A/N: Here we are. The endgame has arrived. Everything that's built up from Wrath of Pharaohmon/Redux up to this point comes to an end. The YYGDM heroes must stand united against the conspirators of the Paradais organization and the ones who've manipulated events, leading our heroes here.

Besides Charon and Prophet, who else is there left to fight in Paradais? Technically, no one, but let's see what these two have planned for Team YYGDM.

In the meantime, here's a small character corner to light up the mood. And then it all goes downhill from there for us.

Enjoy the End of Days.


(Dragonball Z OST - 6 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Variations) (0:00 to 0:42))

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(End theme)

(After Dawn of Chaos concluded, Spirit World was rounding up many evil demons to their prisons. One of their cells shows Suzaku, Rando, and also Karasu together.)

Rando: Damn we're now back in the cages again.

Suzaku: If you think 'King Koenma' is gonna strip us like Enma from Dragonball Z Abridged, he has another thing coming.

Karasu: Oh I don't mind that.

Rando: (glares at the Quest-class demon) What is it to you, Karasu?

Suzaku: (sarcastically added) Always so lustful about Kurama and gaining better opportunities to serve the Demon Priests than us.

Karasu: I always like some company. (goes over to Rando and touches his red hair) At least your hair feels like that kitsune's.

Rando: (slaps Karasu's creepy hand) Take your filthy hands off!

Suzaku: One day we will get out alongside Momotaro, and take revenge on the four detectives.

Karasu: You weren't thinking of some rash move, were you?

Suzaku: What do you think? You can face Yoko, Momotaro fights Hiei, Rando against Kuwabara, and I will claim Yusuke.

Karasu: Always the boastful motor mouth.

Suzaku (glares at him) …..

(Meanwhile in another prison cell, Kiryu and Long are having fun playing fighting video games.)

Kiryu: Come on brother, you know you can't beat my raw strength!

Long: Fool, my cruel strategic tactics will overpower your mind!


White House/United States

The US President was on edge much like the rest of the his country and the world. Having been escorted by his suits, the President and his family viewed multiple screens showing cities entirely engulfed by the Paradais crystals.

On another screen, a sea of crystals covered Washington D.C. Hundreds of citizens, unable to find shelter, and military forces were trapped in these crystal formations. The darkened skins conveyed a grim atmosphere, a precursor to an end of days scenario right out of a movie.

"...as we speak, all over the world, strange crystals have emerged and engulfed cities all over. Washington D.C., is now under lock down. We advise no one leave their homes and those who are outside find shelter. These crystals are reported to find anything in its path and trap people. We have no idea of the origin of these crystals as they started forming yesterday, but as of this time every country has witnessed these crystals in some shape of form.'

Armed forces have confirmed their weapons have had no effect on these crystals. Hold on, I've just gotten word that there have been confirmed sightings of giant monsters appearing in the sea of these crystallized networks."

Other news broadcasts, from other local and national networks, have made their reports. The international broadcasts were also on top of things, including Tokyo of all places surprisingly considering the current situation there.

(Cue Isolated System - Muse)

"Dad, what can we do?" The President's daughter asked, clinging to him tight.

Even the President backed by the world's most powerful military force wouldn't give a concise answer for his family. He, too, found himself helpless not knowing how to counter a force beyond his comprehension and control, much like the previous global threats.


From a first person view of the Planet Earth, the sea of crystals had covered nearly the whole globe in the same manner the D-Reaper mass had spread.

Paradais gained a stranglehold of Earth, leaving a hopelessly dire impression.


Less than an hour ago, Tokyo time.


Tokyo/Old Hypnos Headquarters/3:10 PM

Yamaki slammed the phone shut and sighed deep. "It's hopeless. I can't contact our Prime Minister, the American President, or the UN. These crystallized network has cut us off from the rest of the world."

"I'm pretty sure every other country is in the same boat and eventually this crystal network will keep us contained," Riley said, looking out the window. She viewed the crystal formations growing and sliding through the streets. "It's like they're coming to life and have a mind of their own."

"It really does bring bad memories of the D-Reaper mass, doesn't it?" Shibumi eyed live camera footage of the crystals covering nearly all of Shinjuku. "The composition on these crystals are much different than the D-Reaper's mass. These don't have a digitized nature and I'm drawing a blank on the origin of them."

Talley sat down on a table giving cups of coffee to Nate and Rina. She had a coffee cup for herself to drink.

"I hate to say, but it's hopeless. Isn't it?" Rina asked

"No, not as long as the Tamers and their allies are out there..."

"But, most of them are just kids."

"They're closer to being young adults," Talley corrected the reporter woman.

Nate added. "And they're kids with special powers that have made a world of difference. They've saved us countless of times."

"Yes, I know, but have they ever faced something like this? Do they even know how to send these crystals back where they came from? Sharon River... that woman... and Jeremiah Grand! I can't believe they'd be behind all this!"

"None of us saw them being masterminds behind this chaotic situation coming either," Yamaki addressed Rina. "They tricked us, making us believe they were beneficial business partners. They even played me the fool... by my own admission I rarely ever get deceived."

"Jeremiah and Sharon... they're really just a duo behind this Paradais Organization," Riley reflected to the shocking reveal of the Paradais duo. "Sharon's really just an evil Sailor Senshi named Sailor Charon and Jeremiah is really someone called the Prophet."

"Jeremiah and Prophet..." Talley gasped upon realizing their names. "Jeremiah means 'weeping prophet' in Hebrew."

"You just realized that?" Dolphin asked.

"I know some Hebrew and that just popped in my mind now."

"She learned from me," Nate said with admittance. "After all, I did have to learn while out on active duty overseas. Just one of the perks working overseas tours."

"In Hebrew, 'weeping prophet' is translated as 'Yah Exalts'," Talley informed them. "Jeremiah also happens to be one of the main prophets of the Hebrew Bible. Ever heard of the Book of Jeremiah? Christianity regards Jeremiah as a prophet and is quoted in New Testament. He is also considered a prophet in Islam and Judaism."

"Girl, you do a lot of research on this stuff," Rina was baffled to hear her brother's girlfriend spouting all this to them.

"Well, I need a hobby outside work. What can I say?"

"Still, it doesn't change the fact this Jeremiah is totally a bad guy. Nothing like prophet from the Hebrew Bible," Riley said.

"No, but he is clearly a prophet. He did explain to us the reason for this impending disaster," Yamaki said.

"What did he tell you?" Raphael asked as he seated with Alister and Valon.

Yamaki placed his lighter on the table Talley, Nate, and Rina were seated. "That the End of Days was nigh. The world that we know would change from how it was before. He wasn't clear on any details and was mostly vague. However, I do know he said that our heroes would be the last ones to witness to see our world change."

"...totally not vague at all," Alister remarked. "We're all gonna be swallowed up by those crystals we've been seeing."

"There's already been reports of people being contained inside those crystal formations!" Valon exclaimed. "Ain't no way I'm getting swallowed up like them!"

"We won't have to be if Takato and his friends are ready to face their darkest hour," Yamaki said. "As we speak, this is our bleakest hour. This is an apocalypse they must avert."

"They can't fail. Not this time," Riley added. "I can't believe we haven't been able to get through to Takato with that communication device you gave him."

"This crystal network is likely interfering with communications. This is the worst time to lose contact!" He scowled, realizing how helpless they were in this situation. "We sorely lack the resources to fight this enemy now!" He pivoted toward the window and gritted his teeth. Janyuu, you sacrificed yourself, but was it truly for naught?

"And we lost the juggernaut network," Shibumi muttered. "Oh, Janyuu..."

"Sir, something's getting through the portal!" Riley called out to him and everyone else.

All but Cain, who was locked in another room, amassed to see a massive shadowed figure lumbering through Tokyo. Baffled, they stepped away praying that the behemoth hadn't spotted them.

"What is that gargantuan?!" Raphael yelled out, shocked at the sheer size of this titanic monstrosity.

"A Digimon," Shibumi answered.

Takato, are you and the others up to fighting this giant? Thought Yamaki, gazing up at the giant.

It was Valmarmon Tartarus Mode.

(End theme)


Flash forward to now.


Yamaki and his entourage witnessed Valmarmon's defeat and the miraculous rebound by the heroes. However, their celebration abruptly ended when Jeremiah and Charon made their presence.

"It's Jeremiah and Sharon again!" Talley exclaimed, pointing to the two Paradais head figures standing atop of a building.

"And they have that giant Digimon with them," Riley observed.

"Don't like where this is going," Raphael noted. Can you really overcome this, Yugi? You and your friends just went through an enormous effort taking that monster down, but can you keep this up?

Escorted into the room by Nate, Cain's eyes fell on the Paradais duo. He grimaced upon seeing Sharon and clenched his hands tight.

"C'mon, guys! All of you together can take these two down!" Talley cheered.

"I can't believe those two survived the explosion at Hypnos!" Riley was shocked to see Jeremiah and Sharon still alive. "I thought for sure Janyuu had taken them out with the Juggernaut!"

"We thought wrong..." Yamaki paled.


Chapter 61

The Endgame! The Paradais Gambit Is Complete!


Earth/Shinjuku District/4:10 PM

(Cue Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OST – Ante Meridiem)

The Prophet and Sailor Charon stood side by side bravely facing down the heroes. Even in the face of the Sailor Senshi, the Digiteams, the Spirit Detectives, and the Duelists, the Paradais duo didn't show any fear or doubt. They were still as composed and confident as they had always been.

The Big Bads of the Dawn of Chaos have met their end.

Professor Frank and the Paradais Knights.

Arago and the Demon Priests.

Gamera and the Neo-Rajita.

And now Valmarmon along with his assorted legion.

All of them have been whittled down just the Paradais duo, the conspirators behind the chaotic events. Despite a few twists and turns that may have led the heroes astray, the masterminds set the heroes down this path, stemming back before the Pharaohmon event. Now with all of the main heroes amassed in one location, the time was right for Paradais to initiate the final phase.

The Dawn of Chaos became the End of Days.

The Prophet had his hand over the Valmarmon Tartarus Mode body, which had been vacated by Valmarmon's immortal soul. With the Evil God now confined by Granasmon, the body was left to be utilized by the mysterious hooded being.

Having confiscated it from Gamera, Sailor Charon had the Romulus Source firmly secured in her hand. With it, she looked to restore herself as Sailor Chaos again without any setbacks.

Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Moon shouted at them both. "Now you two just show up?!"

Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Sedna quickly recognized Jeremiah as she had met him while under disguise as Caroline O'Connor. "It's you! Jeremiah Grand! I had bad vibes about you when we met! You're one of the main heads of Paradais with this witch?!"

Takato snapped. "No, you two should've been dead! Henry's dad used Juggernaut on you two! That explosion...!"

Henry, Suzie, and Jaarin (part of Susanoomon now) realized what this meant. Their father's selfless sacrifice was all for nothing.

"No... dad...!" Henry closed his eyes, gritting his teeth while trying to hold back tears. He couldn't do it. Sadness and anger filled his mindset.

"Oh no, dad!" Suzie cried out, sinking to both her knees. She sobbed in her hands as Eria the Water Charmer tried calming her.

"Aww, so sorry to disappoint, but that last minute attempt ploy to destroy us... was well played but was never going to wipe us out. No way we'd let a human eliminate us..." Charon smirked evilly, gripping the Romulus Source in her hand. "...not when there was unfinished business to be done. Now, we've got the necessary items required to complete the final phase."

"The final phase of the Dawn of Chaos is the End of Days," the Prophet stoically announced to everyone present. "Your world will be the first to fold after out network has fully established itself."

"And no force on Earth can stop it. The global military power will probably resort to nuclear weapons, but will realize such reckless tactics will do them no good. This world is set to be destroyed and reset to a new world in our image," Sailor Charon went on, veering her eyes from each hero to another. "About the only force who can possibly stop us are all of you. You are this world's and many other realms' guardians after all."

"Through all the trials you've faced these last seven days, you've survived. You have all proven your worth as this universe's protectors... at least until now."

"Until now?" Susanoomon muttered. "Nah, if you mean we can't beat you two, you have another thing coming!"

"After all we've gone through, you really believe you can take all of us here? Man, talk about being full of crap!" Yusuke berated the Paradais duo.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna shot an intense glare toward the Prophet. "Jeremiah Grand, huh? I had an uneasy feeling about you the minute we met! And you're in league with Charon?!"

The Prophet turned back to Jeremiah and smiled ever so coolly to Sedna, further inciting her and Angemon X.

"Wait, you actually met this guy, Sedna?!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus asked the Kuiper leader.

"That's right. I disguised myself infiltrating the Paradais building to meet with Jeremiah. Me and my team had deep suspicions about Paradais being linked with Neo-Rajita and Paradais attacks on our groups," Sedna replied. "On top of that, Pluto's sudden disappearance aroused even more suspicions. I had to investigate just to be sure."

"Deductive brat," Charon frowned upon hearing Sedna. "I had a feeling our ruse wouldn't go undetected for long."

"It's ok, Charon," Jeremiah said as his eyes became fixated on Sedna. "It doesn't matter now. Karin Osaka, my dear, do you remember that painting I showed you? You know the one I told you was my favorite?" He winked as he elicited a reaction from the Ice Senshi.

"What's he talking about, Sedna?" Angemon X asked.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna shook her head. "That creature inside the crystal?"

"You should consider yourself lucky we weren't there, or we'd suspect you sooner!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon retorted.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars added. "Between mine and the Houou's perception along with Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn's keen senses, we would've found found you out sooner."

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn nodded. "Yes, and with the Kuipers we would've neutralized you and rescued Pluto in no time."

"Heheh, you girls seem so sure of yourselves that had circumstances turned out differently, you would've foiled our plans and prevented this day of occurring. Don't delude yourselves, Senshi. No matter what, you couldn't have delayed the inevitable. The seven days of chaos would've still taken place," Charon monologued on much to the heroes' annoyance.

Most of all, Dai-Valkyrie Uranus was becoming agitated with her. "Ugh, enough of your monologuing, you're worse than Gamera!"

"Please, don't compare me to that puppet," Charon sighed, flipping her hair back as she scoffed off Uranus' remark. "He only helped to further our goal and he certainly did splendid service for Paradais, but when he got too big for his britches, well... as they do in business, we had to cut our ties with our business associate. But, Gamera, if you're hearing me..." Her eyes fell passionately on the Romulus Source in her hand. "...don't take it personally, it's just business."

"You two aren't going to get away with all the people you've hurt!" Takato shouted at them both. "You claim you've been plotting behind the scenes this whole time?! I find that hard to believe!"

"That we have, boy," Jeremiah winked as the cloak materialized over covering him. He reverted back to his other persona. The Prophet calmly laughed. "But, we have, Takato Matsuda. Unlike many of the foes you've faced, we went with a vastly different approach that suits us better. Working behind the scenes have enabled us to push forward with our long term goals without interruptions or interventions. While we were never directly involved with your conflicts, we were indirectly involved. All we did was nudge a few places to ensure everything fell into place. Now, here we all stand in the exact location we are fated to meet."

"You had this all planned out?!" Yugi exclaimed, baffled with what the Prophet was telling them. "For how long?! Since the start of these past seven days of chaos?!"

"Long before that, Yugi Muto. Even before Pharaohmon was revived. It all stemmed back to when my love was purged from the Golden Queen's body."

"Since when I removed Chaos from Sailor Galaxia?!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon realized this, reflecting back to when she used the Light of Hope to remove the chaotic force from Galaxia. "But, I made sure chaos returned to everyone's hearts! Pluto told me a piece of you managed to escape and you consumed a Heart Crystal from a very highly-spirited woman. According to her, you had to rely on that one Heart Crystal to restore yourself into Chaos!"

"Sailor Chaos, child," Charon corrected Moon, who glared her down intently and passionately. "That's right. Hate me. All of you abhor me all you like, it won't make the tiniest bit of difference!"

(End theme)

"Not if we seize that Romulus Source from you first!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter declared, swinging her Mjolnir around as she shot toward the Paradais duo.

"Right behind you!" Susanoomon declared as he followed them her.

"Let's take these two down, guys!" Joey shouted as he and the other Duelists' monsters prepared to open fire.

"Guys, wait!" VoidJustimon exclaimed, pleading the others to cease their attacks.

However, Charon and the Prophet reacted against their aggressors. All it took was Charon invoking the Romulus Source to repel Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter, Susanoomon, Imperialdramon FM, and a few of the heavy hitters that tried to bumrush them. The Prophet put out his right hand, forming a barrier to nullify and redirect the Duelists' attacks.

"We'd appreciate it if you didn't interrupt. Don't you wish to know how fate has led us down this long path to the End of Days?"

"End of Days?" muttered Rika.

"Pretty self-explanatory, Rika," Renamon replied.

"They wish to disrupt order and unleash chaos to destroy your world. They're the bringers of the apocalypse," Harbingermon informed everyone. "But, you heroes can avert this apocalypse. The will of Ancientmon will give you the strength to do so. Paradais..."

Upon hearing Harbingermon, the Prophet shifted to him and acknowledged him. "Ancientmon, now there's a name I hadn't heard in so long. Harbingermon, I take it?"

Wait, he knows Ancientmon? Omegamon BM thought, meticulously eyeing the Prophet. Who is he?!

(Cue Final Fantasy IX OST – Footsteps of Despair)

"Ancientmon likely has anticipated my return, but before we shift to the End of Days... the story that has led us to this fated confrontation," the Prophet said as his eyes glowed, which seemingly casted a paralysis power that froze the heroes in place. All of them couldn't budge an inch or invoke their attacks. "Just in case any of you decide to rudely interrupt. You do want to know how our plans first materialized, correct?"

Takato couldn't move his body. He noticed Guilmon, the other Tamers, and their Digimon were all caught similar dilemmas. No one hero was able to move an inch thanks to whatever the Prophet had done to them.

"Hey, what's happened?! We can't move!" Takato yelled out.

"Takato, I can't even shoot off my Pyro Sphere!" Guilmon alarmed his Tamer. He struggled to break loose from the invisible bindings.

"Let us go now!" Yugi demanded. Even the Egyptian Gods have been rendered immobile! Who is this Prophet and what is this power he wields?!

"All right, asshole! You made your point! Now let us go so I can kick your ass!" Yusuke spat out fiercely.

"Damn! How's he holding us all back like this?!" Brunhilde cursed as her Valkyrie strength proved ineffective in breaking out of the Prophet's paralysis technique.

"You heard him! Let us go, you monster!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna shouted.

Angemon X struggled as his Ascendant strength was subdued. He turned to his girlfriend. "Sedna!"

"Let us go now!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon demanded.

"Now, now, sit tight. Before our unholy alliance and the beginning of our Paradais network, the tale can be traced right back to me being purged from Sailor Galaxia's body. Sailor Moon, you should be held accountable for this action, but I have to thank you," Charon blatantly told her. "Even though you removed me from Galaxia and wished for chaos to return to within the hearts of everyone, I refused to wither away and die. A piece of me survived, but I required sustenance and as I told my dear sister I sprang am ambush on an unsuspecting couple that same night. I attacked and extracted a Heart Crystal from pure hearted woman. I recall her name was Mei Bearer. Her Heart Crystal was more than sufficient enough to maintain and empower my true Chaos form. With time, I regained my Sailor Charon form, but to keep a low profile I gave myself a new identity: Sharon Rivers." She then crossed her leg over and floated up into mid-air. "In order to get back at you Senshi, I required assistance as my power at that point was nowhere near enough to subdue any of you individually, much less dealing with the assortment of heroes beginning to form. Much brings me to another point..." She veered from the Senshi and then to the others, namely the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, and the Spirit Detectives. "You all entered the picture. This is where I required an alliance with someone who had similar interests. Prophet, I believe this is where our unholy alliance was first forged."

The Prophet evilly chortled as dark energy slowly leaked from his body and seeped into the Valmarmon TM body. "Indeed and I had entered this dimension after being defeated by a warrior. My previous form has been destroyed, thus reducing me to a weaker state. I used what little power to create new bodies. The one you see and one for Jeremiah Grand. As Jeremiah, I successfully blended in within your human society. As Jeremiah, I was able to acquire the fortunes of the rich to keep up my Jeremiah facade." He continued on while the dark energy seeping through the Valmarmon body began breaking it down. "That brings me to the human identity I've created for myself. Jeremiah Grand. Well, grand is a term given to a thousand. Having taken on the persona of one of the world's richest business mongols, I've learned a great deal of how one spends their fortunes. I've managed to acquire many resources and assets, including the services of soldiers. However, I couldn't acquire everyone. I needed help. This marked the beginning of my alliance with Sailor Charon. In order to keep her identity concealed, she took on Sharon Rivers and became Jeremiah's secretary." His hooded form quickly reverted back to his Jeremiah form. A calm but conniving smile formed on the man's face. His voice altered back to the cool and suave businessman, a stark contrast to his creepy and malevolent tone. "And what a lovely secretary Sharon proved to be. She's the perfect combination of deadly beauty and intelligence. I thought I was a master planner, but there were times she could out think and plan contingencies better than I could. Those are attributes I can greatly admire, especially from a powerful woman like her. Heck, there were times she ran the company by herself in my absence. Now, as for Paradais... how did we form? Well, I'm getting to that..." As he said that, he paused and conjured his cloak, which covered him and turned him back to his Prophet persona. "Our Paradais network was founded based on common interests. We had unfinished business were certain members of your group. Any others simply have gotten in our way and we couldn't afford to let you go. Senshi, you were the first we've been monitoring since it was your leader, Sailor Moon, who foiled my lover's plans to use Sailor Galaxia to further her goals. When her plans for galactic domination was halted, she was regressed to take on a her old Senshi persona and assumed a human identity of her own. I convinced Sharon to hold off on any attempts to get revenge on you, Sailor Senshi. It was then that you other heroes started showing up in huge numbers. First, the Digimon Tamers, the saviors who stopped the Deva and D-Reaper incursions. Then, the Legendary Warriors, the ones who saved the Celestials' Digital World from Lucemon. Then, we have the Duelists, led by Yugi Muto, and known for saving the world through mystical card games. And then we have the Spirit Detectives, who've stopped plentiful of demon incursions, including averting a demon apocalypse. You all have managed to keep the foundations of your world preserved. You wouldn't be heroes had you not accomplished such impressive feats."

"Ah, but let's start where me and my partner began our long planned gambit. I remember that one fateful day when Takato Matsuda went absolutely crazy after seeing a dear friend lose a Digimon partner to a power hungry monster," Charon said, eyeing Takato, Guilmon, Jeri, Leomon, and Beelzebumon. "I see that Digimon has been revived thanks to Granasmon, I bet?"

Takato gritted his teeth, conveying anger. "You take your eyes off Jeri, you monster!"

"You wanna piece of me, lady?! Release me and so what I do to ya!" Beelzebumon goaded the evil woman.

"I have no interest in your friend and her pets," she said, taking her view off Jeri, Felinismon, and Leomon. "They will share the fate you and your friends will if you can survive the final challenge. Anyways, as I was saying, when Beelzebumon slayed Leomon, that was the turning point that helped set the wheel to motion for me and my partners. When Takato's anger flared, it activated the Digital Hazard marked on Guilmon's chest. All that anger and hatred you had for Beelzebumon fed Guilmon, Takato."

"You don't have to remind me about that!"

"Why bury the past? It happened and you still have to live with that pain, don't you? I bet it still haunts you in your sleep," Charon taunted the teen. "All of that darkness and hatred gave birth to a monster of apocalyptic proportions. That monster was known as Megidramon, a name derived from Megiddo. Your monster contained a power so immense it was prepared to put the Digital World and your own physical world under meltdown, causing a cataclysmic that wouldn't sealed the fate of both worlds. This is not my lover and I would've wanted as that would've forced us to flee from this world and destroyed any chances of beginning our gambit. Thank you Beelzebumon from preventing that, good sir."

"You're not welcome," Beelzebumon scoffed.

"Fortunately for the little time Megidramon was summoned, his power still packed enough punch to effect the Digital World environment. The Digital Hazard managed to release a power so great it broke the seal in Pharaohmon's tomb. Which leads us to the next chapter of this story! Shortly after the D-Reaper was vanquished thanks to Operation Doodlebug, peace had returned to Japan and the world, but only briefly. This was when Pharaohmon's dark spirit waited for the right moment to begin his campaign against you Tamers. At first, it was just you, but he began realizing there were more heroes to deal with. As a spirit, he was no threat to anyone and could only afford to select one human host at a time. This is where me and my lover stepped in."

"After wandering the Digital World for a year and a half, on that fateful night Pharaohmon's spirit wandered out of Guilmon's den, he indirectly was guided by us toward an unsuspecting human boy. That night me and Charon called for a meeting with our former business partners. You would know them as Mitsuo Yamaki, Dartz, Cain Bearer, and the parents of one Lance Canebrook."

"Lance Canebrook's parents?!" Himura exclaimed.

"Then, that's the night Pharaohmon possessed Lance!" Inumon shouted.

"You mean, Yamaki was there, too?" Takato asked, unaware of the nature of this meeting that happened that unfateful night.

"And Dartz was there, too?!" Joey was taken aback. "Was he in it with you two?!"

"No, though we'll get to him a minute. However, he was a close confidant of Jeremiah's for the time we've known each other," Charon smirked evilly. "None of our former business partners were aware of our true identities. To them, we were just happened to become new business partners. We had just shared common interest in corporate resources and became invested. What they didn't know that night, Jeremiah chose Cain's building site as the location where he predicted Pharaohmon would show up. We manipulated Lance into getting possessed. Thanks to us, Pharaohmon was able to acquire Lance Canebrook's body and thus began the chapter of Pharaohmon. The wheels truly were beginning to move smoothly."

