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With one Big Bad (Professor Frank) taken down, the Duelists will be available to help the Senshi, the five Chosen generations, and the Spirit Detectives. That leaves three other Big Bads to fight (Gamera, Arago, and Valmarmon) along with their top henchmen and armies.

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The fate of many worlds now truly hang into balance.

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Earth/Shinjuku District/Hypnos Headquarters/3:00 PM

(Cue Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King OST – The Black Gate Opens)

Gazing out from their newly established base of operations, the chaotic couple, Charon and Prophet, stood side by side viewing the darkened skies blanketing out the sunlight. Nearly all of Tokyo has now already been consumed, or least covered, in sheets of various colored crystals, but mostly a sea of green and dark blue crystals. Radical lightning poured from the sky and struck certain vicinities in the city.

"Is it glorious? Our network has been firmly established throughout Japan. In no time, nearly all of the Asia will be enshrouded by our Paradais network," Charon said, curving her evil smile outward on her pale features. "All of Europe and Australia have been taken over by our sea of chaos crystals. North America, South America, and Africa are sure to follow very soon."

"Our Paradais minions are already spreading out to pursue any bystanders trying to find their way out of our sea of chaos. The harvesting of human energy begins."

"Gamera's forces will also start the global incursion. Let's see how well the humans try to fight them off, but I can honestly expect the heroes to intercept them."

The Prophet turned away from the window and chortled darkly. "Indeed, they will, but they can prevent a global crisis under short notice? This is all but a front to allow our colleague to depart this world to seek the Romulus Source."

"And we're helping him bid enough time to get what he desires. What he doesn't realize is that the Romulus Source will be utilized for a much grander purpose," the dark Senshi stated. "Gamera, in the end, is serving our needs. I'll be making my move once he leaves this planet and lures the Senshi out to pursue him." She clenched her right hand and chuckled, letting darkness power to permeate through her palm.

"Let's not forget about our guests," the hooded figure veered toward Yamaki, Riley, Cain, Janyuu, and the Monster Makers. "They will have a front row seat of the impending chaos, which will lead to the end of their time."

"Oh yes, how can we forget about our guests," Charon acknowledged their prisoners. She eyed Cain and watched the pitiful man still reeling over the evil man masquerading as his late-wife. "Ah, our pathetic friend still hasn't gotten over my little mind games. He's a perfect example of how easily a human mind can be fractured. Such a sad state of affairs for pathetic humans unwilling to let things go. His obsession with ridding the world of the Senshi and the super-powered beings has led him to this state. Oh well. We will grant him his wish, won't we?"

"Once the final day passes, the heroes will fight their last battle. After that, the heroes will be no more."

Charon floated over to her seat and sat down, calmly leaning back and smiling. "In the meantime, my love, let's witness what these heroes can do when they're all backed up into a corner."

"If they can survive this day, they will have proven their worth as this universe's protectors. However, as I said, it won't matter when the final day of Chaos is behind us."

Upon opening his eyes, Janyuu sighted the chaos couple. Without them looking, he managed to slid his hands through the straps binding his wrists. His ropes hadn't been tight enough to hold him, allowing the man to break loose a bit. He looked over to Yamaki, who watched him loosen his straps.

"Don't do it, Janyuu."

"I have to at least try... I can't let these monsters get to Henry and the kids," Janyuu murmured his quietest, sliding his hands over to the straps binding both of his legs. "I just need to be slow and meticulous as I can."

Also in the room, Blitzkrieg, also tied up but hanging on a wall above the couple, awoke to witness Janyuu carefully freeing himself.

If this guy can find a way out of here... then so can I! I need to get out of this freaking place! Blitzkrieg thought, already plotting his escape from Paradais' custody.

The Prophet and Charon remained side by side oblivious to what Janyuu was doing. But, they obviously had their attention spent on bigger matters – namely the heroes and the forthcoming chaos.


Central Digital Realm/Huanglongmon's Palace/3:10 PM

Granasmon and Huanglongmon witnessed the penultimate gauntlet preparing to commence.

Granasmon closed his eyes and murmured softly. "The fate of many worlds hang into balance. Heroes, it's all on you."

(End theme)


Chapter 57

The Penultimate Gauntlet is Thrown! The Last Stand Before the Endgame!


Spirit World/Palace of Enma/3:18 PM

(Onimusha 3 Demon Siege - (S Side) Day of Anger - Guildenstern's Theme)

In his newly established kingdom, Arago stoically watched outside of the balcony, ready for his forces to prepare the assault on the human world soon. Just then, he sensed that Long arrived with intriguing news.

"Hmm, so I see you freed the prisoners," the ancient Taiyoukai said while not turning his head.

"Indeed, Lord Arago, these are our new additions to our ever growing army. They aim to serve you well in the forthcoming final stand against Spirit World and Makai's defenses." Long said with a sycophant tone.

As Arago turned behind him, he calmly smirked to see familiar faces that the Spirit Detectives and their allies have and will again encounter. Amassed before him are the faces of the vile demons the Detectives have slain.

A few returning faces were present, including Demento's previous conspirators Doctor Ichigaki, Risho, Swyne, Loki the Nekomata, Lilith, and Tambo.

One resembled a tall, muscular man with a menacing look. He has short black hair and a green shirt. He is Gouki, former ally of Kurama and Hiei when they once stole the three forbidden artifacts. He's now been advanced to a B-class.

Standing in the middle is a humanoid demon with pale white skin with tribal marks, a blue face tattoo shaped like a spider, pointy ears, and long red hair to show he's a bloodthirsty sadist. His name is Rando, wielder of 99 techniques, now at full 100 by learning the Demon Wave, the demonic variation of the Spirit Wave, at his own will. Because of it, he has become an S-class demon.

Alongside Rando is a humanoid demon with orange hair along with two red electrical antennas, and with pink and red clothing. This is the leader of the rogue Saint Beasts, Suzaku, now as an S-class demon. Alongside him is the female green bird with purple hair named Murugu.

A humanoid demon with black facial hair, icy blue skin, and Asian style clothing with dragon traits. His name is Seiryuu, another of the faux Saint Beasts and now an A-class.

A huge tiger demon with a dirty green mane, light blue fur, yellow eyes, and a brown toga. He is Byakko, one of the Saint Beasts and now an A-class.

A gray stoned turtle-like demon named Genbu, one of the Saint Beasts, stood on Byakko's right.

On the far left, a sleazy humanoid demon with black hair, gray skin, pointy ears, and wearing a dark green shirt named Roto appeared. Standing next to him is an arrogant humanoid demon with blond hair, pointy ears, blue shirt, and black boots named Zeru who crosses his arms. Both of them are now B-classes.

Appearing on the far right is a pale looking humanoid demon with a light green bandana, and is armed with demonic paintings. This demon is named Gama.

Next to him, a brutal looking humanoid with short black hair, and green loin cloth named Bakken.

A tall muscular demon with red skin and can transform his hand to a battle ax named, Makintaro was present.

A short looking human with a blue shirt and a fishing rod use as a weapon named, Ura Urashima was also present.

A tall human with short blond hair, white bandanna, and a sleeveless white jacket with a light purple shirt. He is known in a familiar Japanese folklore as Kuro Momotaro, but in-name only. Unexpectedly, he's now an S-class demon.

A brutish looking demon with his eyes remain close, buck teeth, four arms, two small arms on each side of his head, long messy hair, and a loin cloth with a belt of skulls. His name is Yatsude, an old foe that kidnapped Maya before Kurama and Hiei rescued her.

Finally towering behind them is a huge frightening demon with muscular proportions. He is the old enemy in Younger Toguro and Genkai's past, and the originator of the Toguro Brothers' powers, Kairen. He has been selected to lead the group to war.

These are the bloodthirsty demons that are ready to cultivate the human world.

Raising his right hand, Arago clenched it tight and openly declared. "Fellow demons, you have been given a second chance to take revenge on the Spirit World Detectives that sealed your fates. You've received my power, augmenting your demon rankings several times over and this should allow you to battle the Detectives, whose powers have since grown. Now, with my Meikai armies, you will invade the human world. Kairen, lead them victory and harvest all the humans you can find!"

Kairen bowed his head. "As you command, Lord Arago."

"HAIL LORD ARAGO!" The demons bellowed in unison, expressing their gratitude to their new king.

"Shall we advance into Earth?" Long inquired.

"We will, but I thought I'd conserve my powers just a bit as this girl's body hasn't completely adapted to my immense Youki energies."

Long was befuddled when hearing. "You mean...?"

"She's trying to resist me, but I'm winning the battle of the wills. In no time, her consciousness will completely subdued by my demon powers."

"Excellent, Lord Arago. I never would've doubted you."

Lord Arago watched his demonic forces storm out from his castle. An evil grin adored his face as he willfully suppressed Kohana's will.

I've won, Kohana. Not even your will can stop me from leading the invasion on. Arago thought, securing his hand around a large horn he had extracted from Enma's body. "Oh, King Enma, it's such a shame you're not alive to witness the collapse of the three worlds. The Meikai Kingdom has about to witness its grandest ascension since you came to power. The true age of demons is finally upon us!"

(End theme)


Near Earth's Orbit/Thousands of feet above Tokyo/Neo-Rajita Mothership/3:45 PM

(Cue Mortal Kombat 9 OST – The Netherrealm)

At that exact moment the Meikai forces prepared for Earth's incursion, Gamera was already ahead of the game. He had his Neo-Rajita forces amassed on top of the mothership. Hundreds of Blitz and Buster mechs emerged from launching pads and took to the air. They glided over the ship as Gamera commanded them to initiate their global advancement.

"Go now, aerial forces. Spread over the planet and initiate the terraform process. Once you've placed the drills at the designated hot spots, dig deep enough to release the heat from within the planet's core! We'll terraform this backwater world and create a new Rajita planet!" Gamera bellowed, raising and clenching his right fist over his head. "Ground forces, start mobilizing and spread over this metropolis. Capture any human primates you can find, and collect souls using your Orichalcos stones! You can expect the Senshi and their cohorts to engage you. If and when they do, don't hesitate to eliminate them!"

Every available Neo-Rajita soldier on hand howled in unison, loyally following their leader's orders. It wasn't long as the Neo-Rajita forces mobilized the global incursion.

Chuckling darkly behind his battle mask, Gamera turned to the darkened sky. His eyes gleamed bright green.

"Soon, I will travel beyond the stars and the Romulus Source will be mine. Father, your memories are telling me to realize my destiny and become the ultimate power in the universe. Heh, I intend to surpass your expectations." He turned away and floated inside his mothership. I expect our paths will cross very soon, Senshi. But, I doubt you can procure anything to counter the power of the Romulus Source. And if Paradais believes I'll hand them the source, well, they're in for a big disappointment.

(End theme)


Southern Digital Realm/50 kilometers from the wormhole/4:00 PM

(Cue The Lord of the Ring: Battle for Middle Earth 2 OST – Forces of Evil)

Valmarmon and Madoudramon Titan Mode witnessed their dark forces mobilizing toward the wormhole that the Neo-Rajita left open. Madoudramon TM motioned over to VictoryDevidramon and mounted his back. The four Beast Generals, BlazeSuzakumon, QuakeGenbumon, StormSeiryuumon, and AuroraByakkomon, were given orders to take Nightmare Soldiers forward.

ChaosGallantmon Destructor Mode addressed Madoudramon TM. "We're 50 kilometers from the distortion. We can confirm that we'll be able to crossover to the human's world."

"Excellent then we shall proceed with advancement into the human's world."

As he paused to gaze at his red moon, Valmarmon had a lot on his mind, but the conquest of many worlds remained his top priority above all else. He wondered if another powerful force was responsible for his revival. As Doomsdramon descended next to him, the Demon God mounted the winged gargantuan.

"Madoudramon, once we have infiltrated Earth, use your powers to open up the portal to Digital Hell and unleash the evil Digimon armies. That will bolster our numbers and the Chosen will have more than us to worry about."

"As you command, Lord Valmarmon," bowed Madoudramon TM. He then beckoned VictoryDevidramon to take him toward the wormhole location.

"Yes, onward my loyalists! There'll be nothing to stand in the way of my conquest! The Age of Valmarmon begins!" The Demon God bellowed as his wicked laughter echoed throughout the vicinity. He ordered Doomsdramon to fly him off, which the winged beast did as told. "Granasmon, watch as your Chosen army fall to me and my armies! Hahaha!"


Waiting and barricading the wormhole were the amassed armies representing the Royal Knights, Dra-Warriors, Amazons, and other Digimon & Duel Monster communities. At the forefront of the forces were Omegamon, Tai Kamiya, Matt Ishida, Buster Blader, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Davis Motomiya, Ken Ichijouji, Athenamon, and Amazoness Swordswoman. Most of the Olympus 12 Digimon were present. The remaining Royal Knights, Craniummon, Crusadermon, and Dynasmon, were standing by to prove support. The Dra-Warrior duo, Kyodaidramon and Espirtdramon, were standing by with their Dra-Warrior cohorts.

All of them waited for Valmarmon's force to arrive in order to counteract them.

"Valmarmon's forces draw near. This is the moment we've been waiting for," Omegamon said. "This is the last stand to keep them out infiltrating Earth."

Tai anxiously clenched his fists and spoke. "Can we stop them?"

Matt turned to his friend and frowned. "We won't know until we engage them, but I want to believe we can."

"We have to or Valmarmon enters the human world," Imperialdramon Fighter Mode blatantly stated. "We can't allow that to happen!"

"We're going to send Valmarmon and his crew running when we're through with them!" Davis declared with the utmost confidence.

Ken muttered. "Hope it's that easy."

"Let's not forget, my friends. Just on the other side, the Chosen will be waiting. We're in this war together," Athenamon boldly said, giving the others a sense of hope. "As long as we stand united, there's nothing Valmarmon and his dark forces can do to stop us."

Everyone assumed their positions and prepared for the incoming Valmarmon army.

In just less than a few hours, a war between good and evil was destined to spill out. And depending on certain variables, this war could go on until the final day of chaos just as Paradais preordained.

(End theme)


Earth/Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/5:15 PM

Waiting on standby in the park, the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, the Digi-Destined, and DATS were ready to make their move. Having said their goodbyes to their families, the Tamers and the Warriors shifted their focus on fighting Valmarmon's forces and sending them back to oblivion. However, there was one amongst them who hadn't gotten to chance to see his father.

Henry eyed the direction of the crystallized fortress that used to be the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. He hadn't gotten a call back from his father or Yamaki, which distressed him and the Tamers.

"Are we all ready for this?" Takato addressed everyone. "This is it. We put a stop to Valmarmon here and now!"

Guilmon added. "We're gonna win, Takato! I just know it!"

"Henry?" Rika glanced over to their friend. "You're sure you haven't heard from your dad, Yamaki, and the others?"

"Yeah. These crystals are somehow interfering with phone signals."

"These crystals just formed all over the city overnight! It's crazy!" Takuya exclaimed.

Kari shuddered, sensing an unsettling vibe from the sea of crystals blanketing the city. "I don't like this feeling."

"You're right to worry. I don't like this either," Kouji spoke up.

"I have to go into the government building, guys," Henry stated.

"Not alone you're not!" Kazu reprimanded him.

Terriermon poked Henry's cheek. "Yeah, who knows what's waiting in there for us?!"

"They're right, Henry. You're going to need some of us to accompany you," Jaarin said, walking up near her brother. She nodded and smiled to him. "That's why I'll be going with you to save father and the others."

"But, sis..."

"No buts. I'm going."

"Me, too!" Suzie interjected. "I want to save dad, Yamaki, and the others, too!" The bold child made her declaration clear to her siblings and the others.

"Shoot if the kid's ready, then I'm rearing to go!" Kotori called out, proudly flexing her arm forward. "Right, Himura?"

"Henry, we're coming with you," Himura insisted. "The rest of you spread into groups, be leery of these crystals, and hold the down the fort while we're away." He pivoted over to Inumon, Takato & Guilmon, Rika & Renamon, Henry & Terriermon, Kotori & Seadramon, Phillipe & Jaguarmon, Jaarin, and Suzie & Lopmon. "Well, we've got a crystal fortress to raid. Are y'all up for it?"

"Did you even have to ask?" Rika remarked.

"We're up for anything, but let's hope Valmarmon and his army don't breach this side soon," Phillipe stated.

(Cue The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2 OST – Joining Forces)

"Then, we better make this fast!" Takato said, quickly whipping out his D-Ark and firmly addressing everyone. "We've rested well and gotten our families' blessings. We can't let Valmarmon take what we love about our world. We've all come far, but this is the most important battle of our lives. We can't fail. Our families, friends, humanity, and our Digimon companions depend on us!"

"Hear that, guys?" Takuya instinctively rallied his crew and the other Digiteams. "So what if we failed? That must makes us even stronger. And now we're more than ready for whatever Valmarmon throws at us. So again, let's go out there, kick ass, and take names! There's not one evil power that can beat us now!"

"You said it, Takuya!" Junpei exclaimed, standing with Norn and Ryudamon behind him.

"We've been in this thing since the start, there's no turning back with much at stake," TK declared, nodding and rallying his friends behind him. "I speak for Tai, my brother, Davis, and Ken, too."

Masaru quickly spoke up, pumping up his fist. "Let's get to it then!"

Agumon (M) hollered. "It's fighting time!"

"After seeing our pups all grown up and seeing them with Beelzebumon, I almost can't believe it! They've made their poppa proud!" Inumon teared up with overbearing joy. "And what's more..."

Himura chuckled. "Yeah, hard to believe their partners are my god brothers!"

Renamon smiled genuinely. "Indeed, they grew up fast. Now, they have the twins as their official Tamers."

"A new era is approaching and only we can ensure those two will see a bright future with their Digimon," Takato proclaimed.

Takato, Rika, Henry, and Himura raised up their D-Arks over their heads, invoking the powers of their Beast Spirits. Phillipe used his DDM-Gattai to empower himself with his Light of Victory power. Kotori pulled out her Valkyrie Dagger to invoke her Valkyrie transformation. Likewise, Suzie joined in using her DDM-Gattai to empower herself with her Light of Victory and evolve Lopmon into her Ultimate-level form. Jaarin pulled out her D-Scanner to transform herself into her Z-Hybrid form.

"Phoenix Spirit! Suzaku!"

"Dragon Spirit! Seiryuu!"

"Turtle Spirit! Genbu!"

"Tiger Spirit! Byakko!"

Suzakato, Seirika, Henbu, and Himakko emerged first followed by their evolved Digimon partners Gallantmon, Sakuyamon, MegaGargomon, and YoukaiInumon.

"Jaguarmon Mega Shinka! Artemismon!" Upon evolving, Artemismon was granted a speed boost from the Light of Victory through Phillipe's DDM-G. She quickly caught up with him by foot whilst both left a trail of yellow light.

"Awaken, Valkyrie! Brunhilde!" Kotori cried out as she transformed into Valkyrie Brunhilde.

"Seadramon Mega Shinka! Leviamon!"

Brunhilde flew up and followed Leviamon as they advanced toward Paradais' crystallized fortress.

"Lopmon Chou Shinka! Antiramon!" She shouted and picked up Suzie, taking off after the others.

"Execute! Fusion Evolution! Calypsomon!"

"Hey, we're gonna give you guys a hand!" Masaru called out as fractal coding materialized on his hand. "Let's go, Agumon!" He then scanned his hand over his Digivice. "Digisoul Charge! Overdrive!"

"Ok!" Agumon (M) exclaimed. "Agumon Shinka! ShineGreymon!" After evolving, he dove down and let Masaru hop on his right shoulder. "Let's make this a hasty rescue, Masaru!"

"March on forward! There's nothing that they can stop us now!" exclaimed the hot-blooded and bold male.

As the group advanced toward the crystallized fortress, the other members of the Digiteam spread out into groups to cover more territory and prepare for Valmarmon's forces.

(End theme)


Shibuya District/Inuki Dojo & Residence/5:30 PM

Now standing outside the shrine, the Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detectives boldly faced the crystallized landscape that was once their peaceful city. All of them realized they have a big battle ahead of them. The Sailor Senshi, the Kuiper Senshi, the Neo Senshi, and the Sailor Quartet stood on one side with their instruments ready to transform with. The Spirit & Neo Detectives, RJ, Ryuuhi, Adam, Daiki, Demona, Tsukimaru, the Chimeras, Vega, Dimitri & Faith, Nagah, and Lien & TobuCatmon were all rearing to go.

Yuuichirou, Okami, Suzuno, and Hina stood on their shrine eyeing the battle ready groups. Keiko, Yukina, Saya, Shizuru, the Mooncats, and Eris' dogs were in the shrine tending to the kids and infants.

"Please, be careful all of you. We'll be praying for you to come back," Suzuno said her blessings.

"They know what they must do, dear. This is their most crucial battle with everything at stake," Okami said, kneeling down to pat Hina's head. "Your brother and his friends are going to fight to protect us all."

Hina nodded and smiled, gazing quietly toward Aoshi.

Setsuna glanced over her shoulder and caught sight of Hina. She realized should they succeed in this coming war, she will be left with the task of training Hina and prepping her to be a Neo-Sailor Pluto. But, her vision of the future remained unclear as long as Charon was still threat now.

