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Chapter 50

Arago Revived and the Digital Pillars Restored! A Return to Earth!


Earth/Shinjuku District/Downtown/9:35 PM

(Cue Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST - Nikopol)

The Kuiper Senshi and their cohorts quickly stormed the Digi-Zombies and defended Tokyo with all their efforts. Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, Dai-Valkyrie Eris, Larry took the fight to ThothBabimon. Angemon X and Dai-Valkyrie Varuna teamed up as they flew up to meet giant IceDevimon. Khnummon was caught surrounded by Dai-Valkyrie Ixion, Valkyrie Makemake, and Mika. Kheprimon took on Beelzebumon, Sara, and Dai-Valkyrie Orcus. Horusmon faced Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar, Hayata, and Valkyrie Haumea.

"Fools! No matter what you do is pointless!" bellowed IceDevimon. "We'll just keep returning every time you destroy us!"

"We heard you the first time!" Sedna retorted as she called to her friends. "We can't destroy them, but we can try containing them! Break them down until they can't regenerate quickly!"

Varuna and Angemon X landed earth-shattering blows to IceDevimon, breaking off his right arm. The Ascendant unloaded Ki blasts that reduced the giant arm into shattered bits. Varuna swung her ax and caught IceDevimon's chest, creating a dent on his icy body. Clenching her right hand, the Dai-Valkyrie augmented her fist and punched through IceDevimon's chest, making the hole bigger.

"Get away, pest!" IceDevimon hissed, trying to use his one arm to catch her, but Varuna flew out of his reach and chopped off his left horn with her ax. "Curse you!"

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna smirked as she kept phasing and leaving after images to greatly befuddled the ice titan. IceDevimon kept shifting his head around trying his hardest to follow her.

"Can't see where I'm going? Here, let me slow down so your slow mind can see me!" Varuna boasted as she reappeared but sitting on IceDevimon's head. She wore an apathetic look and yawned. "C'mon, are your reflexes that slow, or are you just slow?"

IceDevimon sneered and fired beams from his eyes. Varuna vanished again and reappeared on IceDevimon's hand. She clutched his thumb and with some effort used her enhanced super strength to throw him several feet across downtown. IceDevimon hit the nearest pile of cars where he stepped on. Angemon X glided forward whilst the ice giant picked himself off the ground. The Ascendant swiftly drew his sword and sliced through his torso, cutting his body into two.

Angemon X and Varuna reconvened as they combined Ki and light magic to blow IceDevimon to pieces. However, despite their efforts, the pieces came together and reformed to restore the giant IceDevimon again.

"Now we know to destroy the remains before they piece themselves together," Angemon X said, readying his sword and flying off to attack IceDevimon.

Varuna scowled. "This shit's going to get old fast." She flew off and followed Angemon X back into the fight.

On the another end of the vicinity, ThothBabimon narrowly missed Dai-Valkyrie Sedna. She forged an ice barrier to protect her from the behemoth's fist. What ThothBabimon didn't realize was Dai-Valkyrie Eris catching his right arm with her lasso. She ensnared the large primate and used her enhanced strength to throw him around and slam him into the ground. Larry picked up several metal objects, infusing them with psionic energy. He threw them into ThothBabimon's mouth, making his head and whole body explode.

"Yee-ha! Got him!" Eris cheered.

Sedna added. "Don't celebrate yet, Eris."

The trio dreaded as much once ThothBabimon regenerated from the pieces of himself scattered around. The renewed baboon monster expelled an enormous mouth blast that hurtled toward them. Sedna put up another ice barrier that stopped the Digi-Zombie's attack. Eris took to the air and pulled on her lasso, taking ThothBabimon in the air with her. The Texan jerked ThothBabimon forward and clobbered him with a punch that rattled the behemoth. She shot forward faster than ThothBabimon could see and became a recipient of a a flurry of punches.

As Eris dropped ThothBabimon hard, Larry jumped up over the beast and threw hundreds of psionic-enhanced objects that bombarded and blew his body into bits. Sedna quickly moved in and showered the area with drops of ice to contain the pieces of ThothBabimon that came together. ThothBabimon tried punching his way through his ice prison, which Sedna maintained using hers and Knut's power to hold the ice.

"Just need to enhance his ice prison a little bit longer," Sedna focused whilst swinging her ice sword around.

Eris and Larry stayed behind Sedna guarding her.

"You're pretty strong, Eris," Larry complimented. "I'm impressed."

Eris modestly replied. "I did grow up lifting heavy things on a ranch and get a decent workout from Kobudo classes. The Valkyrie powers sure help boosting my power, too, but I'm not one to brag." She smiled genuinely at the Chimera.

"Right, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised," he replied. Wow, not only is she strong, but she's pretty cute up close.

Elsewhere, Dai-Valkyrie Ixion hit Khnummon with hundreds of her poison arrows. Under normal circumstances, just a few would've instantly killed the monster, but Necromon's necromancy allowed Khnummon to survive. Although, the arrows did help to slow Khnummon down. This allowed Valkyrie Makemake to use her camouflage to sneak up behind the Digi-Zombie and throw her energy whip to slice off both of his legs. Mika sprung up over Khnummon and waited for him to sit up. She readied her bladed fan and threw it, which cut off both his arms, head, and cut his body in two.

"Start destroying his pieces!" Ixion commanded.

Ixion, Mika, and Makemake started blasting away the Digi-Zombie's remains in hopes of slowing down his regenerative abilities.

Kheprimon bumrushed Dai-Valkyrie Orcus, who calmly kept a stance.

"What the hell?! Do something but he kills your ass!" Beelzebumon called out to the Aussie girl.

Broadening her smile, Orcus moved near a lightpost where she stood in a beam of light. She used her shadow bind ability while inside the spotlight and trapped Kheprimon's shadow, binding him down.

Kheprimon strained to even move. Orcus manipulated his body like a marionette and did exactly what she wanted, including putting his own blade to his throat. Suddenly, Sara phased through Kheprimon and jerked the weapon from his hand.

"I know you can't die, but my good friend here can work over you while I hold you in place. Now, be good and don't move," Orcus winked. "Beelzebumon! I've got him binded! Waste him!"

Cocking his blasted, Beelzebumon pointed and aimed for Kheprimon.

"Dodge this one, ya zombie reject! Death Slinger!" He fired destructive wave of dark energy that blew up Kheprimon into bits.

Orcus used her shadow powers to create a giant dust pan to pick up the scattered remains. She then created a trashcan using her shadow manipulation where she put Kheprimon's remains in. Orcus flew over and sat on top of the trashcan sighing with relief.

"That oughta keep the lid on this guy. I swear at least we're not dealing with flesh eating George Romero zombies," the Aussie girl said as she felt the bottom of the trashcan being punched. "I hope this can contain him."

Beelzebumon sat down panting. "Hope so. I spent over an hour trying to kill these things. I'm getting too worn out for this."

Sara toyed with the blade a bit. "That was easy."

"Not when they keep coming back for more. There's just no end to them."

Orcus frowned a bit and pondered. What's keeping these things from dying? There has to be a source that keeps reviving them.

On the northwest section, Horusmon dove down to attack Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar, Valkyrie Haumea, and Hayata. The trio were ready for the zombified monster. Hayata had attached pieces of concrete to his fists, which doubled as boxing gloves. He jumped up and clobbered Horusmon with a right hand. The Chimera's lightning fast was too fast for Horusmon to keep up with. The much faster Quaoar flew up to meet Horusmon head-on and unleashed a long vine that ensnared the falcon's wings. She swung Horusmon around and threw him to the ground where Valkyrie Haumea picked him up with a platform made of sand. She used the sand platform and tossed him into building as it sandwiched him in between.

As Horusmon slid off the building, Haumea used her sand to trap and seal him within. With a snap of her fingers, she made spikes pop out from every end and skewering the zombie inside the sand prison.

"That should hold him," Haumea said. "Don't know how long I can, though."

Quaoar nodded in approval. "Nice work, Haumea. You and Makemake do show a lot of promise."

Hayata landed beside Quaoar and Haumea. "You sure you can hold him that long."

"We'll see," muttered the sand manipulator.

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar observed Haumea's spiked sand cube. Amazing ability. I can still hardly believe there's more Kuipers, but I'm glad Makemake and Haumea showed up.

Upon their arrival, Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon with Pegasus and RJ witnessed the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers, the Valkyrie Kuiper duo, Angemon X, and the Chimeras handily taking care of the Digi-Zombies. They saw the giant IceDevimon recovering whilst trying to catch Angemon X and Varuna.

"Glad you guys made it!" Sedna addressed the princess, the demon, and the pegacorn. "We could use some help with the big one."

"Right," Neo Moon replied. "RJ, go help Dimitri and Varuna."

"I'm on it! Heads up, you big ice freak!" RJ openly announced, much to Neo Moon and Pegasus' chagrins.

Pegasus shook his head. "He shouldn't broadcast himself like that to an enemy."

Neo Moon groaned. "Nothing we can do now. He's just being RJ." She shifted Pegasus toward Sedna and her group. "C'mon, we can help out with them."

As IceDevimon brought his giant hand over Varuna, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi raised her ax to hold off the behemoth. She lifted IceDevimon's hand off and flew up cutting off his hand with her ax. Angemon X carved a Ki beam through IceDevimon's chest.

"HEADS UP!" Came a loud and brash voice.

Angemon X and Varuna felt an immense power increase behind them. They turned and saw Raizen Jr. with his body covered in a red aura. He surprised IceDevimon and doubled himself as a torpedo, shooting through the icy behemoth's chest. IceDevimon collapsed favoring a gaping hole in his chest. RJ turned around and fired a massively charged red beam that blew his head off.

"Hell yeah! Direct hit!" RJ boasted as he landed where Angemon X and Varuna were. "How's that?"

Varuna quipped. "Dumbass, blowing off his head won't do crap."

"What? He has no head."

"That's not the point," Angemon X quickly added. "These things are basically digital zombies. No matter what you do they'll keep regenerating." He pointed RJ to IceDevimon, who grew out a new head. "Under normal conditions, yeah that blast would've sealed his fate. We have no idea what source is allowing them to revive."

"Well, that sucks," RJ was left dumbfounded.

Varuna added. "The others are already fighting smart and finding ways to slow down the other freaks. The big guy is going to be tougher to contain."

"Any ideas?"

"I think breaking him down and sealing the pieces using some kind of energy container should do," the Ascendant suggested. "Varuna and I can make a container combining our Ki and light to try hold him in. Are you up for it, Varuna?"

Readying her battle ax, Varuna nodded. "Anytime you're ready, I am."

"What about me?" RJ asked.

"You help us grind him to bits."

"Nice. Let's make the world's largest snowcone out of him," the demon said with a mischievous grin.

Screaming in rage, IceDevimon glided up and spread more ice as it covered other sections of the city. Angemon X, Dai-Valkyrie Varuna, and RJ immediately headed off the ice titan and prepared to take him on despite his immense size.

ThothBabimon started ripping through the ice container sealing him. Sedna, Larry, and Eris prepared to fight him again, but Neo Moon and Pegasus descended to quickly aid them.

"Need a hand?" Neo Moon asked as she hopped off Pegasus. Drawing out her sword, she slammed it into the ground and helped forged a pink barrier around Sedna's ice container. "That should hopefully hold him."

"Thanks, Neo Moon," the Ice Senshi said.

The group's attention immediately shifted to giant hole where more Neo-Rajita hovercrafts and ships were pouring in with more invaders to deal with. The Digi-Zombies were troublesome enough, but the Neo-Rajita kept stacking the odds against the heroes.

"Just when things couldn't get any worse," muttered Larry.

"Nothing the others can't handle, I'm sure of it," Sedna reassured them. "Just as long as their leader doesn't show up with more generals." Unbeknownst to Sedna, she would be eating those words sooner than later.

(End theme)


On the other side of Shinjuku, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto, Norse Knight, and Gaia shaved the numbers of Neo-Rajita in their area. However, the bigger the portal got the more hovercrafts and ships poured in, causing more complications for the heroes.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto turned her intense gaze toward the battle occurring with IceDevimon and the Digi-Zombies.

"They'll be fine as long as they're together, Pluto," Norse Knight asserted.

Pluto nodded. "Yes, but it appears that ice abomination continues reviving itself."

"The better question is why a Digimon is here amidst of this Rajita incursion. According to the girls, they said the Rajita generals we've encountered had Digimon catalyst DNA in them as well as seeing actual Digimon. DemiDevimon is proof of that."

Gaia added. "Then, these evil Digimon are likely in collaboration with the Neo-Rajita."

"No matter the case, we must prevent a global incursion," Pluto stated firmly. "And as long as that gap between our world and the Digital World stays open, there's no telling what else could invade this realm." She shuddered dreading the worst that could presumably follow next to trump this city-side invasion. But, certainly nothing can top Sailor Chaos.

"Pluto, let's clear the next area. After that, we can head off where Neo Moon, Sedna, and the others are," Norse Knight suggested, mounting Gaia as they took to the air.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto flew ahead quickly catching up.

"Pluto, is something wrong?"

"Why do you ask, Mamoru?"

"You've been looking worse for wear than usual. Did something Charon say that rattled you so...?"

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto furrowed her brows. "More enemies ahead of us. Let's clear this area and save any civilians." She guided Norse Knight and Gaia forward to engage another Neo-Rajita army waiting for them.


Meikai/Demon Priests' Main Lair/9:43 PM

After desperate attempts to prevent the ritual, the ritual's survivor, Kohana, reached the sky. The three demon stones flew out from her and spun around her. Yusuke and the Neo-Spirit Detectives couldn't get close as the immense surge of Youki leaking from the stones protected Kohana. The bird demon that Kohana became became engulfed in a black cocoon made of Youki. The heavens seemingly split open to reveal a portal that shot down a powerful beam of lavender light.

(Cue Onimusha 3 OST – Beast God Leaps Forward)

"Something tells me we're in a world of hurt," Yusuke growled.

Cammy cried out painfully while grabbing her face. "This amount of Youki... it's too much for me to bear...!"

Aoshi, Moonlight Knight Shingo, and Shura stayed close to Cammy, who was on the verge of screaming in pain. The powerful Youki emanating from the portal made the young Miko tremble.

"It's a strong Youki power... it's definitely him..." she mumbled fearfully.

"Arago!" Aoshi yelled as he looked to where Lady Lupin was frozen still. "C'mon, Yui, what are you still doing down there?"

"Something's coming out!" Shingo cried out, pointing to a large black shadow emerging from the portal.

All spectators witnessed this dark shadow spread out as large red eyes opened and gleamed. It quickly wrapped itself over the dark cocoon that sealed Kohana and the demon stones. The two dark forces converged causing the entire vicinity, if not the whole Meikai universe, to tremble violently. The sky turned red in conjunction with shifting climate caused by the fluctuating strong Youki presence.

Everyone excluding Long, were in a state of disarray and horror when the darkness cocoon slowly descended. Long casted a gleeful albeit sadistic looking demeanor on the demonic shell containing what he believes to be Arago's spirit fusing with Kohana's body.

(End theme)

"Yes, I know it's you, Lord Arago! I've been waiting long to see you in your glory!" Long shouted, laughing aloud.

"I can't believe this," Selipa muttered. "We were still too late!"

Yasha growled as she ran up toward Long. "This is all on you, Long! You longed for Arago to be revived!"

Long evaded Yasha and jumped into mid-air taunting her. "If you hadn't brought Rio here, this wouldn't have happened, but he came knowing he'd have to fight his brother. You fools only helped accelerate Arago's return!"

"You shut up! It's not too late!" Kuwabara barked, quickly bringing out his Dimension Sword to cut the cocoon in half.

"Wait! Kohana's in there!" Mizuno pleaded.

