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Chapter 49

Alien Invaders, Digi-Zombies, and Paradais, oh my?! The Demon Stones Unify!


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/7:55 PM

Angemon X opened his eyes to the curious faces of the Kuiper & Neo Senshi, the Chimeras, Max & Sam, Morpheous, Wolk, Helbot, and company surrounding near him. He groaned a little while coming to. Most were cautious of what he was going to do, but the Ascendant had little idea of what happened prior to his mind seemingly shutting down. He felt two arms folded around his waist comforting him. He looked up to see Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Sedna. She leaned his head on her laps and smiled down on him.

"K...Karin?" Angemon X muttered quietly.

"Shhh, it's ok. You're back," Sedna kindly reassured him whilst stroking his face.

"Back? Then...!" He immediately shot up and almost alarmed everyone near them. The Kuipers were nearly poised to subdue him just in case, but he looked at them in confusion. "Guys? Wait, it's ok... I'm not under Charon's control... wait, I'm not." He rubbed the back of his head.

"We purged the darkness from your body, Dimitri," Sedna said as she walked up behind him. She grabbed his arm. "We removed her control over you."

"Then, I'm ok," Angemon X sighed with relief whilst everyone dropped their guards.

"Thank goodness," Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar was relieved to hear.

Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon opened her hand to reveal a small black orb in her hand. Angemon X walked over to view it. Using her own healing magic, the princess dissolved the black orb.

"Glad to have you back on our side, man," RJ nodded, giving him a thumbs up.

"I'm sorry. If I was only able to resist her control over me!" Angemon X openly apologized to everyone present.

"It's not your fault!" Dai-Valkyrie Eris said. "You were under an evil influence and we completely understand."

"She had us all fooled though in getting you to destroy us," Valkyrie Blue Mars stated. "Even me and my brother's Jagan eyes couldn't have detected the dark plant in your body."

Ryuuhi nodded. "Indeed and admittedly your power alone could've finished us if you had been given the chance."

"Yeah, you have some awesome power," Adam said.

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna scoffed as she approached Angemon X. "I don't often admit this, but I'm glad Karin's got a boyfriend like you. Your strength is something even I can admire." She extended a hand to the Ascendant, which he accepted and shook. "I can depend on you to be there for my friend."

"I'd stake my life for her," the Ascendant boldly replied, looking straight into Varuna's blue eyes.

Sedna, the other Kuipers, the Neo Senshi, and the others approved upon seeing them shake hands.

"We're all glad you're on our side now," Valkyrie Battle Jupiter said, nodding along with her fellow Neo Senshi.

Valkyrie Makemake turned to Haumea. "Wow, this is Sedna's boyfriend? He's cute."

Valkyrie Haumea grinned mischievously. "Maybe Sedna won't mind if I flirt with him a bit?"

Norse Knight quickly addressed Angemon X. "Dimitri, now that you're back to your senses, we now have an urgent situation." He motioned him and the others toward the city where the Neo-Rajita were beginning to flood the city with an incursion.

"Damn, it's one battle after another!" Valkyrie Summoner Venus exclaimed.

Dai-Valkyrie Orcus frowned. "Nothing we can't handle, right? We all got new power-ups and that'll give us an edge over these alien freaks."

"Last time we were victims during the last global invasion," Dai-Valkyrie Ixion said. "This time we're be averting an invasion together."

"Princess Serenity, are you ready?" Pegasus asked Neo Moon.

"I am and I'll have you guys backing me up," Neo Moon addressed her colleagues. She turned to see the Neo Senshi and the Sailor Quartet nodding together.

Valkyrie Ceres genuinely replied. "Have we turned down a battle until now? Of course not."

Valkyrie Pallas ecstatically cheered. "Yay, more target practice! I get to show more of my new attacks!"

Valkyrie Vesta and Valkyrie Juno conveyed excitement for more action and to further demonstrate their new Valkyrie Senshi abilities.

"Well, what are we waiting for then?" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna spoke up for everyone. "Let's go out there, bring order to our city, and kick some alien ass!"

Suddenly, everyone stopped and looked up to see Lupe descending from the skies. The group hurried over to where the wolf landed and let Dai-Valkyrie Pluto climb off his back. Neo Moon and Sedna quickly ran to Pluto's side.

"Pluto!" Neo Moon screamed upon seeing Pluto's battle scars and slightly damaged armor. "Did Charon really do this to you?"

"Shit, looks like she just came back from a rough fight!" Sam observed

Max was flabbergasted. "Charon did this to her?!"

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto threw an arm over Neo Moon and allowed her to help her up. Pluto lifted her head and shot a serious, meaningful glare that sent the message right home.

"She's that strong?" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna gasped a little. "And you're supposed to be the strongest Senshi here out of all of us."

Valkyrie Cyber Mercury shook her head. "If she did this to Pluto, then we're in trouble. I doubt all of us together can stop that bitch."

"Where is she now?" Norse Knight asked the Time Guardian.

"Gone," Pluto replied. She went on to explain her encounter with Sailor Charon, but without spilling the beans on Charon revealing herself as Sailor Chaos. "...and she retreated with a hooded figure. I tried to stop them, but they went into a portal before I could reach them. Then, Lupe carried me here."

"That witch got away! Ugh!" Neo Moon conveyed her utter contempt for Charon.

"We're glad you're ok, but let me and Neo Moon heal you," Valkyrie Blue Mars offered. "You, too, Dimitri."

"Good idea. That way you two can both be 100 percent when we go out and avert the Rajita invasion," Norse Knight nodded in approval. "I just wish Sailor Moon and the others are here now."

"Yes, at this point, if we're to stand a chance with Charon... we need Sailor Moon and the other Senshi," Pluto said as Neo Moon and Blue Mars used their healing powers on her battle scars. Letting out a deep sigh of relief, Pluto flexed her arms as she watched the scratches fade away and her armor was magically repaired.

Angemon X received healing treatment from Neo Moon and Blue Mars.

It wasn't long as Luna, Artemis, Diana, Lucy, Desi, and DemiDevimon reconvened with the group.

"There's little time, everyone. Until Sailor Moon and her guard return, it's up to you to stop the Neo-Rajita from overtaking Tokyo," Luna advised the Kuiper and Neo Senshi.

Artemis nodded. "With Charon hopefully out of the way, we can focus on just these aliens."

"Good luck, everyone," Desi and Lucy said.

"Be careful, Helena!" DemiDevimon chimed in and wished for Quaoar's safe return.

Morpheous nodded over to Wolk. "Are you ready to fight our own people?"

Hesitant to say anything otherwise, Wolk shrugged. "What's more I can't do? The moment I turned on my sister, there's no turning back for me."

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar overheard Wolk. "Hope it stays that way." The Brazilian called out on her proclamation. She got a pat on the shoulder by Varuna.

"You tell her, Hel," Dai-Valkyrie Varuna smirked deviously.

After Pluto and Angemon X were healed, everyone assembled together and faced the general direction of the Tokyo metropolis being overrun by the Neo-Rajita. The Kuipers, the Neo Senshi, the Quartet, the Chimeras, and company stood poised and ready to engage the alien invaders and drive them out of town.

"I suggest we split up," Larry insisted. "We'll cover more ground and each team should be sufficient enough to take out large squadrons of these guys."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Dai-Valkyrie Eris approved.

"Now I know why I picked you to lead, Larry," Mika approved of his strategic idea.

Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon quickly mounted Pegasus and winked to RJ. "Let's cut loose, RJ."

"Now you're talking my game, Usa," the half-demon cackled excitedly.

Norse Knight mounted Gaia and gazed toward Tokyo. "Let's do this."

"Ok, guys!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna openly declared as she and Angemon X stood side by side. "Let's go and take back our city!" She and everyone behind hollered in unison as they bumrushed toward Tokyo in a hurry. "Dimitri, I'm glad we're fighting together for real again."

"Likewise," Angemon X said whilst flying along with Sedna.

Along the way, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto and Lupe stayed close behind Neo Moon, RJ, and Norse Knight. Pluto reflected back on Charon's message to her and vaguely referring to another 'source' to maintain her Chaos form. She shook her head and focused on the current dilemma.

"Are you ok, Pluto?" Norse Knight quietly inquired as he eyed the Time Guardian closely.

Pluto vaguely smiled. "Yes. Let's just stick to driving the Rajita out of the city."

Neo Moon looked over her shoulder and watched Pluto. She picked up on a peculiar vibe and assessed the tone Pluto addressed Norse Knight. I wonder what happened during her fight with Charon that has her worked up. Is there something you're not telling us, Pluto?

The following were split up into their respective groups: the Kuiper Senshi led by Sailor Sedna with Angemon X backing them; the Neo Senshi, Max & Sam, and Helbot led by Neo Moon and RJ with Sailor Pluto and Norse Knight aiding them; the Chimeras led by Larry with Morpheous and Wolk helping. They diverged across various directions and spread out over Tokyo in a hurry whilst spearheading through the Neo-Rajita invaders.


Meikai/Demon Priests' Main Lair/8:05 PM

There was much shock and silence at the heart-wrenching turn of events. Time seemingly stood still as Long's sadistic smile became a horrified demeanor.

As most of Detectives and their colleagues checked on Rio, Long, Tsukiyomi, and Yasha saw...

...Selipa alive and showing up at the most inopportune moment.

"No, it can't be! You're dead!" Kyo's face contorted with distress.

Selipa remarked, her smile faded into a frown. "Yeah, so, where was I gonna go? Detroit? Meikai is also an after life realm. If I'm standing here and my dead body is here... kinda obvious, don't you think? "

Between Rio's sudden death and Selipa's return from death's grip, nobody was checking on Kohana. Unbeknownst to everyone present, the Kuroshishi girl's eyes shot wide open in conjunction with the awakening of her Demon Dark Star Stone.

"...Rio... Kyo..."

Long conveyed irritation seeing Selipa seemingly alive and kicking. "How are you here so quickly? Your spirit should've gone through the soul sanctuary and relocated into the Valley of the Dead. It would've taken you some time to get here."

Veering her direction to her murderer, Selipa scowled. "Oh, you'd really like to know, would you? You'd be surprised. Does Demento ring any bells?"

"You met that sniveling little fool?!" Long scowled. "Yes, it makes sense considering he's a dead soul like you now. He's concealed his presence in fear that we'd punish his soul for eternity."

"When he died, he told me he knew you and the Priests would've dismissed his services after he died. Granted, he's the last demon I've ever wanted to see again, but he did me a favor waking me up and navigating my soul here," Selipa explained, picking up her own dead body and carrying it whilst walking down the steps. "In fact, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have gotten here quicker. As you can tell, in the Meikai, there is no difference between a physical and spiritual body since we are technically still in an afterlife realm. As long as my body hasn't been destroyed, my soul can return to it. You should've thought long and hard to destroy my body when you had the chance, Long. That way you would've prevented me from ever leaving the Meikai since dead souls can no longer leave here. Not unless you recreate me an artificial body like you did for Karasu, who should all means be a soul that's deader than dead." She noticed Tsukiyomi facing her direction and equally shocked to see her sooner than later. "It's about time you've seen through his deceit, Lady Tsukiyomi."

"Wait, a minute! If you're able to carry your own body, then couldn't you re-enter?" Yusuke inquired, pointing Selipa carrying her own body.

"Perhaps. Look, that doesn't matter! What matters is knowing who killed me!" Selipa pivoted her head and shooting a fierce glare toward Long. "Right, Long?! Kyo! It wasn't Rio who killed me! Long deceived you! He used my 'death' as a catalyst to elicit your reason to fight and kill Rio! He cares nothing for you, me, Lady Tsukiyomi, Vigor, and everyone who has been associated with him! We've been his pawns to further his goal of reviving Arago! Look, he's even set you up to kill your brother, Kyo! Your brother is dead because you believed this bastard!" She eyed Kyo's direction and saw the look of distraught and shock in the beast's eyes.

Kyo eyed Rio's dying body and backed away as the Spirit and Neo-Detectives crowded near the fallen lion.

"RIO!" Yusuke yelled, shaking the giant lion as the beast's body glowed and regressed back into his human form.

As Mizuno tried feeling Rio's pulse, she was getting little response. She gasped. "Guys, he's leaving us!"

"RIO!" Lady Lupin screamed as she put Rio's head on her lap. "C'mon, we're so close to Kohana now! You can't leave us!"

There was no immediate response from Rio, which worried the group. Maya and Kuwabara tried shaking off their grief when it became apparent Rio wasn't going to make it with the amount of blood he's losing. Clenching his fists, Yusuke turned and glared intently at Long.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Sensui's End OST Track #5)

"You're not getting out of this alive, you bastard!" The ex-Detective snapped. A large amount of Youki leaked out from his body, which was stimulated by the surge of anger flowing out. "If you thought I was pissed off before...!"

"Hah! And what are all of you going to do?! It's too late!" Long exclaimed. "You can't stop the ritual now that the next step is set to commence." With that, he watched the barrier surrounding Kohana come down. "Arise, Dark Star Stone wielder."

Upon hearing the Priest's command, Kohana's eyes slowly shot open. Both eyes glowed red and very profusely. Everyone near the alter felt an immense surge of Youki emerge from Kohana's position.

"No! I won't allow this to go through!" Yasha exclaimed as she attempted to bumrush Long, who easily evaded her and tail whipped her from behind.

Yasha fell near Nadeshiko, who was still recovering from Long's assault. Tsukiyomi quickly took matters to her hands and lunged at Long. She bit into his right shoulder and tore a chunk of his flesh off. Long let out a blood-curdling scream and retaliated by punching her in the stomach. As Tsukiyomi doubled over, Long tail whipped her back.

"You dare to defy me, Tsukiyomi! Just when we're within reach of our goal!" The draconian demon howled and bumrushed Tsukiyomi head-on. "Fine! I shall tear off your limbs to pay tribute to Lord Arago!" He stormed off after Tsukiyomi, who was getting to her feet.

Selipa placed her body down and focused. Her spiritual being fell onto her physical form as body and soul reunited to reignite Selipa's life. Selipa awoke laying on the ground. She quickly sat up and gazed toward Kyo, who was reeling from the shock of the turn of events. Her eyes widened when she and the others saw a giant clawed hand plunging through Kyo's chest.

"KYO!" Selipa screamed, picking herself up and charging toward Kyo. However, she couldn't make it in time as the clawed hand ripped the Demon Moon Stone from the wolf's chest.

"What the hell?!" Kuwabara was taken aback.

"Was that...?!" Cammy gasped upon seeing the giant bird-like hand pulling Kyo's demon stone back.

Lady Lupin stood and watched in shock seeing a giant black-feathered prehistoric bird, with a yellow head crest, that mostly resembled a feathered dinosaur – akin to Archeopteryx. The feathered bird-reptile let out an earth-shattering scream whilst holding Kyo's own stone in hand.

(End theme)

"Kohana..." Lady Lupin was at a loss for words. Before she initiated action against her, Lady Lupin felt her body seemingly freeze. Huh?! What's happening to me?! Why can't I move?!

"Yui?!" Aoshi noticed his teammate unable to move her body. "What's wrong?"

"That's really Kohana?!" Maya looked at the giant in aghast.

With the loss of his stone, Kyo's life force quickly faded and his giant wolf form regressed to his normal body. Selipa jumped up and caught Kyo. She landed carrying Kyo's body.

"No! Kyo!" Selipa cried out as she shook him hard and tried to get him to respond. Naturally, she stopped when he became apparent that the catalyst keeping him alive was removed from his body. She teared up and held Kyo close to her.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds – Terror and Destruction)

As Long backhanded Tsukiyomi aside, he immediately whirled around and saw Kohana lifting the Moon Demon Stone. A look of triumph became etched on the Demon Priest's face when he saw Kohana incorporating Kyo's stone into her body.

"Yes, that's it, Kohana! Now take Rio's stone!" Long commanded the demonic bird-like creature. "Ensure that Lord Arago returns to claim what will become his!"

"This has gone far enough," Tsukiyomi growled as a dark purple aura outlined her frame. Her eyes turned a demonic red as her face contorted with fury. She got down on all fours as the demonic aura spread over her. She grew into a gargantuan demonic canine covered in white, thick fur. Her mouth elongated into a narrow snout. Her clothes obviously tore away from her body as she grew bigger than all but Kohana. Her nails grew into massive black claws on all fours. A long white thick tail hung out from the back and lashed around.

Yasha gazed upon her mother's demon canine transformation and muttered quietly. "It's not often I see her transform, but Long, you've pushed her too far with your treachery."

The Spirit and Neo-Detectives were greatly astounded witnessing Tsukiyomi's transformation. However, the sight-seeing quickly stopped as they focused on trying to subdue Kohana, who now grabbed a hold of Rio's demon stone.

"Maybe those two will do us a favor and finish each other off!" Mizuno said.

Cammy turned to Moonlight Knight. "We're really going to have to wing it, Shingo. We need to stop Kohana, but we've gotta find a way to do it without destroying her body!"

"Easier said than done," Aoshi replied as he watched Kohana flying into the air. "She's ten times our size now and her Youki is stronger than most of ours combined! Not to mention..." He quickly veered his view toward Lady Lupin. "Something's wrong with Yui! I can't seem to get her to budge!"

"Yui?!" Yusuke noticed Lady Lupin seemingly frozen in place. "Why the hell are you just standing there?!"

"I... I can't move... for some reason..." Lady Lupin struggled to budge, but felt her entire body was being chained down by thousands of pounds of weight. "Whatever's got me locked up doesn't want me to move!"

"Guys, she's getting away!" Maya cried out as she pointed to Kohana flying further up.

Selipa shouted toward the group. "What are you all waiting for?! Quit bickering and get that stone from her!"

"Looks like it's up to me now!" The ex-Detective growled as he jumped up to confront Kohana in mid-air.

"Wait for us!" Cammy called out as she turned back to Lady Lupin. "Yui, we'll bring Kohana back! Kuwabara, Maya, look after her!"

As Maya held Rio's body, she and Kuwabara watched the Neo-Detectives (minus Lady Lupin) join Yusuke. Cammy forged a holy barrier over herself, Aoshi, and Moonlight Knight. Shura joined the Neo-Detectives as well. Cammy used her holy power to carry them into mid-air as they went after Kohana.

Kohana screeched loudly when Yusuke approached her. She launched warning shots by spitting Youki beams at him. Yusuke punched away each blast and prepared to hit her with a Demon Gun.

"Kohana, drop the stone!" He demanded. "This one is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt you!"

Kohana responded with another loud screech and glided forward to attack him. She used the momentum of her flight and hastily flew over Yusuke. He whirled around and watched her fly above him. Meanwhile, Cammy carried herself and the others upwards as they pursued Kohana.

"Kohana! Don't do it!" Cammy pleaded to the creature.

Aoshi added. "I don't think she's going to listen!"

"Stop, Kohana!" Moonlight Knight called to the giant bird demon.

"Sorry, Kohana," Cammy muttered as she summoned her Dragon Gazer's Mirror. As the bird expelled Youki blasts at them, she raised the mirror and absorbed the blasts. She reflected the blasts back, now imbued with holy power, and hit Kohana's chest.

Kohana let out a pained roar as Cammy's shots burned through her feathered hide. Cammy navigated herself and the group through the air while getting closer to Kohana. Yusuke fired a series of successive Demon Gun blasts that stunned Kohana, allowing Cammy to use her power to knock Rio's demon stone out of the demon bird's clutches.

"Get the stone, Yusuke!" Cammy cried out.

As Yusuke lunged over to grab it, Kohana flew down and scratched Yusuke's back. One swipe from Kohana's wing knocked him away. She grabbed Rio's stone and flew up carrying the objects.

"Damn it!" Yusuke cursed as his Youki aura carried him up to Kohana's level.

(End theme)

Meanwhile, Long was wrestling with Tsukiyomi, who towered over the draconian demon. She quickly overpowered Long and pushed him against a wall. She pinned him and headbutted him repeatedly.

"C'mon, mother," Yasha muttered as she picked Nadeshiko up.

Tsukiyomi yelled. "Now to break your body in two!" She reached out and tried grabbing him with her mouth. As she tried to snap his body in two like a twig, Long pressed both hands up against her snout.

"Don't take me for a fool! I won't be done in so easily!" Long bellowed defiantly as a similar dark aura enshrouded him. He grew into a ten-foot tall behemoth covered in dark purple and crimson scales. His neck extends out as his facial features elongated into a narrow snout. Four more similar heads sprouted out from neck giving him four complete heads and long necks. His tail extended out and became as long as his whole body. Both arms stretched out and became muscled. Tufts of black hair covered each head. All four heads let out loud ear-piercing screeches that filled the air. "Tsukiyomi, you and Yasha can die together!" He unleashed immense fire from the four mouths and blasted Tsukiyomi head-on.

"Mother!" Yasha yelled out as she ran over to stop Long, but the four-headed behemoth quickly tail whipped her back.

Long hissed aloud. "You'll get your turn after I'm done with this ungrateful bitch! And I'll ask Lord Arago to seal the gate of dead souls that'll seal you all into oblivion!" He turned around and watched Tsukiyomi bumrushing him quickly. He reached out and grabbed Tsukiyomi whilst holding her back.

All while the two battles commenced, Lady Lupin was struggling to comprehend what force was 'binding' her. Then, she heard the subtle voice in the back of her mind calling to her.

'Arago must not return. The balance of worlds will be thrown into chaos!'

"Wh...What are you saying? Who are you?!" Lady Lupin demanded as she felt a sharp pain in her head. "Augh!" She fell to her knees as the unknown power binded her again and made her go through strenuous efforts to resist the pain consuming her from within.


Inside the castle, Chuu, Hokushin, and Kujo ran down the halls. They were drawing near Tsukiyomi's quarters. Along the way, they just happened to bump into Natsume, who covered herself in tattered cloth.

"Natsume!" Kujo said as he and his sister embraced. "We're so fortunate to see you."

"Your Youki's been severely drained," Hokushin assessed Natsume's energy. "That Demon Priest must've done a number on you."