Usagi, with a determined look, turned around to address her colleagues. "So, it's time. Sailor Senshi, Kuiper Senshi, Neo Senshi, are we ready to save the world again?"

"As always," Rei, Ami, Makoto, and Minako said in unison.

"There's no turning back now," Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru said together.

"For me, there's a lot to gain back," Nagah spoke up. "I must reclaim what I regretfully gave that monster in the first place!"

Lien chimed in excitedly. "You will become leader again, Nagah-sensei!"

"Thanks for the vote in confidence, Lien."

"Okami, I promise you the Neo-Rajita's leader and Paradais won't destroy the beautiful future that lies ahead," the Time Guardian addressed her old friend, bowing as Okami acknowledged her with a sagely nod.

"I know you all will. Should you need me, I'll be there as well."

"We're ready, Sailor Moon!" Karin exclaimed, already rearing to get back into the battle.

"We've rested enough. Now's time to end this!" Chibi-Usa declared. "And time for us to take back our future!"

Yusuke added with a grin. "I've got no inspiring speeches. Let's simply kick Arago and Long's asses!"

Kuwabara asserted. "Hell yeah! I'm right with ya, Urameshi!"

Kurama chortled. "That's putting it mildly."

Hiei simply added. "Detective, we don't always see eye to eye, but I concur on that sentiment."

Yasha chuckled to herself. "You're all an interesting bunch, Spirit Detectives."

Yui hollered. "And this is our last chance to save the Kuroshishi family!"

Dimitri and Faith joined the Kuiper Senshi while Vega hurried over to Ami.

"Careful, Ami. I gotta check back with Takuya, Dimitro, and the gang," Vega said, cupping his fingers under Ami's chin. "After we kick these bad guy's butts, we'll make time with Amaya and Daiki." Acknowledging his kids, he looked up sighting the Mizuno-Hunter twins. He smiled to them both.

"We understand, dad," Daiki said. "You are one of the Legendary Warriors, after all."

Amaya walked over and hugged Vega. "It was good to finally see you after missing out on you the night we got here."

"Heh, I'm just thrilled me and Ami have such awesome kids like you two!" Vega boasted, pulling the twins into a fatherly embrace. "Hearing all you've been through, I couldn't be any more proud."

"Let's pull through these odds, dad," Amaya and Daiki replied.

"Do be careful, Vega," Ami said as she and Vega kissed with the latter storming out and transforming into Wildentmon. Wildentmon quickly headed off to the other side to reconvene with his fellow Warriors.

Dimitri walked up behind Karin and patted her right shoulder.


"Ready to get this over with? Even with me here, we have a big battle ahead for us."

"Knowing you're here with us makes me self-assured we can overcome anything," Karin replied, pivoting from Dimitri and Faith. She glanced over to her Kuiper team. "And knowing you guys are all here, we can overcome anything. But, not all of us are up to the date upgrades-wise." As she said this, she eyed Vivian and Miho, who were standing behind the main Kuipers. "Vivian Wong, Miho Nosaka, please come up here."

With that, the duo walked over upon hearing their names. Setsuna walked over to greet them.

"I'm glad you two ladies have come to help complete the Kuiper fold," Setsuna acknowledged Vivian and Miho. "I understand your Senshi powers have progressed to your basic Valkyrie forms, but you and Small Lady's Senshi have yet to receive your Dai-Valkyrie upgrades."

Immediately taking charge, Chibi-Usa beckoned the Quartet, Amaya, Umi, Koori, and Ai over to join Vivian and Miho. "She's right. We need everyone at their best." She smiled genuinely and called Aoshi over. He paused and opened his hand revealing the Moon Heart Crystal. Her eyes slightly gleamed over the beautiful red gem in the teen's hand. "So, we use this?"

"Since the Kuiper team and Chibi-Usa got their Dai-Valkyrie armors from Sleipnir's power, it just might be what they need," the Time Guardian spoke up. "Now, Aoshi, it's time."

Aoshi nodded as he lifted the gem over his head. "Let's get this over with."

Chibi-Usa addressed the Neo Senshi, the Quartet, Vivian, and Miho. "Neo Senshi, Sailor Haumea, and Sailor Makemake, it's time to receive your Dai-Valkyrie upgrades!"

"Bring it on!" Vivian yelled, pumping up her fist excitedly.

"This truly is an honor," Miho said.

"Here we go," Koori murmured silently.

Wasting no time, Aoshi's hand turned red from the bright glow emanating from the Moon Heart Crystal's light. The crimson glow beamed from his hand whilst splashing over the Neo Senshi, Vivian, and Miho.

"Wow, this light... I'm already feeling stronger with it entering me!" Ai said as the red glow resonated with her Senshi powers.

One by one, the Neo Senshi's planetary symbols appeared on their foreheads. Likewise, the same happened to the Quartet, Miho, and Vivian. They each focused while allowing the Moon Heart Crystal's energies to resonate with them. Their Valkyrie daggers came floating out in front of them.

Their spirit animals also materialized and floated over their heads.

Ai looked up to see Inari the fu dog. Koori sighted Frostburn the swan/wyvern hybrid. Umi saw Ford the thunder bird. Amaya smiled when Kelpie the water horse appeared again. Vivian was delighted to see Flint the jerboa. Miho noticed Mirage the chameleon sitting on her right shoulder.

CereCere watched Cadence the gorilla materialize next to her. PallaPalla and Harmony joined together. VesVes watched Flare appear beside her. JunJun hugged Mara when the latter appeared.

The participants readily grabbed their Valkyrie Daggers and invoked the new mystical powers required for their Senshi power upgrade.

(Cue Valkyrie Profile OST – Take Flight)

"Neo Senshi, Sailor Quartet, Sailor Makemake, and Sailor Haumea, to activate your new powers, state the following incantation: Dai-Valkyrie Power. Make-Up," instructed Setsuna.

The girls nodded together and followed through.

"Makemake/Haumea/Ceres/Pallas/Vesta/Juno/Blue Mars/Battle Jupiter/Cyber Mercury/Summoner Venus... DAI-VALKYRIE POWER! MAKE-UP!"

Minako beamed happily. "Oh, we've got another Dai-Valkyrie set now."

"Now, it's our kids' turns," Rei plainly stated.

"This is glorious, isn't it, Luna?" Artemis asked his fellow cat.

The dark-furred mooncat nodded. "Indeed, it is, Artemis. More Dai-Valkyrie Senshi to join the fight against the ever growing darkness!"

As they completed their transformations, the Neo Senshi, the Quartet, Vivian, and Miho emerged fully garbed in their Dai-Valkyrie armors.

Dai-Valkyrie Makemake was now dressed in lavender, gold, and white armor complete with headgear. Her armor covered most of her body, sans the legs and arms. A long skirt hung from her waist split in the middle, revealing her long and slender legs. Her whip was attached on her right hip.

Dai-Valkyrie Haumea emerged garbed in a revealing armor (similar to Jupiter, Uranus, Eris, and Varuna's Dai-Valkyrie armor), which showed off more of her strong, well-defined athletic body. Wearing less armor granted her better use of flight and agility during battle. Her armor was maroon and gold complete with armored and high-heeled sandals, which showed off her bare feet and maroon pedicure. Her bladed fans were now attached to her hips.

The Quartet gained modified versions of their regular Valkyrie armors.

Ceres' armor was heavily covered and gained a more gorilla motif.

Pallas' armor was more modest and featured a seal-like motif.

Vesta's armor was more revealing and had a bear-like motif; she additionally gained as she gained armored high-heeled sandals and claws on her gauntlets.

Juno's armor became similar to Vesta's, except her armor gained a lynx-like motif.

Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars walked out wearing a beautiful azure, gold, and white armor complete with a snow blue helmet, which now had tufts of white swan feathers. Wings made out of white snow feathers were seemingly folded behind her back. Her arms were fitted in azure armored gloves. Adorning her shoulders were snow blue armor trimmed with gold. Her feet were now encased in azure and gold boots. Her torso and waist was covered in a long white skirt, which went way down past her knees, leaving a small opening revealing her slender legs. Her long light blue hair cascaded down the sides of her helmet. Upon completing her transformation, four transparent white wings stretched outward and subsequently faded.

Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter emerged wearing a more elaborate wardrobe of her regular Valkyrie armor with more refined design. Her olive green armor now sported spiked protrusions on her shoulders and wrists. She also gained armored knuckle guards with claw-like extensions at the front. Tufts of green and blue feathers formed into peacock-like feathers, which now folded behind her back.

Dai-Valkyrie Cyber Mercury stepped forward wearing cyan and white heavy armor trimmed with gold. Her arms were fitted in cyan armored gloves. Adorning her shoulders were cyan armor trimmed with gold. Her feet were now encased in cyan and white boots. A long white skirt trimmed with cyan started at the torso and went down past her knees. Four transparent wings made of blue water stretched outward and subsequently faded.

Dai-Valkyrie Summoner Venus walked forward wearing a refined version of her regular Valkyrie armor. Tufts of golden yellow fur formed around her shoulders and waist. Her long white sleeves now had more elaborate fu dog designs embellished on them. She also gained her own knuckle guards with claw-like extensions. Upon completing her transformation, four transparent gold wings stretched outward and subsequently faded.

The Senshi watched in awe at the newly transformed Dai-Valkyries. The Inners, especially, expressed contentment with their daughters. Karin and the Kuipers were equally content with Makemake and Haumea's new forms.

"It's great that our daughters have their own Dai-Valkyrie armors. They look good!" Makoto said, nodding in approval at Battle Jupiter's new armor.

"You definitely make me proud, Umi," Mako said, clapping his hands.

"Koori, you're even more beautiful looking in that armor," Sam commented as he scanned over her new armor.

Blue Mars blushed and smiled. "Thank you, Sam."

"Same to you, Amaya. It's definitely you," Max approved.

Cyber Mercury replied earnestly. "Aww, thanks, Max."

"You look great in your new armors, Quartet!" Diana chimed in.

"Thanks, we really like them! And we dig the animal motifs!" Vesta said with elation.

Ceres looked over her armor. "Yes, they're quite lovely."

"So, what do you two think of your armors?" Karin asked Haumea and Makemake.

"I like how pretty mine is," Makemake said, looking down her Dai-Valkyrie armor. "I do feel more power within me."

"Now, this is more like it!" Haumea gladly approved of her new power and armor. "I can move much more freely with this!" She spun around and kicked her right foot up. "Hah! Yeah!"

"You better watch where you kick!" Tyra spat out.

"Ok, guys! Let's kick things into high gear and transform already!" Christina declared to her friends' agreement.

"Time to save the day again, guys," Karin said, lifting her Valkyrie Dagger up in conjunction with the other Kuipers.

"What she said, guys! Let's restore our city and the world from this chaos!" Usagi shouted as she and the Senshi raised their Valkyrie Daggers up.

(End theme)

(Cue My-Otome - Materialize)

"Moon/Mars/Mercury/Jupiter/Venus/Uranus/Neptune/Pluto/Saturn/Sedna/Eris/Ixion/Quaoar/Orcus/Varuna/Neo Moon... DAI-VALKYRIE POWER! MAKE-UP!"

"Norse Knight... POWER-UP!"

Dimitri and Faith quickly merged to become Angemon X.

Max and Sam Spirit Fused into Black Luster Soldier and Chaos Emperor Dragon.

The entire Senshi assembly stepped forward fully garbed in their most up-to-date upgrade forms, readily facing the direction of the crystallized city. Their cohorts, namely Angemon X and the Stromberg brothers, joined them. Daiki activated his Hermes armor and hastily took off with Helbot.

"This is it, guys. There's no turning back," Dai-Valkyrie Moon informed her entourage.

"How many times have we heard that already?" Dai-Valkyrie Mars remarked.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus chortled and joked. "If I had a yen for every time I heard that, I'd be rolling in the dough."

"But, she's right," Dai-Valkyrie Saturn stated calmly. "There's nothing ahead of us but a series of battles and only after we've weeded through this chaotic evil will we save everything we cherish of our worlds."

"Yeah, we have more than Earth to save," Dai-Valkyrie Sedna said.

Koenma, Botan, Genkai, and Jorge walked out meeting with the Spirit Detectives.

"There's restoring the balance of Spirit World," Koenma plainly said.

"We'll take care of that, Koenma," Yui reassured the Spirit World prince, and quite possibly future king if circumstances played to the Detectives' favor.

"All right, let's go out there and kick ass, guys!" Yusuke shouted.

"We'll have to split up into groups and intercept the Neo-Rajita armies spread across the globe," Dai-Valkyrie Mercury said, displaying live images of Neo-Rajita invasions hitting various cities worldwide.

"We'll decide which of us splits into groups," Dai-Valkyrie Ixion stated.

"Let's move!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon exclaimed.

Glancing over her back, Dai-Valkyrie Venus noticed Rio laying down next to Kyo inside the shrine. Selipa received help from Yukina and Suzuno to look after the bodies of the Kuroshishi brothers. Dai-Valkyrie Summoner Venus, too, sighted her father and uncle's bodies.

"Don't worry, we're going to bring Rio and Kyo's souls back to their bodies once we save Kohana," Yui reassured them both as Yui and Aoshi nodded together.

After Shingo finished talking with Moon and Norse Knight, he joined Cammy as she formed a mystic bubble to help fly them out into the city.

With that, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi summoned their animal steeds and mounted them before flying off into the city. They then split into several small teams as they split up to take the other global cities. The Spirit Detectives, Neo-Spirit Detectives, and Chimeras split up to aid the Senshi and wait out for the forthcoming demon incursion that Arago was set to unleash.

(End theme)

"I hope they can turn back the Rajita and Arago's armies," Jorge muttered, nervously sitting back inside the shrine.

"Of course they can do it!" Artemis exclaimed, his tone exuded confidence.

Luna, Diana, Desi, and Lucy all nodded in agreement with Artemis.

As Nagah, Morpheous, Lien, and TobuCatmon departed, Wolk and DemiDevimon watched them leave.

"Good luck, Helena," DemiDevimon murmured.

"Can't believe we're fighting our own people," Wolk said.

"War can be unpredictable. People switch sides at the drop of a hat," Okami said. "That's one aspect of warfare."

Having watched the Senshi fly off, Hina sat down awestruck.

"One day, honey, you'll be out there with them. Miss Setsuna will take good care of you," Suzuno said, sitting next to her daughter and folding an arm over her lovingly.

Hina smiled and nodded.

"Come back safely, Aoshi..." Suzuno muttered.

"You," Okami addressed Selipa, who he saw sitting near Kyo. "Why don't you go and join Yusuke's entourage? They're going out there fighting. I believe that's where you should be if your power is as mighty as I'm led to believe. You were one of the Priests' Demon Knights and above S-class like Kyo."

"Yes, but I feel I should be here with Kyo."

"He and Rio are being well taken care of here with us. You do know Rio's woman, Minako, is out there doing her part in ensuring this world is saved. Don't you wish to avenge your lover?"

"Long's still out there and I haven't gotten my payback on him. After all, he did kill me..." Despite her venom toward Long, she was hesitant to leave Kyo.

"What are you sitting on your ass then? If you want to avenge Kyo, then this is your opportunity," Genkai stated. "You may not have another chance at redemption."

As her feelings started to sink in, Selipa stood up and stormed out of the shrine.

"Looks like you convinced her well, Genkai," Botan said.

"Someone had to do it."

"Yuuichirou," Okami addressed the young man. "He may have to call upon the other clan members to help out our friends."

"Of course," Yuuichirou replied. "I'd like to see if Rei, Koori, and Ryuuhi will be ok."

"The fates of many worlds rest on their shoulders," Koenma boldly said, staring out to the darkened sky and crystallized city. "We must put our faiths in them. That's the most we can do at this point." He sank his head and let out deep breaths. Please prove me right, you guys.


Domino City/KaibaCorp/6:00 PM

Gathered in the front lobby, the Duelists safeguarded the doors to prevent the chaos monsters they encountered earlier from breaching through. Seto assessed the situation before leading the Duelists toward the back where they sighted more chaos monsters ravaging the Domino City vicinity. Prince Atem, still completely in disarray over the time period setting, stood by trying to absorb everything going on.

Half of the monsters were Duel Monsters while others resembled monsters roaming the Paradais dimension.

"Looks like we got our work cut out for us," Joey assessed.

"Nothing we can't handle now that we can use Spirit powers and kick butt!" Jaden exclaimed. "Besides, we got the Egyptian Gods back where they belong!"

Yusei furrowed his brows and faced his colleagues. "And we have Signer Dragons to back us up, too. We'll clear Domino City of these freaks in no time!"

Yugi stood right in front of everyone and spoke out. "My friends, we will triumph over the chaotic forces that plague our world! We saved the past. Now we will restore balance to the here and now!"

The Duelists concurred altogether and firmly stood united. They shifted their view ahead and observed Domino City covered in crystals.

"What's with the sea of these weird-looking crystals?" wondered Tea.

"I don't like the looks of this, guys," Syrus gulped, feeling a negative from the crystals much like the others.

"I'm definitely getting bad vibes," Luna said.

"Guys, look!" Duke called out as he pointed to where the Paradais building stood as it poured smoke that opened a portal for more monsters to come out.

"So, the Paradais building is the source of these crystals and monsters. Why am I not surprised?" Jack scoffed.

Yugi added. "Whatever the case, we have to close the source and send these monsters where they belong!"

Lyn grabbed Seto's hand and smiled. "C'mon, let's knock a few heads. Besides, we might find Max and Sam around here."

Seto replied. "Let's go."

With that, the Duelists hastily stormed off to intercept the chaos monster incursion. Trudge and Mina stayed behind to keep Professor Frank from trying to break loose. When Frank came to, Trudge knocked him out with a punch to his head.


Shinjuku District/Tokyo Government Metropolitan Building/6:10 PM

The Beast Biomergers, Phillipe & Artemismon, Valkyrie Brunhilde & Leviamon, Suzie & Antiramon, Calypsomon, and Masaru & ShineGreymon Burst Mode mobilized toward the crystallized fortress, which used to be where the Tokyo Government Building prominently stood out. They were still able to discern the shape of the building despite the crystal layers covering them.

"There! It may not look like the government on the outside, but you can tell from the shape!" BlazeGallantmon pointed out to the building.

StormSakuyamon quipped. "Obviously. Henry, don't worry we're almost there!"

"I know, but I need to know if dad's ok!" Henry called out from within QuakeGargomon, who hastened the pace and glided on past his friends.

AuroraInumon called out. "Wait up, QuakeGargomon!"

"Heads up, we've got trouble!" Phillipe shouted as he directed everyone toward crystals around them shooting at them. He and Artemismon used their speed to avoid getting skewered by those shards.

(Cue Mortal Kombat 3 OST – The Pit 3)

The Beast Biomergers quickly put up their guard, either blocking or knocking away the crystal shards shooting at them like needles.

"We're going up, Suzie!" Antiramon cried out, jumping up with the child still in her arms as they avoided the shard barrage.

Calypsomon forged walls of water to shield herself and everyone from the shards.

Valkyrie Brunhilde intercepted incoming shards with her sword. Then, she flew up aiding Leviamon in taking out more crystal shards. As more came shooting out from a crystal wall behind her, Brunhilde combined her fire and ice magic to conjure a wave of blue flames.

"Valhalla Frozen Inferno!" Brunhilde quickly vanquished the shards with encompassing blue flames, which spread out and consumed the crystals. She helped clear a path for everyone to advance toward the government building. "There! We can move on!"

"You're such a life saver, Kotori!" AuroraInumon exclaimed.

"Thanks a lot, Kotori!" Phillipe said. "That'll save us a lot of trouble!"

StormSakuyamon was flabbergasted seeing Brunhilde in action. "Amazing. She's incredible... but I could've done the same thing, too!"

"Sure, let's get moving!" QuakeGargomon called out as he went on ahead.

Suzie was mesmerized seeing Brunhilde clearing the path. "Wow, she can make blue fire?!"

"Hang on tight, Suzie. You want to save your dad?"

"Of course! Let's get moving, Antiramon!"

"They're already ahead of us, Masaru! I'll get us by quicker!" ShineGreymon BM said, augmenting his flight speed while holding on Masaru. He was able to catch up in no time as the crystal fortress was already coming into view.

"We're bringing down this crystal palace!" Masaru declared, clenching both his fists and gritting his teeth. "It's definite demolition time! Bring it down, ShineGreymon!"

ShineGreymon BM opened fire by continuously firing flaming shells toward the crystallized fortress. Each shot flew past the Beast Biomergers first and bombarded the glass sheets covering the crystal walls. ShineGreymon BM glided on past the Beast Biomergers and the others while drawing out his sword and shield.

"Hold on, Masaru! My dad's in there!" QuakeGargomon tried reasoning with him.

"Those two reckless idiots should've waited until we attacked!" StormSakuyamon chastised their actions.

"Too late now. C'mon, let's help him out!" BlazeGallantmon added, readying his lance and concentrating an immense flow of fire from it. "Phoenix Shot!" He thrust his lance forward, sending a quick fire projectile, which shattered through more glass layers covering the crystal walls.

