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Last time we left off, the Digiteams won and stopped the digi-bads, or so they thought. Thanks to Charon's last-minute intervention, Valmarmon has been revived and gathers the surviving digi-villains to prep for the siege on Earth. And Harbingermon arrives in Huanglongmon to talk to the Digiteams.

This chapter will cover the Digiteams, but will also return to what our other heroes are up to, including a return to the Duelists who continue their pursuit for Professor Frank.

We begin the sixth day of chaos complete with a new opening theme song picked by AnimatedFord, which covers the final two days. So, while this chapter will lack intense battles, some of our heroes get some reprieve as things are setting up for the last two days.

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(Cue Dissidia Final Fantasy – Opening)

There are two forces of the YYGDM-01; Cosmos and Chaos. These goddesses gathered warriors in various factions for war. Order and Discord are equal in strength, which would thought the battle will last forever. But it will all change.

On one side are the forces of good in a celestial area: Sailor Moon & the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Sedna & the Kuipers, Angemon X, the Beast Tamers & their Digimon partners, Susanoomon, Tai/Matt & Omegamon, Davis/Ken & Imperialdramon, Yugi Muto, Lady Lupin & the Neo-Spirit Detectives, Yusuke Urameshi & the Spirit Detectives, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, and Valkyrie Brunhilde.

Behind these heroes is a giant ethereal white light creating Sailor Cosmos.

The other side in a volcanic area are the evil forces: Gamera, Madoudramon (with a new appearance), Valmarmon, Arago, Professor Frank, and Long.

Madoudramon is riding an evolved form of WarDevidramon named, VictoryDevidramon. Valmarmon is riding Doomsdramon which describes as a gigantic four winged dark gray dragon with red eyes, horns on the head sides and a unicorn horn on the forehead, spike-like long mane on his long neck, and is quadruple almost like a Nightmare (demonic horse).

Behind the villains is a giant Sailor Chaos made of volcanic minerals.

And thus, both sides charge one another and clash in epic proportions at a barren wasteland.

The Sailor and Kuiper Senshi unleash their Dai-Valkyrie forms and charge at Gamera and his army. While the Senshi fight him and his army, the Neo-Rajita warlord dodges and attacks with his metallic claws. Sedna block with her icy trident and parries. Sailor Mars transforms into Houou Mars and unleashes an earth-shattering inferno blast. Moon fires off a moon-shaped blast. Gamera fires dark energy that devastates the area. Angemon X supports Sedna by firing a holy beam at Gamera, and then the Neo-Rajita leader blocks it with his hand and forms an evil smile. Moon and the Senshi subsequently clears away the Neo-Rajita army.

Omegamon is firing his Supreme Cannon at Valmarmon. The Demon God uses Doomsdramon in attempting to devour his smaller foe with its bloodthirsty teeth, but Omegamon dodges safely and uses his Transcendent Sword at Valmarmon. Smirking, Valmarmon blocks the blow with his Muramasa that sends Omegamon flying. Susanoomon flies at Valmarmon and attacks him with Celestial Blade.

Imperialdramon FM fires Giga Crusher at Madoudramon and VictoryDevidramon. The latter gets hit, but withstands the attack and strikes back. Imperialdramon blocks the blow.

The Beast Tamers and Digimon partners combine to form their Beast Biomerger forms. They fight off the Demon Beast Generals.

Frank summons the Earthbound Immortals: Uru, Aslla Piscu, Cusillu, Ccarayhua, Ccapac Apu, Chacu Challhua, and Wiraqocha Rasca.

The Earthbounds roar and charge at Yugi, Yusei, and Jaden. Fortunately, the heroes summon their respective monsters: Dark Magician, Stardust Dragon, and Elemental Hero Neos, to fend these deities off.

Yusuke and Lady Lupin fight off Long and Arago. Yusuke beats Long with his fists and fire a Spirit Gun at him, only that the latter evades in the last second. Lupin and Arago duke it out, then Lupin uses the power of Tenyou to become the golden-haired Tenyou warrior, Shaka, while overpowering Arago.

Lastly, Valkyrie Brunhilde summons her Einherjar in clearing out many dark minorities like the Army of the Dead from Lord of the Rings.

After wards, the heroes stand in their fated battle against Paradais: Sailor Charon and The Prophet. Sailor Charon transforms into Chaos. Whereas The Prophet becomes a large creature covered in full silhouette in not revealing his real form, but it's shaped like a four armed beast that distorts time and dimensions. Fueled by determination, the heroes form battle stances and fight for the fate of worlds on the final day of Chaos!

(Music Ends)


Chapter 55

Dawn of the Sixth Day! The Eve of the Final Chaos!


(A few hours ago)

Spirit World/Palace of Enma/10:55 PM

A swift incursion was coming. King Enma had his Spirit Defense Force assembled inside and outside his palace. Their leader, Otake, stood in front of King Enma ready to defend his king from the forthcoming arrival of the revived Taiyoukai lord and the Demon Priest Long. However, knowing these two were bringing with them an army, Spirit World summoned forth their top most warriors to lend support to the Spirit Defense Force.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Unreleased Track: EP67 S3#2 – Chapter Black)

King Enma narrowed his eyes on a big screen displaying a picture perfect view of the clouds darkening. These dark clouds split up as a portal opened up unleashing streams of dark purple light. A wave of dread hit him hard as Arago emerged from the portal with Long and the Meikai army.

"King Enma, is that...?!" Otake was flabbergasted upon seeing Arago. He looked up noticing his king conveying a something he hadn't seen from the Spirit World ruler: fear. "My king? It's Arago, isn't it?!" He turned to his SDF colleagues. "Men, get ready to defend the palace! Those position outside erect the barriers!"

"Yes, sir!" The united roar of soldiers responded as they began using their spirit powers to build a barrier over King Enma's palace.

Koenma stood outside his father's palace quarters with Botan looking fearful. He turned around nodding to Botan.

"I fear Spirit World's going to turn into a war zone and when that it will throw off the balance of the three worlds."

"I just can't believe Yusuke and the others couldn't stop the Demon Priests!" Botan exclaimed, nervously gripping her oar. "Just what could've happened to lead to Arago's revival?!"

"Anything could've happened, but I fear they were too late to prevent the ritual. Judging from the visuals I'm seeing, Arago has successfully taken Kohana as his vessel."

"This has to be tearing Yui and the others apart," Botan said.

Koenma beckoned Botan over near the door as they stepped inside King Enma's quarters. "And by taking Kohana's body, Arago has gained access to an finite but immense spiritual energy coupled with his own demonic power. That's a recipe for disaster for us."

"Look!" The ferry girl shouted, pointing to the visual screen lighting up as bright light washed through the SDF and Spirit World armies.


Everyone felt the roof begin to shudder as powerful energies ripped into it. The energies tore a hole and a beam shooting full blast through the roof brought alarm to King Enma and the SDF. Koenma put up a spiritual barrier shielding himself and Botan from the explosion blast. Having made his entrance, Arago descended with his accomplice Long.

Much fear and distress filled the entire room as the bodies of a few SDF and Spirit World warriors rained behind the Taiyoukai lord. King Enma sighted Arago and locked eyes with the ancient being that he seemingly had sealed thousands of years ago.

The past had now come back to haunt him.

"Enma, you haven't changed much since our last meeting. You have much to answer for."

"Arago..." Spirit World's king muttered harshly under his breath. "I knew this day would come, but I presumed your revival would come another hundred years from now," Enma blatantly stated much to the shock of his guards, colleagues, and his own son. He slowly pivoted his view toward Long standing on Arago's left side. "And I regret not removing you and your Priest colleagues from existence."

Long smirked evilly, flickering his long tongue out to incite the Spirit World's king. "You had many chances to destroy me and my colleagues. Well, I've already relieved you of dealing with my colleagues. They've met their fates."

Botan tried making out what the Meikai demons were telling Enma, but Koenma got a gist of what they stated.

"Two of the Demon Priests are dead, Botan," Koenma whispered to her. "Either Long betrayed his own colleagues or Yusuke and the others took them down. Doesn't matter either way since Long's still alive and he's managed to bring Arago here." He tried concealing the look of fear on his face despite being in Arago's presence. "It's surreal Arago's been revived... but I was so sure Yusuke and the others could've prevented the revival. But, I'm shocked my father saw Arago's return coming... but he calculated a return several hundreds of years from now." He grasped his face as Arago's Youki made him nearly faint.

"Koenma!" Botan rushed over to hold him steady. It wasn't long until she, too, felt Arago's horrific demonic power. The Taiyoukai's Youki made her strain as her body stiffened in place. "I can't move... Koenma, his power..."

"Our bodies can't even handle being exposed to his Youki," the prince strained and breathed heavily between his words. "To think he's able to generate this amount of power using Kohana's body."

(End theme)

"How low that you'd stoop to take the body of the currently assigned Spirit Detective's associates," Enma berated the Taiyoukai, who gave an ironic laugh.

"That's simply rich coming from someone who'd stoop as low as cut off ties from former colleagues and abandon those who seek your help, Enma. You've always been a shady ogre who's always been paranoid by those who attempt to rival your power and position. You long to keep that throne of yours unopposed."

"That's enough out of you!" Otake quickly injected. The mustached man almost snarled, gritting his teeth hard and standing his ground against the Taiyoukai duo. "Why don't you leave that girl's body and show us your true self, you coward?!"

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Unreleased Track: EP 84 S3 – Chapter Black)

Arago merely chuckled, not giving Otake the time and day. "Long, would you take care of this Spirit World dog? I rather not soil my hands of this low level filth."

Following his lord's command, Long turned around and walked over to confront Otake.

"My king, we advise you stay in your throne! SDF, spread out and encircle the Demon Priest!" The SDF commander ordered as he and four other SDF members split off from each other.

Long stopped his march and looked around sighting the five SDF members already forming a circle around him. They quickly put their hands out and released white beams of spirit beams to subdue Long. Long watched as these beams became cuffs as they latched onto his wrists, ankles, and neck. Despite being binded by these spirit cuffs, there was a look of apathy etched on the Demon Priest's face. The SDF members were befuddled by Long's apathetic look and his lack of resistance.

Before the Makai warriors attempted to intervene, Long instinctively broke loose by snapping off these cuffs by flexing his Youki power. His much superior Youki not only dissolved the spirit cuffs, but blew back the SDF members. As Otake went flying back, Long hastily ran up and shot his tail forward. He caught Otake by the throat with his tail and squeezed tight. Otake attempted to break loose, but Long tightened his grip.

"No!" Botan cried out, turning away as she heard the man's neck snap.

After breaking his neck, Long dropped the dead SDF commander and rolled up his tail back behind him.

"Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" Arago coolly smirked. "Oh yes. I was calling you out on your hypocrisy, Enma. It's funny how many loyal dogs have served you well and they die for to ensure you stay comfy in that throne. Tell me. How does it feel knowing the blood of thousands... not millions have died because you put your own self before others. And behind that terrifying exterior, you're truly a paranoid fool who'd remove anyone who even threatens your position. You sealed and casted me to the Meikai for a good reason, because I could've been ruler of the Spirit World."

Enma eyes furrowed as his gaped the upper part of his mouth. Before he could say anything, Arago cut him off abruptly, irking the Spirit World king again.

"While you've spent all this time staying cozy in that throne of yours, I was locked away in the Meikai. The balance of power is quickly shifting. Don't you feel it? Your time is winding down, soon to be former Spirit World King. Look outside your palace. Tell me what you see?" Arago pointed to the nearest window, the central one that opens up to the balcony. With a flick of his finger, he unleashed a force that shattered the windows. The shards of glass went flying out from the palace.

A huge battle on the royal grounds erupted as Meikai warriors heatedly engaged with Spirit World's defenses. Blood was spilled and bodies covered the battleground. The blood-curdling yells of warriors from both sides filled the once tranquil sanctuary. Meikai warriors began tearing through the walls. Spirit World guides and ogres began fleeing for their lives, but even a few of those were taken captive and being senselessly killed for simply being tied to King Enma.

"War's beginning and soon Spirit World will fall. I will take what's rightfully mine. As for your subjects, they will fall in line under my rule..."

Enma had heard enough and sprang forward unleashing an immense force on Arago. Sending Arago sailing back, every witness saw Enma overwhelm Arago. Long rushed over to Arago and tried helping him up, but Arago rose up completely unfazed. A dark aura surrounded Arago and clashed against Enma's red aura. The two forces tried to overpower the other. Ultimately, the opposing forces canceled each other out.

(End theme)

"Impossible...!" Koenma was left in aghast witnessing his father and Arago's auras dissipating. "Arago was able to match my father's power?!"

Long looked between Enma and Arago, analyzing both of their immense powers.

"You're no longer in your prime, Enma. I'm disappointed," Arago said displeased after assessing their powers.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Sensui's End OST Track#2)

Enma scowled and threw a punch at Arago. The Taiyoukai narrowly tilted his head and caught his fist, much to Enma's surprise. Arago began tightening his grip over Enma's hand and began crushing it, breaking Enma's hand. The seemingly invincible king wailed painfully until Arago landed an uppercut to Enma's jaw, sending the behemoth flying into his throne.

"Father!" Koenma shouted as he dashed over to the fallen king.

"Koenma, no! Get back!" Botan pleaded as Long materialized behind her and restrained her. "Ugh!" She tried breaking loose and frantically kicked her feet up. "Koenma!"

As Koenma reached close to Enma, Arago quickly phased in front of the prince and interceded him from his father. He raised his hand and repelled him with a powerful wave. Koenma was knocked and slammed into a wall.

"Is this your son, Enma? Oh well. He won't make any difference," Arago chortled, shifting over back to Enma, who ran up to grab him. He jumped up and caught Enma with an Youki beam to his gut. The beam, now shaped like a vector arrow, tore through Enma's gut and caused blood to splatter on the ground. "This woman's body is the perfect container. Not only can I utilize her spirit powers, but I can combine them with my Youki. How does it feel being overpowered? I bet it's been long since you've engaged in your own battles. Your long reign has made you lazy and thus your once great power has diminished. I once respected your power, but you've become a shadow of your former self." He raised his hand and produced a long javelin made from his own Youki. "Now, get up unless you want to be further disgraced."

Long approached Arago whilst holding Botan.

"Long, you're about to bare witness the changing of the guard," the Taiyoukai lord declared his soon to be established sovereignty. "Enma, the time has come for you to pay for the atrocities and unfair judgment you've enforced on beings such as myself and the Taiyoukais who've had to deal with you Today, not only will I usurp you from your throne, but today you will meet your end."

"Once we remove you, the Spirit World, the Makai, and Human World will be ours for the taking. Behold a new age ruled by Lord Arago is upon us!" Long added as Botan turned away refusing to see the pool of blood spilling from Enma.

Enma struggled to stand as he was groggy from the amount of blood loss. Arago had dealt a critical blow that crippled him. As Enma's vision blurred, he sighted two ghostly figures material across from Arago and Long.

He saw an aged man wearing long white hair and a matching thick white beard. He had a rugged look, which went well with light silver armor grab he wore coupled with a thick blue cape hanging behind his back. A white eye patch covered his missing left eye. He was almost half the size of Enma himself. His right blue eye stared through Enma as if looking deep into his soul.

Standing next to this tall armored older man was Queen Serenity, who was still as beautiful and had her distinguishing silver hair along with the white dress.

"You two...?" Enma muttered under heavy breaths. He gripped his gut as more blood seeped into his blood-soaked garb. "I'm not weak like you two... that's what separates me from you two." Clenching his right hand, he amassed spirit power into his massive knuckles. "Arago, I survived this long for a reason, because I'm not weak like the other old kingdom rulers. I will prove them wrong... and you wrong...!" He charged forward despite the horrific wound where he was losing more blood. His resolve allowed him to attack now with reckless abandon. "I'm NOT weak like Odin and Serenity! I'll show them no one takes the Spirit World from my iron grip! Arago, DIE!" He bellowed angrily as he and Arago headed off each other.

Koenma awoke to the sound of massive blasts and braced himself from the shockwave that shook the entire Spirit World to its core. He looked up as his face paled at the unthinkable.

"Fa...father...!" Koenma fell into a state of shock as his cries were drowned by the resounding blast of Youki hitting Enma head-on.

(End theme)

When it was said and done, Enma sank to both knees. A giant hole was made through his chest where Arago dealt the final blow to him. Enma fell facefirst on the pool of his own blood. Botan turned away horrified by the outcome. Arago descended near Enma's head and took a deep breath.

"It's done," he declared in a calm albeit satisfied manner.

Long laughed aloud and threw Botan down. "Finally, the reign of Enma is over!" He turned to his subjects who raised their weapons high in the air and shouted their allegiance to their new king. "You've just witnessed an historical event! For the first time in thousands of years, a new king has risen! Long live our new king of Spirit World, Lord Arago!"

"HAIL KING ARAGO!" The Meikai warriors shouted mantras in support of the new Spirit World ruler.

Botan crawled over past Enma and reached over to Koenma.


The prince was absolutely torn and distraught by the death of his father. With Enma removed, Arago could now claim the throne by force; Koenma knew he couldn't fight to win back the throne as Arago deemed him unworthy.

"Koenma, Botan!" Came a familiar voice behind the curtains.

They turned around to see Jorge barely poking his face out. He beckoned the two over while Arago was too preoccupied with his victory. Long approached Enma's ruined throne.

"Lord Arago, unfortunately this seat's been destroyed in the midst of the battle."

The Taiyoukai lord simply nodded and raised his hand. "No issue for me. I can produce my own throne and I plan on changing this palace's image." He walked past Enma's body and before establishing his new throne he spat on Enma's face.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Unreleased Track: EP71 S3 – Chapter Black)

Before losing sight for good, Enma saw Queen Serenity and Odin casting pitiful looks on him. He heard them faintly talking to him.

'Where were you when the Moon Kingdom fell? You betrayed our alliance treaty by not sending Spirit World forces to help prevent Beryl's invasion. I trusted you Enma. Now, you know how it feels when no one is there to come to your aid. With you gone, the age of the old kingdom rulers has finally ended.'