Natsume nodded vaguely. "You have no idea... I'm glad you're all here."

"Let's get going, Natsume. The rest of us are outside waiting for ya," Chuu added.

"No, we have to go back and free the slaves Tsukiyomi's kept. I'm not the only one she's kept in captivity."

"Ok, but we need to hurry," replied Chuu. "Show us the way."

"Right, this way..." Natsume felt weak-kneed and fell to her knees.

Kujo caught his sister's fall, but Chuu was there to pick her and carry her in his arms.

"I've got your sister, mate."

"Will you be ok, Natsume?" Hokushin inquisitively said.

"I'll be fine. I'll point the way for you guys..."

Nodding, Chuu replied. "Don't strain yourself, ok?"

With that, Natsume helped point the direction for her demon colleagues. They headed back toward Tsukiyomi's lair in a hurry.


Meanwhile, outside of the palace quarters, another Demon Priest battle was being waged. Yomi, Mukuro, Enki, and Toguro were on the end of their last stand with Vigor. The gorilla demon proved to be more than a match for all of them.

"It's time I end this before I join my colleagues and witness Arago's revival!" Vigor declared as he raised both hands. He forged two giant black Youki orbs and compressed them together to create a bigger ball. "You won't survive this!"

The four demons held their ground and prepared for their impending fate.

"Farewell...!" Vigor was quickly cut off as an excessive force hit him from behind and knocked him twenty feet back.

"What was that?!" Mukuro was taken aback.

A big smile adorned Enki's features as he looked across and saw a recognizable presence in plain sight. Yomi, Mukuro, and Toguro, too, saw him. Toguro also recognized him as another dead soul that has shared stories with him regarding Yusuke.

Vigor picked himself off the ground and growled toward his attacker.

"So, you've come...?!" Vigor roared before the being ran up and slashed him over his chest. Vigor saw giant claw slashes inflicted over his chest as blood spilled out. He was punched back quickly.

"Good to see you again, my friend," Enki smiled.

Nodding, Toguro acknowledged the newcomer. "Raizen."

In a quick turn of events, Raizen appeared before Yomi, Mukuro, Enki, and Toguro. Raizen's two former rivals were shocked to see the former Makai lord back since his passing. Enki was never more ecstatic to see his old friend.

"It's really him..." Yomi said.

Mukuro added. "Raizen, you're here!"

"So, how long were you pricks going to take all the glory for yourselves... without inviting me?" Raizen grinned devilishly from ear to ear. He veered his sights on Vigor, who recovered up. "Looks like we've got a mess to clean up. Let's make this fast and greet Yusuke." He said whilst readying and sharpening his sharp claws.

Raizen! Vigor thought as his eyes fell on the former Makai lord. "Oh, yes, this will be interesting, but not even you will make a difference when Lord Arago returns to his realm."

"Then, it'll be an honor to kill him after I cut his comeback short," Raizen boasted as Mukuro, Yomi, Toguro, and Enki stood beside him. "Let's tear this ape a new asshole." With that, the five demons headed off Vigor and prepared to give him the fight for his life.


Southern Digital World/30 Kilometers from the Amazon Kingdom/8:13 PM

Having since fled from the conquered Amazon Kingdom, Athenamon and Unfriendly Amazon hid from the Neo-Rajita. Realizing the odds were heavily against their favor, the two Amazons were left with little options to retaliate. Athenamon came to the realization that there was little she could do to reclaim a kingdom with all of her subjects either turned to stone or taken prisoner.

The great loss weighed heavily on Athenamon. Unfriendly Amazon was left with the task of keeping Athenamon company and keep her from doing anything reckless. Unfriendly sat down looking around their enclosed surroundings. They were in an abandoned temple near the middle of a wasteland. The temple served them as a decent sanctuary for the moment.

"Lady Athenamon, with all due respect, we shouldn't stay in hiding. We must find Digimon and Duel Monsters capable of joining us. We need an able army to help us reclaim our kingdom. If there's anything you've taught me, it's hope."

Athenamon stared off outside the temple and suppressed her urge to speak. The shock of losing the kingdom was still fresh on her mind.

"I know we lost this battle, but it's never hopeless, my queen. My friend, Swordswoman, believes in you. She trusts you'll come back with reinforcements to drive off the invaders!"

"We were unprepared, Unfriendly. The invaders seemingly revived my nemesis, Medusamon, and turned the front completely around... if only he had all of our bases covered, otherwise, we wouldn't have lost horribly...!" Athenamon cried as she kicked a slab of rock out of sheer frustration. "If Medusamon hadn't been revived, then we wouldn't have lost our kingdom!"

"It's no use crying about it, my queen. We must begin recruiting..."

"Against those odds? I'm not sure anymore."

"Lady Athenamon, please..."

Athenamon whirled around and snapped. "Enough! It's hopeless!"

"Oh, would you please quit your damn belly-aching already?! We can hear you down here!" Came a deep, loud, and crude voice thundered from a deep hole behind them.

Alarmed, the Amazons were mystified that something, or rather someone, was eavesdropping on their heated discussion. They saw a pair of yellow eyes opening and gleaming through the pitch darkness in the large hole. Athenamon and Unfriendly backed away once a giant red draconian head popped out. The dragon's head was twice as large as Athenamon's whole body. Out from the hole the dragon pulled himself out and revealed a full body frame that towered over the two Amazons.

The red-scaled dragon had a full body covered in armored scales, a white underbelly, a long thin tail with a golden spear equipped at the tip, and something called the Caledfwlch on the back, which was simply his set of massive, sentient wings composed entirely of Chrome Digizoid, which at the monster's discretion can alternate them to wings for flight or into a shield to protect itself. The monster was armed with a giant lance, named Ambrosius, that was loaded with shells filled with viruses with various effects. The giant dragon walked forward as he was as large as the temple itself. Athenamon and Unfriendly backed away as it advanced toward them.

Having gone through an arduous battle, Athenamon readily drew her sword against the giant dragon and was ready to engage him. The red-scaled behemoth merely scoffed at the 'tiny armored woman' and stepped his foot near her. Athenamon jumped forward and slashed his side ankle with her sword. The dragon felt some pain from the slash.

"Get back, giant! Were you listening to us?!" Athenamon demanded.

Unfriendly stood poised and ready despite the dragon's immense size advantage over them.

"Ow, that kinda hurts, but I do admire your guts, lady," the giant dragon laughed a sardonic laugh. "Lower your sword unless you want me to flatten you under my heel?"

"I'd like to see you try, you brute!" Athenamon readied her sword and prepared to stab his foot again.

"Heh, you're a feisty one, aren't you?" The dragon laughed and prepared to lower his lance toward her. Athenamon quickly flew up in his face and swung her sword, delivering a cut over his face. Witnessing his own blood staining her blade, he threw his other hand and slapped her down.

Athenamon hit the ground as Unfriendly tended to her.

"Damn! Now you cut my face!" The behemoth growled. "You're quick with that sword. The last warrior who managed to cut my hide was Omegamon!"

"Wait, you know Omegamon?" Athenamon inquired as she heard the beast reference her husband.

"Yes, I do! He and the Royal Knights excommunicated me for my reckless and unpredictable nature. My excommunication was decided in a duel between myself and Omegamon. If you couldn't already tell, you should know who the winner was."

"Omegamon is my husband."

"Is he?" The dragon said with piqued curiosity. "No wonder that attack pattern you used looked familiar. Then, you and him obviously have fought one another before."

"How long have you been living under a rock?" Unfriendly asked.

"A long time with my two colleagues, little woman. I am Examon, ex-member of the Royal Knights. Wait, if memory serves me... you're Athenamon, queen of the Amazons. So, an Amazon Queen has settled for a Royal Knight. What kind of world are we living in?"

"Times have changed since you have hibernated in his hole," Athenamon said, sheathing her sword. "I was qualified to be a Royal Knight, but another had taken that spot from me. A certain pink-armored flamboyant fool."

"Crusadermon, eh? Oh, it sucks to be you," Examon laughed.

"Laugh and I'll stab one of your toes."

"Heh, can't take a joke, can you?"

"Having just returned from an arduous battle and seeing my own kingdom being taken by invaders, no I'm not in the best of moods to be joking around. In fact, you'd best not get on my bad side. I don't care how massive you are. That just makes you a bigger target for me."

Examon grinned. "You're a gutsy woman, Athenamon. I can tell you're Omegamon's woman."

"When you're ruler of a kingdom of strong warriors, you have to be tough and be able to handle many burdens. But, I am not without compassion and love for my sisters. You, on the other hand, seem to lack those two characteristics. If the Royal Knights, as violent as they can be, excommunicated you, then you're a monster."

"Good guess. I've killed plenty of warriors in my day, but none as beautiful as you are though. And none other than Omegamon were able to cut my hide. That I most certainly have to admire."

Athenamon furrowed her brows. "I'm glad you feel that way. No leave me and my colleague alone."

"So, you lost your kingdom, throw a hissy fit, and expect an army to come rolling in to help save your stupid kingdom, queenie? Sorry, but there ain't anyway it works like that."

Unfriendly shouted back. "You mind your own business, you monster! We'll find an army! And we certainly don't need your help!" She was silenced by Athenamon, who put an arm out to stop her.

Athenamon had heard enough of Examon chastising her. "What the hell do you know about forming an army? The Knights excommunicated you!"

"I don't need one because of my enormous size. Besides, I have two subordinates who have faithfully stood by my side and we've shared this hole together. I know I can depend on them to get the job done when need be. You can say we're a three-dragon wrecking army. I doubt even your Amazon Kingdom could take what we can dish out."

Athenamon scowled. "Don't underestimate the will and ingenuity of my sisters, you monster. We've slain monsters larger than you that dared threaten our sanctuary."

"I wouldn't doubt it if you're their leader. I'm put money on me and my two colleagues getting our scaly hides butchered. And that's the truth."

"Well, I'm glad to hear your honesty."

Examon added as he sat down and casting his eyes on the Amazons. "Athenamon, I'd be more than willing to help your cause, but on one condition."

"What do you want?"

"I want a rematch with Omegamon. I could care less about rejoining the Royal Knights, but I want to settle my score with him."

Athenamon shrugged. "Why tell me this? You'll have to tell him the conditions when you meet him, but he's currently not in the Digital World. He's with the Chosen Children in the Central Digital Realm fighting a war to prevent Valmarmon's revival."

"Valmarmon? The Demon Digimon God that battled Granasmon?"

"You'll have to wait for a rematch should he survive."

Thinking long and hard, Examon vividly replied. "Then, should we all survive, you'll let me fight Omegamon."

"As long as you don't kill him, do as you wish. But, break your vow and I'll slay you."

"Fair enough, your highness," Examon mocked and smiled at her. "Then, it's settled. Me and my two colleagues will aid you then. Slayerdramon! Wingdramon! Time to come out!"

With that, two more large dragons, albeit not as enormous as Examon, emerged from the giant hole. Unfriendly was captivated at the size of Examon's two colleagues. First, a cerulean dragon-like humanoid covered in Chrome Digizoid scale armor emerged wearing a thick green cape and carrying an extensible yellow great-sword the warrior named Fragarach.

"I am Slayerdramon," the cerulean-armored dragon warrior formally introduced himself.

Standing next to Slayerdramon was a larger and thicker cyan-scaled dragon. Its face was encased in bony white armor with tufts of yellow scales protruding through the sides. There was an enormous girth on the beast as well. Two greatly developed wings adorned his back and his thick tail possessed enormous size.

"Wingdramon. Here to help."

"Slayerdramon attained his form after completing the training he calls the 'Trial of the Four Great Dragons'. He's also a master of the original ultimate fencing technique known as Ryūzanken," Examon entailed the Amazons. "Wingdramon's scales on his wings is known to block gravity and can fly freely without needing to flap his wings. There's only few Digimon can that survive a dogfight with him."

Unfriendly approached Athenamon. "My queen, what do you think? If they're as renowned and strong as we're made to believe they are, we should accept their help."

"Examon," Athenamon addressed the ex-Royal Knight. "Consider this temporary alliance forged, but I have my eye on you."

"Examon never breaks alliances despite his reckless nature," Slayerdramon politely reassured her.

Unfriendly sighed in thought. Let's hope for our sake he's right. Still, I wouldn't trust a barbaric beast like Examon.

"So, are we ready to rumble with these invaders?" Examon asked, eager for a fight. "It's been a long time since we've stretched out wings and blown some shit up!"

"Just make sure not to destroy my kingdom, understood?" The Digi-Amazon required as Examon grinned nonchalantly. "Unfriendly, grab on." As Unfriendly grabbed her hand, Athenamon took off into the air with the three dragons tagging along behind her. "Now to reclaim our kingdom, Swordswoman!"

Flying not too far behind her, Examon smiled sadistically. Omegamon, you bastard, you've married one hell of a woman!


Southern Digital Realm/Serene Forest/8:20 PM

Elsewhere, Craniummon and Buster Blader awoke in the center of a lush forest. Not too far from them was Venusmon, who sat tending to a group of infant and orphaned Digimon. Buster Blader turned around and faced Venusmon, who greeted him with a genuine smile.

"Good to see you're awake, Knights," Venusmon addressed her guests. "If you're wondering about your battle wounds, the forest helped heal you and your friend."

Looking over himself, Buster Blader was mesmerized to notice his wounds from the war was gone. Craniummon surveyed the forest and noticed Venusmon putting a Nyaromon down next to a Tokomon and a Poyomon.

"Where are we?" Buster Blader wondered, meticulously looking around his new surroundings.

"If memory serves, this is the Serene Forest, a secluded section within the Great Forest on the northwest sector away from our headquarters," Craniummon deduced.

"You're in fact correct, Royal Knight Craniummon," Venusmon replied. "I am Venusmon, member of the Olympus 12, and caretaker of orphaned Digimon who've gone astray from their homes. This sanctuary doubles as a Primary Village as I am the caretaker of these babies and orphans."

The Duel Monster knight was befuddled. "Wait, if you're a member of the Olympus 12, shouldn't you be with the other members aiding in the war? Apollomon, Dianamon, Marsmon, and the others are helping the Chosen Children safeguard the Central Digital Realm with my colleague Omegamon."

Upon being asked about her affiliation with the other Olympus 12, Venusmon conveyed contempt and dismissively nodded. "I am a compassionate Digimon and I don't approve of violence. I serve my role being the caretaker of the innocent who abhor war as much as I do. You're asking me to join my colleagues in bloodshed, which I don't approve?"

Buster Blader nodded. "No, that's not what I mean. Please, excuse me for asking."

Venusmon patted the white bird sitting on her right shoulder. "Ssh, it's ok, Olive, I know you don't like fighting either. You see, Knights, I've secluded myself from the other Olympus 12 for my own reasons. Even Lady Athenamon asked me if I'd participate in the battle. Naturally, I declined." Walking over to the babies, she crouched over to let them pet her bird Olive.

"Venusmon, this isn't time to be a pacifist. With all due respect..." Craniummon was immediately shot down as Venusmon cut him off.

"I won't be taking active participation in these battles, but I pray that you triumph over our enemies. I will pray for you all," she said, bowing her head and praying.

"Could you at least tell us where we could find the nearest Digimon and Duel Monster communities. We will need as much help as we can find," Buster Blader said. "We must if we want to reclaim our headquarters from the invaders."

"Well, now that you mention it, I believe there's a village, but they might've gone out to war," Venusmon recalled as she tapped her chin. "Oh, wait. I think there's some communities near this forest."

"Buster Blader, I do recall we have reserves of knights still out there probably wondering what's happened to the main headquarters."

The purple-armored knight pointed out. "Yes! Our reserves! All we need to do warn them. Perhaps they lost communication with our main headquarters."

"Or, they might've already been deployed to investigate our headquarters."

"I hope you two can find your warriors. You're all in my thoughts and prayers," Venusmon said.

Buster Blader and Craniummon nodded to each other before bowing their heads to show their gratitude.

"And we thank you for nursing back to full strength, milady," Blader said.

As the Knights prepared to leave, Venusmon attentively watched over the children again.


Southern Digital Realm/Dra-Warriors Base/8:26 PM

The siege on the Dra-Warriors base pressed on with insane results. The Dra-Warriors who have yet to be imprisoned retaliated against the Neo-Rajita invaders and fought hard to reclaim their main quarters.

(Cue Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST – Battle Scherzo)

As for Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Venus, she continued fighting her best against Revenant and avoided getting caught by his age mist. However, the tide of the battle shifted back to Revenant as he spread his age mist on his own soldiers to get a reaction from the Dai-Valkyrie in hopes she'd drop her guard and let anger cloud her resolve.

"What are you doing?!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus was appalled seeing Revenant s[reading his age mist over the base. Numerous Neo-Rajita soldiers and a few Dra-Warriors were turned into withered husks of their former selves. "Stop it!" And those were just a few Dra-Warriors he just killed! I'm sorry, Dra-Warriors!

Revenant cackled evilly much to Venus' dismay. "It's pointless to feel sorry for fools who get in the way of our fight. I'm simply clearing out the trash!"

"You're just trying to provoke me!" Venus reproved the sadistic general's act of cruelty. She flew over the area and produced a golden sheet over a group of Dra-Warriors and protected them from Revenant's deadly mist.

"Fool," Revenant growled as he quickly hovered toward Venus. "You'll be joining them as you wither away."

"Fat chance!" The bold Dai-Valkyrie declared as she produced a long chain and swung it over Revenant. Revenant, of course, produced a barrier that shaped into a cube, which encased the general and protected him from Venus' chain. "I'll need something to pierce through that stupid barrier. Like an arrow or something..." Just then, she sensed a subtle pain in her chest as Rio suddenly came to her mind. Rio? Why am I thinking about him...?! Could something have happened to Rio...?!

Seizing advantage of Venus' sudden distraction, Revenant phased out and reappeared behind her. He produced a scythe and swung it over her back. Dai-Valkyrie Venus' unicorn warned her just in time for Venus to teleport and evade getting beheaded by the evil general.

"You cheapshot!" Venus snapped. "You're really getting under my skin!"

"Stupid girl, what did you think I wouldn't do? I'm here to win."

Dai-Valkyrie Venus instinctively teleported from the location, quickly throwing Revenant off. The general flew off and hunted down Venus around the base. Venus hid behind a row of boxes and keenly watched Revenant hovering past her relocated spot. The Senshi of Love deliberately outwitted Revenant, which bought her enough time to concoct a plan to exploit Revenant's weakness and find something to use to shoot through his seemingly impenetrable defenses.

I can't get close to his aura, but I can sure him hit from long range, but I need something I can imbue my power with. An arrow, but who in the Dra-Warriors uses an arrow?


Back in the prison facility, Dai-Valkyrie Mercury ultimately caught Witty Phantom with her blood bending technique. The not-so-witty demon watched his body being controlled against his will like a puppet.

"What are you doing to me?!" Witty Phantom screamed painfully as Mercury waved her hands around.

"As long as water courses through your blood, I can control you," the Dai-Valkyrie said coldly as she motioned to Neptune. "I have him binded. Finish him!"

Drawing out her mirror, Dai-Valkyrie Mercury invoked its mystical energies and blasted Witty Phantom with it.

"Gah!" Witty Phantom screamed as the attack consumed him, but he didn't go without a final roar of loyalty. "Long live the Neo-Rajita!" His screams ceased as he was broken down into data fragments.

Mercury and Neptune quickly turned to their Duel Monster ninja allies taking care of the traitors. However, BelialMyotismon quickly interceded and absorbed Witty Phantom's data.

"Enough of this foolishness!" BelialMyotismon declared as red mist expelled from his body. "Crimson Mist!" He spread the mist over the area as it consumed the ninjas and melted them down into data. "Time for a little snack!" He opened his mouth and inhaled the ninja's data in one giant gulp.

"He just killed both his allies and our allies!" Flamedramon was baffled by the horrifying turn of events.

Elementdramon gritted her teeth hard. "And that could've been one of us!"

Dai-Valkyries Mercury and Neptune were left alone to deal with BelialMyotismon. The demonic behemoth methodically stalked toward the Senshi.

"Yes, I believe I have some unfinished business with you, Senshi," BelialMyotismon wickedly grinned as he continued pacing. "You and the Dra-Warriors were under the assumption you had left me for dead, but Paradais recovered me and I've been secretly working with them. We've painstakingly prepared for the day we'd defeat you! Today I get my chance to consume you one by one!" He quickly stretched his right arm forward and forced the Dai-Valkyries to take flight above him.

Dai-Valkyries Mercury and Neptune unleashed immense water blasts toward BelialMyotismon. He instinctively evaded their attacks. Espirtdramon and Kyodaidramon immediately took to the air as they engaged BelialMyotismon. The other Dra-Warriors (Flamedramon, Elementdramon, Galaxiadramon, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, and Armed Dragon) headed outside of the facility where the battle was being waged.

Thanks the consumption of data, BelialMyotismon's power boost allowed his body to grow into an immense size. He was twice as large as he was before.

Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon shouted in unison. "Dragon Cannon!" "Magical Blast!" The Dra-Warriors directed their attacks toward BelialMyotismon, who merely slapped down their attacks with his arms.

Galaxiadramon imbued his claws with chaos energy and threw it at the demon. "Starlight Punch!" He propelled himself into BelialMyotismon and landed a right hook into BelialMyotismon's jaw, but the attack did little to faze the behemoth.

BelialMyotismon simply cocked his head and shrugged it like nothing. He nonchalantly backhanded Galaxiadramon back and sent him flying into Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon's arms.

"This is for our ninja colleagues, you monster!" Elementdramon pulled out a red arrow and fired it. "Maximum Shot!"

BelialMyotismon caught the arrow before it hit his face and crushed it. "That all?" Unbeknownst to him, the arrow was laced with explosives, which exploded in his face. Though it didn't damage him, the smoke blinded him temporarily, which granted the Senshi and the Dra-Warriors an opening to attack him from all sides.

Mercury and Neptune led the charge by unleashing simultaneous attacks at the blinded BelialMyotismon.