"There's layers of glass-like chitin protecting the crystals! If we keep breaking the glass, we should be able to shatter the defenses and get through!" QuakeGargomon said as he charged forward and landed a straight punch. "Earthquake Punch!" His fist not only hit the wall, but sent a shockwave that swept across and shattered the glass. He spun around landing a martial arts kick that destroyed another protective glass barrier.

"This is gonna take us all day!" StormSakuyamon cried, swinging her staff as she she summoned a powerful thunder bolt, which shattered another glass barrier. She forged lightning, channeling it through her lance and throwing it at the crystal entrance. "Thunder Lance!"

AuroraInumon aided StormSakuyamon in dismantling the crystal entrance. "Magnetic Impulse!' He destroyed the crystals and created an entrance for them to cross through. "Hurry! These walls are starting to regenerate!"

The group stormed through as more crystals reformed and filled out the open space AuroraInumon made for them.

(End theme)

"We're in! Can't believe we did it!" Calypsomon was shocked but relieved nonetheless.

"Let's not celebrate too soon! We've got company!" Leviamon bellowed.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Panic)

Everyone looked on ahead to see green and purple slime spilling toward them. The slime formed into giant blobs with devilish visages, each resembling evil Cherubimon's faces complete with sharp teeth and slanted yellow eyes. They expelled a ton of red smoke, holding them at bay.

"Paradais can throw out whatever they want at us, nothing's going to keep us from saving my dad!" QuakeGargomon defiantly cried out, unleashing a straight punch that knocked the orb-like visages back.

Calypsomon raised her hands to summon a gate, which opened up and poured out a tidal wave. "Eye of Poseidon!" Her tidal wave swept through the front corridor and cleared the path while taking out a few of these chaotic creatures.

As more blob-like creatures formed from the walls, Artemismon and Brunhilde skewered them into pieces with their swords. Phillipe lured some orb-like visages by running up a flight of stairs and leading them up to Leviamon, who incinerated them with fire from his mouth. Antiramon slashed up a few blob monsters while guarding Suzie.

"Henry, go on ahead of us!" BlazeGallantmon called out as he hacked a giant blob monster in two with his lance.

"Sis, c'mon!" QuakeGargomon beckoned Calypsomon, who followed him up a giant flight of stairs leading to the upper levels of the government building.

"Good luck, big brother and sister!" Suzie shouted to them.

"There's more of them coming!" ShineGreymon BM warned the others. Gripping his sword, he bumrushed a giant blob monster and drove his flaming blade through its sickly torso. He then hefted his sword, not only slicing it in half but setting it ablaze. "Corona Blaze Sword!" He accumulated intense solar energies from his sword and blasted away seven more blob monsters.

BlazeGallantmon, StormSakuyamon, and AuroraInumon stormed toward the incoming Paradais creatures. They blasted the blob monsters away with their attacks. Brunhilde waved her sword around, producing bluish flames that dissolved a few blob monsters.

"Is there like an endless supply of these freaks in this place? We destroy a few and more take their place!" Brunhilde griped as she whirled around and blew another one away with her blue flames. "Grani!" She summoned her crimson and orange winged stallion, who appeared in mid-air. "Lend us some support!"

Grani nodded. "As you wish, Brunhilde!" He dove down shooting fire blasts from his eyes and vaporized some blob creatures. He glided over Leviamon and nodded to him. "How you doing?"

Leviamon replied. "Just well. Oh, behind you!" He warned and swung his tail. "Duck!" As Grani swerved to the side, the crocodile's tail landed on a chaos creature and splattered it into pieces.

Grani spun around into a tornado and conjured flames to melt the blob remains into dust.

"Might be best to retreat from here and relocate!" Phillipe suggested as he dashed around some blobs so fast he created a whirlwind and sent them flying into the air. "The longer we stay here, the more they'll keep coming to wear us down!" He turned around and sighted Artemismon fighting off blob creatures. "She needs support. Wynn!" He drew out his DDM-Gattai, releasing the Wind Charmer.

"Ready as you command, Phillipe!" Wynn the Wind Charmer declared, readying her staff.

(End theme)

(Cue Smile Precure OST – Precure Rainbow Burst!)

Time to put this to the test! The Victory Tamer thought as his DDM-G sent beams toward Artemismon and Wynn. "Artemismon, Wynn, time to merge and form a new warrior! DDM-Gattai! Initiate!" Upon calling forth his DDM-Gattai's power, Wynn and Artemismon turned into beacons of white glowing light.

Wynn and Artemismon's bodies glowed with white light and were pulled to each other. Both took to the air and coalesced with each other, producing a singular beam of white light. The two merged into a single being and transformed into a new digital warrior.

"Wynn the Wind Charmer!"


"Yuugou Shinka!"

As the merged completed, green light mixed with the white light. The pillar opened up revealing a nude transparent Artemismon. A new set of armored garments materialized on her body: starting with the shoulders, neck, chest, forearms, hands, and all the way down to her waist, hips, legs, knees, and feet. Her armor was a blend of pale green, olive green, gold, and white. Her sleeves became covered in single-layered armor. A short black skirt light green skirt formed under her waist armor. Her hands were fitted into white armored gloves. Her feet were fitted in white boots trimmed with green. Her hair grew out and turned light green, cascading down her back into a long and thick ponytail. Her face gained Wynn's youth features as her eyes opened up, revealing a set of olive green. Wynn's staff materialized in Artemismon's right hand as it also doubled as a sword.

The newly merged green-haired Amazon hopped and flipped into the air. She landed gracefully on all fours. She rose up whilst lifting her staff-sword into the air and striking a battle posture.

"Artemismon Wynn Mode!" She called out as her presence surprised their colleagues.

"Another fusion for Artemismon?!" AuroraInumon was flabbergasted upon seeing this.

"Remember, I can merge Artemismon now with any Digimon or Duel Monster as long as I have my DDM-G," Phillipe reminded him.

"Yeah, just like me!" Suzie said, holding out her device.

As a blob creature appeared behind Phillipe, Artemismon Wynn Mode instinctively raced forward and swung around her staff, using the blade end to stab the creature.

"Wind Cutter!" She cried out, spinning around like a tornado and using her staff sword to cut the blob creature into pieces.

"Thanks, Artemismon!" Phillipe said.

"Man, this DDM-Gattai thing really does open up a ton of new fusion possibilities," BlazeGallantmon commented. "Not that I'm complaining of course."

"Hey, now that's neat! Can you merge Leviamon and Grani if you wanted to?" Brunhilde inquired.

"Well, Grani is neither a Digimon or a Duel Monster... so, I can't say?" A befuddled Phillipe wondered, but he didn't stop to think for long as Artemismon WM aided Brunhilde, Leviamon, and Grani against the incoming blob creatures.

"Let's find a way out of here, guys!" AuroraInumon cried out.

"I hope Henry and Jaarin made it to their dad by now," StormSakuyamon muttered as she joined the others in finding a way out of their predicament.

BlazeGallantmon added. "Same here." And I hope they get everyone out! Yamaki and his team included.

(End theme)


Unbeknownst to QuakeGargomon and Calypsomon, they were advancing toward a death trap as the Paradais duo anticipated their arrival. However, nothing would deter the Wong siblings from cutting off their advance and stayed the course.

"We're coming, dad!" Henry's voice rang out from QuakeGargomon.

"Henry, Terriermon, up ahead!" Calypsomon warned them, to which she pointed to a giant purple crystal forming out from the towers.

"What the heck is that thing?!" The Warrior of Genbu yelled out in aghast at what was coming to life out of this giant crystal lodged above them.

The crystal began to seemingly form a giant face resembling Charon's face. The evil visage opened its mouth, expelling a barrage of crystal shards mixed with green smoke that kept the Wong siblings at bay.

"Ugh, I'm getting immobilized!" Calypsomon cried out in agonizing pain. "Henry!"

"Can't give up! We have to reach dad and the others!" QuakeGargomon yelled out painfully but with determination. Nothing's going to hold us back! We've come this far! Dad, hang on! We're getting you out of there!


Shinjuku District/6:15 PM

(Cue The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King OST – Shieldmaiden of Rohan)

As fleets of Neo-Rajita hovercrafts and pods flew over Shinjuku, they bombarded the streets forcing any bystanders left fleeing. While these bystanders tried fleeing, they didn't realize were Paradais crystal monsters marching along hunting for humans to devour. If that wasn't bad enough, there were Nightmare Soldier Digimon beginning to pour through the wormhole as they got by the Digital World's defenders.

A group of Devidramon flew over the city while shooting beams from their eyes. They blasted away street corners and sections of buildings. Some DarkTyrannomon and MetalTyrannomon marched down causing devastation along their path.

The monster's destruction abruptly ended once members of the Digiteams intercepted the enemy Digimon. KaiserGreymon quickly dropped in shooting fiery blasts from his giant crossbow. He one-shotted a few DarkTyrannomon and shot down a few Neo-Rajita hovercrafts.

"Bulls eye!" KaiserGreymon hollered.

Kazu bumrushed a MetalTyrannomon and picked it up by its foot. He not only lifted it off the ground but effortlessly tossed it up to the air. PsyAndromon shot up and floated over the MetalTyrannomon. He planted a drill through the MetalTyrannomon's torso and tore it in two, deleting the half-cybernetic behemoth.

"Man, these guys are like lightweights to me! Give me something bigger!" Kazu demanded.

Just then, much to Kazu's delight, his wish was granted in the form of a Deltamon, who landed on the other side of the street they stood on. Kazu turned around grinning like a giddy child and rubbed his hands together.

"Thank you, God!"

As Kazu charged ahead to meet Deltamon, PsyAndromon glided forward to assist his Tamer.

Seraphimon shot forward tossing ten holy spheres, which destroyed ten consecutive Neo-Rajita hovercrafts. TK cheered on his Digimon from a rooftop nearby.

"Good shooting, Seraphimon!" TK cheered.

"There's too many of them, TK. We're gonna need the others to help us shave these numbers down!" Seraphimon observed, noticing more Neo-Rajita hovercrafts seemingly pouring down from the sky. "Wait, look up there!"

KaiserGreymon flew over where Seraphimon was and sighted the Neo-Rajita mothership. "Is that...?! That must be where all the Rajita ships are coming from! The mothership!"

"Wait! I see something else!" TK noticed a bright flare of golden light shooting through the Neo-Rajita ships and causing them to explode. "Something just took out those ships!"

"That flash of light did it!" KaiserGreymon eyed the flash of light vanishing as it took on a familiar form. He saw Dai-Valkyrie Venus mounted on Cupid the Unicorn. Sighing with relief, KaiserGreymon laughed. "Guys! That's Sailor Venus, one of our allies! If she's here, the other Senshi must be nearby!"

Overhearing this, Kazu pumped his fist up and howled. "All right, better late than never! Glad you can join us, Venus!"

Dai-Valkyrie Venus heard her name being called. She acknowledged them with a wave.

"Glad I can still make an explosive entrance, guys," the blonde-haired Senshi chuckled as she patted Cupid's head. "Right, buddy?"

Cupid replied with a friendly neigh. "But of course. You make the most exhilarating entrances, Princess Venus!"

"Can't celebrate too long. We've got company!" Venus warned as some Devidramon flew over to attack her and Cupid. Forging some light-powered chains, she guided Cupid forward and threw these chains, locking them over the Devidramon's necks. She channeled intense energies through these chains and used them to dissolve the Devidramon into dust. "Gotcha!" She looked over her shoulder as KaiserGreymon helped take down a few other Devidramon.

"I've got your back, Venus!"

"Thanks, Takuya!"

"Where are the other Senshi?" inquired Kazu.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus looked down and winked. "Spread out taking out the other Rajita networks!"

"Say, did you gain a new Valkyrie wardrobe?" KaiserGreymon asked.

"You just noticed? Yeah, we just got armor upgrades and got some kick butt new powers to make up the total package. Anyway, let's save idle chat later," she directed everyone to the Neo-Rajita, Nightmare Soldier Digimon, and Paradais crystal monster armies. "Oh, this is so gonna be fun, boys. Let's get 'em!"

With that, Dai-Valkyrie Venus led KaiserGreymon, Seraphimon, Kazu, and PsyAndromon against the various enemy factions.


Jeri helped direct Felinismon Tribal Mode, Hiita the Fire Charmer, and Leomon in a battle with an army of Troopmon and Snimon. Hiita blew fire from her staff, burning up a bunch of Troopmon, sending them running like mad. Leomon helped clear the path by slaying a Tuskmon or two. Felinismon TM dashed forward cutting down some Troopmon.

As a Troopmon sneaked up behind Jeri, the Victory Tamer retaliated by throwing him back with her telekinesis. Her mind effectively slammed him into a wall and then she inserted her mind into the Troopmon and gained control of him. Troopmon readied his firearm and proceeded to shoot up a bunch of his comrades.

"Whoa! That one just turned against his own crew!" Kari cried out, not realizing that Jeri was controlling the Troopmon.

MagnaGarurumon replied. "Not exactly. That's Jeri using her mind powers. She's using him to reduce the enemy numbers for us."

"That's right. I forgot that detail," the Bearer of Light said, witnessing the Troopmon finishing off the rest of his own colleagues.

Thomas witnessed MirageGaogamon Burst Mode tearing through Devidramon.

Jeri quickly unleashed a mental force inside the Digimon's mind and knocked him out. Upon reentering her body, Jeri reconvened with her team.

"Thanks for that, Jeri," Felinismon TM said.

"Your special powers are incredible, Jeri," Leomon said with much pride for his Tamer.

"I've learned to do that and more while you've been gone, Leomon," she said, smiling.

"Heads up! We've got company dead ahead!" MagnaGarurumon shouted, directing his colleagues forward as Neo-Rajita hovercrafts dove down bombarding the streets with blasts.

Then, came a massive contraption being wheeled forward. There was a giant drill underneath the device, which garnered the heroes' attention. The drill was then quickly driven into the ground and making a steep hole, allowing fumes to spew out.

"That thing is drilling into the earth, but for what?!" Jeri cried out.

Ophanimon helped to intercept the Neo-Rajita hovercrafts and shot one down with her javelin.

"I don't know, but not good if there's smoke coming out!" The Legendary Warrior of Light exclaimed as he bumrushed to destroy the drill machine.

Ventimon flew down taking down a Neo-Rajita hovercraft before turning her sights on the drill machine.

Suddenly, some Draconian Guardians emerged from the drill machine shooting plasma shots at MagnaGarurumon. The Warrior of Light bumrushed through the barrage of blasts deflecting off his armor. A giant cannon protruded from the machine and unleashed a massive beam, which hit MagnaGarurumon head-on and knocked him back several feet.

"Kouji!" Ventimon cried out. She retaliated by throwing a wind attack that sliced through the drill machine and hit the cannon.

"MirageGaogamon, go and take down that machine!" Thomas ordered.

"I'm on it, master!" MirageGaogamon howled, preparing to launch an attack on the machine.

As the cannon prepared to charge and fire, a pillar of water came out of nowhere and tore through the cannon.

"Where did that come from?!" Felinismon TM called out, surveying the area.

"I'm here!" Came Mercury's voice. Then, everyone looked up to see Dai-Valkyrie Mercury making her timely intervention and descending with Kairyu. "I'm sorry I'm late."

"Sailor Mercury! We're glad you're here!" Jeri was every bit relieved like the others.

"Sailor Mercury?! Here?!" Thomas was flabbergasted to see the Senshi in person. That's right. I heard the Sailor Senshi do in fact exist in this dimension!

"And me, too!" Wildentmon called out, much to MagnaGarurumon and Ventimon's delight.

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury turned around as she saw Wildentmon landing near her. Wildentmon charged with reckless abandon and headbutted the drill machine. He headbutted it a few more times and knocked it over, preventing the drill from going any deeper.

"Hey, did you get a new upgrade? I'm liking the new look!" Ventimon approved of Mercury's Dai-Valkyrie armor.

"Yes, indeed we gained new Valkyrie forms. Thank goodness, I came. Any further and the drill would've dug a hole straight into the Earth's core!" Mercury stated, scanning the perimeters where the hole was made by the drill machine. "The Rajita were seemingly trying to make fire pits to possibly terraform this planet!"

"That's bad. If there are anymore of those things, the others have to stop them!" MagnaGarurumon said.

Wildentmon shook off the dizziness in his head. "Ugh... well, at least we took one out."

"True, but we still need to clear this area of the enemy. Don't worry I'll alert the other Senshi from my computer!" Dai-Valkyrie Mercury promptly stated while relaying distress messages to the other Senshi. "Are you ready, Kairyu?"

"Ready and willing, Mercury."

"Onward then!" Ophanimon declared. "Let no enemy escape!"

The group immediately intercepted the enemy forces – whether they be Neo-Rajita, Nightmare Soldier Digimon, or Paradais creatures.


Kenta managed to get by Troopmon and Tankmon using his camouflage ability. Using this tactic, he was able to get by undetected allowing him to smash two Troopmon's heads together. MarineAngemon helped by trapping some Troopmon in bubbles.

Shadowknight Archfiend mercilessly tore through Tankmon and Mekanorimon.

"Ok, MarineAngemon, Shadowknight Archfiend, combine!" Kenta activated his DDM-G Digivice. "DDM-Gattai! Initiate!"


"Shadowknight Archfiend!"

"Yuugou Shinka!"


The merged Digimon whirled around, shooting a deathly glare toward the Tankmon and Mekanorimon. The machines didn't back down and unloaded with heavy artillery.

"Fire! Fire!" A Tankmon howled mercilessly.

ShadowAngemon shot forward whilst evading the heavy bombardment. He parried a few missiles and knocked them into the air. He nullified laser beams. Then, he used his claws to tear through the mechanized Digimon like wet tissue paper.

Dharc and Lyna helped provide support by blasting away a few Troopmon.

Donarmon unleashed surges of lightning into a crystallized monster, causing it to explode into pieces. From the broken pieces, the monster reformed itself, but whilst regenerating Yetimon contained it in a block of ice.

Hisyarumon guarded Norn by turning himself into a massive sword known as the Legendary Dragon Blade. He turned himself loose and slashed up a bunch of Troopmon. He flew into Donarmon's hand and doubled as his weapon. Donarmon channeled his lightning through Hisyarumon and slashed apart some Mekanorimon.

Norn clapped her hands cheering. "Yeah! Go Junpei and Hisyarumon!"

"That should keep him from reforming."

"Thanks for that, Tomoki!"

YamiLeomon dashed forward unleashing dark blasts at a few crystallized monsters.

In the air, Cherubimon threw lightning bolts to take down a few Devidramon. Golden Rapidmon unloaded missiles that deleted some Devidramon.

As if things couldn't look any better, things got worse as Neo-Rajita ships dove down shooting the Digiteam with a bombardment of plasma blasts.

"Take cover, Willis!" Cherubimon and Golden Rapidmon beckoned to their partner.

Before Willis had a chance to find safety, a Neo-Rajita hovercraft and a Devidramon cornered him. Then, from out of nowhere, a yellow ball of energy hurled toward Devidramon and hit the beast hard it exploded into data. Then, a tidal wave poured over the hovercraft and pushed it off the rooftop. Willis uncovered his eyes as Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and Neptune stood in front of him.

"It's Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune!" Kenta cried out as he undid his camouflage. "That was some timing!"

"Did you guys get new armor?" Donarmon inquired to the two Senshi.

"It's a long story. Looks like you guys could use a hand," Dai-Valkyrie Uranus simply said. She let Gryphon through and flew across with him as they attacked some Neo-Rajita hovercrafts.

Dai-Valkyrie Neptune smiled to Willis. "Next time, you should find lower ground." As Golden Rapidmon floated over to grab Willis, Neptune mounted Hippocampus and helped the Digiteam neutralize the enemy forces.


Using Pegasus as transport, Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon and RJ arrived just in time to help Terramon, Blademon, Sora & Phoenixmon, Mimi & Lotusmon, Yolei & Valkyrimon, Cody & Vikemon, Joe & Plesiomon, Izzy & HerculesKabuterimon, Yoshino & Rosemon, Ikuto & Ravemon, BioDarkdramon, BioSpinomon, and BioLotusmon. Facing off to the opposite side, Neo-Rajita hovercrafts, Nightmare Soldier Digimon, and Paradais creatures stormed down their path.

Drawing out her sword, Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon declared. "We're in this together! Let's drive them back!"

RJ readied his fists, which were imbued with red demonic energies. "Let's rip them all new assholes!" He shouted and hastily charged. "Double Barrel Shotgun!" He unleashed immense waves of demonic blasts that tore through most of the enemies, giving Neo Moon and the others room to whittle down the enemies.


Azabu-Juuban District/6:20 PM

Upon walking out of their household, Naru, Umino, and their daughter Miaka were attacked by Neo-Rajita soldiers storming down the streets. The family managed to take cover behind a wall. Umino picked up a pipe sitting beside his feet.

"Keep Miaka safe, Naru-chan," Umino furrowed his brows and resolved to defend his family. He held the pipe like a kendo and fiercely glared down Brutes pointing their plasma cannons at him. "C'mon, give me all you got!"

"Umino!" Naru pleaded as the child wailed hard.

The Brutes grunted as the one on the right retorted. "Feh, prepare to fry, simian waste."

