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(The scene shows the forces of evil Digimon, Neo-Rajita, and the demons are fighting to see who rules the real world. Valmarmon and Arago are going head to toe, delivering punches on the faces. In distance shows Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha (Potato girl), Connie and Levy watching the battle. They are called because they thought there are Titans around…)

Jean: Whoa, do you see what I'm seeing?

Mikasa: (seeing the two titanic demons fighting) For what I know, they are not Titans.

Jean: I guess we're in the wrong place.

Eren: Yeah, but they piss me off!

Armin: Eren!

(Eren just ignores his friends and goes…)


(Eren transforms into a Titan, roars and leaps upward towards the gargantuan Valmarmon and Arago. The two titans took notice.)

Valmarmon: What is that?

(Eren tries to punch, bite, and kick Valmarmon's huge neck. Even leaping forward to Arago's side. But Eren's attacks are no effective against these demons.)

Arago: (unimpressed) You are in our way, insect.

(Valmarmon simply flicks Titan!Eren all the way to the sky, while he continues his feud with Arago)

Mikasa: Eren!

Levi: Looks like we gotta go after him..

(The Attack on Titan group retreats in finding Eren, wherever he is…)

(...Eren is flying up where Gamera, merged with the Romulus Source, is descending to face Valmarmon and Arago. He notices Eren flying past him and shrugs.)

Gamera: Looks like they just started. Here I come to claim this world as my own!


Planet Imperium/2000 Kilometers from Imperium Palace

(Cue Horie Mitsuko – Golden Queen Galaxia)

There was an epic clash now emanating on the Imperium planet. A battle between two galactic warriors was taking place with an outcome that would determine the fate of the universe. At this moment, the balance of the universe was solely placed on the shoulders of the Golden Queen – Sailor Galaxia.

Galaxia's adversary is the offspring of her former nemesis Ghidorah. With strength comparable to his father's, the current Neo-Rajita leader, Gamera, was putting up a resistance against Galaxia.

Two flashing lights flew around and collided, sending powerful shockwaves that rattled the planet's surface. Every Imperium citizen could feel the planet shaking under their immense powers.

Sailor Galaxia and Gamera clashed head-to-head, slashing and punching at each other. Galaxia, the faster of the two, was able to dodge and parry some of his lightning fast strikes with her sword. She managed to push her right hand into Gamera, sending a golden beam of light that pushed him into the sky. She hastily flew up and slashed him across the chest, making a chink to his armor. She swung again but Gamera phased out, leaving an after image behind. Her sword slashed through the after image.

"Fast as you may be, but I'm a step ahead of you, Golden Queen."

Alarmed, Galaxia whirled around and barely saw two claws coming for her face. She barely tilted her head as the claws just scratched her left cheek. She grabbed Gamera's hand and swiftly kneed his gut, causing the Neo-Rajita warlord to double over in pain. She jumped up kicking him straight in the face, sending him crashing to the ground hard.

Raising her left hand in the air, Galaxia produced a golden orb of light, consolidating her power to make it grow. As the orb's size reached larger than her own hand, she focused and cracked the orb with her hands, sending hundreds of energy beams all Gamera.

"Fall before me, spawn of Ghidorah, and never threaten another world!" Galaxia boldly declared as streams of golden blasts rained down over Gamera's position. She watched the blasts tear into the ground and pound into Gamera. After the blasts did their trick, she descended toward the ravaged area and scanned the perimeters, checking for a body. "That should obliterate him..." Suddenly, her senses picked up on a subtle dark presence. No, he couldn't have...!

Galaxia quickly spun around and sensed Gamera's presence form afar.

"He's already on the move?!" She was taken aback by the warlord's swift relocation. She then realized where he was initiating his next move. He's heading straight for the Romulus Source! "You underhanded bastard!" She teleported from her location and went back to the Imperium Palace's stronghold.

(End theme)


Returning to the Imperium Gates, Gamera marched his way back into the Imperium royal grounds. However, his march was abruptly cut short when a beam of white beam struck his back. Unfazed but irked, Gamera turned his head. He sighted the Starlights and Sailor Kakyuu recovered but now sporting new wounds after being struck down by the warlord's attacks.

"Going somewhere?!" Sailor Star Fighter defiantly yelled, favoring her chest where Gamera slashed her and the others.

"We're not letting you near the Romulus Source!" Kakyuu shouted.

Then, appearing behind him were the Neo-Animamates. Led by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, she was joined by Sailor Pewter Fox, Sailor Titanium Kerokko, Sailor Chi & Phi, Sailor Lethe, and Sailor Mnemosyne.

Chronos, too, appeared with the assembled Senshi despite favoring his wound. He raised both fists, imbuing them with his cosmic power. Before he made a mad dash for Gamera, the Neo-Rajita warlord merely laughed.

(Cue Mortal Kombat (2011) – Theme of Shao Kahn by Shinrei)

"Indeed, you've all come more than prepared to prevent me from obtaining what rightfully belongs to me. I will commend you for keeping me from the Romulus Source, but this game ends here," he ceased laughing as with the snap of his finger erected a giant column of green light that swept the warriors back.

"No, you're not getting away!" Chronos bellowed as he flew through the shield barricade protecting Gamera. Then, with a solid right hand, he punched Gamera straight in the face and sent him crashing through a wall into the palace. He propelled himself forward and landed two hooks to Gamera's face, breaking open a portion of his mask.

Gamera cackled menacingly much to Chronos' chagrin. This only further irked Chronos, causing him to go berserk and on the absolute offense while landing hundreds of blow blows, including punches. With cosmic power-imbued fists, he landed a punch to Gamera's chest and then an uppercut to the warlord's jaw. The last punch packed enough power to send Gamera sailing through several stories up and going through the ceiling. Gamera quickly floated over and looked down.

"I'm not through with you!" yelled Chronos, readying and imbuing his fists with more cosmic power.

Gamera merely scoffed. "But, I am, you irksome worm." He quickly produced a green energy blade and phased through Chronos, running his blade into the Imperium warrior's chest. Pulling the blade out, Gamera then blasted Chronos back, sending him plunging back down into the palace.

"Bastard!" Star Fighter shouted, assembling her group as they flew up to engage Gamera.

"Neo-Animamates, intercept the intruder!" Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon commanded.

As the Neo-Animamates joined in, they united with the Kakyuu Senshi to fend off Gamera. Most unleashed their attacks, which Gamera either parried or nullified with his own power. Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon swiftly came behind behind Gamera ready to subdue him, but he turned around and blasted her back. He grabbed Sailors Chi and Phi, slamming their heads together. He turned and caught Sailor Lethe's foot, who tried kicking his head off. He threw her into Mnemosyne, sending the sisters falling to the ground. He then threw dual blasts, driving both Sailors Pewter Fox and Titanium Kerokko away.

Gamera scanned around finding himself surrounded by the Kakyuu Senshi again. They each launched simultaneous blasts in a last ditch attempt to subdue him. But, Gamera phased out, making their attacks converge and impact together. Then, before they could even react in time, green streaks of light seemingly struck them down.

Gamera rematerialized near a secured door as he tore open the hinges binding the door. He stepped into what appeared to be a high security confinement. Sitting across in front of him and sitting on a pedestal was a glowing yellow orb with silver rings encompassing it. Fascinated by the object's glowing presence, Gamera was drawn to it like a bee to a flower.

The Romulus Source. It's right in front of me! Yes, at last, it's mine! Gamera thought as he floated over and grabbed it. As he grabbed it, he set off an alarm and numerous laser cannons protruded from the walls. They opened fire immediately, but the laser beams didn't faze the Neo-Rajita warlord. "It doesn't matter what you do to me, you foolish Imperium worms! I've obtained what my father has long sought for! The Romulus Source is mine!"

As soon as Sailor Galaxia appeared, she was taken aback when seeing Gamera holding the Romulus Source. Gamera turned around firmly holding the cosmic artifact in his hand.

"No, I'm too late!" Galaxia yelled dreadfully.

"Golden Queen, it's about time I turn the table on you and the Imperium Empire! I now control the balance of the universe!" The reptilian warlord openly declared, shoving the Romulus Source into his chest. Now taking in the object, the cosmic energy began seeping into his body. Then, a blood red sun-like symbol emblazoned over his chest.

Galaxia readied her sword and hastily dashed forward ready to stop him.

"No, you stand down and kneel before me, Galaxia!" Gamera bellowed as the red symbol emblazoned on his chest produced a beam that blasted her back. He walked forward purposefully and forged a a red energy blade. "Galaxia, now my power completely surpasses yours!"

Before Galaxia could react and put up her guard, Gamera brought down his energy blade.

(End theme)


Meanwhile, the Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Senshi and company witnessed a giant column of red light shoot out from the Imperium Palace's location. Alarmed, the Senshi and Nagah sensed the immense power emanating from the single source.

"He's already obtained the Romulus Source!" Nagah exclaimed. "This power is so immense... I'm quivering... he's strong enough to wipe us out."

"This is crazy and all that from just one source?!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus cried out.

"I'm not backing down, no matter what. We've come this far to turn back!" Dai-Valkyrie Uranus said.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon sensed another presence, whom she was familiar with. "...Galaxia?!"

"Sailor Galaxia was here?" Norse Knight asked, turning over to Moon, seeing the distress smeared over her face.

'Mars, we must act quickly! If that monster manages to fully harvest the Romulus Source, I don't think my power will be enough to turn the tide in our favor!' The Houou warned Sailor Mars telepathically.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars called out. "Moon, we have to hurry now!"

Nodding firmly, Dai-Valkyrie Moon brandished her sword and declared. "Ok, Sailor Senshi! Let's bring back order to the universe!"

The other Senshi shouted in unison and advanced toward the Imperium Palace with their steeds transporting them to their new destination.

The battle for the universe was finally on.


Chapter 59

The Darkest Before the Dawn! Shine Through, Miraculous Heroes of Gold!


Earth/Shinjuku District/9:15 PM

A rumble commenced in the middle of Shinjuku. Two sets of 'Beast' warriors were locked in a heated skirmish amidst of other ongoing battles. One side, the Beast Tamers, represented Granasmon's light. The other, the Demon Beast Generals, were fighting in the name of Valmarmon's darkness.

(Cue Metallica – The Four Horsemen)

BlazeGallantmon and BlazeSuzakumon took to the air setting the sky ablaze with fire. Both unleashed fire blasts simultaneously.

"Impressive, BlazeGallantmon!" BlazeSuzakumon laughed, seemingly enjoying the heat of the battle. "You've certainly managed to enhance your powers! But, me and my colleagues have managed to find ways to reach your level, all thanks to Lord Valmarmon granting us new forms!"

BlazeGallantmon glided forward, shooting a barrage of fire blasts at the Demon Beast General. BlazeSuzakumon forged a fire tornado around him, allowing him to absorb BlazeGallantmon's fire attacks.

"Nice try, but you'll have to be faster than that!" taunted the Demon Beast General. Covering himself in flaming feathers, he propelled himself at BlazeGallantmon and engaged him in aerial combat.

On the ground, QuakeGargomon and QuakeGenbumon raced across the street throwing debris at one another. When QuakeGargomon threw a slab of concrete at him, QuakeGenbumon clobbered it with a punch, shattering it to pieces.

"Is that all you've got?!" QuakeGenbumon bellowed, smashing both fists together.

QuakeGargomon bumrushed his evil counterpart, shouting with Terriermon's voice. "I'm just getting started, jerk! I'll drop a building on ya just to shut you up!"

"Shut me up?! Hah, you're one to talk, you mouthy one!" The Demon Beast General charged forward, clenching his right hand and balling it to a fist. He lunged at QuakeGargomon punching at him, only to get caught and planted into a building.

QuakeGargomon then tossed him aside and went to plant his foot on QuakeGenbumon. The Demon Beast General instinctively stuck his head and limbs into his shell. He then spun around and drilled himself through the ground, narrowly saving himself from getting crushed. QuakeGargomon surveyed the vicinity searching and waiting for QuakeGenbumon to pop out.

As for the Warriors of Seiryuu, they were fighting on top of a building rooftop. StormSakuyamon and StormSeiryuumon unleashed lightning blasts from their staffs. Both warriors were locked in a lightning bolt struggle as both opposing forces tried to overpower the other. StormSeiryuumon saw an opening and rolled to the side, shooting a burst of water at StormSakuyamon's side.

"Have a nice fall!" StormSeiryuumon shouted, but to his dismay StormSakuyamon floated up avoiding the water blast. He looked up and saw StormSakuyamon summoning a storm cloud that released a powerful gust of wind.

As the wind knocked him off the roof, StormSeiryuumon took to the air to recover.

"Just gotta get one clear shot with his guard down," mumbled a frustrated StormSakuyamon, tightening her grip on her staff.

As the Warriors of Byakko, AuroraInumon and AuroraByakkomon traded rapid claw slashes. AuroraInumon sidestepped one of AuroraByakkomon's strikes. Then, he spun around kicking the Demon Beast General and followed up unleashing a magnetic wave, which repelled AuroraByakkomon back. AuroraByakkomon was slammed into a bus. As AuroraInumon bumrushed him, the Demon Beast General utilized his own magnetic wave and sent the Warrior of Byakko sailing back.

"Let's pay a little game! Try dodging these!" AuroraByakkomon declared, using his magnetic powers to send a bunch of pipes and other scattered metal objects sailing toward AuroraInumon.

Brandishing his claws, AuroraInumon dodged some of the metal objects and sliced apart some of them.

"Please tell me you're not going to keep this up. I'm so not in the mood for this!" AuroraInumon growled whilst slicing up metal pipes. Finally cutting through the metal barrage, he lunged at AuroraByakkomon and tackled him through the bus.

Meanwhile, as the Beast Tamers engaged the Demon Beast Generals, ShineGreymon Burst Mode fought ChaosGallantmon Destructor Mode. The latter proved more than enough to give ShineGreymon BM a hassle. ChaosGallantmon DM thrust his saber, attempting to pierce ShineGreymon BM's head. ShineGreymon BM guarded himself using his flaming shield.

He parried ChaosGallantmon DM's saber and swung his sword down, sending the dark-schemed knight flying back. "Corona Blaze Sword!"

Scowling, ChaosGallantmon DM hit the nearest wall and scrambled up to his feet. "Ugh, you won't keep me from Gallantmon and his Tamer for long!"

"That's too bad, because you picked the wrong time to get in our way!" Masaru called out from on top of bus. "We take you out and those two won't have to worry about you. Let's take him down, ShineGreymon!"

Nodding, ShineGreymon BM charged forward and swung his sword, which ChaosGallantmon DM dodged by narrowly sidestepping him. ChaosGallantmon DM ducked under and jumped up headbutting ShineGreymon BM's face. As Masaru's partner stumbled back, ChaosGallantmon DM's body glowed with immense dark purple light and sent a powerful shockwave from the aura. ShineGreymon BM braced himself using his flame shield to protect himself from ChaosGallantmon DM's power.

The sooner I get rid of these two, the sooner I get my long-awaited showdown with my idiot brother and his Tamer! Just you wait, Takato and Guilmon! We will finally settle this! ChaosGallantmon DM stubbornly thought as he pressed forward with his fight with ShineGreymon BM.

"C'mon, bring it on," growled ShineGreymon BM, beckoning ChaosGallantmon DM to engage him. He charged forward again and clashed with ChaosGallantmon DM again with Masaru waiting for a final outcome. All while this was going on, the Hazard symbol on ChaosGallantmon gave a subtle dark glow, indicating a dangerous power was waiting to burst out furiously.


Leading her allies on against the Diaboromon army, Brunhilde swiftly incinerated a bunch of the aforementioned Digimon. Channeling blue flames from her hands, she unleashed a wave of the blue fire at some Diaboromon and blasted them away. Leviamon aided Brunhilde in crushing a Diaboromon with his tail.

Artemismon Wynn Mode, Antiramon Eria Mode, and Calypsomon worked together wiping out some Bakemon and Devidramon. As their partners worked over the evil Digimon, Phillipe and Suzie worked over covering for Sara, who got wounded in a fight with a Bakemon. Phillipe distracted some Bakemon by running through them and spinning around them, creating a tornado that knocked them up into the air.

Suzie finished healing Sara's right leg.

"Thanks, Suzie!" Sara said, stretching out and adjusting her healed leg. "You definitely should be a nurse."

Suzie smiled. "I could, huh?" She glanced over, watching Antiramon EM shooting water blasts at a Devidramon. "Yeah, good shot, Antiramon! Go, big sister!"

Calypsomon summoned a tidal wave and swept back a Devimon army.

Artemismon WM flew up, swinging her wind staff and summoned a wind force that repelled several Bakemon and Devidramon.

"Artemismon, catch me!" Phillipe called out to his partner, spinning himself around so fast he launched himself up to his Digimon partner.

As she caught Phillipe, Artemismon WM spun around and threw him at a Devidramon. Phillipe quickly spun himself around so fast he went through Devidramon. While inside the beast, he vibrated his whole body so quickly he made Devidramon explode. Phillipe fell back into Artemismon WM's waiting arms and breathed heavily.

"Thanks for the lift, Artemismon."

"Sure," she carried him down where Suzie, Antiramon EM, Calypsomon, and Sara waited.

Roaring with intensity, Brunhilde hastily glided toward a Diaboromon and beheaded the viral creature. She then turned around slicing up its body into pieces and burned its remains with her blue flames. She turned around as four Diaboromons converged on her readying energy blasts.

"Web Wrecker!" The four monsters simultaneously fired at her.

Readying her sword, Brunhilde fiercely beckoned them. "Is that seriously all you've got?! Don't toy with me!" She swung her blade, sending bursts of normal fire that easily neutralized the Web Wrecker blasts. She swiftly flew ahead, sending out blue flames from her sword. "Repent as I cleanse your souls! Valhalla Frozen Inferno!" She quickly sliced them up as her blue flames vaporized them.

She glanced over her back and sighted Grani flying up to her.

"We've got an urgent problem, Brunhilde."

"Spill. What's wrong?" Brunhilde asked as Grani pointed to Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei's monsters destroying the remaining Diaboromon. She then noticed the digitized remains of the Diaboromon floating away and amassing at the center of the Shinjuku. Is all that data coming from all those Diaboromon we destroyed?! They seem to be forming...! Shit! "Guys! They're letting us kill them purposely so they can combine their data! They're forming a body!"

Upon hearing this, the three Duelists, Phillipe, and the others became alarmed with this unsettling revelation.

"She's right! Look!" Yugi pointed to the Diaboromon's data not just amassing but forming a massive body.

"You're kidding me..." Jaden gaped.

"I'm getting a terrible reminder of the King of the Underworld when I dueled Rex Goodwin," Yusei muttered, his eyes widening as he got flashbacks of the aforementioned demonic entity.

(End theme)

(Cue Gundam Seed Destiny OST – Kantai Shiki)

The countless Diaboromon all formed to become a colossal reptilian-like insect with black and light purple exoskeleton. Six daddy long legs produced from its body, but they are rusty with cable wires as muscles. Blue broken orbs formed on its back. Many arms of Diaboromon came out of the beast's purple hide. The head was unnaturally monstrous, that its yellowish green eyes shifted around in which the left eye seems to be damaged. The long tail revealed digital muscles.

"That's...!" Suzie gasped.

"Armageddemon," Phillipe growled while his body quivered.

Artemismon WM and Antiramon EM guarded their Tamers whilst glaring the demonic behemoth down.

"That's a monster the Digi-Destined have faced before!" Yugi informed Jaden and Yusei. "However, we have a fighting chance with our monsters. And of course..." He turned over to Atem, who held up the three Egyptian God monsters. "Ready?!"

"Of course! Let's do this!" Yusei declared. "Stardust Dragon!"

"Let's kick things into gear!" Jaden shouted as he took on his Elemental Hero Neos form. "Come forth, Elemental Hero army!" With that said, he summoned Elemental Heroes Avian, Burstinatrix, Clayman, Sparkman, Bladedge, Bubbleman, Necroshade, and Wildheart.

"Egyptian God monsters, come forth!" Both Yugi and Atem called out, summoning the three Egyptian deities from their cards. "Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and Winged Dragon of Ra!"

As Armageddemon pivoted to its right, its first sighting were the Duel Monster army being amassed by the three Duelists. The ones that caught its attention were the Egyptian Gods. Obelisk and Ra bellowed fiercely at the eldritch abomination.

"Wow, the Egyptian Gods!" Brunhilde looked awestruck at the deities. "They'll definitely help turn the tide against Armageddemon." She shifted her view from the three gods and sighted the Stardust Dragon. "And that dragon's been pretty impressive. Never seen that Duel Monster before until now."

"Maybe because it may not be from this time period," Grani asserted.

"Not from this time period, huh?" Brunhilde's interest piqued when hearing this. "Leviamon, let's give lend them support!"

Nodding, Leviamon bumrushed toward Armageddemon, who was already getting ready to engage Obelisk. Obelisk charged at Armageddemon and clobbered it with a right hand to its jaw. Armageddemon retaliated with a headbutt to Obelisk's chest, pushing the blue-armored titan back. Slifer floated over Armageddemon and expelled an immense lightning blast from its mouth.

"Slifer, take him down with your Lightning Blast!"

The god's lightning attack impacted Armageddemon and sent it skidding back into a building. Recovering quick, Armageddemon sprang on its feet and turned around unleashing a destructive blast from its maw.

"Destiny Destroyer!"

"Slifer, defense mode!" Yugi commanded as the red-skinned sky leviathan coiled its body, shielding itself from Armageddemon's blast.

But, the blast was still strong enough to damage its hide.

"Stardust Dragon! Shooting Sonic!"

The Signer dragon followed through and unleashed an immense condensed beam, which shot across at lightning speed. The blast slammed into Armageddemon's face, slightly dazing it. Leviamon lunged at the dazed behemoth and bit into one of its six legs, tearing off the middle one on its right side. Leviamon rolled around, pulling the leg and crushing it in his jaws.

Brunhilde wasted no time and flew across slashing a leg off Armageddemon.

"Now for the other legs!" Brunhilde declared, tilting her blade to cut off the fourth leg. Then, to her dismay, the behemoth regrew two new legs.

Armageddemon quickly brought down one of its legs and swatted Brunhilde down, sending her crashing hard to the ground.

"Brunhilde!" Grani shouted.

"Kotori!" Leviamon exclaimed.

As Brunhilde's two partners headed down to recover her, Brunhilde sprang back up and growled intensely whilst holding her side. She shot overly pissed look at Armageddemon.

"You're gonna so pay for cheapshotting me!" The Valkyrie Maiden hollered, lifting her sword up as blue flames erupted from her armor.

"Kotori! Are you ok?!" Phillipe called out as he rushed to check on his cousin. He stopped and became mesmerized by the blue fire revolving around Brunhilde. "Whoa..." He was left speechless and in awe at his cousin's bold stand.

"Phillipe, we're definitely going to need all the help we can get," Brunhilde said. "Get your partner and whoever else's available to fight."

Nodding, Phillipe responded. "Ok, but don't get reckless and overdo it, Kotori!" He turned and raced off to gather Artemismon WM, Antiramon EM, and Calypsomon. He slightly turned, smiling. You're admirable as always, Kotori!

As Brunhilde flew up covered in blue flames, Grani and Leviamon joined her in the battle against Armageddemon. Winged Dragon of Ra prepared to attack the demonic behemoth at the same time.

"Hey, mind if I join in?!" Came a loud, boisterous voice. "Chaos Flare!

At that exact moment, a purple beam of light impacted Armageddemon's jaw, breaking it off. The behemoth turned around and caught Beelzebumon descending into plain sight.

"Beelzebumon!" Yugi shouted.

The ex-Demon Lord grunted, noticing the behemoth regrowing a new maw. "This is gonna take a while."

"Maybe not if we keep attacking him and blow every piece of him to oblivion," Yugi issued.

Brunhilde scanned over Armageddemon and sensed an undead aura emanating from the walking eldritch horror.

This aura feels all too similar to Necromon's zombies. As a Valkyrie, I should be able to take control of this beast and immobilize him along enough for the others to blast him to bits! Brunhilde thought, biting her bottom lip. It's definitely worth a shot! Hopefully whoever brought out more Digi-Zombies' control is not too strong for me to overcome!

(End theme)


Amidst the heated fighting against the Orichalcos soldiers, KaiserGreymon was the first to notice Armageddemon's presence. He flew up into the air and readied his sword.

"Takuya, where are ya going?!" Kazu asked as he and PsyAndromon paused to see the Warrior of Flame suddenly leave the battle.

"TK, look!" Seraphimon pointed the Bearer of Hope across the other side of Shinjuku.

As his eyes shot open, TK shuddered and growled seeing the gargantuan. "It's Armageddemon?! But, we didn't see him go through that portal! Unless... all those Diaboromon we saw a minute ago..."

"They likely amassed to form Armageddemon," Seraphimon stated.

After burning away two Infernity Knights, Joey turned around and noticed KaiserGreymon floating off. "Hey, wait a minute! Takuya!"

"Can you guys handle these mooks? I'm gonna see if they'll need help taking that big monster over there!" KaiserGreymon spoke up.

"Well sure, we can, but maybe one of us can come?" Kazu asked.

"Thanks, but I'm sure I can handle this. Take care of things here!" With that, KaiserGreymon said as he jetted off toward the distance to help fight Diaboromon.

"Aw, man! Leaving us to handle these freaks!" Crow exclaimed.

"It's a'right, guys! We can take these guys!" Joey shouted, brandishing his flaming sword. "Besides, seeing the Egyptian Gods there, Yugi's there, too."

Hassleberry added. "Yeah, and Jaden oughta be with him!"

Aster concurred. "Oh yeah. Yugi and Jaden together are unstoppable!

Crow nodded. "Even more unstoppable with Yusei. Yeah, they'll have things covered!"

TK, however, couldn't his his eyes off Armageddemon. He gripped his chest and gritted his teeth. "Yeah, I'm sure they've got it covered. I hope."


Meanwhile, KaiserGreymon was heading toward the same direction where they were now engaging Armageddemon.

He quickly sighted the demonic giant evading Slifer's and Obelisk's attacks.

"Looks like a big fight going on over there. Whoa, Armageddemon?!" The Warrior of Flame was flabbergasted. "Here I come, guys!"


The sooner Orichalcos Shunoros attacked Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Sedna and Angemon X, the quicker the duo were able to put the monster down.

Sedna used her Dragon Saber, slashing through Shunoros. "Dragon Saber Slash!"

Angemon X shifted his hands around and unleashed an immense beam from his palms. "Finish Buster!" He quickly one-shotted the immobilized Shunoros into pieces. "That takes care of this thing!"

"Look, it's Armageddemon!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna pointed her boyfriend to the demonic behemoth fighting the Egyptian Gods in the distance.

Angemon X added with a frown. "As if that giant green Shakkoumon-look alike wasn't enough. C'mon, let's give them a hand, Sedna."

"Of course!" The Dai-Valkyrie Kuiper nodded until they both paused when two Orichalcos Shunoros materialized in front of them. "We spoke too soon."

"Nothing we can't handle! They will let us through!"

With that, the Kuiper and the Ascendant headed off the two Shunoros and intercepted them. Sedna summoned ice winds, trapping one Shunoros in an ice prison; then, she used her Dragon Saber and shattered the sealed monster into pieces. Angemon X quickly one-shotted the other Shunoros with a Ki beam.


Naturally, the ones most surprised to see Armageddemon again were the other Digi-Destined. Izzy, Sora, Mimi, Joe, Yolei, and Cody were horrified to see their old enemy amassed from the Diaboromons.

"Inconceivable!" Izzy exclaimed, aghast at the outcome of Armageddemon's return. "This is the last monster I've wanted to see again!"

Yolei shouted. "It can't be! Armageddemon?!"

Cody shuddered angrily, grinding his teeth. "It took all of those Diaboromons to form that monster?!"

Sora frowned watching Armageddemon fighting off the three Egyptian Gods on Izzy's laptop screen. Mimi and Joe huddled close behind Izzy to watch the screen.

"Are those the Egyptian Gods in action? Wow, look at them go!" Joe was astonished watching the battle on screen.

"Don't you think they'll need some help? Namely from us?" Mimi inquired, offering a suggestion to Izzy, who looked over to the group behind him.

"Our Digimon are still caught up fighting these other Nightmare Soldiers," Sora said.

"May we suggest sending one of our Digimon over there?" Yoshino offered.

"Yeah, maybe two? Ravemon's inching for bigger Digimon to fight," Ikuto said.

"Wait!" Blademon interjected as he and Terramon joined in after taking out some Nightmare Soldiers. "Perhaps we can join you as well?"

"Actually," Yolei spoke up. "Why not let Valkyrimon and Vikemon come with you guys?"

"What? But, don't you think there should be enough Digimon here to even out the bad guys numbers?" Cody asked.

"We have enough fire power here," Ikuto said. "I'll go over there with my Digimon."

"All right, so me, Terramon, Ravemon, Valkyrimon, and Vikemon, that's a good enough assembly there," the Warrior of Metal noted. "Let's get moving then!"

"All right, Ravemon!"

