemon X's as more tears fell. "Charon's lying, Dimitri. You know our hearts have always been intertwined with each other. Think back when we first met. I was the one that protected you. Now, you've grown up and become such a strong young man... now we can depend on each other."

Angemon X fiercely growled and gritted. "You lying... bitch... stay back...!"

"She's starting to get through to him!" Neo Moon said excitedly, but her hopes were dashed as Angemon X succumbed to the darkness.

RJ added. "Damn, here comes the turbulence, guys! We need to strike him down fast!"

As the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers and company braced themselves, Angemon X's aura expanded and caused everyone near him to shudder fearfully. Everyone else on the shrine felt Dimitri's immense power rise as an earthquake emanated not long after.

Dai-Valkyrie Eris whispered fearfully. "...Sedna, I hope you know he's about to blow us away."

Sedna gripped her chest and shook her head. "No, he's in pain... he's trying to fight it!" Upon hearing this, everyone was surprised. "Dimitri, don't stop! Continue to resist Charon's control! Your Ascendant mind is too powerful for her to control! Remember all times we spent together!"

Angemon X roared as a column of golden light shot out of his body and pierced the skies. Everyone near him held their ground preventing themselves from getting overwhelmed by the Ascendant's raw power. Sedna didn't falter, which surprised her Kuiper friends.

"Sedna..." Quaoar was astounded to see her leader walking toward Angemon X.

Neo Moon, too, walked forward. "We can do this, Sedna! We can purge the darkness out of him for good!"

"Usa...!" Norse Knight and RJ called out.

"Sedna!" The Kuipers screamed in unison.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna and Neo Moon advanced closer to Angemon X. They were steps away from saving him and purging Charon's darkness.


Several blocks away from the shrine...

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto and Sailor Charon glided through one another during a mid-air battle over Juuban district. The sisters met head-on and collided, unleashing a immense force that overturned and flipped cars near them. The streets shuddered by their immediate clashes. Dai-Valkyrie Pluto flew across and smashed her Garnet Rod over Charon's staff. Charon and Pluto locked up for a few seconds as the latter kneed Charon's stomach. Pluto went to behead her with her staff, but Charon flickered out.

Charon phased behind her sister and grabbed Pluto's shoulder. She channeled dark energy that stunned the Time Guardian. Clenching a fist, Pluto turned around and clobbered her with a punch to her evil sister's face.


Charon's head nearly turned back following Pluto's strong punch.

"I have to hand it to you, sister," Charon spat blood from her mouth and smirked. "You haven't lost your fighting edge. Though being a Valkyrie makes your punches stronger than usual."

"The sister I knew died long ago," Dai-Valkyrie Pluto said, spinning her Garnet Rod around as she pointed it to Charon. "Dead Scream." She summoned ten energy balls that Charon dodged by teleporting through.

Charon laughed. "Nice try, dear sister, but you'll have to try much better than that!"

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto phased out. Sailor Charon concentrated and sensed Pluto's presence behind her. She turned around and saw Lupe the wolf lunging at her. She backhanded the wolf aside and watched Pluto flying up shooting a beam into her gut. As Charon was knocked up into the air, Pluto extended her hand to Lupe, who turned into a spirit ball and merged with his rider.

"Now my strength has increased," Pluto stated.

Charon furrowed her brows and scoffed. "So, what? It makes no difference. You'll wear yourself out against me."

"Not this time. Get ready to enjoy your last few minutes..." Pluto cut herself off as she and Charon sensed a powerful surge of Ki erupt from Hikawa Shrine. She probed this distinctive power coming from one obvious source: Angemon X/Dimitri. Is this all coming from that boy?! Karin, Small Lady, and the others won't be able to contain him!

"Oh good," Charon chortled evilly. "Looks like Dimitri's prepared to go all out. Those children won't have much time left. Everyone you know and love will perish against my warrior."

Anxiety overcame Pluto as her concentration on killing Charon was thrown off completely.


Sailor Charon shot forward and punched Dai-Valkyrie Pluto back. Slightly disoriented, the Time Guardian stayed afloat in mid-air and rubbed her cheek.

"That's for striking your sister. You will learn your place!" Charon said as a dark aura leaked from her body and outlined her.