Suddenly, a ray of white light beamed through the Brutes and turned them into a pile of moon dust. The other Brutes and Draconian Guardians looked up as Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Moon and Norse Knight dropped down to fight them.

"Ah, you came!" Umino shouted. "Naru-chan, look!"

"Usagi! Mamoru!" Naru cried out while Miaka's cries were replaced with delighted cheers.

The future queen and king took out their swords ready to defend their friends. The Neo-Rajita soldiers formed a circle and opened fire from all sides. Moon and Knight intercepted their plasma blasts simply swinging their swords. Then, Sleipnir and Gaia arrived to aid their riders. In no time, they vanquished the evil aliens in a blaze of glory. Moon turned the last Brute into a pile of dust before shifting over to Naru, Umino, and Miaka.

"Isn't she great, Miaka?!" Naru asked her child, who giggled happily. "Thanks for saving us, you two. And wow, what beautiful horses. Did you just get them? And the armors? They're pretty. Did you get another makeover?"

"Look, it's a long story, Naru-chan," Moon replied. "Listen, we need to locate you two and little Miaka."

"Where?" Umino inquired.

"We know a place We got our kids and others' kids there," Norse Knight referred to Okami's place. "Let's get going."

With that, Moon and Sleipnir gave Naru and Miaka a ride while Norse Knight and Gaia transported Umino.


Not too far from where Moon and Norse Knight were, Dai-Valkyrie Mars and Nagah fought off a bunch of Neo-Rajita soldiers. Mars concentrated as she summoned a pillar of flames that turned into a giant phoenix. The blazing phoenix shot across and reduced an assortment of Neo-Rajita warriors into dust.

Nagah quickly dashed forward hacking and slashing some Neo-Rajita soldiers.

"Don't get too comfortable, Mars. This is merely the first wave. Gamera will surely send the bigger artillery."

Mars sighted the Neo-Rajita mothership hanging thousands of feet above Tokyo. "There's the mothership."

"I'll lead the way. Stay close behind me and be prepared for anything."


"By the way, is it ok to let Morpheous go like that? He just left."

"He's looking for Yugi and his friends. Besides, there's someone waiting for him. He'll be fine."

"I see then. C'mon, let's go."

Nodding, Dai-Valkyrie Mars flew across and followed Nagah as they tried staying out of Gamera's radar.

Morpheous has someone special waiting for him, huh? Living with humans has certainly changed him. I wonder... could the same happen for me if I went down the same path? Is that what would you've wanted, Rhea? Nagah thought while guiding Mars forward as they silently approached the location of the mothership.


Led by Larry, the Chimeras located some Neo-Rajita soldiers and saved bystanders from having their souls extracted. Larry charged at some Brutes and threw a few psionic-imbued objects, which exploded and took them down.

"You folks get somewhere else to safety!" Sara instructed the bystanders as they stormed off from the area. As a Draconian Guardian thrust a plasma blade into her, she instinctively turned intangible and saved herself at a hair's breadth. She in turn pushed her hand into the alien's chest and crushed his heart, killing him.

A series of blasts hurtled toward Sara, who phased through the ground evading the successive blasts.

"Try and catch me now!" Sara taunted them.

"Sara, go to where Henry and the others are, we'll handle everything here!" Larry ordered.

The intangible girl replied and headed out as she picked up on Henry's location by sensing Genbu.

Hayata ripped a piece of a wall and attached it to his right arm. He clobbered a group of Bio-Vivians, smashing them with the arm made of debris.

Mika made short work of Brutes and Draconians simply releasing bladed projectiles with her fans. She sliced and diced them all up with ease.

"We might be half-Rajita like you, but we're still humans at heart!" Mika stressed. She turned around and caught a Foxzard by cutting him up with her fans. She then threw one of her fans and jumped on riding it into the air. "I'll take things by air!"

"Great, leave the ground grunts to us," Larry said, dashing forward as he placed his hand on a Brute's back. He shoved energy into the alien's body and caused him to explode. "Hope you can make it to Henry in time, Sara."

(End theme)


Sarayashiki and Shibuya Districts/6:25 PM

The Meikai incursion on Tokyo had begun. Arago's demon army, consisting of his Meikai forces and Spirit World's prisoners, started spreading out over the districts like wildfire. Once Tokyo becomes occupied, Arago's Meikai forces set to claim all of Japan and gradually work their way up to turn Earth into the biggest Meikai kingdom to exist.

However, not only would they possibly face competition from the other enemy factions, but the Spirit and Neo-Spirit Detectives were readily heading out to stop them.

That battle would commence now.

An massive cloud of Makai insects covered the sky as many searched for human hosts to feed and control. A distortion materialized in the sky, which allowed Arago's army to descend into various sections of Tokyo to begin the incursion and human harvesting. Arago and Long were sighted beyond the distortion while watching the Meikai armies flood the city.

Kairen dropped down in the center of Shibuya riding his steed, a huge pale green chimeric-like beast with a shaggy white mane. Rumor has it this beast was known to devour lions and tigers under the late-Tarukane's care. The beast was the revived Helen, who was released from her Spirit World prison by Arago. She was given to Kairen to serve as his steed for the battle.

Suzaku and Rando landed near Kairen. Behind the demon trio was hundreds of Meikai soldiers as well as the demons once slain, and/or defeated, by Yusuke and company.

"Fellow demons, let us finally take our revenge on the Spirit Detectives and claim this world in the name of Lord Arago!" Kairen viciously declared, garnering loud bellows of support from the demons.

"Let's hunt down every human and begin the human harvest," Rando said with cruelty.

Suzaku added. "But, most of all, let us celebrate once we've placed Yusuke Urameshi's head on a pike along with his colleagues!"

The demons bellowed in unison and quickly spread out over various sections of Tokyo.

On top of Makai insects, the cultivated humans created by the Saint Beasts were being released in order to lure humans out in the open for demons to feast on.

"These pitiful humans think hiding will do them any good? Wait until they meet our cultivated people. So glad we had plenty of spares," Seiryuu chortled evilly, watching the hordes of cultivated humans marching down the streets like zombies.

"Find any humans you can find so we can add them to the harvesting. We'll need plenty of fresh cultivated people," Kairen ordered before riding off on Helen.

"Come, Rando. We have some revenge to enact on one Yusuke Urameshi. It's been so long since we last faced."

"Lead on, Suzaku my friend."

The two demons sprinted off and jumped over several buildings to locate the ex-Spirit Detective.


(Cue Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams OST – Roberto's Theme)

Some Meikai soldiers began escorting people from shelters and homes to begin the harvesting. However, that quickly stopped when a streak of orange energy sliced several Meikai soldiers in two. Alarmed, the soldiers looked up to see Kuwabara with his Spirit Sword readily drawn. Chuu, Jin, Shishiwakamaru, and Tsukimaru joined in to slay the Meikai soldiers.

"There ain't gonna be any human harvesting on my watch!" Kuwabara bellowed angrily, wildly hacking away the Meikai demons with his sword.

Tsukimaru lunged at a Meikai soldier before he could blast him. The vampiric demon bit into the soldier's throat and ripped it open, letting the demon bleed to death. He then grabbed another Meikai soldier's neck and snapped it with ease.

Chuu grabbed a Meikai demon and headbutted him so hard he killed the poor fool. "Bah, one headbutt and you're out like a light? These blokes are lightweights! Where are the big hosses at?!"

After blowing away a few Meikai warriors back, Jin replied. "We'll see them soon, Chuu, but craps this ain't bad for a warm-up."

Having sliced up a few Meikai soldiers, Shishiwakamaru was seen sitting on top of a mountain of demon bodies. "Hardly a warm-up if you're not even winded for a second." He apathetically remarked.

"You folks better get someplace else! Don't worry these demons are on my side!" The orange-haired male directed the traffic away from the area. "Man, can't believe there's still people here. You'd think they'd learn to leave town after all these invasions."

Suddenly, the group noticed the Makai insects shifting their flight patterns to the northeast.

"I say we follow the Makai bugs," Jin said. "My wind is telling me there's more demons hunting humans that way."

"Let's get our asses in gear then, boys!" Chuu bellowed.

"Wait, guys, I'm getting some weird vibes. There's like this flood of demon energy... familiar ones..." Kuwabara gasped when he recognized these peculiar demon powers. His face paled like he had felt the presence of ghosts. "It... can't be... but they're dead!" Shaking, he gritted his teeth, which got the attention of his demon entourage.

Tsukimaru inquired. "What's wrong, Kuwabara? Who's supposed to be dead? I am sensing a massive flood of demonic powers."

"Urameshi, Kurama, and Hiei aren't gonna be happy about this. That's all I can say."


An army of cultivated humans were easily kept at bay by Kurama, Maya, Mizuno, and Brimstone. Their concentrated efforts were enough to wipe out a majority of them, but more kept taking their place. Being more familiar with these zombie-like creatures, Kurama guided the others to go for their heads.

Twirling a rose whip, Kurama beheaded a bunch of cultivated humans to help clear the path. Mizuno busted out her water blasts to tear through the zombies. Brimstone ran across spreading his flames, which ignited the creatures and set them ablaze. Maya used her psychic-powered blades to rip through the creatures.

Maya yanked a sai back and coughed from the cultivated humans' residue. "You're familiar with these things, Kurama, huh? I heard about them from Okami, but never thought I'd see them in person. How sick can you can be base monsters off human beings?"

Kurama replied while gazing over the remains of the cultivated humans. "When you're a demon like the four Saint Beasts. Though, these creatures are not true humans."

"Still doesn't make it any less disgusting," she said.

Suddenly, Mizuno sensed vibrations from the ground. "Guys, we've got trouble! Get off the ground!"

Taking heed of the female Sirendramon's warning, the group jumped up when a giant demon worm popped out from the ground. It resembled a Mongolian death worm, but was the size of a bus. The demon worm sighted the four warriors and opened its mouth. It then began pulling them in like a vacuum.

"It's gonna pull us in and eat us!" Maya screamed.

"Not if I can stop it!" Brimstone yelled and spun around igniting his whole body in flames. He flew down into the mouth of the worm beast and shot fire into its mouth.

Having swallowed enough of Brimstone's flames, the worm screeched painfully. Mizuno quickly transformed into her Sirendramon form and grabbed the giant worm. To Sirendramon, the worm was nothing but a meal for her. She bit into the worm's elongated body and ripped it open. Kurama and Maya took advantage of the wounded creature; Maya fused her energies into Kurama's rose whip, making it grow into a giant vine stalk. Kurama grabbed the rose stalk and drove it into the worm's wound as puss spewed out over the street. Twitching violently, the worm had a few spasms before dying.

"Take that, you big freak!" Maya shouted.

"We shouldn't have expended that much energy on that demon worm," Kurama said, surveying the now dead worm. To his surprise, the worm's body dissolved into a puddle of green slime. "These demon worms normally don't come over on this side. If Arago's able to allow these monstrosities to invade human world, there's no telling what other horrors have been able to cross over. We might even see demons mankind have never seen." Just then, like Kuwabara before him, he, too, sensed the flood of familiar demon powers.

Brimstone noticed the red-haired fox's distress. "What troubles you, Kurama?"

"Old foes from the past have returned."

"How can you be sure?" Mizuno asked.

"Their energies and scents are familiar to me. They shouldn't be alive, but again Arago and Long have gained control over Spirit World... thus now able to release the demon souls that have been sealed there. Demons who've been sentenced to hell have returned and no doubt to exact their revenge on me and my friends." Kurama clenched his fists tight and turned the other way. "Come, there's no time to lose. We must send these old enemies back to where they belong."

Maya nodded as she followed Kurama's side. "Right, let's get moving."

Mizuno and Brimstone joined them as well.

(End theme)


(Cue Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams OST – Tenkai's Theme)

Rinku, Touya, and Suzaka cleared a street full of cultivated humans and Makai insects. They were immediately joined by Aoshi, Cammy, Shingo, Lien, and TobuCatmon.

"Did you just clear this area, you two?" Aoshi asked the demons.

"Yep! Just a bunch of demon bugs and walking vegetables!" Rinku replied, chippy as ever.

"Nothing we can't handle," Touya shrugged.

"Aww, Lien wanted to help!" The alien girl whined.

TobuCatmon added. "Maybe it's a good thing they took care of the problem for us."

"But, but Lien wanted to show off her other form!"

"She's a noisy one," Suzaka alluded to Lien's behavior.

"Don't mind her. She wanted to tag along," Aoshi said.

"We've got company!" Cammy called out as Meikai soldiers stormed out and surrounded them. "Ready, Shingo?"

Nodding, Shingo instinctively transformed into Moonlight Knight and threw white roses into the aliens' plasma rifles. The roses clogged up the guns and caused them to explode. Cammy pulled out her Dragon Gazer Mirror, which shot out holy beams that vaporized a few Meikai soldiers. Aoshi charged at some soldiers and clobbered them with punches.

Suddenly, Shura dropped in out of nowhere and unleashed a demonic aura that easily vaporized the soldiers.

"Shura?!" Aoshi, Cammy, and Shingo shouted in unison.

"Glad I could come in time. My father, Mukuro, and the others are heading out to different sections to intercept Arago's forces."

"That's good. Now, let's clear out these mooks!" Aoshi declared and turned into his Lycan form.

While the fighting went on, a demonic being poked his head from an alleyway and chuckled evilly. It was Momotaro waiting in the wings like an opportunist for one of the warriors to wear himself/herself down.


Enki blew away 20 Meikai soldiers with a mere flex of his own demonic aura. He surveyed around and saw a pile of Meikai bodies laying on the ground.

"Man, is that all?" The Makai king said in a bored manner.

"Shall I give you a challenge?" Came a voice, garnering Enki's attention.

Looking up, Enki sighted Long, who was standing behind him.


The Demon Priest smiled wickedly, flickering out his tongue like snake. "You were never meant to rule over demon kind. With Arago taking the throne, there's no room for two kings." He sharpened his claws as his demonic aura spread like fire over him. "Now die for Lord Arago."

"You're welcome to try!" Enki roared and bumrushed Long head-on.


As the two S-class demons collided, bursts of demon energies shot out from their auras. The area shook hard from their immense demon powers.

(End theme)


Kurama's group arrived to find Yomi finishing off Meikai soldiers.

"Yomi!" Kurama called to his old friend.

"Ah, Kurama," the blind demon had sensed his approach from afar with his other senses. "Just the demon I wanted to see." Suddenly, his ears twitched, sending a warning to Kurama and his cohorts.

(Cue Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams OST – Ohatsu's Theme)

Emerging from out of the ground a gargantuan centipede-like demon, whose appearance resembled Claudius from Onimusha Dawn of Dreams.

"Ugh! Another big creepy crawler!" Maya blanched as she backed off.

"Kurama!" Yomi called out, beckoning him to take to the air.

Yomi and Kurama jumped over the giant centipede. They combined their demon energies and sent them at the centipede. The combined attack tore through the centipede and dissolved it into dust.

"Ok, the big creepy centipede is gone now," a deadpan Mizuno muttered, watching Maya uncovering her eyes.

Brimstone added. "We're going to be running more into these things if we don't stop this demon invasion."

"Everyone, shift your view to the sky," Yomi pointed up, directing Kurama and his cohorts to the distortion in the sky. "Beyond the distortion is the realm formerly the Spirit World. Arago's there watching us from King Enma's former throne."

"Getting there won't be easy..." Mizuno said.

"Yes, but nothing is impossible. We'll work our way through the armies," Kurama said. "Arago anticipates only a few of us to actually reach him. Don't feel discouraged if none of you make it there, but rest assured I vow to fight alongside Yusuke up there." He firmed his resolve to get to Spirit World along with the able few.

"Then, I'll help you get up there if need be, Kurama," Yomi said.

"Likewise!" Maya vowed.

Mizuno and Brimstone nodded together.


After finishing off Meikai soldiers and cultivated humans, Hiei and Mukuro were confronted by a humanoid female with characteristic traits of a moth and a grasshopper. She looks like a combination of Vega Donna and Ophelia from Onimusha 3 and Dawn of Dreams.

"Why resist Lord Arago? You could be given anything you desire!" The demonic woman hissed. "Death to traitors!" She lunged at the two demons, but before she could touch them, her body split apart and fell into pieces.

Then, the pieces of her were burned away by Hiei and Mukuro's demon powers.

Hiei snorted and sheathed his sword. "Don't tempt us, you low-level vermin."

Mukuro added. "She's not even a stain on my thumb."

Both demons shifted their view toward the distortion hanging hundreds of feet above them. The ghastly sight of the demonized Spirit World came into clear view.

"Arago's watching us from there, Hiei. Only a few of us will be fortunate to confront him."

Hiei focused his sights on the distortion. "And I guarantee I will be those few that gets up there to engage Arago."

"Remember, you won't be able to win alone."

"You're telling me something I already know. I fully expect Yusuke will be up there to face Arago, but I want to be there to take active part in that battle."

Mukuro smiled. "And you will with my help, Hiei."


Selipa found herself ambushed by human demonic heads with vampiric fangs. She blasted them away and jumped over several rooftops until she actually caught up with Yasha.

"So, you decided to tag along?" Yasha noticed Selipa dashing up near her.

More demonic heads descended from the sky to attack Yasha and Selipa.

"Nukekubi demons can be so annoying," Yasha snorted as she jumped up kicking the demon heads so hard she made them explode. She watched Selipa punch out some Nukekubi, making them explode. "Nicely done!"

"I won't stop until Kyo's soul is returned to his body!"

"That's the spirit! Glad you can join me cause I'm heading to where Yusuke is at. I think that Yui girl is with him fighting off Arago's soldiers."

"You don't think they need help dealing with minions?"

"Nah, but never hurts to give a helping hand. Nadeshiko is ahead of us and hopefully Yui can move her away from the heat of battle. I just hope Long isn't anywhere near..." Yasha stopped mid-sentence and felt an immense demonic presence from far off. "Well speak of the devil, Long's fighting Enki."

Both demons stopped and used their sharp senses to pick up on Long's presence. Selipa's face contorted and conveyed anger.

"So, it is that bastard..."

"Calm down, Selipa. Don't you go out there and fight him on your own. You were lucky to return to life thanks to the laws of the Meikai, but you die here and there's no coming back."

Selipa tried her damned hardest to withhold from pursuing Long. Yasha helped relax her.

"With Yusuke's help, we have a shot at defeating Long once and for all."

Sighing, Selipa gave in. "As you say... let's get to Yusuke right away."

"I promise Long will meet his fate tonight."

(End theme)


In a section near Yusuke's old junior high, the ex-Detective unleashed an explosive aura merely flexing his body and sent tens of Meikai soldiers sailing into the sky. Sporting a bored look, Yusuke clearly wasn't enthused with taking on more mooks.

Yui picked up Nadeshiko and sat her on ShadowMetalGarurumon's back.

"You shouldn't have run ahead from Yasha like that, Nadeshiko," Yui scolded her a bit. "I know you want to help, but you don't want to run into Long."

"Speaking of that bastard, I can feel him. He's around here," Yusuke overheard her mentioning the Priest. "Nadeshiko, stick with Yui. She'll take you back to Yasha."

"But, I want to save Kohana... she's my..."

"Your half-sister. Rio and Kyo are your half-brothers. All of you born from the same mother," Yui said. "I promise we're going to save all three of them."

"Defeating Arago won't be easy I'm afraid," Came a deep and powerful voice, which Yusuke recognized off the bat.

"Raizen," Yusuke acknowledged, turning around as he sighted the former Makai king sitting on a pile of debris. "How are you here? I thought those Meikai laws prohibited you from leaving?"

"After Arago assumed Enma's throne and altered Spirit World, the balance between the living and the dead was thrown off. Thus, dead souls like myself and Toguro arrived here."

"Toguro's here, too?" The Ex-Detective asked curiously.

"I must go and help my friend Enki deal with Long, Yusuke. You must reach the Spirit World and confront Arago there. By defeating him, not only will you save those three souls, but restore the balance of all the realms."

"Where...?" Before Yusuke could finish, Raizen pointed to the distortion tunnel where Spirit World was on the other side. Demonic energies poured out from the hole and spilled out, allowing evil apparitions to cross over into Earth. "Is that?"

"Spirit World, or what used to be Spirit World..."

"Yeah, we were there a while ago. Arago really did a number by renovating the whole place."

Raizen turned around and prepared to make his leave. "You're to go there with your friends. It'll be your strength that'll make the difference and end Arago's reign."

"You bet your ass..."

The son and father reunion was cut short when a large, grotesque fly demon dropped in to attack Yusuke. Its appearance was similar to to Rosencrantz from Onimusha Dawn of Dreams.

"Look out, Yusuke!" screamed Yui.

Yusuke and Raizen instinctively killed the giant fly with ease, reducing it to pieces.

"Tell me we aren't going to see more big demon bugs," Yusuke said. "The little ones are annoying enough."

"That's as big as Makai flies get. Under normal circumstances, they're dangerous, but yo you they're nothing but pesky houseflies."

"We work well together, Raizen, but go what you have to do. We'll catch up."

With that, Raizen's image flickered out from view as he departed into the city following Long and Enki's presences.

"Guess we'll leave you here, Yusuke. I'm taking Nadeshiko back to Aoshi and the others."

"You do just that, Yui."