'Enma, you brought this on yourself. Asgard would still be here if you had sent reinforcements to aid my Valkyries to stop Ragnarok and Loki's betrayal. We agreed to aid one another in the time of a crisis, but you never held your end of the bargain. You effectively betrayed me and Queen Serenity by shutting the doors on us. Look at what selfishness has taken you.'

'I gave my life using my Silver Crystal to seal off Beryl and her subjects. I used my last remaining power to also send my daughter, the prince of Earth, her friends, and survivors away to be reincarnated one day. Now, watch as my daughter, her friends, and your Spirit Detectives clean up the mess you've caused in the first place by willingly allowing demons into the human world. They will succeed against Arago where you failed.'

'I used up my life to send my Valkyrie Maidens' spirits and my steed to carry out my will. I trust they will correct the wrongs you've committed. Enma, wherever you go, I hope we never meet again.'



Both former rulers chastised him as his breathed his final breath. 'See where the road of fate takes you now. Farewell, ogre king.'

With that, the age of the old rulers came to an end with Enma's death.

(End theme)

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories OST – Egypt in Ruins)

Arago paused near the large space where Enma's throne used to stand on. As he raised his right hand, a black pillar of light shot out of the ground. An object began materializing within this dark pillar as it took on the shape of a seat. As the light dissipated, a massive black throne forged from an obsidian-like substance became situated where the old throne used to sit. Arago walked up to the throne and placed his hand on the seat. Turning around, he faced his loyal subjects, who all yelled out triumphantly for him.


"What will be your first course of action as king of Spirit World, Lord Arago?" Long asked, bowing before the Taiyoukai lord.

Arago responded by raising his hand into the air and shooting out a dark beam of light. The dark beam blasted through the roof and exploded as the darkness spread across Spirit World. The dark mist fanned out over the holy sanctuary as it started changing the architecture and landscape. The castle changed from a heavenly sanctuary to a gothic and demonic domain. The Taiyoukai lord changed the sanctuary according to his whim.


Outside Spirit Palace/11:30 PM

All of Spirit World's warriors became encased in obsidian seals. The Meikai warriors bellowed victory yells. All the while this happened, Jorge lured Koenma and Botan through the back gates avoiding getting caught by the Meikai invaders. Jorge pushed open a secret door for them to slip out of Spirit World.

Koenma whirled around looking sadly, realizing the worst had happened. The attack had happened so sudden and unexpected. King Enma was not only soundly defeated but this life was extinguished by Arago, the revived Taiyoukai lord. As he sank to his knees, Koenma felt helpless.

"It's over. Without Spirit World... the balance between the three worlds will face severe consequences," Koenma fearfully said while Botan knelt beside him. "Knowing Arago, he'll unleash all the dark apparitions and send them in the living world."

"Koenma, it's not over. I have faith Yusuke and the others will turn things around!" Botan exclaimed, trying her hardest to reassure Koenma.

"If Arago managed to kill my father, what can Yusuke and his group do? Arago's power has grown far beyond anything I can comprehend... there's nothing more we can do here..."

"Is this what the prince of Spirit World should be saying?!" Botan screamed, preparing to slap some sense into Spirit World's prince.

Suddenly, the trio looked up noticing a massive bubble transport emerging from the fissure Arago made in the sky. Koenma and Botan both felt familiar spirit energies closing toward them.

"Look! It's Yusuke and the others!" Jorge hollered. "Botan, Koenma sir! They're coming this way!"

Botan jubilantly cried out. "I knew they'd come! Koenma, look!"

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Unreleased Track: EP 71 S3 #2 – Chapter Black)

As Koenma slowly pivoted his view, he sighted the bubble transport descending near them. As the bubble thinned out and popped, the Spirit and Neo-Spirit Detective raced out over to reconvene with Koenma, Botan, and Jorge. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei looked in shock at the sight of the newly reimaged Spirit Realm. Yui, DarkGabumon, Cammy, Aoshi, and Shingo shared the same sentiment as Yusuke and the others.

"What the hell happened to Spirit World?! This place is a mess!" Yusuke exclaimed in shock.

"I can still feel Kohana's presence in there," Yui muttered. "But, Arago's completely taken her over."

"This is wrong! There has to be something we can do!" Shingo shouted.

Mukuro, Yomi, and Enki faced the Spirit World gates as they probed the powerful demonic energies flooding the sanctuary.

"We go in there and Arago will be ready to take us apart," Enki scowled.

"That's kept us from engaging Raizen?" Mukuro added. "Powerful as Arago is, he requires that girl's body to contain his soul."

"Indeed, but the longer he stays in that body Arago will grow much stronger. Even our forces combined won't be able to penetrate through his defenses," Yomi assessed the situation.

"Entering Spirit World is suicide now that Arago has gained control over Spirit World," Koenma finally addressed everyone. "He has full access to Spirit World's defenses and can monitor our advancements from far away as living world. If that's not bad enough, he'll likely free all the prisoners we've contained and send them to begin the cultivation of humans."

Yusuke quickly interjected. "We've stopped crazed lunatics with those same intentions. Hell, we can do it again! Two of the Demon Priests are down for the count. Besides..." He pivoted his view to Yui, who noticed him giving him a moment's glance. "Yui's unlocked some hidden power during our fight with Arago. She showed signs of holding her own against that guy."

"Yui? Are you serious?" Koenma was taken aback by this startling news.

"Yui, dear, is this true?!" Botan demanded, hurrying over to feel a peculiar vibe from the Neo-Spirit Detective lead. "Koenma, Yusuke's right. It's subtle, but I am feeling some new source of spirit energy from Yui."

"Yui's become something called..." Kuwabara was abruptly cut off by Yasha, who answered for him.

"She's become a Tenyou," Yasha spoke up as she walked over to Koenma and looked down at him. "A prince of the Spirit World shouldn't be down on his knees. He should be standing with his colleagues in the face of insurmountable odds. We have a big battle ahead of us."

"Easy for you to say now... with my father dead, Spirit World has been taken by Arago."

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked by the revelation regarding the status of Spirit World's former king. Members from the Spirit and Neo-Spirit Detective groups were stunned silent while trying to figure out what to do next. Botan and Jorge noticed Rio laying dead next to his brother Kyo. Selipa folded her arms over Kyo while protecting him from Koenma's subordinates.

"Oh no!" Botan gasped, covering her mouth while tearing up. "Rio? He's dead?!"

"All three Kuroshishi souls are within Arago now along with the demon stones," Kurama stated. "Those are what will help accumulate power for him and stabilize his current form. If we engage Arago, it's imperative we extract the Kuroshishi souls and free Kohana from Arago's firm grip."

Aoshi added. "Yui, the only way we can make that happen is if you unleash the Tenyou power." He approached Yui, who was entirely doubtful whether that power would surface ever again.

"We believe you can pull it off again, Yui! You just need to believe you can do it!" DarkGabumon did his best to encourage her.

"They're right. You need to invoke that Tenyou's power to save Kohana," Cammy insisted.

Nodding, Yui looked down over herself and concentrated hard trying to locate the Tenyou source sealed within her. No matter how much she wanted to, she couldn't bring it out. The only possible way was to engage Arago and in the midst of battle instinctively unleash the Tenyou's power.

(End theme)

"Kurama," Maya whispered, leaning over and holding Kurama's hand. "I think we should all relocate back home."

"I concur. We don't have a battle strategy and launching a blind attack on Arago now would be the foolhardy approach. Besides, a few of us have families to see to. Namely you Yusuke and Hiei."

As Kurama reminded them, Yusuke and Hiei remained silent on the matter knowing their families were another top priority.

"I know Minako's going to be heartbroken when we tell her..." Maya stopped herself quickly when looking over Rio's body.

"Feh, a part of me doesn't want to go! Look, Long is still alive and he's not gonna waste time advancing their plans!" Yusuke adamantly declared. He shot a intense glare toward Spirit Realm's gates and punched a fist into his palm. "You can't imagine how much I wanna get my hands on that smarmy bastard." He then calmed down and took a deep breath. "But, you're right. Keiko, RJ, and future RJ are all waiting back home."

Picking himself off the ground, Koenma dusted himself and motioned to everyone. "Notwithstanding all that's happened and with my father gone, retreat is the best option. We'll plan and after some rest we'll return to reclaim Spirit World. At this time, I'm not detecting any activity from Arago and Long now. They're likely bidding time."

"Then, let's all return to your world, Yusuke," Yasha addressed him and his colleagues. She picked Nadeshiko up and carried her.

"Say, we didn't get your name," Botan interjected.

"We'll save introductions for later. For now, might I suggest we go back to living world," Kurama suggested.

With that, everyone turned and faced Spirit Realm for the last time. Then, Cammy forged another bubble transport to carry the Spirit, Neo-Spirit, and the others off back to the human world. Although the mission ended with disastrous results and King Enma met his end, the parties weren't deterred and became more than determined to rebound from these major setbacks.

At least for the time being, the group can reconvene with their friends and families worried for them. This would give them enough time to concoct a plan to counterstrike Arago and Long's forces.

All the while, Yui had to revive her Tenyou power before she and the others confront Arago again.


Earth/Shibuya District/Inuki Dojo & Residence/3:30 AM

After actively fighting off and thwarting the Neo-Rajita incursion, the group led by Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Moon relocated in Okami's residence to take refuge. This amassed group consisted of Usagi, Mamoru, Setsuna, Chibi-Usa, RJ, Rei, Koori, Ryuuhi, Sam, Karin, Dimitri & Faith, Nagah, Lien, and TobuCatmon. Not long after them, the other groups arrived.

Soon after wards, Minako, Makoto, Taylor, Christina, Tyra, Helena, Ai, Demona, the Mooncats, Taylor's dogs, DemiDevimon, Mako, the Chimera four, Yuuichirou, Morpheous, and Wolk. Adam quickly joined them as he brought along Saya, the infant Adam, and Tsukimaru.

After them, Ami arrived to bring along Jami, Amaya, Daiki, Max, the Quartet, and Helbot.

Then, while using Puu as a transport, Keiko, Yukina, Shizuru, and Genkai came by to bring the infant RJ, Chibi-Usa, Koori, and Ryuuhi to their respective parents.

Last but not least, Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, Miho, and Vivian came back to report that the Digi-Zombies they relocated suddenly vanished, which obviously can be linked to Necromon's demise.

"Thank goodness you'd allow us to take refuge here, Okami-san," Usagi said, sitting next to Mamoru and Chibi-Usa. "I'm sorry for us filling up your dojo."

Okami waved her off. "It's ok, Mrs. Tsukino. In the midst of this invasion, I made sure to hide my wife Suzuno and our precious daughter Hina in the bunker. Me and my Lycan brethren did our part guarding our territories from those Rajita scum." He veered over to Nagah and Lien's directions. "And speaking of Rajita..."

Rei added. "They're with us, Okami-san. It'll be ok as long as they're under our supervision."

"I can believe you," the older man sighed, taking Suzuno's hand.

As Suzuno set Hina down, the child gingerly walked over to greet the infant Chibi-Usa, RJ, Koori, Ryuuhi, and Adam. Some within the groups, especially the girls, were won over by their innocent and playful interactions.

"Okami, Suzuno, we're in the midst of a war with the Neo-Rajita, who are also affiliated with a secret organization named Paradais," Setsuna confirmed to the couple as they listened to the sagely woman's warning. "The Neo-Rajita leader remains in charge of his network, but he has received orders and powers from Paradais to help enhance his army. During my time as prisoner, I learned many secrets behind Paradais, including the identity of the masterminds. The two heads of Paradais are the Prophet and Sailor Charon."

"You mean to tell me a Sailor Senshi is behind this dark organization?!"

"Indeed, Okami. And Sailor Charon's human identity... if you follow the media, she is the secretary, Sharon rivers, of Jeremiah Grand, the CEO of the Paradais Corporation. Sharon... no, Sailor Charon, is my sister from ages past."

"She's your sister?" Suzuno gasped.

"I'm still finding that hard to believe," Minako spoke out. "You could've told us that from the very beginning. What other secrets are you hiding from us, Setsuna?"

"I didn't tell you, because I had thought she perished during the Sailor Wars," the Time Guardian half-lied whilst withholding Charon's Chaos identity from the others' knowledge. "My assumptions were wrong. She's returned and has forged an alliance with this Prophet."

"So, how is this Jeremiah guy linked to all this?" Makoto inquired whilst sitting next to Mako and Future Umi.

"Simple," Chibi-Usa drew her own conclusion. "I bet he's the Prophet. Right?" She turned to Setsuna and asked her directly.

Setsuna nodded. "Yes, it's safe to say he is. Though, I've never seen Jeremiah himself appear in the Paradais dimension. It's always the Prophet making his presence."

"And we know exactly the kind witch Charon is. After all, me, my Kuiper team, and the Neo Senshi tried fighting her already," Karin asserted to the discussion. "I'll never forgive her for making us drop our guards and disguising herself as Miss Setsuna with amnesia."

"It wasn't until I discovered something fishy when I saw Helena acting strangely," Tyra brought up Helena's body double. "That bitch went to no lengths covering her tracks and had Helena taken away only to have a cyborg body double take her place. Plus, I caught 'Setsuna' on the act while she undid her disguise and revealed her true self to me."

Karin noticed Dimitri clenching his fists tight as Charon put her through much hardship. She'll never forget how Charon planned several steps ahead by taking Dimitri captive in his dimension and brainwashing him to serve her. As perceptive as she was, the Kuiper leader didn't have the foggiest clue Dimitri was under Charon's control during the rescue mission to retrieve Pluto and Quaoar.

"She made us fight each other, Karin. I'll never forgive myself for raising my sword to you."

Karin calmly stroked his hands gently to calm him down. "It's ok, sweetie. It's not your fault. It was all Charon's doing. She put all of us through so much unwanted grief. We'll get her, Dimitri, for what she's done." She reached over petting Faith the Patamon's head.

"Ugh, I'm getting sick of Charon! She needs a good ol' fashioned Texas butt-whooping courtesy of me!" Taylor stood up screaming out loud. As everyone turned to look up to her, she blushed and sat down embarrassed for making a scene. "Sorry, y'all."

"Hey, you pretty much voiced how we all feel about her," Ai said.

"You got that right!" Christina exclaimed as her eyes burned passionately. "I'd like to put my boot in that witch's face!"

"Make sure and leave me some," Amaya said, popping her knuckles.

"Don't worry, we'll all get our chance if she does show up," Haruka said. "Though, we haven't seen her yet."

"Yeah, but after hearing all the suffering she put the kids through, I'd like nothing more than take her ass down," Rei growled.

Keiko suddenly interjected. "I don't mean to butt in, but do we have any word on Yusuke and the others? I'm worried. Ever since Yui and her team left to join them, the kids have been getting distressed. RJ, especially, has been shaking up a lot. He and his father are so closely connected that whenever I see RJ distressed... it makes me think something's happened to Yusuke."

"I'm afraid we've gotten no word yet," Okami nodded sadly until he and Tsukimaru shifted their gaze outside. "Looks like the dojo's gonna be almost past full capacity."

Just then, the Senshi and company turned around to see the Spirit & Neo-Spirit Detectives, Chuu & co., Yasha, and the others drop in after Cammy's bubble transport popped again. The Makai demons were sent back to Makai to gather their forces for the war with Arago.

Keiko instinctively came rushing out to embrace Yusuke first. Future RJ joined in to reunite with his dad and see his mother in tears.

Usagi noticed Shingo amongst the Neo-Spirit Detectives and called to him. Shingo turned around having unmasked himself from his Moonlight Knight mask. Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa gathered around Shingo as he explained his situation.

Mamoru curiously checked Shingo's Moonlight Knight garb. "How did this happen?"

"Well, when we were attacked by an enemy trying to take Kohana, I wanted to help and found your umbrella stand, Mamoru," Shingo tried his best recollecting what he had happened prior his transformation. "I grabbed what I thought was an umbrella, but it turns out I pulled out a scimitar and then this white light swallowed me up. The next thing I knew I was dressed up like this. I became the Moonlight Knight. Then, I went to the Meikai to help Yui and the others to try to save Kohana. But, we failed."

"You look handsome in the get-up, Shingo," Chibi-Usa complimented her uncle's garb.

"I can't believe you'd put yourself in danger like that, Shingo!" Usagi scolded him hard in a manner their mother would. She had to stop to remind herself. She then pulled Shingo into a hug and cried happily on his shoulder. "I'm just glad you and the others are ok."

"I also did this to protect Cammy."

Usagi smiled when hearing this. "You love Cammy, don't ya?"

"We're just friends."

"That's what they all say, brother," the blonde giggled, pulling away from Shingo.

"You're doing exactly what a man should do for a girl he wishes to protect," Mamoru commended Shingo's courageous act.

"Thanks," he beamed, readily accepting Mamoru's compliments.

Hehehe, wait until Rei-chan hears about this! Usagi thought, shifting over to the see the Miko and her family reunion.

Rei, Future Koori, and Future Ryuuhi raced out to see Hiei and Cammy. As the twins hugged their aunt and demon father, Rei approached Hiei and winked to him. Cammy and Rei hugged as the sisters reunited after the longest time.

Kuwabara hurried over to reunite with Yukina and received a welcome back punch from his sister Shizuru.

Future Adam ran over to meet with Saya and Tsukimaru. He then introduced them to both Future Ai and Demona.

Yasha set Nadeshiko down and turned to Okami. The older Lycan's nose picked up on Yasha's distinct demon canine scent.

"You're the daughter of the Demon Priest Tsukiyomi," Okami openly addressed her.

Yasha nodded, bowing her head. "I come here in behalf of Yusuke Urameshi and his Detectives."

As soon as the Neo-Detectives came into view, Lien sighted them fast and dashed over to greet them again.

"It's so good to see you all again! You've made Lien happy!" Lien chirped. "Hey, Nagah-sensei, these are the humans friends Lien befriended!" She beckoned Nagah to meet them, but the female alien stayed in the dojo unsure how to approach them. "Oh, don't mind Nagah-sensei, she's a bit shy."

Nagah rolled her eyes immediately after hearing Lien mention her. Me? Shy? As if.

"They're not bad kids, Nagah," Morpheous whispered behind her. "Everyone here will rub off on you sooner than later."