Pluto steadied herself. "My sister is gone. You, on the other hand, are nothing to me, Chaos." She shot a fierce warrior's gaze at the Paradais co-leader. "I will see to it that Paradais crumbles!" She propelled across and clashed with Charon again as the sisters exchanged staff strikes.

Charon kicked Pluto's chest. Pluto rebounded and landed a spinning kick to Charon's chin, almost taking her head off. Pluto raised her staff and encased them both in a purple bubble whilst shifting them toward the skies. Using their skies as their final battle location, the sisters would finally settle their differences without interference.

As the bubble came down, Pluto and Charon faced off ready to get at each other's throats and end their age old dispute.

(End theme)


Near the Cult of Apophis' Hideout/1009 B.C.

Watching one of the caravans being loaded outside a large cave, Seto and Lyn observed the cultists leading a group of villagers directly inside. They saw a distinctive blue-haired girl sticking out amongst the people being taken in.

"There she is, Lyn. Let's go."

"But, there's so many of these guards," she keenly observed. "If these guys have power drawn from the Staff of Apophis, they can turn themselves into Duel Monsters, too. We attack and we're outnumbered. We can't beat them all by ourselves."

Seto replied. "We'll have to sneak inside discreetly then. We'll wait until these creeps take all those people inside."

"Right, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves."

Nodding, Seto and Lyn slipped behind the rocks while using sneaky tactics to get by the guards undetected. They hid behind a caravan and saw a back entrance in the cavern. After looking out for guards, they took a chance and made it through.

"Now, begins the difficult part," muttered the KaibaCorp CEO, guiding him and Lyn through the cavern.


Cult of Apophis' Hideout/1009 B.C.

Inside their lair hideout, the cultists led the villagers they've captured into a spacious room that had been modified into a throne room of sorts. There was rich architecture and accessories decorum around the area. Sitting on a throne made of ivory was a man wearing a black robe and a snake-like visage. The villagers looked up fearfully as the cultists behind them poked them with blades and spears.

"Lord Apophis, we have brought you more villagers to serve you! They intend to help finish building your sanctuary!" One of the cultists said, bowing before the mysterious 'man', who was identified as an Egyptian 'god'.

"Good work, my loyal followers," the man addressed them in a deep and distorted voice. He stood up from his seat and raised his arms, before bringing them down. "Villagers, you've been brought here for a purpose. Your days of tilling the lands and living boring lives are over. Starting tonight, you are working for Lord Apophis." He pulled out the Staff of Apophis from behind his seat and lifted it. "This staff is proof of my power."

Within the crowd, Tristan and Duke were shocked to see the Staff of Apophis being raised for all to see. They immediately identified it as being the same instrument used by Pegasus to grant them their Spirit Fusion abilities.

"Tristan, do you see that?" Duke asked, looking to his friend.

Tristan nodded. "Yeah, but I can't believe it. I don't even want to know what he intends to do with it."

"But, this guy calls himself Apophis. Think he's some supernatural god or a phony?"

"No way of telling, man. We need to find a way out of here..."

Duke surveyed the cave and saw a ton of guards blocking paths. "Good luck with that. Plus, these guys can use Spirit Fusion to become Duel Monsters. We're outnumbered, Tristan. Hate to say it, but the others will have to find us."

Suddenly, an aura of golden light surrounded Apophis. This golden light was leaking out from the Staff of Apophis, which the ominous figure held a firm grip on. The golden light blinded most of the villagers, including Tristan and Duke. The power rays knocked out most, if not all the people except his own followers.

Looking on from a hole in the ceiling were Seto and Lyn. They overheard Apophis addressing everyone in his royal quarters and equally enthralled to see the Staff of Apophis being used by this mysterious figurehead.

"I can't believe it, Seto. That's really the Staff of Apophis in his hand!" Lyn said as she lowered her tone.

Seto replied. "The same staff Pegasus found and used on us. Bah, just when I wanted to stop believing in all this magical nonsense." He turned his head and watched all the villagers fall unconscious from the Staff's rays, but when he saw Tristan and Duke still standing. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me!"

"What?" Lyn asked as she pivoted her view where Seto pointed. "Duke?! Tristan?! What are those two doing there?!"

"Probably tried to play hero and left the cave to fight these guys."

"But then, the others? Did they get captured, too?"

"Who knows? But, if this guy wields the Staff of Apophis, he's granted nearly all of his followers these same abilities. If those two idiots tried to fight these guys, they were clearly outnumbered."