As Yui hopped on ShadowMetalGarurumon, the metal wolf transported her and Nadeshiko to the other side of Tokyo to meet with the other Neo-Spirit Detectives.

Now left alone, Yusuke let out a deep exasperated sigh and formed a grin.

"All right, you two jackasses can come out now. I felt y'all many miles away."

(Cue Onimusha 3: Demon Siege OST – Wicked Heart)

Realizing their covers were blown, Suzaku and Rando undid their demonic cloaks to reveal themselves.

"You knew we were close by? Congratulations, your keen senses are much more acute now that you're a monster like us," Suzaku chuckled.

Murugu, who sat on Suzaku's shoulder, chimed in. "Your energy is much more pleasant being around with you being a demon, too."

Yusuke scoffed. "Still an annoying bird like before. You haven't changed."

"And you're still as arrogant as before. I take back what I said...!"

"That's enough," Rando interjected, setting his sights on Yusuke.

"Raizen even knew you guys were hiding, but he didn't say anything. Looks like I can make some time with you jerks."

"Hah, don't underestimate us, Yusuke Urameshi. Arago has increased our demon levels to S-Class. Now that we've learned you're Raizen's descendant, we have more incentive to kill you and boost our credibility to new levels!" The Saint Beast leader loudly declared. "Now, let us show you the improvements Arago has bestowed to us!"

Rando pointed his finger, channeling demon energy into it. "This time luck won't save you."

"You two S-Class? Should be fun, but I'm not expecting anything more from you blowhards," Yusuke readied himself, watching Suzaku and Rando spreading out to spring their attacks on him.

(End theme)


Domino City/6:35 PM

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum OST – Ravaging Storm)

The Duelists clashed with the Paradais creatures, Orichalcos warriors, and an assortment of various Duel Monsters. They also ensured any bystanders were relocated and taken to safety.

Yugi/Dark Magician, Jaden/Elemental Hero Neos, and Yusei/Junk Warrior bombarded Paradais crystal monsters with their attacks. Orichalcos warriors emerged from the ground and summoned Duel Monsters to send after the leaders.

"Heads up! There's more on the way!" Jaden called out.

Yusei dove down and punched away a few Insect Knights. Yugi conjured his Dark Magic Attack and wiped out the Orichalcos warriors in one-shot. More Orichalcos warriors emerged and jumped up to attack the trio. Jaden quickly cut off the Orichalcos soldiers and pummeled them with rapidfire punches/kicks.

"We've cleared this side! Let's go and see if the others need our help," Yugi said.

"Ok! Lead the way!" exclaimed Yusei.

"Atem!" Yugi turned around as Curse of Dragon flew over carrying the prince on his back.

"I can't believe this is the future, Yugi. It's unbelievable how much the world is different from my time."

"Yes, and we must work to preserve our timeline. Come, Atem, we'll need to find the others and see if they're ok."

"Yes, let us proceed."


Joey/Flame Swordsman, Crow/Blackwing Armor Master, Hassleberry/Ultimate Tyranno, and Aster/D-Hero Plasma engaged an army of Orichalcos warriors and feral Duel Monsters.


Duke/Orgoth, Tristan/Gaia the Fierce Knight, and Atticus/Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon aided Akiza/Splendid Rose, Tea/Dark Magician Girl, Mai/Harpie Queen, Alexis/Cyber Blader, and Yasmin.

A group of Legendary Fiends attacked the group and sent dark fiery blasts on them. As one Fiend attempted to attack Tea from behind, Tristan pushed her aside and took the blast head on. Tristan was sent sailing back.

"Tristan!" Tea cried out.

"Hang on! I've got you, man!" Duke dashed across to grab him.

(End theme)

Before Tristan anticipated a hard fall, something managed to lift him up and carry him off. Tristan opened his eyes and looked up. To his shock as well as the others, Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Haumea was seen carrying him by his arms.

"How's it going? You almost had quite a fall there," Haumea smirked, descending near the Duelists and dropping Tristan off near them.

"Nice catch, Haumea!" Came Miho's voice, to which garnered the others' attentions. They located the source of the voice and sighted Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Makemake approaching them with a gentle demeanor.

"We're so glad you two are here!" Duke exclaimed.

"You know these two?" Alexis asked.

"Who are they?" Atticus inquired.

"You two are Sailor Senshi," Mai concluded. "Judging by those armors, you're in your Valkyrie forms."

"But, I don't think we've met," Tea added. "Have we?"

Makemake and Haumea exchanged smiles and winked together.

"Ok, I'm lost here," Akiza remarked, befuddled like everyone else, except Tristan and Duke.

"Should we...?" Tristan whispered to the two Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers.

Makemake nodded as she spoke up for him. "We're the newest members of the Kuiper Belt Senshi. We were recently recruited last summer by Sailor Pluto, but we were instructed to keep our activities from all of you confidential... well... until now." She smiled when she turned and faced Tea, who looked at her in befuddlement. "I'm Sailor Makemake. Tea, you know me as Miho Nosaka."

"Miho...?" Tea gasped with shock as she covered her mouth. A big smile widened over her features. "MIHO! OH MY GOSH!" She raced over and embraced her old friend. "Is it really you?!"

"Yep!" The lavender-haired girl hugged her friend back. "Nice Dark Magician girl cosplay you have going on."

"It's not a cosplay. I'm just shocked you're here and you're a Senshi?! How did this...?"

"It's a long story, Tea. We'll have much to tell on our free time once we save the world."

Haumea cleared her throat. "Ahem. As for me, I'm Sailor Haumea, but Tea and Mai, you know me as Vivian Wong."

"Vivian Wong? The Asian duel champion?!" Mai was flabbergasted to hear this. "Never in a million years would I believe you'd become a Senshi!"

"Yep! Say, where's my darling Yugi?"

With her ears twitching, Tea snorted when hearing Haumea mention the King of Games. Only thing different about you is you're a Kuiper Senshi. Other than that, you haven't changed.

"He's somewhere else in Domino. I'm sure we'll run into him, Atem, Jaden, and Yusei sooner than later," Duke answered the Chinese Duelist/Kuiper Senshi.

"By the way, Tristan and Duke are in the know," Makemake confessed. "While I was out looking for Vivian to recruit her, we revealed our identities to them. They promised to keep our Senshi identities secret."

"And we've kept our end of the bargain," Duke proclaimed.

"I see. Either way, we're glad you guys could come here to help us fight these monsters," Tea said.

Yasmin addressed Makemake and Haumea. "More Senshi is always a good thing. I briefly helped the Sailor Senshi regain their powers and obtain their Dai-Valkyrie armors. It seems Sleipnir did well in supplying you with these new powers."

"Sleipnir? We gained these forms thanks to some Orb or Minos and Moon Heart Crystal," Makemake said.

"Oh, I see."

"Guys, we definitely need to put a cork on the chit-chat. The monsters are getting away!" Alexis pointed everyone to the Orichalcos warriors and Duel Monsters storming off to the other direction. "They're gonna wreck the town further if we don't stop them!"

Tristan added. "Miho, Vivian, this would be a great time to show off your goods to us."

Haumea snorted as she covered her chest and body. "Pervert as if my armor wasn't revealing my body enough! I oughta sock you for that!"

Tea sweatdropped. "I don't believe he meant it that way."

"He means our powers," Makemake said, forging her energy whip. "Mirage!" She called upon her chameleon spirit.

The Chinese duelist called out. "Flint, come forth!" She summoned her jerboa spirit. "It's showtime!"

"So, these Duel Monster forms of yours are like those two boys we just met," the lavender-haired woman analyzed the Duelists' monster forms and outfits.

"Two boys? You must mean Max and Sam," Tea said.

"Yes, them. They were able to conjure attacks while in their Duel Monster forms."

"Yeah, we gained new powers called Spirit Fusion from an artifact called the Staff of Apophis. Almost all of us have Spirit Fusion powers," Tristan explained.

Duke added. "Now, we can show you two what we can do."

(Cue Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST – Knives and Shadows)

"Heh, we know what you two are capable of," chortled Haumea. She pumped up her left fist and channeled her Senshi power through her armor. "Let's give you a taste of what we can do!" With that, she raised her arms and gathered debris from her surroundings, which she condensed into sand and formed a giant sand ball over her head.

Makemake snapped her whip down and conjured ten clones of herself. She then sent her mirage clones forward to pursue the monsters.

"Well, damn, maybe they can finish the job for us?" Alexis' eyes and mouth gaped in shock.

"Nah, you guys go on! We're just slowing them down!" Haumea exclaimed. With one giant heave, she spun around and tossed the building-size ball of sand across as it exploded into a sea of sand, which poured down and swept through the monster forces. "Whoops, maybe I overdid." She saw the amount of sand that buried a quarter of the nearest city block.

"Don't worry we've seen worse collateral damage! C'mon!" Tristan called out.

The Duelists and the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers headed off to neutralize the remaining monsters who escaped the sand.


On another side of Domino, Seto/Kaibaman, Lyn/D.D. Warrior Lady, and Mokuba/Paladin of White Dragon finished taking down a few Duel Monsters. More monsters stormed forward attempting an ambush.

"Here they come!" Mokuba warned.

"Bring it on!" Lyn beckoned the monsters.

Just then, an immense fiery blasts rained down and vaporized the monsters. Alarmed, the trio looked up to see Chaos Emperor Dragon and Black Luster Soldier drop in front of them.

"Max, Sam!" Lyn cried out as her brothers turned back to themselves. She embraced them both.

"We're glad you and the others are back, sis!" Max said, hugging her back.

"By the way, we brought company," Sam added as Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars and Dai-Valkyrie Cyber Mercury descended behind them.

"Oh, Koori and Amaya! Did you two just gain new Valkyrie forms just now?!" Mokuba asked, completely taken aback by their new extravagant forms.

Dai-Valkyrie Cyber Mercury nodded. "We figured since everyone was going to fight their best, we catch up."

Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars added. "And we've never felt more powerful than we are now. We've made sure Max and Sam were well protected."

Sam chuckled. "Oh, Koori, you know I don't need much protecting."

Seto approached the Stromberg twins. "And you two did your jobs well guarding these two maidens."

"Of course!" Max replied. "Though Koori and Amaya are like light years ahead of us in power." He glanced over to Cyber Mercury and smirked. "Not that that's a bad thing or anything."

"What bro's trying to say is we're attracted to strong chicks," Sam half-joked.

Lyn rolled her eyes. "Ok, you two. I've heard enough."

"We're glad you guys are here. We could use some help taking out these monsters running loose in Domino."

"That's why we're here, Mokuba," Max asserted.

"And we'll help in anyway we can, too," Blue Mars said.

"Come on then. I just heard activity on the south end," Seto said as he dashed ahead. "Let's get moving!"

Lyn patted her brothers' backs as she and Mokuba went on ahead.

"Ready?" Sam asked Blue Mars, who nodded and carried him up into the air. She summoned Frostburn, who flew them over toward the south direction.

Likewise, Cyber Mercury picked up Max and glided up. She called upon Kelpie, who took them toward the same direction.


While Jack rode atop Red Dragon Archfiend, he ordered the beast to scorch an army of Duel Monsters and Paradais crystal monsters. Chazz/Ojama King took on some Duel Monster fiends and beat them down.

Amidst of all the battles going on, Syrus tried catching up to Leo, Luna, Serenity, Carly, and Blair. Two Battle Oxen stepped out from an alleyway and cut him off from the pass.

"Oh man! Not now!" Syrus panicked. Then, from the corner of his eye, he spotted a familiar face being cornered by a Paradais crystal monster. "...Zane?! Big brother!"

Zane noticed Syrus and gasped. "Syrus?!"

Syrus surprised bis brother by turning into Super Vehicroid and plowing through the Battle Oxen, deleting both of them with relative ease. Zane's eyes widened in shock witnessing his brother utilizing Spirit Fusion.

Did Syrus just turn into a Duel Monster?! Wondered a bewildered Zane, who witnessed Syrus shooting down the crystal monster. "C'mon, Zane, this way!"

Though he had no earthly idea how it was possible, Zane didn't bother asking and went along with his brother.

"Zane, you're not going to believe all I've been through this whole week!"

"I can only imagine if you're able to turn into a Duel Monster."

"It's a long story. I have to find the others. Don't worry we'll get to safety somewhere. I hope."


Suddenly, a Launcher Spider ambushed Serenity, Leo, Luna, Carly, and Blair. The mechanized arachnid fired a missile, knocking Serenity back.

"Serenity!" The group cried out.

Before Serenity hit the nearest wall, a figure swiftly moved in and caught her.

"Whoa, nice catch!" Leo chimed in.

Serenity looked up and to her delight she saw Morpheous holding her.

"Morpheous!" Serenity embraced him.

"Glad I came just in time," Morpheous said. He noticed Launcher Spider and fired a blast, destroying the mechanized monster to bits.

"Thanks, Morpheous. We're spread out trying to take out these monsters."

"I can see that, Serenity. I noticed the others were fighting monsters over various sectors. You and this group better stick close to me."

"Hey, we need to go back and find Syrus!" Blair said. "He got lost while we were on the run."

"Then, let's find him," Carly replied. "He shouldn't be too far. He was just behind us."

"Guys!" Came Syrus' voice.

The group turned around to see Syrus and Zane running in to meet them.

"Ah, Zane, what are you doing here?!" asked an ecstatic Blair.

"First, let's relocate and find ourselves safety for this man," Morpheous said, taking Serenity's hand. "There's a lot you need to tell me regarding your journey to the past."

Serenity giggled. "Oh, you have no idea."


As Yugi, Atem, Jaden, and Yusei advanced into the heart of Domino, they noticed three bikers heading their way. The bikers abruptly stopped and removed their helmets.

"Raphael, Alister, Valon, do you realize what's been going on here?" Yugi asked.

"Yes, and we've just left the Paradais building. We have enough sufficient evidence that a dark power is spreading a network and it would explain the sudden appearance of these crystals," Raphael explained right away.

Alister nodded. "What's more, there's a similar source emanating from the Tokyo Government building in Shinjuku."

"You can sense these?" Jaden asked.

"Nah, not really, but once being members of an evil organization we have gut instincts telling us where bad guys set their bases. Besides, a crystal fortress sitting in the middle of Domino and another in Shinjuku suddenly appearing isn't exactly inconspicuous, mates," Valon said. "By the way, why are there two of ya Yugis?"

Yugi and Atem exchanged awkward looks.

"Long story," both replied.

"Additionally, we lost contact with Nate a while ago and we're heading over to the government building. Perhaps, you and your friends here can help us if there's monsters waiting to ambush us."

Yugi turned around to get word from his cohorts.

"It's your call, Yugi," Yusei replied. "I'm sure the others will be fine using their Spirit Fused powers."

"Very well," Yugi said. "We'll follow you, Raphael."

"We have little time. Come!"

Jaden sighed. "Hope it's not as bad as we're led to believe."

"Me, too, Jaden," the King of Games muttered.

(End theme)


Southern Digital Realm/Near wormhole/6:47 PM

The Digital World's forces initiated the clash against Valmarmon's dark armies, igniting the age old conflict between light and darkness. Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon led their Digimon/Duel Monster armies while driving back the assortment of Nightmare Soldiers and dark Digimon from crossing over. A few managed to get through only to meet their demise against Earth's defenders.

Mounted on VictoryDevidramon, Madoudramon Titan Mode watched from atop a massive rock formation. He sighted Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon intercepting his soldiers. He pivoted over witnessing the Demon Beast Generals slaying a bunch of Digimon and Duel Monsters.

"Excellent, the Demon Beast Generals have benefited greatly from receiving upgrades courtesy of Lord Valmarmon," Madoudramon TM chortled darkly. "Their ruthless prowess definitely made them viable candidates as Valmarmon's generals to begin with. And now their new powers will make them more than a match for those four Tamers."

VictoryDevidramon growled intensely. "When can we advance into the Earth realm?"

"Patience, VictoryDevidramon. The more we wear down our enemies, we'll be able to crossover without a hitch. Granted, Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon will prove problematic no matter their conditions."

(Cue Dissidia Final Fantasy OST – Troops Advance)

Back on the battlefield, Omegamon hastily glided toward ChaosGallantmon Destructor Mode. The Dark Unholy Knight lifted his shield whilst countering Omegamon's Grey Sword slashes. Omegamon spun around and kicked ChaosGallantmon DM back. Buster Blader dropped in from above and slashed ChaosGallantmon DM's back.

"Pest!" ChaosGallantmon DM growled in annoyance and whirled around, throwing his dual dark swords at Buster Blader.

"Omegamon, get Buster Blader!" Tai shouted.

"Combine yourselves quick!" Matt pleaded.

The swords hit the ground and exploded near Buster Blader, throwing him up into the air. Omegamon dove in and quickly initiated their merger.

"Buster Blader! Now! Let's merge! Omegamon!"

"Buster Blader!"

"Yuugou Shinka!"

"Omegamon Buster Mode!"

The Bearer of Courage pumped his fist and grinned proudly. "Now that's more like it! You're in for it, ChaosGallantmon!"

Omegamon Buster Mode flew through the cloud of smoke where the explosion previously occurred from ChaosGallantmon DM's attack. He propelled forward and launched repeated albeit concentrated purple blasts at ChaosGallantmon DM.

"Buster Cannon!" He spammed out more blasts, forcing ChaosGallantmon DM to evade the incoming attacks and fly into the air. He pursued ChaosGallantmon DM to the sky and unloaded more blasts.

ChaosGallantmon DM turned around and threw two dark swords. "Invincible Sword!" He managed to obliterate a few of Omegamon BM's blasts, but a few managed to get by and bombard him. "Ugh! Fool, I won't be denied my final confrontation with my idiot brother and that stupid Tamer!" He propelled head-on and clashed with Omegamon BM.

"Stay on him, Omegamon!" Tai and Matt encouraged him through the heated battle.

"I'll make certain those two never have to face you! I'll finish you for them!" Omegamon BM declared as he headbutted ChaosGallantmon DM back.

Athenamon and Swordswoman were cornered by hundreds of Nightmare soldiers looking to slay the Amazon queens. However, the two queens had other plans and prepared to go out fighting at their absolute best.

"Let's mow these no names down," Swordswoman stated.

"If Omegamon and Buster Blade are going all out, so will we," Athenamon replied. "Let's do this! Athenamon!"

"Amazoness Swordswoman!'

"Yuugou Shinka!"

"Athenamon Victory Mode!"

After the two warrior queens completed their merger, the hundreds of evil Digimon were blinded by the shining light emanating from the fusion. A few moments passed and half of the army were quickly incinerated out by a gigantic owl-faced energy beam.

"Athena Flame Owl!" She wiped out another fleet of Nightmare Soldiers following a resounding blast. She gripped her sword and swiftly slashed through the remaining dark warriors attempting to make a name for themselves by slaying the legendary Digi-Amazon. "No soldier of Valmarmon will be ending my life today!" Veering to her right, she shot an intense glare, which terrified the remaining Nightmare Soldiers.

Elsewhere, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode was struggling to put up a battle with Demon Super Ultimate. It took support from Shogundramon and Elementdramon to aid the Dra-Warrior leader.

"If only that Winged Dragon of Ra card was still resonated with me..." Imperialdramon FM muttered, clenching his chest hard. "God Mode would certainly put up a better fight against this new Demon."

"No need to worry as long as we're here, Lord Imperialdramon!" Shogundramon said, holding his blade forward as Demon Super Ultimate.

Demon evilly chuckled at Imperialdramon's expense. "How does it feel to be on the receiving end of my new immense power?!"

"C'mon, Imperialdramon!" Davis tried his hardest to send encouraging words to get through his and Ken's partner.

Ken observed. "He needs a boost! But, Omegamon's caught in a battle and he's really required to complete Paladin Mode for Imperialdramon. Unless..."

"Unless what?"

"Imperialdramon's managed to keep that power resonated with him? I mean, he could've possibly learned to contain that power after all this time?"

"But, that's only a theory... maybe... Imperialdramon, can you tap into some of that Paladin Mode power?!"

Upon hearing Davis' plea, Imperialdramon stopped to assess the situation and concentrated. He felt a faint but immense power still resonating within him from years ago since last merging with Omegamon's energies.

"I think... yes, I feel it!" Imperialdramon exclaimed. As he delved into this long suppressed power, he invoked it and transformed into a white-and-white schemed version of his Fighter Mode. "Imperialdramon Mode Change to! Paladin Mode!"

"That's the way, Imperialdramon! Take him down!" Davis cheered on eagerly.

"But, how much of it can he use and how long can this form last?" wondered Ken.

"Who cares?! Let's get behind our Digimon and watch him send Demon reeling!"

Shogundramon turned around and nodded. "Lord Imperialdramon, you look great."

Elementdramon added. "Quite the look for you. I like it."

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode looked up and pointed to Demon Super Ultimate. "Come on down if you want some of me!"

Demon Super Ultimate murmured, eyeing him curiously. "Hmmm, perhaps I will." He dove down and expelled a massive orb composed of dark flames at Imperialdramon. "Algol's Flame!"

Imperialdramon PM readily intercepted, manifesting a sword of light. "Splendor Blade!" He slashed through the demonic flaming orb and neutralized it. He flew up to engage Demon Super Ultimate in aerial battle.

