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(Dragonball Z OST - 6 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Variations) (0:00 to 0:42))

Sailor Cosmos: (pleasantly smiles) The following is a non-profit fanfic parody. Digimon is owned by Bandai, Akiyoshi Hongo, and Toei Animation. YuYu Hakusho is owned by Yoshihiro Togashi and Studio Pierrot. Sailor Moon is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha and Toei Animation. Yugioh is owned by Kazuki Takahashi and Konami. YuYuGiDigiMoon and Digimon Fusion Kai are owned by Kanius. Please support the official release.

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(Cue Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Luca)

(The seven YYGDM-01 founders: Takato, Usagi, Takuya, Kotori, Yugi, Yusuke, and Karin, are eating and drinking in an outside café since their biggest battles of DoC are finally over. Not only that, but they wear cosplays for another Cosplay Fair since Invasion of the Rajita. They dress up as the main characters of Final Fantasy X: Takato – Tidus, Usagi – Yuna, Takuya – Wakka, Kotori – Lulu, Yugi – Kimahri, Yusuke – Auron, and Karin – Rikku.)

Takato: Wow, this is a special opportunity to meet each other. Talk about 'the story of my life', huh?

Usagi: (smiles) Yeah, we are the superheroes the folks deserve. (winks) Its our secret clubhouse.

Yusuke: (grins) Hey, I'm getting the hang of my sword and being cool as well. That guy already died, while I died twice before.

Yugi: My costume looks unique.

Kotori: Heh, least I'm not dating Takuya since he's with Izumi.

Karin: Look, I know we're Senshi, Usagi, but I don't think my personality fits with the character I'm cosplaying.

Usagi: Just get used to it. You know, we're still similar since we both lead our teams.

Takuya: So any plans, Usagi?

Usagi: Well, we are like the founders of the Justice League from the DCAU. Rei and Hiei had the honor to meet them. I don't know if we're building a Watchtower, but I hope to see a Metro Tower, kinda like the Hall of Justice being made.

Takato: That sounds cool! Can't wait to see it.

?: Don't forget about me, because you guys are brilliant.

(The seven heroes turn to see a Thai young man/boy, Ford.)

Usagi: Ford, what are you doing here?

Ford: (smiles) Just checking with you that's all, I did make this corner after all. We're almost there to the finish line in this penultimate chapter that those readers are reading. Unlike the Ascendants of DF-616, you guys have become the most unique of all heroes in terms of story telling.

Usagi: Aww thanks for the compliment!

Yusuke: Gotta hand it to you, you're not that bad.

Ford: I have high hopes that there will be a few stories left in this universe, especially which I'm taking the helm to contribute more often. I even begin to be interested in one of the awakening Valkyries, not that Gardevoir and the delightful Ashley mind.

(Kotori looks at Ford with suspicion)

Karin: What's wrong, Kotori?

Kotori: Nothing, it's just that I wonder about this guy.

Ford: Anyway, I gotta go somewhere else in this fair. Take care, guys!

Usagi: You too!

(End theme)


Nexus Dimension

Dai-Valkyrie Moon was given the renewed confidence needed to bring the fight to Paradais, ending the current cycle of chaos vs. cosmos. Sailor Cosmos saw the fiery and passionate look in Moon's eyes. The Moon Princess has shown to have greatly matured since that fateful day of becoming Sailor Moon for the first time.

"You've certainly grown a lot since then, Usagi Tsukino," Sailor Cosmos genuinely said.

"I've had to," Dai-Valkyrie Moon replied. "This final battle can't be led by a crybaby. I've changed, but I'm also still the same me. I still have the same good qualities I've always had. I know I've had to hold back since I don't like hurting others, but you said yourself there's no redemption for Sailor Charon, right? She's Sailor Chaos now. She and Millenniummon can't be reasoned with. I can't hold back like I did with Galaxia. Galaxia was someone I wanted to save. Chaos? Millenniummon? I can't. They must be stopped."

Sailor Cosmos nodded sagely. "Indeed, Sailor Moon. You really understand what needs to be done."

"Then, I must go."

"Just a moment, Sailor Moon."

"But, every dimension in the Nexus is in danger. We need to hurry."

"I know, but I want to send my personal servants to guide you. They will listen to you just as they'd do for me," the Lady in White said as two spheres of white light materialized next to her. As these spheres hardened and cracked, out from them came two humanoid figures.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon witnessed two blond girls in divine clothing similar to the Chobit twins. The girl on the left was wearing pink clothing like Chii; the other on the right had on dark clothing like Freya.

"Wow, they look just like Chii and Freya! Are they really..."

"They're called the Chiimon, my personal servants. They were digitized aspects of those said characters from their respective universe."

"I see," Dai-Valkyrie Moon acknowledged. She waved to them, smiling. "Hi, so you two are coming with me?"

The Chiimon both nodded, their vacant eyes quickly gained more life to them.

'Chii' replied kindly. "We the Chiimon have been commanded by our lady to accompany you into this crucial battle to save the entire Nexus."

'Freya' added. "You received what you needed from our lady?"

"Yes, I did."

The twins replied earnestly. "Good! Let's get going, Princess Serenity."

(Cue Sailor Moon Crystal – Moon Pride)

With that said, Dai-Valkyrie Moon turned and faced the main Nexus portal. The Chiimon both stood on Moon's opposite sides.

"Lady Cosmos, I have a question."

"Yes, Usagi?"

"You turned into a completely different Sailor Moon than me. Tell me, will she and that world I stumbled in come to existence?"

"It already has. The Sailor Moon of that dimension will soon realize her destiny much like you already have."

Smiling from ear to ear, Moon became relieved to hear this from her. "That's good. From one Moon Princess to another, I wish her luck... when me and my friends defeat Paradais. And we will. Chiimon, I'm ready."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon and the Chiimon jumped through the Nexus portal, taking them through the Æther Sea. The portal closed in front of Sailor Cosmos, who played her part in opening portals to as many dimensions as she could to help the YYGDM heroes out of them.

I shouldn't be doing this since I would be breaking Nexus laws, but this must be an exception, Ora Guardians. Chaos and Millenniummon have combined their powers to extend their reach to all the dimensions we're supposed to oversee, including the Galaxy Cauldron. They will not only destroy, but assimilate every world to create their own Paradais universe. This cannot be allowed to happen! Sailor Cosmos focused on a hundred visuals displaying every dimensioned designated with a dimension label. Some dimensions have already begun to become unstable due to ChaosMillenniummon's breaching them! "Sailor Moon, will you do exactly what we discussed when you and Sailor Chaos cross paths? Will you end this cycle of chaos?"


Æther Sea

Thanks to the Chiimon and the power bestowed from Sailor Cosmos, Dai-Valkyrie Moon was enveloped in a white light and flying over the Æther Sea. Moon was flabbergasted seeing the seemingly endless sea of white mist and golden lights shining through.

"This is what Sedna and Ryo often see when they're dimension traveling? How beautiful," Dai-Valkyrie Moon was entranced by the tranquil and beautiful universe.

"Princess Serenity, we must stay focused. We're now going into find as many as your allies we can," 'Chii' stated. "We won't be the only ones guiding them out of each dimension. Right now, as we speak, Sailor Sedna will be using mystic items to grant her a map to locate others closest to her."

"Great, that takes a heavy load off us."

"And a few others are receiving help with folks with access to advanced technologies to find more from the other dimensions," 'Freya' said.

"Great, less work for us. At least other kind people from these other dimensions are helping my friends. I'm relieved," Moon smiled and nodded. "Guess we'll be seeing others crossing out back to our world soon. Chiimon, get us to the nearest world!" Guys, I'm on my way! We're all going back home to end all the suffering Paradais has caused!

(End theme)


Earth (YYGDM-01)/Shinjuku/Old Hypnos Headquarters/7:20 PM

Yamaki palmed the window and turned away in disgust. "It's over. It's pitiful how we've been reduced to being inconsequential. At least with D-Reaper, we were able to give Takato and his friends resources to combat that thing. We were given time to prepare. Now, this... no, it's all over for us." He clenched his teeth.

"Yamaki," Riley walked over folding an arm over him.

"We can't help them now... I wish there was something we can do, my friends."

"I refuse to believe this is over," Talley said, turning around as Nate sat comforting his sister. "Nate..."

He just nodded and handed Rina a cup of water.

Talley glanced over to see the Monster Makers trying to work with the computers while the generators were still running. She peeked over to see them putting up a map of all Tokyo as the green areas indicated the crystals, which were closing in over the city.

"Guys, I don't mean to interrupt, but should we be doing this now?" Talley asked them.

"Even at this time of crisis, Janyuu would've done everything in his power to find his kids," Shibumi replied. "We're scanning those portals that are still open. As we've seen, Takato and his friends were all thrown in them. My assumption that they might've been thrown back into the Digital World, but if my theory is right they've all been thrown into other dimensions."

"Other dimensions?" Talley was hesitant to believe. "You mean, they're still...?!"

"Alive? I very much believe so," Shibumi replied. "I'm not giving up on those kids and those heroes. They saved our butts so many times that just abandoning hope is huge disservice to them. Janyuu would never give up hope."

Talley smiled upon hearing this. "Yeah, you're right."

Cain overheard them from the corner while Grace stayed by his side.

"Those deluded fools," Cain muttered, his eyes were on ChaosMillenniummon. "These so-called heroes failed to stop this thing. What makes them think they're even still alive?"

Overhearing them, Valon interjected. "Why don't you just shut up before I go over there and-!" He was cut off by Raphael, who dismissed him off. "But...!"

"He's not even worth our time," Raphael replied. Her stared out the window and toward the vicinity where ChaosMillenniummon towered over the center of Shinjuku. "Having crossed Yugi and his friends before, they find ways to come through. This may be no different."

"Got that right," Alister concurred. "Hey, lady, make sure this jerk doesn't run his mouth again or I'll knock him flat on his ass."

Grace furrowed her brows and pulled Cain aside.

"Yamaki, we shouldn't give up yet," Talley approached him. "Shibumi thinks Takato and the others were sent to other dimensions."

"What did you say?"

"He was left to assume they were just thrown into the Digital World, but they sent to other realms. Like parallel Earths similar to our own."

"The theory of the multiverse," Yamaki muttered, recalling a discussion he had with Janyuu before regarding other alternate Earths. "Shibumi! What else can you confirm?"

"I haven't confirmed anything. It's just my hunch after our studies with the multiverse."

"You're saying they've all been sent to other parallel worlds?!" Yamaki yelled out flabbergasted.

"Like I said, it's just a hunch, but we're working on scanning the nature of those portals that monster opened," Shibumi addressed. He then deduced. "However, that monster appears to be pumping dark energies of some kind into these portals. It might be attempting to destabilize these dimensions, possibly trapping and destroying everyone within them."

Yamaki growled, turning around and facing the window where ChaosMillenniummon was extending his reach through the portals.

"Takato, heroes, if you really are out there... get out of those worlds as fast as you can!"


Shinjuku District/Outside Matsuda Bakery/7:30 PM

The families of the Tamers and Legendary Warriors stood outside seeing crystals forming a dome over their city.

"Takato," Takehiro Matsuda, Takato's father, muttered while putting a comforting arm over his worried wife Mie.

"Where is our precious boy, dear? He said he'd come back."

"He will come back. They finding a way to bring that monster and these crystals down."

Mayumi and Rinchei were probably the most worried. Having been told the news of Janyuu's sacrifice, Mayumi broke into tears. Henry, Suzie, Jaarin, and Vivian had given their word they'd help rid the world of the evil that's brought chaos to their world.

Rumiko Nonaka and her mother Seiko worried for Rika. The latter patted Rumiko's back, patting her back.

"My Rika... I don't want to lose her..."

"How many times have you said that and she's always come back to us, Rumiko, really?"

Rumiko sighed sadly. "I've lost count, but still as her mother..."

"As her mother, you need to have faith in her and Renamon. This isn't their first and this most certainly won't be their last," Seiko reassured the famous model in a calm tone.

The Katous, Shiodas, and Kitagawas stood together praying for the return of their children. Likewise, the Kanbaras, Kouji and Kouichi's family, the Orimotos, the Himis, and the Shibayamas hoped for the best for the Legendary Warriors. Also amongst them were Katsuyas with their children Yusuke and Kazuma. Yusuke and Kazuma carried BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon. Megumi was also seen with Makoto, Ai, and Calumon. Kiyoko, Kazu's friend, was seen with her family wondering about will happen next.

Not too far from their location, Nami Asaji and Mr. Takanaka observed ChaosMillenniummon. The Lycans had been given orders from Okami to scour and watch over the families while a protective barrier provided by Calumon was placed around them.

"Takato..." Nami Asaji murmured softly as all she could about was her former student and his friends.

"Have faith, Ms. Asaji," Takanaka reassured her. "Okami told us to never give up on them."

"I know, but..."

"I don't believe this battle has been completely resolved."


Shibuya District/Inuki Residence & Dojo/7:45 PM

Koenma, Botan, and Okami stood in front of the residence eyeing the protective wall keeping the crystals from closing on them. Suzuno, Hina, and Jorge were sitting together playing with the toddlers. Also within the estate were Keiko, Yukina, Shizuru, Atsuko, Yuuichirou, Naru, Umino, Genkai, Toguro, Raizen & his colleagues, Chuu & company, Saya, Mako Tsunami, Zane, Mukuro, Yomi, and Shura.

"You mean their energies just vanished?" Botan asked. "Like, poof! Gone?"

"It's strange. Their energies are gone, but it doesn't feel like they died," Koenma said.

"That's because I don't believe they're dead," Okami said.

"What makes you think that?" asked the soon to be king of Spirit World.

Okami offered no response, but his vague statement gave their a some semblance of reassurance, even though he had no full proof of them still being alive.


Shinjuku District/7:50 PM

Meanwhile, ChaosMillenniummon finished linking his reach to all the dimensions the heroes had been placed in. He slowly released chaotic energies into these dimensions while his presence had completely digitized the Earth. He was in process of changing the Earth to a world fitting for the Paradais network.

The remaining Digi-Destined and Digimon were left helpless, unable to attack ChaosMillenniummon; not without more of them being thrown into another dimension much how Tai, Matt, Davis, Ken, Omegamon, and Imperialdramon were made examples of.

Ryo and Cyberdramon frantically punched on the crystallized walls encasing them. Despite their efforts, they failed to break loose and with ChaosMillenniummon still present they'd simply get resealed again.

(Cue The Return of Godzilla/Godzilla 1985 OST – The Awakening of the Giant Beast V)

Sailor Chaos, who was now situated on top of the behemoth's forehead, chortled at Ryo. "I know my love's weakness is linked to you, which is I suggested we merge in the first place. I took the necessary precaution to counteract you, Ryo Akiyama. As long as I'm fused with Millenniummon, you can't defeat us."

"It's not over yet! Don't underestimate my friends!" Ryo chided them.

ChaosMillenniummon rebuked. "Even if they do manage to escape the dimensions, they will end up being lost and left wandering the Nexus. And eventually I'll find whoever's left to finish them off." He veered from Ryo and Cyberdramon while monitoring the portals. "I'll send any survivors to the end of time where there's nothing but a cold and endless darkness." A loud bellow came out of the behemoth. "I dare they try and come engage me now!"

(End theme)


Chapter 62

Final Battle, Cosmos vs. Chaos! The Last Stand to Save Dimensions!


Outside Capsule Corporation/Universe-DBU-84

Gathered outside of Capsule Corporation were Sailor Sedna, Dimitri & Faith, Goku, Chi-Chi, Gohan, Videl, Goten, Bulma, Vegeta, Chibi Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, No. 18, Marron, Master Roshi, Oolong, Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu, Yamcha & Puar, Mr. Satan, and Mr. Buu were in front of the seven Dragonballs, which are already glowing.

(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – Shenron Makes His Appearance)

And from out of the Dragonballs came Shenron, who once again was summoned from his slumber to invoke two wishes for a familiar group of people who've used his power numerous times to resolve previous crises.

"Wow, doesn't he just remind you of SliferGigaSeadramon?" Faith smiled nervously.

"Tell me about it," Dimitri replied, standing in awe at Shenron nonetheless. "I'll never get used to seeing giant dragons coming out of mystic orbs."

Sedna winked to them. "Where do you think the basis of our universe was created from?"

"You have summoned me! What wish do you want me to grant for thee?" Shenron demanded, his booming voice was heard by all present.

Bulma answered Shenron. She pointed to Sedna, Dimitri, and Faith. "These three require a Nexus dimension map to help navigate them through the Nexus to find their friends scattered across dimensions! Is this withing you power, Shenron?"

Shenron painstakingly scanned the trio, growling lowly. He quickly replied. "It is within my power to give them what they need."

Upon hearing this, Sedna, Dimitri, and Faith became elated.

"Hear that, guys? Shenron can make it happen!" Goku said, giving them a thumbs up.

"It's just too bad we can't use Shenron to wish Paradais away," Dimitri sighed.

"It's the most we can do with the wishes. Plus, Shenron's power can't work outside this dimension," Sedna said. "Even if we wanted to undo the damage Paradais has done to our world, it won't do us any good. The Dragonballs much like the Digicores from our world are limited to their own established universe rules."

(End theme)

"That makes sense. Still though..." Before Dimitri could finish, Shenron's granted the wish for them and then appearing in Sedna's hands was a digitized map that seemed a grid sheet that looked like something out of Tron. "Karin!"

"Got it!" Sedna announced, holding up the Nexus map. "With this, we can locate the closest dimensions where our friends are trapped."

"What's the closest dimension according to the map?" Dimitri inquired.

"Um, let's see here..."

"You guys have what you need? Do you need anything else?" Goku asked them.

"I think that's it," the Kuiper leader confirmed as she got nods from Dimitri and Faith. "You can do what you want with the second wish."

"Are you sure you don't need us to come and join this fight?" Gohan inquired, offering his and his colleagues' services to help them. "If this Paradais organization is a threat to hundreds of dimensions, we're not going to stand idly by and let them take our world!"

"You got that right!" Goten chimed in, wearing a determined look on his face.

Chibi Trunks boasted. "We and our dads are so gonna kick some Paradais butt!"

"Knowing you Saiyans, you'd jump at the chance at wanting to fight this Paradais, but we know little about this powerful enemy. According to what our three friends here have warned us, this is an enemy that can't be simply defeated with brute force and the Dragonballs are useless against them," Bulma reminded everyone. "I think it's best we let them find their friends and head back to their home dimension to resolve this battle."

"The best we can do is defend our dimension whenever Paradais finally comes and sends its agents," Piccolo said. "I do foresee the darkest day ahead for us if the Paradais root isn't permanently removed."

"Bah, let Paradais come and I'll show them my wrath," Vegeta snarled.

"Well, that's why we're here to stop them when they do show up," Goku said. "King Kai will even give me the heads up since he's got connections with the Lady in White."

(Cue Dragonball Z Battle of Gods OST – The Chosen Warriors)

"Right. Dimitri, Faith, are we ready to go?" Sedna turned and asked her two friends. She then pulled out her Henshin Stick and opened a portal for them. "Thanks a lot, Goku and company. We'll repay you somehow."

"You already are letting us know about Paradais and fighting to save all dimensions," Krillin said. "You guys really are sticking your necks for the rest of us."

"Yeah, let's kick their sorry butts!" Puar said, putting up a brave front and shadow boxing.

"You got that right, Puar," Yamcha said.

Oolong added. "They'll get what's coming to 'em!"

"Wait! Dimitri, right?" Bulma called out to the Ascendant, who turned and paused. She walked over and looked him straight in the face. "You remind me so much of him. The handsome faces and eyes."

Dimitri slightly blushed seeing the woman checking him out. "Um... and you kind of remind me of my mother."

"Really? She must be quite the lovely lady like me?" She winked playfully.

"Well, more or less," Dimitri confessed. "Everyone here remind me of my closest family friends from the dimension I come from."

Sedna and Faith both smiled warmly hearing Dimitri humbly address the Z-Fighters and company.

"You guys are more than welcome to come and see us again," Goku addressed them.

"Goodbye everyone and thank you," Sedna bid her farewell. She, Dimitri, and Faith waved the Z-Fighters off before jumping through the portal.

As the portal closed, Goku turned to face his friends rallying them together for their next crucial battle to save their universe.

"They have their mission ahead for them. They gave us their word they'd end Paradais at all costs, but we've got a big fight ahead for us. Let's show Paradais we're not to be messed with!" Goku rallied everyone together.

"Let's send them packing and crying with their tails tucked between their legs!" Chibi Trunks shouted, laughing.

"Yeah!" Goten chimed in.

"Hey, Bulma?" Videl noticed the Capsule Corp president staring off toward the direction the portal closed. "You still thinking about that guy and his two friends?"

"Yeah, he reminds me so much of the Trunks from the future. He's got his sincere politeness."

Vegeta approached Goku. "Kakarott, will you leave the fate of our universe to those kids?"

"Sure, they know a lot more than Paradais than we do. All we can do is ensure our world isn't overtaken. They're the ones who've got their biggest work cut out for them. By the way, didn't that Dimitri guy remind ya of the Trunks from the future?"

Hearing this made Vegeta visibly quiet.

"I take that as a yes?" Goku grinned as he turned and looked up. "Good luck, dimension heroes. May our paths cross again."

(End theme)


Pocket Dimension

(Cue Doctor Who OST (Series 5) – Epic Suite (0:00-2:37)

Sedna, Dimitri, and Faith returned inside a large observation room as they scanned over the many visual screens displaying all around them. Sedna inserted the dimension map she acquired from Shenron's wish and used it to locate the dimensions she hadn't discovered yet.

"You mean to tell me you haven't been to all dimensions since becoming a dimension traveler?"

"Dimitri, do you know many dimensions there are throughout the Nexus? Hundreds, thousands, possibly millions. Possibly limitless. Even I can't say for certain. There's not only other dimensions, but there are alternate timelines throughout time and space to consider," the Ice Senshi went on. "Between me and Ryo, we still have yet to find every dimension in the Nexus. Don't forget about the many mes and other Ryos that might've gone to those dimensions. Also keep in mind I can't enter any dimension where another me might've entered. Likewise, I can't enter a world where another me is, was, and will exist in. For example, I still can't enter Kensuke's dimension, designated with the coordinates XLR-8, because another me exists there. It's a shame. I was really hoping I'd go into Ken's world or any other world another me has been in."

"I see," Dimitri replied. "Hey, at least we'll get to save all those dimensions, including Ken's."

A smile adorned Sedna's face. "We possibly won't get the chance to see Kensuke or our Tai again if we don't stop Paradais. This is it. To save the entire Nexus, Paradais must be defeated!" She said, slamming her hand on a visual where footage of dimension MYH-04 showed Varuna and Quaoar fighting alongside the HiMEs.

"Karin, look! It's Tyra and Helena!"

As Dimitri pointed them out to her, Sedna confirmed the dimension's coordinates. "They're in a dimension I'm not familiar with! The computer was able to process the map and pinpoint a dimension that's been off my radar! Hah, that multi-dimensional map sure came in handy! Thank you, Dragonballs!" She cried out excitedly as she set the coordinates for MYH-04. "Varuna, Quaoar, hang in there! We're coming for you!"

Dimitri and Faith both exchanged smiles, equally thrilled that things were now leaning back in their favor again.

"Man, this is what I get to experience? Who knew being a dimension crosser had more to offer than being just a time traveler?"

"Welcome to the club, babe," the Ice Senshi winked to her boyfriend. "You're going to like it, trust me."

"Do you think Tai and Ken's worlds are aware of this crisis?"

"Without a doubt," she said, smiling and looking up at the roof of her own pocket dimension. "They either already know or have already been told by their higher ups."

"And my mom. The one from my timeline."

"We'll make a quick stop and check on her once we get enough of our friends. I know Charon hurt her. Don't worry we will make that witch and her partner pay for all the suffering they've caused us all," the determined Ice Senshi established the coordinates to Varuna and Quaoar's location. "Ready to get our friends, guys?"

"Let's do it."

(Theme fades)



(Cue Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann – Libera Me From Hell)

Tuxedo Kamen stood up and turned around as a portal opened up behind him. Athena and the Bronze Saints held their ground sensing presences emerging from this portal in question.

However, Kamen was able to discerned one walking out.


"Tuxedo Kamen!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon called out as she raced over and hugged her lover. "Thank goodness I was able to find you first!" After hugging him, she propped herself up and kissed him. "What world have you landed in?"

"Our world," Athena answered, garnering Moon's attention away from Tuxedo Kamen. "I am Athena. We're well aware of the Lady in White's message sent to us."

The Chiimon hovered over to Dai-Valkyrie Moon and Tuxedo Kamen.

"These two are?" Kamen asked, glancing over the twins.

"They're the Chiimon. I know they remind you of Chii and Freya, don't they?"

"We are Lady Cosmos' messengers and with her power we've been allowed to guide Sailor Moon through the Nexus to locate as many of your friends we can find."

"Yeah, and we're not the only ones," Moon said. "Apparently, Sedna is already working to find many of the others, too. They're all scattered across many dimensions and we've got to pull them out before Paradais destroys those worlds!"

"Then, we've got no time to lose," Kamen said, transforming immediately into Norse Knight. "Lady Athena and Saints, thank you for giving me sanctuary during this moment of crisis, but now I must leave with Sailor Moon to combat a force that threatens all of our existence."

Seiya nodded as he shook Norse Knight's hand. "It was a pleasure and I do dig the cloth you two are wearing. Let the power of the cosmos help you crush this Paradais and send them to oblivion."

"Safe journey to you all, my friends," Athena acknowledged Moon, Knight, and the Chiimon. "We will keep you in our thoughts, future king and queen of your dimension."

"Thank you, Lady Athena," Dai-Valkyrie Moon bowed her head to the woman. "And Paradais will not have any dimension so as long as we draw breath!" She beckoned to the Chiimon to navigate her and Norse Knight into the portal.

Once the portal closed, Seiya and Athena lowered their heads and prayed to the cosmos.



"They're here," Raiden announced and right on cue a portal opened up behind him. He stepped aside to let Dai-Valkyrie Moon, Norse Knight, and the Chiimon through.

"Usagi? Mamoru?" Yusuke was taken aback by their rather abrupt arrival. "How did you manage to find me here?"

"Thanks to the Chiimon here," Moon pointed him to the twins.

The ex-Detective curiously prodded the twins. "Huh, why do they look so familiar? I remember seeing them from a manga Keiko used to read a lot."

"Hey, knock it off!" Moon chided Yusuke. "Don't poke them!"

'Chii' and 'Freya' both repelled Yusuke back a little with their auras.

"Whoa! The hell...?!" A flabbergasted Yusuke gaped in shock.

Moon snickered. "Told you they don't like to be touched like that."

"Yusuke Urameshi," 'Chii' acknowledged him. "Moon and Tuxedo Kamen require your help to locate your friends."

"Don't have to tell me twice!"

"But, we must hurry," 'Freya' said, taking Yusuke's hand. "Hold on tight."

"Raiden, who are these people?" Liu Kang asked the Elder God.

"The Lady in White's messengers," Raiden answered sagely. "They've come to take our three friends here to other dimensions to locate their other colleagues."

"These two little girls have the power to cross dimensions?" Kitana asked, eyeing the twins. "What a peculiar duo."

"Tell me about it, princess," Johnny Cage chuckled. "I mean, I've seen a lot of things, but this? Man, this takes the cake."

"You mean two little girls who can open portals?" Sonya shrugged. "Don't know. Doesn't seem out of the norm here."

"Yusuke," Liu Kang called out to him. "Thank you for defeating Shinnok and his forces with us. We'll never forget this and surely will repay..."

"No need. Those jerks just happened to get in my way," Yusuke said. "You guys continue kicking ass in case those Netherealm bastards wanna pick a fight with y'all. If you need someone to even out the odds, me and my friends are always there when we're needed."

"Yusuke, we're ready," Norse Knight called to him.

The Chiimon collected Dai-Valkyrie Moon, Norse Knight, and Yusuke as they hovered into the portal.

"May your victory be a flawless one," Raiden wished them the best.


Fuuka Academy/Universe-MYH-04

Sedna, Dimitri, and Faith arrived in time to pick up Sailors Varuna and Quaoar. The HiMES and their friends gathered in a collective bunch to see Varuna and Quaoar off. Mai, Natsuki, Mikoto, Shizuru, Nao, Yukino, Akane, Haruka, Shiho, Akira, Takumi, Chie, Aoi, and Midori were there to bid farewell to their temporary assets that helped them stop the Obsidian Lord..

"Thanks a lot, you two," Mai said. "We couldn't have beaten the Obsidian Lord and saved the world without you."

"We can't take all the credit," Quaoar replied modestly. "You dealt the final blow, Miss Tokiha. We were just there to help the others soften him up."

"You definitely helped turn the tide back in our favor, Sailors Varuna and Quaoar," Shizuru expressed gratitude. "Right, Natsuki?" She playfully elbowed the dark blue-haired girl's side.

"Yes, definitely," Natsuki said, shaking Varuna's hand. "We also made quite a team, didn't we? Though we had our differences."

Varuna smirked coolly. "Yeah, we sure clashed, but you and I have something in common. We love our motorbikes and..." She said, putting an arm behind Quaoar's back. "We have someone special close to us we're always meaning to protect and love."

Though most couldn't see, Quaoar's face had a light pink blush. She went further and lightly slapped Varuna's butt, which got a startled albeit cute reaction from the blonde.

"Aww, you're so right, Tyra!" Shizuru chortled as she patted Natsuki's ass.

"Hey, Shizuru!"

Most of the HiME girls laughed while an embarrassed Natsuki blushed.

"You two come back and see us again!" Mikoto suddenly popped up between Varuna and Quaoar, eliciting a surprised reaction from the two. She hopped right over to Mai and hugged her, planting her face into Mai's endowed bust.


"Bye, guys. Thanks for giving us a place with you and for all the hospitality," Quaoar bowed, taking Varuna's hand as they headed to where Sedna, Dimitri, and Faith awaited them.

"Bye, you two!" Mai called out, waving goodbye to them. The others joined in seeing them off. "We're all pulling for you to take down Paradais!"

"Kick their sorry butts!" Mikoto hollered out.

Sedna smiled and unfolded her arms. "Nice to have you guys back. Seems I must've missed out on some cool stuff." She suddenly noticed how 'close' Varuna and Quaoar seemingly appeared. She raised an elbow, curiously looking over them. "You two aren't so subtle. What went on here?"

Varuna blew her hair from her face, lightly smiling. "Stuff."

"We're ready to go home," Quaoar said.

Dimitri nodded. "Then, let's give Paradais a piece of our mind."

With that, the Kuipers, Dimitri, and Faith entered the portal, leaving the HiMES and company wondering if their paths would cross ever again.

"They were pretty cool, huh, Mai?"

"They sure were, Mikoto," the ginger-haired girl patted the 'cat girl'.

Shizuru smirked seductively. "Think we influenced them well, Natsuki?"

Natsuki shrugged and smiled coolly. "Who knows?"



"You guys!" Sailor Orcus cried out ecstatically, bolting over and pouncing on Sedna. She pulled her into a big hug and cried happily. "So good to see you guys again! Man, you can't believe the fun I had here, but I knew you'd come!"

Sedna smiled awkwardly and hugged Orcus back. She glanced over Orcus' shoulder and sighted Miku Hatsune conversing with Varuna, Quaoar, Dimitri, and Faith. "...no way."

"She completely floored me with her beautiful voice," Miku said. "And I thought I had a gorgeous voice. I definitely see a singing career in Christina. Don't let her potential go to waste!" She gave a thumb up and flashed a wink to Orcus.

"Don't let you down, Miku!" Orcus replied earnestly.

"Ok, you had your fun here," Varuna remarked.

"Ready to head out and save the others?" asked Quaoar.

"Let's do this, Team Kuiper!" The Aussie idol declared.


Planet Gunsmoke/Universe-TRI-98

Vash the Stampede, Wolfwood, Meryl, and Millie watched Sailor Eris, Sailor Ixion, and Larry leaving with the Kuipers.

Eris slapped Sedna's hand. "Good to have the team reunited. Now, let's kick some Paradais ass!"

Ixion adjusted her glasses and smirked devilishly. "Let's raise some hell!"

Larry turned to Eris. "We've got your team together, now let's get mine together."

"Don't worry. We'll find them, Larry," Eris reassured him. "Right, Sedna? Have y'all found them yet?"

"We're right on it, but we've got others to look for, too," Sedna informed them. "But, if we want to retrieve them, we'll have to act fast and accordingly. Paradais has already been opening holes and infiltrating the dimensions to wipe them out. If any of our friends in those worlds are still there, they're not only trapped but at Paradais' mercy."

"You heard her, guys. Let's get on it!" Dimitri rallied the group.

With that, the reunited Kuipers, Dimitri & Faith, and Larry entered the portal. Sedna readily navigated them to their next dimension stop.



"Man, you wouldn't believe what me, Rika, and Guilmon went through!" Takato said excitedly, recapping Dai-Valkyrie Moon, Norse Knight, and Yusuke on the full Evangelion experience. "We got to fight a few Angels alongside Shinji Ikari! On top of that, we went head to head Eva Unit 01 itself!"

"How can you call that exciting?! You and Guilmon nearly got yourselves killed!" Rika chided him, who herself had a horrifying experience during that tense moment. "How the hell was I going to explain it to our friends if we ever went back home?!"

"Hey, at least we didn't get killed, Rika! We turned the tide when me and Guilmon went Crimson Mode and ultimately BlazeGallantmon held his own."

"Ugh, you two..."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon walked in between Takato and Rika. "Ok, enough you two. Kiss and make up later. By the way, talking with Misato briefly... was it me or did our voices sound alike?"

Norse Knight sweatdropped. "Deductive observation, Usako. And no it wasn't just you. You just had a higher pitch in tone than hers."

"Anyway, we got a big battle ahead for us," Moon stated.

Yusuke added. "With those Paradais pricks."

"Oh, I've been waiting for this! After helping restrain Shinji and Eva-01 during an Angel battle, and fighting those tough as nails Angels, Paradais should be a cake walk."