"Yeah, you'll destroy her body, too!" Maya said.

Kuwabara had to stop and remember Kohana. If he followed through with cutting the dark cocoon, he could risk destroying Kohana. He watched Yoko Kurama, Hiei, and Brimstone storming ahead to attack the dark cocoon, but the enormous surge of Youki blew them back quite easily. Just when it couldn't get any worse, the cocoon began cracking. Cracks formed around the crystallized object as purple light leaked out from these cracks. The pressure within made the cocoon explode, sending out hundreds of crystallized shards across the area.

(Cue Onimusha 3 OST – The Last Moment)

The Spirit and Neo-Spirit Detectives braced themselves when the cocoon split up and revealed a human figure covered in purple and black energy. The black aura that had the red eyes covered Kohana's body as if swallowing her starting head first and spreading down to her feet. Kohana's own Demon Dark Star Stone seeped through her forehead. Her brothers' Demon Sun and Moon Stones went into her left and right shoulders. After the stones entered her body, the dark entity finished engulfing the girl, transforming and aging her into an adult. Her long red hair turned dark purple, extending past her back and growing longer. Her face matured as her eyes turned lifeless and gold. The black aura shaped into black armor, covering her whole body minus her forearms and fingers, that seemingly infused with her skin. Two metal wings protruded on each side from her back – making it four wings in total. A dark purple mist enveloped Kohana, who was now completely taken over by Arago's spirit.

The Spirit and Neo-Spirit Detectives were still in a state of shock and disarray upon witnessing Arago's ascension. Lady Lupin watched helplessly while the unknown force kept her body locked.

Arago slowly gazed over 'his' new body, albeit a feminine body but with immense spiritual power coupled with his own demonic force and the three demon stones fused with him.

"Arago's returned... damn it all..." Selipa cursed as she held Kyo's body close.

(End theme)

Maya, still sitting near Rio's body, felt her body becoming an emotional wreck just being near Arago's Youki. The same could be said for most of everyone else who wasn't completely worn out from the battles. Yusuke and the Neo-Detectives descended near Arago's position.

"This can't be... Kohana..." Cammy shuddered, looking toward the creature who now possesses her friend's body. She pivoted her view on Lady Lupin. "Yui, look what's happened to her!"

(Cue Onimusha 3: Demon's Siege – Demon Dimension)

Yusuke slowly encircled Arago and measured the Taiyoukai lord's immense Youki. Despite being a high S-Class being, Yusuke felt intense chills coming down his spine.

"Man, Arago sure lives up to his reputation," muttered the ex-Detective. "Even without Kohana and the stones, he's got massive reserves of freaking Youki!" He turned to his friends and colleagues, who were too shocked to even move.

Long was mesmerized by the Taiyoukai's power. "Indeed, you fools. What did you think you'd be fighting against? Lord Arago is nothing you and your friends have ever faced. He's one of the oldest Taiyoukai to have lived since the dawn of mankind. The tales of Arago have been passed down for generations across Meikai and Makai. He's the one being that King Enma fears." He chuckled at the thought of Arago and Enma's eventual confrontation. "No doubt by now that big fool regrets sending warlocks to destroy Lord Arago's body and sending his spirit to the depths of the Meikai. The demon stones that we've equipped the Kuroshishi siblings with are in fact Lord Arago's valued sources that augmented his already immeasurable strength. How did me and my two colleagues learn of them? When Arago's spirit was sealed here, the stones were sent here and their arrival came to our attention. When we uncovered them, we didn't know we were in possession of artifacts belonging to a powerful Taiyoukai lord. As we meddled with the stones for our own greed, Lord Arago's spirit contacted us telepathically. We reached to us and asked for some tributes. In time, as we gathered followers in Lord Arago's name, more tributes were dedicated to him. One day, after establishing our unholy sanctuary, Lord Arago told us that three descendants of the warlocks that sealed him would be born with immeasurable power that was on par with theirs. He asked us to take these three humans from the human world. Of course, there was the Kekkai barrier established by King Enma that we had to bypass. This was easily handled when we created devices that decreased our Youki class levels down to B-class. This enabled one of us to go through that net undetected and using a tracing device that allowed us to locate these three humans with immense spiritual powers. Sure enough we located the Kuroshishi family. Rio, Kyo, and Kohana were captured when they were mere children. The latter of which was just an infant. We took their biological parents hostage as well. The father died protecting his wife and precious children. I made sure he died an honorable death." His crude remark made nearly everyone but Arago convey their disgust with the Demon Priest's reprehensible actions. "And I made short work of his wife, but rather give her a quick death. I made her suffer slow and agonizing pain when I made her my whore. Each time the brats would refuse to cooperate, I'd torture their mother. When the time came for the ritual, Kyo received his Demon Moon Stone. Shortly after, the Demon Sun Stone was implanted in Rio. Once Kohana was set to receive her stone, Tsukiyomi grew disgusted with my treatment of the children's mother and apparently made a pact with her daughter, Yasha, to retrieve Rio and Kohana to take to the real world. There wasn't any time to save Kyo from our unholy ritual. This ritual invoked the darkness within Kyo that allowed for the Moon Stone to corrupt him easily. Over a decade passed and with the progressing times, many things have since come to pass. I unknowingly impregnated their mother as she gave birth to a demon halfbreed, which I discarded only for Yasha to retrieve. The Kuroshishi wench shortly died afterward and thus my mutt of a daughter was born." He eyed Nadeshiko and Yasha meticulously. "You have her eyes and burning hatred for me, you half-breed little bitch. But, you should be honored to be born from my bloodline."

Nadeshiko hissed but Yasha stopped the child from attacking him directly.

"It would only be a matter of time before Rio and Kohana revealed their presence to us. The other Taiyoukai masters who were sealed on Earth ages ago were released by Demento, we used this to lure out any beings capable of fighting the Taiyoukai masters. We learned that the Spirit Detectives led by Yusuke Urameshi faced enemies with immense abilities. Amongst Yusuke's new allies just so happened to be Rio and later his sister Kohana. When the Taiyoukai masters fell along with Demento's plans, we, the Demon Priests, schemed and waited until the right opportunity presented itself. We wanted Kyo as ready as he can be to join the Demon Knights to retrieve Rio and Kohana. And you fools should be able to figure out what happens next. These few days have led to this glorious moment.

Arago turned around slowly and eyed Long, giving no expressive response. The Taiyoukai lord remained apathetic listening to Long's backstory.

"Lord Arago, our plan..." Long corrected himself. "No, your plan succeeded."

"Everything adds up," Hiei muttered. "Arago's spirit couldn't break from his prison and physically come to contact with any demon in this realm. So, he dropped his demon stones and whoever picks up these stones would receive a telepathic message from him."

"He banked on the chance a demon or a group of demons find his stones to carry out his schemes. Arago undoubtedly orchestrated this with the utmost patience," stated Yoko Kurama. "Ingenious."

"Ingenious? He's a bastard for what he's done to the Kuroshishi family!" Kuwabara expressed his disdain for the elaborately planned series of events.

"And Arago's a coward for using Kohana's body," Maya reproved the Demon Priest and Arago's actions.

"Long!" Yusuke yelled toward the Demon Priest. "You know you're not getting out of this alive! As for Arago, we're permanently kicking his ass out of Kohana's body."

Long laughed at Yusuke's threats. "I'd like to see you try. Lord Arago can easily dispatch of you all. He's an entity that not even King Enma has the courage to fight alone. That's why he used warlocks to destroy Lord Arago's body, cast him to the Meikai, and seal his spirit away. King Enma's fate now rests in Lord Arago's hands."

"He wouldn't really be considering..." Selipa gasped. "No, Arago intends to go to Spirit World!"

"Not when I'm here to stop your asses!" Yusuke stepped in Long and Arago's path.

(End theme)

The other Spirit and Neo-Detectives responded to Yusuke's bold declaration. Kuwabara, Yoko Kurama, Hiei, Brimstone, and Mizuno stood alongside Yusuke. Before Aoshi, Shingo, and Shura joined them, they tried getting Cammy to regain her resolve. Aoshi raced over to Lady Lupin.

"Yui! C'mon, get up!" Aoshi pleaded while shaking her. "This is our chance to save Kohana!" He stopped moving her as he felt a subtle Ki emerging and noticed a light golden sheen outlining Lady Lupin's body. This intrigued Aoshi as his demon senses shuddered feeling an unknown albeit holy presence around her. "Yui?"

What's happening? What are you doing to me?! Lady Lupin demanded as she fought an internal war with the other 'entity' that seemingly took over her body. She saw the golden sheen outlining her entire frame. "Aoshi, don't get too close... I feel something... big about to burst out... the force that's gotten a hold of me..."

"What force?"

"Get back!" Lady Lupin screamed, instinctively repelling Aoshi back using her own spirit power. "I don't know if this power might harm you... since it's resisting your Youki..."

"Hey, what's going on over there?" A befuddled Shingo witnessed Lady Lupin pushing Aoshi with just a reflex of her new aura. "Hey, are you seeing that?"

Cammy turned around quickly. Her Miko senses probed the holy power emanating from Lady Lupin and eyed the distinct aura outlining her friend's body.

"Yui...?!" Cammy called to her friend.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho OST – Monster Suit (3:01-4:01)

The Spirit Detectives mounted an assault and converged on Arago. However, the Taiyoukai lord merely flexed a powerful shockwave from the aura and sent the Detectives flying. Yusuke, Yoko Kurama, and Hiei landed on their feet first as Mizuno and Brimstone followed as well. But, Kuwabara hit the ground hard where Maya watched him fall.

"Kuwabara!" Maya screamed.

"It's useless. You fools can try converging your attacks at once and it wouldn't matter," Long laughed off their intents to subdue Arago. "Don't you remember? Lord Arago is using Kohana's body. You'll be destroying her body, but I'm sure he won't allow that to come to pass."

Arago made a slow advance for Yusuke, Hiei, and Yoko Kurama first. The Taiyoukai lord pivoted to the right side as Mizuno and Brimstone stood up.

"I wish I can help, but I can't let Kyo's body be destroyed..." Selipa muttered, resisting the urge to spring into the fight. She held Kyo's lifeless body on her lap and quivered, struggling to make her choice.

Maya, too, was contemplating joining her colleagues, but protecting Rio's body became a priority.

"Nadeshiko, go with Kuwabara," Yasha instructed the child. "Looks like I'll be joining the fight soon."

Suddenly, everyone ceased any attack or advancement into the battle. Every warrior, and spectator, attentively turned to see Lady Lupin sporting a golden aura, which spooked Long and intrigued Arago. Both seemed to comprehend the very nature of this strange golden aura flaring around Lady Lupin.

"Kurama, are you sensing this?" Hiei inquired with his eyes on Lady Lupin.

"That golden light... it's almost akin to Yusuke and Sensui's Sacred Energy light, but it's not the same," the silver-haired demon indicated.

"Yui?!" Yusuke called out to her direction.

"YUI!" Aoshi, Cammy, and Shingo shouted together.

(End theme)

Arago's intrigued demeanor didn't subside despite Lady Lupin now standing tall and wearing a golden aura. Lady Lupin suddenly regressed as her form split into their original components: Yui and DarkGabumon. However, as DarkGabumon collapsed, Yui still sported this distinct golden aura, which contained a source of ancient and holy power.

"Yes, so, you're also one of the descendants of the warlocks that sealed me, but there was one amongst you that possessed this unique source of power," Arago finally spoke with a voice mixed of his own and an older-sounding albeit more subdued Kohana. He relaxed his posture and locked eyes with Yui. "You're one of them... Tenyou descendant." Upon hearing this, everyone else were taken aback with this shocking and unsettling revelation.


After taking a massive pummeling from his opponents, Vigor was beyond simply being battered and bruised. He had taken many body blows coupled with massive shots of Youki leaving scathe marks. His right arm was twisted and hanging by his side. Half of his left shoulder was torn off thanks to Raizen. Panting heavily, Vigor was on the teetering close to his demise as he also suffered heavy blood loss from a combined assault by Raizen, Toguro, Mukuro, Yomi, and Enki.

"Any last words?" Raizen smirked sadistically, lifting his hands readily to deliver the final blow.

Vigor closed his eyes and seemingly prepared to resign himself to his fate.

Suddenly, Raizen ceased delivering the final blow as he and the others quickly picked up a tidal wave of surging Youki spreading out. They feared as much that the Youki belonged to Arago. Vigor sank to a knee and felt the power emanating from Arago's presence.

"This truly is Arago?" Enki was baffled upon feeling the Taiyoukai lord's Youki.

Yomi added with concern. "They couldn't prevent it in time!"

Mukuro shuddered whilst feeling Arago's power. "So, this is the monster's power that was foretold in the stories."

"I never would've imagined any power, demon, human, or otherwise, to possess this magnitude of spirit power," Toguro assessed Arago's unfathomable strength.

As Raizen quickly turned on Vigor, he lunged at the gorilla demon and grabbed him by his throat. He tightened his grip, choking Vigor and forcing him to regurgitate blood.

"You and the Priests brought that monster out. Now you realize the consequences that will follow once he's let loose out of the Meikai."

"What do you care?" Vigor coughed. "You don't even have a sliver of hope left... not when Arago takes his anger out on King Enma. When that happens, the balance maintaining the realms will be thrown into a sea of chaos."

Raizen threw Vigor down leaving him to bleed to death. He and the demons stared off toward the castle and stormed forward to confront Arago while rejoining Yusuke's group. As Vigor tried sitting up, he collapsed as his lied in a pool of his own blood. His body seemingly vanished away inexplicably.

"Even at our speed, I doubt we'll make it time to help Yusuke and the others!" Enki said, panting hard. "We used up some of our energy just fighting that Priest."

Suddenly, the demon group ceased their advancement as they sensed another source of power rising.

"This is..." Mukuro gasped. "Not a demon's power."

"No, it's a Tenyou's," Raizen confirmed. "I would know a power of that nature. I've encountered few during my lifetime. But, this one is unique as the source is coming from one of Yusuke's colleagues and this individual is preparing to clash with Arago."

"Is this Tenyou's power enough to match Arago's?" Toguro inquired to the veteran demon.

"Unlikely, but this Tenyou's power is not to be taken lightly. We can't miss this. Follow me."

With that, the demons headed through the castle and stormed through while forging their own path toward the ritual site.


Meanwhile, Chuu had finished punching down the doors leading them into the slaves' room where all the captive female human and demon slaves were held in captivity. Startled by Chuu's explosive entrance, the slaves huddled close together all shaking in fear.

"Relax, ladies," Chuu smiled. "We're here to get ya all out. C'mon, we're ready to split."

The slaves were hesitant to trust Chuu, which didn't do him and his group any favors. Natsume persuaded him to put her down. As he set Natsume down, the female demon approached the slaves and convinced them. However, some were too adamant to leave with their loyalty to Tsukiyomi too strong to break.

"There's a war going on out there and your mistress is in the middle of it," Natsume tried her hardest to get them to comply. "There's a chance she won't make it if Arago is revived. Besides, it's not safe here. You can choose to leave with us to live another day or stay behind to die."

After what seemed like forever, the slaves finally complied to Natsume's wishes and followed Chuu out.

"Natsume, it seems your suspicions of Tsukiyomi being dead are confirmed," Hokushin said. "Just a while ago, I felt Tsukiyomi's Youki fade rapidly."

Upon hearing this startling news, the slaves were taken aback swiftly and mourned their mistress' passing.

"C'mon, y'all, we ain't got time to idle around. We gotta get our asses out of here!" Chuu bellowed as he picked Natsume up. "Just in case you fall down again."

"You heard him, guys! Let's move!" Kujo declared.