"We have to save them nonetheless, Seto. I know you don't care for them, but they're still my friends," she said before sighing. "Even if those two are dumbasses." Her comment made Seto smile as they watched Apophis' guards seize Tristan and Duke. "We have to try and find those guards to see where they're taking those two."

"And make sure we're not caught," Seto finished as he shifted his eyes over to Apophis. "Still, I think this Apophis guy is a phony hiding behind a mask and a powerful artifact. Take those away and he'll show us his true colors."

Back inside the quarters, Apophis intently glared toward Tristan and Duke, who were the only captives not put to sleep.

"How are you two not asleep with the rest?" Apophis demanded. "Interesting. Guards, bring them close to me."

With that, Apophis' men pushed Tristan and Duke closer toward Apophis' steps. The masked man lowered his staff whilst glaring over the two.

"Somehow my staff is reading mystical energies akin to its own powers. This might explain why you weren't knocked unconscious. You also don't appear to be from around these parts judging by your garb. Who are you? Who gave you these powers?"

Tristan retorted. "That's for us to know!"

Duke whispered to him. "Stop antagonizing him, man."

"I wonder if there's a source on par with my Staff of Apophis. There are the Millennium Items to take into account. That's the only explanation how you wield these powers."

"Sir, what do you want us to do with these two men?" One of the guards addressed Apophis.

"Take them to the interrogation hall. I will be there to confront them shortly."

As Apophis sat down on his throne, the guards grabbed Tristan and Duke while escorting them to the interrogation hall for a later confrontation. Seto and Lyn quietly followed them while walking down a flight of stairs taking them to the lower level. They hid behind a wall to see the guards leading Tristan and Duke away.

"Ok, they're leading us right to them," Lyn whispered. "Let's go."

"Let's be careful. This Apophis guy will be there, too."

"Then, we'll just have to beat him there to it!" The blue-haired woman grinned as she bolted down and took another route.

"Wait, Lyn!" Seto tried yelling out, but whispered as loud as he could. He went after his girlfriend and followed her direction.

Later on, the guards took Tristan and Duke into the interrogation hall. As they seated the two Duelists, they stood and waited for Apophis to show up. However, unbeknownst to them, Lyn found a short cut and slipped through a backdoor undetected with Seto.

"There they are," Lyn said. "Even in ancient times, my street urchin instincts never fail me."

Seto nodded. "Right. Let's get those two geeks out of there."

Suddenly, a card flew out and struck a guard in his hand. One of the other guards noticed and went over to pick up the card. Then, from out of nowhere, Seto came behind the two guards and hit them with elbow strikes in the back of their heads knocking them out. The other guards went straight for Seto, but then Lyn emerged and transformed into a blue-haired Warrior Lady of the Wasteland. She ran up hitting them with sword strikes and took them out.

"Lyn! Kaiba!" Duke exclaimed.

Tristan was relieved. "You two are sights for sore eyes. How did you know we'd be here?"

"Well, we came here following these freaks who took Kisara," Lyn said as she turned to normal. "Have you seen her?"

"Afraid not," Duke shook his head. "Sorry."

"We have to find her. She wasn't there when you two were," Seto said.

Lyn reassured him. "We will, Seto. I'm worried about her, too."

Seto walked over to one of the guards Lyn had taken down. He picked him up and grabbed him by the throat.

"You! You're going to tell me where you've taken a girl with distinctive blue hair!" Seto angrily demanded whilst slamming the guard against the wall. He pointed toward Lyn. "She looks exactly like her."

Upon seeing Lyn, the guard's eyes widened.

"Guess he's seen her," Tristan noted.

"She's... she's being held captive in a cell... one floor below us..." The nervous guard looked Seto in the face and cowered.

Seto gave him a nice knockout punch and headed out for the door.

"Guys, don't even say anything to him, got it? Just giving you fair warning," Lyn addressed Tristan and Duke as they followed him out of the interrogation hall. She walked over and saw the focused look on his face. This is the first in a long time I've seen him this mad before. I just hope he doesn't try and take on Apophis by himself.

They barely bypassed a group of guards with their backs turned. They took another stairway and went down to the level where Kisara was supposedly imprisoned.


Pharaoh's Palace/1009 B.C.