"Water Drainage!" Mercury blasted BelialMyotismon back. Drenching the demon down, she utilized the water's effects and began effectively siphoning off his power.

Crossing her arms in front, Neptune summoned a pair of water pillars and converged them into a giant seahorse that impacted BelialMyotismon head-on. "Hippocampus Wave!"

Mercury quickly utilized the next phase of her water technique. "Blood Water Manipulation." She managed to hold BelialMyotismon in place, giving Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon an big opening for an attack.

However, as the two Dra-Warriors closed in, BelialMyotismon overpowered Mercury's control and activated the shoulder mouths, which expelled black orbs that blasted the Dra-Warriors away.

"No!" Mercury cried out as she and Neptune flew over hitting BelialMyotismon with water attacks.

BelialMyotismon flexed his right arm and unleashed an immense darkness wave to knock the resilient Dai-Valkyries into the ground.

"I won't be defeated so easily!" boasted the demonic behemoth. "I won't be denied my revenge on the Chosen once I'm done with you first!"

Kyodaidramon muttered. "You won't get that chance. We'll avenge our previous leader before you get a chance to carry your own path of vengeance."

Espirtdramon stood and yelled defiantly at BelialMyotismon. "AlforceVeedramon has given us the strength to carry on! We will defeat you!"

"Hah, yes, I'd like to see you try. Try and die so you'll join AlforceVeedramon in oblivion!"

BelialMyotismon encircled the Dra-Warriors and expelled another wave of Crimson Mist. Elementdramon fired another arrow, which was imbued with fire. It hit BelialMyotismon and caused burns that effectively burned his left cheek.

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury sat up first as she helped Neptune up. The Senshi faced the ongoing battle and flew back in to lend the Dra-Warriors support.

(End theme)


Southern Digital Realm/Amazon Kingdom/8:32 PM

The siege for the Amazon Kingdom escalated along as Jupiter, Uranus, and the Amazoness Senshi helped free the captive Amazons to even the odds. While Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter waged war with Ztreko-Li outside the royal Amazon quarters, Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and D'Arcmon fought with Krog and Ztreko-Li's three Subordinate Officers.

(Cue Bleach OST – Heat of the Battle)

While it appeared Uranus and D'Arcmon were in trouble, they weren't about to let up against Krog. Uranus readied her Space Sword and bumrushed the giant. D'Arcmon followed behind her with her sword readily drawn.

"I'm getting fed up with this!" Uranus shouted as she flew at Krog and drove her Space Sword right through Krog's head.

D'Arcmon followed up by slicing through Krog's waist. Uranus turned as the Space Sword released a wind-like attack that sliced up Krog into bits. Dai-Valkyrie Uranus hastily forged a giant yellow ball overhead and threw it down over Krog's remains, reducing every piece of the beast into nothing.

"No, Krog!" Castillo cried out. "She's going to pay!"

Mee-Nai declared. "We pick off what's left of them!"

As the three Subordinate Officers charged Uranus and D'Arcmon, they were abruptly cut off as a quick flash of light blindsided them. Titaniamon emerged in front of Uranus and D'Arcmon. She ran up hitting Minessa with a sword swing and knocking her into a wall.

"Titaniamon!" D'Arcmon said. "Glad you're back. Now it's three on three like is should."

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus picked up her Space Word from the ground. She turned to Titaniamon and pointed her sword to the Amazon. "Nice entrance, but let's see if you can back it up."

"Trust me. I'm more than capable of fighting my own battles," Titaniamon replied rather coolly.

Mee-Nai furrowed her brows. "I don't care which of you I get. The result will be the same as last time." She got her answer in the form of Dai-Valkyrie Uranus running up to her. "Ah, a volunteer. I'd watch my step if I were you." With that, she thrust her tail through the tiles and shot her tail out toward Uranus.

Uranus seized Mee-Nai's tail, picked her up and slammed her against a wall. While Mee-Nai recovered, Uranus ran up and lands a punch to her face, nearly taking Mee-Nai's head off with it. Mee-Nai fell back as Dai-Valkyrie Uranus landed and favored the wound she got from Krog. Mee-Nai was awakened by the blood from Uranus' wound, prompting her to launch a torrent of snakes from her sleeves. Uranus used her Space Sword and blasted the vile little serpents with an immense beam.

Uranus spun herself into a tornado and repeatedly slashed at Mee-Nai. She pinned Mee-Nai against a wall and kept hitting her.

As Minessa recovered to her feet, Titaniamon bumrushed and caught her with a running knee to the face. Minessa stumbled back and landed on all fours. Minessa whirled around and landed a jump kick in Titaniamon's face. Titaniamon fell back as her Oberon sword fell from hands. Minessa rolled across and picked up Titaniamon's sword. With two swords, Minessa charged at Titaniamon and swung both swords at her.

"You dare desecrate with your filthy hands?! Titaniamon Mode Change!" The battle-hardened red-haired warrior initiated her battle mode and shifted from her normal battle garb. A set of purple columns of light materialized over her and consumed her. Titaniamon's battle wardrobe changed as a set of armor surrounded and encased her. The new battle armor turned blue and gold. It was heavier and more robust than her Speed Armor, granting her more defenses via her armor. A helmet formed over her head complete with wings. "Power Armor Activate!"


Titaniamon lifted her right arm as both blades ricocheted off her new armor. Minessa was taken aback by her enemy's swift mode change. Titaniamon clobbered Minessa with a punch and took back Oberon. Amplifying her armor's defense magic, lightning was released from her armor and blasted Minessa head-on, sending her crashing into the ground.

D'Arcmon and Castillo continued trading sword strikes. The Digi-Amazon jumped up behind Castillo and caught her with a sword slash over her obvious blind spot: her back. D'Arcmon then kicked Castillo back.

"Regroup!" Castillo declared as she and her colleagues assembled together.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus, Titaniamon, and D'Arcmon quickly showed their dominance. The Subordinate Officers scrambled together to regroup and reassess their counterattack.

(End theme)


Meanwhile, Amazoness Swordswoman and Amazoness Queen were settling their sisterly feud in the garden near the royal palace. Swordswoman and Queen clashed swords as they were locked up in a standstill. Queen was pushed up against a wall while Swordswoman gained leverage. Being a more crafty fighter, Queen pulled out a bag hanging from her left hip with her free hand.

"You might have the strength advantage, but I always utilize my head in battle!" Queen said, opening the bag that released dust into Swordswoman's eyes.

"Ugh!" Blinded, Swordswoman stumbled back and dropped her scimitar while rubbing her eyes.

Queen picked up Swordswoman's scimitar and charged ahead ready to behead her sister. Using her other keen senses whilst blinded, Swordswoman felt Queen come up behind her, grab Queen's arm, and threw her over her shoulder. Queen flew over and hit the nearest wall. Queen groaned and recovered to her feet. Swordswoman shook off the dust from her eyes and picked up her scimitar.

"Queen, this fight is fruitless. There's no longer any point in us fighting!"

"You don't get it! I'm here to take what's rightfully mine! I'm here to lead our people to a new beginning!"

Swordswoman shot an irate glare at Queen. "Do you think this is what my mother wanted?! She never dreamed that you'd stoop low as to allow invaders to ravage and seize control by force. That is not how we Amazons enforce our laws! You should know better."

Seemingly unfazed, Queen dismissively nodded. "No, that position was to be mine after Paladin. You still weren't ready to lead us."

"Perhaps mother had a reason. She sensed darkness might lead you down a wrong path and didn't want to take chances of you leading a kingdom with an unstable mindset. She did it to protect you, Queen. You've always had the credentials to be the leader of our kingdom, but your stubbornness could've brought us back to those dark ages."

Queen couldn't believe what she was hearing from her sister. When she looked at Swordswoman, all she could visualize was Amazoness Sage lecturing her the same.

"You can change your misguided ways and help us drive these invaders out."

"But, I killed a man... someone that Amazon I fought claimed gave her a sword to avenge with. She wanted to avenge him by killing me."

"She has every reason to despise what you did. You did wrong."

Anxiously gripping her sword, Queen turned away and reflected to when she killed Wildheart.

"Queen, do you know what my mother wants for us? That we stay united with Athenamon's kingdom. Together, Amazons of Digimon and Duel Monster kind, can help usher to build a united and peaceful Amazon nation. She wants us to help Athenamon keep that dream alive. Sister, will you see the error of your ways?"

Queen scowled. "I don't think it's that simple."

"Why don't you try me?" Swordswoman held her ground and nodded genuinely. As she waited for a response, her Amazon senses picked up on a sinister vibe nearby. "We're not alone!" As she whirled around, her eyes widened as the evil presence's presence became familiar to her. "No, it can't...!" Then, a bright flash of white light hit her and silenced the Amazon as her body stiffened and turned to stone.

Amazoness Queen was at a loss for words as she watched Najadramon grabbing the Swordswoman statue. She casted an evil smile down on Queen and picked her up with her tail.

"She was rather preachy, wasn't she?" Najadramon chortled evilly whilst carrying both Amazons. She veered toward the front of the kingdom quarters where the other Amazons were fighting off the Neo-Rajita invaders. "Come. Let's pay a visit to some of your old friends and take you back on your throne, your majesty!" She laughed and advanced toward the kingdom.

Having some second regrets, Queen was starting her realize the mistake she made letting her hunger for power cause the kingdom's messy downfall.


Amazoness Paladin, Mermaimon, and the Amazoness Senshi led the villagers against the Neo-Rajita invaders. During the battle, they helped free Demetermon, who was held captive in an imprisonment cage. Demetermon helped take the non-warrior villagers from the battlegrounds.

The Amazons cleared an area full of the invaders. Paladin charged into a group of Sirens and slashed them down. She turned as a Bio-Vivian blasted her back.

"Lady Paladin!" Mermaimon hurried over to the Amazon's aid and hit the Bio-Vivian with her anchor. She knelt by Paladin. "Are you ok?"

"I'll live, but he wounded me," Paladin said, favoring her back where the beam scorched it. "Ow."

"Allow me," Mermaimon offered as she formed water in her fingertips and soothed the water over Paladin's back. "This should heal it."

Meanwhile, Zey and Ourany bumrushed a group of Sirens whilst striking down. Poseidy, Crony, and Hermy helped take some villagers to shelters. Ary and Aphy tag-teamed on a bunch of Bio-Vivians and Foxzards. All the while this was happening, Sely arrived and called out to her friends.

"Guys! I'm here!" Sely shouted as she landed beside her Amazoness team.

"Sely!" Aphy cried out.

Ary added. "Does that mean you killed...?"

"No, Lady Swordswoman is fighting Queen," sighed Sely, who surveyed the area and watched Sirens charging toward them. "Looks like you've been busy, guys. Good thing I'm here!" She drew Wildheart's sword and used it to take down some Sirens.

Paladin watched Sely singlehandedly cutting down the massive Siren numbers. "She's returned..."

"Sely's taking charge now, Lady Paladin," Mermaimon said whilst still healing the Amazon's back. "She and her team have grown very capable of handling their own fights. Perhaps it's time they join the elite rankings, don't you think?

Paladin nodded. "Indeed, I believe we found our successors."

Suddenly, there came an earth-shattering scream that caused everyone in the vicinity to cease fighting. All Amazons and Neo-Rajita watched as Najadramon advancing toward them expelling fire around the village. Villagers fled from their huts as Najadramon spread her fire through the vicinity.

"She's back!" Mermaimon was dismayed.

Paladin gritted her teeth. "Medusamon..."

"Look! She's got Amazoness Queen!" Zey pointed to the captive Amazon.

Crony gasped. "Not just her! She's turned Swordswoman to stone!"

Every Amazon present were horrified when they got a glimpse of a petrified Swordswoman being held by Najadramon.

"Heheh, I honestly think she looks better in gray, don't you think?" Najadramon taunted the Amazons whilst dangling Swordswoman over them. "She'll make an exquisite addition to my biggest garden ornament collection. Now to add a few more!" With that, she pivoted her head and fired beams from her eyes that spread over the village, turning some villagers that couldn't escape into stone.

"Stop this, Najadramon!" Mermaimon shouted. "Your fight is with us!"

"I agree, but they were getting in my way," Najadramon said, laughing. "Which of you wants to join your queen first?"

"Don't fight her! You'll only give what she wants!" Queen pleaded as Najadramon tightened her tail around her.

"No! Queen!" Paladin cried out.

Sely was hesitant to make a rescue attempt. For one, she still harbored some resentment for what Queen did to Wildheart. She also knew the risk of trying to fight Najadramon as she saw firsthand Najadramon turning villagers into statues. However, there was that inkling of her conscience hat reminded her of her once heroic deeds in her past life.

"I know I can't forgive her, but I can't let Najadramon get away with hurting anymore of our sisters," Sely said as her team amassed around her. "All right, guys! Spread out and attack!"

The Amazoness girls immediately spread out and threw Najadramon off. The serpent pivoted her head around and shot random petrification beams, which all missed as the Amazons kept sprinting and jumping around. Paladin and Mermaimon took advantage of this as they jumped Najadramon's back. Najadramon shook them off and turned around seeing Sely with her sword drawn.

"Nice try!" Najadramon swatted Sely down with tail. She veered her direction as the Amazoness girls formed a circle around her and attacked her. "Enough!" She fired her petrification beam and turned them into stone, sans Sely.

"No!" Sely screamed, getting up but not having enough time to save them.

"Enough, Najadramon!" Paladin hollered as she drawn her sword and stabbed Najadramon's side.

Najadramon winced and turned around grabbing Paladin with another tail that extended from her back. She hoisted Paladin into the air and began crushing her.

"Let her go!" Mermaimon demanded, but as she came closer she, too, was turned to stone by Najadramon.

"STOP!" Amazoness Queen pleaded.

"Stop? But, isn't this what you've wanted, queenie?" Najadramon laughed evilly. "You wanted to be queen and wanted revenge on these pitiful Amazons."

"I only wanted to be queen and for them to be my subjects. I never wanted to kill them..."

"But only if they object, right?"

"Queen! Please... listen..." Paladin called to her as Najadramon tightened her hold around her waist. She coughed as the bones her in her ribs cracked. "Ugh... it's really good to see you again, Queen. It's just unfortunate it had to be under these circumstances... realize the mistake you've made... it's not too late to change and restore sovereignty to our kingdom..."

"But, I was part of reason for leading the invaders here. I should be punished."

"That remains to be seen... and I won't be the one who passes judgment... I won't be there to see what fate befalls this kingdom. Just know... that Lady Sage... she... she said that should you ever come back to us... that she knows you'll return having cleansed yourself of the negative vibe she sensed from you. She even said that if Swordswoman was unwilling to become queen, then you'd be the next choice..."

Upon hearing this, Queen was shocked as her skewed world had completely turned upside down. The truth had hit her full force.

"But, you've disconnected yourself from us... it became nearly impossible to find you again, but I'm glad to tell you this... because it's what Lady Sage wanted you to know before she passed... she loves you as much as Queen Swordswoman... we are all her daughters, Queen... and now you've come back a more confident and independent individual..."

"But, I was led down a wrong path..."

"It's not too late change... help our sisters defeat Najadramon and the invaders... you must... you and Sely are the one who must restore our kingdom before it falls to the invaders... Athenamon isn't here... you and Sely must save us all..."


Najadramon snapped Paladin's neck and dropped her. Queen's screams couldn't be reached as Paladin fell with a smile on her face. Queen's eyes brimmed with tears as she cried out in anguish. Sely was horrified upon witnessing Paladin's death before her eyes.

"Yes, I think that's enough of the sentimental rubbish," Najadramon chortled evilly as she shifted her view toward the main palace. "I believe it's time for you to take your throne, queenie. You heard what your friend said." She smiled darkly, carrying Queen and Swordswoman along. "You're the one left fit to rule this kingdom. If you won't, then I'll be more than happy to."

"You monster!" Sely screamed as she charged toward Najadramon.

Najadramon flexed one of her tails and swatted Sely back. From her back came eight tails as two of them held Queen and Swordswoman. Najadramon picked up Sely and tossed her next to Paladin. Sely picked herself up and looked over to see a dead Paladin smiling. The villagers quickly hurried over as they gathered near Paladin's body. A few gave Sely a helping hand.

Lunamon, Silent Magician, and an Amazoness Spellcaster were amongst the villagers mourning over Paladin.

"No, this is terrible!" Lunamon cried, covering her eyes.

Silent Magician watched Najadramon leaving carrying Queen. "That overgrown snake... she's not getting away with this! Someone's got to save the old lady and Queen Swordswoman!" He boldly declared as he headed off after Najadramon, but Spellcaster forged a magical whip that grabbed the child mage.

"Hey, let me go, granny! I have to free the old lady and our queen!"

"What can a child like you do?" Spellcaster inquired as she jerked Silent Magician back.

As Silent Magician hit the ground, Lunamon rushed over to him.

"Something has to be done...!"

"Something WILL be done!" Sely openly shouted as she stood with her sword drawn and ready. "I know I'm only just one Amazon, but it's better than no Amazon. Remember, the Senshi are still here. They'll need help to stop Najadramon."

"But, the invaders..." A Butterflymon said.

(Cue Bleach OST 3 – Encirclement Battle)

"There's still a chance. We can take back our kingdom," Sely stated as she noticed the Neo-Rajita invaders collecting the villagers. "Try holding them off! I'll be back!" She stormed off toward the palace. As she passed by the statues of her friends, she gave them a thumbs up. "Nothing's gonna stand in my way, guys!" She boldly closed in near the palace.

Watching Sely head off, Silent Magician, being the sneaky child he was, went through a pass whilst the villagers formed a resistance against the invaders. The distraction allowed for Silent Magician and Lunamon to head to the palace.

Amazoness Spellcaster noticed the children gone. She frantically looked around and called to them. "Where did they go?"


Back in the palace, Dai-Valkyrie Uranus, D'Arcmon, and Titaniamon continued their battle with Ztreko-Li's Subordinate Officers. Uranus kicked Mee-Nai into the ceiling and flew up stabbing the Neo-Rajita warrior with her Space Sword.

Titaniamon's defense armor unleashed immense electricity that swept Minessa back.

As for D'Arcmon, she was pushed against a wall by Castillo. Castillo unloaded with ferocious physical blows that battered the Digi-Amazon. D'Arcmon was lifted by her throat and thrown across the throne room. D'Arcmon hit the back of Athenamon's throne as she struggled to stand.

"You're really a glutton for punishment, ain't ya?" Castillo said, sharpening her antlers. "Now relax. I'll make this quick and maybe just a little painful." Stomping her feet, she charged forward ready to impale D'Arcmon.

"No... this... this can't... be the end..." D'Arcmon muttered as she clenched her fists. "I didn't survive this long just to die... not by the likes of you!"


Suddenly, a subtle golden aura washed over D'Arcmon as it blinded Castillo. D'Arcmon gazed over her glowing form and felt an immense rush of renewed energy filling her body. She felt her body ready to evolve and take on a new form.

Could it be? I thought even after all my training, I couldn't evolve? I thought I reached my limit. D'Arcmon thought as she basked in the warmth of the glow surrounding her. "No, this means all I required was to be pushed to the brink." She eyed Castillo, who was still reeling from being blindsided by the light. "I'm not out of this battle just yet! D'Arcmon Chou Shinka!"

A golden aura swept over D'Arcmon and transformed her.

Uranus, Titaniamon, and the Neo-Rajita warriors ceased their fighting as they turned and witnessed D'Arcmon's overdue evolution.

"It's about time, D'Arcmon," Titaniamon remarked.

Uranus had a somewhat intrigued look as she watched D'Arcmon evolve. "Good. Now I'm liking our odds much better."

Mee-Nai and Minessa were none too pleased with the turn of events.

Needless to say, Castillo was irate after she uncovered her eyes and saw the new D'Arcmon complete her evolution.


Now standing in place of the Amazon D'Arcmon was a majestic-looking and attractive female monk wearing gold and white garb. Her hair, highlighted in gold, lengthened down past her back and draped across her shoulders. A gold crown adorned her head coupled with a red rosary beads hanging on her right hand. Her eyes, also gold, slanted and became narrow as they turned toward Castillo's obvious direction.

"Not bad, D'Arcmon," Titaniamon was mesmerized by her colleague's newly acquired form.

"You think a big wardrobe and cosmetic change is enough to faze me?!" Castillo shouted as she charged toward Sanzomon. "Bring it on!"

"Castillo! Stop!" Mee-Nai ordered.

It was too late. Sanzomon merely chanted. "Tu Tze-chun Sutra!" With that, a mist came from her mouth as it immediately wrapped itself around Castillo and subdued the warrior's fury.

"What's happening...?!" Castillo roared, struggling as her body froze as the mist encircled her. The animal fury that seemingly filled her psyche became subdued until it gradually vanished. She ultimately succumbed to Sanzomon's chant and weakened.

But, Sanzomon wasn't finished as she threw and scattered her rosary beads all over Castillo. "Our battle has been decided. Goodnight." With her beads, she summoned an illusion to distract the subdued Castillo. "Endlessly Barraging Heart Sutra!" She completed the short ritual and watched the beads endlessly attacking Castillo to the point where the beads became engulfed in flames and scorched the ever living mess out of Castillo.

Castillo was thrown up into the air and plunged to the ground. Her body, brutally beaten and burned, lied motionless. Both her mind and spirit were swiftly crushed by Sanzomon.

Mee-Nai and Minessa were shocked beyond wit to see their colleague quickly defeated by Sanzomon. Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and Titaniamon stepped in as they cut the two Neo-Rajita warriors off from the pass.

"Did you forget us?!" Uranus howled as she hit Mee-Nai with a speedblitz and swept her up in a deadly tornado attack. "Tempest Twister!" As Mee-Nai was pummeled and cut up in the tornado, Uranus swiftly brought her Space Sword down and slashed the alien's chest.

Mee-Nai fell right beside Castillo and shared her fate.

"Mode Change!" Titaniamon declared as she alternated from her Power Armor straight into her Speed Armor. "Speed Armor!"