The aforementioned Digimon glided over to pick up his partner.

"Ok. Valkyrimon, we've moving out from here!" Yolei commanded her Digimon.

Valkyrimon responded. "As you wish." He swiftly flew down and picked up Yolei.

Vikemon scooped Cody up in his hands and stormed ahead following Valkyrimon.

As Blademon and Terramon followed them off to fight Armageddemon, the remaining Chosen stayed behind to hold up the fort and neutralize the Nightmare Soldiers.

"Ikuto! Be careful!" Chika cried out, waving to them and their Digimon.

"Good luck, guys," Izzy muttered, shifting his attentive view on his laptop screen. He switched between the Armageddemon battle and the war in the Digital World. "Ugh, not looking good. C'mon Omegamon and Imperialdramon, keep those undead Digimon away from that wormhole!"

Joey gulped, feeling sweat beads seeping down his face. "Yeah, I really don't want more of the digi-undead. Once all this is behind us, I'm done with zombie stuff."

Mimi couldn't help but concur. "Same here. Not like I was into that creepy stuff, but seeing them in person for real... yeah... no more."

C'mon, Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken, the last thing we want are those things breaching this side! The Bearer of Knowledge anxiously thought, shifting his eyes back and forth between the on-going battles.


The other Digiteams, too, plainly sighted Armageddemon in the distance and noticed KaiserGreymon heading over there. Kari and Ophanimon quickly recognized the demonic behemoth.

"That's another evil Digimon I never wanted to see again," Kari remarked, conveying his disdain for the creature.

"Look! The Egyptian Gods are fighting it! Yugi must be over there!" Jeri called out, pointing everyone to the three Egyptian Gods engaging Armageddemon.

"Aw, man! Yugi's going all out if he's needing the Egyptian Gods to take on that thing!" Mokuba exclaimed.

"Not just Yugi, but I see Takuya's on his way over there!" Wildentmon eyed the Warrior of Flame's flight toward the ongoing behemoth rumble. "He's definitely gonna even the odds over there!"

Felinismon Hellcat Mode added, shifting her eyes around noticing others in the battle. "I see our old friend Beelzebumon is there, too."

Upon hearing Beelzebumon's name, Ligermon turned around and frowned, which Jeri easily discerned just looking at him. She grabbed his hand to calm him down.

"It's different now, Ligermon. Remember your data was apart of him."

"I know... still, I can't forget it was he who slew me. But, having been part of him, we did our best to save you from the D-Reaper."

"Ravemon and Ikuto are heading over there, too!" Thomas called out, quickly hopping into MirageGaogamon Burst Mode's hands. "We're going, too. Anyone wishes to join in and help them bring down Armageddemon?"

"Me," MagnaGarurumon offered to volunteer as he turned to the others. "The rest of you can handle the rest of these flunkies."

Ventimon replied. "Sure thing. We got this covered!"

"Be careful, you two!" Kari said. "Armageddemon is very powerful."

"As long as we amass our numbers, we can work together to bring it down," Thomas said. "Let's advance, MirageGaogamon."

MirageGaogamon complied and carried Thomas off to their next big battle. MagnaGarurumon followed them forward.

The others quickly resumed their fighting and neutralized the Neo-Rajita/Orichalcos soldiers.


Having relocated the comatose Alphamon into an abandoned warehouse, Kenta and his group safeguarded their new location. Donarmon and Hisyarumon scanned over Alphamon while Norn tried to use her powers to revive him.

"Anything, Norn?" Donarmon asked, watching the girl's hands, imbued with white light, scanning over Alphamon.

Norn's face conveyed dismay. "No, I can't help him. He seems to be missing something, but I don't know what?"

Hisyarumon looked over Alphamon and discerned something crucial to his well being missing.

"What is it, Hisyarumon?" asked Donarmon.

"He's missing a vital power source. Alphamon... he's known to have some core in him that stores his powers," Hisyarumon explained. "But, if memory serves me right... I believe it's called some Alpha inForce?"

"Alpha inForce?" Kenta overheard him. "What more do you know about it?"

"Nothing much except it's a power unique to Alphamon. To learn that someone might've taken it out of him, I can't imagine who would've taken it."

Norn concentrated while running her hands over the spot where the Alpha inForce used to be. "Empty. I'm getting nothing. I'm sorry, everyone."

Suddenly, there was a loud commotion erupted outside the the warehouse. Kenta and Donarmon raced outside the warehouse. They witnessed tall crystal monsters leading an attack on the warehouse. Yetimon, YamiLeomon, ShadowAngemon, Dharc, Lyna, Cherubimon, and Golden Rapidmon blasting the crystal monsters.

"We've got company, guys!" Yetimon bellowed, smashing a crystal monster and shattering it to pieces.

YamiLeomon expelled a darkness blast, blowing off one crystal monster's arm off. He turned around as a floating crystal face tried a sneak attack. Cherubimon quickly intercepted the creature by shooting it with a lightning bolt.

"Their faces look awfully familiar to mine when I was turned evil," Cherubimon grumbled. "Not something I want to fondly remember."

After shooting down a crystallized face, Golden Rapidmon replied. "Painful memories I bet."

As Dharc and Lyna worked together immobilizing a crystal monster, ShadowAngemon sliced it up with his claws.

"Kenta, guard the others inside!" ShadowAngemon instructed as he punched through another crystal monster.

"Ok!" Kenta nodded.

As a crystal monster tried to stop Kenta, Donarmon dove forward and drove an electrical blast into its chest, sending a thunder bolt that blew it up.

"Keep Norn safe, Kenta!" Donarmon said, promptly joining in and helping guard the front of the warehouse. As Kenta raced back inside, the Warrior of Thunder beckoned a crystal monster toward him. "C'mon, let's get this over with! No one is gonna put their hands on my Norn!" He lunged at another crystal monster and tackled him into a wall, repeatedly punching him with electric-powered fists.


Southern Digital Realm/Near wormhole/9:25 PM

The war continued to press forward as casualties mounted from both sides, but namely from the foot soldiers. The leaders remained at a stand still despite the mounting casualty numbers. Omegamon Buster Mode, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, and Athenamon Victory Mode resisting the evil leaders.

(Cue Pfeifer Frankfort – Fuzeball)

The leaders' commanders tried their best safeguarding the wormhole. Despite some Nightmare Soldiers infiltrating the portal, the Digi-Zombies, for the most part, were kept at bay by the Amazon, Dra-Warrior, and Royal Knight warriors.

Omegamon BM and Harbingermon hastily moved around Madoudramon Titan Mode. Madoudramon TM frantically looked around trying to follow them both. He pivoted to his right and countered Omegamon BM's sword. He then caught Omegamon BM with a punch to his face, staggering the Royal Knight a bit. Harbingermon landed on Madoudramon TM's right side whilst plucking out a feather, which he converted into a bo staff. Spinning the bo around with a blur of motion, he hit Madoudramon TM's face and dazed him. Harbingermon jumped up, driving his bo into the earth whilst spinning himself around the bo. While spinning around, he kicked Madoudramon TM several times before delivering one hard kick that knocked him back.

Madoudramon TM stomped his feet down, applying momentum to his fall. He raised a blade, unleashing hellfire following a vertical slash. "Ultimate Hell Slash!" He unleashed and sent the hellfire projectile toward Harbingermon so fast, Ancientmon's messenger was pushed back.

Harbingermon quickly produced a barrier from another feather, nullifying the hellfire attack into ashes. Before he could retaliate, VictoryDevidramon glided into Harbingermon and slammed him through a rock face.

"Harbingermon!" Omegamon BM yelled out. As he headed over to help Harbingermon, Madoudramon TM teleported and rematerialized on the Royal Knight's right. He brought down his blade, attempting to slash him with a hellfire blast.

Omegamon BM instinctively brought up his blade, intercepting Madoudramon TM's hellfire-imbued blade. The knights exchanged menacing and focused glances while trying to out muscle each other with their respective blades. Omegamon BM slowly gained leverage, but the demonic knight started pushing him back. Massive black wings jutted from his back and slammed into Omegamon BM.

"Shadow Wing!"

Omegamon BM stumbled back from the wings hitting him. As Madoudramon TM glided across to behead him, Omegamon BM rebounded by jumping up and unloaded an cannon blast that repelled Madoudramon TM to the ground. Omegamon BM flew over and drove his sword into Madoudramon TM, who narrowly teleported away. Omegamon BM quickly spun around and swung his blade, countering a sword slash from Madoudramon TM's blade.

"Very impressive, Omegamon. Still, you and your cohorts will still fall to our hell forces!"

"Why doesn't Valmarmon show himself?"

"You needn't worry about Lord Valmarmon. He's viewing us from his current location. You'll know when he approaches." Then, he headbutted Omegamon BM and kicked him back.

Omegamon BM planted his feet down, delaying his fall. He dashed forward and clashed swords once again with Madoudramon TM. The two knights immediately took to the air and engaged lightning fast strikes, along with counter strikes. This continued until Omegamon BM blasted him several feet back.

Observing the knights' heated engagement, Canewomon hid behind an outcrop of large rocks.

Eyeing Madoudramon TM, she muttered softly. "MahouGarurumon, I have to bring you back to your senses, my friend." She scurried off behind another outcropping of rocks near by.


Imperialdramon PM shot up decking Demon Super Ultimate's face. One punch from the Dra-Warrior leader sent the Demon Lord flying back. The Dra-Warrior took no chances and grabbed Demon's arm, swinging him around and throwing him into the Digi-Zombie army amassing beneath them.

Readying his arm cannon, Imperialdramon PM aimed to fire at Demon and the hell warriors. "You won't be getting off easy! Positron Laser!" He fired off repeated immense blasts, which rained down over the battlefield.

As the blasts rained down over them, Demon SU hastily dodged and swooped up into the air. The blasts bombarded the hell warriors to smithereens, leaving more to take their place. As some of these hell Digi-Zombies jumped up to pile on Imperialdramon PM, the Dra-Warrior prepared for their advance and forged a sword of light from his gauntlet, quickly skewering the undead hell warriors to bits.

"Splendor Blade!" After cutting down some, he turned around and skewered away at more coming his way.

The second he turned around, an immense orb of green fire blasted him head-on.

"Never turn your back on a Demon Lord, most certainly not me!" Demon SU gloated, producing and amassing more flaming green orbs. "Algol's Flame!" He sent the flaming orbs, blasting and repelling Imperialdramon PM several yards back. He then swiftly jetted across ready to meet Imperialdramon PM head-on.

Imperialdramon PM recovered and forged his majestic Omega Sword. Taking a chance, he swung only for Demon SU to swerve out of the Dra-Warrior's reach. He instantly vanished like a blur and threw off Imperialdramon PM. The Demon Lord rematerialized behind Imperialdramon PM and pushed his palms into the white-armored paladin's back, scorching him with green flames. Imperialdramon PM whirled around, swinging his sword and narrowly missing Demon SU.

"Too slow, Imperialdramon!" Boasted the Demon Lord, who reappeared above Imperialdramon PM. Preparing to conjure a black orb, he was taken aback when...

...Imperialdramon PM blurred right out of plain sight!

"What?!" Flabbergasted, Demon SU quickly surveyed the area and turned around only to get decked in the face.


This was immediately succeeded with a series of rapid punches, ending with an uppercut to Demon SU.

Demon SU's face contorted from all the punches dealt to him by Imperialdramon PM's hard-hitting blows.

"Giga Death!" Imperialdramon PM shouted, expelling a destructive energy wave from the dragon-face's mouth that pushed Demon SU into a rock face where it exploded upon impact. He quickly descended over where Demon SU seemingly lied underneath the billowing smoke cloud. To his chagrin, numerous flaming beams shot up toward him. He dodged all these incoming blasts and saw Demon SU, slightly damaged from Imperialdramon PM's immense attack.

Suddenly, a golden streak of light blasted through a horde of hell warriors near Demon SU's position. Alarmed, Demon SU turned around and sighted Ouryo running so fast he was turning into a streak of gold light whilst tearing up some Digi-Zombies. This distracted allowed Imperialdramon PM to grab Demon SU and slam him into the nearest rock face.

Ouryo paused and watched Justimon knocking down some hell warriors.

"All right, Justimon! Now, we have to draw the zombies back here. Let's make this fast!" The Warrior of Ouryo made a hasty dash toward LadyDevimon, knocking off her feet.

Before she could even find out who hit her, Ouryo came back hitting her as a beam of gold light.

Man, I'm really loving these new powers! It's really proving to be a difference maker! Ouryo thought, laughing excitedly at the back of his mind. He jumped up spinning around, sending hot beams of light, using them to blast apart some Nightmare Soldiers, including Bakemon, Troopmon, and DarkTyrannomon.

As for Athenamon Victory Mode, she was already taking it to some Diaboromon whilst skewering them with her sword. She spun around, catching a Devidramon's face, breaking its jaw in two.

"My queen!" Titaniamon called out to the Digi-Amazon. "A few of the Nightmare Soldiers have managed to slip through to the portal! Some of us are going to pursue them in the human world!"

"Do so, Titaniamon! Take some cohorts to accompany you!"

"Yes, Lady Athenamon!" With that, Titaniamon bumrushed and slashed up some Nightmare Soldiers barricading her path. She beckoned to a few Amazons, including Mermaimon, Sanzomon, and a few Amazoness Duel Monsters.

A few Dra-Warriors, namely Elementdramon, followed the few Amazons heading through the wormhole.

Amazoness Queen stayed behind to provide support for Athenamon VM.

"They just keep on coming, but who am I to complain? Just more for me to behead," Queen remarked sadistically, brandishing her sword as she sliced up a Bakemon in two.

"You speak like you enjoy this, Queen," The Digi-Amazon replied.

"I do."

"Still the battle-crazed sister like I remember," the Swordswoman side of Athenamon VM remarked, unleashing a flaming owl-faced attack that incinerated a Diaboromon.

On another side of the battle torn landscape, Evil!Pharaohmon knocked back Good!Pharaohmon with a punch. Good!Pharaohmon stumbled back, quickly being overpowered by his evil counterpart. Down on his knees, Good!Pharaohmon looked up seeing Evil!Pharaohmon already in his 50 percent powered state. Evil!Pharaohmon grabbed his true and good self, unloading with a flurry of punches that battered his body.

"Pharaohmon!" Anubimon shouted as he lunged forward, shooting an elbow into Evil!Pharaohmon's back, pushing the demonic entity to the ground. Then, he fell down driving an elbow into the evil entity's face.

Anubimon grabbed a hold of Evil!Pharaohmon and unleashed repeated headbutts. However, with Evil!Pharaohmon's head already as hard as steel, this took a toll on Anubimon and dazed him a bit. Evil!Pharaohmon sat up, casting an infuriated glare toward the Underworld lord. He charged steadfast and threw a punch, to which Anubimon sidestepped having learned from their last encounter. Anubimon imbued energy into his right hand and landed an uppercut to Evil!Pharaohmon's chin. Dazed but not completely out, Evil!Pharaohmon prepared to grab Anubimon, but Good!Pharaohmon came up behind his evil counterpart.

"Fist of Nile!" He punched the Evil!Pharaohmon's back, knocking him down.

Evil!Pharaohmon recovered fast and got up only to get binded by restraint rings from Anubimon.

"Keep hitting him, Pharaohmon! I've got him subdued!" Anubimon beckoned as Good!Pharaohmon pummeled his evil counterpart.

Evil!Pharaohmon's body took all the body blows. Then, Good!Pharaohmon got in a good shot and headbutted him down.

Lobo and Omegamon X both cleared a path of Digi-Zombies. They immediately worked over an overabundance of Nightmare Soldiers whilst reducing their numbers.


As Omegamon BM and Madoudramon TM once again traded up blows, the latter sent him flying back following a hellfire slash.

"Here I come, Omegamon! I'll seal your fate here for Lord Valmarmon!" Madoudramon TM adamantly declared, charging while brandishing his hellfire-imbued blade.

Before Omegamon BM had a chance to move, someone got in between them and broke up their heated engagement.

It was none other than Canewomon.

Flabbergasted, Omegamon BM yelled out. "Canewomon?! What are you doing...?!"

Madoudramon TM merely scoffed irritably, seemingly unfazed by Canewomon's presence. "...well, look. It's you. How disappointing someone has to come to your rescue, Omegamon. You disappoint me."

"MahouGarurumon..." Canewomon spoke up, addressing Madoudramon TM personally.

"MahouGarurumon! I know you can hear me! Please, stop this madness!" She openly pleaded, hoping her words reached the old friend 'trapped' within the evil warrior.

Omegamon BM growled, hesitating to now attack Madoudramon TM with Canewomon's presence making it that much harder for him. He decided to wait this one out.

However, Madoudramon TM, not willing to have any of Canewomon, pointed his blade toward her.

"Step aside, you weak-hearted fool. The friend you knew is no more."

"No, because I know you're still in there!"

"Canewomon..." angrily muttered Omegamon BM.

(End theme)


As the war between Granasmon and Valmarmon's forces continued to rage on, the Demon God Digimon completed his final preparations before advancing to the battlefield location.

Turning to his imposing leviathan of a steed, Valmarmon's face twisted with a devilish grin. "Good, good. With my army already infiltrating the human world, it's now time I advance. Doomsdramon, it's almost time for departure. Let us head forth to Earth! Hahahah!" He laughed evilly, already declaring victory before he can make it a reality.

He mounted Doomsdramon and set his sights on the general direction of the battle ahead for him. He looked down over his right hand where darkness energy leaked out from his claws and began imbuing him with a great power.

"The time has come. Granasmon, you and your warriors have yet to comprehend the horrors that lie ahead of you. May the blood of your followers flow and create the seas of my kingdom! Hahahah! On forth, Doomsdramon!"


Doomsdramon wailed loudly, its screams filled the sky and shattered the rock formations nearest them.

And with that, Doomsdramon carried off with Valmarmon toward their next destination.


Spirit World/9:43 PM

(Cue Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams OST – Genma Capital)

Lady Lupin and the Neo-Spirit Detectives put up a decent fight against Arago, who made sport of his opposition rather fast. Lady Lupin attacked Arago with a flurry of kicks and punches, all of which the Taiyoukai dodged with relative ease. As Arago repelled Lady Lupin with a Youki barrier, Aoshi, Cammy, and Shura jumped to catch their friend. Arago raised his hand, forging hundreds of dark Youki balls that shot toward the Neo-Detectives. Cammy lifted her staff and created a white aura around them.

Arago frowned as he watched his Youki blasts dissipating against Cammy's white aura barrier.

"Whoa, nice counter, Cammy!" Moonlight Knight exclaimed, astonished by the Miko's power coming to life.

Shura eyed Cammy's powers at work. "Incredible holy power she's using. Human mikos are nothing to sneeze at these days."

"Being the Digital Priestess has its quirks," Cammy smirked, surprised she was able to nullify Arago's attacks with her barrier. "Yui, are you ok?"

"Sure," Lady Lupin replied, shaking off Arago's blows. She raised her head and eyed Argao's general direction. "Kohana, I know you can hear me...!"

"She can't. It's just me, Arago," the Taiyoukai lord retorted, chortling darkly. With a wave of his hand, he unleashed a surge of immense power that tore up the landscape behind the Neo-Detectives. "Was that enough to rattle your nerves, foolish humans? How about you, Tenyou?" He narrowed his sights specifically on Lady Lupin. "I can sense your real power. You're trying your hardest to contain it, but let's face it you need it if you have any hope of beating me and saving your dear friend."

He's right. The way I am now, I don't have any chance to save Kohana! Lady Lupin came to the realization.

As Arago made his advance toward them, the Neo-Spirit Detectives held their ground. Yasha stepped forward, putting a hand out to stop Lady Lupin.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Aoshi.

Lady Lupin spoke up. "No offense, but I doubt you can take him alone."

"No shit, but I can buy you time to bring out that Tenyou power," Yasha addressed her. "That's what Arago wants after all. Am I right, Taiyoukai king?"

Answering Yasha's inquiry, an evil smile adorned Arago's features.

"See? Told you. The rest of you follow my lead! Nadeshiko, take cover somewhere!" Yasha commanded.

"Yasha-momma?!" Nadeshiko cried out as Lien pulled her to the side.

"Please, let them handle this, little one," Lien reassured the half-dragon demon child. She took Nadeshiko behind some ravaged column stones where TobuCatmon beckoned them over to.

Selipa joined in with Yasha as they bumrushed Arago together. Selipa lunged forward going for a flying kick at Arago, but the Taiyoukai lord merely sidestepped her. Then, Yasha charged forward brandishing her demonic claws, ready to tear into Arago. As she reached him, Arago instinctively grabbed her hand and tossed her into Selipa. As he turned his head, Aoshi tried attacking him. Arago shot forward and elbowed Aoshi's gut hard. Shura tried his hand throwing Youki blasts at Arago, but the Taiyoukai intercepted Shura's blasts and punched him back.

As Cammy and Moonlight Knight tried their hand, Arago paused as he sensed a pair of immense Youki heading toward them.


Shooting up through the clouds under them, a pair of red streaks of light infiltrated Spirit World's location. Everyone paused to see two figures materialize in front of them. To the Neo-Detective's surprise, they saw Yusuke and a large draconian demon.

"...where the hell are we?!" Yusuke wondered, surveying their new location. "Wait, Spirit World? Yeah, I forgot this place did get redecorated... and I was just here."

OmegaLong looked across as he sighted Arago. "Lord Arago, I've brought Yusuke here so you may witness me slay him!"

"YUSUKE!" Lady Lupin cried out to him. "Arago's gotten much stronger than before!"

"No kidding. And it doesn't even look like he's let out the floodgates of his power yet," Yusuke said, facing Arago's direction. He shifted back to OmegaLong, gritting his teeth hard.

"Long, I see you've assimilated the demons Rando and Suzaku into you," Arago acknowledged his cohort. "How does it feel taking incorporating other demons' powers? Makes you feel stronger. Nothing beats the rush of immense power coursing through you."

OmegaLong replied, chortling evilly. "Indeed, Lord Arago, I feel like a new me! And just watch as I rip Yusuke's head clean from his shoulders!"

"Ah, yes, pardon me for being so rude, but welcome Yusuke Urameshi," the Taiyoukai lord shifted his view to the ex-Detective, addressing his presence. "You came here just in time for me to kill the Tenyou."

"Hah, and here I thought you'd learn never to piss Mazokus and Tenyous off, Arago. I'm disappointed," remarked Yusuke, who was grinning Arago off. "Hey, Yui, how about cutting loose and show this arrogant prick what a Tenyou's all about."

"That's just it, Yusuke. I'm having a hard time bringing the power out..."

"Say what? C'mon, you've got the power in you, Yui! Just dig deep and try to find it!"

"I've heard enough!" OmegaLong bellowed as a column of crimson Youki washed all over his massive frame. He quickly jetted toward Yusuke steadfast. "Lord Arago will take pleasure killing the new blood, but I will take the distinct honor of slaying Raizen's descendant!"

Yusuke beckoned the demonic dragon, shooting him the double bird. " I've heard that a million times! Give it your best shot!"

As OmegaLong came within reach of Yusuke, the ex-Detective jumped up and out of the dragon's reach. He then mounted OmegaLong's back and kicked him back, sending him crashing into a column. Yusuke then unloaded by spraying demonic blasts from his fists.

"Double Shotgun!"

As the blasts exploded like shotgun fire, the Youki blasts cleared a path through the rubble, revealing OmegaLong, who was getting back up. Now seething mad, OmegaLong whirled around and shot toward Yusuke, slamming his knee into the ex-Detective's gut.

While OmegaLong and Yusuke were caught up in their fight, Selipa and Yasha engaged Arago to give Lady Lupin time to call on her Tenyou power.

C'mon, why isn't that stupid Tenyou coming out yet?! Lady Lupin thought as her mind frantically wandered. She watched Arago blowing back both Yasha and Selipa with a mere reflex of his Youki release.

Upon recovering Shura, Aoshi, Cammy, and Moonlight Knight hastily made their move to subdue the Taiyoukai lord.

Clenching her hands, Lady Lupin mumbled and cursed. "Damn it... c'mon! Come out and help me out here, you stupid Tenyou power!"

Just then, another interruption came in the form of Pegasus swiftly flying through the clouds with Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon and RJ riding him. The winged pegacorn landed, garnering everyone's attention.

"RJ!" Yusuke called out to his future son.

"Neo Moon?!" Cammy shouted to the Moon Princess.

"Chibi-Usa!" Moonlight Knight acknowledged his future niece.

"Guys, are we too late?!" Neo Moon asked as she hopped off Pegasus.

Getting off Pegasus, RJ turned and saw Yusuke pinned to the ground by OmegaLong. "Dad!"

"Hey, RJ... glad you came, but mind giving your old man a hand here?!"

Grinning devilishly, RJ responded in kind. "Sure thing! Hang on!"

OmegaLong merely snorted. "Humph, you reek of half-breed, boy. What can you possibly do to..."


The demonic dragon was then abruptly cut off not only by RJ's fist to his face, but a swift uppercut to the jaw from Yusuke. Both sent OmegaLong flying back several feet and through a rock face.

"Nice!" Yusuke praised his future son's move.

"I learn from the best," RJ responded with a thumb up. "Now, let's give it to him, dad!"

Witnessing RJ's attack on OmegaLong, Arago grew more curious. That boy's aura feels very akin to Yusuke's. I wonder... could he be...? No, according to Long, Yusuke's only offspring is still a child. Could this be that child all grown as a young man? Could he have come from another time? He soon shifted his attention on the Neo-Detectives as they tried jumping him during his train of thoughts.

Arago effortlessly dodged Aoshi and Moonlight Knight's attacks. The latter lobbed an array of white roses at Arago. The Taiyoukai lord unleashed a Youki aura, which vaporized the white roses. Aoshi thrust his claws into Arago's gut, but the Taiyoukai lord parried the Lycan's claws and kicked him back. Shura jumped on Arago's back and tried strangling him. Arago quickly threw him off his back and kicked him aside.

Cammy forged her holy sword, the same weapon she used to neutralize Pharaohmon with. She softly uttered a Shinto incantation and swung the blade around, sending numerous ring-like projectiles at Arago. Arago evaded the rings and bumrushed her.

As Arago reached out to ensnare Cammy, Lady Lupin broke out of her trance and threw herself in front of Cammy.

"Yui!" Cammy cried out.

Lady Lupin withdrew Cammy's sword and used it to stab Arago's gut. Taken aback, Arago grunted as he saw the blade jutting out his left side.

"Kohana, can you hear me?!" exclaimed Lady Lupin, using the sword to try driving the Taiyoukai's spirit out.

(End theme)

Gritting his teeth, Arago pushed the sword out of his gut and stumbled back. Blood seeped out from his wound, which was enough to invoke his fury. Arago unleashed a Youki aura, sending both Lady Lupin and Cammy sailing back. Lady Lupin gracefully landed on her feet and caught Cammy, breaking her fall. Cammy picked up her sword and caught wind of Arago's eyes changing from their demonic glare. She saw a glimpse of Kohana's eyes resurfacing.

"Kohana?!" Cammy gasped upon seeing her friend seemingly coming to surface.

Lady Lupin raised her eyes to Arago's level and frowned. "C'mon, Kohana, I know you fight this thing! Wake up and kick Arago right out!"

"...guys... help..." Kohana's voice came out of Arago as she openly pleaded. "...I can't win... he's too strong!" She grabbed the sides of her head, screaming in anguish. Her eyes turned dark again as Arago easily regained control. "...oh, what was that? Oh, so sorry to disappoint you, but I've still got a permanent lease on this big-breasted whore's body."

Growling like mad, Lady Lupin dashed forward with Cammy's sword. She defiantly cried out. "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

Shifting his hand to his right, Arago sent an 'force push' at Lady Lupin and shoved her to the side. He then pinned Lady Lupin to the ground and dropped his hand, sending shockwaves that pounded into Lady Lupin's paralyzed form.

"STOP!" Cammy cried out as she reached out and pulled the sword from Lady Lupin's hand. She pressed her hand on Lady Lupin and tried undoing Arago's paralysis, delving into her Digital Priestess powers.

"Astounding. Mikos in this day and age can repel even my own powers. Very impressive," Arago chortled. "According to Kohana's memories, you come from a very strong bloodline of Mikos, including an older sister who possesses unique abilities. And you had a predecessor who sealed a powerful demon. I certainly can't overlook you!" Then, he turned his right hand and repelled Cammy with a 'force push'. "That's why I've decided to kill you and the Tenyou first. Can't allow two beings who are potentially my greatest threats."

As Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon eradicated some Meikai soldiers, she turned around and caught Arago standing over Cammy ready to kill her.

"Cammy!" Neo Moon called out as she made a hasty dash forward and threw her sword at Arago.

The Taiyoukai instinctively grabbed the sword and snapped it two. Neo Moon was taken aback by the Taiyoukai's sharp reflexes, but still kept going. He lobbed numerous Youki blasts at Neo Moon, who dodged using her newfound running speed. She glided forward calling forth Pegasus, who swooped in and shot a beam from his horn. Arago caught the beam with one hand and discarded it.

