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Chapter 48

Ancient Egypt Arc Concludes? Escalation of More Battles!


Meikai/Demon Priests' Main Lair/6:45 PM

Rio stood fearfully glaring into the eyes of the giant wolf that Kyo became. The wolf gaped his massive snout, letting saliva hit the ground and eat through like acid. Rio walked back feeling dread consume him. Kyo advanced toward him ready to rip his body into shreds. The claws on Kyo's paws grew into great lengths with each claw being bigger than Rio's body.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Sensui's End OST Track #5)

Yusuke was in a state of shock witnessing Kyo's transformation into a giant demon wolf. Long relished in every moment of Kyo's transformation.

"What do you think, Yusuke Urameshi? This is when a Demon Stone takes full effect over its host!" Long boasted hard when he proudly watched Kyo stalk toward Kyo like a hungry animal. "Rio is in deep trouble now. He will have no choice but allow his Demon Stone to fully manifest and turn him into a demon."

"Rio! Get out of there!" Yusuke called him. He pivoted over to Long and ran up grabbing his arm. "Call off Kyo now!"

"Why would I do something so foolish?! We've reached the pinnacle of the ritual event. After this battle is decided, Kohana will awaken and fight one of her brothers to a duel to the death! Arago will break out of his seal once all three Demon Stones are united in one body."


Long raised his head pointing Yusuke toward the skies hanging above them. "There. The seal is above us in the sky. Once the three Demon Stones are united, the skies will split open and the seal will become broken. From this seal will come Arago's spirit, who has been waiting for thousands of years to lay siege to the three realms."

I definitely feel something terrible above us! Yusuke realized, who tightened his grip on Long's arm, who easily broke free and kneed his face.

"Don't take your eyes off me, Yusuke!" laughed the deceitful Demon Priest, who picked up Yusuke and slammed him against a wall.

Yusuke grunted while his whole body was being planted several times into the wall. He watched Rio jump on a platform and avoiding Kyo's giant claws.

"Rio! Activate that damn stone of yours!"

Overhearing Yusuke's plea, Rio hesitated to do so. Kyo made a quick swipe at the platform and caused it to collapse, forcing Rio to jump on another platform. Kyo howled out loud as he made a dash for the next platform and smashed it with his tail. Rio quickly jumped onto Kyo's back and dug his fingers into the giant wolf's back, channeling Youki into the beast and trying to neutralize him.

"C'mon, it's time to end this, Kyo!" Rio declared, but try as he might, Kyo charged into the nearest platform. As he crashed through, he quickly sent Kyo flying into the air and hitting the ground.

"Rio! Damn it...!" growled Yusuke. He caught Long with a headbutt and forced the Demon Priest to let go. "No more fooling around, Long! Spirit Gun!" He charged the spirit blast toward the villain, who simply batted the beam down like nothing. "You've gotta be shitting me!"

Long rubbed the spot where the blast burned his hand. He laughed off Yusuke's last ditch effort. "Nice try, son of Raizen. Now bow before me!" He phased and appeared behind Yusuke. He landed an elbow strike to Yusuke's face and planted him facefirst into the earth.

Meanwhile, Rio recovered to his feet while Kyo charged toward him. The wolf opened his mouth and expelled a black Youki beam that exploded near Rio. The force from the explosion knocked Rio flying into the air and through an altar.

"C'mon, Kyo! I want to kill you at your best... and I'll smear your blood across the ground for murdering Selipa!"

Struggling to sit up, Rio grasped his chest as his anger flared, which invoked his Demon Stone. Rio lifted his head as his eyes turned black and a low demonic growl came from his mouth.

"You've done it now, Kyo..." Rio growled deeply under his breath as his body began to change.

(End theme)


Outside the Demon Priests' castle, the many battles scattered throughout Sheol. The remaining Spirit Detective and Demon Knight clashed were reaching their decisive ends.

Gami stalked toward Yoko Kurama, who transformed during the heat of their battle. The Demon Knight stood over Yoko Kurama and raised his fist ready to finish the silver-haired bandit off.

"Got any last words?" Gami grinned evilly as he brought his fist over Yoko Kurama's head.

Suddenly, Yoko Kurama instinctively pressed his hand into Gami's gut and awakened the seed he planted through Gami's armor. Before Gami knew what happened, long green vines emerged from his armor and wrapped themselves around Gami, restraining the Demon Knight.

"How did you do this?!" demanded the infuriated Demon Knight, who desperately tried breaking free. The more he struggled, the tighter the vines held him and more came out to subdue him.

"It was just a matter of slipping one seed under your nose. A simpleton like you wouldn't have realized it," Kurama cruelly said. "All it took was hiding a seed behind a pebble and flicking it on your obvious blind spot." He vaguely mentioned the demon's back. "You're at my mercy. Any last words?"

"You won't win... this won't hold me forever!" declared the Demon Knight. As he struggled, more vines wrapped around him and even covered his face.

Yoko Kurama sighed in exasperation. "Let's end this. I have places to be-"


Gami seemingly exploded along with the vines. Taken aback, Yoko Kurama covered his face and watched an insidious figure walking through the billowing smoke. It was a figure emitting a familiar presence that Kurama knew all too well.

"You've finally come out of hiding. I was wondering when you'd show, Karasu."

"Shuichi, I couldn't afford to keep you waiting," the dark clad figure chortled evilly as he walked over Gami's remains. He stopped and pierced a calm glare into Yoko Kurama's eyes. "You knew it would come down between us. This big fool was just an obstacle that needed to be removed."

"Regardless of the outcome, he was going to die," Yoko Kurama said, summoning vines from his right wrist and making a sword out of it. "You'll be joining him soon, Karasu. I'm going to make sure you never come back."

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Sensui's End OST Track #4)

Karasu instinctively produced his demon bombs as they floated around him. Yoko Kurama and Karasu bumrushed each other. The silver-haired fox cut through the barrage of bombs, causing them to detonate before they even touched him. Yoko Kurama slashed at Karasu, who took to the air and threw more demon bombs.

"You'll have to do better to resorting to petty old tricks," Yoko Kurama said, taking out a few roses from his silver mane and flinging them into the bombs. After each one exploded, he jumped up and saw Karasu landing on the ground.

Karasu smiled behind his mask. "You're lucky your friends recovered your soul from the Taiyoukais. Actually, I'm happy they did, because now I can take your soul for myself." He cackled and waited for Yoko Kurama to descend toward him. "I shall deny your existence and become a legend."

"Your welcome to try," the bandit said as he pursued Karasu, who took off running.


After uncrossing his arms, Brimstone focused while pillars of wild fire danced around him. As Kanzo tried getting too close, he and the symbiote winced from the intense heat burning them. Brimstone trapped Kanzo in his fire trap and watched him struggling to endure the heat extremities.

"I see you can't stand the heat. You and that creature," Brimstone motioned to Kanzo and his symbiote. He shifted his arms forward and forged two concentrated spheres of fire. "You won't survive this. Prepare to meet your end!"

Kanzo frantically tried blitzing through the wall of fire, but the heat encased him within and prevented any route of escape. Brimstone formed an oval-shape with his hands and unleashed a concentrated fire beam directly toward Kanzo.

"Heat Spot Ray!" declared Brimstone as his beam blew a hole through Kanzo, forcing the symbiote slime to fall off. Kanzo's body was set ablaze as he fell to the ground and died in a blazing inferno.

As Brimstone sauntered over to Kanzo's remains, the symbiote screeched and dug a hole through the earth. It burrowed through deep and out of Brimstone's reach. Brimstone powered down his wall of fire and focused on finding the symbiote.

I can't let that thing latch onto anyone else! Brimstone thought as he unleashed fire under his feet and propelled through the air.


Several kilometers off from Sheol...


Hiei and Shiki's blades shattered as they seemingly went through one another. Hiei gazed over his broken sword and ignited black flames creating his Sword of the Darkness Flame. He readily bumrushed Shiki, who channeled his Youki through his blades. He quickly ran up and attacked Hiei head-on, delivering a succession of energy blade strikes.

"Take this!" Shiki fired a concentrated shot through one of his blades.

Hiei sliced through the beam with his darkness sword. As Shiki fired a barrage of shots, the demon speed blitzed through the beams and cut them down with just his sword. As he blitzed right up to Shiki, he unleashed lightning fast slashes all over the cybernetic demon's body. The next thing Shiki saw was Hiei blitzing through him and casting an after image to throw off his sensors. Shiki turned around and sank to both knees as black blood squirted out from his cybernetic body.

"You've won... wielder of the Darkness Flame... enjoy your temporary victory..."

With that, Shiki pressed a switch on his left wrist revealing a self-detonation mechanism. Hiei saw this and blitzed right up to intercept him. He sliced off Shiki's arm, which did nothing to neutralize the self-detonator from going off. Hiei hastily picked up the pace and blitzed past Shiki, leaving him behind laughing.


Following the detonation came a giant explosion that swept across the vicinity and knocked Hiei back. Hiei was sent falling into a ditch as the explosion covered a several kilometer radius and ravaged the land they previously fought on. Hiei picked himself up and climbed the ledge. He poked his head out to see the ruined land and sensed no traces of Shiki's Youki. He had obliterated himself in hopes of taking Hiei with him.

Hiei turned away and stormed back toward Sheol.


Yoko Kurama swiped at Karasu with his vine sword. He did get Karasu once by stabbing his abdomen with it. Karasu winced and griped his wound. He covered it protecting himself from Kurama attempting to plant a seed into him.

(End theme)

"Give it up, Karasu," Yoko Kurama coldly narrowed his shifty yellow eyes at his nemesis. "In my current state, I can easily take you apart."

"So, you say, but I'm not through yet..." Karasu stopped as he and Yoko Kurama noticed the ground shaking under them. "What's that...?"

Yoko Kurama's shot open as he watched the black symbiote pop out of the ground. Karasu whirled around and the last thing he saw was the black symbiote devouring him whole. Karasu struggled to break loose from the symbiote's powerful grip, but the slimy parasite consumed Karasu.

"LET ME GO!" Karasu tried unleashing his demon bombs, but the slime stopped them from setting off.

(Cue Spiderman 64 OST – Venom Theme)

Yoko Kurama ran up to try to repel the symbiote. His efforts were in vain as the symbiote took control of its new host. Karasu turned around wearing the demonic suit as he opened his eyes. The suit shaped over his body giving him an even darker outfit. His mask protruded through the slime and long red nails came out through his fingers.

It's that symbiote that was attached to that Demon Knight. That Youki I sensed diminish was defeated by Brimstone. Now, it's taken Karasu as it new host. I can't let either leave here! Yoko Kurama eyed the symbiote fully taking over Karasu. "Fire is your weakness if Brimstone destroyed your former host and thus you retreated to take this new host."

"Heheheh! Yoko Kurama!" Karasu laughed hysterically, gaping his teeth covered mouth. "We're going to take your head!" He ran up toward Yoko Kurama and opened his chest to let loose a barrage of demon bombs.

Yoko Kurama immediately jumped into the air and threw roses to take out the bombs. He watched Karasu fly over him and throw a pair of black tendrils that pierced through his right leg and left arm.

"Ugh!" grunted the silver-haired fox.

"Heheheh, yes! Strike! Your body will be ripped to pieces and your brains will be ours to consume!" The uncharacteristic nature of the symbiote Karasu openly declared and laughed.

Yoko Kurama landed on the ground favoring his leg and arm. He threw his vine sword, which pierced through Karasu's gut, but the symbiote ripped the vine blade out and ignored the blood spilling from the gaping wound. The suit covered Karasu's wound.

"Kurama, it's time to say your prayers," the possessed Karasu chortled evilly, turning one hand into a double-ax and making his claws extend on the other. He approached Yoko Kurama.

Yoko Kurama saw vines shooting out from his wounds and grabbing Karasu. They both struggled in a tug of war. As this went on, Brimstone had a lock on the symbiote's location and headed off to prevent it from killing Yoko Kurama.

(End theme)


Chuu, Rinku, and the other Makai warriors were drastically cutting down the Sheol grunt numbers. However, more soldiers kept storming through the gates, which did the Makai warriors no favors as some were starting to show fatigue. But, Chuu, being determined like never before, stormed right toward the Demon Priests' stronghold.

"Ya blokes take care of the flunkies! I'm gonna get Natsume, her bro, and the others!" The drunkard bellowed as he bumrushed through a soldiers. He repelled them back using a surge of his own Youki aura.

Chuu called back. "Be careful, Chuu!"

Chuu pressed forward like a mad bull. Every Meikai grunt standing in his quickly got blasted away, punched into the air, and trampled over. He was able to cross the bridge and ran through the front doors. He pivoted to his left side and probed a few familiar Youki nearby.

"There they are. I can barely feel Natsume. Better run like my ass been lit on fire!"


Outside the castle, Vigor powered up to his full gorilla state as his augmented demon strength overwhelmed his opposition. Enki, Yomi, Mukuro, and Toguro hit Vigor with their effective attacks. While it helped slow Vigor down, the Demon Priest's durability became much too strenuous for them.

Yomi unleashed a barrage of Youki balls that seemingly slowed Vigor down. Toguro, powered up to his 100 percent state, grabbed a hold of Vigor's right arm and picked him up. Toguro slammed Vigor to the ground, causing the earth to crumble beneath them. As Vigor fell into a pit, the demons followed him. Enki fell right atop of Vigor's back and tried crushing him under his weight. Vigor powered out and belly flopped Enki off.

"As big as I am, he's throwing my ass around like a kid!" Enki was flabbergasted.

Vigor rose from the ground and popped his neck, grunting deeply. "I admit you're more troublesome together than you are separately. I can't take you lightly, but I have the utmost confidence I can defeat you."

"Really or you just blowing smoke out of your ass?" Mukuro said, taking a battle stance.

As Vigor smashed his fists into the ground, the demons spread out evading getting hit by the excessive force behind his fists. Mukuro attempted cutting him to bits with her dimension cutter technique. Vigor punched the ground and sent Mukuro flying back. Toguro and Enki tried double teaming Vigor, but the Demon Priest punched them back. Yomi came up behind the gorilla demon and locked a headlock around Vigor's neck while trying to choke him out. Vigor grabbed Yomi and threw him off his back.

Yomi landed on his feet as his three colleagues amassed behind him.

"We can keep this going, you fools," the gorilla's evil grin widened as he smashed both fists together. "But, realize your efforts to delay or even stop the ritual will end in vain."

The four demons bumrushed and attacked Vigor again, keeping the Demon Priest occupied as a confrontation with another Demon Priest was taking place.


Inside the halls of the castle...

Kuwabara and Maya ran down a corridor and turned a corner. To their surprise, they saw the Neo-Spirit Detectives, Shura, and Yasha facing Tsukiyomi. Upon seeing Tsukiyomi, Kuwabara felt the immense Youki emanating from the Demon Priest.

"Maya, you feel that? This is some intense power she's giving off."

Maya concurred. "Not so subtle, is she?"

"There's Yui and the others! Hey, guys!" The orange-haired man hollered to the Neo-Detectives.

As they turned to see Kuwabara and Maya running up to them, the Neo-Detectives were taken aback.

"Kuwabara?! Maya?!" Cammy exclaimed. "What are you two doing here?"

"So, this is one of the Demon Priests?" Kuwabara inquired.

Yasha replied. "Yes, this is my mother Tsukiyomi."

"She's your mother?!"

"Listen, Kuwabara, we don't have time to chat," Yui said as she and the others quickly took a stand against Tsukiyomi.

Shura added. "We need to find the ritual site and you can take us there!"

"Mother, take us to the ritual site!" Yasha pleaded to Tsukiyomi, who seemingly became despondent with her daughter's defiance.

"I can't do that," Tsukiyomi said, placing Selipa down on the floor. "I intend to resolve differences with Long by myself. I will kill him without you or these new allies of yours."

"Look! Don't be a fool! We're all against Long!" Yui tried reasoning with the Demon Priest.

Turning around and facing Yui, a wicked smile adorned Tsukiyomi's features. She lowered her hand near her waist. "You have quite the mouth, Spirit Detective. But, since you're all here and refuse to get out of my way, you leave me no choice. Let me ask you something. Why do I keep a harem of nothing but women?"

"Is this a trick question?!" Aoshi growled.

Yasha furrowed her brows. "You wouldn't..."

"I prefer female slaves because they can pleasure me. In return of their services to me, I give them what they want, but only one lucky slave per century receives the honor of seeing..." As her devilish grin widened, Tsukiyomi pulled up her dress and unveiled her 'family jewels' complete with a schlong!

Needless to say, all but Yasha reacted as any sane person would seeing male genitalia. The men were grossed out while the girls turned blue in the face.

"GWAAAAHH!" Kuwabara averted his eyes. I didn't JUST see THAT! It burns even to look!

"She's a futanari!" Yui was flabbergasted.

Cammy shook her head. "...yeah... totally didn't see that coming..."

Never thought one of the Demon Priests would be a futanari. Aoshi shuddered in thought.

Moonlight Knight nearly vomited as he covered his mouth. "I'm going to forget I ever saw that!"

The arrogant Demon Priest let out a haughty laugh. "That's what you get. Now, to make my leave..."


Yasha ran up and kicked her mother right in her jewels. Everyone else winced painfully as some faces contorted seeing Yasha pull her foot from Tsukiyomi's crotch. As a result, the pain distracted Tsukiyomi and diminished her chances to retaliate.

"Forgive me, mother."

"Yasha... why...?"

"One of you attack now!" Yasha charged.

Maya wasted no time and ran up, cupping her hands forward. Before Tsukiyomi could react, Maya unleashed an immense green beam that impacted the Demon Priest and blasted her away. Tsukiyomi's blood-curdling screams filled the hallways as Yasha picked up Selipa's body.

"Holy cow! You're amazing, Maya!" Yui exclaimed.

The Chimera modestly responded. "Thanks, but I doubt I could've taken her out if she wasn't hurting. Yasha did most of the damage."

"But, you finished off a Demon Priest!" Shura said. "I'm astounded a human is capable of such a feat!"

Kuwabara added. "Hate to break to ya, but Maya's hardly a human anymore."

"Oh, right, I remember hearing about a group of half-human, half-aliens named the Chimeras. Still, you managed to kill a Demon Priest."

Maya sweatdropped. "Gee, thanks, but like I said, I can't take all the credit."

"We don't have much time, everyone," Yasha said. "We've been delayed longer than we should've. That blast may or may have not done my mother in. Maya, you did the right thing to stop her. C'mon, everyone!"

"Right, let's get moving!" Yui called out.

As the group headed down the east direction, they instinctively sensed more collective powers near them. Kuwabara, Maya, and most of the Neo-Detectives recognized two of them.

"That's Nadeshiko and Mizuno's energies close by! This way!" Kuwabara pointed down the corridor.


"GAAAAH!" Toki let out a loud blood-curdling scream as he stumbled back. He looked down fearfully at Nadeshiko, who had his right arm in her mouth. "You... you did this to me?! Me?! One of the Demon Knights?!"

Nadeshiko threw Toki's arm aside and hissed in response. A large frill expanded around her neck as her eye glowed and turned green.

Awakening, Mizuno saw Nadeshiko walking over bear her.

"Nadeshiko...?" The Sirendramon blinked in befuddlement. What just happened? Who pissed her off?

To Mizuno's surprise, Nadeshiko neutralized the chains binding Mizuno's hands. Mizuno was immediately let loose. After her binding became undone, Mizuno stood up and glared down the one-armed Toki. Her eyes shifted over to the arm laying on the other side of the hall.

"You saved me, Nadeshiko. Thanks."

Nadeshiko continued hissing directly toward Toki's obvious direction. The Demon Knight stepped away fearfully as he realized the dilemma he had fallen into.

"You're not looking too hot," Mizuno smirked coolly at Toki's true cowardice nature. "And your true colors are showing."

"Please... I didn't... I didn't mean..."

"To chain me up like a dog and ready to use me like I'm your own cheap bottom feeding prostitute? What's wrong? Can't find a woman to give you pleasure so you choose me from the lot? Well, hate to disappoint you, but you aren't my type," Mizuno shot him a terrifying and piercing glare.

Toki quickly forged an energy blade and ran up trying to behead Mizuno. The Sirendramon easily danced through his quick slashes and kicked the blade from his hand. She seized Toki's throat and jammed a pillar of water down Toki's throat.

"There's just some women you don't treat like whores!"

"Please, don't kill me!" He pleaded for his life, but Mizuno had other plans.

"Bottoms up, bitch," Mizuno scoffed as she forced more water into Toki's body. As the quantity of water filled him like a balloon, Mizuno picked up Nadeshiko and jumped back watching him explode.

Once the Neo-Detectives and the others arrived, they were surprised to see Toki's remains splattered across the floor. Mizuno emerged with Nadeshiko secured in her arms.

"Thank goodness you two are ok!" Kuwabara said with relief. He hurried over and took Nadeshiko from Mizuno. "What happened?"

"Long story short, this Demon Knight caught me in a foul mood and I gave him a piece of my mind," Mizuno flat out stated, causing some to shudder.

Aoshi whispered to Moonlight Knight. I don't even want to know."

"Amazing, a Demon Priest and a Demon Knight have been defeated," Shura was still reeling from the series of shocking turn of events.

"But, the conflict has yet to be resolved," Yasha announced to everyone present. "Now we have a chance to end the ritual." She eyed Nadeshiko suspiciously and smiled. It was you who unleashed your ferocity on that Demon Knight. Wasn't it, Nadeshiko? You can feel Long's presence... I know you can.

"I can feel them," Yui said, probing Kyo and Rio's Demon Stone energies. "The battle is getting heated up."

Cammy nodded. "The battle isn't over, but we have to keep moving!"

"What she said, guys," Kuwabara said. "Yasha, lead the way."

With that, Yasha took the group out of the room and headed up a flight of stairs. The Neo-Detective braced themselves for the most important battle. Yui closed her eyes for a moment and for a brief second she saw a golden-haired woman turning around giving her a hauntingly vague look.

Yui mentally gasped. What the hell was that?! I have to focus!

"Yui?" Cammy turned to her friend with concern.

Nodding, the lead Neo-Detective dismissed her. "It's nothing. Ready to save Kohana, guys?"