"Pharaohmon's campaign wouldn't been possible had we not been indirectly involved. Jeremiah chose Cain's building for the meeting to discuss about the man's descent into madness shortly after his wife's passing."

"Which was thanks to me, whoops," Charon chuckled evilly, further inciting the heroes. She quickly changed into Mei Bearer before everyone's eyes and flipped her hair back. "Oh Cain, that crazy man still hasn't gotten over my death? He's always been so weak-minded and so easily manipulated." She spoke in Mei's voice but rather uncharacteristically. Whereas Mei was described by Cain to be sincere and kind, this 'Mei' spoke with malicious intent. "Oh woe is me. Cry me a river and just slit your wrists already if you want to reunite with me!" She then laughed and shape shifted back to Sailor Charon. "Ah, I just get a kick defiling that poor and sweet woman's image. At least I give her a bit more flavor as opposed to being plain vanilla. What do you think of my acting?"

(End theme)

"You monster! You killed that woman and now you disrespect her spirit in such a manner?!" Dai-Valkyrie Pluto rebuked toward her sister. "You're no longer a sister of mine!"

"Like I'm supposed to care what you think?" Charon scoffed, turning her nose up to her sister. "It's exactly like my lover said, we wanted to rehabilitate Cain, but that prideful idiot didn't want to let the past go. He should've moved on, but chose to lash his hatred toward you, heroes, especially you, Senshi. He wishes for a world without heroes. Well, we just might grant him that wish, but he'll be joining you soon enough."

(Cue Final Fantasy IX OST – Garland's Theme)

"The events of Pharaohmon played out exactly how we predicted them. Yes, as the Prophet, I was able to envision events before they play out. Fortunately, you all were fated to defeat Pharaohmon. Pharaohmon in no way was going to take over both worlds; not with your heroes growing ever more united. The moment you came together to fight a common enemy during the Shadow Tournament, Pharaohmon's imminent victory quickly came crashing down. He couldn't defeat you united and thus he was the first to fall."

"With Pharaohmon gone, your bonds slowly began to become establish. Granted, there was just a bit of internal conflict with some of you, especially when the Beast Spirits came into play. Three Senshi in particular were unsure whether Takato, Rika, Henry, and Himura could be entrusted with the Beast Spirits sent by Granasmon. It's only natural considering Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and my sister weren't entirely convinced such great powers could be wielded correctly in the hands of Tamers, especially you Takato Matsuda. Over time though, my sister was proven wrong and she sided with Sailor Moon's group about allowing the Tamers to keep their Beast Spirit powers. Uranus and Neptune were the only ones to remain opposed."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon shook her head. "But, they've changed their minds about Takato and his friends wielding the Beast Spirits! It's all in the past now!"

"She's right! Whatever problems there was before is gone!" Takato snapped.

"Oh, I know that," Charon smirked evilly. "Me and my lover predicted that tensions would ease, but with time. The fact you all worked together to bring down Valmarmon was more than enough proof that such tense relations are gone. Ah, but speaking of Beast Spirits, their appearance heralded the arrival of the Rajita race invading your world."

"Before we get to them, shortly after Pharaohmon's demise, Jeremiah's dear friend, Dartz, finally initiated plans to conquer the world with the Orichalcos power and to revive the Great Leviathan. Of course, Yugi Muto, you and your friends thwarted his plans for world domination. As a result, Jeremiah lost a good friend. With Dartz gone, his status as CEO of Paradais was relinquished and his company fell to the wayside. This was another sign that fate was playing out exactly as I've predicted.

As for the reptilian race as we called them arrived with the intent to resolve an old conflict with the Moon Kingdom and its court. Their leader, Kaiser Ghidorah, sought to acquire the Silver Crystal before gaining the Romulus Source."

"Which I now possess and proof that enough patience can truly pay off," the dark Senshi gazed over the Romulus Source in her hand. "Isn't it just a beauty? No wonder Ghidorah and his offspring wanted this galactic prize. I now wield a power that can match and surpass your Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon."

"The Rajita Invasion became a day no soul would forget. In conjunction, this was the event that greatly changed the fate of others. Thanks to Seto Kaiba's botched KC-Hypnos project, he unknowingly merged the Digital and Duel Monster Worlds, creating a perfect amalgamation of different but similar realms to give birth to a much bigger realm. Thanks to you, Seto Kaiba, Zhuqiaomon's realm became that much bigger in scale than the other Sovereigns' realms. And let's not forget the Digimon Sovereigns, the guardians of the four Digital Realms. Their might was immediately brought down by Kaiser Ghidorah. I appeared before Ghidorah then and offered him a warning to tread lightly should he want to conquer the worlds. For a short time, the four realms fell into disarray without their Sovereigns. Having learned the existence of the Digital Worlds, Ghidorah sought to claim them along with Earth to establish a new Rajita nation under him. But, the biggest accomplishment he achieved and even to this day he can claim in his grave, he was able to successfully kill Sailor Moon and extract the Silver Crystal."

Recalling her greatest defeat, Dai-Valkyrie Moon closed her eyes and nodded this off.

"Sailor Moon, don't let this Prophet get to you! We're much stronger now than we were then!" Norse Knight called out to her.

"He's right, Sailor Moon! This time we're all in this together!" Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon shouted, giving her encouragement.

"Shall I pick up where you left off, my love?" Charon chuckled evilly. "Ah yes, in response to the Rajita incursion, you heroes were met with a threat that made Pharaohmon's miniscule in comparison. Ghidorah and his invasion completely upped the ante on the destructive scale. In response, the Tamers became one with their new Beast Spirits. The other half of the Tamers acquired the Lights of Victory from the Amazons. The Sailor Senshi gained new Valkyrie armors thanks to the Moon Heart Crystal, an artifact long hidden away by one Aoshi Inuki, who hid it for his father and Queen Serenity. And let's not forget the Duelists being able to summon Kas. The Spirit Detectives even greatly improved their spirit powers after the Dark Tournament. And then with upgrades came the rise of new faces. The Neo-Spirit Detectives led by Yui Tsubasa and the Digital Priestess, the Chimeras, and Sailor Sedna. This was just the perfect time for you to make your presence known, but Sedna me and my love have been anticipating you. The moment you were summoned to this world to join the Senshi, you were supposed to have arrived in time to prevent Ghidorah from killing Sailor Moon. Had you made it, you would've helped Moon bring down the Rajita leader and possibly ended the Rajita invasion. We couldn't afford to let that happen. We made sure to dispatch a distraction in the form of a mind-controlled Rajita soldier to hold you off."

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna recalled this instance. "I remember. So, it was you two that kept me from helping Sailor Moon when she needed me?!"

"At most, you would've only been a distraction long enough for Sailor Moon to finish the job. Your powers then were too insignificant to defeat Ghidorah and you would've been a sacrificial lamb to ensure Sailor Moon's survival."

"So, I could've died instead of Sailor Moon," the Ice Senshi realized this.

"But, the most important thing is that you both are alive, Sedna!" Dai-Valkyrie Ixion called out.

"That's right and you both have lead our teams with great success!" Dai-Valkyrie Orcus said.

"Yeah, don't let them get to you, Sedna," Yui replied.

"Well, yes, fortunately for you Sedna, you survived, but Sailor Moon had to wait a while before her timely revival," the dark Senshi went on. "And then came the biggest game changer..."

"Yes, the birth of the black phoenix."

Dai-Valkyrie Mars was prepared for what the Prophet and Charon were going to lay on her.

"We predicted two big events to occur after Pharaohmon, the coming of the reptilian race and a black phoenix. The seeds of the black phoenix's awakening were already planted in you, Sailor Mars. The moment BelialMyotismon probed your mind, he discovered a cosmic force that had been contained in you since your birth in your previous life as Princess Mars. That entity, the Houou Force, not only augmented your already gifted extrasensory abilities, but ensured your survival. For without the Houou, you will die."

"Think of the Houou as your cosmic pacemaker. You need her far more than she needs you. You were already on the brink of death upon your birth, but the Houou sensed your distress and entered your body. We fast forward to the Rajita invasion and you begin to feel like the Houou's about to take over. Heh, all it had to take to release the Houou's full power was a brief but sudden emotional distress. So, Ghidorah, the arrogant fool that he is, killed Sailor Moon. As if that weren't enough, he fell Kuwabara and then your dearest sister Cammy. Oh, I bet that hurt, didn't it? Seeing your flesh and blood killed before your eyes. I know exactly how important family ties are. Right, sister?" Charon glanced over from Mars to Pluto, both of them gave her incensed looks. "Now, now, don't you two give me those scary looks. We're just weaving our long tale. Just keep along."

"Once all emotional restraints were released, Sailor Mars, you became the Yami Houou. The Yami Houou was the driving force that furthered our goals even more than before. Granted, I did warn that deluded fool, Ghidorah, about not angering the black phoenix. He didn't realize that one of the Senshi that he so easily broke just happened to be that black phoenix. Pharaohmon's driving force completely paled in comparison. Now, you heroes had entered a galactic race to stop a rogue cosmic force from destroying numerous galaxies. With Ghidorah ousted from being the universe's biggest threat, Sailor Moon returned to lead you all to stop Yami Houou and save her dear friend."

"Oh, the story just gets even more of a tearjerker, doesn't it?" Sailor Charon faked to tear up and cry. "Such beautiful friendships proved strong enough to subdue the Yami Houou and halt her from destroying more galaxies. It took everyone's efforts to bring her down with force, but when that didn't work all it took Sailor Moon to reach out and sweet talk her friend to conquer the darkness that had consumed her. All that hate and wrath she had towards Ghidorah spawned a universal force of destruction. Oh, but here's my favorite part... Takato, with the power of Suzaku, you swooped in and saved the universe by effectively killing Sailor Mars, thus defeating Yami Houou. Congratulations, boy, you ensured me and my lover would continue furthering our goals. The second phase was complete."

(End theme)

Lowering his head, Takato conveyed his discomfort when this was brought to his attention. He never wanted to be reminded of the action he took with Suzaku taking him over and going against his ethic code about taking another human life.

"Don't listen to her, Takato! It doesn't matter whether you or Suzaku did it, y'all did what you had to do to stop Yami Houou! Even if it meant killing me!" Dai-Valkyrie Mars shouted, getting the Tamer's attention again.

Susanoomon addressed using Takuya's voice. "Chin up, buddy! I know what happened was the roughest part of your life, but we're past that now!"

"Oh, but the emotional scars are still there, am I right, boy?" Sailor Charon taunted Takato. "You blamed yourself to the point that you severed ties with Suzaku and stayed out of active duty to return to a boring civilian life."

"It's called rehabilitation, you monster. You wouldn't know what that means!"

"Oh, but of course I do, Takato Matsuda! What do you think me and Jeremiah were attempting to try with our dear friend Cain? He refused counseling and we offered our help to get him to overcome the grief over losing his wife. He turned it down much you turned down help from your own friends apparently."

The other Tamers turned to Takato with sympathetic looks. Rika and Jeri were most especially sympathetic having been the shoulders for him to cry on. They recalled the three years in between the Rajita invasion and the Taiyoukai conflict were mostly quiet times, giving Takato plenty of time to rehabilitate on his own.

"Your downfall as a hero was part of the fate that brings here, Takato."

"What do you know about human emotions, you freak?!" Rika spat out, displaying her overly protective nature for Takato. "That was Takato's down period and you want that fall that as part of your long term goals?! You two make me freaking sick!"

All the Tamers, as well as the heroes, shared her sentiment and gave the Paradais duo angry looks.

"Oh, so much hate! Yes, hate us all you want, but every major event we predicted played out exactly how they should and we made certain that nothing prevented from predetermined events from playing out as they should. Now, what was next, my love?"

"The awakening of the Kuiper Belt Senshi."

"Ah, one of my favorite parts, dear Sedna," Charon shifted her evil gaze on the Ice Senshi. "With my sister's guidance, she was able to pinpoint the location of the unawakened Kuiper Senshi. You were sent to awaken and retrieve them to begin their Senshi training. But, I simply couldn't make things easy for you, that's why I sent my scout, Nix, under the guise of a spy serving the Sailor Neo-Animamates, the remnants of the Animamate Senshi that worked under Galaxia. While you and your new teammates were able to defeat the Neo-Animamates, Nix was able to report to me about your progress. In the end, you completed your team and thus your role as leader was put to the test by my sister, who at the time had her planet status removed by a bunch of scientific fools."

The Kuiper Senshi didn't take their eyes off Charon."

"Nix was there to assess your powers when he engaged you. According to his report, your powers were mostly underdeveloped and with time you'd achieve the potential to become stronger than Sailor Moon's team. We could've crushed you all then, but I let you continue developing your new Senshi powers so when you do reach your peaks like you have now, I can easily defeat you at your best and crush your egos. Oh, but Sedna and sister, don't think I'm done yet with you two yet."

"Shortly after the Kuipers were awakened, the Taiyoukais were revived. The demon invasion prompted all of you to unite. In response, the Duelists gained new powers from the Staff of Apophis, an artifact once derived from Apophis and wielded by Apophis priests. The staff granted you the ability to take on Duel Monster forms and summon your monsters to life. Like with the previous enemy threats, you were upgraded to a degree and united to thwart the Taiyoukai threat. Roughly during this time frame, I used the Jeremiah persona to revive Paradais from the ground-up, restoring business relations that had been lost since Dartz's demise. Alas, it was all a front to conceal the secrets of our true intentions and station our Paradais Organization network. It all worked out well in the end for us and an alliance with the Neo-Rajita certainly helped to keep you off our backs for a while."

"Since they, you all have averted several more crisis after another. Some miniscule, but still problematic, but stopped major threats such as the Arcadian Cross and Paradixalmon's group," Charon continued on. "Roughly around this point, that's when me and my partner decided to kick things into full gear. Not too long before the Dawn of Chaos started, we were approached by a man from the future. Ah, yes, Signers of the future, you know whom I'm addressing."

"Frank..." Yusei replied with venom.

"That's the one! While I didn't anticipate his arrival, my Prophet did and foretold me that our demise would be imminent had we not prepared for the coming Dawn of Chaos in a year's time. This gave us plentiful time to concoct our plans and amass our Paradais forces. This is where Professor Frank came into play bringing us advanced technology from his time to serve our needs. According to him, my future self was freed unknowingly by him in some Spirit World, not the same realm you Spirit Detectives are aware of. Apparently, my future self was found out early about her plans by your future self, sister. From there, my future counterpart was later forced into battle with the Senshi and sealed up following defeat. The Prophet had foreseen mine and his own demise. With Professor Frank joining our ranks, we can alter our future and prolong events leading to this final day."

"Thanks to Frank's presence and his meddling of this timeline, this caused the temporal wave that erased the future you Signers and Neo Senshi barely escaped. Every one that you know or love now cease to exist in that timeline."

"Then, the only way to restore our future is to defeat you!" Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon cried out.

"If our timeline hasn't already been restored, we'll do it now by taking you and your witch down!" Yusei openly declared.

"So, Frank has been here almost a whole year?!" Jaden asked.

"Yes, and he was under the disguise as the head of the Red Slifer dorm at your Duel Academy, Jaden Yuki," Charon addressed the Red Slifer Duelist.

"Then, how come I haven't been able to see him on campus?"

Chazz sighed. "Just forget about it, numbskull. That's not important!"

"He conducted his own business recruiting the Paradais Knights you Duelists have faced and defeated," the dark Senshi went on. "They were all part of the final phase toward the final days."

"Sadly for us, once the Dawn of Chaos events came to fruition, these past seven days had been blocked from our visions. Most events I could probably predict, but there came discrepancies that came beyond my visions."

"But, there was one insurance policy that worked our quite well in our favor briefly," Charon stated, once again veering back to the Kuiper and Neo Senshi. Angemon X was the first person amongst them that she keenly scanned. "Yes, one handsome young man from another dimension's alternate timeline proved to be quite the efficient spy. I definitely won him over with my charm."

Angemon X gritted his teeth, conveying his disgust for Charon. "I'll never forgive you for turning me loose against Karin and her friends!"

"You made this personal pitting us against each other, Charon! On top of your group capturing Pluto and Quaoar!" Sedna hatefully said, making her point clear to Sailor Charon.

"You still couldn't get one over me, Sailor Sedna Moreover, I deluded you and your friends with my wonderful Setsuna disguise. I think I deserve an Academy for that performance, don't you agree?"

"No, because you're not going to see the next sunrise!" Yusuke shouted. "Hate to spoil your party, but hey we're party poopers for the bad guys."

"Masquerading as Pluto has you on my shit list!" Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon declared, surprising even RJ with her choice of a 'colorful' insult. "What, RJ?"

RJ grinned proudly. "That's my girl."

"Ok, enough!" Charon clapped, silencing everyone opposite from her. "That brings us to the Dawn of Chaos. It truly is amazing you made it this far. Though, honestly, I shouldn't be surprised. You've rebounded from what seemed like a hopeless conflict. The opening first day had you at your weakest moments. If seeing your friends being turned to stone bothered, others had their Spirits sealed in their Digivices. Others, namely you Senshi, had their precious Valkyrie armors destroyed and as a result caused you to lose your Senshi powers. And others were simply humbled by their enemies. Spirit Detectives, how lucky that up until now you've never had to directly engage our Paradais organization."

"Yes, how lucky that I wasn't there to slit your throat and slice you up to pieces for putting my son and daughter through hell," Hiei snarled.

Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars nodded. "You tell her, dad."

Ryuuhi concurred. "These two aren't getting away with all the crap they put us through."

"Once you release us, we won't show you any mercy," Kurama vowed.

"Blah, blah, you can bark all you want, the fact of the matter is you will meet your end shortly," Charon rebuked. "Earn your victory and you'll be free of this chaos."

"Neo Senshi and Signers, you certainly have made quite the lasting impression helping the Kuipers rescue the Time Guardian and Sailor Quaoar. Moreover, you helped Sedna remove our control over the Ascendant named Dimitri."

"You all have made the significant rebound these last two days. You've all regained what you've lost and vanquished the enemies you have been meaning to resolve conflict with. Duelists, you've defeated Professor Frank and prevented this future from falling into chaos. Spirit Detectives, well done neutralizing the Demon Priests and the Taiyoukai lord Arago. Sailor Senshi, congratulations for defeating Gamera and allowing me to take the Romulus Source. Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Digi-Destined, and DATS, thank you for defeating Valmarmon's forces and enabling my love to take Valmarmon's hollow shell of a body. He'll make sure to put that to great use. Oh, wait..." Charon glanced over and watched the Prophet's converting Valmarmon's body into a black energy.

In fact, the Valmarmon body was starting to dissolve into a tidal wave of black digitized dust. The Prophet's entire body glowed as his body was beginning to absorb the body's data.

This action flabbergasted the entire Digiteam assembly, but the Tamers were the ones most familiar with the method Prophet was using to siphon off data. He absorbed in the same manner the Tamers' Digimon partners used to feed off their defeated opponents to augment their strength.

(Cue Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer OST – The Throne Room)

"He's absorbing Valmarmon's body!" Takato exclaimed.

"But, only a Digimon can do that!" Henry said.

"Unless, don't tell me that the Prophet's...!" Himura was flabbergasted seeing the Prophet absorbing the data.

Just then, VoidJustimon sensed a familiar vibe emanating from the Prophet. "No, can it be?" He muttered in a deep tone as the Cyberdramon side growled fiercely. "No, can it be?!"

The Prophet chortled darkly as the black data floated like rings around him. He raised his hands as both eyes inside his hood glowed profusely. "Now, I think it's time to break out from this container and unveil my true self. My love, you might want to step back and make room."

As she got the hint, Charon floated away carrying the Romulus Source.

"Oh, you're going to get it now!" Charon taunted the heroes. She then noticed the heroes starting to loosen up their bindings using their powers.

The Dai-Valkyrie Sailors were using the energies of their spirit animals to undo their bindings. Likewise, the Tamers and Victory Tamers used their animal spirits' powers to break the Prophet's 'bindings' placed on them. Susanoomon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Athenamon Victory Mode, Omegamon Buster Mode, and Alphamon freed themselves as well. The Spirit Detectives used their spirit/Youki powers to free themselves. The Duelists borrowed their Spirit Fused powers to free themselves.

"My love, hurry and complete your transformation!" Charon alarmed him.

Suddenly, as if the Prophet had answered Charon's pleas, the hooded entity's body broke apart as streams of dark energy poured out and formed a seemingly large cloud. The formless shape quickly began to solidify into a massive body. Physical features then started to materialize all over the beast. Now in place of the Prophet was a large grotesque beast with four arms armed with black claws. His legs have dark blue fur with red claws in his feet. His head is similar to Chimeramon's with the helmet and dark blue hair. His back is armed with Machinedramon's cannons and has a fierce dragon-like aura covering him.

Witnessing the monster's transformation, VoidJustimon was utterly aghast and blue in his face. He was the first to recognize the beast and shout toward him with familiarity. "It's you! MILLENNIUMMON!" The confirmation of the beast's identity baffled everyone else, who held their ground and witnessed Millenniummon raising his head.

(End theme)

Ken was flabbergasted seeing the creature he and Ryo stopped before. "It can't be him! How is he here?!"

"Ken?!" Davis turned around noticing the distress etched on his friend's face.

Sailor Charon chortled darkly, casting a gaze to VoidJustimon. "So, you recognize him, Ryo Akiyama. No surprise considering the history you two have. But, there are others here amongst you who know about my love. Yes, the cat is now out of the bag. My Paradais partner-in-crime is Millenniummon and he's been very invested in this dimension."

"Millenniummon?!" Takato gaped in shock as he, Guilmon, and the other Tamers were stricken with apprehension.

Guilmon's eyes turned feral as he crouched over and growled intensely. Renamon and Inumon's fur stuck up across their backs.

'Takato! Millenniummon's power... this is just the beginning. Assimilating Valmarmon's body is augmenting his power to enable him to evolve! You must stop him at all costs!' Suzaku telepathed with his Tamer vessel, alarming him.

'Rika!' Seiryuu telepathed with her.

'Henry, we must fight!' Genbu called out in his vessel's mind.

'Himura!' Byakko telepathed with him.

'Ryo, despite us only being together for a short time, I know you and this monster have had long history. But, realize you're not alone in this!' Ouryu reasoned with his vessel.

"Millenniummon?!" Tai was flabbergasted. "I thought Ryo stopped you!"

Matt gritted his teeth. "He's the last guy I wanted to see again!"

Kari shuddered frightfully as she felt Millenniummon's immense chaotic power filling the air with dread. TK, Seraphimon, and Ophanimon guarded her.

"Like Matt said, you're the last monster we've ever wanted to encounter again!" Omegamon BM growled, quickly brandishing his sword and cannon. "Everyone, be warned! Millenniummon's time powers are dangerous!"

"Thanks for the heads up, Omegamon!" Susanoomon nodded, taking on a battle stance.

Athenamon VM narrowed her eyes toward Millenniummon. "So, the stories are true. I didn't want to believe it, but the proof is right in front of us."

"Unfortunately for Millenniummon, in his current state, he can't possibly take us all!" Alphamon quickly assessed the creature's power. "However, none of us should take his feared time and space manipulation!"

Clenching his fists, Masaru openly declared. "You heard him! Let's not take any chances with this guy!"

"Agreed, Masaru! Everyone, send your Digimon to battle!" Thomas shouted.

ShineGreymon Burst Mode, MirageGaogamon Burst Mode, Rosemon Burst Mode, Ravemon Burst Mode, and Ornismon Burst Mode assembled in front of the DATS team.

"Digi-Destined, time we permanently put Millenniummon to rest for good!" Tai shouted.

(Cue Digimon Adventure: Anode & Cathode Tamer OST – Final Battle)

With that, Omegamon BM flew across with Imperialdramon PM, Athenamon VM, Alphamon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Cherubimon, Golden Rapidmon, Phoenixmon, HerculesKabuterimon, Lotusmon, and Plesiomon following him.

"We just took down big major baddie. Now, let's take out another!" Takato openly declared, lifting his D-Ark up and using it to transform himself back to Suzakato.

The other three Beast Tamers followed Suzakato's course of action. Seirika, Himakko, and Henbu assembled next to their Digimon partners. The Beast Tamers immediately Biomerged with their partners and evolved into their Beast Biomerger forms.

BlazeGallantmon, StormSakuyamon, QuakeGargomon, and AuroraInumon stormed ahead to engage Millenniummon head-on.

"Victory Tamers, attack!" Phillipe hollered as a yellow light bathed over him.

Jeri, Kazu, Kenta, and Suzie each sported their respective Light of Victory cloaks. They each whipped out their DDM-Gattais, incorporating their Light of Victory energies to their devices in order to empower their Digimon partners.

Artemismon Lunar Mode hastily flew ahead with Valkyrie Brunhilde and Leviamon joining her. Angedramon and Ligermon dashed ahead to attack Millenniummon. PsyAndromon, ShadowAngemon, AzuDevamon, ZhuDevamon, BaiDevamon, and EbonDevamon launched attacks at Millenniummon.

Lifting her face, Sailor Charon laughed hard as Millenniummon hopped into the air. The behemoth discharged massive cannon blasts that rained down all over the vicinity. The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, Spirit Detectives, and the Duelists were the first ones to scatter, evading Millenniummon's earth shattering blasts that tore holes into the ground, turning the streets into Swiss cheese.

The Beast Biomergers, Susanoomon, Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, Athenamon VM, and the DATS Digimon caught up to Millenniummon. Millenniummon scanned around seeing the Digimon converging and discharging their attacks on him.

"Get ready for oblivion, Millenniummon!" Omegamon BM shouted, discharging a barrage of cannon blasts. "Omega Cannon!"

BlazeGallantmon sent a concentrated phoenix-faced blast from his lance and shield. "Phoenix Shot!"