Rika sighed. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, gogglehead. Have you forgotten one half of the final boss is Millenniummon? Now he's merged with Charon. It's still a tough battle ahead for all of us."

Guilmon nodded. "She's right, Takato, but at least our learning experience here helped toughen us."

"Say, those two. The Chiimon said they'll take us to other dimensions?" Takato poked his head out and looked at the twins. "Can they find our other friends?"

"I'm really worried about Renamon. I need to know if she's ok," Rika said.

"We'll find her, Rika," Dai-Valkyrie Moon reassured her.

"Indeed, we'll be going to the dimension where the ones named Renamon and Inumon are," 'Chii' stated. "Come." Upon opening a portal, she and 'Freya' beckoned the group into the portal.

"Here we come, Paradais! Once we reunite everyone, we're taking you down!" The Tamer leader openly vowed.

Renamon, nothing will ever separate us again! Rika thought. She then clenched her fists tight.


Feudal-Era Japan/Universe-INU-96

It didn't take long for Dai-Valkyrie Moon, Norse Knight, Yusuke, Suzakato & Guilmon, Seirika, and the Chiimon to find Inumon and Renamon. The duo had finished helping Inuyasha and his crew save another village from one of Naraku's henchmen. Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kilala watched Renamon and Inumon make their leave.

"Inuyasha, Miroku! It was pleasure to meet and fight alongside you!" Inumon called out to them. "Take down that Naraku jerk once and for all!"

"Seems you two had fun here," Takato chortled.

Rika and Renamon embraced after being separated for what seemed to be a while.

"You have no idea how much I missed you, Renamon."

For the little time we've been separated, it did feel like a long time."

Rika smirked as she noticed Inuyasha's group. "How did it feel hanging with them?"

"The Demon Slayer and myself got quite acquainted. The little fox, Shippo, and Kilala made interesting company," Renamon replied modestly. "They were all interesting people to be around with. Though, there were instances where me and Sango had to restrain Inumon and the monk."

"Ah, yeah no surprise there. And Inuyasha?"

"We aided him in a handful of battles."

"And we even met Sesshomaru during our time here!" Inumon said, popping his knuckles. "But, while that was fun and all, I'm ready to reunite with Himura and return home! Renamon, we have pups waiting for us!"

Renamon nodded. "Indeed, our BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon."

"Well, we can see them again once we find more of our friends from the other dimensions," Dai-Valkyrie Moon stated. "Chiimon, we're ready to go."

The Chiimon replied. "For our next destination..."

Once the group went through a portal, Inuyasha and company were left baffled by what transpired.

"Did they just go to another time like you, Kagome?" Shippo asked.

Kagome dismissively nodded. "No, they said they came from another dimensions different from ours and my time. Inuyasha, don't you find it interesting you're considered a Japanese mythological legend and a manga character from their world?"

Hearing this made Inuyasha unsure of his reputation beyond his own world. "Me a legend and a man-ga character? Don't know about man-ga, but me a legendary figure in their world?"

"Don't let that go to your head now, Inuyasha," Miroku poked fun at the half dog-demon.

"You should talk. Me and Renamon had to come down on you and Inumon for your perversions!" Sango got on his case. "But, your lecherous partner is gone now. Playtime is over."

Miroku hung his head. "Inumon, I'll never forget you, old friend."

"I'm going to miss, Renamon. Least there was another fox to talk to," Shippo sighed.

Kagome and Inuyasha faced the direction the portal closed.

"Think they'll save their world, Inuyasha?"

"I think they will just as we'll defeat Naraku. Our final battle against his draws near."



Unfortunately, for Team Avalanche, the support they gained from Himura, Jeri, Kotori, Seadramon, Felinismon, and Leomon came shortly before Aeris met her untimely fate to Sephiroth's sword. Despite Himura and company's warnings, they still couldn't stop Sephiroth.

Himura felt wrong for not attempting to go back and prevent the event from occurring, but he knew Aeris' death would serve a purpose for this universe.

"Himura, we've got out own issues back home with Paradais. We can still save this world and all the other dimensions from Millenniummon and Charon," Inumon convinced him.

"We're in this together, Himura!" Jeri said, patting his shoulder.

"Aeris' spirit will be supporting us anyway," Brunhilde reassured him. "Besides, I can hear her voice. She's encouraging us to move on to save our home."

"Are we all ready then?" Dai-Valkyrie Moon asked everyone. As they all nodded, Moon turned to the Chiimon. "We're ready for the next world."



As the village was under shutdown due to the fissure growing in the sky, Henry used the commotion going on to follow the direction where his 'father' might've gone. He raced through the village and turned a corner where he sighted Janyuu walking into. He paused and blinked thrice when he realized there was no one to follow anymore.

(Theme fades)

"I could've sworn I saw him! Genbu, you saw that, too?"

The turtle spirit replied. 'Indeed, you weren't seeing an illusion. But, it may or may not be your father. However, I did sense a spiritual vibe from him. It's likely his spirit being granted a last wish to see you.'

"And you would be right, humble turtle spirit. Thank you for guiding my son down a wise path." Came a familiar voice both recognized right away.

Henry instinctively turned around and saw Janyuu materializing in front of him. His eyes filled with tears when he made contact with his father.


"Good to see you, Henry." Henry smiled genuinely as Henry ran over to hug him. "I'm glad the Lady in White was able to guide my spirit into the Nexus after my unfortunate death."

"So, you really did die in that explosion."

"I'm afraid not," the man sighed deeply and almost regrettably. "A wasted effort and those two monsters survived."

"Paradais are set to destroy our world and every dimension they can grab a hold of! If they carry on with this plan, I don't even want to imagine the consequences. Time and space will collapse!"

"And more. The Nexus will also cease to exist and any world connected to it will fall to Paradais' network. The Lady in White has informed me of their plans, but it's not too late. Right now your friends will come and get you."

"They know where to find me, Suzie, and the others here?!"

"Yes, and Henry, with me gone, you and your brother are the men of the household. Additionally, you, Jaarin, and Suzie will carry fighting the good fight against those who wish to threaten our beautiful world. I also leave my position with the Monster Makers and Hypnos to you and your sister. You both have the knowledge to continue my work."

"But, dad... it's just without you around... it'll never be the same."

Janyuu closed his eyes and nodded. "Yes, for a while the pain of loss will linger, but always keep me in your memories. Look after our sisters and they'll likewise do the same for you."

"I know, but not having you around."

"I'll always be with you and the family. I'll always be watching from this side of reality."

Genbu added. 'Being a spirit animal, I can and have communicated with deceased spirits wishing to contact their loved ones. Think of me as a telephone line between the living and the dead, but I wouldn't recommend it. The dead aren't supposed to meddle with the living as their time has passed.'

Janyuu once again smiled, not taking his eyes off Henry. "Your friends are coming. I can feel their presence drawing near this location we stand. You, your sister, Terriermon, and the others better get to them. You all have a crucial war you must win."

"We won't let you down, dad."

"I know. You all have the resolve to succeed where I failed. Tell Suzie..."

"Henry!" Suzie's voice came from behind Henry.

Both paused and saw Suzie standing behind them. The child's mouth hung open as she stared at her father's spirit presence.

"Dad...?" Suzie gasped. "Dad!"

It wasn't long until Terriermon, Lopmon, and Impmon showed up as well.

"Whoa, Henry's dad!" Terriermon was taken aback.

"He's a ghost?" Impmon became befuddled with this development.

"Suzie," Janyuu smiled as he knelt down to give the child a hug.

"Are you going away for good, dad?"

"I came here to see you all one perhaps for the last time. Suzie, you're growing up fast and you'll no doubt become a beautiful young woman. You take care of Lopmon and your siblings."

"Please don't go, dad," Suzie teared up, firmly gripping his back. "I want you to see me grow into a pretty lady."

"And I will in spirit."

Suzie vowed. "We'll beat them for you, dad. We're kicking Paradais' butt!"

"Terriermon, Lopmon, and Impmon, I can count on you to fight with my children to bring down this enemy?"

"Count on it, sir," Terriermon nodded.

"We won't fail," Lopmon answered.

"You got it, pops," Impmon saluted him. "And I'll make my Tamers proud."

"Tell your sister, your mother, brother, and cousin Vivian, I love them all and until we meet again..." Janyuu bid his farewell as tears fell from his eyes. "You all have made me proud."

"Dad..." Henry and Suzie cried together, hanging their heads low.

Janyuu tapped their heads lightly as they both looked and saw genuine love on the man's face. He vanished with a smile before their eyes.

(Libera Me From Hell resumes)

Then, as the man completely vanished, a portal opened up in front of them.

"Hey, guys! There you are!" Naruto called out as he, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, and Yamato arrived to get them. He and his crew paused to notice the portal opening up. "Hey, what's going on?"

"A portal?" Sakura inquired curiously.

"This must be one of the portals Henry and his friends told us about, Kakashi," Yamato informed the Copy Ninja.

Narrowing his eye, Kakashi watched Dai-Valkyrie Moon, Norse Knight, the Tamers, Guilmon, Renamon, Inumon, Yusuke, and the Chiimon emerge.

"Looks like their friends have come to get them," Kakashi stated. "What an odd-looking bunch."

"They're not so odd-looking," Sai noted the group.

"Henry, ready to get back home?" Takato asked until he paused to take notice of Henry and Suzie's tears. "Guys? Is everything ok?"

Wiping their tears, the Wong siblings put on their game faces and resolved to fight just as their father would've wanted.

"What's with the tears?" Rika asked.

"We're ready," Henry resolved, clenching his fists. "Let's take the fight to Paradais and put an end to them!"

"Let's get our sister before we head home!" Suzie declared.

"Then, let's go get her and the others!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon said. She noticed Naruto and his group behind Henry and company. "Thanks for looking out for our friends. We'll repay the favor by beating Paradais and closing that hole in the sky."

"We're ready to go, Princess Serenity," "Chii' chimed in.

"Ok then! We're off, guys!"

Henry, Suzie, and the Digimon waved goodbye to Naruto and his friends.

"Must be some war they're gonna fight in," Naruto mumbled, unaware of the Paradais battle's grand scale .



Yugi, Atem, and Tea were greeted by Dai-Valkyrie Moon, Norse Knight, Yusuke, the Tamers and company. Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, and Toph were taken aback by the numbers of the YYGDM heroes.

"Glad we were able to open a portal nearest to a point where we can meet y'all," Takato said. "Sounds like that Paradais' reach is getting bigger in some dimensions."

"Meaning we've got to make haste," Henry added.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon beckoned to Yugi, Atem, and Tea. "Let's get going, guys."

"The final battle awaits us then," Yugi said, Spirit Fusing into the Dark Magician. "Atem, you ready for this?"

"Let's do this! We have the Millennium Pendant and the three Egyptian Gods to help us!"

"And this time we'll be ready for anything Paradais throws at us," Tea said, Spirit Fusing into her Dark Magician Girl garb.

"Avatar Aang, Fire Lord Zuko, and friends, thank you so much," 'Chiimon' and 'Freya' bowed to them. "These heroes will ensure your world doesn't become engulfed by Paradais' network."

"Looks like we'll depend on you guys to save us all?" Aang addressed the YYGDM group.

Takato nodded. "Count on us."

"Everyone's worlds are at stake and we will fight Paradais to preserve the entire Nexus," Norse Knight replied.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon turned to the Chiimon. "Next stop?"


Dr. Fate's Dimension/Universe-DCAU-04

After helping the League fight threats such as Amazo and Chaos Grundy, Sailor Mars and Hiei were finally summoned by Dr. Fate, who managed to find a portal that opened a gate to the Nexus. Just as he opened this doorway, Dai-Valkyrie Moon and her colleagues arrived just in time to come collect their friends.

"Sailor Moon, Takato, everyone!" Sailor Mars called out happily as she ran over to hug her princess. "It's good to see your silly self here."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon smiled. "Me, too, Mars."

"Wow, Superman and the Justice League?! Unreal!" Takato was floored when he saw the greatest assembly of superheroes in the Nexus.

"Nice, Wonder Woman is with them," Rika nodded in approval.

"Green Lantern, Flash, the Martian, and most of all the god damn Batman," Himura counted them all.

"And Hawkgirl," Yusuke noted. "Damn, Hiei, you and Mars have been hanging with the League? You lucky two."

Hiei snorted. "It's no big deal."

"Yeah, not a big deal when Amazo came and wrecked everyone's good day," Mars sneered. "I could've stopped him with Houou, but well things got resolved fast before I had to take that last resort."

"We didn't want to take possible chances of Amazo copying the Houou's power even if her power would've been too much for him to process," J'onn said.

"He's right. It was probably for the best," Superman said, looking at the other YYGDM heroes. "Interesting group of friends you have, Mars and Hiei."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon walked over to greet Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. "You guys are totally heroes we look up to in our world. You just might inspire me to make my own Big 7."

"Glad we can inspire other heroes from other worlds. You must be Sailor Moon, I presume?" Wonder Woman asked as she shook Moon's hand. "Your friend, Sailor Mars, told me of all the heroic feats and reputation you've built for yourself. As one Princess meeting another, it's a pleasure."

"Really?" Moon gleamed, falling into a state of cloud nine just being near the Themysciran Princess. "No, it's an honor, Princess Diana." She glanced over to Mars and grinned. "What else did she tell me?"

"That you've matured from an immature child to a warrior princess ready to led them to your biggest battle to date."

"Regardless of your upbringings, we're glad you and your friends are taking great lengths to fight this multiversal threat," Superman said. "We'll do what we can to stop Paradais' forces from consuming our universe. The entire League is on stand by."

Batman nodded in agreement. "We'll avert the crisis on our end. We'll leave the rest to you."

"No sweat, Paradais is going down!" The Tamer leader vowed, putting on his game face.

"We won't let you down, Justice League!" Inumon said.

"Man, Sailor Moon and Yusuke? Plus a bunch of Digimon?!" Flash was flabbergasted with the YYGDM's roster. "And Yugi Muto?"

Tea whispered to Yugi. "He's talking about us."

"Indeed, seems we have a fan," Yugi muttered. "Justice League, it is an honor to be in your presence."

"As much as we'd like to stay, we have to go," Norse Knight spoke out.

"Yeah, we have to go and save our world," Dai-Valkyrie Moon said, bowing to the Big 3 superheroes. "We won't let you down."

"After hearing about your worlds' heroes, I have my faith in you and your friends," Wonder Woman replied, smiling and nodding to Moon.

Shayera added as she shook Mars' hand. "And it was good to meet you."

"You know, you and Diana could work things out. I know things have gotten rocky, but you'll patch things up," Mars addressed Shayera and Wonder Woman. "Believe me. I know from experience. Hiei and I didn't exactly start off on the right note. And I put up with Moon's immaturity before she ultimately wised up."

Both Moon and Hiei rolled their eyes at Mars' honesty.

"We'll never forget this experience," Mars added. "Who knows? Maybe one you can meet my other friends."

"That would be great," Superman said.

"I'd be honored to meet the other Soldiers," Wonder Woman nodded.

"Farewell, Justice League. Until we meet again!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon called out as she amassed her friends together.

Flash sniffled. "I'm so going to miss them, especially shorty." His 'shorty' remark elicited a deathly glare from Hiei. Flash shuddered.

"Good luck, heroes," Superman muttered. "Let's all avert this great crisis."

Wonder Woman muttered. "But, can we avert a multiverse crisis?"

"We can and will," Batman said.


Sea Monkey Island/Universe-OP-97

Sailor Jupiter and Battle Jupiter bid farewell to the Straw Hat Pirates. They entered the portal where Dai-Valkyrie Moon and the others awaited them.

"Let's do this, guys," Jupiter said, determined to take down Paradais.



Sailor Venus and Rio said their goodbyes to their new friends before heading through the portal.

Venus greeted the Senshi and company with her game face. "Playtime's over for Paradais!"


Azabu-Juuban District/Universe-SMLA-03

Dai-Valkyrie Moon, Norse Knight, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter were floored to see Sailor Mercury with the live action Sailor Moon group. Mercury, during her brief stay in this dimension, managed to help this universe's Senshi.

"Mercury, you can't imagine how jealous I am with you," Sailor Venus remarked. "Lucky you!" She walked over to look at her live action counterpart and nodded in approval. "Ok, yeah you got my looks down to the T, but we're totally opposite personalities, but I dig your seriousness. I'm starting to get serious again myself."

Sailor Venus (LA) folded her arms and smiled coolly. "Good to know."

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Jupiter (LA) greeted each other next.

"You're just a little taller than me," Jupiter (LA) observed. "And I dig that hammer you got."

Sailor Jupiter waved her Mjolnir and put it over her shoulder. "It takes out the toughest of bad guys. Yep, does the job."

"That's so cool. Wish I had one myself."

Sailor Mars (LA) checked over Sailor Mars. The two locked eyes and quickly pulled out Ofudas at the same exact time.

"You're definitely me," Sailor Mars said.

"Yeah, likewise," Sailor Mars (LA) replied.

"Except apparently you're more calm and less hotheaded like me. Well, I used to be hotheaded, but I wised up."

"You say you're a mother of two with that guy there," Mars (LA) narrowed her eyes toward Hiei. "I sense a Youki power from him. Is he a Youma?"

"What? No, he never served the Dark Kingdom from my world. Our partnership started long after we and Sailor Moon defeated Queen Beryl."

"Interesting..." Mars (LA) nodded. "Although I don't ever foresee myself dating a man much less having his kids."

"I said the same thing and look what happened," Mars shrugged. "But, you have your choice to be a celibate. Do whatever makes you happy."

"Thank you and I send my best wishes to your kids."


Sailor Moon (LA) jumped up all giddy when greeting Dai-Valkyrie Moon. "Eee! You're really me! I mean, I'm you! But, wow, you've got such awesome armor!"

She really does remind me of the younger me. Wow, that does take me back. Dai-Valkyrie Moon thought. "Sailor Moon, don't give up on your team, especially now that you just got your Mercury back. The fight against the Dark Kingdom will be tough, but you'll make it through."

Moon (LA) nodded. "Yes! And knowing you're what I strive to be like, I'll do my best and not let you down." She then glanced over to see Norse Knight talking with Tuxedo Kamen (LA). "Wow, two Mamorus. Yours totally handsome."

"Thanks," Dai-Valkyrie Moon giggled a bit. She patted Moon (LA)'s right shoulder. "This is y'alls world to save and we'll do our best to keep Paradais out of your world."

Sailor Mercury (LA) shook hands with Sailor Mercury. She genuinely thanked her. "I couldn't have been saved without you helping my friends. I'm glad to know there's other versions of us in other dimensions. Do you think we'll ever meet again?"

Sailor Mercury lightly smiled. "Maybe. I hope so just to check in and see how you've managed to stop the Dark Kingdom. I'm also curious to see how events play out in this dimension." I do wonder if there is a Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune here? The closest to a Chibi-Usa in this dimension is well... Sailor Luna. Now that was mind-boggling. I do wonder how our Luna would take that? On top of Luna and Artemis here being cute stuffed plushies.

"Mercury, we're ready to go!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon called out.

Sailor Mercury waved to the live action Sailor Senshi. "Farewell all of you and may our paths cross again."

"Likewise," Sailor Moon (LA) said. "Good luck, Senshi of another universe."

As the YYGDM Sailor Senshi bid farewell to their live action counterparts, they hopped through the portal where the others awaited them.

"We so need those Valkyrie armors we've been hearing about," an elated Sailor Jupiter (LA) said. "Their Sailor Moon totally rocked that gear."

"One day, maybe?" Sailor Mars (LA) added.

Sailor Mercury (LA) smiled, whispering. "Thank you, other me." To give my friends the resolve to save me, I'll never forget this.


Karakura Town/Universe-BLCH-01

After picking up Vega from the Gurren Lagann universe, Dai-Valkyrie Moon and company picked up Sailor Saturn and Dimitro. Ichigo and his friends amassed outside his home to see Saturn and Dimitro off.

"Thank you all for giving us a place until our friends came for us," Saturn waved to Ichigo and the others. "I know you have a long series of battles laying ahead of you. Be careful with these Arrancars."

Dimitro waved them off. "See ya and take care!"

"Goodbye, Saturn and Dimitro!" Orihime called to them.

"We're all pulling for you," Rukia nodded.

"You were a great help. We're all pulling for you," Ichigo smirked, bidding farewell to Saturn and Dimitro.

"You two must've had a lot of fun here," Venus smirked deviously, noticing how seemingly close Saturn and Dimitro appeared. "Something go on you haven't shared with the class?"

"Venus..." Mars sighed.

Saturn and Dimitro exchanged looks briefly before walking into the portal with the others. Vega watched the two of them and nodded.

Nice going, Dimitro! Vega thought, standing beside Sailor Mercury.

"We will be retrieving the Guardian of Time now, Sailor Moon," 'Chiimon' informed her.

'Freya' added. "And we have a lock on her location."



Sailor Pluto used her Garnet Rod to unlock a door that led her, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy into a white and spacious dimensional room. The Time Guardian meticulously eyed the endless room and paused to see a portal opening up.

"Stand back, everyone," Pluto advised them.

Sora instinctively readied his Keyblade. "Sorry, but I always have to be prepared for anything."

"Look, there's someone coming through!" Kairi cried out.

The first person to walk through the portal was Dai-Valkyrie Moon. She quickly sighted Sailor Pluto and sighed with relief.

"Pluto, we found you!"

"Sailor Moon!"

Sora blinked thrice. "Sailor Moon? But, she looks different. I mean, that armor..."

"Looks like a valkyrie's armor," Riku noted.

"There's a few more coming out of that portal!" Mickey pointed out.

The other Sailor Senshi, Yugi, Atem, and the Tamers assembled alongside Moon. Sora and his crew marveled at the sight of the YYGDM heroes.

"I'll be darned!" Goofy said bewildered.

"Now that's one big assembly!" Donald exclaimed.

Riku was flabbergasted. "She wasn't kidding, huh?"

"Sora and friends, I'm afraid this is where we must depart," Pluto turned to the Kingdom Hearts cast. She set her Garnet Staff down and smiled. "Thank you for teaching me to improvise my staff. Sora, I certainly learned a lot about the mechanics of this dimension."

"No problem. And thanks for helping us keeping the worlds stabilized and closing those portals with us!" Sora said. "We'll play out part by sealing off anymore of those fissures that Paradais organization seems to be sending into our world."

"Rest assured, Paradais will meet their demise," Pluto resolved to fight her battle to the end. "And Charon..." She glanced over to Dai-Valkyrie Moon and the others. She quickly transformed into her Dai-Valkyrie form and gripped her Garnet Staff tightly. "Charon will fall and all the suffering she's brought to us will cease. Sailor Moon, I'm ready."

Dai-Valkyrie Moon smiled. "Made some new friends here, Pluto?"

"You can say that."

"You might get to see them again after we beat Paradais."

Pluto gladly accepted. "I would like to visit this dimension again."

"Let's see each other again, Guardian of Time!" Sora called out as he and friends watched Dai-Valkyrie Pluto departing with her cohorts.

As the portal closed behind her, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto deeply sighed.

"Pluto," 'Chii' addressed the Time Guardian.

"You're Lady Cosmos' messengers, the Chiimon," the green-haired woman answered to the twins.

"Would you be willing to end Charon's life to save your universe?" 'Freya' asked her.

"To end this cycle of chaos, I will and must. That monster is no longer my sister."



Dai-Valkyrie Moon and company quickly picked up Sailors Uranus and Neptune from the Utena dimension. Uranus and Neptune bid their farewell to Utena and Anthy, who watched the two Outers reunite with their friends.

"There they go," Utena said, watching the portal close up. "Haruka and Michiru made for good company. Don't you think, Anthy?"

"Yes, they did," Anthy said. "Do you get the feeling they might be our alternate counterparts?"

The pink-haired woman remarked. "I've got this sinking feeling they might be. Whoever they are, they're a remarkable duo." She said grinning ear to ear. Good luck in the battle ahead for you.

When Uranus and Neptune rejoined their friends, Takato approached them.

"Hey," Uranus noticed the Tamer walk up with no fear.

"It's crazy how we have our differences in the past and you two tried to stop me, additionally my friends from using our beast powers," he addressed the two. "And you accused me of killing Sailor Mars. We've had a lot of distrust issues."

Neptune added. "What are you getting at?"

"Nothing except I'm glad it's times like these that really unites us. That's how it should be, right?"

Uranus and Neptune exchanged glances as they turned around and patted the boy's shoulders.

"Right, and we're sorry for all the hell we've given you, Takato. You and your friends are an amazing bunch of kids," Uranus said.

"Seeing you blossom and develop the beast powers the way you have is nothing short but astounding," Neptune replied, smiling.

"I'm glad we were able to finally patch things up and bury the past. I'm ready to move forward to a better tomorrow," Takato said. "A future without Paradais to muck things up for us."

"You know it," Himura overheard him.

Rika and Jeri were pleasantly happy to see Uranus and Neptune making it up to Takato.

"I'm very proud of you, Uranus and Neptune," Moon addressed the two. "We all need to stay together if we're going to beat Paradais."

"Thanks, you two," Mars acknowledged Uranus and Neptune's genuine apology.

"So, what's our next stop?" Takato asked.



Takuya waved goodbye to Ryo, the Ronins, and their friends.

"It was an honor fighting alongside you, guys! Take care!" Takuya said as he entered the portal.

"Hey, is it just me or is that a girl in there wearing some kind of armor?" Kento noticed Dai-Valkyrie Moon.

"The armor kinda looks similar to the design of our own," Rowen noted Moon's armor.

Ryo assessed her armor's power. "Whoever she is, she's got some immense power resonating within her, probably on par or stronger than my Inferno Armor."

"Takuya seems he wasn't kidding when he said his world has a bunch of armored warriors," Sage said. "It'd be great to meet them."

White Blaze roared in response.

"Seems White Blaze liked Takuya," Cye turned to Ryo.

"Yeah and his Agunimon forms were very impressive," Ryo stated. "I'd sure like to meet these Legendary Warriors."


Outside Garderobe Academy/Universe-MYO-05

Brandishing their repaired D-Scanner, Izumi and Jaarin faced the portal opening in front of them. They turned and bid their farewell to the Otomes. Arika, with eyes full of tears, rushed over to hug them both.

"Please, you don't have to go! We were becoming friends!" Arika cried hysterically.

Izumi chuckled, patting Arika's back. "I hate to leave and you gave us a place to stay. It was fun, don't get me wrong and it was cool fighting alongside you guys."

"But we have friends and family back home who need us," Jaarin said. "We're going back to stop the crisis that will and has started to endanger your world."

Natsuki addressed them. "No, we completely understand. We're glad your devices were repaired in time."

"Me and Miss Yohko worked very diligently to restore power to our D-Scanners. The nanomachine technology managed to find a way to revive our Spirits," the Wong female said. Lucky me that I'm the daughter of a techie and one of the creators of Digimon. Thinking about her father put Jaarin in a depressive state. Oh, dad. I still can't believe you're gone now.

"Jaarin?" Izumi noticed her friend had a blank look etched on her face.

Jaarin snapped back to reality. "...what? Sorry, just thinking how exciting it's going to be to rejoin Takuya and the others. Not mention seeing my brother and sister again."

"So, do y'all have everything you need?" Shizuru asked.

"We do," Izumi answered. "Thanks for all the hospitality and allowing us to stay for however long it required. Luckily, our friends' timing couldn't be any better!"

Mai added, seeing them off. "Go kick butt just as you've showed us using those Otome armors and your restored Spirit forms. You'll do fine!"

Arika backed away, her seemingly sad look was replaced with a beaming smile. "You two definitely helped me and Nina take down those Super Slaves! Couldn't have done it without ya!"

"Hey, girls! Ya coming or not?!" Takuya called out behind them.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon poked her head through the portal. "Izumi? Jaarin?"

"Right, we're coming!" Izumi replied.

Arika and Nina stood at the front of the other Otomes to see Izumi and Jaarin off.

"Goodbye, Lavender Hurricane Amethyst and Deep Ocean Aquamarine!" Arika referred Izumi and Jaarin by her Otome titles.

Izumi and Jaarin waved goodbye for a final time. They rushed to the portal and jumped through to reconvene with their friends again.

"What's up? Izumi, good to see you again."

Izumi smiled and hugged him. "Me, too, Takuya."

"Ready to test the modifications I made to our Spirits, Izumi?" Jaarin asked.




Phillipe and Jaguarmon were thrilled to see Himura and Brunhilde as they came to pick him up. Alucard, Seras, and Integra were there to see him the boy and his Digimon depart.

"Farewell, girlie boy, you were easy to tease," Alucard grinned slightly devilishly.

"Those must be his friends. He looks so happy to see them," Seras said, thrilled to see Phillipe smiling and being with his loved ones.

"They have one hell of a mission ahead of them," Integra vaguely stated. "A battle that encompasses more than anything we've had to deal with."

Phillipe turned around and waved to the three before he and Jaguarmon rejoined their friends in the portal.



The Elrics, Winry, Col. Mustang, Lt. Hawkeye, and Col. Armstrong stood outside to watch Kouji and Kouichi depart into the portal.

"I'm going to miss them, Ed," Alphonse said, waving out to Kouji and Kouichi.

"Likewise, they made interesting companions for the short time they've been here," Edward replied. "And those armors of theirs were pretty neat, huh? They sure bailed us out a few jams."

"I'm thankful they kept you from having me repairing your automail after all those fights you've been through," Winry grinned. "Less work for me!"

"You think they'll succeed in this grand battle ahead for them, sir?" Lt. Hawkeye asked the Flame Alchemist, who stared off to the portal.

"We'll never know until those mysterious holes that've been appearing all over the country disappear. Those two said when they defeat this enemy called Paradais, the portals will close. Guess we'll just have to keep an eye out and see if anything they sat rings true."

Armstrong concurred. "Indeed, sir."

"I have faith they will," Alphonse said. "Right, brother?"

"Yeah, I hope so."



Sailor Neo Moon and RJ united with their parents respectively; Neo Moon with Dai-Valkyrie Moon and Norse Knight while RJ gave Yusuke a manly fist bump. Neo Moon spotted Battle Jupiter and embraced her.

"Don't worry we're sure to rejoin with Cyber Mercury, Summoner Venus, Blue Mars, Adam, Ryuuhi, and the others, Neo Moon," Battle Jupiter reassured her and RJ.

Neo Moon nodded. "I know!"

"It won't be long until we see them regardless with Sedna going out of her way finding the others," RJ said with confidence.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon approached Maka Albarn and her friends. "Thank you for being with Neo Moon and RJ. We'll repay the favor by getting rid of Paradais."

"We know. She and RJ told us all about the enemy you're fighting," Maka said. "We're all behind you!"

Soul added with a sadistic grin. "Give them hell!"

"Yeah! Kick their butts!" Patty chimed in, laughing hysterically.

"Indeed, we'd certainly be grateful," Death the Kid said.

"You ought to have me come! I'll show Paradais a thing or two, and show why I'm on a path to become greater than god!" boasted the ever boastful Black Star, which elicited sweatdrops and eye rolls from the YYGDM group and his own peers.

Tsubaki bowed apologetically to Moon. "Please, excuse him. He's always acting like this."

"Yeah..." Moon backed off. "We're leaving now. And don't worry Paradais is going down." With that, she turned to leave with the others.

"Think they'll make do it, Maka?" asked Soul, who seemed unsure of the outcome.

Though oblivious of the YYGDM world, Maka had a good feeling about Moon's presence. "I think they will."


Digital World/Universe-DXW-06

The YYGDM group arrived much to the surprise of Taiki and his friends. There was a small reunion as they, not too long, ago helped the YYGDM-01, DF-616 , and XLR-8 heroes stop Paradixalmon and the Digital Warlord's attempt to wipe out Ascendants. Team Xros Heart was the wild card the groups needed to turn the tide against the dimension crossing foes.

"Hey, thanks for coming for us," Tai said, expressing gratitude to the YYGDM group. "That jerk ChaosMillenniummon knocked here when we tried attacking him."

"Probably not the wisest move, but luckily the Chiimon were locate you," Takato said. "C'mon we're going back to kick Paradais' butt."

"Wish we could come, but we know this is your battle," Taiki said. "Team Xros Heart will be rooting for you to take these jerks down!"

Shoutmon yelled. "Yeah! Kick their butts all the way back to the end of time!"

Sailor Pluto firmly nodded. "You can be sure we'll do that and more." She deepened her angry tone.

"Omegamon, Imperialdramon, let's go!" Guilmon called the two over to enter the portal.

"Ready for round two?" Omegamon asked Imperialdramon.

"Of course, my friend."

Taiki, Shoutmon, and Team Xros Heart watched the YYGDM group leave. The portal closed behind the heroes, leaving Team Xros Heart to wish them the best in the upcoming final battle to determine the fate of the entire Nexus.

(End theme)


Masaki Household/Washuu's Lab/Universe-TU-95

(Epic Suite (2:38-6:51))

As they entered the dimension crossing ship, Daiki, Ai, Adam, Demona, and Ryuuhi bid their farewell to Tenchi and the girls. Washuu gave Daiki the keys to activate the ship.

"The navigation system I've installed into the ship should help you locate your friends. According to Ryoko and Ayeka, it works like a charm," Washuu said, winking to her two guinea pigs. "Thanks a lot, ladies."

Ryoko called out to Daiki and his cohorts. "You kids might want to hurry. We got a look at that ChaosMillenniummon creature and your world's getting messed up in the worst way possible."

Ayeka nodded. "Yes, please do be careful, children. I do mean it and have a safe journey back home."

Sasami added. "Get as many of your friends as you can from those other dimensions! We're all rooting for you!"

Mihoshi cheered them on. "Yeah, we're all cheering for you!"

Kiyone gave a Galaxy Police salute to Daiki and his friends.

"You all be careful out there. We'll be thinking about you," Tenchi said.

"Thanks a lot, guys! We won't forget this!" Ai waved bye to them.

"Ryoko, we really need to hang out sometime again," Demona winked to the former space pirate.