"Is that all?" Arago scoffed irritably. "Bored now." He shot a beam at Neo Moon.

Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon flew up and swerved around the beam. Her intervention allowed for the Neo-Detectives, Shura, Yasha, and Selipa to recover. Yasha and Selipa managed to slip behind Arago, restraining both of his arms. Cammy and Aoshi then grabbed his legs.

"Yui! We've got him!" Aoshi called out.

"Use my sword to drive Arago out!" Cammy exclaimed.

"You better hurry!" Shura said.

"This better work," Moonlight Knight prayed.

Picking up the holy sword, Lady Lupin rushed toward Arago and prepared to drive it into Kohana.

Kohana, please forgive me! Lady Lupin thought, her emotions were running high throughout her body. Gripping the sword, she closed her eyes.

Ba-Thump! Ba-Thump!

Lady Lupin listened for several loud heart beats in her mind. She gasped and reopened her eyes, shooting a befuddled glare toward Arago's direction. However, these heart beats weren't coming from Arago, but rather herself. In the back of her mind, Yui saw a golden-haired woman wearing a white veil. The woman's blank face had nothing; no eyes, no nose or mouth. She resembled a faceless phantom, but Yui realized this was the force that took hold of her and turned her to a Tenyou briefly.

(Cue Okami OST – Rising Sun)

Arago felt the Tenyou's subtle awakening and unleashed a demonic aura, which sent everyone but Lady Lupin flying.

"So, you're ready to come out, Tenyou!" Arago yelled excitedly. "I can't be satisfied being king of all worlds until my I've killed the greatest threat to my existence!" He watched as a golden light enveloped Lady Lupin, changing the digital warrior's outward appearance.

Still holding the holy sword, Lady Lupin held her ground while changing. She changed from a dark-haired humanoid garbed in ShadowMetalGarurumon's armor to a golden-haired, green-eyed version now garbed in an armor akin to AncientGarurumon's. AncientGarurumon's head now replaced ShadowMetalGarurumon's, now doubling as a helmet. Two massive golden blades materialized and became mounted on her back.

"Yui...!" Aoshi and Cammy cried out together.

"Wait, she and DarkGabumon just biomerged while just releasing the Tenyou's power?!" Cammy exclaimed.

Yasha was left aghast. "She's once again invoked the Tenyou's power! Not just that, but used it to alter her battle armor."

Flabbergasted, Neo Moon witnessed Yui's Tenyou transformation. "Wow..." As all she could say. "I heard mom used to talk about the unique power of Yui, but I didn't expect this! Love the golden hair, Yui!"

This is incredible! Just when I thought Yui was capable of crazy things, this takes it! Aoshi thought, completely speechless seeing the first ever Digimon-Tenyou fusion.

(End theme)

Glancing over his shoulder, OmegaLong sighted the golden-haired Lady Lupin. "Urgh, the Tenyou..."

"Hah, nice! Give him hell, Yui!" Yusuke encouraged her.

"Whoa, that's a Tenyou, huh?!" RJ was astonished by Yui's Tenyou appearance. "I heard Yui turned out to be your worthy successor, but this just takes the cake, dad!"

"Just watch and see what she can do, RJ."

"Enough! You you pay attention to me!" OmegaLong bellowed, grabbing both Yusuke and RJ.

They responded by kicking him in the face at the same time.


OmegaLong stumbled back, leading to Yusuke going all Mazoku mode. RJ lunged at OmegaLong, unloading punches all over him.

(Cue Onimusha 3 – (S Side) Demon Lord)

"I'm not just a Tenyou," muttered the golden-haired Lady Lupin as she pulled out and brandished the golden blades. "Together as one, we are now the legendary celestial warrior – Shaka!" She announced herself to everyone, especially Arago, who seemed intrigued with her ascension.

Intriguing. So, the Tenyou and that animal partner united their powers to produce this new form? Interesting, very interesting indeed! Yui Tsubasa, you've more than surprised me with this outcome! It's a shame though you'll have to witness me dismember your dear friend, Kohana. Arago smiled evilly as a cloak of Youki enveloped his whole body. Clenching both fists, more Youki leaked out and solidified into two black obsidian swords.

"Arago, I will drive you out of that body! I will bring Kohana and her brothers back!" Shaka boldly made her statement. She hastily made a dash toward Arago.

"Go for it, Yui!" Cammy and Aoshi cried out in unison.

Nodding, Yasha was now more than convinced Shaka would be a difference maker. I can sense Arago's anxiety rising to the surface. Deep down, he's uncertain of the outcome of this battle. Make a believer out of me, Tenyou!

Shaka, now resolved, lunged at Arago as their opposite spiritual energies clashed, causing the Spirit World to rattle hard under the pressure of their powers. Everyone nearby either scrambled away or slipped behind Cammy's holy barrier.

"Their combined energies is enough to destroy all of Spirit World!" Aoshi exclaimed.

"All of Spirit World? More like all dimensions connected to Spirit World!" Selipa shouted.

"Pegasus!" Neo Moon called to her winged steed, who swiftly flew over to pick her, Cammy, Moonlight Knight, Aoshi, and Shura up.

Yasha and Selipa managed to get away from the immense surge of energy tearing through King Enma's former palace. The heavens were now literally shaking as a result of the combined power clash of the two opposing forces. The group had already far from getting caught of the crossfire of Shaka and Arago's heated battle.

"Ah! We forgot about Lien, TobuCatmon, and Nadeshiko!" Cammy grew worried over their aforementioned cohorts.

To their relief, Yasha and Selipa were able to find Lien, TobuCatmon, and Nadeshiko still hidden safely behind rock faces. However, Nadeshiko had her attention firmly placed on OmegaLong's fight with Yusuke and RJ.

A low demonic growl escaped Nadeshiko's mouth as OmegaLong came into plain sight. With her eyes turning red and scales forming on her neck sides, Nadeshiko fiercely hissed and scurried off to where OmegaLong was.

"Nadeshiko! What are you doing?! Get back!" Yasha called out to the child.

"Where is she going?" asked Lien.

Yasha hastily raced off after Nadeshiko, leaving Selipa with Lien and TobuCatmon. Pegasus descended to where Selipa, Lien, and TobuCatmon were.

"Lien! Thank goodness you and TobuCatmon are ok," Cammy said.

"Lien and TobuCatmon are fine, but the little one just ran off very upset."

"No doubt she's after Long, but she's gonna get hurt should Long find out or worse!" Selipa cried out, seemingly now worrying over the half-dragon child more than she would've before.

"I just hope Yasha gets there in time!" Moonlight Knight chimed in.

Facing the opposite direction, Aoshi saw King Enma's palace collapse into ruins. He and Cammy painstakingly watched hundreds of dark and light blasts bombarding the ravaged land where the palace once stood prominently above every other sacred sanctuary.

Yui! Aoshi thought, deeply thinking about Shaka and her whereabouts.


Sarayashiki and Shibuya Districts/9:47 PM

(Cue Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams OST – Hideyoshi's Decisive Battle)

Ironclaw rolled forward, striking Suzaka and Chuu back. Shishiwakamaru had tried his hand against Ironclaw and used a sword to strike Ironclaw, but the armadillo's armor was strong enough to resist and break Shishiwakamaru's blade in half.

Chuu grimaced as Ironclaw came rolling toward him. The brute snorted and grabbed a hold of Ironclaw whilst holding the Taiyoukai back from steamrolling him over.

"Try flattening me like a pancake, will ya?!" Chuu snorted, huffing and puffing.

"I'll grind your body and bones! You're delaying your own demise!" Ironclaw boasted as Chuu surprised him by slowly lifting him off the ground. "How...?!"

"Don't take me lightly, ya bloke!"

Chuu swung the rolled up Ironclaw several times and threw him afar into a bus. Ironclaw uncurled himself from his ball state and got up. Fatigued, Chuu fell to his knees having exhausted his power trying to outmuscle Ironclaw.

"A nice attempt to make a comeback, but your efforts have proven futile, you incompetent fool," the armadillo Taiyoukai remarked as he advanced on Chuu, Suzaka, and Shishiwakamaru.

"...looks like this is the end for us, ya jerks, but let's go out in a blaze of glory..." Chuu stressed as Shishiwakamaru and Suzaka stood up ready to fight until they couldn't go no more.

Ironclaw was ready to comply and grant them their wishes. He rolled up into a ball again and headed toward them once again.


In a battle between two wind masters, Tokage Keroro overpowered Jin. The crimson-haired demon was left sitting and breathing hard as he exhausted his wind power against the Taiyoukai lord.

"Didn't think I'd be left alone to fight ya... ya got me..." Jin grinned at the face of death.

Tokage snorted. "Ribit! You've resigned yourself to your inevitable demise?"

"Not yet... I don't plan on sitting on my bum. I'm going out fighting like a crazy guy!" Jin boldly declared, swinging both of his arms around and calling upon his tornado spins.

"So be it. I'll make this quick!" The Taiyoukai roared, flying down as he and Jin collided head-on.


Touya was on the run from Yeti, who was in hot pursuit of him. As Touya turned a corner, a giant hand came out and backhanded him into a car. Touya grunted and fell hard. Yeti sauntered over to Touya and raised his right fist, bringing it over Touya. The ice demon quickly shot ice shards, which pierced Yeti's hand. Rather than harm the giant, the shards merely annoyed him.

"Puny ice warrior! Your strength pales in comparison to a true master of the ice element!" Yeti bellowed fiercely as he expelled an ice wind from his mouth.

Touya took cover while concealing his Youki from Yeti's senses.

Taking some deep shallow breaths, Touya realized he was running on fumes. I can't take this giant alone. I've gotta find the others or I'm dead meat!


Relam stood perched on a pillar with arms crossed. He intently glared down where Hokushin and Kujo, both wounded, sitting with Natsume behind them. Natsume took her share of a beating from Relam's quick claw and lightning strikes.

"You three gave me quite a hassle, but I've made you learn your place when going against a Taiyoukai lord!" The boastful eagle declared, eyeing the Makai warrior trio.

"We're not done yet!" Kujo snapped, springing to his feet quickly as he headed off to attack Relam.

Needless to say, Kujo became a recipient of another beatdown from the eagle. Hokushin and Natsume both seized the opportunity, creating Youki strings to bind Relam. Relam merely saw this desperate ploy as just that... desperate. He turned back the two Makai warriors and channeled electricity through the strings, zapping them both.

"Hah! Nice try, but your strategies are sorely lacking finesse!"

Just then, Natsume grabbed a string and exerted her Youki through the string, sending an abundance of Youki; there was enough of it to subdue Relam, allowing Hokushin and Kujo a chance to attack him.

(End theme)


(Cue Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams OST – Genma Mother Tree)

Brimstone sprayed flamethrower blasts, holding Madeira at bay. This allowed Maya and Mizuno ample time to bombard the wooden Taiyoukai behemoth with their attacks. Mizuno's water blasts took off a few wooden limbs. Maya used her psionic-imbued blades to slice off the hand-like branches attempting to swat her.

Madeira thrust wooden spikes through the ground and sprang them out in front of Brimstone. One wooden spike stabbed Brimstone's leg, wounding the warrior. Madeira opened his mouth, expelling an immense blast at Brimstone. The fire warrior formed a fire funnel, protecting him from the blast. Mizuno raised her arms up, summoning a tidal wave that swept Madeira back a bit.

"Brimstone! Get back!" Mizuno called out as she concentrated throwing water blasts, attempting to break Madeira's defenses.

Maya landed beside Brimstone and gave him support. Brimstone and Maya launched attacks; fire blasts and green bladed projectiles respectively. Their attacks were managing to break through Madeira's defenses, but the wooden behemoth managed to tank their attacks. Mizuno took the initiative and grew, changing into her Sirendramon form to even the odds. She flew at Madeira and pushed him into a building, roaring fiercely.

"Oh, he's gone and pissed Mizuno off now!" Maya cried out.

Brimstone growled, favoring his wound. "Taking the glory again? That's so like you, Mizuno." He concentrated as his armor broke off and his body expanded, changing from into a giant humanoid, whose entire body was covered entirely in flames. He helped Mizuno as they pummeled Madeira.

As her mouth dropped, Maya became discouraged. "...c'mon, you call that fair?! It's not like I've got a giant mode of my own!" She stomped her foot down. "Man, this bites." Suddenly, she looked across and saw miniature versions of Madeira marching toward her. She noticed they had hatched from seeds planted by Madeira. "Scratch that." She produced her psionic blades and grinned. "Looks like I'll get playtime after all. Bring it, you freaks!" She bumrushed the wooden imps and started skewering some.


Kurama and Yomi managed to trip up Shishi using a giant vine. As Shishi fell over, Yomi jumped up and unloaded with a flurry of punches all over the giant demonic dog. Kurama pulled out a longer thorn whip and tried using it to cut through the Taiyoukai's hide. Shishi's fur doubled as armor, protecting him from the vine.

My vine's not going to be able to cut through this monster! I'll need to rely on seeds. Before Kurama could make a seed, Shishi shot up into the air and floated over the two demons.

Shishi's eyes fired rapidfire beams, which tore through the streets. Kurama and Yomi were forced on the run evading Shishi's blasts.

"Watch yourself, Kurama!" Yomi advised his former partner-in-crime.

Nodding, the red-haired fox diligently worked up seeds to use to subdue the Taiyoukai with. Meanwhile, Yomi lobbed a barrage of spheres to hold Shishi at bay.


Cecaelia put up a barrier of water, shielding herself from Hiei's black fire and Mukuro's devastating punches. The oceanic Taiyoukai launched bursts of water at the duo. Hiei and Mukuro evaded the incoming water blasts; both quickly took to the air throwing concentrated Youki at her. Cecaelia focused her power and expanded her water barrier as it encompassed around her.

"She's just as annoyingly troublesome like I remember her," snorted Hiei, who channeled his black fire into his sword and body. "Let's see if her water will be effective against my Armor of the Darkness Flame." He proclaimed as the black fire spread over him and formed dense black battle armor.

Mukuro immediately carved out the sky, cutting through the dimensions. Alarmed, Cecaelia avoided getting caught my Mukuro's trap, leading to Hiei to intercept her. The black-armored demon used this chance and slashed at Cecaelia's right shoulder. As the blade grazed the water demon's shoulder, black flame shot out of the sword and blasted Cecaelia back.

"Don't let up, Hiei! Incinerate her before she gets away!" Mukuro encouraged him.

As Hiei prepared to finish her, Cecaelia summoned a naginata and countered Hiei's sword. The two traded lightning fast strikes for a few moments, leading to Mukuro getting the drop on Cecaelia and clubbing her in the back. Cecaelia fell only to throw a water blast to the ground to cushion her fall. She spun around shooting a water blast from her mouth, prompting Hiei and Mukuro to intercept her attack.

"You two certainly have polished up your techniques and invented new ones in my absence!" The water Taiyoukai fiercely hissed, narrowing her eyes and grinning darkly.

"Don't let up, Hiei!" Mukuro yelled to him.

"Of course not!" Hiei bellowed, concentrating on his Youki and maintaining his dark armor form.

Cecaelia laughed aloud. "Yes, we will have our revenge! And Lord Arago will rule all!"

(End theme)


Raizen reached the site where he found his friend Enki laying unconscious. Before he can reach him, Kiryu swiftly flew out of nowhere and bodyslammed Raizen through the nearest wall. Kiryu then ensnared Raizen's throat and flew up, flying him up several meters high into the air. While struggling to break loose, Raizen opened his eyes to face his old nemesis Kiryu.

"So nice to see you, old friend," evilly chortled Kiryu, tightening her grip around Raizen's neck. "Your overweight friend was mere child's play for me. You're the one I really want."

"Feh, Kiryu..." Raizen snarled, grabbing Kiryu's hand and digging his sharp nails into the dragon's flesh. A twisted evil grin adorned the former Makai king's features. "Be careful what you wish for..." He then headbutted Kiryu several times, forcing Kiryu to loosen his grip.

(Cue Kamehameha the Great by Scott Morgan/Morganstudios)

Grunting, Kiryu shook his head from the vicious headbutts. "I'll gladly snuff you out for good to the point where your spirit will cease to be!" He dropped Raizen on a rooftop.

As he landed on the roof, Raizen looked up and sighted Kiryu gliding above him. The dragon swooped down lobbing Youki blasts from his mouth. Raizen produced a powerful Youki aura, which nullified Kiryu's blasts. Kiryu clenched his right fist and flew down striking Raizen's face. Raizen gladly returned the favor and punched him so hard the roof's surface crumbled beneath them. Kiryu and Raizen's Youki energies coalesced with each other, igniting an explosion that tore up the building supporting them.

As both were guided to the air by their own Youki auras, they clashed and traded lightning fast blows. Resounding shockwaves emanated from their blows, rattling their surroundings. Raizen saw an opening and punched Kiryu so hard he sent him crashing through a building. He glided forward using his battle aura, which doubled as his 'wings' in flight. He descended over the spot where he sent Kiryu crashing. He sighted Kiryu sitting up laughing.

"You haven't lost your fighting edge, Raizen. Excellent, now I can feel better knowing I've killed my old enemy when he's fighting his best. Just know after you're gone, your descendant will fall. Rest assured either me or my brother will bath in his blood."

"Your welcome to try, Kiryu," Raizen grinned, beckoning Kiryu to attack him.

The old rivals bumrushed one another preparing to tear up the city.


Toguro and Kairen's fight raged on through the Sarayashiki streets. The demon behemoths grappled and slammed each other through building walls. At one point, Kairen grabbed Toguro's face and threw him into a building. Toguro fell in as debris came tumbling down and burying him. Kairen stalked toward his buried opponent and expelled a mouth blast that cleared the debris burying Toguro.

"Come out, Toguro! I'd rather tear you limb by limb than vaporize you to dust!" Kairen hissed loudly, seeing Toguro getting up on his own. He fumed and scowled. "Why don't you stay down?" He dashed forward, shoving his claws into Toguro's gut to draw out blood.

Cringing in pain, Toguro coughed blood. He fought through the pain and grabbed Kairen's hands, pushing the claws out of his own gut. Kairen gritted his teeth whilst struggling to overpower Toguro. Toguro bellowed and grabbed Kairen's face, delivering several headbutts to his forehead. Kairen headbutted him again. Toguro punched him. Kairen punched him back. Each punch was followed with resounding shockwaves that rattled their surroundings. The building began to collapse right on top of them. Kairen pushed Toguro through the wall.

Kairen punched Toguro so far he sent him flying on a rooftop right where Kuwabara, Byakko, and Tsukimaru were. Both were alarmed seeing Toguro suddenly bring tossed near them.

"Toguro?! Where the hell did he come from?!" Kuwabara spat out.

"Look!" Tsukimaru pointed out to Kairen scaling the building and landing on the roof. "Looks like they've been fighting."

Byakko growled. "It's Kairen, a feared demon by our standards back in the day."

"A Saint Beast? Siding with a human? How the mighty have sure fallen!" Kairen said scornfully, laughing evilly.

"All right, you big bastard, stop right there! You're dealing with Kuwabara now!"

Kairen chortled, unfazed by Kuwabara's mere presence. Just when he did so, the orange-haired human swung his Dimension Sword, sending a yellow sickle-like projectile at him. Kairen noticed the projectile seemingly cutting through the fabric of time and space. Realizing this at the last second, he narrowly sidestepped the sword slash and watched it slice a whole building in two.

Ah, so it's the fabled Jigen-to, the Dimension Sword? Kairen observed the yellow blade fully materialized in Kuwabara's hand. "Human, give me that sword!" He bumrushed Kuwabara steadfast, preparing to disarm the weapon.

Tsukimaru quickly interceded Kairen and slashed his chest. Byakko charged and punched Kairen back. After taking Byakko's blow, Kairen stumbled back favoring his chest.

"Fool! Don't get in the way!" Kairen roared, punching both Byakko and Tsukimaru simultaneously. He veered over to Kuwabara and prepared to absorb the sword's power.

This distraction allowed Toguro ample time to get up and tackle Kairen down. Toguro then powered up to his 100 percent state and lifted Kairen by his neck. A lightning bolt shot down from the sky striking the roof they all stood on. Tsukimaru grabbed Kuwabara and flew up, avoiding getting caught by the lightning blast impact. Byakko, too, jumped away in time. However, both Toguro and Kairen were caught by the energy bolt. Though the bolt didn't hurt them, it was enough to crush the whole building. Both warriors fell being buried by the collapsing building rubble.

"Toguro!" Kuwabara yelled out.

Tsukimaru set them both on another rooftop. Both of them saw more lightning bolts shooting out from the Spirit World portal.

"That lightning... that's raw power emanating from a big battle. This must be the result of their fight with Arago," Tsukimaru surmised, sensing a collection of spirit and demon energies. "You can feel them, can you, Kuwabara?"

"Yeah. It's just too bad we have no way of getting up there."

"I could, but even my flight is limited to certain heights and I'll risk us getting caught by those lightning blasts."

"Augh, damn it all! Urameshi, you get to have all the fun again," Kuwabara sighed. "But, just so we're clear. Kick Long and Arago's asses up there!" He shouted to the portal where his voice ultimately reached Yusuke.

(End theme)


Domino City District/9:55 PM

As Duke helped get Bakura, Solomon, Arthur, and Rebecca to the shelter, they paused and saw the same lightning bolts shooting down from the dark sky. One lightning bolt shot down and carved a hole in the street.

"Sheesh, these bolts are getting bigger!" Duke gaped in aghast. "Are you sure you guys and these people are going to be ok here?"

"We'll relocate as soon as things get too crazy here," Bakura reassured him. "What about you, Yugi, and the others?"

"We can handle things out there just fine. Just make sure there's any medical staff in here to take care of Rebecca's grandpa."

"Thanks a lot, Duke," Rebecca bowed. "We won't forget this."

Nodding, Duke turned and headed back to reconvene with the others.

"Good luck and be careful, kids," Solomon said as he and Bakura carried Arthur to get examined.


(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum OST – Ravaging Storm)

Tristan, Tea, Mai, Akiza, Alexis, Atticus, Yasmin, Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Makemake, and Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Haumea managed to shave the Neo-Rajita and Orichalcos enemy numbers. Though, more seemed to come and take their place. Despite the setbacks, the heroes weren't deterred.

Upon summoning Black Rose Dragon, Akiza sicced her Signer Dragon to immobilize a bunch of Orichalcos Soldiers.

"Black Rose Dragon, destroy them with Black Rose Flare!" She commanded as the dragon expelled a charged blast that wiped out some Orichalcos Soldiers.

Alexis called out. "Good! She's helped us clear a path!"

Mai nodded, seemingly impressed. "Not bad, Akiza, but let's up the ante! Harpie's Pet Dragon! Take the rest down with Fearsome Fire Blast!"

Harpie's Pet Dragon followed through and shot an immense fiery blast, which took out some Orichalcos Gigas.

Dai-Valkyrie Haumea flew over some Bio-Vivians and sealed them inside a ball of sand. Raising her hand, the sand ball floated into the air and exploded, crushing the alien soldiers from within. "Sand Coffin!"

Sheesh, take a page from Gaara's playbook why don't ya? Tristan cringed.

Dai-Valkyrie Makemake confused some Bio-Vivians after casting illusions of herself to distract them with. She took out her whip and whipped each alien, sapping up their energies and using said collected energy to blast apart other Neo-Rajita soldiers.

Alexis and Atticus already finished clearing out a section once full of Foxzards.

"Hah, victory!" Dai-Valkyrie Haumea boasted.

"Let's not celebrate too soon. One minute we were in the clear and then boom more came out of the woodwork," Tristan admonished the overly enthused Chinese girl.

"He's right, Haumea. Our fellow Senshi are probably out there fighting one of the bigger threats. We're lucky we're just dealing with the small fry," Makemake told her Kuiper partner.

"Oh, yeah..." Haumea replied. "Lucky them. You and me should be out there with 'em, Makemake!"

"Save the complaining for later," Tea sighed. "Duke's coming back."

"Duke, are they safe?" Tristan called out.

As Duke confirmed the others' safety, Tristan rounded the group up and turned their attention toward the sky where radical lightning poured down over certain areas in Domino.

"What do you make of that, sis?" Atticus inquired, shaking nervously.

Alexis nodded. "I don't even want to know."

"No matter what we have to continue fighting on until all our enemies are defeated," Yasmin spoke out.

Atticus concurred. "You got that right, Yasmin."

"At this point, there's nothing for us to do but fight..." Mai blatantly said. "Either that or we let them kill us."

"The latter ain't happening, for sure," Haumea declared with a huff. "I've got enough energy to keep fighting all night!"

Suddenly, the group noticed Dai-Valkyries Blue Mars and Cyber Mercury gliding over them. Not just them but Max and Sam were with them.

"Isn't that...?! Max and Sam!" Duke pointed out to the boys.

"Yes, but I see two of our own Senshi!" Makemake sighted Blue Mars and Cyber Mercury. "Those are Blue Mars and Cyber Mercury!"

"Koori and Amaya?!" Tea asked. "Let's go and follow them where they're going!"

The group stormed off following the direction Blue Mars, Cyber Mercury, and the Stromberg brothers were advanced towards.


The Parasimon X were swiftly destroyed by Dai-Valkyrie Sailors Eris & Ixion and the Chimeras. However, their celebration didn't last long once more Parasimon X took their place. Eris flew over, picking Larry up by his arms and carried him over a group of Parasimon X.

"You're pretty light for a guy," Eris said.

"Hey, I've been working out and put some weight. I'd hardly call myself light."

"You don't say?" The Texan grinned. "See when I'm carrying you, you're as light as a feather."

"So, what now?"

"This," Eris giggled, dropping Larry off on top of the Parasimon X.

Larry broke his fall and crushed several Parasimon X with his own body weight. He jumped up tossing a bunch of projectiles, all of which attached on the creatures and blew up them up. Dai-Valkyrie Eris dove down, punching and kicking so fast she unleashed a hurricane that sweep away a few Parasimon X. She flew up to a Parasimon X and punched the creature so hard she blew him up into dust.

Wow, Taylor... you're incredible. Larry was fixated on Eris. As she noticed him gleaming over her, he whistled to himself. "That was... um, explosive?"

Eris giggled. "Sure was, Larry. Now, let's round up more of these freaks!" She whipped out her lasso and chased off some Parasimon X, who started running from her in terror. "C'mon, y'all! We're just gonna have ourselves a rodeo!"

She's cute, a redhead, full of energy, and a Texan... she meets all the prerequisites of my perfect dream girlfriend. Larry thought, keeping his eyes fixated on Eris. "Hey, hold on! Don't hog all the fun, Eris!"

On the other side, Dai-Valkyrie Ixion finished shooting up some Parasimon X. Mika and Hayata met up with her as they finished taking out other Parasimon X that strayed from their groups.

"All clear on this side," Mika signaled a thumb up to Ixion.

Nodding, Ixion scanned the vicinity with her helmet visor. "The only ones remaining here are already getting chased off by my colleague Eris."

"She's sure having fun. Isn't she?" laughed Hayata.

"Yes, Eris is one giant ball of unlimited energy," the Nigerian shook her head.

"Yeah, is it just me or does Larry have a thing for your friend, Ixion?" Mika approached the Kuiper.

Ixion blinked in befuddlement. "I haven't noticed."

"Seriously? I think he's gotten the hots for her since we teamed up back in that Paradais dimension."

Ixion sweatdropped. "Well, their teamwork has been meshing quite well just now. That I can at least point out."

"Seems Larry's found a perfect dance partner," Hayata observed.

Sure, I can see it. Ixion thought, smiling. "So, Mika, have you overcome your fear?"

"I'm starting to, yeah."

"Good," Ixion replied.

Suddenly, after Eris and Larry finished the other Parasimon X, they paused and looked up to the darkened sky. Ixion, Mika, and Hayata joined them as well. Each of them looked equally distressed feeling unsettling vibes from the environment around them.

Eris probed the cool winds. "The winds are shifting... and the clouds are darkening and thickening."

Ixion added, equally distressed. "Not a good sign."

"Guys!" A voice from above called out, alarming them. It was Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Orcus flying down to meet with them. "Eris, Ixion, you guys feel the crazy ominous vibes... it's driving me nuts! There's an unsettling darkness out there waiting to burst out. And let me tell you, it's not my preferable kind of darkness."

Needless to say, Eris, Ixion, and the Chimera trio didn't like what they were hearing.


"Everyone, we've got company!" Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Quaoar warned her cohorts. She and the group saw three Orichalcos Shunoros and a giant, long green serpent embellished with armored scales. "What are those?!"

"Orichalcos Shunoros and the Divine Serpent," Seto growled intensely. "I'd thought I'd see the last of them with Dartz gone."

Lyn added, readily arming herself for battle. "Don't expect the Orichalcos to be long buried as long as these alien freaks are still around. Varuna?"

"You damn right, I'm ready. Bring 'em on!" Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Varuna hollered, brandishing her battle ax.

Quaoar had her lance drawn out. "They're about to attack!"

The three Orichalcos Shunoros initiated the first strike, shooting beams through their eyes.