The Neo-Detectives hollered in unison as the group continued heading up the flight of stairs toward the Demon Priests' stronghold.


(Cue YuYu Hakusho Sensui's End OST Track #6)

The battle turned brutal when Kyo completely tore into Rio. Kyo slashed at Rio, nearly breaking his demon armor. Rio growled deeply as an intense dark purple aura condensed around him. Kyo quickly stopped as he felt the immense Youki surging from Rio, who got on all fours like an animal. The darkness aura devoured the young man as he underwent a similar transformation that Kyo made.

Long witnessed the event unfold with sheer satisfaction. "Excellent, Rio's succumbing to his Demon Sun Stone's corrupt power. Now, we'll truly see who will come out on top."

Yusuke blanched in horror witnessing Rio transform into a giant black lion wearing a silver mane and sporting a dark purple aura, which outlined his giant frame. The giant lion walked forward, roaring demonic bellows. Kyo and Rio locked eyes as they bumrushed each other and clashed. Rio swiped at Kyo and clobbered him with his right paw. Kyo retaliated and headbutted Rio's stomach. Kyo tackled Rio through a platform as they rolled around. Kyo pinned Rio down. Rio rebounded as he kicked Kyo off and pinned him to the ground.

"C'mon, Rio..." Yusuke growled, getting up and uppercutting Long's face. As he dazed Long, Yusuke ran up and bombarded him with a barrage of Shotgun ki blasts.

The blasts pulverized Long like crazy, allowing Yusuke to gain a quick upperhand over the Demon Priest. Yusuke jumped up and punched him back.

Kyo jumped atop of Rio's back and bit down on the back of his neck. Rio bellowed and threw Kyo off his back. Rio bumrushed and slashed Kyo's face, leaving grievous scratches over his face.

"Give it up, Rio! You can't win!" Kyo snapped, cackling under his breath and licking his snout. "You can't even seem to control your beast instincts like I have. I've trained to retain my human state of mind. You're consumed by the maddening lion's rage."

Rio growled and stalked around Kyo waiting to lunge at him.


Just then, Yoko Kurama sensed the immense Youki emanating from the Demon Stone sources. He quickly discerned them coming from the Kuroshishi brothers and distinguished Rio from Kyo. The symbiote-possessed Karasu stopped and gawked at his silver-haired rival.

"What are you planning, Kurama?" Karasu eyed him coldly.

Rio, you've finally unleashed the full extent of your Demon Sun Stone. Yoko Kurama thought as he formed a seed within his right palm. He caressed the seed inside his palm and concentrated his Youki into the seedling. Time to spring our collaborative plan to action, my friend.

"We're losing my patience, Kurama," Karasu said, charging ahead toward Yoko Kurama. The symbiote screamed out, laughing. "Your pretty little head will belong to us! Hahaha!" The sadistic nature of the symbiote warped Karasu's mind and turned him into a more psychotic bloodluster, turning his lust for Kurama into blood thirsty obsession.

Karasu took another swipe at Yoko Kurama, who pulled out a mushroom and turned it into a giant shield. Yoko Kurama put up his guard using the mushroom shield, while strengthening its defenses using Youki, to protect him from the symbiote-wearing demon.


Elsewhere, Hiei finally reached Sheol and caught up with Brimstone. They both felt the Demon Stone brothers' Youki beyond the castle.

"Everyone is mostly in the castle by now, Hiei. There's still a few others out here taking care of the fodder," Brimstone promptly stated.

Hiei and Brimstone quickly sensed Yoko Kurama's presence not too far. They quickly headed off to help their colleague.

"Kurama's in danger," Hiei said.

"Yes, and it seems that symbiote creature has taken over Karasu. Their combined strength has made them more than a match for Kurama in his Yoko form!"

Hiei readily drew out his sword. "Not for long if we're there."

"The creature is weak when near fire. So, I take out the symbiote and one of you can finish Karasu, but we better hurry. The ritual has started."

Hiei and Brimstone headed off to give aid to Kurama before it was too late.

(End theme)


Outside the Cult of Apophis' Hideout/1009 B.C.

Outside the Cult of Apophis cavern hideout, the Duelists, led by Jaden and Yusei, hid themselves on a hill filled with rocks for them to take cover behind. They saw a group of cultist guards standing outside the cavern mouth.

"Shoot, they've got guards standing outside," Trudge scoffed when he and everyone else had their eyes set on the guards.

Aster asserted, eyeing the cavern mouth behind the guards. "And that looks like the only way in. We'll have to find a way through."

"But, you saw what happened to Tristan and Duke," Jack said. "Those two weren't aware these guys can turn into Duel Monsters."

"Seems they have the same powers like you, Yugi, and the others," Carly said as she mentioned it to Mai.

The blonde woman nodded. "Yeah, which isn't good for you guys."

"Yeah, for some reason I can't seem to summon my monsters to life like we did in the present," said Atticus. "Maybe because they were brought to life thanks to the KaibaCorp technology."

"Well, remember those safeties Seto Kaiba mentioned?" Yusei said. "Without those, the monsters would no longer be holograms."

"There's also us being in ancient Egypt where such technology doesn't exist," Carly said. "Our cards are just duds."

"Unless there's ancient magic involved," Jaden said as he turned toward Mai and Yasmin. "You're the only ones out of all of us now who can fight back against these guys."

Yasmin realized this. "Yes as I gained my power from an ancient Egyptian ritual when I was first captured by the Gravekeepers. The Gravekeepers' realm, from what I recall, was one of the last dimensions where such ancient Egyptian magic and power still resides... until recently when it was destroyed."

Mai added. "And I got my power from the Staff of Apophis."

"So, in conclusion, you two can use your powers just fine since you got them from ancient Egyptian sources. Since we're in ancient Egypt, there's enough magic that still exists to allow you to support your powers," Carly deduced. "Then, I think I have an idea how we can get through those guards."

Crow sweatdropped. "Somehow, I got a bad feeling about this."

Both Mai and Yasmin were hesitant to think what Carly had in mind.


Meanwhile, the group led by Mokuba and Serenity were getting closer toward the Cult of Apophis' hideout. Thanks to Luna and Kuribon, they were able to reach near their destination without trouble. Akiza, Alexis, Leo, and Syrus tried keeping up whilst fighting the cold night air. Akahana and Abukom stayed close to one another as they followed the group.

"Are we almost there yet, Luna?" Akiza asked.

"Almost. Kuribon says the Duel Monster spirits are about to be sacrificed," Luna said.

Serenity covered herself. "It's getting colder out here."

Mokuba covered his face from the sand hitting his face. "Hopefully where we're going is a lot warmer."


The guards stayed vigilant for any outsiders that dared tried to pass. Just then, one of the guards noticed two figures walking toward them. The men beckoned each other to stop these intruders. Two of them went over to the figures and behind the dust clouds cutting between them. They saw Mai and Yasmin walking over them giving seductive looks.

(Cue Naruto OST - Sexiness)

The two guards were entranced by the ladies.

"Oh, hey, hun... excuse us, but we're lost," Mai winked to the guards as she walked over to one guard. She put her arms around his neck. "Could you help us?"

Yasmin approached the other guard, teasing him. "We don't know where we're going. Could you please help us out here?"

While the two guards were distracted, Mai and Yasmin saw the other guards seeing what the whole commotion was. It was time to drop the act. Mai turned into Harpie Queen and hit the guard she seduced with a whip. Yasmin kneed the other guard in the groin and hit in the back of the head with a hand chop.

"HEY!" The other guards ran over to intercept the ladies.

"Here they come!" Mai said as she flew over and hit him with her whip.

Yasmin ran up and threw sand in the other guard's eyes. As she temporarily blinded him, Yasmin hit him with a spinning heel kick and knocked him down.

(End theme)

"All clear, guys!" Yasmin called out as Yusei and Jaden emerged first. After them, the other Duelists came out of hiding.

Carly snickered. "See? It worked like a charm!"

"Nice act, Yasmin!" Atticus gave her a thumbs up.

"Good work. Now we have access to the cave," Yusei said.

Jaden pointed forward. "Let's hurry, guys, and get Tristan and Duke out of there!"

"WAIT UP!" Came a group of familiar cries behind them.

As they group turned, they saw Mokuba, Serenity, Akiza, Alexis, the twins, Syrus, Akahana, and Abukom.

"Guys! Where have you all been?!" Crow exclaimed.

"Looks like they brought along some company," Jack noticed Akahana and Abukom. "But, they strangely look like Mokuba and Serenity."

"This is Akahana and Abukom. They were kind enough to shelter us," Serenity introduced the two Egyptians to the other Duelists. "They want to help us."

"Hey, the more the merrier," Hassleberry nodded in approval.

As the groups united, they quickly exchanged stories about what happened to them (although Akiza's psychotic episode was omitted) and what led them to the Cult of Apophis' hideout. The whole group all came to an understanding.

"So, we're all here for the same purpose and that's to save these people, including our friends," Yusei concluded.

"Have you guys seen my brother and Lyn?" Mokuba asked the others.

Mina nodded apologetically. "No, we haven't."

"I'm sure they're still with Yugi," Jaden said. "But, Tristan and Duke need our help."

"Luna?" Akiza crouched over and noticed her facing the cavern mouth.

"We need to hurry... the spirits' voices are fading!" Luna cried out as Kuribon floating off before her. "Wait, Kuribon!"

"No time to lose, everyone. Let's go and get our friends out of there before we cause enough of a scene," insisted Yusei as he and the assembled group entered the Cult of Apophis' hideout.

However, unbeknownst to them, Seto and Lyn already beat them to the hideout.


Cult of Apophis' Hideout/1009 B.C.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories OST – Priest Seto)

As he came upon the bodies of his men in the interrogation hall, Apophis was none too pleased when he saw Tristan and Duke nowhere to be seen.

"They've escaped?!" Apophis growled as he scoured through the hall and headed out to alarm his cultist guards passing by. "Our two new captives have escaped! Alert your colleagues and spread out. They mustn't escape!" He quickly headed out to conduct his own search. "My followers, hear me out! Two of our slaves have escaped!"


Once news spread about Tristan and Duke's escape, Seto, Lyn, Tristan and Duke finally came upon the floor where Kisara was held prisoner. They took down two guards and scoured through the crowd of people until they came across a girl with cerulean hair.

"There she is!" Lyn pointed to Kisara.

"We're here," Seto said as he reached for Kisara. "C'mon, we're here to get you out."

"Let's get these people out as well," Tristan said as he and Duke lead the villagers out from their prison.

"C'mon!" Seto asked for Kisara to follow them.

She finally complied and followed them out of the prison. As Seto closed the door behind him, Tristan and Duke locked the prison door as they left the two guards behind.

"These people should be able to escape, but we need get out of here," Duke said.

"We know another way out," Lyn stated. "This way!"

However, as they turned around, they were blocked off by a large number of guards. The Duelists held their ground as Seto and Lyn protected Kisara.

"How about we finally cut loose?" Duke insisted.

"Fine by me!" Lyn declared as she Spirit Fused and turned into D.D. Warrior Lady. She brandished her sword and protected Kisara. "Stay behind me, Kisara!"

Seto, Duke and Tristan utilized their Spirit Fusion powers to transform into Kaibaman, Orgoth the Relentless, and Cyber Commander. The cultists were taken aback by the Duelists' astonishing Spirit Fusion transformations. Kisara was more surprised to see two others turn into Duel Monsters.

Who are these people?! Kisara thought.

"So, what? We can use the power of Apophis to turn into warriors and monsters as well!" One of the guards boasted as he and the other guards used their Spirit Fusion powers to transform into Duel Monsters of different shapes and sizes.

"Great, we're still outnumbered!" Tristan said, readying his gun.

Duke charged forward and pulverized the ground with his foot. "I'll clear the path for us!" As he smashed the ground, he caused the cultists to scatter. "Go!"

The Duelists and Kisara hurried on through as the guards went after them. They bypassed a narrow corridor until they stumbled into the main quarters where Apophis stood near his throne. Seto, Lyn, Tristan, Duke, and Kisara stopped when they saw numerous cultists filling the room.

(End theme)

"They have us trapped!" Lyn shouted.

"Welcome, guests," Apophis chortled as he slightly bowed his head and sauntered down his steps. "It's not too often prisoners escape from this sanctuary, but you certainly surprised me." Suddenly, the Staff of Apophis was reacting near the Spirit Fused Duelists. "Intriguing, my staff is indicating that your powers are derived from its source. Still, you realize you're greatly outnumbered by my followers."

"So, I take you're Apophis?" Seto smugly smiled. "Let me guess, you believe yourself to be a god because you have that staff? All I see is a scared man hiding behind a mask and a bunch of grunts."

"I am Apophis," the masked being hissed as he lifted the staff, which unleashed an immense golden beam that blasted the Duelists back. "My power rivals that of my sworn enemy the Winged Dragon of Ra! None of you could comprehend the power I wield!" He raised his staff and sent another blast toward the Duelists. He hovered off his throne and landed near the downed Duelists and noticed Seto's Kaibaman helmet cracked open. "Ah, so, it's you Seth. What a surprise to see you here."

Seto turned and defiantly glared at Apophis.

"Yes, you loathe me so after all the people's Ka we've sacrificed to empower this staff. This staff contains close to hundreds of various Bas from within and outside Egypt. Although, I'm curious how you share the same power as my followers."

"Like I'd tell a freak like you..." Seto spat out and scowled. "Apophis, or whatever you want to call yourself... you're no different from all the freaks that thought they were gods, but they were all just nutcases."

"Oh, I assure you, I am a god," chortled Apophis, as he beckoned his followers to stand back. "Why don't I change your mind?" He pointed his staff toward Seto and prepared to blast him.

"SETO!" Lyn screamed as she ran toward.

(Cue Castlevania Symphony of the Night OST – The Tragic Prince)

Suddenly, Kisara instinctively stood up and simultaneously ran forward alongside Lyn. The cerulean-haired girls threw themselves in front of Seto protecting him from the incoming beam. Seto gaped in shock seeing the two women providing themselves as shields for him.

"LEAVE SETO ALONE, YOU BASTARD!" Lyn defiantly yelled as she transformed into a Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Kisara's eyes turned blue as she raised her head and materializing over her was another Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Tristan and Duke were speechless upon seeing the two dragons.

Lyn and Kisara's Dragons launched simultaneous blue streams of immense power. The blasts collided with Apophis' powerful staff beam. While the dragons continued pumping out more power, Apophis invoked the staff's mystic power and unleashed a massive ray of golden light that knocked Lyn and Kisara's dragon back. Lyn turned back to normal and fell near Seto. Kisara, too, fell unconscious as her dragon dematerialized.

"Lyn! Kisara!" Seto scrambled over to both.

"I told you I am a god," Apophis calmly chuckled. "Will you doubt me now?"

"Bastard..." Seto gritted his teeth as he whirled around and yelled at him. "I'm sick of this mystic crap!" He immediately transformed into a Blue-Eyes White Dragon himself. He also unleashed an immense stream of light that hurtled toward Apophis. He relentlessly unleashed more power to try to overwhelm Apophis' golden aura that seemed to protect him.

"Look at that! That creep's protecting himself from Seto's attack!" Tristan exclaimed.

Duke was at a loss for words at Apophis' ability to stand up to the power of a Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

"Foolish mortal. Your intentions to avenge those women are admirable, but still foolish," Apophis laughed as he slammed his staff down as his golden aura expanded and hit Seto head-on.

Seto charged forward and tried to break through Apophis' defenses, but the immense force from this 'god' overpowered him. Seto flew back as he transformed back to normal. He hit the ground where Lyn and Kisara lie.

"Great, now... it's just us..." Tristan gulped realizing how futile his and Duke's efforts will be against Apophis.

Duke held his ground and stood up. "I'm not about to go down without a fight. Bring, you fake god."

"More nonbelievers? Just a few more wrongs to correct," Apophis turned and pointed his staff toward them. As Tristan and Duke admirably charged ahead to intercede him, Apophis blasted them back. "Your intentions, like theirs, are quite admirable, but futile in the face of Apophis." He raised his staff and beckoned to his followers. "Take these five and put them on the sacrificial altars. It's time we extract the girl's Ba and the powers from these four, including the one who poses as Seth. I have something special planned for him."

As a few cultists moved forward to collect the five, several beams blasted through the ceiling, causing the cultists to scatter. Alarmed, Apophis looked up to see the other Duelists dropping in from the ceiling. Mokuba and Serenity dropped in first as they had previously transformed into Paladin of White Dragon and St. Joan. Mai, who took on the form of the Harpie's Dragon, descended with the rest of their group on her back.

"SETO!" Mokuba noticed his brother lying next to Lyn and Kisara. He quickly pivoted his view toward Apophis. "So, you must be the head of this cult!"

Serenity frowned. "It's over. We're here to take back our friends!"

Apophis chortled at the face of more adversaries. "More defiant mortals just keep dropping in to challenge my authority. It will never end."

As the other Duelists jumped off the Harpie Dragon, the giant beast regressed in size and turned back into Harpie Queen Mai. The other Duelists, including Yusei and Jaden, stood beside Mokuba and Serenity. Trudge, Mina, Carly, Akahana, and Abukom quickly tended to Seto, Lyn, Kisara, Tristan, and Duke.

"What makes you think any of you stand a better chance? The only advantages you have are greater numbers, but most of you don't possess any powers to protect yourselves from the powers I wield," Apophis said, pointing his staff at the group. He fired a beam, which Mokuba and Serenity dodged. The other Duelists quickly took cover behind the ceiling debris that fell. "Followers! Detain them!"

As the cultists moved in to detain the Duel Academy students and the Signers, Mokuba, Serenity, Mai, and Yasmin fought back against them. Mokuba clashed blades with a few that turned into Alligator Swords, Blade Knights, and Panther Warriors. He took down most of them as Serenity waved her sword and brought down a few of the Blade Knights. Mai used her whip to disarm a few cultists and blasted them back with her Feather Duster.

"Go get 'em, y'all!" Hassleberry cheered them.

Leo hollered out. "Take their sorry butts down! Yeah!"

"I wonder if there's any way we can help them instead of just sitting here," Akiza commented watching the Spirit Fused Duelists in action.

Yusei added. "Your guess is as good as mine."

As a cultist turned into a Feral Beast, Yasmin charged forward and slashed through it. The beast collapsed and turned back to normal.

"Way to go, Yasmin!" Atticus cheered on his friend.

Alexis cried out. "Behind you, Yasmin!"

However, as Yasmin whirled around, a cultist clubbed her in the face and knocked her down. Yasmin fell unconscious and dropped her dagger. Atticus quickly beelined for Yasmin. The cultist picked the dagger up and prepared to stab her with it.

"Atticus!" Alexis screamed as she tried going after him.

"Guys! You're going to get caught in the crossfire!" Syrus shouted.

Atticus lunged at the cultist and tackled him down. They rolled around whilst Atticus tried prying the dagger from the evil man's hands. Alexis picked Yasmin up and carried her off. The man pinned Atticus down and prepared to stab him. Out of desperation, Atticus grabbed a rock and smashed it over the back of the cultist's head. Leaving the vile man knocked out, Atticus rolled away and went right after Alexis and Yasmin.

"Is she going to be ok, Lexy?"

"She's just knocked out cold, Atticus. She'll live," Alexis reassured her brother.

"Man, they just keep coming!" Aster exclaimed.

Jaden and Yusei turned around to face Apophis, who intently watched the ongoing battles commence. The two Duelists bumrushed toward the steps.

"Surely you mortals jest," the self-proclaimed 'god' chortled, raising his staff as it discharged another blast that stopped them from passing forward. He lowered his staff and calmly laughed. "Your friends can only put up so much of an effort. Eventually your chances of making it out of here alive will greatly diminish."

Yusei scoffed. "I wouldn't count us mortals out yet."

Jaden added. "That's right! We haven't even pulled out our biggest aces!"

"Oh, and what is your biggest ace?" Apophis inquisitively asked, awaiting for an obvious stupid response from a mere mortal. However, he didn't get one. Instead, Yusei and Jaden continued charging down the path toward him. "FOOLS!" He raised his staff and discharged more golden beams.

One beam hit the steps and knocked them down a few notches down the stairs.

"I am Apophis! I will not be trifled with by mere mortals!"

As Yusei and Jaden struggled to stand up, Jack, Crow, Akiza, and Luna stood up. The four Signers dashed forward to aid their leader Yusei.

"He thinks he's a god..." Yusei growled while standing up. "He hasn't seen anything yet. Guys, I need help!"

"Help is on the way, Yusei!" Jack bellowed as he, Crow, Akiza, and Luna ran up beside Yusei. As the five Signers assembled, Apophis unleashed another immense beam of light from his staff.

"Guys! Hold on!" Leo shouted as he ran up to the Signers.

"Leo, get back!" Jaden yelled out as he pulled the youngster out of the line of fire.

Apophis muttered coldly. "You can all perish." His eyes were then fixated on the glowing red tattoos etched on the Signers. "What?!" He witnessed the Signers' Dragon Marks glowing brightly as their powers combined and forged a red energy dome protecting them from Apophis' attack.

Everyone ceased battle and others attentively turned toward the power struggle between the Signers and Apophis. Finally, a bright flash of light ignited from the power beam collision. A mixture of golden and crimson light swept across the main quarters.

(End theme)


Present Day/Southern Digital Realm/Amazon Kingdom/7:00 PM

As they cautiously walked through the empty village, Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter & Bacchus, Dai-Valkyrie Uranus & Gryphon, and the Amazoness Senshi were horrified seeing some ruins of the village. They strolled through a path and found no signs of Amazon villagers.

"It's so eerily quiet," whispered Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter.

Sely looked around nervously. "I don't like this. Did they seize every villager?"

"I hope not. What's happened to our sisters and our home is terrible," Aphy added her disgust seeing their ravaged village.

The group halted as they drew near the queens' royal sanctuary. They recognized the building and rushed near the back of the building.

"So, do you guys have a way to get in?" Dai-Valkyrie Uranus asked. "There were Rajita guards at the front."

"That's why we're going to use a hidden short cut we made," Sely winked.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter sweatdropped. "You guys conveniently make a ton of short cuts around here."