"Thanks everyone," Adam said.

"All right, ignition key inserted! Dimension ship initiated!" Daiki announced as the doors closed around him and his friends. "We've got a lock on the nearest dimension! Coordinates locked! Ready for departure!"

As the ship floated off the ground, a bright light enveloped the machine as it shifted from its present location and vanished into thin air.

"Stop Paradais in any way you can, my friends," Tenchi murmured.

Washuu wiped her forehead and smiled. "I'm still such a genius, aren't I?"


Washuu's Multiversal Ship

"Man, for such a little ship, it's bigger on the inside!" Ai was flabbergasted at her surroundings.

Daiki overheard her. "Yeah, ever watched Doctor Who? It's like the TARDIS."

"Say, you think we'll be seeing a blue police box floating by us sometime?" Ai wondered.

Demona sighed. "You kids and your geeky Sci-Fi shows. I just don't get the appeal of them."

"At least I'm not reading hentai doujinshi on her free time."

"What? A succubus like me can't enjoy female boobage and asses?"

"Only a freak like you would get turned on by that stuff."

"Yeah, you're one the talk, brat. I know you read hentai, too. But, I'll keep quiet about it so mommy and daddy don't get on your case, little girl."

Ai growled. "I don't read hentai!"

"Sure you do."

"Do not!"

Adam covered his ears as Ai and Demona bickered back and forth... again.

"Ok, enough," Demona demanded. "Since we are entering a crucial war, we put aside our differences from this point forward."

Ai was reluctant to trust her, but ultimately gave in and extended a hand to her. "Fine."



Ai and Demona shook hands as they locked eyes.

"Paradais won't know what'll hit them," Ai said.

"Got that right, missy!" Demona winked.

Adam was relieved to hear them finally resolve their differences.

"Thank goodness, you two are wising up."

"What's our closest dimension location, Daiki?" Ryuuhi asked, looking over the techie's shoulder.

"The nearest dimension's coordinates are labeled: Universe-MSH-05," Daiki said, pulling up a visual showing a familiar red-haired fox demon. "It's Kurama, guys!"

Adam nodded. "Let's go and pick him up then."

Ai pumped her fist up and cheered excitedly. "Success! After Kurama, let's try finding Usa, Koori, and the others."

"Here we go! Hang onto something! This might be a rough landing!" announced Daiki as the ship opened a portal into the MSH-05 dimension.


Pocket Dimension

Sailor Sedna, her Kuiper team, Dimitri & Faith, and Larry successfully picked up a few of their friends and allies from several dimensions.

Along the way, they picked up:

Sailor Makemake, Sailor Haumea, Tristan, and Duke from Universe-SF (Street Fighter).

Yui and her Neo-Spirit Detectives from Universe-SLA-95 (The Slayers).

Tomoki from Universe-SSM-08 (The Spectacular Spider-Man).

Sam Joseph from Universe-RK-97 (Rurouni Kenshin).

Junpei, Norn, and Ryudamon from Universe-SC-04 (Samurai Champloo).

Masaru and Agumon from Universe-GFC (G-Gundam/Universe Future Century).

Kazu, Guardromon, Kenta, and MarineAngemon from Universe-GFW-04 (Godzilla Final Wars).

Kuwabara, Maya, Mizuno, Brimstone, and Tsukimaru from Universe-OS-98 (Outlaw Star).

Jaden, Chazz, Alexis, and Blair from Universe-FT-06 (Fairy Tail).

Syrus, Aster, and Hassleberry from Universe-TMNT-03 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003).

Atticus and Yasmin from Universe-HM-PM (Princess Mononoke).

Joey and Mai from Universe-CB-98 (Cowboy Bebop).

Just now, with unexpected help from Haruhi and her SOS Brigade, Mika, Hayata, and Sara were transported into Sedna's pocket dimension.

Sedna looked up at a big screen where a live video feed of Yuki Nagato and Haruhi Suzumiya was shown to everyone.

"I can't thank you enough, SOS Brigade. Mika and her friends are grateful for this," Sedna proclaimed her gratitude.

"Paradais' influence will throw off the entire multiverse if nothing is done. You and your friends need to hurry and neutralize this threat," Yuki informed them in her monotonous voice. "Don't delay any further."

"We're right on it," the Ice Senshi said.

"You guys better kick Paradais butt or I might have to do myself! After all, I am God of my universe!" Haruhi screamed out. She then shoved her face in front of the screen. "Ya hear?!"

"Sheesh, a pushy bitch," Varuna remarked.

"Well, Haruhi's many things, but I'd watch my mouth, Varuna," Eris sweatdropped nervously.

"Yeah? What she gonna do?" Haumea scoffed, crossing her arms.

"Anyway, we're on our way to our home dimension," Sedna addressed the SOS Brigade. "Make no mistake, this is it. We're ending Paradais' End of Days once and for all."

"Well, since you do have a time traveler with ya..." Haruhi paused, eyeing Dimitri in the spacious pocket dimension. "I have faith you'll get the job done. And some of you guys are aliens or half-aliens at least." She motioned over to Lien and the Chimeras. "And possibly an esper amongst you, but a dimension crosser I can dig." She smiled to Sedna. "Kick Paradais' sorry butts!"

Yuki nodded. "We'll leave the rest to you. Thank you for permitting us to make contact with you."

"No, thank you," Sedna said as both sides finished their conversation and cut off their links. She turned and faced everyone present. "All right, we gathered as many as we can. But, we still have others already being picked up. I've gotten word that Sailor Moon has gathered most of her friends and the heavy hitters. Daiki and a few others have received a multiversal dimension ship to use to gather our remaining friends. So far so good. We only have a few to pick up and we'll all be back home in no time." She folded her arms and sighed. "Oh, boy, but this has taken a lot out of me."

"Relax, Sedna," Joey reassured her. "The weight is now being lifted off your shoulder, right? We just need to focus heading back home and kicking Paradais' sorry butt!" He rallied everyone together.

"Got that right, hun," Mai concurred.

Makemake cheered. "Yeah! There's nothing that can stop us now!"

Jaden pumped his fist up. "Let's get our game on, guys!"

Masaru and Agumon hollered together. "It's fighting time!"

Watching everyone getting pumped and ready, Sedna was thrilled to see so much unity. This was exactly what they needed to defeat Paradais.

"Karin," Dimitri whispered, walking over beside her. "Since we already checked my mom in my dimension, I take it you've gotten word from X and Ken?"

The Ice Senshi nodded. "Yes and no. I've heard from X and he's already filled in on everyone there about what's going on. I do believe X will tell Ken, but I don't want Ken to worry about us. I want to make sure him involved. I don't want to burden him with the responsibility of dealing with Paradais."

"I understand," Dimitri said, leaning over to kiss Sedna's cheek.

She smiled and kissed his lips. "We're going to win, Dimitri. I just have this good feeling we will."

"That's the spirit."

The Kuipers and Faith watched Sedna and Dimitri's cute bonding moment.

"She really does love him," Orcus wore an infectious smile. "They're so cute together. God, how lucky she is to have a hottie like him."

Eris patted Larry's back. "Hey, Larry, you a good kisser?"

"Um sure."

"You can prove that after we save the Nexus."

"Those two bonding is a good sign," Quaoar commented, watching Sedna and Dimitri.

"Meaning?" Varuna inquired.

"We will defeat Paradais. As long as we stay together, we can win."

Sedna announced as she navigated the dimension ship. "All right, guys! We're making one last stop before we head home!"

"Where to now, Sedna?" Yui asked the dimension traveler.

Sedna looked up at the front visual and sighted a large ship floating through the Æther Sea. Aya, even you must be aware of Paradais' meddling with the Nexus! I hope you can join us!


The Angelina/Bridge

Sitting board a bridge chair in the ship formerly the Cobra, the former AI construct of Zagato Laharl was now Aya Tsuki, the new head of the Arcadian Cross. Aya, retaining her teen girl look, now had her hair shorter, akin to Hotaru Tomoe's, and wore a full bodied skin tight purple plug suit. Her eyes scanned a large visual displaying a large pod floating near her. Aya's eyes glowed, meticulously scanning the pod.

Quickly discerning its nature, Aya spoke out. "Dimension pod, this is Aya Tsuki of the Angelina. I order you to identify yourself or I will be forced to send my subordinates to take you in." She waited for a response and then her a heard which she recognized.

"Aya, it's me, Karin Osaka! Sailor Sedna of the YYGDM-01 dimension!"

Sitting straight up from her seat, Aya was taken aback. "Karin Osaka?" She pulled up another visual, which showed Sedna and her cohorts inside the dimensional pod. A light smile adorned her face. "Karin, it's good to see you, my old friend."

"Me, too, and what a makeover you've given yourself. And is that a smile?"

Aya lowered her face. "I've learned to develop more human emotions since we've last met."

"Has Zagato's fate been determined for his crimes against my dimension?"

"He's still imprisoned in this ship, but he's sealed in a high security room with no way to escape under my surveillance."

"Well, we've got bigger problems. Aren't you aware of what's been going on? The entire Nexus... every dimension is in danger of being assimilated into Paradais. They've managed to send me and all my friends across different dimensions. Thankfully, me and a few others have gotten a lot of them out. We're heading back home to meet Paradais for the final battle."

Aya narrowed her eyes, pushing buttons as she noticed a dark source engulfing hundreds of dimension doorways on a dimensional map grid. "So that's the anomaly that's been gravely affecting the dimensional doors. Yes, I've been aware of the Paradais Organization, but each time I've tried to approach them, they're already gone. Moreover, I can't hack into their networks. They'll easily override me and the Angelina. I don't have the resources to neutralize Paradais."

Dimitri entered the screen. "That's why we're asking you to join us. Together, we stand a better chance united than divided. We all must work together to save the entire Nexus."

"You must be Dimitri Ishida," Aya scanned the future time traveler. "You've been given the power to cross dimensions thanks to Lady Cosmos. Yes, she's been out of sight for a while. No doubt she's helping to locate your other friends. Tell me, how many are with you, Karin?"

"My whole Kuiper team and at least a quarter of our friends. Knowing Lady Cosmos, she is helping Sailor Moon reconvene with us with many others when we return home."

Nodding, Aya pressed a button on her left sleeve. "Then, permit me access to your dimensional pod. I will join your fight, Karin."

"Thank you, Aya. You have no idea how much this means..."

"No," Aya smiled as humanly as possible. "It's the least I can do for you after you changed my view on love and friendship. These concepts have made me stronger. Moreover, your world is something I hold dear and don't wish to see fall."

"It'll be good to have us fighting on the same side again. You ready?"

"Ready to be transported to Universe-YYGDM-01."


Washuu's Multiversal Ship

After picking up Kurama, Daiki, Ai, Adam, Ryuuhi, and Demona went through great lengths to the remaining dimensions to gather their friends and colleagues.

Amongst those joining them were:

The Kaiba brothers and Lyn from Universe-DN-05 (Death Note).

Serenity and Morpheous from Universe-CG-06 (Code Geass).

Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Crow, Leo, and Luna from Universe-TC-11 (ThunderCats 2011).

Team DATS from Universe-AEM-10 (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes).

Kouki, Ivan, and Nanami from Universe-KRK-08 (Kamen Rider Kiva).

Carly, Mina, and Trudge from Universe-RAN-89 (Ranma ½).

The Sailor Quartet from Universe-SAU-99 (Sonic Adventure).

Sam and Sailor Blue Mars from Universe-E7-05 (Eureka Seven).

Max and Sailor Cyber Mercury from Universe-NEG-03 (Negima!).

There was reunions to be had. Lyn was happy to see Max and Sam again. She also noticed how much closer her brothers were with Sailor Blue Mars and Sailor Cyber Mercury respectively. Ai transformed into Sailor Summoner Venus and rejoined her Neo Senshi team.

"Welcome back, sis," Daiki said, glancing over to see Cyber Mercury leaning beside him.

"Wow, so you got this from Professor Washuu from Tenchi?! How surreal," Cyber Mercury was flabbergasted. "Got to admit, you did good, Daiki. Not bad at all. So, we have everyone?"

"Yeah, seems so. There's no other dimensions we can go to find our friends. Seems Sedna managed to get everyone else."

"Just her alone?" Blue Mars asked. "What about Neo Moon and Battle Jupiter? Maybe they're with her?"

Suddenly, Daiki and the others watched Dai-Valkyrie Moon and the Chiimon flying by them with their assembled group.

"Um, I take that back! Sailor Moon's managed to find some of the others!" Summoner Venus exclaimed. "I even see Neo Moon, RJ, and Battle Jupiter with them!"

"Helbot, are they heading for where I think they're going?" Daiki asked the cyborg.

"They're heading to our home dimension."

"Then, that's where we'll follow. Hang on tight everyone!"

Yusei turned around and rallied his friends. "This is it. There's no turning back now."

"Let's give Paradais hell, mate," Jack said with a sadistic grin.


Dai-Valkyrie Moon and the Chiimon saw the doorway to Universe-YYGDM-01 beginning to open. Not too far behind them were Sedna's dimension pod and Washuu's multiversal dimension ship. They were all converging toward the same doorway, ready to meet and defy their ultimate enemy.

"We're drawing near to your world, heroes," the Chiimon said in unison.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon narrowed her eyes, firming her resolve to fight. ChaosMillenniummon, this will be the final battle!

(End theme)


Earth (YYGDM-01)/Shinjuku District/8:30 PM

(Cue Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla OST – Toho Logo/Main Title)

The entire Earth became entirely enveloped in a black orb that blocked out the sun's light, which shifted the half of the planet's climates toward arctic levels. This also sped up the crystal formations that blanketed the entire planet, covering every single city. Tokyo was the last city to be left effected for now.

ChaosMillenniummon continued to send darkness energy into the portals, destabilizing time and space in the Nexus. As ChaosMillenniummon assimilated a few dimensions into his being, his body grew and grew until the beast expanded to the size of the entire Shinjuku vicinity.

From an outer space point of view, an immense black dome shaped over the entire island of Japan and slowly spread over the Asian mainland.

"In order to become god of this lowly universe, one must acquire the perfect body and gain the knowledge of the entire multiverse!" ChaosMillenniummon boasted, his and Chaos' voice bellowed out together in unison. Their synchronized powers continued growing with seemingly no end in sight. "If Paradais is to claim this universe, every imperfection must be purged and reborn anew into my children! Children compelled only to obey us!" Yes, with every dimension incorporated into me, I'll have enough power to take the Nexus and usurp the Ora Guardians! Not even Ancientmon will be able to stop me! Heh, oh Ancientmon, how pitiful you must feel knowing I'm set to eclipse your power!

Sailor Chaos cackled evilly, casting her view over Tokyo and watched the sky became digitized. "This old world, so filled with human filth, will wither away and die, completing the End of Days. And once this shell cracks, a new world will be reborn. Earth shall became Paradais and every dimension linked to this world will become part of our beautiful kingdom."

"A kingdom where chaos will rule, my love," ChaosMillenniummon chortled, lifting both hands and waving them over the moon. With just a hand wave, the moon turned into a bright ball of green light, sending rays of green light that scanned over the entire planet. "The moon will be our Paradais satellite."

"Oh, but we can certainly do more," Chaos said, utilizing the Romulus Source's cosmic energies to convert every planet in the solar system, sealing them in similar darkness spheres. "That should hasten our influence over the sol system. With the Romulus Source, no force in the universe can stop us. We've dumped this world's heroes across time and space. They have little hope to save whatever's left of this world of theirs." An evil smile of victory adorned the elated woman's features. "May this cycle of chaos escalate! And all free will shall be replaced with only the will of Paradais!"

As the remaining heroes were left in a heap and sealed in crystals, their energies were being drained by ChaosMillenniummon.

Athenamon weakly looked up, seeing ChaosMillenniummon's presence encompassing all of Tokyo. She coughed and fell facefirst. Is this truly the end of us all? Omegamon... we tried to fight off Paradais the best we can... but I really hate to say it... it's over.

Ryo closed his eyes as most of his body's energy was being siphoned away by ChaosMillenniummon. Everyone... I'm sorry everything has to end this way. Chaos and Millenniummon have won.

"Heh," ChaosMillenniummon grinned fiendishly as the moon's green light shone over his face. Absorbing the moon's light, the behemoth's upper body size became more robust and the crystals jutting from the body grew out. "With all the power accumulated, there is nothing... NO FORCE THAT CAN DEFEAT US! PARADAIS HAS WON!"


The sound of a resounding explosion emanated behind ChaosMillenniummon. Then came a bright flare of bluish light that attentively garnered ChaosMillenniummon's attention. The Paradais behemoth sensed an amassed collection of powerful energies rematerializing in the dimension.

As ChaosMillenniummon turned around, the behemoth sighted the entire YYGDM assembly. Making their presence very felt were the Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Senshi accompanied by their steeds, the Beast Biomergers, the Victory Tamers & their Digimon/Duel Monster armies, the Spirit Fused Duelists, the Z-Hybrid Legendary Warriors, the three Egyptian God Monsters, the Signer Dragons, DATS' Burst Mode Digimon, and a host of others.

Much to ChaosMillenniummon's dismay, the YYGDM heroes were shown to be standing united.

"So, you insects managed to overcome the impossible," ChaosMillenniummon addressed the opposition, who all stood firm and ready to fight him and Chaos. "This shouldn't happen unless outside forces were involved. Namely..."

Sailor Chaos furrowed her brows, scowling. "Sailor Cosmos and the heroes of the multiverse. Some with the knowledge to cross over space and time. How irritating, but a problem we can easily resolve. This time we'll send all you to the ends of time!"

Flying up with Sleipnir, Dai-Valkyrie Moon pulled out her sword and declared. "No, Sailor Chaos and Millenniummon, this cycle of chaos ends now!" She quickly narrowed her eyes, shooting an intense glare that seemingly rattled Sailor Chaos.

This power she's emitting! Can it be...?! Sailor Chaos thought, sneering at Dai-Valkyrie Moon. "I see, so you really did meet with her. You had a meeting with Sailor Cosmos! Heh, yes it was only a matter of time she'd find you, but she's left you and the others with the sole responsibility to stop us. Well, easier said than done, heroes! There's no Cosmos, Ora Guardians, or miracles to save you now!"

The Chiimon floated over on opposite sides of Dai-Valkyrie Moon.

'Chii' muttered. "It's time, Sailor Moon."

'Freya' added. "And heroes of the YYGDM-01 dimension, the deciding battle to determine the fate of the multiverse begins now!"

"You heard them, guys! Let's take back our world and wipe Paradais out of existence!" BlazeGallantmon declared, rallying the troops.

(End theme)

Wasting no time, the YYGDM heroes quickly bumrushed toward ChaosMillenniummon. Certain groups spread out and began to attack different locations of the gargantuan's body. ChaosMillenniummon began by shooting out hundreds of crystal shards to keep his foes at bay.

"Fight on and don't let up, guys!" KaiserGreymon shouted, swinging his sword to bat away numerous crystal shards.

Yusuke coated his fists with sacred energy and rapidly punched crystal shards into dust. "Keep it coming! You won't be delaying this ass kicking you've long had coming!"

Yugi, riding on top of Slifer the Sky Dragon, discharged a large magical beam combined with Slifer's mouth blasts. "Paradais, we're ending your crowning ceremony!" He and Slifer quickly blasted away a barrage of crystals, dissolving them into a cloud of dust.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna channeled ice energies into her hands and threw sheets of ice that froze the crystal shards. She then summoned her ice trident and twirled it around quickly, knocking away the shards.

BlazeGallantmon shot up, bathing himself a fire aura shaped like a phoenix. He roared and plowed through the crystal shards, vaporizing them with his fire aura. His aura expanded and a phoenix flew out from it. The bird flew through the crystals and wiped them out.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon and Sleipnir converged their powers, shooting out a condensed beam of light that cleared away incoming shards. They cleared a path to allow the other Senshi through.

"This is it, guys! We're giving this our all!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon declared as she rode off with Sleipnir to attack ChaosMillenniummon.

"You heard her, guys!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus called out, taking out a chain equipped with blades. She rode off on Cupid as they headed out to help Moon.

Dai-Valkyrie Mars announced. "Time to restore balance and purge chaos from our world!" As she said this, a fiery aura bathed over her and Garuda.

The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi rode their steeds forward and followed Moon's lead against ChaosMillenniummon. They flew right up over ChaosMillenniummon to see Sailor Chaos facing them.

"We'll finally settle this once and for all, Sailor Senshi! When I'm done with you, there'll be nothing left for you to save and chaos will reign supreme!" Sailor Chaos boasted, raising her hand as she expelled black lightning bolts mixed with darkness energy from the Romulus Source. She pushed the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, keeping them afar from her. "With the Romulus Source, I've tapped into more cosmic power than that fool Gamera could ever hope to discover. Now you will all die!"

"We won't die! Today, the cycle of chaos ends!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon shouted defiantly.

(Cue Attack on Titan OST – Attack on Titan)

With that, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi stormed ahead to attack the head of ChaosMillenniummon where Sailor Chaos was attached. Dai-Valkyrie Mercury and Kairyu unleashed combined water bursts that splashed over ChaosMillenniummon's forehead. Sailor Chaos was able to counter by shifting the water tides away from her using her staff. Dai-Valkyrie Venus jumped off Cupid and teleported. She reappeared in front of Chaos and went for a spinning kick, which got countered by Chaos' staff. Dai-Valkyrie Venus summoned her chains to yank the staff from Chaos. She went for a flying kick at Chaos, but Chaos teleported to the side. She blasted Venus' back, sending her flying off. Cupid dove in and caught Venus, throwing her onto his back.

"You're such a pal, Cupid! Thanks!"

"You're welcome, Venus."

Dai-Valkyrie Venus looked down seeing Dai-Valkyrie Uranus and Dai-Valkyrie Neptune double teaming on Sailor Chaos. Sailor Chaos summoned eel-faced creatures that sprouted from ChaosMillenniummon's skin. The creatures launched at Uranus and Neptune ready to bite their heads off. The Outers countered summoning their Talisman; Uranus sliced off one creature's head clean off with her Space Sword while Neptune's mirror fire a beam that vaporized the other creature into dust. Uranus' steed, Gryphon, spun himself into a tornado and tried hitting Chaos, but the dark-clad woman teleported from his reach. Sailor Chaos relocated on ChaosMillenniummon's head. Neptune's steed, Hippocampus, expelled a giant funnel of ocean water toward Chaos, who blocked with a black construct made of chaos energy.

"Quit moving around and hiding behind shields like a bitch!" Uranus chastised her.

"I'm fighting smart not stupid, dear. Then again, I don't expect a mannish-looking butch like you to comprehend that," Chaos taunted the sandy-haired Dai-Valkyrie. "Your brain must lack muscle your body does."

"Why you...!" Uranus snapped as she flew at Chaos.

"Uranus, no!" Neptune flew right after her.

Gryphon and Hippocampus went right after their riders.

As Chaos readily prepared to blast Uranus, a lightning bolt pounded against her back. Startled, Chaos looked up as Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter floated in the air lifting Mjolnir. Another bolt of lightning emerged from the hammer, shaping itself into a cheetah-like body.

"Bacchus! Strike her down!"

"Yes, my thunder princess!" Bacchus roared as he shot forward attempting to tear through Sailor Chaos' body, but the dark woman sent darkness energy that repelled him back.

As Uranus threw her Space Sword at her, Chaos teleported and relocated away from the Senshi. She used the Romulus Source to send darkness blasts that knocked Uranus, Neptune, and their steeds away.

However, Jupiter managed to brace herself from the darkness blasts using Mjolnir to nullify the cosmic blasts. Bacchus flew right over to Jupiter and fused with her, augmenting her strength as she discharged an enormous lightning blast that tore a hole into ChaosMillenniummon's head, causing Sailor Chaos to fly up to avoid the immense blast.

"That hammer is becoming a nuisance!" Sailor Chaos hissed, using the Romulus Source to knock Mjolnir out of Jupiter's hands. She then discharged multiple dark beams that struck Jupiter and Bacchus hard, sending them flying back.

ChaosMillenniummon head area quickly regenerated as Sailor Chaos landed to attach herself to him. However, Dai-Valkyrie Saturn, riding Thanatos, cut her off with a projectile that sliced through the monster's skin. She looked up as Saturn unleashed a barrage of cutting edged projectiles simply by swinging her Silence Glaive. Chaos dodged all of these projectiles.

"Sorry, child, but you can't even hit me! Hahaha!" Chaos laughed at her. "Am I too fast for you?!"

Saturn made no quip and kept on launching projectiles from the Glaive that sliced into ChaosMillenniummon's head. At one point, Saturn charged up enough power into her Glaive that she unleashed a projectile ten times as big as her standard ones. The giant projectile flew at Chaos, forcing the woman to dodge at the last second. Dai-Valkyrie Saturn quickly reappeared on Chaos' right with her Silence Glaive sporting a bigger blade and with lavender light imbuing it.

"Just a little something I picked up on in the dimension you sent me!" Saturn declared, swinging down her much bigger Silence Glaive. She sent a loosely-charged wave of power that swept Chaos back.

Sailor Chaos retaliated by sending a cosmic blast from the Romulus Source to knock Saturn back.

"Very good. You made your weapon bigger and learned to infuse spirit power with your Sailor power," Chaos noted. "Must be those Soul Reaper fools from that one world. Ah well, their world will soon become assimilated with our ever growing Paradais network. You'll never they've ever existed."

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn stood up, lifting her Glaive to forge a Silence Wall over herself and Thanatos. She darkly glared at Chaos, eliciting a laugh from the woman.

"Oh, what a scary look from a cute creature like you! Then again, you were a monster before you were reborn, weren't you, Hotaru Tomoe? By the way, how's your dear father doing? Don't worry he like every human will be converted into energy for my Paradais network! Say, how about that Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9? Brings back painful memories, doesn't it?"

Saturn retorted, gritting her teeth. "The past is behind me now! I have friends willing to fight with me! I'm not going to let you bring me down to my most pitiful state again! You're the one who spawned all the evil me and the Senshi have ever faced! Now, everything will come full circle and end with your defeat!" A powerful purple aura flared over Saturn. Her Glaive grew bigger as Thanatos infused with her. From this aura came the souls of the dead that converged onto Chaos.

Chaos swept them back with darkness energy, but then came a massive wave with an evil-looking face and jagged teeth slamming into her.

"Einherjar Force!" Saturn shouted, blasting Sailor Chaos off the beast.

Surprised by Saturn's attack, Sailor Chaos was blown away and sent flying into the air. Before she can retaliate, Dai-Valkyrie Mars was there to greet her. Mars shot up catching Chaos with a kick to her jaw. Chaos barely blocked with her staff.

"You're not going to live to the next sunrise!" Mars declared as she flew ahead and engaged her. Imbuing both her hands and feet with fire, Dai-Valkyrie Mars attacked Chaos with swift punches and kicks.

At one point, she kicked Chaos so hard a burst of fire exploded and knocked Chaos back. Bathing herself in a fire aura, Dai-Valkyrie Mars shot forward and attempted to blast through Chaos, but Sailor Chaos countered by putting up a darkness barrier around her. Mars pounded and blasted flames that nullified against Chaos' dark aura.

"Can't seem to reach me now, Houou host!" Chaos laughed, discharging darkness tendrils that grabbed Mars and tied her up.

Garuda flew down and burned off the tendrils binding Mars, freeing his rider. Now freed, Mars summoned hundreds of fire arrows that shot toward the darkness barrier and bombarded it. Growing aggravated, Sailor Chaos prepared to counterattack, but then Dai-Valkyrie Mars became bathed in a burst of flames, transforming herself into Houou Mars right off the bat.

"Oh, this will be interesting," Sailor Chaos chortled. But before she could attack, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto, riding Lupe, quickly slammed into her and pushed her away. "Heh, welcome back, dear sister." She sighted Dai-Valkyrie Pluto brandishing her Garnet Rod.

Pluto declared. "You won't get the chance to complete your Paradais network! The pain and suffering ends here!"

"Not going to give your sister a nice big hug?"

"My sister died a long time ago with my father. You're nothing but a monster wearing her skin!" Pluto snapped.

"Oh, that hurts. My heart's broken. Woe is me!" Chaos mocked Pluto, laughing darkly. "Please I've never liked you to begin with. I resent you and that man. As Chaos, I'm above you both and soon multiple universes will be mine to do as I please. Together with Millenniummon, we've become a power above even God."

"You're no god, you're a pathetic soul who still hasn't gotten over her father issues. You're the reason every conflict me and the Senshi have ever had to endure. You started it, we will finish it," Pluto said, brandishing her staff. "And I will be tying up loose ends."

Sailor Chaos charged toward Dai-Valkyrie Pluto. They briefly clashed while their staffs struck hard against the other. They quickly locked up as they pushed one another back. Chaos gained leverage over Pluto until Lupe came and bit Chaos' leg.

"Bastard!" Chaos snapped, unleashing a darkness aura that knocked Pluto and Lupe back.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto quickly landed on her feet and flew across striking Chaos' face with the pointed end of her staff. She then spun around and planted the key part of her Garnet Rod into Chaos, opening up a hole and attempting to seal her up. Chaos used the Romulus Source to knock Pluto back along with her Garnet Rod.

"Damn you. So, you went to that universe?" Chaos scowled. "I should've been more careful randomly sending you there. Don't worry though, I'll send you to the end of time. A fitting place for a lonely soul like you. Farewell, sister." She smirked evilly and snapped her fingers, opening up a portal.

"NO!" Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon cried out as she jumped off Pegasus and kicked Chaos' back. After kicking her aside, Neo Moon helped Pluto up. "C'mon, we're going to finish her together!"

Yusuke and RJ quickly arrived as they pointed their fingers, charging up Youki power through their fingertips. Sailor Chaos sprang up to her feet laughing. However, Shaka appeared behind Chaos with her hand on the woman's back.

"You got me."

The trio fired off simultaneous spirit blasts that seemingly engulfed Sailor Chaos. But, the conniving woman flew up completely unscathed and laughing. Then, a long rose whip came shooting through her right shoulder. She grabbed the whip and burned it. She sighted Yoko Kurama diving at her. She swiftly moved aside and was met by Hiei, who slashed at her with lightning fast blade strikes. She quickly countered using her finger to block Hiei's strikes. At one point, Hiei expelled a black fire blast, blasting a hole through Chaos' abdomen. However, she quickly regenerated the hole and turned around seeing Kuwabara swinging his Dimension Sword at her. Aoshi, in full Lycan form, slashed at her. Cammy summoned a holy beam from her Dragon Gazer Mirror. Moonlight Knight prepared to stab Chaos with his scimitar. Kohana converted Shiro into an ax to strike Chaos with. Lien, transformed into her Primary Evolved form, kicked at Chaos.

"Nice try, Spirit Detectives! But a futile attempt!" Sailor Chaos yelled, swiftly producing a darkness aura that knocked Kurama, Hiei, Kuwabara, Aoshi, Cammy, Kohana, and Lien back. She turned around seeing Mizuno, Brimstone, Tsukimaru, and the Chimeras, but she repelled them with another darkness wave. Rio, Kyo, Yasha, Selipa, and Nadeshiko tried their hand at attacking Chaos, but they, too, met similar fates with Chaos neutralizing them with darkness beams.

She was then met by Yusuke, RJ, and Shaka charging at her. She planted her hands on the head of ChaosMillenniummon, creating humanoid-shaped slime minions that had Yusuke, RJ, and Shaka's faces.

"Ugh, those things got our faces!" RJ freaked out.

Yusuke growled, readily charging his finger. "I don't look that ugly! Let's curbstomp them!"

Shaka nodded and charged sacred energy into her hands.

The chaos soldiers grinned and pointed their fingers, charging up red beams akin to Spirit Gun blasts. Yusuke, RJ, and Shaka quickly stormed the chaos soldiers and blasted through them.

While this was going down, Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon and Chaos clashed head-on. The latter was easily countering all of Neo Moon's sword slashes.

"How noble of you to defend Pluto's honor! Why do you care so much for her?!"

"I was her first friend! Our bond grew overtime and it's through those bonds we became like a family!" Neo Moon shouted. "She has more friends than you'll never come to know. You squandered any chance of forming friends after you released and merged with Chaos! And after all you put us through, you don't deserve a second chance!"

(End theme)

Sailor Chaos caught Neo Moon's sword with two fingers and chortled. "Who needs friends when I have Millenniummon? He's all I ever need in my conquest to see the whole universe engulfed by our sea of chaos!"

Suddenly, Neo Moon smirked as her sword seemingly grew and turned into a rocket launcher.

Sailor Chaos's eyes shot wide open at the sudden weapon transformation.

"Ready to fire, Sely?!"

The voice of Sely came out of the cannon. "Ready, set, and..."

Both yelled out together. "FIRE!"


Sailor Chaos barely dodged the incoming cannon blast that tore a giant hole into ChaosMillenniummon's head. Chaos studied the cannon and sensed Sely's presence inside the weapon.

(Cue Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann OST – Nikopol)

"I see, you're using one of those Amazoness warriors as a weapon! And judging by how you've turned her into a weapon of destruction, you've become sorta of her meister. Yes, you went to the world of those meisters and their weapon companions. Well, I'll be eating their souls once Paradais has consumed their dimension whole!" Sailor Chaos vowed. She raised her hands, preparing to summon chaos soldiers.

However, the Dai-Valkyrie Neo Senshi, the Quartet, and their steeds formed a circle surrounding Sailor Chaos.

"Good timing guys!" Neo Moon said. "Now, as your future queen, I order us to quick her collective ass!"

"Yes!" The Neo Senshi shouted in unison.

As RJ joined into the fray, the future Senshi and their cohorts launched an all-out assault on Sailor Chaos. Chaos instinctively dodged their frontal attacks. At one point, Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter kicked Chaos' back so hard she knocked her up into the air. Chaos, unfazed, floated up only for Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars to blast her down with an icy fire blast. Dai-Valkyrie Cyber Mercury, aided by her steed Kelpie, propelled up and hit Chaos with a water blast into her back. Dai-Valkyrie Summoner Venus summoned a fu dog-faced mallet that she used to smack Chaos' face with. Chaos' face contorted as she fell and hit the ground.