As the group advanced through the hallways, Natsume looked over her shoulder and tried feeling Tsukiyomi's Youki, but she couldn't get even a trace of the Priest's presence.

"You gonna be ok, Natsume?"

"Yeah, thanks for the concern, Chuu," she muttered while massaging her hand over her stomach. I'm now carrying Tsukiyomi's last child. How am I supposed to tell my brother and the others?

"If Lady Tsukiyomi is gone, where we will go? We have no homes to return to!" A human woman called out, addressing hers and the harem's gravest concern.

A demon girl added almost crying. "Yeah, some of us actually liked pleasuring our mistress! Without her, what's our purpose now?!"

"We'll find a refuge for you all," Hokushin reassured them.

Chuu smirked. "Maybe Yasha's village might take y'all in. Y'all know Yasha is Tsukiyomi's eldest daughter?"

"Yes, but will she accept us?" Another human girl asked.

"Why wouldn't she?"

"Chuu, perhaps because they're not sure if Yasha's sisters will agree," Natsume said. "But, it's worth a try. She could even convince her sisters to let these slaves take refuge with them for a while until things settle down."

"Good point. All right, we're outta here!"

The group finally made it through the hallway and headed through some gates taking them to a series of gates. However, the demons felt the immense Youki exuding from Arago and the spiritual power from the Tenyou's presence. No words were uttered as Chuu and his group knew a clash was set to commence.


(Cue YuYu Hakusho Sensui's End OST Track #10 (0:00-1:00))

The unsettling shock was finally settling in the mindsets of the Spirit and Neo-Detectives. Long was greatly taken aback by the presence of the Tenyou's awakening. Yusuke and the others were captivated seeing Yui with long golden hair and peculiar red 'tattoos' embellish on sections of her body, including her shoulders and back.

"Yui...?!" Cammy gaped in shock. Wow, this spiritual power from Yui is almost strong as my own!

"Cammy, mind explaining this one to me?" Shingo asked the Miko.

Picking up DarkGabumon, Aoshi saw his closest friend enshrouded by the thick golden aura. "Tenyou... I heard my father speak of beings of such nature, but I never thought Yui would be one."

Most of the other Spirit Detectives were at a loss for words.

Kuwabara was equally flabbergasted. His spiritual awareness, being greater than the non-demons except arguably Cammy's, sensed the enormous holy energies exuding from Yui's Tenyou cloak.

Long's features relaxed as he smiled. Ah, yes, now I see. She's indeed a descendant of a Tenyou... perhaps one of those warlocks if my hunch is correct. And this girl must have the atavism of a Tenyou, much like Yusuke Urameshi had the Mazoku's atavism. She's awakened the hidden trait of one of the ancient Tenyou from ages ago, but despite how great her power is... it's still nothing to Lord Arago.

Despite Yui's Tenyou awakening, Arago's calm features hadn't subsided. The Taiyoukai lord wasn't seemingly concerned and seemed more intrigued than scared.

(Cue theme)

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Sensui's End OST Track #3 (0:22-3:57))

When Yui made the first move, she vanished and rematerialized in front of Arago. With a flex of her golden aura, she hit Arago head-on and landed a punch to the Taiyoukai's face. Yui quickly landed numerous body blows that dazed Arago and even ate through his dark aura. However, all it took was Arago to repel Yui with a mere push of his own aura. Yui was thrown back several feet, but the Tenyou landed on all fours and stood up primed and ready to continue.

Yusuke quickly decided it was now or never to reassert himself in the battle.

"Be wise, Yusuke," Yoko Kurama advised him. "Remember, that is Kohana's body."

"I just don't think even this Tenyou power Yui's unlocked will be enough!" Yusuke said, worrying over the fates of Yui and Kohana. Something's gotta be done to keep these two from destroying each other. Arago can rot for all I care, but Yui and Kohana... no, I'm not going to let them share Rio's fate!

Arago vanished and reappeared behind Tenyou Yui. The golden-haired girl whirled around and was quickly backhanded with ease. Yui landed on her feet whilst wiping the blood from her bottom lip. Yui stood ready to fight and beckoned the Taiyoukai lord to engage her. Arago took the invite and bumrushed Yui fast as they clashed again, igniting an explosion of light that covered the vicinity.

All spectators marveled at the immense power clash between the two.

Arago and Yui's fists connected with their faces. They snapped back and phased out fast as they rematerialized in the air. They faced off for a few moments before recommencing their heated clash.

Yusuke activated his sacred light energy. Yui, your strong and I'm proud, but the minute you're in deep trouble, I'll take the fight from here.

Hiei asserted. "You'd best interject when Arago's guard is down."

"I had that in mind, too."

Long overheard their strategy and dismissed them. "Fools. They know nothing. I bet even Spirit World and King Enma are aware of this. They're all going to pay when Arago and I greet them. Lord Arago, finish that Tenyou brat and make short work of the others!"

Arago and Yui continued their long clash that shook the entire Sheol vicinity. The clash of their powers was felt throughout the dimension as soon even Spirit World would pick up on their activity.

(End theme)


Southern Digital Realm/Dra-Warriors Base/9:51 PM

Shogundramon stepped forward readily prepared to take BelialMyotismon down. As the demonic behemoth prepared to strike him, Shogundramon threw a right hand and landed a straight jab into BelialMyotismon's face. The blow not only connected but exuded enough of a shockwave to knock BelialMyotismon a few feet back.

Baffled, BelialMyotismon trembled after taking Shogundramon's earth-shattering blow.

"I'm surprised you were able to tank that hit!" Shogundramon said in a deep and determined tone. "But, you won't survive long after the next few attacks." He quickly dropped into a battle stance and encircled the dazed monster.

BelialMyotismon sneered at the Jogress fused warrior. "Yes, so you two merged to create this united being. You did catch me off guard with that sucker punch, but don't you start talking like you're anywhere on my level! You're still the same fools who won't learn their place!"

(Cue Digimon Xros Wars OST – We Are Xros Heart!)

Drawing out both swords from his back, Shogundramon bumrushed BelialMyotismon. "I think it's you who won't learn his place, vampire demon! We will destroy you in the name of the Dra-Warriors!"

Shogundramon and BelialMyotismon heatedly engaged battle. The titans collided causing the encompassing area to rattle between their rapidfire blows and their earth-shuddering stomps.

Still stricken with grief, Elementdramon stayed with Dai-Valkyries Venus, Mercury, and Neptune. The Senshi marveled at the intensity the two behemoths were exhibiting.

"Just look at them go! C'mon, Ninjadramon! Herodramon!" Venus cheered on the Jogress Digimon.

Neptune corrected her. "They're Shogundramon now, Venus. And naturally both Digimon combined produced this one strong entity."

Mercury added while observing them. "I suggest we move. We don't want to get in Shogundramon's way. On top of that, we'll get crushed in the middle of the crossfire."

"No kidding," Venus said as she picked Elementdramon up. "C'mon, those two will avenge your friends. I promise."

Elementdramon sighed while nodding. "You're right. C'mon, Shogundramon, finish him off!"

As the Dai-Valkyries and Elementdramon relocated in the air, Shogundramon's swords collided with BelialMyotismon's massive shoulders. As the Jogress warrior's swords were struck in BelialMyotismon's shoulders, the mouths on these giant shoulder pods opened and began releasing darkness energy.

"Time to seal your fate! Resign to your demise!"

Shogundramon twisted his swords as the blades expelled fire that nullified the darkness energy leaking from the mouths. Then, he sent the fire into BelialMyotismon and caught him in an inferno pillar that scorched the vampire demon alive.

"Asura Inferno Storm!" shouted the Jogress Digimon.

BelialMyotismon wailed painfully and stumbled back with his body scorched by the flames consuming him. Shogundramon followed through by hitting the villain with ten. No, twenty. No, forty. No, eight. But, a hundred sword strikes that connected with BelialMyotismon. When Shogundramon finished, he polished it off by hitting BelialMyotismon with a double bladed strike as both swords were imbued with fire.

"100 Asura Flame Strikes! And Double Inferno Slashes!"

The end result from the final two attacks caused flames to burst out of BelialMyotismon's chest. Shogundramon turned around watching BelialMyotismon on his knees and wailing out in excruciating pain.

"Your end is coming, BelialMyotismon. I hope you're ready for it."

"My end... hah, you have no idea..." BelialMyotismon grinned sadistically as he stood and flew into the air. "You've wounded me greatly, but I have enough power to turn this whole Dra-Warrior base into a ruins!"

"You won't...!" Shogundramon exclaimed.

Raising his arms overhead, BelialMyotismon laughed evilly. "Try and stop me, you fools!"

"No, I've gotta stop him!" Shogundramon spread his wings and glided up to meet BelialMyotismon.

"Screaming Darkness!"

A wave of darkness slammed into Shogundramon hard and pushed him back. However, the Jogress-powered Dra-Warrior persevered and gutted it out by unleashing a heat aura that forged a path through the darkness. The demonic abomination was bewildered by the turn of events and forged darkness spheres, which he hit Shogundramon with.

"Let's give him some support, Senshi," Dai-Valkyrie Venus declared.

The Dai-Valkyries quickly shot upward behind BelialMyotismon. While the villain and the Dra-Warrior clashed, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi unleashed attacks that impacted BelialMyotismon's unguarded back. BelialMyotismon spread the glider-shaped wings outward and released a wave of darkness blowing the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi back. Dai-Valkyrie Venus forged a metal chain and tossed it around BelialMyotismon, hooking up his head.

"What's this?!"

"Shogundramon, take him down!" Venus shouted.

Readily combining his swords, Shogundramon created a longer one imbued with fire. While Venus had BelialMyotismon chained by the neck, Shogundramon too advantage of BelialMyotismon and impaled the burning blade through the demon's chest.

However, he didn't stop there. Shogundramon jumped up and sliced upward cutting BelialMyotismon's chest open.

"Asura Upper Slash!"

Then, Shogundramon wasn't finished yet as his chest opened and revealed a giant cannon that pointed to BelialMyotismon at point blank. Dai-Valkyrie Venus removed her chain and teleported back with the others.

"Damn you...!" grumbled BelialMyotismon.

"This one's for all our comrades you killed. Goodbye. Sunburst Cannon!" Shogundramon howled as the cannon unloaded an enormous heat blast. The ensuing blast engulfed BelialMyotismon and vaporized him completely. From out of BelialMyotismon's back came a glowing black orb, which the Dai-Valkyrie readily pursued. But then, a small portal opened up to pull the orb in and closed up much to the Senshi's chagrin.

(End theme)

"What was that just now?" Venus wondered. "A hole just popped up and took whatever came out of the big freak."

Neptune frowned. "I don't know, but it's out of our hands for now."

I do wonder what that portal was? Whatever came out of BelialMyotismon could've been his core. Mercury thought as Elementdramon rejoined Shogundramon.

Raising his head, Shogundramon looked to the sky and sighed deeply. You've been avenged, my friends. You and AlforceVeedramon can rest peacefully.

"It's a shame about our ninja friends. Wish they would've been here to see it all. Now it's up to us to lead the Dra-Warriors against the remaining invaders on our base," Elementdramon stated. "Let's not give up. Our allies surely will want us to press forward."

"Indeed," Shogundramon concurred.

Before the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi could add to the conversation, the Neo-Rajita mothership casted a giant shadow over the whole Dra-Warrior base. All Dra-Warrior and Neo-Rajita soldier ceased their fighting to witness the mothership heading northeast toward the doorway leading into Earth.

Mercury pointed out. "That's the Neo-Rajita facility we infiltrated."

"And it doubles as a ship," Neptune stated the obvious. "It appears the Neo-Rajita are heading somewhere. Very likely our world. Hippocampus' waves are telling me the Neo-Rajita's leader is aboard that mothership."

"Then, pursue your enemy, Senshi," Shogundramon suggested. "We're grateful for all you've done. Our fallen comrades, too, thank you. But, you have your own battle ahead in your world. We, the Dra-Warriors, will assist with the other pillars and communities to subdue the invaders."

"And thank you for all you guys done for us," Dai-Valkyrie Venus nodded as she called Mercury and Neptune to follow her. "Should we win our battles, let's see each other again!"

Shogundramon and Elementdramon watched the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi follow the mothership.

"You think they can take care of the invaders' leader?"

"Yes, I believe they will. With BelialMyotismon and the general gone, the grunts should easily fall next. Let's finish up here and head out to assist the pillars restore balance to our world!" Shogundramon declared when he and Elementdramon stormed off to amass the resistance against the invaders.


Having secured the Dra-Warrior base and defeated Revenant, Dai-Valkyries Venus, Mercury, and Neptune were quickly closing the gap between them and the Neo-Rajita mothership.

"Dead ahead, guys," Venus pointed to the ship. "No turning back now."

"I hope the others are ok. Since ship should be big enough for them to notice," Mercury said.

"At the least, we'll finally be returning home," added Neptune. "Still, I'm curious of the source behind that portal that removed that orb from BelialMyotismon. Gamera might've had a hand in that."

"Good possibility, but we might find out soon. Let's lay low near the ship and trying breaking our way into it."

The Dai-Valkyrie trio continued to tail the mothership with the hope the other Senshi will follow.

One pillar was secured and two more were left to go.


Southern Digital Realm/Amazon Kingdom/9:57 PM

The battles for the Amazon Kingdom were drawing near their decisive conclusions. However, the invaders adamantly refused to let the Amazons regain their territory without a fight. Sely and Amazoness Queen attacked Medusamon whilst keeping the gorgon's attention from Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter and Sanzomon.

(Cue Bleach OST - Treachery)

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter raised her Mjolnir and fired another lightning shot toward Ztreko-Li. Ztreko-Li narrowly dodged the blast and flew into the air. Jupiter merely flew up faster than Ztreko-Li could keep up and landed a fierce punch that dazed Ztreko-Li. Jupiter came up behind Ztreko-Li and folded both arms around Ztreko-Li's waist.

"Let go!" Ztreko-Li demanded, struggling to break out of the brunette's hold.

Grinning, Jupiter tightened her hold and prepared to fly up through the ceiling. Just then, Examon surprised everyone present as he hovered over palace. Athenamon and Unfriendly Amazon were seen standing atop Examon's head.

"Lady Athenamon?! Unfriendly?!" Sanzomon cried out in shock. "You're back!"

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter added with a smile. "Better late than never."

Upon seeing her hated rival, Najadramon fiercely hissed. "You are unwise to return, Athenamon!"

Amazoness Queen said nothing as Athenamon and Unfriendly jumped down into the palace.

"Who's the dragon?" inquired Sanzomon. "Wait, could that be...?"

"Examon, former Royal Knight exiled sometime go," Athenamon briefly explained before shooting a fierce gaze to Najadramon. "Medusamon, Najadramon, whatever you want to call yourself, I don't care. I'm ending this once and for all. I will set all my sisters you turned to stone free."

As Athenamon made her bold statement, Najadramon couldn't help but chortle. "...all of you sisters, you say? Oh, how I wish you were here to see what happened. I would've been thrilled to see the look on your face."

Athenamon turned as she noticed Amazoness Swordswoman turned to stone along with Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and Titaniamon.

"Swordswoman, no!" Unfriendly cried out as she ran over to where Sanzomon situated the three petrified warriors together. "She, Titaniamon, and I believe Sailor Uranus were turned to stone!"

"Yes, too bad for you Swordswoman had to become stone, but she's better served as a garden decoration," chuckled the gorgon. "But, ultimately she's not the one you should mourn. There was one brave Amazon that put it all on the line to stop my rampage. Want to take a guess who the unlucky victim was?"

Unfriendly recalled Amazoness Paladin being one the few Amazons to have escaped Najadramon's petrification beams.

"Lady Athenamon, I remember... no, I sworn we saw Paladin with Swordswoman!"