"Allow me and Red Dragon Archfiend to lead on first!" Jack declared, mounting his dragon's head as they advanced forth to attack one Shunoros.

Chazz formed his XYZ-Dragon Cannon to intercept the other Shunoros.

Quaoar, Varuna, and Lyn took on the third Shunoros.

Seto summoned his three Blue-Eyes White Dragons. "Now, Polymerization combine my three Blue-Eyes! Come forth Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" He produced the three-headed behemoth. "Divine Serpent, time to drive you back to oblivion! Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Neutron Blast!"

As the three heads produced three blue energy balls, they converged their attacks and combined them. The amassed ball shot forward hitting Divine Serpent head-on. Now in Kaibaman form, Seto jumped across meeting Divine Serpent and punching the serpent's face. The blow not only connected but rattled the giant serpent. Blue-Eyes Ultimate swooped over and caught its master.

"Nice punch, Kaibaman!" Lyn called out. "All right, girls, let's break this giant teapot down!"

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar yelled out, swinging her lance over Shunoros' chest and breaking its center piece open. She then produced vines from her armor and immobilized the behemoth. Dai-Valkyrie Varuna hastily flew at the Shunoros and broke its face with her ax. She then planted a kick to Shunoros' forehead and cracked its head with a punch. Lyn, now transformed into Lady of D., amassed magical blasts and caught Shunoros, breaking off its right shoulder.

"Come forth, Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon!" Lyn summoned the toon dragon as it flew over and expelled an immense blast to blow apart Shunoros' other shoulder. "Nice!"

Varuna shook her head dismissively. "I'll never get why you like that toon over the genuine thing."

"He's cute. That's why plus being a toon is fun," Lyn chuckled. "Lighten up every once and in a while."

Varuna sighed. "I do lighten up."

Quaoar cleared her throat. "Please, this isn't the time for more pointless bantering. Besides..." She floated over, whispering something to Varuna's ear that made the butch Senshi blush a bit.

"Damn, really? Well, sure once we get through this, we'll make that happen."

"Huh?" Lyn blinked thrice. "Come again?"

"Nothing, don't we got a teapot to break apart?"

Quaoar smiled innocently and turned to Varuna. "Yes, we do!"

As the Dai-Valkyries launched an attack on the monster, Lyn chuckled. Seeing that look on your face, Tyra... I think I know. If it's true, I'm happy for you. She beckoned Toon Dragon over as they combined their attacks and fired an immense beam that tore off Shunoros' right arm.

Meanwhile, Red Dragon Archfiend grabbed the Orichalcos Shunoros it was currently engaging and cracked its chest open with its claws.

"Tear the bastard apart, Red Dragon Archfiend!"

Divine Serpent gaped its mouth, unleashing an endless abyss of black energy that swept the warriors back. Blue-Eyes Ultimate folded its wings over itself and Seto, protecting both from Divine Serpent's blast. Jack applied the same strategy as his dragon protected him from the monster's attack. Chazz took cover behind XYZ-Dragon Cannon. Varuna, Quaoar, and Lyn forged barriers around them.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon shot up and bit Divine Serpent's head. The Divine Serpent expelled a shockwave, which subdued the warriors.

"Ugh, can't move!" Lyn cried out, now unable to move her body.

Even the Dai-Valkyries were immobilized by Divine Serpent's aura.

"Blue Eyes Ultimate! Take him down!" Seto hollered.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate shot three blasts into Divine Serpent's chest. Red Dragon Archfiend's body became imbued with raw crimson energy.

"It's time! Absolute Powerforce!" Jack roared.

Red Dragon Archfiend glided forward clobbering Divine Serpent's chest, further weakening the evil creature.

"XYZ-Dragon Cannon, you're up!" Chazz called out. "Cannon Firestorm!"

XYZ-Dragon Cannon charged up its cannon and shot up an immense blast that knocked the Divine Serpent up into the air.

The three dragons launched simultaneous attacks, which converged and slammed into the serpent. Divine Serpent wailed painfully as it collapsed.

The girls were ultimately freed from their immobilized states and proceeded to take on the three Shunoros.

"All right! Now... I'M PISSED!" Varuna shouted, swinging her ax and breaking off a Shunoros' head piece off. Then, she brought her ax down and shattered its head. "Who wants some of this?!"

Quaoar and Lyn immediately wore down the other Shunoros before shattering the armored dolls' bodies.


Somewhere in Domino, Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter and Ryuuhi cleared an area invaded by Neo-Rajita soldiers.

"Here come more, Battle Jupiter. Be on your guard."

"Guard? Please. I'm knocking them all flat on their asses!" She declared, bolting forward and hitting the soldiers with a lightning fast speedblitz.

Ryuuhi rolled his eyes. "Show off."


The Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Quartet were fighting off fleets of Neo-Rajita and Orichalcos soldiers. The end result was the Quartet blasting them into the air and sealing others in orbs. The orbs exploded, killing the aliens sealed in them as their remains came popping out in the form of confetti.

"Hah, that was pretty cool, huh?" Dai-Valkyrie Pallas asked her sisters, all of whom backed off and chuckled nervously. "What? I thought blowing them up into confetti is a neat idea!"

Dai-Valkyrie Ceres sighed. "Maybe to you, our demented sister, but hey... that's what makes you you. We still love you for it."

Both Dai-Valkyrie Vesta and Juno whistled, pretending not to get involved.

"Thanks! Next time, I'll try for silly strings next!"

"No!" Juno and Vesta snapped.


Max and Sam helped Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars and Cyber Mercury take out Neo-Rajita soldiers on the KaibaCorp rooftop.

Max and Cyber Mercury had their backs to each other facing off a bunch of Draconian Guardians. Sam and Blue Mars glared off against some Brutes.

"Let's give them a show, ladies," Max and Sam both said.

"Showtime!" Blue Mars and Cyber Mercury shouted together.

In no time, a bunch of Neo-Rajita soldiers were sent sailing by surges of water, turned to ice, skewered into pieces, or simply blasted off.


Likewise, Dai-Valkyrie Summoner Venus summoned Giant Arisa to tackle on a fleet of Orichalcos Gigas. Adam and Demona fought off hundreds of Bio-Vivians and Foxzards. Using his Hermes Armor, Daiki unloaded pulse beams on Foxzards with Helbot supporting him.

"Freaks! Hands off these fabrics!" Demona hissed, turning around and shooting a Youki blast that wiped out a hundred or so of the Bio-Vivians.

Summoner Venus stared off intently, watching Giant Arisa pinning an Orichalcos Gigas down with its foot.

"Let's keep it up, guys!" Summoner Venus declared, taking charge of the situation like her mother would. Time to make you proud, mom! You and the others must've already kicked that Rajita leader's ass by now!

(End theme)


Planet Imperium/Gates of Imperium Palace

Upon touching down near the front gates, the Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Senshi, Norse Knight, and Nagah amassed as they saw bodies of beaten and/or slain Imperium soldiers scattered across from them. The Senshi became alarmed when they spotted the Sailor Starlights and Sailor Kakyuu laying together battered and beaten.

"Oh no! Starlights! Kakyuu!" Sailor Moon cried out, racing over to the fallen Kinmoku Senshi. She knelt over by Star Fighter's side. "Star Fighter! Can you hear me? It's me!"

Star Fighter stirred much to Moon's relief. Hearing Moon's voice was enough to wake her up. "Hey... is that you... Sailor Moon? Wow, you look even more beautiful... and I'm digging the new armor." She smiled, taking Moon's hand.

Venus knelt down beside Star Healer and took her hand. "Hey, Star Healer, we're here now."

Mercury picked up Star Maker's head and shook her. "They're all just wounded, guys, but they will require healing magic."

"Where the hell is that bastard?!" Jupiter growled, clenching both of her fists.

"You mean...? Tell me, who is he? He speaks like he's Ghidorah's offspring," Star Fighter muttered until she stopped and coughed hard.

"He's the new Rajita leader and it's true he is Ghidorah's offspring," Mars confirmed, picking up Sailor Kakyuu and resting the woman's head on her lap.

Moon looked down over Star Fighter. "You four can rest. You've earned it. Let us handle things from here."

Norse Knight glanced over Star Fighter and took off his helmet. "Seiya."

"Hey, Mamoru... looking great in the gear. Glad you're still taking care of our favorite bunny. How's the pink-haired kid of yours?"

Both Dai-Valkyrie Moon and Norse Knight smiled genuinely in response to Star Fighter's sentimental remarks.

"Sailor Galaxia is fighting him now... trying to keep him from getting the Romulus Source," Star Healer addressed. "But, I fear it might be too late."

"Wait, Sailor Galaxia's here, too?!" Uranus exclaimed.

"We have to proceed, everyone! Gamera is here. I'm sure all of you can sense his presence as well," Pluto spoke up as the others nodded together.

Nagah chimed in. "The Time Guardian's right. It's put up or shut up time. I know Ghidorah and his lineage better than anyone here. Since I'm fighting with you, I'm going to need to fight my best." She pivoted toward Mars' direction and extended her hand out. "I think you have something that belongs to me."

"It doesn't really belong to you. You copied it from one of the Digigods," the Miko Senshi frowned, disapproving the ex-Rajita general using Zhuqiaomon's power. "But, since we're in a serious dilemma." She focused and formed a fiery ball of vermilion light. "Here."

"Mars, are you sure about this?" Neptune asked worryingly.

"It's ok, guys. Let her do this," Moon calmly reassured the Senshi.

As the shining fireball floated over to Nagah, the former general absorbed the ball through her chest. She then let out a pleasurable moan as the Zhuqiaomon power immersed with her body. She gazed over her arms as fiery wings formed over her limbs.

A devilish grin formed on Nagah's face as she felt the power returning to her.

"Perfect. Now I'm back in the game!" Nagah shouted, laughing excitedly.

Saturn spoke up. "All right, you got what you want. Now, use that power to help us defeat Gamera." She pointed her glaive to Nagah's direction. "You attempt to betray us and you will be put down."

"Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence."

"Enough. Let's get going," Pluto stated.

Suddenly, the group felt an immensely evil power emanating not too far within the Imperium Palace. They discerned the power and finally concluded it being Gamera

"Go get the bastard. We'll get up on our own," Star Fighter insisted, waving the Senshi to the nearest corridor leading to the royal chamber. "Hurry!"

"You heard her, guys! Move!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon declared as she dashed down the corridor. Her friends bolted forward following her.

"Be careful, Senshi. The universe's fate now lies in your hands," Sailor Kakyuu murmured, struggling to stand up.


Upon breaking into the royal chamber, Gamera knocked out the Imperium king and neutralized his royal guard. Galaxia broke into the chamber and attempted a last ditch effort to stop Gamera. Gamera tore open the glass chamber and pulled out a red orb with golden rotation rings.

(Cue Mortal Kombat (2011) OST – Shao Kahn's Throne)

Gazing deeply into the object, the Neo-Rajita leader roared triumphantly and raised it over his head.

"At last, the Romulus Source is mine!" Gamera shouted as the artifact's light wrapped around his body. "Manipulating the entire universe shall come easy! For, I, Lord Gamera, have ascended into godhood!"

Sailor Galaxia quickly bumrushed Gamera and stabbed his right side. Gamera merely turned his head with eyes gleaming purple. He opened his hand and shot a powerful beam, breaking Galaxia's guard and sending her flying back.

Then, right on cue, Dai-Valkyrie Moon swiftly flew into the room and caught Galaxia. The other Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and their cohorts entered the spacious chamber.

"Sailor Moon?! You're finally here!" Galaxia exclaimed, relieved to see the Moon Princess.

"Galaxia..." Moon looked sadly down over Galaxia before shifting her view to Gamera. She sighted the Romulus Source in his grasp. "Is that...?"

"The Romulus Source," the Golden Queen answered in a disheartened manner.

"Welcome, Princess Serenity. You and your royal court are too late. Now, I wield the power to change your destinies!" The Neo-Rajita lord arrogantly boasted.

Furrowing her brows, Dai-Valkyrie Moon defiantly shouted back despite what now would be her most difficult battle to date. "Gamera, this is the end of the line! You might the Romulus Source, but I doubt you've had the time to really master it!"

"Sailor Moon, careful... he's already obtained the Romulus Source... it's too late," muttered Galaxia.

"You're more than welcome to try confiscating the Romulus Source from me, Senshi, but you'll find it nigh impossible to do so. Come, ladies and gentleman, let's take this outside," Gamera chortled evilly, beckoning the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and their cohorts. Forming a battle aura, he shot up and blasted through the roof.

"Go, I'll join you!" Galaxia insisted, picking herself up from the floor.

"We'll take it from here, Sailor Galaxia," Dai-Valkyrie Venus promptly stated.

After summoning their animal steeds, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and Norse Knight hastily glided up pursuing Gamera outside the Imperium Palace. Nagah fixated her sights on Gamera and clenched her fists.

"Gamera, let's get this over with," she muttered. "I'll be taking back my throne!" As a fiery feathered aura formed around him, Nagah shot up taking her gloves off.

"Don't let your guards down, Senshi..." Galaxia muttered softly while picking up her sword. As long as he wields the Romulus Source, he can control any aspect of universal laws, including space and time. What's worse... he could end up breaking a rift in the Sagittarius Zero Star. Senshi, he mustn't be allowed to find the Cauldron!

(End theme)


Gamera was already so far off the planet and on one of the nearest moons. He stood on top of an abandoned lunar base with the Romulus Source floating in his hand. The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and Norse Knight were already there amassed with their steeds. Nagah was the last one to arrive and join them.

Damn they're so fast. I'm the last one to come here?! Nagah was baffled by their stupendous travel speed. "Even with the Zhuqiaomon upgrade, I'm way behind them now." She veered her attention on Gamera and openly scowled, conveying her disdain for the tyrant. "Such a smug bastard. He thinks he's on top of the world now that he's got what Ghidorah has long sought for."

"Believe me, my father's grinning in his grave. The moment of truth has now arrived, Sailor Senshi!" Gamera announced, displaying the Romulus Source in his hand. "With this, I'll have the entire universe bowing to my every whim. Time and space will be twisted to my favor. I will become God."

"You done monologuing? Same crap every battle we've been in," Dai-Valkyrie Uranus remarked, growing irritated. Quickly drawing out her Space Sword, she beckoned to Gryphon, who stood prime and ready with his Senshi rider. "We'll be taking that!"

With that, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and their steeds flew up surrounding Gamera, who stood unfazed by the overwhelming numbers. He suppressed the urge to laugh at Uranus' threat, realizing he now holds the power to systematically tear Uranus apart alone.

"Don't be fools. You're just giving what he wants," Nagah muttered, becoming more tense at the situation.

(Cue Kamen Rider IXA OST – Fight For Justice)

Clenching the Romulus Source, Gamera began incorporating it into his body. A bright flash of green light lit up around Gamera, consuming him from head to toe. Dai-Valkyries Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus converged on Gamera attempting to cut him off from the cosmic power source. Gamera turned as he instinctively dodged Jupiter's Mjolnir swing. Venus went for a flying kick that Gamera easily swerved around. Uranus tried slashing at him with her Space Sword to no avail.

Gamera easily dodged their attacks. Gryphon spun himself into a tornado and went to slam into Gamera, but the Neo-Rajita warlord narrowly dodged. Cupid fired beams from her horn that the alien warlord nullified with his hands. Bacchus raced across so fast he turned into a streak of lightning and spun around Gamera. Gamera pivoted to his right and caught Bacchus with a backhanded fist.

"Damn, he's too fast!" Uranus cursed.

"Yeah, but we're just getting started!" Venus cried out, focusing her power into her hands. "We don't even need to match him using power alone."

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury scanned Gamera with her mini-computer. Her device picked up on a vague but growing energy signature inside Gamera.

"His body has absorbed most of the Romulus Source, but it's not too late to cut him off from the rest! If he hopes to gain this godhood, he's going to require all of it!"

"Yeah, and I know where to get it!" Dai-Valkyrie Neptune located the Romulus Source with her Deep Aqua Mirror. "Uranus, on his left arm! Use your Space Sword!"

Brandishing her Space Sword, Uranus complied and called to Gryphon. Gryphon turned himself into pure energy and merged with Dai-Valkyrie Uranus' armor. Gaining a speed boost thanks to Gryphon, Uranus shot up so fast she became a blur to Gamera. She then flickered out and rematerialized on Gamera's left side. She lifted her Space Sword vertically and caught Gamera's left arm, cutting it off and knocking the Romulus Source out of his possession.

"I've got it!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus called out, reaching out to grab the Romulus Source. She grinned having confiscated the item from the Rajita tyrant. "I've got it!"

"Destroy it now!" Nagah demanded. "Do it before Gamera regains it!"

"A good strategy, but I'm afraid you're too late," Gamera chortled darkly. As soon as he said that, a purple orb of light popped out of his chest and gleamed brightly, exposing the amount of power Gamera had drawn from the Romulus Source. "My body managed to suck out as much of the Romulus Source as it can before you secured the orb from my grasp. What you now hold is merely an empty shell that's worn out its importance."

"Venus! That orb you're holding! It's losing light!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon called out to her friend's attention.

Gazing down at the orb, Venus saw it become a lifeless and empty pearl-like orb. It had completely lost its power and luster, which irked Venus.

"A valiant attempt, but like I said it's too little too late! Now observe when a mortal becomes a god!" The Neo-Rajita bellowed as green light leaked through his body armor. The green light bathing his body hardened becoming green chitin-like material, which doubled as new armor. "Yes, to become a god, I must shed this mortal body and assume a form fitting for a deity!"

In response, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi called forth their steeds and merged their spiritual essence with their armors. Norse Knight led the Senshi to engage Gamera as Dai-Valkyrie Moon pulled out and readied her mystic valkyrie sword. Hesitant to join them, Nagah assessed Gamera's powers and watched the Senshi unleash their attacks on Gamera.

"Now, girls! Let's cut him off from transforming!" Norse Knight shouted, producing a long saber in his right hand. "Gaia Power!"

"Spirit of the Water Dragon!"

"Spirit of the Phoenix!"

"Spirit of the Cheetah!"

"Spirit of the Unicorn!"

"Spirit of the Griffin!"

"Spirit of the Seahorse!"

"Spirit of the Lich!"

"Spirit of the Wolf!"

Calling out their respective animal spirits, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi's auras flared, which greatly empowered their strengths. The eight Senshi and Norse Knight jetted toward Gamera simultaneously. They quickly bombarded Gamera with a flurry of blasts and physical attacks.

Norse Knight fired a golden beam, hitting Gamera's protective shell. "Gaia's Blast!"

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury expelled an immense pillar of water over Gamera. "Oceanic Crush!"

Dai-Valkyrie Venus produced and unleashed a barrage of spear-like projectiles. "Chain Wink Swords!"

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter swung Mjolnir around overhead, sending a massive lightning bolt forward. "Mjolnir's Strike!"

Dai-Valkyrie Mars lifted her fire-imbued sword and jetted upward, slicing into Gamera. "Houou Blade!"

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus spun around like a tornado and slammed into Gamera's exterior shell. "Tempest Twister!"

Dai-Valkyrie Neptune already summoned two pillars of water and threw it over Gamera. "Hippocampus Waves!"

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn unloaded of cutting edged strikes with her Silence Glaive on Gamera. "Silence Glaive Slash!"

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto forged a sphere from her Garnet Rod and shot at point blank at Gamera. "Paradox's Fate!"

All of the Senshi's attacks impacted all over Gamera, igniting a massive explosion that engulfed Gamera and the hard shell covering him.


The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi moved away, giving room for Dai-Valkyrie Moon to initiate the finishing blow.

"You're up, Sailor Moon!" Norse Knight called out.

Mars encouraged her loudly. "Go for it!"

Dai-Valkyrie Moon finished powering up her sword and glided up, swinging her sword through the cloud covering Gamera. She hefted her sword and swung, delivering a vertical slash accompanied by a horizontal strike. The two strikes converged, forming an 'X' pattern. "Moon Holy X-Slash!"

The successive sword slashes ignited a bigger explosion that seemingly blew Gamera up. However, Nagah wasn't willing to stand by any longer and seized advantage of the situation.

"Gamera, consider your throne usurped!" Nagah boldly and loudly declared. She punched rapid motions, expelling swirls of flames at Gamera's direction as the flames wrapped around the tyrant. "Blazing Helix!" She polished off Gamera, shouting a hitch-pitched frequency screech. "Sonic Zephyr!"

"Move!" Moon called to the others, swerving away from the explosion.

Making room, the Senshi witnessed Gamera seemingly being blown apart thanks to their combined efforts. Nagah managed to claim the final blow... or so the ex-general thought.

(End theme)

Everyone present cautiously stood on guard as they noticed broken shards of green chitin falling from the smoke. Then, a thick column of green light expanded, cutting through the smoke cloud. As the cloud dissipated, the green pillar continued to expand and tear through the lunar landscape. The Senshi and Nagah spread out witnessing a figure with a massive frame materializing inside the center of the green pillar.

"Figures he wouldn't be dead that easily," scoffed Dai-Valkyrie Venus.

"The Romulus Source has already been deeply incorporated into his being," Nagah assumed the worst. "At this point, I doubt we have anything that can neutralize him. Sailor Moon, I don't think even your Silver Crystal can make a difference!"

"We'll see," Moon adamantly proclaimed, placing a hand over her bosom. "I'll never know if I don't try."

Dai-Valkyrie Mars interjected. "You won't need to do that. We still have the Houou."

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus asserted. "Mars, no offense, but haven't you already made it clear you wouldn't rely on the Houou?"

"This is one of the extremely rare exceptions," Mars said as she closed her eyes and linked her mind with the cosmic entity within her. I know this might come as a shock, but I'm going to need you.

'I know. And I understand. Gamera has now infused himself with the Romulus Source. That artifact alone could be enough to subdue me in the hands of an already powerful wielder like Ghidorah and his spawn. In fact, it's powerful in the hands of anyone with a strong will. With our powers combined, we may only do minimal damage to Gamera now. Just a fair warning just in case you get too carried away...'

Yeah, I know that much. But, I'd rather me use your power than Sailor Moon exhaust herself using the full extent of the Silver Crystal's power.

The Houou complied with the Miko's wishes. 'So be it, Sailor Mars. Let's do this.'

Suddenly, Dai-Valkyrie Mars' body became engulfed by a pillar of cosmic flames.

"MARS! WAIT!" Moon pleaded as she and the others witnessed their Miko friend transitioning into her Houou powered state.

Slightly turning away from the burst of cosmic flames, Nagah barely caught wind of Mars beginning her transformation.

She gasped upon seeing the Houou's power coming to surface. Ergh! So, she's finally revealing the Houou's power! After all that time I tried goading her to use it, she uses it now to fight Gamera and the Romulus Source?!

Just then, Nagah turned around and sighted Gamera floating out from the green column.

"He's coming out, everyone!" warned Nagah, who pointed the Senshi toward their common adversary.

(Cue Bleach: Hellverse OST – Cometh the Hour (Part A))

Meanwhile, Gamera finally emerged from the green pillar of light, unveiling his new battle form, which was a result of the infused Romulus Source's power. The Neo-Rajita tyrant's physical size was enhanced several times over, making him closer to eighteen feet tall in height. The towering behemoth donned black and green Romulus armor with red trim. The body covered nearly every aspect of his massive frame, giving him greater resistance to the vacuum of space, starlight, and cosmic radiation. The design of his armor was greatly decorated with dark aspects and the lower part was adorned with black armor. The helmet covering his face resembled a combination of Shredder combined with a skull-like visage. Adorning his back was a shell-like shield complete with a massive obsidian sword with a silver t-shaped hilt. His tail was seen folded behind his back. Behind the mask, his eyes, now red, gleamed brightly as they pierced a menacing glare toward the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi.

Shuddering, Nagah sensed Gamera's energy pouring out like a raging storm. "Now the floodgates have been wiped completely out." She muttered frightened right now.

Glancing over his new empowered body, Gamera was thoroughly pleased with the end result and calmly chortled. "Yes, this form is quite fitting for a god set to establish his rightful place as overseer and judge of all things material and immaterial. With the Romulus Source now part of me, I'll prove how far apart a power of a god and mortals are." He grabbed his sword and unsheathed it, revealing a blade over 10 feet in length. "Come, you're more than welcome to try, Sailor Senshi. Prove you're the goddesses of order in this universe. But, know discord is all that awaits you soon."

"Ugh, I've grown tired of monologuing pricks," Dai-Valkyrie Uranus growled, readying herself for battle.

Just then, everyone else, including, turned toward Sailor Mars, who had completed her Houou Mars transformation. The crimson-garbed warrior looked up, meeting up to Gamera's level as cosmic flames danced around her. Her determined eyes burned with burning passion, which sent an unsettling vibe to Gamera.

Though slightly perturbed, Gamera invoked a focused demeanor. "So, you've finally decided to come out and show yourself, Houou? Slayer of Ghidorah... though, your power is less impressive than the Yami Houou, the corrupted cosmic force that sealed Ghidorah's fate. I don't intend to fall in the same trap. I've learned from my previous successor's follies."

"You're one to talk even though you've never engaged me until now," Houou Mars addressed the tyrant; the entity was speaking through her vessel.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon walked up standing beside Houou Mars' side. "We can take him together, Mars. Please, don't try fighting him alone."

"Of course," Houou Mars nodded.

"Heh, why don't I show you what you're pitting yourselves up against?" Gamera stated, lifting his obsidian sword overhead one-handed. He then swiftly dropped the blade down, slamming it into the lunar object...


...and split the moon in two effortlessly. The entire lunar object shuddered as a massive crack formed, not only splitting it in two but causing a rift to tear up the rock formations and moonscape. The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, Norse Knight, and Nagah moved away watching the moon split and shatter into pieces.

"...don't tell me he really cut that moon in half!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus screamed.

"He did and with a simple drop of his blade," Dai-Valkyrie Mercury said with dread in her tone.

"This is only a mere fraction of what he can do with the Romulus Source," Houou Mars assessed. "We're truly battling a god now."

"Yes, only you can comprehend a god's power, Houou," Gamera spoke out as he floated out of the moon debris completely unscathed. He pointed his sword toward the Senshi, goading them. "Very soon you will learn your place in the order of the universe. Tread lightly when you battle one above mortals."

"You're no god! After we take that thing from you, you'll just become a sorry excuse of a mortal!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter shouted as she flew across ready to meet Gamera head-on.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus quickly followed suit and readily drew out her Space Sword.

"You idiots! That's what he wants!" Nagah snapped.

"Jupiter, Uranus, fall back!" Moon ordered, but her words fell in deaf words.

Merely lifting his arm, he blocked Jupiter's lightning fast punches. He then parried all of her punches and kicks. He pivoted to his left and countered Uranus' sword slash with his blade. Preparing to brush them off, Jupiter and Uranus both psyched him out by turning into a bolt of lightning and air.

"Ah, they're using the ninja techniques we learned from the labyrinth trial!" Dai-Valkyrie Neptune cried out. "Brilliant!"

"Gamera definitely didn't see that coming!" Venus exclaimed, clenching a fist while getting giddy excitedly. "Get him, guys!"

As Jupiter and Uranus both rematerialized behind Gamera, they combined lightning and wind to blow a fissure through Gamera's armor.

We've got him now! Both Uranus and Jupiter thought simultaneously.

Just then, to their bewildering shock, Gamera's body dematerialized and vanished. He reappeared behind Jupiter and Uranus, raising his blade over them. Venus and Neptune quickly shot up pushing them away. Jupiter rebounded by using her super speedblitz and swung Mjolnir into Gamera's sword. Both weapons impacted and ricocheted. Jupiter proceeded to madly swing at Gamera, trying her hardest to hit him, but the tyrant 'read' every single one of her moves. As Jupiter shifted to the right, Gamera was there to greet her. She moved to the left and he was there to meet her. She vanished and then he dematerialized.

Bastard's reading my moves before I make them?! Jupiter seethed as she flew up trying to avoid him. Then, she felt something pull her right foot and looked down.

Gamera was beneath her with his hand clasped around her ankle.

"Damn it!" She cursed, struggling from break loose from his hold.

"You can be the first to perish. Just know your death will be an honorable one!" The Neo-Rajita warlord raised his sword and prepared to finish her.

Suddenly, a heart of chains wrapped itself around Gamera's right arm and seized him. And then pillars of water surrounded him. He sighted both Venus and Neptune bidding them. This distraction proved effective, allowing Uranus to get the drop on Gamera and clobber him in the back with her fists so hard she sent him falling toward a planet nearest to them. Gamera fell and crashed into the planet like a comet.

"Thanks, guys!" Jupiter said, relieved to have been saved at the last minute.

"I doubt that's the end of it. Don't get too comfortable yet," Uranus muttered.

Then, in no time, the planet that Gamera landed on became carved out and split into two. Gamera floated off the planet and returned to space where he met the Senshi amassed together.

(End theme)

"How did I forget you're more effective as a team than individually. I know what I must do," Gamera chortled while a green aura covered him. Using the Romulus Source's power, he created ten copies of himself; all of them individually equipped with equalized power to the original. "Try and see who the real me is."