It was already nightfall. Hours have passed since everyone went their separate ways.

Back within the Pharaoh's palace, Atem reopened the side wall and slipped back into the courtyard. Yugi, Joey, and Tea walked out of the secret passageway as they finished explaining their entire situation regarding Professor Frank and his intentions. As they clarified their story, Atem got a better comprehension and realized how grave their situation had become.

"You're right if this man captures the Egyptian Gods and uses their power, it will disastrous for anyone," Atem said, leading the three Duelists back out into the courtyard.

Yugi replied as he stared out to the skies. "We've been out for too long. Isn't your father supposed to have returned, Atem?"

"He should've been back, but now I'm worried."

Tea knelt down by Yugi and whispered to him. "Yugi, we can't stay here for long. If the guards find us, they're going to ask us a bunch of questions."

"And questions we ain't got the time to answer for," Joey added.

Atem looked at them in a perplexing manner. "What questions?"

Before any could respond, there was the sound of a horse neighing. Alarmed, they saw a secret passage seemingly open on one of the stone walls. They saw a black horse running out with a middle-aged Egyptian man riding atop with an injury. Atem recognized this man and called out to him.

"Father!" Atem called out as he and the Duelists hurried over to the man on the horseback.

"My Pharaoh!" Called out a man behind Atem and the Duelists. It was Mahad, who raced over when hearing the neighs of the horse. As he helped Atem take the Pharaoh off the horse, he noticed the three Duelists. "Who are you three?" He quickly stood in front of the Pharaoh and Atem. He noticed Yugi and looked back to Atem. "Why is it you look like our prince? Did the Cult of Apophis send you?"

"Whoa, hold on! Who is this Cult of Apophis?" Joey raised his arms. "We're not here to hurt anyone!"

Tea added. "He's right! We're here to meet with your Pharaoh! It's important!"

"Now isn't the time to ask him anything," Mahad said. "I'm going to call for guards to take you away."

"Wait, Mahad!" Atem pleaded. "These people are not assassins! They weren't sent by the Cult of Apophis! They need our help and they wanted my father to help locate a man who wants the Egyptian Gods!"

Before Mahad could speak, the Pharaoh, Aknumkhanon, interjected and raised his head as he looked up to Atem.

"Mahad, what they speak is the truth..." The Pharaoh responded as he sat up. "That is why I left. There was suspicious activity outside Thebes that required my attention. This man they speak of... he indeed managed to enslave the power of the three Egyptian Gods..." He tried sitting up, but Atem and Yugi helped him sit down on an ivory seat near them. "This insane man, he said his name was..."

"...Frank," Yugi finished.

Aknumkhanon opened his eyes and nodded. "Yes, but how did you know...?"

"We're after this same man. He's arrived here from the future to steal the Egyptian Gods and he intends to go further to find more god monsters to pollute the timelines, including yours, your highness."

"Is this true, my Pharaoh? Is this man they refer to as Frank happens use the Egyptian Gods and has managed to do what no mortal has attempted to do? Has he truly enslaved the three gods Slifer, Obelisk, and Ra?"

"It's true. I was there to confront him, but he unleashed monsters on me. I barely managed to escape just when he enslaved the gods... tell me, travelers from the future... how do you intend to stop him?"

"We need this," Yugi pointed to the golden artifact hanging around Aknumkhanon's neck. "I believe you call it the Millennium Pendant."

"This?" He asked, lifting the item, which was an inverted golden pyramid with a wedjat eye on it. This was the Millennium Pendant, before it was broken following Zork's imprisonment and turned into the Millennium Puzzle.

Atem insisted. "Give it to me, father. I can help these people stop this man!"

"Where is Frank now?" Yugi inquired to the Pharaoh.

"He's gone... he left with the three gods..." Aknumkhanon turned over to his son and took off the Millennium Pendant that hung from his neck. "Take it, my son. I'm entrusting you with this to help these travelers. With this item, you'll be granted knowledge and powers beyond our comprehension."

Mesmerized by the powerful item, Atem took the Millennium Pendant and placed it around his neck. The boy felt an immense wave of power subtly wash over him. Yugi, too, felt a strong connection to Atem and the Millennium Pendant.

That really takes me back. Thought Yugi, watching Atem curiously eye the Millennium Pendant.

"Doesn't that bring back memories, Tea?" grinned Joey.

