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(Dragonball Z OST - 6 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Variations) (0:00 to 0:42))

Madoka Kaname: The following is a non-profit fanfic parody! Digimon is owned by Bandai, Akiyoshi Hongo, and Toei Animation. YuYu Hakusho is owned by Yoshihiro Togashi and Studio Pierrot. Sailor Moon is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha and Toei Animation. Yugioh is owned by Kazuki Takahashi and Konami. YuYuGiDigiMoon and Digimon Fusion Kai are owned by Kanius. Please support the official release!

(End theme)

(The House of Madoka hosts are setting up another dinner gathering to their customers in New York. At the same time, they have 3 more months till October where a grand party will take place.)

Madoka: Okay girls, are we ready for the show?

Sayaka (smiles): You bet!

Kyoko (smirks while eating a kiwifruit): Wait till my adopted brother of Funeral Parlor (Argo Tsukishima) sees this!

(Just then, the magical girls saw a black limo car pull up and out come the xenophobic businessman, Cain Bearer.)

Kyoko (suspiciously glares): Uh, who the F are you?

Cain: If you must know, I am Cain Bearer, founder of CainCorp since I took over my father's business and one of the top in the world. Needless to say, I have a deep distrust of superpowered beings that control the economy, especially you underage girls!

Madoka: W-What are you talking about Mr. Cain? We haven't done anything wrong to you.

Mami: I don't like that attitude you're giving.

Sayaka: He seriously reminds me of Lex Luthor, only more conceited. He rubs me the wrong way.

Homura: I could not agree more.

Cain: Silence! I am here in New York City to see that this 'House of Madoka' be permanently shutdown at all costs. There's nothing good about you. This is a ruse to win the people's trust to control them! You'll go as far as controlling the United Nations!

Sayaka: Hey, we would never do that!

Kyoko: Yeah! And canceling our clubhouse? That is so bull!

Cain: Enough! You magical girl types are a menace to society! This party is over!

(Suddenly, the doors fly open as Tai & Agumon, Usagi, Takato & Guilmon, Yusuke, Sailor Sedna, Takuya, Yugi Muto, and Kotori Ayami barge right in seeing Cain harassing the Puella girls. Dimitri, Faith the Patamon, Athena, and PinkPatamon emerge from behind them.)

Tai: Hey, jerk! You best leave them alone if you know what's good for you!

Usagi: Cain, you're up to no good again, are you?

Takato: Bug off and leave our friends alone!

Sedna: They're pouring their hearts and souls setting up for the biggest dinner gathering the House of Madoka has ever seen in October. We're not letting you ruin this for them!

Yugi: You mess with them, you deal with us.

Takuya: You want some of this?

Kotori: Screw it. Let me break both his arms and legs. Then, he can beg for mercy.

Cain (growls realizing he's outnumbered): Damn it all.

Mami (readies her gun): This is your last warning, mister.

Homura (points her pistol at him): Mess with Madoka and you deal with all of us.

Sayaka: Don't you even dare show up at our big party event!

Kyoko (smiles sadistic grin): Or we'll blow your ass outta here sky high!

Cain (scowls): Vulgar girls! You're not different from those Sailor Senshi and their friends! I will see it this world is purged of you superpowered-!

(Athena flies over and headbutts Cain's crotch. The businessman doubles over as his face turns beet red and he succumbs to the excruciating pain. As he's rolling all over the floor, Yusuke picks Cain up and tosses him out.)

Yusuke: And stay outta here, asshole! Go have that servant lady ice those balls of yours!

(Holding an icepack, Cain's bodyguard, Grace Groves, shakes her head and rolling her eyes.)

Cain (speaks in a high-pitched voice):... that little brat... ugh... they're all gonna pay dearly for this.

Sedna (pats Athena): Normally I'd scold you, honey, but way to go! Mom approves.

Dimitri: That jerk had it coming. I bet his wife must be shaking her head in shame right about now.

Madoka: Wow, thanks for standing up for us, Athena!

Athena: I like you and your friends, Madoka. That guy was being a total jerk to you!

Agumon: That was a good headbutt you gave him, Athena!

Tai (chuckles): Guess you two have been feeding her well, huh?

Sedna: Yeah, well at least our future selves do anyway. We just give her whatever she wants to eat. She'll eat anything.

Athena: Are we coming for a big party, Madoka?

Madoka (nods): You're all invited to our House of Madoka for the biggest party event in October. Wear some wonderful costumes and we'll have a great time!

Takato and Guilmon: We'll be there!

Takuya: Yeah. No way we're missing this!

Yugi: Indeed.

Kotori: Guess I'll figure out what to wear then.

Usagi: We'll have plenty of time, guys. Madoka, we'd be honored to come. As leader of the big YYGDM 7, I declared we invite all our friends, too.

Madoka: Yeah, you're all invited. Even the readers are invited. Coming this October, the House of Madoka event.

Tai: Thanks, Madoka. Now how about we wrap up the final Dawn of Chaos chapter and see how this season trilogy ends?

Sayaka: Sure why not?

Kyoko: About time Paradais are gone! Let's see what y'all do with a new era head of ya!

Mami: I expect an happy ending after the arduous conflict you've endured.

Homura: Readers, are you all ready?

Usagi: On three! One!

Takato: Two!

Tai: Three!

All: Enjoy the season 3 finale!


A white light thickened and poured through an endless space. It was the universe. Amidst the stars was a galactic clash that has been waging for millennia, which was prepared to be settled. A figure bathed in white light seemingly went through a figure enshrouded in darkness. The light being revealed herself to be Sailor Moon, now Sailor Cosmos, and wielding a sword. Behind her was Sailor Chaos, mounted on Millenniummon's head, with a hole in her chest, which widened and caused her body to crack. Then, a beacon of white light shot out of Chaos' chest consuming the chaotic entity and her monster partner.

Then, she exploded and her remains scattered, sending hundreds upon thousands. More like millions of white glowing orbs of light shooting out like comets as they reached across the entire cosmos, reigniting life on worlds once devastated by Chaos.

"The balance has shifted," Cosmos said, lifting her sword over her face as she prayed for all life throughout the universe. "It is done. This cycle of chaos is over. We now enter the Dawn of Cosmos... and may it last however long... until the next cycle." She turned smiling genuinely over the the beautiful planet Earth. "As long as the Light of Hope exists, darkness can never again completely consume the light. You and your colleagues will keep things in balance... Sailor Moon and heroes of Earth."

...Then came a loud noise that rattled Cosmos, causing her to look dumbfounded.

"Eh? What's that noise?" She looked around until she turned around and right smack in her face was Usagi sleeping soundly in her bed, but also snoring. "Um, um, aw." She smiled. "Have a good sleep, us."



Azabu-Juuban Midtown Apartments/Chiba-Tsukino Residence/Bedroom/April 2, 2009/1:09 PM

Usagi shot up following the loud and resounding pop, which came from a balloon's pop. She freaked out and frantically scanned the room. Sitting around near the bed were the Mamoru, Inner Senshi, the toddlers, the Tamers & their Digimon, Yusuke, Keiko, Kuwabara, Yukina, Kurama, Maya, Hiei, Rio, Yui & DarkGabumon, Cammy, Shingo, Kohana, Botan, Yugi, Tea, Mako, Atem,Takuya, Izumi, Kouji, Kouichi, Junpei, Tomoki, Vega, the Kuiper Belt Senshi, Dimitri & Faith, Kotori, the Neo Senshi, and the Chimeras. They amassed as they seemingly waited for her to wake up.

Usagi, with groggy eyes, turned around and saw RJ holding the popped balloon in his hand.

"Hey, sorry, but this was the only way to wake ya," RJ sweatdropped until Chibi-Usa popped him in the head with a punch.

"Idiot! You should've just let me tickle her feet!" Chibi-Usa growled, shaking her fist.

"Hehe, hell yeah!" Yusuke busted out laughing, only to get dropped by a slap from his wife.

Keiko dusted her hands and chided over her husband's childish antics. "Don't encourage him, Yusuke!"

"Yeah, don't encourage him!" Both toddler Chibi-Usa and RJ cried out in unison.

Kuwabara laughed as he pointed over Yusuke's fallen form. "Oh man, I think you did just kill him, Keiko!"

Kurama shook his head dismissively, chuckling. "Time passes and some things never change."

Maya giggled. "Yeah, but I'd rather him never change."

Hiei sighed. "What a fool."

Rei shared Hiei's sentiment. She went over checking on her blonde, bun-haired friend. "Make that big fool. Usagi, are you ok?"

"Did you bust an eardrum?" Shingo asked his older sister.

"I'll manage. I think I need a few more hours, guys," Usagi groaned and moaned.

"You were asleep for almost two days," Hotaru informed her.

Upon hearing this, Usagi instinctively jumped up and freaked. "EH?! TWO DAYS?!"

Luna sighed deeply. "We didn't want to wake you."

Artemis added. "But we felt you got enough sleep as it is."

Takato spoke up. "I know we've been through a lot of hell these past seven days, but why don't we make the most of these new few days? We deserve that much. Besides, we all got our rest now."

Yugi added. "Besides, some of us actually have homes to go back to." He said this motioning over to Atem, who poked his head out between him and Tea. "Atem wishes to see more of the city before we have to take him back home."

"We can take him back when it's time to head home," Chibi-Usa stated. "Besides, remember what Lady Cosmos said? The Nexus is being repaired after all that damage Paradais did and so..."

"Yeah, access to dimensions will be closed for a few days," Karin affirmed.

"And I'd rather not take any chances letting anyone open the Time Gates now until everything is clear with Lady Cosmos," Setsuna insisted, being the overcautious Time Guardian she was.

"Heck, there's plenty for us to do in the mean time! Why don't we party?!" Takuya exclaimed.

Rika scoffed. "And how do you propose we do that?"

"The city and world are celebrating our heroism," Ami addressed everyone. "The Prime Minister has asked us... by us I mean the Sailor Senshi along with the Spirit Detectives, Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Duelists, and whoever else has helped save this world from all the destruction our enemies brought to humanity."

"Sis, we should go!" Cammy said enthusiastically.

Rei concurred. "And we will. But, that's until tomorrow night."

"So, what do we do in the mean time?" Usagi wondered until Mamoru whispered something in her ear that brightened her new day. "Hey, now that's an idea!"

"What's up?" Minako asked as she and the others watched Usagi standing on top of her bed pointing to the ceiling.

The future queen, now fully rested, energetically made her decree. "Get your things! To Kaibaland Theme Park, gang!"


Chapter 63

Celebration Amongst Heroes! A Dawn of Cosmos!


Domino City/Kaibaland Theme Park/7:30 PM

While it was still day out, those who were able to recover from the unforgettable chain of events that culminated to the Dawn of Chaos, which became the End of Days, and ultimately the Light of Hope beckoned the new Dawn of Cosmos.

The heroes that saved Earth, every Digital Realm, the universe, and the entire multiverse readily got together to celebrate their biggest victory. They celebrated by getting together in Kaibaland Theme Park and came fully decked in their cosplay. However, not just an cosplay, they cosplayed as the myriad of iconic characters they've met across the Nexus. The heroes wanted to also celebrate for the icons that couldn't be here to join them. It was also a celebration to look past the devastation and horrors that Paradais and the other villains recently vanquished.

While most were ready to move forward, some were still letting out their mourning for certain loved ones they may have lost. Such is the case with the Wong family with Janyuu Wong making the sacrifice to save his children and contributed to Sailor Cosmos' Light of Hope.

'This is Usagi, guys! It's been two days following the end of the Dawn of Chaos event, the most stressful seven days of our lives. I mean, we've just went through the most mind-boggling and completely out there battle! Just when we thought we topped our last battles with Gamera, Valmarmon, and company, ChaosMillenniummon and Sailor Chaos upped the game and threatened the entire Nexus! They threw all of us over different dimensions as we've met other heroes and with help with some, including Cosmos and Sedna, we returned to our home to fight Paradais to the bitter end!

As you can see, it just goes without saying. Had we not stopped ChaosMillenniummon, well, we wouldn't all be here ready to celebrate our biggest victory and we start things off with cosplaying gathering at Kaibaland Theme Park! And then tomorrow, we receive our honors from the Prime Minister and other world leaders. Well, let's catch up and see what everyone's up to!'

Everyone of the heroes spread out over the theme park for the festivities. Usagi (carrying Luna on her shoulder), Mamoru, Yusuke, and Keiko were at the center of the park taking pictures of Chibi-Usa (letting Diana sit on her head) and RJ holding their toddler selves. The group were wearing cosplays: Usagi was dressed as Sailor Cosmos, Mamoru dressed as Pegasus Seiya, Yusuke went as Liu-Kang, Keiko went as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Chibi-Usa went as Maka Albarn, and RJ dressed as Soul. The toddlers were dressed as Jigglypuff and Gengar.

Toddler Chibi-Usa played with her future self's ponytails while little RJ and future RJ laughed at them.

"Stop, those are not toys!" Chibi-Usa barked at her toddler self.

Grinning mischievously, Usagi took snapshots of her two daughters. "This is so going into our family album."

Yusuke snickered. "Yeah, definitely something to cherish, huh?"

Mamoru and Keiko both shook their heads dismissively while their spouses goofed off.

"Aww, don't tell me you took pics of those!" The pink-haired teen pleaded to Usagi, who whistled innocently. "Please delete them!"

"Nope," Usagi replied, grinning from ear to ear. "Besides, mommy needs some goofball pics she can look back on. Besides, you asked to be in the picture."

"Right, right, I shouldn't have opened my big mouth."

"It's not so bad. Besides, the toddler me's having a blast with me!" RJ boasted, holding up the little RJ over his head. "Right, little man?!"

Little RJ giggled. "Yeah!"

"I'm just glad to know our RJ is going to grow up to look so handsome," Keiko said, blushing over her own son.

"Um, yeah, what do you expect? He takes after his old man!"

"Got that right!" RJ was heard from the distance.

As Chibi-Usa and RJ went over to hand their toddler selves to Usagi and Keiko, they took each other's hands and searched for the nearest ride. The parents watched their future kids enter a teacup ride while smiling together.

"Hey, guys, you get the feeling those two will end up marrying one day?" Usagi asked.

"Aren't you thinking too far ahead?" Mamoru was taken aback hearing this from his wife.

"I'm not saying now, you goof. I meant, a couple of years from now. They're practically adults. Can't believe that pink-haired lady was once the little brat that pointed a toy gun at me."

Luna replied. "She's all grown and ready to take on bigger responsibilities as the next queen."

"She's of royal blood and I'm sure she knows she'll have responsibility of running our kingdom," Mamoru said, watching Chibi-Usa leaning on RJ while sitting inside the teacup together. "Moreover, she'll be marrying RJ and that means..."

"We rule the world," Yusuke half-joked. "Sounds like a plan."

Keiko sighed. "Oh, you'd love that, huh?"

"Nah, too much work. RJ can carry that weight."

Usagi took another picture of Chibi-Usa and RJ together. "I'm just glad our last battle is behind us. We can move onto better things. Like Lady Cosmos said, we're living a Dawn of Cosmos now."

"Hey, why don't we catch up on what the others are doing?" Mamoru suggested, taking his wife's hand, who in turn took their child's hand.

"Where to start? They're all wearing cosplays along with all these people," the blonde wondered, scanning the crowds amassing the theme park. "I know Minako-chan and Rei-chan are over this way. C'mon, we'll head there." With that, they headed northwest to find Rei and Minako's groups.

'Yusuke here! It's been one hell of a ride, hasn't it? After we kicked chaos to hell and back, we've more than earned our peace. The threat of the Demon Priests and Arago is over with, but with Arago's cryptic message I've gotta wonder about the future. Well if he wants another go at me, Yui, and the gang again, we'll be here to settle things. Still, he gave us our due in his own twisted manner.

And though we didn't face Paradais much later, it was pleasure helping the others kick Charon and Millenniummon's asses. Now it's good a time as any to spend more time with RJ and his gang before they head back for home in the future. And in the meantime Koenma's wasting no time seeing Spirit World being rebuilt.

Ok, let's make these next few days eventful!'