"Easy for you to say..." Nagah paused and noticed Lien and TobuCatmon happily interacting with the Neo-Detectives. A small smirk formed on the woman's features. "Maybe they're not so bad."

When Lien asked for Kohana, the Neo-Detectives told her the bad news. Lien naturally was saddened and vowed to help them restore Kohana.

As Chuu and his crew lied Rio and Kyo down, Minako instinctively pushed through the crowd looking for her boyfriend. Once she saw Rio's body, Minako's heart immediately stopped a few beats as she cupped her mouth. She fell into a state of shock and slowly walked over taking Rio from Chuu.

"Rio... Rio...! C'mon, stop playing around you stupid jerk!" Minako shouted at Rio's face. She shook him hard and slapped him a few times.

It didn't take long for Future Ai to notice her mother's panicking and she ran over to console her mother. Minako cried her hardest as Ai leaned over to comfort her. Selipa saw the young woman mourn the loss of her lover and ran a hand over caressing Kyo's face. She set Kyo down and walked over to lend a hand to Minako.

"Who are you?" Ai demanded, shifting into a defensive mode.

Selipa waved the girl off. "I mean you no harm, child. Is this your mother?"

"Well... it's complicated... I'm her daughter from 1000 years in the future."

"That's not complicated at all," Selipa crouched over as she turned Minako around.

"But, if dad's gone, how am I still here?" Ai wondered, looking down at herself. "I should've like faded away or something."

Upon hearing this, Ami gasped. "If that's the case, then... Minako..." She and the other Senshi turned around looking at Minako's direction. "For Future Ai to still be here, then you..."

Artemis' ears twitched as he raced over and hopped into Minako's lap. He leaned his body against her gut.

Selipa sighed out loud. "This woman is pregnant."

As the announcement was made public, everyone of Minako's friends and associates were shocked to hear this. Minako sighed sadly while drying away her tears and looking at her gut. She saw Artemis' eyes tearing up with joy.

"Oh, my Senshi of Love is growing up so fast!" The white Mooncat cried delightfully. "I'm gonna be an uncle, aren't I?!"

"That does explain it all," Ai said, taking her mother's hands. "Oh, mom, I'm so proud of you! I'm gonna be born in this timeline after all!"

"Yeah, but at what cost? Rio's gone," the blonde muttered softly unable to overcome all of her grieving. "Yes, you'll be born, but without a father. You think I want my daughter to be called a bastard child?"

Selipa shook Minako's shoulders. "Snap out of it! There's a chance to bring your love back as well as mine! I know what you're going through." She turned Minako's attention to Kyo. "We both have loved ones we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Arago has taken them from us, but all is not lost. Their souls as well as Kohana's are sealed within Arago."

"So, there's a chance...?" Minako was slowly coming to her senses.

"That's right, but fighting Arago in his full-powered state won't be an easy task," Koenma announced to everyone present. "Not only does he possess Kohana's body, but he wields all three of the demon stones and the three Kuroshishi souls. In addition to these coupled with his own demon power, he's assumed control over Spirit Realm..." He briefly paused, reflecting back to the gruesome images of his father's execution. "He's even gone as far as killing my father, King Enma."

There was silent shock following Koenma's confirmation regarding his father's fate. Okami notably furrowed his brows as he was reminded of his bad blood history with King Enma; it was over a thousand years ago that Enma forced all Lycans to return to the Makai. Having lived on the Moon Kingdom, he was forced by Enma to leave Queen Serenity. Since then, Okami hasn't forgiven King Enma for severing Okami's ties with Queen Serenity.

"So, the bastard finally died..." Okami muttered coldly.

Suzuno turned to her husband. "Dear, please."

"Now he knows what it's like not having anyone coming to one's aid. He never lifted a finger to help my beloved Serenity."

"Okami, please... as son of King Enma, I truly apologize for the hardship my father put you and your Lycan clan through," the Spirit World prince knelt and bowed his head down. "But with my father gone, I'm a broken prince with a kingdom taken by an ancient Taiyoukai lord. If you can set aside your differences with my father... and the bad blood you might harbor for Spirit World..."

The older Lycan replied candidly. "Stand up, Prince Koenma. There's no need for you to grovel. You are the new king of Spirit World as far as I'm concerned."

"You mean..." Botan tried to speak only to stop as she watched Okami lean over to offer a hand to Koenma.

"Not once have I ever held any grudges with the prince," Okami said, offering his helping hand to Koenma. "Any bad blood dispute is only exclusive with me and your late-father. Besides, that was the past. We have a more crucial matter now that must be resolved soon. We can't allow there to be an imbalance between the three worlds."

"Okami..." Koenma nodded in kind and grabbed Okami's hand. "Thank you."

"Koenma, it appears we have more than one crisis to avert," Setsuna openly addressed him. "On top of the crisis in Spirit World, we have the Neo-Rajita and Paradais organizations to intercept."

"Yeah, it's gotten that bad. I've honestly been having a hard time keeping track of all the evil activity in living world," Koenma replied. "But, at least we have everyone ready and able to fight the good fight."

"Hey, is it just me or am I seeing weird looking crystals forming around parts of the city?" Helena pointed out to the strange crystallized formations around parts of the city.

Kurama leaned close to rip out a crystal shard and examined it closely. "Just emptiness. I'm sensing no energy from these crystals."

"That's bizarre. You'd think these crystals could produce some energy for us to feel," Maya said, scooping up a handful of the crystal shards.

"They've started forming the moment the Neo-Rajita retreated with their leader," Okami promptly stated. "They've been spreading all over the place. It wasn't long ago they were giving off dark power, but that power just vanished. Now they're just normal crystals."

"Paradais is very likely behind this," Setsuna assessed her own conclusion.

"So, basically this is their way of marking their territory," Usagi remarked. "Least they're not peeing.

Mamoru chortled lightly by his wife's attempt at humor. "Yeah, right? That's a good thing if you ask me."

"Man, most of everyone's been reunited with their moms and dads," Daiki observed the other Neo Senshi. "I wonder if dad's ok. Are we gonna see him anytime soon?"

Amaya glanced over to Ami. "Yeah, where is dad? Is he off somewhere?"

"He's with the Legendary Warriors right now. I don't know when he'll be back, but you two will see him again," Ami reassured the twins as both smiled. "No matter what it takes, Amaya and Daiki. Besides, when I told him about you two, he was on his way to see you two, but... well, duty called and his friends needed him."

"No, we understand," the twins replied as both realized their father's crucial role being a Legendary Warrior.

Outside their potty mouths, I'm glad to know me and Vega have raised ourselves bright minds. The blue-haired woman thought knowing she'll turn out to be a good parent in the future. She looked over to Minako, who helped Chuu carry Rio into Okami's dojo.

"Please, take care of my dad's body," Ai said, bowing politely to the Inuki couple.

"And I hope the kids won't be too much of a handful for you when we leave," Minako said. "We'll leave Keiko, Shizuru, and Yukina here to help you care of the kids.

"None at all, but please all of you be careful," Suzuno said.

"Some rest will do you all good now that there's no enemy activity," Okami advised everyone.

"Here that, Yusuke?" Genkai lightly elbowed Yusuke's side. "After the series of fighting you and the team have been through, you've earned some time to rest and prepare for the next battle."

"Yeah, next time we're gonna need our all to stop Arago and Long," the ex-Spirit Detective said, glancing over toward Yui. "On top of that, Yui's gonna need to bring out that Tenyou side again. 'Cause let me tell ya, it was a kick-ass moment I'll never forget."

"Don't tell me Yui's learned to become demon like you?" Keiko was flabbergasted whilst not knowing the full details.

"Nah, nothing like that at all!"

"A Tenyou is an opposite of a Mazoku," Genkai asserted. "I should've known having assessed Yui's spiritual power. Her powers operate on a far different spectrum. Her nature is more linked to purely spiritual and non-demonic energies. However, only females can invoke their Tenyou nature. If she was able to unleash this power, she may be the key to subdue Arago."

"I hope you're right, granny," Yusuke said, watching Yui conversing with her friends. "We'll need that Tenyou side of her to come out when we need it. If not, I'll have to resort to my good ol' pure demon power."

(Cue Hans Zimmer – Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End OST – What Shall We Die For?)

"Ok, guys, listen up," Usagi immediately garnered everyone's attention. "Right now we need to rest our bodies to prepare for the coming battle. No doubt it will be our biggest yet. Spending time with our families and friends now will do us good. In fact, it'll give us the resolve we need for the coming final battles. And this will be your biggest battle to date, kids." She eyed the Neo Senshi.

The Neo Senshi assembled together as listening to Usagi reminded them of their Neo-Queen Serenity from their future. The male members of the Neo Senshi group and the Quartet joined in with the Senshi's respective daughters. Sam and Max approached next to Koori and Amaya respectively.

"We're definitely behind you, guys," Sam reassured them.

Max nodded. "Bro's right. We're in this thing together until the very end."

"Thank you," Koori and Amaya both took the boys' words to heart.

Rei, Ami, Minako, and Makoto stood alongside Usagi facing their children directly.

"Ai," muttered Minako.

"Koori, Ryuuhi," Rei addressed the twins.

"Amaya, Daiki," Ami added.

"Umi," Makoto stated.

The Inners spoke out simultaneously, rallying their children. "Make us proud and fight your hardest. Show us that you're our children!"

"All right, guys," Karin added, quickly turning to her Kuiper Senshi. "We have a big fight against the Neo-Rajita. Let's give Gamera and his army hell!" She pumped her right fist in the air while her teammates nodded together and raised their clenched fists into the air.

Dimitri observed his girlfriend displaying her leadership role. He chuckled to himself. "I like how you rally the troops, Karin."

Miho and Vivian joined in as well.

"You two are going to need an upgrade so you can become Dai-Valkyries," Karin addressed Miho and Vivian. "I can talk to Usagi and maybe get Aoshi to use his Moon Heart Crystal."

"Thanks very much," Miho approved.

Vivian grinned enthusiastically. "You mean get those upgraded armors like you guys? I'm in!"

Luna whispered close to Usagi. "Well done lifting everyone's spirits, Usagi-chan."

"Yeah, I just hope it's enough," she nodded.

"Worked like a charm!" Minako winked to her. "If Rio were here, he'd..." She had to stop as she could only think about putting her faith in the Spirit Detectives. "...well, he'd be behind you all the way!"

"I've never been more ready for anything in my life!" Makoto said exuberantly.

Rei stressed with renewed confidence. "It's no surprise you become queen in the future. Leading by example and we need it to save our future."

Usagi saw Setsuna walking near her. "And we'll be ready for Paradais. They're not going to bring us down just when we're riding high with momentum."

"I know. Let's maintain the balance of the worlds and our timeline," Setsuna said with undying faith and loyalty. Whether it's the Neo-Rajita, Arago, or Paradais, there's nothing that's going to hold us back!

(End theme)

Stressed from all the action, the Sailor Senshi, the Kuiper Senshi, the Spirit Detectives, and their entourage utilized this time to rest. By next evening, the likely final battles against the Neo-Rajita and Arago awaited them coupled with Paradais still fresh on their minds.

Needless to say, there was no turning back for the heroes. It was all or nothing in the war with the chaos.


Central Digital Realm/Huanglongmon's Castle/4:10 AM

Harbingermon's presence was a surprise to nearly everyone present. However, Granasmon and Huanglongmon acknowledged him with much familiarity. In fact, Ryo, Cyberdramon, Masaru, Agumon (M), Omegamon, and Imperialdramon acknowledged him, too, having met him before.

"Wait, you know this guy, Granasmon?" Takato looked at Harbingermon in confusion.

Guilmon walked up to Harbingermon and sniffed him. "He smells funny, Takato."

Harbingermon coughed. "Excuse me, but I'm here on my own accord as Ancientmon's messenger."

"Ok, first off, tell us who you are and who is this Ancientmon," Rika demanded from the stranger.

Ryo beckoned Rika and the others hostility. "It's ok, Rika. Everyone calm down. Harbingermon means us no harm."

"After all the crap we just went through back there, can you blame us for being on edge?" Takuya rebuked.

"Guys, enough. Let's give Harbingermon some room so he can explain things," Tai attempted to be the voice of reason amongst his peers. "Omegamon, now you apparently know this guy?"

"Indeed, Imperialdramon and myself engaged Harbingermon initially believing he was an enemy. That was thousands of digicycles ago," Omegamon replied. "Our ignorance of Harbingermon cost us big time and we were reduced to Digieggs. And we were then subsequently sent to the Digital World where we met you and your friends, Tai."

Matt was taken aback by this. "You're kidding. This guy was able to beat you and Imperialdramon?!"

Davis gaped. "Dude, why didn't you help us if you had that kind of strength?!" He demanded an answer from Harbingermon, who said nothing in response.

(Cue Dragon Quest VIII OST - Remembrances)

"By Ancientmon's will, I was told not to intervene and I had hope you'd prevent Valmarmon's return. Alas, that was not to be, but that's not entirely your fault," Harbingermon said, floating over next to Huanglongmon and Granasmon. He sat whilst still floating in mid-air.

Yoshino whispered to Masaru. "So, how do you know this guy?"

"It just so happened when me and Agumon were on one of our journeys in our Digital World. Then one day, we saw Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Justimon clashing with this guy. Those three were having some trouble; me and Agumon just couldn't just sit back and miss out on the action so we jumped in to stop Harbingermon. Then, shenanigans broke out!"

Agumon (M) quickly asserted. "And boy was Harbingermon as tough guy! It took the three of us to finally break his guard!"

Lalamon sighed. "You two just couldn't resist the urge to join in a fight."

Masaru boasted. "Are you kidding? We'd never back down whenever a fight breaks out!"

"That's so like you. You've never changed," sardonically remarked Thomas.

"Fortunately, it stopped before things got too out of hand," Ryo spoke up. "Harbingermon wanted to test us whether you were ready for the task ahead for you. Correct, Harbingermon? Was that not your intention."

Ancientmon's messenger aptly replied. "Oraclemon's message was clear from the start: the one who was divided will be reunited and those who do not join together will be torn apart." He scanned the five Chosen groups assembly and saw despite major setbacks they were still together. "Fortunately, you all are together and that will be the instrument to Valmarmon's downfall."

"We still have a chance to make up for letting Valmarmon get revived?" Takato inquired.

"Only if you all are still able to join and fight together. Valmarmon is only an obstacle to overcome. By the will of Ancientmon, it's time for you to know the true dark forces working behind the scenes," Harbingermon vaguely stated.

"Dark forces working behind the scenes?! Who the hell else is involved?!" Himura exclaimed.

"Calm down, Himura. Permit Harbingermon to tell us." Huanglongmon abruptly cut off Himura from making a bad impression for his team. "Please go ahead, Harbingermon."

"This dark force is the one responsible for laying waste to the Paradise sanctuary and leaving it in ruins. And as a result, Madoudramon and his cohorts seized this opportunity to unite the seven pieces. The dark force partially responsible for Valmarmon's return is a secret organization working its mechanics behind the scenes. The true enemy behind this series of chaos is Paradais run by an anomalous force that Lord Ancientmon has known since the beginning of digital time. Long before any of you or your ancestors were born, Ancientmon and this anomalous force coexisted on opposing sides. They are very much similar to Granasmon and Valmarmon in some respects. He's the counter force to this anomalous entity."

"So, who is this anomalous force?" asked Tai.

"Ryo Akiyama, I believe you're familiar with this entity," Harbingermon turned to the Tamer.

Nodding, Ryo responded. "Then, it is him."

"The nature of his power has created a dimension befitting two dark forces who have been intricately setting up for the Dawn of Chaos. He has given life to an entity called the Prophet. His partner in crime is an entity long thought to be purified by Sailor Moon. This force, Chaos, has taken physical form and become Sailor Charon. Charon is the one who attacked and destroyed the Paradise realm. Moreover, Paradais has directly meddled with the affairs of your other allies: the Sailor Senshi and the Duelists."

"Damn it. Then, it was her and she along with this Prophet are behind setting us all up for their sick and twisted game?!" Takuya snapped, clenching his fists tightly. "Man, wait until I get my hands on them!"

"Easier said than done if we don't know where to look for them," Dimitro interjected.

"If this dark force's already meddled directly with us and our friends, then why doesn't Ancientmon do something?!" Masaru raised his voice.

"Yeah, we just our butts kicked out there by the big guy!" Terriermon shot his mouth at Harbingermon as the messenger unleashed a subtle aura wave across the room, which silenced and subdued everyone attempting to show hostility.

What this is force I'm feeling? It's calming my anger... Masaru thought as he and Agumon (M) felt their bodies relax upon being hit with Harbingermon's aura.

Takato felt a tingle down his back. "I'm calm... whoa, that was weird."

"Relax, my friends. I understand the frustration you've been going through following Valmarmon's revival. But, it's not too late to stop the Demon God. By staying united, you will overcome him and his subordinates," the messenger reassured them all. "While the dark force has been meddling with affairs directly, Ancientmon operates much differently as he only works through me and Oraclemon."

"Come again?" Davis asked.

"Harbingermon is only here because Ancientmon wills him so. Whatever action he takes is through Harbingermon and Oraclemon," Ken explained for his befuddled colleague.

"Um, right, I knew that."

Yolei mumbled. "Sure you did, doofus."

"I heard that, Yolei!"

Kari coughed. "Enough you two."

"By the will of Ancientmon, he has given me permission to join in your fight against Valmarmon," Harbingermon proclaimed. "And when the time comes, we will fight Paradais."

"Awesome, with your power, I'm liking our chances!" Masaru exclaimed.

"If Ancientmon is ok with it, I'm good, too," Takato said.

Guilmon concurred. "Yeah, same here!"

"Harbingermon will be a great asset for us, guys. You have no idea strong he is and I'm sure he'll make a difference maker when we engage Valmarmon again," Ryo stated as Cyberdramon nodded.

"How can we be sure even with Harbingermon we stand any chance? This is Valmarmon we're talking here guys!" Kazu spoke out, noticeably stammering. "He creamed us last time."

"Have you forgotten, Kazu? We were worn out from all that fighting against the other bad guys," Phillipe reminded them. "We're all tired and stressed from those endless hours of fighting."