(Cue Bleach: Hellverse OST – Chokkaku)

With that, the eleven Gameras split across the vast and spacious space. The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, Norse Knight, and Nagah split up to pursue the eight. However, Houou Mars had already discerned the real one and as she reached her Gamera, it turned out to be a decoy. She invoked a burning phoenix aura and shot through 'Gamera', immolating him completely.

Disdained, Houou Mars turned and assessed the real Gamera's presence. Nagah!

Nagah shot up toward Gamera and blasted him head-on with a giant flamethrower blast, which engulfed the tyrant. However, he had grown tired of Nagah's effortless attacks. With a snap of his fingers, Nagah's chest seemingly exploded with sparks as projectiles of green energy pierced into her.

"Know your place, Nagah. As you can see, the student has now greatly surpassed the master. Though, let's face facts, you are responsible for this. You could've selfishly taken the throne for yourself and killed me when I was just an infant, but your poor foresight has led to this moment. You could've prevented Paradais from accelerating my growth, but all of that is behind us now." Gamera imbued his hand with energy, applying pressure to Nagah's neck. "Send regards to our slain colleagues on the other side."

Nagah quickly grabbed Gamera's hand, using her power absorption ability. She was only able to drain a tiny fraction of his power until Houou Mars intervened and blasted Gamera's side with fire. Gamera became dazed by Houou Mars' attack and recovered fast enough to dissipate the cosmic flames.

"Hench you've forgotten I can drain others' powers..." Nagah grimaced as her vision blurred. "What's happening?"

"Absorbing a portion of the Romulus Source is still a little too much to take in, eh? Your body can't hope to contain even a fraction of its power. It's rejecting you. Its power has now resonated with me and accepted me as its wielder."

As Nagah floated back trying to tame the Romulus power she collected, Houou Mars intently faced Gamera.

"You were able to locate the real me. Not so surprising with the Houou's clairvoyance guiding you."

"It ends here, Gamera. Surrender the Romulus Source now."

"What if I don't?"

"We'll destroy you. The Romulus Source was never meant to be utilized for personal greed."

"I merely want to make the universe a better place. I'll finally end the conflict between my race and the Imperium Empire."

Houou Mars scoffed as a blazing phoenix aura formed around her. "Sounds like personal greed to me!" She expanded her phoenix aura, which slammed into Gamera's green aura.

As their auras pushed against the other, both canceled each other out. Gamera hastily glided forward and swung down his sword. Houou Mars' aura stopped the blade before it could hit her. Invoking the Romulus Source's power, Gamera shot a blast that surprisingly pierced through Houou Mars' aura and struck her side. Houou Mars grimaced, grabbing the wound on her side.

"How pitiful you feel the need to hide inside a sack of meat! I've assessed your power and I've reached an interesting conclusion. Do you wish to know? You're not truly at the full power you desire. A portion of your original power was taken from you ages ago and you were greatly weakened so much you required a host to contain your power. Though, with in your current condition, you were still able to slay my father and dissipate my cosmic power. But, once I fully harness the Romulus Source's power, I will easily seal you off. Only a Romulus Source wielder can make it possible."

After healing her wound, Houou Mars threw a cosmic fire blast that hit Gamera, but it dissolved when the tyrant raised his aura.

"Try as you might, my body is adapting to the Romulus Source's power. In no time, I will greatly overpower you, Houou!"

Houou Mars glided forward and vanished into a pillar of cosmic flames. She rematerialized on Gamera's right and blasted him. Gamera's aura countered her flames and repelled her aside. Gamera raised his right hand and clenched it, forming rings that binded Houou Mars.

"Now to complete my father's revenge. I will do what he failed to do: destroy your existence!" He clenched his right hand, preparing to seal off the Houou from Mars.

Gritting her teeth, Houou Mars struggled to resist Gamera's control.

Sorry, Houou, but I can't risk my body being destroyed or you being sealed off! Mars' ran through the Houou's. She and the entity instinctively powered down, turning Mars back to her Dai-Valkyrie form.

Taken aback, Gamera readily prepared to crush Dai-Valkyrie Mars.

Suddenly, the other Senshi intervened as their attacks hurtled toward Gamera. Gamera relinquished his hold on Mars and nullified their attacks with his aura. Dai-Valkyrie Moon came over to Mars and checked over her.


"I'm ok, Sailor Moon. Least you came before he blew my body apart."

Gamera glanced around as Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn surrounded him. Uranus shot forward swinging at him with her Space Sword. Gamera timed every single one of Uranus' strikes with evasive maneuvers. He slammed his right hand into Uranus and repelled her. Neptune came up behind Gamera and attempted to catch him with a tidal wave. Gamera spun around and kicked Neptune's stomach hard, sending her sailing back. Saturn and Pluto attacked Gamera head-on. Between Pluto's Garnet Rod's swings and Saturn's Silence Glaive slashes, Gamera dodged them all. He blasted them both back.

Dai-Valkyries Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury tried their hand. They fared no better than the Outers. Gamera unleashed an aura that pushed the three Senshi away. Norse Knight rushed in and engaged Gamera. He fared just a little better using swift movements to avoid Gamera's strikes. However, one shot from Gamera's hand pushed Norse Knight away.

"Do you now comprehend the power you're fighting? This scuffle proves how far apart gods and mortals are. Even the Houou in her less than stellar state now isn't the difference maker like you were led to believe."

The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and Norse Knight prepared for another go at the Neo-Rajita tyrant.

Nagah paused to look down on her hands and saw the Romulus Source's power flowing in her.

What's happening? Why isn't it hurting me like Gamera said it would? She questioned the cosmic energy coursing within her. She gripped her side and grimaced. "...oh shit!"

"Nagah?!" Moon noticed the ex-general struggling to contain the cosmic energy flowing in her.

"Hmm?" Gamera pivoted over to Nagah. "Seems your body is taking in the Romulus Source energy. But, the question is if it will ultimately accept or reject you. That depends on your will." He looked over behind him and used his new cosmic sight to locate a galaxy. "Senshi, do you know what's behind us? Hmm? I'll humor you." He motioned to the direction of this supposed galaxy system. "We're near the center of this galaxy, specifically it's where the Sagittarius Alpha Star is at. Within that is the Sagittarius Zero Star and by extension the Galaxy Cauldron. It's the birthplace of all stars and all living things in the galaxy."

"Galaxy Cauldron?" Moon muttered. "No, what are you planning to do?!"

"With the Romulus Source, I intend to reset this universe and reshape it to my liking. History will be rewritten where I am the god of all time! By extension, the Moon Kingdom lineage will be erased."

"Don't! You don't know whether it'll work! You'll possibly destroy us all!" Venus protested.

"Only a fool would try reworking history to his favor!" Jupiter shouted.

"You have no idea of the negative consequences you may bring to the balance of universal laws!" Pluto exclaimed.

"We'll see when it comes down to that. Now, this is where our conversation ends. It's time I rewrite history," Gamera turned toward his next destination.

As the Senshi moved in to try and stop him, he teleported and went to relocate to near the Sagittarius Zero Star.

"After him! We can't let him meddle with the source that created life in the universe!" Pluto exclaimed.

"Nagah, c'mon, let's go..." Mars approached the ex-general.

Nagah declined. "You go on. You and you cohorts must stop Gamera before he resets this universe."

"What do you know about the Galaxy Cauldron?" asked Moon.

"That it's crucial to the universe. At first, I thought it was a legendary realm and scoffed at its supposed existence. But, I became a believer when Ghidorah foretold us of its presence and how even our kind were born from it."

"Are you going to be ok? He said you absorbed some of the Romulus Source's energy," Norse Knight asked.

"Yes, I'll be ok. Whether I live or perish... just ensure Gamera doesn't succeed. The fate of our universe is at stake!" She succumbed to the cosmic energy's power coursing in her. "Go!"

Moon beckoned her friends away from Nagah. "We'll be back, Nagah. I promise."

The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and Norse Knight glided far off into the distance following Gamera's location.

Sailor Galaxia, the Starlights, and Sailor Kakyuu arrived just in time to see the Senshi depart. They spotted Nagah coping with the Romulus Source energy resonating within her.

"We just missed them!" Star Maker exclaimed.

Galaxia floated over to Nagah and inquired. "Where did they go?"

"Ahead of us," Nagah answered.

When she saw the direction Nagah pointed to, Galaxia quickly identified the location. "So they followed Ghidorah's spawn to that location."

Sailor Kakyuu answered. "They'll be arriving near the center of the universe. Near the Sagittarius Zero Star."

Sailor Star Fighter added. "Then, they're really going there. The Galaxy Cauldron! We have to go there and help them!"

"No, because there's someone waiting for the Senshi there," Galaxia replied.

"Who, Galaxia?" Star Healer asked.

"They're going to find out very soon. The Rajita warlord hasn't fully comprehended the power he's going to meddle with," Galaxia stated.

"But, he has the Romulus Source! That artifact alone will be enough to damage the center!" Nagah exclaimed. "He's got the Romulus Source's power to destroy and rewrite the universe as his whim now desires."

"Having power and knowing how to use it aren't the same thing," the Golden Queen reminded her. "Gamera indeed has all the power, but what good can he do if he's yet to master the artifact's power. He's still new to this. His obsession on that artifact will be his undoing. Sailor Moon and the others will exploit that flaw."

Star Fighter faced the direction where Moon and the others departed to. She muttered passionately. "C'mon, Sailor Moon, we have faith in you and the other Senshi can stop that maniac."

Galaxia vaguely muttered, viewing the space where the Sagittarius Alpha Star lied. "Sailor Moon... Sailor Senshi... you all have reached the level of cosmic warriors. And each of you can unlock your cosmic sight."

Suddenly, Nagah watched as a subtle sea green light bathed over her.

The power... it's... accepting me? The befuddled ex-general felt her body being augmented by the cosmic power's glow.

(End theme)


Near the Sagittarius Zero Star

Gamera meticulously glanced over the beautifully appealing source of galactic power flowing like a whirlpool. The rare galactic source was a sight for anyone to behold. Becoming drawn in to the Sagittarius Zero Star, Gamera located the source he was searching for.

"Yes, at long last, I'll have accomplished what my father failed to do. I have the Romulus Source and now I'm preparing to reset the history of the universe to fit my vision. Father, I've succeeded you! And now I'm set to take my place as the god of the universe!" Gamera declared and prepared to use release the Romulus Source's power. "Yes, first Earth and other planets within the Moon court's system will fall to my new sovereignty! Then, the other systems, including the Imperium Empire, will fall thereafter. Romulus Source, heed my call! I wish to shatter the Galaxy Cauldron and reset the universe!"

As the artifact in his chest reacted and glowed, Gamera braced himself for the coming surge of power and the consequences that may follow.

Then, without warning, a moon-shaped projectile pierced his hand and stopped him from completing the process. He whirled around and sighted the Senshi floating near their vicinity.

"Figures you'd follow me. I grow weary of your constant interventions. We end this farce here!" Gamera declared as he floated out of the galactic realm. He faced the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and Norse Knight, promptly invoking the Romulus Source's power.

"This is where it stops, Gamera. Don't go any further!" Norse Knight shouted toward the Rajita tyrant.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon pointed her sword to the villainous monster. "In the name of all of the universe, stop there."

Gamera merely chortled and invoked the Romulus Source's power embedded in his chest. "You're all welcome to try. This sanctuary will be the perfect place for your graves." He then launched forward readily attacking the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi. "This will be your last chance to stop me! Make sure to make it count!"

(Cue Mortal Kombat theme)

The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and Norse Knight stormed at the villain.

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn lunged forward bringing down her Silence Glaive, attempting to cut him in half, but Gamera phased out and reappeared on her right. He caught her with a kick to her gut, sending her flying back.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto tried time stopping Gamera, but the tyrant nullified the effects and used the Romulus Source to stop time around the Time Guardian instead. He swerved around behind Pluto and elbowed her in the back.

He turned around, catching a wind attack from Uranus, who lunged at him and drove her sword into his chest. The Romulus Source reacted and expelled a beam, pushing Uranus back.

Dai-Valkyrie Neptune attempted to blow Gamera's head off with a tidal water blast, but Gamera caught the water attack and shoved it back to Neptune.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter summoned a thunder dragon from Mjolnir and hit him head-on, electrocuting him. Gamera neutralized the lightning with the Romulus Source and redirected his own lightning bolt to repel Jupiter.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus unleashed a barrage of rapidfire beams. Gamera waved off the beams with his hand and sent them right back at Venus. She evaded all the beams, distracting her long enough for Gamera to rematerialize in front of her and backhanding her, nearly snapping her neck as a result.

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury put up a water barrier, protecting herself. However, Gamera shoved his hand through her water defenses and froze it solid. He shattered the ice and kicked Mercury so hard in the gut he could've cracked ribs.

Norse Knight tried his hand and engaged Gamera, slashing at him with his sword. Gamera quickly blasted the sword out of the man's hand and grabbed his right arm, twisting it and breaking it in two. Norse Knight's blood-curdling cries terrified poor Moon.

"Don't get discouraged, Sailor Moon! We're going to pull through this!" Dai-Valkyrie Mars cried out, encouraging her. She bumrushed Gamera steadfast, creating a flaming inferno aura around her.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon readied her sword, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Mars launched right at Gamera and impacted him hard, bathing in flames. She didn't stop there as she spun around and kicked his face so hard she snapped his neck around with a single kick! She then placed her hand on his chest and went to take the Romulus Source out. However, Gamera managed to readjust his neck and quickly seized Mars' neck, preparing to snap hers.

"Any last words? With one snap, you and the Houou will become separated!"

Mars grinned. "Yeah... keep your feet planted and keep reaching for the stars..."

"Huh?" Before Gamera could make any sense of Mars' remark, this distraction proved beneficiary as Dai-Valkyrie Moon charged forward with her sword and drove it into Gamera's gut.

"Sailor Moon!" Mars cried out, watching Moon not only driving the sword further into Gamera but also pushing him into the Sagittarius Zero Star.

Both Moon and Gamera fell in a seemingly endless pit of white light unaware of what lies ahead for them both.

(End theme)


Southern Digital Realm/Near wormhole/10:20 PM

The battle between Granasmon and Valmarmon's forces quickly came to a halt when a massive shadow loomed over the spacious battlefield. Every participant, both good and evil, abruptly paused and looked up to see Moon of Valmarmon shining at its brightest, signifying the arrival of the Digital Demon God.

(Cue The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King OST – Shieldmaiden of Rohan)

Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, and Athenamon VM were aghast with despair as they sighted Doomsdramon descending. Mounted on Doomsdramon's back was Valmarmon, who casted his sights over the ravaged battlefield.

"Lord Valmarmon! You've come, at last!" Madoudramon TM called out to the Demon God. "We've been waiting for your arrival!"

Canewomon shuddered frightfully, stumbling back. "No... it can't be... MahouGarurumon, he's the one controlling you!"

The Olympus Digimon gathered together preparing to fight off Valmarmon.

"Everyone, we must not let Valmarmon pass into Earth's realm!" Apollomon shouted. "Olympus Digimon, take up arms and fight!"

Behind Apollomon were Marsmon, Jupitermon, Dianamon, Neptunmon, and Vulcanusmon.

"Sorry, but I've got to join my team! We'll settle our feud another time!" Mervamon said, leaving a beaten and battered Lilithmon behind.

Lilithmon whined, her face a complete mess. "...I'll get you for this... get her for me, Lord Valmarmon...!"

As Mervamon joined the Olympus Digimon, they noticed a member absent from their group. They turned around sighting Venusmon tending to some wounded Dra-Warriors.

"Leave her, Mervamon. I'm certain there's enough of us to fight Valmarmon!" Apollomon stated, shifting his view to Valmarmon. "Valmarmon, this is where your advance stops! Olympus Digimon, engage our enemy!"


As the Olympus advanced on the Demon God, Doomsdramon defended his master. Hundreds of tiny slots opened up on his left side where deadly missiles were launched toward the Olympus Digimon.

"Apocalypse Missiles!" Doomsdramon bombarded the entire vicinity with missiles.

Some missiles hurtled toward the Olympus Digimon. They counteracted and stopped as many incoming missiles as they could.

"Solblaster!" Apollomon launched heated orbs from his back, destroying some of the missiles heading toward him. Then, he took others down with continuous red arrows. "Arrow of Apollo!"

"Arrow of Artemis!" Dianamon fired sparkling arrows, taking down some missiles.

Jupitermon amasses lightning into his hammers and converts them, creating lightning-imbued hammers to knock the missiles out. "Come at me, you behemoth! I'll take all down!" He punched with his hammers, smashing some missiles down. "I smite thee! Punish Judge!" He punched two missiles back, knocking them out of course and watching them explode when hitting the ground.

Gathering flames into his fists, Marsmon punched out a lot of missiles heading his way. "Mugen Hadou!" He continuously punched more missiles. Then, he punched the ground hard, causing a pillar of fire to erupt from beneath, which destroyed some stray missiles.

Performing a forward rolling slash, Mervamon struck down missiles with her Olympia Kai sword. "Final Strike Roll!" After striking down some missiles, she turned around as more came hurtling at her. She then performed a spinning slash, so fast her colleagues had a hard time seeing her, and created a tornado that tore through the missiles easily. "Madness Merry-go-round DX!"

"Wave of Depth!" Neptunmon summoned a gigantic tidal wave, consuming and sweeping back the missiles targeting him. He then spun his trident around, shooting beams to take down more missiles. "Vortex Penetrate!"

Vulcanusmon used all the weapons he forged for the battle. All eight arms were equipped with a weapon, ranging from Beelzebumon's own Berenjena to Sparrowmon's twin pistols – Zanahoria. Being the artisan he is, he made sure each weapon were in perfect condition and tested them out by blowing out as many missiles as he could.

"All right, we've cleared the area!" Apollomon shouted.

Overhearing Apollomon's declaration, Valmarmon grinned evilly and laughed. "You're not out of the woods just yet, warriors! Doomsdramon, blow them away!"

Complying with his master's order, Doomsdramon gaped his mouth and expelled a powerfully negative energy ball. "Atomic Death Blast!" He shot the massive sphere, aiming it for the Olympus Digimon.

The Olympus Digimon gathered together and tries pushing the sphere back. It proved too overwhelming for them and drove them back. As they were pushed back, the Olympus Digimon crashed to the ground hard and fell in a heap.

"NO!" Venusmon cried out, realizing how helpless her powers would've been.

"YES! FALL BEFORE ME, FOOLS!" Valmarmon's callous laughter filled the sky.

Madoudramon TM chortled. "Heheh, yes! Did they really think they had a chance?! You and Doomsdramon alone can destroy them all!"

Demon SU floated behind Imperialdramon and taunted him. "You hear that? Your chances of victory have immediately crashed to the ground as hard as those Olympus fools."

"It's not over, Demon," Imperialdramon PM stated, readying his Omega Sword.

"Fools, you've yet to fight me!" Valmarmon bellowed as he dismounted Doomsdramon and landed, causing the ground to shudder by the immeasurable mass of his body weight. He veered over to Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, and Athenamon VM. "So, you three are Granasmon's chosen three? The Digital World's main defenders? I'm not impressed."

Tai, Matt, Davis, and Ken were daunted with horror at the gargantuan's overwhelming size.

"Man! He's a hell of a lot bigger up close!" Davis gaped in aghast.

Matt turned to Tai. "What now? Omegamon can't hope to beat him alone!"

Tai added, trying to maintain his confidence in the face of the situation. "He's got Imperialdramon and Athenamon to back him up. I just hope it's enough." C'mon, Omegamon, you can do this!

"Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon... how fitting I'd crush the body, mind, and heart representatives of the Digital World. When all three components are eliminated, the entire order of the Digital World will collapse and fall under my rule," Valmarmon announced. "That should be a simple task. Madoudramon, Demon, allow me the honor of finishing these three off."

Madoudramon TM and Demon SU complied with Valmarmon's wishes. Both of them swiftly moved away.

Now, Valmarmon was given room to engage Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, and Athenamon VM.

"Heh, I'll give you three the chance to strike me down, but you only have ten seconds. Make the most of it count..." Valmarmon chortled evilly as to the befuddlement of everyone a dark aura formed over him. This dark aura shaped brimmed with pure demonic power.

"Go get him, Omegamon!" Tai and Matt encouraged their partner.

Likewise, Davis and Ken shouted together. "Take him, Imperialdramon!"

"Go, Lady Athenamon!" The Amazon tribe cheered their queen on.

The trio took a chance and flew out to engage Valmarmon, who stood ready to take whatever they were willing to dish out.

Ouryo and Justimon came just in time to see the three Digimon attack Valmarmon.

"Those three really are going for it!" Ouryo exclaimed. "Justimon, this would be a good time for us to Biomerge if we can."

Justimon replied. "It's worth a shot, Ryo!"

Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, and Athenamon VM took the chance as they shot up to engage Valmarmon. The Demon God merely scoffed and reached for his Muramasa. He swung down his Muramasa, sending a powerfully dark energy wave toward the trio.

"Have at it then!" Valmarmon roared with a maddening cackle. "Bane of Light!"

This time both Omegamon BM and Imperialdramon PM, having engaged him shortly after his revival, were ready for the Demon God. They and Athenamon VM swerved out of Valmarmon's reach. Imperialdramon PM came over to Valmarmon's right whilst Omegamon BM hovered on his left. Athenamon VM flew right over Valmarmon's head.

"Eh?!" Valmarmon became befuddled by their strategy.

"We're not falling for that again, Valmarmon! Do it, Imperialdramon!" Omegamon BM called out. "Athenamon, go for it!"

"Omega Blade!" Imperialdramon PM bellowed, bringing down his sword and breaking Valmarmon's Muramasa in two to the apparent shock of the Demon God.

Athenamon VM followed up, drawing more to her blade. "Sword of Wisdom!" She brought down the blade, striking Valmarmon's face with it, blinding him with raw energy that seeped out from the sword.

Omegamon BM combined his sword and cannon's power together. Then, he converted both weapons' energies to forge a condensed beam. "Omega Buster Shot!" He fired a loud earth-shattering beam that pierced across and went through Valmarmon's torso, bringing the titan down to one knee. He fired another and opened a bigger hole into Valmarmon's torso. "TAKE HIM!"

With that, Imperialdramon PM and Athenamon VM hit Valmarmon with their respective attacks again. Omegamon BM flew forward with his sword readily draw to behead Valmarmon.

"No, Lord Valmarmon!" Madoudramon TM roared.

(End theme)

As he and Demon SU prepared to intervene, something was happening with Valmarmon. Omegamon BM quickly halted his advance and beckoned to his two colleagues to withdraw from Valmarmon. The black aura surrounding the Demon God thickened and began turning blood red.

"What's happening?!" Ouryo demanded to know.

"No... he's evolving?!" Omegamon BM was flabbergasted witnessing this shocking turn of developments. "I thought this was his one and only form?!"

"Yes, I surely made you believe that, didn't I?" The Digimon Demon God cackled evilly, raising his face as an evil grin adorned the wounded monster's features. He slowly stood as the gaping hole in his torso closed up, healing itself thanks to the dark energy filling his gargantuan body. "Ever wonder why I didn't show up until now? I've been making preparations just in case something like this ever happened. To ensure I won't be defeated again, I went for a contingency and performed a ritual to empower myself thanks to the Moon of Valmarmon? Do you see?" he pointed to the red moon shining and glowing. "The Moon of Valmarmon is glowing at its apex. It's giving me the boost I need to grant me the power to evolve beyond my current state!"

"No, you can't mean...!" Imperialdramon PM was cut off by Valmarmon's laughter.

(Cue Godzilla Unleashed OST – Destoroyah's Theme)

"YES! TO EVOLVE FURTHER AND DESTROY YOU ALL!" Valmarmon bellowed while the dark aura enveloped him over completely. The dark aura shaped over him like a cocoon before hardening and shattering like glass. He then said the following words, which sent chills down everyone's bodies. "Valmarmon... Shinka!"

The Demon Digimon God increased his size to over 300 feet and altered his shape. His blue face became dark reddish with demonic crustacean features and a long horn shaping on his forehead. His wings expanded and with them gained two extra small wings at the bottom. His devilish tail at the end evolved pincers for immobilizing his foe easily with his stinger. His boots are destroyed in making way for bestial feet. Same goes for his clothing, though his demon helmet and third eye remained intact.

Valmarmon completed his horrifying evolution and called out, announcing his new mode change. "Valmarmon Tartarus Mode!"

The Demon God's new evolution completely turned the tide of the conflict around. Needless to say, the Digital World's defenders were none too pleased with the outcome.

Valmarmon Tartarus Mode looked over his new evolved body. A look of evil satisfaction formed on the Demon God's face.

"Heheheh, yes! Most impressive! With the power of the Moon of Valmarmon coursing through me, there's nothing that can stop me! Not even you three have what it takes to topple me! Now step aside and allow me passage to my new kingdom!"

"Never! This isn't over!" Omegamon BM shouted as he, Imperialdramon PM, and Athenamon VM cut the advancing Demon God from the pass.

"Aid our leaders! They're going to need all the help they're going to get!" Craniummon declared, beckoning Dynasmon and Crusadermon to engage the Demon God.

Amazoness Queen shouted. "Our queen need us, my sisters!" She and a fleet of Amazons charged forward to help Athenamon VM.

Shogundramon declared. "Valmarmon, you'll have to go through all of us if you want to get to Earth!" He and other Dra-Warrior soldiers prepared to halt Valmarmon TM's advancement.

"That won't be too difficult at all," Valmarmon TM muttered sardonically while his dark aura thickened over him.

Anubimon, Pharaohmon, and Plutomon were kept busy dealing with Evil!Pharaohmon and other Digi-Zombies unleashed by Madoudramon TM.

"If only we can get over there and help them!" Anubimon growled as he and Plutomon dealt with undead hell warriors.

Plutomon admonished himself. "I should've been there for Apollomon and the others. Curse me for not getting to them!"

"It's not your fault. You made the decision to aid us against these undead Digimon," the Underworld lord said.

Pharaohmon grabbed Evil!Pharaohmon's face and planted him to the ground. Evil!Pharaohmon rebounded by punching Pharaohmon off him. Evil!Pharaohmon stood and straightened out his posture before charging forth and clobbering Pharaohmon with numerous body blows.

"Pharaohmon!" Anubimon yelled out as he quickly formed a golden pyramid construct over Evil!Pharaohmon and sealed him within it. "That should hold him. And that gives you time to recover, Pharaohmon."

"My evil half is much stronger than I remembered. I can't beat him alone."

"We can do it together, my friend. Now stand up. We must pull through this and stop Valmarmon!"

Nodding, Pharaohmon propped himself back up and wiped the blood from his mouth.

(End theme)

Observing the Royal Knights, Dra-Warriors, and Amazons holding off Valmarmon TM, Ouryo and Justimon were ready to join in the big fight.

"Ready whenever you are, Ryo."

"Let's do this, Justimon," Ouryo declared, holding out his D-Ark. Time to see if this Beast and Digimon fusion is really worth the hype! "Biomerge Activate!"

(Cue The Matrix Reloaded OST – Zion - Fluke)

Ouryo's body became transparent and digitized as streams of data swirled over him. As he and Cyberdramon were pulled toward each other, they initiated the next step in the Biomerging process.

"Cyberdramon... Biomerge to!"

After Ouryo and Justimon Beast Biomerged, they took on their new form. It is similar to Justimon, only with golden features for his armor and scarf. His helmet became similar to Kamen Rider Ryuki that reveals his void-like eyes, while his scarf is shaped like wings. The warrior's power increased connecting him to the aether element.

He jumped out, announcing his new name. "VoidJustimon!" He landed and paused, examining his new form. "Wow, impressive. Now, more than impressive! Our powers combined make us five times stronger than what Justimon normally would be!" The voice of Ryo came out of the Beast Biomerger. "Well, now Takato, Rika, Henry, and Himura don't get to have all the fun." He shifted his view attentively across and watched Valmarmon TM sending darkness energy to blow away most of his adversaries. "All right, it's time to spring into action!"

With that, VoidJustimon bolted across to help the Digimon engage Valmarmon TM. As he moved forward, numerous Nightmare Soldiers tried to intercept the Beast Biomerger. VoidJustimon jumped across, applying golden energy into his legs. He executed rapid kicks, destroying most if not all the Nightmare Soldier Digimon trying to stop him.

He quickly turned and saw VictoryDevidramon flying over to stop him. Harbingermon teleported right in front of VictoryDevidramon and kicked him so hard he sent him sailing back.

"Thank you, Harbingermon!" VoidJustimon said as he continued his advance. But then, he was abruptly cut off by a projectile slash heading his direction. He jumped up and sighted Madoudramon TM floating toward him. "You...!"

(End theme)

"I'm not letting you near my master, Tamer," Madoudramon TM flat out warned him. "You deal with me now." He brandished his blade and dropped down over him.

VoidJustimon prepared to counter, but then Canewomon came between them.

"No, what are you...?!" Before VoidJustimon could finish, Madoudramon TM pierced his blade into her.