As Minessa tried to escape, Titaniamon raced up and hit her with a 'speed force' attack. She hit her from all sides with vary degrees of physical blows that pummeled Minessa. Titaniamon swiftly ran up and drove her Oberon sword into Minessa's gut. Rather than stabbing, she sent Minessa sailing back near her fallen colleagues.

Titaniamon powered down to her basic battle form and crouched down catching her breath.

(End theme)

"We did it..." Titaniamon sighed with relief.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and Sanzomon joined Titaniamon as they stood triumphant over Ztreko-Li's Subordinate Officers.

"Nice that you've finally digivolved," Titaniamon commended her colleague.

Sanzomon was even astounded by her own new form and the knowledge she's acquired with the new powers.

"Well, that takes care of these three," Uranus added as she looked up watching two streaks of light colliding to each other in the skies. "Jupiter's still fighting that general."

"I suggest we give her a hand," the red-haired Amazon said, sitting up with Oberon readily drawn.

Just then, the wall behind them quickly collapsed as Najadramon emerged laughing. The three warriors whirled around facing their next opponent, which couldn't have come at such a worst time than now.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds OST – Showdown)

"Medusamon," Sanzomon muttered coldly.

"You know this giant?" asked the Dai-Valkyrie, readily holding her blade.

Titaniamon shuddered. "And we just went through some hard fought battles."

"I should be fine, but the wound's killing me," Uranus said, trying her best to ignore the wound she received from Krog.

"Oh no! Queen Swordswoman!" Sanzomon exclaimed, noticing the Swordswoman statue and Amazoness Queen held by Najadramon's tails. "And Queen?!"

"Don't try and fight her! She'll turn you to stone, too!" Queen called to them.

"Seems Ztreko-Li's warriors couldn't get the job done," Najadramon eyed the three fallen Subordinate Officers. "Ah well. They at least softened you up and you're vulnerable enough for me to add you to my statue collection."

"Like hell you're turning me into a garden ornament!" Uranus shouted as she, Titaniamon, and Sanzomon held their ground.

Sanzomon turned to her two colleagues. "We need to take those two out of that monster's grasp. And I have a spell that may protect us from being turned to stone."

"Let's see you put that spell to use."

"I need time, Titaniamon. And time isn't what we have I'm afraid."

"I don't have any magic that protects from petrification," Titaniamon said.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus shook her head. "We'll give you time."

With that, Uranus and Titaniamon charged ahead meeting Najadramon head-on. As the snake fired her beams, they both phased out and evaded the beams altogether. Sanzomon took to shelter and amassed magic to form her spell.

"You can run around all you want! You'll just end up just like the others!" boasted the draconian serpent as she tried following Uranus and Titaniamon's movements. She fired a beam that blasted through the ceiling where Uranus hung about before she vanished. "Gah! Hold still!"

Sanzomon forged a golden ball in her hands. "I need to get accustomed to this power. Hopefully this will do."

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus swiftly came up behind Najadramon and slashed her with her Space Sword. The serpent hissed painfully as she released Queen and Swordswoman. Titaniamon jumped up catching Swordswoman and relocated her somewhere out of plain sight. Najadramon turned around and fired a beam, but Uranus phased out and let the attack blast a column of marble.

"Damn you all!" Najadramon roared. "This time I'm not fooling around! This kingdom will be mine when it's said and done!"

(End theme)

Uranus and Titaniamon regrouped as they prepared for a second round engagement. Amazoness Queen barely sat up watching the warriors preparing to attack Najadramon.

"No... you've giving exactly what she wants... I've got to get in there..." Queen muttered as she slowly rose.


Southern Digital Realm/Royal Knight Headquarters/8:45 PM

As if the battles at the Amazon Kingdom and Dra-Warriors base weren't arduous, the siege at the Royal Knight headquarters was flaring up.

(Cue Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST – Crisis in the North)

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn proved this by skewering more Neo-Rajita grunts that stormed out from the gates. As she took each apart effortlessly, Hydra recovered from one of Saturn's attacks and flew toward her. Hydra headbutted Saturn and slammed her through a wall. Hydra grabbed Saturn and flung her into the air whilst flying up after her.

"You won't get away humiliating me, you little bitch!" Hydra clobbered Saturn with her tentacles. She pulled Saturn forward and slapped her before planting her into the ground with a piledriver. Hydra left Saturn planted in the ground with her two legs sticking out. She picked the Dai-Valkyrie up.

Saturn recovered fast and cut the mutant's chest open with her glaive. Hydra stumbled back in shock over the wound Saturn gave her.

"YOU UNGRATEFUL...!" Hydra yelled as she launched a barrage of tentacles at the Dai-Valkyrie.

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn twirled her glaive and formed a barrier that stopped Hydra's tentacles effortlessly. She phased out, reappeared next to Hydra, and bashed her face in with the end of the glaive. The blow sent Hydra sailing through a facility where she pursued the creature. More Neo-Rajita stood in Saturn's way, allowing Hydra time to recover.

"Out of my way," Saturn casted a terrifying aura that spread across and vaporized the aliens instantaneously. She flew into the facility and saw Hydra hanging on the ceiling and swinging her tentacles around like pendulums. She narrowly dodged one tentacle and slashed through another. "Are we going to cease these childish games? Come down here!" She whirled around and sliced another tentacle in two.

Wincing, Hydra tried her best to form an on the fly tactic to surprise Saturn with. That's it. I can't afford to make anymore mistakes with this child!

Saturn hollered a heroic cry as she continued dodging and cutting up Hydra's tentacles. The mutant withdrew her tentacles and slipped through the ceiling. Saturn noticed Hydra's quick escape and propelled through the ceiling steadfast as she pursued the mutant ready to chop her to bits.


Dai-Valkyrie Mars took to the skies to escape fisticuffs with Nagah. Nagah phased behind Mars and took off a glove to grab the Senshi's exposed skin under her armor. Mars instinctively spun around and kicked Nagah's face, sending her into a tower. Nagah crash landed in the tower and struggled sitting up as she saw Dai-Valkyrie Mars forging spheres of fire.

"C'mon..." Nagah goaded the Miko.

Mars threw the flaming spheres toward the tower where they hit the structure and blew it up. Nagah propelled through the smoldering embers of the castle debris. Mars flew after Nagah as a fire aura outlined her body. Dai-Valkyrie Mars launched an assortment of fire blasts, which Nagah evaded. Nagah quickly stopped and turned around seeing Mars launching pillars of fire from her fingertips. Nagah swerved around the streams of fire and launched herself into Mars hitting her an elbow to the face.

"You're so slow, Sailor Mars!" Nagah boasted. "Where's that amazing speed that goes with your latest cosmetic makeover?!" She caught up to Mars and tried a hit her with a kick.

Mars formed a fire barrier, which shielded her from Nagah's reach. Nagah jerked her leg back and tried blasting through the Miko Senshi's fire barrier. Mars focused as she strengthened the barrier's defenses. All of Nagah's attacks nullified against her barrier. She thrust her hands forward and expelled an inexplicable shockwave that knocked Nagah back.

Nagah smirked. "You call that a fire barrier? You haven't seen anything yet." She closed her eyes and focused as a red outline surrounded her body.

What's she doing?! Mars meticulously eyed Nagah. She probed the alien's aura and gasped. That's fire! But, I was sure she didn't touch me and absorb my power!

'Because she didn't. She's invoking a internal power source from within. It's nature is akin to my own and Suzaku's. It's a phoenix, but it's been derived from a digital source.' The Houou communicated with her vessel.

Mars closed her eyes as Houou and Garuda both materialized.

'Be wise, Mars. This is not a battle you want to go charging in head-on. Be cautious of the power she's about to exude.'

Taking Garuda's warning to heart, Dai-Valkyrie Mars saw Nagah raising her hands and beckoning to the source within her.

(End theme)

(Cue Bleach OST 3 – Treachery)

"Behold, Sailor Mars! Let's see how this battle will be determined when two phoenixes scorch the heavens!" The Neo-Rajita's Chief Advisor openly declared. "Immolate the Heavens! Nagah Shinka!" Hers, combined with laughter, filled the skies as a giant pillar of flames engulfed the Neo-Rajita general and began altering her form.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars instinctively glided toward the fire pillar and pressed her hands into it. Defying Garuda's warning, she acted by attempting to siphon off Nagah's fire wall. However, Nagah reacted impulsively and created a flock of firebirds fly out to attack Mars.

Mars flew back and put up a flame shield to absorb the firebirds.

"You can't beat me with my element, Nagah! If this is your best attempt, I'm sorely disappointed!"

As the pillar of fire slowly condensed around Nagah, the general emerged revealing her modified battle form. By first impression, her outward appearance remained relatively the same, albeit with her arms covered in golden feathers. Adorning her head was a face and pelt of Zhuqiaomon. She attained a few of Zhuqiaomon's other physical attributes, including two massive red wings, four red Digicores floating around her arms & shoulders, and wearing an inferno shield. Her long black hair flew back behind her freely and surprisingly wasn't scorched by her inferno aura. Her form fitting body armor was modified with an extra layer of dark red and silver armor that produced a vibrant look. Her entire body was vibrant from her armor to the flame aura outlining her frame. Flexing the muscles in her right arm, she smiled evilly and seductively.

"Her power is immense," Mars was flabbergasted when seeing Nagah's new form. "And knowing I'm fighting her alone."

'But, you're not alone. We're with you, Mars.'

"Houou, don't think I'm crazy, but I ask you not to interfere. I have to know I can defeat her without taking any short cuts. Besides, I'm not sure unleashing your power is a good idea in the Digital World."

'You've never tried. I won't corrupt your senses as long as you don't let anger cloud you.'

"That's exactly why. Nagah might try invoking my anger and then I lose control of myself..."

Nagah smirked evilly, overhearing Mars' 'conversation'. "Having a chat with that bird of yours, Sailor Mars? Why don't you ask the Houou to come out and play?"

Mars furrowed her brows and spat. "Not on your life. I won't need the Houou to defeat you. With the power I've gained as a Dai-Valkyrie, I know I can defeat you."


"Besides, I'll make sure Sailor Moon won't have to dirty her hands just to fight you. I'll beat you before it ever comes down to that unlikely outcome!"

Nagah scowled as she propelled herself through the air and unloaded a bunch of fire blasts from her wings. Dai-Valkyrie Mars forged her fire barrier, absorbing every drop of fire Nagah poured on her. Mars prepared to emerge from her barrier, but Nagah flickered out in an instant. Mars sensed an evil vibe behind her and instinctively whirled around as Nagah reached out to grab her. Mars flew out of Nagah's reach, but the Neo-Rajita warrior merely flexed her right arm forward and unleashed an immense shockwave that sent Mars many kilometers back.

Mars fell through a tower and plunged through glass-shaped dome. Nagah disappeared behind a cloak of fire and reappeared over the location where Mars landed. Lifting one hand overhead, Nagah summoned one of her four crimson Digicores.

"With Zhuqiaomon's data incorporated into my being, I wield the power of a legendary Digimon Sovereign! Unless you call forth the Houou, I don't see how you'll last!"

Dai-Valkyrie Mars imbued her fists with fire. "C'mon!"

Nagah launched one Digicore and sent it toward Mars. The Miko Senshi evaded the incoming orb, but it swerved around behind her and expelled a powerful red beam that hit her back. Mars succumbed to the attack, which allowed Nagah to expel flames from by simply punching.

"Blazing Helix!" cried the Neo-Rajita general as swirls of flames, on par with the prominences which jet out of a solar eruption, hit Mars head-on.

"Augh!" Mars screamed as the attack hit her and knocked her through a giant rock formation.

Nagah calmly floated over the spot Mars landed and snapped her fingers. "Sonic Zephyr!" She unleashed a high-pitched frequency screech from just her fingers that dissolved the rock formation and revealed Mars. "No hide and seek for you. I'll just pluck you out wherever you're hiding, dear." She phased and reappeared standing over Mars with a composed disposition. "Now, let's see how you can take an attack point blank."

With that, she lowered a hand and release an immense heat blast right in Mars' face. Mars closed her eyes as the last thing she saw was a pillar of fire engulfing them both and the entire vicinity as everything within a few kilometer radius was wiped out.


Within one of the main base's lab facilities, Dai-Valkyrie Moon continued her clash with Igasu. The red-skinned mutant grabbed a hold of Moon and swung her around so hard she threw her several windows. Moon landed on her feet following being thrown like a ragdoll. She watched Igasu charging through the walls.

Moon flew across the lab luring Igasu after her. The Dai-Valkyrie spun around a platform a few times and used it as a catapult to launch her into Igasu. She drove her sword through Igasu's gut and sliced her through gutting her open. Igasu grinned sadistically as she opened the hole in her gut willfully. Dai-Valkyrie Moon went through Igasu's giant hole stomach and turned around to see Igasu's stomach look like a donut. Igasu closed up the hole.

Sheesh, I could go for a donut after seeing that... no, c'mon focus! Moon thought as she flew at Igasu and slashed at her. Moon then opened up her right hand and blasted her in the face. "Sailor Moon Kick!" Empowered thanks to the spiritual merger with Sleipnir, Moon landed a kick that packed enough force to send Igasu flying through the ceiling. She flew after Igasu and blasted her with an assortment of beams.

Taking each blast, they went through her body and opened up giant holes. As Igasu hit the roof of the facility, Moon ran up and slammed her sword into Igasu's face, nearly taking the mutant's head off. Igasu fell back hard. Dai-Valkyrie Moon raised her sword and prepared to cleanse the mutant with her holy magic.

"I'm growing tired of you, Igasu. I won't let you near my friends!" Moon declared, but as she prepared to cleanse her out, the red-skinned mutant shot out two tendrils and attached herself to Moon. "What are you doing?!"

Igasu grinned evilly and laughed. "If I can't beat you, I'll just assimilate myself with you! I'm gonna hijack your body and use you to kill your precious friends! How does that sound? I think it sounds exquisite!"

Moon used her sword to cut off the tendrils, but more came and attached to her body. Igasu slowly rose as she came closer to Dai-Valkyrie Moon.

"Relax and hold still. I promise it will be all over before you know it..." A psychotic giggle escaped Igasu's lips as her tendrils began infusing with Moon's skin.

"No..." Moon murmured as she fell limp as her sword slipped from her fingers. Can't let her... must... Sleipnir help me...!

(End theme)


Southern Digital World/Sector 34593/Neo-Rajita Headquarters/Main Royal Chamber/8:54 PM

Back in the main Rajita headquarters, Gamera, infused with the Alpha inForce, monitors both worlds now being invaded by his forces. Hanging up and shackled on the ceiling was Alphamon, whose entire body turned gray and lifeless without the Alpha inForce to sustain him.

Gamera prepared to initiate his next phase: disengaging the entire base, which doubled as a giant mothership, and make an advancement through Earth's realm.

Lobo, WarGreymon X, and MetalGarurumon X waited for Gamera's next command, but before the Neo-Rajita issued his next orders... a portal opened which Gamera noticed materialize.

From the portal came elusive duo of Sailor Charon and the Prophet.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! OST – Seal of the Orichalcos theme)

"Gamera, I understand you're preparing to depart from the Digital World," Charon addressed the Neo-Rajita lord. "Please, pardon our intrusion."

"What do you wish to inquire?" Gamera narrowed his eyes, turning around and eyeing the duo. "It won't be long once this ship arrives in Earth's dimension, this Digital World will become merged with Earth."

"Yes, thus connecting both worlds. Once the physical and digital planes become synchronized, there will be a great imbalance, but you don't have to worry. Charon and I will take care of the mess."


Charon, being the disingenuous individual, responded. "We have other means to keep the worlds from falling into calamity once the realms merge."

"We're hear to warn you not to take the Kuiper Senshi and the Senshi from the Crystal Tokyo timeline. They've acquired new powers and will be a force to be reckoned with. Your armies may not be enough to defeat them. Do also keep in mind, these same children already defeated a few of your generals and superior officers."

"And I doubt this general with his Digimon can make a difference," Charon said. "But, I do have a suggestion. Why not send this one and his two Digimon to the Central Realm?"

The Prophet considered his lover's suggestion. He nodded and complied. "There's an idea, Lord Gamera. He can surely turn the tide against the Chosen Children and push forward Valmarmon's inevitable revival."

"Lord Gamera?" Lobo faced his leader. "Don't you need me? I was entrusted to remain with you."

Gamera folded his arms while skeptically questioning the Paradais duo's drastic change of plans. He beckoned Lobo and the two Digimon to follow Charon and Prophet.

"I'll take care of everything from here, General Lobo. You have a new assignment. Do not fail me."

Lobo shrugged and nodded. "As you wish, Lord Gamera."

As the Prophet opened their portal for departure, Sailor Charon quickly addressed Gamera again.

"We've already dispatched Grendelmon and KingBasiliskmon to the Central Realm. You needn't worry about Lobo and his partners being sent on a mission alone."

"Lobo is more than capable of fighting his own battles. His Digimon combined create one of our most efficient and powerful weapons ever conceived: Omegamon X."

"Good. We'll leave you as you begin departure. Good luck on your endeavor."

As Charon stepped through the portal, Gamera ignored the portal closing.

"Those two are plotting behind my back," Gamera seemingly sensed their deceit. "Otherwise, they wouldn't come to me without requiring something from me. Must be when those Kuipers removed their control over that warrior." He got off from his throne and eyed a visual displaying the outside of the Digital World.

A digitized female voice came out of the main computer controlling the ship's course. "Lord Gamera, we've ascended from the depths. Atmospheric pressure stabilized. We're ready to venture back to Earth."

"Plot the course using the following coordinates..." Gamera entered the coordinates on his throne.

"Ready for departure, Lord Gamera."

"And so begins the merger of two worlds."

(End theme)


Earth/Shinjuku District/8:56 PM

Back on Earth's side, Megumi arrived near a sea of chaos as people continued fleeing the streets. She slipped into an alley and watched hundreds of Tokyo citizens storming the streets in terror. She saw numerous Neo-Rajita hovercrafts gliding over Tokyo and unleashing beams through the nearest city blocks.

"Don't tell me it's another invasion like what happened at the O-Bon Festival!" The Kobudo instructor watched in aghast while leaning against the wall. She turned away and stayed as far from the crowds filling the streets. "Oh, I can't believe I lost the kids! Yusuke, Kazuma, Ai, Mako! Kids!" She called out for them. "I hope that black fox is still with them. She seems capable of protecting them." She ran down the alley and quickly spotted BlackRenamon running into a shelter with the four kids. "Oh, there they are! Wait!"

However, as she ran across the street, a Rajita hovercraft spotted the woman and fired multiple beams toward her. One blast hit the ground behind Megumi and knocked her off her feet. Megumi hit the ground as her head banged against a steel pole that knocked her out. She fell unconscious behind a vehicle where the hovercraft passed on by.

BlackRenamon stepped out of the shelter and carried Megumi inside where the kids crowded around their babysitter.

"Miss Megumi!" Ai and Makoto cried out as BlackRenamon tried waking her.

"She's out cold," BlackRenamon shook her head.

Ai looked outside, shaking her hands. "Oh, Beelzebumon. I hope he and the other lady are ok."

"I'm sure they are, sis."

Yusuke and Kazuma sat together near BlackRenamon. Both became worried for ShineInumon and his whereabouts.


Not too far off within the Shinjuku district, Kasumi stopped to catch her breath. She looked up seeing ShineInumon standing on a lightpost.

"Sheesh, I'm a trained fighter and have great cardio, but this thing doesn't look winded at the least!"

Just then, ShineInumon's nose picked up on his sibling's and Tamer's scents. BlackRenamon and the others are ok. Good! He turned to Kasumi. "Listen, you'll have to find safety elsewhere. I've found my sister, our Tamers, and the others. I have to be with them. Take care of yourself!" With that, he hopped over several lightposts and headed off to his aforementioned family's location.

"Wait! You wouldn't just leave me to hang and dry!" Kasumi shouted. "Does this mean those kids are ok?" She quickly pulled out her cell and phoned up a number. "Swell. Guess it's time to call for the the Grapplers For Hire. The most I can do is get bystanders to safety." She ran across with her phone as she waited. "Hey, Reika, it's me. Call up the other lady fighters. It's time for the crew to take some action!"


Elsewhere, a fleet of Neo-Rajita soldiers began rounding up tens of many civilians captive. Some were already being led into the hovercrafts and ready to be taken prisoner.

"Prisoners who resist will be executed!" A Kaiser Knight soldier bellowed.

A Draconian Guardian grabbed a civilian man and prepared to take him into a hovercraft.

Just as the alien pushed the man inside, a pink beam shot out of nowhere and hit the Draconian Guardian. The alien was quickly dissolved into dust as this alarmed the other Neo-Rajita soldiers. They all drew out their plasma guns and pointed up to see Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon descending with Pegasus.

"It's one of the Sailor Senshi!" The Kaiser Knight declared. "Don't let her get away! Fire!"

(Cue Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST - Nikopol)

As the aliens opened fire with a barrage of plasma blasts, Neo Moon drew her sword to bat away the volley of plasma blasts. Raizen Jr. dropped in behind the Neo-Rajita fleet and blasted them away with a barrage of punches. He lunged at the Kaiser Knight and clobbered him with a fistful of Youki. He turned around and fired a powerfully charged red beam from his fingertip.

"Demon Gun!"

One finger blast quickly wiped out the alien fleet. More Neo-Rajita stormed in to intercept Neo Moon and RJ. Before they could fire, Norse Knight jumped down from Gaia's back and bumrushed the aliens. He hit the aliens with a flurry of punches and kicks. He even flattened a Draconian Guardian with a flying kick. Dai-Valkyrie Pluto landed with Lupe as they took apart another Neo-Rajita fleet. Pluto whirled her Garnet Rod and slammed it down, unleashing an immense surge of energy that wiped out the aliens in an instant.

"This is one way to clear a path!" Neo Moon said.