Adam and Demona floated over Chaos, expelling Youki blasts all over her. Chaos floated away only to be intercepted by Ryuuhi, who slashed at her with a black fired-imbued sword. Chaos rebounded and expelled black beams, which forced the Neo Senshi back. Daiki dropped in front of Chaos and shot her up with pulse blasts.

"Kelpie/Ford/Frostburn/Inari!" The Neo Senshi cried out in unison.

The Neo Senshi's respective animal spirits combined their energies and fired a condensed beam that hit Sailor Chaos' head-on. As this was going on, the Quartet and their steeds attacked Chaos.

"Cadence/Harmony/Flare/Mara!" The Quartet shouted together.

The Quartet's animal spirits combined their energies and blasted Chaos with a combined beam full of their powers. Chaos quickly parried the blasts until Dai-Valkyrie Sedna and Knut got the drop on her.

"Charon! I've had it with you!" Sedna snapped as she swiftly bumrushed and slashed at Chaos with her ice trident. She then drew out her Dragon Saber and drove it into Chaos' gut. Knut then headbutted Chaos to the side, sending her flying back.

Chaos landed and watched Sedna readily preparing to attack her again.

"You won't get so lucky this time!" Chaos declared, but then a Ki blast intercepted her. She looked up as Angemon X flew up and decked her in the face, nearly taking her head off.

Chaos was then punched again in the jaw, sending her flying back. Once Chaos floated up to stop her fall, Aya swiftly materialized behind Chaos and readily thrust her right arm, converting it into a hand blade. She narrowly stabbed Chaos only for the woman to evade Aya in time.

"Aya!" Sedna called out to her.

Aya raised her head and faced toward Sailor Chaos' eye level. She darkened her glare and threatened. "Touch Karin again and I will terminate you." She readied her hand blade as her eyes turned red.

"So, the rogue AI that turned loose against her master has switched loyalties with you. Heh, Sedna, you certainly find ways to win over even former enemies. Bring as many friends as you can, but the result will be the same!" Sailor Chaos boasted, preparing to activate the Romulus Source.

Suddenly, Dai-Valkyrie Eris quickly ensnared Chaos with a lasso and tossed her around. Zephyr flew over to Eris and merged with her, granting her wings. Eris propelled toward Chaos and punched the evil woman's face hard. Eris then kicked Chaos' gut and dropped her like a dead weight, sending her crashing to the ground.

Dai-Valkyrie Ixion, using Bane as a bow, shot up poisonous arrows. Chaos put up a barrier to nullify these arrows.

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar, riding Flora, came out of nowhere and whipped Chaos back with a vine. Much like Eris before, she roped out Chaos and tossed her up to Dai-Valkyrie Varuna and Flash.

Once merging with Flash, Dai-Valkyrie Varuna shifted and teleported around Chaos. At one point, she slammed her ax into Chaos' gut and tore through her torso, cutting the woman in half. Chaos quickly regenerated and pieced herself back together. Once becoming whole again, Chaos was caught in the face by Varuna's punch and send flying through a black hole.

Chaos found herself inside a tiny dark realm as Dai-Valkyrie Orcus materialized behind her. Merging with Razor, Orcus gained his wings and flew behind her. She attacked Chaos all over and blasted her out of her pocket dimension.

Once outside, Dai-Valkyrie Makemake caught her with a whip that slapped her down.

Then, Dai-Valkyrie Haumea summoned a sand tower that sealed Chaos within. She then closed her hands attempting to crush Chaos within her sand prison, but dark smoke seeped through the sand and reformed into Sailor Chaos.


Sailor Chaos watched as a wave of cosmic fire swept through ChaosMillenniummon's head. The cosmic fire headed straight for Chaos, who waded through the flames using the Romulus Source's power. She sighted Houou Mars, who began shooting her up with fire blasts. One blast blew off Chaos' left arm off, but a new one grew its place. Houou Mars even blew off Chaos' head off. A new head formed in its place.

"Hah! All your attempts are futile! You can attack me all you want, but all of you will tire out eventually!" Sailor Chaos boasted.

Just then, Norse Knight, riding Gaia, flew down and struck Chaos with a golden beam. Chaos dodged the beam. Then, coming out from behind her, Dai-Valkyrie Moon jumped off Sleipnir and stabbed through Chaos' gut. Chaos gasped and looked down the sword piercing through her.

"It's over, Chaos! Give up!" Moon demanded.

An evil grin adorned Chaos' features as her soft chortles became loud and boastful laughter.

"No... WE HAVE JUST BEGIN TO ENTER THE END GAME!" Chaos declared as dark purple energies suddenly leaked out all over ChaosMillenniummon's head and entire body. "The final stage is set, my friends. We'll be taking our battle off this planet and into the stars!"

"Guys, he's getting bigger!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus cried out.

"Are we really going up through the sky?!" Shaka was flabbergasted with the turn of events.

"Man, that's one big bitch," Yusuke growled. "Hell, this is definitely setting up to be the final stage, guys, from all the video games I've played."

RJ nodded vividly. "Yeah, like out of an RPG."

"No, really? This isn't time to be comparing real life to video games," Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon remarked sarcastically.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna gritted her teeth, standing beside Angemon X and Aya. The other Kuipers amassed with them.

"We've got to get the Romulus Source from her!" Quaoar exclaimed.

Nodding, Sedna had her Dragon Saber drawn out and looked up at Chaos' towering giant form. "But getting it out of her will be tricky. I'll need you to back me up, guys."

"You know you can count on that," Angemon X assured her.

"We're all in this together to the very end," Ixion added.

Aya meticulously scanned Sailor Chaos. "I would advise caution. She's giving off immense levels of cosmic energy that maybe too dangerous."

"Relax, we can handle this, Aya," Eris said.

Houou Mars looked up as she and the others watched them getting closer to the stairs. "ChaosMillenniummon is growing as big as our planet, guys!"

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto nodded. "Yes, and they will only grow bigger once they've assimilated every dimension. This can't go any further!"

Dai-Valkyrie Moon turned around and glared down Sailor Chaos.

The agent of Chaos laughed evilly as she, too, began to grow. "This is it, ladies and gentlemen, the final stage is set."

Clenching her chest, Moon mulled over the 'talk' she had with Cosmos. I should do it, but do I really want to? No, it must happen. Lady Cosmos, looks that time is now. As she concentrated, a white light slowly materialized in her bosom.

(End theme)


Meanwhile, the Beast Biomergers, the Legendary Warriors, the DATS Digimon, Omegamon, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, and the Duelists promptly engaged the Millenniummon half of ChaosMillenniummon. The massive Kaijuu-sized Digimon was able to fight off the Digimon and Duel Monsters attacking him from all sides.

While the heated battle was going on, the Beast Biomergers headed over to break Ryo and Cyberdramon loose from their container. ChaosGallantmon melted the chains binding them both.

"Thanks, guys! Now free the others!" Ryo requested.

"We've got Omegamon and Imperialdramon breaking away from the fighting to help them now," AuroraInumon said, pointing Ryo and Cyberdramon to where Omegamon and Imperialdramon blasted away the crystal formations covering the other Digi-Destined.

(Cue Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann OST – To Hell With Gattai!)

At one point, Omegamon used his Grey Sword to cut open the crystallized containers covering Yolei, Poromon, Cody, and Upamon.

"C'mon, let's rejoin this fight!" Omegamon said.

"But, Poromon and Upamon are too weak now," Yolei said, cradling Poromon in her arms.

"Allow me," Harbingermon interjected as he climbed up to meet with Yolei and Cody. He placed his hands on both their D3 Digivices. He concentrated his holy energies into their devices, which replenished the two In-Training Digimon.

"Poromon... Shinka! Hawkmon!"

"Upamon... Shinka! Armadillomon!"

"Ah, Armadillomon!" Cody was ecstatic when seeing his partner restored to his Rookie form.

"Thank you, Harbingermon!" Yolei expressed her favors to him.

"It's the most I can do especially with all the battles going on," Harbingermon said. "And by Ancientmon's will, we need Valdurmon to return and help turn the tide of this battle. But, even Valdurmon won't be enough to defeat this form of Millenniummon without help from others."

"Ready to make our miraculous come back, Yolei?"

"Let's do it, Cody. Hawkmon, Armadillomon, are you both ready?"

"Ready!" Hawkmon and Armadillomon shouted together.

While Yolei and Cody's Digimon prepared to reenter the battle, Ryo transformed into Ouryu again and merged with Cyberdramon to reform VoidJustimon.

"Everyone else is already out there fighting ChaosMillenniummon. Ryo, are you ready for this?" QuakeGargomon asked.

"Of course! Anything to stop Millenniummon," VoidJustimon replied in only Ryo's voice.

Time to avenge you, dad! This one's for you! Henry vowed in QuakeGargomon's thoughts. Clenching both fists, he stormed ahead beelining for ChaosMillenniummon.

BlazeGallantmon, StormSakuyamon, AuroraInumon, and VoidJustimon immediately joined in to follow QuakeGargomon.

"Buster Blader!" Omegamon beckoned to the Duel Monster warrior. "Now!"

Both Omegamon and Buster Blade merged to become Omegamon Buster Mode.

Athenamon and Amazoness Swordswoman grabbed each other's hands. Their bodies glowed with light and combined together, forming into Athenamon Victory Mode.

Imperialdramon evolved into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode.

Getting up and shaking off the crystals covering him, Alphamon recovered after being neutralized by ChaosMillenniummon.

"Millenniummon, guess who's back?!" Tai shouted, raising a clenched fist. "Let's take them down, everyone!"

Tai and Matt quickly mounted Omegamon BM's shoulders, who quickly flew off with BlazeGallantmon and the Beast Biomergers.

"Remember! Watch your backs and don't get caught by those portals!" Davis warned his colleagues.

Seraphimon picked up TK and flew off. Likewise, Ophanimon let Kari climb on her and took off toward the battle. Cherubimon picked up Willis and went off with Golden Rapidmon.

ChaosMillenniummon anticipated the advance of the Digi-Destined while fighting off the Tamers, Legendary Warriors, DATS Digimon, and the Duelists. BlazeGallantmon hopped into the air with Omegamon BM. They both charged up their blades and unleashed simultaneous attacks.

"Phoenix Joust!"

"Omega Burst!"


The two attacks converged and bombarded over ChaosMillenniummon's body. QuakeGargomon rammed into ChaosMillenniummon's left knee and tried to take the behemoth down to his level. QuakeGargomon bellowed loudly while trying to pick the giant's leg off the ground.

Summoning up a giant storm cloud, StormSakuyamon shot down a barrage of powerful thunder bolts that blasted all over ChaosMillenniummon. None of the bolts fazed ChaosMillenniummon, who merely scoffed off StormSakuyamon's attacks.

"None of my attacks are even hurting him!" StormSakuyamon was flabbergasted by the behemoth's powerful durability.

"Allow me!" AuroraInumon spun around with his claws drawn out. He dove right into ChaosMillenniummon and tried drilling a hole through ChaosMillenniummon's gut, but to no avail. As a network of tentacles came out of the behemoth's skin, AuroraInumon evaded and sliced apart the tentacles that tried grabbing him. "Damn it!"

StormSakuyamon quickly came to AuroraInumon's rescue and unleashed a tornado that swept the tentacles back.

"Thanks, StormSakuyamon!"

"It's going to take more than us to slow ChaosMillenniummon down!"

"Precisely why we have the help from the others!" VoidJustimon called out as he dove toward ChaosMillenniummon's head. He imbued his fist with void power and narrowly dodged the tentacles. "Void Fist!" He propelled forward and tore through the tentacles with his fist.

ChaosMillenniummon swung down his upper left arm and swatted down VoidJustimon. Then, surges of immense white energy discharged from the crystals on ChaosMillenniummon's shoulders and shot out like lightning.

"Chaos Impulse!" ChaosMillenniummon discharged a stream of energy-charged bolts that blasted through buildings and crystal formations. A few stray blasts impacted some of the Digiteam's Digimon and repelled them.

One lightning bolt shot out from ChaosMillenniummon's shoulder crystals and blasted QuakeGargomon. As QuakeGargomon collapsed, Imperialdramon PM flew up and shoved his Omega Blade into ChaosMillenniummon's right shoulder. The behemoth brought down his bottom right arm and grabbed Imperialdramon's face.

"Splendor Blade!" Imperialdramon PM retaliated, shooting out an energy blade through ChaosMillenniummon's hand. He shoved the blade upward, cutting through the giant's hand to free himself. "Need help!"

"Help's on the way!" KaiserGreymon shouted.

Flying upward to meet ChaosMillenniummon were KaiserGreymon, ShineGreymon BM with Masaru, MagnaGarurumon, and MirageGaogamon with Thomas.

"Take this, you big bastard!" KaiserGreymon bellowed, swinging down his massive sword. "Dragonfire Crossbow!"

"Let him have it, ShineGreymon!" Masaru shouted.

"Corona Blaze Sword!"

Both Digimon's attacks bombarded ChaosMillenniummon, which garnered the chaotic giant's attention.

"Magna Missiles!" MagnaGarurumon unleashed numerous missiles consecutively from slots, which opened, all over him. He also fired lasers in conjunction with these missiles as they bombarded ChaosMillenniummon.

"Attack, MirageGaogamon!" Thomas declared.

"Meteor Shackle!"

ChaosMillenniummon was barely fazed by their attacks and discharged energy bolts from his shoulder crystals. Two bolts blasted KaiserGreymon back and subdued the other three. Masaru and Thomas braced themselves while hanging onto their partners.

Masaru yelled. "Don't give up, ShineGreymon!"

Thomas shouted. "MirageGaogamon, tough it out!"

ShineGreymon BM and MirageGaogamon unleashed their Burst Mode auras, which helped protect them from ChaosMillenniummon's energy bolts.

Meanwhile, Rosemon BM with Yoshino, Ravemon BM with Ikuto, and Ornismon BM with Chika unleashed attacks on ChaosMillenniummon's right.

The three DATS members cried in unison. "Rosemon/Ravemon/Ornismon!"

"We've got this!" Ravemon BM boasted, spinning around with his purple wing feathers, which glowed with a bright aura, and blasted ChaosMillenniummon. "Crimson Formation!"

Rosemon BM and Ornismon BM followed up by attacking ChaosMillenniummon.

BioDarkdramon and BioLotusmon joined in attacking ChaosMillenniummon.

"No way I'm letting Masaru hog all the glory! Over here, bastard!" BioDarkdramon shouted, gliding across ChaosMillenniummon's chest and shooting up blasts all over his chest.

"Kouki! Ugh, you're insufferable!" BioLotusmon chided him. She flew in to aid Rosemon BM, Ravemon BM, and Ornismon BM.

"Leave some for us!" Sora called out, riding Phoenixmon to enter the aerial assault on the behemoth.

HerculesKabuterimon with Izzy, Lotusmon with Mimi, and Valkyrimon with Yolei unleashed varied attacks that impacted ChaosMillenniummon's massive frame.

Athenamon VM, joined by Titaniamon, Sanzomon, Mermaimon, and the other Amazons, helped fight off the crystal monsters that started coming out ChaosMillenniummon's flesh. Athenamon VM bumrushed through and shattered a crystal monster with a fistful of power. She then flew up to reconvene with Omegamon BM, leaving Sanzomon, Mermaimon, and Titaniamon to led their sisters against the chaos creatures.

Alphamon went all out slashing apart and blasting away chaos creatures in true warrior fashion. Several crystallized titans came charging behind him. He turned around and swung forward his sword, slicing up these monsters like nothing.

Meanwhile, BioSpinomon helped Vikemon with Cody and Plesiomon with Joe. They began tearing through the hide of ChaosMillenniummon's massive building-sized thighs. However, all ChaosMillenniummon had to do was stomp one foot down, forcing them to scatter.

"Man, that could've been us!" Joe yelped out, seeing several cars crushed under ChaosMillenniummon's feet.

"His skin's too tough!" Cody exclaimed.

Vikemon grumbled as he threw his hammer, which seemingly tore through ChaosMillenniummon's leg. When the hammer was recalled to him, Vikemon watched the wound he made on the beast regenerate.

"Looks like we're going to need Valdurmon for this," Cody muttered, taking out his D3. "I hope Yolei's ready." The only bad thing is Millenniummon already knows and likely expects us to summon Valdurmon. That element of surprise will be no good! He entered and sent an email to Yolei using his D-Terminal.

When Yolei got Cody's message, she sighed. "We've got no choice but to summon Valdurmon even if Millenniummon knows."

Valkyrimon overheard her. "It's worth a try, Yolei."

The other Legendary Warriors implemented their assault on ChaosMillenniummon. Donarmon, Yetimon, Terramon, Wildentmon, and Blademon carried out their attacks on ChaosMillenniummon's chaos creatures that came out of his body.

Ventimon and Calypsomon leaned against each other's backs. They quickly activated the Otome rings, which formed around their wrists and ankles.

"Let's make use of what the Otomes gave us," Ventimon said, activating the rings to propel herself across, which augmented her flight and fighting speed. She flew across and unleashed a wind force twice as strong as before, shattering some crystallized monsters away.

Calypsomon activated her Otome rings and summoned a tidal wave thrice as big as before, sending it at a swarm of chaos creatures. "Thanks a bunch, Otomes. Too bad these rings will only work temporarily."

"Yeah, but we're gonna make good use of their remaining power!"

YamiLeomon punched and kicked each chaos creature, blowing them apart. He watched as more crystallized monsters emerged to ambush him. He quickly punched the ground hard, summoning a pillars of black energy spikes that sprouted out like flower petals and pierced into the crystallized demons.

"Never challenge the power of the Ten Warriors!" YamiLeomon bellowed.

Gliding over past the Legendary Warriors were Beelzebumon Blast Mode and Owryumon. Both of them blasted over ChaosMillenniummon's trunk legs. Both managed to damage the behemoth's skin, but nothing to deal significantly weaken or faze ChaosMillenniummon.

"C'mon, Owryumon!" Norn cheered her evolved partner on. She then pivoted over to Donarmon and watched him in action. "Junpei!"

On another side, BlazeGallantmon and Omegamon BM noticed Yugi, Atem, and Jaden riding the three Egyptian Gods. Yugi was on top of Slifer's head. Atem was seen with Winged Dragon of Ra. Jaden stood on Obelisk's right shoulder. Yusei was also seen on top of Stardust Dragon's head.

The other Duelists and their summoned Duel Monsters worked together hitting ChaosMillenniummon's giant frame. Some of Jaden's Elemental Heroes along with Aster's Destiny Heroes. Black Skull Dragon with Joey unleashed molten blasts down on ChaosMillenniummon, provoking the behemoth. ChaosMillenniummon raised its hand and fired a shockwave that knocked Black Skull Dragon away.

"Ugh! C'mon, we can gut through this, Black Skull Dragon! We can't lose!" Joey shouted.

Harpie's Dragon with Mai flew over saving Black Skull Dragon. Joey turned and saw Mai, who saved him from falling. They gave each other thumbs up.

"Nice save, Mai!"

"Somebody has to watch your back," Mai said. "Go, my Harpie Sisters! Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation!"

A flock of Harpie Ladies converged to form a blue fire phoenix to blast ChaosMillenniummon.

"Blue-Eyes! Neutron Blast!" Seto shouted from above the beast's head.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, with Seto, Lyn, and Mokuba on its back, flew over launching three blue stream blasts, which converged, and hit ChaosMillenniummon's face. ChaosMillenniummon pivoted over to Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and expelled a wave of blue fire that forced the three-headed dragon to withdraw to another location by Seto's command.

"That was close!" Mokuba wiped his forehead.

"We're not out of the woods yet," Lyn remarked, watching Chaos Emperor Dragon flying close by with Max riding the beast. "Max, Sam, stay near us!"

The Signers and their Dragons bombarded ChaosMillenniummon with their attacks.

Yusei furrowed his brows and called out. "Stardust Dragon! Shooting Sonic!"

Jack shouted. "Red Dragon Archfiend! Blazing Crimson Hell Flare!"

Akiza cried out. "Black Rose Dragon! Black Rose Gale!"

Luna shouted. "Ancient Fairy Dragon! Eternal Sunshine!"

Crow beckoned his Blackwing monsters, including Blackwing Armed Wing, to attack. Then, he dove in and slashed apart some chaos creatures that emerged from ChaosMillenniummon. "Here I come! Black Hurricane!" He rapidly spun around like tornado, using his claws to tear up the chaos creatures.

Leo cried out. "Power Tool Dragon! Super Charge Slice!" He directed his dragon to cut up more chaos creatures.

On the ground, the Victory Tamers and some of the other Duelists worked together neutralizing the chaos creatures that emerged from ChaosMillenniummon's skin. Phillipe dashed at some of these minion creatures and blew them up simply running through. Jeri used her telekinetic powers, lifting a pile of debris and dropping them on top of some insect-like crystal monsters. Kazu charged at a behemoth made of crystal and punched him into pieces. Kenta formed a black barrier around his friends, protecting them from energy blasts from some chaos creatures.

Suddenly, a blaze of blue flames spread and swept through these chaos monsters. Brunhilde descended swinging her sword and sending more blue flames at more monsters. Leviamon and Grani came to aid Brunhilde. Artemismon Lunar Mode dropped right in blasting a crystallized giant into pieces.

Fighting off other chaos creatures were PsyAndromon, ShadowAngemon, Angedramon, Ligermon, Wynn the Wind Charmer, Hiita the Fire Charmer, Eria the Water Charmer, Aussa the Earth Charmer, Dharc the Dark Charmer, Lyna the Light Charmer, AzuDevamon, ZhuDevamon, BaiDevamon, and EbonDevamon.

Tea, Tristan, Serenity, Morpheous, Duke, Alexis, Syrus, Blair, Aster, Atticus, Yasmin, Trudge, Carly, and Mina were also engaging the chaos creatures. Combining their own attacks and tactics with spell/traps, they managed to neutralize and destroy a swarm of these monsters.

Brunhilde flew right up to meet with AuroraInumon and StormSakuyamon. They watched BlazeGallantmon and Omegamon BM striking ChaosMillenniummon with hit/run tactics.

Obelisk bumrushed ChaosMillenniummon and landed a fist packed with immense power. The punch slightly fazed ChaosMillenniummon, which Jaden noted closely.

"I think we're finally hurting him!" Jaden announced. "Yugi, Atem, let him have it!"

Yugi commanded. "Go, Slifer!"

"Winged Dragon of Ra!" Atem shouted.

Slifer expelled powerful bursts of red lightning and caught ChaosMillenniummon with multiple blasts. Winged Dragon of Ra became bathed in epic fiery fashion, using said fire to scorch ChaosMillenniummon's chest with.

(End theme)

"YES!" Atem cheered.

"Wait! Look!" Yugi called out, pointing everyone to a black aura bathed over ChaosMillenniummon.

"LET'S END THE FINAL PHASE OF THIS END GAME!" ChaosMillenniummon declared as the thicker his aura became the larger he grew in size. He was already towering over all of Tokyo. His head reached the dark clouds with Sailor Chaos growing over 50 feet tall, who now became firmly lodged into ChaosMillenniummon's forehead.

(Cue Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 OST – Courtyard Apocalypse)

"We won't give up, guys! They can grow as big as a planet! This is our world! We're not letting Paradais have it!" BlazeGallantmon shouted defiantly, propelling up and bathing himself in a burst of flames, turning himself into a phoenix.

"Crazy idiot!" StormSakuyamon shouted as she, Omegamon BM, AuroraInumon, and Brunhilde trailed behind him. "You aren't going alone! We're in this together to the very end!"

"They're literally setting the final stage above the heavens!" AuroraInumon exclaimed.

Brunhilde, however, grinned, which exuded excitement. "Quite fitting if you ask me!"


ChaosMillenniummon was now floating over the digitized Earth. Sailor Chaos opened her eyes and gleefully laughed.

"Do you see it?! The universe! How glorious it will be when our network spreads and devours the entire cosmos," Chaos boasted. She ceased laughter and looked down, sensing the amassed powers of every hero: the Senshi, the Digiteams, the Duelists, and Spirit Detectives.

ChaosMillenniummon chortled evilly. "No need to fear. Try as they might, we can cast them all to the end of time! Even if they return, there will be nothing left but a Paradais universe."

"Yes, it won't be long now," Sailor Chaos smirked darkly, forming hundreds of black energy orbs, which all surrounded her. "Come at us, heroes! You can't prevent the End of Days! EMBRACE OBLIVION!"


Tokyo/Old Hypnos Headquarters/8:50 PM

"Yamaki, they've all gone up after Sharon and Jeremiah!" cried out Riley, looking up and pressing her hands against the window.

"Man, they're really setting the stage for the final battle," Valon muttered as he and the others looked up in aghast.

Gritting his teeth, Cain scowled as he still couldn't get over Charon's taunts.

"Cain?" Grace murmured, watching the broken man closely.

Yamaki as well as the others shifted their view toward the sky where the majority of the heroes stormed for the final albeit fated showdown. "Do it, heroes. Answer our prayers and defeat this darkness." He murmured softly, keeping his voice tone down.


Shibuya District/Inuki Residence & Dojo/8:55 PM

Koenma, Botan, Raizen, Toguro, Genkai, and Okami stood side by side watching ChaosMillenniummon grow past the sky. Keiko, Naru, Umino, and Yuuichirou were seen behind them praying with the little ones. Suzuno held Hina close to her. Saya held little Adam close. Mako Tsunami and Zane looked up to the sky; all the former could think about was his fiancee and future daughter. Zane had his brother, Syrus, on his mind. Wolk and DemiDevimon poked their heads out to check out all the commotion. Luna, Artemis, Diana, Desi, and Lucy sat together on a porch staring beyond the stars.

"C'mon, Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi," Luna and Artemis conveyed their faith in their girls.

Lucy and Eris had Sailor Eris and the Kuipers on their minds.

"Yusuke, RJ," Keiko muttered, holding little RJ in his arms.

"Rei, Cammy, Koori, Ryuuhi," Yuuichirou said, holding both little Koori and Ryuuhi's hands.

"Usagi," Naru murmured, thinking about her childhood friend and the other Senshi. She had both Miaka, her own daughter, and Chibi-Usa close to her.

"C'mon, Yusuke!" Botan shouted encouragement for Yusuke and his team.

It's all you on, my friends. Koenma prayed.


Shinjuku District/Outside Matsuda Bakery/8:56 PM

The families of the Tamers and the Legendary Warriors stood united looking up seeing the Digimon materialize in the sky.

The Matsuda couple held hands together while praying for their son and Guilmon. Likewise, Rumiko and her mother held hands together. The remnants of the Wong family prayed together. The Katsuya couple stood with their kids and their Digimon partners; the latter two, BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon, felt the presence of their parents.

"C'mon, Beelzebumon!" Mako and Ai shouted together.

"Hiro," Kiyoko murmured, praying for Kazu and his friends.

Calumon floated up scanning the sky. "My friends." His forehead crystal then lit up, shooting out a beam, which cut through the clouds to give everyone a better view of the battle that was set to commence.

"Henry, Suzie, Jaarin," Mayumi said with tears.

"You can do it, my son!" Both Takehiro and Mie encouraged Takato.

"We're with you, Rika!" Rumiko shouted.

Meanwhile, Nami Asaji and Mr. Takanaka remained visibly quiet over what was set to transpire.

You can do it, kids. We all believe in you! Asaji prayed.


Domino City/8:57 PM

All of the Duelists' closest colleagues came out of their shelters to look out to the sky where ChaosMillenniummon's presence had expanded. They also caught sight of flashes of light, which signified an impending cosmic battle.

Amongst the amassed crowds were Solomon Muto, Bakura, Rebecca, Pegasus, and a slew of other Battle City duelists.

"You can do it, my grandson," Solomon said with confidence. "You and your friends can win this to save our world."

Pegasus narrowed his eyes and slightly frowned. "I hope so, old man. To think we're all here together after all that transpired between us before."

"Indeed. Still, even so, there comes times when events like these unite us."

"Go, Yugi!" Rebecca cheered energetically.

Beat this enemy, my friends. Bakura thought, looking up wishing he were apart of the impending epic battle to save the universe as well as the Nexus. Suddenly, he was hit with a vision of the Millennium Ring. "What did I just see? The Millennium Ring?"

Pegasus was hit with a similar vision except it being the Millennium Eye. Why am I seeing this?

Then, both Pegasus and Bakura were seeing Prince Atem with Yugi Muto. The former they saw wore the Millennium Pendant, which contained two of the items they've worn before.

"Is that the Pharaoh with Yugi?" Pegasus was flabbergasted.

"What is this supposed to mean?" wondered an equally confused Bakura.


Azabu-Juuban District/8:58 PM

The families and acquaintances of the Sailor Senshi, those who were able to escape getting sealed in crystals, stood together to show their support.

Having learned of their daughter's identity as Sailor Moon after the original Rajita invasion, Ikuko and Kenji Tsukino were relieved to no longer being left in the dark about their daughter's heroics. Now with their son, Shingo, involved in the Paradais war, both prayed for their safe return as all as Neo Moon.

"Usagi, Shingo, Chibi-Usa!" Ikuko cried, leaning on her husband's shoulder.

Kenji held his wife close to him. "They're going to beat this monster, dear. They're our children... no, our heroes. Since when have they let us down before."

Motoki stood side by side with his sister Unazuki and her husband prayed for the Senshi.

"You can do it, guys," Motoki said in encouragement.

"Rei, Cammy, kids..." Rei's grandfather prayed for his granddaughters.

"Hotaru," Souichi muttered, praying for his daughter.



Marik, Ishizu, and Odion stood outside the museum watching ChaosMillenniummon tower amidst the Earth's sky. They immediately sighted the three Egyptian Gods materialize along with a slew of Digimon and Duel Monsters as well as the heroes.

"There!" Odion pointed up. "The Egyptian Gods have been summoned again!"

"It's definitely Yugi and his friends," Marik replied.

"The big battle that will change the fate of our world will finally reach its conclusion," Ishizu inferred. Even without the Millennium Necklace, she retained some semblance of foresight.

"It would seem so, my sister," Marik replied until a vision of the Millennium Pendant appeared in his mind. The Millennium Rod then appeared in his mind and glowed profusely. "Wait, why am I sensing the Millennium Rod as well as the Puzzle and the other items?" This quickly got Ishizu and Odion's attention right away.

"That's impossible, Marik. The Millennium Items have all been sealed."

"Yes, but..." But what does this mean? Marik wondered. Then, another vision of young Atem appeared alongside Yugi. Wait, that's...! "Is that Prince Atem with Yugi Muto?!"

Upon hearing this, both Odion and Ishizu were befuddled with what their brother claimed to have seen. Then, both were hit with the same visions.

"This can't..."

"How is it possible?"

"He's wearing all seven Millennium Items," Marik said. "They've been combined into the Millennium Pendant. This must be the actual prince from the past."

"How did he get here?" Odion inquired.

"Time travel, perhaps, but we'll never know. All that matters he's with Yugi and they're going to fight that behemoth with the three Egyptian Gods. Let's all hope things turn out to their favor."

Ishizu and Odion both nodded as they looked up to the sky to witness the cosmic battle.

Yugi, remember the combined power of the three Egyptian Gods can once again form the Creator God of Light, Horakhty. If anyone can do it, you and Atem can. Marik thought.


Azabu-Juuban District/9:05 PM

Nagah, her crew, and Blitzkrieg ceased their search as they paused to notice ChaosMillenniummon's presence tower over the whole of Tokyo. Now ChaosMillenniummon had grown to a size where he can encompass an entire island nation.

"Can you all feel it?" Nagah asked her cohorts. "The final battle is at hand."

Blitzkrieg frowned. "What are their chances?"

Nagah said nothing and quickly jetted up toward the location where the cosmic battle was set to take place.

"Lady Nagah!" Ayame shouted to the newly appointed Neo-Rajita leader.

"Is she crazy?!" Uriel exclaimed.

"No, she wants a close up? Who are we to miss this out?" Blitzkrieg scoffed. "You idiots can stay behind, but no way I'm missing out on this."

With that, Blitzkrieg followed Nagah to the final battle.

"Hey, Lien is with those humans! That must be why Nagah is going up there!" Kaname realized.

"That's right! C'mon, let's move, y'all!" Chisame cried out.

As for Nagah, she was already halfway up past the clouds. The higher she jetted up, the more flabbergasted she became when seeing how immensely huge ChaosMillenniummon was up close.

"Lien, you better be ok, child," Nagah muttered. There's no doubt about it now. Chaos has made full use of the Romulus Source. I can feel it in my core having become resonated with a portion of its power. Senshi, you have an uphill battle waiting for you. Sailor Moon, what will you do now?


Above Earth's Orbit/9:10 PM

ChaosMillenniummon pivoted his view from outer space and sensed the presence of the planet's heroes flying up to meet him. Opening her eyes, Sailor Chaos was met with the Dai-Valkyrie Sailor Senshi, Kuiper Senshi, the Neo Senshi, the Beast Biomergers, the Legendary Warriors, the Egyptian God monsters, the Signer Dragons, Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, Athenamon VM, the Celestial Angels, and the DATS Digimon.

Pretty much most of every hero capable of flight, limited and full interstellar fight, was high above the planet's atmosphere facing their biggest enemy to date.

"THIS IS THE STAGE FOR OUR FINAL BATTLE! I HOPE YOU'VE ALL MADE PEACE AMONGST YOURSELVES! THIS IS WHERE YOU ALL END!" ChaosMillenniummon made his final declaration before opening up holes around him.

Sailor Chaos was seen cackling as her giant frame made her easy to see.

"When we're done with you, we will cast all of you to the end of time, which you will never return!" Sailor Chaos boasted, laughing. Making use of the Romulus Source, she discharged a green beam that she formed into a crystallized lance. She threw it across quickly, forcing the heroes to spread out and avoiding the lance.

(End theme)

"We're not going down... ESPECIALLY NOT TO YOU TWO!" BlazeGallantmon yelled out defiantly.