Over in the northwest section of the theme park, Takato, Rika, Himura, Jeri, Kenta, Kotori, Kazu, and Kiyoko were playing in bumper cars. Each one were dressed in their cosplays: Takato was dressed as Shinji Ikari, Rika dressed as Asuka Langley Soryu, Himura as Cloud, Jeri as Aerith, Kotori as Tifa, Phillipe as Alucard, Kenta went dressed in a Rodan suit, Kazu went in a Godzilla suit, and Kiyoko was dressed as Mothra.

"Got you, gogglehead!"

Rika quickly crashed into Takato, who in turn swerved around and bumped her from behind.

"Got you back, Digimon Queen!"

Kotori veered back and forth, seeking out her next victims. She sighted Himura with his back turned as Jeri moved away. She slammed on the pedal and zoomed right in crashing into Himura, slightly disorienting him.

"Whoa! Kotori! I wasn't ready!"

"Screw ready! Anything goes!" Kotori declared, swerving her car around to face Himura. An evil smirk curved on her features. "I can tell you aren't accustomed to this. Before I died, I was an ace riding these things."

"Can't lie. She totally is," Phillipe remarked.

"You just love hearing yourself boast, don't you?" Himura chuckled nervously.

"Cause I can back it up! Here I come!" Kotori shouted as she and Himura rammed into each other.

Then, from out of nowhere, Jeri rammed into Kotori.

"Hey! I wasn't ready!" She yelled out to Jeri, who giggled playfully.

"Whatever happened to screw fairness? Hmm?" Himura chortled, teasing his friend.

"It's ok, Kotori. We're having fun, at least," Jeri said, her gentle voice was calming Kotori down.

"Yeah, it is all fun. Say, Jeri, you wanna double team, Himura?"

"Um, sure?"

Upon hearing the girls making their pact, Himura shifted his car back in hopes of outmaneuvering them both. Kotori and Jeri quickly beelined for Himura. Kenta watched them pursuing Himura and had his eyes on Kotori.

"Stinks to be you, Himura," Kenta shook his head, smiling.

"Hold on, Himura! Help's on the way!" Phillipe laughed as he shifted forward to intercept his cousin, Kotori, and Jeri.

Kazu and Kiyoko shared a bumper car together. The boy helped show her how to use a bumper car.

"Like this. Ok, Kiyoko?" Kazu said, watching her put the brakes on and turning the wheel. "Ok, you don't got to spin the wheel so fast."


"You're getting the hang of this, Kiyoko! You'll definitely be bumping everyone here!"

"No thanks to you teaching me, my Hiro."

Kazu's cheeks blushed when Kiyoko called him by the pet name she adopted for him. She leaned on him and turned the car around.

Their Digimon partners were seen watching their partners and friends driving the carts. Guilmon went dressed in a cheap looking EVA-01 outfit made of cardboard, Renamon went dressed as Sango, Inumon dressed like Miroku, Jaguarmon as Seras Victoria, Seadramon dressed like Sephiroth, Guardromon modified his body to look like MUGERA, and MarineAngemon dressed like Minilla.

"Yay, go Takato!" Guilmon cheered on his Tamer, who was getting bumped by Rika a few times. He dropped his arms and ceased cheering. "Ah..."

Renamon chuckled. "Yes, he's not looking so good competing with Rika."

Inumon sweatdropped, watching Kotori and Jeri double teaming on Himura. "Hoo boy. Not looking good, Himura!"

"Thanks for the encouragement, buddy!" Himura shouted.

"C'mon, Phillipe!" Jaguarmon encouraged her Tamer, who saved Himura from a double bump from Jeri and Kotori.

"Aren't Kazu and Kiyoko so cute together?" Guardromon watched his Tamer and the girl having fun. "I'm so happy for you, Kazu! She's such a pretty one!"

"Pipipi!" MarineAngemon squeaked.

"Yo, guys! Got any room in there?!" Takuya's voice called out, garnering the attention of Takato and his friends. He stood wearing Ryo of the Wildfire's armor.

"Plenty of cars to go about, Takuya!" Takato called out.

"Sweet! Guys, take your cars!" Takuya called out as he, Kouji, Kouichi, Izumi, and Tomoki joined in.

Kouji, dressed as Edward Elric, hopped into a car. Likewise, Kouichi, dressed as Alphonse Elric, got into another car. Izumi, dressed as Arika in her Otome robe, got inside a car. Tomoki, dressed as Spider-Man, hopped into the last available car.

"Here I come, Izumi!" Takuya called out as he drove his car toward her.

Izumi freaked and swerved to the side, luring Takuya to ram into one of the bumper walls. She shot him a strawberry and left him eating her dust.

"Nice try, but ya almost had me, Takuya!"

"Oh, I'll definitely catch you!" He vowed and laughed.

Tomoki drove right into Kouichi followed by Kouji. "Come get me while you can!"

"Let's corner him, Kouji."

"You've read my mind, brother."

The brothers went straight for Tomoki much to Tomoki's own dismay. Takuya went over ramming Izumi. Takato turned around and rammed into Rika. Takato and Rika locked eyes as the competition became more heated. The two rammed into each other, prompting Takuya and Izumi to join in. Himura managed to outmaneuver Jeri and Kotori. Kenta sneaked up behind Kazu and Kiyoko's car, ramming into them. Kazu turned and pushed Kenta's car.

"Boo-yah! No one beats the king of bumper cars!" Kazu boasted until Takato bumped into him.

"Looks like I just took your title, your highness," the Tamer leader grinned, waving him off.

'Takato here! Well, as you can already tell, it's been a few days since we beat Paradais, Valmarmon, and a bunch of bad guys! Our most difficult week is finally behind us and we're all looking forward to the future. Say, Takuya, don't you just love relaxation? Something we should've had during had not been for the bad guys?'

'Yep, but hate to break to ya, but I've graduated from high school! You, Rika, and Henry have one more year left!'

'You just love rubbing it in, huh?'

'How's Henry doing?'

'He'll be joining us. In fact, he, Suzie, Jaarin, and their family are paying their last respects to Mr. Wong.'

'Right. I can't believe he went through and sacrificed himself for us. What a man.'

'And I believe he helped us beat Paradais in spirit. At least that's what Henry claims.'

'Well, let's make the most of these next few days before the festivities are over with. We have friends from the future and past that have to go back.'

'Anyway, gang, you can check back with us! This is Takato!'

'And this is Takuya! Stay frosty guys!'

Takato and Takuya were quickly cut off as Rika and Izumi bumped into them.

"You boys day dreaming or what?!" Izumi taunted them.

"Keep your eyes on the game, boys," Rika smiled proudly.

"Hear that, Himura? Better look out," Kotori winked to her friend.

"You're telling me?" Himura sweatdropped.

"We're totally missing out! C'mon, let's join in!" Inumon got giddy as he tried jumping over to grab a car. He took Renamon's hand and led her to an available car.

"Takato, I'm joining in to play, too!" Guilmon announced, hopping into a car. "Um, how do you turn this on?" He then pressed a pedal, causing him to shift backwards and slam into a wall. "Ow!"

Seadramon slithered inside a car. "Ok, now how do these things work again?"

Jaguarmon hopped right into Phillipe's lap. "Need some help?"

The half-French teen smirked. "Sure, that's be great."

A large crowd of kids gathered to watch the Tamers, the Digimon, and the Legendary Warriors playing with the bumper cars.

"Looks like we've got an audience," Guardromon noted.

"Hey, guys! Is there room for more?!" Henry called out.

Everyone in their bumper cars turned toward the direction where Henry's voice came from. They saw Henry & Terriermon, Suzie & Lopmon, Impmon & his Tamers, Jaarin, Sara, and Sam. Henry came dressed as Gaara, Terriermon as Naruto, Suzie as Hinata, Lopmon as Temari, Impmon as Sasuke, Ai dressed as Sakura, and Makoto dressed as Kakashi. Jaarin was dressed as Nina Wang in her Otome robe. Sara cosplayed as Mikuru from Haruhi Suzumiya. Sam cam dressed as Kenshin Himura. Yusuke and Kazuma came carrying YellowKouInumon and BlackViximon. Calumon also came with the twins.

"Hey, now that looks fun!" Calumon floated over to the bump cars.

"Hey, loan me a car, too!" Impmon demanded.

"Henry! You guys all came!" Jeri said delightfully.

"We're sorry we're late, but you know..." Henry spoke out.

Nodding, Takato smiled. "We know. We don't even need to ask."

"Daddy told us to tell you to say hi and one day we'll see each other again," Suzie said without a second thought.

"What a guy," Kazu said with a tear.

"Kazu, you're shedding a tear," Kiyoko noticed.

"Don't think there's room for more?" Terriermon asked.

"Just a few," Rika smiled, nodding. "That's if you're feeling up to it."

"Dad wants me to move on and I'm ready to take responsibility of being a man of the house," Henry said as he and Terriermon entered the bumper car. "Jaarin, remember what we talked about."

Jaarin nodded and sighed. "Yeah..."


Flashback/Earlier in the day

Before heading out to KaibaCorp, Henry, Suzie, Jaarin, and Vivian joined the rest of the Wong family to pay their respects to one Janyuu Wong. After a day or so of grieving with the family, they firmly held their heads high knowing they must continue to use their powers to protect the innocent and fight in honor of Janyuu.

Henry, Jaarin, and Vivian faced a framed picture of Janyuu Wong. Suzie cried against Jaarin's lap. Jaarin patted her little sister's head and whispered softly to her to calm her.

Henry turned to Jaarin, who wiped her tears away. "Sis, we have a big responsibility to uphold with the Monster Makers and Mr. Yamaki. They're going to need us to monitor and police the Digital World, preventing any bio-emergences from any possible enemies that we might've missed."

"Yeah, I know, but it's just not the same without dad. If only he'd tell us what we'd need to carry out his work..."

"Shibumi and the other Monster Makers can guide us through. But, it's up to you. I know I'm going to offer my help to them. I do owe them that much for sticking with dad."

Jaarin opened her eyes and faced Henry. "Then, if that's the case, I'm in, too. When do we start?"

"As soon as things settle down and we give Mr. Yamaki the call. Being his kids and having experience with Digimon, we have the connections to collaborate with Hypnos."


"We'll make daddy proud," Suzie spoke out, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"You said it, little Suzie," Vivian concurred, smiling proudly over her little cousin's determination.

"Mom, Rinchei," Henry addressed Mayumi and his older brother. "We're going to make you and dad proud. And we won't let any of you down."

Mayumi and Rinchei both nodded genuinely.

"Hear that, dad?" Henry whispered, turning around and eyeing the picture frame of the man. "We're honoring you our way. I just hope you're ok with us collaborating with Hypnos. Me and Jaarin will continue your work with your team." He said, giving his last prayer. "Thanks for everything, dad."

Just then, Henry felt someone seemingly tap his right shoulder. He spun around and felt a cold air brush past him. All he could mutter was, "Dad?" He then smiled genuinely, resolving to move on.


Current/Domino City District/Kaibaland Theme Park

Henry snapped back to reality as he entered a car with Terriermon.

"You gonna be ok, Henry?"

Nodding, he put on a genuine smile. "I am now."

"Mind if I get in with you?" Sara asked, sitting next to Henry and Terriermon.

"Sure thing, Sara."

"Gather around and watch, everyone!" Takato announced. "Come one, come all for the ultimate human and Digimon bumper car rumble!"

The crowd of kids cheered on and witnessed the Digiteam members entertaining them.

"Bumper car riders, get ready! And go!" Takuya shouted.

Everyone put on the gas pedals and bumped right into each other.


Yugi, Tea, and Atem arrived inside the dueling arena where Joey, Tristan, Miho, Duke, Mai, Serenity, and Morpheous were. They were sitting back watching two kids dueling one another.

"Glad ya guys came! We were waiting!" Joey, dressed as Spike Spiegel, called to the three.

"Sorry, guys, but our little prince here has been marveling over our present day world," Tea, dressed as Katara, apologized, giggling over Atem's naivety.

Atem, dressed as Aang, sighted the kids dueling each other with a Cursed Dragon and Battle Ox. "They're dueling!"

Yugi, dressed as Zuko, chuckled. "Hard to believe I was his size then."

"Heh, almost looking at a mirror image of your old self, Yug," Joey said.

"He's so cute!" Miho, dressed as Street Fighter Sakura, giggled. "It's so good being with you guys again. It's been so long."

"We've definitely missed having you around, Miho. So, are you back for good?" Tristan, dressed as Ryu, leans back on a chair while watching the duel.

"Yep! I'm moving back in with my parents, but I might possibly move in with Vivian soon after."

"Right, since you two are the new Kuiper Senshi," Duke, dressed as Guile, added. "So, where is Vivian?"

"Apparently with her family... I believe the Wongs? They went to pay their respects to someone they lost during the whole Dawn of Chaos war," the lavender-haired girl replied.

"Henry, Jaarin, and Suzie's father," Mai, dressed as Faye Valentine, said sadly.

"Can't believe he actually gave his life to try stop Paradais. At least, he did so saving Henry and his friends," Joey stated.

"He died a hero's death," Yugi plainly said. "He made sure his children would survive to not only avenge him but to see peace is ensured for all of us."

"He's right, guys," came Vivian's voice, causing everyone to turn around and see Vivian, dressed as Chun-Li, walking up to them with a face still stained with dry tears. She dried her eyes, putting on a serious look. "Hope I'm not late."

Miho shook her head, acknowledging her partner's arrival. "Not at all. We completely understand family priorities."

"Uncle Janyuu was a good man," Vivian said, sighing. "Just wish I could've seen him again, but he'll be with me in spirit."

Serenity, dressed as CC, smiled. "Of course."

Morpheous, using his shape shifting power to look like Lelouch/Zero, stood up and concurred. "Anything you need we're all here for you."

"I appreciate it, guys."

Atem cried out passionately. "Wow, this is so amazing! They can really summon monsters like you guys?"

"Well, kinda, but not really...?" Joey sweatdropped. He whispered to Yugi. "I doubt he'll understand anything about Kaiba Corp tech."

"I just told him it's all magic," Yugi replied.

"Glad you guys can make it!" Mokuba's voice chimed in garnering the attention of the Duelists.

The group saw not just Mokuba, but Seto and Lyn accompanying him. Seto, dressed as Light Yagami, approached Yugi and Atem to watch the duel.

"Hard to believe this is the location of our duel, Kaiba," Yugi said. "Takes you back, doesn't it?"

Seto shrugged. "I'm not the type that likes to dwell on nostalgia, but yes I do. We're not the same duelists we used to be."

"Well, you're right. I don't have Exodia anymore."

"And I still have my three dragons."

"I have the Egyptian God monsters."

Seto nodded. "Indeed. You'd best find a way to keep those cards secured and out of sight. We don't ever want them to fall into the wrong hands again."

The King of Games reassured him. "I'll take care of that."

Atem looked up blinking innocently at Yugi and Seto. He really does look like my Seto! And Yugi is the future me. Then, this Seto is the future one! They have to be our reincarnations.

Lyn, dressed as Misa, walked over sitting next to Tea, Joey, and the others. "Feels good to not fight anymore, huh? What an eventful seven days I'll never forget."

"Lyn, what are you, Seto, and Mokuba going to do now that you no longer have a manor to stay in?" Tea inquired.

"It'll take a few months, possibly more for the new manor to be established," Mokuba, dressed as Ryuk, informed them. "So, Lyn's decided all three of us are moving into Rei and Cammy's shrine for the time being."

"I figured since Tyra's been staying there, I'll spend more time with her," Lyn replied. "Moreover, as big as Hikawa Shrine is, Tyra told us there's still some empty rooms reserved for guests."

"Well, that's great," Duke said. "That's nice Rei and Cammy approve."

"Yeah, but Seto's already hating the idea of doing shrine chores," Lyn smirked evilly. "Rei made a condition that we help earn our keep and tend the shrine when she asks for it."

Seto's ear twitched as he grumbled to himself.

"Heh, sucks to be you, Kaiba!" Joey laughed.

"Anyway, we'll be moving pretty soon. We just need to get some belongings from KaibaCorp especially since I'll be working mostly from the shrine," Lyn said.

"It's great to hear either way," Yugi stated. "By the way, where's your brothers, Lyn?"

Upon hearing this, Lyn chuckled and shook her head. "Oh, let's just say they're with their new friends. Let's let them be."