RJ blew on his finger. "You said it, babe. But, this is just the welcoming party." he pointed to more Neo-Rajita charging toward them and opening fire. "Let's give 'em an ass-kicking they'll never forget!" He charged ahead and started knocking a few alien heads.

Norse Knight sighed. "Yeah, he's definitely Yusuke's kid." His comment drew a laugh from Gaia.

Pluto nodded. "Indeed, but his demon power is exceptionally strong like his father's. Isn't that right, Small Lady?" She asked the future princess, whom smiled genuinely. "And you love him."

"Well, let's just say after my 18th birthday we..." Neo Moon was interrupted as a Draconian Guardian ran up behind her. She turned around and slashed him with her sword. A pink light was released from her blade that quickly dissolved the alien. "...sorry. I'll tell you more about me and RJ later, Pluto!" She hopped on Pegasus as the majestic steed guided his rider through the air. "Let's take down those hovercrafts, Pegasus!"

"As you wish, Princess Serenity."

While the 'Neo' duo took on the alien menaces, Norse Knight, Gaia, Pluto, and Lupe started freeing the captives. When more Neo-Rajita arrived, Pluto and Norse Knight was ready to engage them.

"Ladies first, Pluto."

"We'll go together," the Time Guardian insisted. "Besides, don't you want to know what Yusuke's son did for our daughter's 18th?" She gave him a subtle wink and glided off to attack the Neo-Rajita fleet.

Norse Knight palmed his head. "Don't tell they... Chibi-Usa. You've finally blossomed into a woman." He bolted off into battle and helped Pluto take out the aliens.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto glided through the Neo-Rajita and plowed them through releasing a trail of energy. She turned and watched the energy dissolving the aliens.

"Charon, this isn't over between us," the Time Guardian hadn't forgotten her last encounter with Sailor Chaos. She pointed her staff and blasted another Kaiser Knight into dust.


Another civilian crowd were saved by Valkyrie Blue Mars, Ryuuhi, and Sam. As the crowd fled from the vicinity, this gave more room for the Hino siblings and Sam to cut loose on the aliens.

"I'll clear the way!" Sam ultimately Spirit Fused into Dark Magician of Chaos.

"We'll cover you, Sam!" Valkyrie Blue Mars said, flying over the Neo-Rajita and bombarding them with ice fire. She drew out her ice sword, which she ignited with ice fire, and slashed through a hovercraft. She then watched Dark Magician of Chaos Sam forge a magical barrier to protect himself from the hovercraft's explosive landing.

Ryuuhi speedblitzed through a fleet of Bio-Vivians in an instant. In those last seconds, he left a trail of dead alien bodies and their blood stained on his sword. He looked up seeing Blue Mars press two fingers together to forge an cyan-colored fireball that shaped into a swan.

"Fire Soul! Ice Swan!" Blue Mars cried out, sending a giant fire swan that swept through some flying Foxzards that were burned into dust. Guided by Frostburn, she glided across and cleared the aliens from the skies.

Sam watched completely mesmerized by Valkyrie Blue Mars' flight. "She's incredible."

Ryuuhi scoffed, overhearing the teen's remark. "Quit lollygagging over my sister and get your ass in gear. We're in the middle of war!" He pointed to more Neo-Rajita stormed toward them with plasma rifles.

Sam just rolled his eyes. "More redshirts. Big deal."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't you watch Star Trek? Redshirts is a term used to describe easily expendable characters."

"I don't have time for that sci-fi geek nonsense. I'm too busy training to even care."

"You sure have a boring life then."

Ryuuhi scowled as he unleashed another speedblitz attack while mowing down more of the enemies with his sword. Sam chuckled to himself and gave Ryuuhi a hand as he cleared away Neo-Rajita soldiers with magical blasts.

"I won't let you show me off, human!" Ryuuhi shouted.

Sam laughed. "We'll see, man! Koori's already got the hots for me!"

"Will you shut up?!"

Valkyrie Blue Mars landed on a side building as the boys leveled the entire ground forces. She overheard them with a genuine smile.

"Looks like the boys are getting along swell," Blue Mars giggled. She watched more hovercrafts descending toward her. Readying her ice sword, the Valkyrie was poised for an attack. "Come and get some, guys." Her smile faded and a pillar of cyan flames danced around her. Her immense flames were enough to repel the hovercrafts away and melt their shields. She dove toward them and sliced them apart with her ice sword.

Blue Mars flew past the hovercrafts as they exploded behind her.


Valkyrie Cyber Mercury, Daiki, Helbot, and Black Luster Soldier Max were surrounded by a fleet of Neo-Rajita soldiers armed with plasma rifles and swords.

The Mizuno-Hunter siblings nodded to one another. Helbot transformed her hands into blades and lunged forward attacking a few Draconian Guardians.

"Engage them!" Max declared as he charged and slashed through a Foxzard.

As for Daiki, he and Valkyrie Cyber Mercury flew in the air clearing the streets of the aliens. Being competitive siblings, they decided to play a game of target practice.

"Ok, sis, the one who gets the most points wins!"

Cyber Mercury laughed. "You're on, punk!"

With that, Daiki bombarded the streets as his pulse beams and rockets blew away a bunch of Bio-Vivians. Cyber Mercury summoned a tidal wave.

"Nessie's Tidal Crush!" The Valkyrie hit the hordes of alien soldiers with a massive wave that engulfed and crushed them. She flew over the streets and eyed the fallen Neo-Rajita soldiers laying scattered. "Boom! I win, bro!" She winked and left Daiki in the dust. "Your upgraded Hermes armor needs more modifications if you want to get on my new level!"

Daiki coughed, watching his sister head back to help Sam. "Just you wait. My armor's easily adaptable." He turned as the surviving Neo-Rajita starting stirring. Whistling innocently and nonchalantly, he released small rockets from his chest that blew the aliens into bits. "But, who's there to clean up your mess? Me. That's who."


Valkyrie Battle Jupiter hit a fleet of Kaiser Knights with a speed force above the speed of sound. She even picked up ten Kaiser Knights with one hand and pressed them overhead. She threw them into the air and crossed her arms whilst calling upon her new Valkyrie special attack.

"I call upon the power of Jupiter!" Valkyrie Battle Jupiter shouted as lightning struck her body. With her body and armor doubling as a lightning rode, she collected the lightning burst and released an immense thunder blast. "Thunderbird Crash!" The lightning blast she threw up turned into a massive thunderbird that engulfed the aliens and dissolved them into dust.

Dropping her hands, Valkyrie Battle Jupiter smiled and gazed at her hands.

"Now this is what I call badass power!" Battle Jupiter boasted, flexing her right arm and showing off her biceps.

Suddenly, a large tank strolled toward the Valkyrie. Battle Jupiter turned around throwing her ponytail back and stretching.

"Ok, warm up session is..." Battle Jupiter grinned eagerly as she crouched down like a football player. "...over! I'm ready to tear some shit apart!" She launched herself forward, but was caught in the crossfire of the tank blasting her with a volley of earth-shattering blasts. She evaded and punched a few blasts back.

Valkyrie Battle Jupiter upped her speed and jumped on top of the tank. She easily bent the tank's turret around and tied it into a bow. Her fingernails became imbued with lightning and formed bird's claws, allowing her to slice open the top of the tank. She then used her newly enhanced Valkyrie strength to rip the entire upper half of the tank to reveal three Foxzards operating the vehicle.

"Hi!" Battle Jupiter waved to them playfully.

Before they opened fire, Valkyrie Battle Jupiter blasted their guns with lightning bolts. She finished them off with lightning blasts and flew up with wings made of electricity.

"Oh, yeah! I'm loving the hell outta this!" The Valkyrie Senshi happily boasted her own powers.


Near the Shibuya district, Valkyrie Summoner Venus, Adam, and Demona saved civilians from being taken into hovercrafts. The warriors faced down a giant fleet of varied Neo-Rajita soldiers armed with plasma rifles and swords.

"Heh, let's see your new powers put to use, hun," Demona addressed Valkyrie Summoner Venus.

Valkyrie Summoner Venus simply shrugged her rival off. "Oh, please. Just watch me take these freaks."

Adam approached the ladies and pat their shoulders. "Now, now, we'll all get our chance to shine equally, girls. But, first, I'll need a kiss from the both of you."

Demona and Summoner Venus were flabbergasted when hearing this.

"To ensure I'll use my full strength," Adam said.

"Right," the demon succubus replied as Summoner Venus frowned seeing her locking lips with Adam. She made it quick transferring a portion of her Youki into Adam.

Empowered thanks to Demona's Youki, Adam transformed into his half-demon vampire form. He beckoned to Valkyrie Summoner Venus as the two kissed. A portion of Venus' energy was used to tame his thirst for blood. Demona rolled her eyes seeing Venus embracing Adam.

"Thanks, Ai," Adam said as his blood thirst ceased for the moment. He turned and summoned a long purple Youki whip, which he used to throw and behead a bunch of the Neo-Rajita soldiers. "Let them have it, girls!"


With that, Valkyrie Summoner Venus and Demona swiftly flew across to attack the remaining alien soldiers. While the aliens blasted them, Demona folded her wings over and shielded herself from their blasts.

"Summon! Heart's Barrage!" Summoner Venus conjured hundreds of heart beams that bombarded the Neo-Rajita and destroyed most of them. She jumped in the air and landed on Demona's shoulders. "Thanks for the support!" She used Demona, much to her own chagrin, as a launching pad and flew high into the air while raining down more heart beams that covered the area and wiped out more Neo-Rajita.

Adam bumrushed a Neo-Rajita fleet and wiped them out just using his Youki aura. He grabbed a Neo-Rajita and drained it dry of its blood completely before making it dissolve into dust.

Adam whirled around to see Valkyrie Summoner Venus and Demona as he winked to them. Both ladies swooned over Adam until Demona cut her off.

"No way. He's mine..."

"Last I checked, Adam was kissing me more passionately, succubus," the Senshi waved her off. "I think Adam realizes where his heart truly lies. And last I checked, I just wiped out more bad guys than you did."

Demona scowled. "You want to make this a competition to see who impresses Adam?!"

"Too late, because I win," Venus mocked her by blowing a kiss. Suddenly, Venus' mind went blank and she sank to one knee. She grabbed her chest and sensed a distress. What's this pain I just felt? She gasped. Dad? Did something happen to you?!

"Hey, look, I was just kidding about what I said," Demona said as she approached Summoner Venus. "You ok? What's wrong?"

"Ai?" Adam called out as he ran over to give Summoner Venus support. He lifted her up and noted the slight distress etched on her demeanor. "What happened?"

Summoner Venus blinked thrice and quickly returned to her senses. "I... It's nothing..."

"Quit lying. Something bothered you. Tell us," demanded the succubus.

"Enough, Demona. She doesn't have to say anything she doesn't wish to."

"No... it's ok. I'll tell," Summoner Venus boldly stood on her own and explained the distressing vibe she felt, which was tied to Rio's untimely fate. Though, she didn't flat out tell them whether her father died or not, but her intuition wanted to say otherwise.

Adam nodded. "I see. I know I'm worried about Yusuke and his group, too. It's been a few days since we last saw of them."

Demona unfolded her arms. "Look, they'll be ok, princess. We have our own war to worry about. You're a Sailor Senshi, daughter of Sailor Venus for crying out loud!"

"I know who I'm related to and what my purpose is, Demona," Venus toughened her tone. She walked right up to Demona and growled. "I don't need a lecture from you of all people!"

"Girls, stop!" Adam interjected as he got between Valkyrie Summoner Venus and Demona. He pointed them to the Rajita tanks strolling across the streets with soldiers storming toward them. "We can discuss this later. For now, we have more important matters to attend to."

Demon and Summoner Venus exchanged looks before turning and facing the Neo-Rajita soldiers.

"Mind if we put our fight on hold, Demona?"

"Don't mind if I do."

Valkyrie Summoner Venus, Demona, and Adam prepared for the Neo-Rajita invaders coming their direction.

(End theme)


(Cue Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST – To Hell With Gattai!)

Elsewhere within Shibuya, the Valkyrie Sailor Quartet managed to clear half an entire vicinity of the Neo-Rajita invaders. Valkyrie Ceres, being the productive leader of the team, led her three colleagues as they destroyed a fleet of Neo-Rajita soldiers.

Empowered by her gorilla's strength and agility, Valkyrie Ceres used these to her advantage when dodging and attacking hovercrafts soaring through the air. She flew up and swung around a pole. Being the skilled trapeze artist, Ceres swung around and made evasive moves against the barrage of beams fired from the flying armored vehicles.

"It's showtime, girls!" Valkyrie Ceres cried out as she landed on top of a hovercraft. With an aura shaped like a gorilla over her, she ripped the top half open using her gorilla's strength and unleashed razor-sharp sakura petals that sliced apart the hovercraft's internal network and the passengers inside. "Have some more of my Ceres Razor Petals!" She jumped off and landed on another hovercraft while beginning to dismantle it.

Valkyrie Pallas forged a giant ball that she rode on. Gaining her seal spirit's skills, she dodged around the plasma beams fired by Neo-Rajita soldiers.

"Yahoo! Can't hit Pallas!" Valkyrie Pallas laughed, sticking her tongue out at the aliens. She rolled herself across and jumped off. "Let's play some ball! Heads up!" As an aura shaped like a seal materialized over her, she kicked the giant ball toward the alien soldiers where it exploded and knocked them away. "How do you like a Pallas Kickball Boom?" She giggled while wearing an almost innocent smile.

Suddenly, a Draconian Guardian came up behind the Valkyrie Quartet girl. Before he could fire, Pallas hit him with mule kick to the alien's groin without looking back. The alien doubled over in pain, leading to Pallas forming a bubble around him.

"You wanna be Pallas' new ball?" Pallas said, grabbing the ball and throwing it up into the air. She let it fall and land on her nose where she bounced it up repeatedly. She then kicked the ball up a few times. "Now for the big bang!" She kicked the ball up so high up it exploded in mid-air. "Whoops, maybe Pallas overdid?" She sweatdropped. "Nah."

Valkyrie Juno jumped over a volley of plasma blasts from armed Neo-Rajita soldiers. She backflipped and landed on a thing cable attached between two buildings. Despite their efforts to shoot her down, Juno toyed with them by jumping up and landing on the cable. It also helped Juno with her being an experienced tightrope walker and being the Quartet's member with the best balance.

"Ok, enough games!" snorted Valkyrie Juno as the aura of a lynx materialized over her. She jumped off and turned into a beam of green light. She seemingly went right through the alien soldiers and phased behind them. She turned as they dissolved into dust. Scratching her nose, Juno grinned. "How do you like my Juno Lynx Pounce?"

Finally, Valkyrie Vesta punched a Kaiser Knight back effortlessly. Empowered by her bear's strength, she easily manhandled 20 Neo-Rajita soldiers and wasn't ready to throw in the towel yet.

"C'mon! Who's next?!" The boastful girl raised her arms and grinned excitedly. Unbeknownst to her, a Neo-Rajita soldier undid his cloaking disguise and prepared to snipe her with a plasma beam. As a bear's aura flared around her, she felt the alien's presence and flickered out of the alien's view.

She reappeared in front of the alien and clenched her right hand.

"No, wait!"

"Not a chance, ya jackass!" Vesta laughed. "Vesta Bear Punch!" She thrust her right fist forward and unleashed a bear-faced fire wave that wiped the alien out instantly. "Nice! I love this new power! It's awesome!" She pumped up her right fist and hollered.

The Valkyrie Quartet reconvened while they boasted about their new powers.

"Did ya see that?! We kicked major butt!" Juno said.

Pallas nodded ecstatically. "Now I wanna go and find more of these aliens to play with!"

Vesta inquired. "Where to now?"

Ceres eyed their surroundings. "We've cleared this side of Shibuya. There's more on the east sector. We'll head there and then head back to Shinjuku. Quartet, spread out!" With that, the group scattered in a hurry and headed off to save bystanders from the Neo-Rajita invaders.


Back in Shinjuku, Morpheous and Wolk were surrounded by Draconian Guardians.

"Ex-general Morpheous," one of the invaders acknowledged the former general's presence. "You're a man we once respected, but now you've been living comfortably with these apes. Anyone who resists Lord Gamera must be severely punished!"

A Foxzard hissed. "Kill the traitors!"

Wolk scoffed as she formed two energy sais. "Now, I know how it feels to be on the other end of the foot. Want to see where my loyalty stands now?"

Morpheous nodded. "Like I would doubt you? Make your choice."

Smiling, Wolk threw her sai at a Foxzard and killed it. "Decided."

She and Morpheous immediately engaged their own kind. Morpheous grabbed a Draconian Guardian and snapped its neck.

"There's no reasoning with you!" yelled the former general. "But, I guess that's the gist of knowing you'll never understand where your true loyalty resides!" He ran up and turned himself into a Foxzard whilst dodging a barrage of plasma beams. He turned back to normal as he picked up a plasma rifle and fired back at them.

Wolk stepped on a Bio-Vivian's neck and crushed its throat with her heel.

"You know maybe fighting on the opposite side isn't too bad?" The female alien, having severed ties with her sister Kitoss, found a new purpose as an individual. She turned and gutted a Foxzard with a sai. Letting the alien drop dead, she withdrew her sai and wiped the blood off it. "C'mon! Who's ready for more?!" She goaded three Bio-Vivians to attack her.

Sounds like she's having fun. Looks like Helena might've rubbed off on her good. Morpheous chuckled to himself while shooting through the soldiers' plasma barriers.


Near the central section of Shinjuku, the IceDevimon and Digi-Zombie army were taken by surprise when they witnessed the Neo-Rajita forces being whittled down to some handfuls. They saw that the Valkyrie Neo Senshi and company utilized effective group attacks against the overwhelming invader numbers.

"What's the meaning of this?" One of the IceDevimon scowled.

Beelzebumon seized advantage of the distracted Digi-Zombies. "Hey, eyes on me, freaks! Death Slinger!" He unleashed an immense force of chaotic power that vaporized the Digi-Zombies. "Heh, take that, ya jackasses!" He took to the air and surveyed the area to see the Digi-Zombies quickly regenerate from simply being digitized dust. "...the hell?!"

After reforming, ThothBabimon laughed. "That all? A Punimon can hit harder!"

The IceDevimon crew laughed simultaneous after regenerating. "Have you forgotten that we're technically undead? You can't destroy us no matter what! Even destroying our bodies won't wipe us out completely if we can simply regenerate to nothing!"

"Well, this sucks. What now?!" The demon wondered as he was running out of options.

"Beelzebumon!" Came a loud cry from above.

The Digi-Zombies overheard the voice from above. They were quickly swept back by an enormous sheet of ice that froze all but the IceDevimon. Much to Beelzebumon's relief, he saw Dai-Valkyrie Sedna and Angemon X descend near them.

"Sedna, you're a sight for sore eyes," Beelzebumon acknowledged the Ice Senshi. "Did you get a new costume change I didn't know about?" He noticed the Ascendant behind her. "And who's your friend?"

"A friend," Sedna simply said.

"Gee, is he your secret weapon?"

"Something like that," Ice Senshi added, watching the Digi-Zombies break out of their ice prisons. "Naturally, you shouldn't be having trouble with these guys. They friends of yours?"

"Hardly. I wouldn't be caught dead drinking booze with them! They're like some kind of Digi-Zombies that won't die. Every time I blow them up they keep coming back for more!"

Angemon X tried probing the Digi-Zombies' life energies, which they lacked. "He's right. I can't feel their life energies. It's just feint darkness and emptiness."

"Soulless revenants, eh?" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna noted as she brandished her ice sword. She lifted it forward and eyed the Digi-Zombies stalking toward them. "Beelzebumon, take a break. Me and Dimitri have this."

"You crazy? Didn't ya hear where I just told ya, crazy girl?!"

Nodding, the Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper firmed her resolve. "Yeah, but I'm not letting these guys spread into our city and take over while the Neo-Rajita are running amok. One enemy is enough, two is a major headache."

Angemon X drew his sword. "We need to figure out how to contain them."

"I might have a way to contain and slow them down."

"Heh, well, if it isn't one of the Sailor Senshi," the head IceDevimon grinned devilishly. "This isn't your fight. You and your friend would be wise to leave. Beelzebumon must answer to us."

"But, I'm not letting you run roughshod on our city," Sedna boldly told him off. "Varuna, Quaoar! Now!"

Suddenly, the Digi-Zombies were taken by surprise as the aforementioned Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers phased behind them. Khnummon whirled around as Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar gutted him with her lance. She sliced through his torso and cut him two halves. Dai-Valkyrie Varuna slammed her battle ax into ThothBabimon and unloaded by cutting him down into bits.

However, their efforts were in vain as the Digi-Zombies regenerated much to Varuna and Quaoar's dismay. ThothBabimon recovered and threw a punch toward Dai-Valkyrie Varuna. Varuna put up her ax to block the giant baboon's giant punch. Khnummon bumrushed Varuna from behind and went to ram her, but she phased away and let the ram headbutt ThothBabimon. Horusmon glided over and blasted Quaoar. Quaoar dodged the attack and regrouped with Varuna.

"I don't get it. I cut that big bastard into pieces!" Varuna said.

Quaoar added. "They regenerated?!"

"Guys, you obviously didn't hear before you just arrived. These Digimon are undead and can apparently regenerate even if you destroy them," the Kuiper leader obviously explained to her teammates. "Don't worry. Your efforts won't be in vain for long. I might have an idea to slow them down."

"We're listening, Sedna, but you better make it fast," Varuna replied. "We've got the walking digi-dead heading our way."

Quaoar sighed. "And my vampire rose is pretty much useless on them."

Angemon X readily brandished his sword. "Let's not dwell in the negatives, girls. We can slow them down!"

"Here they come!" Beelzebumon exclaimed as he stubbornly refused to stay down and joined the group. "No way I ain't staying on the sidelines! Bring it, ya undead losers!"

"GET THEM!" The IceDevimon commanded.

The Digi-Zombies charged toward the Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper trio, Angemon X, and Beelzebumon. While the fighting commenced, the IceDevimon reconvened in mid-air as they concocted a plan to greatly overwhelm their enemies.