Dai-Valkyrie Moon rode Sleipnir forward against ChaosMillenniummon. KaiserGreymon, Yugi with Slifer, Atem with Winged Dragon of Ra, Jaden with Obelisk, Yusei with Stardust Dragon, ShineGreymon BM, Omegamon BM, and Brunhilde joined her and BlazeGallantmon forward.

(Cue Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla OST – M.O.G.U.E.R.A. vs. SpaceGodzilla)

ChaosMillenniummon's crystal shoulders once again lit up, discharging powerful bursts of cosmic lightning at the leaders and defacto leaders. They all evaded the lightning blasts, avoiding getting caught and neutralized by ChaosMillenniummon array of blasts.

"PERISH, FOOLS! PARADAIS LOST STORM!" ChaosMillenniummon unleashed a heavy bombardment of green energy blasts from the shoulder crystals.

The heroes once again evaded, but these green blasts discharged smaller blasts that seemed to stun a majority of them. One blast hit BlazeGallantmon, sending him flying back.

"BlazeGallantmon!" Cammy cried out, who was seen with the Spirit and Neo-Detectives riding on Puu. She concentrated using her Dragon Gazer's Mirror. RaPhoenixmon, lend us some support!

Upon delving into her mirror's power, a golden ray of light consumed it and the girl. Her friends watched Cammy float up bathed in RaPhoenixmon's light. She then released the Digideity's and her Priestess power to save BlazeGallantmon from another chaos blast. Cammy's power not only saved BlazeGallantmon, but empowered him with her power.

"Cammy, thanks a lot!" BlazeGallantmon said, utilizing the power given to him, which was essential for his shining form. "BlazeGallantmon! Mode Change!" As his armor shifted and became pearl white, a long sword with a dragon's hand grip materialized in his hand. "Shining Mode!"

Gallantmon Shining Mode glided up shooting white beams of holy light, which nullified the chaos blasts that aimed for him.

StormSakuyamon, AuroraInumon, QuakeGargomon, and VoidJustimon floated over ChaosMillenniummon. They quickly bombarded their obvious giant target with a barrage attacks.

"Shifting to Priestess Mode!" StormSakuyamon declared, activating her Mode Change. Her blue-schemed armor alternated into a Priestess garb.

MegaGargomon and AuroraInumon both amassed enough space debris, forming a massive space rock. They shoved the space rock hoping to hit ChaosMillenniummon with. The behemoth gaped his mouth, expelling a concentrated white blast that incinerated the space rock.

Sakuyamon Priestess Mode unleashed a barrage of multicolored spirit foxes. None of the spirits did anything to faze ChaosMillenniummon. As she tried binding him with her spells, ChaosMillenniummon merely swept her back by swinging down his upper right hand. Gallantmon SM intervened and secured Sakuyamon PM inside a white bubble to save her.

"He's still too powerful," Sakuyamon PM said.

"I know, but we can't give up now. If we do, we lose everything and the Nexus will become lost forever," Gallantmon SM said, readying his Dragon Saber.

Coating himself in a golden light, VoidJustimon jetted toward ChaosMillenniummon. He plunged right into the behemoth's chest and lodged a few blasts through his hide. ChaosMillenniummon caught sight of VoidJustimon and backhanded him, sending him flying back. VoidJustimon quickly stopped himself flying back any further as he flexed, forming a golden aura around him.

"Millenniummon, we're ending this!" VoidJustimon vowed.

"Only if I let you," ChaosMillenniummon chortled. "Chaos, though, will see to it that you fail."

Sailor Chaos caught VoidJustimon with a green blast. "Indeed. You won't do anything to my love as long as I'm here. We're one! And as long as I'm here, you can't do anything to Millenniummon!" She quickly veered from VoidJustimon and saw Dai-Valkyrie Moon riding Sleipnir toward her. "And as for you!" She threw a green crystallized lance at her.

"Sleipnir!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon shouted as the black stallion swerved around, narrowly dodging the incoming projectile.

"Her power combined with Millenniummon have become immensely too powerful for either of us," Sleipnir blatantly told Moon. "Even with my power merged with you..."

"I know, it won't make any difference," Moon realized this notion. "But, there's always another way..." She placed her hand on her bosom as a white glow subtly came out.

Sailor Chaos threw a green blast, to which Moon and Sleipnir responded by splitting up. Moon beckoned Sleipnir to her as the steed transformed into an orb of light and merged with her. Now empowered with Sleipnir's spiritual essence, Moon glided up to meet Sailor Chaos.

Black tendrils shot out of Sailor Chaos attempting to ensnare Moon. The Dai-Valkyrie readily slashed and blasted all the tendrils that tried ensnaring her. However, one blast from Sailor Chaos hit Moon's blind spot and knocked her away.

"Sailor Moon!" Norse Knight called out, but before he and Gaia could save her, Chaos nymphs came off of ChaosMillenniummon to intercept him. He slashed through the little chaos monsters, but the mass numbers kept them from saving his lover.

(End theme)

The Dai-Valkyrie Planetary Senshi reached Moon just in time.

"Sailor Moon!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus cried out, shaking Moon.

Moon quickly came to as the Chiimon appeared in front of her.

'Chii' encouraged her. "Sailor Moon, you mustn't give up. You have the power to stop Sailor Chaos."

'Freya' nodded. "Remember the talk with our Lady Cosmos."

"The talk?" Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter asked.

Houou Mars turned to Moon curiously. "Ok, we deserve to know. What talk did you and Cosmos have?"

"Incoming!" Dai-Valkyrie Saturn called out, warning her friends.

Numerous green blasts hurtled toward the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi. They were able to dodge the incoming blasts and separated. Dai-Valkyrie Moon floated up. In response to Chaos' attack, the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi merged with their spirit animals and augmented their powers.

"We were just having a conversation here, bitch!" Dai-Valkyrie Uranus snapped. "Now, I'm grown tired of you!"

"Let's keep Chaos busy, guys!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus commanded, leading the Inners and Outers against Chaos.

They were joined by the Kuipers and Neo Senshi.

While the fighting was going on, Houou Mars confronted Dai-Valkyrie Moon.

"Sailor Moon, what did Lady Cosmos tell you?"

"She... she said..." Moon seemed to hesitant and for an unknown reason. It was a reason only she and Cosmos were privy to.

"Go ahead, Princess Serenity," 'Chii' insisted. "Release the gift Lady Cosmos bestowed to you. Now isn't the time to hesitate."

"Better make a decision fast," Houou Mars said, letting a sheen of fire form over her. "C'mon."

"Chiimon, I'm ready. I'll do it whatever it takes to beat Chaos," Moon muttered, seemingly becoming sure of herself.

(Cue Bleach OST – Stand Up Be Strong)

Meanwhile, Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, Alphamon, and Athenamon VM attacked ChaosMillenniummon. A green sheen of crystals began forming over ChaosMillenniummon, which protected him from their attacks. The crystals quickly shattered, sending hundreds of crystal shards at the Digimon.

Omegamon BM swerved away, shooting up consecutive beams from his cannon. "Omega Cannon!" He shot up a few more blasts that bombarded the behemoth.

Imperialdramon PM swung his sword down, striking ChaosMillenniummon.

Athenamon VM released a concentrated streams of power from her wings. "Wings of Athena!" Her attack spread over blasting the behemoth's body.

Spreading his wings out, Alphamon forged a mystical circle. "Digitalize of Soul!" From the circle came a concentrated green beam that hit ChaosMillenniummon's head.

KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon initiated their attacks next.

"Dragonfire Crossbow!"

"Machinegun Destroy!"

ShineGreymon BM and MirageGaogamon BM initiated their assault after the Warriors of Fire and Light.

"Up yours, ChaosMillenniummon!" Masaru flipped the behemoth off. "ShineGreymon, him have it!"

"Final Shining Burst!"

"Meteor Shackle!"

The Digimon's attacks slammed into ChaosMillenniummon, seemingly inflicted damage to the behemoth. When the smoke cleared, parts of ChaosMillenniummon's body seemed eviscerated, but then new layers of skin regenerated over the damaged parts.

"Our turn, guys!" YamiLeomon declared, gathering Ventimon, Donarmon, and Yetimon.

Blademon summoned Terramon, Calypsomon, and Wildentmon to his side.

"Power of Darkness!'

"Power of Wind!"

"Power of Thunder!"

"Power of Ice!"

"Power of Metal!"

"Power of Earth!"

"Power of Water!"

"Power of Wood!"

The eight Legendary Warriors combined their spirit energies to amass a giant ball of light containing their elements. They threw their hands down, throwing the combined elemental sphere, which slammed into ChaosMillenniummon.

"Power of Fire!"

"Power of Light!"

As the final two elemental components were added, the sphere grew twice as large and enveloped the behemoth. ChaosMillenniummon bellowed frantically as the blast tore into his body. More damage had been done to ChaosMillenniummon with most of his skin torn and melted off. When the smoke thinned out, the Legendary Warriors braced themselves immediately when a barrage of green blasts struck them.

ShineGreymon BM and MirageGaogamon BM evaded the beams. They called forth the other DATS members as they instinctively dodged more beams.

The Celestial Angels and Golden Rapidmon made their move next in conjunction with Omegamon BM and Imperialdramon PM.

"Tai! We're going up next!" TK declared.

"Watch this, Davis!" Willis exclaimed.

"ChaosMillenniummon, may you bring harm to anyone again!" Kari shouted.

"Hallowed Ascension!"

"Eden's Javelin!"

"Storm of Judgment!"

"Miracle Missile!"

As the attacks bombarded into ChaosMillenniummon, this gave enough time for two Digimon to once again reform the legendary bird. A burst of golden light shot out of Earth and teleported right where the Celestial Angels and Golden Rapidmon were.

Once again coming to life was Valdurmon. Both Yolei and Cody were seen standing on top Valdurmon's head with a barrier formed over them similar to the bubble that contains Davis and Ken when riding Imperialdramon.

"Dun, dun, dun, dun!" Yolei sang out. "Valdurmon's back for another round!"

"Good timing, Yolei and Cody!" Ken called out.

Valdurmon pivoted his view toward ChaosMillenniummon. The behemoth's damaged skin was once again completely regenerated much to the dismay of the Digiteams.

"ChaosMillenniummon, you won't have your way!" Valdurmon threatened the chaotic monster.

ChaosMillenniummon discharged cosmic lightning from his shoulder crystals. Valdurmon dodged the cosmic blasts and flew right up toward ChaosMillenniummon's right.

"Purge Shine!" Valdurmon screeched, bathing his whole feathered body with light golden sheen that leaked out cosmic energy. He blasted ChaosMillenniummon a few times, dealing some damage to the behemoth. He jetted over the opposite end and unleashed bursts of cosmic blasts, which burned through ChaosMillenniummon's hide.

ChaosMillenniummon roared and glided forward, forcing every Digimon attacking him to evade.

"Chaos Impulse!"

ChaosMillenniummon discharged cosmic lightning that repelled and neutralized some of the Digimon. Valdurmon provided a barrier over himself and the other Digimon, protecting them from the chaotic monster's cosmic beams.

Gallantmon SM lifted Dragon Saber. "Heaven's Fury!" He summoned a bolt of immense light and blasted ChaosMillenniummon's head.

Valkyrie Brunhilde jetted toward Sailor Chaos and fired blue flames toward her. Chaos put up her hand and nullified the flames easily. She then moved her hand and repelled Brunhilde with a quick shockwave.

As Puu flew past Sailor Chaos, Yusuke, RJ, and Shaka shot her up blasts.

"Spirit Gun!"

Sailor Chaos raised her hand and nullified their spirit blasts easily.

"Dragon of the Darkness Flames!"

Sailor Chaos put her hand out and dispelled the black flames.

"How tedious," Chaos scoffed, preparing to repel Puu away, but then a barrage of attacks blasted her from behind. She whirled around as the Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, Kuipers, and Neo Senshi advanced on her. "How fitting. We can finally settle this battle once and for all, Sailor Senshi!" Narrowing her eyes, she sighted Dai-Valkyrie Moon not too far behind her friends.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus hollered in true leader fashion. "Here we come to kick your ass, bitch! Guys, let's hit her with all we've got!"

Sailor Chaos smirked devilishly, laughing off their idle threats. "You're welcome to try kicking my ass! Come and get me!" She openly goaded them to attack her.

Dai-Valkyrie Planetary Senshi initiated their attacks first on the giant Sailor Chaos.

Norse Knight fired off a golden beam. "Gaia's Blast!" The golden beam pierced into Chaos' chest and opened a gaping hole in her.

Dai-Valkyrie Mercury summoned a gigantic wave of water. "Oceanic Crush!"

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter swung around Mjolnir and casted a massive thunder bolt. "Mjolnir's Strike!" She launched consecutive lightning blasts that tore into her body and at one point blew off both her arms.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus unleashed a barrage of spear-like projectiles. "Chain Wink Swords!" Her spears tore through Chaos' body.

Dai-Valkyrie Uranus unleashed a tornado-like attack. "Tempest Twister!" Her tornado slammed into Chaos.

Dai-Valkyrie Neptune threw down two pillars of ocean water. "Hippocampus Waves!"

Dai-Valkyrie Saturn unleashed a series of over a hundred successive Silence Glaive slashes. "Silence Glaive Slash!" All the slashes ripped into her massive frame, tearing off sections of her body, which quickly regenerated.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto forged a massive sphere from her Garnet Rod, discharging and shooting Chaos with it. "Take this! Paradox's Fate!" She blew Chaos' head off with said attack, but sadly Chaos' head reformed.


Houou Mars bathed herself in full phoenix fire mode. "Houou Bullet!" She plowed through Sailor Chaos' gut. She then swerved right back around and jetted through her chest, tearing a massive hole in her.

The Dai-Valkyrie Kuipers initiated their attacks next.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna readied her Dragon Saber, a different one given to her from her friend Kensuke Rainer, and slashed across. "Dragon Saber Slash!" The attack cut Chaos in half, but she pieced herself together.

Angemon X amassed a Ki ball in his hands and fired. "Finish Buster!" The Ki ball expanded and blasted a hole through her chest.

Dai-Valkyrie Eris spun herself like a tornado and launched forward. "Tornado Blitz!"

Dai-Valkyrie Ixion unleashed hundreds of arrows. "Poison Arrow Barrage!"

Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar pulled out a vine and whipped it across, sending a storm of thorns that popped holes into Chaos. "Piercing Thorn Storm!"

Dai-Valkyrie Orcus summoned several black holes, which shot out streams of black energy. "Black Hole Slam!"

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna swung her battle ax across, sending a cutting edged beam. "Flash Fury!" She unleashed over a hundred ax slashes, producing projectiles that tore into her, even at one point slicing off Chaos' arms and legs off.

Dai-Valkyrie Makemake pulled out her whip and swung it, sending pink streaks of light that can cut through armor. "Whip Rapier!"

Dai-Valkyrie Haumea forged a giant boxing glove out of sand. "Sand Fist!"

The Dai-Valkyrie Neo Senshi and Quartet launched their attacks on Sailor Chaos.

Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon swung her sword, sending a pink projectile of light. "Heart Crusher!"

Dai-Valkyrie Cyber Mercury put her hands together and expelled numerous blue blasts. "Hydro Shooter!"

Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars expelled a azure-schemed fire dragon from her right hand. "Frost Dragon Flame!"

Dai-Valkyrie Battle Jupiter discharged lightning from her fists. "Odin's Fists!"

Dai-Valkyrie Summoner Venus forged two glowing chains armed with cutting edged blades. "Exorcism Chains!"

Dai-Valkyrie Ceres unleashed a storm of sakura petals as sharp as blades. "Sakura Storm!"

Dai-Valkyrie Pallas summoned spiked balls, which were armed to detonate. "Urchin Bombs!"

Dai-Valkyrie Juno forged a spear made of green energy and threw it. "Spear Claw!"

Dai-Valkyrie Vesta produced a whip made of fire and swung it across. "Rings of Fire!"

Dai-Valkyrie Moon propelled forward while channeling immense mystic power into her blade. While gliding over Sailor Chaos' head, she concentrated all hers and Sleipnir's combined powers. "Take this, Sailor Chaos, for all the pain and anguish you've brought on us! MOON HOLY ASGARDIAN WAVE!" She brought down her blade and sliced through a significant portion of Chaos, splitting her in half from head down to her chest.

Sailor Chaos quickly pieced herself back together, but in response to this the Dai-Valkyrie Planetary Senshi became bathed in golden sheens.

"Hey, something's happening to them!" Dai-Valkyrie Varuna exclaimed. "Golden light?"

Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon gasped. "Sailor Moon? Guys?"

Norse Knight added. "Watch this, everyone."

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna sensed surges of cosmic power from the Planetary Senshi. "Whoa, guys. The floodgate's about to open!"

Angemon X was taken aback. "No kidding. The cosmic floodgates."

"Everyone! Let's let her have it!" Dai-Valkyrie Moon announced, raising her hand overhead. "Golden Cosmic Power...!"

Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto shouted together. "MAKE-UP!" Nine sheens of golden light enveloped the nine Senshi converting their Dai-Valkyrie armors to gold, matching the colors of Galaxia's.

(End theme)

Slightly blinded by the golden lights, Sailor Chaos scowled. Her eyes opened as she sighted the nine Golden Senshi facing her.

The Kuipers and Neo Senshi marveled at the sight of the Golden Senshi's epic assembly. Neo Moon, Blue Mars, Summoner Venus, Battle Jupiter, and Cyber Mercury were completely flabbergasted by their mothers' ultimate transformations.

"Amazing!" Neo Moon marveled at Golden Moon and her team. "Their armors are so beautiful! Even you look incredible, Saturn!"

"Now that's awesome," Battle Jupiter grinned proudly.

"Damn! Now that's cool!" Yusuke exclaimed.

"Digging the Gold Saint looks they got going," RJ remarked.

"Totally epic stuff. Surprised they never used these forms when we were fighting Valmarmon and Paradais," Gallantmon SM said. "Better late than ever."

Cammy smiled genuinely. "They all look great."

"Chaos' sure ain't taking this lightly," KaiserGreymon noticed. "All right, guys. Let's bring out Susanoomon!" He beckoned the other Legendary Warriors.


(Cue Digimon Xros Wars OST – We Are Xros Heart! (Ver. X7))

The Ten Legendary Warriors came together and reformed into Susanoomon again.

Atem was left awestruck. "Incredible! Their powers are something else!"

"Indeed, but they will still need our help defeating ChaosMillenniummon," Yugi declared. "Atem, Jaden, let's combine the three Egyptian Gods! Atem use your Millennium Pendant!"

Nodding, Atem raised the Millennium Pendant. The mystical item glowed profusely in his hand. "Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and Winged Dragon of Ra!"

"Combine yourselves to reform the divine being of everything representing the power of light! Come forth The Creator God of Light, Horakhty!" Yugi shouted, watching the three Egyptian Gods combine.

As the three Gods merged, they formed into a giant golden ball of light. As the sphere cracked open, an enormous flood of golden light poured out. The mighty Egyptian God Cards fused to become a magnificent goddess with golden armor and metallic bird wings. Horakhty, the Creator God of Light rematerialized to help counteract the chaotic god.

Every Duelist present, in fact everyone else, were utterly shocked at the ascension of the Creator God of Light.

"Holy cow! The Three Gods merged into some divine Duel Monster?!" Gallantmon SM marveled at the sight of Horakhty.

"At this point, we all have to go all out," VoidJustimon said. "Let's bring out the Kirin, guys."

The Beast Biomergers nodded together as golden sheens of light covered them. The Tamers tapped into their spirit beasts' powers and utilized them to combine to form the Kirin's body.

"Golden Kirin arise!"

"Phoenix Spirit! Suzaku!"

"Dragon Spirit! Seiryuu!"

"Turtle Spirit! Genbu!"

"Tiger Spirit! Byakko!"

"Jogress Shinka! Golden Kirin!"

ChaosMillenniummon growled intensely witnessing the Golden Senshi, the Golden Kirin, Susanoomon, Valdurmon, and Horakhty assembled with everyone else amassing together.

"Well, guys? IT'S ASS KICKING TIME!" Yusuke shouted as he and his cohorts flared out spirit auras, which bathed Puu and turned him into a blazing phoenix made of spiritual light.

Puu glided over, carrying the Spirit and Neo-Detectives, to the others while being covered in a blue fiery aura, looking more like a phoenix.

"Hey, don't keep us out of the limelight!" Masaru yelled as he and ShineGreymon BM's bodies lit up with bright red auras. He veered over MirageGaogamon BM and the others. "Let's light up this whole universe with our fighting spirits, guys!"

"IT'S FIGHTING TIME!" Most of the DATS team yelled out together with determination.

ChaosMillenniummon stood in a battle posture and quickly jetted over the heroes, discharging cosmic energy blasts from his shoulder crystals. While they evaded the blasts, Sailor Chaos looked down and noticed Ken with Davis.

"My love, need me to extract what you planted in that Ichijouji boy?" Chaos chortled. With a snap of her fingers, she made the Dark Spore that Millenniummon had implanted inside Ken.

"Augh!" Ken winced and cried out painfully. He grabbed the back of his throbbing neck.

"Ken? What's wrong?" Davis asked.

"Um, guys," TK noticed the Dark Spore floating up toward ChaosMillenniummon.

ChaosMillenniummon absorbed the Dark Spore, which began empowering him but also gave Sailor Chaos a long obsidian sword. Chaos brandished her new weapon and grinned devilishly.

"It's been a long time since I planted that Dark Spore in Ken," ChaosMillenniummon said. "Now, my love, with the Dark Spore's power, I've granted you a sword to use to destroy the Sailor Senshi."

"And the perfect weapon to slay both my sister, Sedna, and Sailor Moon," Chaos cackled darkly. She gripped the sword tightly and made it extend longer. "Sailor Moon, if you have the courage you and your Senshi will face me for I wield the instrument that will guarantee your destruction!"

Putting on a determined glare, Golden Moon frowned, drawing out her sword and readily brandishing it. A white light gleamed from the sword, attentively getting Chaos to focus solely on her. Moon hastily jetted forward to clash with Chaos. Their swords clashed, producing an immense shockwave that rattled the entire space between them and Earth. Chaos' aura expanded trying to swallow up Moon, but the Golden Senshi swiftly moved around and let loose a golden aura that burned away Chaos' aura.

The other Golden Senshi moved in lobbing golden blasts that dissipated the darkness cloak.

As Golden Kirin raced forward to engage ChaosMillenniummon, Susanoomon flew over and mounted the charging golden-armored beast. Susanoomon rode Golden Kirin on and rammed into ChaosMillenniummon. Golden Kirin discharged a golden bolt from its horn, striking ChaosMillenniummon's face. Susanoomon followed up with an earth-shattering punch to ChaosMillenniummon's forehead.

"Chaotic Storm!" ChaosMillenniummon expelled green blasts from all over the crystals covering his body. He caught both Susanoomon and Golden Kirin, knocking them both back.

Susanoomon readily summoned his blade and charged forward riding Golden Kirin. He extended the blade's reach and slashed ChaosMillenniummon's face. Letting out a blood-curdling screech, ChaosMillenniummon stretched all four arms out and seized Susanoomon's blade. ChaosMillenniummon snapped the blade into two and neutralized him with lightning. Golden Kirin fashed so fast it became a streak of golden light and bodyslammed into ChaosMillenniummon. Dazed, ChaosMillenniummon became irked with Golden Kirin and reached over to grab him. Golden Kirin fired consecutive horn blasts to hold off ChaosMillenniummon.

Valdurmon flew overheard raining down beams of light over the behemoth. "Purge Shine!" He caught both Sailor Chaos and ChaosMillenniummon with repeated holy beams that seemingly burned both.

ChaosMillenniummon phased and reappeared in front of Valdurmon, shooting green flames from his mouth. Bathing Valdurmon in green flames, the holy bird instinctively leaked golden light, which doubled as a shield and protected it from ChaosMillenniummon's blasts.

Horakhty materialized on ChaosMillenniummon's right side and unleashed a golden light that burned the chaotic monster. ChaosMillenniummon turned away screaming in pain. He reached out grabbing Horakhty with all four arms. The cosmic beings simultaneously fired beams, igniting a brief beam struggle that ultimately blew up right in each other's faces.

ChaosMillenniummon was then on the receiving end of a bomabardment of attacks from the various Duel Monsters; most notably, the Signer Dragons, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Black Skull Dragon, Harpie's Pet Dragon, Chaos Emperor Dragon, the Elemental Heroes, Neo-Spacians, Destiny Heroes, and others joined in hitting ChaosMillenniummon with an attack barrage.

"Neutron Blast!"

"Molten Fireball Attack!"

"Chaos Emperor Crusher!"

"Fearsome Fire Blast!"

"Shooting Sonic!"

"Blazing Crimson Hell Flare!"

"Black Rose Gale!"

"Eternal Sunshine!"

The blasts combined and converged on ChaosMillenniummon, bombarding him and Sailor Chaos. Irked, Chaos swung her sword and unleashed a shockwage that repelled all the Duel Monsters, minus Horakhty, back.

(End theme)

"No!" Yugi yelled out. He and Atem braced themselves holding onto Horakhty.

Yusei managed to steer Stardust Dragon from being blown away. Jaden glided over and reassembled his Elemental Heroes.

"Stay strong, my friends! We must veer toward victory or else we lose everything!" Yugi exclaimed.

The other Duelists and their Duel Monsters recovered as they hit ChaosMillenniummon with their attacks. ChaosMillenniummon unleashed another shockwave, forcing all the Duelists to withdraw and steer away from ChaosMillenniummon's attack.

Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, Alphamon, and Athenamon flew round hitting ChaosMillenniummon from all sides.

Puu, powered by the entire Spirit and Neo-Spirit team, rammed into Sailor Chaos, nearly knocking her off ChaosMillenniummon's forehead.

Irked, Sailor Chaos raised her obsidian sword and released a barrage of black lightning blasts that caught nearly every Senshi and Spirit Detective member.

"PERISH IN OUR ENDLESS SEA OF CHAOS!" ChaosMillenniummon bellowed, laughing psychotically in conjunction with Sailor Chaos, who took pleasure in the heroes' physical anguish.

Sailor Chaos sighed happily albeit in her own twisted, dark manner. "Remember I'd show you the end of time? Well, me and Millenniummon can accomodate you all with a permanent trip to the ends of the universe!" With that, ChaosMillenniummon helped open up a gigantic rift in space. However, the gulf was now right behind the heroes, which horrified them. "It's been fun, but we have a universe to reform and more dimensions to consume. Even if you somehow miraculously return, the world you'll return to will never be the same again! Now, into the rift you go! Enjoy the ends of time!"

As every hero tried to hold on tight as to not get pulled in, the Earth already had completely become digitized and reconstituted into a dark purple orb while covered in sheets of dark gray matter.

"Nothing! Not you, Ancientmon, Cosmos, or the Ora Guardians can avert this! It truly is the end for all of you! The universe and the entire Nexus will become part of Paradais!" Sailor Chaos/ChaosMillenniummon boasted together, letting their laughter reach throughout the solar system and to the ends of the cosmos.

(Cue Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla OST - Crystal)

Bracing herself against the rift preparing to pull them all in, Golden Moon reflected to her 'discussion' with Sailor Cosmos shortly after gaining her and her friends gained their Golden forms.


(Flashback: One day ago)

As the other Senshi were transported from the Galaxy Cauldron, Golden Moon and Sailor Cosmos were the only ones left in the dimension.

"Now that we're alone. Sailor Moon, you must know."

"What is it, Lady Cosmos?" Moon inquired, completely in the dark about this.

"The power of the Galaxy Cauldron is vast, and should aid you greatly, but should you find yourself overcome by the enemy, there is a greater power that you may call upon. And yet, I hesitate to even tell you..."

"I... I don't understand..."

Cosmos nodded, smiling. "The Galaxy Cauldron is a symbol of cosmos, of order, perhaps the greatest one there is, but it is just a symbol, and a symbol cannot be greater than that which it is an image of."

"You want me to draw upon the power of cosmos itself?"

"I fear it may be the only way. But the powers of cosmos were not meant to be held by a human. They will strain your body and push it to the breaking point. Twice you may call upon the power of cosmos and survive. The third time will destroy your earthly body, and transport your consciousness to a place beyond space and time."

Upon hearing this, Moon gasped with her eyes widening. "You mean you..."

Cosmos furrowed her brows. "Yes, I am."

"But what if I..."

"You will."

"Can't you..."

Cosmos smiled vaguely. "No, I can only tell you that you will know the time, and that it will be worth it."


Above Earth's Orbit/9:30 PM

I can't hold back! Not anymore! ChaosMillenniummon, must be stopped at all costs... even at the cost of my own! To turn the tide of this universal struggle! Golden Moon thought whilst palming her hand over her bosom. Then, from her bosom came a shining beacon of white light.

"Sailor Moon, don't tell me you're going to use the Silver Crystal!" Norse Knight cried out.

"No! Don't!" Golden Venus pleaded.

"The Houou can help close the rift!" Golden Mars exclaimed.

"We all can help!" Omegamon BM shouted.

"Sailor Moon!" Neo Moon yelled out, summoning her Silver Crystal. "We can do this!"

"Yes," Golden Moon said genuinely with a smile that befuddled everyone. Her smile faded as a tear fell from her eye. Said tear fell on the white orb of light growing from her chest.

Sailor Chaos quickly assessed the power source coming out of Golden Moon. Her face contorted with anger. "No... NO! THIS POWER BELONGS TO HERS! SAILOR COSMOS!"

"CHAOS! MILLENNIUMMON!" Golden Moon shouted as she opened her arms and spread them out. She wore a defiant look and became determined more than ever to stop the cosmic eldritch at all costs. "You're not sending us anywhere! We're ending you here and now so you don't bring suffering to anymore worlds! Our world has endured enough and we're restoring its beauty, which you've now twisted for your own perversions! By the power of the cosmos... WE WILL PUNISH YOU!"

The white light coming out of Moon's bosom materialized into an even bigger Silver Crystal, which now had a complete set of petals and a jutted bud at the center of it. This bud opened up as white light cascaded over Golden Moon and changed her brooch into a white heart complete with angel wings curving out the sides.

"Moon Cosmos Power! Make-Up!"

The heart opened up, revealing the planetary symbols of all the Senshi. Each symbol lit up releasing varied colors.

Each Senshi's foreheads lit up, revealing their planetary forehead symbols. They each closed their eyes and concentrated while sending Sailor energy toward Golden Moon. As the Sailors' energies immersed with Golden Moon, more white light cascaded over her and overflowed her body with her friends' powers. Her golden armor shattered into golden dust and became mixed with the white light.

"NO YOU DON'T!" Sailor Chaos hissed as she swung her sword down, sending a black projectile toward the Moon.

However, the Golden Senshi, Golden Kirin, Susanoomon, Valdurmon, Horakhty, the Spirit Detectives with Puu, and the others interjected to cut Sailor Chaos/ChaosMillenniummon from completing their attack.

"This as far as you go!" Takato's voice came out of the Golden Kirin.

"DAMN YOU!" Sailor Chaos hissed, swinging her sword down at them.

However, a wave of white light swept across and flat out canceled Chaos' attack.


Emerging from the white column of light came a familiar figure seen inside the Galaxy Cauldron. The Golden Senshi and Norse Knight sighted the individual who seemingly appeared to be the Lady in White.

Indeed, arriving in her full glory was Sailor Cosmos.

But, it wasn't the Cosmos they met in the Galaxy Cauldron.

It was still Sailor Moon, who has now taken on Sailor Cosmos' form to balance out Sailor Chaos.

Sailor Chaos/ChaosMillenniummon both halted whatever else attacks they planned to use. They paused to see Sailor Cosmos bathed in a heavenly white glow.

"Sailor Moon...?" Neo Moon was left aghast.

"It's the Lady in White!" Golden Venus gasped.

"Yes," Golden Mars noted until she and the Houou assessed Sailor Cosmos' power. "It's still our Sailor Moon. She's just taken on Cosmos' form. This is definitely what Lady Cosmos intended this whole time. Right, Houou?"

'Indeed, Moon has only taken on Cosmos' image. Lady Cosmos has granted Moon the power to balance out Chaos. Everyone here has their fighting spirits lifted thanks to Cosmo's awe-inspiring presence.'

"Sailor Moon," Norse Knight muttered, witnessing Sailor Cosmos floating down in front of them.

"Everyone, lend me your strength and support to restore order to this universe and the whole Nexus," Cosmos pleaded, not taking her eyes off Sailor Chaos/ChaosMillenniummon.

"Of course," Golden Pluto replied.

As he tended to Ken, VoidJustimon turned around and answered. "We're all in this together to the very end, Sailor Moon."

"Hear that, ChaosMillenniummon?!" Susanoomon heatedly spat at the chaotic god. "Now you're asking for it!"

"Should we call you Lady Cosmos or just Sailor Moon?" asked Yugi.

A smile curved on the delicate woman's features. She answered in a soft and comforting tone. "I'm just me. The Light of Hope."

"Whoever you are now, we're giving these two assholes the universe's biggest ass kicking!" Yusuke yelled, rallying everyone present.

Yusei was awestruck, remembering his brief encounter with Neo-Queen Serenity. He blinkec thrice as he visualized Neo-Queen Serenity where Sailor Cosmos had her back turned to everyone. "No wonder you eventually become queen of Crystal Tokyo. She's everything Chibi-Usa made her out to be."

"No kidding!" Jaden exclaimed. "She definitely looks ready to serve these two something fierce!"

Yugi and Atem noticed Horakhty's massive body emitting a golden aura in conjunction to Cosmo's white light.

"Horakhty, her light compels you to fight on until this chaos is purged," Yugi noted, seeing the gold light shining over the divine being.

A white aura outlined Sailor Cosmo's majestic form. She transferred her cosmic power over to everyone, empowering them all with her Light of Hope.

"Our Lady Cosmos has chosen wisely," the Chiimon said, bowing their heads to her.