Tea genuinely smiled seeing Atem wearing the Pendant.

"Please, go my son... hurry before it's too late..." Aknumkhanon muttered before turning to Mahad. "Please, let him go with the travelers... as your Pharaoh, I so wish it..."

Mahad was reluctant to let Atem go, but honored his Pharaoh's wishes. "Yes, my Pharaoh."

"Mahad, we're leaving now," Atem spoke up. But, before he turned to leave, he saw his father fall unconscious. "Father!" He raced over to check on him, but Mahad calmly placed a hand on the prince's shoulder. "Please take care of my father, Mahad."

"I intend to, but you and these travelers must hurry and stop that man from unleashing the full power of the three Egyptian Gods," Mahad addressed the prince. He turned and nodded to the three Duelists. "I trust you will return with the prince, travelers of the future."

"Rest assured, Mahad, we will return with the prince, but also with order restored to this time," the King of Games vowed as he and his friends nodded, giving Mahad and the Pharaoh their word. "Ready, Prince Atem?"

"Yes, let's go before it's too late!" Atem added as he followed the three Duelists through the secret passage leading out of the courtyard.

Lifting Aknumkhanon up, Mahad faced the direction they left. "Good luck, my prince. With the Millennium Pendant, you shouldn't fail." He carried the unconscious Pharaoh into the palace. "You'll make your father proud, Atem..."

"Mahad!" The familiar cries from Teana and Jono were heard.

"Did Atem leave with Yugi and those friends of his?" Jono asked.

"He did. He's going on an important quest for his father. The Millennium Pendant was given to him for this mission."

Teana nodded. "I hope he'll be ok."

"Mahad!" Called one of the palace aides, who rushed in to see Mahad, Jono, and Teana. "I'm here to inform you that Seth and his aides have located the Cult of Apophis' hideout... and..." He stopped when he saw Mahad carrying the unconscious Pharaoh. "What happened? Pharaoh Aknumkhanon's..."

"No time to explain. Let's get our Pharaoh into his quarters. He needs to be treated."

"And the prince?"

"He's on an extremely important mission for his father. He's being accompanied by aides as we speak. Come, we don't have much time..." He said as the aide, Teana, and Jono helped him carry Aknumkhanon off.


Meanwhile, Yugi, Atem, Joey, and Tea ran out of the palace.

"There might still be a way to retrieve the Egyptian Gods, but we need to get back to our friends first," Yugi told Atem.

Atem replied. "I understand. When we meet your friends, tell me what I need to do."

They ran as fast as they could out of Thebes to make it to the cavern and reconvene with their friends. However, they were blissfully unaware of the adventure taking place elsewhere.


Present Day/Meikai/Near Demon Priests' Main Lair/6:35 PM

The Neo-Spirit Detectives quickly stormed a hallway taking them near the Demon Priest's lair. When they turned a corner, Yui, Cammy, and Aoshi probed a strong Youki presence drawing near. ShadowMetalGarurumon halted his advance and let the kids dismount him.

"Did you feel that, Yui?" Aoshi inquired.

"Look!" Moonlight Knight pointed to someone running down the hall.

"That's Yasha!" Cammy gasped when she recognized the white-haired hanyou.

Yasha stopped and saw the Neo-Detectives in the open. "What are you all doing here?!"

"We came to save our friend, Kohana, remember? Weren't you with Yusuke and Rio?" asked Yui, suddenly turning around and feeling a second Youki presence. "We're not alone."

Yasha growled as she turned around and spotted Tsukiyomi stopping. Still carrying a concealed Selipa, Tsukiyomi cursed herself for not taking the short cut route back to the main quarters.

Just what I didn't need! I have to get to Long...! Tsukiyomi shifted her view between her eldest daughter and the Neo-Detectives. "I don't have time..."

"For what? Me?" Yasha shot a fierce glare directly Tsukiyomi, causing her mother to hold her ground.

"Get out of my way, Yasha! I need to see Long! He's committed treachery!"

"So, you're starting to notice the underhanded snake Long truly is?"

"Doesn't matter. I plan to deal with Long my way," Tsukiyomi growled. "And these young Spirit Detectives won't stop me!"

"Hold on. What's that you're carrying?" Yui demanded to know what's hidden in Tsukiyomi's custody.

"Evidence of Long's treacherous nature..."