"Well, some of us kinda wanted to skip out on our training exercises. So, we needed to figure out how to skip without getting caught," Aphy aptly stated.

"In other words, you two were the slackers," Uranus and Jupiter addressed Sely and Aphy specifically.

Uranus sighed. "You're definitely like Usagi and Minako."

"All right, let's push!" Zey said as she pushed the hidden stone out.

The group quickly bolted into the secret passage and made their way behind the walls of the sanctuary. As they did this, they escaped detection by the Neo-Rajita.


After making her speech, the Neo-Rajita soldiers rounded up the villagers and escorted them back to their homes. Amazoness Queen was greeted with discontent with her new 'subjects' as she walked out of the royal courtroom. She had occupied the seat that once belonged to Athenamon. Ztreko-Li stood with three Subordinate Officers. The Rajita escorted Swordswoman, Paladin, Titaniamon, Mermaimon, and D'Arcmon into the royal quarters.

"I'll be back to decide your fates, my sisters," Queen addressed the Amazons as she headed out to greet the villagers. Naturally, none showed her any gratitude and some showed displeasure by cursing her name. She ignored the threats as Rajita soldiers restrained the vocal villagers.

Along the way, Amazoness Queen noticed a peculiar villager sticking out a tongue at her. Irked, Queen waltzed over to this child.

"What do we have... here?" She looked in befuddlement at the child.

To her surprise, the child was a boy and a Silent Magician.

"A boy? Here in an Amazon village?" She murmured, but the Silent Magician child could hear her.

"I hate you! Why did you come and take the village away from our queens?!" The boy yelled as he ran over and kicked Queen in her knee.

Queen winced and grabbed her knee. "Ow, you little brat!"

Silent Magician hid behind two Sunflowmon. "Take that, old lady!"

"Old lady?! Excuse me?! I'm not that old!"

"You are so! You're about as old as Granny Paladin!"

Queen scowled at the child. Granted, yes, Paladin and I are the oldest of the generation that survived the Black Panther massacre. "You better show your new queen the proper the respect!"

"Maybe if you didn't help lead an attack on our village!" A Gatomon protested toward Queen.

"That's right!" hollered a Lillymon.

The Amazons started yelling and protesting their views toward their new queen. Amazoness Queen frantically looked around and heard the many jeers being directed to her. Some even tried to jump her, but Neo-Rajita soldiers stopped them. Queen veered back to the Silent Magician and watched him run off.

"Hey, wait!" Queen demanded as she ran after him. She managed to catch up and saw him climb up a tree. "Get down here this instant! Your queen commands you!"

Silent Magician stuck his tongue out. "No!"

"Please, I want to talk."

"I don't think so!"

"Oh, you brat..." she muttered to herself. She calmed down and sighed. "Listen, are you the only boy of this village?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"I didn't think my sister and Athenamon would've been lenient enough to allow even a male child to live amongst us."

The boy sat down and frowned. "Why is it a problem? Omegamon lives here, too."

Amazonian laws have become so lenient since those dark days. Amazoness Queen thought as she jumped up and landed on a branch next to Silent Magician. She reached out to grab the boy, but he jerked back. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"I don't care. I don't like you, granny."

"I'm not that old! I don't even have wrinkles!"

"Neither does Granny Paladin, but she's old like you, right?"

Queen hung her head and nodded. "So, who was your mother?"

"An Amazon who lived her before."

And judging by his appearance, his father had to be a Magician type. Queen analyzed Silent Magician. "Then your father was a Magician."

"Yeah, but I don't know who my daddy is. I never met him before... but I never met my momma before because she died giving birth to me or so my sisters told me."

This poor boy has been living here and my sisters have accepted him? Times have really changed.

"Hey, Silent Magician!" Came a familiar voice, which attentively caught the child and Amazoness Queen's attentions.

Both saw a Lunamon, a Digimon resembling a timid bunny-eared pink creature trimmed with purple, running over to the tree.

"Silent Magician, what are you doing up there?" Lunamon asked. Before she got an answer from him, she noticed Amazoness Queen and gasped fearfully. "Get away from him!"

"I was just asking him a few questions was all...!"

Silent Magician hopped off the branch and landed beside Lunamon.

"His mother was a Warrior Lady of the Wasteland if you care so much to ask!" Lunamon shot a glare at her, which spooked Silent Magician. "C'mon, Silent Magician, I'll take you to granny's."

As the children left, Queen was baffled to learn of the identity of Silent Magician's mother. Judging by her shocked expression, one could assume she knew this lady.

"Warrior Lady of the Wasteland? The same timid child I remember being part of the survivors of the massacre? She grew up to be an adventurous young woman and she left to seek her own quest. Apparently, she went as far as Witchenly and met a Dark Magician in a bar. Now it makes sense... apparently she came back when I left the village... she gave to that child and she died in childbirth."

A part of her began to regret leaving the village due to her heated dispute with Paladin and Swordswoman. Since her departure, she lost a dear sister to her.

"I'm sorry..." Amazoness Queen prayed for Warrior Lady and jumped off the branch. "I had no idea." She watched Silent Magician slightly looking over his shoulder back to her. Before she said anything, Queen withdrew from making eye contact and headed back to her royal quarters.

"Queen," a fleet of Sirens approached her. "General Ztreko-Li has instructed us to escort you back to the royal quarters. Your decision on the captives is still pending."

"Fine, let's get this over with."


Back at the royal sanctuary, Ztreko-Li left her three Subordinate Officers to contain Swordswoman, Paladin, Mermaimon, D'Arcmon, and Titaniamon. A fleet of Neo-Rajita soldiers entered the room to secure the perimeters with the Subordinate Officers.

Mee-Nai surveyed the quarters. "Looks like our general wants this room to be heavily secured. Makes sense in case these Amazons plan an ambush."

"They ain't got a chance to save these losers," Castillo said, planting her foot to Paladin's back. She grabbed Paladin's hair and pulled back. "Hear that? Your own kind is gonna decide your fates here and now! Sucks to be you!"

Minessa pushed D'Arcmon to the ground. "Whoops, my bad."

"You won't get away with this," Swordswoman threatened. Though try as she might, she was unable to break the golden chains binding her wrists together. Even my brute strength can't seem to break these chains! They've enforced them with some mystic properties.

"Attention! The new queen of this kingdom is about to make her entrance!" A Siren publicly announced to everyone present.

Mee-Nai smirked. "You pitiful Amazons better pray she doesn't order us to execute you."

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the three officers and the soldiers, a group quietly viewed them in secrecy behind the walls. The Amazoness Senshi used a secret passage to enter the palace, leading Jupiter, Uranus, and their steeds. They watched the proceedings commence quietly.

"I see Lady Swordswoman, Paladin, Mermaimon, and D'Arcmon," Sely whispered.

Aphy added as she saw Titaniamon. "I don't think I've seen her before."

"She must've been a recent transfer from an Amazon village," Hermy deduced. "Because she wasn't around before we left to the labyrinth."

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus gritted her teeth and focused. "All right, I think it's time to spring into action. I'm tired of sitting this one out."

"Let's make some noise," Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter nodded as her Mjolnir lit up with electricity.


(Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monster Coliseum OST – Crimson Valley)

An burst of lightning tore through the wall and instantly killed a bunch of unsuspecting Neo-Rajita soldiers lined up near this wall. The other alarmed aliens whirled around and noticed the walls collapsing after the explosion. Mee-Nai, Minessa, and Castillo hurried over to see a group passing through the giant hole in the wall.

"I knew these Amazons were planning an ambush!" Mee-Nai snapped.

Castillo scoffed. "Way to jinx us, Mee-Nai."

Minessa held her ground and the last thing she saw was a lightning blast knocking her back.

"Minessa!" Castillo and Mee-Nai called out to their colleague. They both turned around as Dai-Valkyrie Uranus ran up punching both back.

"Look, Lady Swordswoman!" called Mermaimon. "The Senshi have arrived!"

"As well as Sely and her unit!" D'Arcmon said.

Swordswoman lifted her head and viewed the ongoing proceedings. A relieved smile etched on the woman's features.

"The deities have answered our prayers," Paladin was relieved.

The Neo-Rajita soldiers surrounded the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, the steeds, and the Amazoness Senshi. Mee-Nai and her colleagues recovered as they set their immediate sights on the group.

"The Senshi!" Castillo snarled. "I say we kill them!"

"Agreed. In the name of General Ztreko-Li, you fools will be severely punished!" Mee-Nai declared. "Warriors, converge and capture them the intruders!"

With that, the Neo-Rajita soldiers stormed forward and converged on the group. Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter and Uranus beckoned to their steeds as they turned into spiritual balls and merged with their riders. Now empowered thanks to their steeds' spiritual powers, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi charged forward and quickly swept through the alien soldiers. Between Jupiter's Mjolnir blasts and Uranus' Space Sword attacks, the soldiers were quickly being struck down.

As the fighting commenced, Sely and her group hurried over to free Swordswoman, Paladin, Mermaimon, D'Arcmon, and Titaniamon.

"Thank you, Sely and my dear sisters," Swordswoman said, adjusting her wrists.

D'Arcmon watched the Senshi taking out a bunch of Neo-Rajita soldiers. "The Senshi came here to save our kingdom!"

"But, we shouldn't let them fight alone," Paladin said, picking up a sword that hung on a wall. "Let's give them support and take back our land!"

Swordswoman saw Sirens running over to subdue them. She clobbered them both with heavy punches. "Senshi, let's fight together!"

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter let out a battle cry and slammed Mjolnir into the ground. She summoned a giant lightning bolt that incinerated some Sirens.

"No, you don't!" Minessa yelled as she tried tackling Jupiter. To her surprise, Jupiter evaded her by using super speed to get behind her. Minessa turned only to get decked by Jupiter's punch. "Augh!"

Mee-Nai and Castillo tried double teaming Jupiter, but Uranus spun around them and used a wind-like push that knocked them into the air.

While the fighting escalated in the royal chamber, Amazoness Queen arrived with the Sirens. Queen was baffled to see her own royal room turn into a sea of chaos.

"Th-This wasn't supposed to be!" Queen yelled. "This was supposed to be my coronation day!"

Sely turned around and noticed Queen. Drawing out Wildheart's sword, she took the chance and bumrushed Queen. She slashed her way through the Siren bodyguards and lunged at Queen. Queen immediately drew her sword. The two Amazons clashed swords, leading to Sely kicking her in the gut. Queen doubled over and stumbled back.

"Now I get the chance to avenge Wildheart's death!" Sely declared. She thrust her sword into Queen, who narrowly dodged and pushed Sely back.

"She's finally got her hands on Queen," Hermy watched.

Ourany declared. "Let's give her a hand!"

The Amazoness Senshi stormed off to aid Sely, but a fleet of Neo-Rajita soldiers barricaded them. Ary, Aphy, Hermy, and Crony engaged some Bio-Vivians and Draconian Guardians. Zey, Ourany, and Poseidy took on the Sirens guarding Amazoness Queen.

As Titaniamon pulled her sword from the wall, she saw Minessa getting up. Minessa prepared to ambush Jupiter. Titaniamon quickly cut off Minessa from the pass and kicked her through a wall.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter addressed the redhead. "Thanks."

"So, you're one of the Sailor Senshi I've heard about," Titaniamon said. "Your reputation is highly regarded amongst many of our tribes. I'm honored to be fighting alongside one."

"I'm flattered...?"

"I'm Titaniamon, a part-warrior and part-fairy, but don't underestimate me for being the latter. My magic enhances my strength and sword."

"Well, as a magical warrior myself, I have no place to judge," Jupiter genuinely said.

"Allow me to fight with you," Titaniamon said.

Mee-Nai and Castillo helped Minessa up as they set their sights on Jupiter and Uranus. Titaniamon put herself in front of Jupiter and readied her sword. D'Arcmon joined the two Senshi and Titaniamon.

Mermaimon and Paladin helped clear the path by taking out some Neo-Rajita soldiers.

Amazoness Swordswoman picked up her scimitar and faced the direction where Queen was fighting Sely. Queen and Sely took their fight out into the garden. Swordswoman hastily beelined right after them.

Suddenly, Ztreko-Li arrived after descending from the roof of the sanctuary. Nearly all the fighting ceased when the general made her presence known. Jupiter and Uranus meticulously eyed the Neo-Rajita general, who instinctively faced the two Senshi.

"General Ztreko-Li, we can explain!" Castillo pleaded. "We were ambushed and..."

"You don't need to explain the situation," Ztreko-Li said, not taking her focused view off the Senshi. "It seems we underestimated the Senshi. They managed to slip out of our headquarters. If they're here, they defeated most of my fellow generals. For them to defeat the other generals, the Senshi's strength must have grown. I'm glad that I get the opportunity to test my ability against them." She beckoned to Jupiter and Uranus. "Come at me, Sailor Senshi. In my Primary Evolved state, I was able to defeat Athenamon's Victory Mode. I doubt any of you can beat me individually, but perhaps you'll pose a better challenge together."

"In your dreams, I'll take you myself," Uranus said.

Jupiter interjected. "No, I'll take her. She and I didn't exactly finish our fight from last time." She readied Mjolnir and glared intently at Ztreko-Li. "You and me, and this time I'm striking you down!"

"By yourself? Nonsense."

"Are you just saying that because you're afraid I'll beat you?"

Ztreko-Li flew across and tried striking Jupiter. Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter quickly countered with Mjolnir and channeled lightning into her hammer, which she used to blast Ztreko-Li into the air.

"Uranus, I'll take her alone! You help our Amazon friends!" Jupiter commanded as she took to the air and engaged Ztreko-Li in aerial battle.

Uranus snorted. "Me take orders from you?" However, she was left with no choice as Mee-Nai, Castillo, and Minessa ambushed her from all sides.

D'Arcmon jumped forward and pushed Castillo back. Titaniamon intercepted Minessa and kicked her aside.

"Mind if we give you a hand?" D'Arcmon asked.

Uranus simply shrugged. "Sure, whatever."

Titaniamon watched Jupiter and Ztreko-Li exchanging heated blows over the roof of the sanctuary. The red-haired warrior became mesmerized by Jupiter's solitary efforts in battling the Neo-Rajita general.

(End theme)


Ztreko-Li thrust her sword into Jupiter, who vanished and created an after image of herself. The Dai-Valkyrie appeared behind Ztreko-Li and swung her Mjolnir forward as she tried beheading the general. Ztreko-Li utilized her lightning fast reflexes and countered the hammer with her sword. Jupiter channeled a surge of lightning that shot out of Mjolnir and blasted her into a pillar. Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter propelled toward the area and saw Ztreko-Li getting up.

"This might take a while," Jupiter remarked.

Ztreko-Li formed an icy glare and ran up clashing with Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter again. Jupiter used speed and power to slowly wear Ztreko-Li down. Coupled those qualities with her Mjolnir and Ztreko-Li found herself in a heap of trouble dealing with the Dai-Valkyrie.


Mermaimon and Paladin backed away leading a fleet of Neo-Rajita soldiers from the royal sanctuary. They witnessed Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter and Ztreko-Li's battle heat up in the garden vicinity.

"Look!" Mermaimon pointed to the ongoing fight.

Paladin added. "Indeed, the Senshi is relocating her battle with the general. We'll need as much land to fight on, but we must keep the fighting away from the village."

"Agreed!" The aquatic Amazon summoned an anchor and swung it around knocking back a few enemy soldiers.

Paladin turned around and barely saw Swordswoman heading after Sely. They're pursuing Queen. That is where I need to be!


Back in the sanctuary, and amidst the chaotic fighting going on, Dai-Valkyrie Uranus fought off Mee-Nai and Minessa. D'Arcmon covered for Uranus and engaged Castillo.

(Cue Bleach OST – Heat of the Battle)

Castillo goaded D'Arcmon. "C'mon and hit me with all you got!"

D'Arcmon took no chances and encircled Castillo, testing the alien's patience. Castillo snarled and produced two red spheres, which shot forward. D'Arcmon evaded the incoming spheres and used her sword to cut one in half. Castillo hastily ran up to D'Arcmon and hit her with her antlers, but D'Arcmon stopped the officer with her sword. Antlers and blade clashed as the two tried gaining leverage against the other.

Mee-Nai produced a bunch of snakes from her sleeves. "Get her, my children!" She commanded the slithery reptiles as they slithered toward Dai-Valkyrie Uranus. "Just a little warning, one bite from one of my snakes has enough venom to kill even a warrior in less than a minute."

As the snakes slithered toward her, Dai-Valkyrie Uranus took the air to avoid the snakes. Her feet, uncovered thanks to her armored sandals, were pretty much open for the snakes to bite on. However, Uranus had more than Mee-Nai and her snakes to worry about. Minessa phased behind Uranus and threw a punch, Uranus quickly evaded Minessa's energy-imbued fist and executed an overhead toss over her shoulder. She threw Minessa into the ground where the snakes slithered past Minessa and flew up straight for Uranus.

"I've tamed my snakes not to bite my colleagues, but nice try," Mee-Nai chortled as she watched Uranus cutting the snakes down with her Space Sword. "No! My babies! You'll pay for that!" She flew up pulling out her sai and throwing it at Uranus.

Uranus quickly turned and backhanded the sai with her sword. Mee-Nai forged a pink energy ball and threw it at Uranus. Dai-Valkyrie Uranus batted the ball down and flew up catching Mee-Nai with her Space Sword. Wounded, Mee-Nai saw the blade going through her right shoulder. Mee-Nai retreated next to Minessa.

"Damn, us double teaming her ain't doing nothing," Minessa panted.

Mee-Nai added. "As long as Castillo is separated from us, we can't do our paralysis technique. On top of that... our secret weapon."

"You mean...?"

"Indeed, Minessa, I doubt this butch woman can handle our secret ability."

"C'mon, Castillo! Quit wasting time!" Minessa barked at her tomboyish colleague, who blasted D'Arcmon into the wall.

Titaniamon swiftly intercepted Castillo and swept her back with a swing of her sword. Castillo flew back into the arms of her colleagues. Another fleet of Sirens stormed in and fired at Uranus. Titaniamon dove in and blocked the projectiles with her sword.

"Thanks," Uranus addressed Titaniamon.

The red-haired Amazon replied. "No problem. I'll hold off the grunts. You two take down these three." She bumrushed the Sirens and lured them down the hall from the royal chamber.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and D'Arcmon stood their ground facing the three Subordinate Officers.

(End theme)

"Three against two, I don't like your odds," Mee-Nai chortled. "But, how about we even those odds?" She and her colleagues grabbed their left arms.

Suddenly, the officers' arms became imbued with crimson energy. They quickly put their arms outwards before firing red beams that converged. Uranus and D'Arcmon didn't give them anymore room to finish their ritual. Before Uranus struck one of them down, she felt her body stiffen. She was caught in the trio's paralysis technique, rendering her immobile from disrupting their ritual. D'Arcmon stopped and tried to pull Uranus free.

"No, you don't!" Castillo laughed. "Are we ready?"

(Cue Bleach OST – Stand Up Be Strong)

The other two nodded together as their beams finished producing a giant ball of green fur. The ball grew into a monstrous proportion. It grew a staggering 15 feet tall as its head nearly hit the ceiling. The creature's appearance was a complete amalgamation of unique traits from the three Subordinate Officers' evolved forms. It's central head, doubling as a nose, became a giant snake's skull & from its back came a long serpent's tail. It formed cloven-hoofed feet. A thick black mane covered its back. Opening up was a giant yellow one-eye, which formed above the snake-skull nose. A pair of giant thin limbs protruded from the sides as it landed, creating a giant thud upon landing.

"What is that thing?!" a baffled D'Arcmon inquired.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus tried moving her body, but to no avail.

"Impressed? Once we sacrifice a portion of our energies, we can produce a monster summon," Mee-Nai explained. "Granted, it may have a limited sentience, but once it sees a potential threat it won't stop until that threat is dead."

"Say hello to our big boy: Krog," Minessa boasted.

Castillo commanded. "Now, Krog, see those two? Eliminate them now!"

Krog veered its one eye and focused on the two warriors. D'Arcmon quickly grabbed Uranus and pulled her aside. As D'Arcmon carried her, Uranus' Dai-Valkyrie armor produced an aura as the mystic armor neutralized the paralysis spell put on her. Dai-Valkyrie Uranus freely flew out of D'Arcmon's arms and faced down Krog.

"Oh, she thinks she can take on our Krog?" Minessa said.

Mee-Nai let out a haughty chuckle. "She can try, but she'll fail."

"C'mon, you big bastard. Come and get me!" Uranus goaded the behemoth. As Krog charged her, she flew up and slashed its left arm off. She landed behind the behemoth and prepared to cut off the other arm. "What?!" To her dismay, Krog grew out a new left arm. "Regeneration?!"

Krog phased out and reappeared behind Uranus. The Dai-Valkyrie whirled around and barely stopped Krog's fist with her Space Sword. She pushed Krog back and summoned a tornado-like attack that pushed him back. D'Arcmon ran over to Uranus and raised her sword.

"Oh, you two can try all you want, but you ain't gonna do crap when Krog gets a hold of ya!" Castillo laughed off their attempts.

Krog sauntered forward before picking up speed and charging. Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and D'Arcmon prepared to attack, but the behemoth produced an immense blue beam that came from its one eye. The warriors narrowly evaded the beam. Krog surprised Uranus by running up next to her and backhanding her into the nearest wall. Krog used its other hand to pulverize Uranus into the wall. D'Arcmon mounted Krog's back and stabbed multiple holes into its back, but no blood was drawn. Instead, long snakes protruded from these holes and tried biting at D'Arcmon. Krog surprised D'Arcmon by punching her in the blink of an eye. D'Arcmon landed awkwardly on the ground as her sword fell from her hands.

"Excellent work, Krog! Don't let them recover!" Minessa encouraged the beast.

Mee-Nai smiled evilly. "Oh yes, these two are finished. Once Krog finds something of interest, he'll play with them until they're expendable. Want to bet he tears their limbs off?"

"I say he'll squish their heads like grapes!" Castillo savored in the gruesome details.

Uranus barely slipped off the wall and landed on the ground. She slowly recovered and felt sore from her back following Krog's brutal blows. She looked up to see Krog walking back toward her.