"Yes, if we combine ourselves, we'll easily gain the upperhand!" The IceDevimon in charge boasted as a blue aura outlined his body. "Ready, comrades?"

Each IceDevimon nodded simultaneously. After each formed an aura, they began amassing together to form a giant ball of frozen ice.

After kicking Kheprimon back, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna gasped upon seeing the giant frozen ball take shape.

"What the hell are those ice freaks doing now?!" wondered the demon.

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar dreaded the inevitable outcome. "This isn't good. We'll be dealing with a giant Digi-Zombie!"

"I hope your tactic is still available as an option, Sedna," Dai-Valkyrie Varuna said, hitting Horusmon with her ax.

That giant ice shell is going to undoubtedly bring out the biggest IceDevimon we've ever seen! Angemon X thought while slicing ThothBabimon in half.

"PREPARE FOR YOUR DEMISE, HEROES OF TOKYO!" The thunderous voice came out of the frozen shell, which slowly started cracking...


...until it finally shattered open.


Battling a fleet of Neo-Rajita, the Chimeras and were helped by Valkyries Makemake & Haumea and Dai-Valkyries Eris, Ixion, & Orcus. The combined efforts of the Chimeras and the Kuipers overcame the alien invaders, but more Neo-Rajita poured in from the digital portal still open in the sky.

Larry picked up a plasma rifle and channeled psionic energy into it. He threw it to a Draconian Guardian, which exploded in the creature's face. Mika charged up behind the alien and drove a psionic blade through its gut.

Dai-Valkyrie Eris pressed a tank over her head and threw it into a hovercraft.

"That portal up there is the direct source of where these aliens keep coming into our world!" Dai-Valkyrie Ixion pointed to the portal, which was seen in plain sight above them.

Dai-Valkyrie Orcus absorbed the shadows from a fleet of Neo-Rajita, which locked them into place. She unleashed shadow spike balls and clobbered them with these deadly projectiles.

Valkyrie Makemake used camouflage to hide behind two Draconian Guardians. She summoned an energy whip and used it to slice them down. Makemake undid her camouflage technique and stretched her energy whip out.

Valkyrie Haumea got physical as she turned her fists into sand gloves. She speedblitzed through a bunch of Bio-Vivians while punching them hard. She ran up landing an uppercut to a Kaiser Knight's jaw and breaking his jaw in two.

"Bam! You got knocked the hell out!" Haumea hollered as she turned around and shook her ass over the beaten alien's face.

Sara ran her hand through a Draconian Guardian's chest and crushed its heart. She let the alien drop dead and turned around to get hit by a barrage of plasma beams, but her body instinctively turned intangible, which allowed the beams to go through her.

Hayata attached two plasma blades to his arms. He whistled to the armed aliens to face him. He raced forward with a head full of steam and sliced through their bodies using the plasma blades still firmly attached to his arms.

"Thanks, Hayata!" Sara called to her colleague.

Hayata gave her a thumbs up. "Sure."

With Larry's back turned, a Kaiser Knight tried shooting him down.

"Larry, behind you!" Eris cried out as she quickly flew in between him and the Neo-Rajita soldier. She punched the alien so hard she made him explode into dust. She turned and smiled to the Chimera leader.

"Thanks a lot, Eris."

"No problem," she genuinely replied.

Damn. She's even stronger than I am. These Dai-Valkyrie upgrades are mind-boggling. Do these Senshi have limits?! He wondered until Orcus interrupted his train of thought.

"Hey, something's going on over there!" Dai-Valkyrie Orcus pointed to the giant frozen ball exploding and releasing a 40 feet tall IceDevimon.

"A giant IceDevimon?!" Mika exclaimed. "Sheesh, did the Neo-Rajita call for the big guns?!"

Valkyrie Makemake shuddered. "You mean... we have to face that big thing?"

"C'mon, we took on the freaking Sandman, Makemake!" Haumea said, taking off her sand gloves. "We can take a big King Kong-sized ice demon!"

"We won't know until we investigate," Ixion replied. "Sedna and the others are over there!"

"Follow us, guys!" Eris beckoned the Chimeras to follow her and her teammates.

Without hesitating any further, the Dai-Valkyrie/Valkyrie Senshi and the Chimeras made a hasty advancement toward the central Shinjuku vicinity.

(End theme)


Meikai/Demon Priests' Main Lair/9:09 PM

As if dealing with a zombie and alien invasion wasn't enough, the conflict back in Meikai fared no better for the Spirit and Neo Detectives. In fact, things are looking a lot grimmer with Kohana in possession of the stones, but a tiny glimmer of hope remained as she hadn't fused the stones within her.

While the Neo-Detectives and Yusuke pursued Kohana, Long and Tsukiyomi were fighting to the death. Though, Tsukiyomi was showing obvious signs of weakness after taking damaging blows from her daughter and Maya. Tsukiyomi lunged forward biting down on one of Long's dragon heads. Long screeched angrily and retaliated by biting down on the neck of her neck. Tsukiyomi exuded a strong miasma wave from her coat that repelled Long.

"I can sense your desperation, Tsukiyomi! You're faltering," Long chortled deeply.

Tsukiyomi panted whilst charging forward and slashing at Long.

Yasha tried to intervene, but Tsukiyomi dismissed her with a roar.

"Stay back, Yasha! This is my battle!"

"Mother, your power's being sapped by Long! The longer you fight him, the more detrimental it'll be to your energy!"

Stubbornly refusing to take heed of her daughter's warning, Tsukiyomi rushed ahead and headbutted Long back. The dragon demon tail slapped Tsukiyomi's head, which nearly turned her head into a 180 degree angle. Tsukiyomi bit down on Long's tail as it prompted the dragon to used his heads to fiercely bite down on her face.

"Enough, Tsukiyomi!" Long shouted as his Youki quickly expanded whilst siphoning off Tsukiyomi's Youki. He witnessed Tsukiyomi's stance weakening and her Youki aura subsequently fading. The villainous Demon Priest chortled evilly. "Tsukiyomi, it's such a shame we couldn't have had a more prosperous working relationship."

"...bastard, you were always plotting to kill me even before we made our pact..."

"I would've let you live had I not known you'd secretly allow your eldest daughter to take all your half-breed mutts to a secluded place. I should've killed Yasha when I had the chance."

Pivoting her head around, Tsukiyomi eyed Yasha and Nadeshiko. "Yasha... you've grown into an independent... strong... and cunning woman. Raise your sisters well... I regret not raising you all with your human and demon mothers..." She sank down as more Youki was being drained by Long. "You will have a newest additional sister to your clan... raise her well with the demon mother I procreated with..."

Upon hearing this, Yasha stood on her feet and tried calling out to Tsukiyomi.


One bite from Long's central head bit through Tsukiyomi's throat. Tsukiyomi gagged and spat out a mouthful of blood as she collapsed, letting out her final breaths before dying to Long. Yasha screamed her head off along with Nadeshiko.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Sensui's End OST Track # 10)

"Hn, you were fool to attack me after you had been attacked by these fools, Tsukiyomi," Long smiled malevolently whilst watching Tsukiyomi's demon dog form regress back to her normal self. The fresh bite mark was still on her throat where he bit her. He immediately proceeded to devour her fading body as her Youki remnants were inhaled into his central mouth. Licking Tsukiyomi's blood from his lips and turning back to his humanoid form, he grinned. "So, who's next to join the bitch?" He shifted his view only to receive...


Yasha lunged and caught Long with a jaw-breaking punch. Fueled by anger following her mother's death, Yasha unloaded with lightning fast punches that battered Long like a punching bag. Nadeshiko raced over as she headbutted Long's stomach, slightly dazing him but not enough to damage him. Long quickly retaliated as he repelled both with his stronger Youki.

"Nice attempt to avenge Tsukiyomi, but you're just delaying my victory once Lord Arago is revived."

"You just love hearing yourself talk!" Kuwabara barked, which attentively drew Long's view. Forging his Dimension Sword, Kuwabara stood his ground with Mizuno by his side.

Long only smiled in amusement when facing the trio. Suddenly, Hiei, Yoko Kurama, and Brimstone just happened to arrive to witness the carnage unfold on the ritual location. Yoko Kurama discreetly eyed Rio's body where Maya protected him. He saw Maya had discovered the seed planted in Rio's body.

"The seed didn't activate in time," Yoko Kurama muttered, fearing as much for Rio's untimely demise.

Brimstone inquired. "You planted a seed in Rio?"

"Yes, and it was an elaborate plan between them two," Hiei confirmed his suspicions when reading Kurama's mind along the way. "The seed would've taken root within Rio and destroy the stone."

"But, it would come at the cost of Rio's life," the silver-haired fox added sadly. "He was willing to take this risk just to prevent the stone from being taken. We went to such lengths to ensure the ritual would never be complete and ultimately stop Arago's return."

"But, Rio rushed into battle too soon. He was adamant to save his sister and resolve his conflict with his brother," Hiei stated. "But, I can't sense the life energy from the brothers."

Yoko Kurama, Hiei, and Brimstone hurried over to help Kuwabara and Mizuno deal with Long.

"You guys. About time you came," Kuwabara said.

Mizuno asserted. "Kohana's transformed into a demon bird thanks to her stone. Now she's gotten a hold of the other two demon stones!"

"Yes, and it will be glorious!" Long boasted as he beckoned everyone to look at the skies. "It's almost time!"

"NO!" Selipa cried out.

Attacking Kohana with an last of desperation, the Neo-Detectives and Yusuke were too late prevent the inevitable. Kohana's body absorbed the three demon stones. Her body turned dark purple as three red beacons flared on her chest and shot out to form a giant crimson triangle that lit up the skies. Distress hit the Detectives hard realizing all their hard efforts were for nothing.

Lady Lupin finally gazed up as the 'mysterious force' released its hold on her. She was allowed her to witness the Meikai skies to open up. "No, Kohana... we're too late..."

What came next would ultimately shape the foundations of Earth, Spirit World, Makai, and Meikai... and open up a darker future for all the realms.

(End theme)


Southern Digital Realm/Amazon Kingdom/9:15 PM

(Cue Bleach OST – Stand Up Be Strong)

Several kilometers off from the Amazon Kingdom location, Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter and Ztreko-Li dragged their battle toward the outskirts. There were massive shockwaves that emanated from afar. These shockwaves were created from the swing of Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter's Mjolnir swings. One swing from Jupiter leveled a mountain range in attempt to strike Ztreko-Li, who made various evasive counters with her adversary.

Ztreko-Li avoided close quarters combat with Jupiter as the latter displayed greater physical power displayed with her exceptional use of Mjolnir. Jupiter propelled herself forward and swung her Mjolnir to take down Ztreko-Li in one hit. Ztreko-Li quickly produced a construct of water to protect her from Jupiter's strike. The Mjolnir cracked through the construct as Jupiter reached for Ztreko-Li. The Neo-Rajita general glided back and avoided being grabbed by the Dai-Valkyrie.

Just getting too close to her is dangerous. One hit from that instrument and she'll break me! Ztreko-Li thought, turning her eyes as she noticed the main palace not too far in the vicinity. She veered her view toward Jupiter, who was already closing the gap between them.

"One hit is all I need!" Jupiter declared as she summoned lightning into her hammer and threw it at Ztreko-Li. "Take this!"

Suddenly, Ztreko-Li phased out of the way and let the lightning blast smash through the forest. Jupiter didn't react in time to see Ztreko-Li come up behind and clobber her with a tidal wave that sent her crashing through the palace rooftop.

Jupiter just happened to crash into the royal chamber where Uranus, Titaniamon, and Sanzomon were actively engaging Najadramon. Everyone ceased fighting to see Jupiter getting up and dusting her armor off.

"Sheesh, what a cheapshot move!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter shouted as she saw Ztreko-Li descending into the chamber.

The general's attention turned to her beaten and unconscious Subordinate Officers.

"Castillo, Minessa, and Mee-Nai, all defeated?" Ztreko-Li counted up her officers. She quickly turned to the three warriors who defeated her officers. "I will avenge them."

"Yes, you will, but I had them first," Najadramon interjected. "Your officers couldn't get the job done. I'm finishing it."

"Jupiter! Look out! The big snake can use beams that turns you to stone!" Dai-Valkyrie Uranus warned her colleague.

"We'll take care of Najadramon, Sailor Jupiter," said Titaniamon.

"You three take care of me?! Nonsense!" Najadramon laughed and blew fire into their direction.

The trio put up a defensive barrier to stop Najadramon's fire blast. All the while, Ztreko-Li and Jupiter clashed again as sword met Mjolnir. While caught in the heat of battle, Ztreko-Li noticed Amazoness Queen barely standing up and leaning on a wall.


The aforementioned Amazoness overheard her name being addressed.

"Become my weapon! I need you!"

"...I'm not strong enough... besides, what I've done has been wrong... Ztreko-Li... I'm sorry..."

"You can't mean...!" Ztreko-Li was abruptly cut off as Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter swerved around behind and kicked her so hard into a wall. "Ugh!" She grunted as she crashed through the wall.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter turned around and saw Sely running into the palace.

"Sely! Where are the others?!"

Sely shook her head sadly. "Najadramon turned them all to stone and she killed Lady Paladin." She looked on the opposite side of Jupiter and spotted a battle worn Amazoness Queen. "In honor of Lady Paladin, we must take back our kingdom, but don't think I'll ever forgive you for what you did.

"I never asked for your forgiveness..."

Jupiter got in between the two. "Hold on. Najadramon is our common enemy now. If she's taken full control of this invasion, then we have to take her down."

"Draconian Hellfire!" Najadramon expelled more power through her fire as it tore through the trio's combined defenses.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus took to the air and nullified Najadramon's fire blasts using her Space Sword. Sanzomon forged her anti-petrification spell over herself, ensuring protection from Najadramon's deadliest attack. She prepared to cast the same spell on Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and Titaniamon.

"I see what you're doing!" Najadramon hissed. "Protection from my petrification magic? A valiant effort, but it won't save the others!" As she pivoted her head, her eyes glowed, setting her sights on Uranus and Titaniamon first.

"I don't think so!" Uranus brought down her Space Sword and unleashed an immense projectile that cut through the ceiling.

Najadramon moved away from the collapsing debris raining down over the chamber. Uranus used this distraction to glide up and plunge her blade into Najadramon's chest. Rearing her head back, Najadramon roared painfully as Uranus pushed her blade deeper. Najadramon grimaced until she grabbed Uranus and threw her down. As Uranus landed, she hit the ground hard as her fall aggravated the wound she received from Krog.

While removing Uranus' blade embedded in her chest, Najadramon was ambushed by Titaniamon and Sanzomon, who both attacked her. Najadramon tail whipped Titaniamon down and backhanded Sanzomon back.

"No!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter shouted. But, as she tried intervening, Ztreko-Li came up and elbowed her from behind. Ugh!"

Ztreko-Li pulled Jupiter by her ponytail and slammed her into the nearest wall. The Neo-Rajita general proceeded to pummel her with her sword. Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter crossed her arms and blocked all of Ztreko-Li's piercing water blasts.

In midst of the battle, Najadramon lost grip and sight of Uranus' Space Sword. The weapon fell a little too far off from Uranus' reach. Ignoring her wound, Uranus took the chance and lunged forward to grab her blade. However, Amazoness Queen ran over and kicked the blade from the Outer's hand.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Uranus demanded.

Queen glared at the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi indifferently. Uranus scowled as she got right up to Queen's face, but this distraction allowed Najadramon to blast Uranus with her petrification beam and immediately turned the Outer into stone.

"Oh no...!" Titaniamon gasped in utter shock.

"URANUS! NO!" Jupiter cried out as she powered Mjolnir and blasted Ztreko-Li with a massive lightning bolt. She sent the general flying across the chamber.

"Queen, I knew you couldn't be trusted!" Sely screamed, tackling Queen to the ground and wrestling her down. She drew out her sword and lowered it over Queen's throat. "How fitting I get to kill you using Wildheart's own sword."

Queen stared into the fire that seamlessly fueled Sely's eyes and ultimately conceded. "Go ahead... I deserve it. But, know what I did was for the greater good..."

"Greater good?! You call your heinous action justifiable?!" Sely screamed, driving the sword into Queen, who narrowly moved and flipped Sely on her back.

Queen muffled Sely's mouth and leaned close to whisper in her ear. While the two Amazons settled their differences, Titaniamon tried to avenge Uranus, but Najadramon overwhelmed her with fire blasts and caught her with a petrification beam. Seeing Uranus and Titaniamon turned to stone fueled Jupiter's fury as she glided forward and clobbered Najadramon with Mjolnir. The swing was mighty enough to send Najadramon sailing through the rooftop. Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter jetted upward as she came over the Medusa-dragon snake and planted her right heel into Najadramon's face. Jupiter followed it up blasting her with Mjolnir's thunder bolt.

"Mjolnir Strike!"

"AUGH!" Najadramon let out an ear-piercing scream as she fell into the chamber where a giant hole was made in the wake of the fall. Struggling to move, Najadramon gazed up only to find Mjolnir striking her face. The blow sent her flying across the chamber.

Driven with determination, Jupiter was ready to finish Najadramon in one shot. She channeled her own power and immersed it with Mjolnir's majestic powers. Jupiter herself turned into a living lightning bolt as her eyes locked on Najadramon.

Sanzomon hovered down where Uranus and Titaniamon were. She prepared an anti-spell to undo Najadramon's petrification spell, but she was hit from behind. Queen knocked Sanzomon out and lifted Sely over her shoulder.

Swinging Mjolnir over her head, Jupiter prepared to finish Najadramon.

"Any last words?!" The Senshi boldly declared as her whole body was brimming with lightning. This lightning doubled as armor too as it became reinforced and fused with her Dai-Valkyrie armor. She saw Najadramon barely sitting up. "I get the notion if I kill you, I'll have my two friends restored. Right? Good. Now, here goes...!"

"I'd stop right there if I were you, Sailor Senshi," Queen cut Jupiter off from ending Najadramon with a one shot blast.

Turning around, Jupiter saw Queen holding Sely and pressing Wildheart's sword against the Amazoness Senshi's throat. Jupiter realized getting too close to attack Queen with a speedblitz would effectively harm Sely. Dropping her guard, Jupiter became an open target for Najadramon, who blasted her with a petrification beam and turned her to stone. Mjolnir fell out of Jupiter's hand and landed by her feet.

(End theme)

"Hah, yes! I just got two of the Sailor Senshi!" Najadramon boasted as she raised her body up. She saw Amazoness Queen pushing Sely down. "You aren't half-bad, Queen. I certainly misjudged you. You're really that adamant to run this kingdom."

"I'd never give it up for anything," Queen stated. "I'd utilize underhanded means just to get what I want." An evil smirk adorned her features as she pinned her foot down over Sely's back.

"Consider this a victory for General Ztreko-Li," the Medusa creature chortled as she picked up the Jupiter statue. She set Jupiter next to Uranus and Titaniamon. As Queen dragged Sely along to Athenamon's throne, Najadramon picked up the Amazoness Swordswoman statue and set it next to her latest prize possessions. "Adding two Sailor Senshi to my growing statue collection just make them the most valued collector's items. Ah, yes." She stroked her long tail over the four statues.

Ztreko-Li stood up as Najadramon beckoned to her.

"We've won, General Ztreko-Li. I've turned our enemies to stone and thus ensured Queen takes the throne as arranged."

Turning her view, Ztreko-Li noticed Queen sitting comfortably on Athenamon's seat. She nodded and planted her sword into the ground.

"And with our victory, I declare you the newest queen."

Smiling devilishly, Queen finished tying up Sely and sitting her down next to the throne. She sat down comfortably, crossing one leg over the other and twirling a lock of her hair.

"Queen Queen? Sounds too redundant. How does Grand Queen sound?"

Najadramon chortled. "Nice. You know, you're not half bad for an Amazon. In fact, you just might be an exception. I didn't think you'd quickly dismiss Paladin's sacrifice and literally just spit all over her honor. She has to be rolling in her grave right about now. I love it." She laughed maniacally as Queen's evil smirk widened.

Ztreko-Li nodded. "I must tend to my three Subordinate Officers. Once they fully recuperate, they'll be thrilled to know we've won." With that, she headed over to check on her unconscious and beaten officers.

All the while, Najadramon wrapped her eight tails around her four newest garden decorations. Queen's evil smile seemingly faded as she eyed Sely, who looked away in disgust.

"I hate you... you can torture me all you want... you and your new friends will never break me."

As Queen looked over the floor, she saw Sanzomon was still laying facefirst unconscious. Najadramon noticed Sanzomon still laying down and pushed one of her tails out to ensnare Sanzomon.

"Now to add another to my collection. Man, things just couldn't get any better for me!" Najadramon boasted. "Revenge is mine and I've gathered myself the largest statue collection ever! This is a win-win for me, but it won't be complete until I have Athenamon!" Her laughter filled the chamber and made Queen slightly shudder.

Queen's eyes were fixated on Sanzomon as were Sely's.

Hiding behind some debris, Silent Magician and Lunamon watched everything unfold. The former was still reeling over seeing Queen sitting on the throne and helping Najadramon turn more victims to stone. Lunamon covered Silent Magician's mouth.

"This is terrible, but we can't let them know we're here."

Silent Magician nodded as he pulled Lunamon's hand off. "I know, but I can't get over what the old lady did. Granny Paladin died... and now our homes are gone. What now?"

"I wish I knew, Silent. I really do."

"What are you two doing here?" Came Amazoness Spellcaster's voice, which alarmed the children. She grabbed the two as she hid with them behind the debris. "You two really done it now. We should be leaving."

"Not yet, granny," Silent Magician insisted. "That old lady just took the throne. Someone needs to get her off."

(Cue Bleach OST - Chokkaku)

Just then, a series of thunderous explosion emanated from outside the royal chamber. This loud commotion rattled the entire chamber as it alarmed everyone within it.