"He's right, guys. Once we're rested, we'll be ready for whatever Valmarmon, Madoudramon, and company throws at us," Himura stated.

"Indeed, what Himura illustrated was valid. As we speak, Valmarmon has gathered Madoudramon and the remaining dark Digimon to plan their next move. They are currently occupying Valmarmon's palace ruins that's been sealed away from the four Digital Realms," Granasmon openly addressed their issues regarding the Demon God's whereabouts. "Valmarmon is in no hurry to launch an attack on your world or any world as he plans to use the extra time to grant Madoudramon and his followers more powers. Additionally, Valmarmon no doubt will be augmenting his own power. He knows against all of you he will require a more powerful form to fight you with."

"So, Valmarmon isn't without limits, huh?" Takato said. "Good, then we know he isn't omnipotent."

"But, be warned, all of you together must stay united or risk losing it all. Valmarmon will go to no length in acquiring the dark powers necessary to turn the tide of the battle in his favor. Chosen, do we come to an understanding?"

"Loud and clear!" Takato shouted. Behind him, Guilmon, Rika & Renamon, Henry & Terriermon, Himura & Inumon, Ryo & Cyberdramon, Phillipe & Jaguarmon, Jeri & Felinismon, Kazu & Guardromon, Kenta & MarineAngemon, Kotori & Seadramon, and Suzie & Lopmon nodded altogether.

"Once we get rest, we'll be in top shape and ready for Valmarmon's crew!" Takuya exclaimed. Behind him, Kouji, Kouichi, Izumi, Junpei, Tomoki, Dimitro, Jaarin, Vega, and Sam yelled together in conjunction.

"Valmarmon's in for a real fight now!" Tai and Matt shouted together. Behind them, Omegamon, Sora & Biyomon, Izzy & Tentomon, Mimi & Palmon, and Joe & Gomamon nodded together.

"Next time, we won't be defeated!" Davis and Ken declared. Imperialdramon, TK & Seraphimon, Kari & Ophanimon, Yolei & Hawkmon, Cody & Armadillomon, and Willis, Terriermon, and Cherubimon subsequently nodded behind them.

"Next time, it's fighting time!" declared Masaru and Agumon. Behind them, Thomas & Gaomon, Yoshino & Lalamon, Ikuto & Falcomon, Chika & Biyomon, Kouki, Ivan, and Nanami shouted and pumped their fists up in unison.

Harbingermon was nonetheless relieved that the group's unity, though tested, has managed to persevere through these stressful days. He eyed each group's leaders and noted the attributes that have helped define their characters. By fighting alongside them, he'd evaluate how well their unity will work out in the inevitable clash with Valmarmon and Paradais.

Just then, Huanglongmon pivoted over to several sealed doors. Behind each door were the former zombified slaves of Necromon. Granasmon utilized his divine powers to purify the zombie slaves and restored their once corrupted data to normal. As each chamber opened, Leomon, Wizardmon, Pharaohmon, and the other slaves walked out surveying the holy sanctuary.

(End theme)

"Where are we?" Wizardmon wondered, scanning the room.

Leomon looked around. "Your guess is as good as mine."

Jeri and Ophanimon were the first to catch Leomon and Wizardmon walking out of the chambers. Jeri instinctively dashed by her friends as Felinismon went after her. Ophanimon de-evolved to Gatomon and hurried over to reunite with Wizardmon.

"Leomon!" Jeri cried out, throwing her arms around Leomon's waist, surprising the feline warrior.

Leomon was shocked but nonetheless happy to be reunited with his elated Tamer. "Jeri, it really is you."

"I never forgot about you, Leomon."

"And neither have I, Jeri. To have persevered this long without me, you have a true lion's heart," Leomon hugged her. He noticed Felinismon walking over genuinely smiling. "And I'd like to thank you for being with her."

"It's an honor to finally meet you, Leomon. I'm Felinismon."

"The pleasure is mine," Leomon said, taking Felinismon's hand and kissing it. "You've proven to be a formidable Digimon by your respect."

Felinismon blushed a little and smirked a cat's grin. "Oh, thank you."

Jeri spoke up. "Does this mean you'll fight with us, Leomon?"

"If you and Felinismon will allow me."

"Of course!" Jeri and Felinismon yelped together.

The other Tamers were pleased to see Jeri more elated than before. Himura beckoned Kotori over to meet with Jeri, who just noticed them coming by. Jeri's genuine smile hadn't left her as she greeted Kotori.

"Kotori, it's good to see you again," Jeri addressed her, extending her hand to the Valkyrie known as Brunhilde. She noticed Kotori giving her a perplexed look.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but did I possess your body when I was a ghost?"

"Well, I believe so."

"You did after me and Inumon took Jeri, Kouji, and Kouichi to see your grave after the Shadow Tournament," Himura reminded Kotori. "You briefly used her body to say your goodbye before leaving to Spirit World."

"Ah, I remember now!" Kotori sweatdropped as she quickly shook Jeri's hand. "Has Himura been a good boy?"

Jeri chuckled modestly, turning her body and looking at Himura.

"I take that as a yes," Kotori said, giving Himura a devious smirk.

Himura sighed watching his current love interest meeting his old love interest.

Phillipe chortled. "Himura will be on his best behavior now that Kotori's back! Right, Himura?" He noticed his friend staring blankly at Jeri and Kotori bonding. "Himura?"

"Oh, man, it's Pharaohmon!" Takato pointed to the now purified true Pharaohmon.

"It's ok, Takato. This is who Pharaohmon used to be before he was corrupted by evil," Ryo reassured Takato and the others.

Just then, Anubimon finally appeared and walked up to Pharaohmon. The latter was baffled to see Anubimon and shook his head.

"Listen, Pharaohmon. I'm not here to condemn you for your past actions. The evil side of you has long since been removed after the Shadow Tournament when Gallantmon Shining Mode destroyed the demon's body."

"Still, I have so much blood spilled on my hands because of my evil side."

"I'm ready to put the past behind us. We're all going into war with Valmarmon, who's been revived. Do you wish not to fight against the same Demon God that turned us against one another?"

Pharaohmon veered away, unable to look Anubimon in the face. Anubimon tried to reason with him, but Egyptian Digimon fully turned his back on him. As Omegamon and Imperialdramon tried to intervene, Anubimon beckoned them off and watched Pharaohmon walking off.

"It's ok, my friends. I'll try reasoning with him, but it's important you all get rest before the hopefully final battle with Valmarmon."

Elsewhere, Junpei collected Norn and Ryudamon; the latter two were being taken care of by Canewomon. When Madoudramon was mentioned, Canewomon's interest piqued. She made it her mission to somehow confront Madoudramon and find out his connection to MahouGarurumon. Apollomon, Dianamon, Marsmon, Mervamon, Jupitermon, Plutomon, Neptunmon, and Vulcanusmon finally came out to see the Chosen.

"We're all clear on this? We're in this battle to the very end," Takato publicly addressed everyone, including his Tamer friends. "No matter what we've got a daunting task ahead of us."

"After some rest, we'll get our families blessings to give us the strength for this big fight!" Takuya declared with a tone exuding confidence. "Valmarmon and his armies won't know what the hell hit them!"

"Before we teleport you all to your families and loved ones back home, allow me to allocate some of my powers to each of you." With that, Granasmon concentrated and forged a golden orb of light that shot several hundred tiny beams.

Each Chosen and Digimon partner (along with the non-partnered Digimon) were hit with these beams. As the beams entered their bodies, the divine energies settled into them and slowly energized them.

"The energy I've given you all will help for the coming battles. I trust you will all use them wisely. And let me remind you, to win this battle, unity is the key. Harbingermon... no, Ancientmon, I'm sure you can concur."

Harbingermon, on behalf of Ancientmon, nodded in agreement.

"Lord Granasmon, if you may, send me and Imperialdramon to the Digital World. I wish to see to my wife Athenamon, her people, and my Royal Knights," Omegamon suggested.

Imperialdramon interceded. "Please send me to my Dra-Warrior headquarters."

"If you're going, we'll join you," Tai insisted.

Granasmon complied with their requests. "Very well. But, you'll be relieved to know no harm has come to Athenamon. Though all three kingdoms were briefly captured by the alien invaders until the Sailor Senshi helped the Amazons, Dra-Warriors, and the remaining Royal Knights reclaim their pillars. Still, I will comply with your wishes."

"Thank you," Omegamon and Imperialdramon bowed.

"Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken, you guys are going stay behind?" Takato asked.

Matt nodded. "Yeah, don't the rest of you have families you need to check up on?"

"Don't worry about us, guys!" Davis gave the others a thumbs up. "We'll meet up again for the final fight!"

"Well, I guess this means we'll be hanging with you guys until then," Masaru said.

"Hmm, how are we gonna accommodate space for the rest of y'all?" Inumon wondered. "Yui and DarkGabumon are likely waiting for us back home."

"Here's a thought," Jaarin suggested. "Izzy, Tentomon, Joe, Gomamon, Cody, Armadillomon, Ikuto, and Falcomon can hang with Henry at my family's place."

Henry nodded. "My family shouldn't mind. I just hope they're ok and still home."

"You and me both, Henry," she said.

"I'll take Sora, Biyomon, Mimi, Palmon, Kari, Gatomon, Yolei, Hawkmon, Yoshino, Lalamon, and Nanami to my place then," Jeri added. "Oh, maybe we can use Rika's place since she has more space?"

Rika replied. "Sure, why not?"

"Willis & his partners can hang with me at my place," Junpei offered. "If that's ok with you, Norn. You'll be coming with me."

Norn gasped. "You're willing to invite me to stay with you?"

"Do you have anywhere else to go?"

"Well no."

Ryudamon consoled her. "I'm fine as long as he's got food and a comfy bed we can crash on."

Norn willingly complied. "Ok then, if you're ok with it, I'll come!" She wrapped her arms around Junpei's arm and attached herself to him.

"You're ok with staying in a one bedroom apartment?" Junpei asked Willis. "I mean, I have a sleeping bag you and your pals can use."

Willis accepted. "Sure, no problem." As he said this, Cherubimon shrank down to Lopmon (W) and hopped into his partner's waiting arms.

"I can take in TK, Patamon, Thomas, and Gaomon," Himura volunteered.

As Seraphimon regressed to Patamon, TK picked up his partner and bowed. "Thanks, Himura."

"Thank you," Gaomon said.

Thomas added. "We accept your gratitude, Himura."

"Masaru, would you, Agumon, your sister, and her Biyomon like to stay at my place?" Takato asked. "Oh, wait... I don't think I'm gonna have room."

"It's all right," Phillipe spoke up. "They can come use my place to sleep."

"Thanks for the hospitality, Phillipe," Chika bowed to him.

"I hope he's got some eggs at his place," Agumon (M) said while drooling from his snout.

Masaru groaned. "Just make sure to ask first."

"We can cook some eggs for you first thing we wake up," Phillipe kindly offered.

Jaguarmon glared intently toward Agumon (M), slightly scaring him. "Just don't put your mitts on my eggs, lizard lips."

Agumon (M) gulped, slightly becoming on edge near Jaguarmon. It certainly doesn't help they'll be sharing the same space for a day.

"Guess that leaves Kouki and Ivan," Thomas pointed out.

"You two can come with me and Vega," Dimitro said.

"Actually, first thing back, I need to check on Ami and our two kids from the future I've been meaning to meet!" Vega chimed in. "Dimitro, just make sure and show them around our training place."

"Right then. You do that."

"Hey, what about me?" Kotori spoke out. "Well, me and Seadramon... I don't have a place anymore back I can call home."

Upon hearing this, Himura had nearly forgotten where he can locate Kotori and Seadramon. He had already given TK, Patamon, Thomas, and Gaomon a guest room for them to use. Suddenly, it seemed Kenta was ready to raise his hand until Jeri stepped in and made her claim.

"How about Kotori stays with us girls?" Jeri asked. "There's plenty of room in Rika's shrine, Kotori."

"Oh, but you don't really need to go through the trouble..."

"Please, I insist."

"Actually, I've got some catching up to do with Seadramon," Kotori replied, unclear of her place in world after eight years in the after life. "We'll just scour around Tokyo and see how much's changed since I've died."

Himura tried to reason with his old crush. "Kotori, please, you've been through a rough time lately."

"You're more than welcome to come to my place, cousin," Phillipe offered.

"I'll be fine, guys. Besides, I'm nowhere as exhausted as the rest of you. Get some rest. I'll be ok," she insisted and summoned Grani. She mounted her steed and turned to Seadramon. "Will you come with me?"

"Sure, wherever you want to go," Seadramon said. He saw Inumon approach him. "It's ok. Besides, Kotori's a Valkyrie Maiden and can certainly handle herself, but she asked me to accompany her."

"I know. Just asking you to be careful."

"Have you all decided where you wish to be relocated?" Huanglongmon asked as everyone nodded. "Very well. Granasmon, they're ready to go."

"Before I send you off, Norn Mikihara, come forth."

As she was called forward, Norn looked back to Junpei. He gave her an encouraging nod to go on. She complied and faced Granasmon.

"Though the conflict with Valmarmon hasn't been resolved, you have a choice. You may either take this opportunity to go back to your own world or go with the Chosen living in the Southern Realm's Earth. The choice is yours, Norn."

Norn glanced over her shoulder looking at Junpei, the Legendary Warriors, and the Tamers. Then, she sighted Ryudamon sitting next to Junpei.

She decided. "I have nothing to look forward to in my old world. I elect to go with Junpei and his friends in their world."

Junpei approved. "Good choice, Norn."

"Once we clear out the bad guys, first thing we're gonna do is take you out and have some fun!" Takuya exclaimed.

Izumi clapped her hands. "Don't feel shy about wanting to hang with us."

Norn smiled genuinely to them. "Thank you all so much."

"Ryo Akiyama and Cyberdramon, I ask you two to remain here. Likewise for Apollomon and his entourage," Granasmon instructed. Then, he opened his hand and forged a golden ball of light to relocate all the Chosen, except Ryo and Cyberdramon.

Ryo, Cyberdramon, Harbingermon, Anubimon, Pharaohmon, Witchmon, Wizardmon, Apollomon, Dianamon, Marsmon, Jupitermon, Plutomon, Vulcanusmon, Mervamon, Neptunmon, and Canewomon stayed behind.

The four Sovereigns, Azulongmon, Ebonwumon, Zhuqiaomon, and Baihumon, finally appeared after recuperating. They were assured by Granasmon the Tamers would be rested for the final battle. He also reminded them their Devas have gone with Suzie inside her DDM-G to help possibly fuse them. As for Lobo, Agumon X, and Gabumon X, they were placed in a containment room ready to testify their relations with the Neo-Rajita.

As Huanglongmon checked on Goddramon and Holydramon's healing chambers, Granasmon addressed the remaining few that stayed.

"What lies ahead for all of you is the most important battle your lifetime and certainly future generation. To ensure there is an adequately peaceful future for us, Valmarmon and his forces must be defeated. I ask you aid the Chosen with the best of your abilities. However, we certainly can't do it alone. You will help the Royal Knights, the Dra-Warriors, and the Amazons fight the good fight against Valmarmon's darkness."

"And we won't let you down. Not this time, Lord Granasmon!" Ryo openly vowing.

"Now, Ryo Akiyama, please step forward. For going through great lengths of summoning the Chosen Children from the other realms, I have a gift from Lord Huanglongmon. Behold, the power of Ouryu!" From his hand, a gold card materialized and he threw it to Ryo.

The Tamer instinctively caught the card. His eyes were immediately drawn to the gold card as a white light glossed over it revealing an image of a golden dragon and on the card 'Ouryu' was inscribed.

Cyberdramon poked his head over Ryo's shoulder, sensing an ancient power emanating from the card.

"Is this...?" Ryo became enthralled by the mystic-powered card.

"Ouryu is the leader and creator of the four Beast Cards, which Takato Matsuda, Rika Nonaka, Henry Wong, and Himura Tsubasa utilize. A powerful priestess named Morrigana forged cards derived from the ancient powers of four beasts and these beasts were created by a being known as Ouryu. By turning himself into a card, she used his mystic powers to produce the four Beast cards. When she died, she sealed the cards into another realm, which was Granasmon's realm. Ouryu has sought you to be his wielder, but he wanted to be further convinced you were worthy. I believe now Ouryu is ready to accept you to use his power, especially during such a dire crisis." Huanglongmon's features softened while gazing over Ryo and the golden card. "With Ouryu's power, he will grant you the ability to become a Beast Tamer much akin to Suzakato, Seirika, Henbu, and Himakko."

Ryo wore an enthusiastic grin, examining the card closely.

"Ryo, the choice is yours, but Ouryu wants an answer as soon as possible."

(Cue The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack – Fluke – Zion)

As Ryo placed the card on his forehead, he focused and attempted to forge a mental link with the ancient spirit. Within his own mindscape, Ryo found himself on an endless rocky terrain covered with a mysterious golden mist. He noticed a massive figure resembling Huanglongmon, but was twice as small as the golden Sovereign. The Tamer slowly walked through the mist and barely made out a golden serpentine dragon with red eyes gleaming.

Ryo's eyes shot open as gold mist came out from his nostrils.

"Ouryu's power is very much compatible with the nature of your abilities, Ryo. He controls the power of æther, or the void; the material that fills the vicinity of the universe above the Earth. Æther is power I control much attune with the voids of dimensions I oversee. As a dimension crosser yourself, you should be very familiar with this fifth element."

"Give me a little time to get acquainted with Ouryu. I will give you my answer soon," Ryo insisted as he slowly pressed the card to his head.

Harbingermon monitored Ryo close and nodded in approval. "So, another variable which Paradais has overseen is coming to fruition. Sedna unexpectedly receiving the Dragon Saber from the Chosen of XLR-8 is one variable that's set the path on a new course. Paradais' oversight of these new factors may very well cost them." After thinking aloud, he paused and witnessed a golden mist enveloping Ryo from head to toe. "The contract has been forged it seems."

Cyberdramon backed away while witnessing his partner covered in the golden cold mist. He sensed the link between the Tamer and the ancient being was being finalized.


Ryo's Mindscape

Ryo had his hand pressed on Ouryu's forehead as the majestic golden beast bathed him with golden light. Frozen stiff, Ryo felt the mystic energies being poured into his body.