Canewomon gasped as the blade jutted through her gut. Baffled by what happened, Madoudramon TM withdrew the blade and backed off.

"You dare...?!" Madoudramon TM questioned Canewomon, who then fell right into VoidJustimon's arms. "What is the meaning of you intervening again?!"

"Canewomon, but why?! Don't you see he's not the MahouGarurumon you know anymore!"

"He's still in there... Ryo... I can feel his presence..." Canewomon muttered, coughing up blood. "As far as I know, he's long struggled to break control of Valmarmon's evil since he turned up missing... but I believe didn't return in order to protect me... MahouGarurumon... he's more than just a friend and a mentor... he's someone I love dearly... and what he's become now... I can't show him that love..." She slowly stood, favoring her side. "MahouGarurumon, you can hear my voice I know you can!"

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum OST – Aerial Palace)

Unfazed, Madoudramon TM raised his blade. "He's gone. Only I remain. I serve only Lord Valmarmon's cause! He will very soon rule all realms, including the human world! And I'll be there to witness his ascension above all of his subjects!" As he brought down his blade, he felt something restrain him and holding him from splitting Canewomon in two. His face contorted. "No... No! His spirit should've been completely gone a long time ago! You're not taking over this body!"

VoidJustimon was taken aback. "MahouGarurumon, you're really still in there?!"

Canewomon gasped. "MahouGarurumon, c'mon, you can do it! I want to hear your voice!"

"Damn you... foolish mage... do you really think you win the battle of wills now?!" Madoudramon TM roared, laughing psychotically. He swung his blade around, nearly wounding Canewomon again.

VoidJustimon pulled Canewomon aside while Madoudramon TM struggled hard to resist MahouGarurumon.

"C'mon, MahouGarurumon, you can do it!" She encouraged her old friend to resurface.

"UGH! DAMN YOU!" Madoudramon TM screeched loudly, pulverizing a few stones around him with his sword. "I'm Madoudramon Titan Mode now! Your will can't overcome mine now! I am stronger than you ever were, you foolish mage!" He dropped down to one knee and grabbed his face while panting hard. "...can't let you regain this body. I've stayed in this form too long just to let it all crumble! I serve only Lord Valmarmon!"

It's really working, but Madoudramon is doing his best in suppressing MahouGarurumon. All it really took was Canewomon's voice. No wonder he's long since avoided her. VoidJustimon thought. He knew Canewomon would bring out the good that is MahouGarurumon.

"MahouGarurumon, please say something to me. Anything. Tell us how we defeat Valmarmon! We need to know because our allies are fighting the Demon God right now!"

"I'll never betray my lord! He gave me new life and I intend to repay him by leading him to victory!" Madoudramon TM angrily rebuked. He slashed at Canewomon, but his blade barely grazed her skirt. "No, stay back!"

"MahouGarurumon, I will bring you back to who you were before!" Canewomon cried out passionately, lunging forward to grab him.

Madoudramon TM stepped back and let her fall. He drew his sword and pointed it behind the back of her head. VoidJustimon instinctively moved in to kick Madoudramon TM's sword away. Canewomon just grabbed the tip of the sword and looked up to Madoudramon TM's eye level.

"Why did you stop? You could've just offed me here."

Madoudramon TM growled, bringing his blade overhead and bringing it over Canewomon. VoidJustimon took no chances and jumped up kicking the blade out of his grasp. He then spun around and landed a fierce kick to Madoudramon TM's face.

"Void Kick!" VoidJustimon announced, dropping into a battle posture. He charged forward and landed a a bicycle kick, knocking Madoudramon TM further back.

Quickly picking his sword up, Madoudramon TM forged darkness power into his blade. "Ultimate Hell Slash!" He swung his blade, sending the fiery projectile toward VoidJustimon, who jumped up but still couldn't escape getting blown back by the explosive impact. He swiftly charged VoidJustimon and struck him down with his wings. "Shadow Wing!"

"No! Stop!" Canewomon pleaded as Madoudramon TM took down VoidJustimon.

Just then, he felt his body shuddering as if something was taking hold of him. Madoudramon TM grabbed his face and madly slashed his sword through the air.

Canewomon stood up and faced him off defiantly. "I'm going to save you, MahouGarurumon. I'm going to bring you back to me and severe Valmarmon's control over you!" With that, while trying her hardest to ignore the pain coming from her wound, Canewomon produced wind-like currents and unleashed a blast of wind from her palm. "Howling Hurricane!" She struck Madoudramon TM head-on.

Though her attack did nothing more than irritate, her intention wasn't to destroy him. Her attack suddenly jolted a memory in Madoudramon TM, or rather MahouGarurumon's, suppressed memories. He paused and looked up facing Canewomon.

"Yes, you remember? You helped me work on my mage skills. I was lacked the talent I possess now. I have you to thank, MahouGarurumon."

Madoudramon TM grumbled. "...stop. I'm not MahouGarurumon!"

"You were. Please, resist Valmarmon's control! I haven't lost faith in you! I've waited for the day we'd cross paths again!"

(End theme)

VoidJustimon shifted between the two former colleagues, assessing their past relationship. Canewomon if I recall was MahouGarurumon's student those many cycles ago. And it's also true the two had a relationship that extended beyond just master and student. They were set to get engaged. And that would've turned out as planned, but MahouGarurumon made the sacrifice to seal himself with WarDevidramon. It was then Valmarmon's Heart revived MahouGarurumon and converted him into the dark mage warrior we know as Madoudramon TM.

VoidJustimon watched Canewomon approaching Madoudramon TM.

Canewomon pulled out the engagement ring he had given her before his untimely sacrifice. "Look, it's the ring you gave me. We were set to be engaged. Those plans went out the window after you sacrificed yourself sealing WarDevidramon. We mourned and honored your great sacrifice, MahouGarurumon. Don't you at least remember that?!"

Widening his eyes, Madoudramon TM looked over the ring. "...the ring..." He looked down as memories slowly starting coming back to him. "Canewomon..."

"Yes, you do remember, right?!"

"Ugh... it's still so unclear to me... you and I were set to engage?"

"Yes, and I kept our ring. I'd never forget the day you proposed to me!"

Madoudramon TM slowly walked over to Canewomon. He dropped his sword and edged closer to examine the ring. As he edged closer, VoidJustimon quickly turned and saw a projectile heading for Canewomon.

"Canewomon, move!"


It was too late.

A projectile blade pierced through Canewomon's chest. She let out a gasp and fell right into Madoudramon TM's arms. VoidJustimon turned and sighted the culprit.

It was VictoryDevidramon, the dark evolved form of the same WarDevidramon MahouGarurumon sealed before.

"What are you doing, Madoudramon?! You should've taken care of these two out sometime ago!" VictoryDevidramon snarled. "Has your new mode made you lazy? I've had to take one out for you!"

VoidJustimon snapped as he bumrushed VictoryDevidramon. "Bastard! You're going to pay for that!"

Harbingermon jumped VictoryDevidramon as he and VoidJustimon started pummeling him.

Meanwhile, Madoudramon TM had Canewomon cradled in his weakly smiled and placed her hand on his face.

"MahouGarurumon... I can still see the kindness in your eyes... Valmarmon might've taken your body and mind, but he'll never have what's most precious to you... your soul..." She then folded both arms over Madoudramon TM. Two tears fell from her eyes and plopped onto his lap. The ring fell from her hand and onto the ground next to him. "...MahouGarurumon, never forget, my love. I love you." She kissed his lips and with that her body dissolved into digitized dust.

Having witnessed his former love vanish before his eyes, Madoudramon TM's entire body twitched violently as memories of his former love flooded his mind.

Can...Canewomon?! I remember now! Madoudramon TM thought as he picked up the engagement ring and stared at the digitized dust floating off. "I'm sorry, Canewomon. I hope you'll forgive me... perhaps you will very soon." He pivoted his view and witnessed Valmarmon TM expelling a darkness wave that knocked back most of the Digimon and Duel Monsters.

(Cue Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST – Knives and Shadows)

Knocked out unconscious from Valmarmon TM's darkness wave were Amazoness Queen, Dynasmon, Crusadermon, Examon, Slayerdramon, Wingdramon, and countless Dra-Warrior/Amazon/Royal Knight soldiers. The few Witchenly warriors, led by Dark Magician and Wisemon, tried healing the wounded. Other soldiers' lives were lost amidst the ongoing battle.

Madoudramon TM was mortified by what was going on. He felt even more responsible for reviving Valmarmon and leading to the deaths of countless Digimon. Canewomon's death was the final straw.

He quickly turned to VictoryDevidramon, who was fighting off both VoidJustimon and Harbingermon.

VictoryDevidramon blasted both VoidJustimon and Harbingermon back.

"Is that all you've got?! Realize you and your cohorts can't win against Lord Valmarmon!" VictoryDevidramon boasted long enough...


...for Madoudramon TM to pierce his sword through VictoryDevidramon's back.

Looking down at the blade being pulled from his body, VictoryDevidramon stumbled forward and grasped the gaping hole on his chest.

"What happened?!" VoidJustimon exclaimed.

Harbingermon narrowed his eyes forward. "Madoudramon. He's finally come to."

"Madoudramon...?" The Beast Biomerger gazed across and sighted Madoudramon TM yanking his blade from VictoryDevidramon.

"Madoudramon... what have you done?!" VictoryDevidramon hissed angrily, pivoting around to confront his cohort. "Do you realize what you've done?! Valmarmon will have your head for this! Is it because I killed that witch?!"

"Don't call her that."

"What a witch?! The witch has you deceived! Who cares if some lowly witch is gone! You have a much greater purpose ahead of you or do you not remember?!" VictoryDevidramon grinned evilly. "...or, is this payback for us getting sealed together? That's it. Isn't it?! You still couldn't get over that fact!"

"You talk too much. Now, die," Madoudramon TM swung his blade, swiftly beheading VictoryDevidramon, killing the winged behemoth as the body collapsed and exploded into digitized fragments. He walked by VoidJustimon and Harbingermon without so much as giving them any eye contact.

"I take it you've returned, MahouGarurumon?" VoidJustimon asked.

Slipping the ring into his sleeve, Madoudramon TM gripped his blade and looked up glaring at Valmarmon TM. "Not exactly. I am still Madoudramon TM. That part of my old self is clawing his way back to the surface. That woman did something none of your warriors could've accomplished... her words reached deep to the man who I used to be. Her genuine words proved more effective than any blade or attack directed to me."

"You don't intend to fight Valmarmon now?" VoidJustimon said. "When he learns of this, he will not just kill you, but turn your lifeless body into a mindless puppet. Don't risk it. Let us help."

"No. I know I don't have any chance to win, but I'm going to make this count," Madoudramon TM solemnly declared as he floated off the ground and flew into the air. "Don't you interfere. I intend to resolve this conflict my way." He shot forward steadfast with his sword drawn for battle. "VALMARMON!"

Demon SU had witnessed Madoudramon TM killing VictoryDevidramon. "Did I just see Madoudramon slay one of our own allies? Madoudramon, what's the meaning of this?!"

As Demon SU swiftly flew in to block off Madoudramon TM, the dark-armored warrior swerved around the Demon Lord and left him in the dust. Demon SU seethed and flew off to pursue him.

"Has Madoudramon lost his flipping mind?!" SkullSatanmon shouted as he and MarineDevimon hid inside a trench. "He's betrayed us, right?!"

"I... I don't even know anymore," MarineDevimon palmed his head.

Imperialdramon PM yelled out. "Madoudramon?! What does he think he's doing?!"

"It would seem Canewomon finally reached him. By him, I mean MahouGarurumon," Athenamon VM said, watching Madoudramon TM flying toward Valmarmon TM's direction.

Demon SU jetted forward as he finally caught up to Madoudramon TM. "You dare to betray our lord?! The same lord you worked hard to help us bring back?! Now all because some woman died you want to throw all we've worked for away?! I won't stand for it!" He then conjured dark green orbs, sending them right toward Madoudramon TM's direction.

As the orbs hit Madoudramon TM, green flames consumed the dark warrior and vaporized him.

"That's what you get for betraying us... What?!" Demon SU was flabbergasted as the Madoudramon TM he incinerated was nothing but a shadow casted.

Valmarmon TM growled as he turned his head as a portal opened. From it, the real Madoudramon TM emerged with his sword aimed for the Demon God's head. Everyone present witnessed in shock.

Davis was flabbergasted. "Wait! Who's side is he really on?! He's attacking his own guy!"

Ken deduced. "I don't know what, but it might've had to do with Canewomon dying just now."

Matt added. "And that definitely set off something in him!"

Tai clenched and balled his fists. "Does it matter? This gives us the advantage now!"

Valmarmon TM eyes widened as Madoudramon TM struck him head-on. An explosive blast followed after Madoudramon TM connected with the blow.

Demon SU rocketed forward to stop Madoudramon TM, but Imperialdramon PM cut him off from the pass. The Paladin Digimon swung his Omega Blade forward, cutting off Demon's left arm off. Demon wailed painfully as his severed hit the ground and dissolved.

"My arm! That tears it! Prepare for oblivion!" Demon SU compressed two green orbs and fired them directly toward Imperialdramon PM.

Bracing himself for the massive green orb, Imperialdramon PM countered with his Omega Sword.

Just then, Madoudramon TM felt his body being 'subdued' before he could even connect a blow to Valmarmon TM. Valmarmon TM held Madoudramon TM in place and restrained him with a darkness aura. Madoudramon TM defiantly struggled against Valmarmon TM's control.

"Such a shame it took that woman's demise to jolt your old memories back. She's partially right though. I do own your body and mind, but she's wrong when she said I don't have any claim over your soul," Valmarmon TM chortled evilly while his eyes glowed red. He placed a paralysis spell on Madoudramon TM and began manipulating the dark warrior, planting negative emotions into him and regaining control over him. "Madoudramon TM, what is your role?! And who do you serve?!"

"...I..." Madoudramon TM tried his hardest to resist. His eyes glowed darkly. "...live to serve you and you only Lord Valmarmon! I am to see to the rise of your kingdom!"

Grinning fiendishly, Valmarmon TM casted more darkness power to further regain control over his puppet. He spun Madoudramon TM around where Imperialdramon PM was fighting off Demon SU. Omegamon BM and Athenamon VM readily prepared to stop Madoudramon TM.

"Not so fast, Madoudramon!" Omegamon BM warned him. "C'mon, you have the will to fight Valmarmon's control!"

Athenamon VM pleaded. "Don't give into anymore of Valmarmon's deception! He's only using you as a tool to further his own means! Canewomon died having faith in you!"

Madoudramon TM grinded his teeth while shaking off their pleas. "Silence...! I live only to fight for Lord Valmarmon and no one else! My existence has no meaning other than fulfill my lord's wishes!"

"Athenamon, we'll have to subdue him someway," Omegamon BM said. "And Valmarmon's already getting too close to the portal. We can't let him past us!"

The Digi-Amazon sighed deeply. "We're one of the last remaining lines of defenses protecting the wormhole. I'd hate to let our comrades from Earth have to take on the burden of having to fight Valmarmon."

"Then, let's ensure they don't!" The Royal Knight declared whilst readying his blade and cannon.

As Imperialdramon PM blocked Demon SU's attack, the Paladin warrior swung his Omega Blade upward and surprised the Demon Lord with a vertical sword slash, which cut him in two.

"...it can't be... how can I, Demon, be denied Lord Valmarmon's ascension as ruler of all worlds... is this how it ends for me...?" Demon SU sputtered his final words as he finally met his demise. He gagged loudly as his body exploded into digitized dust.

(End theme)

"LORD DEMON!" LadyDevimon cried out in shock.

SkullSatanmon and MarineDevimon both gaped in disbelief. "Lo...LORD DEMON! NO!" The former stated crying if he had tears.

"Ugh, I've had enough of this! If my subjects are this easily disposable, then I could've handled things from here on out!" Valmarmon TM declared as he beckoned to Doomsdramon, who flew off and bombarded the landscape with enormous dark blasts. "Now, Madoudramon TM, this is your final chance to redeem yourself! Eliminate Omegamon, Athenamon, and Imperialdramon!"

Madoudramon TM droned as his eyes turned purely dark. "As you command, Lord Valmarmon..." He readied his blade and faced the Digital World trio.

Valmarmon TM noticed the wormhole not too far from his position. "There it is. I'm ever so close to reaching the human world. It's only a matter of time. There's nothing that can deny me access! The main establishment of my new kingdom awaits! Hahaha!" He laughed out loud while the trio quickly engaged Madoudramon TM for the final clash.

"After I destroy you three, I will witness Lord Valmarmon take his rightful place as ruler of all worlds!" Madoudramon TM bellowed, once again under the Demon God's corrupt control. He then shot forward ready to fight the trio.

Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, and Athenamon VM quickly met him head-on. An explosive burst of light erupted when all of them clashed head-on and all at once.

VoidJustimon and Harbingermon arrived just when the clash was set to be decided. They averted their eyes from the bright flash exploding outward.

"If they can topple Madoudramon, they surely can halt Valmarmon!" VoidJustimon exclaimed.

"One would hope. The Demon God will be approaching your world soon, dimension traveler."

VoidJustimon grimaced under his mask. "In the worst case scenario, I hope Takato and the others are prepared. But, I hope it doesn't come down to that."


Earth/Shinjuku District/10:40 PM

The Amazons, Dra-Warrior, and Royal Knight soldiers stormed Tokyo to carry out their leaders' wishes and intercept the invading Nightmare Soldiers.

Titaniamon, Sanzomon, Mermaimon, D'Arcmon, and some Amazoness warriors stood on one side. Elementdramon and a group of Dra-Warriors stood on another. An army of Nightmare Soldiers headed them off from all sides.

"Let's go nuts and take them down, my sisters!" Sanzomon declared.

Titaniamon quickly bumrushed some Scarabmon and sliced them up with her sword. Elementdramon fired light arrows, taking out some NegaKnightmon. Sanzomon and Mermaimon neutralized some Bakemon. Amazoness Chainmaster led some Amazoness Trainees against DarkTyrannomon.

"C'mon, bring it on!" Titaniamon shouted, swinging her sword and slicing up a Bakemon in two. She turned and countered a NegaKnightmon's sword strike.

Some Knightmons were seen riding Cursed Dragons as they battled NegaKnightmons riding Devidramons.


(Cue Fantasia 2000 OST – Firebird Suite (2:43-4:20))

Meanwhile, the long battle between the 'Beast' warriors seemed to be drawing to an end. However, neither side was ready to give out without giving it their all.

BlazeGallantmon and BlazeSuzakumon had taken to the air in order to go all out in their heated battle. BlazeSuzakumon flew into BlazeGallantmon and punched him with a flurry of fire-imbued fists. He then connected with an elbow to BlazeGallantmon's face. Dazed, BlazeGallantmon was pushed back and once he came to BlazeSuzakumon was out of plain sight.

"Where did he...?!" BlazeGallantmon frantically scanned around. He looked up and sighted BlazeSuzakumon conjuring up a firestorm shaped like an almighty firebird. "Great, why am I not surprised?!"

"Here's the reason why I'm the true Suzaku warrior! Perish so I can take my rightful place as the one Suzaku warrior!" BlazeSuzakumon roared as he threw both hands down, sending a the immense phoenix at him. "Phoenix Firestorm!"

BlazeGallantmon quickly put up his shield to divert the phoenix. As the attack impacted his shield, the force was too strong for BlazeGallantmon to redirect. The phoenix pushed BlazeGallantmon toward a rooftop where he crash landed.

Satisfied, BlazeSuzakumon floated down to check on the damage. He saw BlazeGallantmon laying facefirst.

Grinning evilly, BlazeSuzakumon remarked. "Look at you. You're where you should be, you fake! Facefirst on the floor and at my mercy. And mercy is not what I'm going to show you." He crossed both arms and raised them up. He conjured another phoenix-shaped firestorm. "Your fate has been sealed, BlazeGallantmon! Phoenix Firestorm!" He threw the attack down at the fallen Beast Biomerger.

As the phoenix attack approached, BlazeGallantmon quickly flipped on his back and raised his shield.

"You call that a phoenix? Here's one coming at ya!" BlazeGallantmon shouted as fire consumed his entire body. "Super Phoenix Shot!" He stood up as a fire aura shaped like a phoenix, bigger than BlazeSuzakumon's, formed around him. "Hate to break to ya, but there's only one room for one Suzaku warrior!"

To his dismay, BlazeSuzakumon saw his own phoenix quickly being overpowered by BlazeGallantmon's. He put more power into his phoenix and slowly pushed against BlazeGallantmon's. BlazeGallantmon increased his fire aura and the size of his phoenix.

"Super Phoenix Shot!" BlazeGallantmon tried again and sent a bigger phoenix at BlazeSuzakumon.

BlazeSuzakumon narrowly evaded the phoenix and let it pass up to the sky.

"Hah, so much for your epic comeback!" BlazeSuzakumon laughed. But, as he turned around, BlazeGallantmon shot up and stabbed him in the chest. "Ugh!"

"Adios!" BlazeGallantmon shouted, unleashing a fire blast through his Gram lance. He shot BlazeSuzakumon up with a gaping hole in his chest.

"...curse you! Lord Valmarmon will destroy you all!" BlazeSuzakumon roared as his body folded within the fire blast and dissolved into dust.

BlazeGallantmon hovered back on the roof while taking a few deep breaths.

"One down and four to go," BlazeGallantmon muttered as he took off to locate the other Beast Biomergers.

(End theme)


In the midst of heavy quakes, QuakeGargomon and QuakeGenbumon pummeled each other hard enough to send shockwaves at their surroundings. QuakeGenbumon curled himself up into giant ball and launched himself at QuakeGargomon. The flying shell impacted QuakeGargomon and swerved right back around to hit his back. QuakeGenbumon hovered above QuakeGargomon and flew down preparing to pulverize him.

"Hah, gotta be quicker than that!" QuakeGargomon laughed as he caught the floating shell. He spun around tossing QuakeGenbumon on the ground.

QuakeGenbumon quickly came out of his shell and hopped back on his feet.

"All right, I'm growing tired of this!"

"My thoughts exactly," QuakeGargomon rebuked, smashing his fists together. "Besides, rock throwing and shell forming is my shtick now!"

"I'll be laying claim to both after I've gotten rid of you," growled the Demon Beast General. He amassed slabs of rock from the ground and formed a giant sword.

QuakeGargomon did the same and grabbed the rock sword. He charged and clashed with his evil counterpart. The two exchanged rock sword strikes. When both swung at the same time, their swords clashed and cracked apart. QuakeGenbumon stumbled forward catching a hard right punch into his gut. QuakeGargomon punched him so hard his fist went through QuakeGenbumon's chest.

"Irk!" QuakeGenbumon grunted and stumbled forward. He covered up the hole in his chest and regenerated layers of rock to cover up the wound. "Is that all you got?!"

"Nah, but the hand is quicker than the eye."

"What are you babbling about?!"

QuakeGargomon chortled as he held up a pulsating red rock. "Missing something?"

"How did you...?!"

"Like I said, hand is quicker than the eye. Are you hard of hearing? Then again, you are mostly made of rock and probably got rocks in your ears."

"That tears it! You insulted me for the last time, you chatty punk!" QuakeGenbumon bellowed. "Now give that back!"

"Come and get it!" The Warrior of Genbu beckoned him to attack him.

Having heard enough, QuakeGenbumon shoved his hands into the ground and uplifted the concrete up to knock QuakeGargomon off. QuakeGargomon jumped up and tossed the 'heart rock' to the air. QuakeGenbumon jumped up to seize it. QuakeGargomon batted the 'heart rock' away only to get elbowed in the face by his adversary. QuakeGenbumon summoned a rock lance and walked over to stab the dazed QuakeGargomon.

"All right, this has gone long enough! It's time I end this!"

QuakeGargomon shook his head and then chuckled. "I'd watch my step."

"What are you...?"


"Oop?" QuakeGenbumon looked down. His eyes gaped as he realized he had stepped on something hard, made of stone and red. "GAH! WHAT?!" He realized he stepped on his own 'heart rock' without looking. "...you distracted me! I wasn't even paying attention!"

QuakeGargomon snickered, speaking out in Terriermon's voice. "That's the idea, ya big dumb lug!"

Looking over himself, QuakeGenbumon saw his body beginning to crumble. "This isn't fair! I'm not done with y...!" He looked up as QuakeGargomon charged and hit him with a straight right hook, cracking him into pieces.

"But, I am! See ya!" QuakeGargomon turned him, waving off his defeated opponent. Taking a deep breath, the Warrior of Genbu looked up to the sky and saw a storm cloud building up. "Looks like Rika and Renamon are about to mean business."


StormSakuyamon finished summoning her storm cloud as lightning bolts shaped like foxes came pouring down. StormSeiryuumon did the same except he conjured equally powerful lightning dragons.

"Fox Storm!"

"Dragon Storm!"

The lightning foxes and dragons clashed against each other. Their immediate clash ignited a huge lightning show that lit up the Tokyo sky. The two warriors raised their weapons as lightning struck and bathed them. Both became augmented by their respective elements.

"It's time to finally prove who's the superior Seiryuu warrior is! After this is over, I will soar triumphant!" StormSeiryuumon boasted, waving his trident around.

Making no retort, StormSakuyamon readied her trident as well.

The two warriors encircled each other for a few moments. A bolt of lightning shot down between them, which doubled as the bell ringer of their duel.

The two warriors jetted toward each other simultaneously. StormSeiryuumon roared a battle cry as did StormSakuyamon. They clashed with their weapons, matching each other's strikes. StormSeiryuumon swung his trident horizontally, narrowly taking StormSakuyamon's head off. Leaving himself wide open, StormSakuyamon thrust her trident into his gut, but the Demon Beast General swerved aside. StormSeiryuumon fired a lightning bolt from his trident, but StormSakuyamon countered with one of her own.

"This duel has been fun, but this is where it ends!" declared StormSeiryuumon, who raised his trident and conjured a large lightning dragon. As he sent his dragon forward, a white flash of light enveloped StormSakuyamon. "What?!"

"StormSakuyamon Mode Alternate to!" StormSakuyamon called out. Her Beast Biomerger form quickly switched as her uniform blue armor turned into a familiar Miko's garb complete. "Priestess Mode!"

Sakuyamon Priestess Mode quickly produced hundreds of Ofudas, which she launched at StormSeiryuumon. The Demon Beast General was too late to stop the incoming Ofudas as they covered him. They binded him in place, redirecting the lightning dragon back at him.

"AUGH!" painfully wailed StormSeiryuumon.

Swinging her staff around, Sakuyamon PM swiftly dropped from the sky like lightning and kicked StormSeiryuumon back. "Thunder Kick!" Then, she conjured up blue fire and smothered StormSeiryuumon with. "Let my flames purify you, demon general! Fox Drive!" He then casted StormSeiryuumon's presence away.

"...you might've won this battle, but the war will be won by Lord Valmarmon! Haha!" StormSeiryuumon laughed before his body dissolved into dust.

Sakuyamon PM lowered her staff and looked down to see QuakeGargomon. "We did it, QuakeGargomon. Now, let's regroup with BlazeGallantmon and AuroraInumon.


The final battle of the beast warriors was set to be decided. AuroraByakkomon and AuroraInumon. The two warriors' slashed at each other using their long claw. They not only slashed but danced around trying to get a good clean hit on the other. AuroraByakkomon lunged forward and headbutted AuroraInumon. As AuroraInumon stumbled back, the Demon Beast General seized advantage and slashed his claws around, sending deadly, armor-piercing projectiles.

"Tiger Steel Slash!" AuroraByakkomon called out, hitting AuroraInumon with lightning fast strikes.

AuroraInumon put up his guard, tanking all the projectiles as hard as he could. He looked up and sighted AuroraByakkomon throwing a metal pole at him. AuroraInumon sidestepped the incoming object and jumped up to meet his opponent.

"It's only a matter of time before you give out, AuroraInumon! You better make these final moments count before I end you!"

AuroraInumon scoffed. "I'd like to see you try!"

Suddenly, AuroraByakkomon spun himself around, turning himself like a spinning drill. He went toward AuroraInumon and narrowly pierced him something fierce.

"Steel Drill!"

"Two can play it that game!" AuroraInumon spun around, pulling off the exact same move. "Drill Claw!" He shot up and collided with AuroraByakkomon.

As the two bounced off the other, both clung on opposite building walls. They quickly launched off and flew at each other while readying their claws. They collided and slashed.

Swish! Slash!

Both warriors landed at the exact same time. They turned to each other with their claws glowing. AuroraInumon doubled over grabbing a slash wound on his right side.

Satisfied, AuroraByakkomon remarked. "Looks like I win."

"Hehe, look again," AuroraInumon rebuked as he watched a bunch of slash marks inflicted on AuroraByakkomon's body. "I win." He smirked coolly.

AuroraByakkomon doubled over as his body broke apart. He yelled out. "Avenge us, Lord Valmarmon!" He wailed before ultimately exploding into digitized dust.

AuroraInumon walked forward while favoring his side. Just then, Sakuyamon PM and QuakeGargomon arrived to barely see him defeat the Demon Beast General.