Imperialdramon PM raised his sword and slashed across, sending a cutting projectile. "Omega Blade!"

ShineGreymon BM charged up his sword and swung with immense force. "Corona Blaze Sword!"

"Void Charge!" VoidJustimon turned himself into a golden orb of light and shot upward to smash into Millenniummon.

Susanoomon flew up so fast he used his body like a battering ram to hit the behemoth.

Millenniummon responded by forming dark holes around him, which drew in and absorbed their attacks. None of their attacks managed to get through the entity's seemingly tricky defenses.

"What the hell?! He absorbed our attacks?!" AuroraInumon gawked at the turn of events.

"MY TURN, FOOLS!" Millenniummon responded in 'kind' to his opposition by reopening the holes, which unleashed the same attacks the Digimon used against him. He redirected all their attacks and subsequently shot them down with charged blasts from his Machinedramon cannons. "How do you like a taste of your own attacks?!" He boasted out, bellowing. He swooped down catching Omegamon BM first with a punch. He then headbutted Imperialdramon PM and slashed Susanoomon.

The Digimon all hit the ground hard as Millenniummon had taken them down with ease. Yugi, Yami, Jaden, and Yusei immediately mobilized the three Egyptian Gods and Stardust Dragon toward Millenniummon. The other Signers advanced with their respective Signer Dragons. The other Duelists prepared to head off Millenniummon utilizing their Duel Monster armies.

(End theme)


Central Digital Realm/Huanglongmon's Castle/4:30 PM

Upon retrieving Valmarmon's spirit, Granasmon returned to the golden dragon's realm. He arrived only to see Huanglongmon viewing his orb displaying the battle with Millenniummon and Sailor Charon. Huanglongmon's eyes quickly became fixated on the being once called the Prophet.

"It can't be him! It simply can't! Granasmon, are you seeing this?! It's the anomalous entity assumed to have been dealt with by Ryo!" Huanglongmon quickly alarmed him, a tone of dread evident and fear in his voice. "He's the one behind the Paradais network with that conniving Sailor Charon!"

Granasmon turned and viewed the orb. His eyes slightly widened as the entity's name escaped his lips. "Millenniummon."

"By the will of Ancientmon, I wished we never had to engage him of all dark forces!"

"He isn't just a dark force. He's the counter force to Ancientmon. Much like me and Valmarmon have been, but these two have been at odds long before we were ever conceived. Whenever Millenniummon appears, it heralds a forthcoming chaos. These past seven days were the most opportune time to launch his revival. He, with Sailor Charon's help, was very careful and discreet when launching this long term gambit."

"We couldn't have prevented this?"

"The Paradais duo have continually shifted back and forth through other dimensions. I wouldn't have reached them even if I could. The Prophet especially had been difficult to locate. He hardly leaves a presence for anyone to trace. As an anomalous entity, he can choose to exist or not exist by his will."

"Which explains why the Tamers couldn't hurt him when they tried before Henry's father turned loose the Juggernaut program on him and Charon."

"There's no weapon on Earth that can destroy these two. The only way now will be through the heroes' power of unity. And even then, it won't be an easy task. As we speak, they've already established their network on Earth."

Huanglongmon gasped in horror. "You mean those crystals we've witnessed suddenly materialize?"

"Paradais have gained a hold of their world. They can and will trap our heroes in their new world."

"And we weren't prepared for this?!"

"Ancientmon believes this is the final test our heroes must endure if they're truly to be seen as this universe's protectors. And I truly believe that they are. I've done by part removing Valmarmon..."

"But, you may have unintentionally allowed Millenniummon to siphon Valmarmon's body and use that power to take on a more terrifying form... one the likes of which both of us have never seen! I seriously doubt Ryo and the Digi-Destined can stop him alone!"

Granasmon sighed regrettably for his last course of action. "By my own admittance, I hadn't planned ahead when I left to seal Valmarmon's soul, but what could I have done? As you know, Valmarmon's soul is immortal like mine. Even if I could destroy his soul, I destroy also destroy myself. I promised the heroes that Valmarmon for the rest of eternity would be my responsible. I will not let Valmarmon out of grasp and sights. Ever."

Just then, Valmarmon's dark spirit chortled darkly in the boxed container in Granasmon's hands. "Well, aren't you the fool, Granasmon? You should've stopped the Prophet and his witch when you had the chance, but you retrieve and seal me. Now, you've left those Digifools and their allies who've exhausted themselves fighting me to a hopeless situation. Millenniummon and his witch will show them no mercy! There will be nothing left of this dimension's protectors! If Ancientmon won't take action, what makes you think you'll make a difference in your current state?!"

"They won't fail, Valmarmon."

The Demon God laughed at Granasmon's expense. "Heheh, so you say, my sworn enemy. You all have led them to their deaths. This final day of chaos will truly be the end of everything. And I couldn't ask for a better front row seat than this with you two. There's no hope for them now! Of course, I helped soften these heroes up for Millenniummon and the dark Sailor woman. I'll no doubt be given credit. After all, they did extract my body to give them a fighting chance."

"It was those two that revived you to begin with. Now that you've tasted defeat, your body is just nothing more than a tool for them."

"I must thank them for at least giving me a temporary revival. I at least was able to engage your forces even for a final battle. I can rest easy knowing the fools who slain me will meet their demise."

Granasmon's eyes became fixated on the viewing orb. He narrowed his eyes fiercely and replied. "No, that's where you're wrong, Valmarmon. And they will prove you wrong. Ancientmon, bless these heroes and guide them to victory!"


Earth/Shinjuku District/4:35 PM

Opposite from where the Digiteams and Duelists engaged Millenniummon, Sailor Charon lured the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and Spirit Detectives toward her. She took to the air with the Romulus Source in hand. Dai-Valkyrie Moon and her Senshi glided up to engage her.

(Cue Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep OST – Dark Impetus)

"Charon, you won't get away with that Romulus Source!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon declared, drawing out her sword and slashing at the dark Sailor. She narrowly missed a swing as Charon teleported out of reach.

Charon reappeared behind the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and raised her hand. The sky darkened and from it a giant hole opened up expelling a force of dark energy that repelled the Dai-Valkyrie Planetaries. They responded by invoking their animal spirits and forged auras to protect themselves from Charon's darkness storm.

"You call that a storm?!" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter shouted as she swung Mjolnir around hard and caught a giant lightning bolt with it. She then turned the hammer and discharged a massive lightning burst. "Mjolnir Strike!"

Sailor Charon barely escaped as she teleported away from Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter's attack. Dai-Valkyrie Venus quickly teleported in front of Charon and unleashed a barrage of chain-linked blades. Charon expelled a dark aura that neutralized Dai-Valkyrie Venus' weapons.

"Afraid I'll cut that delicate skin of yours?!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus yelled, forging a golden beam of light that converted into a long sword tied by a chain. "Eat this! Venus Wink Chain Sword!" She tossed the weapon at the dark Sailor.

Sailor Charon merely lifted her hand and deflected the sword to Venus. Venus quickly dodged, letting the sword pass by her and shatter against a crystallized tower.

Suddenly, a gust of wind knocked Sailor Charon a few feet back. Alarmed, Charon turned around and sighted Dai-Valkyrie Uranus brandishing her Space Sword.

"We haven't properly met, but at this point I could give a damn," Dai-Valkyrie Uranus said with venom in her tone. She swooped down throwing her Space Sword at Charon.

Charon merely caught the blade with two fingers. She sighed with boredom. "Really? How predictable..." Before long, a pillar of water came out of nowhere and enveloped Charon, trapping her. Slightly taken aback, she looked down to see Dai-Valkyrie Neptune summoning water to seal her up. "Clever."

Dai-Valkyrie Neptune remarked coldly. "You have no idea, witch."


Dai-Valkyrie Uranus caught Charon with a punch, sending her flying and crashing through a crystallized formation. The Outer couple stormed through to find Charon only to see nothing but shattered crystal debris.

"Damn, where did she go?!" Uranus cursed.

"That was a nice punch. You got me good, Sailor Uranus," Charon's voice came from behind them.

As Uranus and Neptune looked up, Sailor Charon was sighted floating over them. A bruise was seen marked on Charon's left cheek.

"But, you did leave a blemish on my beautiful face."

"Suits you well," Neptune replied conceitedly.

Charon waved her hand over her cheek and washed the bruise off with dark magic. Suddenly, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn appeared behind Charon and swooped down with her Silence Glaive. Charon narrowly sidestepped Saturn's Glaive slash and teleported. Dai-Valkyrie Saturn quickly scanned the vicinity for Charon.

"She shifts around too quickly! Every one be on your guard!" Dai-Valkyrie Saturn alarmed the others.

Just then, Sailor Charon reappeared near the Spirit Detectives' location. Her dark presence garnered the attention of the spiritually keen warriors. Yusuke and Shaka came forward shooting streams of spirit energy from their fingers.

"Spirit Gun!" The two shouted, sending their spiritually charged blasts at Charon, who evaded by teleporting again.

Sailor Charon reappeared only to be greeted with a sword slash from Kuwabara. She narrowly dodged his Dimension Sword. When Kurama came at her with demonic vines to subdue her with, she sent a darkness aura that incinerated his plants. Aoshi tried jumping her from behind, but all it took was a fierce kick that sent the beast sailing.

"Is that all? Bored now!" Charon boasted.

Suddenly, she felt an immense Youki gradually building up. She turned around seeing a pillar of dark flames enveloping Hiei, who summoned his Darkness Dragon armor. Upon receiving his dark fire armor, Hiei made a hasty dash for Charon and unloaded with fire-imbued punches. Charon parried the demon's blows and teleported.

"Damn it!" Hiei cursed. Now I can't sense her! No, she's...! "Koori, Ryuuhi, be on your guard!"

Taking their father's advice to heart, Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars and Ryuuhi scoured the area, using their extrasensory powers to try feeling Charon's presence.

Elsewhere, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto glided over a sea of crystallized formations searching for her sister.

"Where are you, Chaos?" Dai-Valkyrie Pluto muttered, a hint of anger in her usually calm tone.

The Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers, too, were on alert when looking for Charon.

"Stay close to me, Sedna," Angemon X said as he and Dai-Valkyrie Sedna scoured carefully for the dark Sailor. "We're going to make her pay for nearly breaking us apart."

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna nodded. "You know it. She isn't getting off easy."

As Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon and RJ turned a corner, they halted when a crystallized wall obstructed their path. Both turned around to scour a new location, but the minute they faced the opposite way Sailor Charon was right there leaning on a wall with a half-bored look.

"You kids looking for me?" Charon taunted them, waving and throwing a red sheet of paper. "Come and get me!"

"Kiss my ass!" RJ shouted, charging up Youki in his fist and discharging it into a red wave of energy. "Demon Wave!" He sent the blast toward Sailor Charon.

"What he said! Take this!" Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon used the Sely sword and unleashed a cutting-edged slash at the conniving woman.

Sailor Charon taunted them with a conceited smirk and teleported. Their attacks went through and impacted a crystal wall instead.

"Ugh, where did she go now?!" Neo Moon said, becoming increasingly frustrated with Charon's games.

"Where did you go, you bitch?! Get back here!" RJ shouted.

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury, Dai-Valkyrie Cyber Mercury, and Daiki were quickly greeted by Sailor Charon, who appeared on their right. Alarmed, the trio instinctively attacked her, but she forged a black aura that absorbed their attacks. Then, she teleported away.

"Hey, get back here and fight!" Cyber Mercury demanded.

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury scanned the vicinity with her visor. "Twelve 'o clock! Mars, she's right where you're positioned!"

Upon receiving Mercury's distress, Dai-Valkyrie Mars opened her eyes and forged a fire aura. Cammy, Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars, and Ryuuhi arrived to convene with Mars. Just as Charon appeared, the group opened fire and unleashed a burst of fire mixed with sacred energy.

"Got you!" Dai-Valkyrie Mars shouted, giving Charon a fierce look that could kill.

As the flames approached her, Charon narrowly escaped with some scratches and blemishes. She randomly teleported atop a crystallized tower and cursed the burns she received on her right arm.

"Damn it! Too close!" Charon cursed as her calm demeanor was seemingly fading. Suddenly, she felt an immense force of light blasting her back. She frantically rubbed the spot where the blast burned her. She turned around and was met with a sword slash from Norse Knight. The sword cut through her Sailor top. "Curse you!" She expelled a black beam and sent Norse Knight flying back.

Taking advantage of Norse Knight's distraction, Max/Black Luster Soldier and Sam/Dark Magician of Chaos double teamed her. Max slashed while Sam discharged a magical beam into her back.

"Insects!" Charon snapped as she turned around to blast them.

"CHARON!" Dai-Valkyrie Pluto called out as she got the drop on her sister and discharged an orb from her staff. She blasted Charon so hard she sent her flying through several crystal formations.

"Thanks for the save, Pluto!" Sam shouted.

"You did well, boys. Thank you."

Where Charon landed, the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers converged on her. Dai-Valkyrie Ixion bumrushed Charon and shot up some poisonous darts. Charon had no choice but to dodge the darts. Then, Dai-Valkyrie Eris ensnared Charon's wrist with her lasso and swung her around so fast she threw her into the air and swept her back with a wind attack.

"Ugh, ungrateful children!" Charon snapped until Dai-Valkyrie Orcus formed a dark hole underneath the dark Sailor.

"Got ya!" Dai-Valkyrie Orcus cried out in a sing-a-long manner. She kicked Charon through the hole, causing another hole to open up near the ground and dropped her facefirst. "Boom! Have a nice landing, witch!"

Sailor Charon quickly sat up, becoming agitated with the Kuipers' treatment to her. Just then, a barrage of multicolored roses were flung at Charon's direction. She instinctively put up a black aura that dissolved the roses. She sighted Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar readying her lance.

"I bet this is payback for sending Melancholia to capture you?! You're enjoying this, aren't you?!"

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar smirked calmly and suddenly raised her head. Befuddled, Charon looked up and sighted Dai-Valkyrie Varuna falling down on Charon.

"You've pissed me off for the last time!" Dai-Valkyrie Varuna announced as she slammed her ax down to the ground, sending an immense force that knocked Charon several yards back.

The faster she went flying, the harder she hit the nearest crystallized wall. She hit a crystal wall as she felt her back nearly break in two. Opening her eyes, she sighted Dai-Valkyrie Makemake form a hundred illusion clones. They all bumrushed on Charon and used their whips to pummel her. Charon barely managed to escape by teleporting out.

"Looking for someone?" Came a very low voice.

Suddenly, a wall of sand formed around Sailor Charon. The alarmed woman looked around and watched the sand pour down on her. She flew out escaping the mouth of the sand trap. She was then met a powerful force blowing her back. She hit another wall hard and opened her eyes to see Dai-Valkyrie Haumea holding out a fan.

"Surprise!" Haumea laughed in a haughty manner.

"Ugh! Getting dropped by a rookie Senshi?!" Charon growled. She quickly prepared to pull out the Romulus Source. I've gotta make use of this before it's too-!


Upon hearing her name being called, Charon looked up and sighted Ki blasts hurtling at her. She narrowly dodged and jumped up only to get a blade driven through her torso.


Charon gasped and glanced over her shoulder where she saw Sedna driving her Dragon Saber into her.

"Thanks, Dimitri!" Sedna called out to Angemon X, who stood atop of a building with his hands formed into a diamond-shaped hand sign. "Be lucky you dodged my honey's Finish Buster. He would've obliterated you if you didn't dodge. Now, this is for all the physical and mental anguish you've put us through! I'm growing sick and tired of you, Charon! Be gone!" With that, she channeled her powers into her blade and prepared to freeze her to death.

"No, not yet... I'm not finished...!" Charon growled as she teleported out of Sedna's reach.

As Charon relocated into the air, bolts of lightning charged up in mid-air. The dark Senshi turned around and was caught with two powerful lightning blasts. She saw Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter and Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter above her.

"Take that and stay down!" Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter spat out.

As Charon hit the ground, she got tied up by two chains. Dai-Valkyrie Venus and Dai-Valkyrie Summoner Venus began swinging her around so much they tossed her through a building. Inside this building, Rio, Kyo, and Kohana were there to greet her with a combined beam from their Demon Stones. They blasted her out of the building. While flying in mid-air, the Dai-Valkyrie Quartet flew up punching and kicking her around like a soccer ball.

"Here's the kick!" Dai-Valkyrie Pallas declared, kicking Charon so hard she kicked her through a building. "Goal!"

Dai-Valkyrie Ceres sweatdropped. "Oh dear, I think you're having too much fun."

"Hah hah!"

Taking a little time to recover, Sailor Charon popped out from a pile of debris. However, there was no rest for this conniving witch as Adam and Demona appeared behind her.

"Our turn, bitch," Demona smiled wickedly.

She and Adam both punched and kicked Charon back with force.

The next thing Sailor Charon realized she got up to be surrounded by Mizuno, Brimstone, Yasha, and Selipa. They bumrushed and attacked her. She narrowly escaped their four on one attack.

Unfortunately, she had the misfortune to relocate herself where the Chimeras trapped her.

"Ready?!" Larry asked his team.

The Chimeras quickly converged on Charon and attacked her. Mika kicked Charon's face, nearly breaking the woman's jaw in two. Hayata clobbered Charon with a fist full of metal parts. Sara distracted Charon long enough for the dark Sailor to punch her. Sara activated her intangibility defenses and sank to the ground, pulling Charon with her. Charon growled having been pinned to the ground. Sara emerged taunting the woman with a strawberry.

"UGH! YOU...!" Charon shouted, blasting herself out of the ground.

Maya used this distraction to her advantage and drove a psionic blade through Charon's chest. Charon stumbled forward grabbing and healing her chest wound. Larry then came out of nowhere and threw a psionic-charged object that blew up in her face.

"We're the last group you don't want to overlook," Larry announced. "Cause we Chimeras are set to make ourselves known to the world. Even lowly beings like us can get the drop on an overpowered bitch like you."

"Curse you... CURSE YOU ALL!" Charon hissed, unleashing an darkness wave that caused the Chimeras to scatter. She quickly floated up and prepared to use the Romulus Source.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto appeared right in front of Charon. "Did you forget me?!" After taking the Romulus Source from Charon, she then spun around quickly and clobbered Charon with her staff so hard she sent her flying back.


DAMN YOU, SISTER! JUST WHEN I WAS GOING TO ACTIVA-! Charon's train of thought was cut off when...


...Dai-Valkyrie Mars cut her off by flying up and swiftly hitting her with a fire-imbued kick. The powerful kick impacted Charon, sending her flying toward Dai-Valkyrie Saturn. Saturn quickly responded by summoning Silence Wall to repel Charon back. As Charon was sent sailing the opposite way, Yusuke jumped up and decked her in the face, powering his fist up with spirit power.


Following the sound of an explosive blast, the power of the punch dropped Charon to the ground hard, leaving her in a heap and in a big crater-sized hole.

"Take that for all the trouble you've given my friends, you bitch!" Yusuke hollered for all to hear.

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn concurred. "Well put. Pluto has the Romulus Source. Without it, Charon's good as dead."

Dai-Valkyrie Mars looked up and watched her friend prepping the final attack. "Let's finish this, Sailor Moon!"

Suddenly, a bright aura of lit up the sky. Charon looked up as her face grimaced. Dai-Valkyrie Moon forged a large aura of light that resembled the Aurora Borealis. She now had every intent to finish off Charon and the Romulus Source in one shot.


"You had this coming, Chaos! Time to send the last part of you to oblivion!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon cried out, bringing down her sword and hitting Charon with her attack. "MOON HOLY ASGARDIAN WAVE!"

Too injured to move, Charon could only gape and howl fearfully. DAMN IT! NOT NOW! ROMULUS SOURCE, DON'T DENY ME NOW!


The force collided with Charon and consumed her, seemingly breaking her down.

However, a dark beacon of light began forming inside the light much to Moon's dismay.


Dai-Valkyrie Pluto recognized this same evil signature and frowned. Then, to her disbelief, the Romulus Source she took from Charon dissolved into dust. "What?!" A fake?!

Behind the sheen of light engulfing her, Sailor Charon's outward appearance changed. A black aura leaked out of her skin, making her costumed features become inverted. Her white bow and skirt turned into a solid black bow and skirt. Then, the rest of her outfit became black. Her hair matched the color of her outfit. The main features to truly stand out were her ghostly white eyes.

The dark Senshi let out a deep, relaxed sigh and smiled malevolently.

Sailor Chaos was once again restored.

(End theme)


(Cue The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Ring OST – Shieldmaiden of Rohan)

Meanwhile, on the other side, the Digiteams and Duelists were taking the fight to Millenniummon. Similar to Charon's situation, Millenniummon found himself either taking his opposition's attacks or on the receiving end of their attacks. Slowly but surely, he was dropping his guard and overlooking their tenacity and effective method of 'gang warfare'.

BlazeGallantmon and Omegamon BM bumrushed Millenniummon head-on. Both of them gathered up power and unleashed simultaneous attacks.

"Phoenix Shot/Omega Cannon!" The two knights fired their attacks and blasted Millenniummon's face.

Their combined attack slightly pushed Millenniummon back. AuroraInumon, StormSakuyamon, and QuakeGargomon launched attacks all over Millenniummon's massive body. QuakeGargomon jumped up and kicked Millenniummon's face. StormSakuyamon summoned bolts of lightning and blasted Millenniummon's forehead. AuroraInumon followed up shooting a barrage of metal spikes into the behemoth's hide.

Susanoomon jumped onto Millenniummon's back and tried wrestling him down.

Valkyrie Brunhilde, flying down on Grani, joined in with Leviamon. While Leviamon quickly ensnared one of Millenniummon's legs, Brunhilde jumped off Grani and flew down unleashing a wave of blue flames that smothered Millenniummon.

"Take this! Valhalla Frozen Inferno!" She not only bathed him in blue flames, but slashed at his face with a quick sword slash.

With one swing of his hand, Millenniummon swept the Beast Biomergers, Susanoomon, Brunhilde & Leviamon, and Omegamon BM back.

"Omegamon!" Tai and Matt shouted together.

The group quickly held their ground allowing Imperialdramon PM and Athenamon VM to drive their swords into Millenniummon's back.

"Yeah, take that!" Davis called out, laughing.

"I still can't believe it's Millenniummon. Ryo, is this really the same Millenniummon that trapped Tai and the others? And the same one we stopped?"

VoidJustimon replied. "Yes, but we were naïve to imply that Millenniummon would cease to exist. He'll keep coming back so as long as me and Cyberdramon are around."

"His interest has shifted away from exclusively you two, I'm afraid. This universe has greatly intrigued him and his partnership with Charon has helped to expand his views beyond having an obsession with you," Harbingermon said, beckoning VoidJustimon to join him. "The most we can do is send Millenniummon and Charon out of this universe!"

"If I have to take them with me, I'm willing to make that sacrifice!" VoidJustimon solemnly declared, putting himself before his friends and the others.

"Perhaps not," Harbingermon muttered. He then made a quick dash forward and led the charge on Millenniummon.

ShineGreymon BM swooped down over Millenniummon and bashed him over the head with his sword. He then expelled a burst of flames, which engulfed the behemoth's face. Millenniummon pounced into the air and launched immense blasts from his cannons. This led to the the three Egyptian Gods to intercept Millenniummon's blasts.

"GO OBELISK/RA/SLIFER!" Yugi, Atem, and Jaden declared as the three Gods quickly stopped Millenniummon's attacks.

Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, Black Rose Dragon, and Ancient Fairy Dragon, stormed Millenniummon through with blasts.

"Lay waste to him, Stardust Dragon!" Yusei declared. "Shooting Sonic!"

"Red Dragon Archfiend! Lay him out with Blazing Crimson Hell Flare!" Jack shouted.

"Black Rose Dragon, attack with Black Rose Gale!" Akiza commanded.

"Ancient Fairy Dragon, purify him with Eternal Sunshine!" Luna cried out.

The four Signer Dragons bombarded Millenniummon with their attacks. Millenniummon took on their attacks and charged through shooting cannons blasts at the Signer Dragons. Yusei and his group managed to veer their Dragons from harm's way.

"That was a close one, guys!" Crow called out.

"This big freak just won't quit, will he?!" Leo exclaimed.

"Man, c'mon, Black Skull Dragon!" Joey/Flame Swordsman encouraged his monster. "Molten Fireball Attack!"

As Black Skull Dragon expelled a molten blast at Millenniummon, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon swooped down on the monster. Seto, Lyn, and Mokuba were sighted mounted on the three-headed dragon's back.

"Show him what you're made of, our Blue-Eyes Ultimate!" Seto/Kaibaman declared, commanding his dragon to attack.

"Let him have it, Blue-Eyes Ultimate!" Mokuba/White Paladin of Dragon called out.

"Neutron Blast!" The Kaiba brothers beckoned as the Blue-Eyes Ultimate converged three blasts and fired them in a combined blast that impacted Millenniummon.

Duke/Orgoth charged Millenniummon and slashed at the behemoth's side. He was quickly backhanded by Millenniummon. Serenity/Red-Eyes Black Dragon spammed numerous fiery blasts all over Millenniummon's back. Atticus/Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon joined Serenity and helped fire destructive fire blasts at the behemoth.

Alexis/Cyber Blader and Yasmin clung on tight on Atticus' back.

"As if those Earthbound Immortals and Valmarmon weren't enough!" Alexis cried out.

"At least we're getting accustomed to battling behemoths, no?" Yasmin added.

"You got a point."

Alexis then jumped off and amassed her Cyber Girls to keep Millenniummon distracted for the others.

Carly/Fortune Lady Earth amassed her Fortune Ladies to blast Millenniummon.

"How ya like being on the other side of a butt whooping, you big jerk?!" Carly cried out, shooting blasts from her staff like mad.