Ouryu spoke in a deep and sage-like tone. "This is your last chance to back out if you wish, dimension traveler. Do you wish to acquire my power to aid the other four wielders of my brethren in the forthcoming battles?" His red eyes penetrated a deep gaze into Ryo's eyes as if reading his very thoughts. He patiently waited for an answer, which he got right away.

"I'm ready, Ouryu. Let's get this over with."

"I trust you will wield my powers well, Ryo Akiyama."

(End theme)


Southern Digital Realm/Amazon Kingdom/4:35 AM

(Cue Dragon Quest VIII OST – Nearing Our Destiny)

At a shocking turn of events, the Neo-Rajita invaders immediately withdrew by Gamera's orders from the Digital World. The remaining forces, which attacked the three Digital World pillars, withdrew to the wormhole connecting the Digital and Real Worlds.

Though they celebrated, many within the Dra-Warrior, Amazon, and Royal Knight organizations felt the victory was too hollow to celebrate considering the losses of their warriors. And most weren't satisfied with the sudden enemy's withdrawal after an arduous series of nonstop fighting.

Athenamon and Amazoness Swordswoman watched the gloomy mood settle in over the losses. Many of their slain sisters were starting to receive burial mounds where their bodies dissolved. Amazoness Queen stood by lowering her head shamefully for helping the Neo-Rajita lead an incursion and kill many of her sisters.

Sanzomon hovered near Athenamon. "The Dra-Warriors and remaining Royal Knights are heading this way, Queen Athenamon."

"Thank you," Athenamon solemnly nodded.

"Athenamon, we should let our sisters recover. They've fought enough," Swordswoman insisted. "The few of us like you, myself, Queen, Titaniamon, Sanzomon, Mermaimon, Demetermon, and a few others should go to the human's world to help the Sailor Senshi and their allies."

"She's right and Jaguarmon should no doubt be there," Sanzomon said.

Athenamon quietly observed Examon, Slayerdramon, and Wingdramon departing the kingdom. The trio advanced onward to the Dra-Warriors headquarters location. "Thank you enough, you three. See if the Dra-Warriors need help."

As a few minutes passed, Omegamon, Tai, and Matt materialized right near Athenamon. The Digi-Amazon raced over and embraced her husband. As the wedded couple were relieved to see each other again, Omegamon didn't waste time to bring the woeful news.

"Valmarmon has returned," Omegamon blatantly stated much to everyone's horror and dismay.

Athenamon gasped fearfully. "This can't be. You mean after all you and the others fought for..."

Tai interjected. "It's not too late. The other Chosen have returned to the real world to recover from their wounds, but we're preparing to bring the fight again fresh."

Matt asserted. "Now, if we can gather the other able Digimon to help us turn the tide against Valmarmon and his dark armies."

"Count us in," Swordswoman said.

Athenamon nodded vividly. "Yes, but we must also be ready for other enemies such as the Neo-Rajita."

"My queens," Queen walked forward, bowing her head to them both. "I wish to fight with you both. I wish to atone for all I've done. Once the conflict is over, you may decide my fate."

"No need to bow," Swordswoman acknowledged her despondent sister. "It was Najadramon who murdered Paladin and our sisters. You helped turn the tide of the war against Ztreko-Li and Najadramon. We'd all be garden statues in that serpent's garden by now."

Omegamon lowered his head mourning Paladin and the other Amazoness warriors that sacrificed themselves.

"Come, Queen. We'll need all the help we can get," Athenamon said.

"Thank you!" Queen cried out, standing up with a proud but misty-eyed smile.

"Then, let us plan our next course of attack, everyone," Omegamon promptly stated as he, Tai, and Matt held a meeting with the Amazons.


Southern Digital Realm/Dra-Warriors Base/4:45 AM

Following the Neo-Rajita's sudden withdrawal, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Davis, and Ken teleported where Shogundramon and Elementdramon were to gather the other Dra-Warriors. When news spread about Valmarmon's return, much panicked ensued, but Imperialdramon managed to ease his warrior's distress.

"I know it's a terrible omen. Even though Valmarmon has returned, that doesn't mean we will settle down and give into his demands. Myself, Davis, and Ken returned from what was an arduous battle. Now, we must take the battle to Valmarmon and his dark forces once they touch down near the human world."

"That wormhole I've been hearing about will be a huge problem. Valmarmon and his forces can just waltz right through uninvited," Ken pointed out.

Davis scoffed. "Yeah? We'll just keep Valmarmon's armies from going through."

"Valmarmon can make his own wormholes I'm sure of it," Elementdramon stated.

"I'm not about to be discouraged. I'll still fight on for the Dra-Warriors who willingly sacrificed themselves to ensure we live to fight another day!" Shogundramon declared, rallying the Dra-Warriors behind him.

"Then, it's time we prepare for the most important battle and help our colleagues, including the Sailor Senshi who we feel indebted to, on Earth!" Imperialdramon exclaimed. "Dra-Warriors, are we in this war together?!"


Davis grinned proudly. "Man, this is so cool seeing Imperialdramon taking charge! I'm so proud of our Digimon!"

Ken folded his arms as his mind went elsewhere. Ryo, I'm wondering if this anomalous force behind that attack on Digital Paradise is... him. Is he behind the secrecy of this Paradais organization and what does he hope to gain with Valmarmon revived?

Not too soon after the Dra-Warriors prepared their next move, Examon, Slayerdramon, and Wingdramon arrived to meet with the Dra-Warriors. There came subsequent discussions and soon a settlement was reached. The trio agreed to help Imperialdramon and his Dra-Warriors.


Southern Digital Realm/Serene Forest/4:47 AM

Buster Blader and Craniummon finally received a distress message from Omegamon from their communicators. They had spent time trying to contact the nearest Digimon/Duel Monster communities and other knights spread across other territories. Hearing Omegamon call for them was a blessing.

"Omegamon, we're so relieved to hear you," Buster Blader said, letting out a deep sigh. "But, our headquarters was destroyed by the invaders. Me and Craniummon were ordered to retreat to locate reinforcements, but I fear Alphamon's been captured by the invaders. We lost many soldiers, including Magnamon."

"We're heading back to the headquarters to see if there are anyone left," Craniummon stated.

"Do that and if you can come to the Amazon Kingdom. We have more than the alien invaders to worry about."

"Yes, Valmarmon as you've told us... dark times are approaching if we don't stop the Demon God," Craniummon sadly muttered.

"We'll rendezvous with you as soon as we can, Omegamon, and bring any reinforcements we have left."

"I'll be waiting. Omegamon out..."

When they returned to the Serene Forest, they were shocked to see bodies of Neo-Rajita soldiers scattered and a mechanized suit dismantled. They sighted Venusmon laying on the forest floor breathing hard. They hurried over to check on the battle scarred woman as the cloth covering her eyes was removed. Her eyes were visibly shown to be pure blue. The infant Digimon hid behind the bushes crying fearfully.

While Craniummon calmed the children, Buster Blader helped Venusmon up.

"What happened here? Did you do this?"

Venusmon didn't answer initially as she had fallen almost in a trance-like state.

Did she do all this? These soldier invaders seemed to have been killed not too long ago! Craniummon was baffled when scanning the damage.

"...the children! Are they ok?!" Venusmon asked. She swiftly picked up the cloth that covered her eyes and came to a sudden realization. "Oh no, don't tell me I..." She looked at all the dead Rajita bodies and gasped frightfully. "Oh no! It happened, didn't it?!" She placed the bandages back around her eyes.

I see. These soldiers must've arrived and sighted Venusmon with these children. I would assume they tried attacking her... then she removed the bandages on her own volition or these invaders removed it themselves. The bandages must serve as some suppression to contain her powers. And she destroyed all these soldiers by herself... I can't imagine the amount of power she must've unleashed. Buster Blader analyzed Venusmon closely.

"Venusmon, we have to relocate. Please come with us. We promise we'll protect you and the children."

Venusmon complied. "Very well. Anything to avoid more of those terrible monsters that attacked us."

Protect her? That's a joke, right, Craniummon? Buster Blader thought. "Venusmon, can you remember what happened to these soldiers?"

"All I remember is someone who looked like me fiercely killing them with white light and damaging their machine. Then, I blacked out after that."

She doesn't even remember doing all this. I never knew Venusmon suppressed all this power within her. She's one who abhors violence and is a believer of peace. Do the other Olympus 12 even know of her hidden powers? I know Marsmon won't take this lightly. Buster Blader turned to Craniummon. "Have you secured the babies?"

"I have."

"All right, Venusmon, please hang on tight."

As Venusmon put her arms around Buster Blader, the two knights carried off their luggage and stormed off to the Royal Knight headquarters.

(End theme)


Earth/Shibuya District/Inuki Dojo & Residence/4:50 AM

As some settled down and others (namely the Spirit & Neo Detectives, the Outer Senshi, and the Chimeras) scoured through the empty city, the Senshi took the time to introduce their Amazoness counterparts to the Kuipers, Neo Senshi, and the Detectives. Needless to say, there was much befuddlement and intrigue. The Neo Senshi were able to discern the similarities of their mothers and the Amazoness girls.

Ai and Christina checked out Aphy up close. Umi and Taylor conversed with Zey. Koori and Helena chatted with Ary. Varuna watched Ourany, Poseidy, and Crony all meditating.

"It's nice to see them chatting it up with our daughters and the Kuipers," Makoto observed, sitting on a floor mat with Mako.

Mako concurred. "Isn't it great we finally meet our daughter? She really takes after you in the looks department."

"But, she's got your face and olive skin," she smirked, standing up and looking around the dojo. "I really feel at home here. I'm in the mood to train."

Mako waved her off. "As long as I'm not your sparring partner. You know I'd get my butt kicked by you!" He laughed as Makoto beckoned him to come at her. "But, what the heck... I'll make an exception for my fiancee!" He charged without a second thought and judo tossed by Makoto easily. He hit the floor mat and saw stars.

Makoto hung her face over his and lip locked him. She jerked back and giggled. "Guess you and me are gonna be spending a lot of time sparring until you're my equal, hun." She grabbed Mako's hand and pulled him up. "Since you taught me how to care for marine animals, I think it's only right I train you."

"We'll have plenty of time after our honey moon."

"Nice," Makoto smirked genuinely.

Umi watched her parents laughing together. That's right. They should be getting married soon. I hope there'll be wedding after we get through this whole ordeal. She closed her water bottle and headed over to chat with her parents.

(Cue Sailor Moon S Movie OST – Luna (0:00-0:53))

Sitting together near the Inuki tea table, Usagi, Rei, Setsuna, and Sely conversed with Okami and Suzuno.

"Okami, what are you going to do when we start fighting the Neo-Rajita?" Usagi asked, holding Hina in her arms. She put her finger on Hina's nose as the child beamed happily.

"Well, we still have our underground bunker," the Lycan replied. "Suzuno and Hina can simply hide there. I still intend to gather the other Lycans."

Rei nodded. "Yuuichirou at least is here, but where are the other clan members?"

"I've already summoned for them. They'll be here soon, Hino-san."

"We will do our part preventing the Neo-Rajita from finding your family, Okami," Setsuna reassured the man.

"Thank you, Miss Setsuna and Sailor Senshi. We truly feel indebted to you," Suzuno bowed, openly expressing her gratitude.

"Oh, it's nothing!" Usagi said. "By the way, Aoshi's really grown up into a handsome young man."

"He has and Hina will grow up to be a beautiful lady," Suzuno said, watching Usagi and Sely taking turns cradling Hina.

Setsuna veered over to Hina as the child hopped out of Usagi's hands. Hina looked up to the Time Guardian with curiosity etched on her cute features. She hopped onto Setsuna's lap and leaned her head against the woman's stomach.

"Beau-ti-ful lady," Hina said very merrily.

"Oh, how cute!" Usagi, Rei, and Sely beamed.

Setsuna smiled and held Hina close to her as if she were a child of her own.

(End theme)

"Hina was born as full-blooded rare white wolf," Okami stated.

"So, she's one of only two left in the world," Setsuna inferred. "Correct?"

"You've done your research well, Setsuna," the older Lycan nodded. "You should see how beautiful she is when she turns into her white Lycan form."

"What's so special about her being a white wolf?" Usagi inquired.

"When she's older, the main Lycan clans will go to great lengths to arrange for their sons to wed my daughter. Needless to say, there's a lot of politics involved and it's a headache I don't want any part with. A part of me wishes Hina were a gray wolf much like her brother and myself."

"But, do you have any regrets your daughter is a rare white wolf?" Rei asked.

"I have no regrets. I'll love Hina no matter what she is. I do hope when she's older, she'll meet the only other white wolf in both realms. But, he's an aged wolf who has seen both worlds change for thousands of years. I want Hina to seek his wisdom before he passes on."

"How does one become a white Lycan though?" The future Moon Queen asked, watching Hina make a flower crown for Setsuna.

"The fur of a Lycan absorbs the power of either the moon, darkness, or sometimes even both. Black wolves have great influence over dark power but due to the darkness, their senses become corrupted and drive them to insanity. Aoshi already contended with one named Kiba, who forced Aoshi to reveal his Lycan nature to protect his friend Yui. Now, gray wolves are the most common kind of Lycan. As you know, me, Aoshi, Yuuichirou, and the rest of my clan are gray wolves. Hino-san, how do you view Yuuichirou now you know he is a gray wolf type?"

The Miko frankly replied. "He's still the lovable goofball and a loyal friend I can depend on. When Hiei and I aren't there, he's there for my sister and my kids. Him being a Lycan makes no difference to me."

"Heh, but you used to have a crush on him, but you didn't know he was a Lycan?" Usagi teased her friend.

Rei scoffed. "He concealed his nature really well, but admittedly I did sense a tiny bit of a strange aura from him. Nothing bad or anything just strange."

"Well, now you know," Okami said as he and Rei watched Yuuichirou playing with the kids, especially Koori and Ryuuhi. "I can attest to him being loyal, Hino-san. He's a clan member I can depend on when I need him most."

"So, about the white wolf?"

"Sorry, Tsukino-san. Gray wolves are the most balanced when controlling the moon and the darkness. That balance makes us the strongest Lycan types. White wolves as I mentioned are very rare that only one is born after a few generations. My clan and I predicted a white wolf would be born soon, but I never knew my wife would give birth to one as precious as my daughter."

Setsuna lowered her head allowing Hina to put the flower crown on the woman. The child clapped and hugged Setsuna.

"You've made her really happy, Setsuna," Suzuno chuckled.

"I predict she will become a refined young lady, Okami," the green-haired woman said, patting Hina's back lovingly. She looked down over Hina, picturing herself with her own child to care for. "Okami, once we defeat the enemy, I wish to speak to you."

"Why not tell me now?"

"It's a private matter."

"I understand," Okami stood as he called Setsuna to join him in the back garden.

Setsuna handed Hina over to Suzuno and followed Okami outside.

"What do they want to talk about that's so private?" wondered the curious blonde.

Rei finished sipping her tea. "Nothing we should be concerned about."

"I'm sure they have some catching up to do. After all, those two have so much history dating over thousands of years," Suzuno reassured them. "Some more tea?" She offered the two ladies.


(Cue Sailor Moon S Movie OST – Luna (2:11-2:48))

"What is it you wish to ask, Setsuna?"

Setsuna was reluctant to speak up, which befuddled the man.

"We've known each other for ages, old friend. You can trust me to keep this between us."

"Your daughter has a bright future ahead of her."

Okami nodded. "Indeed, but it'll be her choice if she wishes to wed a gray wolf from another clan."

"Yes, but it's not about that..." Setsuna muttered as Okami's keen ears picked up her murmuring. "I wish to get to know your daughter more, Okami. You see... I've been secluded for the longest time from my fellow Senshi, you, and everyone else due to my duties as Time Guardian. I've sacrificed a lot of time training and preparing the Kuipers to become the warriors they've become. Small Lady from the future has grown to be a capably independent young woman and has friends she can depend on. I've been longing for a child of my own, but never could find a man to settle down with. And you understand Suzuno still has a limited lifespan compared to us. She will age like any normal human..."

"I've offered Suzuno a youth nectar from a rare Makai plant. I've found out it can extend the life and youth of a living thing, including humans. But, Suzuno has turned down the chance to be eternally youthful. We had a long discussion about Hina and Aoshi. I know Aoshi will want to be with Yui and now Yui's become a Tenyou, which means she might gain eternal youth due to the nature of being a descendant of those sacred beings. Once Aoshi leaves on his own, we're left with Hina and I feel Hina will need another mother figure to care for her in case something happens to my wife. Suzuno understands this well."

"Then, you've already discussed matters with your wife?"

"Yes, I have and we'd feel honored if you would be Hina's mother figure."

Upon hearing this, Setsuna nearly wanted to shed tears. "Okami, thank you."

"I can trust someone who's helped nurtured Small Lady with Neo-Queen Serenity. Our bond hasn't wavered any and I know you once wanted us to be together."

"I know it was never meant to be when you left to live with Queen Serenity. But, I still value our friendship."

Okami and Setsuna embraced, furthering their age old bond following thousands of years.

"And would you give me permission to train Hina to become my heir?"

"Hina, the new Sailor Pluto?" Okami smiled. "I like the sound of that."

"I'll give up a portion of my power to Hina to use to train with and I promise she will be strong enough to carry on the Pluto name."

"You better, Setsuna. I expect nothing but great results."

"After this war is over, I'll take her in for Senshi training when she's ready."

"Just promise me you and the Senshi can stop Charon and Paradais, too."

The Time Guardian nodded. "Of course, we will."

Setsuna and Okami exchanged smiles as the moon's light beamed down over them.

(End theme)



Following a loud thud came a high-pitched wail from out of nowhere. Alarmed, Ami, Jami, and Hermy jumped off a bench to see someone struggling to get out of a shrub. The trio hurried over to investigate the ruckus. Amaya and Daiki bolted out to join them on the investigation.

As Ami came near the shrub, Vega instinctively jumped out scaring the girls accidentally. Ami instinctively slapped Vega unknowingly, leaving a red hand print on his face.

"Oh my gosh! Vega! I'm so sorry!"