"No way I'm letting you beat me," the Senshi regained her resolve and gripped her Space Sword hard. "I'm taking your ass out!" She yelled and flew across hitting Krog with multiple sword strikes, unleashing projectiles that tore through Krog and ripped him into pieces. Once again, Uranus watched in horror as Krog's body parts reform.

"Tempest Twister!" Uranus howled as she turned into a tornado. She shot forward and hit Krog hard in his abdomen whilst drilling a hole through him with her sword. She quickly swerved back and tore through Krog again. And again. And again.

"This isn't good!" Minessa exclaimed.

Mee-Nai scowled. "C'mon, Krog!"

As Uranus turned around and went for another sword drill, Krog surprised the Dai-Valkyrie and clobbered her in the abdomen. The force knocked Uranus back and sent her sailing through a wall. Uranus fell in a heap and felt one of her rib bones broken.

"Damn it..." cursed the Outer, struggling to sit up with her rib injury. She looked up and saw Krog already standing over her. Readying her Space Sword, she threw it into Krog's eye and blinded him.

The behemoth let out a blood-curdling roar whilst ripping the sword from its eye. The sword fell near Uranus, who picked up her Talisman. D'Arcmon was barely coming to as she saw Krog blindly punching the nearest walls.

"Damn! She got Krog's eye!" Castillo cried out as she and her colleagues avoided getting attacked by the blinded monster.

Mee-Nai scoffed as she pivoted toward Uranus and D'Arcmon. "Not to worry. Krog just hasn't adjusted to using his other senses yet."

"You ok?" D'Arcmon asked, noticing Uranus favoring her left side. "You're hurt."

"I'll be fine."

"Spoken like a true Amazon, too proud to admit when you're hurt," D'Arcmon nodded. "I know when my colleagues are covering up an injury." She and Uranus saw Krog turning back around facing them. "Seems blinding it wasn't enough. It can apply and utilize its other senses to find us."

"Then, this big bastard can bring it on. I'm ready!" Uranus declared.

Krog advanced toward Uranus and D'Arcmon as the trio observed the proceedings.

(End theme)


After taking down the Sirens, Titaniamon turned and felt an immense presence back in the royal chamber.

"This immense power just came out of nowhere. The Senshi and D'Arcmon seem like they need help," Titaniamon stated as she headed back to the room to help them fight Krog.



(Cue Bleach OST – Encirclement Battle)

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter and Ztreko-Li traded strikes between sword and Mjolnir.

"Mjolnir Strike!" yelled Jupiter, who caught Ztreko-Li with an immense mystic lightning blast that knocked the general into the air.

Jupiter immediately flew up to meet Ztreko-Li. The general quickly anticipated Jupiter's advance and swung her sword, hurling a surge of oceanic water at the Dai-Valkyrie.

"Cascade Force!"

Jupiter utilized her cheetah's agility and evaded the incoming tidal wave. As the tidal wave hit the fountain, it caused great damage and flooded the gates near the sanctuary.

"Take this!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter declared, turning her whole body into a cocoon of electricity.

Ztreko-Li glided down and hit Jupiter head-on. Ztreko-Li and Jupiter locked their hands together as Jupiter easily overpowered the general and tossed her to the ground. Ztreko-Li landed while her feet touched the water's surface. Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter descended near the water and floated across. Ztreko-Li floated backwards luring the battle-hardened Dai-Valkyrie after her.

"Right this way, Sailor Jupiter," Ztreko-Li muttered, planning her next tactic to undermine Jupiter's chances.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter punched the water and channeled electricity through to hit Ztreko-Li with. The Neo-Rajita general swiftly flew off the water and evaded getting hit by the lightning blast. Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter glided into the air and pursued her as their battle continued on.


Amazoness Queen and Sely clashed head-on. For a short time, they were on par with each other in swordsmanship skills. Sely even bewildered Queen by swiping her off her feet. Queen hit the ground hard and looked up seeing Sely pointing her sword to her head.

Queen's face sweated seeing the blade being a few inches from her head.

"Go ahead and kill me," the bold Amazon goaded Sely. "But, what is killing me going to accomplish? You killing me won't bring that man back to life."

"I vowed to avenge Wildheart's death and how fitting I use his sword to kill you."

"You wouldn't..."

Sely pulled her sword back and prepared to stab Queen with it, until Queen kicked up dirt into Sely's eyes. Blinded, Sely screamed and tried taking the dirt off. Queen ran up kicking Sely hard and pinning her to the ground. Pulling out her sword, Queen raised it overhead and prepared to kill Sely with it.

"You still have much to learn in sword craft. Now, die!"

"STOP!" Came Amazoness Swordswoman's voice, which caused Queen to cease her attack.

(End theme)

Queen saw Swordswoman standing not too far from her.

"Sely, revenge won't accomplish anything," Swordswoman clarified.

"But, she... she killed Wildheart... he gave me this sword to..."

"You're carrying that sword in his honor. Use it to help refine your sword skills. As for Queen, let me settle this dispute, but only between us," Swordswoman stated, meticulously eyeing Queen. "Go and aid your team, Sely. That's a direct order from your queen."

Reluctant to leave, Sely crawled away and glared intently at Queen. She gritted her teeth and shuddered violently before she finally left. Swordswoman sighed deeply and shifted her focus solely on Amazoness Queen.

"You should've let her try and kill me," Queen smirked evilly. "Now, you wish to settle things with your sister? I'm touched."

"I'm glad you are, because what you've done is unforgivable," Swordswoman said. "Look at what's happening. By siding with the invaders, you've brought destruction to our land. Nearly all of our sisters have been turned to stone. And our non-warrior sisters are living in fear amidst of this violence. Queen, look at me! I'm here to convince you to change your ways! I don't wish to kill you!"

Feeling discouraged, Queen snapped. "Why do I need to listen to you?! Sage favored you over me. She chose you to be the next queen after Paladin steps down. I worked hard to earn Sage's respect, but she never viewed me in the same light as you."

"Because her sense of foreboding told her that you'd allow darkness to consume. She saw you change as we aged from into promising young women, but it was decided that I rule to ensure a brighter future for our clan. Now, look what happened. Me and Athenamon formed an alliance to merge our Amazon tribes under a united kingdom. Please, Queen, don't let darkness tempt you anymore. Help us... I don't want to be forced to strike my own sister... it was you who carried me after mother gave birth to me..."

Trembling, Queen let her emotions consume her. She reflected to the day she held an infant Swordswoman after Sage produced the child. She saw Swordswoman shedding tears, which infuriated Queen.

"Stop... STOP THAT!" Queen roared and tackled Swordswoman down.

Swordswoman picked Queen up and slammed her to the ground. The sisters rolled down a hill as they landed near a shrine. Queen picked up Swordswoman and punched her hard in the stomach. As Swordswoman doubled over, Queen picked her sister up and threw her into an empty hut. Swordswoman went through the hut and landed in a heap.

"I'm not giving up this kingdom! Not to you or anyone!" Queen openly declared as she waltzed toward Swordswoman.

Not too far, and unbeknownst to the sisters, the devious Najadramon poked her head through a bush and closely observed the ongoing battles. Her sights were directly on Swordswoman and Queen's quarrel.

"Sorry, queenie, but not if I have anything to say about it," Najadramon snickered.

Once again, the Paradais subordinate prepared to play difference maker.


Southern Digital Realm/Dra-Warriors Base/7:15 PM

After walking through a network of underground tunnels, Dai-Valkyrie Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and their steeds stopped at a center point. Above them was ceiling and a doorway leading into the Dra-Warriors' central quarters.

"My computer is picking up the most activity here," Dai-Valkyrie Mercury stared to the ceiling.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus nodded eagerly. "Perfect. I can teleport us up there. I hope our Dra-Warrior pals are ok."

Cupid added. "I suppose we'll find out, Venus."

Dai-Valkyrie Neptune interjected them. "Hold on. I can still feel enemy activity."

"Nothing we can't handle, Neptune," the blonde Senshi reassured the cautious Outer. She grabbed Neptune and Mercury's hands.

The steeds stayed close to their riders to ensure they aren't left behind. As Venus focused, she teleported and infiltrated the group into a vicinity near the central Dra-Warrior quarters. The Senshi felt an immense sinister aura emanating down the meeting hall.

"Ah, I recognize that creepy aura anywhere," Venus shuddered. "It's that skull freak I dealt with when we went to get the Orb of Minos! Oh, now's my chance to finish him off!"

"But, if he and his army managed to capture the Dra-Warrior facility, then you have your work cut out for you," Neptune advised against Venus' eagerness to fight Revenant.

"He needed an army to conquer it. I doubt he could've done it alone. He's full of you know what if he thinks he can take me by his lonesome!"

"Venus, wait," Mercury said as she checked her mini-computer. "I'm getting another large energy reading next to the other one."

"You were saying before going all gung-ho on us?" Kairyu addressed the blonde.

Hippocampus looked out and surveyed the halls. "It's awfully quiet, but I do hear voices coming from the room."

"There was more activity outside the base. I think they're barely just occupying the facilities," Mercury surmised carefully. She diligently scanned the entire facility and picked up on another peculiar location. "Guys, I've found our Dra-Warrior friends being held captive."

"Where are they?" inquisitively asked Venus.

"They're being held in prison cells beyond that meeting hall."

"Well then, better take action now before the soldiers start rolling in," Dai-Valkyrie Venus said as she mounted Cupid. She and Cupid stepped out of the room as they faced the meeting room doors. "Let's make a little noise, Cupid."

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury, Kairyu, Dai-Valkyrie Neptune, and Hippocampus assembled behind Venus and Cupid.


Revenant floated on the big seat reserved for Imperialdramon. He felt a little awkward sitting in his new throne, which he had taken following his victory over the Dra-Warriors. BelialMyotismon approached the throne.

"Too big for you, Revenant?"

"I'll readjust the size once we have this entire base renovated. Every shrine will bear my visage. I am now king of this domain."

BelialMyotismon chortled. Be careful what you wish for.

"It won't be long until my army has fully occupied the Dra-Warrior base. Those fools can enjoy their last few moments before I execute them."

"Won't Imperialdramon be horrified to learn his warriors failed him? Now, the Dra-Warriors can join AlforceVeedramon in oblivion," the demon lord savored the notion of the Dra-Warriors facing public execution.

"I'll just age them with my miasma and be done with it."

Just then, two guards' picked up high-level energy readings from their wrist devices. They quickly turned around only to get blasted in the face by an immense golden beam. The aliens were eradicated as Dai-Valkyrie Venus came charging into the room riding on horseback with Cupid.

"What?! The Sailor Senshi are here?!" Revenant hissed as he stood from his newly occupied seat.

The villains also caught Mercury, Neptune, Kairyu, and Hippocampus charging into the meeting hall, too.

"But, not all of them," BelialMyotismon noted the small group. "Hm, I recognize two of them from the temple a few years ago, but it's clear by their new forms they've upgraded their powers."

"No, really?" Dai-Valkyrie Venus overheard the giant demon. "I thought we'd get weaker? Slow on the uptake, big guy!" She pointed toward BelialMyotismon. "I don't know how you survived that last battle, but we're putting you and Mr. Skull and Crossbones out of commission!"

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury scanned Revenant. "Watch it, Venus. The black aura leaking from his body has a high quantity of poisonous and acidic content."

"I know. I did fight him before, but that was before I got my Dai-Valkyrie upgrade."

"Humph," Revenant snorted as he descended from the seat and landed. "I recall engaging the blonde one in battle. I'll be more than happy to dissolve your body into dust, woman." He extended his hand out and produced a giant battle ax.

BelialMyotismon growled as he turned facing the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi. "Just these three against you, me, and your entire army? They have no chance of escape."

"Indeed, you made a mistake coming here, but at least you can join the Dra-Warriors in oblivion."

"Fat chance!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus protested. "Mercury, Neptune, you go and free our Dra-Warriors pals. I'll take on skullface."

"Stay on your toes, Venus," Mercury advised her.

(Cue Sailor Moon Another Story OST - Battle)

Neptune and Mercury beckoned their steeds as they turned into spirit balls. They merged with their rider's armors and empowered them. As Mercury and Neptune quickly flew out the other end of the room, BelialMyotismon immediately pursued them.

"Don't let them get away, BelialMyotismon!"

"You Sailor wenches aren't going to let out anyone under my watch!" The demon boasted as he bumrushed through the wall and chased them down.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus put her hand to Cupid. "Lend me your support, friend." Cupid complied and turned into a spirit ball. She merged with Venus' armor and augmented her strength. "All right, I'm ready!"

"I shall dissolve you to bones and find those bones to dust!" Revenant howled ferociously as he swung his giant ax over Venus, who teleported from his reach. He turned around and saw Dai-Valkyrie Venus floating over him.

Venus unloaded a barrage of beams that seemingly pierced through his black aura. The beams not only burnt his black aura like paper, but it inflicted harm to Revenant, whose face contorted painfully. Each beam hit Revenant and subdued his deadly aura.

My beams are actually hurting him! Now I know my beams can go through his aura no problem. I just need to keep this up! Venus readily prepared a bigger beam. "Venus..."

"Enough!" hissed the skull-faced general as he threw the battle ax toward Dai-Valkyrie Venus, who teleported again and relocated on the throne. After catching his ax, he phased out and reappeared above Venus. "Hyah!" He made a quick descent and went to behead Venus.

Venus crossed both arms forward and forged a golden barrier, which protected her and dissolved Revenant's battle ax. Evading being hit by Venus' aura, he hovered away and produced another ax.

"Again with the ax motif? Try something new!"

"You'll regret making a fool out of the king of this territory!"

Revenant raised his ax, but instead of swinging it he summoned impure energies from his aging aura. A dark purple mist enshrouded the general. Venus folded both arms over her chest as she absorbed her own aura into her body. Revenant held his ground as he unleashed his black and purple miasma cloud, which radiated outward from him. Taking a hint of Mercury's warning, Venus flew up as the miasma spread out and consumed the entire meeting hall. In a matter of seconds, the building rotted away from the giant miasma cloud swallowing it.

It rots anything it comes into contact with. Man, even immaterial objects aren't immune to the effects! Venus witnessed the miasma changing the landscape. The area where the central base stood was gone.

Revenant remained in his usual position with his battle ax over his shoulder. Though it was hard to discern his emotions, Venus could sense the malevolent vibe radiating from the terrifying general.

"Your light may protect you woman, but you won't last. I can radiate an endless quantity of age mist. Me being nothing but bones, I will outlast a flesh type. I am called Revenant for a reason. I'm a reanimated corpse of a proud Rajita warrior whose power knew no limits until my own arrogant pride led to my demise. I died on a routine mission. Years later, I was revived thanks to mystic dark magic utilized by one of Ghidorah's regiment."

"How sad for you. Not," Venus rolled her eyes. "Spare me the dramatics. Can we skip to our fight?"

"Cheeky bitch, are you?" Revenant readied his battle ax and swung it around, spreading his age mist through the air.

As Dai-Valkyrie Venus pushed her hands out, golden streams of light shot out and dissolved the miasma cloud spreading over the skies. She quickly flew across at full speed as more age mist emerged from the general. She watched as several hovercrafts floated through and dissolved when exposed to the mist. The Rajita pilots and soldiers in the aerial vehicles perished as they turned to bones and then dust.

"Those were your men! Don't you have shame?!" Venus gaped in aghast at Revenant's recklessness.

Revenant cackled. "You would've killed them for getting in your way. Regardless, they would've died by either one of us. My soldiers are nothing but mere pawns. They understand the notion of laying down their lives in my name. There is no civility and remorse in warfare! My soldiers are just a means to an end!"

I can't believe he'd stoop low just to get me!

As more miasma spread, Dai-Valkyrie Venus produced chains from her light and ripped through the black fog. She whirled her chains around and in a matter of moments cleared most of the skies using her light weapons. Numerous soldiers witnessed the clash between their undead king and the Senshi of Love.

"All things must die and you are about to experience it firsthand!"

Venus scoffed as she evaded the mist and cut through it with her chains. "Having died twice before, I don't fear it." She quipped.


As they reached the prison facility, Dai-Valkyrie Mercury and Neptune arrived just in time to see the Dra-Warriors (Espirtdramon, Kyodaidramon, Armed Dragon, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Elementdramon, Flamedramon, and Galaxiadramon) sealed in boxed barriers.

"There they are!" Mercury said.

Neptune noticed the barriers surrounding each Dra-Warrior. "We need to break them out."

"Get us out of here!" Flamedramon frantically punched his prison box.

Kyodaidramon called. "Thank goodness you came, Senshi. Once you set us free, we can take back our headquarters!"

"Neptune, let's neutralize the barriers," Mercury declared as she and Neptune prepared to summon water blasts.

"Look out behind you!" Elementdramon warned the Dai-Valkyries.

"Crimson Mist!" Came a giant cloud of red smoke as it hovered toward the Senshi.

Mercury and Neptune evaded the acidic mist as it ate through the ground. They watched BelialMyotismon plowing through the wall laughing.

"I've got you now," BelialMyotismon cackled.

"Wait! You two can't defeat him by yourselves!" Espirtdramon warned them. "He was the reason we lost our base!"

"What now?" Neptune turned to Mercury. "We should attack."

"May I offer a suggestion?" Came another voice, which alarmed the Senshi and Dra-Warriors.

"Oh no! Look out! Your feet!" Flamedramon tried getting the Senshi's attention, but it was too late.

Two similar barrier boxes emerged from the floor and trapped the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi. Mercury and Neptune tried blasting through the barriers, but this triggered the barrier's defense mechanism and zapped the Senshi with electrical charges. Neutralized by the electrical blasts, the Senshi sank to their knees.

An evil laugh erupted as the source of this trap, Witty Phantom, emerged from the floor. Behind him were the Duel Monster ninja turncoats – Ninja Commander Ikusa, White Ninja, Vengeful Shinobi, and Kunoichi.

"We meet again, Sailor Senshi," the Phantom wore a fiendish grin. "Sorry to cut your rescue mission short, but well you know. We can't let you spoil General Revenant's victory celebration."

"Let us out!" Mercury demanded.

"No can do, but my ninja colleagues behind me can provide you some entertainment," the devilish Phantom stepped aside, letting the ninjas through.

"Neutralize targets!" Commander Ikusa yelled.

The ninjas formed katas and activated the barriers' defenses. More electricity shocked Mercury and Neptune within as the ninjas subdued them.

"NO! LET HEM GO!" Kyodaidramon bellowed whilst pulverizing the barrier, but he, too, got shocked. "AUGH!"

"Eh, eh, tsk, tsk," Witty Phantom waved his finger. "You don't want to do that. These two learned the hard way. Keep at it, ninjas. I want to see their bodies broken down into particles."

The ninjas complied as they activated the barriers' defenses and blasted the Senshi again. Mercury and Neptune succumbed to the electricity shocking them. The Dra-Warriors tried punching, blasting, and headbutting against the barriers containing them. Despite the shocks hitting them, the Dra-Warriors adamantly refused to quit on the Senshi.

(End theme)

Suddenly, several explosive tags flew and hit the barriers...


...leading to a series of explosions as the tags unlocked anti-barrier magic to release the Senshi and the Dra-Warriors.

"Wha-What?!" Witty Phantom gaped in utter disbelief.

The Senshi and the Dra-Warriors watched as another group of Duel Monster ninjas dropped in front of them. The traitor ninjas were taken aback to see their old allies confronting them.

Armed Ninja, Crimson Ninja, Kunoichi Ayame the Ninja Girl, Ninja Soldier Katana, and Nin-Ken Dog forged a line formation and dropped into ninja stances.

"It's you..." Mercury remembered the ninjas. "Thank you for saving us."

Armed Ninja silently acknowledged with a simple nod.

"Now, you jerks are in for it!" Galaxiadramon hollered and smashed his fists together.

Elementdramon added. "You're outnumbered."

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury and Neptune jumped in front of their ninja allies. The two Senshi took charge of the group and led them into a heated battle. BelialMyotismon, on the other hand, was seemingly not worried as an idea filled the demon's mind.


Southern Digital Realm/Serene Forest/7:26 PM

After being forced to retreat, Craniummon and Buster Blader both lied unconscious near a forest. They were exhausted after a long drawn out battle and using their reserves to flee after the Neo-Rajita conquered their headquarters.

Buster Blader was the first to wake up. As he cleared his blurry vision, the first thing he saw an attractive blonde-haired girl garbed in a white gown and wearing a white blindfold. Sitting on her right shoulder was a tiny white bird.

"...a human...? No, you're..."

A gentle smile adorned the attractive woman's features as she beckoned a bunch of infant Digimon to help carry the two knights into the forest. Despite their size, the babies in large numbers could carry behemoths like Craniummon. Buster Blader saw baby Digimon carrying him into the forest.

"Relax. I am Venusmon," the woman genuinely answered. "We're going to take care of you and your friend, knight."

"Please, help... our headquarters has been captured..." Buster Blader muttered as he fell weak and slept again.


Southern Digital Realm/Royal Knight Headquarters/7:15 PM

While the major battles in the Amazon Kingdom and Dra-Warrior headquarters commenced, another one was set to be waged.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon, Sleipnir, Dai-Valkyrie Mars, Garuda, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn, Thanatos, Lien, and TobuCatmon slipped past a long stretch of a hallway. They left a bunch of unconscious Neo-Rajita soldiers left laying on the floor.

"Listen," Lien whispered. "Lien and TobuCatmon are going to see Nagah-sensei now. Maybe Lien can convince her to not fight you and maybe she can tell our people to leave this place?"

The Dai-Valkyries turned to one another with worried looks.

"Lien, listen," Dai-Valkyrie Moon crouched over to look her in the eyes. She softened her tone when addressing her. "I don't know if Nagah will listen. She's determined to defeat me and my friends. She wants to see our world and the likely the universe conquered by Gamera." She put her hands on Lien's shoulders.

"But, Lien can convince her! She'll listen, because she loves Lien!"

"That's not the point. I doubt she's going to drop her loyalty to the Neo-Rajita and Gamera."

Dai-Valkyrie Mars, too, knelt down and took Lien's hands. "It never hurts to try, Lien, but just to give you fair warning... don't get your hopes up too high. Then again, who knows? Maybe you can convince her."