"Then, we should stop this bickering and stop Long, mother!" Yasha pleaded to the Demon Priest.

Before Tsukiyomi could decide, a series of voices emanated from out of nowhere. The Neo-Detectives recognized the few of them.

"Hey, I heard Kuwabara and Maya just now," Aoshi said with his keen wolf ears twitching.

Yui surveyed around. "I wonder if they're looking for us?"

Cammy added. "They're also not too far from here."

Yasha turned around and walked up to Tsukiyomi, who stepped back. "Mother, please, we need to hurry. We can help you take down, Long."

Tsukiyomi was hesitant to comply, which angered Yasha.

"If you won't comply, I'll have to take action against you!" Yasha threatened action against Tsukiyomi. "If Long revives Arago, we're all doomed! Long will likely have Arago kill you and Vigor!"

Tsukiyomi was caught between exacting her own revenge on Long or taking her daughter with her. Her pride won't allow anyone to aid her, but she knew saying no to her daughter might be be her last regret.

"Mother, that scent is familiar," Yasha sniffed the sack that Yasha placed Selipa in. "That's... Selipa..."


Not too far from inside the castle, Kuwabara and Maya had given chase to Nadeshiko, who slipped from Kuwabara's watch and followed a peculiar Youki presence.

"Sheesh, she's too fast..." Kuwabara panted, catching his breath,

Maya looked around. "She's not around here. Wherever she is, I hope she'll be ok."

"Same here. We need to find her."

Suddenly, both felt an assortment of Kis/Youkis gathered in one vicinity not too far from them. In fact, they were close to where the Neo-Detectives, Yasha, and Tsukiyomi were.

"C'mon, Maya! Maybe they know where Nadeshiko might be!"

"Yeah, didn't you feel that other Youki? That's one of the Demon Priests."

"Then, looks like the kids and Yasha are about to rumble with a Demon Priest. Let's not miss this one out."

Kuwabara and Maya hurried along a wide corridor taking them to their destination.


Toki ran down a flight of stairs carrying an unconscious Mizuno with him. Just when he turned a corner, he stopped and saw Nadeshiko bumping into him.

"What the hell?!" snarled Toki as he looked down at Nadeshiko. An evil grin smeared across the demon man's features. "Well, well, what do we have here? It's the little half-dragon brat." When he turned Nadeshiko, he saw a purple Youki aura erupt from her and her eyes turning red. "...what...?!"

Nadeshiko let out a fierce cry and lunged at Toki as the Demon Knight's blood-curdling cry filled the hallways.


Demon Priests' Main Lair/6:40 PM

Slowly pivoting his head, Long's wicked smile widened when he sensed the awakening of a unique Youki occupied with bloodlust. Well, if it isn't you, dear Nadeshiko. So, you've came with Yasha and the others. This is too good to be true! He attentively turned as Yusuke came charging like a mad bull. He narrowly dodged Yusuke's punch and jumped out onto the ritual site.

"Get back here!" Yusuke bellowed as he jumped out after him. "Going somewhere?"

Long smirked as he approached near Kohana's resting spot. The Kuroshishi brothers ceased their battle watching Long.

"Kyo, I think it's time you learned what's happened to Selipa."

Kyo was befuddled like the others were. "What do you mean, Long?"

The Demon Priest quickly pointed to Rio. "I place accusation on your brother, Rio, on the charge of murdering Selipa!"

Upon hearing this, Kyo's spirit was shattered when hit with this startling news. Although, unbeknownst to him, Long toyed with Long's emotions to further the acceleration of the ritual process. With his emotions invoked, Kyo attentively turned to Rio as his body quivered violently. Yusuke and Rio were both equally shocked to hear the news of Selipa's death.

"That's a load of crap! Rio was with me the whole time!" Yusuke protested. "I think Rio and I both know you're the likely suspect. It's written all over you!"

"Silence! I have proof via security footage. This happened earlier before the assault started, Kyo," Long produced the same viewing orb he used to fool Tsukiyomi.

Kyo's eyes widened when he witnessed 'Rio' murdering Selipa. The 'footage' was further utilized as the last resort to invoke the full power of the Demon Moon Stone.

Phase two initiated. Long smirked as Kyo's darkness aura expanded wider and caused the earth to shudder. "Kill your brother, Kyo! Kill the man who took your beloved partner! He must pay for his crime!"