Jami blinked. "Vega?! How the heck did you get here?!"

"DAD!" Amaya and Daiki yelled out together as they jumped their father and tackled him hard.

"Whoa! One second I'm falling here and now get decked hard... and now THIS!" Vega gasped for air as the twins hugged him tight.

"Children, please let your father up!" Ami instructed, helping Vega up while the twins pulled off him. "Vega, aren't you supposed to be with the other Legendary Warriors?"

"Yeah, but we just left from a big fight ourselves and we were all teleported back here to our homes. I asked to be teleported where you were," Vega chuckled, pulling Ami into a hug. "I missed you, babe."

"Dad, we're really thrilled to see you!" Daiki exclaimed.

"You two are my kids... wow, I can tell you're my kids," Vega said. "Amaya and Daiki, right?"

"Yep! We thought we'd never see you, but this is totally worth it," Amaya giggled.

"What an interesting man," Hermy muttered.

Jami added. "Believe me, you've barely scratched the surface when it comes to knowing Vega."

"Vega, what happened in the battle? Did you prevent those pieces from being united?" Ami asked.

"Don't I have a long story to tell y'all, but you aren't going to like the end of this story."

Hearing this made Ami, the twins, Jami, and Hermy feel very uneasy


Back inside the household, Minako sat in solitude watching Rio's body covered with a bed sheet up to his neck. A spiritual barrier was erected to protect Rio's body from decomposition. Selipa walked in to check on Kyo, who was laying opposite of Rio.

"How long have you known Rio?" Selipa asked.

"A couple of years... and I was expecting us to get married someday."

"If everything goes well and the boys beat Arago, our lover's souls will be returned to their bodies. And he'll be there to see your child born. Kohana will be free, too."

Minako nodded. "That's what I heard. I hope they can take back those souls Arago's taken." She palmed her gut and smiled happily. "Now, it's my turn, huh? Ai-chan will soon be born and I can't wait. I just want Rio and Kohana to be there to see me deliver her."

Artemis poked his head out to check on a sullen Minako.


"Say, Rei, since the Kuipers and Chibi-Usa now have Dai-Valkyrie forms like us, I'd say our chances against Gamera might be good." Usagi said though trying to be cautiously optimistic.

Rei sighed. "I'd like to think that, but who knows what untold powers Gamera has. But, I'm proud of them all. Now we must need Koori, Ai, Umi, Amaya, and the two new Kuipers to unlock their Dai-Valkyrie forms."

"I suggest we get them upgraded before we head out to fight the enemy," Mamoru interjected as he sat down with Usagi and Rei.

Usagi giggled. "I'd say your upgrade as the Norse Knight gets my seal of approval."

"Thanks, but I'm still a tier below you girls."

"Don't be down on yourself, Mamoru-san," Rei said. "Your Norse Knight powers are nothing to scoff at."

"So, about Nagah. Can we still trust her?" Mamoru inquired.

"I told her if she crossed the line, she'd be dealing with me," the Miko firmly clarified, looking over to see Nagah talking with Morpheous. "Hard to believe two of the old Rajita generals are on our side."

"I know this is gonna sound silly, but I think fate's brought us together," the blonde added. "So, nothing yet from Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara? Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru went out with them to check the areas close to us."

"Ah, I wouldn't worry," Rei replied. "Knowing Hiei as long as I have, I know when something goes wrong. We can sense each other's distress."

"Um, excuse me!" Came a loud and cheery voice, which interrupted their conversation. Vivian pulled up a pillow and sat down next to Usagi, Rei, and Mamoru. She offered Miho some room next to her. "Since, we're the newbies of the crew, we'd like to get to know our future queen a little better."

"Oh, hi! So, are you two ready to become Dai-Valkyries?" Usagi asked them both directly.

Miho nodded. "Yes, if it can happen..."

"Sure, we just need to get Aoshi to use the Moon Heart Crystal," the Miko stated. "For you two to catch up to the Valkyrie status fast, I'm impressed."

"Well, we told you we were involved with a mission dealing with a worldwide network of demons called Weepers," Miho added matter-of-factually. "I know we're wet behind the ears compared to you guys, but I'd say we earned our positions."

"If Pluto selected you two, then I trust her judgment," Mamoru kindly put it.

"You two will make fine additions to Karin's team," Usagi said. "We're all in this battle together so don't feel like you'll be left out."

"I hope Yugi and the others can get back soon. I'm happy to know you guys are friends with them," the lavender-haired girl added.

"They'll be back," Chibi-Usa spoke up while RJ accompanied her. "Trust me when I say that. In the meantime, we have a big battle coming up."

"Be sure to get some rest. You all will need to be at your best before the big battle," Luna chimed in with Diana tagging along behind her.

With that, nearly everyone started to find room to rest and others waited for the others to come back from patrol. As the forthcoming battle with the Neo-Rajita and Arago was forthcoming, the heroes used this free time to rest.

All the while, there was still some activity within Tokyo.


Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/4:55 AM

After the Chosen were spread out to their destinations, Kotori (still riding Grani) and Seadramon swiftly relocated to the Shinjuku Park. Unbeknownst to them, Himura and Inumon followed them.

(Cue Valkyrie Profile OST – All is Twilight)

Kotori came to already empty park and sat near the park's lake with Seadramon sitting next to her. She threw a rock in the lake and saw it skidding over the lake. She picked up another rock and grasped it in her palm.

Seadramon sighed. "Kotori, is it wise to not be with your friends? They went to great lengths to save you."

"I know, but everything happened so fast... I just need to clear my head first."

"There you are," Himura called out behind Kotori.

Glancing over her shoulder, the dark blue-haired teen was taken aback. "Himura? How did you...?"

"Your scent wasn't hard for me to locate," Inumon chimed in.

Himura sat down next to Kotori. "Do you mind some company?"

"Knock yourself out," she muttered and threw the rock over the lake. She watched it pop a hole through a tree. "Oh, damn." Baffled, she looked down at her hands and mused over her new Valkyrie strength and she saw Himura's astounded look.


"I didn't mean it."

"I know. Kotori, I understand it's going to take some time getting readjusted being alive again."

Kotori sighed deeply. "Where am I supposed to go? I'm not going back to my mother. I'm considered dead by many."

"We'll try figuring things out, Kotori," he reassured her, walking up and patting her back. "I agree you being alive again will be a hard pill for your family to swallow. Phillipe can maybe try talking to his family to letting you stay in his place."

"Or, maybe I need a new identity? Maybe change my image? I mean, Kotori Ayami is deceased. I can be Hitori or something stupid like that," she laughed to herself. "Maybe I can change the tone of my voice to something more girly and wear some fucking cutesy dresses to change my image... oh, who am I kidding? I'd sooner be dead again than change who I am."

"We'll talk about this more."

"Maybe you can hang with me and Lord Anubimon?" Seadramon suggested to his partner

"You're right. There's plenty of time to think this over. After we kick the bad guy's asses, then we can look for a place for me. Is that a deal?"

Himura concurred. "Sure."

"By the way, are you and Jeri...?"


With that, there was awkward silence as neither said a word for a minute.

"I see. Jeri's lucky to have you... I trust you'll continue treating her well."

"Of course, I will," Himura slightly furrowed his brows, a bit taken aback by Kotori's remark. "Come, you want to go see Phillipe? He's worried about you."

"Sure, let's go. C'mon, Seadramon."


Suddenly, Himura, Kotori, and their Digimon partners paused as they sighted the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building shrouded in crystallized sheets. They also noticed the Neo-Rajita mother ship hanging near the crystallized portion of Shinjuku.

"Those crystals have been coming from that building over there," Kotori painstakingly eyed the government building. "The city's quickly getting covered by those crystals."

"What do you suppose is making them?" wondered Seadramon.

"The enemy... whoever it is," Inumon asserted. "Doubt it's Valmarmon though."

"It could be the Paradais Organization we've been warned about. That huge spaceship has gotta be the Rajita as I remember the last mothership being like that," Himura mused. "Regardless, let's head back and check with Phillipe."

As Kotori summoned Grani, the fire-winged horse carried his Valkyrie Maiden rider and Himura; Inumon and Seadramon pursued Grani's direction to Phillipe's residence.

Kotori and Himura both meticulously scanned the crystallized fortress covering the government building. As Grani passed on by, they were astounded by the sea of crystals now covering over half of the Shinjuku district. And no doubt more of Tokyo was gonna be covered by Paradais' crystals. They became mesmerized whilst passing under the Neo-Rajita mothership.

"One thing's for sure, we're in for one hell of a war," Kotori muttered under her breath.

(End theme)


Shibuya District/Chiko Apartments/Room #21/5:05 AM

After Junpei and his guests settled in, Willis took his partners and slept in a sleeping bag given to them. While they were deep asleep, Junpei and Norn walked out on the balcony together facing the massive mothership hanging over the crystallized fortress occupying the Tokyo government building.

Norn leaned on Junpei, grabbing his arm.

"It's ok, Norn. You're with me now."

"I failed to keep those pieces sealed. I'm sorry, Junpei."

"Don't blame yourself. We were ambushed, especially by that Paradais group. I have a hunch that crystal fortress with that spaceship is theirs."

Norn looked up to Junpei. "Can we stop them?"

"I don't know. There's Valmarmon we need to worry about to. So much is happening, I can't even keep track, but I know one thing. Me and my friends aren't running away from these dangers. And I'll do everything to protect you, Norn." He openly vowed directly in her face.

Awakened while asleep on Junpei's bed, he listened to their conversation.

(Cue Sailor Moon Super S OST – Chibiusa's Romance)

"You're the first person I've ever grown so close to, Junpei. I know it's only been a few days, but I feel like I've grown closer to you than any of my family back home... though, I don't remember much of them. I was barely an infant when I was abandoned to an orphanage. I was given the name Nanashi at first, because I had no name before."

"Did anyone ever adopt you?"

Norn nodded almost reluctantly as her face seemingly conveyed sadness. "A name named Iyashii Mikihara adopted me. He was just a lowly maintenance man working odd jobs around the orphanage I used to live in. Then, he found out about my powers... these powers frightened the other children around me and I was casted out of any playtime groups. You see, as I grew older, I realized I was clairvoyant. I knew things that I had no way of otherwise knowing. Well, Iyashii realized he could profit off my powers and adopted me. He gave me the name Norn, named after the all-seeing sisters of fate in Norse mythology." She tried to withhold the tears, but failed. Junpei wiped the tears falling down her cheeks. "Rather than treating me lovingly like a daughter, Iyashii treated me like a servant and even forced me to wear a maid's outfit. When I wouldn't cooperate, he'd be very abusive. Eventually Iyashii's greed attracted Barbamon, who saw my potential and stole me away." She hugged Junpei, who embraced the girl tight.

She never had a true family she can depend on. No wonder she grew attached to me and my friends. Junpei thought, anger fueling toward the parents who abandoned her, Iyashii, and Barbamon. She looked Norn in her eyes and dried her tears. "Norn, you deserve more than any to have a real family. Not someone who profits over your powers or has a sick obsession over you like that freak Barbamon. You deserve a stable life for once."

"Really? How will you do that?"

"You're looking at your family, Norn. Granasmon offered you the chance to return to your world, but you chose to come here where me and my friends live. You elected to stay here and I'd be more than happy if you want to stay here. But, it's up to you."

"Oh, Junpei..."

"Or, better yet, how about we get married? But, right after we beat the bad guys."

"Married? You and me?"

Junpei nodded. "I know this is sudden. But, it's up to you. You can finally be happy and live a normal life."

Ryudamon was all smiles listening to the marriage proposal.

"Norn, will you take my hand in marriage?"

"Oh, Junpei... yes. Yes, of course I will!" Norn happily said, throwing her arms around Junpei. She stood on her tie-toes and kissed him on the lips. "Thank you for relieving me from my bondage, Junpei." She jumped right into the young man's arms as the two fell right on top of the bed. Ryudamon swiftly sprang off and slipped into the closet to watch the two intimately express their love.

Ryudamon teared up watching. "Norn, I'm so happy for you. You've put the past behind you."

(End theme)


Shinjuku District/Wong Residence/5:10 AM

When Henry and his entourage arrived in his family's place, Henry and Suzie showed Izzy, Tentomon, Joe, Gomamon, Cody, Armadillomon, Ikuto, and Falcomon around places to sleep. Suzie and Lopmon settled into their room to rest. After the guests were finished being accommodated, Henry, Jaarin, and Sam confronted Mayumi Wong, who had been worried all night.

"Mom, where's dad? How come he hasn't come back yet?" Henry asked. "Is he still with Mr. Yamaki?"

"That's just it, Henry dear. He hasn't called for hours and I've tried calling Yamaki's office... the line was nothing but static. Oh, I'm worried. Oh god..." The woman was visibly shaken from the lack of sleep after hiding out from the Neo-Rajita incursion.

Jaarin sat down and comforted her mother while Henry, Terriermon, and Sam checked outside the balcony. To their shock, they sighted the government building and the encompassing city's central vicinity covered in crystals.

"That explains why she can't get through to him," Sam gaped in aghast. "What the hell happened to that place?!"

Henry furrowed his brows, giving a fierce look. "Harbingermon warned us this Paradais organization was working behind the scenes. Seems they've already established a foothold here while we were gone!"

Terriermon frowned. "We've gotta get your dad and the others outta there pronto!"

"We've gotta tell Takato and the others!"

"Likewise for Takuya and the others. This is worse than we feared."


Central Realm/Unknown Dimension/Valmarmon's Palace Ruins/5:12 AM

(Cue Grandia II OST - Valmar)

Valmarmon approached his former throne made of pure black obsidian and crimson rubies. Dust and webbing covered the aged seat following years of vacancy. With a swing of his right hand, he blasted back his old throne. He chortled evilly and stood on top of where the seat used to be. He turned around facing the remaining loyalists that fought hard to reunite his pieces.

Madoudramon stood at the forefront bowing his head to the Digimon Demon God. The four Demon Beast Generals materialized on both sides of Madoudramon; HiSuzakumon and KazeByakkomon stood on the right while MizuSeiryuumon and ChiGenbumon stood on the left. Demon, ChaosGallantmon, SkullSatanmon, MarineDevimon, LadyDevimon, Lilithmon, Astamon, WarDevidramon, and hundreds of Nightmare soldiers amassed together to fill the spacious chamber of command.

"Lord Valmarmon, we are all present by your request. We are ready to advance on the Earth," Madoudramon humbly addressed the evil deity.

An evil grin widened across his giant features as he scanned all his loyalists. "Welcome to my chamber of command, my loyalists. For reviving, I will reward those who've gone beyond great lengths to locate and unite my seven pieces in the face of adversity from Granasmon's Chosen." As he raised his left hand, the bodies of Yamidramon and Atolmdramon lifted from the floor. "With these two, I will reward them by making them my steed as we march toward our next destination." He next shifted his view specifically on Madoudramon, Demon, and ChaosGallantmon. "And you three will be given upgrades befitting for you."

Suddenly, red light beamed down from the glass ceiling hanging above everyone. Everyone but Valmarmon became fixated by the red beams of light. The source of the bright came from a large red moon in the sky.

"Why is that red moon there?!" LadyDevimon yelled out.

Madoudramon answered frantically. "It's no just any moon! It's the Moon of Valmarmon!"

"Indeed, and this officially marks my return," Valmarmon smiled darkly. "It's presence instills fear in the hearts of my pure good hearted enemies. But, you all will be empowered by the moon's light."

Suddenly, Madoudramon, Demon, and ChaosGallantmon felt powerful evil energies flowing through them. Each one sported bright red auras that wrapped over them.

"What's happening to us?!" Demon demanded as the red moon's power ripped through his body. He grabbed his cloak and tore it off revealing his true demonic form: a horned demon with a hideous purple visage complete with three terrifying green eyes. His body was mostly covered with shaggy brown fur. Tufts of black mane going down his back. His already massive wings expanded ten times his normal size. His horns grew and curved out. His face changed into more of a Cacodaemon-like visage. When his transformation was finished, Demon doubled over and rose up lifting his head. He breathed hard and grunted. Red streaks of energy wrapped around his massive frame. "I feel stronger."

"Lord Demon!" MarineDevimon was flabbergasted at the sight of his lord's new form.

SkullSatanmon trembled hard. "Gah...gah...! He looks scarier!"

"Demon, you are new title shall be Demon Super Ultimate," Valmarmon smiled, thoroughly pleased with his handiwork.

ChaosGallantmon howled painfully as the red moon's energies. This red light mixed with the dark blue aura leaking out of his body became a purple aura. As the purple aura washed over armored frame, ChaosGallantmon's outward form changed quickly. "I feel much stronger... yes... yes! More power!" He howled aloud as more dark energies became instilled into him and augmented his already strong power. His armored body became encased in dark blue armor designed and framed to make him a dark blue-schemed Gallantmon Crimson Mode.

The purple light gradually faded and unveiled his newly formed body. Lifting both hands, dual black swords materialized in his hands. Six black angel wings sprouted from his back.

ChaosGallantmon breathed hard, taken aback by his new form. "Incredible! I've never felt this much power instilled within me! I'm twice as powerful than before!"

"Congratulations, ChaosGallantmon. From this day forth, you will be known as ChaosGallantmon Destructor Mode."

"How fitting for a great destroyer like myself," ChaosGallantmon DM chortled evilly, flexing all six of his wings back and forth. He tested his swords and swung around striking down a statue whilst blasting it to atoms. "Perfect. That pea-brained brother of mine and his goggle-headed Tamer will be baffled when they get a load of the new me!" He laughed out maniacally.

Next, Madoudramon felt the red moon's light instill him with immense evil energies.

"Seems your body can't intake the immense energies, but not too fret, Madoudramon." With that, the Demon God beckoned to someone within his audience. He sighted a pair of red eyes gleaming behind Lilithmon and Astamon. Emerging around them was a black-schemed Pegasusmon.

"Lord Valmarmon, I, DarkPegasusmon, am at your service."

"Merge your power with Madoudramon to ensure his new form is perfectly stabilized. But, before you do that, receive my power." He unleashed a dark beam that bathed over DarkPegasusmon causing him to evolve.

"DarkPegasusmon! Chou Shinka! Pegasusmon Metal Mode!"