Golden Kirin, Susanoomon, the Spirit Detectives, Horakhty, the DATS Digimon, Valdurmon, VoidJustimon, Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, Alphamon, Athenamon VM, the Duelists' Duel Monsters, and the Signers' Dragons became unified by Cosmos' light.

(End theme)

Sailor Chaos/ChaosMillenniummon forged a darkness aura that covered them and the Earth they had converted to their new Paradais world. Hundreds if not thousands of chaos creatures sprouted from ChaosMillenniummon.

The final stage between order and disorder was set to be decided once and for all.

(Cue Digimon Tamers – One Vision)

ChaosMillenniummon propelled forward and launched an immense beam that encompassed nearly the whole vicinity between Earth and the moon. Sailor Cosmos summoned her staff and forged a white barrier to protect everyone from the incoming blast, which would've consumed them all. Golden Kirin, Susanoomon, the Golden Senshi, Horakhty, Puu/Spirit Detectives, and Valdurmon acted accordingly to help Cosmos nullify the blast. The Signer Dragons, Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, Alphamon, and Athenamon VM made sure to redirect and neutralize any stray blasts from striking anyone.

Sailor Cosmos floated atop Golden Kirin's head. Susanoomon mounted the golden-bodied beast and rode it forward to meet ChaosMillenniummon. Sailor Cosmos raised her staff, bathing them in a white aura that augmented their powers. Susanoomon pulled out and brandished his Celestial Blade, using it to cut through mouth blasts expelling from ChaosMillenniummon's mouth. Golden Kirin's horn lit up shooting a golden beam that impacted ChaosMillenniummon's body.

"ChaosMillenniummon, we're going anywhere but right through you!" Susanoomon boldly announced, turning the Celestial Blade forward and preparing to spear through ChaosMillenniummon.

Cupping two hands together, ChaosMillenniummon unleashed a condensed beam that shot out like a cannon and hurtled toward them.


The beam exploded right in front of them, but Golden Kirin jumped over the explosion with Susanoomon and Sailor Cosmos hanging on. The Golden Senshi hastily flew over to where Sailor Cosmos was.

"Sailor Moon, nothing's going to keep up apart again!" Golden Mars declared.

"Time to send these two freaks where they can never come back!" Golden Jupiter exclaimed.

"Let's end this cycle of chaos!" Golden Mercury cried out.

"Form a circle around our princess!" Golden Venus ordered as they did and surrounded Sailor Cosmos.

Horakhty amassed all the Duelist' Duel Monsters and Duelists' Spirit Fused forms, drawing power from them. The divine being formed from their spirit powers an arrow-shaped projectile that was twice the size of Sailor Chaos' giant form.

"Now that's cool!" Jaden approved.

"Horakhty even has collected the power from our Signer Dragons. That should definitely help, Yugi," Yusei said.

Yugi fiercely roared. "ChaosMillenniummon, your end is at hand! Your reign of chaos ends here!"

Back on Puu, the Spirit and Neo-Detectives' auras flared while continuing to empower Puu. However, their united front wasn't enough to inflict damage to ChaosMillenniummon.

"Wish there was something we can do to bolster our sides' powers," Shaka said, panting hard from releasing too much sacred power.

"There's got to be something. What else can we do?" Yusuke asked.

"I know a way," Cammy spoke up.

"What, Cammy?" Moonlight Knight asked.

Then, the Digital Priestess placed her forehead against her Dragon Gazer Mirror.

RaPhoenixmon, if there's anything we need is your help. As the Digital Priestess and Eri's successor, make my wish come true!

Then, a golden beam of light shot out from the mirror and released the golden serpentine being. The Spirit and Neo-Detectives became bewildered upon seeing RaPhoenixmon's spiritual presence before them.

"Another Winged Dragon of Ra?!" RJ was taken aback by the majestic beast's presence.

"No, this is RaPhoenixmon, one of the dimensional Digi-Deity trio. My sister and I were summoned by her into the mirror the night before we went to fight Arago," Cammy answered plainly. She looked up and smiled. "Thank you for answering my plea, RaPhoenixmon."

"Wait, so this is the entity you and Rei met when you two got pulled into the mirror?" Aoshi asked.

"Yep, and she's going to help us give the boost we need. Yusuke, I hope Puu's ready to receive another power boost."

"It's worth a shot. Puu, think you can handle another mouthful?" Yusuke asked his spirit beast, who answered with a loud cry.

RaPhoenixmon nodded as she concentrated and began filling Puu with her sacred power. In conjunction with Puu receiving rich energy from RaPhoenixmon, the Spirit and Neo-Detectives watched as their own bodies each got orange auras. Puu's entire body seemed to become set ablaze with fire, turning his whole body gold, red, and orange. Puu's face became covered in golden armor akin to the Winged Dragon of Ra's face.

"Wow, Puu looks badass now!" Yusuke was taken aback with his partner's new form. "I dig your style, RaPhoenixmon."

"Take a look at our auras! Man, I feel so much stronger! I'm ready to kick ChaosMillenniummon's sorry butt!" Kuwabara exclaimed.

Hiei was going to say something, but decided against it especially during this rare moment.

"RaPhoenixmon has not only boosted Puu, but us as well," Kurama said as he transformed into his Yoko form. "Yes, well done, Cammy. Your connections with a deity has helped given us a better fighting chance."

Shaka smiled. "You're awesome, Cammy."

"You can all thank me after we send ChaosMillenniummon to the other side! Sister, let's restore balance to the multiverse!" Cammy exclaimed.

RaPhoenixmon/Puu glided forward carrying the Detectives and their allies to engage ChaosMillenniummon.

Flinging more planetary destructive blasts, ChaosMillenniummon tried blowing away the advance of the united heroes. Sailor Cosmos, the Golden Senshi, Golden Kirin, and Susanoomon dodged the incoming blasts that almost did them in a few times. Sailor Cosmos redirected Sailor Chaos' blasts away.

Turning his ZERO-ARMS Orochi, Susanoomon hollered. "Celestial Blade!" He brought the massive energy-imbued blade around and sliced into ChaosMillenniummon, who grabbed the blade with his bottom two arms.


Sailor Chaos shouted. "And that's not all! All that cosmic power we've consumed from those destroyed universes will be turned loose against you! And whatever's left of said energy will help harvest our new universe! In fact, I've realized the perfect location to validate the final phase to bring about our new universe!"

She wouldn't! Sailor Cosmos gasped realizing what Chaos was intending.

"Indeed, Princess Serenity! The Galaxy Cauldron!" Chaos laughed, having just probed Cosmos' mind. "Sailor Cosmos might've gotten one over me, but that was merely a temporary setback! Now, I can reset and change everything to create a perfect Paradais universe!"

"Not on our watch!" Takato's voice shouted from out of the Golden Kirin. His and the other Beast Biomergers' determined empowered the golden beast, giving it a significant boost and allowing them to nail ChaosMillenniummon with a horn blast.

Horakhty followed through throwing the spear-like projectile, striking ChaosMillenniummon with it. The attack dealt a significant blow that neutralized ChaosMillenniummon, allowing RaPhoenixmon/Puu to bombard the behemoth with successive golden fire blasts, which soaked all over ChaosMillenniummon's body.

"ChaosMillenniummon!" Sailor Cosmos shouted as she prepared to meet Sailor Chaos head-on.

Then, Sailor Chaos retaliated by using the Romulus Source's power and augmented her time powers to apply a time freeze paralysis on everyone fighting her. This gave her and ChaosMillenniummon enough time to widen the portal into the end of time. The Paradais also made a quick getaway by creating another portal taking them through a faster route to the Galaxy Cauldron.

Just then things were looking up for the Paradais duo, the Silver Crystal on Cosmos' bosom released a cascade of white light that washed over herself, the Golden Senshi, Golden Kirin, Susanoomon, Horakhty, and Puu/RaPhoenixmon. They quickly pursued ChaosMillenniummon into the portal.

"C'mon!" Sedna said as she and Angemon X headed on after them.

VoidJustimon, Valkyrie Brunhilde, Norse Knight, and Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon went ahead into the portal.

As Puu/RaPhoenixmon approached ChaosMillenniummon, Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Shaka, and RJ hopped into the portal. Horakhty came close to let Yugi, Atem, Jaden, and Yusei through into the portal. Susanoomon came close as a red beam of light shoot out of him and from this beam came KaiserGreymon, who went into the portal. Susanoomon, instilled with Cosmos' light, was somehow able to maintain his form despite working with only nine Spirits.

Just when Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, Athenamon VM, the Kuipers, the Neo Senshi, Valdurmon, and company went after them, the remainder of ChaosMillenniummon, namely the Paradais network, interceded and produced an army of Paradais creatures. Many of them looked like miniature clones of Millenniummon and Sailor Chaos; additionally, crystallized monsters and black blob-like shape shifters attacked the remaining heroes.

"Heads up! We've got unwanted party crashers!" Tai warned everyone.

Dai-Valkyrie Varuna growled, brandishing her ax. "Nothing's keeping us from Sedna and Dimitri! Get the hell outta my way, you freaks!" She chopped one Sailor Charon clone in half.

Seto growled realizing Yugi had gone with Atem, Yusei, and Jaden riding Horakhty. "They went on ahead. Yugi..."

"C'mon, Yugi," Lyn muttered, praying for the best for the others.

"Rei, Yui, everyone please come back safely," Cammy prayed.

"No cheap imitation will look better than me!" Aoshi shouted as he tore a blob creature that turned into himself.

Omegamon BM hacked, slashed, and blasted numerous crystal monsters. Imperialdramon PM and Athenamon VM did so likewise. However, more Paradais minions kept coming and their tactic of wearing down the heroes was being utilized perfectly.

"You've got to stop ChaosMillenniummon! At all costs!" Omegamon BM shouted.

(End theme)


Near the Sagittarius Zero Star

As they closed in on the location of the Galaxy Cauldron, ChaosMillenniummon were preparing to take the initiative and reset reality to make change the universe into their main Paradais hub to complete their network.

(Cue The Return of Godzilla/Godzilla 1985 OST – The Nuclear Missile Launch)

Sailor Chaos laughed darkly and gleefully. "Do you see it, my love? It's the Galaxy Cauldron! Once we strike the primordial pit, we can make our wish of altering this universe to match our Paradais image a reality. Yes, and with the collapse of order, there can only exist chaos. And we, are the very definition of the antithesis of order!"

ChaosMillenniummon gaped his mouth, expelling white mist. "Yes, and we can make it happen with the Romulus Source. Not even Ryo Akiyama can do anything to stop me having fully merged with you."

"He and his colleagues will easily be dealt with. Their fates will ultimately be decided once we influence the Galaxy Cauldron!" Chaos said, evilly grinning while looking over the Romulus Source fused within her. "It's game over, Sailor Cosmos. The entire nexus will belong to Paradais now!"

"No! I wouldn't count on it!"

(End theme)

Suddenly, ChaosMillenniummon paused and realized how close they were now to the Galaxy Cauldron. As the beast turned around, Sailor Cosmos and the Golden Senshi flew ahead to engage Sailor Chaos. While the Senshi handled Chaos and her Romulus Source power, Horakhty, Valdurmon, and Puu/RaPhoenixmon converged their powers, combining a white sphere that went through ChaosMillenniummon's chest. Susanoomon and Golden Kirin followed through combining their powers to widen the hole in ChaosMillenniummon.

"Senshi, we've found our way inside him! C'mon!" VoidJustimon called out.

Nodding, Cosmos prepared to take the Golden Senshi along. However, Sailor Chaos used her Romulus Source to pull Cosmos toward her and binded her. Chaos quickly seized Cosmos' face and plunged right through, taking Cosmos inside the beast.

"SAILOR MOON!" The Senshi cried out. Then, they hastily went through the hole along with Golden Kirin, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, Angemon X, VoidJustimon, and Valkyrie Brunhilde.

Every other participant stayed outside to fight ChaosMillenniummon.


Inside ChaosMillenniummon

Deep inside a seemingly endless space, Sailor Chaos descended with Sailor Cosmos. The latter struggled to break loose, but Chaos had a firm hold on the white haired, bun-headed woman.

"Guys!" Sailor Cosmos pleaded until she wailed when Chaos applied a tight grip around her face.

"You're going to die a thousand times over when I'm through with you! You and your Senshi have intervened with my plans for the last time!" Sailor Chaos snarled, slamming Cosmos around against walls like a rag doll. At one point, she tossed Cosmos up and flew up to spike her down like a volleyball. She dropped Cosmos into a pit where she hit a cold surface filled with purple mist.

Cosmos sat up and strained whilst contorting with pain etched on her face.

"Ah, Princess Serenity, it will be pleasure to ensure you, family, and friends never live to see the future. The End of Days is finally here and you will bear witness the birth of a new universe under the influence of Paradais."

Furrowing her brows, Cosmos slowly stood and defiantly glared the chaotic entity down. "No." She hardened her eyes. "It's not over as long as life still flows through me. Lady Cosmos granted me this honor to fight you in her image and I'm not going to let her down! Chaos, your idea of reshaping the universe and altering the entire multiverse is wrong! I'm not going to let you get away hurting anyone else!"

Sailor Chaos cackled, taunting her. "Don't you even try to convert me the way you did with your former enemies. I know this having been inside Sailor Galaxia. I was purged from her marvelously powerful body because of you. You kindness won't win you this battle."

"I know."

"Heh, stubborn to the end," Chaos smirked coolly. "Well, can't let you go on living any longer. With the Romulus Source, I have sealed your fate!" Waving her hands over her own bosom, Chaos invoked the Romulus Source and prepared to erase Cosmos from existence with it. "Prepare to cease to exist in this universe. Perish and never return!" With a blink of her eyes, Cosmos became bathed in a thick red light.

(Cue Nightwish – FantasMic)

However, Sailor Cosmos' white line seemingly shined through and reversed the effects of Chaos' Romulus Source powers.

"What?!" Chaos was taken aback. "You're starting to get adjusted to Cosmos' powers!"

Sailor Cosmos shot up faster than Chaos could blink and slammed her into a wall. Cosmos spun around kicking Chaos so hard she knocked her through barricades made of dark matter. As Cosmos glided over to scour the area she left Chaos laying, the dark Senshi poked out from the rubble and once again grew into a giant's size.

In response, Sailor Cosmos' invoked the Silver Crystal's light to protect her from Chaos' blasts. She flapped her wings unleashing beams of white light that burned through Chaos' body. Cosmos followed through bombarding white blasts all over Chaos.

"Charon, Chaos, whoever you are... you are beyond reasoning! I can no longer sense any goodness from you and for all the suffering you've put us through, I'm not taking my eyes off you nor letting you go the way I did!" Cosmos declared, gliding down and blasting Chaos' face, blowing off nearly her entire head off with a white beam. Cosmos then forged a white ball of light from her right hand and slammed int into Chaos' body, blowing up her body. "Cosmic Force!"

Sailor Chaos immediately reformed laughing. The Romulus Source repaired her body.

"I've grown tired of your senseless heroic speeches. Time to enter eternal silence," Chaos implied an impending death for Cosmos. Raising her hand, she summoned her obsidian blade and swiftly propelled toward Cosmos. "DIE!"

Before Sailor Cosmos could defend herself...


An array of golden lights passed by Sailor Chaos and formed a barricade to prevent her from reaching Cosmos. Chaos paused and saw the Golden Senshi floating in front of Cosmos. Behind Chaos were the Beast Biomergers, Norse Knight, Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, Angemon X, Yugi/Dark Magician, Atem, Yusei/Junk Warrior, Jaden/Elemental Hero Neos, the four Spirit Detectives, Shaka, and KaiserGreymon, and Valkyrie Brunhilde.

"Heh, so you've all came. No matter. The result shall be the same!" Sailor Chaos yelled, quickly swinging her sword and sending a immense dark wave that swept everyone back.

Despite fighting alone, Chaos was still powerful enough to knock the amassed group all over the spacious dimension. Gallantmon SM hastily flew up to attack Chaos, who readily clashed swords with her. Sailor Chaos's sword released a black bolt that neutralized Gallantmon SM. She then swung her sword over Gallantmon SM, hitting him with a powerful projectile.

She turned around catching KaiserGreymon inside a black sphere and tossed him around. Yusuke, Hiei, Yoko Kurama, Kuwabara, Shaka, and RJ quickly surrounded her to attack her. Sailor Chaos merely dodged their attacks and repelled them with tendrils that shot out of her body. Each Detective member received a tentacle spike being shoved through their sides. She then sent all six flying back like rag dolls.

When Yugi, Yusei, and Jaden tried attacking her, Sailor Chaos slammed her blade down and kicked up a darkness wave that blew all four back. She hastily flew right up to Yugi and grabbed his neck. She shoved her blade into his shoulder.

"Know your place, humans!" Sailor Chaos boasted, taking the sword out and licking Yugi's blood from the blade tip. She quickly discarded Yugi and readily fired a blast at Neo Moon, who was quickly knocked back into Norse Knight's arms. She fired another beam as Norse Knight turned around taking the shot for his future daughter.

"Mamoru!" Neo Moon screamed fearfully as they fell together.

Sakuyamon PM, AuroraInumon, QuakeGargomon, and VoidJustimon tried their hand taking on Sailor Chaos. She nullified their attacks and hit them with a barrage of chaos blasts from her sword. She first took Sakuyamon PM down with a barrage of blasts. AuroraInumon followed suit whilst protecting Sakuyamon PM. She shot QuakeGargomon down with beams. VoidJustimon was brought down after Chaos slashed him with her blade.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna and Angemon X struck Sailor Chaos, shoving their blades through her body. Chaos turned her head around laughing at them.

"Ah, Sedna, try as you might, you'll never one-up me. Plus..." Chaos smirked, licking her lips as she seductively eyed Angemon X. "I've already gotten a taste of an Ascendant already. I made him a bigger man than you can ever hope to make him out to be..."

"SHUT UP!" Sedna screamed. Provoked, she ran her Dragon Saber through and unleashing a subzero attack that covered her in ice.

Angemon X followed up discharging a Ki blast that blew the frozen Chaos into bits.

"Oh, hohoho! That splendid teamwork, but alas..." Sailor Chaos teleported behind the couple. As both turned around, she repelled them back with a darkness aura. "With the Romulus Source in me, I can't be killed by such half-assed attacks. You're going to have to go big, dear Sedna. Sailor Moon and her friends already have. You're just an insect I can so easily squash. You'd be better off sending your boyfriend to fight your battle."

Shaking off Chaos' disparaging remark about her, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna resolved and stood up cringing. "I'm not done!"

Angemon X readied his sword. "Sedna, calm down. We're not going to beat her if you're angry. You're the one to teach me not to let my anger blind me."

"I know, but..." Sedna paused as Sailor Chaos prepared to blast them.

"Why don't I send you two to spend the rest of eternity together? Say hello to every insignificant insect I've killed in the universe..."

"DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME?!" Brunhilde announced as she flew up and grabbed Chaos from behind. "My name's Kotori Ayami, but you can call me Brunhilde. And my face will be the last you'll ever see!"

"Ah, yes, the newbie. Impressive you were able to get me while my guard was down. I must commend you for such a feat," Chaos chortled as she teleported behind Brunhilde and slipped out from her hold. "But, I already anticipated your sneak approach already. I made you believe you got the upper hand. Nice try, Ms. Ayami." She then kicked Brunhilde's back so hard she nearly broke her spine in two.

Brunhilde cried out painfully as she struggled to move.

"You'll learn your place, newbie! Look here, everyone, I'm about to make an example out of your newest member. Get one last good look at her before I send her to oblivion!" Sailor Chaos laughed as she brought down her sword over Brunhilde, prompting AuroraInumon to stop Chaos.

"Dead Scream!"

Sailor Chaos turned and absorbed Pluto's attack with one hand. She then turned around and saw Golden Pluto flying at her. The sisters quickly clashed and engaged a brief stare down.

"Your end is at hand, Chaos!"

"Oh, tedious. How many times have we clashed? And every time I've soundly defeated you. What makes you think this time will yield a different result, sister?"

"WE'RE NOT SISTERS!" The Time Guardian shouted, repeatedly slamming her Garnet Rod against Chaos' sword.

With one swift slash, Chaos split Pluto's staff in two. Pluto tried attacking her with punches and kicks, moving at light speed movement. However, Chaos saw through all her blows and quickly ensnared her into a stranglehold. She lifted Pluto overhead and hung her like a prized trophy.

"I win again, sister," Chaos smiled cruelly.

The other Golden Senshi materialized around her and converged on her. Chaos threw Pluto into the air and quickly slashed each Golden Senshi. However, Golden Venus managed to hit Chaos' back, sending a golden beam that shot out through Chaos' chest. Golden Jupiter followed up striking and opening the hole in Chaos with a Mjolnir blast. Golden Mars hastily formed her Houou cloak and slammed into Sailor Chaos. She tried to pull the Romulus Source out, but Chaos teleported behind her.

"Nice attempt, but I can't let you have this," Sailor Chaos smiled darkly, cupping the Romulus Source in her hand. "Only an ascended being like me is qualified to wield its power. A fool like Gamera and his father were fools to think they were ever destined to become gods. Me and Millenniummon have become the god that will change this universe!" Utilizing the Romulus Source, she began growing once again, but she started altering her outward appearance. She gained armor akin to Sailor Galaxia's, but it was black with subtle grayness in certain areas. Her hair grew and cascaded to look like black fire. Her ghostly white eyes gleamed, giving off a more haunting look. She gained a black cloak similar to Yami Houou's. A fiendish smile adorned her face. She was more than pleased with her new ascended look. "Perfect. This is how I should look when we convert the entire Nexus into our Paradais universe. My love, it's time! The final few minutes are upon us! Let's strike Pandora's Box by breaking open the Galaxy Cauldron!"

Everyone Chaos had either easily disposed or broken were being tended to by the Golden Senshi. Gallantmon SM, Yugi, KaiserGreymon, and Yusuke were the first ones to stand. Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, Angemon X, and Valkyrie Brunhilde, favoring her back, were up as well.

"You fools really are gluttons for divine punishment. Why don't you just keel over and just accept the fact you've lost? Millenniummon and I are set to become multiversal gods. We will own everything including your universe."

Gallantmon SM rebuked. "You'll have to kill us if you want to get that done. We're still standing and ready to stop you!"

Yugi added. "Well, said, Gallantmon. We haven't given up before and we won't start now!"

KaiserGreymon retorted at Chaos. "We've stopped god-like beings before. You're not the first and certainly not the last!"

Yusuke grinned her off. "Heh, getting killed is nothing new for me. Go ahead and do your worst!"

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna glared down and shouted at Chaos. "You're making a mistake manipulating the entire Nexus. Even if you manage to convert everything into your Paradais network, you'll go unopposed with no one to stop you!"

Valkyrie Brunhilde scoffed. "Sounds boring to me."

"You needn't worry. There's hundreds more dimensions we can explore," Sailor Chaos chortled. Spreading her arms, she released a wave of darkness that started covering the spacious dimension. "You'll all be gone once we destroy the Galaxy Cauldron!"

(End theme)

Sailor Cosmos stood and grasped her bosom where her Silver Crystal was losing its glow. We can't give up now! We have to ensure they don't touch the Galaxy Cauldron!

'There is a way, Princess Serenity, and it's not over.' The voice of Cosmos reached her mentally.

Sailor Chaos veered her attention on Cosmos while hearing the familiar voice. "She can't help you, Sailor Moon. Just accept your inevitable fate." A conniving grin formed across her features.

Ignoring Chaos, Cosmos reached out to the Lady in White. How can we win?!

'When I gave you my power, I also passed to you the ability to invoke the Lambda Power, the power of rebirth. With the Lambda Power can you produce an instrument greater than either the Romulus Source or the Silver Crystal. My crystal... the Cosmos Crystal.'

Cosmos Crystal?!

'Yes, and you have all you need to produce the Cosmos Crystal. Your friends and the entire Nexus are there to give you the hope to change the course of this age old conflict between order and disorder. Don't give up on your friends and they will stay by your side.'

Sailor Chaos snapped her fingers and sprouting out behind Sailor Cosmos was a Chaos clone with a blade ready to stab her.

"SAILOR MOON!" Everyone else alarmed her.

The Golden Senshi, Norse Knight, and Neo Moon instinctively raced forward to save her. However, it was Cosmos' light that blasted the Chaos clone and vaporized it to dust. Regaining her resolve, Sailor Cosmos cupped her Silver Crystal and floated up to meet Sailor Chaos.

"Sailor Moon?" Golden Mars gasped as the Houou telepathed with her.

The Houou telepathed. 'Get ready. She's about to invoke the Lambda Power from all of you to form the one instrument that can match the Romulus Source. The Cosmos Crystal.'

"Everyone, we're all in this together! We're not going to let these two monsters take all that is dear to us!" Sailor Cosmos declared, holding out her Silver Crystal.

She called upon everyone's powers starting with Gallantmon SM, KaiserGreymon, Yugi, and Yusuke. Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, Angemon X, and Valkyrie Brunhilde had their powers taken in by the Silver Crystal. Yugi, Atem, Jaden, and Yusei were summoned next. She collected power from Atem's Millennium Pendant as well as the Spirit Fusion powers of Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei.

The Golden Senshi, Sedna, and Neo Moon witnessed their Sailor Crystals pop out from their bodies. They all floated up as well to Cosmos' level. Every other participant involved had their powers drawn to the Silver Crystal.

"Sailor Moon, you're taking in too much of our powers!" Golden Uranus shouted.

"Yeah, you're going to overload doing this!" Gallantmon SM pleaded.

"I'll be ok, everyone. I have you all here with me. Together, we're creating the biggest miracle this universe has ever seen!" Cosmos openly declared, smiling from ear to ear in the face of disorder.

Sailor Chaos responded as she amassed all the darkness within ChaosMillenniummon. Sprouting from her armor came a pair of heads resembling ZeedMillenniummon's two heads; both heads were black. Her obsidian sword grew longer and imbued with a purple cloak, instilling the weapon with her chaos power.

Sailor Cosmos in response formed a white aura. This white light leaked and covered the assembled heroes in front of her. They each wore similar white cloaks. Sprouting from Cosmos' back were white angelic wings. Her Silver Crystal, instilled with the hope and love from her colleagues, began transforming it into a bigger crystal.

The other Cosmos once again telepathed with her. 'The Cosmos Crystal is the crystal of the Galaxy Cauldron. It's responding to your hope and wish to defeat ChaosMillenniummon. With this power, you can restore the balance to the Nexus and the Earth that Paradais has altered. The Galaxy Cauldron wants you to restore order that Paradais managed to damage. The question is, do you understand the consequence that will follow once you've wielded the power of the cosmos? As I warned you, humans are never meant to wield this immense cosmic power."

I know. And if Chaos ever returns, I will use this power... again and again. I understand and I'm prepared to meet that fate should it ever come to pass, Lady Cosmos.

'Then, bring hope to this universe. The Ora Guardians are watching as we speak.'

I won't let them or you down. No, not I... WE! Sailor Cosmos opened her eyes, both filled with determination. She quickly eyed her friends: the Golden Senshi, the Beast Biomerger Tamers, KaiserGreymon, the Spirit Detectives, Norse Knight, Neo Moon, Sedna, Yugi, Atem, Yusei, Jaden, and Brunhilde. "We're all in this together, my friends! We are the Light of Hope of this universe!"


Near Earth's Orbit/9:50 PM

In the midst of battling the Paradais army, the other heroes ceased fighting as they felt their energies being taken by a benevolent force.

The Kuiper and Neo Senshi witnessed their Sailor Crystals coming out of their bodies. Taken aback, they watched their Sailor Crystals glow and transfer over to Sailor Cosmos to further empower her Cosmos Crystals.

"What's happening?" Dai-Valkyrie Eris asked, caressing her green Sailor Crystal.

"It feels like someone's calling on our powers," Dai-Valkyrie Quaoar noted, eyeing her own Sailor Crystal.

"How pretty," Dai-Valkyrie Summoner Venus gleamed over her own.

"This has to be Sailor Moon's doing. Sounds like the shit's about to hit the fan," Dai-Valkyrie Varuna said.

"And Sedna's right there seeing it all happen. Lucky her," Dai-Valkyrie Orcus smirked. "First, she gets a cute hottie like Dimitri before any of us and now she gets front row seat..."

"Same with Usa," Dai-Valkyrie Blue Mars said.

Lyn nearly collapsed as she fell into Seto's arms. "Sailor Moon must really need our energies if she's preparing to fight ChaosMillenniummon."

"Let's hope not too much or we won't have anything left to fight these freaks," Mokuba panted, grasping his chest as he seemed winded from having some of his Spirit Fusion power taken.

"Yugi, you lucky bastard," Seto gritted. "Make sure those two psychopaths get what's coming."

"C'mon, Yui..." Aoshi muttered.

"Sister, Yui, Hiei, everyone..." Cammy clasped her hands together as she sent her Priestess powers to aid Sailor Cosmos.

It wasn't long as Susanoomon, Horakhty, Puu/RaPhoenixmon, Omegamon BM, Imperialdramon PM, Athenamon VM, Alphamon, Valdurmon, the DATS Digimon, the Signer Dragons, and the other Digimon/Duel Monsters had their powers transferred over to the ever growing Cosmos Crystal.

An overabundance of energy was collected from Moon's friends and colleagues to be sent back to the Cosmos Crystal.

The remaining humans from Earth had their energies collected and harvested for the Cosmos Crystal.

Harbingermon, who was floating over orbit, turned into a shining pillar of gold light. Ancientmon, the Light of Hope is set to bring order. The Nexus will be repaired soon enough, Ora Guardians.


Sailor Galaxia, the Starlights, and Sailor Kakyuu abruptly paused as they sensed Cosmos' distress.

"Are you feeling this?" Sailor Star Maker asked while her body trembled.

"It's Sailor Moon and the others! They're fighting Chaos!" Sailor Star Healer assessed the cosmic forces at work.

Sailor Kakyuu answered, sensing the cosmic energies set to clash. "It's the Light of Hope. Sailor Moon is drawing upon the hope from everyone." She paused and noticed energy being drawn from her body as well as the Starlights.

Sailor Star Fighter nodded. "Take all the energy you need, Sailor Moon. Kick Chaos' ass!"

Sailor Galaxia sighted the heroes fighting off the Paradais army near Earth. "Sailor Moon and her cohorts have their battle against Chaos. Let's repay the favor by aiding her colleagues there?" Taking out her sword, she glided over to hack and slash a large collection of Paradais soldiers. I can feel the struggle you're having against Chaos. Don't give up hope! There's nothing that should restrain you. Do to Chaos what you refused to do to me. Chaos is a malevolent force that needs to be stopped! She quickly sliced off a Paradais monster in half. Bring balance back to order!


Central Digital Realm/Huanglongmon's Castle/9:54 PM

Cosmos' reach came even as far as the Central Digital Realm. Huanglongmon and Granasmon sent their godly energies to empower the Cosmos Crystal.

Valmarmon's spirit unsurprisingly became annoyed with the outcome.


Inside ChaosMillenniummon

Sailor Cosmos accumulated enough energy from her colleagues and from the Galaxy Cauldron. The Cosmos Crystal in her hand brimmed with a beautiful shining beacon of gold light that cut through the darkness shrouding the dimension within ChaosMillenniummon.

As QuakeGargomon finished sending his power to Cosmos, he and Henry watched Janyuu's spirit materialize in front of Sailor Cosmos.


Janyuu smiled proudly to Henry/QuakeGargomon. A golden light enveloped the man, turning him into light to be absorbed into the Cosmos Crystal to help grant Cosmos the power to match Sailor Chaos.

"Light of Hope... MAY YOUR SHINE FADE FOR ETERNITY!" Sailor Chaos declared, unleashing a powerful wave of darkness. Drawing power from the Romulus Source and ChaosMillenniummon, she sent a force enough to wipe out galaxies and forced Sailor Cosmos into a titanic cosmic clash.

In response, Sailor Cosmos gathered enough to invoke the Cosmos Crystal and sent a power on par with Chaos' blast.

A power struggle was quickly initiated causing the whole dimension to rattle hard. A struggle between order and disorder was set into motion with less than a few minutes to spare before ChaosMillenniummon destroys the Galaxy Cauldron and resets the universe.

"WE CAN DO THIS, EVERYONE! WE WON'T FAIL!" Sailor Cosmos cried out, narrowing her determined eyes. "WE'VE COME TOO FAR TO FALL TO CHAOS! WE'LL AVERT THIS END OF DAYS!"

The Golden Senshi's Sailor Crystals continued to give the Cosmos Crystal a bulk of their powers. The Beast Biomergers, Atem's Millennium Pendant, Yugi, Yusei, Jaden, Sedna, Angemon X, the Spirit Detectives, Norse Knight, Neo Moon, and Brunhilde gave more than enough of their energies to give Cosmos a boost for her crystal.

(Cue The Return of the King OST – The End of all Things)

"FUTILE!" Sailor Chaos shouted, sending a dark wave that almost swept back the heroes and cut their links from the Cosmos Crystal. "EMBRACE THE BIRTH OF A REBORN UNIVERSE! ONE RULED BY PARADAIS!"

"No... I WON'T!" Sailor Cosmos raised her tone, yelling out in defiance. "AND WE'RE NOT THE ONLY HEROES OPPOSING YOU AND MILLENNIUMMON! THERE ARE OTHERS FIGHTING TO PROTECT THEIR WORLDS!" She gave a fierce and determined glare, not showing any fear for Chaos. I can see them! All the worlds we've been to are fighting to stop the Paradais network! Heroes, don't give up hope because the light will shine through in your worlds!


West City/Universe-DBU-84

The other dimensions' heroes and warriors quickly responded to the Paradais creatures trying to flood and assimilate their worlds.

Amongst them were without any doubt the Z-Warriors led by Goku. The Saiyans, half-Saiyans, Piccolo, and Mr. Buu worked by taking out the largest Paradais monsters. Krillin, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and No. 18 neutralized the smaller monsters being spawned from the bigger ones.

"There's too many of them, Goku!" Krillin cried out as he threw a Destructo Disk, slicing a few creatures down.