'Yugi Muto here. As you already know, things have started to simmer down since the last battle. We've all been rested up for the most part. Jaden and his colleagues will return to Duelist Academy. Yusei and his friends are due to return to their time in a few days, but for the time being will spend time with us in the present. Likewise, Atem will stay until the dimensions and time stream are repaired from the damage caused by Paradais. He will be due to return to his time. In the meantime, the marvel of the modern world has attracted Atem's impressionable mind.

In a few days, most of us will have moved onto our lives. Kaiba, his brother, and Lyn will move into the Hikawa Shrine temporarily until the new Kaiba Manor is complete. As for me, that's to be determined, but a trip to New York looks to be in the cards.'


Hanging out near an ice cream joint, Max and Sam were seen carrying out ice cream cones; two for them and two for their new girlfriends. Amaya and Koori waved out to the Stromberg brothers.

Max, dressed like Negi Springfield, walked over to hand Amaya, dressed as Asuna Kagurazaka, the ice cream cone. Amaya licked her rocky road and blushed.

"So good!" Amaya squeaked meekly, exposing her soft side to Max.

Wow, she's so cute! Max thought, sitting next to Amaya.

"Here," Sam, dressed as Renton Thurston, handed Koori her chocolate mint ice cream.

Koori, dressed as Eureka, took her ice cream and licked it. Unlike Amaya who felt chills just licking her ice cream, the Koorime was unfazed by the cold taste.

"How do you like it, Koori?"


Sam grinned and sat down next to Koori. "Glad you like it." He then leaned back eating his chocolate ice cream.

Looking on from other side were the Neo Senshi, Duel Academy students, the Signers, and the other Futurite group members. Jaden dressed up as Natsu, Alexis as Lucy, Chazz as Gray, Blair as Wendy, Zane as Leonardo, Syrus as Donatello, Hassleberry as Michelangelo, Aster as Raphael, Atticus as Ashitaka, Yasmin as San, Daiki as a male Washuu, Adam as Tenchi Masaki, Ai as Ayeka, Demona as Ryoko, Ryuuhi as Kiyone, Umi as Monkey D. Luffy, CereCere as Amy Rose, PallaPalla as Sonic, JunJun as Tails, VesVes as Knuckles, Yusei as Lion-O, Jack as Tygra, Crow as Panthro, Akiza as Cheetara, Leo as Wilykat, Luna as Wilykit, Carly as female Ranma, Mina as Akane, and Trudge as Genma.

Ryuuhi eyed Koori conversing with Sam closely. "..."

"Ease up, Ryuuhi. She's clearly happy being with him," Umi interjected, leaning her arm on Ryuuhi's back.

"I'm not going to interfere. Sam clearly has proven he's capable of protecting sis whenever she needs someone," Ryuuhi added.

Umi nodded in approval. "I agree and there's nothing more I want to see but Koori all smiles. Likewise with Amaya. They're both happy."

"Yep, and I'm perfectly cool with Max being with Amaya," Daiki said. "Who knows? Max might actually defrost my sis, making her softer and kinder like mom. She just needed the right guy to be with."

"Well, Max is just that guy," Ai observed. She turned around and gasped in horror seeing Demona caressing Adam's chest. "Get off him, bat!" She jerked Adam away from Demona.

"Hey, didn't anyone tell you to say please?! It's my turn to spend quality time with Adam!" Demona hissed, slapping Ai's hands off Adam.

"No! You keep your hands off!"

"Ladies, that's enough!" Adam shouted. He stood up dusting himself. "Why don't you two settle this with roshambo?"

Ai and Demona exchanged competitive looks before throwing down the gauntlet. They played a best 2 out of 3 game to determine who gets to be with Adam. IN the end, Ai finally got one over Demona beating the succubus' scissors with her rock. Ai squealed happily and wrapped her arm around Adam's.

Demona gritted her teeth. "Damn it all!" She glanced over seeing Ai holding onto Adam. Rather than become irate, Demona just smirked. Can't argue you two can look cute together.

"Ai, you want ice cream?" Adam offered to her.

"Oh, I'd love one!"

Zane grumbled, looking down over himself. "Why am I here?"

"Cause we needed a Leonardo to complete the turtle set!" Syrus said, checking out Zane's Leo cosplay. "Sure our cosplays aren't perfect, but we can make the most of it."

"All we're doing is wearing the mask and carrying their weapons," Aster said, looking down at the sais in his hands. He then looked over the turtle shell attached to his back.

"This is so cool, huh?" Hassleberry said with enthusiasm in his tone.

"Our Fairy Tail cosplays are pretty sweet, huh?" Jaden grinned proudly.

"Not as much as our ThunderCats cosplays," Yusei replied.

"You wanna make this a cosplay contest?" Jaden offered. "Fairy Tail vs ThunderCats?"

Scratching the bridge of his nose, Crow grinned. "I think our cosplays beat yours hands down."

"Nuh uh! Our turtles cosplays are much better, right, Zane?"

"Leave me out of this."

Both Alexis and Akiza sighed together. "Oh, boys."

"Hah, don't I just look cute cosplaying, Jaden?!" Blair chimed in, hugging and tugging on Jaden's arm. This irked Alexis enough to try yanking Blair off him.

"How do you like my Ranma cosplay, Jack? You approve?" asked Carly, who spun around showing off her full Ranma cosplay.

Jack scratched his head. "Looks great on you, I guess?"

"Thanks, you can't imagine the hijinks me, Trudge, and Mina were in that world!" Carly said. She then turned to Trudge and winked. "Right, dad?"

Trudge grumbled, fully dressed in a full sized Genma panda suit. "Yeah, yeah."

Mina giggled as she rubbed Trudge's tummy. "C'mon now, this makes you adorable and huggable."

"Well, if you put it that way..." Trudge grinned and blushed as Mina playfully rubbed his belly. He pulled a rope and out from the bushes was a beaten Frank sporting a black eye. "Having fun, Frank?"

"...please... mercy..." Frank pleaded.

"Hee-yah!" Carly nailed him with a karate chop to Frank's head. "Pipe down, jerk!"

Luna walked right over and with a swift kick she kicked Frank's groin.

"OOOOO!" Frank wailed painfully as his face turned red.

"Good one, sis!" Leo high-fived her.

"Yusei," Jaden asked. "So, when are you guys heading back to y'alls time?"

"Whenever Chibi-Usa and her crew are ready. Heck, whenever the Nexus repairs itself, no rush. There's a lot we can do here and places to sight see before we head back."


"Yeah, still it'll be good to be back home. Right, guys?" Yusei asked as his friends all nodded together.


Rei, Hiei, Minako, Rio, Kuwabara, Yukina, Kurama, Maya, Mizuno, Brimstone, Cammy, Shingo, Yui & DarkGabumon, Aoshi, Kohana, Lien, and Yuuichirou were seen amassed near a Blue-Eyes White Dragon roller coaster. Cammy took pictures of Yui and Aoshi together. Then, Minako helped take a family picture of Rei, Hiei, Cammy, Yukina, and the toddler twins.

Rei was dressed as Zatanna, Hiei as Batman, Minako as Sheryl Nome, Rio as Alto Saotome, Kuwabara as Gene Starwind, Yukina as Melfina, Kurama as Ginko, Maya as Aisha Clan Clan, Mizuno as Twilight Suzuka, Brimstone as Great Shogun Shien, Cammy as Amelia, Shingo as Zelgadis, Yui as Lina Inverse, Aoshi as Gourry, DarkGabumon as Xellos, Kohana as Ranka Lee, Lien as Sylphiel, and Yuuichirou as Street Fighter's Dan. The toddlers, Ryuuhi and Koori, were dressed as Impmon and Calumon.

"So, cute!" Minako giggled, taking more pictures of Rei's family.

"My turn! Ok, Rei, you're looking lovely as ever!"

Rei replied. "Thank you."

"I really hate taking these pictures," Hiei snorted.

"C'mon, Hiei, these pictures are supposed to mean something. They're family pictures," Cammy said.

"Now, smile!" Rei grabbed both Hiei's cheeks and forced a smile out of him.

Yukina giggled. "Such a gorgeous smile, Hiei."

Yuuichirou, Kuwabara, and Minako took more pictures, this time getting picture perfect shots.

"Heheheh, I'm never deleting these!" Kuwabara snickered at Hiei's expense.

Kurama chortled. "Sorry, Hiei, but can't help you here."

Maya added. "Why should we do anything? These are his family pictures."

Mizuno checked the pics she took and snickered evilly. "Oh yes! These are definite keepers."

"Awesome, I even got a few with shortie's smile!" Minako laughed.

"Never again," grumbled Hiei.

"It's not so bad, Hiei," Rei sighed. "Trust me. You'll cherish these pictures much later."

"Daddy smile!" Koori pointed to Hiei as she reached out to him.

Hiei crouched over and picked up his daughter. He leaned over as their noses touched the other. Koori giggled and hugged her father.

"Wait!" Older Koori called out as she, Sam, Ryuuhi, Ai, Adam, and Demona arrived.

The Hino family took a few more pictures this time with the older Koori and Ryuuhi. Future Koori and Ryuuhi were given their toddler selves for the final group shots.

"All right, our turn," Kohana announced.

After the Hino family finished, Minako pulled Rio, Artemis, Ai, and Kohana together for a group picture. Rei and Yuuichirou took pictures of them. Minako even added her own charisma into some pictures by posing and making goofy faces.

"Mina, you might want to take this seriously!" Artemis said.

"Why? They're called family photos, not informal ones!"

"Don't you mean formal?" The white cat muttered in a smart-alecky tone.

After the family picture, Kohana and Lien had their pictures taken together. At one point, Lien even nestled her face in between Kohana's big bust, causing her to blush uncontrollably.

"Whoa, whoa, don't tell me you got pics of that!" Kohana pushed Lien off while covering her boobs.

Ai and Adam took a few together, leading to Demona turning into her bat form and sneaking a kiss on Adam. Ai naturally chased after Demona, who quickly turned back to normal and flew into the air.

"Get down here, you little sneak!" Ai snapped.

"Never!" Demona shot her a strawberry and turned around slapping her butt.

Adam sighed. "C'mon, girls not now."

Minako and Rio took a picture together with the latter placing a hand on his finance's stomach.

"It's surreal to think we'll be parents in 9 months time," Minako was still flabbergasted over this notion of her bearing Ai. "I mean, it wasn't that long ago Usagi and Rei had their kids."

"Yeah, you're right, Minako..." Rio paused while pocketing something out of his pants, which Minako picked up on.

"What do you got there?"

Then, to her surprise, Rio pulled out a small yellow box and opened it up revealing a wedding ring with a topaz stone embellished in the center. Minako's eyes gleamed as her heart throbbed quickly. Everyone present stopped to watch the couple preparing to propose.

Rio got down on his left knee. "I was going to tell you sooner, but well you know we got caught up in that chaos mess." He raised his eye level to Minako's as tears fell from her eyes. "Minako Aino, would you take my hand in marriage?"

Kohana's mouth dropped as she became aghast in shock. "Wow, Rio..."

"Yes... Yes! I will!" Minako openly accepted as she leaned down kissing him on the lips. She felt the ring being put on her finger.

Everyone watching clapped. Ai was the utmost happiest to see this.

"Way to go, mom and dad," Ai whispered while clapping. "You rock!"

Saya, Tsukimaru, toddler Adam, Phillipe, and Jaguarmon arrived to see the eventful proposal go down. Saya refrained from making any comments about her rival Minako, and clapped for her.

Saya came dressed as Sakura Kinomoto, Tsukimaru as Vampire Hunter D, and the toddler Adam as Raichu.

"About time, blondie," Saya said.

"Uncle Phillipe!" Adam noticed Phillipe with Saya and walked over to meet him.

"Adam, you're looking well," Phillipe said. He's probably the same age as me right now and I'm his uncle? Crazy stuff.

After Minako and Rio kissed passionately to seal the deal, Makoto, Umi, and Mako arrived just in time to see Rio's proposal to Minako. Makoto came cosplayed as Nami and Mako dressed as Sanji.

Makoto approached Minako and showed her a similar wedding ring with an emerald stone.

"Whoa, you too, Mako-chan?!" Minako asked, gazing over her friend's ring. "So pretty!"

"I know. Mako just proposed to me just now! And now Rio proposed to you? Who would've thought?"

"What do you say we have our wedding on the same day?"

"That sounds like a plan, girl!" Makoto said, folding an arm over Minako as they showed off their rings as their friends took their pictures together.

Rei clapped for them. "Congrats you two! I'm really happy for you guys."

"I say we make our dual wedding day in three days and you're all invited!" Minako declared. "Say, Rei-chan, can we have our wedding at your shrine?"

"Wait, my shrine? Why not a church?"

"Because your shrine has a beautiful location."

Makoto nodded. "Yeah and with all the cherry blossom season typically begins now."

"True, all right then. We can arrange something," the Miko said.

Cammy became ecstatic. "Wow, Minako and Makoto's weddings at the same time on our shrine? You couldn't have picked a great spot for a wedding!"

"Yeah, I'll say," Shingo remarked.

"Um, guys. Is there room for another?" Junpei interjected as he came walking forward with Norn and Ryudamon. He pointed to the ring around Norn's finger, to which everyone was surprised by.

Junpei, Norn, and Ryudamon came dressed as Jin, Fuu, and Mugen.

"Wait, you're getting married, too, Junpei?!" Phillipe asked. "Aren't you a little...?"

"Young? Love blossoms at its highest when you're young," Junpei said, holding Norn's hand.

Norn showed her ring to everyone and blushed. "I've never felt this happy in my whole life."

"How heart warming," Minako teared up. "All three of us are gonna have a wonderful wedding no one will forget!"

Ami, Vega, Amaya, Max, and Daiki soon came to see Makoto and Minako wearing their rings.

Ami came dressed as Dark Sailor Mercury and Vega as Kamina.

After them, Usagi, Mamoru, Yusuke, Keiko, Chibi-Usa, RJ, the toddlers, Luna, and Diana arrived to congratulate their friends, namely Minako and Makoto. Naru, Umino, and their daughter Miaka arrived to meet and congratulate the two Senshi.

"Three weddings at one location?! You know we'll be there!" Usagi enthusiastically said, clapping her hands. "Rei-chan's shrine is the perfect location and plenty of room for all the guests!"

"Like I told them, we'll work something out fast since this is happening on such short notice," Rei stated.

"Hopefully things work out in our favor then!" Minako smirked as she pulled Rio close to her.

Mako approached Rio and patted his shoulder. "We're two of the luckiest guys ever, aren't we?"

"You can say that again."

Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Hotaru, and Dimitro came dressed as Utena, Anthy, Kingdom Hearts Aqua, Rukia, and Ichigo. They, too, heard about the wedding plans.

"Congrats to you two," Haruka addressed Minako and Makoto.

"We'll be there and I'm sure it will be a beautiful wedding," Michiru said, hugging both of them.

"Hey, dude, so you and Hotaru really are..." Vega whispered to Dimitro, who nodded. "Aw, man. Awesome."

Sailor Galaxia, the Starlights, and Princess Kakyuu came to join the group. Galaxia surprised the Senshi by bringing Chibi Chibi. Okami, Suzuno, Hina, Koenma, Botan, and Jorge subsequently arrived to see everyone. Hina walked over greeting Setsuna with a bow as the Time Guardian crouched over and patted the child's head.

"Chibi Chibi!" Usagi gleamed as the little red-head jumped happily into her arms.

Chibi-Usa quickly greeted Chibi Chibi. "Good to see you, Chibi Chibi."

"We'll be there for the wedding as well," Seiya addressed.

"Sure, I said everyone was invited," Minako winked. "And casual wear! This won't be formal!"

"Then, let's make this occasion something to remember. This is a celebration about restoring the balance to the cosmos," Galaxia proclaimed.

Usagi replied. "Right." She then pulled Aoshi and Hina over to take pictures with them.


Not too far off from where the Senshi and the Detectives were, the Kuiper Senshi, Dimitri, and Aya heard about the wedding plans. Karin, dressed as Videl, told her crew about Makoto, Minako, and Junpei's wedding plans.

Dimitri, dressed as Future Trunks, was taken aback. "A wedding on such short notice?!"

"Not just a wedding, but three weddings!" Faith said, flapping his wings excitedly. "This is going to be fun!"