"AuroraInumon! Man, what great timing! We just beat our opponents, too!" QuakeGargomon called out in Henry's voice.

AuroraInumon responded using Himura's voice. "That's good... ugh."

Sakuyamon PM put an Ofuda on AuroraInumon's wound. "Hold still." She then muttered an incantation and used blue fire to heal his wound.

"Back in Priestess form, eh? Haven't see you use that in a while," Inumon spoke through AuroraInumon, being coy with the Renamon side of Sakuyamon PM.

Sakuyamon PM nodded. "Indeed. C'mon, I think I sensed BlazeGallantmon moving to a new location. He seems to be going where Masaru and ShineGreymon are."

"If that's the case, he beat that BlazeSuzakumon creep," AuroraInumon stated. "That just leaves ChaosGallantmon. We can easily beat him if we gang up on him."

"Right, let's get moving then!" QuakeGargomon declared, smashing his fists together.

"Follow me," Sakuyamon PM firmly said, leading her two colleagues toward their next destination.


ShineGreymon BM bodyslammed ChaosGallantmon DM repeatedly into a building wall. He swung his sword and battered ChaosGallantmon DM to the side.

"We've got him now, ShineGreymon! Let's finish him off!" Masaru yelled, pumping up his fists.

As he readied his sword, ShineGreymon BM intently glared down ChaosGallantmon DM. ChaosGallantmon struggled to stand after being slammed several times. He dropped his sword and pressed his hands over the glowing Hazard symbol emblazoned on his chest.

ShineGreymon BM noticed the glowing symbol. "Hmm? Masaru's something's happening."

"What's going on, ShineGreymon?!" Masaru called out.

Just then, BlazeGallantmon dropped in beside ShineGreymon BM.

"You came just in time, Takato and Guilmon! I take it you whooped that general jerk's ass?"

"It was a close battle, Masaru, but yeah we kicked butt. Hey, what's going on with ChaosGallantmon?"

"He just stopped after ShineGreymon BM gave him a beating. That symbol on his chest is glowing."

Taking heed of ShineGreymon BM's warning, BlazeGallantmon noted the glowing symbol and narrowed his eyes. "Oh no, this could be bad!"

"Why?" Masaru wondered, observing ChaosGallantmon DM stumbling around as dark purple light leaked from his Hazard chest symbol.

ChaosGallantmon DM bellowed fiercely, his tone sounding more demonic. "Now, you've done it! You've pushed me too far, you incompetent fools! I've expended too much power fighting not just Omegamon, but now ShineGreymon? I was meant to battle Gallantmon using this form, but forget it... I have better plans." he laughed manically.

"All right, I've heard enough!" ShineGreymon BM shouted, charging forward and meeting ChaosGallantmon DM's chest with his sword.

"ShineGreymon, don't...!" BlazeGallantmon warned and tried to stop him.

ShineGreymon BM's sword impacted and cracked ChaosGallantmon DM's Hazard symbol. From out of the broken Hazard orb on his chest, darkness power leaked out and began forming a black cloud over ChaosGallantmon DM.

"Augh... look what you've done! Heh, yes... this is exactly what I had hoped you'd do, you fool!" ChaosGallantmon huffed heavily and laughed between heavy breaths. "All this power! The power of the Hazard is seeping into my body! And I'm getting much stronger!"

Masaru was befuddled. "What does he mean by Hazard?"

"It's the dangerous power, known as the Digital Hazard, that's connected with Guilmon and now BlackGuilmon," BlazeGallantmon explained using Takato's voice. "Once awakened, it'll cause a major meltdown that can destroy a Digital World, but since we're on Earth, who knows what damage he can do here! ShineGreymon accidentally awakened ChaosGallantmon's Digital Hazard!"

ShineGreymon BM freaked out. "I didn't mean for this to happen!"

"I know you were just caught up in the fight," BlazeGallantmon replied. "The orb you destroyed must've contained all that Digital Hazard power. We've got to stop him before he goes off and destroys all of Tokyo off the map... worse yet, maybe the world!"

Laughing manically, ChaosGallantmon DM taunted them. "You fools think I'm stupid like my brother?! I'd never allow myself to blow up. Being the smarter brother, I've learned to properly absorb the Hazard's power into myself... not only making me stronger but making sure the Digital World isn't destroyed! If I die, then Lord Valmarmon and his subjects won't have a world to conquer. Now, I can't afford that to happen, can I?"

Masaru scoffed. "Well, aren't you a swell guy?! Go and shut him up for good, ShineGreymon!"

"Torrid White!" ShineGreymon BM unleashed a continuous amount of incandescent flaming shells at ChaosGallantmon DM.

However, to ShineGreymon BM and Masaru's dismay, the flaming shells fizzled before they can connect with ChaosGallantmon DM. A dark cloak seemingly formed around ChaosGallantmon DM, protecting him from attacks

"Thanks to Lord Valmarmon, he's helped unlock a form strong enough to defeat you all! So what if you've defeated the Demon Beast Generals? Lord Valmarmon always has a contingency and I am his contingency plan!" ChaosGallantmon DM announced. "I've managed to learn the power of Chaotic Evolution!"

"Chaos Evolution?!" The three exclaimed in unison.

"Now, behold the power that will destroy you all, especially you, BlazeGallantmon!" ChaosGallantmon DM yelled as his body became encased in a cloak of darkness. While inside the cloak, the knight's body underwent a dramatic transformation into a new being. "ChaosGallantmon Destructor Mode! Mode Change! ChaosGallantmon Hazard Mode!"

(Cue Evanescence – My Last Breath (TNA Remix))

The three were quickly blown back by the immense power exuding from the transforming Digimon. They stood back watching in horror as ChaosGallantmon morphed into his new Hazard Mode.

As the darkness cloak dispersed, the warrior's new form was unveiled. ChaosGallantmon Hazard Mode was larger and still almost looked like Destructor Mode. Granted, there were notable differences to his outward appearance; his claws became long and sharp. His ten demonic wings were now replaced by massive dark blue tattered wings. Adorning his shoulders were heads resembling Megidramon's. Spikes protruded from his sides. He had a massive, long blue tail behind him and huge blades growing out of his arms. His helmet took on the visage of a Megidramon instead of Guilmon with the knight's face in the demonic dragon's mouth. The Hazard symbol glowed on his chest as a pair of dark flaming swords formed in his hands.

Breathing deep and blowing out smoke from his mask, ChaosGallantmon HM cackled evilly, his voice now deepened and sounding like a devil. "Heheheh, what do you think? Impressed?"

Masaru gasped in aghast. "Oh, crap! This guy's turned into a monster!" He shook off his immediate fear and clenched his fear. He glared at ChaosGallantmon HM with fearless eyes. "But, we aren't backing down. Right, ShineGreymon?!"

Nodding, ShineGreymon BM readied his sword. "He was only scary for a second, but we're ready for anything we can bring!"

BlazeGallantmon held his ground and raised his lance. "We still need to be careful. This guy's power is immense! It's gonna take more than the two of us to beat him!" Namely we're gonna need QuakeGargomon, StormSakuyamon, and AuroraInumon! If only we had Cammy and/or her Dragon Saber here so we can make Shining Mode a possibility!

"Ready or not, here I come, boys!" ChaosGallantmon HM bellowed. He charged at the two Digimon, prompting them both to sidestep his sword slashes. Snapping his claws, he shot out two dark flaming chains to quickly bind BlazeGallantmon and ShineGreymon BM together. "You've got nowhere to go now! I'll start by tearing you apart, brother!" He methodically advanced toward BlazeGallantmon first.

"No... I've got to get out of this!" snarled BlazeGallantmon, struggling to break loose from the chain.

ShineGreymon BM yelled out, also struggling to break the chains. "C'mon, BlazeGallantmon! Break out!"

Masaru clenched his fists, growling. Damn it! I've gotta do something! Where the hell are the others at?!

Then, right on cue and with convenient timing, QuakeGargomon, Sakuyamon PM, and AuroraInumon dropped in. Sakuyamon PM brought her staff, imbued with mystic blue fire, to snap the chains off ShineGreymon BM and BlazeGallantmon.

As they got loose, BlazeGallantmon and ShineGreymon BM both punched ChaosGallantmon HM back. As the demonic knight stumbled back, his opponents backed off to recover.

"Thanks, guys!" BlazeGallantmon said.

ShineGreymon BM. "Y'all got great timing."

"Heh, glad we can still make a dramatic entrance," QuakeGargomon remarked.

Chuckling evilly, ChaosGallantmon HM eyed his five opponents. "This is too perfect! So you did manage to defeat the Demon Beast Generals! Very impressive! But, I'm afraid your streak of luck ends here. And I've chosen the first one I'm gonna kill." He pivoted over to BlazeGallantmon and pointed to him. "That's you, brother."

"Not if you get through us first!" AuroraInumon interjected, brandishing his hand claws and charging forward.

"Wait!" Sakuyamon PM shouted, gliding off after AuroraInumon.

QuakeGargomon and ShineGreymon BM bumrushed toward ChaosGallantmon HM. The four Digimon tried to jump ChaosGallantmon HM.

The demonic knight charged up his flaming claws and started spinning around, flying over his four opponents. He swiftly dove down, heading toward his four attackers.

"Take this! Gehenna Claw!" He slammed into the ground, unleashing an immense trail of fire that forced the four to scatter.

ChaosGallantmon HM swiftly glided toward QuakeGargomon and clobbered his face. After taking him down, ChaosGallantmon HM jetted over to AuroraInumon and punched him in the back, then planting him facefirst. He jumped up landing a headbutt to Sakuyamon PM's face, sending her sailing up. Then, he shot toward ShineGreymon BM and blasted him down.

"ShineGreymon!" Masaru shouted.

BlazeGallantmon quickly ran up to ChaosGallantmon and shot a fire blast from his lance. "Phoenix Shot!"

ChaosGallantmon HM instinctively spun around and caught the fire blast. He crushed the fire blast in his right hand and nullified it with his dark flames. ChaosGallantmon HM hastily shot up to BlazeGallantmon and slashed him with his swords. BlazeGallantmon howled in pain and doubled over, falling on his knees.

"Are you five comprehending the unstoppable power you're dealing with?" ChaosGallantmon HM evilly cackled, pivoting over and maliciously eyeing BlazeGallantmon. "Well, how about it, brother?"

"I'm not afraid of you! You think this will be enough?!" BlazeGallantmon yelled defiantly, standing up despite the blow he took. He raised his head to ChaosGallantmon HM's level and narrowed his eyes. "You're going to have to kill me if you want to beat me!"

ChaosGallantmon HM cackled. "Hah, you don't have to tell me that twice!"

"Takato... Guilmon! Don't provoke him, you idiots!" Sakuyamon PM shouted.

QuakeGargomon yelled. "He's really going to kill you!"

AuroraInumon raised his head, growling intensely. "I'm not letting you fight that guy alone!"

ShineGreymon BM was the first to stand back on his own and picked up his sword.

Masaru clenched his fists. "Man, this is getting intense! Kick his ass, Takato and Guilmon!"

Gripping his lance tight, BlazeGallantmon bumrushed with reckless abandon against ChaosGallantmon, who was more than eager to meet him head-on. An immense shockwave erupted from their clash, causing windows to shatter and debris to kick up all over the place.

The battle between the Gallantmon brothers was set to meet its definitive end.

(End theme)


Spirit World/10:50 PM

The major battle in Spirit World escalated as the sanctuary was being ravaged by both Shaka and Arago's immense spiritual/Youki energies. On top of their battle, Yusuke and RJ were locked in a heated fight with OmegaLong. The other Neo-Detectives and their cohorts stormed off to follow Yusuke and RJ to pursue Nadeshiko, who was gaining closer to OmegaLong.

(Cue Onimusha 3 – (J Side) Awe – Nobunaga's Theme)

In the distance, a number of sacred temples exploded as a result of spirit energy blasts. Shaka was thrown out of a temple and sent sailing several meters back. Arago was already flying toward her covered in a Youki aura. Arago reached up behind Shaka and swerved around in front of her. Arago punched Shaka back, planting her facefirst to the ground.

Arago pulled Shaka off the ground and headbutted her several times. However, the Tenyou recovered and headbutted Arago a few times. Arago stumbled back grabbing his throbbing head. Shaka lunged forward, pushing Arago through several pillars. After going through 20 pillars, Shaka threw Arago into the air and jumped up clubbing him in the back. She dropped the Taiyoukai lord through Enma's castle. Arago landed back in the throne room. Getting up, Arago coughed up some blood and grunted in pain.

Damn her! How can she be wounding me?! Arago seethed, sitting up as he sighted Shaka jumping down from the ceiling. He jumped up meeting Shaka head-on and fire a Youki blast to her face. Raising both hands overhead, Arago forged a massive Youki ball and tossed it at Shaka.


The entire castle was blown up, leaving Enma's old sanctuary in ruins. Arago popped out of the debris completely unscathed. He pivoted to his right and then left.

C'mon, where are you? If you are a Tenyou, surely you would've survived that! Thought the Taiyoukai lord, who scanned the ruined perimeters. Just then, he sensed a surge of power erupt behind him. He spun around and threw a punch, barely catching Shaka with a right hook that sent him several meters back. "Is that all you've got, Tenyou?!"

Shaka hit the ground and rolled around. She sprang up rubbing her forehead where some blood seeped from a wound. A gold aura washed over Shaka, empowering the battle ready Tenyou.

Arago dropped both hands and quickly produced Youki swords. He marched toward Shaka and brandished the Youki-powered blades. Both lunged at each other at the same time. Shaka's aura blocked all of Arago's blade strikes. Shaka quickly drew out her swords and clashed with Arago.

The opposing forces clashed head-on with their swords for a few seconds. Shaka kicked one of Arago's blades back and hit him with a double blade strike.

"Celestial Claymore!" Shaka shouted, slashing Arago with successive strikes. She followed up with kicking Arago back into Enma's old throne. "It's over, Arago. Give me back my friend!" She dashed forward and thrust her right sword into Arago.

"...stop... please... Yui...!"

(End theme)

Shaka stopped as her blade was barely several inches from Arago's throat. Arago's eyes changed back to Kohana's. This stopped Shaka from going through with her purifying blow.


"Yui... I don't have much time... but, you have to kill me... kill me and Arago will be defeated!"

"I won't. I can't do it, Kohana! I have to restore you and take the stones out! I can save you and your brothers!"

"No... it's too late for us..." Kohana pleaded.

Nodding, Shaka protested. "No, I don't believe that. The Kohana I know would never give up! She doesn't quit easily! You're not fooling me, Arago!"

Arago quickly regained control and chuckled evilly. "Too bad. I thought I could sucker you in." With that, she summoned a giant black fu (shisa) dog.

(Cue Onimusha 2 OST – Battle With Nobunaga)

"SHIRO?!" Before Shaka could finish, the fu dog pushed her into a pile of debris.

"Kohana's abilities always come to great use," Arago chortled. He snapped his fingers, beckoning the demonic fu dog to push its body weight into Shaka. "How does it feel, Tenyou?! Not so great, are you?!"

The demonic fu backed off, growling. Acidic drool dripped from its mouth and hit the ground, burning near Shaka. Shaka stumbled back still holding her swords. She defiantly held her ground, daring the demonic fu to attack her.

"If a Tenyou can't defeat me, then none of your friends have a chance. If I can't be killed, then I'm meant to rule all realms under one nation under me."

"No... I haven't keeled over just yet, Arago," Shaka defiantly said. "The only way you'll ever conquer anything is going through me first! Come here so I can kick your ass!"

Arago shook his head. "Tenyou, I intend to mount your body in my new throne room and cut off your bloodline." He called off the black Shiro, who stepped aside and allowed his summoner through. He quickly dashed at Shaka and crossed blades with her again.

After a few moments of them clashing swords, Shaka saw an opening and thrust her blade into Arago. However, Arago's blade gutted Shaka. Both drove their blades into each other.

"This body belongs to me!" growled Arago.

"She's not your property, you bastard!" snapped Shaka.

Both formed powerful auras around each other. Their opposing energies clashed again. This time Shaka's golden light started to nullify Arago's dark aura. Arago shoved his right hand into Shaka's gut and drew out blood to slow her down. They both backed off and charged once again swinging their blades toward each other for a final strike.



Their blades clashed, igniting a massive explosion of Tenyou and Youki energies that engulfed them both. Shaka and Arago met eye to eye. Then, Arago smiled and threw his head back, shooting black smoke from the eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Shaka closed her eyes as she seemingly fell and gave out.


Yusuke, RJ, and OmegaLong ceased their long fighting as they sensed Shaka and Arago's activity levels diminished.

"Yui!" Yusuke yelled as anxiety consumed him. As he turned his head, OmegaLong took advantage and tail whipped him back.

"Cheap shot, asshole!" RJ shouted, clobbering OmegaLong's face with a punch. He punched him several feet back and left an indention mark on the demon dragon. He raised a finger and prepared to fire a shot. "Demon Gun!"

OmegaLong bumrushed forward and backhanded RJ's attack. He jumped forward and kneed RJ's gut. OmegaLong turned around and took a bigger demonic blast to his face.

Yusuke caught him with a fist imbued with Youki and uppercutted OmegaLong 30 feet into the air. Yusuke jumped up and landed numerous body blows all over OmegaLong. OmegaLong retaliated by crossing his arms and producing 49 lightning arrows.

"Shit!" blanched Yusuke.

"Prism of Seven Times Seven Torment!" OmegaLong took page out of Suzaku's playbook and unleashed the 49 lightning arrows.

Yusuke powered up his right fist and unleashed a demonic wave to obliterate the arrows. He pointed his finger and fired a shot. OmegaLong did the same.

Both shouted. "Demon Gun!"

As their Youki blasts collided, they exploded. OmegaLong and Yusuke lunged at each other. OmegaLong punched him down and slammed him to the ground. Yusuke and RJ stood ready to tangle with the demonic dragon.

"Now how about I send you two to oblivion together?"

"Actually, you might want to nix that idea."

"What?" OmegaLong growled.

Suddenly, Pegasus arrived with Neo Moon and the Neo-Detectives. Yasha and Selipa were seen following them.

"More lambs being led to the slaughter? Feh, this shouldn't take long," OmegaLong snorted. As he prepared to shoot a Demon Gun, Nadeshiko jumped on his back and bit into his left shoulder. "What?!" He glanced over his shoulder and noticed the half-dragon demon child biting him hard enough to draw blood. "So, you've come back to me, my half-breed daughter! Too bad I've long disowned you! And you reek of that whore's stench!" He pulled Nadeshiko off and tossed her down.

"Nadeshiko!" Yasha screamed as she jumped up and snatched her.

"Cammy, now!" Aoshi called out.

Nodding, Cammy pulled out her Dragon Gazer Mirror and activated it, sending an immense holy beam that hit OmegaLong. Finding himself paralyzed by the mystical beam, OmegaLong was left wide open for Yasha and Selipa to attack him.

"Wow, she did it!" Shura was left in awe by Cammy's mirror utilization.

"Nice shot!" Lien cheered with TobuCatmon.

Yasha slashed OmegaLong's chest several times. Selipa took a blade and plunged it into OmegaLong's throat. OmegaLong gagged as he tore the blade out and backhanded Selipa aside.

"Curse you!" OmegaLong roared. As he turned, Yusuke and RJ repelled him with a double Demon Gun. He flew back as his back hit some debris. He slowly picked himself up, using Youki to heal his throat.

(End theme)

Now in the Neo-Detectives' care, Nadeshiko glared her demonic father down intently.

"Man, I'm never gonna forget this," Moonlight Knight said.

"Believe me, Shingo, we're all never going to forget this," Neo Moon said as she cheered on RJ. "Way to kick his butt, RJ!"

"Give it up, Long. It's over!" Yasha declared.

"All I need is a clear shot and you're done," Yusuke remarked, pointing his finger to OmegaLong.

(Cue YuYu Hakusho Unreleased OST – Sensui's Territory (Alternate Version))

Suddenly, everyone froze as they felt a demonic power heighten grow not too far from them.

"What was that?!" RJ exclaimed.

"An immense demon power emanating from where we were a while ago," Shura carefully assessed the Taiyoukai's power. "It's him."

"It's Arago. Don't tell me Yui couldn't..." Cammy gasped, stopping herself from stating the worst possible outcome.

"I can barely feel Yui's spirit power. I felt Kohana just now, but her life energy just faded," Aoshi confirmed.

Yusuke growled. "What the hell's going on?!"

"Lord Arago's true form has finally resurfaced," evilly chortled OmegaLong.

"Yui! We've got to get to her!" Aoshi shouted.

However, OmegaLong intercepted the group from passing by.

"Not as long as I'm here, fools."

Hang on, Yui! We're on our way! Yusuke charged toward OmegaLong.


Opening her eyes, Yui, with her clothes tattered and shoes gone, groaned and sat up. Laying beside her was DarkGabumon.

"Did I win...?" Yui murmured while holding her head. She gasped and quickly came to, looking down herself. "I'm out of my Tenyou? That fight must've taken a lot of me." She looked over and checked on DarkGabumon. "You're ok at least... but, what about...?!"

Yui looked across and sighted Kohana back to her normal self.

"Kohana! Oh my god, you're ok!" She cried out, crawling over to check on her friend. Placing a hand on Kohana's cheek, she was surprised to feel coldness. She was dismayed as soon as she sensed no life energy in her friend's body. "No... Kohana."

Suddenly, deep growls emanated from a thick dark cloud in front of them. Yui cradled Kohana's body and watched two massive red eyes piercing through the cloud. A massive shadowed entity rose behind the cloud and slowly marched forward with purpose.

"Congratulations, Tenyou. At the last minute, you drove my essence right out of the young woman's body with your power. But, having been contained in the human's body for as long as I did, I was able to acquire all her spirit power combined with the three Demon Stones to revive my real body. Yes, what you did was guarantee that I'd return me to my true form!"

Yui slid back still holding onto Kohana.

"I see you cowering. You're scared. You've expended all your power just now. As far as I'm concerned, you're no longer a threat to me. As I stand, I can easily step on you being the insect you truly are! How disappointing that Tenyou should die here. After I finish with you, your friends, including Yusuke Urameshi, will perish before I take my place as the ruler of a brand new demon nation!"

The demonic titan emerged, unveiling his true terrifying form after thousands of years. A 35-foot tall white-haired gargantuan with white hair towered over Yui, Kohana, and DarkGabumon. His entire body was covered in black ancient Japanese shogun armor complete with a demonic red mask. The mask had a gaping mouth with four sharp teeth at the top and two at the bottom. Demonic visages adorned his chest plate and knee pads. Six metal protrusions jutted out over his back. The very definition of Taiyoukai lords had finally come out of his vessel to once again

Each step he made reverberated in Yui's body.

Arago raised his hand as a giant sword materialized in his grasp. "You put up a valiant effort, Tenyou. And I commend your tenacity, but it ends here. Farewell!"

As he raised his sword, Yui closed her eyes and hugged Kohana tight.

The blade came down... and then it bounced off.

Taken aback, Arago watched as a golden aura bathed over Yui again. The same light cascaded down Yui's hair, turning it gold. She rose still holding Kohana in her arms.

"Interesting. So, you still do have reserves of power you hadn't realized yourself," Arago assessed Yui's Tenyou power rising to the surface again. "Perhaps you're not the disappointment I pegged you to be."

Opening her now emerald eyes, Yui placed Kohana down and stared him down with renewed determination.

"Now that you're out of my friend's body, I'm free to rip you a new one." She took a battle stance. "I'll be taking those souls and stones you stole from three important people now."

Arago dropped into a battle stance and faced off with Tenyou Yui. The final showdown between the Taiyoukai king and the Tenyou descendant was now set to be decided once and for all.

(End theme)


Near the Sagittarius Zero Star

Dai-Valkyrie Mars rose near the pit where Moon and Gamera had fallen into. She looked down seeing an endless sea of white light shrouding in the galactic whirlpool.

"Sailor Moon..." Mars murmured softly, closing her eyes as she tried sensing Moon's whereabouts. "C'mon, where are you?"

Norse Knight walked beside Mars, looking down with deep concern. "She can't be gone, Mars. Sailor Moon would never disappear like this. Still, we need to be sure she's ok and ensure Gamera doesn't find her!"

'She will be ok, Sailor Mars and Prince Endymion. Right now she's in a place where her presence is required.'

"So, the Galaxy Cauldron is really down there? Houou, what do you know about the Galaxy Cauldron?"

'As an entity born after the Big Bang, I know it is the cradle of all stars and living things in the galaxy. The Galaxy Cauldron exists beyond time and space. It exists in a temporal nexus.' Explained the cosmic being.

"Temporal nexus?" The Earth king addressed the Houou.

'I believe it's the realm where Sailor Sedna's dimension travel powers are derived from. The entity within this realm granted her this power.'

"If my assumption is correct, Sailor Moon is set to meet with the woman in white," Dai-Valkyrie Pluto chimed in as she and Dai-Valkyrie Saturn approached Mars and Norse Knight.

"Pluto?" Mars whirled around as she sighted Pluto and Saturn walking up to them. Following behind them were the other Senshi. "A lady in white? What do you know of her?"

The Time Guardian nodded, genuinely smiling. "She was the one who asked me to train Sailor Sedna before she was ready to join us."

"How come you never told us about meeting this woman in white, Pluto?" Furrowing his brows, Norse Knight curiously asked her.

"But, Gamera went in there with Sailor Moon!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter reminded her cohorts. "If he finds Moon and this lady in white, he'll use that Romulus Source to cause some serious damage!"

"Jupiter's right! If he destroys the Romulus Source, there'll undoubtedly be major repercussions that will throw off the balance of the universe!" Dai-Valkyrie Mercury said.

"No way I'm letting that happen! C'mon, let's get in there!" Dai-Valkyrie Uranus declared without hesitation. "We have a chance to jump that bastard before he realizes we're coming!"

Dai-Valkyrie Neptune advocated. "But, he may already be anticipating us."

"Still, that shouldn't stop us from going in. Sailor Moon needs us!" Mars shouted as cosmic wings sprouted from her back. "I'm not letting that monster get his hands on her!"

Venus furrowed her brows and nodded. "It's time we kick logic out and rip that godhood from his body!"

"No need for arguments from me!" Norse Knight declared, drawing out his sword. "Let's have the courage for whatever lies ahead for us."

"Oh, I would love to see you try," Came Gamera's voice, which startled the Senshi and put them on edge. Floating out from the pit was the Neo-Rajita warlord himself with the Romulus Source still incorporated in his chest. An evil chortle came out of Gamera. His eyes were painstakingly locked on the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi.

"Where's Sailor Moon?!" Uranus demanded, raising a clenched fist.

Gamera shook his head and laughed condescendingly. "That's only for me to know. The Moon Princess could still be alive and alone in an endless sea of despair in this pit. Or, she could be dead. It's such a shame I didn't get the chance to obliterate every piece of her with the Romulus Source."

"Liar! We know Sailor Moon's nowhere close to being in despair!" Venus spat out. "Pluto even told us so herself!"

"Did the Romulus Source not tell you about the Galaxy Cauldron? If you destroy it, you will destroy us all," Pluto said. "And I know she won't allow it."

"She, you say? Your benevolent princess won't make any difference now that she's not here. I don't know whom else you're referring to, but it matters not," he said as cosmic energy leaked and materialized over his claws. "Now prepare to meet your destiny and your end!"

Powered by Gaia's spiritual power, Norse Knight hastily glided up and madly slashed at Gamera. The tyrant countered all of his sword strikes and knocked the sword out of the warrior's hand. Norse Knight unleashed a volley of golden beams, which Gamera nullified with his hands. He teleported and rematerialized behind Norse Knight. He drove an elbow into Norse Knight's back and sent him falling down.

An aura of lightning from Mjolnir bathed over Jupiter as she got on all fours and raced up toward Gamera. Picking up the pace like a cheetah, Jupiter moved faster than lightning and lunged at Gamera. A unicorn's horn jutted out at the center of Venus' helmet. She shot out a beam of light from the horn's tip.

Gamera merely sidestepped Jupiter and blasted her back. He turned and nullified Venus' horn beam with his aura.

Uranus formed wings from her back and talons from her hands. She shot up and unleashed a flurry of deadly metal-piercing talons at the tyrant. Neptune's body turned into a giant tidal wave shaped like a sea horse.

The Neo-Rajita warlord parried all of Uranus' strikes and blasted her with his Romulus Source. She threw her Space Sword, using a last ditch attempt to break the Romulus Source on his chest. He caught the sword and flung it back, hitting Uranus' shoulder. Gamera turned as the Neptune splashed all over him. He put up a barrier, nullifying Neptune's attack and changing her back to her solidified state.

Mercury ran up scanning Gamera with her visor. She pinpointed the location of the Romulus Source and beckoned to Mars, who became bathed in cosmic fire and flew over Gamera. She lobbed fire blasts down at Gamera's chest. The Neo-Rajita tyrant evaded the incoming fire blasts. Mercury transformed into a massive water dragon and hastily bumrushed him. He quickly evaded Mercury's claw slash and jumped up uppercutting her chin. Mercury collapsed and regressed back to her Dai-Valkyrie form.