"Nagah-sensei said she wants to fight you, Mars."

"I know what it's like fighting your sensei, Lien. I fought her a few days ago. If push comes to shove, I won't hesitate to go all out."

"Lien don't want neither of you to fight!"

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn surveyed the hallways. "I'm picking up some activity. It won't be long until soldiers see the colleagues we just took down." She approached Lien and encouraged her. "Go find your sensei and try talking sense to her. We'll still be around."

Nodding, Lien picked up TobuCatmon and scurried off looking for the Neo-Rajita Chief Advisor.

"We split up with our steeds," Dai-Valkyrie Mars said. "If one of us finds where they're holding the Royal Knights, break them free."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon concurred. "Ok, and if we run into trouble..."

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn asserted. "We take out the enemy."

"Guys, I really do hope Lien can talk Nagah out of fighting us. We need to end this conflict," Moon said with a saddened expression.

Mars resigned to the reality of their situation. "Nagah wants me. I doubt she'll cease all the hard work she's done to further Gamera's goals. Should it come down to it, I'll fight Nagah myself."

"Not alone," Moon discouraged the Miko.

Just then, the steeds sensed the incoming approach of Neo-Rajita soldiers.

"We need to go," Sleipnir stated as Moon mounted him.

"Good luck, guys," Moon addressed Mars and Saturn.

The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi guided their steeds and diverged three different paths.


Meanwhile, Igasu and Hydra captured the Senshi on security camera. An ecstatically evil grin etched on Igasu's crimson features.

"She's here! Oh, this is too good to be true!" Igasu said, picking up her weapons and readying herself for a rematch with Sailor Moon. "Hey, aren't you coming?"

Hydra sighed as she got off the chair. "Fine, if it'll make you stop annoying me."

"Which one you want? I call dibs on the odango-haired Barbie bimbo."

"Guess the Goth Senshi is mine. I've always wanted a shot at her."

"Heh, guess Nagah can have Ms. Pyro Priestess. Not that I'm complaining as long as Sailor Moon is mine," Igasu's evil grin smeared over her face. "I can't wait to rip those balls outta her head and rip off her pretty doll face!"

Hydra looked at Igasu awkwardly. "Right, and I'll just kill Saturn. Anyway, let's kill them in the name of Paradais."

The two headed out of the control room and went after their desired targets. Hydra teleported and searched thoroughly for Saturn while Igasu used a teleporter to send her to Sailor Moon's exact coordinates.


Contained in their own meeting quarters, the remaining Knights (Dynasmon, Crusadermon, quite a handful of Knightmon, and various Duel Monster knights) were locked in containers with force fields over them. The room was filled with Neo-Rajita soldiers hording weaponry and containers out.

"This can't be happening..." Crusadermon was distraught of their loss. "First, we lose Magnamon and many knights in battle, but now Craniummon and Buster Blader are missing. This is the end of our reign, but perhaps we should've had this coming?"

"Don't say that... they ambushed us and unleashed that version of Omegamon. We weren't prepared for that and for the invaders' leader," Dynasmon suddenly stopped as he watched Neo-Rajita bringing in a giant screen to the room.

When it turned on, the smug look of Neo-Rajita leader appeared on the screen.

"Greetings, Royal Knights. If you are seeing me now, then you realize you headquarters now belongs to me. In fact, all three pillars that maintain the balance of the Digital World belong to us."

"You monster!" Dynasmon protested toward the alien warlord. "Then, you mean... the Amazon Kingdom and Dra-Warrior headquarters, too, have fallen?!"

"You're catching on, Royal Knight. Though, I'm disappointed not every one of your esteemed group are not present. Don't worry we will pursue the rest of them. In fact, two of them are participating in the Digital Paradise Gates battle," Gamera turned as he motioned to Lobo and Omegamon X. "I'm sending these two over there to turn the tide of that war. Rest assured, they will eliminate Omegamon and Gallantmon when it's said and done. Now, are we forgetting someone?" He beckoned the lights to turn on as a spotlight revealed Alphamon sealed behind a force field.

"Alphamon!" Crusadermon and Dynasmon yelled.

"Now, what is it that I plan to do with Alphamon, you might ask? He has something I require... a powerful source that I've done extensive research on thanks to data from my Paradais colleagues. I do believe this source of power is that empowers Alphamon is the fabled Alpha inForce."

The two Royal Knights and the warriors were shocked in silence as Gamera revealed his knowledge on Alphamon's power source.

Clenching his right hand, Gamera approached Alphamon and ran his hand through the force field. "Alphamon was kind enough to allow me to borrow it. But, I promise to make good use of it." He pushed his hand through Alphamon's chest and digitally ripped out a golden orb with fractal code revolving over it.

"NO!" Dynasmon bellowed. "You monster!"

Alphamon's body turned gray and lifeless as a corpse. Without the Alpha inForce, his body functions became inactive.

"Doesn't it glorious? Now I have the power I need to defeat my enemies. Not even the Sailor Senshi can hope to defeat me once I incorporate this into my being."

"The Senshi will defeat you!" Crusadermon shouted defiantly.

"They can try, but I doubt they'll be the big difference makers like you make them out to be. With the Alpha inForce in me, they don't have a chance. Now, Royal Knights, I must be off. Enjoy being my prisoners as we hunt down the rest of your esteemed colleagues. We will meet again."

As the screen turned off, the Royal Knights and their warriors watched their hopes being completely dashed.

"With Alphamon incapacitated and the Alpha inForce in that monster's possession..." Dynasmon shook his head. "No, I don't even want to imagine the ramifications that might follow. Omegamon and Gallantmon are in serious danger... and we're not there to warn them!"

"Craniummon and Buster Blader have to look for allies... they're still out there."

"Yes, Crusadermon, but how long do we have until Gamera decides to execute us? Perhaps, this is karma coming back to haunt us for being Yggdrasil's puppets."


Meanwhile, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn and Thanatos scoured through a narrow corridor taking them outside of the main facility. They arrived near a hangar station and saw hundreds of Neo-Rajita soldiers lined up ready to blast them.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monster Coliseum OST – Wicked Ceremonial Site)

"Seems it didn't take them long to know we were here," Thanatos observed.

Saturn nodded as she brandished her Silence Glaive. "Can't be helped. We'll make this quick and decisive."

"Oh, will you, Sailor Saturn?" Came a woman's voice tinged with arrogance.

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn probed the sinister presence. "This aura is familiar. Yes, I remember."

"I'm glad you remember, brat," the source revealed herself as Hydra teleported at the forefront of the Neo-Rajita soldiers. "Now, do you remember me?"

"How could I forget? You're that same monster that destroyed our first Valkyrie armors!" Saturn shouted as she dismounted Thanatos and readied her Silence Glaive. "I'll gladly take you."

"Awfully confident, aren't you?" Hydra snidely remarked. "Just a few days ago, I single handedly defeated you and your team, also crushing those dear armors you were so proud of and reduced you to nothings. But, having witnessed your recent battles up to now, it's safe to assume your rebound has been most impressive."

Saturn beckoned to Thanatos, who turned into a spirit ball and merged with her armor. She became instantly empowered thanks to Thanato's spirit power.

"Still, you're way over your head if you think you can-"

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn ran up faster than Hydra could finish her sentence. The Dai-Valkyrie jumped up and kicked her in the face hard. Her kick sent Hydra flying several feet back. Speechless, the Neo-Rajita soldiers converged on Saturn and blasted her. Saturn began hacking and skewering up a bunch of the Neo-Rajita soldiers as Hydra recovered.

Hydra pressed her fingers to her face and saw her own blood on her hands. "That little bitch made me bleed?! Oh, that's it!" She screamed and charged ahead to engage Saturn.

After Saturn cut a soldier down in half, Hydra launched numerous tentacles from her back. Saturn easily evaded the incoming tentacles and sliced them apart with her glaive. Dai-Valkyrie Saturn flew up so fast she caught Hydra with a another blinding fast kick that knocked Hydra down.

Much to Hydra's shock, Saturn was easily handling her on her own.

She shouldn't be this much stronger than me even with a stupid armor upgrade! I defeated the eight Senshi by myself!

"Come at me at once. I'll make this quick," Saturn beckoned all, including Hydra.

Hydra's anger surged as she launched herself toward Saturn. She attached her tentacles around the Dai-Valkyrie and prepared to pierce her tentacles through Saturn's armor. However, Saturn's armor immediately repelled Hydra off. Saturn lifted her glaive and hacked off half of Hydra's face. Hydra screeched while grabbing her torn face.


Saturn whirled her glaive and readily goaded the soldiers to attack. "Like I said, come at me. I'll deal with you last." She readily hacked and slashed the Neo-Rajita soldiers while Hydra recovered on the sidelines.

In a matter of seconds, Hydra witnessed her pride being crushed before her eyes by one Senshi. She realized the gulf between their powers was larger than she assumed. Hydra growled intensely as she healed her face.

"Bitch, you're dead!"

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn gracefully somersaulted and sliced a Draconian Guardian in two. She dropped down whirling her glaive around and slashing apart a Foxzard. Saturn was on a momentum high and nothing was going to deter her from clearing the section.

(End theme)


Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Moon and Sleipnir arrived in a spacious training room where the Knights dueled. She and Sleipnir watched the doors close behind them.

"We're trapped," Moon said.

Sleipnir acknowledged. "Aye, but you can easily take down those doors."

Nodding, Moon prepared to draw out her sword. However, a devilish laugh emanated within the room. Alarmed, the Senshi and her steed were shocked when they recognized the evil laugh.

"No, it can't be!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon listened, feeling her heart beating. "She should be gone!"

"Oh, but I'm very much alive, you odango-haired airhead."

A spotlight came down from the ceiling and unveiled Igasu the Blood Moon. The red-skinned evil clone remained standing at the spotlight center as she bowed.

"Ta-da! Miss me?"

"Like I'd miss a disgusting monster like you!" Moon barked. "We destroyed you!"

"Don't make assumptions, because I just made an ass out of you and your friends. Yes, technically I should be dead, but you forget about those little technicalities. You see, you and your crew missed just a tiny bit me that lied under a pile of debris. All it took was one piece of me and Paradais regenerating my body using that piece. My body was revived inside a chamber and here I stand looking you in the eyes. You're so terrified of me."

"I'm not afraid of you!" Moon cried out as she readily drew her sword out.

(Cue Sailor Moon S OST – Death Busters Battle Theme)

Sleipnir angrily snorted and stomped his feet down, unleashing an earthquake force that forced Igasu to jump into the air.

"Missed me, jackass!" Igasu mocked the eight-legged stallion. She stretched her arms out to grab Sleipnir, but the legendary horse moved aside. She came down and tried to gut him as she turned her right hand into an ax.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon threw herself into Igasu and pushed her away. Moon stood protecting Sleipnir and readily holding her sword.

"Are you ok, Sleipnir?"

"I am thanks to you."

Igasu spat. "Oh, you'll so regret ruining my fun, you blonde bimbo. I'm going to show why I'm superior to you!" She flexed her arms as her body started to expand. Muscles started popping up in her arms, legs, and back as black armor akin to Moon's own Valkyrie armor materialized over her.

"Hey, that looks like my Valkyrie armor!"

"Now, we'll see who's the better Valkyrie," Igasu smirked devilishly as she glided across and attacked Moon with her hand ax.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon instinctively put up her guard and countered the ax with her sword. She kicked her feet up and hit Igasu's chin. Moon channeled holy energy in her sword and swung, unleashing an immense projectile that cut through Igasu. The evil clone reattached her cleaved body together and chased Moon around with her hand ax.

Moon took to the air and flew down as she and Igasu's weapons clashed together. The two battle-ready warriors pierced determined glares into each other's eyes.

"Sleipnir!" Moon beckoned to her steed.

Sleipnir turned into a black energy ball and merged with Moon's armor. As her armor became augmented by Sleipnir's immense spiritual power, Dai-Valkyrie Moon regained leverage and expelled an excessive beam from her sword that sent Igasu flying through the ceiling.

Moon shot up through the ceiling hole and stayed afloat as Igasu floated down regenerating her right arm.

"Oh, I'm really going to enjoy this. It's going to feel good when I finally kill you, Sailor Moon."

Moon said nothing and simply tightened her grip on her sword.

(End theme)


Meanwhile, Lien and TobuCatmon finally reached the meeting hall where the two Royal Knights and some of the knights were contained. The duo saw Nagah finishing a briefing with Gamera on a screen

Switching off a monitor, Nagah turned around and was baffled seeing Lien running up to her.


"Nagah-sensei, we finally found you!"

As Lien embraced her legs, Nagah crouched over and patted the child's back.

"Lien, where have you been? I've been worried sick about you!"

"We were on Earth with some interesting people. They were called Detectives or something, but then Vipris jerkface came and tried to hurt me. He chased me, but Lien fought back! Then, Sailor Saturn came and rescued Lien. Then, TobuCatmon and Lien were spending time with the Senshi. They kept us safe and then the Senshi brought me here!"

Nagah gaped. "You were with the Senshi? You were with the enemy?"

"But, they never harmed Lien and TobuCatmon!"

"She's right, milady," TobuCatmon reassured the Chief Advisor. "They made sure we came here safely."

"Lien, tell me you said the Senshi are here," Nagah asked her student.

"Just three of them: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Saturn."

Upon hearing Mars' mention, Nagah wore a vague smile. Lien brought Sailor Mars here? Finally, I can face the Houou vessel!

"But, Nagah-sensei, Lien begging you not to fight the Senshi."

"Lien? Are you serious?" Nagah blinked thrice in befuddlement. "Surely you're not imply I side with them? They're an enemy to us and Lord Gamera's agenda. Besides, you're beginning to worry me. The Senshi didn't brain wash, have they? I don't want them trying to misconstrue anything I've taught you."

"No, they haven't. Lien is speaking freely. They didn't use any brainwashing tactics! Lien promises!"

Nagah shook Lien's shoulders. "That's enough, Lien! But, since you lured the Senshi here, they'll be dealing with Hydra and Igasu. If they even manage to get by them, they have me to deal with." She looked down at Lien and smiled. "And I'm thankful you did bring the Houou's vessel here."

"You're glad?" Lien asked, looking confused.

"Of course, Lien. Thanks to you, I can finally face her alone and utilize the data I've recently incorporated myself with," Nagah said, leading Lien over to her seat. She sat Lien down on a seat as TobuCatmon hopped on his partner's lap. "You weren't yet conceived during our first incursion in the Digital World, but Lord Gamera's predecessor, Ghidorah, contained the four Sovereigns, equivalents to gods. Before we infused them with Orichalcos stones to control them, we did extensive research and took some data samples. Our team of scientists discovered how it was possible to incorporate Digimon data with our kind. Our biology was somehow compatible with the Digimon codes. Thus, this allowed for a steady rise in Neo-Rajita Hybrid experiments. The recent generals were amongst the first to receive the hybrid upgrade. When the experiments were a success, hundreds of soldiers were given Digimon data to fuse with." Nagah put on a black cape and fastened a black belt around her waist. "Though none of them were given data from these Sovereigns. No one... but me..."

Lien gasped. "Really?"

"Do you want to know which Sovereign's data I used to incorporate myself with?"

"Lien wants to know!"

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds OST - Showdown)

Nagah smirked, but before another word could be spoken, her eyes shifted when Dai-Valkyrie Mars walked into the room. She grabbed Lien and pulled her behind her. TobuCatmon scurried over next to Lien. Mars and Garuda stopped shortly as they spotted Nagah, Lien, and TobuCatmon facing them.

"Lien!" Mars called to the alien child. However, Nagah obstructed Lien from making contact with the Miko.

"What did you tell her?!" Nagah demanded from the Senshi. "You have her believing she can resolve our conflict."

Dai-Valkyrie Mars reproved the accusation. "That's what she wants to believe. She's doing all this of her own free will. Me and my team didn't force anything on her."

"Liar. Don't you lie to me," Nagah scowled as she beckoned Lien and TobuCatmon to run away. Lien and TobuCatmon complied while running behind some boxes. Nagah pivoted her view back to Mars and smirked coolly. "Nonetheless, I'm glad you and your colleagues came. Though, I'm especially pleased to see you here. I've been waiting to get you alone. You don't have your friends helping you."

"Nagah, I won't need my friends to beat some sense into you. I doubt talking to you will resolve anything. I came prepared."

"So, you have. Your power as a Dai-Valkyrie is most impressive. You and your friends have gone through so much pains to get where you are. Oh, and by the way, Lord Gamera was here. He came and went with what he needed."

"That monster was here?!" The Miko was baffled to hear this.

Nagah adjusted her black battle gloves. "Lord Gamera should mean little to you, because you won't make it past me. I'll personally see to it!" She bumrushed Dai-Valkyrie Mars in a hurry and went for a kick, which Mars narrowly dodged.

(End theme)

(Cue Fate/Zero OST – On the Battlefield)

Dai-Valkyrie Mars barrel-rolled to the side and called for Garuda, who turned into a spirit ball and merged with her armor. As Nagah punched the ground, she knocked Mars back. The Miko used the momentum of the excessive force and flew up while a red aura outlined her.

"Nice reflexes. I think I'm going to enjoy taking my time with you," Nagah said, standing up and adjusting her hand. "You do remember when I touch you, I can copy your abilities, but there are set limits as to what my touch can copy. For instance, I doubt I can copy the Houou's powers. But, I do intend to force the Houou out."

"Not a wise move, Nagah. You can't hope to contain a cosmic force."

"What if you're not the only one with a phoenix to back you up?" Nagah inquired.

"What are you talking about?!"

Opening her hand, Nagah produced a flicker of fire from her palm. The fire turned into a spinning fireball and vanished in an instant. Mars discerned the ability Nagah seemingly demonstrated.

Houou, there's not another one of you out there, is there?

The phoenix entity responded to the Miko's distress. 'No. There is but one of me. And then there's Suzaku. No others. This phoenix power she's alluding to is digitally based.'

"Why don't I show you? But, first, don't keep me waiting! Let's finish where we left off!" Nagah declared as she flew up and reached Dai-Valkyrie Mars in time to throw a punch at her.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars caught Nagah's fist and jumped up kicking her in the head. Nagah tucked her head under and ducked Mars' kick. Nagah grabbed the Miko Senshi and hastily threw her down. As Mars hit the floor, Nagah landed behind her and brought down a heel over Mars' head.

Mars rolled aside and cupped both hands forward, unleashing a barrage of fireballs at Nagah. Each fireball kept Nagah at bay, but not enough to damage her. As wings of fire sprouted from her back, the Miko propelled herself into Nagah and pushed her into the ceiling. Mars folded her arms over Nagah's waist, but the Chief Advisor grabbed Mars' arms and pulled them off her waist.

"Hands off!" Nagah yelled, outmuscling Mars and bending her arms behind her back. "Don't you even think you can take me on alone! You're out of your league!"

Lien averted from seeing her mother figure physically torturing a good woman she barely just met. Naturally, she should be rooting for the former, but she has developed new admiration for the latter and the other Senshi.

"This is too much for Lien to bear!"

TobuCatmon was at a loss as to what he could do for Lien. He cringed seeing Nagah bending Mars' arms back.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars landed a quick headbutt into Nagah's face, causing the Neo-Rajita general to relinquish her hold. Charging full head of steam, Mars landed a fierce kick into Nagah's stomach and blasted her with a one-handed fire stream. The attack didn't burn Nagah, but had enough force to send her flying through the ceiling.

Nagah ripped off her cape and scoffed irritably. "Now, thanks to you, I have to lose the cape so it can't get wrinkled."

"We're here to free the Royal Knights, Nagah! I won't let you stop me!"

Nagah and Mars both landed on the roof. They immediately attacked with a flurry of attacks, including kicks. As Nagah ran straightforward, she seemingly punched through an after image made of fire. Nagah whirled around as Mars shot a fire arrow. Nagah caught it with her hands and tossed it back to the Miko. Mars put up a fire barrier that absorbed the arrow.

Nagah phased and reappeared behind Mars. She picked Mars up and hefted her over her head effortlessly. She spun around and threw her onto the roof. Mars landed hard and rolled up back to her feet. She punched the ground, sending a trail of fire at Nagah, who evaded the fire wave. Mars forged a sword of fire and bolted forward ready to gut Nagah.

Mars howled. "Take my Houou Blade!"

Nagah merely backhanded the flaming sword out of Mars' hands and headbutted her back.

"Now we've even, Sailor Mars," Nagah scoffed. "That's for headbutting me!"

Dai-Valkyrie Mars stumbled back a little, but still maintained her stance. Nagah, too, dropped into a fighting stance.

"Like I said, this is just between us, but I doubt you'll defeat me. You can't and won't save the Royal Knights."

"We'll see," Mars rebuked.

"You have no idea about the Royal Knight's history, do you? Not that it matters to you. I'm just telling it like it is. Now, how about we push this further? I'm feeling... anxious to show you the phoenix power I wield."

Mars and Nagah encircled each other anticipating for one to make the next initiative move. Meanwhile, Lien and TobuCatmon watched hopefully the battle would avoid two meaningless deaths.

Lien has got to do something, but what can I do...?! Lien looked around and noticed the Royal Knights sealed in chambers. "Maybe I should...?"

The two warriors on the rooftop immediately commenced their fierce battle again. Mars utilized fire bending kicks that Nagah was able to evade. The roof shook under the powers unleashed by Mars and Nagah. Soon, the entire Royal Knight headquarters was going to feel the effects of two superpowered female warriors.

(End theme)


Cult of Apophis' Hideout/1009 B.C.

When the light faded within the hideout, all spectators, mostly the Duelists, still standing witnessed the five Signers sitting on their knees panting. Jaden and Leo stood together as they lifted their heads seeing the Signers' Dragon Marks still glowing. They veered to the other side of the lair and saw Apophis sitting up but without his staff.

"Looks like they got him," Leo smiled and said with much enthusiasm.

"Wait..." Jaden muttered while clarifying his vision. He noticed the staff was no longer in Apophis' possession. He looked up and noticed something floating above them. "Up there!"

The others noticed the object emitting a golden aura of light. Apophis raised his head and saw the staff giving off a subtle flare of golden light.

"Yes, come to your master... I command you..." Apophis said, lifting his hand and beckoned to the artifact.