"Brother! Don't listen to that monster! I wasn't anywhere near the castle when this happened!" Rio tried to reason with his brother. However, he realized his pleas fell on Kyo's deaf ears and witnessed the lion-shaped aura cocoon Kyo. "Kyo!"

"It's too late, Rio. Now you must pay with your life!" Long laughed.

Yusuke clenched his fists as he charged down to attack Long. "YOU SHUT UP!"

As Yusuke went to engage Long, Rio faced Kyo, who was sitting on all fours and growing in size. Rio backed away seeing the face of a black lion roaring. Long's treacherous scheme has further escalated this conflict into a bloodbath.


(Cue Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce)


Tsukiyomi: Out of my way unless you want to see a surprise?

Neo-Spirit Detectives: …..

Yasha: We don't have time for this!

Yusuke: Rio's turned himself into a big lion!

Long: Yes, and with the brothers turned into beasts, we can settle who's bite is mightier... the lion's or the wolf's.

Kurama: Karasu, I know you're hiding. Face me.

Karasu: That Knight you fought is the least of your problems now. You're all mine, Shui-What?! (gets taken over by 'something')

Long: So, you just happened to find us, Nadeshiko, my daughter.

Nadeshiko: (hisses ferociously)

Vigor: So, this is the combined force of three Demon kings... I'm impressed, but now you face me in my demon ape form!

Chuu: I'm heading off to find Natsume and the others! You blokes hold the fort!

Jupiter: Ugh, this is bad. I don't see Athenamon anywhere.

Ztreko-Li: I don't know how you got here, Sailor, but it matters not. Demonstrate to me your Dai-Valkyrie strength.

Amazoness Queen: They call you Silent Magician...? The only male child of the village?

Sely: Amazoness Queen, I've found you. I'm going to avenge Wildheart!

Najadramon: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Venus: Hey, skull freak! Hope you don't mind if we crash your party!

Revenant: The Sailor Senshi are here?!

BelialMyotismon: Nothing we can't handle.

Mercury: We need to free the Dra-Warriors, Neptune.

Moon: Let's get the Knights out.

Mars: We better hurry!

Lien: Need to find Nagah-sensei!

Igasu: Going somewhere, odango idiot?

Sailor Moon: Igasu?! How are you still alive?!

Nagah: Sailor Mars, I sense that you're here. (emits her presence) Find me. I am here waiting for you.

Hydra: Sailor Saturn, I shall be your opponent.

Jaden: Who is that freak?!

Apophis: I am Apophis, and you will all be punished for trespassing into my domain.

Yusei: We'll see about that.

Tristan: The Staff of Apophis... it's...!

Syrus: What's it doing moving toward us?

Lyn: Can it be?

Summoner Venus: We've cleared the area of these freaks.

Blue Mars: But, I sense distress coming from the city.

Adam: We'll investigate, but first the others need help containing Dimitri.

Orcus: Dimitri's much stronger than we were prepared for!

Ixion: No, our magic is managing to subdue him.

Neo Moon: He's resisting the darkness, but he needs more help from us.

Sedna: Dimitri, please! Don't let Charon take you from me! (grabs Dragon Saber and prepares to strike him with it)

Kuipers: SEDNA!

Charon: (grimaces) You can't destroy me, Pluto! If you do, you'll regret it.

Pluto: I have no regrets.

Carly: Next time on Dawn of Chaos!

Ancient Egypt Arc Concludes? Escalation of More Battles!

Yugi: Wait a minute, you guys now have Spirit...!

Jaden and Yusei: Got that right!


A/N: Probably my longest chapter to date as far as Dawn of Chaos is concerned. Lots of battles and set-ups for the forthcoming chapters.

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Amazon Kingdom siege: Sailor Jupiter vs. Ztreko-Li, Sely and her team vs. Amazoness Queen, and Sailor Uranus vs. Minessa, Castillo, and Mee-Nai. Najadramon is also there as the 'wild card', who will play a difference maker. Jupiter, Uranus, and co. need to look out for her, too.

Royal Knight siege: Sailor Moon vs. Igasu, Sailor Saturn vs. Hydra, and Sailor Mars vs. Nagah. There's also Rajita flunkies and guards to worry about. Gamera, Lobo, and Omegamon X are no present in this location for the time being.

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