"We've gotta keep them from consuming our world! Don't give up, guys!" Goku rallied his colleagues together. He turned around seeing Gohan clobbering a large blob that looked like a frog with antennae. "Keep it up, Gohan!" He veered over to see Goten and Trunks doing the Fusion Dance.

"Fusion! Ha!" The boys fused to become Gotenks and transformed Super Saiyan. "Ding-ding, the Grim Reaper of Justice is back in action!" He boasted and flew up blasting away several large blob monsters trying to consume some buildings. "Sorry but buffet time is closed!"

Piccolo fired a spiral-shaped beam from his fingers, blowing away a Paradais crystal monster. "Special Beam Cannon!"

"Wolf Fang Fist!" Yamcha clobbered a blob monster with rapidfire punches. One blob monster tried jumping him from behind until Tenshinhan jumped over and kicked the monster back. "Thanks!"

Tenshinhan nodded. "Anytime."

Mr. Buu used his candy beam to turn an army of blob monsters into chocolate bars. He then turned a crystallized monster into crystal candy.

"You're doing us a huge favor, Buu! Thanks!" Goku called out as he glided up toward the source of the Paradais invasion. He sighted the fissure where a bird-like behemoth the size of half of West City descended.

Vegeta shot up to where Goku was and became flabbergasted by the sheer size of the behemoth.

"Scared, Vegeta?"

"Nonsense. This is just another day for us."

"I have to admit it's scary but exciting. I bet Sedna and Dimitri are back in their world with all their friends fighting the bulk of the Paradais network," Goku clenched his fists. "Let's take this up a notch, Vegeta. You up for it?"

The Prince of Saiyans responded by turning Super Saiyan level 2.

"I can do better," Goku smirked as he let out a beastly roar and turned Super Saiyan 3.

"Show off," scowled Vegeta.

The beast roared and descended toward the two Saiyans preparing to engulf them.

Goku cupped his hands together and summoned his trademark attack. "Bring it on! KAMEHAMEHA!" He pushed his hands forward and unleashed a massive blue wave that hit the massive beast head-on.

"Final Flash!" Vegeta fired a condensed golden blast that impacted the monster.

Clenching his right fist, Goku summoned a Golden Dragon and punched through the Paradais monster. "Dragon Fist!" After punching through the behemoth, the golden dragon constricted its long body around the Paradais monster and crushed it.

Goku flew out of the dissolving monster and looked up to see more creatures pouring out from the fissure. "We won't give up! Not as long as we still have fight left in us!" He and Vegeta hastily bombarded the monster with Ki blasts.



Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy worked together defending the realms from the Paradais invaders. They used their Keyblades to combat the creatures with and to their surprise the Keyblades managed to seal the creatures.

Sora bumrushed a swarm of creatures and neutralized them with his Keyblade.

"They're just like the Heartless, but on steroids!" Riku called out, slashing and hacking up some blob creatures with his Keyblade.

"Sailor Pluto, I hope you're faring better than us now," Sora said, brandishing his Keyblade. "C'mon!" He beckoned a giant crystallized monster and lunged forward, shoving his Keyblade through the creature and sealed it. One down and many more to go.



The Justice League led the world's superheroes to defend Earth from the Paradais invasion. The majority of the League defended the heart of Metropolis from the Paradais soldiers.

Superman cleared a path full of crystallized monsters using Heat Vision. He shot up punching a flying blob monster a few times and made it explode with a super punch.

Green Lantern trapped some crystallized monsters with a construct, saving civilians. The Flash zipped right by and took the civilians away to safety. J'onn J'onzz shapeshifted into a giant snake and crushed a crystallized monster with his body.

Flying over Metropolis on his Batjet, Batman fired away at blob monsters dropping down from the sky.

"Batman, they just keep coming!" Superman's voice yelled out from a communicator in the Batjet.

"Isn't Dr. Fate supposed to be here to seal the fissure?"

"He's supposed to be on his way, but he might've gotten caught in a fight with these monsters! They're appearing all over the world!"

"Damn," cursed the bat. "Superman, you and the others are going to have to work faster! Tell Lantern to create a construct that encompasses larger vicinities to seal up more of these creatures."

"I hope Sailor Mars and Hiei managed to reunite with their friends. At this rate, it's really up to them to destroy the real source of the problem. The Paradais core is in their world."

"You and both, Clark," Batman muttered. "But, we have a lot of work to do on our end." Suddenly, he was taken aback when a swarm of blob creatures slammed into his jet's windshield.

Wonder Woman shot up close to the Batjet and lassoed up the creatures. She tossed them up into the air, allowing Batman to shoot them down.

"You ok, Batman?"

"Will be much better after we've sent these monsters to the other side."

"Likewise. Oh, great Hera, I hope Mars and Hiei have found their friends. It'd be great if they could help us."

Superman interjected, hearing them with his super hearing. "They have their world to protect. We have ours. Let's all hope for the best for all." He turned around and saw Supergirl burning a hole through a giant crystallized monster and Green Arrow shooting explosive arrows to take out some blob monsters. "C'mon, Fate, what's taking you?"



Eva-01 soared through the air blasting away Paradais crystal behemoths. At first mistaken them to be Angels, Shinji anticipated them to use AT Fields, but Eva-01 was able to bust through the crystal behemoths easily.

"Shinji, on your left!" Misato reached him inside the cockpit.

Veering over to his right, Shinji sighted a crystallized monster that resembled a bipedal rhino hitting him with a massive shoulder tackle. Eva-01 was knocked right back and crashed through a rock formation.

"Oh shit!" Shinji cursed loudly as the rhino monster jumped up and prepared to body slash right on top of Eva-01. "Gotta move!"

"What the hell are you waiting for, you idiot?! Get up! Oh never mind!" Yelled a boisterous girl's voice.

Suddenly coming to Eva-01's rescue was Eva Unit-02, who interceded the crystal rhino with a punch. Then, Eva-02 pulled out its knife and cut into the crystal monster, disarming its left arm. Eva-01 sprang back up and punched off the monster's other arm.

"Take this!" Shinji shouted, launching Eva-01 forward to blast through the crystal monster. After destroying it, he and Eva-02 were ambushed by blob creatures raining from above.

"Shit! They're all coming down from that hole in the sky!" Asuka sighted the fissure.

"Man, can Takato and his friends really make that much of a difference? Can they beat Paradais?" Shinji wondered.

While inside Eva Unit-00, Rei stared up to the fissure where the Paradais abominations infiltrated their world to help assimilate it for ChaosMillenniummon.



The Bronze Saints, transformed into their Gold Cloths, readily engaged the Paradais army that spread over the cosmos.

In the midst of his battle, Seiya looked up at the source of the Paradais infiltration. That must be where these Paradais monsters are coming from. Mamoru Chiba, Sailor Moon, let's all ensure Paradais ceases to exist when this is all done! Let the power of the cosmos guide us to victory!



Lina Inverse, Gourry, Zelgadis, Amelia, and Sylphiel were caught in a battle with Paradais monsters. They didn't fare at all better until Lina busted out her Dragon Slave.

The good news for them: the Paradais monsters they fought were wiped out.

The news: more were dropping in from the hole that continued widening in the sky.

"Great just what we didn't need," Lina panted, exhausted from having just used her Dragon Slave. "I hope Yui and her gang found their way home and beaten those Paradais jerks."

"Same here, Lina," Gourry said, readying his Sword of Light.

"Not looking good, Lina. What now?" Zelgadis asked.

"I've got a few spells I've been meaning to use, but I'll need you guys to hold them off for me," Lina said as she floated up while her friends continued to fight off the Paradais minions.

(End theme)


New York City, New York/Universe-TMNT-03

(Cue Final Fantasy IX OST – You're Not Alone)

The Ninja Turtles and Casey tried their hand by fighting Paradais blobs that've invaded their home turf. Their allies, the Justice Force, helped take care of other Paradais forces on another side of New York City.

"Heads up!" Michelangelo shouted, jumping up and slapping down a Paradais monster with his nun-chucks.

Raphael threw his sais at a blob creature, tearing through it. "Heh, these guys aren't so tough when you start cutting them up."

Donatello pulled out a pulse cannon and blasted a Paradais monster's head off. "I'd watch out for these big guys. Luckily I brought most of our artillery from the lair."

Leonardo added, slashing a blob in half. "Even so their numbers just keep growing!"

"Ugh, gross!" Michelangelo gagged as a blob creature attached to the back of his head. "Help!" He squeaked out fearfully.

Raphael tore the thing off his brother's head and tossed it aside. "There. Now ya don't need to scream like a girl."

"Thanks, Raph! I owe you!"

"Feh, just don't kiss me, ok?" Raphael tossed his sai at the creature and stepped on it. "Who wants some?!"

Leonardo reconvened with Mikey and Raph. "We've gotta go find Casey. Let's move!" He briefly looked up at the fissure and frowned. "This is bad. Have they even beaten Paradais yet?"


Karakura Town/Universe-BLCH-01

Ichigo and his friends were locked in a battle against Paradais invaders. The fight quickly spread all over Karakura Town. To make matters worse the Paradais spawn found ways to merge with Hollows to create deadly hybrids, making them as tough as Arrancars. Needless to say, Ichigo and company faced an arduous task of defeating these new Paradais!Hollows.

"Getsuga Tensho!" Ichigo howled, unleashing a black spiritual wave from his Zangetsu, which easily swept back several Paradais!Hollows. "They're even tougher bastards than regular Hollows." He quickly placed on his Hollow Mask.

"It happened after they merged with those Paradais creatures we were warned about," Rukia said. "We better up our game if we want to take these hybrids out. Having assessed their Reiatsu, they're as strong as some of the Arrancars we've faced recently.

Chad added. "Too bad Saturn and her friend Dimitro aren't here."

Uryuu was seen shooting down Paradais blobs with his arrows.

"All right, time to go all out!" Ichigo declared, quickly taking on the Paradais!Hollows amassing Karakura Town.



The Tenchi gang were defending the shrine from a Paradais invasion. Tenchi and Ryoko were at the forefront neutralizing the creatures. Ayeka and her two defenders, Azaka and Kamidake, put up barriers around the shrine.

"They just keep coming! Washuu, where's that dimension sealed you're working on!" Ayeka demanded while focusing on keeping the creatures from consuming the shrine.

"Almost done!" Washuu called out as he put the finishing touches on a massive cannon. "I can close up that fissure in the sky, but I can't promise it'll stay sealed. These things will keep finding ways to get into our world."

Sasami warned everyone. "These things are appearing all over the world! They're eating anything they touch!"

"They're going to erase our universe if we don't do something quick!"

Hearing the sisters yelling to her, Washuu put the finishing touched to the cannon. She cocked and loaded it up. "Done. Let's hope for the best."

Ryoko was seen outside bombarding Paradais blobs with energy blasts. She kept this going for over an hour and was showing signs of wear.

"Miss Washuu, is it done?!" Tenchi called out for the professor.

"Yeah! You better move away!" Washuu said, pointing the cannon toward the creatures and the fissure in the sky. I hope those kids managed to get home safe. I don't know about our world, but hopefully they can save theirs and others' worlds by destroying the Paradais core.

"If we're going down, we're going down fighting," Ryoko boldly said.

"Right you are," Washuu said, pulling the trigger. "Taste the power of science, you freaks!" And then she fired, which was soon followed by a bright flash of white light.


Feudal-Era Japan/Universe-INU-96

"Wind Scar!" Inuyasha brought down numerous Paradais blobs with an destructive wave from his Tetsusaiga. He grabbed one blob that tried to eat him and crushed it beneath his foot. "These things aren't giving off any Youki! So watch yourselves!"

Kagome was seen shooting down Paradais blobs shaped like birds. She fired one mystic arrow, which made several blobs explode at once.

"They're no demons, but they're still disgusting!" Kagome remarked.

"Look! They're starting to consume the forest!" Shippo panicked, seeing the blobs already eating away half of a nearby forest and leaving nothing but devastating in its wake.

While riding Kilala, Sango threw her Hiraikotsu to weed out the blobs from eating more of the forest.

"I don't think even us together can stop this crisis!" Miroku said, having used his Wind Tunnel to swallow up the blobs.

"Stand back," Inuyasha ordered as several crystallized monsters walked toward him. As his Tetsusaiga turned into a diamond blade, he brought it down and unleashed a barrage of diamond shrapnel. "Adamant Barrage!" He quickly brought down the monsters these diamonds, which tore and broke apart their bodies.

However, more crystal monsters fell from the fissure in the sky and landed in front of them.

"This is becoming endless!" Sango exclaimed.

"At this rate, I doubt even Naraku will have a place to hide if these things keep eating everything," Miroku said.

"They're going to devour this entire world and worst, they could find the well back to my time, Inuyasha!"

Realizing this, Inuyasha couldn't even bring himself to think of that possibility. "Renamon, Inumon, you better have found your way home. At least you're not better off than we are."


Elsewhere, Sesshomaru and Jaken protected Rin from Paradais blobs. Sesshomaru used his Tokijin to slice apart the blobs and at one point slashed one creature in half to protect Rin.

"Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru!" The child said.

"Rin, back behind me!" Jaken commanded, using his staff to burn up several blobs. "Lord Sesshomaru, they consume everything they touch! There'll be nothing left of this place unless we relocate!"

Sesshomaru stabbed a blob and looked up seeing the fissure growing bigger. "And they're all coming from that dimensional vortex. I fear a crisis worse than anything we've encountered is forthcoming."

"No, it can't be the end of everything, Lord Sesshomaru?" Jaken asked, noticing a fearful glare in his master's eye however subtle it seemed. Rarely does he give that look, but seeing that now... this has to be grave.


Koga and the wolf tribe watched the apocalyptic fissure growing. All Koga could think about was Kagome.


Kagura coasted across the air on her feather as she gazed at the fissure widening. She then sighted demons seemingly being absorbed by the Paradais blobs.

"How will you respond to this, Naraku?" Kagura muttered, having recently left the evil mastermind.



Having just defeated Sephiroth and saved the world, Team Avalanche's celebration was short-lived as the Paradais threat infiltrated their world. The group reunited to engage the creatures now beginning to consume everything.



Backed up by the military, the Elric Brothers fought off the Paradais creatures that just entered their world. The threat they faced was greater than whatever Father and his Homunculi had planned for them.


Garderobe Academy/Universe-MYO-05

The Otomes assembled to defend their turf from the Paradais monsters that just appeared in their world. Arika, Nina, Mai, Natsuki, and Shizuru were at the forefront to led the Otome forces to neutralize the creatures.

"This one's for Izumi and Jaarin!" Arika called out.

"Otome, disengage and spread out!" Natsuki commanded.

With that, the war between the Otome and Paradais began.



Putting their battle against Talpa on hold, the Ronins were caught in the middle of a battle with Paradais blobs. Even the Dark Warlords were forced to team with their enemies to fight the invaders.


Death City/Universe-SE-08

Maka & Soul, Black Star & Tsubaki, and Death the Kid with the Thompson sisters stood on top of a building waiting as the Paradais blobs started eating their way through Death's barrier covering Death City.

"Ready to rumble, guys? It's us or them and I'm not planning to get eaten!" Maka cried out, rallying her friends and classmates behind her.

Soul added. "Let's roll." With that, he transformed into his scythe form and flew into Maka's hands.

Tsubaki and the Thompsons converted to their weapon forms for their meisters.

The Paradais blobs quickly breached into Death City. The meisters stormed the creatures and thus the battle to save their world began.


Jasper, Nevada/Universe-TFP-10

The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, watched the fissure opening up releasing Paradais blobs. Assembled with Optimus were Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Arcee, and Cliffjumper.

"That's definitely not Megatron," Bulkhead said.

"Who or what are those things?" Arcee asked.

"The source aren't giving off any Energon signals," Ratchet replied. "Wait, look!"

The Autobots were horrified when they watched the creatures starting to devour the ground and eating away at the physical fabrics of the dimension.

"They're no Decepticons, but we must avert this crisis to protect all sentient life on this planet," Optimus Prime declared. "Autobots roll out!"


In deep space, the Decepticon warship had picked up a huge signal coming from Earth.

"Lord Megatron, we have a situation back on Earth," Starscream announced.

Megatron appeared on a side visual and eyed the other visual showing a battle between the Autobots and the Paradais army. "What's happening?" He asked in his deep and intimidating tone.

"It appears an enemy of unknown origin are attacking the planet. Optimus and his Autobots are now caught in battle with these creatures. They don't appear to have any kind of Energon it would seems," clarified Starscream. "My lord, I understand you have the Dark Energon to use to amass your army, but is it wise to return now?"

Megatron scowled. "With the Dark Energon, I'm destined to conquer the Earth. I will not allow anyone or any form of sentient life to deny me the chance of slaying Optimus Prime." He hissed loudly, causing Starscream to flinch. "Set a course for Earth. I am ready to return from my three year exile."

"We all look forward to your return, Lord Megatron," Starscream bowed as Megatron's visual faded. He then shifted over and meticulously eyed the battle with the Paradais creatures. "What an interesting development is turning out to be. This would be the perfect time to take charge of the Decepticons and neutralize this enemy, proving I am far superior to Megatron." He chortled darkly, plotting his own agenda behind his master's back.


Digital World/Universe-DXW-06

"Let's do this, OmegaShoutmon!" Taiki beckoned as his aforementioned partner, now covered in golden armor, flew up to fight a Paradais behemoth made of crystal.

"Bring it on, you big crystallized freak!" OmegaShoutmon bellowed, shooting up and punching the crystal monster's face.

"ZekeGreymon!" Kiriha shouted, sending his golden-schemed partner to aid OmegaShoutmon.

Nene sent Mervamon, who was accompanied by Beelzebumon.

OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGreymon united their golden auras, shooting beams of light that eradicated the Paradais blobs falling from the sky. The beams also tore into the crystallized monsters while breaking through their defenses.

"Remember guys, our friends back in their dimension are facing a greater crisis!" exclaimed Taiki. "But, we've got out world to protect, too!"

"You said it, Taiki!" OmegaShoutmon said, turning around and facing the crystal behemoths. "As for you freaks, you're facing the king of the Digital World! As the king, I'm gonna give you a royal butt kicking you'll never forget!" He shot forward, turning himself a beam of golden light and plowed through the crystal monster.

"Mervamon! Go forth and aid OmegaShoutmon!" Nene ordered.

"You won't one-up me, Taiki. ZekeGreymon, wipe those blobs out!" Kiriha shouted.

Taiki thought as his body shook. Why am I shaking? Is it possible we can't win? No, I'm shaking because I'm excited to be fighting to save the multiverse! This is all of our war!


Hidden Leaf Village/Universe-NAR-99

The shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village quickly responded to the Paradais invasion. Led by Tsunade, they defended their turf from the creatures that started consuming anything they touch. Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, and Yamato helped fend off the monsters.

In one side of the village, Team 8, consisting of Kiba, Hinata, and Shino, defended the Ninja Academy. As instructors filed the children out, Kiba, Hinata, and Shino fought off the Paradais blobs.

Team Gai, consisting of Gai, Rock Lee, Neji, and Tenten, helped defend the east gates.

Team 10, with Chouji and Ino led by Shikamaru, were hard at work defending the west gates.

"I really hope Henry, his sister and their Digimon friends found their way home," Sakura said. "Still, they have a big fight waiting for them."

Kakashi activated his Sharingan to neutralize the creatures. "We're definitely facing a threat greater than the Akatsuki."

"And we have our own," Naruto gritted his teeth as he saw the flood of Paradais creatures already coming through the north gates. "Bring it on!"



The Sailor Senshi stood united ready to meet the Paradais threat.

"Mercury, let's both come win together!" Sailor Mercury said.

"C'mon, guys! We can do this!" Sailor Moon rallied her team together.



Sonic and Shadow quickly raced forward to fight the Paradais invaders that have now taken root in their world.


Neo Japan/Universe-GFC

The entire Shuffle Alliance were amassed outside Earth to meet the Paradais invaders in mortal combat.



Kenshiro powered up ready to blow apart Paradais creatures in a bloody blaze of glory. Still, he had a long battle ahead for him as their numbers grew.



Jotaro Kujo and Joseph Joestar were also caught in a battle with Paradais creatures, delaying their search for DIO.



Guts was locked in a big battle with Paradais monsters. He quickly spilled many of their black blood, but many more took their place. Guts found himself in a situation where he may or may not live to see another day.



TOM3 was awakened from his slumber. Having put himself in stasis since the cancellation of his show, TOM3 awoke by the sound of an alarm that blared loudly in his ship.

"What's going on? Why am I awake?" TOM3 wondered as he looked outside in deep sea. He witnessed a black mass consisted of Paradais creatures preparing to consume a planet. "What is that?"

Suddenly, he felt his ship rock and forth.

"Now what?!" TOM3 checked a visual and appearing on the screen was a few Paradais creatures attempting to break through. "Trying to break into the Absolution, will you?" He smashed a glass container and pulled out a laser gun. "And wake me up from my sleep? You're going down."

(End theme)



(Cue Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth OST – Joining Forces)

Lightning, a notorious soldier of Pulse, feels the presence of the heroes engaging the apocalypse.



The GT version of Vegeta senses the diversity of powers from the heroes engaging the dark forces.



Kratos, the infamous 'Ghost of Sparta', has felt forces that are even greater than the divine Greek gods and titans.


Universe-AC-TP/Ford's Office

This is the dimension called Across Conventions, a wondrous amusement park that is known as one of the most famous across the multiverse.

It then shows a big, luxurious office of showing a lone figure inside. He is a Thai young man with black hair, brown eyes, glasses, process blue jeans, and a whitish-gray shirt with light green and purple thin lines. His name is Ford, to which he is watching the skies through the window with a smile.

"I'm so looking forward to meeting these heroes." Ford said to himself with an enthusiastic attitude and outlook.

One can tell that his future involvement would effect the fabrics of the events to come.


Universe-PMMM-011/Cosmic Galaxy

Across the ethereal galaxy, a pink-haired goddess with a white dress and a transparent appearance, sensed many immense cosmic powers fighting the two bringers of chaos.


Universe-PMMM-011/Mitakihara Town/Playground

In a playground a raven-haired girl named Homura Akemi is playing with a young boy named Tatsuya Kaname in a sandbox. Tatsuya's parents: Junko and Tomohisa Kaname are sitting in the bench smiling at their son enjoying his time with Homura.

Just then, Homura sensed something and looked at the sky. Could she be wondering that there are forces outside of her universe?


Universe-GCLK-1113/Tennouzu High School

Switching to another universe shows a high school classroom of sorts. A socially inept, brunette-haired boy with a black school uniform is seen watching next to the left window.


Universe-GCLK-1113/Funeral Parlor Headquarters

In a secret base showed a bunch of mercenaries and freedom fighters. The names of the most well-known members are Gai Tsutsugami (their leader), Inori Yuzuriha, Ayase Shinomiya, Argo Tsukishima, Tsugumi, Shibungi, Oogumo, and Kenji Kido.


Universe-GCLK-1113/Ward 24

In a huge headquarters that look like an X-Seed 4000, this government is the one controlling Japan's nation in this universe.

Inside is a platinum blond-haired boy wearing a white robe, black outfit, and sandals. He gave a slight smirk of sensing the supernatural powers scourging through dimensions.

"They may have been old legends, but will be ready to witness our rebirth of the human race?" The sinister boy stated. "Genesis and the Apocalypse will converge to a Dusk of Chaos."


Digital World/Universe-XLR-8

An individual sat on a rock watching a distortion form above this Digital World, which was linked to the Accel Earth universe. This individual, named Slade, is a light god, a Pokemon trainer, and a Karas, making him powerful enough to eradicate the Paradais invaders in Ken's sudden absence, but that wouldn't be the case.

Another individual wearing black walked out with a BlackGatomon. With them was a youthful-looking woman.

"Darkstar, Kiva, about time you showed up," Slade addressed them without looking back. "The multiverse is at war with a a huge threat. Paradais' network is spreading. Led by a twosome named Sailor Charon and the Prophet. Both just revealed their true agenda and their real identities," Slade explained. "They're really Sailor Chaos and Millenniummon. Now they've combined and sent all your friends from that dimension to other worlds."

"Is this what we have to deal with while you know who's been taken into GranDracmon's world?" Darkstar asked.

"Feh, looks like lightweights to me," Kiva scoffed, rolling her eyes. "Why bother wasting my magic on them?"

"Because they will consume this whole dimension if we don't act now," Slade replied sardonically. "You want Ken coming back and seeing his world assimilated? He'll flip his shit the minute he does and want to spill Paradais' blood."

"Surely we can go into that dimension and help them take out those Paradais jerks?" Darkstar asked.

"No, that's their battle. We have ours," Slade said, forming a battle aura.

Darkstar nodded. "Let's rock and roll, DarkGatomon."

"About time," the dark feline replied earnestly.

Kiva shrugged. "Let's get this over with so we can close that damn hole."

The Paradais creatures poured out from the distortion and went straight for the Young Guns.

"Ken, wherever you are, you're sure missing out," Slade muttered as he and his colleagues immediately sprang into action. "Get ready to get served, you freaks!"


GranDracmon's Castle/Hallways/XDYC-666

Kensuke Rainer was in the middle of a prison break in GranDracmon's castle. He was already scouring through a series of seemingly endless halls. Little did he know there was a multiversal attack across hundreds of dimensions, including one set to occur in his own dimension.

He wasn't even thinking about anything but trying to escape and surviving. As he managed to retrieve his Digivice, he released Veemon and Astamon to help him fight off prison guards.

Suddenly, he received a mental block that startled him for a minute. He saw the many faces of the YYGDM heroes locked in a battle with two sinister figureheads, one of them being a giant monster with shoulder crystals and a woman clad in pure black.

What the hell am I seeing? Is everyone ok back in Karin's dimension? Looks like they're caught in some hell of a battle. But, why do I get this feeling... Ken gritted his teeth and scowled. There's something more at stake?! "As if dealing with GranDracmon's crap wasn't enough. Now this?!" Clenching his fists, Ken gritted his teeth. You guys have to be going through hell now. I just wish there's something I can do!

Veemon called out to him. "Hey, there's guards coming this way!"

Ken shot right back to reality. "...damn! All right, Veemon, Astamon, it's party time!" He got Veemon to armor evolve into Raidramon. Karin, you and your friends can beat them! Send their asses to oblivion! And whoever' you are giving my friends trouble... so help me god... I'll rip both of your asses a new one!


X's Planet/Other World/Universe-DF-616

X focused as he viewed the multiple wars going on in the other dimensions.

He was immediately joined by Taichi Kamiya and Agumon; the former being an Ascendant, a digitized version of a Super Saiyan, exclusively in this dimension. When he and Agumon combine, they become Omega X.

"It's worse than I feared, Tai. There's a multiversal war now occurring," the masked watched informed them grimly. "The first that I've seen."

"This is the first multiversal war that's happened?" Tai asked.

"No, but this is biggest one yet. The ones before were quickly resolved thanks to the Lady in White and the Ora Guardians. Now this seems to have gone far beyond their control, but they're working to stabilize the barriers that Paradais has infiltrated."

"Paradais?" Agumon inquired curiously.

"They're the enemy our friends from the YYGDM dimension now face. In fact, the masterminds behind Paradais are in their dimension. As we speak, they're fighting those two now," X stated firmly. "Should Charon and Millenniummon win, they'll reset everything in that universe, including erasing everyone, including Karin and Dimitri."

Tai clenched his fists. "Damn it! We've got to go there and help them, X!"

"Fear not. It looks like our friends are turning the tide against Paradais," X smiled behind his mask. "Lady Cosmos has bestowed one hero the power to make the difference... the Light of Hope our friends need to defeat Chaos and Millenniummon."

"Will her power make that much of a difference? Who is she?"

"We've already met her during the Paradixalmon and Beyond crisis."

As X hinted this, Tai quickly realized who it was. "You mean...? Sailor Moon?"

"And she's become Sailor Cosmos. Of course, she's not alone. She has Takato, the Tamers, her own Senshi, Takuya, Yugi, Yusuke, Karin, Dimitri, and others fighting Chaos right now. This is a battle beyond anything we've ever faced."

Tai smiled from ear to ear. This is your battle, guys! Beat Paradais and restore balance to the multiverse!

"And we've got urgent matters of our own!" Simms beckoned to the trio. "There's creatures pouring down from those distortions that've been appearing in the other dimensions!"

"We better get to work then," Tai stated, activating his Crest of Courage sealed in his body. This allowed him and Agumon to merge to become Omega X.

"Your friends are waiting for you on the other side, Tai," X said.

"Let's get this show on the road!" Omega X declared, using Instant Movement to aid his friends in Odaiba.


Hundreds of other worlds were now attacked by a massive Paradais infiltration. Most are already at war with chaos creatures to prevent the Paradais network from taking over their worlds. A few worlds sadly had already become consumed.

However, the main fight against the Paradais core was still unresolved.

(End theme)


Near Galaxy Cauldron (YYGDM01)/Inside ChaosMillenniummon

The cosmic struggle between Sailor Chaos and Sailor Cosmos had yet to be determined. Both sides were equally on par as a darkness wave pushed against a white beam. Chaos and Cosmos' cosmic energies coalesced for a while as the forces tried to overpower the other.

Sailor Cosmos seemed to strain a bit, to which Sailor Chaos picked up on. The ZeedMillenniummon heads quickly came to life and expelled dark mist at the heroes.

"Will not falter... WE WON'T FALL!" Sailor Cosmos yelled out in determination. "Our Light of Hope will never be extinguished by you!"

"Your speeches are growing tedious! It's about time to witness the destruction of the Galaxy Cauldron as we change the fate of this whole universe!" Sailor Chaos boasted, laughing and trying to instill helpless in her oppositions' mindsets. "Do you feel it? That sense of hope slipping away from your fingertips?!"

"NO!" Sailor Cosmos defiantly cried out, channeling cosmic light and energy from her friends close to her.

"We can't and won't give up! Paradais, you've brought enough suffering to us all! This Dawn of Chaos, End of Days, whatever you want to call it... IT ENDS HERE WITH YOUR DEMISE!" Gallantmon SM shouted.

"Our power of order will triumph over disorder!" Yugi bellowed. "THIS CYCLE OF CHAOS ENDS HERE AND NOW!"

"And we aren't going to fall! Not while we're still breathing!" KaiserGreymon cried out.

"You take that light and shove it right up your ass!" Yusuke snapped.

"Chaos! Millenniummon! We've had it with you!" Sedna exclaimed.

Pluto narrowed her eyes and shouted to Chaos. "This age old conflict will be resolved! Charon, everything you've destroyed in the past can't be undone, but we'll ensure you can never further damage the foundations set to bring forth a brighter future!"

Sailor Chaos witnessed the Houou aura forming over Mars as the entity transferred some of her power over to Cosmos. Cosmos felt rejuvenated as a Houou cloak complete with fiery wings that replaced the white wings she had before.

"Feh, no matter what source of power you borrow, the end result will be the same!" Sailor Chaos smirked fiendishly as she let out a psychotic laugh.


ChaosMillenniummon was edging ever so closer to the Galaxy Cauldron. The chaotic gargantuan set his sights on the universe's richest source of life and the birthplace of all Star Seeds/Sailor Crystals.

"Time to break the Cauldron. My love, the time is almost at hand!"


As she heard ChaosMillenniummon, Sailor Chaos smiled and let out a relaxed sigh. "Finally. Hate to be the bearer of bad news for you, but fate it would seem has played out to mine and Millenniummon's favor."

"I don't think so!" VoidJustimon declared as he propelled toward Sailor Chaos. "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

"RYO!" The Tamers shouted together.

Sailor Chaos rolled her eyes and scoffed. "A pitiful insect stupidly throwing his own life away? You can't and won't delay the inevitable, Akiyama!"

"Maybe not, but I'm willing to try!"

As VoidJustimon went to tackle her, Sailor Chaos merely turned her hand and repelled him to the side.

"What a fool? Do you not realize the power you're challenging?" Chaos asked.

VoidJustimon quickly placed his hands on a wall and began sending his own power through ChaosMillenniummon. "Have you forgotten? Both me and Millenniummon are linked! So as long as I exist, he will, too, and I'm the only one who can weaken and destroy him!"

Upon realizing this, Sailor Chaos gasped. No, he's right! I can't let him neutralize our bond! "NO YOU DON'T!" She summoned tendrils that sprouted from under VoidJustimon and binded him tight.

"RYO!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna cried out as she flew down to free him.

"Sedna, wait!" Angemon X yelled as he went after her.

"SEDNA!" The Senshi cried out together.

"Look out, Sedna!" Gallantmon SM yelled as he saw Chaos cutting Sedna off from the pass. "Leave her alone!" He hastily dove down to stop Sailor Chaos, who slapped Sedna down.

"Going somewhere, dear Sedna?" Sailor Chaos smirked as she grabbed her neck and noticed the Dragon Saber. "Mind if I have a look at that?" She quickly pulled the Dragon Saber from the Ice Senshi. "Yes, you used this to slay Melancholia. Quite fitting if I kill you with it!"

"LET HER GO!" Angemon X cried, readily drawing out his sword to counter Chaos.

However, before the others could save her, a blue mist seeped out of the Dragon Saber to Chaos' surprise. Sedna was taken aback by this turn of events. The blue mist took the form of a Gundam-like humanoid, which Sedna, Angemon X, and a few others recognized right away.

"Is that...?!" Angemon X exclaimed.

"You've gotta be kidding me!" Gallantmon SM shouted. "Am I seeing things?!"

Sailor Chaos was flabbergasted. "What's that?!"

Ken?! Dramon X?! Sedna was bewildered.

The silhouette of 'Dramon X' clenched his fist and with one punch...


He clobbered Sailor Chaos' face and knocked her flying into the nearest wall to the shock of everyone.

"KEN! Is that you?" Sedna cried out as the silhouette quickly vanished. The Dragon Saber hovered back to her. As she took the blade, she closely examined with Angemon X and Gallantmon SM landing beside her. "Could our bond have made the sword tamper proof against enemies?"

"Um, seems that way!" Gallantmon SM exclaimed.