However, the staff didn't succumb to its masters' wishes. Instead, it floated away from him and hovered over the Duelists. It suddenly reacted and glowed a little when it was near Mokuba, Serenity, and Mai. Then, it shot four beams of light that hit the bodies of Seto, Lyn, Tristan, and Duke.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories OST – Seto Kaiba)

When the four Duelists awoke, Mina, Trudge, Carly, Akahana, and Abukom were taken by surprise.

"Seto!" Mokuba called to his brother.

Seto groaned as he sat up and surveyed the room. "We're still here?"

"Guys? You're all here?" Lyn barely came to her senses and looked around seeing familiar faces.

"The staff revived you!" Serenity called out to the four.

"Is that true?" Tristan asked, looking over himself.

Akahana nodded. "Yes, the beam emitted golden beams that hit your bodies and revived you somehow."

Upon seeing Akahana and Abukom, Tristan tripped out. "Um, I'm seeing doubles. There's two Serenitys and Mokubas?"

"It's a long story, but no time to explain," Mokuba replied as he directed his brother, Lyn, Tristan, and Duke's attention to Apophis. "We still have this guy to deal with. We found you guys unconscious, but somehow that staff of his turned against him and revived you."

Befuddled, Lyn wondered. "Could it be the staff sensed the powers we wield?"

"Well, Yusei and the others managed to fight him off using those Dragon Marks of theirs," Mina explained. "Then, a clash of powers took place and then... boom... a bright flash of light covered this whole place."

"Yusei and those four probably expended a ton of their power just to protect us," Carly said, watching Jack closely.

"Oh no! He's up to something!" Trudge noticed Apophis creating a golden barrier around him.

The god-like being evilly chuckled and raised his head but not long before removing his armored gauntlets. He dropped then revealing a pair of draconian hands. Then, he promptly removed his helmet, revealing a serpent's face complete with yellow scales covering his face, yellow serpent's eyes, and a draconian snout. He cackled while a forked tongue flickered out to taste the scent from the Signers'.

"To think you five mortals were able to inflict damage to me," Apophis eyed the five Signers. "I commend you. Wherever you received your powers, I'm interested, which is why I've decided to consume you first and incorporate your powers into my own!" He hastily dashed forward and went to attack the five Signers first.

"YUSEI!" Jaden yelled out as he and Leo raced forward to stop Apophis.

As the Duelists tried to intercept Apophis, the remaining cultists cut them off.

"In your weakened states, you're ripe for the picking!" Apophis hissed as he thrust his claws toward Yusei's face first.

Suddenly, the Staff of Apophis flew right in front of Yusei and Apophis, the artifact turned against its former wielder again and unleashed a force of golden light. It repelled Apophis back and provided a golden barrier that protected the Signers.

"Whoa! It protected us again!" Leo exclaimed.

Yusei was confused. "But, why?"

The Staff of Apophis floated into the ceiling and unleashes streams of golden light. The Domino City Duelists recognized this phenomenon very well and remembered the first time they received their Spirit Fusion powers. They saw the streams of golden light encircling the Signers, the Duel Academy students, and others present.

"Guys, don't you realize what this means?" Duke inquired as an excited smirk adorned his features.

Mokuba smiled. "Yeah! Looks like the staff not only recognizes our powers, but Yusei and his crew must have done something to impress it!"

"Looks like the staff is willing to help our cause after all and grant the others Spirit Fusion powers," Lyn said as she turned and saw Kisara stirring.

Seto stood up and watched the streams of golden light raining over the other Duelists. The first to receive the bulk of the staff's powers were the ones closest to the battle: the five Signers, Jaden, and Leo. They watched as subtle golden auras surrounded them. The Signers saw the golden light intertwine with their Dragon Marks.

The next take in the golden light were Syrus, Alexis, Chazz, Aster, Hassleberry, Atticus, and Blair. Yasmin also seemed to be revitalized by the staff's power. Finally, Mina, Carly, and the Trudge were the last ones to seemingly receive the staff's power.

"Whoa, I feel like my body's been reenergized, but I haven't even done much but run around," Chazz blinked, gazing over the golden aura that seemingly faded and seeped into his body.

Alexis looked over herself perplexed. "This is the staff's doing, but why send beams at us?"

"I see. Maybe the staff granted us powers!" Syrus concluded.

Leo grinned ecstatically. "The staff might've given us the same powers that Seto Kaiba, Mokuba, and the others have!"

"You mean those Spirit Fusion powers?" Jaden wondered as he suddenly saw Elemental Hero Neos appear beside him. "Neos?"

Neos mentally telepathed with Jaden.'The Staff of Apophis has allowed me to come to life, but not just that. It's allowing my power to become one with you.'

"Now, I like the sound of that, Neos!"

The five Signers watched their Dragon Marks resonate with the Staff of Apophis' powers. Not only that, but they felt renewed.

"Guys! Listen up!" Mokuba called forth the Signers and Duel Academy students. "Right now your bodies are now just adjusting to the staff's powers. It will take some time, but you'll get used to it. As of now, your minds are subconsciously choosing a Duel Monster for you to transform into. Once you first transform willfully, you'll get the hang of it. Then, it'll be a matter of time before you're able to turn into any Duel Monster you want!"

Seto quipped. "You took the words right out of Pegasus' mouth."

"Well, hey, it's true."

"Does this mean any monster from our own decks?" wondered Akiza as she turned to her fellow Signers.

Jack faced Apophis and watched him sitting up. "Look, we don't have time to chat. Let's just put these new abilities to good use!"

"Yeah, I mean if the staff was willing to turn against its master and help us out," Crow said. "Let's show this god wannabe how we Signers take names!"

As he sat up and staggered to his feet, Apophis grumbled and hissed. "YOU WILL ALL PERISH!"

"You're the one who's going to perish, Apophis!" Yusei exclaimed.

Jaden called out to his friends. "Ready, gang?"

With that, each Signer, Duel Academy student, and other participants (Leo, Mina, Trudge, and Carly) became concealed inside golden pillars of light. While these golden lights shimmered, Apophis and his men were repelled by the powers being emitted from the staff.

(End theme)

"Guys to invoke your powers, call out: Activate: Spirit Fusion!"

Without argument, the Signers, Duel Academy students, and company shouted in unison. "Activate: Spirit Fusion!"

Once they shouted the exact chant phrase, the golden pillars surrounding these Duelists faded.

The Duel Academy students, now the Neo-Duelists, transformed into their selective Duel Monster forms.

In place of Jaden Yuki was Elemental Hero Neos. Jaden still retained his face as his hair seemingly fused with the Elemental Hero Neos form.

In place of Syrus Truesdale was Ambulanceroid. The front section of the vehicle had Syrus' facial features and glasses.

In place of Chazz Princeton was Ojama King accompanied by Ojamas Green, Black, and Yellow. Chazz's face features were on the Ojama King's face, but this didn't sit well with Chazz as his Ojamas paraded around him.

In place of Alexis Rhodes was Cyber Blader. The monster retained Alexis' facial features and her hair style.

In place of Aster Phoenix was Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer. The Elemental hero now had Aster's face and his hair style infused with the monster's uniform colors.

In place of Tyranno Hassleberry was Dark Tyranno with Hassleberry's eyes, braided hair, and bandana.

In place of Atticus Rhodes was the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon.

In place of Blair Flannigan was herself as a Dunames Dark Witch.

Yasmin, already a Gravekeeper's Assailant, simply received a power boost from the Staff of Apophis.

After the Neo-Duelist Spirit Fusions were completed, the Signers and their colleagues were next.

In place of Yusei Fudo was the Stardust Dragon.

In place of Jack Atlas was the Red Dragon Archfiend.

In place of Akiza Izinski was the Black Rose Dragon.

In place of Crow Hogan was the Blackwing Armored Master.

In place of Luna was the Ancient Fairy Dragon.

In place of Leo was the Power Tool Dragon.

In place of Trudge was Goyo Guardian.

In place of Mina was Athena.

In place of Carly Carmine was Fortune Lady Earth. She was accompanied by the Fortune Faires – Dark, Light, Water, and Wind.

Seto and Lyn both transformed back into Blue-Eyes White Dragons. Tristan and Duke turned into Cyber Commander and Orgoth.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! OST – Passionate Duelist)

As he witnessed the entire Duelist assembly invoke their Spirit Fusion powers, Apophis watched the staff drop toward his throne. He quickly flew over to grab it, but the Blue-Eyes White Dragons blasted him from behind. Enraged, Apophis whirled around as his eyes burned with fury.

"First you turn my own staff against me, then you use its powers for your own gain... and now... you dare to continue to defy me! You have invoked the wrath of a god! I, Apophis, won't stand for this!" The hideous snake-like humanoid hissed as his body began to expand and grew bigger than half of the entire lair. His ripped apart revealing a gigantic frame snake-like frame. Massive wings sprouted from his sides. He let out a deep and beast-like roar but not long before expelling golden flames from his mouth. "NOW PERISH!"


"LET HIM HAVE IT!" Yusei shouted as everyone followed suit and unleashed their attacks.

The dragon assembly, Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Leo, Luna, Seto, and Lyn, unleashed unrelenting blasts toward Apophis. If that wasn't enough, the Neo-Duelists, Crow, the Domino City Duelists, and the others launched their attacks against Apophis. Akahana and Abukom witnessed the eventful battle unfold whilst holding each other's hands.

"Let's not give up hope for them, Abukom."

"I'm not! I have absolute faith in them!"

The remaining (read: not unconscious) cultists tried to intervene but the intense power from the Duelists and Apophis knocked them all back. The Staff of Apophis responded to their unwanted interference and stripped the men of their Spirit Fusion powers, leaving them powerless and unable to fight anymore. The still conscious cultists retreated from the cavern leaving their fallen colleagues and Apophis behind.


"NO! IT'S OVER FOR YOU, APOPHIS!" The dragons shouted in unison as their attacks took up the bulk of the immense force that shattered through Apophis' defenses.

As he buckled under the weight of their combined powers, Apophis staggered and witnessed his defenses being shattered.


As Kisara awakened, she stood up and watched the two Blue-Eyes White Dragons putting out their effort to help the others overpower Apophis. Kisara quickly found her resolve to help them as she owed Seto and Lyn her gratitude.

"No! You won't defeat us, you monster!" Kisara cried out. Then, her eyes turned cerulean as she raised her head to summon her Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ka.

The Blue-Eyes roared and unleashed a powerful stream of blue energy toward Apophis.

"HAH! I CANNOT FALL!" Apophis bellowed out and laughed.

Watching Kisara brought out Akahana's fighting resolve. She raised her head as her eyes turned red and her hair completely turned black. She summoned her Red-Eyes Black Dragon Ka and aided Kisara in pushing through Apophis' defenses.



"YOU HERETICS...!" Apophis witnessed as their combined powers broke through his shields and blasted him. The combined powers slowly consumed his body. His eyes widened when he witnessed the breakdown of his once seemingly impenetrable body. "...this... THIS CANNOT BE! I AM APOPHIS! MY POWER... CANNOT BE OVERCOME..." As his body continued breaking down, Apophis' humanoid form appeared and faded along with the beast form.

As the combined power from the Duelists faded, there was no trace of Apophis left except for his helmet, armed gauntlet, and the Staff of Apophis sitting on the now vacant throne. The Duelists depowered back down into their normal selves. Kisara and Akahana's Ka dragons vanished as they sank to their knees, exhausted.

"We... we did it!" Mokuba cried out excitedly.

Leo was speechless. "We beat that faker!"

"Heh, more like we and his own arrogance defeated him," Aster added.

The Neo-Duelists and Signers were overall speechless with their new found Spirit Fusion powers. To add to their own Dragon Marks (and Akiza's psychic abilities), the Signers were intrigued with a different set of powers resonating within them.

(End theme)

"Jay, I can hardly believe this!" Syrus said enthusiastically.

Jaden grinned and gave a high five to Syrus. "Believe it, Sy! We kicked that phony god's butt and sent him to the next time zone!"

Chazz wanted to make a quip about Jaden's remark, but was still reeling over his new Spirit Fusion powers.

"Now that we've stopped Apophis, all those people we saved will be able to return to their village," Alexis said.

"Hey, speaking of which," Lyn looked over to Kisara, who was barely standing up with Akahana and Abukom helping her up. "Can we leave you two to take care of Kisara?"

"Us?" Abukom asked, almost confused. "Oh, right. Mokuba told us you were travelers who are pursuing some man. We'll leave you to your journey, my friends."

Akahana nodded. "Rest assured, we'll keep Kisara safe."

"Listen to me, Kisara," Seto addressed the cerulean-haired girl and rested his hands on her shoulders. "Can you do us a favor? When you're able to leave, don't return to Thebes for a while. It's tough to explain, but you aren't fated to meet Seth until..."

Smiling, Kisara responded in kind. "...I understand. When I look at you, I see Seth, so that will have to do for now. I'll take your warning to heart and conceal myself from him. If we are fated to meet later, then so be it." She smiled to Seto and veered her view to Lyn. "And thank you, too. Good luck on your journey, my friends."

As Akahana and Abukom bid their farewell to Serenity, Mokuba, Akiza, Alexis, Syrus, and the twins, the Duelists stormed out of the lair. The two Egyptians followed in suit with Kisara. As they made it outside, the Staff of Apophis remained sitting on the vacant throne where the god-like Apophis once sat.

"What about the staff?" Lyn asked. "Should we take it with us?"

"If we do that," Seto responded, "how will Pegasus be able to find it and use it to give us our powers? No, it's best if we leave it to fate, for now."

"Hey, guys?" Yusei spoke up. "I hate to be a downer, but shouldn't we be getting back to that cavern? If Yugi and the others come back, they won't know where we've gone..."


When the group stormed out of the cave, the remaining villagers were barely getting out. They cheered in unison when they saw their saviors, the Duelists, running by. Akahana, Abukom, and Kisara waved goodbye to the Duelists as they hurried back to cave they left unoccupied.

"Goodbye, travelers! And thank you!" Abukom cried out. "Good journey to you, Mokuba, Serenity, and friends."

"You think they'll find this man they're looking for?" Kisara wondered.

Akahana smiled genuinely. "Yes. With the powers the Staff of Apophis bestowed upon them, they'll find him. I believe they can do anything after setting that false god straight."

"But, was that really the Apophis?"

Both Akahana and Abukom looked at one another with inquiring dispositions.

Not even they know who or what the true identity of this 'Apophis' character could truly be. Whether he was a fake or not was a mystery to be unresolved for several millennia to come.


Present Day/Shinjuku District/7:25 PM

Back in the real world, the city was in the midst of a Digi-Zombie attack perpetrated by Necromon. The assortment of Pharaohmon's henchmen were revived to do the necromancer's bidding. Their first target, Beelzebumon, had expended most of his energy single handedly saving civilians and blowing up the Digi-Zombies. But, much to Beelzebumon's dismay, the undead Digimon regenerated and came back for more.

ThothBabimon bumrushed Beelzebumon and punched him into a wall. The winged demon hit the wall hard. The IceDevimon clones fired ice beams that pinned down Beelzebumon's wrists, ankles, and neck.

"You could've made it easier on yourself if you joined us, Beelzebumon," the IceDevimon said in unison. "You have no on but yourself to blame."

"Bite me, you undead freaks," the demon resisted, spitting on the ground they walked on. "I ain't joining a bunch of rejects."

Khnummon nodded off his snide remark dismissively. "I don't think he's been punished enough."

Horusmon added as his claws grew. "Maybe we ought to cut out his heart?"

Just then, the Digi-Zombies noticed portals opening in the skies. From these portals came a several Neo-Rajita hovercrafts. More hovercrafts and mecha units emerged as they landed while bombarding the streets.

(Cue Independence Day OST – The Darkest Day)

"Ugh, as if you zombie rejects weren't enough... now them aliens are back for another round," muttered Beelzebumon, hoping his Tamers found refuge with the twins.


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/7:30 PM

The Neo Senshi, the Quartet, the Chimeras, Valkyrie Makemake & Haumea, and the Stromberg brothers helped clear the shrine of the Nix army. Once they converged, the few members in the Neo Senshi collective sensed an assorted number of dark vibes from Tokyo's metropolitan vicinities.

Valkyrie Blue Mars, Ryuuhi, Adam, and Demona were the first sense the Neo-Rajita activity. After them, the Chimeras and the other Neo Senshi felt the immense presence of the alien invaders. The biggest warning signs came from the giant portals opening above Tokyo.

"Look! Those aliens are beginning to invade Tokyo right under our noses!" Daiki exclaimed.

Max added. "Not exactly. We can see them clear as day."

Valkyrie Ceres added. "We finish one battle and looks like we're likely entering another."

Valkyrie Juno snorted. "Please, with our new powers, I feel we can take on the whole freakin' world!"

Valkyrie Battle Jupiter turned to Mako. "Dad, no offense, but you better sit this one out."

"More arguments here. No way I'll never keep up with my strong as an ox daughter and her superpowered friends."

"We're going to need the Kuiper Senshi and the others," Valkyrie Cyber Mercury observed the skies. "As much as these Valkyrie armors help, we're going to be engaging possibly hundreds if not thousands of soldiers with armed vehicles and heavy artillery."

"So what? We're ready for them!" Valkyrie Haumea boldly said.

Valkyrie Makemake discouraged her Senshi partner. "Let's not run in blindly, Haumea."

"I doubt that's going to stop us," Adam said. "Still, I'd prefer if the others joined us."

Demona popped her neck. "Well, I'm up for some more action!"

Valkyrie Summoner Venus sighed. "I think we all are. Becoming Valkyries really do have their benefits."

"Yes, I can see why our mothers valued them so much," Valkyrie Blue Mars said. "I've felt stronger than I have before. My ice's strength has been augmented while being in this form."

Suddenly, the group heard loud roaring from across the shrine. They witnessed a column of golden light spreading through the area the Kuiper Senshi were fighting Angemon X.

"Wow, such intense power..." Ryuuhi remarked.

"And all coming from Karin's boyfriend!" Valkyrie Vesta exclaimed.

Valkyrie Pallas was mesmerized by the Ascendant's power. "Whoa..."

"Indeed," Larry added as he and the Chimeras, too, were speechless.

"C'mon, Neo Moon," the Neo Senshi said in unison.

"Don't give up, our princess," Valkyrie Ceres prayed.

"Gut it out, RJ!" Ryuuhi, Adam, and Demona called out together.

"C'mon, Kuipers," Makemake and Haumea muttered.

The Stromberg brothers crossed their fingers for the Kuiper Senshi and the others.


Near the shrine, Morpheous returned to see if Wolk and DemiDevimon hadn't escaped. He was relieved to see them still in the shrine. However, the two Rajita, DemiDevimon, the Mooncats, and the Eris dogs also witnessed the portals releasing Neo-Rajita ships.

"No, this couldn't come at a worse time!" Artemis said.

Lucy added. "Indeed, this is the worst time for an invasion!"

"Morpheous, it's our people," Wolk said wearing a frightened look. "Are we going to have to fight our own kind?"

"Didn't you turn you leave your psychotic sister behind to die?"

"Only because she did terrible things that made my stomach turn."

"Well, I'm going to join the fight against them. If they're here to harm the Earthlings, I'm not going to show even my own race any mercy."

DemiDevimon looked up to Wolk. "Are you willing to turn against Gamera?"

She replied in hesitation. "...I... I don't know..."

Luna turned to Wolk. "Well, you're going to have to make a choice. You're with them or with us."

Morpheous nodded. "The wise cat has a point, Wolk. You have to make that choice. As for me, I'm going. You and the bowling ball with wings can join me when you want." He turned around and headed off to meet with the Neo Senshi and company.

DemiDevimon retorted to Morpheous' smart remark. "Hey, I ain't a bowling ball with balls! I have a name, prick!"

Wolk put DemiDevimon down.


"I'm not planning to sit around on my ass doing nothing. Wait up, Morpheous!" Wolk bolted after him.

DemiDevimon called to her. "Wolk, wait!"

"She's made her mind up," Diana stated.

The winged bat Digimon sat down and smiled. "...yeah. I hope she and Helena can somehow work well together."

"In crisis's like these, they may just have to," Desi said. "But, it might be harder for Wolk when she has to actually kill her own kind."

"Wolk, Helena..." DemiDevimon murmured. "Come back safe."

(End theme)


Azabu-Juuban District/Away from Shrine/7:33 PM

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monster Coliseum OST – Shrine of Chaos)

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto was on the receiving end of Charon's fierce assault. Whilst waving her staff overhead, Charon manipulated the clouds around her, causing them to darken into pitch black clouds. Pluto frantically looked at her surroundings and witnessed these black clouds seemingly amassing into a giant shape.

Charon focused as she brought the concentrated dark clouds over her. The amassed giant cloud transformed as its body became long and slender. It became a giant black demon with four clawed hands. It formed two heads as two large ghastly purple eyes opened up, giving off an evil gleam.

Charon directed her chaos demon forward as it propelled toward the beam. The monster expelled green fire that impacted the gigantic beam. Pluto and Charon's concentrated attacks coalesced and exploded, igniting a series of bright flashes of light to explode around them. Pluto and Charon flew toward the other as their staffs collided. Dai-Valkyrie Pluto tried gaining leverage, but Charon kneed her sister's abdomen and whapped her face with her staff. She sent Pluto plunging into the Azabu-Juuban's streets.

"You're lucky that attack didn't turn Tokyo into the world's biggest trash heap!"

Charon descended on the street and glided across forging a black orb from her staff. She hit Pluto hard with the orb and sent her sailing a few kilometers across. Pluto hit the back of a wall and slowly rose. As she opened an eye, Charon was already in front of her with her staff pointed in Pluto's face.

"I'm always a step ahead of you, sister. Farewell and say hello to father in the Nether Realm!" Bringing down her staff over Pluto, the Time Guardian rebounded and kicked her hard in the gut. She caught Charon with a fierce punch. Pluto grabbed Charon and headbutted her. Then, she whapped Charon's face. Charon was reeling from Pluto's blows. Pluto followed up by repeatedly whapping her with her staff. She brought her staff up and slammed it over Charon's face, sending her sailing into the air.