Leo/Seven Swords Warrior & Power Tool Dragon, Syrus/Super Vehicroid, Hassleberry/Ultimate Tyranno, and Tristan/Gaia the Fierce Knight hit Millenniummon with ground strikes.

"Power Tool Dragon! Use your Super Charge Slice!" Leo said as he attacked in conjunction with his monster. "Seven Swords Slash!"

Tristan struck Millenniummon's leg with his lance. "Spiral Spear Strike!"

From the air, more aerial support came from Crow/Blackwing Armor Master, Tea/Dark Magician Girl, Mai/Cyber Harpie Queen & her flock of Harpie Ladies, Blair/Dunames the Dark Witch, Aster/D-Hero Plasma & his D-Hero warriors.

Crow summoned a powerful wind combined with slashing strikes. "Black Hurricane!"

Tea fired a magical beam from her wand. "Dark Magic Attack!"

"Harpie Sisters! Converge!" Mai commanded, sending her three Harpie Lady Sisters and Cyber Harpie Lady. "Harpie Ladies, use your Triangle Ecstasy Spark! And Cyber Harpie Lady, Whip Lash Attack!" She joined in summoning her whip and caught Millenniummon's face with a resounding whip strike.

Blair unleashed a charged ball. "Spellbinding Flux!"

Aster implemented an attack. "Vengeful Reign!" He then called forth Elemental Hero Avian, Elemental Hero Burstinatrix, D-Hero Captain Tenacious, D-Hero Diamond Dude, and an assortment of his other D-Heroes. He merged Avian and Burstinatrix to attack Millenniummon. "Now, Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer, use Phoenix Shoot! Destiny-Hero Captain Tenacious, Death Boer Fiat! Destiny-Hero Diamond Dude, use Diamond Blow!"

The Duelists attacks converged and dealt plenty of pain to Millenniummon, who was erratically stumbling around trying to steady himself.

Phoenixmon, HerculesKabuterimon, Lotusmon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Golden Rapidmon, and Cherubimon aided the aerial Duelists and Duel Monsters. They unleashed attacks, holding Millenniummon at bay.

"Crimson Flame!"

"Giga Scissor Claw!"

"Seven's Fantasia!"

"Hallowed Ascension!"

"Eden's Javelin!"

"Miracle Missile!"

"Lightning Spear!"

Once these attacks hit their mark on the giant, MirageGaogamon BM, Rosemon BM, Ornismon BM, BioDarkdramon, BioLotusmon, and BioSpinomon launched attacks on the him.

"Meteor Shackle!"

"Jewel of Hearts!"

"Crimson Formation!"

"Super Cosmic Ray!"

"Gigantic Lance!"

"Serpent Ruin!"

"Blue Prominence!"

Beelzebumon Blast Mode, Artemismon Lunar Mode, ShadowAngemon, and PsyAndromon attacked Millenniummon from air while the Victory Tamers (minus Suzie), Ligermon, the Charmers, Titaniamon, Mermaimon, Sanzomon, AzuDevamon, ZhuDevamon, BaiDevamon, and EbonDevamon launched ground attacks.

Amidst the ongoing attacks coming from all sides, Lyn/D.D. Warrior Lady noticed a dark purple aura surrounding Millenniummon. "Something's gong on, guys!"

"There's something forming over him!" Tea cried out, alarming everyone as well.

Looking on from the sidelines, Trudge/Goyo Guardian, Mina/Ruin, the Queen of Oblivion, Suzie, Yolei & Poromon, and Cody & Upamon were kept on reserve. The latter two were trying to get their partners rested and sought for any power to get them ready to return to battle.

"C'mon, guys!" Suzie cheered her friends.

"Man, we chose a wrong time for Valdurmon's power to go ka-put!" Yolei said with frustration. "Ugh, bad timing!"

"Looks like they're managing without us, Yolei!" Cody said.

Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei subsequently launched their attacks using their Spirit Fused forms.

"Dark Magician Attack!"

"Neos Force!"

"Scrap Fist!"

"All right!" Atem cheered.

As the three Duelists landed their attacks on Millenniummon, BlazeGallantmon called forth StormSakuyamon, QuakeGargomon, and AuroraInumon.

(End theme)

"Quick, guys! Let's reform the Golden Kirin!"

Suddenly, Millenniummon rose up laughing as the black aura surrounding him thickened and enveloped him all over. Then, every crystallized formation started glowing brightly. The Digiteams and Duelists observed the crystals glowing brightly and dimming dully. Each glow gave off loud pulsating beats that sounded like heart beats.

"HAHAHA! DON'T GET TOO FULL OF YOURSELVES!" Millenniummon bellowed. "I HAVE ALL I NEED TO FINISH THIS BATTLE!" His bellows sent an ear-piercing screech that caused nearly everyone to cover their ears. "YES, THE END IS INDEED NEAR!"

(Cue Final Fantasy VIII OST – The Legendary Beast)

Having accumulated enough data from Valmarmon's body, Millenniummon utilized this extra boost to become a frightening two headed dragon-like creature made out of pure energy. Their four eyes are pupiless like a mindless beast. One head is colored dark blue, while the other is maroon red. Surrounding his evolution are pale green digital chains, which are meant to seal and inhibit his true feral power.

Everyone from the Digiteams and the Duelists felt an air of soulless dread emanating from the equally soulless entity. The newly evolved 'Millenniummon' floated through the thick black cloud, casting hits ghastly red eyes on them. Most of the spectators became deathly afraid, unaware of Millenniummon's intentions in his new form.

"Great, just what we need now!" BlazeGallantmon exclaimed.

"He's evolved!" Tai cried out.

"But, all of that power of his seems contained in that crystal he's hiding in," Susanoomon said.

"Kinda explains the chains wrapped around him," AuroraInumon noted.

"No, it's..." Harbingermon abruptly paused, gazing up apprehensively.

"Ryo, Millenniummon's..." Ken muttered fearfully.

"...evolved. He's become..."

The ancient evil chortled inside his crystallized container. "ZeedMillenniummon. Yes, and as I am in this form you can't destroy me or risk destroying everything in this universe, both material and digital. Everything in the universe will cease should anyone break up my seal. Ryo, I'm sure you're aware of this. And you heroes, if you have any sense, you'd heed my warning well. However, I can easily do away with all of you rather quickly and effectively." The entity once again laughed for all his opposition to hear. Then, without warning, every crystal glowed brightly in conjunction with his own crystal seal. "We've decided. The outcome has become painfully clear. Your futures have now been decided."


Old Hypnos Headquarters/4:50 PM

"Sir, look!" Riley pointed him and the others to the floating crystallized fortress containing ZeedMillenniummon. "Jeremiah... he went from some hooded figure to a giant Digimon to that floating crystal!"

Yamaki gritted his teeth, eyeing ZeedMillenniummon. He never felt so apprehensive like he was feeling now.

"Sir?" Talley asked.

"And he's not the only one who went through major changes! Take a look at Sharon now!" Shibumi pointed everyone to the dark-schemed Sailor Chaos, who floated over next to ZeedMillenniummon. "With all these crystals here and all over the world, they intend to trap and contain us. And judging by the distortions taking place, they may in fact open up portals that will cause a major imbalance to our world if not our own physical universe... throwing time and space out of whack."

"I definitely don't want to live to see that anytime soon!" Rina said fearfully. "Nate, can they do it? Can they stop those two maniacs?!"

Nate simply shook his head dismissively. "I don't know... how am I supposed to know? I'm not the one out there fighting them, Rina."

"If they can stop those two, the consequences those two will bring to our world will be beyond catastrophic. Beyond anything we've seen before. Our own physical world may very well cease to exist, or change into something else completely," Raphael chimed in as he, Alister, and Valon gazed out toward the location where the Paradais duo reunited.

Though silent at the moment, Cain was visibly distressed when looking up toward Sailor Chaos. His eyes narrowed, reminiscing the tragic night his wife was taken from him by this same woman.

"C'mon, my friends, we're all behind you. You're the ones who can bring us a better tomorrow," Yamaki muttered, still clenching his teeth.

Cain managed to catch what Yamaki said and furrowed his brows. A better tomorrow, you say? If there is even one regardless who comes out on top of this!

(End theme)


Shinjuku District/4:52 PM

As Sailor Chaos floated over to ZeedMillenniummon, both had their bodies glowing and charging with immense dark energies. They then sent their dark energies toward the crystallized formations covering the city. The more dark energy pumped into these crystals, the more of these formations began growing and spreading into an more complex network.

(Cue Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King OST – Dernhelm in Battle)

The dark energy eventually spread globally, trapping billions of people and living things in crystal prisons. These same chaotic energies began to seep into the Digital World where the crystals formed, trapping any unsuspecting Digimon and other digital life.

Sooner than later, Spirit World would get covered in these crystals.

"Isn't it lovely, my love? Our sea of chaos is just already gained a foothold of this planet. Soon, the Digital World and Spirit World will get terraformed by our beautiful crystals."

ZeedMillenniummon added with an dark chortle. "Yes, and eventually every dimension will become amalgamated with our Paradais network. This whole universe will become one with Paradais."

The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, the Duelists, the Spirit Detectives, and the others found themselves being confined in a small space with little else to move. In fact, all of Tokyo was being covered in a thick dome of thick crystals, cutting them off from access from the outside world.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna gaped in shock, recalling the painting of the sealed monster. It's that creature inside the crystal Jeremiah showed me! It makes sense why he'd call it his favorite. He was Millenniummon all along!

"You all should be honored. You all have the front row seat to the ascension of our new kingdom!" Sailor Chaos boasted. "We're keeping Tokyo confined inside this dome because we have special plans for it. We plan to make it the heart of our Paradais network."

"But, you're keeping us confined here! What do you plan to do to us?!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon demanded.

"We have special plans for you. In fact, most of you won't even be here to see the ascension of our Paradais capital."

"Us not being here? Yeah, how typical you intend to kill us off just like that!" BlazeGallantmon rebuked.

"On the contrary, we won't need to kill you. We can make you cease to exist in this universe without resorting to primitive killing methods."

"Make us cease to exist?!" Susanoomon spat. "With all of us here?! You can't! You're bluffing!"

"Oh, big mistake attempting to goad, my love, you foolish children," Sailor Chaos smirked devilishly. "He doesn't like being tested, but in this case he'll make exceptions for you all. Heh, in fact, he can just finish you all off if he so chooses, but I convinced him why not put his near omnipotent powers to better use?"

With that, hundreds of portals seemingly opened up all over their surroundings. These portals acted like vacuums and began to pull in the heroes closest to them.

"PORTALS?!" Yugi became alarmed. "Everyone hang on tight and don't let go!"

"Sailor Moon! Tuxedo Kamen!" Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon cried out while hanging onto RJ.

"Dad!" RJ called out to Yusuke.



ZeedMillenniummon's crystal seal immediately cracked open as immense dark energies spilled out to overwhelm the heroes. Sailor Chaos aided by unleashing dark energies from her staff. Their combined dark energies, doubling as shockwaves, were so immensely powerful that the majority of the heroes were knocked out out of highly evolved forms. Susanoomon was split up, causing the Ten Warriors to regress back to their civilian forms. The Beast Biomergers were easily split up to the Tamers and partnered Digimon. The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi and Spirit-Fused Duelists were all knocked back to their civilian forms. Every summoned Duel Monster were purged. Others, namely Shaka, were turned back to their regular selves.

Only the remaining few like Omegamon, Buster Blader, Imperialdramon, Athenamon, Amazoness Swordswoman, Alphamon, and their supporters were left unaffected.

"GUYS!" Tai called out as he and Matt raced over to check on their fallen Digi-Destined colleagues.

Omegamon whirled around seeing the other heroes getting pulled into each portal. "NO!"

Athenamon called out. "SENSHI!"

Imperialdramon yelled. "TAMERS! LEGENDARY WARRIORS!"

All of the Tamers and their partners were pulled into separate portals, effectively being cut off from each other. Takato was able to grab onto Rika. Guilmon reached Takato's leg using his tail. Unfortunately, Renamon was cut off from Rika, but pulled in with Inumon into a portal. Himura, Jeri, Felinismon, Leomon, Kotori, and Seadramon were pulled into one portal. Kazu, Guardromon, Kenta, and MarineAngemon were sucked into another portal. Phillipe and Jaguarmon were taken into portal. Henry, Terriermon, Suzie, Lopmon, and Impmon were taken into a separate portal.

As for the Legendary Warriors, Takuya grabbed Izumi as tight as he could, but both got separated when a brush of dark energy hit them. Instead, Izumi was pulled into a portal with Jaarin. Sam and Tomoki both got pulled into a separate portal. Junpei and Norn held tightly as they, along with Ryudamon, were dragged into a portal. Kouji and Kouichi were taken into one together.

As for the Sailor Senshi, Usagi and Mamoru tried to grab on to each other, but Sailor Chaos fired a blast that separated them both.

"No, you don't!" Sailor Chaos laughed. "Can't take any chances of you two pulling out together using some kind of miracle!"



"Now for you, dear sister!" Sailor Chaos pivoted over to the Time Guardian and fired a blast. She blasted Setsuna through a portal. "Yes, farewell sister and never return!"

Rei and Hiei were pulled into a portal together. Minako and Rio were pulled in together in a portal. Ami and Vega were separated and sent into different portals. Makoto and Umi were sucked into one together. Haruka and Michiru were taken into one together as well. Hotaru was pulled into one with Dimitro as well. Chibi-Usa and RJ were sucked into another. The Quartet together were pulled into one. Karin, Dimitri, and Faith were sucked into a portal as well. Christina was pulled into a separate one. Taylor, Larry, and Jami were taken into another. Tyra and Helena were pulled into one together. Mika, Hayata, and Sara were pulled into another together. Koori and Sam grabbed each other's hands as they were pulled into another. Likewise, Amaya and Max were taken into one. Ai, Adam, Demona, Ryuuhi, and Daiki were pulled into one altogether.

Yusuke was taken into a portal by himself. Likewise, this happened with Kurama as he got separated by Maya. Kuwabara, Maya, Mizuno, Brimstone, and Tsukimaru were pulled into one. Kyo, Selipa, Yasha, and Nadeshiko were taken into another. Yui, DarkGabumon, Aoshi, Cammy, Shingo, Kohana, and Lien were taken in together into another portal.

As for the Duelists, Yugi, Atem, and Tea were taken in together. Joey and Mai were pulled into one. Serenity and Morpheous got sucked into another. Tristan, Duke, Miho, and Vivian were pulled in together. Lyn, Seto, and Mokuba were taken into a portal. Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Leo, Luna, and Crow were pulled into one together. Carly, Mina, and Trudge were cut off from the Signers as they were pulled into a separate hole. Jaden, Alexis, Chazz, and Blair were sent into a portal while Syrus, Hassleberry, and Aster went into another. Atticus and Yasmin got separated from their friends.

As for the remaining Digiteams, Masaru and Agumon were pulled into a portal together. The remaining DATS members were pulled into a separate portal. Kouki, Ivan, and Nanami were pulled into a portal together.

This left the remaining few, namely the Digi-Destined & their Digimon partners and the Digimon/Duel Monster forces. Suddenly, all the portals closed up much to their surprise. Tai, Matt, Davis, and Ken turned around seeing their Digi-Destined still left behind. Ryo, Cyberdramon, and Harbingermon were at the forefront facing ZeedMillenniummon and Sailor Chaos.

"Why are we the only ones left here?" Matt wondered. He hurried over to check on Mimi and TK.

After checking in on Sora and Kari, Tai defiantly looked up to ZeedMillenniummon. "Why are we here?!"

Sailor Charon chortled darkly, much to Tai's irritation. "To weed out the numbers. We can't afford to let our other friends gang up on us anymore, not when me and my love have progressed this war. The End of Days is only a few hours away from its final phase. Every dimension will this universe will become consumed by our network. As for you Chosen, why did we leave you here? Well, my love can answer this for me."

ZeedMillenniummon addressed the remaining opposition. "So that you can be the first witnesses to the End of Days. You managed to thwart my plans thanks to one individual. If it weren't for this individual, none of you would be here. Ryo Akiyama, I kept you here to prevent you from locating the heroes of this dimension."

"But, you forgot that Karin Osaka has the power to cross dimensions just like I can!"

"Yes, but she's only human. Even if she can reunite everyone I just banished, it'd take her a long time. By the time they do return here, the world that they knew will cease to exist! You'd only help regroup everyone at a faster pace. We can't afford that to happen."

"Your plan will fail, you two!" Ryo retorted at the Paradais duo. "Even the most elaborate of plans have the tiniest holes in them. Don't underestimate this dimension's heroes. There's always a loophole..."

"Enough!" Sailor Chaos shouted, firing a beam at Ryo and Cyberdramon first. She formed darkness chains that binded them.

"Millenniummon!" Harbingermon shouted as he jumped up to attack him.

"Harbingermon!" Ryo yelled.

ZeedMillenniummon chortled as his eyes glowed. He put a paralysis hold on Harbingermon and repelled him with a shockwave from his own aura. "So, I take it Ancientmon is aware that I've returned. No matter. There's nothing he can do at this point. The future has been written by me and Sailor Chaos. The rest of you are our prisoners."

(End theme)

With that, more crystal formations jutted out from the ground. The remaining heroes and warriors were ensnared by tendrils that pinned them against these crystal barriers. Omegamon, Imperialdramon, Athenamon, Alphamon, Buster Blader, and Amazoness Swordswoman were the first ones to be secured. Tai, Matt, Davis, and Ken soon followed. Then, the remaining Digi-Destined and Digimon partners followed. The other Digimon and Duel Monster supports were pinned down by crystals. Sailor Chaos made extra precautions to separate Yolei & Poromon and Cody & Upamon by sealing them inside crystal containers.

"That should prevent you from calling upon your miracle bird!" Chaos declared. "Can't afford to make any follies."

"Now, witness the rise of a new age. The End of Days will cease one cycle and start another anew, one that befits our image! Ryo Akiyama, I want you to be alive to witness this simply by virtue of us always fated to never exist without the other."

Closing his eyes, Ryo tried to telepath with Ouryu. There has to be way... please, there just has to... we need everyone back before it's too late!


Old Hypnos Headquarters/5:00 PM

(Cue Grandia II OST – Despair and Hope)

"It can't be! They're all gone!" Yamaki announced as he dropped his lighter. He couldn't form anymore words from his mouth.

"I can't make out anything happening over there!" Valon called out. "You mean to tell me... they're all gone?! Even Yugi, his pals, and Mai?!"

"Those portals that monster summoned pulled them in. Now, they cease to exist in our universe!" Shibumi said with dread, letting the terrifying reality settle into everyone's minds.

Talley teared up. "They're all gone... nothing left? Where did they all go?"

"My guess?" Shibumi deduced. "Other parts of time and space. Possibly other dimensions. Or worse..."

Cain pressed his hand on the window, shaking his head. "I knew they couldn't win... now we're at Jeremiah and Sharon's mercy... those monsters..." He sank to his knees. "Mei will never rest in peace now."

"And what can I do now?" Yamaki muttered in a defeated tone. Riley approached and comforted him. "...Janyuu, what could you have done in this situation? To save them? To save your children?"


Shibuya District/Inuki Residence & Dojo/5:05 PM

Okami, Suzuno, and Hina stood outside their shrine seeing the sea of crystals spreading. Botan and Koenma stood in front of the family's property forming a barrier over it.

"How long can we keep this barrier up, Botan?"

"Just a day and that's being generous."

"I just felt Yusuke and the others' spirit energies suddenly vanish," Genkai confirmed. "I don't know what happened, but I can't sense them anymore."

"Neither can I," Toguro replied.

Raizen and his friends were also present in the garden.

"Yusuke?" Keiko cried, holding little RJ close to her while little Chibi-Usa sat in her lap.

"You're Keiko?" Raizen approached Keiko.

"Yes, and you're Raizen? I heard Yusuke tell me all about you."

Raizen smiled. "Oh yes? But, I don't sense him or his friends anywhere."

Keiko shook her head dismissively. "Where ever they are, they'll be back. They've been through heck and back. I'm used to it."

"Your undying faith in them brings much hope," Raizen said.

"It's not just them," Okami replied. "The Senshi, the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, and the Duelists. All of them and their allies seem to have vanished. I can't explain it, but they're all gone."

Suzuno cried. "No, not my Aoshi!"

"Big brother gone?" Hina gasped fearfully.

Zane muttered. "Syrus? He's gone?"

Mako overheard. "And Makoto? And Umi? Both of them?"

Luna, Artemis, Diana, Lucy, and Desi became distressed hearing the supposed fate of their Sailor Senshi.

"It can't be!" Luna said.

"Mina!" Artemis cried out.

"Small Lady!" Diana shouted.

"Kuipers!" Desi shouted.

"Taylor!" Lucy said.

Setsuna, what's going on out there? Where are all of you?! Okami thought worried for the heroes' whereabouts.


Neo-Rajita Warship/5:10 PM

"What do you mean they're gone?!" Nagah snapped as she pulled a Bio-Vivian close to her face. "You mean everyone of the Senshi are gone? Lien was with them!" She screamed, worried for the child.

"Our sensor systems can't probe their current locations. It's like they vanished from this dimension!" The Bio-Vivian pleaded.

Nagah dropped the Bio-Vivian and cooled off a bit. "I'm sorry. Please continue to conduct a search."

"Yes, milady."

Suddenly, Blitzkrieg interjected as he entered the bridge. "Gonna be hard with all those crystals forming over the planet. How are you gonna find the kid and her new friends?"

"I'll do whatever it takes! Crystals or not, I'm finding Lien!" Nagah vowed.

"Maybe I can help?"


"Yeah, you got a group here willing to help ya find her," Blitzkrieg pointed behind him as Ayame (in female form), Kaname, Chisame, Gnorg, Uriel, and Navi amassed.

Ayame saluted. "Reporting for a search and rescue, milady!"

"Our new queen!" Kaname and Chisame announced.

"Let's find the little one!" Uriel chimed in.

Nagah became elated as her closest colleagues came to the forefront. "Thank you all. Blitzkrieg, you didn't have to do this."

"Let's get our asses in gear. We ain't got time to waste before we get trapped by those crystals."

Nagah clenched her fist and punched it into her palm. "Right! As first order as your new queen, let's initiate this search and rescue mission to the utmost of our abilities!" We're coming, Lien! For you and our new allies!

(End theme)



Takato, Guilmon, and Rika awoke finding themselves on the outskirts of a familiar setting from an anime series. It was a setting of a popular series Takato and Rika have heavily debated on.

"Don't tell me," Takato was at a total loss for words.

"It is, but I can't believe it either!" Rika was equally flabbergasted as the gogglehead.

They found themselves near Tokyo-3, the setting of the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series.

"ZeedMillenniummon sent all of us here?!"

"But, I don't see anyone else here, but us three," Guilmon noted, surveying the area and sniffing the air. "Renamon isn't even here!"

"Renamon?! Where is she?!" Rika asked, frantically scanning around for her yellow-furred partner. "Renamon!" She called out and raced across toward Tokyo-3.

'Rika! On hold! We can't stray too far from Takato and Guilmon!' Seiryuu pleaded out to her vessel.

"Rika! Wait, we need to stick together!" Takato shouted as he and Guilmon stormed after her.

'Takato, can you hear me?'

Suzaku? Thank goodness we can still contact. I can't over the fact ZeedMillenniummon sent us into another universe! Much less the Eva one!

'Yes, it would appear so and Guilmon's assumption is on point. I can't sense the whereabouts of our other friends. Only Seiryuu is here with Rika. I can't contact the other Beasts.'

Have they all been divided and sent into other universes, too?

'I'd say yes, I'm afraid.'

Ugh, I don't even know where we can escape this place without a dimension crosser like Ryo or Karin! Those two will have to go through great lengths to reunite all of us! There's no telling if our world will even be there anymore once ZeedMillenniummon and Sailor Chaos are done with it! We need to get back and kick their butts!

'I know. I would have faith in those two finding us all. When have they ever let us down?'

Well, never, but we're putting faith in them finding us in possibly hundreds of different dimensions. That's gonna take forever!

"Rika, look out!" Guilmon called to the redhead as a series of explosive blasts bombarded the streets of Tokyo-3, sending Rika flying into Takato's arms.

"I've got ya, Rika!" Takato holding her as they gazed ahead to see a familiar dark purple mech-looking monstrosity engaging an equally large white-faced and large framed, green-skinned behemoth. "Rika, it's that fateful night."

Rika nodded. "Eva Unit-01 and Sachiel."

Eva Unit-01, piloted by Shinji Ikari, was now locked in a heated battle with Sachiel. As a blast headed their way, Takato and Rika transformed into Suzakato and Seirika respectively while Guilmon evolved into Gallantmon. They veered away to witness the battle from afar while trying to come up with a way to leave this dimension.

"I've gotta wonder what other worlds the others ended up in," Suzakato decided.

Seirika replied, shaking her head. "Can't be any crazier than this."



Takuya ended up right in the middle of the battles between the Ronin Warriors and the Dark Warlords.

"You've gotta be kidding me?!" Takuya's mouth dropped upon seeing where he was at now. ZeedMillenniummon's sent us to other others?! I don't see the others here! Am I the only one here?!

"Hey, you! Get away from here!" A shaggy brown-haired teen wearing red and white armor beckoned him to leave.

"That's Ryo of the Wildfire," the Warrior of Fire muttered. Then, an idea came to mind. I'll have to figure a way out of here. Maybe these guys can help, but I'll have to give them a good first impression! "Looks like y'all need some help!"

"Says who?" asked Rowen of Strata.

Takuya grinned ecstatically. "How about I show you? Execute! Spirit Evolution!"