"So, do we have to dress for the occasion?" asked Jami, dressed as Meryl of Trigun.

"Apparently not, they said casual dress is fine. Nothing fancy," Taylor, dressed up as Millie, replied. Sitting next to her was Larry, dressed as Vash the Stampede.

"That's good. Saves us the trouble to find me a tux," Larry said.

Aya, dressed as Yuki Nagato, asked Karin. "A wedding is supposed to be one of those customary traditions between two lovers."

"Yep, sure is."

"Too bad I have no one who could reciprocate said feelings to me."

Karin chuckled. "Don't feel like that, Aya. You just might find the right programming for you."

"I'll make note of this."

Tyra, dressed as Natsuki Kuga of My-Hime, inquired. "When's the wedding?"

"Apparently in two days, one day removed from the honors ceremony held for us by the Prime Minister and the world leaders," Helena, dressed as Shizuru Fujino, answered plainly. "Say, where's Christina?"

"The minute she heard Minako was getting married, she had to sing to her happy heart's content," Karin pointed everyone to Christina, who dressed as Miku Hatsune, sang in front of a massive gathering of people. "Christina's definitely become a more noticeable name in the idol business and she has Minako to thank."

Mika, dressed as Haruhi Suzumiya, gazed across and shot a thumbs up to Christina. "Sing it, girl!"

Hayata, dressed as Kyon, leaned back and sighed. "She definitely has a soothing voice."

The Kuipers, Dimitri & Faith, and the Chimeras headed over to join the crowd to hear Christina singing on stage. The audience, including Christina's own fan clubs, joined throwing up glowing sticks and lighting up their lighters. The Kuipers and company cheered, showing support for the Aussie idol.

Christina spun around while singing. From high above, an assortment of fireworks lit up the dark sky hanging over the theme park. Christina continued her singing in conjunction with the fireworks spectacle captivated everyone in the theme park.

All the heroes gathered at their locations and witnessed the fireworks shooting up bombarding the night sky. The fireworks symbolized and celebrated their victory. However, this would not be the end of it. This was just the start of more celebrations to be had.


Shinjuku District/Outside Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/April 3, 2009/9:00 AM

It was a momentous early morning experience for the Sailor Senshi, the Digiteams, the Spirit Detectives, Duelists, and their cohorts. Japan's Prime Minister presented a speech giving praise to the efforts to them and the armed forces that worked together defending their country and the world. Other world leaders were in attendance to give their gratitude to the heroes.

"It's my honor to have these men and women with us as they've spent these seven years and more defending us from outside forces beyond our understanding," the Prime Minister spoke out with the Senshi, Tamers & their Digimon, the Legendary Warriors, the Spirit Detectives, and the Duelists assembled behind him. "To believe everything started with the vigilante Sailor V and gradually the Sailor Senshi we come to recognize now stand before us. Now they've acquired the aid of more heroes who've followed their example and stand united saving us time after time. They do this out of the kindness of their hearts and not for monetary or personal gain. They've certainly won our trust, and most certainly mine. Heroes, as a token of our appreciation, allow us to present to you..."

With that, the Prime Minister waved to a crew on hand to pull down a sheet covering a large object. Once the sheets came undone, the unveiling showed a display with the statues of Sailor Moon, Takato & Guilmon, Yusuke Urameshi, Yugi Muto, Agunimon, and Sailor Sedna was shown to all. The audience in attendance cheered and took pictures of the magnificent piece honoring the main heroes of the groups. The respective leaders seeing this felt modest. Yusuke naturally didn't know what to think, but seeing his face on anything honoring him made him proud. Sailor Sedna felt even more to be regarded up there with the leaders.

"This one will go well with the other statues we made in honor of Sailor V, the Sailor Senshi, the Tamers of Shinjuku, the Legendary Warriors of Shibuya, the Duelists of Domino City, and the Spirit Detectives. This statue represents and honors the respective leaders of these groups," the Prime Minister said. "Please, give these honorable young men and women a bigger round of applause. The world deserves to know their world will remain secure with these selfless people safeguarding us!"

The audience cheered and clapped feverishly, expressing their undying support for the heroes.

"If I may get the leaders on stage to receive to receive medals for them and their colleagues," the Prime Minister turned as Sailor Moon, Takato & Guilmon, Yusuke, Agunimon, Yugi Muto, and Sailor Sedna approached the front stage. He beckoned his suits to hand them each boxes full of medals for their friends. "And you six will receive your own leadership medals."

With that, the leaders got their medals. Sailor Moon, Yusuke, and Agunimon proudly showed theirs.

"Ow!" Takato cringed as a suit accidentally poked him with the pin of the medal.

The suit apologized and made sure to clip it over his shirt, but away from his skin.

Sailor Sedna looked down her medal and blushed. "I don't know what to say. This is the first time I ever got honored with the rest of you."

"Feels good, don't it?" Agunimon grinned, showing off his medal. "Now you're seen as someone these people will strive to look up to. You and your team deserve it."

Nodding, Sedna looked down at her medal. "Yeah. I'm just glad me and my team are getting the honors we finally deserve."

"Prime Minister," Sailor Moon walked over, shaking his hand. "If I may, I'd like to make a suggestion."

"What do you need, Sailor Moon?"

Moon stood right in front of the podium and took the mike. She then addressed the attendance of thousands in front of her. "I'm honored to be here to talk to each and everyone of those whose hearts we've touched. I'm very happy knowing we can be here to save those in need. I think I speak for me and all my friends behind me. I'm also happy to know my team had inspired more heroes to come out to show us what it takes and means to be good selfless individuals. I mean sure there's some behind me who didn't start out that way."

Yusuke sweatdropped when hearing this as his own. His own friends coughed and cleared their throats around him.

"But, overtime, even those who only fought for their own personal enjoyment showed they have a heart of gold. I mean, look at me... back when I started, I wasn't exactly the ideal superhero! I was a whiny and ditzy crybaby who didn't want to fight! I was still just a child and put into scary situations!" She openly confessed her humble beginnings.

The other Senshi definitely could attest to Moon's claims.

"Yep, we can agree to that," Mercury sweatdropped. "We all didn't start off on the right note."

"Ugh, don't remind me," Mars sighed out of exasperation over Moon's clumsy days. "But, I have to admit you adapted and matured."

"And it was I who helped keep the team together!" Venus boasted. "Without me, you'd all been lost."

Moon went on. "But, as time went on, I grew. I grew from that whiny scared crybaby into the warrior princess who saved all of you countless of times. My team are full of warrior princesses that stood behind me and supported me through thick and thin. We became force not to be messed with. But, even together, we couldn't hope to beat every evil doer. These last few years we gained allies and our hero gallery expanded. We even gained the help of children with Digimon partners." She then called for Takato and Guilmon. "These two are examples of unlikely heroes who, with the help of his friends, helped stop that giant red mass called D-Reaper. When we weren't around, these kids saved you. When we weren't around to prevent every demon invasion..." She pointed to Yusuke and the Spirit Detectives. "They saved you. When something went astray with the world of Duel Monsters..." She pointed to Yugi Muto and his friends. "These people saved you. When other monsters tried entering your world..." She shifted to Agunimon and his team. "These warriors prevented such monster invasions. If that wasn't enough, we gained more Sailor Senshi to help carry the weight." She pointed to Sailor Sedna and the Kuipers. "These girls were chosen by destiny just like me and my friends to fight other battles. The Kuipers are the future once our time winds down. They've proven to be the ones to help lead and inspire future heroes. I want you to know this from me."

The Kuipers walked up to the front with Moon.

"Give Sailor Sedna and her team a big round of applause. They deserve it."

The audiences cheered and took pictures of the Kuiper Belt Senshi.

Sedna looked over to Moon and smiled. "Thank you." She and Moon then embraced as audiences took pictures of them and the Kuipers.

"No, you girls have more than earned it," Moon winked before turning her view to the Neo Senshi, the Duel Academy students, the Signers, the Chimeras, the Digi-Destined, and the DATS Team. "But, there's others who also deserve credit. These guys..." She called over the Neo Senshi, Jaden, Yusei, Tai, and Masaru with Agumon (M). "The Senshi here led by Neo Moon came from a place long far from here, but they went through great lengths to warn us of the threat we've had to face and helped us defeat said enemies that nearly destroyed our world. Please give them a hand! They deserve your applause!"

Neo Moon smiled proudly, taking a bow for the audience with her friends. "Thank you all. You're too kind." She blushed and blew kisses to the crowd with RJ posing with her.

The Quartet, RJ, Ryuuhi, Blue Mars, Adam, Summoner Venus, Battle Jupiter, Cyber Mercury, Daiki, and Demona waved to the cheering audiences.

"Then, we have these adventurers from a place far away," Moon addressed the Signers. "They, too, came with Neo Moon's team to fight the good fight against the evil we've faced. Give them as round of applause, too!"

Yusei and his Signers walked forward bowing to the crowds. Leo quickly posed for a camera much to Luna's annoyance.

"Next, we have a group of kids who at first came here by chance just to wind up in a war against the chaos that threatened our world. Led by Jaden Yuki, these Duel Academy kids are a group of promising heroes and successors to Yugi Muto's crew!" Moon waved Jaden and his friends over to face the crowds.

"Oh, man, how can I refuse?!" Jaden zipped over on stage. He posed on stage and asked Moon for the mike. "By the way, in case no one know who I am my name is Jaden Yuki! Pleased to meet all my adoring fans! Yugi Muto, Yusei Fudo, would you two like to join me really quick? Cause I have a few things I want to say first."

Yugi and Yusei both went up to join Jaden on stage.

"What is you want to tell us, Jaden?" Yugi curiously asked.

Chazz watched from the sidelines, sighing. "What are we chopped liver and onions?"

"I hope I'm not the onions," Syrus remarked.

"Quiet you two," Alexis scolded them. "I want to hear this."

"Yugi, you're somebody I look up to and the main reason why I decided to become a duelist in the first. Having been part of Duel Academy for two years, I'm learning the hard way what it takes to become a duelist of your caliber. I strive to duel the best and nobody but best," Jaden openly addressed. "Heck, you and I had a chance encounter before I left for my first year at the academy." He quickly whipped out the Winged Kuriboh. "You gave this to me as a parting gift and it's a moment I'll never forget. Perhaps my greatest moment beside teaming with you during these past escapades."

Yugi spoke into the mike Jaden held. "I was right to choose someone who could possibly succeed me one day. And you kept that card as you promised. Well done, Jaden."

"If there's anything I'd like more, it's to duel you one on one and become the next King of Games."

"You're on the right path, Jaden Yuki."

Jaden gleamed happily. "Oh gosh, this is such an honor. I could fanboy right now!"

Yugi and Yusei suppressed the urge to chuckle. The latter walked over to speak.

"And me, Jaden?"

"Yusei, you showed me what it's like to be such a badass duelist and someone who knows how to take care of business. I wish I had your tough guy cred. Not to mention your deck and dragon is totally awesome!" Jaden said with enthusiasm in his voice. "One day, I'd like to duel you as well. Just once."

"We'll see, Jaden. One day, we just might."

Yugi took the mike and addressed the audiences. "And these two showed me there's so much for me to learn despite being the proclaimed King of Games. Maximillion Pegasus coined that title to those considered the best duelists in the world. These two I proclaim share that title with me. Together, we thwarted the terrorists called the Paradais Knights from running this city into chaos. I also consider them friends."

The audience cheered for the three duelists. Moon walked over to receive the mike back from Jaden.

"They're not the only ones who stuck their necks out for the rest of us," Moon then turned to the Digi-Destined and DATS team. "They also helped us to defeat the evils that dared destroy our world. Give them an applause they, too, deserve."

The Digi-Destined and DATS received cheers. Masaru, Tai, and their Agumons struck poses for the audiences.

"It was an honor kicking some ass for all of you!" Masaru boasted.

"Man, this is kinda embarrassing for me," Tai scratched his head. "I love my fans and all, but... what am I complaining for?" He posed for the audiences with Agumon (T).

The Chimeras joined on the stage to get a group shot.

"These groups are the new generations. Some will be around more than others, but know they will be around whenever there's a crisis that law enforcement can't stop," Moon reassured the civilians. "Why? Because you heard me say that." She elicited a powerful positive response from the thousands of people in attendance. "Let this be known that we'll always be here for you. Having been through an experience meeting other heroes out there, I was inspired to become a stronger leader." She made reference to the other heroes and warriors she met across the Nexus. "Prime Minister, leaders of the world, if I may suggest that me and my friends have our own headquarters... yeah like our own hero headquarters."

"Well, don't mind if I may ask, but whatever for?" asked the Prime Minister.

The Moon Princess gave a modest chuckle, curving her smile when eyeing the camera nearest to her. "Let's just say me and my friends met a group of heroes who inspired me to come up with such an idea."

"Um, we'll see... but, I think it's something we can arrange."

Sailor Mars turned to Hiei and winked. "I think we know why."

Hiei slightly rolled his eyes. "Yeah, obviously."

"For any superpowered hero or someone with special powers, this goes out to all of you," Moon continued on. "We invite you to come to Japan and meet with us should our headquarters ever gets set-up. If you want to join the good fight, we'll be here to listen. No registrations are required. No rush and no pressure, ok? Thank you for dedicating this time for us, Prime Minister."

The Prime Minister took the mike and addressed the crowds. "And there you have it. Our superheroes have assured us they'll safeguard us from the threats beyond our control and comprehension..."

"One more thing, Prime Minister if I may," Takato asked as he faced the audiences. "And we mean this from the bottom of our hearts, we will ensure no harm from these supernatural threats will ever come to you. We are the superheroes you need..."

"Does being a superhero give us free food?" Guilmon asked, eliciting laughter from the audiences in attendance. The other heroes had mixed reactions to the red dinosaur's curious inquiry.


Shinjuku District/CainCorp/Cain Bearer's Office/9:45 AM

Observing the live event from a large visual hanging in front of his desk, Cain, now sporting a bald look, cringed upon seeing Sailor Moon, Takato & Guilmon, Yugi, Yusuke, Sailor Sedna, Agunimon, and their cohorts garnering unanimous support from the public. To make matters worse, he saw Yamaki, Riley, Talley, and the Monster Makers joining with the heroes congratulating them.

"There you have it! These are our heroes who have sworn to protect us and uphold justice against the dark forces that have and will possibly continue plaguing our world. The police force and armed forces will be relieved to know they will have back-up. Moreover, will the world leaders actually comply and grant our heroes their own headquarters? So many unanswered questions, but let's hope for the best. And with that said, this is Rina Yamazaki, of TV-Nihon news. We'll return shortly for more live coverage and I will get a brief word from one of the heroes..."

The man conveyed disgust with the whole thing, which he considered 'vomit inducing', and turned the visual off.

Grace stood by his looking concerned. She witnessed the man completely break down, lose his composure, and ultimately become Charon's bitch. Cain also claimed to have seen his wife's spirit bid her farewell shortly after the Paradais crystals vanished.

"Cain, I know this must be a tough pill to swallow, but perhaps we should give them a chance? I don't think your wife... Mei... she would want you to wallow like this..." She paused as Cain turned his chair around and faced the windows of his office. "Sir?"

Cain said nothing and spaced out quietly eyeing Tokyo. He perished any thought of the heroes and all he could grasp were the final moments of his wife's spirit leaving him. She had been expelled out of Charon following the witch's demise.


Flashback/Few Days ago

Shortly after ChaosMillenniummon's demise, Cain looked out the window from the old Hypnos building. Just then, his eyes caught the spiritual essence of his wife, Mei, appear before him.

"Mei...?" Cain gasped to which Grace noticed.


"Mei, please don't go."

Mei's spiritual form solidified to reveal a tall, dark-haired Chinese woman with delicate white skin. A genuine smile adorned the woman's features as she placed her hand on the glass. Cain put his hand over hers. Mei nodded and faded before him.

"No, Mei...?" Cain sank to his knees, falling into a pitiful state.

Befuddled, Grace stood watching Cain crying unaware he received one final visit from his late-wife.


Current/CainCorp/Cain Bearer's Office

He was at peace knowing his wife could rest in the after life, but still couldn't accept the heroes, especially after hearing them on TV vowing to protect everyone. That struck a cord within him. In his mind, they failed to save his loved one and he wondered if they'll fail to save another life.