Slightly disoriented for a few seconds, Sailor Chaos nonetheless recovered fast and seethed. WHAT WAS THAT?! Is that weapon tamper proof?! Oh, she's going to pay!

This distraction allowed Sailor Cosmos to fly over. She was guided by the Houou's cosmic wings. The minute Chaos turned, Cosmos snatched her face. Sailor Chaos headbutted Cosmos' head and seized her throat. Cosmos and Chaos quickly flew around one another and shot up into the ceiling.

"C'mon, everyone. We can't miss out on this!" Gallantmon SM exclaimed.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna turned to Angemon X and took his hand. "Hasn't this been the experience?"

"I'll never never forget this. That's for sure."

"This one's going to determine it all. No way am I going to miss this!" Neo Moon exclaimed. "Once and for all, that Chaos bitch will get what's coming to her!"

The Beast Tamers helped break VoidJustimon loose from the tentacles.

Golden Mars sensed half of the Houou power she had given Sailor Cosmos. "Use it well, Sailor Moon."

Sakuyamon PM forged a barrier transport for the Spirit Detectives and the Duelists to give them flight out of ChaosMillenniummon.

"Thanks, Rika and Renamon!" Shaka said.

"Wow, we're really going out there, are we?" Jaden asked, getting giddy. "I haven't gotten this excited since joining Duel Academy!"

"I'm sure this beats going to some dueling school, Jaden," Yusei said.

"Going up," Yusuke joked.

"You always know how to lighten the mood, huh, dad?" RJ mumbled, shaking his head.

"Hopefully we haven't missed much," Yugi stated.

The group hastily pursued Sailors Cosmos and Chaos while avoiding getting caught by the tendrils poking out from the walls. They saw a light at the end of the tunnel where the cosmic fight was taking place right on top of ChaosMillenniummon.


Taking their epic battle atop ChaosMillenniummon's head, Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chaos hastily glided around one another. Chaos' dark aura and Cosmos' golden aura coalesced, igniting an explosive burst that repelled them. Sailor Chaos slid across on the left whilst Sailor Cosmos slid on the right. Both dashed forward with swords swinging. Their blades clashed. Chaos managed to gain leverage over Cosmos, but the latter rebounded by kicking her in the stomach, sending her flying up.

"You're showing a lot more grit, Sailor Moon! I approve! But, that won't change the fact you're fated to fall to me!" Sailor Chaos boasted, laughing as she swing her obsidian blade down, sending hundreds of dark projectiles.

Sailor Cosmos took to the air and narrowly dodged all the projectiles aimed for her.

"The Romulus Source has fully accepted me to bring disorder to this universe! Me and Millenniummon will usher in an endless cycle of chaos! Why do you resist? I could free you of all responsibilities of bringing order to this universe. You and your loved ones can rest. Perhaps there can be a place for you and your allies to live your lives in peace under us."

"If letting us live peacefully means giving up our free will to you? Never."

Sailor Chaos smirked evilly. "As expected. I knew you and I would look eye to eye. You wish to die? So be it." She gripped her sword and glided over, swinging her sword against Cosmos' sword. "I GAVE YOU A CHANCE! YOU CAN DIE WITH THE REST OF YOUR FRIENDS! THE ENTIRE LUNAR BLOODLINE DIES WITH YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER!"

(Cue Peach Hips – Moon Revenge)

Suddenly, the Houou wings lit up behind Sailor Cosmos, slightly blinding Sailor Chaos. Cosmos grabbed Chaos' blade and tried disarming her. Sailor Chaos expanded her black aura and pushed Cosmos back. Sailor Chaos grabbed Cosmos' face, flies up, and plants her down on top of ChaosMillenniummon's head. Lifting her sword, she brought it down to the Cosmos Crystal. The crystal responded to Chaos' threat and expelled a white light that knocked Chaos away.

Sailor Cosmos slowly rose as the Cosmos Crystal's power filled her with renewed strength. She placed her hand over the crystal and used it to teleport herself near Sailor Chaos. Alarmed, Chaos saw Cosmos bathed in a pearl white aura and the Houou wings on her back turning into pure white flames. Sailor Chaos unleashed a chaos blast from her sword. Cosmos fired a condensed white beam from her Cosmos Crystal.


The two cosmic forces ignited another beam struggle that rattled everything close to their proximity.



Upon reaching the top, the Golden Senshi, the Beast Biomergers, the Spirit Detectives, Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, Atem, Neo Moon, Norse Knight, Sedna, Angemon X, and Brunhilde witnessed the final beam struggle between the opposing forces.

ChaosMillenniummon clenched his fists and prepared to bang his fists over the Galaxy Cauldron. Sailor Cosmos caught wind of this and beckoned her friends to stop him. The Golden Senshi and Beast Biomergers stormed over to intercept ChaosMillenniummon from reaching the Cauldron. The Spirit Detectives, Neo Moon, Norse Knight, Yugi, Yusei, Jaden, Atem, Sedna, Angemon X, and Brunhilde stormed over to distract Chaos, who easily swept them back with a darkness wave.

"FOOLS! STAY DOWN!" Sailor Chaos refocused her efforts on Cosmos and swung her sword, sending a darkness wave at her adversary.

Cosmos narrowly dodged the wave and teleported over to Chaos, slamming her hand into Chaos gut. She discharged a white blast and sent Chaos crashing into ChaosMillenniummon's right shoulder crystal.

ChaosMillenniummon's shoulder crystals lit up, discharging blasts at the group. They dodged, evading the blasts. Sailor Cosmos easily dispelled the blasts with her aura.

As Sailor Cosmos prepared to Chaos, the Chiimon reappeared by Cosmos' sides.

'Chii' encouraged her. "It's time to end this, Princess Serenity."

'Freya' added. "By drawing power from the hope of your friends will allow you to end this cycle of chaos!"

"Chaos possesses no conscience or any redeeming qualities! Hold nothing back, Sailor Moon!"


Sailor Chaos shot out of the shoulder crystal shouting. "GOODBYE, SAILOR MOON! YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE DONE FOR!" She then veered over and called out to ChaosMillenniummon. "LOVE, DESTROY THE CAULDRON! THE END OF THIS UNIVERSE ENDS AND FROM IT SHALL RISE A PARADAIS UNIVERSE! NOW! DO IT!"

As ChaosMillenniummon prepared to bring down the final blow to the Cauldron, Sailor Cosmos invoked her Cosmos Crystals and in response the Cauldron itself began glowing as if coming to life on its own.

"WHAT'S THIS LIGHT?!" ChaosMillenniummon hissed, raising his hands to block out the white light from burning him.

"NO!" Sailor Chaos cried out, seething. She looked over to Cosmos and growled. She's linking herself with the Cauldron and drawing power from it! There's no way her human body will take it all in without destroying herself! Unless... Cosmos told her how to access its limitless cosmic power?!

"Correct, Chaos," Sailor Cosmos spoke in an unearthly and power tone. Her eyes turned pure white. All of the Senshi's planetary symbols became emblazoned all over her body. "Cosmos not only passed her power to me, but her knowledge as well. She has entrusted me with the power to destroy you. The Chiimon are right. I can't change you for the better as there's hint of good in you. Charon sold her soul to bring you out of your primordial prison and she willingly allowed herself to become your container. Sailor Pluto's sister has long since died. All you are is wearing her body and with the Romulus Source you've achieved godhood. However, you fail to realize where there's always disorder, there is order to balance you out. That's where I come in."

Sailor Chaos growled as she flew up and shoved her sword into Cosmos' chest, but the Cosmos Crystal quickly vaporized her obsidian sword. Sailor Chaos gaped in aghast as Cosmos' light wrapped over her and ChaosMillenniummon.

"What are you doing to me?!" Chaos hissed as the white light developed her. She resisted by invoking the Romulus Source inside her and pushed the light away.

Sailor Cosmos drew upon the Cauldron and enveloped ChaosMillenniummon in white light. ChaosMillenniummon found himself binded by the light.

"NO! LOVE!" Sailor Chaos screamed as she turned and faced Cosmos again. "LET HIM GO!"

"You've brought this on yourselves. Ever since you took over Charon, you've brought untold bloodbaths across the universe and are solely responsible for igniting the Sailor Wars. Why? All stemmed from Charon's jealously of her sister chosen as the Guardian of Time by their father and Charon's own father issues. You've used that hate to influence Charon to bring you to out. And together you spawned some of the universe's biggest threats to entice conflict with Sailor Pluto and the Sailor Senshi. And you took possession of Sailor Galaxia. You've committed enough crime and genocide to be forgiven for anything."

"I... I... I DON'T NEED PITY FROM YOU!" Sailor Chaos retorted, shooting a darkness blast toward Cosmos, who took the blast head-on and was thrown into the Cauldron.

"SAILOR MOON!" Everyone else shouted fearfully. They moved in to save her, but ChaosMillenniummon broke lose to intercede them.

"Out of our way!" Gallantmon SM glided forward, discharging a immense lightning blast. "HEAVEN'S FURY!" He blasted ChaosMillenniummon, hitting him head-on.

KaiserGreymon, Sakuyamon PM, AuroraInumon, QuakeGargomon, and VoidJustimon joined in aiding Gallantmon SM.

"C'mon, guys! Let's give them a hand!" Golden Mars declared as she and the other Golden Senshi joined hands to form a massive golden sphere over their heads.

"Keep him occupied!" Golden Saturn ordered the Beast Biomergers and KaiserGreymon

"He's picked the wrong girls to mess with!" Golden Jupiter said.

"Eat our golden punch!" Golden Venus shouted.

"GOLDEN COSMIC POWERS!" The Golden Senshi launched golden beams from their armors, allowing their golden energies to converge and bombard ChaosMillenniummon.

The golden streams of cosmic light pierced into and burned ChaosMillenniummon's tough hide. Although he managed to catch some of their blasts, a few golden blasts broke off chunks of his shoulder crystals. Then, a few blasts launched by the Spirit Detectives grazed his face, but only served to distract.

"This isn't looking good!" Shaka yelled out.

"Damn, what's taking long, Sailor Moon?" Yusuke mumbled, getting tense realizing his best attempts were proving futile against the cosmic monster.

Valkyrie Brunhilde bathed herself in blue fire and went head first through ChaosMillenniummon's right shoulder crystal. She punched through and flew out the other side.

"Kotori!" AuroraInumon called to her. "Look out!"

ChaosMillenniummon tried catching her with his upper arms. However, Yugi and Atem intervened using the Millennium Pendant to blast ChaosMillenniummon's face. Angemon X and Dai-Valkyrie Neo Moon intercepted the tendrils that nearly grabbed Brunhilde. Dai-Valkyrie Sedna grabbed Brunhilde and pushed her aside.

"What were you thinking?!" Sedna berated her.

"Just trying to help is all," Brunhilde said. "And wanted to prove my worth."

"You proved yourself just fine, Kotori! But, we're in this together! Don't forget that!" Neo Moon reminded her.

"Yeah, I get it now," Brunhilde nodded as she let this settle in her mind.

Suddenly, a burst of white light fumed out of the Cauldron to the shock of everyone. ChaosMillenniummon advanced toward the Cauldron, but the group immediately went to great lengths uniting their powers to keep the cosmic monster from reaching it.


"We're not letting you through if it's the last thing we do!" Gallantmon SM defiantly yelled at him.

"I'VE WON NOW!" Sailor Chaos declared, flying down into the Cauldron where Sailor Cosmos emerged fully covered in white light. "MY CYCLE OF CHAOS BEGINS NOW!" She flew right into Cosmos and went to punch her.

Sailor Cosmos thrust her right palm into Chaos' gut extremely hard, driving the Romulus Source out of her. Chaos gasped as a giant hole was opened up in her chest where the Romulus Source used to be.

"No, Chaos, it ends here," Sailor Cosmos calmly whispered as the Cauldron unleashed a white light that consumed both Chaos and ChaosMillenniummon. "FAREWELL!"

The Golden Senshi, the Beast Biomergers, Norse Knight, Neo Moon, KaiserGreymon, Sedna, Angemon X, Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, Atem, and Brunhilde witnessed a cascade of pure white light pouring out. They witnessed both ChaosMillenniummon and Sailor Chaos being dissolved as they wailed painfully.

ChaosMillenniummon bellowed his final roars before his body broke down completely. "RAAAAAGH!"

Sailor Chaos, usually not one to show her weakness, buckled under the immense power overwhelming her. She screamed out painfully. "AAARGH! NO! THIS CAN'T BE! I CAN'T DIE! I WAS MEANT TO RULE EVERYTHING AS UNIVERSAL LAWS DICTATED!" Each part of her body began dissolving away. Starting with her arms, legs, and then the rest of her body. She turned to Pluto and pleaded. "MY SISTER! PLEASE! HELP ME! AS FAMILY TO ANOTHER, TELL HER TO SPARE ME!"

Golden Pluto frowned and dismissively nodded. "Like I told you, my sister died long ago. Perish, you monster."

"No... no... NO! I CAN'T GO LIKE THIS!" Chaos screamed as her upper body and finally her head, burning away into a skull, vaporized. "...the cycle... of disorder... out of our reach. My love... I'll be joining you..." Her final words came out as her existence vanished completely.

An explosion of light subsequently followed the Paradais duo's demise. The group braced themselves as the light engulfed them, but to their surprise they were unaffected.

(End theme)

"We're ok?" AuroraInumon asked, looking down over himself.

"Is it really over?" Kuwabara wondered.

"It's over," Golden Pluto informed everyone.

"Indeed. Chaos and Millenniummon are gone," Sailor Cosmos addressed the group as she floated from the Galaxy Cauldron. She was completely covered in an endless cascade of white light. The Houou half she borrowed from Mars returned to its rightful vessel. Cosmos floated down appearing exhausted. "But, I couldn't have done it without any of you... my friends.." She smiled weakly as she reverted back to Dai-Valkyrie Moon and floated into Norse Knight's arms.

"Sailor Moon!" Norse Knight shouted, holding an unconscious Moon in his arms.

"Sailor Moon!" The Golden Senshi, Neo Moon, and Sedna cried out as they gathered around Norse Knight.

(Cue Sailor Moon Sailor Stars OST – For the Princess)

Suddenly, a white bubble materialized around the group. Appearing before them was the real Sailor Cosmos accompanied by the Chiimon.

"Lady Cosmos! Is Sailor Moon going to be ok?!" Yugi asked.

The Lady in White nodded, smiling genuinely. "Yes, she will, but she's expended so much of her energy wielding the power I've given her to fight Sailor Chaos with. However, she couldn't have won without all of you here."

"But, she did most of the work in the end there," Sakuyamon PM said.

"You all being there gave her the encouragement she sorely needed to stop ChaosMillenniummon. You all gave her hope. It was the Light of Hope that destroyed Chaos' chances of ruling this universe and wresting the Nexus away from us."

"Who do you mean by us?" asked Golden Venus.

"The Ora Guardians," the Chiimon answered.

Suddenly, in the wake of Paradais' defeat, the entire space turned white as the group were seemingly teleported inside the center of the Galaxy Cauldron. Four panels opened up revealing four ethereal-like beings; three appearing female and one male sitting in the middle.

"Heroes of dimension YYGDM-01, say hello to the Ora Guardians," the Chiimon introduced them to the hyperdimensional beings.

One female with spike protrusions on top of her head addressed them in a calm albeit aristocratic tone. "I am Sren. With me are my Guardian colleagues, Cysta, Gythos, and Tomos. We cannot thank you enough to returning balance to the side of order. With Chaos and Millenniummon gone, their influence will dissipate. The Paradais network they've spread all over the Nexus will disappear and every dimension who've been invaded will have their fabric doors repaired."

The second female with long flowing greenish hair, identified as Cysta, nodded. "It took us a lot of time to search and repair every dimension Paradais infiltrated. However, sadly, some worlds have been lost and thus cannot be restored... as such with the circle of life. The death of one world will usher in the birth of a whole new one."

The one man with flowing white hair, identified as Gythos, sagely spoke. "Thankfully, Paradais' network has fully dissipated once you destroyed ChaosMillenniummon. Your world is being returned to its previous state before Paradais perverted it.'

The third female, wearing long extensions across the sides of her head and identified as Tomos, addressed the group. "We're also relieved the Houou's fury was kept in check and Paradais made no attempt to convert her into Yami Houou. We can't another disaster like that again."

"Wait, they could've controlled the Houou?" Gallantmon SM asked, to which Suzaku answered.

'Could've, but they didn't. When they combined into ChaosMillenniummon, they became far too powerful to even require Yami Houou to help turn the tide of the battle against us.'

The Houou then interjected as she telepathed with Golden Mars. 'In the end, Chaos and Millenniummon became too self-assured with their combined powers, but I'm thankful they never attempted to corrupt us, Mars. Or Sailor Saturn for that matter. Still, for the Ora Guardians to even suggest this... how rude.'

Golden Mars frowned. "Yeah, I concur with that sentiment. These Ora Guardians have some nerve."

"Please keep it down," Golden Venus tried to play peacemaker between the parties involved.

"Listen, Ora Guardians, what about my father?" QuakeGargomon/Henry asked.

"The one named Janyuu Wong made a sacrifice to ensure you and your family live on to not give up," the Chiimon replied together. "Also, he lent his spiritual energy to give you the power to fight ChaosMillenniummon. He was there supporting you in spirit."

"Dad, yeah, you were there... still... I wish you were here..."

"He will always be with you in your heart, Henry Wong," Sailor Cosmos gently said.

"Where's the Romulus Source?" Kurama inquired. "The last we saw it was inside Sailor Chaos."

Sren spoke out. "We have shifted the Romulus Source to our realm for safe keeping to ensure no multiversal disaster as we've experienced never occurs again under our watch."

Tomos added. "We'll be taking extra precautions from now on. Heroes, you've endured an arduous seven days. Perhaps the most stressing of your young lives. You have all earned yourselves rest and you will be returned to your home world. Paradais' stronghold over Earth will have vanished by the time you all return. And every wormhole ChaosMillenniummon opened have closed."

"Thank god, it's all over," Golden Uranus muttered.

"Yes, and we can all relax," Golden Neptune said.

Suddenly, the Golden Senshi watched as the gold from their armors faded. They returned to their Dai-Valkyrie forms.

"Well, we were due to lose them since we've already expended enough of the Golden powers," Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter noted.

"Sailor Sedna, Ryo Akiyama, Dimitri Ishida," Sailor Cosmos beckoned the aforementioned trio over.

"Yes, Lady Cosmos?" The Ice Senshi asked, kneeling down.

"Please rise, no need to bow," Cosmos nodded.

"Ok. So, what now?"

"You're now free to access all dimensions, including ones where your alternate counterparts have and/or will exist in," Cosmos stated.

"That means I can visit Ken's home world despite an alternate me existing there?!" Sedna said, excited at the idea of going into Kensuke's dimension.

"Yes, but this wouldn't have happened if not for Paradais' meddling with the Nexus. Otherwise, you likely would not be getting this opportunity."

"I see," Sedna muttered only for Angemon X to pat her shoulder. "Dimitri."

"Ryo and Sedna, help Dimitri the basics of dimension crossing," Sailor Cosmos advised them. "Show him how similarly yet differently it functions than with time travel."

"Yes, Lady Cosmos," Sedna and Ryo answered.

"Princess Serenity III, Raizen Jr. and Yusei Fudo, I have great news for you," Sailor Cosmos addressed the future duo. "In wake of Paradais' demise and since saving the past, your timeline has been restored, including all of your loved ones."

"Did you hear that, Yusei?!" Neo Moon said excitedly. "My mom, her kingdom, and our whole future has been restored!"

Yusei smiled to this wonderful news. "At long last."

"Hell yeah! That's what I'm talking about!" RJ exclaimed.

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto hugged Neo Moon. "After all you've been through, you've earned it, my lady."

"Yeah, I'm so happy!"

"Yes, we're all happy for you, Usa," Dai-Valkyrie Saturn said, hugging Neo Moon. They laughed joyfully together.

"However, with all the distortions effecting the Nexus as well as the fabrics of time and space, it will take a few Earth days to repair. I'll have to prohibit any dimension or time travel," Sailor Cosmos suggested. "Can those of you stay behind until we're ready to let anyone to cross over?"

"Sure, no problem," Neo Moon said. "As much as I want to see my family in the future, they can wait a little bit. Besides, me and my friends would like to spend some quality time with our present day parents." She turned, smiling to Norse Knight and Dai-Valkyrie Moon.

"Likewise, and that way I can spend time with the younger version of my dad," RJ grinned to Yusuke.

"You sure you wanna see the toddler form of you? He can be quite the handful."

"Heh, I sure gave you and mom a hard time, huh?"

"Sure, I can deal with staying, too," Yusei said. "Besides, I'd like to see how dueling is like in the early-21st century."

"Shouldn't be that much different, right?" Jaden asked.

"So, I'll have to hold off returning to my time?" Atem asked.

Yugi reassured him. "Just for a few days. I have a place you can stay. We can all use the rest after all we've been through together."

"Karin, we can arrange some place for me to stay, right?" Angemon X asked the Kuiper.

"We'll work something out, ok?"

"Tell me..." Sailor Moon's voice interrupted, causing everyone around her to look over her. She raised her head and faced Cosmos. "Has the last bit of chaos returned to everyone's hearts?"

"Yes, every last essence except for the little bit of her and Millenniummon that remains. Their essence has dissipated enough that this universe has been given a long albeit temporary reprieve. One day, should Chaos ever return, we will counter her, Sailor Moon."

"We..." Sailor Moon repeated, understanding and remembering the private chat she had with Cosmos before leaving to fight against Gamera. "I understand, Lady Cosmos."

"Understand what?" Neo Moon asked her.

"Neo Moon, she's been through enough. Let's let her rest," Norse Knight said, still holding Moon in his arms.

"There's nothing left for us but returning home to our families and friends then," KaiserGreymon said. "I can't wait to see the others. They have to be worried right about now."

"Tell me about it!" Jaden chimed in. "All this cosmic talk has really gone right over my head here!"

Sren spoke out again. "Once again, thank you heroes of dimension YYGDM-01. We will never forget this day. This ends the Dawn of Chaos and the beginning of the Dawn of Cosmos. Cherish the celebrations that lie ahead for you. This is a new beginning."

Sailor Cosmos raised her staff as she opened a portal of light beneath the group. "My friends, you have all earned yourselves rest. As a reward according to Sailor Moon's wishes to the Cauldron, you will be returned home to your loved ones and the damage brought by your enemies will be repaired with my light."

"Thanks, Sailor Moon," Brunhilde said.

"Well, hell, we've earned it. It's been a long week," Yusuke said, yawning.

Shaka giggled. "Make that two of us."

"I think I can speak for all of us," RJ said.

"Let's all go home," Dai-Valkyrie Moon said, holding onto Norse Knight.

With a wave of her staff, Sailor Cosmos summoned a light from the portal that teleported them back to Tokyo.

(End theme)

"Rest easy and enjoy an era with Paradais gone, my friends. Come, Chiimon, we have work to do," Cosmos said, vanishing back with Chiimon to the Nexus.

"Lady Cosmos," 'Chii' asked. "Do you think you did the right thing giving Sailor Moon your power? Do you have any regrets?"

"No, because today she showed all of us she's capable of ascending to a level beyond human comprehension. And after our brief talk, she understood clearly. So, no, if she has no regrets, then neither will I. Even long after her time, she will always be destined for greatness. But, for now, she wants nothing more than to live the rest of her life in happiness and in the company of all of her friends."


Tokyo, Shibuya District/11:30 PM

The Dai-Valkyrie Senshi, the Beast Tamers & their Digimon, the Spirit Detectives, Norse Knight, Neo Moon, Takuya, Dai-Valkyrie Sedna, Dimitri & Faith, Yugi, Atem, Jaden, Yusei, and Brunhilde opened their eyes. They discerned their surroundings and concluded they were back home. All of the Paradais crystals were gone. The damaged buildings and ravaged areas were mostly repaired thanks to Sailor Cosmos. This was further proven when all of their friends greeted them in unison.

(Cue Home Made Kazoku – Come Back Home)

"They were waiting for us? I'll be damned," Brunhilde was taken aback.

"Well, can you blame them? They thought we were long gone," Takuya remarked.

"That's right! Look who's back, guys!" Yusuke announced.

Takato modestly scratched his head. "I don't even know what to say."

Rika sighed. "Say nothing and let's just go see everyone. How's that?"

"Sounds good to me!"

"Sister!" Cammy called out as she ran up and hugged Dai-Valkyrie Mars.

"Mom! Dad!" Koori and Ryuuhi raced up to see Mars and Hiei.

"Hey, mom!" Ai shouted as she, Rio, Kohana, and Artemis waved over to Dai-Valkyrie Venus.

Dai-Valkyrie Venus teared up and waved. "Oh, you guys! I love you!" It didn't take long for her to race over to see them.

"Hey, Ami!" Vega called out, leading Amaya and Daiki over to reconvene with Dai-Valkyrie Mercury.

"Welcome back, mom," Daiki and Amaya said to her.

"You two. Thank you for waiting for me," she hugged them.

Adam with Deedee walked over to finally meet Phillipe and Jaguarmon. Phillipe was finishing up talking with Saya and Tsukimaru.

"Hello, uncle Phillipe. I'm Adam Sagara, your nephew from the future."

Phillipe stared Adam up close and studied his features, comparing Adam's to his own. He then nodded in approval. "Yep, you definitely have my looks."

"Isn't my son just a cutie?!" Saya squealed in delight. "I never in my life he'd look almost like you, Phillipe! I'd say he's cuter!"

"Of course you'd say your son is cuter than me, sis. You're incorrigible."

Deedee winked to Adam. "Your uncle is a total babe just like you."

"Well, he is my uncle."

Tsukimaru sighed sadly. "Why couldn't my boy have my looks?"

Saya placed an arm over Tsukimaru. "Oh don't feel bad, my love. You're every bit the hunk Adam is."

Brunhilde hid in a corner with Seadramon keeping herself out of sight for a bit. However, Himura spotted her.

"Why aren't you with us?"

"I'd be afraid to spook Phillipe's sister, Saya, if she saw me alive. I've been dead for a couple years now."

"Why would you let that bother you? Come on. We've seen a lot of weird shit happen in our lives since you've died. Saya would be thrilled to see you."

"Still, where am I going to live now? I don't want to go back with my alcoholic mom and I doubt she'd care if I was back to life. There's nowhere else for me to go."

Himura rubbed his chin and smirked as an idea popped in his head. "Why not convince Saya to let you stay at her place? She's already living with a vampire demon. She wouldn't be weirded out with someone like you who just gotten a new lease on life as a Valkyrie."

"That's... not too bad of an idea. I'll also have to find some work or something since I don't want to go back to school."

"We'll figure something out, Kotori. Let's just take it easy for the next few days and let things play out from here," he said, patting her shoulder. "We're all happy to have you back, Kotori."

Kotori looked over to Jeri, who was chatting it up with the Tamers. She smiled and nodded. "Thanks, old friend."

Seadramon was pleased to see Kotori smiling again after the longest time.

Dai-Valkyrie Jupiter spotted Umi with Mako. She quickly ran over to meet with them. She pulled Mako into a kiss as everyone close to them cheered.

"Man, lucky guy," Tristan said.

"Yug!" Joey called over to Yugi. "You gotta tell us what happened!"

"I'll definitely recap after some rest," Yugi said as he and Atem reconvened with the Duelists.

The Kuipers and Aya surrounded Sedna and Dimitri. They wanted a full scoop of the last battle.

"Man, it must've been some crazy stuff going on in there, right?" Eris asked.

"Crazy? You have no idea, guys," Sedna sweatdropped. She looked over to see Varuna and Quaoar holding hands without anyone else knowing. She smiled and let them have their moment together. "Oh, Aya?" She saw the living AI nodding to her.

"Welcome back," Aya said.

"Hey, Sedna, listen, since I'm here I have a favor to ask..." Dimitri whispered into Sedna's ear.

"What? Well, I can probably ask Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn, but there's a guest room you can use in our place," the Ice Senshi reassured him. "As long as they know you're with me, it should be ok."

"Thanks, Karin."

Orcus smiled devilishly. Oh ho, I wonder if those two will share a room together. I definitely foresee hot stuff going on behind closed doors. I wonder how good an Ascendant f- Oh, Christina, you pervert you!

"Christina? You ok?" Ixion asked nervously, watching her giggle for some weird reason.

(End theme)

(Cue Utada Hikaru – Beautiful World)

Takuya rejoined his Legendary Warriors while the Beast Tamers and their Digimon met with the other Tamers. Henry talked it over with Suzie and Jaarin regarding their father and his selfless sacrifice.

"Dad ensured we'd survive and fight on. We can help keep things running with Yamaki and the Monster Makers if you want, sis," Henry offered Jaarin.

She nodded. "I'd love to. To honor dad."

Suzie wept into Henry and Jaarin's laps. "Dad's our hero!"

And you were right there in spirit to help give Sailor Moon the hope she needed to defeat ChaosMillenniummon. You're the best, dad. Henry thought, smiling with tears.

Neo Moon and RJ went to reconvene with their fellow Neo Senshi and Detectives. Likewise, Yusei rejoined his Signer and future colleagues. Jaden was greeted with manly hugs from Syrus and a headlock from Chazz.

Ryo Akiyama and Cyberdramon met up with the Digi-Destined and DATS.

"Hell yeah! So, you guys kicked Chaos and Millenniummon's asses out of existence?!" Masaru asked ecstatically. "Man, I wish we could've been there!"

"Same here!" Agumon (M) whined.

"Nonetheless, we're happy things turned out the way they are," Omegamon said. "That said, your missions are done here, my friends."

Tai smiled. "Yeah, but who's to say we can't stay a day or two here? We need the rest."

"Ryo," Ken approached his old friend. "So, is he gone? Millenniummon?"

"At this point of time, yes."

"Let's hope it stays that way," TK said.

Yusuke, Yui & DarkGabumon, Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Aoshi, Cammy, Mizuno, and Brimstone were seen chatting with Koenma, Botan, Genkai, Toguro, and Raizen. With Paradais' influence removed, the spirits of the dead would be returned to their proper realms; needless to say, the likes of Toguro and Raizen would return to the Meikai realm.

"How long until Spirit World is rebuilt?" Kurama asked.

"Don't know, but I plan to revamp it from its original look," Koenma said rather smugly. "Something I don't know? Cooler and more stylish?"

Yui sweatdropped. "Like how stylish are we talking here?"

"Trying too hard to be cool, Koenma? And impressing Yui?" Yusuke facepalmed. "Don't quit your day job."

"Hey, I'm King of Spirit World! That is my job now, Yusuke. No thanks to you and everyone here. Thanks a lot, guys."

"Anytime. Must feel great to be the king," Kuwabara said.

"We look forward to the official inauguration ceremony," Cammy said.

Kohana looked over her shoulder to see Lien talking with Nagah. She overheard Lien pleading to Nagah to stay on Earth to spend time with the Neo-Detectives. She even heard Lien saying she likes Kohana and her 'chest pillows', which elicited an awkward look from Kohana.

The Kinmoku Senshi and Sailor Galaxia were there to greet the Sailor Senshi. Moon looked up receiving smiles from them.

"You did it again, Sailor Moon," Star Fighter said. "How can we doubt you anymore?"

"No, it wasn't just me," Moon confessed. "It was me and all my friends who were there to fight alongside me. They gave me the hope to stop ChaosMillenniummon."

Galaxia replied. "Whatever the case may be, the essence of Chaos is gone and returned to everyone's hearts. The war against Chaos is over. You are the universe's brightest Light of Hope."

Moon looked around, eyeing the other groups. "We're all this universe's Light of Hope. Besides Paradais, there were other bad guys we've stopped along our journey. It's like Millenniummon said, we had to prove our worth as this universe's protectors... and we did. We proved that and shoved it right in their faces."

Luna hopped on Moon's shoulder and rubbed against her. "We're all proud and happy all went well in our favor! You've really grown and taken charge."

"And the next time a bad guy decided to rain on our parade, we'll kick them right off our planet and say adios!" Dai-Valkyrie Venus boasted, folding both arms while nodding to further emphasize her point.

Artemis sweatdropped at Venus' boasting. "Me thinks you need to settle down with that baby due in 9 months, Mina."

Staring up to the sky, Dai-Valkyrie Pluto noticed a series of shooting series soaring through the air. Everyone quickly picked up on the stars and made a wish for a better tomorrow.

Pluto closed her eyes and prayed. With her past and conflict with Charon finally behind her, she was ready to move to the next phase in her life. In the distance, she saw Aoshi chatting it up with Okami, Suzuno, and Hina. She eyed Hina specifically, knowing she will be taking Hina into Sailor Senshi training in the near future.

At long last, my wish for a beautiful world has been fulfilled. Thank you, Lady Cosmos. Pluto thoughts were filled with renewed optimism.

Starting today, the world would usher in new cycle called the Dawn of Cosmos.

(End theme)



Cosmos: At long last, the Dawn of Chaos has ended. But, there's still loose ends to be tied up, a celebrating gathering, and a departure to the future for some. But, the conflict with Paradais has finally been resolved. What can this dimension's heroes look forward to in their impending futures? For now, a much needed reprieve. The final chapter of the trilogy is here.

Celebration Amongst Heroes! A Dawn of Cosmos!


A/N: I think this might be the longest YYGDM chapter I've ever written word-count wise (Chapter 60 has been beaten I know).

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Whew, but what a chapter! Not only that, but a few cameos from other fanfic universes (including from my Digimon Fusion Kai series, Chaosblazer's Accel Stream, and Ford's own characters). The other universes also getting involved, and think of the possibilities of the YYGDM cast going into other worlds now that the previous dimension access limitations have been removed thanks to Paradais' meddling with the Nexus. I'm open to showing what happened to a few of the groups in these dimensions through Gaiden chapters. I can't say when I can do it, but never say never. ;)

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The names of the four Ora Guardians are revealed. Not much else can be said. Just been a while since we've seen them and their fears of Yami Houou were pacified.

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