The Ronins and Dark Warlords were stunned as they witnessed Takuya Spirit Evolve into Agunimon.

"Agunimon!" The Warrior of Fire announced.

Cale was taken aback. "What in Talpa's name?!"

Sekhmet gaped behind his mask. "Another Ronin?"

"Agunimon? Where the heck did he come from?!" Kento of Hardock was left befuddled.

"Let me show you!" Agunimon declared as he raced in and helped the Ronins engage the Dark Warlords. "I'll help you deal with these jerks and you can help me find my way back home!" He jumped down and engaged Dais.

Looking on from afar was Anubis, who watched the new 'armored warrior' join in to fight with the Ronins. He viewed Agunimon with keen interest.


Planet Earl/Universe-MYO-05

Izumi and Jaarin had awoken finding themselves in a forest. Upon realizing they were cut off from their friends, they reached the same conclusion that ZeedMillenniummon sent them in another universe to keep them divided from the others.

As they reached the city known as the Windbloom Kingdom, they sighted people running from a giant mechanized monster. Putting their search for way back home on hold, the two girls headed out to stop the monster on their own.

"I'm not familiar with this place, but we can help these people against this monster!" Izumi said, whipping out her D-Scanner. "Ready, Jaarin?!"

Nodding, Jaarin held her D-Scanner out. "Let's do it." But, this setting looks familiar to me. Where have I seen this before?

The giant monster sighted the two girls and charged across to attack.

"Execute! Spirit Evolution!" Izumi and Jaarin shouted as they Spirit Evolved together.



The Warriors of Wind and Water quickly interceded the monster's destructive path while keeping it far from the Windbloom citizens. Fairymon flew up kicking the monster's jaw hard, which barely fazed it.

"Take this! Whipping Waves!" Ranamon struck the beats with armor-piercing water whips.

Fairymon flew up and produced thin tornadoes to hit the beast with. "Hurricane Waves!"

Despite their team efforts, the beast stormed forward relentlessly without a care in the world. Fairymon and Ranamon evaded the beast's path.

"Ranamon, our attacks are barely doing a thing to it! Let's kick it up a notch and go for Advanced modes!"


As they prepared to Spirit Evolve to their A-Hybrid forms, the creature blasted them with some kind of electrical blast that neutralized the two Warriors. This in turn shut down their Spirits. Fairymon and Ranamon gazed over themselves.

"Hey, what's happening?!" Fairymon cried out as fractal code formed over her. In a matter of seconds, she turned back to Izumi and saw her D-Scanner suddenly lose power. "Ah! What?! That jerk knocked us out of our Warrior forms!"

Ranamon saw fractal code bath over her, turning her back to Jaarin. She, too, pulled out her D-Scanner and saw the light in her Spirits vanish.

"Izumi, what's going on?! I just lost my form!"

"I can't seem to access my Spirits!" The blonde frantically pressed her device's functions. "No! C'mon!"

Suddenly, the monster turned its sights on the now powerless girls.

"Great, what now?!" Izumi screamed, looking for a weapon to use instead as a last resort.

"Hey, you two! Leave this Slave Monster to us!" A girl with an energetic voice called to them from above.

Izumi and Jaarin looked up to see an auburn-haired air wearing two braids. She was seen wearing her Meister Robe; the girl's robe was pink that fitted her petite frame with white sleeves and white extensions hanging from her waist. The petite girl flew down catching the monster with a what could be described as a double-bladed blue crystal. It was shaped like a lance. The attack dealt damage to the monster's face, cracking its facial armor open.

Izumi gaped. "Whoa! What a blow!"

"I remember where we're at! We just ended up in the My-Otome universe!" Jaarin realized. "And that girl is Arika Yumemiya, wielder of the Blue Sky Sapphire! She's one of the Otomes!"

"My-Otome?!" The blonde gasped. "Now, I remember!"

Arika caught the beast with another crystal lance, sending it toppling over with ease.

"Hey, you two are still here?!" Arika asked, noticing Izumi and Jaarin looking on with baffled looks. "Say, you two transformed. Y'all aren't using Meister Robes? What was that? That was so cool!"

"We, um... HEY, BEHIND YOU!" Jaarin stopped mid-sentence to help point to the monster getting up.

As Arika prepared to put it down, a double-edged sword pierced through the monster's neck and disabled it. The monster collapsed and quickly dissolved into green dust. Descending from above and landing behind Arika was a taller elegant-looking young woman with a robe resembling a dark purple armor with a magenta cape.

"Oh, Lady Shizuru!" Arika acknowledged the woman.

"I took care of the Slave Master, Arika," Shizuru said. She paused noticing Izumi and Jaarin. "Oh? Did you save these two?"

"Yeah, and guess what I saw them transform into these cool-looking warriors! They weren't wearing robes either! They were fighting well until they just lost their powers."

"No robes?" Shizuru wondered, curiously eyeing the two. She noticed their D-Scanners. "And these?"

"They aren't functioning now for some reason, ma'am. After that monster blasted us, it cut us off from our Spirit powers completely!" Izumi answered. "We used them to Spirit Evolve into our Legendary Warrior forms. We fought for a bit and then poof we lost our forms. Now we can't access our Spirits!"

Jaarin nodded. "Please, can you help us? We're also not from this world. We just ended up here separated from our friends after fighting two powerful enemies from our own dimension!"

Suddenly, two more Otomes dropped in.

One was an attractive young woman with long dark blue hair wearing a icy silver and black robe. Despite her beauty, she also had some defining masculine features matching Haruka and Tyra.

The other was a girl with short hot orange hair wearing an orange and white robe complete with a big belt around her waist. She also had a long red scarf tied and hanging around her neck.

"Ah, Headmistress Natsuki and Mai!" Arika greeted the Otomes.

"We took care of the other Slave Monster and its master," Natsuki said, shifting her blue eyes on Izumi and Jaarin. "Are these two ok?"

"They are, Natsuki," Shizuru gave her a sexy wink. "But, apparently these two have devices enabling them to transform and need our help. Perhaps we can take them back at Garderobe Academy and have Miss Yohko check their devices?"

Natsuki replied. "I suppose."

"And they can stay with me! I can show them around Garderobe!" Arika said being her usually enthusiastic self."

"That's not a bad idea," Mai concurred. "Better than leaving them roaming the streets."

"Natsuki Krueger, Mai Tokiha, Shizuru Viola, wow, I can't believe I'm seeing you all here!" Jaarin said essentially, exposing her inner fangirl for them.

"And how do you happen to know our names?" Natsuki inquired suspiciously.

"Let's just say from our world, you guys are considered cartoon and manga heroes," the blonde answered to Natsuki. "We'd love to come to your academy and maybe stay while our D-Scanners get worked on?"

"I'm ok with it, if you are Natsuki," Shizuru giggled. "It's your call."

"Well, ok, but if you two are staying long term at my academy you'll be asked to adhere to rules and regulations."

"Ah, go easy on them, Natsuki."

"But, Shizuru...!"

"Y'all are welcome to stay however you like until we find a way to get you home," Shizuru offered to Izumi and Jaarin.

"If you don't mind, my technical expertise could be of use to help repair our devices," Jaarin said. "I hope Miss Yohko doesn't mind a helping hand."

Izumi sighed. "And I can just hang around the school? Maybe I can pretend to be a student. However long it takes, but we hope we don't take much of your time." Especially for our friends' sakes! Guys, wherever you're all are, please let us all be reunited and kick Paradais' butt!

Arika quickly pulled Izumi into a tight hug. "YAY! A NEW ROOMIE!"

"Right this way, we'll take you," Mai offered to take them.

"You're gonna like Garderobe!" Arika chimed in cheerfully.


Feudal-Era Japan/Universe-INU-96

Inumon and Renamon were caught in a battle with a random group of feral demons. Without their respective partners, they were able to evolve beyond their base forms, but that didn't stop them from fighting off the demons. They were still capable of tearing up the monsters like they would enemy Digimon.

Renamon folded both arms, sending a barrage of diamond shards. "Diamond Storm!" She quickly turned several demons into pincushions with her diamonds, effectively killing them.

Inumon spun around tearing up several demons with his claws. "They just keep coming! Renamon, let's retreat!"

Suddenly, a giant centipede emerged from a bush and launched toward Renamon. Alarmed, Renamon turned around and prepared to evade.


As Renamon readied her claws, a powerful gust of vacuum air pulled the centipede demon away from Renamon.

"Wind Tunnel!"

Then, a giant boomerang-like weapon hurtled seemingly out of nowhere and skewered some demons, saving Inumon.


Inumon and Renamon watched a monk wearing a purple and black robe and a woman garbed in a form fitting black slayer's outfit. The man had sucked the centipede demon through a vortex embedded in his right hand palm. The boomerang returned to the woman's hands. Then, a silver-haired young man made a dash toward the remaining demons with a massive sword.

"Adamant Barrage!" The silver-haired man swung his massive sword, sending diamond projectiles that wiped out the remaining demons.

"Nice save, Inuyasha! Miroku! Sango!" Called a girl's voice from the distance.

"Kagome," the silver-haired man, identified as Inuyasha, smiled, acknowledging the girl's presence. He quickly sealed up his massive sword. "My Tessaiga rarely fails."

"Hey, are these fox demons?" Sango wondered, pointing to Renamon and Inumon.

"Fox demons?" Inumon pointed to himself. "Hey, you guys are...!"

"No, we aren't demons," Renamon corrected the demon slayer.

A short humanoid child with fox ears and tail approached the Digimon. He sniffed them both.

"The yellow one is a fox!" The little fox demon said excitedly.

"I don't sense any Youki from these two," Inuyasha said. "Something's not right. Who are you two?"


"Hey, you can call me Inumon!"

"Renamon and Inumon?" The girl with the bows approached them.

"Careful Kagome," the monk warned the curious girl.

"Sango, Miroku, stand back," Inuyasha ordered as he walked over to check over Renamon and Inumon. He eyed Inumon, narrowing his eyes. "Inumon, you say?"

"Um, yeah! And you must be Inuyasha!" Inumon sweatdropped.

Kagome smiled. "You two can relax. You're amongst friends now. I'm Kagome."

"Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo," Inumon named off the half-demon dog and his entourage.

"Wow! You know our names!" Shippo said.

"Who are you two really? Did Naraku send you?"

"Inuyasha, back off," Kagome chided him. "Sorry, but we've been on edge lately chasing down Naraku."

"We're no agents of Naraku, but we came from another world," Renamon explained. "We've been cut off from out friends. Me and Inumon were sent here after an enemy we faced sent us through a portal."

"And by going through that portal, we landed here," Inumon continued on.

"Can you buy that, Miroku?" Sango wondered, suspiciously eyeing the two Digimon.

"Perhaps. They appear to have good intentions," Miroku replied. "Though, is it just me, or do those two kind of remind me of us, Sango?"

"In what way?"

"Just an observation."

Sango sighed. "Oh really?"

"Maybe we can help find your way home?" Kagome offered to Digimon couple.

"How? What portal in this period could potentially send us back home?" Renamon asked doubtfully.

"Why not join us? We can try and help."

Inumon whispered to Renamon. "We should consider their help. They saved us after all."

"All right then," the yellow vulpine nodded. "We'll explain our whole situation."

Hopefully it won't be long until we see Himura, Rika, and the others! We'll be together again soon and beat those two jackasses! Inumon thought, mentally reassuring himself all would go well.


Midgar Slums/Universe-FFVII-97

As they were pursued by troops, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith ran into Himura, Jeri, Felinismon, Leomon, Kotori, and Seadramon along the way. They found refuge in Sector 5 Church where Himura and his entourage filled them in on their situation.

"So, you guys came from another world?" Cloud inquired, keenly eyeing the Digimon. "With what I've seen, you all seem you can fit here at home here."

Tifa folded her arms, walking back and forth. "Yeah, though I don't see talking animals all that often."

"And you say we're some kind of icons in your world?" Cloud asked.

"More than icons, I'd say," Himura replied, sitting on a stone with Jeri. "The enemy we were fighting separated us from our other friends. I've even been separated from Inumon."

"Other dimensions, that's crazy to believe," Tifa said.

"I can buy it," Aerith said, getting up finishing her prayer. She approached Himura, Jeri, Kotori, and the Digimon to hand them each a flower. "And I have faith you'll be reunited with your friends."

"Thank you, Aerith," Jeri said, sniffing the white flower handed to her.

Glancing over the flower, Kotori sat down watching Himura and Jeri conversing with Aerith.

"You ok, Kotori?" Seadramon asked his partner.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," she said, pulling off a petal from the flower while not taking her eyes off Himura and Jeri. They're so happy together. I come back to life to see Himura has moved on. I should be happy for him... no, them and I am, but... She shook her head and stormed out of the church, startling everyone.

"Kotori?!" Seadramon called out, following her out the church.

"Kotori?" Himura turned, watching his friend walking out.

Jeri stayed silent on the situation, already aware of Himura and Kotori's bond. Himura paused to give Kotori space alone.

Aerith was taken aback by these events. Cloud and Tifa were equally confused.

"Wonder what's eating her?" Tifa said.

"Beats me," Cloud added.

Aerith shifted her view between Himura, Jeri, and Kotori. She made her own assessment of the situation. She thought deductively. Is there some strained relationship with those two? The Jeri girl seems to be the middle one here.

Outside the church, Kotori crushed the flower in her hand and clenched her teeth. "Stupid. Stupid!"


Alarmed, Kotori thought Seadramon called to her, but when she look over her shoulder she saw Himura standing outside the church doors.

"Come back inside. We need to figure out a way back home."

"How are we gonna get back home? I'm worried about Phillipe."

"We'll see them again, Kotori. That I can promise."

Kotori kept silent and turned around facing Himura's direction.

"Kotori, listen..."

"You're right. We need to focus. We have to put our heads together and figure out a way out. Cloud and his friends can totally help us out!"

Himura tried his best to smile. "Yeah."

"C'mon, where's that enthusiasm, wolf boy?! Where's that confidence that won Jeri over?!"

"It's always been here!"

Kotori grinned. "Good. We're going to need it if we want to find a way back home and kick Paradais' collective asses."

Jeri stared out a broken stain glass window. A genuine smile adorned her features. "Good. Let us all stick together if we want to beat Paradais and to see our friends again."


Hellsing Organization/Universe-HU-06

A spotlight beamed down on Phillipe and Jaguarmon. They were seated in a chair; Jaguarmon was on Phillipe's lap. Sitting across the other side of a long rectangular table was a brown-skinned woman with long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders. The woman gave a cold and piercing glance forward, getting a better look over Phillipe.

They were locked inside an interrogation room.

"Boy, explain to me how you were able to infiltrate my facility? One that is highly secured?" The woman interrogated, an English accent evident in her tone. "I ask again."

Phillipe stopped her. "Look, me and Jaguarmon were transported here. We were in a battle and we ended up getting separated from our friends! I want to go back to them, but I don't even got the faintest clue how to get home! Miss Integra Hellsing!"

"And how is it you know my name as if we've met before?"

"From my world, you're a fictional character and I've well... followed you and your colleagues in a story called Hellsing."

Not particularly fond by the tone Integra's voice, Jaguarmon reproved her tone. "Don't you talk down to my Phillipe!" She hissed and as sparks of electricity seeped from her fur. "I'll zap your face if you and these freaks do any harm to him!"

"You're welcome to try," Integra goaded her.

"I'm surprised you're not freaked out by me."

"After all I've seen, a talking cat is nothing."

Phillipe sighed. "Please, Miss Integra. We just need help finding our way back home. I know this is asking for a lot, but I'm worried about my cousin and my friends." He openly pleaded to the Hellsing Organization leader.

Looking on from behind a viewing glass was a short blonde-haired woman dressed in an brown officer's garb.

The other was a tall lanky man garbed in a classic Victorian fashion, from the suit, leather boots, and an intricately knotted red cravat, covered by a full-length, red frock overcoat with a cape. He also wore a red fedora with a wide floppy brim and a pair of wide-framed orange sunglasses.

The blonde woman asked the tall red-coated man. "What do you think, Alucard? Is the boy telling the truth?"

"Perhaps, regardless, he and that feline don't belong here," he replied.

"I hope she doesn't consider having them both locked up. I mean, them suddenly appearing inside the Hellsing Organization through a portal. It's rather bad timing with all that's been happening."

Alucard maintained his gaze on Phillipe and Jaguarmon.

"We'll be keeping you two here under watchful eye until we can determine what to do with you," Integra addressed Phillipe and Jaguarmon, getting up from her chair. "Follow me."

Letting out a sigh, Phillipe relaxed and picked up Jaguarmon.



Kouji and Kouichi were also caught in a similar situation. The brothers fell in the center of a military drill. They were taken into custody and sent to Col. Roy Mustang's office. Also present were the Elric Brothers, Edward and Alphonse. Needless to say, Kouji and Kouichi were taken aback being in a universe of one of their favorite series.

Kouji and Kouichi spent over half an hour explaining where they came from and how they ended up in this dimension.

Edward became intrigued hearing their explanation. "Tell me, where you two sent here through the Gate?"

"No, just a portal by ZeedMillenniummon. That monster and his partner are going to have their way with out world if we don't go back and stop them!" Kouji replied.

Kouichi added. "There's no equivalent exchanged involved here. We just need a way to get back home to our dimensions."

"Another dimension?" Edward mulled this over.


Fire Lord's Throne Room/Universe-ATLA-05

Yugi, Atem, and Tea were summoned before the new Fire Lord, Zuko, who had assumed the seat following the recent war. The three had explained to him and his subjects of where they came from. Some of Zuko's subjects didn't buy into their explanation, but others, namely Aang, assessed their good characters to know they weren't lying.

"We're sorry if we've somehow intruded on your kingdom, but we mean none of you no harm," Yugi stood up before Zuko while explaining. "Just as you were all involved in a recent battle, we have our own war that has yet to be resolved in our own dimension."

Tea smiled as she listened to Yugi.

Yami was left in awe scanning the room. He looked up at Zuko. For a king of his nation, he looks very young. I wonder if I'll be ready to become pharaoh? That is if there will be a home to return to?

"Zuko, I think they're telling the truth. I don't sense any bad intent from them. They only attacked the guards out of self defense," Aang spoke for his friend the new Fire Lord. "We should give them a place to stay and we can work to find some portal that could find a way back to their home?"

Zuko mulled. "Yes, but what portal do we know of that could take them home? Much less one that exists?"

Yami quickly turned to Atem. The young prince was seen holding the Millennium Pendant in hand.

"Atem, perhaps the Pendant could be a key to find us a time and space splint?" Yugi beckoned him over to bring the Pendant.

"You think the Pendant can find one in this world?" Tea asked. "How can we be sure if it'll work in this dimension?"

"We won't know until we try, Tea," Yugi said, holding the Pendant in hand. He watched as the mystical object barely gave off a subtle gold aura. "I'm barely getting something. Not enough to let us use our spirit powers, but it's pinpointing a location." The aura showed an area that Aang and Zuko were quite familiar with.

"That's..." Zuko gasped.

Aang nodded. "The Sun Warrior ruins."

Yugi pointed out to the location as the Pendant's power subsided. "That might be where we'll find this fissure. But we must also close it to ensure no temporal waves reach this dimension and destroy it."

"This has to be ZeedMillenniummon and Chaos' doing," Tea ascertained. "Only they have the power to do this. They're already setting out to open up fissures to destroy the dimensions we've all landed in."

"To ensure we have no chance of returning home," Yugi said. "Very calculating of them, but they haven't beaten us yet. We just need to hope the Pendant will have enough power to close the fissure once we leave."

"We can help in any way we can," Aang offered. "Zuko, what do you say?"

"If what you say is true and you can prevent a future catastrophe in our world, then as Fire Lord I will help, too."

"Thank you from one royalty to another," Atem bowed.

"Paradais, we haven't been beat yet!" Yugi declared.


Masaki Shrine/Universe-TU-95

Ai, Adam, Demona, Ryuuhi, and Daiki were taken in as guests into the already crowded Masaki Shrine. Already a day has passed and they made themselves at home. This, however, was only temporary as they just explained them being transported from another universe.

Ms. Washuu quickly went to work overnight with Daiki to locate their universe. She impressed Daiki by building a modified version of the alternate reality machine she created, which led to Tenchi and gang being sent to various alternate realities.

The next day, Washuu and Daiki called forth their colleagues. Ai, Adam, and Demona were joined by Tenchi, Ayeka, and Ryoko. Ai and Demona mirrored Ayeka and Ryoko's affections/rivalry for Adam and Tenchi. Ryuuhi walked in with Sasami, Mihoshi, and Kiyone.

"Guys, I'm happy to announce Ms. Washuu has managed to locate our home dimension!" Daiki proclaimed. "Hey, um... guys?"

As Ryoko and Ayeka pulled Tenchi back and forth, Ai and Demona matched their fiery rivalry passion as they tugged on Adam's arms.



Ryuuhi sighed. "Such children."

"I know the feeling," Kiyone shared his annoyed demeanor.

"Ai and Demona are so much like Ayeka and Ryoko, huh?" Mihoshi asked.

Sasami sweatdropped. "You just noticed, Mihoshi?"

"Ahem!" Washuu coughed, getting everyone's attention. "Save the reality show drama nonsense out the door. Thanks to Daiki, I've been able to find your dimension, but here's even better news I've rebuilt the an enhanced version of the multiverse machine I built not too long ago."

Upon hearing this, Tenchi and the gang dreaded this idea.

"Are you crazy, Ms. Washuu?!" Ayeka cried out.

"Yeah, that abomination of yours sent us all over time and space!" Kiyone exclaimed.

Ryoko chortled as she leaned on Tenchi. "Well, I don't know. It wasn't that bad, huh, Tenchi? It got us together."

"TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, RYOKO!" The purple-haired woman pushed Ryoko back. "Tenchi, don't you think this is a bad idea waiting to happen?"

"But, Daiki and his friends want to get back home. This might be their only chance?" Tenchi replied. "Right, Professor Washuu?"

"I've worked out the kinks and it should work," Washuu said. "We just have to keep our fingers crossed."

"We need to get back home and stop Paradais. We'll risk anything at this point!" Ai said.

"Agreed. As fun as this dimension is, I'd like to get back where we belong," Demona concurred with her love rival.

Adam concurred with them. "We'd all like to get back home with all due respect please, Professor Washuu."

Washuu smiled. "You're such a gentleman, Adam. All right then. Daiki, just to ensure the thing doesn't go haywire, we'll need to test it. Ryoko, Ayeka, why don't you two be my guinea pigs?"

"What?! We aren't going through that crap again!" Ryoko rebuked.

"Don't worry. I'm just sending you two to their dimension briefly to see if it works," Washuu reassured. "If it does, we're good to go."

Daiki, Adam, Ai, Demona, and Ryuuhi nodded together.

"Right, let's get this experiment over with," Washuu declared and then with a snap of her fingers two spheres formed over Ryoko and Ayeka.

"LET US OUT!" Ryoko and Ayeka shouted while banging on the spheres encasing them.

"Relax, this won't even take a few minutes."

"Think this will work, Tenchi?" Sasami queried.

Tenchi scratched his head. "I hope so, Sasami."

Daiki crossed his fingers. This better work! Heck, if anyone can get us home, Washuu and crazy multiverse machine sure can!

"Hold on, there's something amiss that I didn't pick up," Washuu noticed a discrepancy on a computer screen sitting next to her. She scanned the screen as it displayed a fissure in their dimension. "This is bad."

"What is it?" Kiyone asked.

"An outside force is beginning to seep into our dimension. I'm tracing the source right back to... dimension YYGDM-01!"

"Those coordinates belong to..." Before Ai could finish, Daiki shouted and cut her off.

"That's where we came from!" Daiki raced over to check Washuu's computer and scanned the fissure forming over their current location. "Paradais, their presence is beginning to effect time and space, but not just our world, but the other universes! The rest of our friends are all spread all over different dimensions."

"Yeah, and what then?" Ryuuhi inquired.

"If we don't close these fissures, leave the dimensions, and stop Paradais, all universes including this one will be wiped out the same way out future was! Paradais are messing with the time and space so much they're sending temporal waves to wipe out all dimensions in this multiverse!"

"No, that can't be!" Demona was taken back.

"No way! Our lost our future, we're not gonna stand by idly and see more worlds destroyed by these jerks!" Ai reproved. "It's high time we kick Paradais off their high horses and restore balance!"

"And you will get your chance when this experiment is over," Tenchi reassured them. "Ms. Washuu?"

"Right! No time to lose!" Washuu declared. "Ready, Ryoko and Ayeka? If you two don't cooperate, it'll be the end of everything. Are we clear? That means if we fail, we fail these kids."

"If it works, then how about sending us to the closest dimensions to retrieve as many of our friends spread over the multiverse?" Daiki proposed. "Then, send us back to our dimension?"

"How many can we collect?" Ryuuhi inquired. "Then, we can try getting my sister."

"It's worth a try, but like I said we need to hurry," Washuu said. "Keep your fingers crossed everyone."

Everyone did as she told as Washuu summoned the upgraded multiverse machine. She then placed Ryoko and Ayeka in the machine.

She then pressed the button, which led to...


Thousand Sunny/Universe-OP-97

Finding themselves in a world of adventure and inspiration, Makoto and Umi winded up on the Thousand Sunny belonging to the Straw Hat Pirates. At first, there was a misunderstanding as some of the members perceived them as stowaways that hitched a ride without them knowing. This would then lead to shenanigans as the Straw Hats, Makoto, and Umi being attacked by a gang of flying sea monkeys.

Makoto and Umi quickly transformed to Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Jupiter and Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter to help neutralize the flying sea monkeys. Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter helped Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Nico Robin, and Brooke take out many of these flying sea monkey pirates.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter joined Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Sanji to fight the head hancho of these flying sea monkeys. The leader was a giant in his own right and nearly half as big as the Thousand Sunny. Despite his size, the four had the combined raw power to take him on.