Pluto glided over Charon and planted a boot into Charon's stomach. She grabbed Charon's legs and hooked the feet on her shoulders. She then reared back pulling on Charon's back and proceeded to fall to the ground, planting Charon head first into the ground.

(End theme)


A giant cloud of concrete kicked up where a large hole was created in the center of the street. Everyone resident who heard the loud explosions and just now the resounding impact created by the Pluto planting Charon.

Deep within the crater, Charon was planted into the ground with her legs kicking up. She stopped fidgeting for a bit as streams of black energy shot out of the earth and released Charon. The evil Senshi flew out from the hole as every spectator avoided the column of dark light that emerged.

Charon scowled while shooting an intense glare at Pluto. Both of her eyes glowed and turned black.

"That's the last time you humiliate me, Time Guardian!"

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto hastily flew toward Charon and attacked her with her staff. Charon narrowly dodged Pluto's staff, but the Time Guardian seized Charon's right arm and jerked her forward. She slammed her staff like a bat and smashed Charon's face in with it. She then dislocated Charon's right arm and bashed her staff over Charon's skull. The aura of a wolf materialized over Pluto as she channeled Lupe's spirit power and forged a massive sphere of purple light.

"This is for all the pain and suffering you've give to me and my loved ones, Chaos!" Pluto passionately cried as she pushed the sphere into Charon. "Paradox's Fate!"

Before Charon could rebound, the sphere slammed into her and pushed her far toward Azabu-Juuban Park where Pluto chased her down. As Charon crash landed in the park, she was left laying in a heap. She stood up with her left arm hanging.

"Tch," Charon gritted her teeth. She grabbed her dislocated arm and used her dark chaos energy to heal her injury.

As Pluto arrived, the Time Guardian hastily flew at Charon and prepared to finish her in one go. Suddenly, a black aura leaked out from Charon's body and seemingly unleashed a force that sent Pluto flying back. Pluto hit the ground hard and watched Charon's body beginning to change.

Her power is growing?! Pluto blanched as she struggled to sit up.

Charon's demeanor became calmer and less concerned with Pluto's 'mere' presence.

"Yes, I think playtime is over, dear sister," Charon said as her costume colors became inverted. Her white bow and skirt turned into a solid black bow and skirt. The rest of her outfit became black. Her hair also became pitch black as her eyes became ghostly white.

(Cue Dissidia Final Fantasy Extra OST – FFIX – Dark Messenger)

"Chaos..." Pluto growled, recalling her and Sleipnir's conversation about her childhood and connection to Charon shortly after becoming a Dai-Valkyrie.

"Yes, so you know. I am the ultimate form of Sailor Charon. I am Sailor Chaos," the chaotic Senshi smiled malevolently. "Now you probably want to hear how I'm both Charon and Chaos. I'll tell you my side of the story. I hope you're ready for some exposition."

"NO!" Pluto charged and swung her staff over Sailor Chaos.

Sailor Chaos merely waved her hand and unleashed an immense force that pulverized Pluto like she had been hit with successive punches. Sailor Chaos launched herself into Pluto as hundreds of tendrils snaked out from her body and pounded her like a punching bag. Chaos caught Pluto with a fierce punch and knocked her through several trees as the Time Guardian plunged into a forest.

Sailor Chaos quickly teleported where Pluto was laying. The Time Guardian stubbornly stood up, but the chaotic being teleported next to Pluto in the blink of an eye. She landed a chop to Pluto's back and faceplanted her sister to the ground. She knelt down and grabbed Pluto's neck, lifting her effortlessly. Chaos' demeanor was ever calm like a few minutes ago. She let Pluto go and produced a black ball of chaos energy. The attack overwhelmed Pluto and left her laying in a heap.

"Look at you, Pluto. You've hit a new peak by becoming a Dai-Valkyrie. It took that to damage me when I'm in my inferior Charon state, but as Sailor Chaos, I made you look like a child. If I can easily defeat you the way I am, I'm confident I'm more than a match for any of you individually, perhaps even all of you together simultaneously. Never mind the brats from the future and their less impressive Valkyrie forms."

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto tried moving on her own, but she was hurting from the amount of punishment inflicted by Chaos.

"Now, before I was rudely interrupted," Sailor Chaos chortled as she sat down and floated in mid-air. "First, you're wondering why wait to utilize my ultimate form until now? Well, I'm always one for theatrics. I wanted to make you believe you and your colleagues had a chance. But, there's another reason, I've been only able to use this form by only working off the power of a single pure heart crystal I acquired from a highly-spirited woman... and that was... oh? A little less than ten years ago."

Pluto scowled with disdain in her eyes. That was shortly after Sailor Moon purged Chaos from Galaxia's body and returned chaos to everyone's hearts. So, I surmise she only managed to survive by removing a portion of herself from Galaxia and went into hiding... until she ended up taking someone's pure heart crystal to reform her previous body... she used the Death Buster's methods of collecting energy.

"Or, maybe I was working on a few more pure heart crystals I collected over the years. Oh, well. How am I supposed to remember a few meaningless lives whose purpose was to me survive and rejuvenate my true form."

"You monster..."

"While my Sailor Chaos form might be fully powered, I don't have the energy to maintain it for long. I had to use the Death Buster's method of gathering energy, but it's not enough. That is until I discovered an external source most recently."


"I'll give you a hint. He's a very handsome-looking young man, who I've manipulated into my dark warrior, and he's going to kill his bitch of an ex-girlfriend."

"You mean...!"

"Yes, the Ascendant boy toy of Sailor Sedna's! I couldn't turn down the opportunity of using his rich Ascendant energy to allow me to maintain my Sailor Chaos form. As long as Dimitri and I are linked, my Sailor Chaos form is more accessible," she chuckled evilly and descended to the ground whilst looking Pluto in her eyes. "Now, how about a history lesson of how I, Chaos, came to exist. I think you know where this starts. It starts off with a bit of a tragic story, but don't worry that won't last too long."

(End theme)

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto tried to get up, but Chaos fired a few blasts that put her down.

(Cue Sailor Moon Sailor Stars OST – Shadow Galactica (0:00-2:32))

"Our history goes back 10,000 years ago, or perhaps further than that. We're both relics from a time before modern humans evolved. We're the twin daughters of Lord Chronos, former guardian of Space/Time. Our mother, the previous Sailor Pluto, gave birth to you first. Not too long after that, I was given life. As children, we loved one another. But, as time passed, we were driven apart. Why? Because you became the prodigy and father finally found a successor to take his place as guardian of Space/Time. You, being the curious girl, wanted to learn about our universe's history. Father instructed you. Then, you self-taught yourself after reading hundreds... no, thousands of books based on every subject matter. You were groomed to be father's replacement. I, being the competitive sibling, wanted to emulate you so much and I dedicated all my time acquiring the knowledge you've gained by reading all the books you've read.

When it came time for us to train to become Sailor Senshi, our mother passed away. Both of us mourned her death together, but shortly thereafter you moved on and continued training. At age 8, you became the next Sailor Pluto. As for me, I tried vying for father's attention and wanted to prove to him I could become the guardian of Space/Time. I felt it was my time. I was worthy. But, father remained adamant and went with you. I was denied the title as the guardian. I couldn't stand it!" She screamed, throwing her hands down, which punched two giant holes in the ground. "I couldn't allow you to be the new guardian. That position was reserved for me! Father didn't once acknowledge the fact I studied and worked equally as hard as you! And so this is where the delicious part of our saga unfolds... are you ready?"

Pluto spat out. "...father loved you."

"Bullshit. He only wanted someone to take his place. I was never good enough for him. You just happened to be the next best thing. And you rarely were ever around to see how much that man ignored me."

"You haven't gotten over your father issues, sister."

Sailor Chaos waved her hand as if 'slapping' something. Pluto heard a loud smack hit her face, realizing Chaos slapped her just by slapping the air and not even making any skin contact.

"Silence. Anyway, it's not like father's around to scold us anymore. We're independent and free from his supervision. You recall he died and went to the Nether Realm shortly before I became Chaos."

Pluto clenched her fists and stared defiantly at Sailor Chaos.

"After being so upset I was passed over for the title, I began studying the assessment chaos magic, a forbidden art back on our home world. You know how Sailor Senshi draw power from the cosmos? I drew mine from chaos, the opposite of cosmos. Both cosmos and chaos represent order and disorder. With all the chaos magic I wielded, I became so powerful that I plotted to have erase all evidence and memory of your existence, but there was a fatal flaw." She pointed to Dai-Valkyrie Pluto as her smile turned to a frown. "I couldn't erase your memory, which I couldn't touch by the virtue of you being the guardian of Space/Time, and my twin. So, I ditched that idea and went with an alternative. Just when I delved in this chaos magic study, I created my set of Chaos warriors. You already met a few of them: Nix and Hydra, which I named after the moons of Pluto just like how I was named after one of those moons.

One day, I decided to use chaos magic on myself... which led to messy results. After invoking a forbidden chaos magic spell on myself, I destroyed my own body... but in turn that allowed me to become Chaos incarnate. I attacked our homeworld and ravaged it, which sparked the famous Sailor Wars. You do have memories of those bloody days, don't you? Because I sure do!" She smiled and let out a malevolent laugh, expressing just how obviously shameful she was of her reckless actions. "It's funny how it took a combination of my so-called father issues, my jealously for you, and me invoking chaos magic that sparked the Sailor Wars. Yes, I do believe that all it takes is a delicate incident to lead to the biggest wars. It's really no different from when it only took the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferinand, heir to the Austrian throne, by a Serbian nationalist. History has always been our forte, sister. But, in this case, it turned out to be one of the universe's most eventful wars that lasted for over hundreds of years."

Pluto didn't say anything as she just sat and listened to Chaos flapping her lips.

"The Sailor Wars ultimately raged across Space/Time, all culminating in a final clash between the Golden Queen, Sailor Galaxia, and me as Sailor Charon. In the end, you know how it went down. Galaxia valiantly sealed Chaos within herself to save the galaxy. But, surely it doesn't end there, right? How does she get rewarded for her heroic deed? I rewarded the great warrior by corrupting her from within, though I failed to corrupt her Star Seed, which she discarded and sent away to Earth. That Star Seed would later land on Earth and turn into that overly sugary cute ChibiChibi. Oh, wait, I did forget to leave out an important detail, didn't I? Oh yes. Without discretion, I sprouted three dark spores just when Galaxia sealed me into her body. These three spores landed in three different sections of the galaxy and developed into three powerful villains. I think you know them very well, sister. Those three Chaos spores developed into the monstrosities called Metalia, Pharaoh 90, and Death Phantom. Once they split off, I used my temporal powers to send them to the past, present, and future."

"You sent Metalia to the past, Pharaoh 90 to the present, and Death Phantom, also known as Wiseman, to the future... you set up every conflict from the start."

"You're catching on, Time Guardian," Sailor Chaos nodded and smiled coolly. "While they did my bidding, the Sailor Wars continued until Usagi's awakening as Sailor Moon. How convenient, eh? The reawakening of Queen Serenity's daughter, Sailor Moon, came when the final Sailor War battles ended. It was around that time that I found Nehelenia, a broken woman who lost it all, and I used my Chaos magic to corrupt her unbeknownst to her. I then gave her the four Star Seeds of Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta, which she used to revive and turn them into the Amazoness Quartet.

Following Sailor Venus' and Sailor Moon's awakening, came the awakening of the other Sailor Senshi. It was time to disembark toward Earth as I continued to manipulate Galaxia and I recruited an army of Sailor Senshi to do my bidding. After taking their Star Seeds, they became my Sailor Animamates. I took a few with me to Earth as I was confident only a handful would be necessary to defeat a bunch of low-level Senshi Earth trash.

Now, I hope you're still following. This is where things start to go south for me. Once Nehelenia was defeated twice, Galaxia entered the picture as I continued to influence her actions. In the final battle, Sailor Moon purged me from Galaxia and returned her Star Seed. Shortly after that, I already told you how I escaped and found the pure heart crystal of a woman. Using that crystal, I used it to reform my old body. I gave myself an identity during stay on Earth: Sharon Rivers. Eventually, I became secretary of Paradais Corp. CEO Jeremiah Grand. I later hooked up with the Prophet, began scheming, and everything's history from there. We've been watching and manipulating certain events behind the scenes leading to these past few chaotic days.

As you can see, the Dawn of Chaos didn't just begin a few days ago. No, this has been intricately built up since I first tapped into chaos magic for the first time. It was I who brought so much disorder to Space/Time. Now with Paradais and the Prophet's aid, even more disorder has materialized. Each victory you and the Senshi gained brought you closer to this inevitable event. These are Earth's final days. You better enjoy it while it lasts. If you want anyone to blame for this, blame our father. If he didn't chose me to be guardian, perhaps none of this would ever come to pass. I doubt you'd gamble it all and resort to chaos magic. Because that's exactly what I did. And this gambit will all have payed off."

(End theme)

As Sailor Chaos laughed at Pluto's expense, the Time Guardian conveyed some emotional distraught.

(Cue Dissidia Final Fantasy Extra OST – FFVI – Dancing Mad (Part 2))

"Don't look too sad, dear sister. I promise I'll let you live long enough to see me settle the score with Sailor Moon. She's the one I ultimately want and I will force you watch me kill her."

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto gave her a look of disgust.

"Got something to say? Go ahead. I'm all ears."

"I'm going to assume Ghidorah was never influenced by you?"

"No, the late-Rajita leader acted on his own accord. Thank you for reminding about him, sister. He was quite the sore loser during the Sailor Wars. After being previously defeated by Sailor Galaxia and Queen Serenity, he had to retreat and take his frustrations out on Planet Imperium, the rival planet of his reptilian race.

When he initiated his big incursion on Earth, I had the Prophet warn him about the black phoenix, who turned out to be Sailor Mars. When Yami Houou awakened, that's when I finally realized that fate would bring us to this point. Everything had fallen into place as we predicted. When the remnants of the once mighty Rajita empire hid in the Digital World, me and Paradais offered to help rebuild. I approached the one named Nagah and asked if I could see Gamera. It turns out Ghidorah's child was growing, not just in size, but his power had untapped potential. With my help, I accelerated Gamera's growth and turned him into the monster he is today."

"Why do I get the feeling you're just manipulating them, too?"

"After all I've told you, it should come as no surprise that I manipulate anyone who I can benefit from. Even now I'm manipulating those reptiles. They think they can take this planet and the Digital World as their own, they're completely missing the point of my Dawn of Chaos event. Everything and everyone are a pawn in Paradais' game. Whether Gamera and his people survive this game or not... well that'll be determined, but I already can see the outcome."

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto finally managed to stand on her feet.

"Though, I must give Professor Frank credit for warning us beforehand. Had he not arrived, you and the Senshi were planning to attack and seal me. In the future which Professor Frank came, my future counterpart's seal was broken and she sent him here with her temporal powers. His services have certain attributed to much of our success thus far. However, he's mostly just our wild card to keep those Duelists off my back while my original scheme with the Rajita came to fruition.

Thanks to him, Small Lady and her friends were forced to retreat here thanks to the temporal wave that wiped out their timeline. How valiantly they and those Signers fight to restore their future. It's quite admirable, don't you agree?"

She had her staff in hand and prepared to fight her.

"Oh, when are you going to learn, sister? Oh well, you're the one asking for more pain," Sailor Chaos shook her head as purple energy imbued in her right hand. She hovered over to Pluto and smiled evilly. "I'll make this as quick and painless as I can so I don't kill you."

(End theme)


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/7:39 PM

Throwing his arms out, Angemon X unleashed an immense energy barrier that repelled most of his opposition back. The Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers, Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon, RJ, and Norse Knight could only withstand being blown away by Angemon X's immense Ki release.

"Dimitri! We're not giving up!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna called to her boyfriend. "Can you hear me? I know you can hear my voice!"

Suddenly, Angemon X's face contorted as Sedna's voice penetrated through his thoughts.

"Perish all the negative thoughts Charon implanted in your mind!" The Ice Senshi pleaded to him. She held the Dragon Saber in hand and prepared to use it to neutralize the darkness possessing him.

Angemon X grabbed his head and sank to one knee.

Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon gasped. "I think it's working!"

RJ shouted. "This might be our only chance!"

The Kuipers, minus Sedna, flew in around Angemon X and converged their attacks on him. Their magic subdued Angemon X and caused him to drop to both knees instead. Once again, the Senshi's magic was proving to be most effective against an Ascendant.

"We're giving it all we've got!" Dai-Valkyrie Orcus called to Sedna.

"Hurry up and make your move, Sedna!" Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar exclaimed.

"Get your ass in here and do it!" Dai-Valkyrie Varuna shouted, motioning to Sedna's Dragon Saber.

As the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers continued subduing Angemon X with their attacks, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna rushed forward with the Dragon Saber. She closed her eyes and ran as fat as her feet could take her.

"You, too, Usa!" RJ said, pushing Neo Moon forward.

"Go for it, Neo Moon!" Norse Knight encouraged her. "We might not have another chance!"

Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon pressed her hands to her chest as the Silver Crystal's light subtly shone. She raced ahead following Sedna. As the two girls jumped in, Sedna drove the Dragon Saber into Angemon X's chest where she forced the evil energy to leak out, but she made sure not to actually pierce through his chest. Neo Moon summoned her Silver Crystal and pressed it against Angemon X, forcing even more darkness power out of him.

"Chaos power, I banish you from this man!" Neo Moon declared as her Silver Crystal lit up and dissolved the Chaos energy into nothing.

Exhausted, Angemon X collapsed into Sedna's waiting arms.

"They did it!" Dai-Valkyrie Eris excitedly cried out.

Dai-Valkyrie Ixion deeply sighed in relief. "Thank goodness."

"All right, way to go, guys!" RJ hollered as he, Norse Knight, Pegasus, and Gaia ran ahead to see the others.

As the Silver Crystals returned into her body, Neo Moon nearly collapsed but Orcus and Eris stopped her fall.

"Thanks... that took just a bit out of me..." The future princess said, panting if only a little bit.

Sedna folded her arms over Angemon X as she noticed him slowly awakening. Everyone crowded around the couple. Soon after, the Neo Senshi, Quartet, the Chimeras, and the Strombergs came after seeing the Silver Crystal's power radiate from the forest.


Azabu-Juuban District/Juuban Park/7:42 PM

Sailor Chaos effortlessly blasted Dai-Valkyrie Pluto back as she hit the nearest tree. Pluto slid down as she took enough damage to her body and armor following Chaos' relentless attack. Pluto opened her eyes and glared defiantly at the chaotic being.

"All right, I'm growing bored of this. Just one more attack to knock you out, then you'll be my prisoner again," Sailor Chaos sighed as she produced a chaos ball. Before she hit Pluto with it, Chaos felt her power beginning to drain very quickly. "No! This can't be!" She looked down over her body as she was turning back to Sailor Charon. Did those Kuiper and Crystal Tokyo brats really pull the unthinkable?! My link with that Ascendant's been severed!

Pluto was taken aback seeing Sailor Chaos regress to Sailor Charon. The evil Senshi cursed to herself as a portal opened up behind her. The Prophet arrived and reconvened with Charon.

"We lost the Ascendant to the Senshi, my love."

"Yes, I sensed our link being cut. I also can't rely on just pure heart crystals... we must seek an alternative energy source."

The Prophet replied. "Don't worry. I believe we might've found our alternative energy source."

"No, you two aren't getting away!" The Time Guardian quickly interjected as she bumrushed them. "For all the numerous lives you've taken and lives you've manipulated, we will defeat you!" She jumped across to launch an attack.


"Take us back."

As the Prophet grabbed Charon, they flew into the portal. The portal closed right in Pluto's face as the duo made their hasty retreat. The Dai-Valkyrie landed hard on the ground.

"No!" The Time Guardian yelled.

Then, further rubbing salt to her wounds, Pluto witnessed Neo-Rajita hovercrafts and ships spilling into the various Tokyo metropolitan areas. She couldn't contain her dismay seeing the alien invaders attacking Tokyo again.

"The Neo-Rajita?!"

'I know you're still reeling from the information Charon dumped on us. Until she's able to find that alternative energy source, she won't show up until she's ready to face you and the other Sailor Senshi. Besides, we'll likely have the other groups reunited as we take a stand against her and Paradais. However, we must also focus on preventing Paradais from destroying this timeline's future.'

"No, I won't let what happened to Small Lady's time occur here."

'For now, we must uphold the task of leading the others against the invaders.'

Pluto deeply breathed and collapsed as her body had taken an abusive beating from Sailor Chaos. Lupe flew out of Pluto's armor and placed her on his back.

"I'll fly us back to our previous location where the princess, Sedna, and the others presumably saved that Ascendant."

Pluto nodded and mounted the wolf's back. "Thank you, Lupe."

The wolf spirit consoled the emotionally-driven Time Guardian. 'They'll return. This won't be the last we see of Charon and the Prophet. For as long as we've been their prisoners, we know how they operate.'

"Yes," Pluto concurred as Lupe flew off and navigated them back to Hikawa Shrine. Charon... no, Chaos... I promise this isn't over.


Near the cavern/1009 B.C.

As, Yugi, Atem, Joey, and Tea entered the cavern, they found the other Duelists out of breath, having run all the way from the cultists' hideout and arriving mere moments before. Yugi and Atem walked in first, surprising most, but a few like Mokuba and Serenity weren't too shocked after meeting their Egyptian counterparts.

After Yugi gave his status report, Seto, Lyn, Yusei, and Jaden quickly spilled the beans regarding their side quest stopping the Cult of Apophis and freeing a bunch of captured villagers. Yugi, Joey, and Tea were surprised when it was revealed this Apophis character wielded the same Staff of Apophis that would be later uncovered by Pegasus. They further explained when the Staff of Apophis granted each of the Neo-Duelists and Signers the Spirit Fusion powers.

"Man, you guys must've had quite the adventure!" Joey exclaimed. "Ahh, and we missed out!"

"Trust me, bro. You didn't miss out on much," Tristan said, the humiliation of being captured fresh in his mind.

"Well, it's great that all of you can utilize the power to Spirit Fuse," Yugi acknowledged his colleagues. He glanced over to Jaden and Yusei. "Well done."

"What can I say? This Spirit Fusion business is wicked cool," Jaden said.