Ztreko-Li, Najadramon, and Queen looked up to see explosives bombarding the skies and raining down over the kingdom. Ztreko-Li sensed her soldiers' distress and shot up through the ceiling to investigate the source of these new attacks. Her eyes widened when she saw Examon Slayerdramon, and Wingdramon bombarding the Neo-Rajita armies covering the kingdom.

"No..." Ztreko-Li gasped as she saw Athenamon and Unfriendly Amazon was with the three dragons. "Queen, Najadramon. Athenamon has returned with reinforcements and they've brought heavy firepower that's crippling my forces!"

"What?! Athenamon is with them?!" Najadramon hissed though slightly delighted to hear that her greatest enemy has returned. Good. Now I can finally defeat Athenamon once and for all!

Sitting up from her throne, Queen clenched her fists and readied herself for battle.

"Queen, go and give Ztreko-Li a hand..." Before Najadramon could finish, Queen whistled and Sanzomon awoke to the loud whistling. This was the signal Sanzomon waited for as the Amazon channeled her anti-spell magic and prepared to use it on one of the five statues.

"What's the meaning of this?!" demanded Najadramon.

I only have enough power to summon a spell to reverse the stone's effects. Then, I must recharge... just one of them will do! Sanzomon directed her gaze the to Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter statue, reversing the effects and freeing Jupiter from Najadramon's spell.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter gasped and gazed over her body. "I'm... free...?!"

Queen tore the ropes off Sely as Najadramon was taken aback by this apparent and elaborate ruse the Amazons put together. Najadramon threw Sanzomon down and shifted her furious eyes on Queen.

"I take back what I said about you being a trustworthy Amazon! You traitor!"

Ztreko-Li heard the commotion and descended into the chamber. She angrily shot a fierce glare at Queen.

"What's the meaning of this, Queen?!" Ztreko-Li exclaimed.

Sely beckoned to Jupiter. "Sailor Jupiter, get your hammer and help us turn the tide of this battle!"

Befuddled by the turn of events which unfolded, Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter instinctively called forth Mjolnir, which flew back into her hand. She eyed Amazoness Queen meticulously.

"We can explain everything later, Jupiter, but just now me and Queen came up with a plan while you were fighting Najadramon. Queen kicked Uranus' sword away to convince Najadramon that they were still on the same page. We're sorry your friend had to be sacrificed in our ploy, but rest assured she will be restored along with Swordswoman and Titaniamon."

"It's fine. Though, Uranus will likely be ticked off."

Sely continued. "We had Sanzomon involved soon after and she only had enough magic to reverse Najadramon's magic on you first since you're apparently the strongest of the ones Najadramon turned to stone."

"Well, naturally, Uranus is stronger than me, but since becoming a Dai-Valkyrie, I think I one-upped her just by a tiny notch..."

"ENOUGH!" Najadramon hissed as she smashed the wall behind her. "Athenamon's on her way here, but none of you will make it out of here alive! Queen, I'll start with you first!"

"Sanzomon, gather as much magic to save the others," Sely advised her.

Nodding, Sanzomon complied. "I'll do my best!" She flew back and forged a barrier to protect herself and the petrified victims from the the midst of the battle. She clasped both hands together and focused her magical powers intently. The first statue she started on to neutralize the spell was Uranus

"You'll be mine again!" Najadramon screamed, shooting her petrification beams toward Jupiter, who easily nullified them with Mjolnir. "That hammer canceled my power?!"

"Sorry, but that won't work on me again," Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter growled, twirling Mjolnir around. "This time I'm taking your head off!"

"You're welcome to try!" The Medusa monster goaded Jupiter, who was joined by Queen and Sely.

Ztreko-Li bumrushed Jupiter first as the two recommenced their battle. Queen and Sely decided to put aside their differences to distract Najadramon. As for Sanzomon, she eyed the three statues of Uranus, Swordswoman, Titaniamon while working on increasing her anti-spell power.

Jupiter and Ztreko-Li clashed hard enough for Mjolnir to send a shockwave that knocked them both back. Jupiter landed on her feet first and ran across so fast she clobbered Ztreko-Li with her hammer. Ztreko-Li flew across the chamber and hit the ground.

Swinging Mjolnir around, Jupiter boldly cried out. "That all? I'm just getting warmed up!" She readied a fighting stance as Ztreko-Li slowly recovered to her feet.


Meanwhile, Slayerdramon and Wingdramon worked by mowing through the Neo-Rajita armies and helping the Amazons reclaim their kingdom.

"That's our palace dead ahead!" Unfriendly called, seeing the royal palace in plain sight.

Examon grinned. "Ready to reclaim your castle?"

"Such a silly inquiry," Athenamon said, drawing out her sword. "Take us straight ahead, Examon!"

With that, the ex-Royal Knight beelined toward the palace with Athenamon and Unfriendly riding his back. The queen set her sights on the castle and gripped her sword tight.

"And this time we won't be defeated," Athenamon said with renewed determination.

(End theme)


Southern Digital Realm/Dra-Warriors Base/9:23 PM

(Cue Bleach OST - B13A)

Revenant hovered and surveyed around the Dra-Warrior base. His eyes locked on Dai-Valkyrie Venus, who appeared right out in the open as if waiting for him. Dai-Valkyrie Venus goaded him to attack her. He took the Senshi' invitation and forged a massive golden scythe imbued with a miasma coating. He swung his scythe and cut right through Venus!

"I've got you...!" Revenant stopped mid-sentence when his attack cut through a giant sheet of glass. Taken aback by the deceptive counter, Revenant felt a presence behind him and whirled around...


An orange beam blasted Revenant's face and tore through the upper right section of his skull face. After cracks formed, the piece of the skull fell apart and exposed Revenant's weakness to light nature attacks. Revenant ran a hand over the shattered part of his face and scowled deeply. He caught Venus floating not too far off and shooting a cold demeanor.

"Let's see how you enjoy the concept of death yourself," Venus muttered, forging a long orange whip in her hand.

Revenant bellowed. "Your death is already imminent. For tarnishing the god of death's image, your life is guaranteed to be cut short!" He shot across and pursued Dai-Valkyrie Venus toward the major battle between the other Senshi and the Dra-Warriors vs. BelialMyotismon. "Luring me to where your friends isn't a wise choice. You're foolishly leading them to their demise once my aging mist takes effect and spreads!"

Not too far off from the battle, Dai-Valkyrie Venus watched the battle her friends and the Dra-Warriors waged against BelialMyotismon. What caught her attention was undoubtedly the arrows that Elementdramon fired.

An idea quickly sprung up in Venus' mind on the spot. A clever smirk adorned the blonde's features. That's exactly what I need! Now I just need to borrow one of her arrows!

Suddenly, Revenant found Dai-Valkyrie Venus and unleashed his age mist. Venus instinctively sensed the evil general's ghastly presence and readied an assorted barrage of spear-shaped projectiles. "Chain Wink Spears!" She fired the arrowed shots that only managed to dispel the darkness mist, but none effective enough to pierce through his aura and hit him.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus glided over toward the other battle and eyed Elementdramon.

"Where do you think you're going, woman?!" Revenant bellowed as he beelined after Venus. What is she planning? Surely she wouldn't endanger her colleagues by luring my age mist near them?

C'mon, you skull-ugly freak. Right this way. I've got a nice surprise for ya. Dai-Valkyrie Venus thought, narrowing her eyes on Elementdramon and her arrows. "Mercury! Neptune! Help the keep the big guy occupied! And don't any of you look into his eyes when they start flaring! He uses illusions!"

Upon hearing Venus' outcry, BelialMyotismon's strategy was quickly rendered null. Curse that woman!

"Thanks for the reminder, Venus!" Dai-Valkyrie Mercury replied. "You heard her, everyone."

Dai-Valkyrie Neptune added. "Indeed, now we know what to avoid."

"Think again! Mental Illusion!" BelialMyotismon flashed his eyes open as a white beacon of white spread through the area. Attempting to catch everyone within his gaze, he saw the Senshi and Dra-Warriors averted their eyes. BelialMyotismon scoffed irritably and resigned with the fact he must resort to a new strategy. "Crimson Mist!" He sprayed more red mist from his body and tried catching his adversaries with it.

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury and Neptune glided out of BelialMyotismon's vantage point. They soared over BelialMyotismon and hit him with combined water blasts. Dazed by the a water blast in his face, BelialMyotismon forged a giant black ball in his right claws and tossed it at the Senshi. Kyodaidramon shot upward and intercepted the giant ball. Espirtdramon shot a blast and nullified the attack completely.

"That was close," Kyodaidramon said with much relief.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus flew over and met with Elementdramon. "Hey, those arrows I've seen you firing are based off various elements right?"

"Yes, hence my name Elementdramon," aptly pointed the Dra-Warrior.

"Listen, I need your help. Our unfriendly skeleton freak I've been fighting has a weakness. I just discovered after hitting him with a sneak shot using my light beams, I put a major dent through his face. Since his affinity appears to be darkness, his weakness has to be light."

Elementdramon pulled her out her arrows as two light arrows drew Venus' attention. Realizing the dire situation and what was at stake, Elementdramon complied and handed Venus one light arrow.

"Please use this well."

Nodding, Dai-Valkyrie Venus held the light arrow tight in her grip. She channeled her own Senshi power into the arrow. The arrow itself slowly produced a brighter white coating that surrounded it. Venus gazed at the glowing object in her hand. Her grin widened when she felt the immense power surging in her hand.

"Now this is more like it!"

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury observed. "Her powers are resonating with the arrow."

Dai-Valkyrie Neptune added. "Indeed, and no doubt it should be more than enough to tear through that monster's darkness barrier." She meticulously noted the aging mist enshrouding Revenant. "Venus, make this one count."

Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon doubled their bodies as battering rams and collided with BelialMyotismon. The demonic being cackled and grabbed both of their heads while smashing them together. The Dra-Warriors rebounded and forged long chains that binded around BelialMyotismon's arms.

"What's the meaning of tying me up like a dog?!"

"Just to make sure you don't get away," said Kyodaidramon.

Espirtdramon boldly stated. "Correct, and if we have to destroy ourselves, we're taking you right along with us in the blaze of glory."

"But, for you, you'll die more miserably."

"Well said, Kyodaidramon."

"You fools won't contain me for long!" BelialMyotismon pulled the Dra-Warriors forward, but they quickly rebounded and double punched him in the face. Gritting his teeth, BelialMyotismon buckled under their blows nearly cracking open his head.

(End theme)

(Bleach OST – B07a)

Revenant arrived on the scene with his vantage point on Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and the others. Flamedramon, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Armed Dragon, Elementdramon, and Galaxiadramon moved in to surround Revenant, who forced them to rethink their strategy and avoid his aging mist.

Elementdramon prepared to use her one and only light arrow. She then veered toward Dai-Valkyrie Venus holding the light arrow she handed her.

"Venus, it's now or never," Mercury insisted.

"You won't get another chance," Neptune said.

I need to perfect shot, but this won't do! He'll just avoid it! Venus intently focused her sights on Revenant, who was being attacked by the Dra-Warriors.

Swinging his scythe vertically, Revenant narrowly missed Galaxiadramon. Galaxiadramon retaliated by throwing a punch imbued with chaos energy. Revenant formed his aging mist to protect himself from Galaxiadramon's punches as the attack forced the Dra-Warrior to utilize a more strategic maneuver. Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon shot up toward Revenant and launched a barrage of molten rocks at the general. Revenant slashed two of them with his scythe and blasted another with a beam from his mouth.

"How about we dispense of this pointless endeavor?" Revenant revolved his whole body like a tornado. "Burning Cyclone!" He immediately caught the Dra-Warriors into his massive cyclone attack and sent them flying across the vicinity.

Scathed and receiving burns, the Dra-Warriors steadily picked themselves up, but Revenant phased right over Elementdramon first.

"No, Elementdramon!" Flamedramon yelled.

"You're the one with those troublesome arrows," the menacing general stared at Elementdramon's defiant eyes and brought down his scythe. "Say your prayers!" As he brought down his scythe, a barrage of fire blasts hit his back, but did little to faze him. He turned his head around and saw Flamedramon ready to engage him. "Surely you jest."

"Oh, I'm not joking this time, you freak. Leave her alone!"

"Flamedramon, you fool! Don't foolishly engage him!" Elementdramon vividly pleaded to him. "It's suicide!"

"You think I'm the one ready to throw down their life?" Flamedramon added when Galaxiadramon, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, and Armed Dragon stepped up behind him. "We're Dra-Warriors. We lay our lives down for our colleagues!"

Revenant scoffed at their heroic boasts. "Let's test your durability, Dra-Warriors. Because I doubt you can survive my... Aging Mist." With that, a massive blanket of black and purple miasma leaked out and covered the vicinity, causing everyone near him to evade him. "My death blanket is enough to dissolve all of you to digitized bits."

Galaxiadramon cursed. "Damn, just getting near him is instant deletion. The nature of that death blanket is similar to the D-Reaper's chaos slime."

"And no doubt he can spread it across quick if he wants to truly end this. He's just toying with us!" Flamedramon growled. "The cocky bastard!"

"Hey, where are the Senshi?" Elementdramon noticed the absence of the Dai-Valkyrie trio.

The Dra-Warriors quickly surveyed the vicinity. They saw Mercury and Neptune floating next to them, but Venus was still missing.

Where did she go?! Revenant frantically looked around having lost sight of the Senshi he pursued. As he slowly turned his head, a beacon of light produced behind him. "I've found you!" He roared and flew out of his miasma barrier and slashed through Venus, cutting her body in two. "Yes! One quick kill!" He gleefully cackled at Venus' expense.

A sneaky grin formed on Venus' face as she seemingly vanished in a flash. Revenant was shocked when he realized it was a decoy created by Venus. Revenant gawked and turned around...

(End theme)


The arrow went through Revenant's chest causing his whole body to explode. From his vantage point, he saw Dai-Valkyrie Venus flashing a devious grin and winking to him.

"Horror show's over," Venus declared.

"No... not... yet...!" Revenant threw his scythe toward Dai-Valkyrie Venus.

As Venus prepared to teleport, she saw that the scythe wasn't aimed for her. Instead, it went for Elementdramon, but Flamedramon threw himself in front of Elementdramon.

"NO!" Elementdramon screamed as Flamedramon fell on the ground with Revenant's ax buried in his back.

"FLAMEDRAMON!" The Dra-Warriors huddled close to Elementdramon and Flamedramon.

As Mercury and Neptune joined in to with the Dra-Warriors, Venus whirled around and glared darkly at Revenant, who laughed maniacally at their expense.

"I won't die... not... unless I... take one of you with me," Revenant weakly murmured as his body slowly dissolved into dust. His body was halfway being deleted all the way. "...you may have beaten me... but you'll have BelialMyotismon to deal with... and Lord Gamera... Lord Gamera will finish you all. You won't win the war... what a waste..."

"No, we will win!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus boldly yelled in defiance. Her cheery exterior was replaced with a hardened battle warrior's glance. Putting her hands forward, she unleashed an immense beam of light that shaped itself into Cupid the Unicorn. "Say goodbye and never come back!" She blasted the remnants of Revenant into bits and saw that nothing was left of the general.

Upon seeing Venus' action, Dai-Valkyrie Neptune and Mercury were flabbergasted to see a new side of their colleague. Venus took a deep breath and watched as BelialMyotismon threw Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon to the ground.

(Cue Bleach OST - B13a)

"C'mon, you two fools! You're weak!" BelialMyotismon taunted the Dra-Warriors. "Even AlforceVeedramon put up more effort before I killed him!"

"Don't... you ever speak of our former leader's name!" Kyodaidramon yelled defiantly. "Not from your deceitful lips!"

Espirtdramon bumrushed BelialMyotismon only to get swatted down like nothing.

"That's enough! It's time for you two to share his fate!" The gigantic demon opened both of his massive shoulder orbs and released darkness waves.

In their beaten states, the two Dra-Warriors couldn't afford to take BelialMyotismon's attacks. This would undoubtedly seal their fates. However, to their surprise and the Senshi's, Galaxiadramon, Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, and Armed Dragon threw themselves in front of the their co-leaders.

"No! Don't do it!" Kyodaidramon pleaded to his friends.

Suddenly, Flamedramon awoke in Elementdramon's arms and instinctively stood up. He pulled the ax from his back and limped his way toward his friends. Elementdramon tried to stop him.

"Don't! That's enough, Flamedramon!"

"No... I refuse to go out dying with an ax in my back..." Flamedramon said.

"You don't have to do this!" Mercury yelled out to the Dra-Warriors.

"We don't... but we're soldiers in war... and we're doing this to ensure our leaders live no matter what! We're ready to throw our lives in the name of justice against evil!" Galaxiadramon responded as he and his colleagues struggled to hold back BelialMyotismon's darkness wave.

Flamedramon jumped across as he joined in helping his Dra-Warriors colleagues.

"Flamedramon, Galaxiadramon!" Kyodaidramon shouted.

"Red-Eyes Darkness, Armored Dragon!" howled Espirtdramon.

"You want to join in and die together?! No arguments from me! Perish in oblivion!" The demonic behemoth deep laughter was accompanied with loud roars.

As the Dra-Warriors buckled against the wave, BelialMyotismon wiped them out subsequently. Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon were frozen in a state of shock seeing their friends sacrifice themselves. Elementdramon cried out in anguish, sinking down on her knees as the Senshi rushed over to comfort her.

"Why mourn over little ants? Their lives were as meaningless as AlforceVeedramon's..."


Suddenly, a giant wave of emerald and crimson light erupted from both Espirtdramon and Kyodaidramon respectively. Everyone near them were mesmerized by the two shining auras covering the Dra-Warrior duo. BelialMyotismon held his ground and felt an immense power waiting to explode.

Kyodaidramon, what's happening to us?

I don't know, but I feel as if our hearts and minds are becoming synchronized.

Synchronized? And just now our minds are being linked. Wait, this happened to Luzdramon and Panzerdramon. Kyodaidramon, don't you realize what this means?

Espirtdramon, our bond has grown mighty strong since we first met. And being Dra-Warriors has allowed our partnership to evolve into friendship.

But, the last push to complete our bond was a great sacrifice... and our comrades died to ensure we press forward and lead the Dra-Warriors to a better future with Imperialdramon.



The power of Jogress is ours.

(End theme)

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Evo)

BelialMyotismon stumbled back as the incredible power emanating from the two Dra-Warriors swept him back. Then, an eventful scene flashed before everyone's eyes. Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon's bodies merged and a familiar evolution yell was beckoned.



"Jogress Shinka!"

Being witnesses to this eventful scene, the Senshi and Elementdramon were flabbergasted to witness the two Dra-Warriors Jogress to form a new Dra-Warrior with the combined strength and knowledge of two.

"Incredible, they're actually merging as one!" Elementdramon cried out. "Yes, do it for our fallen Dra-Warriors! Take down BelialMyotismon!"

Dai-Valkyrie Venus stood and smiled, sweeping her hair from her face. "This should be awesome."

"Their desire to avenge their soldiers has pushed them to their newest limit," Dai-Valkyrie Neptune said.

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury said nothing as she, like the others, simply observed the rise of a new Dra-Warrior.

In place of the two Digimon was a 15-foot tall dragon wearing crimson and emerald armored hide. Two long yellow swords were seen hanging on the hips. Two massive emerald wings were seen folded over his back. The titan's chest was covered with powerful Chrome Digizoid black armor. A giant red Japanese sun symbol gleamed brightly on the chest as it stayed embellished on the Jogress Digimon's chest. His feet was covered with thick golden claws. Adorning his shoulders was classic shogun-styled armored guard plating. Forming over his head was a Shogun's helmet where his dragon's face could still be seen. His red red tail crushed the ground behind him, leaving a giant hole. He stood in a battle posture and bellowed, which made the area around him shudder.


BelialMyotismon was speechless upon seeing the newly formed Shogundramon. The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and Elementdramon watching were astounded with the Dra-Warriors' Jogress form.

The battle between the titans was set to commence with high stakes being waged on the Dra-Warrior's base.


Southern Digital Realm/Royal Knight Headquarters/9:27 PM

(Cue My-Otome OST – Holy Otome's Prayer)

As she glided through a narrow path, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn came across a spacious and empty facility inside a military base. She probed on a familiar evil presence and turned around, readily cutting down a hundred tendrils coming for her. However, this was merely a ploy as Hydra popped out from the ground and clobbered Saturn with a punch to her face. She kicked Saturn into the air and sent her flying through the ceiling. Dai-Valkyrie Saturn controlled the pace of her flight and stopped in mid-air. Hydra flew up unleashing a bombardment of beams from her mouth. Saturn brandished her glaive and sliced apart all the subsequent beams.

"I won't be beaten by a snotty brat like you!"

"I'm hardly a brat, you cretin," Saturn scoffed as Hydra went for a straight right hook, but the Dai-Valkyrie calmly evaded Hydra's blow. She whirled around and sliced Hydra in two, but only managed to cut through an after image.

Hydra reappeared behind Saturn and wrapped her tentacles around Saturn.

"Yes! Now we can finally end these shenanigans!" Hydra crushed Saturn tight and prepared to crush the girl's ribs. "Any last words?!"

"Soul Crush." Saturn murmured quietly as her glaive produced an lavender aura, which formed ribbons and wrapped over the two.

Trapped inside the ribbon prison, Hydra had nowhere to go. She saw Saturn brandishing the Silence Glaive like a warrior ready for war. Hydra still hadn't overcome her shock over being unable to match Saturn anymore. It wasn't long ago that Hydra easily handled the Senshi, but the Dai-Valkyrie power-up made all the difference in the world.

I can't be defeated. Not by her! Hydra growled as she unleashed hundreds of more tentacles at Saturn, who quickly danced through them and sliced them down to pieces. As she flew right up to Hydra, Saturn produced a ball of lavender light and shot it into Hydra.

Saturn hardened her warrior's gaze and thrust her glaive into Hydra. Hydra let out a blood-curdling scream as Saturn quickly sliced her into pieces and blasted her remains.