"Paladin..." Athenamon growled, shifting a heated glare toward Najadramon again. "Don't tell me you... you... killed her?!"

Najadramon smirked. "And she died a glorious warrior's death. I made sure her final moments were most memorable..."


Athenamon hastily punched Najadramon mid-sentence and so hard she sent her sailing through the air. Najadramon hit the ground hard only to recoil quickly and rub her face, but Athenamon gave her no time to recover and slashed through her chest. Najadramon wailed painfully as blood squirted from the grievous chest wound.

"Nicely done, Lady Athenamon!" Unfriendly cheered on the Digi-Amazon.

"Unfriendly," Sanzomon whispered. "It's me, D'Arcmon. I've finally evolved and became Sanzomon. Looks like all my hard training paid off. All I needed was the big push to evolve in face of danger."

"Better now than never. So, what are you doing with a barrier over yourself and these three?"

"I'm going to utilize my new found magic to undo Najadramon's petrification spell, but I need time to recollect my spell powers. I'm barely getting used to not using a sword for once." Sanzomon closed her eyes and focused on tapping into her spell power. "This barrier should remain stabilized, but it won't hold up over an extended period."

"I'll cover you while Lady Athenamon works over killing that monster."

Meanwhile, Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter flew up taking Ztreko-Li with her. Examon moved away as he let Jupiter carry the Neo-Rajita into the air.

"Hey, lady," Examon addressed Athenamon during her battle. "You sure you got this?"

Athenamon howled fiercely and slammed Najadramon's head into a wall.

"I have this under control, Examon. Go and assist your two subordinates?"

"Man. No tip?" Examon grumbled deeply. "All right, I could use target practice on cannon fodder. Can't let Slayerdramon and Wingdramon hog all the glory!" He took off and joined his two crew members in bombarding the Neo-Rajita mech suits and weapons into oblivion.

Ztreko-Li headbutted Jupiter's face a few times, dazing the brunette and causing her to let go. The Neo-Rajita general glided forward in a hurry and phased out. While Jupiter was still dazed, Ztreko-Li rematerialized behind the Dai-Valkyrie and prepared to behead her in one slash. Jupiter's body instinctively ignited a lightning blast that hit Ztreko-Li head-on.

"Ugh!" grunted the stunned general.

Jupiter recovered quickly and whirled around breaking Ztreko-Li's sword into pieces with Mjolnir. As Ztreko-Li tried to attack, Jupiter seized the general's right hand and flew up taking the alien hybrid with her.

"Let me go, Senshi!"

"Not a chance," Jupiter muttered firmly as she flew up past the clouds with Ztreko-Li hanging on. "There was a special attack I wanted to use on your snake friend, but never got the chance to pull it off. Ready?"

Ztreko-Li struggled to break free. As Jupiter lifted Mjolnir, she witnessed a bolt of lightning coming down and blasting Mjolnir, igniting the mystical hammer with immense electrical power. A translucent white aura flared around Mjolnir first and then Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter herself. Jupiter's body and armor absorbed the electricity, allowing her to manipulate the lightning charge flowing through and empowering her greatly.

Unable to get free, the last thing Ztreko-Li saw was a bright flash of white light hitting them both. And the last noise she heard was the sound of thunder.

Back in the palace, Athenamon hit Najadramon shoulder first and flipped her over slamming the snake into the ground. Najadramon retaliated by expelling fire at Athenamon. The Digi-Amazon countered the flames with her sword, but this enabled Najadramon to tie Athenamon's feet together with her tail. She picked Athenamon up and planted her facefirst in the ground.

"Lady Athenamon!" Sely hollered as she jumped on Najadramon and stabbed her right shoulder.

Wailing in pain, Najadramon tail whipped Sely down. Amazoness Queen jumped on Najadramon's back and wrestled the gorgon, folding both arms around her neck. Najadramon tried shaking Queen off but to no avail. Najadramon tried many times to slam Queen into the walls near them.

Queen gritted her teeth as Najadramon kept slamming her around.

"Queen's fighting for us now?" Athenamon blinked in astonishment.

Sely answered. "After the death of Paladin, she realized the wrongs she's committed, but I'm not willing to forgive her for having been in cahoots with the enemy." She stood and picked her sword up. "And I personally can't forgive her for killing someone who risked his life to save me and my friends. Only reason we're working together is to avenge Lady Paladin and slay this monster."

Athenamon firmed her expression. "What matters right now is defeating Medusamon in her Mega form. In my worn condition, I can't defeat her alone. I'll need as much help as I can." She readied her sword and watched Najadramon thrashing around trying to pry Queen off her. "We'll decide Queen's fate after this is resolved, Sely."

"Yes, Lady Athenamon."

Athenamon turned her sword and glided forward meeting Najadramon ahead. As the gorgon veered her direction, she fired multiple petrification beams, which Athenamon countered and nullified using her sword. Athenamon swerved right around Najadramon and kicked her in the back of the head. Najadramon stumbled forward with Queen driving her blade into the gorgon's back. Najadramon screamed in agony. Athenamon raced up and tried beheading Najadramon. The serpent moved her tail through the ground, but Sely stopped the tail and stabbed it with her sword.

Najadramon jerked her tail back. Just when it looked grim, Najadramon launched her other seven tails to ensnare Athenamon, Sely, and Queen. They dodged the tails coming for them. They cut off most of the tails, trimming them down to just three. Najadramon flew more fire from her mouth, but Athenamon launched an owl-shaped beam from her fist. Both attacks nullified.

"Strike now!" Athenamon ordered.

Sely and Queen lunged forward pushing Najadramon back into the throne room. Athenamon glided forward and punched Najadramon so hard she nearly took her head off.

Observing the heated battles behind a wall of debris, Amazoness Spellcaster, Lunamon, and Silent Magician made certain to stay out of the crossfire. But, being the stubborn child he is, Silent adamantly dashed from his hiding spot.

"Silent, no!" Lunamon cried out as she tried to stop him.

"No," Amazoness Spellcaster used a spell to pull Lunamon back. "Stay here. I'll get that foolish boy."

"Be careful, Granny Spellcaster."

The elder hovered into the chamber during the midst of the battles. She spotted Silent watching Amazoness Queen and Sely fighting Najadramon.

"Silent, you shouldn't be here!"

"I don't want to miss seeing that old lady. She's an excellent warrior," Silent alluded to Amazoness Queen. "She's doing good helping big sis Sely and Lady Athenamon."

Spellcaster witnessed the heat of the battle unfold. "Indeed. Paladin's death must've finally struck a nerve that caused her character to change drastically. And judging by her actions, she's realized she's been fighting for the wrong side."

"C'mon, old lady! You can slay that ugly snake!" Silent cheered on Queen and the others.

(End theme)

Just then, Spellcaster noticed Sanzomon and Unfriendly standing together with a magical barrier over them. Being an adept spell user, the old woman recognized the mystic properties Sanzomon was utilizing.

"Come," Spellcaster said, taking Silent Magician with her. "Do you sense that magic, child?"

"Yes, I am called Silent Magician."

"But, you're still a novice in spellcasting. That woman is casting a spell presumably to undo the petrification spell she's casted on Swordswoman, Titaniamon, and that woman who I believe is a Sailor Senshi. Her magic is not strong enough and she requires a magical boost."

"You have an idea, granny?"

"You! Over there!" Spellcaster drew Sanzomon's attention as well as Unfriendly.

"Old lady Spellcaster," Unfriendly was shocked to see the elderly woman and the magician child. "What are you and the boy doing here? It's not safe here!"

Nodding, Spellcaster turned to Sanzomon and placed a hand against the magical barrier.

"What are you doing, Spellcaster?" Sanzomon inquired, feeling a quick boost of magical power being transferred from Spellcaster to her. "You're augmenting my magical power?"

"This should help strength your magic, dear."

Suddenly, Sanzomon watched as her body became imbued with a massive magic boost. Sanzomon pushed her hands forward and unleashed her magical force that washed over the three statues. Slowly but surely Najadramon's petrification spell was becoming undone.

"It's working!" Unfriendly exclaimed.

While Najadramon tail whipped Sely and Queen into Athenamon, the gorgon noticed the activities involving the spellcasters. She took the initiative and attacked by shooting a petrification beam.

"No!" Unfriendly screamed, throwing herself in front of Spellcaster and Silent Magician.

"Unfriendly!" Sanzomon screamed, unable to move without risking leaving the statues behind.

Spellcaster pulled Silent close as Unfriendly Amazon turned into a statue. Silent covered his eyes.

"You're next for supplying them more magic, old woman!" Najadramon screeched as she shot one of her two remaining tails forward.

Spellcaster pushed Silent aside and forged a magic barrier that stopped Najadramon's tail. However, the other came shot forward and drilled through the elder's barrier, cracking it to pieces. The tail jutted through Spellcaster's gut, alarming Silent and Lunamon, who watched from afar.

"GRANNY!" The children screamed.

"I won't die... not to you..." Spellcaster smirked, grabbing a hold of Najadramon's tail. "You!" The older woman veered around and faced Sanzomon. "Absorb me... so that my knowledge to passed to a capable spellcaster..."

"Please, no! Granny Spellcaster!" Silent pleaded.

"It's ok, child. I only had a few days left... to live... I'm glad to have raised you and Lunamon well. You two are wonderful children... I'll never forget you... in fact, Sanzomon... I know you're D'Arcmon. Use my knowledge and power to their most absolute. You will have my memories and knowledge, but you'll still be you..."

"I don't know if I want to absorb you. It's wrong..."

"Hurry... I'd rather become one with a spellcaster with great potential than be eaten by that monster..."

Sanzomon finally conceded as Spellcaster's body dissolved and faded. Before she left, she touched Silent's face and smiled.

"Take care of your sister, Silent."

With that, Spellcaster's essence was absorbed by Sanzomon, whose power was augmented more. Sanzomon used a spell to pull Silent in with her behind the barrier.

"Granny... she's gone."

"No, she's not. She's part of me and I will honor her wishes, young one," she assured the sobbing child. She clamped both hands together and worked over removing Najadramon's spell. "Najadramon, you will pay for all that you've done!"

(Cue Bleach OST – Stand Up Be Strong)

As Najadramon turned around, Athenamon lunged forward and cut off the last two remaining tails. Sely and Queen headbutted the gorgon's stomach, causing her to double over.

"First Paladin and now Spellcaster. Are you not satisfied?!" The Digi-Amazon Queen shouted angrily. She hit Najadramon with the back of her sword.

Following the last spell incantation, Sanzomon completed her work as the first victim to be freed was Swordswoman. Swordswoman gasped and fell to one knee trying to get a feel of her surroundings.

"Where am I?" Swordswoman asked. She turned around seeing Sanzomon. "Who are you?"

"I'm Sanzomon, D'Arcmon's Ultimate form," the mystic woman replied. "There's no time. Najadramon is at the mercy of Athenamon. Combine with Athenamon and become Victory Mode!"

Swordswoman's eyes saddened upon seeing the statues of Unfriendly, Titaniamon, and Uranus. Then, her look of sadness became anger as she stood up and unleashed her battle aura.

"Athenamon, I'm free and ready to merge!"

Athenamon nodded. "Let's finish this cold-hearted monster!"

Both Amazon queens turned into pillars of light and converged together.



"Yuugou Shinka! Athenamon Victory Mode!"

Upon completing their fusion, Athenamon Victory Mode's strength was renewed thanks to Swordswoman's body being healed by Sanzomon's magic. Athenamon VM readied her sword as Najadramon stumbled around trying to balance her stance.

"Odin's Fury!" came a loud and powerful woman's voice above everyone.

Suddenly, there came a loud thunder crash that shook the entire royal palace. Something fell through the roof and hit the ground hard. It was Ztreko-Li, whose body was completely fried from being hit with a lethal and heavy dose of thunder. Ztreko-Li, though not dead, lied unconscious next to her own fallen subordinates. Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter descended into the room with Mjolnir still proudly lifted over her head.

"That takes care of the general," Jupiter smiled a victory grin.

"Damn, Ztreko-Li. I can't win now..." Najadramon muttered as she forged a portal. "You all win this day."

"NO!" Athenamon VM shouted, dashing forward and bumrushing Najadramon quicker than the gorgon could even perceive.


One slash later and Najadramon's head fell off her shoulders. The body of the monster quickly dissolved right in front of everyone. Athenamon VM walked over to pick up Najadramon's head and raised it to signify the Amazon's victory.

(End theme)

Sanzomon ceased working her magic on the others as they quickly returned to normal. Uranus, Titaniamon, and Unfriendly were free from Najadramon's dark spell.

"We're free," Titaniamon was astonished while looking down her body.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus faced Jupiter. "That means that giant snake freak is dead?"

"Yep, and I took out the Rajita general," the green-armored Senshi said, putting a foot on Ztreko-Li's fried body. "She was tough, but ultimately I gutted it out, asked Bacchus to empower me, and hit her with my biggest attack." She held Mjolnir in her hands and smiled proudly. "I really love this hammer."

Lunamon finally came out of hiding and raced over to comfort Silent Magician.

"Oh, Silent, granny's really gone."

"No, she's not, Lunamon," Sanzomon knelt down in front of the children. "She lives through me now." She hugged them both. "I'll always be here with you, my children." She addressed them as the late-elder would often tell them, which reassured them both.

"Oh, old lady," Silent said, facing Amazoness Queen. "Thank you for helping us. Maybe you're not too bad."

Queen smiled and nodded. "Perhaps, I'm not, but quit calling me old lady. Do you see wrinkles on me?"

"Well, you might pass as an older sister."

As Queen walked over to Silent Magician, Sely stopped her with a sword to her throat. Queen ceased movement and cautiously eyed the sword's pointed end touching her skin. This terrified the children. The Amazons and the Senshi became apprehensive by Sely's action.

"Sely, don't!" Athenamon commanded.

Queen raised her hands and seemingly let Sely kill her.

"Go ahead. I deserve what's coming. What I did was wrong, but know that killing me won't revive your friend."

Anxiously shaking, Sely couldn't bring herself to take revenge. Her hesitation was firmly cemented once Silent Magician stepped in between her and Queen.

"Please, big sis Sely, don't kill her. It's over! Don't do it!"

Sely discarded the sword and tossed it aside.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus protested. "Hold on! If you won't kill her, then she should be locked up. After all, she did kick my sword out of my hand and because of her I got turned to stone!"

Queen answered to Uranus' accusation. "That was part of a ploy by me. I persuaded Sely to go along with the plan. I attacked you and let Najadramon turn you and your friends to stone to convince her I was still on the Neo-Rajita's side." She noticed the Space Sword laying on the ground and picked it up. "Here, I believe this belongs to you." She tossed the weapon to Uranus, who caught it swiftly. "It was an on the fly plan and there was 95 percent chance it would've backfired. If it weren't for me, all you would either be dead or become permanent garden statues for that monster, especially you two." She eyed the two Dai-Valkyrie Senshi.

Jupiter sweatdropped. "Yep, she had it all planned the moment she judged Najadramon's character. Najadramon was strong, but way too short-sighted. Face it. She had you fooled, Uranus."

Miffed, Uranus swallowed her pride. "That's the last time anyone makes a garden decoration out of me."

"Is it true about Paladin being dead?" Athenamon VM addressed Queen. "Where's her body?"

"My queen!" Called out a group of voices belonging to villagers, who stepped into the chamber carrying Paladin's body.

Everyone present in the royal room fell into silence. The Amazons, especially, mourned upon seeing Paladin being placed on the floor near Athenamon VM. Unfriendly, Sanzomon, Sely, and Queen bowed their heads down to the fallen. Jupiter and Uranus, too, expressed sorrow seeing Paladin dead.