Cain's blank face reflected off his window. He felt himself completely detached from the world and could care less what becomes of him at this point. He just wanted to be left alone. In his own fractured mind, the heroes already let him down.


Hikawa Shrine/Garden Area/4:30 PM

Later that day after the honors ceremony, the majority of the heroes amassed at the shrine to witness the wedding of Minako, Makoto, and Norn to Rio, Mako, and Junpei respectively. Everyone came casually dressed as the event came under such short notice and by Minako's request. Everyone who came were seated in chairs.

The Digiteams and Duelists amassed on the right side whilst the Planetary/Kuiper/Neo Senshi, the Spirit/Neo Detectives, and Chimeras gathered on the left.

Rio, Mako, and Junpei were already at the front of the altar. Kuwabara, Joey, Tristan served as Rio and Mako's groomsmen. Takuya, Tomoki, Kouji, Kouichi, and Ryudamon volunteered to be Junpei's groomsmen. Serving as the wedding minister is a nun, whom Rei knew from her Catholic school years.

"Man, does this take you back?" Takato asked Guilmon.

"Yeah, I remember Omegamon and Athenamon's wedding!"

"I can't believe we're seeing three couples being wedded. Can that be done?" Himura wondered.

"I don't see why not?" Jeri replied.

"Heh, just look at Rio," Yusuke smirked, noticing Rio's nervousness. "C'mon, you're getting married to a hottie like Minako! Smile!"

Keiko elbowed Yusuke's side. "Don't shout!" She pulled him down.

"I'm just trying to lighten him up."

"It's only natural guys get nervous before the wedding ceremony," Chibi-Usa stated. "I remember hearing dad being nervous before mom came down for their wedding vows."

"Mako's the same way, too," Tea added, noticing Mako's nervous face.

"He'll be fine, Tea," Yugi reassured her.

"Junpei's a little worse than wear, too," Izumi sighed. "They just want to get this over with."

"Humph, thank goodness me and the Miko woman never had to go through such a ridiculous ceremony," Hiei remarked, eliciting an exasperated sigh from Rei.

"That's only because I wanted you to be a free spirit," Rei replied. "But, I can have our marriage to be arranged now if you want." She said while pinching his cheek.

Hiei quickly kept silent knowing Rei would easily get her way. Koori and Ryuuhi both chuckled together seeing their father grumble.

"Guys, it's about to start!" Umi pointed out.

(Cue Lohengrin's – Bridal Chorus)

With that, Rei, Izumi, and Jaarin hurried over to meet Usagi and Ami walking down the aisle. They all served as the bride maidens leading Makoto, Minako, and Norn down the aisle. Makoto came down wearing an elegant green dress and a pink ribbon around her waist. Minako came out in a similar dress but it was a perfect blend of gold and orange. Norn came out in a white dress with an emerald ribbon tied around her waist. The three ladies had their wedding rings tied and hanging from their necks.

Rio, Mako, and Junpei became utterly mesmerized by their fiancees' alluring faces and elaborate dresses.

"We picked out perfect dresses for them under such short notice," Jaarin said, giving Izumi a high-five.

"Yep, we did good and Junpei looks pleased!" Izumi replied.

Usagi gleamed at her two friends. "So pretty."

Ami concurred. "Indeed, we selected well."

Rei clasped her hands, smiling. "Aren't they just beautiful? I think the boy's minds have been totally blown."

"C'mon, boys. Smile," Usagi winked to Rio, Mako, and Junpei.

The three grooms straightened their postures and grinned while doing their best (and sometimes) worst to conceal their wedding anxiety. Makoto, Minako, and Norn stepped forward carrying flowers and wearing veils over their faces.

"This is really happening," Ai said, taking a few deep breaths. "Oh my gosh, I'm really seeing mom and dad getting married."

Umi chuckled. "It's surreal, isn't it? I know how you feel."

Takuya patted Junpei's back. "Relax, bud. You've got this!"

Joey rubbed Mako's shoulders. "This is gonna be over with before ya know it."

Kuwabara whispered to Rio. "Knowing Minako longer, she really doesn't like to be disappointed."

"I won't disappoint her," Rio vowed, looking straight to Minako's direction. "Or, our child."

Mizuno sat down next to Hiei. "Sorry, me and Brimstone came late. What's happened?"

Kurama answered the Sirendramon. "They're getting started."

"Great! Say, Hiei, when are you and Rei going to get married officially? You two have been together for a while now."

"They're such frivolous ceremonies. I'm only here for security."

"Sure," Mizuno chuckled, patting Hiei's head. "You keep up the badass shtick."

"Yeah, even in our time, our parents were still never married, but they're still our mom and dad," Koori explained.

"But, that may soon ch-" Ryuuhi stopped once Koori cupped his mouth. "Mmphf!"

Hiei's ears twitched, catching Ryuuhi's last few words before Koori stopped him.

Phillipe with Jaguarmon was seated next to Kotori and Adam.

"Amazing how you became friends with an S-Class demon in your time," Phillipe overheard Adam's history with Demona.

"When I first met her, she was trapped in a bat form. It took a while for her to regain her full demon power and regain her real succubus self," Adam pointed out, correcting his uncle. "She and Ai really don't get along."

Kotori shook her head, laughing a bit. "What do you expect? You have Phillipe's pretty looks."

"Oh, c'mon, Kotori, don't call me a girl..." Phillipe became irked hearing his cousin using the 'p' word, which easily incites him.

"You're right, Aunt Kotori," Adam said. "I can safely say I know I got my good looks from someone." He said pivoting to Phillipe.

"Guess I should take that as a compliment then," Phillipe said.

"Guys, they're getting started!" Jaguarmon hushed them.

As everyone in the shrine garden fell silent, the wedding ceremony was well underway. Makoto and Mako stood side by side. Likewise, Minako and Rio were on opposite sides from each other. Junpei and Norn were beside one another. They faced the wedding minister, Sister Angela, one of the nuns from Rei's Catholic school.

Naru sniffled. "Aren't they just beautiful, Umino? Takes me back to our wedding. We shoulda had ours in outdoors!"

Umino added. "Outdoors, eh? We can file for divorce and get married again."

Narrowing her eyes like daggers at him, she muttered. "Oh, stop being silly."

Miaka pointed to Umino laughing. "Silly, daddy!"

Megumi clasped her hands, smiling. "Rei, good choice picking one of the head sisters from our old catholic school. Sister Angela is perfect."

(End theme)

"Welcome everyone, we have been chosen to witness this very special moment in three special relationships' lives. Makoto Kino and Mako Tsunami. Minako Aino and Rio Kuroshishi. Junpei Shibayama and Norn Mikihara. They are going to be united by the holy bond of marriage. This special moment will remain intact in the memory of these six young people forever. It will also be engraved in our memory."

The couples each took each other's hands.

"We are gathered here today to witness the wedding ceremony of Minako Aino & Rio Kuroshishi, Makoto Kino & Mako Tsunami, and Junpei Shibayama & Norn Mikihara take place. If there's anyone with a reason for these three couples to not to be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace."

"We object, but only for a minute!" Came a loud cry from above.

Everyone looked up to see Athenamon and Omegamon descend from the air. Tai and Matt were seen sitting on Omegamon's shoulders.

"Sorry we're late, but as a married woman, I can't miss out on seeing the ceremony of two friends of my Amazon sisters," Athenamon said, genuinely smiling over to Makoto and Minako.

"Lady Athenamon!" Minako and Makoto yelled out ecstatically.

"She's not alone," Amazoness Swordswoman spoke out as she came out with Buster Blader and the other Amazons. Behind the Amazons were a few Dra-Warriors members.

Titaniamon as well came to witness the ceremony. "I can't miss out on this occasion, especially not Sailor Jupiter's wedding." She said while facing Makoto.

"Titaniamon," Makoto said, giving her a wink. "Glad you could come."

"And we especially can't miss Ms. Mikihara's wedding either," Anubimon spoke out as a MetalGarurumon and a few residents from Howling Mountain Village came.

"Gabu!" Inumon called out to the MetalGarurumon with the missing left leg.

"Sorry we came on short notice, but we wanted to see Norn's marriage," MetalGarurumon said. "Since after all, she came from our Digital World."

"Not just Gabu, but me as well," Gabuhime spoke out, emerging with Zero/Agumon X. With them was Lobo.


DarkGabumon poked his head out. His eyes lit up seeing Gabuhime. "Whoa! More Gabumons and a cute one at that!"

Yui gasped seeing Inumon's old Howling Mountain friends. "Inumon, are these friends of yours?"

"Yep, all of them from the Howling Mountain Village."

"Neat!" Yui became ecstatic seeing the canine Digimon in abundance.

Gabuhime looked up to MetalGarurumon. "It's been a while, brother."

"Likewise, sister. How long will you be staying?"

"Just until the after party ceremony. Lobo wants to meet with Lady Nagah, the new Rajita leader. It's a very crucial meeting."

"I see."

Sister Angela was greatly flabbergasted with all the Digimon and Duel Monster guests showing up. She had no words for these guest, but Rei simply just waved her off.

"Miss Hino, don't tell me all these monsters... they're..."

"They're all friends of ours. Never mind them. Just go on with the ceremony."

"R-Right..." The nun blinked thrice as her mind was completely rocked. "Ok, on with the ceremony..."

"Can we get straight to the point, so we can get to the after wedding party stuff?" Minako suggested. "If that's ok..."

"No, of course not," the nun went on. She turned to Makoto and Mako. "Starting with you two. "Mako Tsunami, do you take Makoto Kino whom you hold the hand of take to be your lawful wedded wife? Do you promise to love and cherish her in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, and forsaking all other, keeping yourself only unto her, for as long as you both live?"

Mako answered with an infectious smile. "I do."

"And do you, Makoto Kino, take Mako Tsunami whom you now hold the hand of take to be your lawful wedded husband? Do you promise to love and cherish her in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, and forsaking all other, keeping yourself only unto her, for as long as you both live?"

Makoto replied, both her cheeks blushing and forming a smile exuding confidence. "Yes, I do."

The nun then turned to Minako and Rio. "Rio Kuroshishi, do you take Minako Aino whom you hold the hand of take to be your lawful wedded wife? And do you promise to do what I just told the other two?"

Rio answered. "I do."

"Minako Aino, do you take Rio Kuroshishi whom you hold the hand of take to be your lawful wedded husband? And do you promise-"

Minako teared up and answered genuinely. "Yes, I do!"

Karin nearly shed tears sitting next to Dimitri and Faith. Dimitri put an arm over Karin.

"Thanks, Dimitri. These ceremonies really get to me sometimes."

"Can't say I blame you. Just look at Minako... she's especially happy."

Christina stood up cheering. "Yeah, go Minako!"

"Finally, you two," Sister Angela faced Junpei and Norn. "Junpei Shibayama, do you take Norn Mikihara whom you hold the hand of take to be your lawful wedded wife? And do you promise to do what I just told the others?"

"You bet I do," Junpei replied with confidence evident from his face.

"Norn Mikihara, do you take Junpei Sihbayama whom you hold the hand of take to be your lawful wedded husband? And do you promise to do what I just told the others?"

Norn nodded, giving a sweet and meek response. "I... I do." She gripped Junpei's hand, blushing all over her face.

"Do you all mutually promise in the presence of our friends, guests, brothers, sisters, and otherworldly beings that you will at all times conduct yourselves to one another to become husband and wife?"

"We do!" The three couples said in unison.

Artemis cried at the forefront near Minako's feet. "Oh, my Mina! I'm so proud of you!" He blew on a napkin hard.

Makoto, Minako, and Norn removed the wedding rings from their necklaces to place them on their respective lovers' fingers.

"With these rings, we pledge our love and commitment," the three girls said, smiling together.

Mako, Rio, and Junpei likewise put rings on their wives' fingers, thereby making their marriage official.

"With these rings, we pledge our love and commitment," the three men said.

The nun openly declared. "Then, by the power vested upon me and the Lord, witnessed by friends, I have the honor to pronounce these couples... husbands and wives!"

Makoto, Minako, and Norn removed their veils.

"You may now kiss the bride."

The brides and their grooms exchanged passionate glances before sealing their engagements with kisses. It was a done deal.

Everyone in attendance clapped and cheered. Kuwabara, Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, Tomoki, Joey, and Tristan clapped for Rio and Mako. Usagi, Ami, Rei, Izumi, and Jaarin cried and clapped for Makoto, Minako, and Rio.

"YEAH! WAY TO GO!" Ai and Christina cried out in unison.

As Helena teared up happily, Tyra put an arm over her.

"What do you think, Hel? Could you see us up there one day?"

Helena blushed and smiled. "Maybe?"

"Yee-ha! Go, Makoto!" Taylor cheered in Texas fashion.

"We're so happy for you," Usagi said, hugging both Makoto and Minako. "And Minako-chan, just know you and Rio will have a beautiful child due in nine months."

"A child we will raise well," Minako said, holding onto Rio's hand.

"Norn," Izumi addressed her. "Junpei's like a big teddy bear. You'll bring out the happiness out of him."

Norn replied, hugging Izumi. "Thank you! I will bring joy to JP's life."


"My nickname for him."

Izumi giggled. "How cute."

Jaarin added. "I'm sure he only wants to hear that from you, Norn."

"Way to go, guys!" Yusuke hollered from the crowd.

"How about throwing the bouquets?!" Taylor hollered.

"Three of us will be lucky!" Jami shouted.

As Makoto, Minako, and Norn threw their bouquets to the crowd, most of the ladies reached out to grab them. After a few seconds of wrestling, the three lucky ladies ended up being Chibi-Usa, Carly, and Amaya.

"Nice catch, Amaya," Vega patted his daughter's right shoulder. "Hey, Ami, didn't you catch a bouquet before?"

"Yes, and how fitting my daughter catches a bouquet like her mother," Ami said, patting Amaya's back.

"That was a good catch, Amaya," Max said, taking out a rose from the bouquet and sniffing it. He and Amaya exchanged quiet glances. Both shared a soft chuckle.

Carly looked down at the bouquet and beamed happily. Could this be a sign? Do I really have a chance with Jack?! YES, DESTINY'S IN OUR FAVOR! HAHAHA!

Mamoru complimented. "Nice catch, Chibi-Usa!"

"You're so lucky, Chibi-Usa," Hotaru added, taking out a flower from the bouquet.

"Chibi chibi," Chibi-Chibi chimed in, sniffing the bouquet. She sniffed and sneezed. "Achoo!"

"Bless you," the pink-haired girl sweatdropped and patted the little one.

RJ gave her a thumbs up. "Maybe it won't be long until we get married?"

Nodding, Chibi-Usa blushed and sniffed the bouquet. "Maybe." She turned and kissed his cheek, eliciting 'ooo's from their friends.

Ai snapped her fingers. "That should've been me!"

Demona concurred. "Same here!"

"All right, guys!" Minako announced, standing front and center in front of the altar. "How about that after wedding party?! Let's do this thing at the Royal Flush Arcade!"


Domino City/Royal Flush Arcade/7:00 PM

Later that evening, the party immediately occurred with everyone who attended either conversing, playing games, or using the karaoke machine. Needless to say, Minako, Christina, Ai, and Demona took turns playing with the Miku Hatsune karaoke. Some of the Duelists dueled each other in booths. A few of Digiteams challenged one another in DDR competitions.

"BOO-YAH!" Crow shouted, slamming his hands down after having beaten Joey and Atticus in a Duel Monsters card game. "My deck trumps y'alls!"

Joey gawked having realized he just lost. "...man, how can I compete with decks from the future?! I'm good, but dang."

Atticus slumped his head, sighing in defeat. "You're complaining? At least you put up a better duel, Joey. I lost so quickly and pathetically!" His sorrow went away when Yasmin sat down next him and kissing his cheek. "Oh, Yasmin." He blushed as she put a chocolate bar in his mouth. "Mmmm."

"Don't feel down, Atticus. I'm here to cheer you up."

Crow beckoned. "Who else wants some of this?!" Answering his challenge was Jack, who pulled up a chair and put his card deck down. "Ahh...? Hey, Jack."

"Do you accept the King's challenge?"

"Ahhh..." Crow sunk his head.

Carly pumped her fist up, acting as Jack's cheerleader. "School him, Jack!"