As the dark energies withered away, Pegasusmon grew into an enlarged metal-bodied Pegasusmon coupled with red lifeless eyes. He grew as large as Madoudramon.

"Madoudramon, to receive your new form, you and Pegasusmon Meta Mode must unite together."

Madoudramon bellowed loudly. "As you wish, Lord Valmarmon... anything for you!" He and DarkPegasusmon MM came together.

Valmarmon nodded in approval. "Now, using your magic, use whatever incantation to complete the fusion."

The evil knight chuckled evilly. "Yes, Lord Valmarmon! Modus Cambio Activez!" Upon completing the incantation, a massive circle materialized underneath him and DarkPegasusmon MM.

Everyone witnessed as Madoudramon and DarkPegasusmon MM were engulfed in a giant ball of Digi-code.

"DarkPegasusmon! Mode Alternate!"

"Madoudramon! Mode Change!"

"Titan Mode!"

From the massive column of Digi-code emerged fully energized and complete with a more terrifying presence. Madoudramon became even taller, towering all of his other peers. His feet were gold-trimmed and curled up at the tip, with legs and knees covered in black and gold armor attaching them to the waist, which was armored at the hips, back, and front in black metal with gold designs on the front and silver lines on the back. His shield had fused to his chest, the eye in it staring out eerily across. Snarling metal dragon heads sat on either side of the top of the shield, and long black shoulder armor stretched outwards to either side, with gold wing designs embossed on the fronts and silver metal plates covering up the back. Sprouting from His back were huge metallic dragon wings. His arms were mostly the same, but the forearms were covered in boxy gauntlets. His head peered out from over the top of the shield, a triangular helmet rising up all around him and looking sort of like a yawning mouth. In Madoudramon's hand was a massive double bladed purple sword with ancient dragon markings.

Madoudramon gazed upon his new form and chuckled evilly, His laughter filled the entire room, sending cold chills down nearly everyone's backs, but Valmarmon was thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

"By unleashing true evil, the hellish darkness has been born! Madoudramon Titan Mode!"

"Yes, as Titan Mode, you will unleash destruction anywhere you go!" Valmarmon exclaimed. "Your Ultimate Hell Slash and Essence of Evil will prove to be destructive to your enemies. Your Hosts of Hell and Shadow Wing are every bit as deadly when utilized. But, you can also summon evil Digimon from the pits of fiery Digital Hell to wipe out your opponents!"

Madoudramon TM knelt down bowing to Valmarmon. "I can't thank you enough, Lord Valmarmon. I will use this new power to crush every and any opponent that stand in my way!" He stood laughing evilly.

"Ah, but that's not all. WarDevidramon, Demon Beast Generals, receive your gifts for your loyal service."

As the red moon's light poured into five aforementioned Digimon, their forms began to modify. WarDevidramon's physical frame as he took on a slightly smaller and more compacted form akin to VictoryGreymon. A massive Dramon Breaker sword formed into his right hand.

"From now on, you are VictoryDevidramon."

Dark red pillar of light engulfed HiSuzakumon. His body shifted looking more streamlined and complete with red-and-black body armor trimmed with silver. Massive red feathered wings sprouted from his back. Demonic hellfire burst around him instilling him with immense fire power.

"HiSuzakumon, you are now BlazeSuzakumon."

Black earth surrounded ChiGenbumon, shifting his color schemes to a darker shade of green and brown. Hundreds of yellow spikes protruded from his back. His face became streamlined complete with glowing golden eyes. Spiked rock balls spun around him before crashing into the ground.

"ChiGenbumon, you shall be deemed QuakeGenbumon."

Dark blue water swirled around MizuSeiryuumon, changing his colors into a darker shade of blue. His hands turned into dragon's claws. A longer tail protruded behind him and slammed into the ground. Bursts of water and lightning sprayed down around him as MizuSeiryuumon dropped into a battle posture.

"MizuSeiryuumon, you will be known as StormSeiryuumon."

Metal sheets revolved around KazeByakkomon. His claws extended from his hands while his body frame became covered in a bright silver aura. The aura's energies empowered the warrior granting him immense strength.

"And finally KazeByakkomon, you shall be called AuroraByakkomon. My Demon Beast Generals, I know you won't disappoint me with your new powers. Me being your Demon God, I see you as my Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Swiftly annihilate our enemies like you always do, but you'll do so with far greater results!"

The four Demon Generals and VictoryDevidramon bowed their heads, showing that their loyalty still hasn't wavered despite being disconnected from their dark lord.

"But, what of these two, Lord Valmarmon?" asked ChaosGallantmon DM, who pointed to Yamidramon and Atolmdramon.

"The Moon of Valmarmon is ready to instill them with power as they will form together to become my dark steed." Upon stating this, Valmarmon beckoned everyone to see Atolmdramon and Yamidramon floating to the ceiling as the crimson moonlight encased them in a ginger-colored ball. "Witness the power of the Dark Evolution Ball! Once inside this, these two will not only become highly-evolved Megas, but I shall fuse them to form the steed I will mount toward the human's world! And with all the data I've collected of the slain evil Digimon, I can use Madoudramon Titan Mode to open the gates of Digital Hell, which is beyond the Dark Area, to bring them back as the undead! Yes, and this will include the evil side of Pharaohmon, which I helped harvest within that incompetent Pharaohmon I easily swayed to my side!"

At last, the massive red orb exploded whilst shattering the glass ceiling. Produced from this exploding orb was an otherworldly demonic dragon's roar, which filled the sky. In place of Yamidramon and Atolmdramon was a gargantuan four-winged black dragon complete with a long black tail and mounted on the side of his body was loaded with weaponry. His whole body was layered with pure Chrome Digizoid alloy. Opening his mouth, yellow acidic drool spilled out as his yellow lifeless eyes gleamed evilly.

Roaring once again, the demonic dragon flapped its wings and swarmed the sky like a giant buzzard.

"GAH! What happened to Atolmdramon and Yamidramon?! Our pals are gone!" SkullSatanmon shrieked frightfully.

MarineDevimon bopped his colleague's bony head. "That's them! Lord Valmarmon has given them a greater purpose now. They will serve as his loyal steed to lead us against the human's world and whoever else stands in our way!"

Valmarmon raised his arms and laughed aloud. "Behold, my dark loyalists! This is my steed! One of the most deadliest beings spawned from my dark power! Take flight! Doomsdramon!" As the evil Digimon cheered loudly, he openly declared. "By the next nightfall, we begin our march and unleash an incursion the likes our enemies will never forget! Granasmon's Chosen and their allies shall fall and the Age of Valmarmon will be upon us!" He laughed aloud while his loyalists cheered his name.


Valmarmon looked to the sky as his eyes became fixated on the massive crimson moon. Indeed, all four Digital Realms and Earth will become my new kingdom! There's nothing that can stand in my way! Not even you, Granasmon, you can do nothing, but watch helplessly! Hahaha!

(End theme)


Earth/Neo-Rajita Mothership/5:30 AM

(Cue Mortal Kombat (2011) OST – Shao Khan)

When his forces assembled to meet him, Gamera showed them a large screen mapping out the entire globe. On the map there were several beacons of red light flashing on cities across the world. Tokyo, Shanghai, New York City, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Washington D.C., Sydney, and many others were picked as invasion hot spots.

The screen switched to an outline of a transport device carrying high tech weaponry and a drill.

"These transports carry drills designed to dig up holes deep enough to go through the Earth's core, creating fire pits to terraform this world into a new Rajita planet. The primitive simians of this world won't be able to survive the extremities of the heat that will greatly effect their planet. Once we force the global armies to surrender, this will draw out the Sailor Senshi, but Paradais were gracious enough to give us tools to subdue those harlots." He picked up his battle helmet and firmly placed it over his head, breathing heavily through the Shredder-like mask covering his mouth. "Despite the loss of our generals, I will lead the Neo-Rajita to victory and once I claim the Romulus Source the entire universe will fall to the rule of my regime! The Rajita shall reign supreme!"

The armies roared in unison and showed their loyalty for the Neo-Rajita leader hadn't wavered in spite of Nagah's defection.

"Most importantly, should any of you find the traitor Nagah... apprehend her and I will personally deal with her! I will not only punish her, but make an example to show what I do with traitors!" Gamera yelled out,raising his right fist into the air. "By the next nightfall, the global scale invasion shall commence!"

As Gamera was busy rallying his armies, unbeknownst to him, a tiny orb viewed and recorded the entire meeting and sent feedback straight to Paradais.

(End theme)


Earth/Shinjuku District/Hypnos Headquarters/5:33 AM

(Cue Daft Punk – Veridis Quo)

Sailor Charon and the Prophet witnessed Gamera's whole speech. Both were seemingly pleased with how events were playing out in their favor. However, the Paradais duo couldn't have been any more pleased with the outcome of the Digital Paradise conflict; Charon was instrumental in Valmarmon's revival.

Adding Blitzkrieg with the Hypnos team, Monster Makers, and Cain, the Paradais duo used this free time to kick back and watch the inevitable events play out on the sixth day. All the while, the Paradais network slowly began to spread across the world. Crystal formations were already being reported as spreading like a plague in other cities outside Japan.

"I wasn't counting on Gamera trying to terraform this world. Oh well, less humans for bother with," Charon remarked coldly. "But, he better leave our lovely crystals in tact or we're going to have a serious talk."

The hooded figurehead shifted over to their hostages. "Doesn't matter. Gamera is simply playing into our hand. All that matters is if he acquires the Romulus Source he speaks fondly of."

Charon smirked darkly. "Yes, and perhaps with that I can finally stabilize my Chaos form. Surely, he won't mind if I kindly borrow it." She pivoted over to Cain, facing the mentally broken man. "Pitiful man. Still wallowing in self pity? Or, perhaps I should reunite you with your wife?" She readily raised her staff until the Prophet stopped her.

"That's enough, my love. He can't do us any harm in this state."

The chaotic Senshi sighed out of exasperation. "Fine as you wish, but the first thing I'm going to do after we plunge this world into chaos, I'm going to mind fuck him again using his wife." She cruelly smiled, licking her lips in a perverted manner. "So far, our players in our Dawn of Chaos game will be getting rested before the sixth night. This gives us plenty of time to spread our Paradais network worldwide and there'll be little they can do to prevent it."

"With Valmarmon revived, the Chosen will keep him and his army occupied. However, it's essential Valmarmon is the last enemy left before we make our move."

"I understand and I have no doubt he will. He'll soften up our enemies before we make our move. By the way, I sense Frank has finally reached his destination in the distant past... approximately 3009 B.C."

"It's up to him to keep the Duelists there and destroy them with the Egyptian Gods and Earthbound Immortals."

"And even if those Duelists do return using the time key, they'll have a sea of chaos waiting for them here. They lose no matter what!" She laughed evilly. Oh, dear sister, I know you and the Senshi are out there planning your next move, but we will cross paths very soon!

The Paradais couple turned to one another; both placed each other's palms against the other as an aura of darkness leaked out from out of them.

"The eve of chaos has arrived."

"Indeed, my love, and these final days will be eventful."

As the Paradais couple channeled their chaos energies, they accelerated the growth of their crystals.

Opening his eyes, Blitzkrieg was slowly coming to and barely viewed the Paradais duo. ...where am I? Ugh... I've gotta get out of here and fast.

(End theme)


Earth/Shibuya District/Inuki Dojo & Residence/5:38 AM

After coming back from patrol, the Spirit Detectives, Neo-Detectives, the Outer Senshi (minus Pluto), and the Chimeras, they turned in for the night... or early morning in this case. They reported the same findings which Henry and Sam discovered not too long ago.

After putting their children to sleep, Usagi and Rei walked out with Chibi-Usa to meet with Cammy.

"I'm so exhausted. I'm ready to turn in..." Cammy yawned as Rei prepared to escort her to one of the many guest rooms.

"Me, too. I almost feel drunk even if I'm not a drinker..." Chibi-Usa mumbled as Usagi walked her to their room.

Suddenly, Cammy noticed something glow and release a white flash of light. She quickly drew out her Dragon Gazer Mirror.

"Cammy? Why's your mirror acting up?" Rei asked.

The younger Hino blinked thrice in befuddlement. "I don't know! Look out!"

Usagi and Chibi-Usa arrived to see both Rei and Cammy pulled into the mirror.

"Oh no! It's happening again!" Usagi yelled out as she raced over to pick up the mirror.

"Usagi, what happened? What did the mirror take them?"

Usagi held the mirror close and calmed down, letting out a relieved breath. "It's ok. Rei and Cammy both reminded me before the spirit of the former Digital Priestess is in here." She turned around and smiled softly, reassuring her future daughter. "They're in good hands. They'll be back."

The pink-haired teen nodded, trying to get the gist of the situation. "Ok, I hope you're right."

Rei, Cammy, what is it the Priestess wants from you two now? The blonde gazed over the mirror, pressing a hand on her chest.


Inside the Dragon Gazer Mirror

Both of the Hino sisters opened their eyes and surveyed their new surroundings. They found themselves in a plain white pseudo-space, which cut them off from the outside world.

"We're back inside the mirror, but I don't see Eri's shrine here," Rei said, scanning the endless white space.

Cammy reminded her sister. "Remember, the essence of Eri's spirit entered me the last time we were here. She's even given me more power to better utilize the mirror and I had the chance to use it in the Meikai." She turned around and focused on a golden sheen of light forming several feet from them. "Rei, look over there!"

Upon heeding her sister's warning, Rei focused intently on the golden light and sensed an immense power emanating directly from the source.

"What do you make of it, Rei? I'm picking up a very powerful spiritual presence."

"Likewise. This presence is very archaic, too."

(Cue Phoenix OST - Rising)

From the golden essence source came a deep woman's voice, which boomed out loud enough to get their attention. "Hino sisters, how fortunate I was able to summon you here."

"Who are you? We know you aren't Eri!" The older Miko demanded.

"I am RaPhoenixmon, one of the three dimension Digideities along with ObeliskMegaGargomon and SliferGigaSeadramon."

"ObeliskMegaGargomon and SliferGigaSeadramon?" Cammy blanched. "Eri told us all about you! Why bring us here, RaPhoenixmon?"

Before answering Cammy's inquiry, a golden-bodied gargantuan resembling a cross between the Winged Dragon of Ra and Phoenixmon appeared. The outward phoenix motif well represented the Houou entity contained within Rei. RaPhoenixmon's crimson eyes gleamed as she glared down the Hino sisters. Rei and Cammy held their ground bowing to the Digideity.

"Eri was a kindred woman and there is much about you two that remind me of her. As for why I summoned you here... to answer your question, Digital priestess, because you should know that I forged the Dragon Gazer Mirror with my mystic flames."

Rei became more than intrigued. "No wonder the mirror was effective enough to counter powerful attacks."

"Do not be surprised, Warrior of Mars. You, too, wield a great power. The Houou entity within you has maintained a close connection with those within you and your sister's bloodline. Morrigana, your ancestor, formed a close bond with the entity and taking a bit of the Houou's power helped create the four Beast Cards, which are currently wielded by the four Tamers."

"We know them. Takato Matsuda, Henry Wong, Rika Nonaka, and Himura Tsubasa," Cammy replied. "They're friends of ours."

"Indeed, but what you didn't know is there's a fifth card."

Rei was taken aback. "Come again? A fifth one?"

"Morrigana created a fifth card, but this one was created before the four Beast Cards. This fifth card contains the spirit of Ouryu, the golden dragon and creator of the four beast spirits."

The sisters exchanged looks speculating to themselves who could potentially be chosen to use this fifth card. The notion that there's a fifth Beast Card baffled them and both wondered why they were left in the dark on such an important detail.

"As we speak, someone has been chosen to wield Ouryu's card."

"Who is it?" Cammy asked as her interest piqued.

"You will find out soon enough, Cammy Hino. And you have carried on Eri's will well, Cammy. The abundance of your priestess powers still have room to grow, but your full potential will shine through sooner than you will know." The Digideity looked straight into Cammy's eyes and saw the essence of Eri's spirit contained within Cammy. She veered over to Rei and saw the Houou's presence transparently radiate over the dark-haired woman's frame. "Houou, you continue guarding your vessel and aid her during great distress."

"But, I don't actively let her loose. RaPhoenixmon, is it so wrong that I'd rather rely on my own power?"

The Digideity sagely responded. "No. In fact, the Houou respects your pride as a Sailor Senshi. And I, too, share the Houou's sentiments. Regardless of being the Houou's vessel, you are still Rei Hino. Sailor Mars. Princess of Mars. Nothing will take that away from you. And it was you who conquered the Yami Houou. Your will is amongst the strongest I've seen in any human I've ever witnessed, but what can I say? Us phoenixes are proud individuals."

Cammy nodded. "Yep, also fitting she has both the Houou and Garuda. My sister is a phoenix princess."

"My time is running short, but please remember our first meeting. Surely this won't be the last. Before I go, Rei and Cammy, be cautious of what the future might bring. You and your friends have the chance to shape your own future, but in order to achieve that you must defeat your current enemies, including the ones working behind the scenes. Be wary of Paradais. Once this wave of chaos subsides, do everything within your powers to prevent terrible omen, ensure ObeliskMegaGargomon doesn't give you grief, and ensure the Moon Princess ascends to her rightful place."

"Of course, we will," the dark-haired woman replied as she and Cammy bowed again.

"And here's a parting gift before we go our separate ways."

With that, RaPhoenixmon's eyes turned pure white while her body resonated an aura of golden light that washed all over the dimension. Rei and Cammy braced themselves as the light swallowed them up.

"My power will help augment the mirror tenfold! Digital Priestess and Sailor Mars, farewell until our next meeting!"

The entire dimension vanished within a blinding flash of white light. The Hino sisters were quickly teleported out of the mirror.

(End theme)


Shibuya District/Inuki Dojo & Residence/5:55 AM

Rei and Cammy winded up back where they were before getting sucked into the mirror. Both girls were right on top of Hiei, who just happened to check on the mirror. The sisters saw that they nearly crushed the demon under their combined weight.

"Oh! Sorry, Hiei!" Cammy apologized as she and Rei got off.

"Thank goodness you two are back," Usagi crawled over to check on Rei and Cammy.