"Paladin, my friend," Athenamon VM said, stroking the coldness of the Amazon's face. "You died fighting to protect our sisters. You died an honorable death." Clenching her right fist, the Amazon queen shed a tear. "We'll preserve your body and bury you next to Sage."

"My queen," Sanzomon approached Athenamon VM.

"D'Arcmon, I'm happy to see you've evolved."

"Yes, and Amazoness Spellcaster was another unfortunate victim of Najadramon. She told me to absorb her data in order to pass her knowledge of spellcasting onto me."

"You've honored her last wish, D'Arcmon," Athenamon VM said.

"Yes, and now I can feel my powers are growing much stronger thanks to the applications and knowledge she passed onto me."

"Lady Athenamon," Jupiter addressed the Digi-Amazon. "You might want to take Paladin's somewhere safe."

"We will take care of it, Sailor Jupiter. Thank you for your concern."

"How about these four?" Titaniamon pointed to the Ztreko-Li and her subordinate officer trio. "With them beaten, they can't direct their armies."

"Perhaps," Athenamon VM asserted. "Seal them up with your magic, Sanzomon. They're our prisoners." She faced Queen next. "Queen, it's your choice, but I'd like it if you fought alongside us. What happens after this war..."

Queen complied genuinely. "I'll fight with you and our sisters until the end of this war. After that, I'll decide my own fate."

"With Najadramon's head, you could use it to turn the Neo-Rajita armies to stone very effectively," Jupiter pointed to the gorgon's head in Athenamon VM's hand.


"With that monster slain, I hope that means our sisters were turned back to normal again," Unfriendly said.

Just then, Sely overheard familiar voices behind her. She whirled around to see her friends no longer petrified. Aphy, Ary, Hermy, Crony, Poseidy, Zey, and Ourany ran in to join Sely. They saw Paladin's body in Unfriendly's arms.

"Oh no, not Paladin..." Aphy clasped her mouth in shock.

"We will honor Paladin with a burial next to Sage," Athenamon VM announced. "Shortly, we aid our warrior sisters and drive these invaders off our land."

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter interjected. "We'd be honored if we could help you. With mine and Uranus' Dai-Valkyrie powers, we'd make big difference makers."

"Hey, yeah! That's a great idea!" Zey said enthusiastically.

Ourany added. "The more help, the better for us."

"Well, I did take a recourse to bring Examon and his two colleagues," Athenamon VM stated. "However, our relationship has since grown after aiding you to restore your powers and gain new armors. I can't say no either."

Titaniamon was thrilled to hear this as well. "I'll be honored to fight alongside you, Sailor Senshi."

Sely smirked. "We can turn into weapons for y'all, too."

Suddenly, everyone froze in alarm as they saw a massive mothership passing over the palace and advancing to its destination. Both Jupiter and Uranus realized where their next conflict lied ahead.

"Sorry, Athenamon," Jupiter apologized. "But, there's been a change of plans."

Uranus added. "There was an enormous evil power aboard that ship. It's definitely him. Gryphon believes so, too."

"Likewise with Bacchus. That's Gamera, the leader of the Neo-Rajita."

Athenamon VM nodded. "Then, you have a more crucial battle ahead of you. You've done all you can for us here, my friends. Thank you once again, Sailor Senshi."

"Thank us? We should be thanking you," the green-armored brunette said.

"I can also feel Venus, Mercury, and Neptune are up on that ship, too. We definitely need to join them," insisted Uranus.

"Sely, you and your team can join them if you wish."

"Thank you, my queen," Sely replied. "But, to make it easier, we'll be taking on our weapon forms to make it more convenient for you, Senshi."

"Sounds like a plan," Jupiter nodded as the Amazoness Senshi turned into their weapon forms. Jupiter and Uranus collected the weapons for their teammates to use. "Ready to go, Uranus?"

"Sailor Senshi," Titaniamon spoke up as she approached the two. "It was truly an honor to fight alongside you. And good luck bringing down that alien tyrant that orchestrated this global scale invasion. Kick his ass!"

The Amazons watched Jupiter and Uranus leave as they flew through the hole in the ceiling. Sanzomon proceeded to imprison the Neo-Rajita in bubble barriers. Unfriendly handed Paladin to Athenamon VM as the Swordswoman side to her shed a tear.

"Sanzomon, Queen, come with me. The rest of you head out and aid our sisters to victory. We're cleaning up what's left of these invaders!" boldly declared the Amazon queen.

"Yes, my queen!" The other Amazons shouted in unison.

Once the warriors headed out, Athenamon VM turned to Sanzomon and Queen. Silent Magician and Lunamon stayed close to Sanzomon and Queen.

"Once we seal Paladin's body, we're heading to battle."

"Yes, my queen," replied Sanzomon.

Queen added. "I'll take the children to the villagers."

"Ok then, time to take back our kingdom."

Unbeknownst to the Amazons, a similar black orb that came out of BelialMyotismon appeared after Najadramon's body dissolved. A tiny portal opened up and swallowed the orb, sending the essence of Najadramon to parts unknown, but very likely the Paradais dimension.


Dai-Valkyries Jupiter and Uranus reached the top of the mothership in no time. They saw Venus, Mercury, and Neptune amassed together. The Senshi all reconvened, including a brief scene of Uranus and Neptune embracing. Jupiter and Uranus handed them and each other the Amazoness weapons to prepare them for their forthcoming battle. They recapped on their battles.

"So, the Amazon Kingdom's been restored," Venus smiled. "That's great news!"

"Well, there's still the flunkies, but they should be able to handle it without us," Jupiter winked as she tapped her foot on the top of the mothership.

Mercury closed her computer after finishing scanning the ship. "It's heavily guarded in there. I suggest we stay out here in the event Sailor Moon, Mars, and Saturn see this ship."

"I hope they're at least done by now," Uranus scoffed. "What's holding them?"

To Uranus' side, Neptune reassured her partner. "Relax, Uranus. They'll be here, I'm sure of it."

Folding her arms, Venus faced the clouds that passed them. "I hope you're right. C'mon, you three, we're almost home free."


Paradais Dimension/10:15 PM

Sailor Charon and the Prophet directed Lobo, WarGreymon X, and MetalGarurumon to the nearest portal predetermined to take him to the Central Digital Realm. Before leaving for departure, Lobo discerned a figure hanging on a wall near Charon's crystallized throne.

"Hey, isn't that!" WarGreymon X pointed to the hanging figure.

Lobo narrowed his eyes and saw Blitzkrieg hanging on the wall. "That's...!"

"You needn't worry about that traitor, Lobo," Sailor Charon affirmed. "He helped the Kuiper Senshi and their allies out of our dimension. They prevented me from finishing them off. You and your Digimon partners have an assignment."

The Neo-Rajita general faced the portal and didn't give the Paradais duo eye contact.

"King Basiliskmon and Grendelmon went on ahead. They're waiting for you. Carry out your assignment well, Lobo. We, including Lord Gamera, await excellent results," the Prophet acknowledged Lobo's skills in completing necessary assignments.

Lobo beckoned his Digimon partners and jumped through the portal. WarGreymon X and MetalGarurumon X went in next to join him. After the portal closed, Sailor Charon sat down on her throne.

"Gamera's ship is making a rendezvous for the wormhole into Earth's realm. Once it makes it through, the Earth will endure a shift that'll allow our dimension to begin seeping through. In no less than a day, the dimensional shift will cover the entire planet."

"And we must ensure Gamera's ship doesn't depart Earth anytime soon after that," Charon said with an evil smile. "I must pay Gamera one last visit to thank him. After all, he has something that I... no that we need to further our goals. We're very close, my love."

The hooded figure nodded. "Yes, but why don't we observe the proceedings leading to the final days in person? I'll go first. You use what time you need to regain your strength after losing your Ascendant energy source."

"I'll be there once I've recuperated. I, Sailor Chaos, will return to my glory."

With that, the Prophet teleported from the dimension leaving Charon behind. Just then, a few portals opened up to release a few glowing orbs. These are the orbs that once belonged to BelialMyotismon and Najadramon. Another orb came out from the same portals. This one belonged to Hydra. All three orbs floated around Charon as she swallowed them.

After engulfing and ingesting these orbs, Charon muttered. "Each enemy that perishes, including our own Paradais members, sends us the energy to make us stronger. Paradais members, you served your purposes well and we will carry out your revenge on the Senshi that slayed you."

Blitzkrieg barely came to and saw Sailor Charon concentrating on her throne.

Sailor Chaos? These freaks are outta their mind... I'm gonna get the hell out of this damn place with the shitty scenery! Blitzkrieg struggled, but all it took was Charon to restrain him with just a flex of her Chaos energy. "Damn you..."

"I wouldn't try that. Even in my current state, I can still destroy you on a whim. You'll be seeing those new allies of your very soon, I promise you that," Charon chortled while continuing to focus on replenishing her Chaos power.


Southern Digital Realm/Royal Knight Headquarters/10:19 PM

As they hastily dashed through the corridors, Dai-Valkyries Moon and Saturn cleared the path of the Neo-Rajita grunts barricading their path. Between Moon's sword and Saturn's Silence Glaive, they dispatched all the aliens in their way.

"The Royal Knights are beyond those doors!" Saturn pointed head to a double-sided door. "By the way, how did you reduce Igasu down to a pint-sized runt?"

Moon grinned nonchalantly. "I punished her in the name of the moon."

The Outer sweatdropped and chuckled. "Oh, haha."

"I just cut her down with my sword after she tried taking my body and went She-Hulk, but I cut her down to size!"

"Great, but what do you intend to do with her?"

"Good question," Moon shrugged. "Maybe keep her as a pet?"

Saturn shifted her eyes. "No seriously?"

"I don't know. She's no threat now," Moon laughed a bit as Igasu continued cursing her out in chipmunk talk. "Those doors are definitely coming down!"

The Senshi slashed down the door using their sword and glaive. Upon making their entrance, they veered to the right side as they spotted Dynasmon, Crusadermon, and some Knightmon sealed up.

"Ok, Saturn, let's break them out."


The Senshi made a quick beeline for the containment seals and freed the Royal Knights from their imprisonment. Dynasmon and Crusadermon stumbled out bewildered to see their rescuers. Saturn and Moon proceeded to free all the Knightmon sealed up.

"Thank you, Sailors from Earth," Dynasmon expressed his gratitude. "Crusadermon, can you stand?"

"I can now," Crusadermon said.

"Your base is being overrun with the Neo-Rajita," Saturn told the Knights. "Are there anymore that've been sealed up?"

"Omegamon and Gallantmon are in the Central Digital Realm aiding their Tamers and the other Chosen," Dynasmon informed the Senshi. "I don't know where Craniummon and Buster Blader are. We lost Magnamon in the heat of battle. Alphamon's been captured by the Neo-Rajita."

"We don't know what they want with Alphamon," the rose-armored Digimon added. "But, we fear they might want to extract information from him."

"Or, worse yet, take the legendary Alpha inForce."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon was intrigued. "Alpha inForce?"

"Royal Knights, can we leave you to take back your base? Sailor Moon and I have taken out presumably the biggest threats already, but we need to find Sailor Mars. She might be engaged in a battle with one of the Rajita generals."

Dynasmon gazed down at Dai-Valkyrie Saturn. Despite her miniature size compared to him, he felt a presence and a powerful vibe around the Senshi.

"Yes, do go and aid your friend in this crisis," Dynasmon replied. "We thank you for freeing us. We'll take of the invaders here."

Crusadermon nodded. "Adieu, Sailor Senshi, and be careful."

"Mars will need all the help she'll get, Saturn. Are you up to it?"

"I am, Sailor Moon."

As the Dai-Valkyries flew out through a hole in the ceiling, Crusadermon and Dynasmon assembled their Knightmon armies. They immediately spread out across the base to free imprisoned knights and quickly amassed their numbers to resist the Neo-Rajita invaders.


Meanwhile, Dai-Valkyries Moon and Saturn picked up the pace on their way toward the location. They quickly probed Mars' and Nagah's powers emanating in the distance.

"That's Mars all right," Saturn confirmed. "She's fighting Nagah!"

"Nagah's power is so massive. I don't get why Mars isn't relying on the Houou."

"Perhaps her pride isn't allowing it. Don't forget Mars never relies on the Houou unless she feels compelled to. She also fears unleashing the Houou might destroy the Digital World."

Moon added glumly. "Or, maybe she doesn't want to feel enticed to destroy Nagah. After all, Lien loves her sensei as a daughter would for their mother. She looks up to Nagah."

"Then, being a parent herself, Mars doesn't want to be forced to take drastic measures and destroy Nagah. We must hurry. There's a chance Lien might be with them!"

"No arguments here. We're supposedly gaining close!" Moon announced as she and Saturn closed the gap from the Royal Knights base and the vicinity where Mars' battle with Nagah commenced.


As she flew up into the air, Nagah screamed and grabbed the sides of her face. The very power that she utilized was beginning to corrupt her senses. It surely didn't help that the Digimon's data she has incorporated into her was that of a Digimon Sovereign. Zhuqiaomon's power was much too great for even a trained warrior like Nagah to manipulate. On top of that, she wasn't the experienced manipulator of fire like Sailor Mars was, who watched Nagah fearfully whilst holding Lien close.

"Nagah-sensei! No!" Lien screamed as she tried wiggling through Mars' grasp.

"Don't Lien! You'll get burned!" Mars said, holding her tight and putting up a red barrier around them.

Nagah swayed back and forth as a fiery aura shaped like a phoenix materialized around her. Lifting her head, Nagah casted her her view on the Dai-Valkyrie and gritted her teeth hard.

"Sailor Mars, bring out the Houou! I could care less for you!"

"You're letting all that power corrupt you, Nagah! It's not too late to get rid of it! You're taking your obsession for the Houou to unhealthy levels!" Mars openly pleaded. "For Lien's sake, please, get rid of that power!"

Nagah veered over to Lien, who couldn't even look at her sensei anymore. The Rajita Chief Advisor gazed over her hands and body. Her body, unscathed by her flames, was slowly adjusting to the phoenix god's power taking over. In time, her free will was changing and slowly becoming the very monster whose data she took from.

Since Zhuqiaomon is a Digimon deity, his power naturally is supposed be powerful! Mars thought as her fire nature probed the strength of the fire's wavelengths. If this is Zhuqiaomon's power up close, I can just imagine the nature of the real deal must be!

"Sailor Mars, do you wish not to comply?"

"Never. In fact, I won't need the Houou to defeat you."

"Bold words, Sailor Mars. You'll regret that mistake!"

"Please, Nagah-sensei, stop this!" Lien wiggled free from Mars and put herself between the two warriors. TobuCatmon scrambled over near Lien and tugged on her leg. "TobuCatmon, not now!"

"She'll really kill you if you don't move, Lien!"

"She won't. Nagah-sensei will never hurt Lien," she calmly said before shifting her eyes back on the Zhuqiao-powered Nagah. "Nagah-sensei, don't you remember how you want to reclaim your place as the leader of our people? You even confessed that training and letting Gamera take over was a mistake?"

Nagah's face contorted as she recalled her private talks with Lien.

"Lien will never forget some nights when you became obsessed with facing the Houou. All you ever wanted was a fight with Sailor Mars, because she was the one who destroyed Ghidorah! But, isn't that a good thing?"

(Cue Fate/Zero OST – The Battle is to the Strong)

As Lien got through to her sensei, the general grabbed her head and cried out in pain. Flames swirled around her fiery aura as Mars felt Zhuqiaomon's power lessening its control on Nagah.

"I think it's working," noticed the Miko. "Keep going, Lien. You might be getting through to her!" She encouraged the child to delve deeper.