"I'll do more than that, Carly. Crow, you better bring your bloody A-game!"

On another side of the arcade, Phillipe & Jaguarmon, Kotori & Seadramon, Masaru & Agumon, Adam, Ai, and Demona were playing air hockey. Kotori and Masaru played and ended up tying each other. They ended up playing sudden death.

"C'mon, Aniki!" Agumon cheered his partner.

"Kotori," Phillipe whispered.

The sudden death match lasted a good four minutes until Kotori surprised Masaru by sneaking the puck into his goal.

"Hell yeah!" Kotori pumped her fist, grinning vividly. "Good game, Masaru!"

"Yeah, you got me good. How about arm wrestling now?"

"I'd probably tear your arm off with my newfound Valkyrie strength. No offense."

"That's fine. I've got some ridiculous strength myself."

"Why don't we go get some shakes?" Phillipe offered, getting between Masaru and Kotori.

Seadramon sighed. "Hard believe these two were actually fighting and they still want to be rivals."

"It's their fighting spirit that drives them. What do you expect?" muttered Jaguarmon.

Adam interjected as he folded an arm over Phillipe. "You really know how to break up a heated exchange, uncle. I'd love me a shake. You buying?"

"I heard everything is on Yugi, Joey, and Mai since they own this place," Ai said.

"Do they got any blood shakes?" Demona asked, licking her lips hungrily.

"No, they're not hording blood for succubus freaks like you," Ai narrowed her eyes, coughing.

"Waaah, no blood shakes? Ok, whatever's the sweetest shake they got, I'll take."

Phillipe whispered to Adam. "You have interesting friends from your time. Just how do you handle these two?"

"I just do," Adam replied coolly.

"C'mon, let's get some shakes, guys!" Masaru announced, gathering the group. "Hey, Phillipe, I gotta hand it to you. You and Himura really went to great lengths getting Kotori back. That's something I can respect."

"Thanks, Masaru. That means a lot hearing that from you."

Hearing Phillipe speaking so proudly of his actions, Kotori smiled genuinely. No, thank you and Himura, cousin. Now I've got a second chance at life and I don't intend to let it go to waste!

Kuwabara set a tray full of seaweed chips for him and Yukina. Sitting with them were Kurama and Maya.

"It's crazy knowing Minako and Rio are officially married," Kuwabara said, eating some chips. "It's about time they tied the knot."

"Likewise with Makoto and Mako, I wondered when those two also tie the knot," Maya stated.

"Have you and Yukina considered marriage, Kuwabara?" Kurama inquired, leaning back.

"We're considering it," Yukina replied. "But, chances are very good, Right, Kazuma?"

"Heheh, you know it, my love!" He said, rubbing his nose against Yukina's.

"Oh, you goof!" She giggled out loud.

Maya turned to Kurama and took his hand. "Don't worry. No pressure."


"Marriage. I won't hold anything against you if you just want us to be an unmarried coupled. Look at Rei and Hiei, they're going by life fine without committing to marriage."

The red-haired fox chuckled, scratching the bridge of his nose. "Indeed and I dare say Hiei prefers it that way. Rei can be tough, but she can respect his wishes."

"Speaking of which, where are they, Yusuke, and Keiko?"

"Probably on the rooftop with Usagi, Mamoru, and a few others, Maya. Let's let them be."

Maya nodded and pulled out a deck of poker cards. "You three up for some poker?"

"Oh, can I deal the cards?!" Kuwabara jubilantly asked.

"Knock yourself out, Kazuma," the Chimera handed the eager orange-haired man her deck.

After finishing some Miku singing, Minako was led away by Rio. Before heading up to the flight of stairs to the roof, Kyo and Selipa stood in their way.

"Kyo," Rio acknowledged his older brother, who put his hand out.

"Congrats, Rio," Kyo said, receiving a handshake from him.

Selipa walked over and placed a hand on Minako's stomach. A smile adorned the demon woman's features. "And congratulations on the child."

"Yeah, that baby will grow up to be Ai," Minako replied, taking Selipa's hand and letting her caress her tummy. "As excited as I am to have Ai, I'm not looking forward to a pot belly and labor. Rio, I'm so breaking your hand when that day comes."

Rio shuddered while staring at his hand.

"Don't worry, brother. You're a tough guy. You handled me just fine in our fight."

"Nothing compared to my wife's fury."

Minako put on a proud face. "Never underestimate a woman's fury!"

"Where's Kohana?" Kyo asked. "I've been meaning to see her?"

The blonde answered him. "About her. You see, she's with a new friend of hers."

"A new friend?" Kyo asked befuddled.

"Yep, and let's just say they're cute together!"

"Minako, Rio, who's her boyfriend?"

Minako giggled. "Who said anything about a boyfriend?"

"What? You mean...?"


Inside a photo booth, Kohana and Lien took a few pictures together. A few of them embracing and making goofy faces. Then, the girls exchanged looks and grasped each other's hands.


"What are we doing? Lien doesn't understand."

TobuCatmon and Shiro poked their heads through the curtains. To their surprise, they saw Kohana and Lien's lips locked. They kissed passionately, eliciting surprise from Shiro and TobuCatmon. Kohana and Lien withdrew, not out of reluctance, each other's lips as both gasped.

"Sorry, Kohana."

"No, it's... ok?" The redhead blinked thrice as she placed her hands on Lien's. "Would Nagah be ok with this?"

"Yes, because Nagah-sensei had Rhea. Both were female like you and Lien."

Befuddled, Kohana didn't know how to comprehend this but she didn't judge. She leaned forward and kissed Lien to the alien's delight.


Inumon and Renamon sat together watching YellowKouInumon and BlackViximon wrestling on the floor. The pups' Tamers, Yusuke and Kazuma, joined in to play with their Digimon. Inumon laughed while clapping his hands.

"Keep it going, guys! This is getting fun!" Inumon encouraged them. "Can you believe it? Our pups already have Tamers. It's amazing. We were nowhere near their age when we gained our Tamers."

"Moreover, they've already learned to evolve," Renamon said. "I shouldn't be surprised. They are our pups, Inumon."

"Did you have a talk with Rika?"

"Yes, and she's agreed to help coach the boys how to train YellowKouInumon and BlackViximon," Renamon replied.

"Yeah, Himura said he'd be around to teach the boys since they are his god siblings."

"But, they require extra attention from us, Rika, and Himura. It's our responsibility."

Inumon folded his arms behind his head, grinning. "I'm such a proud hellhound."

Renamon smirked. "And you don't think I'm proud either?" She leaned on his side, closing her eyes.

Inumon listened to her breathing and caressed her chest. "Love you, my sweet Renamon."

"Yes, likewise to you."

Himura and Jeri entered the area to check on the twins and their partners. They also caught Inumon and Renamon sleeping together on the couch.

"How cute," Jeri smiled, noticing Inumon and Renamon leaning on one another. She crouched over to pet both BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon. "Hey, you two! You're so cute!" She giggled while rubbing their little chins. They playfully pounced on her and licked her face.

Yusuke and Kazuma both laughed together with Jeri while the pups hopped around them.

"Sleeping on the job, you two?" Himura openly teased the canine couple.

Inumon's ears perked and he immediately hopped right off the couch. "No, sir! Oh, Himura? Don't scare me like that. I thought you were Anubimon."

Himura scratched his head. "I don't even want to know what you were dreaming."

Renamon awoke to the sound of Inumon and Himura's conversation. "Inumon?" She groaned. "Did you say sleeping on the job? Inumon, don't tell me we both fell asleep!"

Himura chuckled. "Relax, the kids and pups are ok. Me and Jeri can handle them. You two sleep to your heart's content." He sat down next to Jeri as she was playing patty cake with BlackViximon. "Having fun, Jeri?"

"Yeah. They're so cute."

"You're handling them much better than Rika and I ever could the first time. I tell you, they were a handful for us."

YellowKouInumon hopped right into Himura's arms and cuddled against him.

"They're not so bad now, but I guess them being partnered Digimon might explain it," he said, looking over to Yusuke and Kazuma. "You two will make great Tamers. Make sure to take care of BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon well. You do that and these two will protect you in return. They will become your best friends, ones that you can never replace. Understand?"

The twins both nodded in response.

"Good. Inumon and Renamon will be very happy to know you're helping take care of their kids."

"We won't let them down!" Yusuke vowed.

Kazuma added. "Yeah!"

"Hey, is there room for me?!" Calumon called out as he swooped right down and landed on Jeri's head. He bent over and opened his ears, giving Jeri a kiss on her forehead.

"Calumon!" Jeri cried out, pulling Calumon into an embrace. "It's always a pleasant surprise seeing you."

"Calumon gets all the attention, but not me?" The sound of a slightly irritated Digimon with a Brooklyn accent chimed in.

Impmon walked in with his Tamers Ai and Makoto. Suzie and Lopmon came accompanying them. They joined in to play with Yusuke, Kazuma, and their Digimon partners.

"Ai and Mako wanted to come, so I invited them," Suzie said.

"Is your brother and sister here?" Jeri asked.

"Yep, they're downstairs. Big sister is with Sam and Henry's talking with Sara. We're all doing ok now."

"Good," Jeri said, noticing the sadness in the child's eyes was seemingly gone. Looks like she's moving on well. That's good. I would know I went through the process of losing a parent. "Since we're all here." She pulled out her own Duel Monster deck. "Want to play guess the Duel Monster?"

"Yeah!" The kids cheered.

As they gathered around to play, Himura stood up and looked over behind him. He saw Felinismon and Leomon walking into the room.

"Couldn't resist what Jeri was doing?" Himura asked the two cats.

"Nope, and it was getting too crowded down there for our taste," Felinismon said. She put an arm around Leomon. "C'mon, big guy, want to see what they're playing?"

"Sure," Leomon nodded while being led over to see Jeri up close.

"You two just came in time!" Jeri noticed her two partners. "Want to join in?"

"Don't mind if we do!" Felinismon replied.

"What are you all playing?" asked Leomon.

"Guess the Duel Monster. I show a few cards, shuffle them, place said cards face down, and the kids have to guess which Duel Monster they saw is hidden."

"Sounds simple enough."

Leomon sat down with Felinismon. "This should be fun."

Suddenly, popping out from Jeri and Suzie's DDM-G's, their Charmer partners, Hiita and Eria, decided to join in to play.

"Hey, since we're playing Duel Monster games, why not let us out play?" Eria asked, picking up a few of Jeri's cards. "We can help shuffle some cards for you."

Hiita snickered while shuffling a handful. "Ok, kids! Let's have some fun! Bet ya can't guess which monsters I'm dealing!"

While the group played, Himura stood on the sidelines watching them.

"Not going to join in?" Inumon asked him.

"I'll let them have fun."

"Nah, go on!" Inumon snickered, pushing Himura forward, causing him to fall right next to Jeri.

Himura and Jeri exchanged brief looks for a moment.

"Hey," he awkwardly smiled. "Don't mind if I join in?"

"No, not at all," she said, sneaking a kiss on his lips. She then received one from him.

Inumon walked back to the couch and sat next to Renamon to watch them play their game. He put an arm over Renamon and smiled proudly.


Junpei and Norn sat together drinking shakes while watching Christina singing to her heart's content. A bunch of the others gathered to watch the Australian idol sing.

"She sings so beautifully," Norn said, looking down at her ring. "How do you like my ring, JP?"

"Looks great on you," Junpei replied. "Now that we're married, wait until I tell my parents about you. They're gonna flip!"

"Will we be living together in your place?"

"Yeah, and don't worry I know it'll take time but I'll have my room arranged so it accommodates us both."

Norn leaned on Junpei and grabbed his arm. "Don't rush for me. I'm ok sleeping in your room."

"Well, gee thanks. Anyway, I think you can sing as beautifully as Christina."

"You think so?"

"Why not try?"

Norn nodded as she headed over to sing with Christina. Both selected one of Miku Hatsune's latest songs.

(Cue Miku Hatsune – Stratosphere)

Norn's voice was so soft and tranquil that even Christina took a moment to pause and notice her. Junpei's lit up seeing Norn on stage singing and captivating everyone in the gaming area.

Junpei teared up. "That's my wife! Now she's got all your attention!"

Christina continued singing as she and Norn became a duet. As they finished, their friends and colleagues cheered loudly.

(End theme)

"Norn, have you ever thought of becoming my duet partner?"

Upon hearing Christina's offer, Norn blushed. "Um, well... I don't think I'm that good."

"Nonsense!" Christina cried out. "I know talent when I see it! Minako will be dying to hear you when you sing for her!"

Junpei encouraged his newly wedded wife. "Go on, Norn! If it's what you want to do!"

"O...Ok then," Norn said, taking Christina's hand. "Can you teach me more?"

"Won't need to, but I can help get you noticed. First things first, sing more songs. Don't worry I got plenty of connections."

Nodding, Norn replied. "Ok, I'm in."

Takuya and Izumi both watched Norn running over to talk to Junpei.

"Didn't expect that girl to have such a gorgeous singing voice," Takuya was flabbergasted. "She's a cutie, but wow... that voice."

"Made me almost want to cry," Izumi said. "I heard a bit of sadness and tragedy from that voice and the song they were singing fit."

"Well, she did spend most of her time alone in a Digital World without human contact and from what Junpei told us Norn came from a rough childhood on her Earth," the Warrior of Fire stated. "She's expressing that sadness through her voice."

"Yeah, and Christina might've found herself a duet partner. Not a bad choice if you ask me," Izumi said. "With Christina's international cred, Norn will definitely get more noticed. Which brings to something I needed to ask, Takuya."


"Since we're out of school, have you thought of plans for the future?"

"Huh? I really didn't think too far ahead..."

The blonde groaned. "Doofus, you're supposed to be thinking these things through! It's your future! We can't be Legendary Warriors forever."

"Heh, well, I've been looking to apply as a firefighter."

"Oh, really? Wow, pretty good," Izumi replied. "As for me, well... I had a talk with Rika and her mother. I'm looking to become a fashion model for Miss Nonaka."

"I think you told me before? You'll get to travel the world!"

Izumi folded her arms and smiled proudly. "Yeah, that's the best part about the deal. Besides, I thought I'd help take that burden off Rika's shoulders since she's not fond of following in her mom's footsteps. Thought I'd make Miss Nonaka happy if I went in her daughter's place!"

"Well, Rika's got time to decide what she wants to do since she, Takato, and Henry got a year of school left in them."

"Yeah, they'll be fine as long as they don't slack. Hey, you want to dance?"

(Cue Hard Trance Techno Rave Music - trancElovE)

Takuya noticed a few couples, including Joey & Mai, Junpei & Norn, Jaarin & Sam, and Taylor & Larry on the dance floor. "Sure, lead the way!" She and Izumi went over to the dance floor.

Takuya took Izumi by the hand and led her into a dance. He spun her around while she danced around like a ballerina. He tossed her up and caught her, leading to them kissing.

Kazu offered a hand to Kiyoko. "Would you like to dance?"

"Sure!" Kiyoko happily accepted, taking his hand.

"You go, Casanova!" Kenta and Guardromon encouraged Kazu on.

Sam, Koori, Max, and Amaya sat together in a table talking. When more couples hit the dance floor, Sam took Koori's hand and kissed it.

"Shall we, Koori?"

"Ok," Koori smiled gently, getting up eagerly with him.

"Max? May I have this dance?" Amaya asked, taking Max's hand.

"Let's do this. Why don't we outperform my bro and Koori?"

Amaya smirked. "That's what I had in mind."

Once Sam and Koori danced, Amaya took Max to the floor and led him through.

"Hey, guys! Bet we can out dance you!" Max cried out.

"That a challenge, Max?!" Sam laughed. "C'mon, Koori, let's rock their world!"

Koori replied. "Let's do it!"

When Amaya and Max tried outperforming them, Sam and Koori kicked up things up a notch by out dancing them. It led to a contest or who could out dance the other. Koori got down on the dance floor while Sam stood over her split-legged. Koori flipped over, kicked one foot up, and raised one hand for Sam to help lift her off the dance floor. Sam turned Koori around and leaned over her face; both had their faces and lips a few inches from each other. Max did the same but with roles reversed; Amaya picked Max off the floor and turned around him, leaning over as their faces were barely touching each other.

"Whoo-hoo! Yeah!" PallaPalla was seen cheering.