"Please, after Oars, this guy ain't nothing!" Luffy boasted, readying his giant fist, which he puffed up.

Zoro quickly brandished his three swords. Sanji had his feet burning with fire.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter swung Mjolnir, summoning a massive thunder bolt. "Ready!"

"Let's take them down!" Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter declared.

In a matter of moments, the Jupiter duo and the Straw Hat Pirates easily overwhelmed the sea monkeys.


Karakura Town/Universe-BLCH-01

Hotaru and Dimitro were caught in the crossfire involved with Ichigo Kurosaki and the Karakura Town gang. They were helping clear a section of a Hollow infestation. Dai-Valkyrie Saturn and Mercuremon worked together neutralizing some Hollows.

Jumping up into the air, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn brandished her Silence Glaive and sliced up a few Hollows. Then, a Menos Grandes popped out behind Saturn and gaped its mouth, preparing to blast her.

"Saturn! Behind you!" Mercuremon called to her.

"Hey, move!" Ichigo shouted, trying to garner Saturn's attention.

As the Menos Grande readied a Cero blast, Saturn merely waved her Silence Glaive behind her, slicing the giant being in half. She then forged a condensed blast from her Glaive and vaporized it along with a bunch of other Gillians. Dai-Valkyrie Saturn glided forward swinging her Glaive to cleanly beheaded and skewer hundreds of Hollows.

"I'll be damned!" Ichigo was awestruck, witnessing Saturn clear a massive path where a Hollow army used to amass.

Uryuu concurred. "Hard believe a Sailor Moon and Digimon character dropped in out of nowhere. I wonder how they got here?"

"Who cares? They're helping us out big time!" Orihime cheered them on.

"There was that portal," Rukia recalled the portal Saturn and Mercuremon dropped from.

"Whatever the case, I'm glad we have them on our side," Renji said.

Ichigo observed Saturn wiping out the remaining Gillians in the area. "These two would definitely be big help whenever Aizen strikes again."

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn and Mercuremon immediately reconvened.

"How thou thee suppose we should get back home?"

Saturn deduced. "There has to be some doorway that can take us back home. This world has ways to different realms. We'll just ask Ichigo and his group where we can find a possible location for dimension portals." Suddenly, she and Mercuremon felt an immense power resonating from above them.

Saturn, Mercuremon, and Ichigo's group witnessed a fissure slowing form in the sky. The fissure zipped up, but rather than Hollows or another type of enemy Ichigo and his friends were familiar with. A white light gleamed from the fissure.

"What is that?" Chad dreaded, gaping in shock at the mysterious fissure.

"There's no Hollows or any Arrancars coming out," Rukia noted.

"No, this is... a worse feeling," Renji said.

"I'm not sensing any reiatsu," Ichigo muttered. "I wonder..." He gasped and called out to Saturn and Mercuremon. "You two! Do you have any idea what's going on with that tear in the sky?!"

Saturn and Mercuremon both turned around facing the group.

"We need your help finding a way to close that fissure and returning to our home dimension," Dai-Valkyrie Saturn said, floating over to meet with Ichigo and company. "We'd do each other great favors if we work together."

"We're all ears," Rukia said.

"Anything to save our world from whatever's coming!" Orihime complied.

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn and Mercuremon nodded to each other as they turned and faced the group.

"Very well, let's talk at your place, Ichigo," Dai-Valkyrie Saturn offered. "This will be a lengthy explanation, but everything we say is true."



Seto, Lyn, and Mokuba were relocated on location where Light Yagami was seen walking into a store. This was one of the first nights Light experimented with the Death Note.

"Seto, doesn't this look familiar?" Mokuba asked. "I must be dreaming."

"You're not Mokuba," Seto replied, equally bewildered like them both.

Lyn frowned. "Yeah, this is crazy. ZeedMillenniummon and Chaos divided us! I'm worried about my brothers and the others, guys. I don't even want to imagine where the others have all gone!"

Have we really been sent to other dimensions? This is way beyond anything I can resolve. Unless you've got something figured out, Yugi? Seto thought, wondering about the whereabouts of his former rival and the others.


DWMA/Death City/Universe-SE-08

Chibi-Usa and RJ had randomly dropped into one of the classrooms in the DWMA. Upon realizing where they were, Chibi-Usa and RJ had assumed they had fallen into another dimension. They recognized Maka Albarn and Soul. In the classroom were Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, and the Thompson Sisters. The teacher of the class, Dr. Stein, confronted Chibi-Usa and RJ, sending them to meet with Death, the Grim Reaper.

When meeting Death, Chibi-Usa and RJ explained their situation to him. Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, the Thompson Sisters, Dr. Stein, and Spirit were in attendance curious to hear their story.

"Hmmm, interesting," the Grim Reaper muttered, assessing their explanation. "We apologize for being wary for your story, but we've just recovered from the Kishin escaping under our watch."

"It's ok. We understand y'alls situation," RJ said. "We're just glad you were able to hear out story out."

Chibi-Usa smiled genuinely. "Yes, and you also seem to be understanding about there being other dimensions."

"Well, I'm not entirely certain how I can send you back to your own world," Death replied. "We'll comb through the whole world to find any portals to other worlds, perhaps your own."

"Thank you," the princess bowed.

"This Charon sounds just as menacing as Medusa," Maka muttered. "And every bit as repulsive."

"Yeah, sounds like these two and their friends have gone through a lot of crap," Soul said. "Losing their home and now being divided from their friends across dimensions."

Black Star added, ruffling his own hair. "Augh! All this talk about dimension things and time-space... my head hurts so much!"

Death the Kid turned to Chibi-Usa and RJ. "You two can relax now. We'll help you with the best of our abilities. The DWMA contains all the resources you'll need to help find the world's portals."

"Thanks," RJ replied.

Suddenly, Chibi-Usa sank to her knees and grabbed her head crying out painfully.

"Usa!" RJ cried out, kneeling beside his girlfriend and folding his arms over her. "What's going on? What are you seeing?"

"Charon and ZeedMillenniummon, they're... they're spreading their chaos power everywhere! Every dimension we've all been sent in!" She described, seeing black light spreading and enveloping past the Æther Sea. "No! We have to hurry! Paradais' chaos network is going to infiltrate this dimension!"

"Paradais?" Tsubaki gasped.

"That's the enemy you've been dealing with, correct?" Dr. Stein inquired.

"Yes, and if we don't act and leave to stop them, your world will be destroyed!" Chibi-Usa cried out, taking out her Valkyrie Dagger. She used it to transform into her Dai-Valkyrie Senshi form. "There's no time to waste. RJ!"

Nodding, RJ tore off his long-sleeve shirt, revealing his muscle shirt.

"Kids, I would insist you give Princess Serenity II and Raizen Jr assistance finding the one portal that can send them home. This is in fact a greater threat than either Arachnophobia and the Kishin."

The group nodded together as Maka and Soul approached Neo Moon and RJ.

"You can count on us to find your way home," Maka vowed, shaking Neo Moon's hand.

Neo Moon added. "From what I saw in my vision, I think I know where the location where Paradais' network is trying to break through. That might be where we might find the portal to send us back might be."

"We better get going then," Soul said.

"Yay! We're gonna fight Paradais!" Patty, the always enthusiastic Thompson sister, cheered excitedly.

"Sheesh, it's just one problem after another," Liz, the worrisome older sister, sighed.

"All right, let's get moving, guys!" Maka declared, rallying her troops together.


Hidden Leaf Village/Universe-NAR-99

After being spotted by Leaf Ninja, Henry, Terriermon, Suzie, Lopmon, and Impmon were taken into the Hidden Leaf Village. Tsunade called them in for questioning. In the room also were Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sai, Yamato, Kakashi Hatake, and Shizune.

"Let me get this straight. You claim to be from another world?" Tsunade asked, staring at the Tamers and the Digimon.

"Yes, ma'am," Henry bowed. "We aren't spies. We got cut off from our friends after all of us got knocked into these portals. I don't know where they could've gone, but I'm sure to other worlds."

Suzie pleaded. "Please, Miss Hokage, we're not bad guys!"

Terriermon scoffed. "We're no bad, but the Hokage sure looks peeved. She needs to unwind."

"Eh? You want to say that louder when I can hear?!" Tsunade cupped her ear, waiting for the floppy-eared Digimon to run his mouth.

Terriermon squeaked nervously. "NOPE!" He slipped behind his partner.

Impmon snorted laughing. Hah, she had you scared, ya floppy-eared dummy!"

"Is something funny?" Tsunade glared down Impmon, who sat down and cupped his mouth fast. "Now, you were saying... Henry, correct?"

"Henry Wong and this is my sister Suzie. I know you all have been under a lot of stress dealing with the Akatsuki, but we need help finding some way back to our home," Henry pleaded his case. "I ask you don't lock us away."

Naruto spoke up. "C'mon, Granny, you can let this one slide, can you? They don't look like they want to start trouble with anyone."

Sakura concurred. "I agree. Maybe you can have us escort them around the village? Then, we can think of a way to get them home?"

Yamato added. "Permit us to walk with them if you could?"

Sai looked over the Digimon. "Those are some interesting animal friends you have. They're not summons."

"No, we aren't summons," Lopmon corrected him. That must be the creepy guy with the dick fetish.

"Very well," Tsunade shrugged. "Naruto, make sure and stay with them."

Henry sighed with relief. Thank goodness.

"Wait until I show you guys to Ichiraku Ramen!" Naruto grinned his fox grin. "My treat!"

"I'm down for ramen!" Terriermon chimed in.

Impmon pushed Terriermon aside. "Gimmie some!"

Sakura covered her ears. "Too noisy in here!"

Kakashi shook his head. "This was no big deal then?"

Hopefully, our reunion won't be too far off, guys. Henry thought.

"Lady Tsunade! There's something going on in the sky!" Shizune pointed outside where everyone in the room sighted a fissure forming above the Hidden Leaf Village's location.

The Konoha crew were confused at the strange phenomenon occurring in front of them.

"What does this signify?" Yamato wondered.

"Too ominous," Tsunade muttered.

"It's Paradais. They found us," Henry muttered, clenching his teeth. Then, from a corner of his eye, he sighted a familiar looking man phasing through Tsunade's office door. His eyes bugged out in shock upon sighting him. Was that a... ghost? D...dad?!



Kurama was seen in peace in a forest with animals and forest spirits. These 'spirits' he was able to see were called Mushi, which he could be seen communicating with. Along the way, Kurama stumbled onto a man named Ginko, a gray-haired man who is known for attracting these Mushi.

"Who are you?"


"You can see the Mushi?"

"Is that what these creatures are called?"

"You possess something that appear to attract them to you, Kurama."

The red-haired man noticed the creatures floating near him. "Perhaps because of my nature. I'm not fully human."

"What are you?"

"A fox spirit. However, I don't belong here. I'm supposed to be back home with my friends and family. I need to be with them."


Outlaw Star/Universe-OS-98

Kuwabara, Maya, Mizuno, Brimstone, and Tsukimaru were dropped right inside the Outlaw Star. At first thought to be Kei Pirate spies, Kuwabara and company were able to clear misunderstandings with Gene Starwind and company. They helped Gene, Melfina, Jim Hawking, Suzuka, and Aisha Clan-Clan deal with some Kei Pirates along the way to earn their trust.

All the while, Kuwabara and his group hoped to find some way out of this dimension.


Near Ashford Academy/Universe-CG-06

Morpheous and Serenity stood side by side on the outskirts of Ashford Academy. They watched as Paradais' network began breaching into this universe.

"It's them, isn't it, Morpheous?" Serenity asked frightfully.

Morpheous put an arm over her. "Stay close to me, Serenity. Our friends will find us." He felt her leaning on his chest. "Even if we have to fight our way back."


Sydney, Australia/Universe-GFW-04

Kazu, Guardromon, Kenta, and MarineAngemon freaked out right when they were dropped in the middle of a major Kaiju battle. They sighted the King of Monsters himself, Godzilla, and in his full glory engaging the America Zilla.

(Cue Sum 41 – We're All To Blame)

"AH, MAN!" Kazu was flabbergasted and in awe, almost fangasming. "We just got ported into Godzilla Final Wars!"

"Yeah! And you see that?! Godzilla vs Zilla!" Kenta shouted, pointing to Zilla bumrushing and jumping up dodging Godzilla's trademark Atomic Breath. "Here it comes!"


"Um, hey is that Sum 41 playing in the background?" Guardromon heard a soundtrack for the short but epic scene playing out.

"Pi! Pi!" MarineAngemon squeaked, as if saying 'yes', which the robot translated.

"WHAM! DOWN GOES GINO!" Kazu cheered. His eyes and mouth widened as a bright flash of light lit up the scene. "Ahhh, yes! Here it comes!"

Godzilla opened his mouth and expelled a quick Atomic Blast into the Sydney Opera House where Zilla lied in defeated.


The resounding cries of Zilla echoed throughout the vicinity. The end result led to an explosive blast erupted from the site where the Opera House used to sit. Godzilla stood in glory letting out his trademark roar/screech.

Kazu and Kenta grinned like happy fanboys... until they realized they had to find a way back home.

(End theme)



Minako and Rio were dropped into the Macross universe, specifically in 2059. They met with this universe's Alto Saotome, Ranka Lee, and Sheryl Nome. Enthralled by Sheryl's presence, Minako greeted her from one idol singer to another. Rio and Minako told them they were from another world. Things got immediately hasty when Vajra attacked near them.

Springing to action, Minako turned to Sailor Venus and Rio unleashed his Demon Stone powers. The couple attacked some Vajra relentlessly, protecting the three from disaster. The biomechanical insects, the Vajra, continued coming at them in huge numbers. Venus quickly got serious and invoked her Dai-Valkyrie form. She threw her chain sword, tearing through the insects. Rio did his part burning away more Vajra with demonic blasts.

"There's too many of them, Venus!" Rio called to her.

"Then, let's get these three out of here!" Venus commanded, beckoning Rio to lead them away. "All right, you bug-like freaks! No one messes with the Champion of Love!" She then amassed a massive ball of light, which she crushed and blew on, sending hundreds of heart-shaped blasts that bombarded and vaporized the remaining insects. "Clear!" She hastily flew off to Rio and company's location. She scooped up both Ranka and Sheryl to fly them over in the air. Rio jumped up producing an aura that granted her flight and carried Alto.

"Wow, you two are like superheroes!" Ranka said gleefully. "Thanks a lot!"

Venus nodded. "Our pleasure."

"We owe you one," Sheryl said.

"No problem, Sheryl. Besides, us idols need to look out for each other."

"You said you two are from another dimension?" Alto inquired.

"We are. We're hoping there's a way out of here, but we're not so sure ourselves," Rio said.

"There just has to be portals that can open up somewhere. Maybe if we're lucky..." Venus sighed. "I'm worried for Ai, our friends, and everyone."

"We'll reunite with them again, Minako. I promise."

Venus nodded as all she could think about were her loved ones.



Christina was seated on a white chair that floated around a seemingly endless sea of turquoise light. As she floated upward, her eyes shot open as she sighted Miku Hatsune sitting on a similar chair.

"Whoa, wait a minute! You're... you're... Miku Hatsune!" Christina exclaimed.

"Who are you?" Miku asked curiously, sitting up and standing on the chair.

"Like one of your biggest fans! Heck, I have all your vocaloid programs and use it to help me practice with my singing!" The Australian idol-in-training shouted, grinning from ear to ear. Then, she paused and remembered about her dire situation. "Oh, how could I forget?!"

Miku blinked in befuddlement. "Excuse me?"

Christina somehow was able to float around and went over to Miku. "Please, I need your help to get me back home. I've been separated from my friends." She said, taking Miku's hands. "Can you help?"

Miku nodded. "Could you explain to me your situation?"


"But, I'd prefer if you do so by singing."

Christina blinked and sweatdropped. "Oh, um... I'll try."


Kamina City/Universe-GL-07

Vega met with Simon and Team Dai-Gurren to explain being separated from his friends and the threat of Paradais.

Ami, wherever you are, we'll be reunited soon! Paradais won't keep us separated for long! Vega thought with renewed determination after seeing Kamina's statue.



Ami was dropped in a universe completely different and not so 'animated', much like Kazu, Kenta, and their Digimon. Using her mini-computer, she tried pinpointing a point of origin location that could offer clues to a portal to take her out. However, her search abruptly stopped as she heard the cries of battle from afar. She quickly rushed to the location and sighted a battle. To her surprise, it was a fight involving the Sailor Senshi, live action versions of themselves! But, to her own bewilderment, she saw that the enemy they were fighting was a familiar blue-haired heroine turned villainess.

This struck an emotional cord within Ami as it took a few minutes for her to absorb what she was seeing. Th notion of seeing herself, albeit a live action version, fighting her own friends was horrifying. Having seen enough of Dark Mercury toying with the other Senshi, Ami immediately sprang into action.

Dark Mercury made a dash for Sailor Moon with her ice blades. Moon prepared to counter, but then a pillar of water formed in between cutting Dark Mercury off from the pass. Dark Mercury sprang back, surprised by the last minute intervention.

"Where did that water come from?!" Sailor Jupiter asked, baffled by what she and the others had seen.

"But, the only one who could do that is... Mercury?" Sailor Mars gaped, facing Dark Mercury's direction. "And she didn't create it."

"Look!" Sailor Venus pointed everyone to a figure descending in front of them.

The Sailor Senshi were shocked once Dai-Valkyrie Mercury appeared before them. Dai-Valkyrie Mercury, with tons more power and experience under the belt, put herself before these lesser experienced Sailor Senshi.

"Stand back, everyone. You've fought valiantly, but if there's someone who can help reach her it should be me," Dai-Valkyrie Mercury insisted.

"What makes you say that? Who are you?" Sailor Moon demanded. As she approached the armored Senshi, she gasped when she recognized the blue hair under the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi's helmet. "You're..."

Dark Mercury scoffed. "Outta of my way!"

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury shot a fierce glare, causing Dark Mercury to raise her ice blades. She then sighed. "Perhaps if I remove my armor, you'll better recognize me."

Sailor Venus, being an experienced solitary warrior in this dimension, was the first to notice Dai-Valkyrie Mercury's hardened glare. She's definitely has seen her share of battles. Maybe years. How can there be another Mercury? And one that's animated?

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury immediately powered down as blue light enveloped her. As her Dai-Valkyrie armor was removed, she turned back to Sailor Mercury, absolutely throwing off Dark Mercury. The other Sailor Senshi were taken aback as well.

"Mercury?!" Sailor Moon gasped, covering her mouth, the revelation blew her and the others' minds.

Backing away, Dark Mercury was equally shocked. She nearly dropped her blade and shouted to her. "Is this a trick?! Who are you?!"

"I'm you," Mercury answered plainly. She gave her live action counterpart a pitiful look. "I'm you from another dimension. I didn't want to believe another me would turn to darkness."

"Kunzite has opened my eyes and given me the power to crush these weak girls!" Dark Mercury shouted, brandishing her blades. "I'll... I'll take you down as well, no matter if you're me from another dimension!" She bumrushed Sailor Mercury.

"Move!" The other Senshi shouted.

Sailor Mercury merely stood her ground as if inviting Dark Mercury an opportunity to strike her down. The other Senshi intervened to save Mercury. Dark Mercury raised her blades to cut Mercury down with.

To Dark Mercury's own surprise, Mercury merely caught both blades with two fingers. Mercury shot a fierce and determined glare into Dark Mercury's eyes.

"I'm strong and fast enough to take anything you have," Sailor Mercury blatantly told her, assessing Dark Mercury's power. "But, I won't need my Valkyrie forms to stop you. In fact, I'm not going to fight you. Please, Mercury, listen to me... yourself. I am you from another dimension."

Dark Mercury growled, gritting her teeth. She saw Mercury still holding her blades with her fingers. She's only using two fingers on each hand to stop my blades?! She's powerful all right!

"I don't know what happened here, but you've gone down a wrong path you'll never get out of unless you realize you're being used by Kunzite. Me and my friends have fought a Kunzite. For that time, he was quite powerful, but with enough teamwork we stopped him," Mercury continued to let her words reach Dark Mercury. "And I've already seen enough of my friends turn to the dark side already. Sailor Mars was one of them."

Mars overheard Mercury, shocked to hear of her counterpart's untimely fate.

"It's not too late, Sailor Mercury," Mercury said, turning her frown into a genuine smile. "Please, you can change. Turn away from this dark path! Your friends here need you to defeat the Dark Kingdom!"

Dark Mercury gasped, withdrawing her blades back and paused to look at Sailor Mercury. She's not only stronger than me, but she's gentler than me! She doesn't have the killer's edge I have now! She gripped her blades tight. She turned to Moon and the others before shifting over to Sailor Mercury. "You haven't seen the last of me, Sailor Senshi! Sailor Moon, you're mine next time! And the other me..." She stopped mid-sentence before a dark wave of water swept over her, teleporting her out from location.

Sailor Mercury sighed deeply. "That could've gone better." Until I find a way out of here, I'm stuck here, but I can't really leave these girls alone while my counterpart remains possessed by darkness.

"Mercury...?" Sailor Moon interjected, cutting Mercury off from her train of thoughts.

Mercury turned around looking at live action versions of her friends. No Outers, No Kuipers. Just them alone fighting the Dark Kingdom? That sure takes me back, but things are definitely happening differently than what me and my friends experienced. For one, I was never turned evil by Kunzite.

"We'd like to thank you," Sailor Jupiter expressed her gratitude.

"You have quite the feat of strength to stop our friend like that," Sailor Mars said awestruck.

Sailor Moon walked over, grasping Mercury's hands. She openly pleaded. "Can you please help us? Help us get our friend back?"

Mercury looked over the Senshi, who looked to her as their one hope. She found herself in a situation where she was the adult tending to children, or in this case a veteran being leaned on for support by rookies for advice. Though, out of all of them, Sailor Venus seemed the most hesitant to entirely trust her.

I'm not even supposed to be here and I need to find my way home. But, I can't leave these girls. They need support... advice... and they need to save their friend. Their friend being me. ZeedMillenniummon and Charon has undoubtedly divided me and the others across a multiverse of sorts. Mercury calmed the Senshi down. "Listen to me, girls. I will help in anyway that I can. But, here's the truth. I'm not from this dimensions."

Sailor Venus spoke out. "We already can tell. How did you get here?"

"An enemy me and my friends fought divided us. We were all sent across different dimensions. I've been cut off from them all. I'm the only one sent to this dimension as far as I can tell. I had no idea I'd meet alternate counterparts of myself and my friends. And I'm shocked that I turned to the dark side in this dimensions."

"And we need to save our Ami-chan!" Sailor Moon said. "Can you help us? You just showed us power we've never seen before. We can take you to Luna and Artemis. You can share your story with all of us."

"Usagi... I mean Sailor Moon," Mercury looked at the confused girl in the eyes. "Listen, we're going to get your friend back. I'll do all I can to help you and the others. After that, I'm going to need help to get back to my world. Can we work together to accomplish our goals?"

Sailor Moon nodded in response. "Yeah, we can."

The other Senshi complied. "Yes."

Sailor Venus approached Mercury and slightly pushed her away from Moon. "How about we take your word for it? Help us defeat the Dark Kingdom and protect our princess? Then, we can help you return home?"

Sailor Mercury was shocked seeing hos direct this Venus showed to be. The way this Venus is addressing me. She seems to take after Uranus and Neptune. "Deal." She nodded.

Venus smiled. "Follow us. You have much to tell us."

"Of course," Mercury replied. I hope you can wait a little longer. With luck, if I can help them fight the Dark Kingdom and get their Ami back, I can probably find a portal back home? Kairyu, let's prep these girls in case my counterpart shows up again.


Third Earth/Universe-TC-11

Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Crow, Leo, and Luna were transported into a forest on Third Earth. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into. As if the anthropomorphic animals (mainly cats, dogs, mammal, bird, and reptiles) weren't enough, the future Duelists ran into a group of pig thieves that tried to rob them. Yusei, Jack, and Crow tried putting up a fight against these pig thieves, but the pigs proved too strong for them. One pig went over picking Leo and Luna up by their legs, hanging them upside down to rattle money from their pockets. Akiza was seized by another pig as the creature tried to disrobe her with a knife.

"Let them go!" Crow demanded. He charged but was tackled down by another pig.

The leader, a humanoid warthog, snorted and laughed while walking over to the future Duelists. "You're a bunch of weirdos. I've never seen your kind here before. What are ya, naked apes of some sort?"

"Who ya calling a naked ape, Pumbaa?!" Jack snapped. "I'll show yas!" He was quickly punched in the gut by the leader.

"My name is Mordemer!" The warthog snorted. "And you best remember that!"

"You got us. What do you plan to do to us?" Yusei asked.

"Heh, we ain't got any use for ya three, but the two kids and the female are coming with us. The brats can help us rob people and the female can be our servant wench who cooks for us! And perhaps she can pleasure us during our down time. We promise she'll be treated well."

"Yusei, Jack, Crow, help us!" Luna and Leo pleaded.

Akiza struggled in the grip of one of the pig thieves. "Don't let them take us!"

"Take us instead!" Yusei tried persuading them.

"Sorry, but deal's off. The decision is made final by me! Now, boys, let's take the loot and our new prizes!"

Before the thieves could make off with their new collectibles, a streak of golden light shot across knocking down a few of these thieves. Everyone were taken aback by this swift attack. Then, a whip lashed out taking out the pig thieves holding Luna and Leo hostage. Then, a large pair of arms pulled two pigs into a bush and proceeded to pummel them.