"You said how you've always wanted a battle with the Sailor Senshi, especially the one with the Houou!" Lien continued without restraint. "Sailor Mars is the one Senshi you wanted to fight and now you've got what you wanted! But, is this enough? You want to overthrow Gamera because his power has grown too strong for you to control!"

How much has Lien been keeping all this bottled up...?! Mars was overwhelmed with shock when hearing Lien go off on her sensei.

'You and the Senshi have helped shape her character. You've given her the courage to speak out against Nagah's recent actions.' The Houou telepathed with her vessel.

"No more fighting between us and the Senshi! Let's unite and stop Gamera before he brings more bloodshed!"

After letting it all sink in, Nagah clenched her fists and tried her hardest to resist the Digi-deity's control over her. But, her eyes burned with fury as she expelled fire from her hands. However, she swerved the fire past Lien and TobuCatmon. She sent her attack directly at Mars, who flew up and evaded the fire blasts. Dai-Valkyrie Mars shot up toward Nagah so fast she went through Nagah's flame shield. Mars landed a kick to Nagah's chin and kicked her up into the air.

"Nagah-sensei!" Lien cried out.

As Mars pursued her, Nagah regained her momentum and flew down punching Mars' face.


Dai-Valkyrie Mars tried shaking off Nagah's devastating punch, but once she came to Nagah punched her down into the ground. As both hit the ground hard, Nagah picked up Mars and engulfed them both in a giant pillar of fire. Lien raced over to stop them but TobuCatmon hopped on her back and pushed her down.

"Let Lien go, TobuCatmon! Get off!"

"If you get too close to the, you'll die, Lien! Just hope Nagah comes to her senses... or Mars might have to put her down."

"No..." Lien squeaked fearfully as she shed tears. "Lien doesn't want them to kill each other! Nagah-sensei! Sailor Mars!"

The massive inferno pillar rose into the air carrying the two warriors within. Inside the wall of flames, Nagah held Mars' neck with one hand and lifted her.

"Combine my power and Zhuqiaomon's, I can destroy this whole Digital World. Once I let it all out, there'll be nothing left, except maybe you and me since you have that damn bird protecting you."

"You'll die, but the Houou will keep me alive."

"Me die? I've become a phoenix just like you! If we die, we'll be reborn from the ashes! How about I demonstrate?"

"You truly are a fool, Nagah. Are you even listening to what you're saying? You're losing yourself. You're losing your sanity. This power is corrupting your free will. You're becoming no better than Ghidorah and Gamera are!"

Nagah tightened her fingers over Mars' neck and scowled. "Don't you lecture me! I am in control! This is truly me with my free will intact!"

"LIAR!" Dai-Valkyrie Mars jerked her right knee into Nagah's face. As Nagah let go, the Miko landed on her feet and forged an arrow of fire.

"You're the fool! Do you think that arrow will do any good? My flames will just consume it!"

Mars watched her arrow vanish as the walls of fire absorbed its energies.

"Enough stalling, Sailor Mars. Invoke the Houou's power and grant me what I desire. I wish to fight the same being that destroyed Ghidorah!"

Mars denied her request. "You think your measly power can destroy this world? You've seen nothing of what the Houou can do when she's pissed off. You weren't there when Yami Houou wiped out a galaxy. I was there. Yami Houou used my body to carve of a path of destruction that I was forced to watch. If you let this power consume you further, you'll be in the same position I was and I won't let what happen to me happen to anyone else!" She got up and bumrushed Nagah quickly, tackling the general into one of the nearest fire walls.

Mars and Nagah wrestled through the flames, but the Miko quickly lost the physicality war as Nagah overpowered and threw her back. Nagah ran up kicking Mars up and slamming her down. Mars hit a fire wall and slid down near Nagah's feet.

The encompassing environment around them was being greatly effected. The fires released from the two individuals carved out lines over the earth and split sections apart. Several mountains were blown away by the large embers that hit them. Lien and TobuCatmon scrambled around while trying to take cover from the surge of power from the two warriors.

"You're outmatched, Sailor Mars," Nagah taunted the beaten woman triumphantly. "I can easily break your body physically. If you won't release the Houou, I'll force her out."

"...you'll regret it..." Mars muttered as she saw one of her ofudas slip from her wrist. She grabbed it and folded her fingers over it.

Nagah smiled as she picked Mars up by one hand. Using her other free hand, she forged a javelin made of fire and prepared to impale the Dai-Valkyrie with it. Mars barely opened her eyes and saw the fire javelin in Nagah's possession.

"One last chance. Release the Houou."


"Then, prepare to die," Nagah smiled sadistically as her eyes showed possession by Zhuqiaomon's power. She turned the javelin and thrust it forward.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars lifted her foot and kicked the javelin out of Nagah's hand. Taken by surprise, Nagah wasn't able to react in time as Mars planted the ofuda on Nagah's forehead. Nagah tried removing it, but Dai-Valkyrie Mars punched her hard in the gut. This caused the alien to double over allowing Mars to bombard her with hundreds of ofudas that latched onto Nagah. As the ofudas began paralyzing and sapping away her power, Mars invoked her anti-evil incantation.

Hopefully I'm not too late! Houou, pray for me! Mars closed her eyes and muttered. "Rin. Pyo. To. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen!" She clamped both hands together as she shouted. "Akuryo Taisan!" She watched the ofudas absorb all of the Zhuqiaomon power from Nagah.

"No! What are you doing to me?! My power!" Nagah screamed as she unleashed an aura that burned away the ofudas. However, it was too late. Her Zhuqiaomon based form was slowly fading as she was being regressed to her normal state. "You... You took my power!"

Dai-Valkyrie Mars frowned as she folded an ofuda with fingers.

"Answer me!"

"I did. I used the ofudas to siphon all that power that was corrupting you. I did you a favor since Lien loves you dearly. Otherwise, I would've killed you."

Nagah sank to her knees as the walls of fire around them began dissipating. However, the prideful general stood up and charged toward Mars. She phased out and rematerialized in front of Mars. She punched Mars' face and sent her flying out of the dying walls of fire. Lien gasped upon seeing Mars flying out with Nagah leaping at her.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" Nagah threw green energy beams at Dai-Valkyrie Mars.

Mars easily evaded the beams and shot them the rest with her fire arrows. Nagah lunged at Mars and went to pierce her hand through the Dai-Valkyrie's chest. But, Mars swerved around Nagah and landed a heel kick imbued with fire. She hit the back of Nagah's face and planted her 50 feet down where they landed. Nagah's face smashed onto the ground with Mars' heel planted over her face.

"Phoenix Fire Kick!" Mars called out, picking herself up while stumbling forward and laying right on top of Nagah. With that one kick, Nagah was purified of Zhuqiaomon's data and her body turned to normal as the flames around her faded.

(End theme)

"Nagah-sensei! Mars!" Lien rushed over to check on them. TobuCatmon hurried close behind her. She rolled Mars off Nagah and tried shaking them both. "Wake up! Please!"

Nagah's vision began blurring as Lien's pleas were falling on her deaf ears.

(Cue My-Otome OST – Otome's Lullaby)

Am I dead...? thought Nagah as she was seemingly beginning to slip between life and death's revolving doors. As she turned her head, she saw someone sitting between Lien and TobuCatmon. It was a familiar face she recognized yet hadn't seen in some time. Is that... no. Rhea?!

The ghostly image of Rhea smiled down to her general and closest friend.

'Nagah, it's not too late to turn back from the path of corruption you were set to take. Your obsession for the Houou was clear proof of this.'

I as this close to releasing the Houou from Sailor Mars! I could feel it! It was right within my grasp!

'Yes, but Sailor Mars outwitted you. Her ingenuity overcame your raw power. And if Lien wasn't involved, you would be dead right now.'

Then, I'm not dead?! Then, why am I seeing you?

'Your spirit was set to leave your body, but I prevented it. I've been watching you closely during these past years. I thought you'd lead our people to a better future, but things have completely fallen out of your hands. There's still a chance to redeem yourself and help the Sailor Senshi stop Gamera. After all, since you've realized your grave error of allowing Gamera to take the leadership seat, you plotted to stop him should he become too powerful for you to control. If the one named Sailor Charon hadn't given Gamera the extra power to grow, he wouldn't have grown into the monster he's become.'

Me aid the Sailor Senshi? But, they're my enemy...

'I'm not telling you to become their friend. You just have a common enemy to fight against.'

When hearing this from Rhea, Nagah wasn't entirely convinced of the concept of uniting with her enemy. However, there was a common goal to be met and her interests of defeating Gamera equally synchronized with the Senshi's.

'I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but trust me. It will be ok. You have the few followers willing to join your cause. Like Lien for instance. She's grown into such a loyal child. Now that she's explored the world beyond our culture she's opening herself up to new friendships. Don't take that away from her. She has a chance to be a more idealistic individual than either of us.'

Rhea, I really wish you were still here.

Rhea smiled as she leaned closer. 'I know. Now, get up, my general. You have a lot of work ahead of you. You know what truly must be done.'

You're right. I can't die here... Lien, she needs me.

'If I were still alive, Lien could've been our ideal daughter.'

Nagah snorted. Oh, please... don't say that.

'It's true. You've nurtured her and trained her well.'

Well, that's true.

'It's time for me to go, Nagah. But, you have much ahead of you. Here begins your road to redemption. Until then, farewell, my love.' Rhea leaned close and planted a kiss on Nagah's lips. Though Nagah couldn't absorb Rhea's power due to the latter being a spirit, Rhea was able to revive her with just a simple kiss.

(End theme)

When Nagah's eyes shot open, she saw Lien leaning and crying over her. TobuCatmon poked Lien and pointed her to Nagah's awakening.


"Nagah-sensei!" Lien hugged her tight. More tears poured down the child's eyes. "I was worried you'd never recover!"

Nagah chuckled as she patted Lien's back. "I'm not dying that easily... hold that thought." She spun around and saw Dai-Valkyrie Mars sitting down glaring her down.

Mars smiled coolly. "Finally awake?"

Nagah furrowed her brows and gingerly stood up. "...you win. I can't deny you this victory."

Nodding, the Miko rebuked. "Beating you was not my goal. I did it to save you from power corruption. Besides, I can't Lien go on without her mother figure around."

Lien smiled and gripped Nagah's gloved hand. Dai-Valkyrie Mars jumped off the rock she sat on and landed near Nagah.

"C'mon, it's over. We need to cooperate in order to defeat Gamera."

Nagah was reluctant to concede, but her meeting with Rhea reminded her what she had to do. Before Nagah could give an answer, the trio heard familiar yells from above. They saw Dai-Valkyries Moon and Saturn descending.

"Hey! About time you got here!" Dai-Valkyrie Mars called and waved to her colleagues.

Clenching her hands, Nagah turned her back to the Senshi.

"Nagah-sensei, please don't turn them down."

"I... I know... but should I...?"

As the Senshi conversed, they approached Nagah, who slowly turned and faced them ready to give her answer.


Meikai/Demon Priests' Main Lair/10:20 PM

(Cue Onimusha 2 OST – Battle with Gogandantess)

Arago quickly gained an upperhand on Yui and punched her into the face of a an archaic-looking monument. The Taiyoukai lord hovered where Yui lied and bombarded her with multiple Youki beams. Yusuke zipped right past his crew and phased out. Before Arago could fire another shot, Yusuke rematerialized in front of Yui and used his sacred light to nullify the attack.

"Is that sacred light?" Arago was spell bounded by Yusuke's golden aura.

Yui slowly stood with her golden light matching Yusuke's, but it was painfully clear that Yui wasn't experienced enough to utilize her Tenyou powers. Yusuke pointed his finger ready to shoot Arago with a full-powered Spirit Gun.

"Wait, Yusuke... remember, he's using Kohana's body," Yui said, pleading and putting her hand on Yusuke's fingers.

"None of you here are a match for me," Arago scoffed, conveying his sheer disappointment with the collective Spirit and Neo-Spirit Detectives. "Tenyou, or not, your powers can't destroy me in their current state." The villain glared intently at the golden-haired Yui. Arago veered over to Long and beckoned to the Demon Priest. "Long, we're leaving. It's time we pay King Enma an overdue visit."

"What?!" Everyone exclaimed in shock over Arago's declaration of war on the Spirit World.

Selipa cried out. "Arago is the very thing that King Enma fears most! He mustn't be allowed out of Meikai!"

"Don't let him get away!" Yusuke declared as he and the Spirit Detectives converged on the Taiyoukai Lord.

All Arago did was unleash his Youki aura to repel the group easily. Yusuke landed on the ground and launched himself toward Arago. Long intercepted Yusuke and tail whipped him down. Arago formed a barrier around himself and Long that carried them both into the air.

(End theme)

"No! Those bastards!" Kuwabara yelled.

Carrying DarkGabumon on his back, Aoshi checked on Yui, who powered down as her hair turned to normal. "Yui! Are you still with me?!"

"Aoshi...? He's taken Kohana away..."

"LONG! ARAGO!" Yasha roared. "Get back here and fight us!"

Suddenly, Raizen, Mukuro, Yomi, Enki, and Toguro arrived on the scene, but they came too late to make a difference. They saw Arago and Long floating across Sheol.

"They were too late to stop Arago!" Mukuro said.

Toguro gritted his teeth. "No doubt they're heading to Spirit World."

Raizen growled as he jumped high enough to reach Arago's barrier. He lashed out like mad and punched the Taiyoukai lord's barrier. Each punch rattled the barrier.

"That blasted Raizen! He's going to ruin everything!"

Ignoring Long's angst, Arago calmly smiled. "Strong as he is, I was on another level during my era." He channeled his Youki and used it to strength his barrier, which protected from Raizen's earth-shattering blows. "Nothing will deny us a visit to Spirit World." He unleashed a powerfully charged shockwave that knocked Raizen down, but did little to injure the former king.

Raizen landed where Yusuke and the others amassed together.

"Raizen, you almost had them!" Yusuke said.

"Arago's a strong demon. I wouldn't have minded fighting him myself."

"This is bad, guys. If he unleashes hell in Spirit World, that'll trigger a major imbalance between the realms!" Shura stated the likely consequences.

Yusuke punched the ground. "Damn!"

"If you hurry, then it may not be too late," Raizen said. "Spirit World is not far if you go by foot."

"Yeah, that's easy for you demons," Kuwabara interjected, causing all the demons to face him as their glares made him flinch. "What? I'm only human! I don't have your crazy stamina!"

"You might not need to go far. All we need to do is tail Arago and you use your Dimension Sword to cut through the fabric to get us to Spirit World," Maya suggested.

"Oh, why didn't I think of that?"

Hiei added, rolling his eyes. "Because you don't think ahead just like Yusuke."

"Ok, now, this isn't the time you two," Mizuno got in between Kuwabara and Hiei's heated path.

"My way of cutting through dimensions is much more effective," Mukuro addressed everyone present as they faced her.

"Yes, since your ability cuts through the third dimension," stated Yomi.

"But, two dimension cutters are surely better than one," Yasha vividly said.

"All right, we just need to head back to where he landed in the first place," Yusuke said as he pointed to Mukuro and Kuwabara. "You two can cut open a hole for us to get to Spirit World. I doubt Arago knows the back way we used to get in here."

"I hope we can get there in time," Cammy said.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Sensui's End OST Track #10)

As she stood up, Yui glanced over her hands and body while figuring out who or what possessed her. Aoshi curiously tried probing the Tenyou power that empowered her earlier, but he felt nothing. There was not a trace of the mysterious Tenyou energy.

"Did it all just go away?" Yui frantically wondered.

"That energy we sensed earlier," Enki recalled the Tenyou power. "Did it come from that girl over there?"

"Is she the new Spirit Detective?" Raizen noticed Yui approaching the group with Aoshi and DarkGabumon. "I don't sense the Tenyou's spirit in her. It's completely went into a suppression period."