Madoudramon TM continued to observe waiting for the right moment to slip through the wormhole leading into Earth. He saw the Demon Beast Generals were closing in.

BlazeSuzakumon, QuakeGenbumon, StormSeiryuumon, and KazeByakkomon were barricaded off from the wormhole thanks to members of the Royal Knights, Amazons, and Dra-Warriors.

Amazoness Queen stepped forward, brandishing her sword. "You won't crossover!"

Titaniamon readily drew her sword and fiercely glared them down. "You'll have to get by us and we won't give you the chance to enter Earth!"

Dynasmon beckoned the Demon Generals. "Bring it on! You four alone can't topple us!"

Shogundramon and Elementdramon joined in to help them.

"Mind if we cut in?" Shogundramon asked.

The Demon Beast Generals halted their advancement, realizing they were greatly outnumbered.

Madoudramon TM realized their dilemma as an evil thought crossed his mind. "Perhaps, we should even the odds. Time to open up the gates of Digital Hell." With that, he began an incantation that would soon turn the tide of the war against Granasmon's supporters.

(End theme)


Osaka, Japan

(Cue Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes/Bad City OST – Fight As One (Full Version))

Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Sedna, Knut, and Angemon X managed to avert the crisis in Osaka. Not only did they take out a Neo-Rajita incursion, but destroyed a drill machine, too.


Angemon X finished obliterating the drill machine with a single Ki blast. He quickly bumrushed and sliced apart a fleet of Draconian Guardians, leaving only pieces of them laying about. He cleared the remains by shooting Ki blasts, which incinerated their remains.

Knut lunged at some Brutes and tore into them whilst blowing arctic breath from his nose. His breath turned an assortment of Neo-Rajita into ice.

"Knut, give me your power!" Sedna beckoned.

"As you wish, Sedna," the polar bear spirit converted into spirit energy and entered her armor.

"I call forth! Coming of the Ice Age!" The Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper summoned a cold breeze accompanied by sheets of arctic ice, which swept through the vicinity.

He pivoted over the Osaka Bay where Dai-Valkyrie Sedna not only turned the whole bay into sea of ice, but froze every Neo-Rajita soldier (Bio-Vivians, Brutes, Draconian Guardians, and cyborgs alike).

"They'll all break apart soon and the bay will return to normal," Sedna said, walking over to reconvene with Angemon X. "That clears everything here. I'm glad Mercury was able to tell us ahead of time about that drill machine."

"Who would've thought they'd use those to dug holes straight into the Earth's core? This Gamera won't stop at nothing to turn this world into something akin to Hell," Angemon X said. "And I've seen enough hell inflicted on Earth."

"I know, but the good news is that the other Senshi heading out to the other cities worldwide are in the know about those drill machines."

"Good, then we're on the right track."

The Ice Senshi asserted. "Now, let's head on back to Tokyo and give Gamera a piece of our minds."

"But, there's also the matter of dealing with Paradais."

"If Charon shows herself again, I'll really let her have it."

"Make that both of us, Sedna."


Shanghai, China

As they arrived in the heart of Shanghai, Dai-Valkyrie Summoner Venus, Adam, and Demona neutralized the Neo-Rajita invaders. Adam went all out demon mode and tore up a few hovercrafts. Demona released her demonic aura, which radiated outward and vaporized a fleet of Brutes that tried to attack her.

Summoner Venus faced an army of Draconian Guardians, Bio-Vivians, and tanks. Behind the army was the drill machine.

"There's the drill device Mercury warned us about. Right, I'm on it!" Summoner Venus declared as she pulled out a scroll, unwrapped it, and converted her Senshi magic into the scroll. "I summon you: Giant Arisa!"


After a dense smoke dispersed from the scroll, the aliens held their ground and to their horror a Kaju-sized fox emerged with cute features, Summoner Venus stood atop Arisa's head with arms crossed and with her game face on.

"What do you think, boys?! Arisa's ready to walk all over you!"

"Surprised you didn't give her nine tails," quipped Demona.

Adam added. "Then, that's make Arisa no Kyuubi."

However, Arisa didn't follow her master's command and sat down yawning with a high-pitched yelp. Needless to say, Summoner Venus was none too pleased with the end result.

"C'mon, I'm a Dai-Valkyrie now! I should already be able to make you a fierce beast!" She vented her frustrations and bopped Arisa's head a few times.

The Neo-Rajita laughed hysterically and prepared to take aim. They fired a barrage of plasma beams, which hit Arisa all over and made her cry. Whereas Summoner Venus did her best to protect her summoned giant.

Suddenly, Inari materialized next to Summoner Venus.

"Inari, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong!"

"You need to delve into the demonic magic your father bestowed to you. That's why you've always failed to make Arisa as vicious as she needs to be."

Realizing this folly of hers over the years, Summoner Venus slapped her own forehead and groaned. "Awww, damn it! I knew dad always told me to find a balance between my Senshi and demon stone magic! Arisa just needed that demonic power to get her to bring out her wild side!"

Inari sweatdropped. "Now's your chance to do it and I can help, too." He raised his head to Summoner Venus.

Placing her hand on his forehead, she focused and invoked her demon stone power. She then transferred that said magic through Inari, who then sent it into Arisa. The demonic energies helped transform Arisa's gentle demeanor into a more demonic and vicious visage. Her sand brown fur turned into a mix of ginger and her eyes turned crimson.

Arisa let out an earth shattering bellow, causing the ground to shake and crumble. Terrified, the Neo-Rajita began rapidly firing with reckless abandon. The demonic fox swung its tail, unleashing a hurricane-like force that sent the aliens sailing into the air.

"Now, Arisa, take out the drill machine!" Summoner Venus pointed to the machine's general direction.

Opening her mouth, Arisa expelled a massive blast and one-shotted the drill machine. Left in its wake was debris and a small crater where the machine once stood.

Adam hollered. "Way to go, Ai! You finally got Arisa to go badass mode!"

Demona chortled. "About time, I'd say."

Summoner Venus threw up a 'V' for victory and boasted enough to make her mother proud. "Who's awesome now?! Me!"


Great Walls of China

Dai-Valkyrie Ceres propelled through the air and flew so fast she literally turned into a pink flash of light. She shot through a bunch of Neo-Rajita hovercrafts and made them all to explode. She then looked up as Bio-Vivians and Foxzards dropped down from a large ship.

"Is that all, boys? My, you really should try harder," a bored Ceres sighed. She summoned Cadence, whose essence merged with her and her armor. She used hers (and Cadence's) power to forge a pink ball of light and threw it at the aliens, which engulfed and wiped them out. The ball then exploded into a barrage of razor sharp pink petals that tore through the ship.

The ship was ripped apart so badly it lost control and on collision course with the Great Walls. Ceres hastily dove down and caught the ship with her hands. Using Cadence's gorilla strength, she pushed the ship away and redirected it to the sky where it exploded.

"Nothing would pain me more than to see this magnificent and historical foundation being ruined by you, creatures," Ceres shook her head. "Thanks for the lending support, Cadence."


Seoul, South Korea

Dai-Valkyrie Pallas sat on on a stack of slain Neo-Rajita soldiers while singing a song. She jumped off and walked away. A Foxzard emerged with a plasma blade readily drawn. Before the alien could kill the Senshi, Pallas lifted her leg and kicked the alien hard in the groin. As the Foxzard doubled over, Harmony appeared and bounced him on her nose.

"Yay! Go, Harmony!" Pallas clapped and cheered. As Harmony bounced the Foxzard higher, Pallas jumped up and kicked him down, sending him crashing to the ground. "Did you have a nice fall?"

Harmony chuckled. "I think he did."

"Ok, bored now!" Pallas chirped. "Are you people ok?!" She saw that the locals cheered her and Harmony on. She and Harmony took a bow for them.


Mumbai, India

Daiki, in his Hermes armor, launched pulse beams from his hands to shatter through the drill machine's defenses. Helbot assisted in neutralizing the Neo-Rajita soldiers guarding the device.

"Make way, folks!" Daiki warned, pushing both of his hands forward and produced a condense beam that cut through five tanks. "Helbot, let's neutralize their remaining vehicles!"

Helbot complied and followed Daiki toward armored vehicles heading their way. Helbot bumrushed one vehicle and hopped on top of it, shoving her blade through and cutting the top like a can opener. She moved aside letting Daiki shot a pulse blast at the Neo-Rajita inside.

"Whoo-hoo! Now, let's take the rest of them out!"

"Yes, master," Helbot complied with Daiki's orders.


Sydney, Australia

It was a homecoming for a certain Australian Kuiper Senshi. Dai-Valkyrie Orcus made a quick impression over her fellow Aussies by creating black hole-like pits that swallowed up several Neo-Rajita ships floating near the Sydney Opera House.

"No way I'm letting you freaks drill a hole on my home turf!" Orcus hollered as she flew at some hovercrafts. She summoned shadow blades and tossed them at the pods, slicing them up into pieces. She then descended where some Draconian Guardians were shooting at Sydney citizens. "Those are my fellow countrymen and women you're shooting at! Razor!"

The bat spirit materialized upon Orcus' command. "You rang?"

"Lend me your power! I'm making this quick!" Orcus said, placing her hand on Razor as he fused with her armor. On top of augmenting her power, Orcus gained bat wings made from pure energy, which sprouted from her back. She propelled across faster than the aliens could react and flapped her wings, sending energy projectiles that blasted them away.

Sydney's local navy aided Orcus by intercepting and taking out the remaining hovercrafts.

She whirled around and dove through the drill machine. She summoned shadow tentacles from her wings and used them to tear up the drill machine.

"WHOO! YOU GO!" A member from the crowd cheered her and rallied everyone to show their support.

Dai-Valkyrie Orcus flew up and embraced the cheers directed for her.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Orcus blew kissed to them. Veering to her right, she gasped and spotted a blonde-haired woman standing in the crowd. It was her mother Diana. "Mom?" A genuine smile adorned her face as seeing her mother made her feel relieved. "I'm glad you were here to see me."


Moscow, Russia

Dai-Valkyrie Vesta blew up a Neo-Rajita tank with a torrent of flames. She cupped her hands together and expelled a flamethrower-like blast, incinerating Neo-Rajita soldiers.

"Flare, show them no mercy!" Vesta ordered.

The red bear charged at a Brute and quickly overpowered him. Flare proceeded to maul him and smother him with a sheet of fire. Vesta put her hand on Flare, incorporating his spiritual essence and fusing him in her armor. Her nails grew into fire claws, allowing her to slice open a tank with ease. She dashed forward and destroyed a drill machine with her fire claws.

"Score one for Vesta!" The red-haired Senshi boasted after leaving the drill machine in a heap of debris.


Berlin, Germany

Forging her Silence Wall, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn easily held an army of Neo-Rajita soldiers and mechanized contraptions. Despite the overwhelming numbers, the army was still nothing but flies to Saturn.

Lifting her Silence Glaive, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn sliced open her own barrier and bumrushed the entire army with reckless abandon. She went through the soldiers like trash and speedblitzed the whole lot of them. Combining quick reflexes and deadly precision, she skewered the Neo-Rajita warriors.

She jumped on top of one tank and slammed her Silence Glaive down to make it explode. Saturn went on to do this to ten more tanks as each one exploded. The drill machine was spotted at plain sight. Readying her weapon, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn launched over to the giant contraption and drove her Glaive into it. She looked up as Thanatos flew down and placed his head on her Glaive, allowing her to absorb his being into her weapon.

"Thanatos... Resonate!" With eyes glowing purple, Saturn shouted, invoking Thanato's power into her Silence Glaive and using it to destroy the machine. She also used the power to obliterate every Neo-Rajita warrior near by.

Having cleared Berlin of the Neo-Rajita incursion, Saturn stood victorious.

"Neo-Rajita, you are now silenced."


Paris, France

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto made short work of the Neo-Rajita incursion. With Lupe, they were able to destroy the drill machine. When Pluto walked off with Lupe, a Brute popped out from the ground and pointed his plasma blaster to the Time Guardian's head.

"Move and you're dead...!" Before he got a chance to finish, Pluto merely tapped her Garnet Rod down and froze time around the alien. She pivoted and swung her Garnet Rod around, summoning a purple sphere of light. "Be gone!" She quickly one-shotted the alien and walked off. "You're not the ones I want, but I couldn't allow you to bring harm to this beautiful world." She looked up and visualized Sailor Charon in her mind. "I still have unsettled business with you, sister."


London, England

After kicking a Neo-Rajita tank into the air, Dai-Valkyrie Juno fired a energy ball and blew it up. She then flew over near Big Ben and punched back some flying Bio-Vivians. She grabbed two Bio-Vivians and smashed their heads together.

"This is too easy!" Juno boasted loudly. "Hey, Mara, give me a boost! We're gonna tear up their hides!"

Mara complied and turned into spiritual energy. She effectively merged with Juno's armor and empowered the green-haired Senshi. Juno's nails turned into sharp green claws, which she used to slash through some Neo-Rajita tanks and hovercrafts. She flew up and propelled through a hovercraft and slashed it apart.

"Sweet! The way your power resonates with me gives me strength! Hah, I can do anything!"

Just then, London's military arrived to help avert the incursion.

Juno sighed. "Eh, maybe a little help doesn't hurt."



Being pursued by Neo-Rajita soldiers, a group of three male teens were running for their lives. The trio turned a corner as they sighted a female teen waving out to them.

"Skrilla, T-Bone, Hot Rod! Over here!" The brunette girl garbed in gym gear beckoned them over. As they dashed toward her, she let the into a workout gym and closed the door. She then sealed it tight. "There."

"We outran those freaks. No way they can find us here!" Hot Rod, a lanky young man with shaggy hair covering his eyes, said.

T-Bone, a tall muscular man sporting a buzz cut, surveyed the gym. "Say, ain't this where you've been training, Nails?"

The girl, Nails, nodded. "Yeah, rumor has it our old friend, Tyra, is living in Tokyo now, reunited with Lyn, and she's been there training and teaching self defense. Yeah, and she even had a fight with Kasumi Mizuhara, the Japan Women's champion. I thought I'd do the same and follow in her footsteps."

Skrilla, a male with a purple mohawk, asked. "Really? Like leave for Tokyo? Maybe you can convince Tyra to come back to us? Thing's ain't been the same without her."

Nails replied. "That's an idea... maybe if I challenge her..."


The rooftop in the gym collapsed following an explosion. Tyra's old gang took cover from the falling debris. To their dismay, Draconian Guardians fired them with plasma beams and paralyzed them. The gang were rounded up and escorted out with numerous other captives.

Just when the gang had given up hope, a flash of white light speedblitzed through the Neo-Rajita warriors and sent them all flying. The captives wondered what on earth had taken out the aliens so quickly. Their questions were answered as Dai-Valkyrie Varuna appeared standing atop of a light post. She had her battle ax over her right shoulder with a killing intent in her eyes.

"Curses, one of the Sailor Senshi made it this far!" A Draconian Guardian hissed.

"Sailor Senshi?" Skrilla whispered.

Nails gasped. "You're kidding? Here? Wait, there were Sailor Senshi here... the day Tyra left."

"FIRE!" A Brute bellowed and shot plasma bullets toward Varuna.

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna hopped off the light post and flew down wildly brandishing her battle ax. She evaded the blasts with 'flash step' movements and baffled the soldiers by vanishing out of sight. Varuna reappeared behind the aliens and with a swing of her ax instantly wiped them out in a second.

"Holy shit!" T-Bone gaped in bewilderment.

Nails marveled at Varuna's bold presence. "Wow... now that's a female badass taking charge." The way she stands there and the way she made an entrance... kinda reminds me of Tyra!

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna freed the captives. Then, the moment her eyes fell on her old gang, she immediately froze. It's my old gang... Skrilla, T-Bone, Nails, Hot Rod... I can't believe it's really you, guys! Shaking her head, she went ahead and freed the gang. "You four need to get these people to safety. I'm going to take care of the rest of these alien freaks."

"By yourself?" Hot Rod asked.

"You're just one," Skrilla pointed out.

"I'm Sailor Varuna, a one woman wrecking crew. I have enough power to avert the whole invasion here," Varuna reassured them with a smile. She raised her battle ax and hovered into the air. "I mean it, get these people someplace away from the disaster zones. I'm gonna clear this whole city of these freaks before you know it." With that, she flew off but not before looking back to them. You guys look to be doing well. I'm glad. As much as I want to chat with y'all, duties come first. One day... maybe we'll see each other again.

The gang watched her leave and carried out her request by escorting the locals to safety. Nails gazed across to see Dai-Valkyrie Varuna flying away.

"Thanks... Sailor Varuna..." She muttered. "Seeing you, I have a good feeling Tyra's ok."

As she made it far into the heart of Amsterdam, Dai-Valkyrie Varuna located the drill machine.

"There it is. A big drill machine like Mercury described," the blonde said. "Ok, Flash, let's go time."

The spirit rabbit materialized and looked down with a sadistic smile.

"Looks like you're raring to go."

Flash smirked devilishly. "When it comes to trashing things, I relish in carnage!"

"Then, you're going to get a kick out of this!" Varuna said. "We'll trash it together." She placed her hand on Flash, who turned into spirit energy. Her armor absorbed his energy, which in turn augmented her Senshi powers and physical strength. She readied her battle ax and dove down cutting down a few hovercrafts. She landed a vertical slash, cutting a carrier ship in half. As she landed near the drill machine, Varuna neutralized the Brutes and Draconian Guardians.

Stepping right in front of the drill machine, Varuna put her hands under the giant contraption and using her augmented strength lifted the machine off the ground. Though she strained at first, Varuna gutted it out and flew up carrying the machine. Neo-Rajita soldiers opened fire on the Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper, but she persisted and threw the machine into the sky. She then swung around her ax, sending an immense light wave that blew apart the machine.

Varuna whirled around and retaliated by phasing out, only to reappear in front of the aliens. She quickly slayed the rest of them.

Taking a deep breath, Varuna wiped the alien blood covering her armor. She looked up and smiled in satisfaction. "Even if it's for this short time, it's kinda good to see home again. And my old friends... glad you guys are doing ok. Now, gotta get back to the others. Hope you're holding your own just fine, Hel." She flew off to finish the remaining Neo-Rajita invaders in Amsterdam.


Madrid, Spain

Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter and Ryuuhi worked together averting a Neo-Rajita invasion in Madrid. Between Battle Jupiter's brute power and Ryuuhi quick precision, they wiped out an amassed fleet of Draconian Guardians, Foxzards, Bio-Vivians, and Brutes.

Battle Jupiter raced so fast she converted herself into a lightning bolt and blasted through an amassed group of Neo-Rajita. She summoned Ford, who materialized beside her. The thunder bird converted into lightning and merged with her, forming a second layer of lightning armor. Augmented by Ford's boost, Battle Jupiter speedblitzed through some Brutes while tanking their blows with her lightning armor.

"How do you like my Thunder Armor?!" Battle Jupiter exclaimed. "Ryuuhi, how are you doing?" She glanced over and saw Ryuuhi slicing up some Bio-Vivians and roasting some Draconians with darkness flames. "I think that answers my question." She remarked as she raced toward the drill machine and dismantled with a surge of lightning.

Ryuuhi finished up slaying Neo-Rajita soldiers and watched Battle Jupiter dismantle the drill machine. "That takes care things here."

"Yep! Now it's finish the last of these freaks!"

Ryuuhi nodded stoically. "Oh yes." But a wink from the Senshi made him blush a bit. "Tch."

"C'mon, you alien freaks! I'm rearing to go a second round!" Battle Jupiter beckoned and dared the remaining Neo-Rajita to come out. "Any takers? Fine, we'll come to you!" She and Ryuuhi pursued the remaining ones.


Lagos, Nigeria

Dai-Valkyrie Ixion arrived to save her native home from a Neo-Rajita incursion. She produced a hundred poisonous darts and threw them at a fleet of Neo-Rajita, killing and wiping them out with ease.

"You won't be taking my home!" Ixion declared, turning around as she threw more darts to take down a hovercraft. From the corner of her eye, she saw a couple running from some Foxzards. She instantly recognized them as her parents. "Mother! Father!" She propelled forward and called forth Bane the cobra. "Bane, give a hand!"

Bane complied. "Of course." She turned into green energy and poured into Ixion's armor, augmenting her. Ixion used Bane's power to produce a bigger bow with a set of arrows. She took one and shot it down at the Neo-Rajita soldiers, taking them out and saving her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Waziri waved out to Ixion, who smiled upon seeing them safe.

"Thank you!" The couple called to her, unbeknownst to them their daughter saved them.

"You two get to safety! There's still more work here to be done for me!"

As the couple relocated, Dai-Valkyrie Ixion sighed. "I'm glad I can see you two again. One day you'll know what I've really been up to. Won't you be surprised to learn you daughter is a super heroine." She pivoted to her west and caught the drill machine at plain sight. "There it is as Mercury described it. Time to go to work, Bane!"

Then, she wasted no time neutralizing the drill machine and shutting it down with a giant poisonous arrow.


South Africa

Taking to the air, Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter whirled Mjolnir over her head and manipulated the clouds above her. Mjolnir released a powerful mystic force that hit the clouds and caused them to darken.