"Those lucky girls," CereCere commented. "I must say Max and Sam are very good boys. I can't complain if Koori and Amaya feel comfortable with them."

"Wonder how Rei, Ami, and Lyn feel about this," VesVes pondered.

"That's not our business," JunJun said, sipping juice from a straw.

Koori instinctively blushed when right in Sam's face. Likewise, both Amaya and Max were blushing face to face.

The other couples clapped for their dance performance.

"Way to show 'em how it's done, guys!" Jaden cheered and clapped for the brothers.

Lyn had watched the whole thing as she clapped. "Good show, bros!"

Seto watched quietly not knowing how to react. Then, Lyn grabbed his hand and dragged him forward.

"C'mon, Seto! Let's show those boys how it's done!" Lyn declared, going as far as overpowering Seto and pushing him onto the dance floor. With a snap of her fingers, a spotlight, provided by Mokuba, beamed down on the two. "It's showtime!" She pointed to Seto, who walked over and took her by the hands.

Everyone took a step back to give the KaibaCorp CEO and his queen the floor. Seto and Lyn danced around the floor a few times. Seto took Lyn and spun her around a few times. He lifted her up, letting Lyn kick both her feet up and gently set her down. They danced around a few, leading to Lyn doing a dance grind with Seto.

"Hah, take him to dance school, Lyn!" Tyra cried out, sitting next Helena. Suddenly, Helena took her friend's hand.

"Shall we join them, Tyra?" Helena winked playfully.

"Sure thing," Tyra said, walking on the dance floor with Helena. "You two got company."

"Think you can out dance me, Tyra?" Lyn chortled.

"We'll show you two up! Let's take them to shame, Hel!"

Tyra and Lyn proceeded to perform an exotic dance; one Helena calls the Samba dance. Everyone present, including Tyra and Seto, were floored by Tyra and Helena's Samba ballroom dance.

Lyn was left flabbergasted. "Wow..."

Tyra called out while she and Helena danced. "What? Who do you think taught me?" She grabbed Helena's hand and pulled her forward. She let Helena lean back on her arms and lowered her face over Helena's. "Think we shocked them all?"

Helena sweatdropped. "Shock is an understatement, I believe."

Jami clapped. "Way to go, you guys!"

Taylor turned to Larry and smiled. "What'ca think?"

Larry replied, nodding his head. "Unique dancing style."

"Right? If this were one of those reality dance shows, I'd give Tyra and Helena the win," the Texan stated.

"Want to switch partners, Tyra?" Lyn asked. "I'll dance with you and Helena can go with Seto. Then, we can switch things up, me and Helena then you and Seto."

Tyra shrugged. "Sure." She shot Seto a glare. "And don't you dare drop me or I'll drop you flat on your rich ass."

Seto blinked thrice, taken aback by Tyra's threat. "...great."

"Not a bad idea," Takuya rubbed his chin. "Say, maybe we can switch partners. Me, you, Norn, and Junpei can switch things up."

"Sure," answered Izumi. "I'll dance with Norn. You boys have fun."


Kouji, Kouichi, and Tomoki watched Takuya, Izumi, Junpei, and Norn switching partners.

"Say, want to..." Tomoki offered to the brothers.

"No," they both responded.

"Didn't let me finish."

(End theme)


Somewhere on the second floor, Ami and Vega walked a corner to find Dimitro talking with Hotaru on a couch.

"Guys," Vega interjected. "Hope we aren't interrupting?"

"Nah, man, we're fine," Dimitro answered, seeing Ami and Vega approach them.

Hotaru added. "We were just talking about our time in the Bleach universe. Surreal experience I must say."

"Man, you couldn't imagine what I say meeting Simon, Kamina, and company," Vega replied.

Ami nodded. "Or, me meeting another version of myself and my friends. Even more surprising they were non-animated. Or, that my counterpart was converted to a Dark Sailor Mercury. It was an unforgettable experience for me."

Hotaru propped herself off the couch. "I've been hearing a commotion downstairs. What's going on?"

"You're missing out on some dancing down there. Nearly every couple's gotten on the dance floor," Vega said. "Speaking of which, you two really are becoming an item."

Dimitro answered for Hotaru. "Well, we kinda had to be since we were stuck in that world for a short bit. Yeah, we've gotten to know each other."

"Indeed, Dimitro's a good guy once I got to know him more," Hotaru said. "Say, why don't we talk somewhere? Maybe the roof?"

"That's where Usagi, Mamoru, and the others I think are," Ami said.

"It's up to you, Ami," Vega offered.

"It's a beautiful night outside. I really would some fresh air."

Hotaru pointed to the stairs. "That should take us up. Well? Let's go then."


Borrowing Joey and Mai's room alone, Makoto and Mako shared some champagne together.

"Ugh, no offense, but I'm not used to drinking this stuff," Makoto felt the tingly taste on her tongue.

Mako chuckled modestly. "Yeah, same here. Besides, I think this is Mai's." He said, putting the bottle down. He glanced to his wife, garbed in an alluring form-fitting green dress. "You're drop dead gorgeous, you know that?"

"Really? And I wasn't before?"

"Of course, but that dress just... wow... seeing you walk up that aisle brought out a new perspective I've had about you."

Makoto smirked and grabbed Mako. Although Mako was well toned man of average size, Makoto, an Amazon by normal female standards, towered over him by a few inches. She then surprised Mako by easily hoisting him in her arms.

"Y'know, I've always found it hot when a woman carries a guy," Mako chuckled.

The tall brunette replied, grinning from ear to ear. "Really? Why don't we fire things up?" She then tossed Mako on the bed and turned on a radio, playing some romantic music. "Mmm, a little too soft." She then switched to a station playing punk rock. "Yeah! That's more like it! We gotta liven things up since this is the start of our honeymoon, baby!"

Mako sweatdropped. "Mako-chan?"

Picking up a whip laying on the floor, Makoto smirked evilly and whipped it over her hand. "Ready to get punished in the name of Jupiter?!"

"Bring it on!"

"That's the spirit," Makoto grinned as she sprang onto the bed on top of her husband. She grabbed the champagne bottle and opened it. "To jump start our honeymoon, why don't get wasted?"


Minako and Rio used Morpheous and Serenity's room. They kissed each other passionately and scrambled for the bed. Rio had Minako pinned to the bed as they kissed. Minako then flipped Rio over and stood.

"Who's the queen bitch of the household?!"


"Answer me!" Minako grinned sadistically.

"You are."

"And who owns your dick?"

"Um... am I supposed to answer that?"


Rio went along with Minako's 'roleplay'. "You are almighty queen bitch of Venus."

"That's Miss Queen Bitch!" Minako shouted before busting out laughing. "Oh, man, that was good, wasn't it?"

"Mina, about our baby... Ai..."

"Everything will be ok, Rio," Minako whispered, placing a finger on his lips. "I promise she's going to be raised well and we will have time for her. I'll make sure to take it easy with the idol and Senshi stuff. But, you know I'm still committed to my duties and my dreams. But, Ai will come above all that." Reassuring her newly wed husband, she leaned forward and kissed him. "Love you, my beloved hubbie."

Rio kissed her. "Back at you, babe."

Minako prepared to undo her dress until she realized she accidentally left the door open. "Whoops. I'll get that." As she closed it, Yui and Aoshi walked right by heading for the stairs to the roof.

"Let's go for a nice night view, Yui."


With the door closed, Minako picked up a whip from the floor and grinned fiendishly. "Oh, you've been a naughty boy, Rio. Here comes a Venus-styled spanking!" She laughed and jumped right on top of him.


Finding themselves privacy, Tyra and Helena trailed their fingers over their eyes. They looked into one another's eyes briefly. As they leaned over at the same time, their lips met and they finally kissed.

Both were taken aback at first.


"I never pegged you to be a good kisser. Care to try again?"

Tyra complied and she leaned over to kiss Helena. Both folded their arms behind each other's heads and passionately kissed.

"I feel so hot being in your arms, Tyra. Thank you for being my light."

The blonde smirked as she kissed Helena's lips. "You're welcome."


Morpheous and Serenity lied together on a couch. While they were preoccupied talking to each other, Yusei and Akiza walked right by them.

"Getting crazy down there I tell you," Akiza scoffed. "I think Chibi-Usa and RJ are on the roof. Want to go see them?"

"Yeah, I need some fresh air anyway," Yusei said.

"You've read my mind. Say, Yusei."


Akiza clasped her hands together and looked down. "Well, how long until we get back home?"

"No telling until we hear from Pluto and Chibi-Usa. You know the Nexus has to get itself repaired. Besides, don't you want to do more sighting seeing as long as we're here. I want to find the area that's now Satellite in our time."

Akiza replied. "I'd be down for sighting seeing. Why don't we invite Chibi-Usa and RJ to join us?"

"Sounds like a plan."


On the rooftop, several folks who wanted a break from the dance party and just wanted fresh air came out in time to view a perfect evening sky. Amongst those on the roof were Usagi & Mamoru, Yusuke & Keiko, Rei & Hiei, Takato & Rika, Chibi-Usa & RJ, Cammy & Shingo, Guilmon, Henry & Sara, Terriermon, Yugi & Tea, Atem, DarkGabumon, and Yui & Aoshi. Guilmon, Terriermon, and DarkGabumon chatted in a corner.

Yusei and Akiza opened the doors to find the other couples and non-couples gathered.

"Mind if we join you guys?" Yusei asked, receiving nods from the others. He and Akiza approached Chibi-Usa and RJ. "Hey."

"Yusei, Akiza! You both came up!" Chibi-Usa greeted them both. "I bet it got hectic own there, right?"

Akiza sweatdropped. "Hectic is putting it mildly."

"Yusei, glad you can join us up there," RJ said, giving the Signer room to stand next to him. "Anything you have in mind?"

"I was thinking if you and Chibi-Usa wanted to go with me and Akiza for some sight seeing. There's this area where I want to see... it's where Satellite is supposed to be in our time."

The pink-haired princess nodded in approval. "Ok, sure. We should still have plenty of time. I haven't heard anything from Pluto yet."

"Great. By the way, the Time Guardian isn't here," Yusei pointed out. "Any idea where she could be?"

"Pluto probably got called back to check the Gates of Time. She might also be with Okami."

"Oh right. She did leave us saying she'd be meeting with Okami before she gets here," RJ recalled.

"Then, she'll be here soon," Chibi-Usa deduced.

"Say, that's not too bad of an idea," Yugi overheard them. "Mind if me, Tea, and Atem come with you as well?"

Tea added. "I'm sure little Atem is eager for more sight-seeing."

Atem innocently nodded and smiled, eliciting sympathy reactions from Chibi-Usa and Akiza.

Overhearing them, Takato smirked. "Sounds like fun. What do you think, Rika?"

"Sure I guess," the ginger-haired girl shrugged, looking up at the stars.

"It's really a beautiful night out, Rika."

"I know. I'm glad we're at peace now."

"After all we went through, we earned it."

"You can say that again, Takato," Usagi chimed in as she and Mamoru walked over to meet the Tamers. "And that whole meeting with Sailor Cosmos was a life changing experience for me."

"Were you serious when you asked there to be a hero headquarters for us?"

"Sure, why not, Takato? Even if we don't end up getting one, I at least tried suggesting. It'd be great if they gave us one. Right, Mamo-chan?" Usagi giggled, leaning her head on his arm.

Mamoru took off his glasses and replied. "It sure would. It'd be rewarding."

"They can do what they want, but I wouldn't count on this world's politicians giving into our demands," Hiei addressed them. "Even if they did comply, I wouldn't care. I fight only to ensure no villain brings harm to my son and daughter."

"Hiding behind the tough guy act doesn't change the fact you're fighting for a noble cause, Hiei," Rei added, walking over to the group with Hiei. "Protecting our kids will always be our priority." She smiled to Usagi. "Right?"

Nodding, Usagi beamed happily. "Yeah!"

"Hell, just being given medals and our own glory statues are good enough for me," Yusuke chimed in, interjecting himself into their conversation. "If you guys aren't doing anything, after me and the crew head back from Spirit World, let's scope the places where we first fought Pharaohmon's goons."

"That takes me back," Takato said.

"I'm getting nostalgic remembering those days," Rei added, folding her arms and smiling. "It's been that long since we all teamed."

"I missed out," Usagi sighed sadly. "But, I didn't for the rest of our major team-up battles. Who knows if we'll be involved in another? I hope not. I want to settle down and rest."

Hiei snorted. "I'm not. I'll keep training because we can't afford getting weak during tranquility."

"Good point, but I'm in the mindset of resting now and training later," Takato said.

"I can vouch for that," Cammy concurred, hanging onto Shingo.

"We could use all the break from the fighting, sis," Shingo replied.

"Not a bad idea," Karin interjected as she, Dimitri, and Faith approached the group. "Dimitri and I were going to suggest the same thing."

"I do concur some of us should keep on alert and train," Dimitri suggested.

"Since you've decided to stay here, where are you going to stay, Dimitri?" Takato asked the Ascendant.

"With Karin, Setsuna, Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru in their household. Karin asked Miss Setsuna and the others. They gave me the ok to stay and I'll be looking for some construction work to help keep busy while Karin goes back to school."

Rika raised an eyebrow. "Is there any room in the household?"

"Well..." Karin and Dimitri simultaneously replied. "...we're rooming together."

Karin and Dimitri tried not to delve and disclose their privacy with the others.

"Mmhmm," Usagi poked fun at them.

Rei added. "It's ok if you want to tell anything?"

"Nothing like that!" Karin and Dimitri cried out together.

The group, sans Hiei, laughed together while poking fun at Karin and Dimitri's relationship. Usagi and Rei also noticed Cammy and Shingo being a lot closer than usual.

"Hey, Rei-chan, see that?"


"Heheheh, I was thinking. If those two ever got married, you and me would be sister-in-laws."

The Miko did a double take and sweatdropped. "Um, yeah... that didn't cross my mind, to be honest."

"Think about it? Us as sister-in-laws?"

"Way too soon to tell with my sister and your brother."

"I just hope this peacetime will last," Usagi said. "That's all I can want and ask for all of us." She said staring up at the stars lighting up the evening sky. "If only there were a shooting star. I'd make my wish for no more fighting."


Looking on the distance, Setsuna and Okami reconvened to observe the heroes' leisure activities at the Royal Flush.

"They deserve this downtime before Small Lady, Yusei, and their friends return home. The Gate of Time will permit time travel soon."

Okami nodded. "Very good. I'm sure they'll be happy to return to their time."

"Meanwhile, the Digital and Spirit Worlds are regenerating following the arduous seven days of battle," Setsuna went on, unfolding both her arms. "Though, it will take a long time for the realms to fully recover, but we're all beginning the road to recovery mentally, spiritually, and physically."

"And are you certain you wish to train my daughter, Hina, to inherit the power of becoming the next Sailor Pluto?"

"Yes as long as you're ok with it, Okami."

The Lycan complied. "I look forward to great results, Setsuna. Hina is very much looking forward to spending time with you."

Setsuna felt touched hearing this. "I won't let either of you down. Shall we go and see everyone at the party?"

"Why not?"


Southern Digital Realm/Outside Royal Knight Headquarters/9:30 PM

Omegamon, Athenamon, Imperialdramon, Alphamon, Amazoness Swordswoman, and Buster Blader watched as Neo-Rajita soldiers collected Ztreko-Li and her crew from the Amazons' custody. Titaniamon undid Ztreko-Li's cuffs while Sanzomon and Mermaimon undid the others' cuffs.

Ztreko-Li turned around facing Nagah and bowed to her.

"Ztreko-Li, I convinced them to let you under the condition that we never return here unless we're required for a specific reason. After all, there are still remnants of our race possibly out here with Digital hybrids who've fled after we failed to conquer this entire realm," Nagah informed her general. "With Gamera dead, I am once again the leader of the Neo-Rajita as I rightfully should be."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, milady," Ztreko-Li replied as she, Callisto, Mee-Nai, and Minessa. She noticed Amazoness Queen by Swordswoman's side. "You've decided to rejoin your clan?"

Queen nodded in response. "I'll be making my leave here and become a wanderer. I need to reflect on betraying my sisters and can never forgive myself for what happened... especially with the loss of Paladin. And I won't be alone." She had both Silent Magician and Lunamon with her. "I'll have these two as company. They offered to come with me."