Mordemer became alarmed as he witnessed his men being taken down by mysterious 'assailants'. Then, a figure came dropping down in front of him. Yusei, Jack, and Crow were shocked to see a humanoid feline with spiky crimson hair brandishing a sword with a familiar red symbol with a cat's face embellished on it.

Wait, I've seen that symbol from somewhere before! Yusei thought as the feline warrior slashed at Mordemer, forcing him back.

"Leave these people alone, thieves! Or, you deal with us!" The warrior warned.

From out of the bushes came the warrior's four other colleagues. Amongst them were a humanoid tiger holding a three-pronged whip, a female cheetah humanoid brandishing a staff, a massive blue-furred feline with nun-chucks and metal arms, and two twin kits riding hover boards.

"You! You're...!" Mordemer freaked out as he collected his men. "Men, retreat!" He called for his men to leave the vicinity.

"Well, that was anti-climatic," the tiger remarked.

"Doesn't matter as long as we saved these people, Tygra," the lion replied, turning over to the future Duelists. "Are you all ok?"

"Yeah, but correct if I'm wrong if you just called him Tygra?" Crow asked.

"That makes you Lion-O!" Leo pointed to the red-haired feline.

"Oh, and you two are the twins! WilyKat and WilyKit!" Luna eyed the two kits.

Just then, a red-furred feline with a cream mane and bugged out eyes appeared, landing on Lion-O's shoulder.

"And that's Snarf!" Leo and Luna enthusiastically cried out in unison.

"Meow?" Snarf blinked thrice.

"He doesn't talk?" Leo was befuddled.

Akiza addressed the cheetah woman. "And you're Cheetara."

Crow gawked at the big cat. "And you're Panthro! Man, you're a lot bigger in person!"

"Hold up. Y'all are the rebooted versions from the year 2011," Jack noted. "There were different versions of y'all over the decades, but I recognize your designs from an animation history book."

Needless to say, the ThunderCats were confused by their rumblings.

"Please let me apologize for my readers' curiosities," Yusei spoke up. "We just happened to come here after an enemy we were fighting separated us from our other friends. A portal dropped us off here and we've been looking for our way home."

Lion-O put away his sword. "Heroes from another dimension? That explains why you look different from who we're accustomed to seeing."

"We're human beings. I don't know if there were any in this world?" Yusei inquired to the ThunderCats. "Do you know of a way we can get back home?"

The ThunderCats looked at one another every bit as confused as the future Duelists were. After some discussion, the Duelists agreed to join the ThunderCats on their journey for a while until they can find sources. In time, the Signers' Dragon Marks came to life and helped pinpoint a possible location where a rupture in time-space was forming, a sign that Paradais' network was preparing to invade this dimension.


Edo-Era Japan/Universe-SC-04

Junpei, Norn, and Ryudamon ended up meeting Jin, Mugen, and Fuu during one of their escapades. Needless to say, things had a rough start especially when Norn and Fuu were captured by bandits, leading to the boys rescuing them.


Neo Japan/Universe-GFC

Masaru and Agumon landed in the Future Century universe of Neo Tokyo. There they met with the pilot of the Shining Gundam, Domon Kasshu. Upon uniting, Masaru, Agumon, and Domon engaged various enemies, including the Devil Gundam.

Needless to say, despite wanting to reunite with his friends again, Masaru and ShineGreymon were having a blast in a world fitting for their battle junkie natures.

"If fighting through the competition leads me outta here, then let's give it our all, ShineGreymon!" Masaru boasted, clenching and raising his fist.

ShineGreymon dropped into a fighting stance as enemy Gundams charged at him. "It's fighting time, Aniki!" He bellowed and bumrushed, punching and slashing through Gundams with his burning sword.

"SHINING FINGER!" Domon bellowed as he controlled the Shining Gundam to fight off the enemy Gundams.

Paradais can't keep us separated, guys! We'll see each other again soon! Masaru thought confidently.


New York City/Universe-AEM-10

The remainder of the DATS team fell into a crossfire between the Avengers and Kang's forces. Needless to say, DATS proved much helpful for the Avengers. In the midst of the ongoing battle against the invasion, a scar form across the sky, signifying Paradais influence reaching this dimension.



Kouki, Ivan, and Nanami were dropped right into the universe of Kamen Rider Kiva. Upon arriving, they were confronted by Kamen Riders Kiva and Ixa, but before any words could be exchanged they stopped to see a fissure cutting through the dark sky.


Nerima, Tokyo/Universe-RAN-89

Carly, Mina, and Trudge ended up in the world of hijinks in Nerima. Needless to say, they weren't so lucky dealing with the shenanigans involving Ranma and the gang. Trudge and Mina just prayed they'd get out as soon as possible.

Please, please get us hell out of this hellhole and these nutjobs! Trudge prayed.

"RANMA!" Akane's voice rang out behind Impmon.

"HELP!" Ranma shouted in his male voice.

"AHHH! WATCH IT!" Carly howled.

Mina, too, prayed next to Impmon. Divine intervention! Anyone! SAVE US!



CereCere, PallaPalla, JunJun, and VesVes were dropped into the world of Sonic Adventure. They watched as the blue blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog, dashing right by. Sonic zipped right up back to them and checked them out.

"What is it, Sonic?" Tails called out, flying over to meet with his pal.

"Four cute girls. Probably from Station Square," Sonic scanned the four.

"Yay! Sonic!" PallaPalla cheered.

CereCere chuckled nervously. "Well, isn't this something?"

VesVes and JunJun muttered. "You gotta be kidding me."



Sam and Koori were seen inside the Gecko looking outside with Renton and Eureka. They sighted a fissure forming in the sky. Paradais' network was preparing to enter this universe.

"Paradais are breaching this dimension," Koori warned. "I can feel terrible vibes coming from it."

Sam grasped Koori's hands together. "Don't worry. We'll get back and beat them when we're all together again."


Fairy Tail/Universe-FT-06

Jaden, Chazz, Alexis, and Blair found themselves outside the Fairy Tail.

"Hey, isn't that?" Jaden pointed to the familiar building in front of them.

Just then, the trio paused to see Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Happy, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Wendy Marvell, and Carla coming out. The Fairy Tail Guild stopped to gawk at the Duel Academy students.

"Can we help you?" Lucy asked them. "Are you lost?"

"No way! You're Natsu!" Jaden exclaimed, waving his finger at the fire wielder. "Ah, you're really real!"

Natsu blinked thrice, befuddled by Jaden's reaction. "Um? Yeah, in the flesh."

Chazz was flabbergasted. "Man, this is so a dream." He got a pinch on his cheek by Alexis. "Ow! Hey!"

"Just a dream, huh?" Alexis rolled her eyes.

"We really are in the Fairy Tail world! Unbelievable!" Blair cried out.

"Hey, we almost look alike," Wendy addressed Blair.

Carla nodded. "No, you're certainly cuter than she is."

"Man, if we're in the Fairy Tail, I wonder where Syrus and the others went?!" Jaden snapped.


New York City, New York/Universe-TMNT-03

Syrus, Hassleberry, and Aster landed in the sewer home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These were the 2003 versions they met. The Duel Academy students asked the Turtles for help to return them home. Being familiar with traveling other dimensions, the Turtles, especially Donatello, opted to help them.

"You guys are total bros for offering to help us out here!" Aster said.

"You mean you guys went into other dimensions, too?" Syrus asked.

"Yeah, it was crazy! I went into a world where me and my bros were superheroes!" Michelangelo said enthusiastically.

Aster and Syrus sputtered. "Superheroes?"

Raphael flicked Mikey in the head. "Bah, I got thrown into a dimension with a bunch of alien racers."

Leonardo added. "And I ended up in a samurai world where I met our friend Usagi Miyamoto."

Donatello stayed silent, not wanting to tell much of his alternate dimension experience. "Anyway, seems like you guys passed from a rift out from a nexus."

"Yeah, and our friends might be trapped in other dimensions," Aster said as he and his cohorts looked over the giant screen showing the point of origin where they landed.

"You guys just happened to land in our sewer of all places. Like, what kind of bad guys were you dealing with?" Leo asked.

"A powerful enemy who's existence threatens not just our world, but yours as well," Syrus said. "We need to get back as soon as possible before it too late."

"This might be something Lord Simultaneous could help you guys with," Don suggested. "He's a Time Lord who helped get us out of the dimensional mess we got caught thanks to Ultimate Drako."

"Great, what are we waiting for? Let's get this over with and get ourselves back home!" Hassleberry declared.

"Back home here we come!" Syrus pumped up his fist.

"Um, guys! You might wanna see this!" Mikey called everyone over to see the news broadcast.

The Turtles and the Duelists watched the live broadcast show a fissure forming in the sky above New York City. Paradais' network was now opening up a tear into this dimension.



Atticus and Yasmin were thrown into the world or Princess Mononoke.


Meiji-Era Japan/Universe-RK-97

Sam sat outside talking with Kenshin Himura about his battle in his world. They were interrupted when a tear formed in the sky, which alarmed Sam.


New York City/Universe-SSM-08

During a fight with the Sinister Six, Tomoki Spirit Evolved into Chakkoumon to aid Spider-Man. Although they had a rocky start, Webhead and the Warrior of Ice were able to put the Sinister Six's plans in ice, sending most of them retreating.


The Bebop/Universe-CB-98

Joey and Mai became guests aboard the Bebop. Mai and Faye, realizing they shared the same last names, hit off really well. Joey told Spike, Jet, and Ed about their world being taken over by Paradais.

During one of their stops on a planet, the crew sighted a tear in space forming.

"What the hell is that?" Jet asked.

Spike replied. "Looks like some kind of scar in space?"

Ed spat out. "Looks like a fissure!"

"Hey, are you two ok?" Faye asked Joey and Mai, both of whom looked disturbed by the growing fissure.


"Yeah, this isn't good. Looks like Paradais ain't wasting time wanting to destroy us while we're stuck in other dimensions."

"We've gotta find a way outta here, Joey."

He clenched his teeth nervously. "What am I supposed to do? Yugi, what would you do, man?"



Tristan, Duke, Miho, and Vivian were transported into the world of Street Fighter. They were caught in the middle of a tournament event as a match between Ken and Balrog took place. In the midst of the fight, Ken kicked Balrog back so hard the box bumped right into Tristan. The boxer turned around and instinctively punched Tristan out thinking he was Ken.

"TRISTAN!" Duke shouted as he let Vivian and Miho tend to him. "Hey, Balrog! That was my friend you knocked out! Now you mess with Sexyback Duke!" Flinging a die into Balrog's face, Duke tried tackling Balrog.

"The hell, you doing?!" Balrog snorted as he pushed Duke off and winded up a punch. "Eat this!"


One punch and he dropped Duke like dead weight.

"DUKE!" Miho cried out.

Vivian huffed. "Oh, that's it! You knock out our friends?! How about you and me go, jerk!"

Balrog spat on the ground. "What are you some Chun-Li wannabe? Don't waste my time."

"I'll show you Chun-Li wannabe," she smirked as a shine gleamed from her left eye. "Now you've made me very cross!"

Ken paused watching Vivian step in to confront Balrog. "Um, wait, this is my fight?"

"Step aside, Kenny boy! This one's on me!" Vivian dropped into a fighting stance. "C'mon, boxer, gimmie all you got!"

"Last warning, leave!"


"You asked for it then!" Balrog charged.

"Vivian, you can't fight him! He'll kill you!" Miho shouted.

As Balrog charged, Vivian sidestepped the boxer and got down on her hands while striking him with her own Spinning Bird Kick. Balrog's face got hit a few times from Vivian's rapid kicks.

Ken was enthralled seeing Vivian in action. Did Chun-Li neglect to tell us she had siblings or cousins?

As Balrog fell on his back, Vivian stood tall flexing her right arm.

"I may be a girl, but I've got biceps of steel enough to out muscle any man!" The Asian champion boasted her own strength. "Want some more?"

"You got me while I was winded!"

"Excuses. Come on and get me!"

Miho sweatdropped. "This won't end well." She looked up and noticed the sky opening up as a fissure slowly formed. "What's that?"



Yui, DarkGabumon, Aoshi, Cammy, Shingo, Kohana, and Lien landed in the world of The Slayers series. During a skirmish with random sorcerers and bandits, the Neo-Spirit Detectives met Lina Inverse and her crew. Joining Lina were Gourry, Zelgadis, Amelia, and Sylphiel during one of their escapades. Enamored with Lina's use of black magic, Kohana asked her for tips to perfect her own black magic powers.

Meanwhile, Yui and Cammy asked the group about portals.

"Portals? I've seen plenty, but none that take you back to outside the four parallel worlds," Lina said. "You're describing something I'm not aware of."

"But, there has to be a way out of here, right?" Aoshi inquired.

"Sounds like one heck of a battle you guys got caught up in," Gourry said, hearing their whole story.

About the only force I know that can counter this Paradais duo is the Lord of Nightmares. Thought Lina as her train of thought was interrupted when she and the others saw a dimension tear forming in the sky. "What the...?!"

"What's going on?!" Amelia panicked.

"Some force is tearing through and breaching this side of reality!" Zelgadis exclaimed.

"It's them," Shingo muttered.

"Yeah," Aoshi answered.

"Paradais, their network is spreading," Yui concluded. We've gotta act fast! Yusuke, what are you and the others doing about this? Where are all of you?



Mika, Hayata, and Sara were being aided by Haruhi Suzumiya and her S.O.S. Brigade. They already acted fast accordingly. With Yuki Nagato's expertise to and Haruhi's reality warping power, they protected their universe from Paradais while finding a portal that could conceivably send Mika and her cohorts back home. However, Mika suggested to help them find their friends scattered across the multiverse.



Haruka and Michiru were standing outside of Ohtori Academy. Passing by them were a pink-haired girl dressed in a prince's garb and with her is a dark-skinned girl with short purple hair with glasses. Haruka and Michiru both recognized the couple.



Haruka and Michiru both exchanged looks.

Suddenly, everyone stopped and noticed a fissure forming in the sky.

"Utena, look!" Anthy pointed to the scar forming in the sky.

Utena paused to get a good look at the fissure. "What's going on?"

Haruka and Michiru both frowned.


"Yeah, Paradais is sending their dark energy to other dimensions. Guess they really want us gone that badly, they're going to take other dimensions to get the job done."

Michiru reproved. "Unforgivable."

Haruka took out her Valkyrie Dagger. "Just in case Paradais sends creeps to finish us off."

Michiru took out her Valkyrie Dagger. "Right and all the while we protect these people while doing so."


Planet Gunsmoke/Universe-TRI-98

Vash the Stampede, Sailor Eris, Sailor Ixion, and Larry sent a bunch of thugs running from a local town. However, their celebration was short-lived when a giant fissure began forming in the sky.

"What is that?" Vash looked up, noticing the strange phenomenon.

"Paradais," Eris, Ixion, and Larry muttered.


Mahora Academy/Universe-NEG-03

Max and Amaya stood outside the Mahora Academy. Negi Springfield, Asuna Kagurazaka, Nodoka Miyazaki, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Konoka Konoe, Hasegawa Chisame, and an assortment of the other girl students stepped outside to see a giant scar in the sky.

"Is that the Paradais these two have been warning us about?" Negi asked, furrowing his brows.

Asuna added, gasping. "They weren't lying after all?"

Max and Amaya took each other's hands.

"We've got to be strong, Max. Do you hear me?"


"Our friends will find us. They will find a way."


Fuuka Academy/Universe-MYH-04

Tyra and Helena were found outside the Fuuka campus. They were caught in the middle of a HiMe/CHILD and Orphan battle near by. The Kuipers immediately suited up into their Senshi forms. They sprang into action helping Mai Tokiha, Mikoto Minagi, and Natsuki Kuga neutralize an Orphan. However, it wasn't the end of that.

Two flying Orphans soared down shooting beams at the HiMes and Kuiper Senshi. This prompted Varuna and Quaoar to transform into their Dai-Valkyrie forms.

"Whoa, since when can Sailors transform into armored heroes?" Natsuki was baffled. "Duran, aid them!" She commanded her armored wolf to follow the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi.

Mai floated over with the use of her wrist and ankle rings. "Now that was cool. But, where did they come from?"

Mikoto became awestruck by the Kuipers. "So cool!"

"Hey, asshole!" Dai-Valkyrie Varuna shouted, propelling toward the Orphan and clipped off one of its wings following an ax swing. She then kicked it down, sending it toward her partner.

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar threw a vine whip to slice up the Orphan into bits. "Got it! Now, the other one!"

"We can take it from here!" Mai called out, activating her rings and unleashing fire blasts to knock the Orphan out of course. "Mikoto!"

Swinging her Miroku sword, Mikoto hopped up and slashed at the round-bodied Orphan.

"Duran! Fire!" Natsuki howled with authority.

Duran unloaded numerous cartridge ice shots to blow the Orphan to bits.

"Nice work, guys!" Mai called out as she and the Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers landed.

"You two were awesome! Love the armors!" Mikoto complimented the Kuipers.

"I agree, but real Sailor Senshi here and able to turn into armored warriors?" Mai asked. "What's y'alls story?"

"A long one," Varuna and Quaoar replied.

Natsuki folded her arms. "We got all day."

"All you need to know is we're not from this dimension," Varuna said. "We have to find our way outta here."

Quaoar nodded. "Yeah and back to our home dimension."

"What can we do?" Mai asked, confused as to what they want from her and her colleagues.

Suddenly, they looked up and watched a fissure beginning to form above them.

"What's that? Looks like the sky is... opening up?" Mai gawked in shock.

"It's Paradais, our enemy," Quaoar narrowed her eyes. "Varuna?"

"I know," Varuna replied, taking Quaoar's hand. "I won't let anything happen to you, Hel."

Quaoar gasped, taken by surprise by Varuna's vow. She smiled, flushing in her cheeks.

These two... they remind me of myself and Shizuru. Natsuki mentally noted the Kuipers.


Watch Tower/Universe-DCAU

Upon landing in this dimension, Rei and Hiei were caught in a city-wide battle between the Justice League and Mordru. In response to Mordru's threat, Rei transformed to Dai-Valkyrie Mars and Hiei had his sword ready. Both entered the fray to the surprise of the League. Mars, in her Dai-Valkyrie form, showed enough immense power that got even Superman's attention. Hiei countered some of Mordru's attacks with his dark flames. Ultimately, Superman and Hiei joined forces in the midst of the battle; likewise Wonder Woman and Dai-Valkyrie Mars did the same. Thanks to team effort, they brought Mordru down and saved Metropolis from destruction.

The next day, Mars and Hiei were taken to the Watch Tower for questioning by the League. The fire duo sat in chairs together as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, J'onn J'onzz, The Flash, and Green Lantern/John Stewart questioned.

"Yo, I've got two questions for you two!" Flash inquired as he dashed over looking at them both up close. "Hmm? Where have I seen you two before? You look familiar. You're characters from TV aren't ya?" He looked over to Mars winking. "And you're sure a cutie up close."

Hiei scowled, coming close to using his sword on the red-suited hero.

"Flash! Get your butt over here! This is a serious interrogation!" Green Lantern barked.

"Aw, c'mon, John. I'm just trying to lighten the mood. Besides, these two helped us kick Mordru's sorry butt! They're not bad."

Wonder Woman added. "We know their intentions were good, but seeing these two aren't registered heroes, we just need to know who they are."

"Fine, but I say we give them a chance," Flash nodded and walked back to his chair.

"Now, you say your names are?" Superman asked.

"We're not obliged to tell you," Hiei retorted.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars lightly slapped Hiei's chest. She nodded dismissively to him and apologized. "Please excuse my boyfriend here. He's been under a ton of stress ever since we got transported here."

"So, you claim you're from another world?" J'onn said, having scanned both of their minds. "You speak the truth, but miss I ask you what is this immense force you have hidden inside you? When I tried reading your mind, it permitted me not to trespass further."

"I can speak for both me and him," Mars spoke out, undoing her Dai-Valkyrie transformation and turning back to regular Sailor Mars. "My name is Sailor Mars, civilian name Rei Hino. And my stubborn boyfriend's name is Hiei of the Jagan Eye."

Jumping out of his seat, Flash was flabbergasted. "I knew it! I knew you two were familiar! You're from Sailor Moon and YuYu Hakusho, aren't y'all?!"

Sailor Mars and Hiei were befuddled with Flash's response.

"We're TV characters in this world, Rei?"

"I think that's pretty obvious."

"But, how do I know you two aren't just heroes masquerading as them?"

"Flash, sit down!" Batman barked, giving the Fastest Man Alive the trademark 'Batman' glare through his cowl. "Go on. You two were saying?"

"We come from another dimension," Mars explained. "We were divided from the rest of our friends and family during a battle with Paradais, a duo consisting of ZeedMillenniummon and Sailor Chaos. With all of us spread across other dimensions, we have no way of getting back home. Unless you have ways of sending us back, we're stuck here until our friends locate us. The Houou told me we won't be here long and to have faith. I am trying to hold as much faith as I can, but my kids... they're out there trapped in other worlds! I can't help but worry about them!"

Wonder Woman felt genuine pity for the Senshi and young mother.

"The Houou? Is that the force my friend J'onn sensed living in you?" Superman asked.

"Yes, and she's a benevolent cosmic force keeping me alive."

Flash muttered. "That's a new one. I don't remember you having that in your show."

"That's because she and Hiei are from an alternate reality from the show you're accustomed to seeing her in," Green Lantern corrected him. He half-teased. "I had no idea you were into that kind of stuff, Wally."

"Um, well... I needed something to watch on my spare time."

Batman stood up and eyed them both. "One final question. Will this Paradais have enough reach to breach this universe?"

"Very likely and your League just might not have the man and woman power to stop what's coming. You'll need resources beyond brute force to stand a chance," she stressed to them.

"We've got that in spades, Miss Hino," Green Lantern reassured her.

"As for sending you back home, we have our connections. Perhaps a visit with Dr. Fate should suffice?" Superman suggested.

"Whatever you think will work."

Hiei grunted. "I doubt they can send us back. Do they even know where our home dimension is?"

"They're going to try, Hiei, and you better be thankful. They're being kind enough to help us find our home in the first place," Mars scolded him in a hushed tone.

"All right, Mars and Hiei," Superman stood up and smiled. "While we work something out with Dr. Fate locating your dimension, we'll be prepping everyone for this immediate Paradais threat. You two can hang here in the Watch Tower until we hear back from Dr. Fate. Hopefully sooner than later."

"Right this way, Miss Hino."

"Thank you," Mars said, following Wonder Woman out. She turned to Hiei and nodded.

"I guess I'll be escorting you, um, Hiei? I keep forgetting your name," Flash flushed.

"Just take me where I need to be," Hiei scoffed. His demeanor reminds me of that fool Kuwabara.

Batman approached Superman. "Is this wise, Clark? This Sailor Mars has already confirmed she has a cosmic force within her. That would make anyone a classified Omega-level threat."

"She and her friend helped us take down Mordru. J'onn sensed nothing but good intentions from her. I think we're good and besides they're only here for a short time until we send them back where they reunite with their friends and family. She even mentions she has children."

Eyeing Hiei discreetly, Green Lantern folded his arms. "Yes and it's kinda obvious who the father is."

Flash blinked thrice as he looked down at Hiei and back to Mars, who just walked out the door with Wonder Woman. He did a quick double take and shook his head. "What?! No way! You mean... her and him?! They..." He resisted the urge to spazz. "Mind totally blown! What kind of crazy world did these two come from?!"

Hiei rolled his eyes. "Wouldn't you like to know, fool?"

"Oh, J'onn, since she's Sailor Mars, and you're from Mars, that makes you two the only Martians we got on the Watch Tower. Pretty cool, huh?" Flash joked.

J'onn stayed straight faced and nodded. "Quite."

The sooner I'm outta here and with my kids, the better. Yusuke, I can't imagine you having any more fun than I am now. Thought Hiei, taking his mind off the League members.

Walking down the halls together, Wonder Woman and Sailor Mars had quite a healthy conversation.

The Amazonian Princess opened a Mars symbol necklace where inside she saw a picture of Rei with the baby Koori and Ryuuhi.

"They're adorable, Miss Hino."

"That's the infant versions of my kids. I'm deeply worried about them since they're in the world where those two monsters are set to destroy everything me and my friends worked hard to protect."

"You'll return to your home, Miss Hino, to save your precious ones. I can promise you that."

After being handed back her necklace, Mars smiled genuinely. "That means a lot hearing that from you of all heroes. I think you'd like to meet my friends, especially Sailor Moon. She'd be fangirling all over you."

"Is she a mother like you?"

"Yeah, most of us are and that's why it's important we beat Paradais to ensure our planet's future."

Wonder Woman nodded. "Having seen you fight alongside us against Mordru, you fought like a true Amazon in battle. I can assume your friends all possess that level of fighting spirit."

"Indeed. How long until we hear from this Dr. Fate?"

"As Superman said, hopefully right away so we can take you and Hiei to see him."

Mars smiled while looking down at the picture of her and the twins. "Thanks, we owe you, guys." Sailor Moon, Senshi, Takato, Takuya, Yusuke, Yugi, everyone, we're all going to be reunited and teach Paradais a thing or two! Paradais, this is all just a temporary setback until we all return stronger than ever!

'Indeed, we will be back in our world. Paradais hasn't won yet.' Houou telepathed with the Miko Senshi.


Halloween Town/Universe-KH

Setsuna was dropped in the middle of Halloween Town. She was immediately greeted by Halloween Town's residents, including Jack Skellington. Unaware of her new surroundings, Setsuna instinctively transformed to Sailor Pluto and prepared to defend herself. Fortunately before the ghouls could spook her, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Kairi, and Riku stopped them to calm any hostility.

"Miss, it's ok!" Sora stopped her just in time. "There's no need to fight them!"