"Storm clouds I command you to come forth! Hear my plea!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter shouted, swinging Mjolnir around as a bolt of lightning shot down from the sky and hit the hammer.

Beneath her was a massive Neo-Rajita army guarding the drill machine.

"With the power of Mjolnir, be gone!"

"FIRE!" A Brute commanded as hundreds of plasma blasts were launched toward Jupiter, who seemed unfazed by the coming barrage.

"Bacchus, come forth!" Jupiter beckoned to her cheetah spirit, who appeared next to her. "Combine with me and my hammer!"

Nodding, Bacchus turned into green energy, quickly incorporating himself into both Mjolnir and Jupiter. Gaining Bacchus strength, Jupiter's power was augmented and her nails turned into lightning claws. She also gained Bacchus' speed, allowing her to speed up swinging Mjolnir fast enough to conjure an overabundance of lightning bolts. A tornado emerged from the turbulent weather patterns created by the Dai-Valkyrie and knocked away a large portion of the army.

"Now! MJOLNIR FORCE!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter cried, sending a massive lightning bolt, which poured down and impacted the drill machine, blowing it up and taking out the Neo-Rajita soldiers guarding it. In the explosion's wake, a giant crater was left where the drill machine was once situated. "That's that." She sighed with relief, veering over to see South African people cheering her. "Glad I can help!" She raised Mjolnir up.

Suddenly, she noticed a commotion on the other side and saw the local military fighting off Neo-Rajita.

"Help's on the way, guys!" Jupiter called out, flying over to help stop the remaining incursion.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar arrived in her home country and helped the military fight off the Neo-Rajita incursion. Quaoar did them favors using her floral and earth powers to subdue and take out the Neo-Rajita forces.

"Keep them busy! I'll take the ones in the air!" Quaoar cried out. "Flora!" Calling forth her animal spirit, the maned wolf appeared by Quaoar's command. "Let's work by taking out the aerial fighters!"

Flora replied. "I'm ready!" She then turned into light brown light and incorporated into Quaoar's armor.

Empowered thanks to Flora, Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar produced her lance and used it to cut up a hovercraft that tried to dive bomb her. She summoned massive stems to pop out from the ground, manipulating them to ensnare and crush other hovercrafts. She pulled out some white Vampire Roses and threw them at some Neo-Rajita soldiers, sucking their life energy dry.

Quaoar hastily flew over where an abundance of Orichalcos energy was being poured into Rio de Janerio from a ship. Producing a vine, she threw it at the ship and tore off the exhaust cannon where the Orichalcos energy was being leaked like gas. She then twirled her vine and sliced apart the ship.

As she turned around, she saw Neo-Rajita soldiers rounding up citizens. To her shock, she saw her family and her Capoeira partner 'Sparta' were amongst those being taken.

"Release them!" Quaoar shouted, throwing vines to cut apart the aliens. She hurried over freeing the captives, including her family and friend. "Are you all ok?"

"Yes, thank you," Mrs. Souza said.

Sparta looked at Quaoar. "You're one of the Sailor Senshi, aren't you?"

"Yes, we've spread out all over the world to save you from these invaders. It's just like the previous invasion from several years back."

Mr. Souza replied. "Yes, but at least we had our daughter with us. She's not here now unfortunately."

"Don't worry. I come to tell you she's doing fine in Tokyo."

"But, how would you know..." asked Sparta.

Quaoar smiled genuinely, giving them a sense of reassurance. "She's close friends with us. Now, you help get these people someplace the aliens can't find you!"

"You heard her, everyone," Mr. Souza took charge as he and a few others helped to escort the crowds to another location.

As they turned to leave, Sparta turned and faced Quaoar one last time as she flew off to pursue some hovercrafts.

"The way you looked at us. Could it be you're...? No, you couldn't be," Sparta shook his head.

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar glided toward a hovercraft and split it in half with her vine.


Houston, Texas

Making a homecoming in her home state, Dai-Valkyrie Eris flew over the Astrodome and guided some hovercrafts from a large gathering of people. She shot up into the sky and waited for the hovercrafts to come to her.

"That's it. Come to me," Eris chortled playfully. She produced her lasso and tossed it, ensnaring one and swinging it around. "Yee-ha! It's rodeo time!" Shifting to cowgirl mode, Eris rode on top of the ensnared hovercraft and sent it flying into another.

Eris hopped off and flew up avoiding the explosions caused by the hover crashes. She threw her lasso and grabbed another hovercraft, tossing it down at a fleet of Bio-Vivians and Draconians.

"A'right, Zephyr, gonna need some help!" She summoned her falcon spirit, who appeared on her left shoulder. "Lend me your power so we can take the rest of 'em out fast!"

"On it, Eris!" Zephyr replied as he converted into light green light and became absorbed into Eris' armor.

As a result, Eris gained falcon wings made of energy, which sprouted form her back. The boost also augmented her power and speed. She hastily glided forward punching through a hovercraft and grabbing a hold of it, throwing it at another hovercraft. She then swooped down throwing her lasso at a group of Draconians. She picked them off the ground and tossed them up.

Eris swooped down as Brutes and Bio-Vivians converged on her. She unloaded by kicking up a powerful wind, blowing them away. She ran up behind a Brute and lifted him overhead, executing a picture perfect German bridging suplex and planting him on the back of his neck. She jumped up kicking another Brute in the face, cracking its jaw in two with her heel.

"A'right! Thatta way!" A group of voices hollered from the crowd.

Eris recognized the voices and turned around spotting her family in the crowd.

She muttered. "Momma? Poppa? Chuck? Danny? Eddie? Johnny?" A warm smile adorned the Texan's face as seeing her family brightened her day. You're all looking very well. Hah, looks like I put on quite a show for ya! She took a bow and picked up a cowboy hat, putting it on as she threw it up to the air. "Yee-ha!" The redhead headed off to take out the remaining Neo-Rajita in Houston.


Mexico City, Mexico

Down south of the border, the Dai-Valkyrie Quartet took down the Neo-Rajita incursion. The Mexican crowds gathered celebrating. The Quartet bowed taking poses for their fans.


Andes Mountains

Dai-Valkyries Saturn and Pluto stood side by side with bodies of Neo-Rajita soldiers dissolving. Both ruthlessly dispatched the alien invaders and averted their invasion.

"That takes care of this side of the world, Pluto."

"Indeed. Now, let's return to Tokyo."


San Francisco, California

Uniting as a mother-daughter tandem, Dai-Valkyries Jupiter and Battle Jupiter quickly vanquished an invasion that already spilled out into San Francisco. The city was spared disaster after the Jupiters stopped the drill machine. Ryuuhi aided in wiping out the invaders with a Dragon of the Darkness Flames.

"You oughta let me use the hammer, mom," Battle Jupiter winked.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter chuckled. "Maybe one day. I'm still just starting to mater this baby." She kissed Mjolnir.

"I've cleared the path. Let's dispatch the remaining ones!" called Ryuuhi.

Jupiter and Battle Jupiter exchanged smiles as they speedblitzed through an army.


Washington, D.C.

Sedna froze them. Eris swept them. Ixion poisoned them. Orcus sealed and dissolved them inside dark holes. Quaoar sucked them dry and crushed them. Varuna speedblitzed, sliced, and diced them. Angemon X skewered and vaporized them.

Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers and Angemon X ultimately stopped the Neo-Rajita incursion from overtaking the U.S.'s national capital. The military showed up to help take out hovercrafts.

"That's the last of them here, guys," Sedna said. "Let's really pack it up and get back to Tokyo."


New York City, New York

After pursuing the invaders past the Statue of Liberty, Dai-Valkyrie Neo Senshi finished the remaining Neo-Rajita in Times Square. Hundreds of bystanders emerged to give their thanks and many of them shot pictures of the Neo Senshi.

The Neo Senshi then raced off as they located the drill machine. Working together, they neutralized the remaining Neo-Rajita soldiers and stopped the drill machine.

"We're done here," Summoner Venus said. "Time to reconvene with our parents and the others back home."


(End theme)


Shinjuku District/Megumi's Residence/6:45 PM

Beelzebumon was able to recover his energy after a meal courtesy of Megumi. He stepped out at the front door. He looked over his shoulder to see Mako and Ai.

"Sorry, guys, but I've gotta go help Takato and his pals. Pineapple head and his crew need me, too. It's hell out there, but that's where I should be. Not cooped up in this place."

"Please be careful, Beelzebumon!" pleaded Ai.

Mako encouraged the Demon Lord Digimon. "You go out there and kick serious butt with them!"

Beelzebumon knelt down and picked up his Tamers. "How about I show y'all how I'm gonna waste the bad guys? You guys shouldn't be cooped up here either."

"Now, wait, you hold on! You're taking them out there?!" Megumi asked worryingly.

"Yeah, besides there's a friend of ours who's our age and she's been out there with her Digimon!" Ai said. "Thanks for looking out for us, Miss Megumi."

"Yeah, besides, Inumon and Renamon are happy you've been looking out for the pups while they've been away," Makoto added. "They'll help protect you, little Yusuke, and little Kazuma. You protect the babies, you two!"

Guarding the twins, BlackRenamon and ShineInumon both nodded.

"We'll make our parents even more proud!" ShineInumon said with much enthusiasm.

BlackRenamon added. "That's right."

With that, Beelzebumon flew out with Ai and Makoto. They left ShineInumon and BlackRenamon with the responsibility of taking care of the twins. Megumi sat down, sighing deeply. Then, she turned around and saw Kasumi Mizuhara return using the backdoor.

"Kasumi? Where have you been?"

"I just came to tell you I've rounded up a few friends to help me find and relocate bystanders still in the city."

"And who are they?"

With a snap of her fingers, Kasumi beckoned a set of familiar faces that Megumi recognized. One was a tall purple-haired woman with an athletic build and garbed in a tight dark blue suit.

"Reika, at your service."

Next came a young Chinese girl wearing long braided hair and a red Chinese outfit complete with blue pants.

"I'm Chun, one of Tyra's students."

Next, a skinny young woman with a dark brown complexion and shaggy dark hair walked forward.

"I'm Nuriko and also one of Tyra's students."

Finally, a small lavender-haired girl wearing a green and yellow Chinese outfit jumped in front of the ladies.

"And I'm Lily! I'm another student of Tyra!"

"Ah, I know y'all," Megumi replied in a cheery manner. "Good to know y'all will be helping Miss Kasumi."

"We were hoping we'd find Tyra," Chun firmly said. "We're worried about her and her friend Helena."

"Well, don't give up. I'm sure we'll find her and any other bystander who need our help," Kasumi reassured them. "Now, c'mon, we've got work to do, ladies."



Near Earth's Orbit/Thousands of feet above Tokyo/Neo-Rajita Mothership/7:10 PM

Dai-Valkyrie Mars and Nagah finally reached the top and landed on top of the Neo-Rajita mothership. They scoured the area and saw more soldiers storming toward them shooting a barrage of beams.

"Ugh, this is getting old," Nagah scoffed her irritation with the mooks. She raced forward deflecting their beams and pummeled them, throwing a few over board.

Mars neutralized Bio-Vivians and Foxzards with fire arrows. The arrows then smothered them in flames and burned them to ashes.

"I share your sentiments, Nagah. Now what?"

"We find and confront Gamera. It's time we end this!"

"I would be be careful what you wish for, because you're bound to get it," the dark and menacing tone of the Neo-Rajita warlord interjected, alarming them both.

(Cue Mortal Kombat (2011) OST – Shao Kahn's Throne)

Dai-Valkyrie Mars and Nagah turned around as they saw Gamera standing with arms crossed.

"Welcome, ladies. You're fortunate to be the first ones to make it to the top of my ship, but you shouldn't be considering you now face me," Gamera addressed them, sauntering toward them in a methodical manner. "And thank you for bringing the Houou host to me, Nagah. Perhaps you have redeemed your failure to me."

Nagah growled. "Stuff it, you monster! I'm here to take back what's rightfully mine!"

"Rightfully yours, but you gave up your position to me."

"It was a short-sighted decision I live to regret."

"Why is that? Because I'm technically the next heir in line? You were just an adjunct ruler filling in my place until I was ready and able to lead the Neo-Rajita. Now, I stand as your lord and you will humble yourself to me."

Nagah spat. "Not in your life! By going down your path, you're going to send the future of our species to oblivion!"

"Once I gain the Romulus Source, that won't happen."

"You're after the powerful artifact your father wanted? By gaining that, you'll gain control over all aspects of the universe."

"Yeah, I don't like the sound of that. Gamera, you're not getting your hands on that artifact! The Houou destroyed your father, don't make me unleash her on you!"

"You're welcome to try, host, but thanks to Paradais, I've more than prepared for the worst possible outcomes."

Dai-Valkyrie Mars and Nagah took battle stances as they faced Gamera. They bumrushed the Neo-Rajita warlord, preparing to attack him. Mars quickly summoned Garuda, who spun around and turned into an explosive burst of flames. This tactic worked momentarily blindsiding Gamera, allowing Nagah to get behind him. Gamera brushed his hand through the flames and surprised Nagah by grabbing her arm.

"I've got you."

Nagah grinned evilly. "Yes, but what was that about preparing for the worst outcomes?" With that, she pulled out a dagger she had kept hidden. "This is the moment I've been waiting for!" She drove the dagger into his gut, causing him to gasp and yell out painfully. "That's not just any dagger, your lordship. It contains a ailment exclusively deadly to our kind. I managed to procure it from Toad's lab in case you ever decide to kill me."

"You... witch..." Gamera gritted his teeth as he pulled the dagger out. His eyes fell on a hexagon-shaped object outlined with purple light. "It's spreading fast."

Dai-Valkyrie Mars seized advantage as she shot up Gamera with hundreds of fire arrows. She relentlessly continued firing until the warlord's body exploded into a burst of flames. Narrowing her eyes, she coldly remarked. "Didn't need the Houou to kill your arrogant ass."

Gamera's flaming corpse seemingly collapsed.

(End theme)

"We did it..." Nagah sighed heavily. "I should take the credit."

"Mars! Nagah!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon called out from above.

Mars, Garuda, and Nagah looked up to see Dai-Valkyrie Moon and Norse Knight descending with their steeds. The couple glanced over to the flaming corpse.

"Was that...?" Moon gasped, covering her mouth.

"Gamera and boy what an anti-climatic way for him to go out," Mars snidely remarked. "Didn't need the Houou to bail us out of this one."

"Hey, I was the one who planted the poison into him!" Nagah interjected.

Norse Knight eyed the flame-covered corpse. "Regardless of who takes credit, this ends one conflict."

Moon nodded. "Yeah, and I'm glad we can put this one behind us."


The group felt an immense power weighing down on them. Alarmed, they turned around to see a green pillar of light emanating and pouring out from the corpse, which nullified the flames. Befuddled and horrified, Nagah sank to her knees as the unsettling reality was already sinking in.

"No... don't tell me he..." Nagah stuttered fearfully. "Has he adapted an immunity I'm not aware of?!"

"Fuck, spoke too soon," Mars scowled.

Moon warned. "Get ready for anything."

As the body rose on its own, the flames vanished and the green light bathed him completely. The light poured over his charred body, reanimating his being and regenerating his skin along as well as restoring his armor. He opened his eyes and checked over himself, equally shocked with the turnout.

Is is one of the gifts Paradais has bestowed to me? Immunity from the disease deadly to my own kind? Ah, then that means no poison or disease will ever claim my life! Oh, Nagah, you're such a fool! Gamera bust out laughing as he clenched his fists. A thick green aura formed around him as his eyes glowed crimson. "There's nothing left you can kill me with, Nagah! In fact, now that I have the power of the Alpha in-Force, I don't like your chances as I can end this battle before you even realize it."

"Alpha in-Force?" Dai-Valkyrie Moon muttered.

"Just another power I've acquired thanks to some unfortunate knight who tried to play a hero, but ultimately fell to me."

"Stealing other people's power to build your own power set? You've stooped low," Norse Knight said.

"Your opinions don't matter. I only care to see you dead," the Neo-Rajita warlord chortled evilly as he raised his glowing hand. Before he could initiate his attack, he watched more of the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi arrive on their steeds.

Dai-Valkyries Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn arrived first with their steeds. Then, Dai-Valkyries Venus, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune reconvened with their friends.

"You guys, you came!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon was elated to see them back.

"We've managed to avert and destroy all the drill machines," Pluto informed her.

"Hear that, Gamera? Any attempt to terraform this planet has failed," Nagah said.

Gamera merely shook his head and laughed. "No matter. Now we shift to the next phase." With a snap of his fingers, four platforms jutted out of the ship and surrounded the Senshi and their animal spirits. "Unfortunately for you, you've fell for my trap! Activate Seal of Orichalcos!"

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! OST – The Seal of Orichalcos)

To their dismay, a massive green dome formed over the Senshi, Norse Knight, Nagah, and the animal steeds. The dome solidified and encased them within. The Orichalcos symbol materialized beneath their feet.

"He's got us trapped!" Dai-Valkyrie Neptune exclaimed.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus tried working her teleport ability, but to no avail. "For some reason, my teleport doesn't work!"

Most of the Senshi tried shattering the green barrier with their attacks. They found their attacks fizzled out upon hitting the walls.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter slammed Mjolnir repeatedly to break them loose, but even that failed. Dai-Valkyrie Saturn's Silence Glaive couldn't shatter the barrier to her own dismay.

"It's no use. This Seal of Orichalcos has been greatly modified thanks to the usage of all the stones stored in this ship. No matter what you do, you can't escape and you have no hope of anyone breaking you out. The longer you stay in there, the chances of your souls being extracted by the stones will be great. You only have little time, Senshi," Gamera boasted, folding his arms. "Moreover, this will contain you long enough for me to leave this world and head forth Planet Imperium. The day of that I rise and become a universal god has come. The Romulus Source is finally mine!"

The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, Norse Knight, Nagah, and the animals desperately worked to break free from the impenetrable seal.

(End theme)


Shinjuku District/Tokyo Government Metropolitan Building/7:20 PM

Charon and the Prophet witnessed QuakeGargomon and Calypsomon valiantly trying to break through their defenses. They relished every desperate attempt the siblings put forth trying to breach their fortress stronghold. Charon's 'giant face' guardian repelled the two back with an immense gust of dark energy. Both QuakeGargomon and Calypsomon plunged as they fell on top of a crystallized pillar where they both lied unconscious.

"That didn't take long to take them down," Charon chuckled darkly. "So much for trying to saving these fools." She glanced over eyeing Yamaki, Yamaki, Cain, and the others. "I can't comprehend why they'd go to great lengths to save these worthless lives."

"They're only human, my love. Humans can be both predictable yet unpredictable. One of these people must hold a special place in their hearts."

Janyuu feigned weakness as he waited for the couple to turn away. He finally cut himself loose and let the ropes binding him fall to the floor. Yamaki nodded to Janyuu and watched him veer toward the Juggernaut program. Janyuu took a deep breath and prepared to make a break for the machine...

(Cue Bleach OST – Power to Strive)

...until Blitzkrieg surprise everyone in the room and snapped off his bindings. Charon and the Prophet whirled around catching Blitzkrieg landing on the ground. Janyuu fell back startled by Blitzkrieg's sudden prison break. Nonetheless, he seized advantage of this momentary distraction and dashed over to the Juggernaut.

"Oh yeah... I'm finally loose, you bastards! Now, I'm gonna gut you two for keeping me chained!" He snarled between deep breaths, anger consuming him. He immediately bumrushed the two, grabbing both by their faces and slamming them through a glass window.


Blitzkrieg pushed them out on a balcony and doubled over still feeling the effects of his last battle. However, he didn't nor couldn't allow his internal injuries from deterring him from taking his revenge. To his dismay, both Charon and the Prophet rose up unfazed.

Charon merely smiled and laughed. "A valiant attempt at a rebound, dear Blitzkrieg, but in your condition you're not going to last long with either of us." She raised her hand and conjured her staff. "Face it, you're just an insect to us. I alone can obliterate you into atoms."

"I'd like to see ya try, you self-absorbed bitch!" Blitzkrieg retorted, dashing forward ready to tear her apart.

Sighing, Charon phased out of his reach and rematerialized on his right. She pointed her staff and expelled a blast from her staff, sending him flying back. She followed up by kicking him hard in the abdomen and elbowing his face. She quickly dropped him like a bag of bricks and kicked him away. Blitzkrieg rolled away doubling in pain and grabbing his injured ribs.

"...broke my ribs... you bitch..."

"Learn your place, insect. You've outlived your usefulness. Gamera doesn't even want failures in his rankings either!" Charon talked down over the former general. To her annoyance, Blitzkrieg was getting up spitting blood.

"What was that about obliterating me into atoms...? Eh?" He grinned wickedly, trying to get under Charon's skin, which he succeeded.

Charon pointed her staff and shot a beam, hitting Blitzkrieg head-on and flying back. As Charon and the Prophet advanced over to finish him off, Janyuu freed Yamaki. The two men quickly turned on the Juggernaut, setting it up to obliterate the Paradais duo with.

"This just has to work... please..." Janyuu prayed.