"Suppression period?" Yoko Kurama inquired. "Kuwabara, doesn't that remind you when your powers went into suppression before you released your Dimension Sword?"

"Yeah, it sure is, but I still sense Yui's spirit power."

"No, I can definitely bring out my spirit energy. Look," Yui said as a blue aura formed around her. "But, I can't seem to bring out that Tenyou-whatever-power out. I can't form that cool-looking gold aura."

"What is your name, young girl?" Raizen asked the Neo-Detective.

"Yui Tsubasa."

"You won't see the last of the Tenyou's power. Once you face Arago again, that power will resurface. You have the atavism of the Tenyou. Unlike Mazokus like Yusuke, the first time you awaken your Tenyou power, the power goes into a brief suppression period until a great distress invokes that rare power. You'll know when it's coming."

"It feels like a tidal wave of energy just swept my body the moment I transformed. It was incredible, but... I can't fight Arago. He's possessed my friend's body! I can't risk it. I don't even know if that power will be enough to purify Arago and drive his spirit out of Kohana's body!" She trembled nervously and put her hands into her face. "I don't know if I'm up to the task! Arago even said I can't beat him!"

"He's just trying to manipulate with your emotions, Yui!" Aoshi exclaimed.

"Aoshi's right! He's trying to lower your confidence! I know with that power you can push Arago's spirit out of Kohana!" Cammy tried encouraging her distressed friend.

Clenching his fist, Yui walked right over to Yui. However, Selipa ran right past Yusuke and surprised everyone as she slapped Yui.

"Get your head out of your ass and knock off the angst period!" Selipa berated the Neo-Detective, who pressed her throbbing cheek. "You're lucky I didn't knock your head off your shoulders with that one!"

"Selipa!" Yasha cried out.

"My lover just died and had his Demon Stone removed! And Kohana's brother just died fighting Kyo!" The ex-Demon Knight chastised the girl. "With those stones in Arago, he has their powers and their souls empowering him! Additionally, he has Kohana's individual stone's power and her soul trapped with her siblings. Add the Kuroshishi's powers and souls in addition to his own individual power, and the odds don't look good. It's no wonder you couldn't stop him! You were only powered by just one Tenyou. As far as I'm concerned, we're facing the greatest enemy the realms has ever seen before!"

"But, you heard Long. It took a group of warlocks to seal him up for King Enma to send him here," Shura aptly pointed out.

"Because amongst these warlocks were two ancestors of the Kuroshishi family," Yoko Kurama recapped. "Also, there was apparently a Tenyou amongst them and that one could've been Yui's ancestor."

"Wait, so mine and Kohana's ancestors were part of this warlock group?" Yui asked in befuddlement. "That doesn't really add up?"

"Kinda brings things into perspective," Aoshi said.

"Not to mention full circle," Shingo added. "Man, so much information!"

"And since Arago lost so much power since his containment ages ago, his stones were apparently removed. Through these stones was Arago able to communicate with the Demon Priests while still locked in his confinement," the silver-haired fox continued. "But, now..."

"That bastard has those stones as well as the souls of our three friends," Maya said, picking up Rio's now lifeless body. "There is a way to restore them?"

"Yes," Selipa answered. "To do that, Arago's spirit and the stones must be removed from his body. However, that's easier said than done."

Yusuke addressed Selipa. "I'm up to the task if Yui is not ready."

"No..." Yui interjected whilst lifting her head and firming her resolve to save her friend. "Not alone, Yusuke. I'll fight Arago with you." Her bold words lifted smiles from her friends and most of the Detectives. "And I'll bring out this Tenyou power in any way possible."

Cammy nodded and smiled. "I knew you'd find your resolve."

Aoshi embraced Yui. "We'll bring Kohana and her brothers back. I know we can." He got a hug back from her.

(End theme)

"I'll tell you guys what. I'm not sure how we'll have to break this to Minako and their daughter, Ai, from the future," Kuwabara sadly said.

"Let's not try to think about that now," Mizuno replied. "We probably won't have to tell them anything."

"If we can stop Arago, that is," Yusuke said. "And we will."

"I hate to break up the conversation, but you're wasting time," Toguro interjected. "We can follow you to the door leading back to Spirit World, but myself and Raizen are bounded by laws to remain here."

"Maybe not if Arago and Long completely mess up the order after they attack Spirit World! C'mon, let's get our asses in gear!" Yusuke declared as everyone followed him through the palace.

As the group advanced, Selipa, carrying Kyo, watched Yui closely.

"Relax, Yui," Cammy assured her friend. "When we beat Arago, we'll have Kohana, Rio, and their brother back... well, I do hope Kyo will turn to our side."

"If I'm here, then he likely will," Selipa addressed the Neo-Detective's concerns. "He no doubt has felt betrayed by Long. Having served Long for a years, he won't know who to trust anymore, but that's why I'm here. I am his soul mate."

Yui clutched her chest while trying to thoroughly probe the Tenyou power within her. She felt nothing much to her chagrin.

Yasha could only reflect to her mother's dying wishes and remembered about Ayame.

"I bet Chuu and the others have taken care most of the grunts," Mizuno said.

"No, I could feel all of the grunts' Youki shifting and following Arago's direction," Yomi replied.

"It appears the grunts are following Arago and Long's lead to launch some kind of attack on Spirit World," Enki affirmed.

"I can sense Chuu and his crew not too far," Hiei said as he and the other warriors felt the other Makai warriors' presence outside the castle.

"Let's reconvene with them quick and then head out. Time is really against us, guys. No time to lose!" exclaimed Yusuke while taking the group and tearing down the obstructions with Raizen, Hiei, Toguro, Yomi, Enki, and Brimstone.

I'm proud of the demon king you've become, Yusuke. You've shown you're fit to lead. Raizen thought.


Southern Digital Realm/Several kilometers from Royal Knight Headquarters/10:27 PM

After a brief recap with Saturn and Moon, Mars turned around and confronted Nagah, Lien, and TobuCatmon. Mars held an ofuda imbued with data rings containing Zhuqiaomon's data, which she siphoned from the Neo-Rajita general.

"The only reason I'm not attacking you or your friends is because of Lien. You have her to thank," Nagah stated firmly, glaring the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi down. "Otherwise, I wouldn't hesitate to engage you."

"I'm sure you'd love that," Mars smirked coolly, holding the ofuda over her face. "See this? That precious power you apparently took from Zhuqiaomon? I have it here. I'm very willing to burn it up if you decide to backstab me and jeopardize our mission."

"You might've gotten lucky and beaten me, but this isn't over between us."

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon stepped in, playing the peacemaker. "Ok, you two. That's enough. We're here to fight a common enemy: Gamera."

"According to Mars, Lien spilled the beans regarding you losing control over Gamera," Dai-Valkyrie Saturn said.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars frowned. "There's more you're not telling us." With that, she closed her eyes and allowed the Houou to carefully read Nagah's mind. To her shock, the Houou relayed her the necessary background information behind Gamera, his intentions, and some snippets of Paradais, including a mention of Sailor Charon. She let out a gasp. "Gamera's been in cahoots with a Sailor Senshi named Sailor Charon."

"What?!" Moon and Saturn exclaimed in shock.

(Cue My-Otome 0 ~Sifr~ OST - Schwarz)

"That's not all. This Charon is part of the Paradais Organization with another being, but all the Houou can see was a hooded figure. Moreover, Nagah found out by following Gamera and eavesdropping him on. Nagah, now me and the Houou finally know why you still follow Gamera, because you want to ensure he doesn't figure out your plan to assassinate him. You don't want him to get anymore powerful than you intended him to be."

"He's grown out of my control, but it's not too late to stop him," Nagah clarified, drawing out a blade from her waist belt. "This blade is meant for Gamera. It's laced with a specialized toxin that's fatal to our kind. I had one of my subordinates make it as a contingency in case this were to happen."

"Not a bad strategy to plan ahead, but how can you be sure it'll be effective on Gamera now?" Saturn wondered.

Nagah put the blade on her belt and punched her right fist into her left palm. "It's worth a try. Now, are you Senshi really going to escort me?"

"Of course until we've defeated Gamera," Mars said still holding the ofuda. "Like I said, you try anything that endangers me and my friends, or you so much backstab us, I'm burning this thing up and you're shit out of luck without the power that wasn't yours to begin with."

"You forced my hand, but I'm a woman of my word," Nagah conceded.

Lien nodded in approval seeing her sensei establish a brief alliance.

"But, what about this Sailor Charon?" Moon asked. "Who is she?"

"I know nothing of her true identity."

"How do we know you aren't willing to share more classified information?"

"Relax, Saturn. The Houou couldn't find anything on more on Sailor Charon," the Miko Senshi replied. "We just know she and this hooded figure are behind this Paradais Organization and giving Gamera some power to speed his growth."

"I'm giving you all fair warning. Don't overstep your boundaries and try to fight him individually. You'll have to work together if you want to conquer him," Nagah forewarned them. "Mars might have to resort to the Houou if push comes to shove."

"I doubt she will if we're with her," Moon said. "It's this Charon and this hooded partner that I'm more worried about. For them to give Gamera this power, I can't imagine where they get their energy source from."

(End theme)

Just then, the group noticed the giant mothership flying over them. The Senshi were baffled by the size of the ship, which stretched hundreds if not thousands of feet wide. To their surprise, they saw the other Dai-Valkyrie Senshi descend from the ship and land in front of them.

"Guys! You're all ok!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus cried out as she flew over to reconvene with Moon, Mars, and Saturn. "You won't believe it, but we restored the Dra-Warrior's base!"

"Likewise with the Amazon Kingdom" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter added. "But..."

"A few of the Dra-Warriors and Amazon allies we met perished in battle," Dai-Valkyrie Mercury stated sadly, nodding her head.

"That's too bad, I'm sorry," Dai-Valkyrie Saturn said. "But, you were able to defeat the generals leading the Neo-Rajita armies, correct?"

Upon hearing the news of her fallen generals, Nagah was slightly taken aback. Though she could care less for Revenant, she conveyed disappointment with Ztreko-Li's defeat. The moment the other Senshi noticed Nagah, Moon, Mars, and Saturn explained the situation regarding the brief alliance. Mars recapped them on the new information Houou was able to extract from reading Nagah's concealed thoughts.

"So, she's with us?" Dai-Valkyrie Uranus coldly glared Nagah down. "You better not betray us or else."

Nagah rolled her eyes. "Yeah? Want to make something of it? I'll embarrass you like I did to you and your girlfriend." She just grinned down Uranus and Neptune, unfazed by their tense looks.

"This isn't the time for this! C'mon, now!" Jupiter interjected between the conflicting sides.

"We're really off to a beautiful start, aren't we?" Venus sardonically muttered.

Nagah noticed Venus and shuddered remembering the embarrassing night she had after absorbing the blonde's power and eccentric, bubbly attitude she was once characterized for.

"Note to self: don't touch blondie," Nagah murmured.

"Are you sure we can trust her?" Neptune asked Moon. "I can't forget how she humiliated us during the first incursion."

Moon smiled genuinely, giving her and Uranus some semblance of reassurance. "I don't think she'll try anything. If she does, Mars is up to the task. Right?"

Mars nodded waving the ofuda imbued with the Zhuqiaomon data.

"Look on the bright side. At least she was convinced by Lien to help her stop Gamera."

"Ok, and what about when we help her stop Gamera? She'll just take back her seat and turn against us," Uranus showed her wary nature of the Neo-Rajita general. "Lien's a good girl, but I still don't trust and like Nagah."

"Like the old saying goes: actions can and will speak louder than words," Saturn sagely said. "The sooner Gamera is gone, the faster Nagah can assume power again. What happens from here is up to fate to decide. It's her choice afterward if she will withdraw her forces or turn them loose on us. Whether the case, we won't falter."

"Nagah-sensei, let's get ready to go," Lien said, holding into TobuCatmon.

Nagah reluctantly grabbed Lien's hand (with her gloved hand) and floated into the air. "Senshi, I know where Gamera's taking the ship. He's going to your world."

"Then, looks like we're all going back home, guys. Our friends will be happy to see us. Let's also give the Kuipers and Neo Moon's team the help they'll need," Moon said as she and the Senshi flew up altogether.

The group hastily took off after the mothership and headed straight for the wormhole. In a few moments, the Senshi will finally return home and reconvene with their loved ones. Most importantly, they prepare for the most crucial parts of the Dawn of Chaos war.


Front Quarters of the Demon Priests' Stronghold/10:32 PM

After leaving the castle stronghold, the Spirit and Neo-Detectives reconvened with Chuu and company waiting for them. Hundreds of Sheol soldier bodies and remains were seen scattered all over the place. As grisly as the scenery was, the group paid little attention to the bodies. They had more a more important task ahead of them.

After removing the suppression collar off her, Chuu set Natsume down, who tried standing on her own. "There."

"Natsume," Kujo hugged his sister.

"So, what are you going to down with these slave women, Yasha?" asked Yusuke. "They don't look to have any place to call home anymore with Tsukiyomi gone."

"I'll be taking them to my village," Yasha replied without a second thought. She saw Nadeshiko approach Natsume and put her hand on the woman's stomach. "Mother told me Natsume bears her last child. The child will likely become part of my village with my sisters."

"I still can't get over that notion. No offense, but your mom is a freak," Yusuke tried hard not to think about Tsukiyomi's 'secret', which completely blew the Neo-Detectives' collective minds.

"The proper term is a hermaphrodite," Mizuno corrected him.

"Same thing. Anyway, is Natsume going to lay here with your sisters in the village until the child is born?"

"That's up to Natsume, but she better decide quick."

After a few minutes of discussion, Natsume hugged her brother and walked over to greet Yasha.

"I'm willing to stay in your village until the conflict is over," Natsume decided. "I'll take the slave women there and I'd like to keep them company, too. We've all been through a lot these past few days."

Yasha nodded. "If that's what you wish, then I have no qualms. Toguro, would you take Natsume and my mother's harem to my village?"

"I'll do it," Chuu offered.

"Are you sure, Chuu?" Rinku asked. "We'll need you."

"You boys can do fine. I'll catch up when need be."

"I'll help, too," Kujo said.

"You remember where Yasha's village is right?" Touya asked the big lug.

"Well, about that."

Shishiwakamaru sighed out of exasperation. "Did you seriously need to ask?"

"I'll guide them to the village," Toguro said.

"Toguro?" Yasha was taken aback.

"Spirits like me can't leave this realm as much as I want to help in this conflict. I am living out my sentence here for as I've requested. I'm deeply confident Yusuke Urameshi and his cohorts will resolve this conflict like they've done in their many cases."

"It's unfortunate you and Raizen won't be joining us," Yoko Kurama said.

Selipa added. "I'm just glad I was able to regain my body before it was destroyed."

"Yusuke," Raizen beckoned his descendant son.


"Along the way here, you mentioned Raizen Jr. and wondering about his well being back on Earth."

"Yeah, I named my son after you. He's gonna be every bit the ass-kicking monster like us."

Raizen smiled a devilish grin. "Good to know. I look forward to seeing you and RJ tear up Arago and Long. We'll be watching you from this side."

"Yusuke, you and the girl named Yui had better prepare yourselves," Toguro warned his old Dark Tournament adversary. "Arago with the three stones is a force to be reckoned with. His power might be enough to rival or even surpass King Enma's. But, having fought you has reminded me that you always seem to pull something out in the very end." He walked by and pat Yusuke's left shoulder. "Make a believer out of me."

The ex-Detective replied in earnest. "You bet."

As Toguro, Chuu, and Kujo departed to take Natsume and the slave women to Yasha's village, the others faced Sheol's front gates and walked out together. Yui gazed over the distance reflecting back on her close encounter with Arago.