Gamera turned around, instinctively grabbing Venus and throwing her at Mars. Mars caught Venus. Gamera amassed an energy beam, lobbing it at Venus and Mars. The two were quickly thrown back.

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn bathed herself in a black aura as an army of undead Einherjars materialized next to her. She and her Einherjars stormed ahead to meet Gamera head-on. Gamera raised his hand, shooting hundreds of energy blasts and instantly wiped out Saturn's army. Saturn whirled her Silence Glaive and unleashed a planetary destructive force toward Gamera while concentrating on just him and not the Cauldron itself. Gamera prevented Saturn's last ditch effort and caught her with a paralysis beam that binded her. He waved his hand, sending her flying back.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto became bathed in a wolf's aura and dashed ahead preparing to hit Gamera with her Garnet Rod. Gamera spun around and stopped her, lifting her into the air. Pluto struggled to break loose, but the tyrant opened his hand and dropped her. Gamera imbued his claws with cosmic energy and charged at her. Pluto rebounded and slammed her Garnet Rod down, sending a compressed ball of energy that slammed into Gamera. Seizing advantage of her dazed foe, Pluto struck him with her weapon. Gamera caught the staff and headbutted her hard, knocking her down.

"Fools, do I really need to prove once and for all you can't defeat the Romulus Source?!" Gamera boasted. Lifting his hand, he expelled hundreds of blasts.

The blasts rained down all over the fallen Senshi and Norse Knight. The blasts pulverized them repeatedly, adding nerve racking pain to their already battered bodies.

"You're all truly gluttons for punishment! Don't blame me if I end up destroying your bodies and your Star Seeds!" Gamera laughed cruelly, unleashing more beams over his fallen opponents.

The Senshi, one by one, gutted it out and rose up taking Gamera's blasts. Norse Knight followed with determination to reach his lover.

"I'm all that stands between you and the Moon Princess. Just know after I'm finished with you, the Galaxy Cauldron will be obliterated and with it the end of the Moon lineage!"

"Sailor Moon..." Each of the Senshi muttered with faith in their princess.

"Usako, we're coming!" Norse Knight yelled out.



Dai-Valkyrie Moon found herself in a spacious white room. In front of her, Moon freaked out as if she were looking at a reflection in the mirror, but there was something different about the 'Lady in White' which Pluto referred to.

"Who are you?" Moon asked, befuddled by the existence of this mysterious being.

Floating in front of her is a frail but beautiful woman garbed in white. She wore an all-white sailor uniform akin to a Sailor Senshi. Minus the multicolored brooch adorning her waist and the golden star on her bosom, her full-bodied attire had no color schemes. A long white gown hung down her back. The most notable features that surprised Moon was the heart-shaped knots on her head and the familiar pigtails hanging down from them. The woman's neck choker had a pearl necklace around it. She wore high-heeled white shoes. Adorning her shoulders were tiny angel-like wings and another set of wings were situated on her shoes. The 'Lady in White' scanned Sailor Moon, the hero of love and justice, with her gorgeous blue eyes.

"You... You almost look like... I mean, we almost look alike..." Moon was speechless. "How is this possible?"

The woman smiled genuinely, resisting the urge to giggle at Moon's curiosity. "You may call me the Lady in White. However, I do go by different titles. Guardian Cosmos. But, I often address myself as simply Sailor Cosmos. It's up to you, Sailor Moon." She said with a soothing and gentle voice that put Moon at ease. "I was fortunate to bring you here and keep Gamera out."

"Is this the Galaxy Cauldron?"

Nodding, Sailor Cosmos replied. "Indeed. It is a realm that exists outside of space and time. I'm one of only a few beings who can shift from here to my Nexus realm where I've encountered the Kuiper you know as Sailor Sedna. More importantly, I'm the one who bestowed Sedna the power to cross dimensions."

Moon was taken aback upon this revelation. "You're the one who gave our dear Karin her power?"

"Yes. However, we're here to discuss more crucial matters, especially regarding your current situation against this Neo-Rajita fiend. Now that he possesses the Romulus Source, he can use it to obliterate the Galaxy Cauldron, causing chaos to spill all over the universe and reset it to a universe ruled by him. Gamera is a being that personifies chaos. But, you are the ultimate embodiment of the cosmos."


Sailor Cosmos nodded sagely. "Cosmos means order, as well as being a synonym for universe. You and the Senshi battle a chaotic being abusing a power that he has yet to fully master and comprehend."

"Like giving a child a gun?"

"Exactly and he is foolish if he intends to go through with destroying the Galaxy Cauldron. There is a significant different of having power and knowing how it use it."

"If you feel this realm is threatened, how come you aren't doing anything?"

"Universal laws forbid me from meddling with affairs only the heroes of this universe can resolve. I, especially, can't be involved in affairs involving you, Sailor Moon."


"I cannot say."

"Then, how am I and my friends going to stop this monster? He wields a power we can't stop. Just when I was going to go against my friends' wishes and use my Silver Crystal..."

"You won't even need to resort to that against a foe like him. You should reserve your power for the true enemy."

"True enemy?" Then it finally hit Moon as she remembered Pluto telling her about Charon/Chaos' existence. "You mean Sailor Charon?"

"Or, Sailor Chaos as she's known now. She and a being called the Prophet have formed an organization known as Paradais. Both have established a gambit shortly after you purged Chaos from Galaxia. To defeat them, the Silver Crystal is crucial. Gamera is nothing more than their pawn."

"I get I'll need the Silver Crystal against them, but I ask what can we do to defeat Gamera and take the Romulus Source from him?"

Sailor Cosmos planted her staff down on a crystallized platform, which both were standing on. The crystal platform lit up, giving off a silent humming sound that filled the whole space.

"Ever wonder how Sailor Galaxia gained golden armor in the first place?"

"Come again?" Moon blinked.

"We'll be having company shortly."

(Cue Dissidia Final Fantasy OST – Cosmos)

A few seconds passed, Moon and Cosmos watched beams of light seep through the floor. Moon looked around as to her surprise the other Senshi and Norse Knight were pulled from the battle to join them. Befuddled, the Senshi glanced around realizing they had been removed from their battle with Gamera.

"Hey, what the heck just happened?" Jupiter asked, scanning around the space.

"Yeah, one second we're getting our cute little asses kicked and now... Bwuh?!" Venus gaped in shock upon seeing Cosmos. Then, she looked at Moon. "Hey, am I needing glasses now or something?" She rubbed her eyes. "She looks like you, Sailor Moon. Why?"

"Sailor Cosmos!" Pluto openly addressed the Lady in White.

"Sailor Cosmos?" Uranus was taken aback much like the others.

"So, that's the entity Karin got her dimension powers from?" Neptune inquired, eyeing the ambiguous white-garbed woman.

Moon turned around, relieved to see her friends. "I'm so glad you guys are ok!"

"Well, besides us worrying over you and getting beaten to death," Mars remarked, trying not to show pain. She pivoted her view to Sailor Cosmos and nodded. "The Houou's told me about this realm. Though, she left out the detail about her."

Norse Knight embraced Moon. "I'm glad you're ok."

"Me, too, sweetie."

"Now that you're all here, Sailor Senshi and Prince Endymion, welcome to the Galaxy Cauldron," Sailor Cosmos addressed them kindly. "I am Sailor Cosmos, watcher of the Nexus and the Galaxy Cauldron. I am the embodiment of order. I come and go shifting between the dimensions as I please. I can allow or forbid anyone to enter this realm. Hence why you're all here and Gamera isn't."

"Pardon, but is the Galaxy Cauldron in our universe?" Mercury inquired.

"The Galaxy Cauldron exists outside of space and time. We are no longer in your physical universe. This space exists in a temporal nexus."

The Houou chimed in Mars' head. 'Exactly as I told you.'

"And I know the primordial being known as the Houou dwells in you, Sailor Mars," Cosmos eyed the dark-haired Senshi. "In fact, me and the Ora-Guardians have kept close surveillance on you since the Yami Houou incident. We're fortunate that no such catastrophe has repeated itself."

Nodding, Mars reassured her. "I've done my best controlling my emotions well. Me and the Houou have worked well in synch."

"Still, you must know the Houou is still not at the prime it used to be," Cosmos sagely told her. "Portions of her power were taken in a previous scuffle with another cosmic entity. When and if the Houou regains what was taken, the Houou's power will be returned to what it used to be."

Houou, we're going to have a talk about this sometime after we get done with Gamera and Paradais. Mars telepathed with the entity.

"In regards to Paradais, they are your true enemy in this whole conflict," Cosmos said as if she read Mars and Houou's minds. "They're the ones who have staged the whole event they've named the Dawn of Chaos. These six days will lead to the final confrontation with the Paradais masterminds." She turned to Pluto. "Yes, and your sister, Sailor Charon, must be stopped. Since becoming possessed by Chaos, she has become Chaos. And she has orchestrated every conflict you and your cohorts have faced."

"And she's the reason why the Sailor Wars were started," Pluto acknowledged. "The sister that I loved died the moment she broke the primordial seal that contained Chaos. All the blood she's spilled must end. Sailor Moon, Sailor Senshi, we will do it together. No matter what, Sailor Moon, do not hold back against Charon. I will never hold you accountable for anything if you kill her. There's no saving her anymore."

The Senshi nodded together as they resolved to defeat Paradais.

"Before you face Paradais, Gamera must be prevented from obliterating the Galaxy Cauldron. As long as he wields the Romulus Source, he'll gradually become a universal threat. I told Sailor Moon to prohibit using the Silver Crystal."

"Then, how can we defeat him?" Saturn asked.

"She asked the same question. I simply told her how did Sailor Galaxia the golden armor she now proudly wears?"

"You got us there. I thought she always wore that?" Venus shrugged just as confused. "Maybe it's her fashion statement?"

Sailor Cosmos chuckled a bit by Venus' absurd 'blonde' comment. "No, no, Princess of Venus, not even close. Sailor Galaxia, much like all of you here started from the ground up like all Sailor Senshi. She started as an ordinary Sailor Senshi with great potential. She spent years fighting countless enemy attacks on her homeworld. After every strong opponent, she hit new levels of power, gradually becoming an Eternal-level Senshi by the time she fought in the Sailor Wars. One day, a powerful emissary that served Chaos pushed Galaxia to her absolute limit, nearly killing her. She was at death's doors when she happened to come near the Sagittarius Star. She prayed that she'd live to see the end of the wars. Unbeknownst to her, I answered her plea and came to her, basking her in my light. I became her Light of Hope. I lured her to the Galaxy Cauldron, allowing her to tap into its power and granting her the golden armor, which imbued her with absolute power befitting for a warrior like herself. With that power, she rose to the rankings and became the strongest Sailor Senshi in the Sailor Wars."

"So, she saw you?" Moon asked her.

Cosmos nodded dismissively. "No, I never showed her my face, but she at least remembers seeing my form concealed behind a bright light. Any other recollections she might've had for me were erased after Chaos possessed her."

"And why tell us all this?" Neptune inquisitively asked.

Cosmos answered wearing a genuine smile. "Because you will receive that same power the Galaxy Cauldron bestowed Galaxia."

Upon hearing this, the Senshi and Norse Knight were beyond speechless hearing this.

"Don't be surprised, Sailor Senshi. After all the conflicts you've overcome and how far you've come since the war with the the Dark Kingdom, you've more than earned the privilege of becoming Golden Senshi. You've blossomed into full-fledged cosmic warriors. Your acts of heroism will be unforgotten. Your names are synonymous with the most legendary heroes in the universe. Now, embrace the great honor you all will be bestowed."

With that, Sailor Cosmos stepped back and planted her staff down. The platform under the Senshi glowed an immensely bright white flash. Then, nine various colored pillars formed into columns of light and engulfed each Senshi. The Senshi relaxed while the warmth of their respective colored lights washed over them. Their respective planetary symbols materialized on their foreheads, gleaming perpetually.

Then, the Senshi's spirit animals materialized over their heads. They embraced the power granted to them.

"Yes, I see your animal spirits have accepted your new Golden powers. And yes, as far as I'm concerned, the Dai-Valkyrie armors you've been given will be suitable foundations for your gold forms."

Each of the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi raised their hands above them, ready to invoke their newly available powers.

It does feel like the girls are becoming one with the cosmos! Norse Knight thought, standing and watching in bewilderment.

Sailor Cosmos smiled gently. "Yes, they are becoming one with the cosmos. Additionally, they will also unlock cosmic sight, the seventh sense wielded by the most gifted cosmic warriors. Galaxia has long mastered this sense. With time, these nine may as well. The cosmos they now wield is heavily driven by emotions, which these young ladies possess in spades. Willpower will give them that power they need to defeat Gamera! Now, Sailor Senshi, repeat after me! Golden Cosmic Power! Make-Up!"

They complied and repeated in unison.

"Golden Cosmic Power! Make-Up!"

Opening their eyes, flashes of gold gleamed over their irises.

As the columns of light washed down over the Senshi, their Dai-Valkyrie armors' color schemes changed to full-on gold. The Senshi gazed over their golden armors, having unlocked their newest Golden Senshi forms. The end result elicited exuberant reactions from the Senshi.

"Incredible..." Norse Knight was baffled, eyeing the Golden Senshi and reading the reactions on their faces.

Golden Moon smiled as she examined her now golden armor. "Wow, I feel ten times more powerful than before. How beautiful."

"I think I can vouch and say we all look beautiful in our new get-ups!" Golden Venus said, flexing her arm.

Golden Jupiter examined her hand and clenched it. "I definitely feel the power of the cosmos running through me."

Golden Mercury added. "Our golden armors are basically just our Dai-Valkyrie armors recolored."

"A new paint job, eh? I like," Golden Uranus grinned, unleashing a flurry of kicks to impress her love.

Golden Neptune giggled. "Just couldn't help throwing it a car reference, dear?" She winked. "Though, it's astounding I'm able to sense the cosmos much more clearly."

"Indeed, I can sense everything in the universe," Golden Saturn replied.

"That's the power of your new cosmic awareness. For those with the power of intuition, the sixth sense, this will benefit you greatly."

Golden Mars overheard this. "Like me."

'Correct. Who knows? This power boost would benefit me as well before I'm able to acquire the portion of the power taken from me ages ago.' The Houou telepathed with the Miko Senshi.

Norse Knight walked over and looked awestruck over Moon's golden armor.

"What do you think, hun?" Moon struck a pose and winked to him.

"You stand out like the brightest star like always."

"That's what I want to hear," she teased, running her finger over his chest.

"All right! I'm ready to kick some Gamera ass!" Golden Jupiter declared, clenching her fist.

"If each of us is as strong as Galaxia is, hoo boy I don't like that jerk's chances now," Golden Venus grinned evilly, unloading some punches and kicks to warm-up.

"Just some advice, Venus. Don't overdo it as you will be with child in almost nine months time."

"Lady Cosmos, you know about that?" The blonde asked, sweatdropping.

Cosmos nodded. "There isn't time to lose," Sailor Cosmos advised the Golden Senshi. "Since this is your first time utilizing these forms, you will likely have a limited time. Use these cosmic powers wisely and only use them when a cosmic threat threatens the universe."

"We'll use them when necessary, Lady Cosmos," Golden Saturn nodded.

"All right, Senshi, it's show that monster the power of the cosmos!" Golden Moon called out, rallying her team together.

(End theme)

As they set for departure, Sailor Cosmos quickly interjected and beckoned Golden Moon to the side.

"May I have a word, Sailor Moon?"

"What is it, Lady Cosmos?" She asked. "Wait a moment, guys."

As the Golden Senshi and Norse Knight saw a portal open up in front of them, they bid farewell to Sailor Cosmos and jumped through to return to their universe.

Golden Moon turned around giving a serious look to Cosmos. "What is you need to tell me?"

"Hear me out. You need to understand the nature of the Galaxy Cauldron and who I am."

Golden Moon stood her ground and gave Cosmos to floor to speak.


Near the Sagittarius Zero Star

(Cue TMNT 2003 OST – Shredder Theme)

Growing bored and agitated since the Senshi were pulled out, Gamera decided to finally follow through using the Romulus Source to locate the Galaxy Cauldron.

"Those cowards want to run and hide? I'll fish them out where ever they are," the tyrant grumbled as he invoked the Romulus Source's power. "You can't hide from death, Sailor Senshi. The time for games has ended!"

(End theme)


Suddenly, a massive sheen of golden light exploded in front of Gamera. The Neo-Rajita tyrant hovered back, evading the light that enveloped the space near him. He narrowed his eyes, staring down ten figures that materialized out of a portal.

"Can it be? Have you finally decided to come out and meet your destiny?" Gamera asked, grinning evilly if one should tell behind the mask concealing his features.

(Cue Peach Lips – Moon Revenge)

As the light faded, Gamera's eyes widened as he faced down Norse Knight and the nine Golden Senshi. He felt immense cosmic powers resonating through each of the golden-armored warriors; all nine adamantly eyed Gamera.

"New armors? Interesting. I don't know how you did it, but you've unlocked powers only one Sailor Senshi in history has ever achieved. Sailor Galaxia would be thoroughly impressed to say the least."

Golden Moon spoke out, pulling out her sword. "Gamera, the time for talk is over. In the name of the cosmos, the Sailor Senshi will punish and hold you accountable for your alignment with Paradais!"

"Eheh, you don't say? Well, this is your chance to do so, but you'll never seize the greatest power in the universe!" Gamera alluded to the Romulus Source nested in his chest. "I bested Galaxia with the Source, I can easily dispense of nine Galaxia knock-offs!"

The Golden Senshi merely put their hands out together, sending out an immense shockwave of their cosmic powers.


Gamera felt the combined force impact him head-on. He looked down and noticed freshly made scratches on his armor. He looked up confounded as he watched golden auras materialize over the Golden Senshi.

"Just a few scratches. Nothing more," Gamera mumbled as the galactic gem repaired the armor damage.

Golden Moon fiercely replied. "Like I said, we will punish you."


"Can you feel that, Princess Kakyuu?" Star Maker asked. "It's incredible!"

"That's definitely them, isn't it? This is genuine cosmos power!" Star Healer said happily.

Star Fighter grinned excitedly. "It's surreal, but I'm not complaining if this is our girls using this power! I say kick his ass and show him who's boss!"

Sailor Kakyuu glanced over to Galaxia and addressed her. "Well? All nine of the Earth Sailor Senshi now yield the same power as you."

The Golden Queen replied, her cosmic sight fixated toward the other side. She painstakingly assessed their new Golden powers. "Yes and together they may accomplish what I failed to do. They wield the power of the cosmos and the seventh sense. Still, they must stay vigilant of the Romulus Source." She fell into deep thought, concentrating on the cosmic forces preparing to clash. Were you responsible for this Light of Hope? "Get ready, everyone. The real battle is now getting started."

(End theme)


Planet Imperium

Unbeknownst to everyone either about to participate or already deeply engaged in warfare, something had hitched a ride with Gamera to Planet Imperium.

Underneath Gamera's transport, droplets of black liquid seeped and fell to the ground. The dark ooze then formed and gained gaseous characteristics. From this newly formed black cloud came a devilish woman's chuckle.

(Cue Final Fantasy IX OST – Immoral Melody)

She had touched down on her destination.

"Ah, Galaxia, your powers still knows no bounds, my former vessel. And Gamera, well, you're about to find learn the hard way for severing our partnership." The dark cloud expanded and formed into a human body. "Such a foolish human thought he could get rid of us? Feh, nothing will detract us from fulfilling our chaos gambit, my love! Not even the Juggernaut can destroy us. As long as cosmos exists, chaos will never cease!"

The body finally formed into an all too familiar white and black Sailor-suited uniform complete with the black fuku. Long brunette hair cascaded down the woman's back. Finally, her staff rematerialized in her right hand, which she grasped tight. Her eyes shot open, revealing a craved and demented demeanor to her already unpredictable nature.

Sailor Charon, and the Prophet for that matter, had survived certain doom, making Janyuu Wong's sacrifice end in vain.

She was now a woman on a mission, ensuring hers and the Prophet's goals become fulfilled to the very end.

Gazing up and facing the far distance in the galaxy, Sailor Charon sensed the immense powers emanating from the Golden Senshi. "Oh yes, my dear sister, you and the Sailor Senshi take care of that foolish Gamera for me. I've only come to take what I need to return me to who I truly am! The Romulus Source will be at my grasp!" She boasted as an evil grin smeared over her pale features. "I, Sailor Chaos, shall be restored to my former glory!"

(End theme)


(Cue Dissidia Final Fantasy – Opening)


Galaxia: The Senshi are taking it to Ghidorah's hell spawn. They're starting to get adjusted to the power of the cosmos!

Golden Moon: Gamera, even with the Romulus Source, you have limits!

Gamera: Aurgh! No, the Romulus Source can't fail me now!

Charon: Gamera, Gamera, you disappoint me. Surely the Romulus Source is better use in someone else's capable hands. Perhaps like yours truly?

Golden Pluto: Charon, you aren't getting away with this!

Galaxia: As I feared, Chaos has returned to the form she had before she possessed me. Senshi, you must pursue her in your world. I fear what she will do next.

Madoudramon Titan Mode: Valmarmon, you can't control my will... Omegamon, Imperialdramon, Athenamon... finish me. Unite me with my Canewomon.

Omegamon: Valmarmon, we won't let you through to the other side!

Valmarmon Tartarus Mode: Don't be foolish. The capital of my kingdom awaits me. Now stand aside, insects!

BlazeGallantmon: ChaosGallantmon, this battle will be resolved between us!

ChaosGallantmon Hazard Mode: I am the last reminder of the monster you were before you and that Tamer removed me after you Biomerged for the first time! I intend to destroy you both and absorb you! Then, the circle will become complete!

AuroraInumon: He's losing it!

Sakuyamon Priestess Mode: We need a miracle. Anything.

Arago: Tenyou, it's over!

Yui: No! (merges with DarkGabumon and becomes Shaka) You are!

Kurama: The Taiyoukai and the other demon souls are returning to Spirit World?

Yusuke: Long, go to hell!

Arago: I may have lost my demon army, but I won't be denied my victory against you, Spirit Detectives!

Cammy: My mirror? It's reacting, but to what...? Takato? Guilmon?

BlazeGallantmon: Gallantmon! Mode Change to! Shining Mode!

Yugi: Egyptian Gods, bring down this monstrosity!

Jaden: Go for it, Element Heroes forces!

Yusei: Stardust Dragon, attack the behemoth!

KaiserGreymon: You're going down, big guy!

Sedna: You're up for this, Dimitri?

Angemon X: I thought you'd never ask.

Brunhilde: And here's the finishing blow!

Prophet: The seven day is finally upon us.

Valmarmon TM: This is Earth, eh? I'll simply reform it and...

(The Digiteams come out of hiding after a full day recovery.)

Valmarmon TM: Is that all?! (laughs manically)

(The Duelists drop in with their monsters assembled.)

Valmarmon TM: Do you realize who you're challenging?!

(The Spirit Detectives arrive from their last battle.)

Valmarmon TM: This is getting bothersome.

(The Sailor Senshi, Kuiper Senshi, and Neo Senshi assemble together.)

Valmarmon TM: Fine, you've all been guaranteed to be incinerated to oblivion!

(The groups unite attacking Valmarmon from all sides.)

Houou Mars and Hiei: Mars Phoenix Helix/Dragon of the Darkness Flame!

Susanoomon: Celestial Blade!

Gallantmon Shining Mode: Valmarmon, you're not taking our world! We'll fight you to the very end!

Yugi: Duelists, send your monster's energies to the Egyptian Gods! Our bonds will triumph over this ultimate darkness!

Moon: Valmarmon, you'll never have this beautiful world as long as we're all here united and standing strong!

Yusuke: Don't like it? Then, kiss our ass!

Prophet: Hehehe, next time on our Dawn of Chaos.

The Big Bad Battles Cleared?! The Seventh Day, Valmarmon vs. Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Moon: No, it can't be!

Sharon: Oh, but it is. (She and Jeremiah Grand suddenly appear).

Jeremiah/Prophet: The End of Days... is here.


A/N: Ugh, this is without any doubt the longest chapter entry for this story. I know I wanted to stray away from going over 30K words, but the word count calculated a little over 40K. Sheesh, hoping the next chapters won't be that long, but you never know.

Anywho, this was a titanic chapter to go along with the Attack on Titan character corner at the beginning. Thanks to Ford for writing it; I did, however, add the Gamera cameo at the tail end of the character corner. And for the record, as of this writing, I've recently seen the first four AoT chapters. So far so good.

As you would expect, a ton of crap went down. Gamera goes to town on the Kinmoku Senshi and gives Galaxia a run for her money. Tables have turned once Gamera got his hands on the Romulus Source. Finally, the Romulus Source is revealed. It's kind of a play on the Anti-Life Equation/Infinity Gauntlet, a cosmic plot device sought out by super villains.

And what do you know? It wouldn't be the Galaxy Cauldron if I didn't include Sailor Cosmos. It should be no surprise the 'Lady in White' that I've alluded to is Cosmos. Anyway, I intended to have Cosmos grant the Senshi their 'Golden' forms, but opted for the Galaxy Cauldron to be that power source for their final transformations. And as a bit of retro-active continuity, I've deemed Galaxia as a Golden Senshi.

It simply makes sense for her to be one for three reasons: 1) she was the strongest Senshi in the Sailor Wars. 2) She wears a golden outfit. 3) She was too overpowered that she wasn't actually defeated by Eternal Sailor Moon but rather just purified but with the help of the Light of Hope.

So, here we are, the nine Sailor Senshi have become Golden Senshi (which simply is just their Dai-Valkyrie armors with a gold paint job as Haruka points to). Does that means each individual one is now as strong as Galaxia? Maybe, maybe not. Galaxia has had centuries more experience mastering her golden form. The ladies will have to make the best of the limited time and beat Gamera sooner than he can fully grasp the Source's potential. Until they can fully master those golden forms, they can't use 'em too long. Still, they have plenty of time until Crystal Tokyo should they survive this whole ordeal. ;)

The question is, can Gamera now handle nine Galaxia-level Senshi? Let's see how long he lasts. ;)

Besides, the golden armor theme, but the concept of the cosmos and seventh sense are nods to Saint Seiya (thanks Belle).

What does Sailor Cosmos have to tell Sailor Moon? That's for another story for another time.

Back on Earth, Armageddemon has been let loose. Thankfully, Yugi counters with his three Egyptian Gods. Now picture the Gods holding down Armageddemon while the others begin wailing on him. KaiserGreymon, MagnaGarurumon, Brunhilde, and company will be giving the beatdown.

Valmarmon unlocks his new Tartarus Mode, which Ford based the look off the Kajiu Destoroyah from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995). Credit for the new mode goes to Ford. We'll be seeing more of Tartarus Mode in Chapter 60 when he takes on the heroes. Ouryo and Cyberdramon Biomerge to form the fifth Beast Biomerger. Allow me to introduce VoidJustimon! Credit for this form goes to Ford.

Canewomon dies and Madoudramon begins to remember who he was. He takes out VictoryDevidramon, but Valmarmon, like any good and smart villain, is a step ahead and activates his failsafe and regains control over Madoudramon. It's up to Omegamon, Imperialdramon, and Athenamon now to save the Digital World

Demon and the Demon Beast Generals finally met their demises. ChaosGallantmon unlocks Hazard Mode, giving him the edge over the Beast Biomergers and Masaru's partner. For the record, yes, StormSakuyamon can alternate to Priestess Mode if she so chooses (and Rika's willing to allow it). Anyway, credit goes to Ninetalesuk for ChaosGallantmon's Hazard Mode. If you've read his (unfortunately discontinued?) fic A World of Adventure and Collision! The battle between BlazeGallantmon and Hazard Mode is a nod from that story. And Shining Mode will make a return next chapter! Whoo-hoo!

Yui/Lady Lupin releases her Tenyou power and ultimately forms Shaka (think Lady Lupin only with gold hair and white AncientGarurumon armor). Though she manages to separate Kohana and Arago, the Taiyoukai is still as strong as before while keeping the three Demon Stones and the souls of the Kuroshishi siblings. Arago's true form resembles Talpa, the main villain from Ronin Warriors. Talpa could've based off his appearance on Arago to honor of the Taiyoukai lord. Between Arago and OmegaLong, the Detectives' resolution to this Meikai conflict is coming next chapter.

On top of the other secondary battles, the next chapter will be the end of the Big Bads conflicts, which will segue way to the showdown with Valmarmon Tartarus Mode. And...

Wait, aren't I forgetting something? Ah, yes, that lovely cliffhanger.

Sailor Charon lives!

Seeing as she and the Prophet are the masterminds of this DoC event, there's no way they'd go down easily. Why would they be killed off just like that? No, they're setting the stage for the final battle on the seventh day. And that time is closely approaching.

Whew, that was a lot to digest.

Anyway, next time, the sixth day ends and the final day is upon us. Four chapters left in this epic. Let's keep this going! So close to the finish line.

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