The spiritual essence of Hydra drifted away and left a few parting words to Saturn.

You've defeated me, Sailor Saturn. Enjoy your victory. But, know your greatest enemy awaits you.

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn sliced through the ribbons and emerged relatively unscathed from her battle. Having slain Hydra, Saturn couldn't shake off the ominous and vague message the Paradais warrior left her.

"Great enemy awaits us? Gamera?" Saturn pondered diligently before making her way through the base to free the captive Royal Knights.


When the heavy layer of smoke cleared from the vicinity, a large hole left carving through several kilometers of the landscape. Nagah floated from the hole with her hands still freshly imbued with fire. She scanned the area realizing that Mars narrowly escaped her attack. She veered her eyes from one side and shifted to another.

"Damn her. She managed to slip by," muttered Nagah.

"Not exactly," came Mars' voice from behind her.

As Nagah whirled around, her eyes fell on Dai-Valkyrie Mars, who had some visible burns on her armor but none that damaged it. Nagah noticed a subtle fire barrier surrounding the Miko Senshi. Nagah hastily shot forward and punched the air as she expelled a fire blast at Mars' direction. Mars put up her hand and casted a red barrier that nullified Nagah's attacks. Nagah propelled through Mars' barrier and decked her face with a punch. Nagah caught her with a heavy barrage of body blows that dazed the Dai-Valkyrie. Nagah came up behind Mars and caught her with a fire burst.

"Blazing Helix!" The Neo-Rajita general blasted Mars back.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars crossed both arms in front and tried holding her ground against Nagah's relentless fire blast. Mars forged a fire barrier that slowly siphoned Nagah's attack.

"No, you don't!" Nagah screamed as she phased and reappeared behind Mars. She spun around and kicked Mars over the small of her back. She seized Mars' hair and threw her into the air. With a snap of her fingers, ten red orbs materialized around her. She pointed and directed the ten orbs at their obvious target: Sailor Mars.

(End theme)

(Cue Fate/Zero OST 2 – On the Battlefield)

Dai-Valkyrie Mars shook off Nagah's attack. However, she had little time to recuperate as the ten orbs launched toward her. Mars evaded the incoming orbs and summoned a crossbow made of flames, which she used to shoot down all of Nagah's orbs. One managed to slip by and came toward Mars' blindspot. Mars spun around and kicked the orb into the sky where it exploded.

Nagah phased behind Mars and tried piercing a fire blade through her back. Mars grabbed Nagah's arm as the two ladies struggled to overpower the other. It was Nagah that won the struggle and headbutted Mars. Nagah easily lifted Mars by one hand and tossed her into the nearest rockface.

"Sonic Zephyr!"

A massive shockwave erupted from Nagah as it pulverized Mars and demolished the rockface behind her. Dai-Valkyrie Mars' durability proved most effective when taking Nagah's earth-shattering attack. Nagah glided faster than Mars could perceive and was punched several kilometers away. Mars crashed into a ledge and nearly fell into a narrow cleft.

"Sonic Zephyr!"

Nagah quickly flattered the terrain and cleared the rocks littering the landscape. She saw Mars sitting up and in plain sight of the general's view. Nagah dove at Mars before she could stand and headbutted her in the face. Nagah swerved around behind Mars and caught her with an elbow to the Dai-Valkyrie's back. Nagah hit Mars with numerous speedblitzes before coming up under a dazed Mars as she kicked the Miko into the air. Nagah launched herself over Mars and unloaded with fire-imbued hands in rapidfire fashion. Each blow dazed and pummeled Mars like crazy.

As Mars tried to mount a comeback, Nagah kept phasing around her like crazy and casted after images made of fire that threw the Miko's senses off. Mars turned around and went for a kick only to hit nothing but flames. Nagah appeared behind Mars and ripped a piece of her armor in attempt to siphon Mars' energy. This time Mars instinctively spun around and kicked Nagah's jaw. Nagah's head snapped back as Dai-Valkyrie Mars pushed her palms into Nagah and repelled her several hundred feet away.

"Maybe I can..." Mars quickly beelined after Nagah. I can defeat her on my own!

'Look out, Sailor Mars!' The Houou warned her vessel as Nagah's aura shaped itself into a giant phoenix reminiscent of Zhuqiaomon himself.

"Super Blazing Helix!" Nagah summoned a giant swirling inferno that ripped through the skies and went straight for Mars.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars evaded the incoming fire storm and braced herself for the hundreds of fire blasts raining down from Nagah's wings. Mars glided through the scorching blasts, but Nagah quickly flew toward Mars at blinding speed. Mars instinctively let her body move on its own and let Nagah narrowly miss her. Dai-Valkyrie Mars pulled out an ofuda and slapped it on Nagah's forehead. Nagah grabbed the ofuda and burned it, but that served as a distraction for Mars.

"Houou Blade!" Mars produced a fire blade and cut through Nagah's defenses. She followed up by landing a fire-imbued heel kick over Nagah's head, sending her plunging down to the ground. I've gotta make this quick!

Taking a chance, Mars dove quickly to catch up to Nagah. As she swung her blade, she aimed for the general's head, but Nagah caught the Senshi's blade with merely two fingers. She turned the blade and kicked Mars back. Mars landed on all fours and watched Nagah flying up kicking her face. Mars stumbled back following Nagah's kick. Nagah flew around Mars at seemingly supersonic speed, throwing the Miko's senses again.

No way I can keep with her! Unless I let the Houou take over... no, I can beat her on my own!

"Having trouble keeping up? Here, let me slow down!"

As Nagah slowed her pace, she flew around Dai-Valkyrie Mars and came up from behind again. Mars sensed Nagah's approach and instinctively turned around, using Nagah's own momentum and hitting her with a spinning kick to her face. She sent Nagah sailing back and pursued her. Nagah used the nearest rock as a spring board to launch herself into Mars. Mars put her hands out and caught Nagah, struggling to hold her back. Powered by a fire aura, Mars rebounded and used renewed strength to throw Nagah into another rock formation.

"What's it going to take? She just keeps coming back..." Mars stopped as she sensed the immense power emanating from the rock formation. No shock came over her face as an inferno erupted from the rock formation and from it came Nagah in her glory. "This really is the power of a Digimon Sovereign. Sure lives up to its reputation... and this is just Nagah utilizing it."

"Quite the contrary," Nagah overheard her rival. "In this state, I'm far more powerful than Zhuqiaomon. His immense power simply augmented my own natural strength, which has increased since I last humiliated you during the first incursion. Remember? When your precious Princess Serenity had her chest ripped open by Ghidorah..."

"Stop it! I don't want to be reminded of that!" Mars' fury was unleashed. "Nagah, the only reason I'm resisting the urge to kill you is because of your student. Lien is a good girl, but you'd led her astray for far too long. Does she even know what Gamera plans to do?"

Upon hearing Mars' lecture, Nagah scoffed. "Don't tell me how to raise someone I treat like my own daughter."

"I know because I'm a mother of two! You may not believe it but several years have passed and I gave birth to two beautiful twins. I love them and want to a better, peaceful future for them. The future versions of my children are fighting against the same war against quite possibly against your people. It never had to turn out this way, Nagah. Lien wants..."

"Enough! Unleash the Houou now before I force the entity out of you!"

"You'll regret it, Nagah. I promise you."

Consumed by Zhuqiaomon's power, Nagah's mental state was being corrupted. Having taken in much of the Sovereign's power was taking a toll on her mind, making her openly lash out and unleash inferno blasts at Mars, who dodged every attack. The Miko quickly noted Nagah's attack pattern being more erratic than before.

She's starting to lose it! I can't let this drag on longer or she'll destroy this world! Mars feared the worst possible scenario.

"I'm ending this, Sailor Mars! Unleash the Houou or die!" Nagah screamed as a sadistic grin etched on her face. Turning herself into a giant firebird akin to the Houou herself, she dove toward Mars, who prepared to move.

(End theme)

Just then, someone swiftly jumped in and obstructed Nagah from killing Sailor Mars. Both Nagah and Mars were equally shocked to see Lien and TobuCatmon standing between them.

Mars gasped. "Lien!"

Nagah grimaced. "Lien, get out of the way!"

"Sorry, Nagah-sensei..." Lien boldly said. "But, Lien won't move. Lien begs you and Mars to stop fighting. Please." When she made her bold declaration and plea, Nagah and Dai-Valkyrie Mars still had their eyes locked, but neither made a move against each other. "Gamera is the one we should stop together. Lien wants Nagah-sensei to team with the Senshi."

As Lien let tears flow, Nagah and Mars were hesitant to attack without harming Lien and her Digimon partner.


Opening her eyes, she stood up and took in the cold air. It seemed Dai-Valkyrie Moon had conquered her clone. However, that was farther from the truth.

Moon's skin was covered in red and her armor was pitch black. Her hair also was pitch black with red highlights. When opening her eyes, there were no longer the blue eyes of innocence, but the golden eyes of a devilish creature. A wicked grin smeared over her crimson features. Flexing out her muscles, she tested the body she successfully possessed.

"Yes, success," the voice of Igasu came out of Dai-Valkyrie Moon's mouth. "Finally, I've possessed the stupid rabbit girl's body. Oh, yes, and all of her power is in my disposal! I feel ten times stronger than I ever was before!" She laughed maniacally as she achieved her biggest victory in her short lifespan. She approached the nearest mirror and examined her new body. "Hmm, still, it's going to take some getting used to, but this silly Valkyrie get-up has to go." With that, she prepared to rip the Dai-Valkyrie garb off, but something seemingly restrained her. She noticed a subtle golden aura form around her. "What?! No! You stubborn rabbit! Let me go!"


Igasu lost control of the body's hand as it slapped her face. This continued consecutively as Igasu was slapped around silly. Then, the hand balled into a fist and punched herself in the gut. Igasu doubled over in pain.

"Give me back my body my personality deserves!" Sailor Moon's voice came out of Igasu.

(Cue My-Otome OST – Battle Otome ~ Blue and Black Rhapsody)

Then, a bright white glow shone out of her chest weakening Igasu's control over her body. The Silver Crystal's light coupled with Sailor Moon's strong will diminished Igasu's power. The mutant expelled herself out of Moon's mouth and fell out like vomit.

The red slime landed on the floor as it reformed into Igasu again. Dai-Valkyrie Moon watched her armor shift back to its natural schemes and her skin turned to its normal flesh. Her hair turned blonde again. Moon stood up holding her hands over the glowing orb of silver-white light lodged in her chest. As she focused, the crystal went back inside her body.

"You bitch... you cheated!"

Moon dismissively nodded. "My will is too stronger even for you." She hardened her glare and drew out her sword. "I doubt you even want to be redeemed."

"Hah, like I'd let you turn me into some goodie goodie productive member of society. I'm too evil to be healed! I'm not like those pathetic souls you've saved who had the severe case of 'woe is me' before they became evil! You want to kill me?! C'mon!" She openly goaded Moon to strike her down.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon's sword was imbued with holy energy. She eyed Igasu, whose demeanor made a 180. Her overly confident look became one etched with fear.

"You wouldn't... you're serious..."

"You can't be saved because you're what I could've been if I went down the dark path. You're not sorry for any of the horrendous things you've done. I know you'll hunt my friends down and this will just be an endless cycle of me pursuing you."

"Please, do you think I want to be saved?! Here's what I think of your holier than thou views!" Igasu flipped her the bird, which enticed Moon.

However, Dai-Valkyrie Moon didn't move an inch from her position.

What's she doing?! Igasu thought. "Hey, don't you toy with me!" She forged a long black sword from her right hand and bumrushed Moon.

With a boost from Sleipnir's power, Moon unleashed a powerful aura that hit Igasu head-on and sent her flying into the nearest wall. Igasu saw half of her body was dissolving after making contact with Moon's aura.

"...what the hell are you?!" Igasu screamed as her face contorted, conveying anger. She yelled a beastly roar that didn't faze the ever calm Moon. Regenerating her body whole, Igasu grew ten times her normal size and impulsively stormed toward Dai-Valkyrie Moon ready to behead her with a lariat.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon formed an 'X' shape with her sword and hit Igasu with a full head of steam. Igasu collapsed as her body exploded.

"Moon Holy X-Slash!"

Dai-Valkyrie Moon sheathed her sword. When looking over her shoulder, the pieces of Igasu's remains dissolved into dust. Her eyes narrowed when she spotted a piece of Igasu trying to escape. Finding a flask on a lab table, she hurried over grabbing it. She grabbed the tiny piece of Igasu and put her inside the flask, which she then put a cork to seal the miniature imp within.

(End theme)

The tiny slime ball turned into a miniature version of Igasu, minus the scary disposition. She was more cute in her tiny form as Moon smiled down at her nemesis.

"Now you can't escape this time."

Helpless, Igasu squeaked in a mouse-like voice. "Let me outta here, bitch! Just wait until I grow!"

"We'll see when it ever comes do to it," Moon giggled, shaking the flask as Igasu slid around. "I'll deal with you later and wash that dirty mouth, until then take a nap." She hooked the flask next to her sheathed sword using golden chain. "Whew, remind me never to let Chibi-Usa keep you as a pet in your tiny form."

"Sailor Moon!" Came a familiar voice.

Moon recognized the voice tone and immediately saw Dai-Valkyrie Saturn gliding over to meet her. She showed Saturn the flash containing Igasu. Saturn curiously poked the flask, which incurred the wrath of the tiny imp.

"How did you...?"

"Cut her down to size," Moon shrugged. "She can't cause us trouble anymore. Have you found the Royal Knights?"

"No, but they should be this way. Enemy soldiers will surely find us soon. Let's free them and reconvene with Mars."

Nodding, Dai-Valkyrie Moon followed Saturn as they headed off to free the Royal Knights.

"She must be fighting Nagah right now. Saturn, we have to hurry! She might be in trouble."


Mars, hang on just a little longer! Thought Moon, who accompanied Saturn down a long stretch of corridors.


Earth/Shinjuku District/Downtown/9:30 PM

(Cue My-Otome OST 2 – Cruel Dance/Desired Battle)

In amidst of the heavy battles, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto, Norse Knight, Lupe, and Gaia neutralized another fleet of Neo-Rajita soldiers. Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon, Pegasus, and RJ helped reduce the enemy numbers hastily.

"Guys, you might want to look ahead!" exclaimed RJ, pointing out to the obvious appearance of the giant IceDevimon smashing a building. "These aliens are really reaching sending a Kong-sized IceDevimon on us."

Neo Moon added. "Pegasus, take us over there!"

"As you wish, my princess."

"Mamoru, Pluto, can we leave these fodder to you?"

Norse Knight replied. "Go. Pluto and I can take care of things here."

"I'm ready to make the world's biggest snowcone out of this guy," RJ grinned excitedly as he stormed off ahead following Neo Moon and Pegasus.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto beckoned Lupe over as the spirit wolf immersed with her armor. Now empowered with Lupe, Pluto flew through another fleet of Neo-Rajita soldiers and unleashed an immense orb that carved a wake of destruction through them.

"Be careful, Small Lady and RJ," Pluto muttered as she and Norse Knight took on more alien soldiers.

In no time, the Valkyrie Neo Senshi and the others took notice of the giant IceDevimon's known presence.


Giant IceDevimon bellowed as he picked up a car and flung it toward the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers. Angemon X propelled through the air and caught the car with relative ease. He set the vehicle down and turned as IceDevimon smashed a fist over him.

"Oh no...!" Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar gasped.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna's confident look said it all. She wasn't worried to say the least, and this was proven when Angemon X pushed IceDevimon's giant hand off. The Ascendant flew up and punched IceDevimon whilst dazing the frozen behemoth.

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna held her ground when ThothBabimon charged at her with a giant sword. He brought down the sword attempting to cut her in two. She merely stopped the sword and grabbed it using one hand. The Dai-Valkyrie kicked the sword out of the giant's hand and landed an uppercut to his jaw. As ThothBabimon collapsed, Varuna saw the other Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers, Valkyrie Haumea & Makemake, and the Chimeras arrive on the scene.

"Guys! Need some help?!" Dai-Valkyrie Eris called out.

"I think we have this under..." Varuna turned and grimaced when the Digi-Zombies regenerated after being cut to bits. "Damn, this is going to go on forever at this rate."

"That's the idea, lady," Beelzebumon replied. "Blow them up, cut them down to bits, or leave nothing behind... they'll just keep coming back. It's a stupid endless cycle. You can be stronger than them all ya want. The intend to wear you down until ya can't go on anymore."

"It's a test of our stamina," Dai-Valkyrie Sedna affirmed. "They're the undead and they can regenerate. Our main disadvantage is our stamina. The longer we keep this up, they won't have to worry about fatigue since they're practically zombies. But, we can tire out."

"Did I hear that right?!" Dai-Valkyrie Orcus exclaimed.

The group were immediately joined by the other Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers, Valkyrie Makemake & Haumea, and the Chimeras.

"How are we going to beat undead regenerative zombies?" Mika inquired.

"Sedna," Angemon X turned to his girlfriend. "Didn't you say you had an idea?"

"My ice might be able to contain them, but I doubt it'll work on IceDevimon. Someone else will need to find a way to seal IceDevimon and keep him from getting loose."

"Better make it fast," Larry insisted as the Digi-Zombies closed in on them.

Just then, several Rajita hovercrafts poured in through the portal. IceDevimon quickly blasted one down with a frozen beam, prompting the others to bombard the frozen giant with missiles.

"You want some of me?!" The giant IceDevimon goaded the hovercrafts. Flapping his wings, he quickly covered half of the entire vicinity with sheets of ice, causing some in the group to shudder due to the massive temperature drop in the city.

"Man, how are you two especially able to withstand the cold in that gear?!" Hayata turned to Varuna and Eris, both garbed in their revealing Dai-Valkyrie armors and armored high-heeled sandals.

Eris and Varuna just shrugged.

"Who knows? Magic?" The Texan said, pulling out her lasso.

Readying her battle ax, Varuna sighed. "Doesn't matter. It is what it is."

"We're ready whenever you are, Sedna," Valkyrie Makemake said.

Angemon X stood by Dai-Valkyrie Sedna as everyone assembled behind them ready to face adversity. Their next great challenge now came in the form of a simultaneous alien and digital zombie invasion.

"Everyone, move out!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna declared, leading the charge with Angemon X.

(End theme)


(Cue Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce)


Ixion: Look out more Neo-Rajita pods!

Orcus: Augh, just when it couldn't get any worse!

Haumea: Do unkillable zombies count as worse?

Sedna: Not if I have anything to say about it! Let's put them on ice!

IceDevimon: C'mon is that all ya got?!

Neo Moon: Need help, guys?

RJ: I'm gonna make a giant snowcone out of you!

Ryuuhi: Couldn't you come up with something less... ridiculous?

Blue Mars: But, we love snowcones, Ryuuhi.

Angemon X: They just keep coming! We have to keep holding the fort, guys!

Moon: All right, Royal Knights! You're free!

Saturn: I sense Mars is in danger.

Lien: Please, no more fighting! We must work together!

Mars: Get down, Lien! Nagah's lost her senses!

Nagah (consumed by Zhuqiaomon's fury): I won't rest until you bring out the Houou! Unleash the Houou, Sailor Mars, or you all die!

Athenamon: We finally meet again, Medusamon, and this time I'll get the chance to finish you!

Najadramon: You can try, but you will fail!

Jupiter: Think again, snake.

Amazoness Queen: Sely, just this once, we'll work together.

Sely: Yes.

Examon: Let's trash this snake bitch and these cannon fodder!

Shogundramon: You will never defeat the honor of the Dra-Warriors, BelialMyotismon. Prepare to meet your end!

Venus: Guys, I see a big-ass ship flying over us!

Mercury: It's the main Neo-Rajita ship we departed from!

Neptune: They're heading out, but where? I'd say back in Earth's realm where we should be.

Selipa: It's too late.

Long: At long last, Arago has returned!

Yusuke: With Kohana's body, this guy's freakishly strong!

Hiei: This won't be an enemy like we've ever faced before. We're facing a being on the level of a god.

Aoshi: Yui?! What's happening to you?

Yasha: Golden hair... and red tattoos... could it be?

'Yui': Arago, the bloodline of the Tenyou warlocks lives on through me.

Arago: Even using that body, your power is still weak compared to what this body wields!

Kurama: Arago's leaving to Spirit World!

Moon: Gamera's ship is heading home.

Mars: Time to go. We've done all we can here.

Lien: Nagah-sensei...

Battle Jupiter: Next time on Dawn of Chaos!

Arago Revived and the Digital Pillars Restored! A Return to Earth!

Uranus: What the hell's happened to Tokyo?!


A/N: Another lengthy chapter. Hope you're getting your fill, guys. These past chapters have been taxing to say the least. This chapter in particular was difficult to get done and took more time to work with. To say the least, I've had a few distractions and some writer's block preventing me from getting this done earlier than projected. Next chapter might be equally as lengthy, but we'll see how it will go. :D

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Sanzomon: A new Digimon who I felt could be a convincing Ultimate-level form for D'Arcmon. Her charms and spellcasting are limited for the first few times as she's getting adapted to a healing role after having been a swordswoman for a long time. As demonstrated, her magic is enough to nullify Najadramon's petrification beams, but undoing the spell on already petrification victims takes her time to undo.

Examon, Slayerdramon, and Wingdramon: These three are like the Digimon equivalents of Kenpachi Zaraki, Ikkaku Madarame, and Yumkichika Ayasegawa. With their strength and immense size, they'll certainly turn the tide of the battle in the Amazon Kingdom. Examon in this universe was an ex-Royal Knight exiled for his psychotic nature and bloodlusted tendencies. How quaint he gets to meet Athenamon, wife of the man who exiled him in the first place. And he's won a new respect for Athenamon for cutting him (which only Omegamon has done beforehand). Go figure.

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Nagah starts losing control shouldn't be a surprise. Containing and wielding a Sovereign's data has corrupted Nagah and will lead her to go into a frenzy next chapter.

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