"We're all ready to go," Aoshi said.

"I can feel Arago's from here," Hiei said. "He's halfway through the Meikai and heading for the area where we were dropped in from Spirit World."

"Yes, but it appears he's slowing down his pace. This is our one chance to catch up," Yoko Kurama added.

"Ready to kick some Arago ass?" Mizuno asked Brimstone.

The behemoth nodded in response.

We're coming, Kohana! Thought Yui as DarkGabumon and Aoshi were on both sides of her. I just need to figure out how to bring out the Tenyou's power again!

"Cammy, we're ready," Yusuke said.

As Cammy summoned her staff, she invoked her priestess powers to form a clear bubble, which doubled as a transport, around them.

"When inside this bubble, it will take us where we need to be, but it'll help heal your wounds and replenish your energies," Cammy said. "Stay inside the bubble, everyone." She took Shingo's hand and helped him step inside the bubble.

"Wow, this is so neat!" Moonlight Knight Shingo was awestruck when touching the bubble.

"I'll say. I can live with bouncing around this thing," Rinku jumped around with Jin.

"Whoa, just don't use your wind while we're in here, Jin!" Suzaka exclaimed.

"Enough, kids," Mukuro grumbled as the aforementioned demons hushed up before invoking her quiet fury.

Selipa and Kuwabara lied Rio and Kyo next to one another.

"Hang in there, Rio," Kuwabara muttered.

Selipa sat down beside Kyo and didn't leave his side.

"Arago, we're coming for you!" declared Yusuke, whose voice echoed over the entire capital city.

The bubble quickly carried the group over the landscape and transported them as they followed the route Arago and Long initially took.


Meanwhile, Arago, Long, and the vast Sheol army were beelining toward a dimension wall. Shifting his hands forward, he carved out a hole between the dimensions taking them out of Meikai and through the subspace realm between dimensions. The giant fissure immediately closed up behind them.

"We'll be in Spirit World in no time, Long. You will finally see Enma cowering before me."

"It should be a pleasant sight, Lord Arago."

"Yes, and I intend to turn Spirit World into my new establishment. It's time Enma to pay for all the crimes he's perpetrated."

Long beckoned to the army behind them. "We leave a trail of blood down our path! We begin the siege of Spirit World and remove Enma from his seat!" He and Arago received a loud and united roar of bellows and cries that filled the Makai vicinity.


Spirit World/Koenma's Palace/10:40 PM

"Prince Koenma, we're getting a high power reading and it's emanating from Makai. It's heading this way!" An ogre charged into Koenma's office and quickly alarmed the child ruler.

Jorge gulped. "Sir, you wouldn't think that..."

Koenma jumped off his chair and stormed out to meet with his father – King Enma.


"Father, it's him. Arago the eldest Taiyoukai lord is heading for Spirit World!"

For the first time, King Enma conveyed features that even his son has rarely seen. It was the look of apprehension.


Earth/Shinjuku District/Downtown/10:40 PM

Back on Earth, the Kuiper & Neo Senshi, the Valkyrie Sailor Quartet, the Chimeras, and their allies pressed for as much time as they required to reduce the Neo-Rajita numbers along with subduing the Digi-Zombies. Needless to say, they've been holding up the fort well despite the absence of the Senshi, the Digiteams, and the Detectives.

However, despite having a powerhouse Ascendant like Angemon X, the heroes were seeing their momentum was slipping through their fingers when more Neo-Rajita kept pouring in from the wormhole.

The Neo Senshi saw the massive enemy numbers spilling out and flooding the streets.

The Kuipers, Beelzebumon, Neo Moon, Raizen Jr., Angemon X, and the Chimeras witnessed the flood of Neo-Rajita filling up the streets. Dai-Valkyrie Pluto and Norse Knight unleashed attacks that spread out and bombarded the alien numbers.

"They just keep coming!" Dai-Valkyrie Orcus exclaimed.

Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon became concerned. "If this keeps up, they'll be covering the whole city!"

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna turned around to see Angemon X, Dai-Valkyrie Varuna, and RJ keeping giant IceDevimon contained in the energy barrier. However, the ice behemoth was beginning to punch cracks into the barrier. The other Digi-Zombies were beginning to reemerge from their containers.

"I'm not ready to give up, guys! And neither should you!" Sedna shouted.

"LOOK!" Dai-Valkyrie Ixion alarmed everyone and pointed to the wormhole.

(Cue Independence Day OST – The Darkest Day)

Coming out from the wormhole was the Neo-Rajita mothership as it slipped through and entered Tokyo. Once the mothership slipped out of the wormhole, there came a subtle climatic shift that washed over the heroes and the invaders. It felt colder for an instant, sending shivers down the heroes' bodies.

What was that? Angemon X felt the subtle force hitting him. This vaguely feels similar to the dark energy Charon planted me with!

"What the hell did I just feel?" Dai-Valkyrie Varuna wondered as her eyes fell on the mothership. "Great, just great... I don't mind stacking the odds, but this is overkill."

"Judging by the size of that thing, I bet the leader of this invasion is in there," RJ said. "Kinda obvious if you know what I mean."

The Neo-Rajita mothership coasted over Tokyo's tallest structures. Every Neo-Rajita soldier ceased fighting with the heroes and faced the ship. The amassed armies were quickly being beamed up into the ship. The ones flying the mechs and hovercrafts headed for the mothership as if being withdrawn from the ongoing battle.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto and Norse Knight rejoined the Kuipers, Angemon X, Neo Moon, Raizen Jr. and Beelzebumon. Shortly after, the Neo Senshi and Quartet reconvened with the group.

"Why are they being withdrawn?" Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar wondered.

"Maybe they're turning tail and leaving because we kicked their sorry butts!" Valkyrie Juno boasted.

Valkyrie Ceres sighed. "No, I doubt that. Something's not right here."

Suddenly, hey saw a pillar of green light beaming from the central core of the mothership. Out from the core came Gamera, who rematerialized and appeared before the heroes and any bystanders still in the city.

"That's...!" Norse Knight gaped in shock. "Ghi... No, it's Gamera, the Neo-Rajita leader!"

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto clutched her Garnet Rod tight. "His power is as dreadful as the previous leader's."

The Neo Senshi, too, felt apprehension just being in the presence of the Neo-Rajita leader.

Valkyrie Makemake and Haumea stood their ground not saying a word.

Angemon X and Dai-Valkyrie Varuna threw the giant IceDevimon so far that the behemoth was hanging above the atmosphere. The twosome and RJ headed down to join their friends while turning their sights on Gamera.

"He's definitely powerful, Karin," Angemon X addressed Sedna. "I'm getting a ambiguous vibe about him. I can't really explain. There's more to him."

"He's got even you worried?" Sedna was slightly taken aback.

Gamera openly chuckled and faced down his opposition. "You've made it this far, heroes of Earth's realm. But, the Dawn of Chaos are on the horizon. These last days will prove to be most interesting as I scatter my forces across the planet. Don't you feel it? The chaos from the Paradais realm is already beginning to spread and in no time will consume your world. Your worlds are on the path on converging."

"That jerk. Does he mean this world and the Digital World are merging together? That explains the damn wormhole!" Beelzebumon growled intensely, grinding his teeth. I've gotta find the kids. I hope they're ok. "Sorry to give y'all the slip, but I gotta find my Tamers! They're my main priority!" He flew off to locate Calumon first.

"Where the hell are you going?!" Mika shouted.

"Leave him alone," Larry chided her.

"Yeah, he has Tamers he needs to be with," said Sara. "We have our priorities here."

The Senshi barely watched Beelzebumon leave, but Gamera ignored the Digimon and maintained focus on his primary adversaries.

Dai-Valkyrie Eris added. "We took on his generals and handled his grunts. We can take him together, right?"

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna nodded dismissively. "I don't know... I mean..." She pulled out her Dragon Saber. "But, we can try."

"How quaint. You're the group that defeated a handful of my generals. Well, I must commend you for surviving the Paradais dimension ordeals," Gamera eyed the Kuiper Senshi and Neo Senshi. "And your powers have since grown exponentially, but you face a being with a power on par with a god."

"Whatever, you're just full of hot air, blowhard!" Valkyrie Cyber Mercury spat out much to Daiki and Max's shock.

"Whoa, sis!" Daiki exclaimed.

"Maybe you shouldn't have said that?" Max said nervously.

Sam shouted. "We beat Ghidorah! We can stop you!"

"To credit you girls, when me, Pluto, Sedna, and the Senshi engaged Ghidorah, none of us were nearly as strong as you in your Dai-Valkyrie forms," Norse Knight said. "That makes every bit of difference."

"Yeah, most of us are in our Dai-Valkyrie forms," Neo Moon said. "We're like a level-up above Sailor Moon and her team way back when."

"That makes me feel more confident," Dai-Valkyrie Varuna replied.

Morpheous and Wolk barely arrived to see the group amassed together. The duo saw Gamera. Wolk quivered nervously in Gamera's presence. Morpheous boldly tried not to let Gamera's power intimidate him, but he clearly was terrified beyond his mind.

He's much stronger than Ghidorah. It feels as if he was ceased to exist. Morpheous thought, visibly trembling. "You all better think this through and not readily engage him yet."

Gamera raised his hand. "Perhaps I should give you a sample of what you will be dealing with." He fired a beam with enough power to wipe out the city in one shot.

(End theme)

(Cue My-Otome OST - Materialize)

As the heroes readily prepared to intercept the beam, a white projectile, shaped like a crescent moon, cut through the beam and nullified it. Gamera whirled around to see the Dai-Valkyrie Planetaries dropping in with Nagah, Lien, and TobuCatmon. The Planetary Senshi, to the delight of the Kuipers, Neos, and company, made their grand entrance.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon sheathed her sword and looked up facing Gamera, who dropped his hand.

"So glad you could join us, Sailor Senshi," Gamera said as his calm demeanor with replaced with one of genuine delight.

There was much rejoicing amongst the Senshi's peers. The Kuiper & Neo Senshi, the Chimeras, and the others joined in to greet them.

"Sailor Moon!" Neo Moon and Norse Knight exclaimed in unison. They joined in and embraced her.

"Mamoru, is that you? When did you adopt the Rider gimmick?" Moon asked as she hugged him. "Not that I'm complaining. It looks good."

"Mother!" Blue Mars and Ryuuhi called as they reunited with Mars.

Summoner Venus did the same with Venus. Battle Jupiter hugged Jupiter. Likewise, Cyber Mercury and Daiki embraced Mercury's return. The three Outers approached Pluto openly complementing her Dai-Valkyrie form. The Kuipers joined in the reunion and approached their Planetary seniors.

Some noticed Nagah and instinctively prepared to attack her, but Mars stopped them from letting the situation spill into a mess.

"Looks, it's complicated, guys," Mars pleaded. "We'll explain why she's here."

The reunion was quickly broken up as Gamera interjected.

"These last days will be very interesting indeed."

"Man, rude much?" Mika scoffed. "You're ruining cool family reunions!"

"Nagah, judging where you stand, you've failed me," Gamera eyed his Chief Advisor. "The one who trained me and prepared me to take the seat as turned her back on me."

"I'm just here to correct my mistake. Nothing more," Nagah rebuked. "The Senshi and I aren't going to become shopping buddies anytime soon. They're just here to help me take you down before you get your hands on the Romulus Source."

Sedna blinked. "Romulus Source?"

"It's an artifact Ghidorah sought for and he would've gotten it to conquer the universe," Nagah said whilst holding Lien close to her. "It controls every aspect of time and space beyond the third dimension and gain absolute dominion over possibly all realities. Omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence is granted to the user Planet Imperium has tight security on it and has kept Ghidorah from getting his hands on it."

"Nagah, regardless if your alliance with the Senshi is a means to defeat me, I will make you regret betraying me," the Neo-Rajita leader openly stated. "And as for you Sailor Senshi, since you acquired Nagah's help, I understand you defeated the remaining generals... well, save for one, but he's out on assignment that don't involve you. Since you reached this far, we begin the penultimate game tomorrow as we count down to the Dawn of Chaos' final initiation. I, Gamera, will be the host of these unpleasant festivities."

"And we're ready," Dai-Valkyrie Moon boldly said, sheathing her sword.

Each of the Senshi produced auras and let them flare out. Their animal spirits came out and started roaring together.

The Planetary, Kuiper, & Neo Senshi, Sailor Quartet, Norse Knight, the Chimeras, Angemon X, and company stood their ground and put on determined faces. Through hell and back, they were prepared for the next phase of the Dawn of Chaos events.

(End theme)


(Cue Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce)


Takato: Heya! It's been a long while! After the long stretch of installments with our other friends, the story shifts gears to what's been going down in the Central Realm!

Henry: We give a small recap of the events leading up to the 11th hour.

Rika: And on top of that, check us out when we take down a bunch of hostile Digi-bad guys and our Psycho Ranger counterparts.

HiSuzakumon, ChiGenbumon, MizuSeiryuumon, and KazeByakkomon: Who are you calling Psycho Rangers?!

Himura: Kotori!

Necromon: Valkyrie Brunhilde, stain your sword with your friends' blood.

KingBasiliskmon: Himura, Inumon, I'll gladly send you to your graves!

Phillipe: Kotori, please don't do this!

Artemismon: Phillipe!

Omegamon: Madoudramon, you won't get by the gates!

Madoudramon: Omegamon, don't you know you're just delaying the inevitable? Valmarmon's awakening will change the Digital Realms for the better.

Imperialdramon: Don't start preaching like this is for some greater good purpose!

Madoudramon: But, it is! And we're only a handful of pieces from making it a reality.

MagnaGarurumon: Grendelmon?!

Grendelmon: How about we even the playing field and show you my Mega form? Grendelmon Shinka!

Jeri: Leomon! Listen to me! You're under Necromon's power!

MadLeomon: (growls and lunges forward until Felinismon intercepts him)

Felinismon: We're going to need the Lights of Victory to this!

Masaru: C'mon, ShineGreymon! It's fighting time!

Piedmon: You want to challenge the great Piedmon? This will be an entertaining show!

BlazeGallantmon: Who the heck is this guy?!

StormSakuyamon: Looks like a bum just showed up.

QuakeGargomon: But, from a portal?

Lobo: Are you who I'm supposed to fight?

WarGreymon X: Omegamon and Inumon, I've found you. Gabuhime, time to form Omegamon X.

MetalGarurumon X: (slightly hesitant) As you wish, Gabuhime.

Legendary Warriors: Donarmon, Yetimon, Ventimon, YamiLeomon, Blademon, Wildentmon, Calypsomon, and Terramon, ready for battle!

KaiserGreymon: Defend the gates! We've drawn this battle far too long! Let's send these bad guys packing for good!

Demon: These fools are quite adamant, but they can't drag this out forever!

Norn: I hope Junpei and the others are ok. All the fighting outside... can't seem to take it. (covers ears)

Yamaki: Jeremiah? Sharon?

Cain: What are you two doing here?

Jeremiah: We thought if it'd be best to take cover in Yamaki's facility as things are getting hectic out there.

Nate: There's something about those two I don't like.

Talley: They seem rather a little too calm in the face of all this chaos going on. Why?

Nate: Raphael, Valon, and Alister reported some strange findings near the Paradais building. I think there's something major going on there. They saw peculiar black fog covering that area.

Grace: I see you're not the only ones having suspicions of one Sharon Rivers. (confronts Nate and Talley)

Kazu: Don't you guys and gals miss the next installment of Dawn of Chaos! Entitled...

Protecting the Gates! The Final Push Against the Digivillains!

Tai: Let's give them a fight, Digiteams!

The Digiteams: (cheer together)


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