Meanwhile, the Beast Biomergers, Valkyrie Brunhilde, Phillipe, Artemismon Wynn Mode, Masaru & ShineGreymon Burst Mode, Antiramon, Grani, and Leviamon were still fighting off the Paradais crystal monsters. As more were destroyed, others took their place leading to a seemingly endless battle. This was already starting to take a toll on the group.

"Guys, we have to get out of this area! No matter how many we destroy, more take their place!" AuroraInumon suggested, using his Wolverine-like claws to cut apart a crystallized creature.

"Fine, let's go to where QuakeGargomon and Calypsomon are!" BlazeGallantmon ultimately decided. He raised his lance and fired a concentrated fire blast, which tore through the ceiling and opened a hole for them. "Hurry before it closes up!"

Antiramon picked up Suzie and hopped through first. Brunhilde rode Grani up with Leviamon following. Masaru and ShineGreymon BM went next. Phillipe & Artemismon WM followed after wards. The three Beast Biomergers finally went up next as crystals reformed and closed up the hole they just gone through.

"Henry! Terriermon! Jaarin!" BlazeGallantmon called to them.

Suzie gasped in horror. "Up there!" She pointed to QuakeGargomon and Calypsomon both laying unconscious on a crystal tower.

"Oh no! Let's go!" StormSakuyamon shouted.

The group ascended to the top where they landed on the crystal tower. Suzie raced over to check on her siblings.

"Henry, Terriermon, Jaarin! Wake up! It's me Suzie!" Suzie pleaded to them as tears filled her eyes. "Did you see daddy?!"

"They look pretty banged up," Masaru muttered.

"Maybe they tried to save their dad and one of those things stopped them before they could," Phillipe assumed.

Brunhilde scowled, looking straight up where the two towers were. "C'mon, what's to stop us from going up there!"

"We have to be cautious because we don't know what we're bound to face up there!" AuroraInumon addressed Brunhilde, trying to talk sense to her.

"He's right, Kotori," Phillipe pleaded. "We can't be reckless, but we can go up carefully and work together."

Brunhilde's face softened as she calmed down. "Yes, you're right. I don't want to risk getting killed again."

"...guys... be careful..." QuakeGargomon quickly came to as everyone turned to see him and Calypsomon stirring.

"Henry! Terriermon!" Suzie was delighted to see them moving. "Jaarin, you're awake!"

QuakeGargomon coughed as Terriermon's voice was heard. "Watch it... there's a big ugly face waiting for ya up there. And it's got a bad case of morning breath."

"Um, thanks for the warning. Like we needed vivid details about bad breath," BlazeGallantmon remarked.

Calypsomon coughed softly. "He's pretty serious, guys. That's how we ended up in the face we're in."

"With all of us here, we can take out whatever knocked you two down," StormSakuyamon reassured them.

Nodding, BlazeGallantmon pivoted and looked up. "C'mon, we're getting you to your dad, Mr. Yamaki, and the others. And no giant face or whatever's holding us back!" He amassed the group and led them by ascending to the top most floor.

QuakeGargomon and Calypsomon recovered quick. They followed the group upwards. Their advance was halted when the giant Charon face popped out from the ceiling.

"There! That thing stopped us from getting to the top!" Calypsomon exclaimed.

"Not if we have anything to say about it!" Masaru roared. "ShineGreymon!"

"Bring it on!" ShineGreymon BM beckoned the giant face to attack. He powered up his sword and swung it forward, unleashing an immense and explosive flame projectile. "Corona Blaze Sword!" He carved open a large part of the face and subdued it. "Go for it, guys!"

The Beast Biomergers unleashed their attacks simultaneously.

StormSakuyamon summoned. "Thunder Lance!'

QuakeGargomon bellowed. "Earthquake Punch!"

AuroraInumon howled. "Magnetic Impulse!"

BlazeGallantmon shouted. "Final Shining Burst!"

All four attacks converged and assimilated into a giant ball of white light. It collided with the Charon face breaking it apart. Brunhilde summoned her blue flames to destroy the falling debris. Leviamon, Calypsomon, Artemismon WM, and Phillipe also helped clear the way.

"Now we can get through. C'mon!" BlazeGallantmon said, leading the group to the top floor.

(End theme)

The group landed and amassed on a crystal platform shaped like a giant mushroom head. There they sighted the broken glass window. QuakeGargomon noticed Janyuu and Yamaki preparing to activate the Juggernaut machine.

"DAD!" Henry's voice called from QuakeGargomon, garnering the man's attention from working on the machine. "DAD!"

Calypsomon and Suzie both cried to get his attention. "DAD! IT'S US!"

Janyuu was taken aback seeing his three children and their friends. "Henry? Suzie? Jaarin? What are you three doing here?!"

"Here to save you!" QuakeGargomon exclaimed.

"Takato, we have a situation here! There's two villains who've arbitrarily taken over this building! Be careful!" Yamaki warned them.

"But, why activate the Juggernaut now? We can stop them!" BlazeGallantmon said. "We know an organization called Paradais have taken over and they're responsible for all these crystals popping up all over the world!"

"Who would you know about Paradais?" Yamaki wondered.

Just then, their interaction was abruptly interrupted as they heard Blitzkrieg's blood-curdling yells emanating from the other side.

Alarmed, StormSakuyamon turned around. "What was that?!"

"Sounds like Paradais is behind this," AuroraInumon stated.

After neutralizing Blitzkrieg and kicking him off the balcony, Sailor Charon turned around and noticed BlazeGallantmon's group.

"Ah, so they made it past my guardian," Charon smiled darkly. "Impressive the Tamers made it this far, but their momentum ends here. Shall we take them out, my love?"

"Of course."

While the Paradais duo teleported, unbeknownst to them Blitzkrieg was barely hanging on a ledge by the skin of his teeth. He let himself fall on a crystal slope and slid down. He continued sliding and softened his fall by landing on a bush. He gutted out the pain he endured and looked up to see the Neo-Rajita mothership not too far.

"Gamera..." He scowled.

Meanwhile, Phillipe's light sensed life energies from behind a wall of crystals.

"Hey, I'm feeling life energy behind this door," Phillipe said, placing his hand on the wall and using his Light of Victory to melt it away. He unveiled a door, which he opened. He gasped upon seeing Talley, Nate, and Grace sealed in crystals. "There's people in here!"

Artemismon WM, Brunhilde, Masaru, Suzie, and Antiramon raced into the room to see Phillipe freeing the captives with his light.

"What happened to them?" asked Masaru.

"Sealed it seems. No doubt Paradais did this to keep them out of the way," Phillipe concluded as he finished breaking the crystal seals. "Are you three ok?"

Talley, Nate, and Grace awoke as they came to their senses.

"Wh...where are we? How long have we been out?" Talley asked, groaning and rubbing the back of her head. She shot up and gasped. "Oh! Sharon! She...!"

"Yes, what about me?" Came the evil mistress voice as her laughter alarmed everyone.

Suddenly, the Paradais couple appeared before everyone present.

"Welcome, Tamers," the Prophet calmly addressed them. "We've seen your future and let me confirm it isn't bright for any of you."

"You think we care for prophecies?!" spat out BlazeGallantmon. "You two must be the Paradais masterminds and responsible for all this chaos?!"

Sailor Charon smirked darkly. "Oh, you have no idea, boy. Chaos is our forte."

"No matter, we're shutting you and your schemes down!" QuakeGargomon snapped.

"You're welcome to try, Tamers, but the final day is still upon us," the Prophet solemnly declared, opening up his cloak and releasing an overabundance of darkness energy. "Here's a taste of what you'll all be going against soon!" His darkness energy swept back the Beast Biomergers and the


(Cue Bleach OST – Encirclement Battle)

As this was going on, Yamaki finished freeing Riley, Rina, and the Monster Makers. Cain was the last one still tied up. Yamaki walked over and undid his bindings.

"C'mon, Cain, we have to get out of here."

"Never... that conniving woman... she took my wife..."

"What she did was horrible. I'm sorry, Cain, but we were all duped by those two monsters. All this time they manipulated a series of events none of us were prepared for, but how were we supposed to know that?"

"That's because we did," Nate chimed in as he, Talley, and Grace showed up.

"Nate!" Rina happily cried and ran up to hug her brother.

He hugged and patted her. "Good to see you're ok, Rina."

Grace added. "Sir, I was about to tell you about my recent discovery of Sharon's true identity, but you had been too busy and there was a lack of communication during the last few days."

"I was preoccupied... if I hadn't let my work get the better of me," Cain stood up and dusted his suit off. "So, you knew Grace?"

"And so did we," Talley spoke for herself and Nate. "We found out through Grace and her sources about Sharon. She's really some evil being intent on bringing chaos to our world."

"We know. We were just on the receiving end of hers and Jeremiah's power," Riley replied. "We have to get out of here now."

"I was supposed to have met with Raphael and his group in the lobby," Grace confirmed.

"That's where we need to be! We can take the elevator nearest to us," suggested Talley.

"All right, it's decided," Yamaki ultimately said as he began escorting his cohorts out. He grabbed a disillusioned Cain and dragged him along. "C'mon, Cain!" He looked out and saw Janyuu still occupied with the Juggernaut. "Janyuu, c'mon, we have to go! Forget the device! Takato and the others should handle those two!"

"No, it's not enough. These two are quickly overpowering them!" Janyuu called out. "I've got to get a clear shot! I know I can be of use to my children and their friends!"

"Janyuu, don't do this!" Dolphin called out.

"C'mon, we have to go!" Nate yelled out to Yamaki. "We're only going to get caught in their crossfire!"

Yamaki turned back to Janyuu, who nodded to him. The Monster Makers tried to reason with their old friend, but were persuaded to leave him. With Yamaki and company out of sight, a burden was lifted off Janyuu's back as he painstakingly focused on shooting the Paradais couple with the Juggernaut's power.

"I'm here, kids. I'm not going to sit here and watch you die."


Yamaki and his cohorts stormed down the long flight of stairs leading them to the bottom lobby. Cain briefly paused and looked back to the door. His body shook violently realizing he had an opportunity to use the Juggernaut instead of Janyuu.

How could I let that man take revenge on that woman and her accomplice?! That should be me erasing those two monsters... I must...! Before Cain took action, Yamaki grabbed his arm. "Let me go, Yamaki!"

"Cain, we have to go! Janyuu made his choice. Takato and his friends will help make sure those two pay for their crimes!"

"Takato and his friends... you mean those brats and their Digimon tools?!" Cain barked as he struggled to break loose. "As if I would put my faith in those otherworldly creatures and their superpowered partners!" He lashed out and pushed Yamaki back until Nate intervened and clubbed him in the stomach with an elbow, knocking the man out.

Nate picked up Cain and nodded. "Let's not let his constant whining hold us back. We have somewhere to be."

"Thank god. I so wanted to give him a crotch kick," Rina said, relieved.

"Right, let's go." Yamaki then turned and looked at the door at the top floor. "Janyuu, please don't get too reckless."


Yugi, Atem, Jaden, Yusei, and the bikers made it to their destination. To their shock, they saw the crystals barricading the entrance.

"Man, these crystals have this place on lockdown!" Jaden was flabbergasted.

"They're all over the place and we barely managed to get by those monsters made of these same crystal material," Yusei added.

Yugi and Atem stood at the forefront as they placed their hands on the crystal wall.

"It's cold," observed Atem, whose body shivered from touching the beautiful albeit cold crystal.

Yugi looked up. "They extend all the way to the top. I'm getting ominous vibes from up there."

"We were supposed to meet Yamaki and his crew here, but they haven't come out," Raphael noted.

Valon asserted. "Hope they're ok. We haven't gotten a response."

"Hey, look!" Alister pointed to the signs of battle occurring above them. "Looks like a fight's going on up there!"

Narrowing his eyes, Yugi saw a plain sight view of the Beast Biomergers, ShineGreymon BM, Brunhilde, and others. "...is that Takato and the others?!" But, who is it they're fighting?!


The Beast Biomergers, ShineGreymon BM, Brunhilde, Leviamon, Artemismon WM, Calypsomon, and Antiramon put up their best efforts taking out the crystallized drones emerging from the fortress. Sailor Charon and the Prophet utilized their drones to wear down the group.

BlazeGallantmon launched a fiery beam from his saber, neutralizing and blowing apart a crystallized winged monster. "We know about you thanks to Harbingermon. He told us about Ancientmon and how you're here to plunge all the worlds into chaos! We were also told you were responsible for releasing Valmarmon!"

Despite hearing these accusations, Charon didn't sweat and maintained a calm demeanor. "Very good. Ancientmon isn't behind the times like we thought he'd be in these faster paced times. Indeed, I'm the one who ultimately unleashed Valmarmon and why he walks the Digital World again. You see, we require him for a purpose... well besides helping us bring forth more chaos to this world, but he serves another purpose to our grand scheme."

The Prophet interjected. "But, we're not inclined to tell you. We will show you on the final day of chaos. That's tomorrow if you want to get down to the specifics."

"Greater purpose? I don't care what it is! We're taking you down for even releasing Valmarmon!" AuroraInumon snapped.

Brunhilde scowled as she produced blue fire from her swords. "Now you're talking my language, Himura! You two are gonna get your asses kicked!"

BlazeGallantmon and ShineGreymon BM both shot forward to engage the Paradais duo. Charon teleported away and reappeared above them, producing darkness beams that hit the two. StormSakuyamon and QuakeGargomon came up behind Charon, striking her blind spot. She teleported out of their reach and reappeared behind them, neutralizing them with darkness beams.

Brunhilde, Grani, Calypsomon, Leviamon, Artemismon WM, and Antiramon were having a hard time trying to catch the hooded villain, who kept teleporting all over the place. As the Prophet relocated on the balcony, Phillipe raced up ready to pulverize him with his light speed force. As he went through the Prophet, he seemingly went through him.

"Wha...?!" Phillipe turned around and saw that the Prophet's body flickered. I went through him?! What is this guy made of?!

"Enough of these games, children. Me and my love have more pressing matters to attend to," Charon proclaimed. "Ready to make our leave?"

The Prophet nodded. "Yes."

(End theme)

"NOT SO FAST, YOU MONSTERS!" Janyuu bellowed, catching their attention as he finished powering the Juggernaut cannon up to full power.

"DAD! DON'T!" Henry pleaded.

"Henry and all of you, get away! I don't want to hit you with this!" The man shouted, pleading for the Beast Biomergers and the others to evade the incoming force of the data-erasing Juggernaut beam. "You heard me! Move!"

"Henry, we need to give him room!" Calypsomon pulled QuakeGargomon back.

"Get back! You don't want to get in the way!" BlazeGallantmon warned the others.

Artemismon WM and Antiramon picked up Phillipe and Suzie.

"Oh, you humans are such a persistent species," Charon looked down at Janyuu, overlooking the Juggernaut cannon aimed for her and the Prophet. "You that contraption will make a bit of diff..."

"No... BUT I CAN TRY!" Janyuu defiantly yelled, activating the cannon, which unleashed an immense green beam.

Taken aback, Charon and Prophet released darkness blasts.

As the beams clashed and resonated, an explosion ignited and blew off nearly the entire half of the two towers.


The Beast Biomergers and company fell into a state of disarray as they witnessed the explosion expand. Both the villains and Janyuu were nowhere to be seen, but this didn't stop from Henry, Suzie, and Jaarin from falling into despair.

"DAD!" The Wongs' screams echoed amidst the explosion taking place.



Madoudramon Titan Mode: From the depths of Digital Hell, come forth undead army and serve Lord Valmarmon!

Omegamon Buster Mode: As if we didn't have anymore problems than we do now.

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode: Don't let them past the wormhole!

ChaosGallantmon Destructor Mode: Success, we've gained entry, Demon Beast Generals. Now, let us seek those annoying Tamers!

Valmarmon: My dark army is starting to breach Earth. Yes, witness the beginning of the end, Chosen. Granasmon, witness my ascension and the rise of a new dark age!

Henry/QuakeGargomon: DAD! Is he... did he make it?!

Takato/BlazeGallantmon: I don't see those two Paradais freaks either!

Suzie: No, daddy... he couldn't...

Brunhilde: We've got trouble, guys! We've got evil Digimon pouring in from that portal!

Himura/AuroraInumon: Great, we still have Valmarmon's evil army to deal with.

Rika/StormSakuyamon: So, what? We'll just send them back to the other side!

KaiserGreymon: Man, just when things couldn't get worse.

Masaru: Let's rumble time!

Yui: Yusuke's fighting two of his old enemies and they both gained upgrades thanks to Arago. Suzaku can make 49 copies of himself and Rando has his own version of Yusuke's Demon Gun!

Aoshi: Yui, we need to get to Spirit World and confront Arago. Kohana needs us!

Yusuke: Great, so you two upped your game since the last we fought? So, what? I'm still kicking your asses back to the after life.

Long: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Kuwabara: Ugh, all of our ol' enemies are back!

Hiei: Nothing we can't handle.

Arago: I await your arrival, Spirit Detectives, but prove to me you can go through your old enemies.

Gamera: Planet Imperium, I have arrived.

Sailor Galaxia: I sense Ghidorah's power from you. Son of Ghidorah, I won't allow you to claim the Romulus Source.

Sailor Starlights: Nor will we.

Moon: Guys, let's use Sailor Teleport before our souls get taken!

Mars: Houou, give us a boost to shatter this barrier!

Pluto: Kuipers, Neo Senshi, we leave things to you here. Neutralize the remaining Neo-Rajita strongholds and aid our allies.

Sedna and Neo Moon: We won't let you down!

Yugi: Atem, Jaden, Yusei, let's give support to Takato and his friends.

Mika: Guess I'll do the honors? Next time on Dawn of Chaos!

The Big Bads Raise the Stakes! Gamera, Arago, and Valmarmon's Global Assault!

Ryo: Let's show them what we got, Cyberdramon.


A/N: That was a looooong chapter. Took me a while to write. About three weeks since the holidays. I had intended to start working on it in the middle of last Dec. and posting it up near New Years, but it wasn't to be. I got sick with the flu and dealt with some stress-related issues dealing with a recovering family member (for the record, things are looking much better now and life is back to being smooth now; send your prayers/regards if you wish. I'd appreciate it). Plus, I've been working as a museum volunteer and that me from getting back on board with the chapter.

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Just a few notes: plenty of cameos and returns of characters, including Usagi's school friends Naru and Umino with their daughter Miaka (her first appearance being in the Summer Diaries fic I wrote a few years back named after the main gal from Fushigi Yuugi!) Also, most of the Kuiper's family and friends from the Search for the Kuiper Belt Senshi fic; the ones I'd look out for possible future returns could be Helena's friend 'Sparta' and Tyra's friends especially Nails. As for the main Senshi's family, I didn't show, but they're safeguarded in their homes and are already aware of their daughters being Senshi at this point (should've elaborated on this sooner).

Phillipe gets to demonstrate the full capacity of the DDM-Gattai Digivice by fusing Artemismon with his other Duel Monster partner Wynn the Wind Charmer. The end result being: Artemismon Wynn Mode! Just imagine what happens when say... Antiramon is fused with Eria the Water Charmer? Or, perhaps Guardromon merged with Aussa the Earth Charmer? Or, maybe Felinismon merged with Hiita the Fire Charmer and/or Leomon (for all three together!) Or, even Suzie merging the Devas together? Well... that's what the next chapters are for. ;)

The Neo Senshi, the Sailor Quartet, Makemake, and Haumea gain their long overdue Dai-Valkyrie forms; thus this completes the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi unit. And how about that global counterstrike on the Neo-Rajita as the Dai-V Senshi get to show off their new powers!

Makemake and Haumea finally see the Duelists (some of the anyway). They were overdue for some interactions with their old friends (this is mostly true in the case of Miho).

Oh, but the big shocker: all of Yusuke and company's old demon foes have returned for revenge! Suzaku and Rando are primed to take vengeance on Yusuke for beating them. Additionally, we have the other evil Saint Beasts and a slew of the Demon Tournament fighters. Toguro and Genkai's old enemy, Kairen, appears, too. Expect more from them next chapter. And the long awaited showdown with Arago is close at hand. Credit goes to Ford for the Onimusha influence, including the usage of its music score during the battle moments.

Ha, you really thought Gamera was done for? Think again! He's not done yet! And he suckers the Senshi with a Seal of Orichalcos to get a head start on his path toward Planet Imperium. Oh, but as we all know nothing holds the Senshi down for long (as history often dictates things go in their favor a ton). Galaxia and Starlights are confirmed to fight Gamera next chapter on Imperium!

Imperialdramon finally unlocks Paladin Mode in order to even the playing field with Demon Super Ultimate. Ah, looks like Madoudramon's about to unleash some hell on the good guys. Hope you're up for some undead Digimon nightmare fuel. :P

Takato and company take the fight to Paradais. Brunhilde gets to show off her blue flames. Oh, but most importantly, Janyuu steps up to a whole different level of awesome taking a shot at the Paradais duo. Didn't see this one coming, did you? Their fates will be decided next time. Meanwhile, Blitzkrieg finally escapes Paradais' clutches and heads back to the Neo-Rajita mothership.

Woo, lots of events rolled up in one chapter and we're not done yet. These next few chapters I tell you will be worth it (but will drain me; haha).

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