Chibi-Usa interjected. "What happened in there?"

Rei and Cammy exchanged smiles as Hiei grumbled picking himself off the floor.

"You two aren't going to believe who we met," Cammy smiled exuberantly. She and Rei grabbed each other's hands. "Right, sis?"

The older Miko nodded. "You know it. We'll tell y'all in the morning." She glanced over to Hiei and sweatdropped. "Oh, and sorry about that. I thought you'd dodge that."

"Having fought many battles in a recent war can take a toll on you."

Cammy rolled her eyes and mumbled. "Oh you."

The girls giggled together as Hiei snorted irritably. Once Cammy collected her mirror, they joined everyone else and slept through the morning to get rested for their next major battle.

And speaking of battles, another unresolved conflict was set to commence beyond time.


South America, Peru/Outskirts of the Nazca Lines/3009 BC

Having spent much of their time scouring through the ancient Nazca land, the Duelists search for Frank nearly came up short. Then, as they arrived on a village, they spotted the locals being chased out by monsters. Then, much to the Signer and futurist's dismay, gargantuan black-bodied entities embroidered with brightly colored marks appeared attacking the closest vicinities.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Unreleased OST – The Rising of the Earthbound Immortal)

The Signers and their cohorts instantly identified the following titans: a spider, a hummingbird, a monkey, a lizard, a giant humanoid, an orca, and a condor.

"The Earthbound Immortals!" Yusei exclaimed.

"That bastard's not wasting any moment destroying the past after what he did to our future!" Crow shouted.

"SHOW YOURSELF, FRANK!" Yugi demanded. Then, right on cue, the group heard evil laughter emanating behind them.

Everyone turned around and sighted Frank laughing evilly and triumphantly.

"What took you all so long? But, so glad you could all make it on short notice. What do you think? I'm getting ready to reshape your timeline by altering the past!"

The Duelists, Neo Duelists, the Signers, and their entourage watched in horror as the Earthbound Immortals and an army of Duel Monsters attacked the Nazca villages. Frank raised his hands over head and grinned calmly albeit also sadistically.

"I can't believe we have to fight the Earthbound Immortals again!" Leo exclaimed.

Luna gasped. "We've got to save those villagers and lead them away!"

"You have two options! Either battle me and leave those people to die, or save those people while I unleash the Egyptian Gods to destroy you all!" Frank boasted like a madman on a mission. "Make a choice, but either way you will perish!"

"Seto, we've got to do something!" Mokuba turned to his brother. "I know we're here to stop Frank, but those people can't fight back against those monsters!"

"Especially those Earthbound Immortals. We've seen the kind of devastation they can cause!" Crow said.

Gritting his teeth, Seto turned around shooting a intense glare at Frank. After all the shenanigans Frank and the Paradais Knights have caused him, Seto had enough. With the destruction of Kaiba Manor still fresh on his mind, he quickly took the initiative and stepped up to confront Frank.

"Guys, we've gotta get going and make it fast!" Joey declared to his friends and colleagues near him. "We can lead these monsters away from the village."

"And then we'll have plenty of room to combat the monsters with our Spirit Fusion powers," Tristan said.

Yugi finally decided. "All right then. Yusei, Jaden, we're going to confront Frank. The rest of you go help those villagers."

"No, Yugi," Seto interjected as he didn't take his eyes off Frank for a minute. "I'll take this conniving monster. He's pushed me too far. Frank, I see you have a Duel Disk. I know you came prepared to duel us. I'll be your opponent!"

"Kaiba, I understand what you've been going through in the wake of Kaiba Manor's destruction, but this isn't time for revenge. There's more at stake!"

"I know that, Yugi. With all that we've been through these past couple of days, it's been the hardest I've ever had to endure," the CEO briefly eyed Yugi and shifted his focus back on Frank, who activated his Duel Disk and cruelly smiled. "And the fates of several timelines are at stake, including our own. This guy was the catalyst that caused Yusei and his friends' future to be wiped out. But, this is more than just petty revenge. I intend to take Frank on not just for me, but for Mokuba, Lyn, you, everyone else... and yes, even Joey."

Lyn and Mokuba smiled upon hearing Seto's bold statement. Yugi's entourage was taken aback that Kaiba even acknowledged fighting a battle for someone else's sake, which was rare even for him.

"Having gone back to Ancient Egypt has made me view things from a whole new perspective. Yugi, let me take this duel and I'll take full responsibility of taking him down."

Joey was flabbergasted. "Is this really Kaiba I'm hearing?"

"Seto, I'm so proud of you," Lyn genuinely smiled and nodded.

Convinced by his former rival's genuine speech, Yugi gave in. "Very well. I'll leave this to you, Kaiba." He shook Kaiba's hand and stepped aside to let him settle the score with Frank. "Everyone else, follow me! We have a responsibility to uphold and that is to preserve this timeline whatever it takes!" He turned to young Atem, Yusei, and Jaden. "Will you three help me lead our friends on?"

Yusei replied. "Of course, we will. Let's do this together."

Jaden grinned and gave a thumb up. "Let's do this!"

Atem nodded, holding up his Millennium pendant. "I'm ready, Yugi!"

Frank cackled as he garnered everyone's attention. "That's bold of you, Seto Kaiba. I accept your challenge!"

"Not so fast! I also want a piece of this guy!" Jack declared, stepping forward next to Kaiba. "Frank, I'm taking you down for Yusei and the rest of our crew!"

Chazz stepped forward next to Jack. "Count me in, too. I can't let Jaden hog all the glory for himself!"

Syrus sweatdropped. "Well, that's putting it mildly."

"What? I can't help if the bad guys always want to duel me!" Jaden exclaimed.

"Enough, guys! We've got villagers to save!" Alexis called out.

"She's right! Let's take care of business!" Tea exclaimed.

"We're ready, Yusei!" Akiza cried out.

Yugi, Yusei, and Jaden turned to Kaiba, Jack, and Chazz respectively and waved them off. Then, the leaders hastily led the three generations of Duelists toward their daring and important battle with everything at stake.

"So, which one of us goes first?" Seto wondered.

"Well, obviously, it should be me. I'm the one chosen by destiny!" Jack boasted, displaying his Signer Mark.

"No, The Chazz will not be denied his chance to shine!" Chazz bellowed.

"Gentlemen, there's no need to argue! I'm so confident in my newly acquired Egyptian Gods that I'll challenge all three of you at once! Our duel will be a three on one handicap," Frank announced to the trio. "I was hoping I'd duel Yugi Muto, Yusei Fudo, and Jaden Yuki, but you three will do just fine, especially with Seto Kaiba with us." He eyed the emotionally tense Kaiba and smiled off his angry glare with a smug grin. "Now, now, Kaiba, I know I've destroyed a foundation of yours and turned your technology loose against innocent duelists. Many are still hospitalized and you're wondering how you're going to make it up for them. Well, Seto Kaiba, I'm not sure how you intend to save face, but you have a chance to prevent a greater catastrophe if you and your two friends here can defeat me."

"ENOUGH!" Jack barked as he adjusted his Duel Disk. "I'm getting tired of hearing you talk, you blowhard. You're gonna pay for destroying our future! I intend to restore the place I call home!"

Chazz scoffed as he set up his Duel Disk. "The Chazz may not know you, but he doesn't like you either, especially not after all the mess you've put us through. Bring on those Egyptian Gods of yours!" He goaded the psychic duelist.

Kaiba raised a fist to Frank and chastised the Paradais Knights' mastermind. "I'm permanently putting you down here, Frank. Even those Gods of yours won't save you."

Frank chuckled and placed his deck into the Duel Disk's slot. "We'll see who'll come out on top, Seto Kaiba. But, with the Gods' power under my control, there's nowhere for you three to go but oblivion. Paradais shall reign across time and space."

The three duelists activated their duel disks and put their decks into the disk's slots.

"Since this is a three on one duel, you each get 4000 Life Points, but I, being your only opponent, get the benefit of 12000 Life Points. That seems fair, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, fair my foot," Chazz remarked. "We're gonna beat you fast! 12000 Life Points or not!"

"Bah, this punk's just full of it," Jack snorted irritably. "You just try playing those Egyptian Gods! I'll take them down myself!"

"Quit stalling, Frank, and prepare for your end!" Kaiba coldly rebuked.

"Fine, if you're all in a rush to perish, don't blame me when my Gods obliterate you," Frank retained his calm and composed demeanor in the face of his three opponents. "Are you three ready? Let this duel commence!"

With that said, Kaiba, Jack, and Chazz were prime and ready to go. Frank readied himself and glared the determined trio down.

(End theme)


(Cue Dissidia Final Fantasy – Opening)


Yugi: We must keep the Earthbound Immortals and the Egyptian Gods from ravaging this land. Keep the villagers away!

Jaden: You ready to do this thing, Yusei?

Yusei: This is our last shot to save your time and restore our future!

Atem: Using the Millennium Pendant, powered by the seven items, I grant everyone to summon their monsters to aid us in the coming battle!

Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei: Spirit Fusion Activate!

(Yugi transforms into Buster Blader, Jaden turns into Elemental Heroes Neos, and Yusei becomes Junk Warrior.)

Trudge: Tristan, Duke, and Atticus, come with me! We'll take the big spider!

Luna: Serenity and Yasmin, let's bring down Cusillu and its monkey army!

Carly: All right Mina, Lyn, and Blair, I hope you're all ready to tangle with a big hummingbird. Aslla Piscu, we meet again.

Akiza: Mai, Tea, and Alexis, together we'll unite our resources and monsters to stop Ccarayhua!

Leo: Ok Mokuba and Syrus, we've got a Ccapac Apu to take down!

Crow: I'm gonna need your help Joey, Aster, and Hassleberry. Let's send that orca to the stratosphere!

Yusei: There's Wiraqocha Rasca.

Yugi: And the Egyptian Gods.

Jaden: Think we're way over our heads here?

Frank: No matter what you do, you're fated to fail! You'll never stop the Earthbound Immortals!

Jack: Don't count out my friends and the others. They'll find a way and so will we!

Seto: Even your Egyptian Gods aren't the end all be all. Now, come forth Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

Chazz: Armed Dragon LV10!

Jack: Red Dragon Archfiend!


Joey: Don't miss the all-Duelist exclusive chapter!

Earthbound Immortal and Egyptian God All-Out Assault! Frank vs. Team Rival!

Tristan: An all-out assault is a huge understatement!


A/N: Whew, finally I got this chapter done before the end of August! At least I met my deadline (like there wasn't one to begin with, but I didn't want to procrastinate this installment). :D

Anyway, how about all 'dem developments? Arago slays King Enma and effectively changes the entire Spirit World landscape. Pretty surreal and now our Spirit team head back home to reunite with families and friends. They and the Senshi get a break before their huge battles.

Usagi finally sees Shingo in his Moonlight Knight garb and Mamoru approves. And does Shingo have a thing for Rei's younger sister? We'll see where this leads in their future.

Ah, speaking of Rei and Cammy, they finally meet the third member of the Digideity Dimension Trinity. If you haven't followed Across Dimensions (my DF-Kai story and/or Chaosblazer's Accel Stream series), RaPhoenixmon is one of three Digimon/Egyptian God-hybrid beings that serve to closely monitor three dimensions, otherwise known as the Trinity comprised of the YYGDM, DF-Kai, and Accel Stream dimensions. RaPhoenixmon sealed herself into the exact mirror she created for the Erie the first Digital Priestess and the successor Cammy; she concealed herself for a while until the time was right to meet Cammy and Rei. And that meeting couldn't have come at a better time than now.

The music score used for the RaPhoenixmon scene is an original piece I found on YouTube; the music piece created by Sheodon (Benjamin Kuli). Credit goes to this composer for a beautiful piece.

Additionally, the music score used during Gamera's scene 'Shao Khan' is custom made by Youtube user Shinrei (Shinai737).

Anyway, RaPhoenixmon observes YYGDM's dimension, also designated YYGDM-01; SliferGigaSeadramon watches the DF-Kai dimension, also designated DF-616 (and is sealed within that world's Digicores, the equivalent of the Dragonballs); and ObeliskMegaGargomon is sealed in a pocket dimension but still actively watches the Accel Stream world, also designated XLR-8. All three deities are fan characters created by Chaosblazer (and any reference to XLR-8 and/or Kensuke Rainer is a nod to him).

Another shocking revelation: the fifth Beast Card. Ouryu is a creation of AnimatedFord. Ryo receives the card and once the final battle with Valmarmon commences, Ryo will unveil his Beast Tamer form and very likely his Beast Biomerged form. And once again, Ouryu is traced right back to Morrigana, the powerful priestess and ancestor to the Hino sisters. Been a while since I mentioned her (but she gets referenced in Across Dimensions too if you've read it; Rei and Cammy learn their family's ancestry trace back to her).

More developments set for the future: Junpei confesses his love and Norn accepts his hand in marriage. Now, in case you ask if this is too sudden, not really. LazerWulf reminded me it's not uncommon for Japanese people to get married after just a few dates (esp. omiai dates); in this case, it would be plausible that Junpei would propose quickly. Yeah, I had to be reminded of this fact before I questioned this myself. Oh well.

Minako's pregnant! There's your reason why Ai wasn't erased when Rio died. Needless to say, a few nights prior to DoC, Mina and Rio had a freaky night together and Mina unknowingly got impregnated. If the chaos can be averted, Mina's due to deliver Ai in 9 months. Congrats to our idol blonde! :D

Okami's daughter, Hina, is being groomed to receive many young Lycans seeking for her. Moreover, and most importantly, Hina has been chosen to be the 'Neo' Sailor Pluto when she's ready. Unlikely to find a mate to bear a successor child, this is pretty much adoption and Setsuna feels she will want to settle down at some point (only when she also finds a successor to guard the time gate). For the time being, Setsuna's still going to be a busy woman and there'll come a time when she must take Hina in to train to become a Senshi. That time may come when Okami and Suzuno let her go, but the choice will also be of Hina's free will.

Kotori's still trying to decide her place in the world post-revival. We'll see where this goes after DoC.

Leomon's back and reunited with Jeri. Now, we finally get Leomon and Felinismon fighting side by side as a feline duo! Should be good and leads to more Digi-fusion possibilities.

Speaking of fusions, Suzie now has the Devas in her DDM-G. Next battle, she just might experiment with some interesting Deva combinations. ;)

Valmarmon's army receives upgrades. Credit goes to Ninetalesuk for Doomsdramon, DarkPegasusmon & Metal Mode, Madoudramon Titan Mode, and the usage of TM's visual description. The new forms for WarDevidramon and the Beast Demon Generals are credited to AnimatedFord.

As for the anomalous force Harbingermon referenced, well, it's coming. You probably have a good idea who is mastermind behind Charon and the Prophet. Or, maybe you don't, but keep it to yourselves. There's more to the Paradais duo than I'm letting on. ;)

Lastly, the next chapter will indeed be a Duelist-exclusive chapter. That's right. All duelist action and hopefully should finally cap off the whole Frank pursuit (and you're getting a duel, too!) As for how the Nazca Battle will go with the Earthbound Immortals and Egyptian Gods, it'll go as follows:

Uru (Spider) – Trudge (Goyo Guardian), Tristan (Gaia the Fierce Knight), Duke (Orgoth), and Atticus (Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon).

Cusillu (Monkey) – Luna (Fairy Archer), Serenity (Red-Eyes Black Dragon), and Yasmin (who's already Gravekeeper's Assailant).

Aslla Piscu (Hummingbird) – Carly (Fortune Lady Earth), Mina (Ruin, the Queen of Oblivion), Lyn (D.D. Warrior Lady), and Blair (Dunames Dark Witch).

Ccarayhua (Lizard) – Akiza (Splendid Rose), Tea (Dark Magician Girl), Mai (Harpie Queen), and Alexis (Cyber Blader).

Ccapac Apu (Giant) – Leo (Seven Swords Warrior), Mokuba (Paladin of White Dragon), and Syrus (Super Vehicroid).

Chacu Challhua (Orca/Killer Whale) – Crow (Blackwing Armor Master), Joey (Flame Swordsman), Hassleberry (Ultimate Tyranno), and Aster (D-Hero Plasma).

Wiraqocha Rasca (Condor) and the Egyptian Gods – Yusei (Junk Warrior), Yugi & Atem (Buster Blader), and Jaden (Elemental Hero Neos).

Each Signer (and 5Ds member) stick with the EBI they're familiar with. Luna, Akiza, and Crow fight the EBI they fought during the Dark Signers arc, and Carly fights Aslla Piscu, the EBI she used against Jack. That leaves Leo to fight Ccapac Apu and Trudge to fight Uru. Mina fights alongside Carly. The DM and GX crews were then paired off based on the 5Ds duelist. And to ensure more dynamic fighting, you may see the EBIs paired off so that there is one Signer Dragon per group and this in turn could lead to interesting team-ups amongst the Duelists! Next time, I'll reveal the EBIs pair offs (as well as the Duelist group team-ups).

Yes, I know the Crimson Dragon and the Signer Dragons are supposed to been in this to inevitably fight the EBIs. Hang on minute. The Signers won't even need to summon. They'll still arrive for their destined battle with the EBIs, but there's also the 3EGs in their way making things even more complicated.

What happens ultimately is the Duelists will battle the Duel Monster minions summoned by the EBIs (or the the leader's case, battling the 3EGs). The Crimson Dragon and the Signer Dragons still battle the EBIs... yeah, I hope you're following. If not, then wait 'til the next chapter and you'll see how the Nazca Battle will be structured.

And I know someone will ask about the Black-Winged Dragon? I have that covered. At this point Crow still doesn't have that specific card despite being a Signer, but the monster itself will still have involvement (in a manner you won't expect either!). As for Leo, he's still not a Signer yet, but he does have a Signer Dragon (sorta). So, is there a chance for Life Stream Dragon to show up? Yes, very likely, but with Leo bringing out Power Tool Dragon... there is where creativity will come into play!

So, yeah... look at all that info dump. Shit, that's a lot of info to consume and digest. All right, that'll wrap up this A/N. Next time, it's an all-Duelist focus chapter before we shift back to the other groups in 57.

Until then, send a a review and stay classy when the next chapter arrives! Later!