"But, onto more important business, I was thinking before we got caught up in that whole Cult of Apophis mess," Yusei quickly surmised. "I think the reason Frank wanted the three Egyptian God Cards is to tip the balance of the original battle between the Earthbound Immortals and the five Dragons."

Carly interjected. "Ah, in that case, I know the exact date where he might be heading!" All eyes faced her direction.

"Well, go on," Jack said.

"Being the avid researcher that I am, I know that that battle happened in 3009 B.C., which should be where we'll find Frank and get one last chance to prevent him from altering that important battle!"

"How did you figure this all out?" Crow asked.

"No time for questions. We got our date," Yugi interceded.

"But, how do we get there? We don't have Sailor Pluto to take us where we need to go," Tea said.

Blair whined. "Oh, don't tell me we're stuck in the past!"

"Great, just when things were going well for us," Syrus sighed.

"No, we're not. Don't you forget that Yugi still has the Time Key?" Aster reminded them.

"I have it with me. Plus, we have a means to help tip the scales against Frank," Yugi beckoned Atem over, who held out the Millennium Pendant, which the Domino City Duelists instantly recognized.

Seto, Lyn, Mokuba, Serenity, Tristan, and Duke were taken aback when seeing the familiar item.

"That's..." Tristan gasped in shock.

Seto nodded. "The Millennium Puzzle."

"It's the Millennium Pendant during this time," Yugi corrected him. "Atem will be joining us and he's our only means of ending Frank's scheme. With the Pendant's power, we should be able to call upon our monsters from the Spirit Realm to help us, and the fact that we all can Spirit Fuse should only improve our chances..."

"I hope this works," Akiza said.

Yusei reassured her and the other Signers. "Everything will be ok, guys. Just stay close."

As Leo and Luna grabbed each other's hands, the others followed suit and formed a giant circle. When Yugi, Tea, and Atem were the last to hold hands, Yugi raised the Time Key.

"Time Key, open the gates to the Space/Time Door! Grant us permission to the past!"

With their mindsets predestined for 3009 B.C., a vortex opened above their heads. Most of the Duelists and Atem were mesmerized by the time gate appearing before them. The vortex released a beam of light, which pulled them right into the time stream. Their next destination: the Nazca Civilization circa. 3009 B.C.


Outside the Pharaoh's Palace/Courtyard/1009 B.C.

Teana was out in the courtyard looking out to the stars. All that fell on her mind was Atem's journey with Yugi and his entourage to stop Professor Frank.

"Teana?" came a child's voice, which startled her. She turned and saw a coffee-haired and tan-skinned child wearing a beige sleeveless top with ruffled straps, a matching colored miniskirt, wrist bracelets, and a necklace. "Where has Atem gone?"

Teana smiled as she approached and the child. "He's gone on an important quest, Mana. He'll be back." She pat the child's head and smiled to her genuinely. "I promise."

"I hope so," Mana nodded.

"You and me both, Mana."


Thebes/Akahana's Home/1009 B.C.

Back in their home, Akahana and Abukom also stared outside to see the stars together. They prayed for the safe journey their new friends would take on across time. The couple turned around looking into one another and kissed each other passionately.

As the lovers made out, Kisara used Akahana's bedroom and rested in her bed. However, she wasn't fully asleep as she turned over and stared out the window to gaze at the stars.

A smile adorned the girl's features as she thought about Seto and Lyn. "Farewell, Seto and Lyn. And Seth, one day we will meet as we're fated to be." She then slept as she planned to leave Thebes in the morning and return later as preordained.


Cult of Apophis' Hideout/1009 B.C.

Later that evening, Seth and his aides finally discovered the Cult of Apophis' hideout cavern. By the time they arrived, the villagers were gone and retreated to their homes.

Seth and his men saw the unconscious bodies of the cultists scattered around.

"What happened here?" wondered one of the aides, stepping over each body. "They're all alive."

"Start collecting them. They'll be our prisoners and will answer to their crimes," Seth ordered as the aides began picking up cultists and scouring the vicinity. Just then, Seth found a peculiar item that caught his eye. He noticed the Staff of Apophis just sitting on the throne. "This is..." He muttered when he reached over to grab it.


Present Day/Meikai/Demon Priests' Main Lair/7:45 PM

Karasu finally tore through Yoko Kurama's mushroom shield. The silver-haired fox narrowly slipped out of Karasu's reach and threw a barrage of roses, all of which pierced into the symbiote that protected Karasu.

"Nice try, Kurama, but your roses won't hurt us anymore as long as we wore this suit," Karasu cackled manically as the suit 'spat' the roses out. "How about we take your head now, legendary bandit?!"

This can't go on longer. Rio depends on me.


Flashback/Previous Night/Near Yasha Village/Campsite

"Kurama, now that we're alone..." Rio addressed his colleague as they walked a good few kilometers from the campsite. "I need you to do me a favor."

"Go on, Rio. I'm listening."

"As you and the others know, my Demon Sun Stone is also tied to my emotions. If I ever succumb to extreme points of anger, the stone can alter my mindset and even change me," Rio said with worry in his tone. "I may even turn into a monster... and I have fear I'll lose myself when I fight Kyo. Kurama, I ask you, should that ever come to pass and I become a monster... I need you to plant a seed in my body. When I transform and I know you will feel my stone's power being invoked, I need you to make that seed sprout so it take kill me from within."

"Rio, you're going to extreme lengths to tell me to do this. I don't believe killing you will be the answer..."

"Please, Kurama, as a friend to another... a colleague to another..."

Kurama was hesitant as he put his hands on Rio. "Minako will never forgive me if I do this. And you have a daughter who just came from the future to warn us about the discrepancies in the timelines."

"I know..." Rio remembered his daughter Ai. "Oh, what a fool I am!"

"On the other hand, if we go through with this, and should you die... if my assumption is correct, I doubt anything will happen to the Ai."

"What do you mean...?"

Kurama approached Rio and whispered closely in his ear. Rio's eyes shot open after what the red-haired fox told him as if he already knew from the start.

Rio was utterly speechless. "...you know that Minako and I...?"

"I'm a fox, Rio. My keen senses are better than yours."

"We wanted to surprise you all."

"Listen, Rio, I think I have a solution to this, but you and I will have to play our parts right."

"Are you sure, Kurama?"

Kurama genuinely replied. "Listen closely..."


(Cue YuYu Hakusho Unreleased Track: EP3 S1 Spirit Detective Saga)

Yoko Kurama shot forward and unleashed a barrage of razor sharp rose petals that sliced into Karasu's body. The symbiote protected his host from getting cut into pieces.

"You'll have to do better than that to kill us, Kurama!" Karasu laughed, catching Yoko Kurama with a slash to his right arm.

Yoko Kurama immediately jerked his arm and saw the fresh cut inflicted on his arm. He rubbed blood on his finger and threw some of it to the ground. As the blood hit the ground, it seeped into the earth and summoned giant vines to entangle Karasu. The explosive-frenzied demon blasted through the vines and came within Yoko Kurama's reach.

"Time to die! Hahaha!" The symbiote laughed manically as it made Karasu go straight for the silver-maned warrior's heart.

Yoko Kurama readied himself for a rebound, but then a pillar of fire hit the back of Karasu. Brimstone glided through and hit the symbiote dead-on with a scorching heat blast. Karasu and the symbiote both screamed in excruciating pain, but it was the demon symbiote that took the most damage. The symbiote ripped itself off Karasu's body.


Ignoring the symbiote's pleas, Brimstone summoned a pillar of fire that engulfed the symbiote. The slimy creature let out its final screams as the fire contained it. Hiei came down and added more fuel to the fire by channeling his darkness flames into Brimstone's fire pillar. The dark fire helped dissolve the symbiote and reduce it to embers.

Wounded and without the symbiote's support, Karasu found himself surrounded by the three warriors.

"No...!" Karasu surveyed around and frantically looked for a place to run.

"There's no escape for you, Karasu," Yoko Kurama flat out told Karasu. "You should've prayed when you had the chance." He walked up and stabbed Karasu's heart with his vine sword. He dropped Karasu, who dropped to the ground dead. "Ugh..." Yoko Kurama let out a repressed sigh and collapsed, to which Hiei and Brimstone responded by catching his fall.

"We can't have you sleeping on the job," Brimstone joked.

Hiei noticed Yoko Kurama holding the seed. "What's that for?"

"A last resort, but not for this battle," Yoko Kurama eyed the direction past the castle stronghold. "Rio's transformed and Yusuke desperately needs our help. We have little time." He looked down at the seed again and crushed it.

Hiei and Brimstone carried Yoko Kurama as they stormed toward the stronghold.

(End theme)


A loud pounding came emanating behind a steel door. This ruckus quickly alarmed the three guards that hurried over and readied their weapons to fire. In less than a few seconds, Chuu punched through the door and ripped through the steel much to the shock of the guards.

"Sup, ya buncha wet noodles?" Chuu greeted the guards.

"Don't let him through! Fire!" The lead guard commanded.

As they blasted him with their laser rifles, Chuu ran through the beams. Though some managed to sting the raging mad fighter, Chuu pounded the three guards and knocked them out. Hokushin and Natsume's brother, Kujo, witnessed Chuu knocking the guards out.

"Chuu?!" Kujo gaped.

"Hey, boys, I came to get y'all out," Chuu said as he tried grabbing the bars. To his surprise, the bars zapped him with an electrified shock.

"The bars are protected with an impenetrable barrier. The only way to shut them down is using the guard's access key," Hokushin informed Chuu. "See that card hanging on that head prison guard's...?"

"Huh? Oh this one?" Chuu unhooked the card from the guard's hip. He noticed a card slot attached on the lock. He slid the card through it.

Then, a computerized voice came up and demanded. "Eye Scan Identification."

"Crap," Chuu snorted.

"Pick up one of those guards and open..."

"I get it, boys." Chuu sighed as he picked up one of the guards, opened his eyelid, and let the eye reader scan his eye.

"Commander Svyerus, thank you. You may enter."

As the door opened, Chuu rushed in free Hokushin and Kujo.

"Thank you, Chuu," Kujo said.

Hokushin finished stretching his neck. "You have no idea how long we've been waiting."

"Enough about that. We need to find Natsume. Kujo, you know where they took your sister?"

"Yes, she was taken to Tsukiyomi's slave quarters," Kujo stopped as he and the two demons conveniently sensed Natsume. "That's my sister. She's close by and apparently out of that slave chamber."

"Then, let's go and get her. Yusuke and the boys are takin' care of business right now."

Hokushin was relieved. "Good, then the Demon Priests and their ritual can be stopped."

Chuu nodded. "Hope so, mate. C'mon, Natsume needs us."


Meikai/Demon Priests' Main Lair/7:50 PM

As they reached the Demon Priest main quarters, the Neo-Spirit Detectives, Yasha, Kuwabara, Maya, Shura, Mizuno, and Nadeshiko watched huge battle activity emanating outside.

(Cue Final Fantasy Tactics OST - The Pervert ~ Lucavi Demon Battle Theme)

"Look!" Kuwabara pointed to the giant wolf and lion clash outside. "Holy crap! What's a lion and a wolf doing out there fighting?!"

Upon seeing the giant beasts, Cammy gasped. "Those aren't just giant beasts! Do you feel the dark power coming from those two? The power is too familiar to the Demon Stones!"

"In conclusion, Rio and Kyo activated their stones and turned into beasts," Aoshi stated. "Yeah, make senses why we sensed two immense powers growing."

Yasha refrained from speaking watching Rio and Kyo trying to bite each other. The aggression demonstrated by the demon stone beasts made Kuwabara shudder.

"Those two are really Rio and Kyo?!" inquired Mizuno.

"I can't believe Rio turned into that big lion."

"Look, if they're still fighting, then the ritual isn't over!" Yui declared. "We still have a chance to abort it! ShadowMetalGarurumon, let's Biomerge!"

ShadowMetalGarurumon complied. "As you wish..." He and Yui merged together to form Lady Lupin.

Lady Lupin drew out her sword and faced her colleagues. "Let's go, gang."

"Whoa, incredible..." Moonlight Knight stared in awe at Lady Lupin.

"Yes, there's still a chance. C'mon!" Yasha called out, leading the group and blasting a hole through the wall while making an entrance for them. She and the group shortly stopped to observe Yusuke fighting Long on the other end of the disclosed ritual site.

"There's Kohana!" Aoshi quickly pointed everyone to the girl laying on the large altar.

"No, he's already implanted the third stone into her!" Yasha exclaimed. "You kids better go down and pull her out!"

"C'mon!" Lady Lupin commanded as she and the Neo-Detectives ran down toward the altar.

Shura called out. "Wait for me! I want to help, too!" He stormed off and followed the Neo-Detectives.

As Lady Lupin, Cammy, and Aoshi headed toward the altar, a dark barrier came up and repelled them from reaching Kohana. Shura stopped and observed the dome barrier shaping over Kohana.

"I should've known the stone would proactively produce defenses to keep intruders from stopping the ritual," Yasha scowled as she set Selipa's body down. "Kuwabara, Maya, looks like they're going to need help."

"Hey, I've got the solution to your barrier problems right here!" Kuwabara grinned as he produced a long yellow blade through his fingers. "My trusty Dimension Sword."

Maya quickly approved. "That'll work!"

"Yes, the Dimension Sword, as the name implied, cuts through dimensions. It'll be enough to cut through this barrier," the half-demon dog said. "Let's hurry!"

Mizuno stayed behind with Nadeshiko and watched the three head off into the heat of the ongoing conflict.

However, as the three headed over to aid the Neo-Detectives, Long spotted them. His eyes widened in shock seeing the Dimension Sword in Kuwabara's possession. He expelled a quick green blast that hit Kuwabara and knocked him aside.

"No!" Mizuno screamed.

"Kuwabara!" Yusuke yelled, but Long quickly cut him off from the pass.

"Going somewhere?" Long gut-punched Yusuke and backhanded him several yards across into a statue. "Feh." He shifted his focus toward Yasha and Maya helping Kuwabara up. "Oh no, you don't!" He phased out and reappeared in front of the trio. Lifting his right hand, he forged a brimming ball of red Youki in his hand. "Die!"

Yasha prepared to shield Maya and Kuwabara until...

...Tsukiyomi came out of nowhere and headbutted Long's rear back. Long stumbled back and whirled around to see a damaged Tsukiyomi glaring him down intently. Tsukiyomi lunged at Long and tried to bite him. Long evaded her reach and blasted her back.

"What's the meaning of this, Tsukiyomi?!" Long demanded.

"What the hell?! She survived my attack?!" Maya flabbergasted.

Nodding, Yasha sighed. "It's going to take more than that to put away a Demon Priest, but your attack did effectively wound her."

Kuwabara slowly sat up and grunted. "Ugh, hey, where's Nadeshiko?"

Suddenly, Mizuno felt an immense Youki force from Nadeshiko that repelled her.

"Ugh!" The Sirendramon grunted as she hit the floor. She barely tried to grab Nadeshiko, who jumped out of her reach. "Wait!"

The half-dragon demon left Selipa's dead body and poked her head out to witness the chaotic situation. Her eyes veered from Kuwabara, Yasha, and Maya, and quickly turned to notice Long standing out in the open.

Nadeshiko gritted her teeth when her eyes fell on directly on Long's direction.

"Tsukiyomi! I won't ask you again!" Long again demanded a reply.

Tsukiyomi furrowed her brows and growled deeply. "I know what you did, Long! I know the truth!"

Long shot a fierce glare, but her scowl curled into a fiendish grin. "I knew you'd find out. There's no way anything escapes your keen nose. Not that it matters. You and Vigor have outlived your usefulness to me and Lord Arago."

Yasha gasped. "Mother...?!"

"Don't address me, daughter. We're going to talk after I deal with this backstabbing snake!" Tsukiyomi snapped as she walked toward Long.

"You're wounded, Tsukiyomi. You can't defeat me as you are now!"

"I'll die trying for what you did...!"

Suddenly, Long heard a loud hiss and turned around to see Nadeshiko jumping out in the open.

"Nadeshiko! Get out of there!" Kuwabara called.

"Well, well, if it isn't my mutt of a daughter," chortled the demon dragon. "Did you come to say hello to daddy?" He openly mocked the demon child. "Yasha, you shouldn't have brought her here. Bad things can happen to children when left unattended." He raised his hand and prepared to kill Nadeshiko, but Yasha instinctively ran up and seized his hand. "Let go."

"She might be your blood daughter, but I'm more family to her than you hope to ever be!" The white-haired hanyou defiantly howled at him.

"Bitch, unhand me!" He backhanded Yasha back and attentively watched Tsukiyomi running up to strike him. He narrowly evaded Tsukiyomi and tail slapped her. "None of you are a match for me!"

The Neo-Detectives ceased breaching the barrier's defenses and watched the others being mercilessly pummeled by Long. Even Nadeshiko got backhanded by Long.

"Damn, this is looking bad! We gotta help them!" Aoshi exclaimed.

"Yui, we need Kuwabara to cut the barrier," Cammy added.

Before Lady Lupin initiated her next move, she seemingly heard low whispers in her head. She surveyed the entire vicinity to find the source of this mysterious 'voice', but to her confusion she saw no source of such.

"What the hell was that?" Lady Lupin became distracted. Wait, that yellow-haired visage! Did that voice come from...?

Suddenly, everyone present noticed Rio push Kyo into the barrier. The barrier paralyzed Kyo and inflicted a nasty burn over his back. Kyo retaliated and bit down into Rio's neck. Rio howled painfully and slapped Kyo back. Rio stumbled forward as blood spilled from his neck.

"RIO!" Lady Lupin and the Neo-Detectives yelled in unison.

Yusuke steadily stood up and watched Long punching Tsukiyomi aside. Kuwabara, Maya, Mizuno, and Nadeshiko were laying scattered over the vicinity.

"What the hell did I just miss?!" The ex-Detective wondered. He veered to the other side and watched Rio biting into Kyo's neck. "Rio!" He noticed the blood spilling from Rio's own neck. "RIO!"

Kyo seized advantage of Rio's unguarded position and thrust his claws into Rio's chest. Rio howled in pain as he collapsed much to the Spirit Detective's shock.

"RIO!" Yusuke yelled.

One snap by Kyo's strong bite seemingly sealed his brother's fate.

(End theme)

There was much shock and silence at the heart-wrenching turn of events. Time seemingly stood still as Long's sadistic smile became a horrified demeanor.

As most of Detectives and their colleagues checked on Rio, Long, Tsukiyomi, and Yasha saw...

...Selipa alive and showing up at the most inopportune moment.

"No, it can't be! You're dead!" Kyo's face contorted with distress.

Selipa remarked, her smile faded into a frown. "Yeah, so, where was I gonna go? Detroit?"

Between Rio's sudden death and Selipa's return from death's grip, nobody was checking on Kohana. Unbeknownst to everyone present, the Kuroshishi girl's eyes shot wide open in conjunction with the awakening of her Demon Dark Star Stone.

"...Rio... Kyo..."


(Cue Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce)


Kyo: Selipa?! You should be dead!

Selipa: Meikai is also an after life realm. If I'm standing here and my dead body is here... kinda obvious, don't you think?

Yusuke: Rio! Is he...?!

Tsukiyomi: Long, regardless of what's happened, I will kill you for setting me up to die!

(Kohana rises with her Demon Stone empowering her. Everyone despairs over what she does next.)

Lady Lupin: NO! (witnesses her brother die)... (senses a subtle force taking over)

Aoshi: Yui?

Cammy: What's going on with Yui?

Vigor: Yo-You're...

Raizen: What's the matter? Pissing yourself scared?

Neo Moon: Pluto, you were fighting Sailor Chaos?!

Sedna: Pluto needs to be treated. But, the rest of us needs to avert the invasion.

Varuna, Eris, Quaoar, Ixion, Orcus, Makemake, and Haumea: We've got this!

Blue Mars, Summoner Venus, Battle Mercury, and Battle Jupiter: Neo Senshi, ready for action!

Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and Pallas: Sailor Quartet, ready to fight!

Adam (turns to Demona, Ryuuhi, Daiki, Max, and Sam): Let's rumble!

Larry: Chimeras, disengage and aid our friends!

Angemon X: Sedna, let's clear out these alien freaks!

Sedna: I'm glad we're truly working together again.

Neo Moon: There's Digimon, too?!

IceDevimons: Well, what do we have here? New guests to play with?

Athenamon: Who are you?

'Dragon Digimon': A former Royal Knight excommunicated. I see you and your friend here are in a dilemma. Heheh, perhaps, I could help?

Swordswoman: What you've been doing has been wrong! I doubt Sage would've wanted this!

Mee-Nai: Krog! No!

D'Arcmon: D'Arcmon Shinka...!

Sely (witnesses her Amazoness sisters and others turned to stone by Najadramon): Oh no!

Jupiter: What's going on?!

Najadramon: Let's add a few more statues to my collection.

Venus: His aging mist is spreading too far out!

Revenant: Your pure light can't hope to purify my mist.

Mercury: Take this! (attacks Witty Phantom)

Kyodaidramon: Let's avenge AlforceVeedramon and our other fallen Dra-Warriors! Espirtdramon!

Espirtdramon: BelialMyotismon, our motivation to defeat us has brought to this point!

(Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon invoked a new Jogress.)

Hydra: Let's see you try and take on my true form, Saturn!

Saturn: You're getting desperate.

Mars: What?! This is the Digimon's power you're using?!

Nagah: Yes, isn't it grand? Now we can finally settle it... phoenix vs. phoenix.

Mars: Houou, you have to trust me to fight her without your help. I must win with my own power!

Igasu: You're slippery one, aren't you, bunny girl?

Moon: I'm putting you down for good, Igasu! I won't let you hurt anyone dear to me!

Megumi: Kids, where are you?!

Kasumi: You pups are a lot more resourceful than I thought. All right, time to call out the Grapplers For Hire to lend us some support!

Kurama: No, are we too late?!

Hiei: No, Arago's been...

Yusuke: Just when things got bad, they get worse...

Morpheous: Next on Dawn of Chaos!

Alien Invaders, Digi-Zombies, and Paradais, oh my?! The Demon Stones Unify!

Charon: Pluto, you have no idea of the horrors that await you and everyone in these final days.


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