Jack was relieved. "Oh, Sora, goodness you and your gang are here!"

Sailor Pluto meticulously scanned Sora's group and the Halloween Town residents. She just now recognized the dark and goth setting. Yes, this is the world of the Nightmare Before Christmas! This is also a realm in the Kingdom Hearts universe!

"Hey, she's got a Keyblade like you Sora and Riku!" Donald pointed to Pluto's Garnet Staff. "See? It's a key at the end of it!"

Sora noticed Pluto's 'Keyblade' and approached her. "Wow, you have a Keyblade like us?!"

Kairi gasped. "Hey, she's Sailor Pluto!"

"What's she doing here though?" Riku wondered.

Sailor Pluto watched the teen curiously look over her Keyblade.

"Well, gosh darn you're right, Donald!" Goofy added. "What do you make of this, Sora? Riku? Kairi?"

Sailor Pluto cleared her throat. "Excuse me, but I've been transported here from a portal."

"Who sent you here?" Sora asked.

"My enemy and I've been separated from my friends. We were involved in a big battle against a powerful force called Paradais," Pluto explained to the teens and the Disney characters. "And that's how I ended up here. I need to find a way out, but I only have my Time Key, which only opens the doors to the Gates of Time. I have no dimension crossing powers of my own. I require a dimension crosser, namely Sailor Sedna and/or Ryo Akiyama."

"Whoa..." Sora was intrigued after hearing her whole story. "A whole world where Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, YuYu Hakusho, and Digimon live in some shared universe! That's surreal!"

Kairi nodded. "Yeah, I'd love to see this world!"

"A-yep, me, too!" Goofy said excitedly.

"Fear not, Miss Pluto," Sora reassured her. "We can help you. With many worlds to explore, there just might be the door you're looking for back to your world. Maybe your Keyblade could open it?"

Lifting her Garnet Staff, Sailor Pluto gave a half-hearted chuckle. "No, this is no Keyblade. I doubt it can open doors even in this universe."

"Have you even tried?"


"You use it for combat, yes?"

"I do."

Riku examined Pluto's Garnet Rod. "You might still be able to open doors."

"Here, let me show you," Sora said as he used his Keyblade to open a doorway into another world, which was revealed to be Wonderland. "See?" He used his Keyblade to close and lock the door. "Now, you try."

"Kairi's just beginning to get the hang of using her Keyblade," Sora said. "If she can use hers, you should, too."

Sailor Pluto looked over her Garnet Rod and sighed. "If you say so?" She thrust her Garnet Rod through the area where Sora 'unlocked' the doorway. To her surprise, Pluto opened the same door and unlocked it, revealing Wonderland.

"See? What did I tell you?" Sora grinned.

"Not bad for a first try!" Kairi clapped.

Pluto then closed and locked the door. She jerked her Garnet Rod back and examined it. This is a surprise. Perhaps while being in this universe, its universal laws grants my Garnet Rod the functions of a Key Blade? Yes, this is a world I must visit again should we defeat Paradais.

Suddenly, Sora received a distress call via a communicator from Mickey.

"Mickey, what's wrong?" He asked.

"We've got an urgent situation! The sky seems to be splitting apart here above my castle!"

"Xehanort's back?!" Sora asked.

"No, this is something I'm not familiar with! The hole is growing bigger!"

"It's Paradais! They're spreading their darkness through the other dimensions in the nexus!" Sailor Pluto warned. "Sora, friends, we have to get Mickey out of there! This is a force you can't defeat on your own!"

"Things are that urgent that other dimensions besides our own is in danger," Riku said.

Kairi sighed. "Thanks for stating the obvious, Riku. We need to do something!"

"Pluto, you're familiar with Paradais, how long do you think it'll take them to consume our worlds?" Sora asked the Time Guardian.

Sighed, Sailor Pluto answered. "Knowing how depraved for power my sister has become, it won't be long. We need to act fast to protect your world and send me back to my own to stop my sister."

"Good enough for me! All right, let's get to it, guys!" Sora declared.

Small lady, Sailor Moon, Senshi, everyone. Have faith! We will be be together again! And Charon... you've pushed me too far! Pluto thought with renewed determination.


Kami's Lookout/Universe-DBU-84

Karin, Dimitri, and Faith had landed of all dimensions one that pretty much makes up the biggest influence of their native home universe. They initially landed right in the middle of King Kai's planet first where Son Goku had been doing extra training with the King Kai.

Karin transformed into her Senshi form, which allowed her to walk and withstand the high gravity on King Kai's planet. Dimitri and Faith were both unfazed having gone through intense training in the Room of Time in the DF-616 dimension.

King Kai was able tell right away they were from another dimension. He was also aware of Sedna's dimension crossing powers. Sedna and Dimitri explained to them about their situation, prompting King Kai to feel Paradais' presence approaching their universe. Goku, at first being the battle junkie he was, seemed thrilled to face this new foe on his own, but Sedna and Dimitri immediately warned him Paradais has amassed enough power to wipe out dimensions.

Taking their warning to heart, Goku teleported him and the group to Kami's Lookout.

"Say, Dimitri is your name, right?" Goku gave the Ascendant a light hearted grin. "You kinda remind me of Future Trunks, y'know?"

Dimitri sweatdropped. "Um, really? You don't say?"

"You're just as modest and polite as he is."

"Thanks, I guess?"

Sedna cleared her throat. "Goku, as you may already know I'm a dimension crosser. I've had the ability to see many dimensions and timelines along my journeys. This is a job I take very seriously."

"Got it, but with your dimension crossing powers, shouldn't you be able to find your friends by crossing these other realms?"

"Well, it's easier said than done, Goku. It's not about me being able to cross dimensions. I can do that in spades, but I'm not sure if I'll have time to get to everyone in time. Besides, my other dimension crossing colleague is still in the world where we came from. Paradais might already have him captured. That makes things that much harder for me to find everyone before Paradais destroys those dimensions."

"Paradais has the power to destroy multiple dimensions?"

"That's right, Goku," Sedna replied. "Once Millenniummon revealed himself he and Chaos are putting their powers together to disrupt time-space. This is what me and Ryo have been trying to prevent. We were given duties to ensure the balance of every dimensions. Now that they're meddling with the time-space streams... it's only a matter of time they mess around with the Æther Sea. This all connects to the Nexus where milady, the Lady in White, oversees every dimension beyond time and space. I'm very certain King Kai is aware of her existence."

Goku scratched the back of his spiky head. "Well, I did recall King Kai mentioning some Lady in White during training not too long ago."

"That's her," the Ice Senshi giggled. "He must be communicating with her."

"Lady in White, you say?" Came a deep voice that caught everyone by surprise.

Sedna, Dimitri & Faith, and Goku sighted Piccolo walking in with Dende and Mr. Popo.

"What's going on, Goku? King Kai just contacted us about some Paradais Organization sending negative power through time and space," Piccolo informed them.

"Yeah, these guys here have an urgent situation and they have to find their friends scattered across other dimensions."

"I know this is asking a lot, but we will need the Dragonballs," Sedna pleaded to Piccolo, Dende, and Mr. Popo. "Not only are three worlds I hold dear to me in danger, but your world is in danger if we don't act fast. With the Dragonballs, I won't be able to wish away Paradais. Their powers very likely exceeds Shenron's, but with a wish, he can help us provide a dimensional map of where I can find our friends scattered across dimensions. It'll be more convenient for us since we're in a hurry. To be honest, as long as I've been a dimension crosser, even I'm not familiar with every door. If there's an extra wish left, you can do whatever you want with it."

Dimitri was impressed with Sedna's power of negotiation. Well played, Karin. Always the negotiable type.

"Piccolo? What now?" Dende turned to the Super Namekian.

"You're Kami now, Dende. This is your call."

Dende nodded to Sedna. "If all our worlds is in danger, then do what you can to find your friends and prevent this disaster."

"Thank you, Kami," Sedna bowed as she, Dimitri, and Faith walked over to Goku. "Let's find that Dragon Radar, Goku."

"You know about the Dragon Radar?"

The Ice Senshi giggled. "Let's just say one of the worlds I hold dear is exactly like yours. That world's hero, Taichi Kamiya, would love to meet you if the opportunity ever presented itself."

"Wow, is he strong like me, Sedna?"

"On par with you, I'd say."

"That's incredible! All right, you three better hold on tight. I'll get us to Bulma's in a hurry!"


Using Instantaneous Movement, Goku teleported himself and them to Capsule Corporation.

"Can they do it?" Mr. Popo wondered. "Save all realities?"

"The future is always uncertain," Piccolo replied, unsure himself. "But, I want to say yes."



Mamoru was transported where the Bronze Saints and Athena met. Having checked over Mamoru's memories, Athena confirmed Mamoru being from another dimension.

Seiya approached Mamoru. "You and your friends had your share of battles against cosmic forces. To think you've gone by surviving this long, impressive."

Mamoru transformed into Tuxedo Kamen. "Then, you know how serious our situation is. I have to reunite with Sailor Moon, the Senshi, and my other allies to stop Paradais once and for all. This is the last stand to save all dimensions, including yours."

"You can count on us protecting our universe from this Paradais threat. With the power of the cosmos," Seiya reassured him, rallying the other Bronze Saints.

Athena genuinely addressed Tuxedo Kamen. "I've sensed some activity within the nexus. Yes, the Lady in White... we've contacted each other before. She's already on the move finding your love, Mamoru."

"She knows where Usako is?!"

The lavender-haired woman nodded and smiled kindly. "Indeed, and Lady Cosmos will be calling for you soon as well. Just sit tight."

Why do I need to wait? What does Lady Cosmos need with Usako now? Tuxedo Kamen pondered.



Yusuke had finished beating up hundreds of Netherealm warriors. To show off, he stood on a mountain of Netherealm warrior bodies. He had a bored look on his face, dissatisfied that no warrior has yet to give him a challenge.

"This takes me back to being trapped in the video game of Mortal Kombat when that alien nutjob trapped us," Yusuke scoffed, kicking dirt into Cyrax's headless mask. He turned around seeing Goro and Kintaro backing off fearfully. "That's right. I own your asses! Go home, you two suck!" He looked up seeing Shinnok hanging on a pole. "Kicked your ass again, Shinnok! Well, not really... see I beat the virtual you... and now I just kicked the real you's ass. Does that make any sense?"

"Warrior! You're quite impressive!" Raiden called out, acknowledging Yusuke's strength. He was joined by Earth's forces, Liu Kang, Princess Kitana, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Jax, Kung Lao, and Sub-Zero. "You've taken down Shinnok and his entire army. How can we...?"

"Pfft, it was nothing, Thunder God!" The ex-Detective said, scratching the bridge of his nose. I just need a portal back to my home."

"I can certainly have that arranged."

"See, Raiden. You don't get it. This dimension's Earth is not my real home. I'm from another dimension. Can you help me back to my home dimension?"

"We would if you'd tell us where this dimension of yours is," Liu Kang said.

"On the other hand, I've been in contact with a being called the Lady in White," Raiden spoke up. "She claims she knows where your friends are, including one named Usagi."

The mere mentioning of Sailor Moon's name quickly got Yusuke's attention. He raced right up to Raiden.

"Whoa, you know where she is?! I know this Usagi! She and the others got separated after these two jackasses sent us across different realms!"

Raiden calmed Yusuke down. "Relax, she's set to contact me now." His eyes lit up, electricity shooting out from them. "After she's done speaking with Usagi, you'll be out of here in no time."

Usagi, what's this thing going on between you and this Lady in White all about? Why keep us in the dark? Yusuke wondered with concern much in the way like Tuxedo Kamen.


Earth (YYGDM-01)/Shinjuku District/6:30 PM

Even as a few hours passed, much of the world has been converted into a sea of crystals. Nearly every human outside the Tokyo bubble had been consumed and sealed in crystal prisons. The Paradais network gained all of Earth. The Earth itself had been converted into a digitized sphere. Paradais' dark energy seamlessly spread over the other planets.

Back inside the barrier containing Tokyo, the Digi-Destined, their Digimon partners, and the remaining Earth/Digital World/Spirit World defenses were left in a heap. Tai, Matt, Davis, and Ken watched in horror as their Jogress-fused partners were hanging on crystallized crosses. Athenamon, Amazoness Swordswoman, Buster Blader, and Alphamon were also crucified. Ophanimon, Seraphimon, Cherubimon, Harbingermon, and the other partnered Digimon were pinned down by crystals.

Ryo and Cyberdramon were sealed in a massive crystal orb. They were given a 'front row' seat to witness ZeedMillenniummon and Sailor Chaos' final phase.

(Cue Final Fantasy IX OST – Kuja's Theme (Millennium Version))

Sailor Charon landed atop of ZeedMillenniummon's head. She smiled malevolently down over their defeated foes.

"There's nothing left in this world that can stop us," Sailor Chaos boasted. "My love, has our Paradais network reached every dimension we sent those fools in?"

"Indeed, slowly but surely each world will become consumed and assimilated into Paradais," ZeedMillenniummon chortled darkly as he channeled dark energy through cables attached through all the portals they sent their enemies into. "There's nothing they can do stop us. We've won, Chaos my love."

"Excellent," Chaos smirked devilishly as she raised her staff. "With my sister, Sailor Moon, her friends, and their hero colleagues spread across time and space, we'll claim this universe and the entire multiverse as our own!"

Tai growled defiantly, lifting his head and glaring the Paradais duo down. "It's not over... you haven't finished us yet!"

"Oh, but you're all done," Sailor Chaos laughed. "Once me and my love combine, we'll make you our playthings for all eternity. Then, after we're done, we'll discard you like all broken toys. You and your friends have no more strength to fight us back with."

"It's time, Chaos."

"Yes," the dark Senshi whispered evilly and blissfully. "Powers of chaos combine us both. Purge everything representing order and bring forth disorder!" She dropped her staff right on ZeedMillenniummon's head.

Harbingermon struggled to stand, witnessing a giant dark cloud enveloping both Chaos and ZeedMillenniummon.

"Ancientmon, we're too late... we couldn't defeat them..." Harbingermon said, weakly falling on his knees.

"THE END OF DAYS IS UPON US!" Chaos and ZeedMillenniummon both declared while combining together.

Kari cringed, feeling the darkness waves hitting her and everyone else. "This darkness is going to destroy us all! We can't win...!"

"Millenniummon's got us for sure, doesn't he?" Willis muttered dreadfully.

"I don't want to hear that pity from any of you!" Davis barked.

Tai shouted. "You tell 'em, Davis! As long as we've still alive, we can still win!"

Suddenly, Omegamon and Imperialdramon broke loose from their bindings. They quickly freed Athenamon, Swordswoman, Buster Blader, and Alphamon. They all quickly flew ahead to tackle the giant cloud engulfing the Paradais duo.

"C'mon, guys! Blast them away!" Yolei and Cody cheered them on despite being locked inside their crystal prisons.

The Digi-Destined watched with anticipation.

"Go, my queens!" Titaniamon shouted, encouraging Athenamon and Swordswoman on.

Omegamon, Imperialdramon, Athenamon, and their cohorts prepared to unleash a combined force on the dark cloud. However, all it took was a powerful shockwave repelling them. Omegamon, Imperialdramon, Athenamon, and the others hit the ground hard.

"NO!" Ryo shouted as he and Cyberdramon watched the dark cloud dissipate.

As the dark mist thinned out and vanished, the combined Paradais duo was unveiled to those still able to see them. The final chaotic power quickly instilled despair to everyone present, including the brave and the hold Digi-leaders. Millenniummon has reached Kaiju-like proportions at over 120 meters tall. His helmet back in his base form is removed, revealing his grotesque face with the tongue extending out of his mouth. His eyes remain red, but now has navy blue and reddish-purple skin, along with crystals adorning his arms, legs and the back – where it replaced his cannons and aura. He has two huge crystals jutting from his shoulders. An orange crown sat on his forehead. He now has long black hair cascading over his head. On the Digimon's forehead, the small figure of Sailor Chaos appeared behind the crown in full glory of their combined body. In fact, the long black hair is actually Chaos' connecting them to one another. His overall appearance seemed to resemble SpaceGodzilla in some areas, including the crystal protrusions. Additionally, her clothing became slightly revealing due to the wild power.

The behemoth flexed his massive aura and pushed out his arms, sending an immense shockwave that shattered the barrier surrounding them. The Digi-Destined and their cohorts were left facing down the new combined Paradais.

The behemoth spoke, his tone deepened but with the combined voices of Millenniummon and Chaos. "The bringer of disorder has arisen. Your end is at hand at the hands of... CHAOSMILLENNIUMMON!"


Not too far from ChaosMillenniummon's location, both Ryoko and Ayeka materialized at their exact dimensional coordinates. They quickly surveyed the city, shocked by the devastation left at the wake of all that battles that took place.

"This city is a mess! They weren't kidding when they mentioned a big battle taking place!" Ayeka was flabbergasted.

"Yeah, and I can see why! Look at that thing!" Ryoko pointed her to ChaosMillenniummon, who hadn't noticed them yet.

"What in Jurai is that...?!"

"Must be the Paradais duo those kids mentioned. Looks like they didn't waste time combining, but now we can confirm to Washuu that the dimensional device works and we can send those kids to other dimensions," Ryoko said. "Ready?"

"Yes, let's make haste."

With that, Ryoko called Washuu via a communicator as the professor teleported them both back to their universe.


"You four have mouthed me far enough!" ChaosMillenniummon bellowed, opening up a portal behind Tai, Matt, Davis, and Ken. He then unleashed an immense shockwave to send the four Digi-Destined through it.

"TAI!" Sora, Kari, and the other Digi-Destined shouted in horror.

Omegamon and Imperialdramon instinctively jumped through the portal to save them. However, the portal closed behind them.

"No, Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken!" Ryo yelled out.

"Keep it up and you'll be joining them!" ChaosMillenniummon boasted. "With my combined power, I can manipulate and destroy any dimension I deem expendable! It just so happens a plentiful amount of dimensions will destroyed with your friends in them."

(End theme)

Tai! Sora thought.

"Why don't you just destroy us and get it over with?!" Yolei goaded the chaotic behemoth.

"In due time, but once I've finished destroying and assimilating the dimensions I've sent your friends in," ChaosMillenniummon chortled evilly. "Have patience, fools. Your turns will come."


Digital World/Universe-DXW-06

Tai, Matt, Omegamon, Davis, Ken, and Imperialdramon found themselves in the world of Digimon Xros Wars. While finding a way out of this dimension, they happened to find Team Xros Heart fighting some new enemy Digimon army. Before they could move in and aid Team Xros Heart, the same fissure that has been seen in other dimensions started materializing in the sky.

"Great, Paradais managed to find us!" Matt exclaimed.

"And they'll destroy this world!" Imperialdramon said.

Nodding, Tai sighted Taiki and his team just noticing the fissure. A gogglehead in this world? And Digimon that can combine that's not like Jogress? What the heck kind of Digital World did we just land in?!


Azabu-Juuban, Tokyo/Universe-SMC-14

"Everyone! Are you here?!" Usagi called out, trying to get a response. She could only her the resounding echo of her own voice. She paused to examine her surroundings.

(Cue Sailor Moon OST – Galaxia's Locket Melody)

She found herself in the middle of Azabu-Juuban. Across the street, she sighted a familiar home.

"Am I back home?" Usagi gasped, absorbing the familiar but still foreign surroundings. Her eyes narrowed. "No, it's home, but something feels different here. This is so strange. Why am I here?"

"Hold it right there!" A familiar voice called out.

Alarmed, Usagi recognized this voice tone as her own. This caused her to whirl around quickly. Her eyes widened as she saw a familiar 'double bun'-haired, sailor and fuku-wearing heroine with her long blonde pigtails hanging down. There was something 'mystical' and 'enchanted' about this young heroine. Her presence seemed more fluid and brighter in comparison.

Usagi felt a rush of nostalgia seeing... herself!

Except, this version of Sailor Moon had differently notable features. This Sailor Moon had a more thin frame with slightly skinnier legs and arms. This Sailor Moon's hair was wavier as wind flew behind her. Usagi noticed her Sailor uniform had a few cosmetic differences, including a different looking brooch and white adornments in her hair.

"You're..." Usagi was nearly at a loss of words. "...me?!"

Sailor Moon posed. "I'm Sailor Moon! Champion of Justice! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

Usagi was utterly speechless.

Suddenly, their surroundings became enveloped in a white light and the Azabu-Juuban setting vanished completely. Usagi and Sailor Moon stood face to face looking each other in the eyes. Sailor Moon undid her pose as a white aura flashed over her. This light shone brighter, completely consuming the girl.

(End theme)

"What's happening?!"

Before Usagi's eyes, 'Sailor Moon' transformed to Sailor Cosmos.

"Lady Cosmos?!"

"Thank goodness I was able to find you, Princess Serenity. You and your friends' battle is not over yet."

"But, we've been separated across dimensions! I'm lost! I don't know where to find them!"

"That's why I'm here to help guide you to their paths. Naturally, I'm not supposed to meddle with these kind of situations, but the threat Paradais poses will destroy the Nexus that I oversee. They will destroy the Nexus along with every dimension your friends are trapped in as well as the Galaxy Cauldron."

"What can we do? I can't do anything to get out of here!"

"Usagi, relax," Cosmos calmly reassured her. "Do you remember the talk we had before I sent you out to fight the Neo-Rajita leader?"

"Yes, of course."

"It's time to spring that final trump card into play."

"You mean...?"

Cosmos nodded. "Yes. With these circumstances, you must. Some of your friends are already receiving help from heroes of other dimensions to transport them home. Sailor Sedna is also doing her part with Ryo Akiyama held captive by Paradais. With all of you united again, Chaos and Millenniummon cannot defeat you."

"But, they already have..."

Cosmos sternly glared at her. "It's not over. Despite how fearless she may appear, Chaos still fears your power, Sailor Moon. She knows without Millenniummon or the Romulus Source, she can never defeat you. That is why she's hidden in the shadows with her Paradais partner. And keep this in mind. Sailor Charon died long ago once she released Chaos from its imprisonment. Charon was overcome with jealously over Sailor Pluto and that hatred consumed her, causing her to not only release Chaos, but also merging herself with the entity to become Chaos incarnate."

Usagi's face conveyed pity. "Then, there's no saving her?"

"Sailor Pluto has already forsaken Charon and severed her sisterly bonds with her. Charon has made her choice to become Chaos incarnate. She's the one who caused the Sailor Wars to happen. She was instrumental in the deaths of thousands... no millions across the universe. She created most of the major evil forces you and the Senshi had to defeat. She possessed Galaxia and in turn tarnished the Golden Queen's heroic deeds. Charon is beyond any redemption. Do you understand?"

The Moon Princess nodded solemnly.

"And Millenniummon. He must be defeated as well. Remember, you won't be fighting them alone. You will have your friends to fight alongside you. This is undoubtedly the most crucial battle you and all of your allies must win. Are we clear?"

(Cue Sailor Moon Crystal OST – Moon Pride)


"Don't forget what we talked about. You will rise up and led everyone to victory, averting Paradais once and for all. Will you stand united or remain divided knowing you all failed to protect your universe?"

Usagi quickly took out her Valkyrie Dagger and transformed into Dai-Valkyrie Moon. She reaffirmed. "We stand united in the face of chaos."

Putting on a genuine smile, Cosmos lifted her staff overhead. "Yes, that's exactly what I want to hear. Now, Princess Serenity, the time has come."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon resolved, putting her game face on. "Yes!"

(Cue theme)


(Cue Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opening)


ChaosMillenniummon: Humph, so this is it. The final battle. Chaos, disorder will consume all. Your worlds will become one with Paradais.

Moon: Cosmos, order will save all these precious worlds. It ends here, Paradais. Everyone!

The Senshi, Digiteams, Spirit Detectives, and Duelists: TO VICTORY!

Granasmon: Next time, the end game concludes.

Final Battle, Cosmos vs Chaos! The Last Stand To Save Dimensions!


A/N: Two chapters left to go and boy we're finally here. The end game battle against the Paradais duo. Even though it's just those two, they're undoubtedly the most powerful enemies of YYGDM to date.

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He makes it a point to reference and I paraphrase: '...depicts a sealed force of destruction. Overtime, its seal deteriorates and it becomes undone. Once it's released, it's the end of everything.'

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How about that surprise end with Usagi meeting Crystal!Sailor Moon? As of this writing, that new Crystal teaser came out and what great timing because I hoped to get some kind of snippet/teaser/trailer to give me a visual presentation of how to convey the Crystal version of Sailor Moon. And what do you know? It was Lady in White aka Sailor Cosmos herself!

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With Cosmos getting Sailor Moon back on track, the race back to the YYGDM-01 dimension is on. Sedna is gonna work to get Shenron to create her a map to find the every dimension her friends are trapped in, especially the ones she has yet to enter. Daiki and his group have gained big help from Washuu and her dimension machine (also thanks to the successful experiment Ryoko and Ayeka just performed). And then there's the other dimensions where each dimension's heroes are helping to send the YYGDM cast members to their world.

Of course, all these efforts may be in vain if ChaosMillenniummon as their way destroying and assimilating each dimension to become part of their expanding Paradais network. Indeed, the combined power of Chaos and Millenniummon create the seemingly unstoppable ChaosMillenniummon, whose has the power to threaten a multiverse. There's no force in the YYGDM-01 currently that can stop Paradais, but the fat lady hasn't sung yet. Our heroes are gonna pull out of this cross-dimensional predicament (which has already begun).

The final battle between cosmos and chaos is set.

Everything from the start of WoP comes to a head here. Paradais, who have been working toward this gambit since Pharaohmon (for Charon/Chaos, this has been a battle a long time in the making since Moon purged her out of Galaxia).

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