"Nagah, we've had our differences," Athenamon addressed the Neo-Rajita leader. "Your people have twice invaded my kingdom and twice have failed to capture it."

Ztreko-Li interjected. "Incorrect, we claimed your territory for however long it lasted."

"Not even a whole day," Swordswoman remarked. "Our kingdom once again belongs to us."

"We understand there are still some members of your people in this Digital World. For that, you'll only be allowed entry here with our permission to find these refugees. However, on the account of invading and nearly dismantling our territories, we never want to see you near our kingdoms. Should you violate our truce, we will deal with you accordingly," Omegamon clarified for the Neo-Rajita. "Swift and decisively."

"You needn't worry," Nagah reassured them. "This is likely the last we'll ever cross paths. Our conflict is over. Should anyone from my group attempt to bring you harm, you have my permission to deal with them." She turned to Blitzkrieg, who nodded and escorted Ztreko-Li's crew away.

Every Neo-Rajita started toward a portal created by Omegamon and Alphamon. The aliens were transported back to the mothership orbiting the Earth.

Tai watched them leave. "Man, is it right letting them go like this?"

Matt replied. "Well as long as they keep their word and don't come back."

Omegamon narrowed his eyes. "Hn, but we did make an exception to locate the remnants of their people still roaming this realm."

"Should we find any Rajita around, we'll report to Nagah to have her crew pick them up," Alphamon stated.

Ryo watched Nagah turning to leave. "Besides, they have their own kingdom they plan to rebuild. In fact, this whole conflict has left both sides with a long recovery road."

"Just so you know, it was Najadramon who killed your sister, Paladin," Nagah said. "Not I, Athenamon and Swordswoman. Your old rival was revived by Paradais and given new form to aid my general Ztreko-Li. I wouldn't put it past that creature to betray Ztreko-Li and kill her. Because that is how Paradais rolls."

Swordswoman furrowed her brows. "She and the rest of our slain sisters can now rest in peace knowing Paradais is defeated and this war is over. But, they'll never your kind. That's another reason why we don't ever want to see you again."

"So be it. I have my own ambitions beyond this realm anyway," Nagah said, noticing a purple aura imbuing her hands. With the remaining Romulus power I have, I can use it to create a new kingdom for my people. Maybe doing some good won't be too bad. However, there's still the matter of determining which members wants to join me or stay on Earth. Namely Morpheous.

Nagah walked right by noticing Lobo, Gabuhime, and Zero.

"Milady, we've decided to stay here to search for our remaining members who might've fled into isolated pockets of this entire realm," Lobo bowed his head. "I'll have Gabuhime and Zero here accompany me."

"Permission granted, but please do stay away from the territories of the Royal Knights, the Dra-Warriors, and the Amazons. They will not hesitate to apprehend you should you enter their grounds."


"I don't want to make myself to be a big fat liar if our truce is broken. Ghidorah and Gamera have done enough damage destroying our reputations, and I'm not exactly innocent and free of blood on my hands."

"Yes, milady, we won't let you down!" Lobo said as Zero and Gabuhime formed into Omegamon X. He and his partner jetted off into the distance to initiate their search mission.

"One day, your world will be completely purged of my kind," Nagah turned her head, glaring at the digital leaders. "I don't know how long, but one day you'll never have to see or hear of my race. After all, we don't belong here."

"I wish circumstances hadn't turned out the way they did," Athenamon sighed deeply. "If you hadn't invaded and declared war on us, I think we might've ended up as great allies."

"I doubt it, but it's nice to dream," Nagah said.

"If I may ask, what brought upon this change in your character?" Athenamon inquired.

Shaking her head, Nagah vaguely responded. "Someone dear to me came back to remind me what I originally was supposed to do. Nothing more." She finally turned to make her leave as she and Blitzkrieg were the last to enter the portal.

The portal closed leaving the Digimon and Duel Monsters to question their decision to let the Rajita go. However, they also had to deal with the issues of the whole Valmarmon revival, which also greatly impacted their world for however briefly it lasted. Many parts of the Digital World were left in shambles and in need of rebuilding, which could take them many digital cycles.

"I'm heading out to report to Huanglongmon and Granasmon, everyone," Ryo said as he opened a portal for him and Cyberdramon. "I believe it's almost time for the Digiteams to return to their dimensions."

Tai and Matt exchanged saddened looks knowing their time for departure drew near. Likewise, Davis and Ken didn't like the sound of leaving Imperialdramon again.

"Understood," Omegamon replied. "Tai, Matt, don't think of this as a final goodbye. We will see each other again but only after we're done with the regeneration process of the Digital World."

"We'd like to stay and help, but we understand," Tai nodded.

"Rest assured, we will be reunited," Imperialdramon said. "And you'll likely see a better Digital World."

"Digimon and Duel Monsters will strive to make a stronger and more united Digital World with most of the evil purged," Omegamon proclaimed. "With Valmarmon's spirit now in Granasmon's custody, any evil who tries to slow the regeneration process will be swiftly dealt with."

"But, who's left?" Davis asked. "We kicked most of the bad guys butts."

"I did see a few flee when Valmarmon unleashed his final attack before entering Earth," Ken pointed out. "But, they were all but reduced to small remnants. Nothing that Omegamon, Imperialdramon, Lady Athenamon, and the others can't handle."

"Still, we will apprehend the criminals and ensure they don't intend to bring harm to our communities," Alphamon said.

"This is only just a beginning of a new cycle, my friends. One that presents us with a promising future for all of us," Athenamon said, taking Omegamon's hand. "We will make sure to happens, my love."

Titaniamon added, folding her arms. "We'll find the criminals and deliver swift punishment for even reviving Valmarmon."

Swordswoman then remembered. "I completely forgot."

"What is it?" Buster Blader inquired to the Amazon queen.

"We still have sisters back on Earth who've accompanied our fellow sisters, the Sailor Senshi, during the battles," Swordswoman stated. "The Senshi's Amazoness counterparts, Sely and her crew. We must retrieve them as they're one of us now."

"Then, we'll make a quick trip to Earth to get them," Athenamon said.

"Anyway, I'll be making my leave now," Queen said, turning around while pulling a hood over her head. "Lunamon, Silent Magician, ready to make our leave?"

The children nodded as they picked up their belongings.

"Sister," Swordswoman approached Queen. She turned Queen around and hugged her. "You don't have to do this."

"If I stay here, there will be hostility from our other sisters. You and Athenamon might be forgiving, but others are not. I'd rather to leave and become a wandered," Queen said. She patted both Lunamon and Silent Magician. "It was you who helped open my eyes and these two reminded me of how precious life can be. Lunamon and Silent Magician said they'd not only keep me company, but teach me the values of life and friendship. If anyone can show me the light and atone, it's children."

"Then, if you feel this is for the best, then do so."

"Thank you for understanding, sister. One day, we will return and who knows? I'll probably have established my own Amazon tribe during my journey. You'll know if it's me," Queen bowed and turned away to leave. "I'll honor our late-sister Warrior Lady of the Wasteland and ensure her child, Silent Magician, grows to be a strong and honorable warrior who values life."

"I hope we do see one another, my sister," Swordswoman whispered, watching Queen leave with Lunamon and Silent Magician.

The children waved their goodbyes to the Amazons.

"Swordswoman, she's ready to move on, let's do the same," Omegamon addressed the saddened woman, who turned and wiped tears from her eyes. "We have to stay strong. The rebuilding process begins now."

With that, the Digimon and Duel Monsters initiated the regeneration process. They waited out for Ryo and Cyberdramon, who entered the portal to attend a meeting with Huanglongmon and Granasmon.


Neo-Rajita Warship/10:30 PM

Sitting a chair inside the main bridge, Nagah finished acquiring most of the Neo-Rajita followers she could find from Earth. She turned around to find Morpheous, Lien & TobuCatmon, Wolk, DemiDevimon, and the Chimeras in her presence. Lien, like a jubilant child, bolted over and jumped into Nagah's arms hugging her.

"Lady Nagah, I left the celebration as soon as I could and retrieved Wolk. We've come to make our decision," Morpheous informed. "I've summoned the five Chimeras as you asked."

Nodding, Nagah addressed. "I apologize this meeting had to come on such short notice, but I needed for you to make your decision. Chimeras, I presume you know who I am?"

"We know you're formerly one of Ghidorah's generals and have taken the seat as leader of the Rajita race," Larry said. "I'm the one leading the Chimeras."

"State your names."

"Larry Stonebagel."

"Mika Hayashi."

"Maya Kitajima."

"Hayata Harusame."

"Sara Shinobu."

Nagah eyed the five half-human, half-Rajita individuals. "You're the result of one of Kuiiza's Chimera experimentation. Though, I never would imagine successful genetically engineered Chimeras. Despite your human appearances, you're still very much one of us by blood. Partially why I summoned you. I have an offer; why would like to work for me? You can allowed to stay on Earth since this is still your home."

"Thank you, but I'll decline with due respect," Larry replied.

"Same here," Maya said.

"Likewise," Hayata stated.

"Yes, I must turn down the offer," Sara said.

"Sign me up," Mika spoke up to the shock her friends. "I'm in. What do you want from me?"

"To help locate other one of my people scattered across the world," Nagah said. "I'll supply you with the resources necessary for the thorough search and rescue missions. You'll be working close with me."

"So, when do we get started?"

"As soon as possible, but I'll permit you to continue your celebration with your friends," Nagah declared, tossing Mika a communicator. "I'll contact you when I need you, Mika Hayashi."

"Yes, ma'am. I'll be on standby!" Mika saluted to her.

"Mika, is this ok?" Larry asked her.

"Sure? Besides, I ain't got shit to do after celebrations are over. It's back to boring life at the dojo," Mika shrugged, narrowing her eyes over to Nagah. She blushed a bit. "I have to admit, I'm kinda envious... working for someone as beautiful like her."

"Morpheous, will you remain on Earth or rejoin your clan?" Nagah addressed her former colleague.

"As you already know Lady Nagah, I've been living amongst the humans for several Earth years," Morpheous addressed the Neo-Rajita leader. "And I've fallen in love with a girl named Serenity Wheeler. She's been my sole reason for appreciating this planet. Despite how flawed and horrid humanity can be, we have no place to judge as our kind has already spilled enough blood under Ghidorah and Gamera. Our war with the Moon Kingdom is long behind us."

Nagah firmly tapped her fingers together. "Granted, neither one of us were around when Ghidorah attacked the Moon Kingdom. You were barely working your way up the ranks and I hadn't entered the academy yet. But, I digress. So, your decision is final then?"

"Yes, Lady Nagah. I want to stay with Serenity and be of help to Yugi Muto's group."

"Very well, Morpheous," Nagah smiled. "Whatever makes you happy."

"Thank you, Lady Nagah."

"Just call me Nagah, Morpheous. We've known each other since we met at the academy."

"It's been that long ago. Feels like yesterday."

"I know and you were my superior. Funny how things have turned out now," Nagah sighed, reflecting to her youthful days.

Wolk spoke up. "Um, Lady Nagah... I, too, want to stay on Earth. You see, someone has to stay and take care of DemiDevimon. And there's place I'd like to see."

"You don't wish to come back with us?"

"I would love to, but well..." Wolk said. "DemiDevimon can't stop talking about a girl named Helena, who happens to be one of the Kuiper Senshi. He wants to stay around and look after her."

"And you wish to stay to make sure to stays out of trouble."

"Yes! Exactly that, milady!" Wolk quickly confessed. "I'm envious of that Helena girl."

DemiDevimon turned away. "Not my fault she's cuter than you, Wolk brat."

"Shaddup," Wolk flickered DemiDevimon's face.

"Ow, that hurt, you little witch!"

Irked, Nagah cleared her throat, eliciting scared looks on Wolk and DemiDevimon's faces. "Ok, you've convinced me enough. But, since you don't have shapeshifting abilities like Morpheous, I'd recommend taking this." She pulled out a device resembling a wrist watch and tossed it to Wolk.

"A watch?"

"It's a cloaking device. Turn it on and it'll grant you a default human form, functioning as a disguise that'll allow you to blend amongst the humans. You can alternate using different human forms if you're not comfortable with the default one."

"Thank you so much, Lady Nagah!"

DemiDevimon snickered. "Maybe you can find a human form that's cuter than how you really look."

Wolk bonked him on the head. "Shaddup!"

"Enough!" Nagah snapped as her tone made them freeze in their places. "Anyway, the humans already have disdain toward green-skinned folk like us after two global invasions as is. Not that I blame them. The disguise watch will keep your true identity concealed."

"Understood," replied Wolk.

"Nagah-sensei," Lien whispered, getting Nagah to look at her. "Lien, too, wishes to stay on Earth." This got a befuddled reaction from the woman, who looked at Lien like a concerned parent.

"Lien, surely you can't be serious?"

"Mmhmm, Lien likes it on Earth. Lien already tell you about the friends Lien made? Yui and her friends are now Lien's friends!" The alien girl replied almost pleading to Nagah. "One new friend Lien made is Kohana! She's a strong girl like you, Nagah-sensei, and she's got big pillows on her chest Lien likes to rest her face on!" She dug into her satchel and pulled out one of the pictures she took with Kohana. "See? She and Lien are very happy together! We even touched each other's lips! We kissed!"

Nagah took the picture and saw Lien's big grin on the photo. Right next to Lien was Kohana with her trademark 'pillow boobs' as Lien likes to describe them. Viewing the photo brought pleasant memories of herself and Rhea before the latter met her untimely fate.

Lien, you do look so happy! As much as I want you to come with me, I can't deny you your new true love. After all, I never allowed anyone to come between me and Rhea. Rhea, I bet if you were here, you'd encourage her to stay with the one she loves. Nagah genuinely smiled and handed the picture to Lien. "Lien, do you truly love Kohana?"

"Lien does and Lien wants to spend the rest of my time with her! She, Yui, and their friends don't judge me for who Lien is!"

There is hope for humanity if Lien sees the good in them. These kids seem like they will treat her right. Nagah thought as she set Lien down and handed her a disguise watch. "Lien, I trust you and TobuCatmon will stay out of trouble?"

"Of course, Nagah-sensei! We can stay in contact!"

"Atta girl," Nagah smirked. "You know how the disguise watch works?"

"Like you already told Wolk, Lien does!"

"Very good. Will you be staying with this Kohana?"

"Lien asked her and she said to ask you. Kohana also lives with the woman named Minako Aino."

Nagah became flabbergasted. "You mean Minako... you mean, Sailor Venus? Her?" Not her! Anyone but her! "Heheheheh."

"Is something funny, Nagah-sensei?"

"No. It's fine. If you're staying in her household, you make sure and listen to her instructions, ok?"

Lien nodded vividly. "Yes, Nagah-sensei! Lien will!"

Wow, I can't believe I'm allowing THAT woman to look after Lien. Because I swear should anything happen to Lien... Nagah clenched her fist. "Ok, you're all dismissed, but Lien and TobuCatmon you two stay. We have much to discuss."

As Morpheous, Wolk, DemiDevimon, and the Chimeras turned to leave, Lien and TobuCatmon watched Nagah getting up from her chair.


"Did I ever tell you the one time I touched Minako Aino?"


"Oh, ho, ho, you're in for a long story."


Spirit World/April 4, 2009/7:30 AM

The Spirit and Neo Detectives arrived first thing in the morning to see Koenma and Botan. They watched as hundreds of ogres led by Jorge already hard at work building a new Spirit World palace complete with stronger reinforced gates. This was his first act as the new King of the Spirit World.

"Wow, wasting no time, huh, Koenma?" Yusuke asked, watching ogres carrying blocks. "They getting well fed?"

"Of course, they are. Unless you think I'm a slave driver?"

"I don't know the way you ordered me and everyone around... I might as well have been your errand boy."

"Yusuke!" Botan chided him.

"I'm joking."

Kurama eyed Jorge controlling ogre traffic. "How long until the new Spirit World gates are done?"

"Honestly? We've got long ways to go, but every dead apparition and Taiyoukai have already been sealed," Koenma said. "I can confirm all but Arago's souls have been harvested."

"What?" Kuwabara became spooked hearing this. "Where's Arago's spirit?"

"Well, a Taiyoukai of his caliber normally tries to escape judgment and confines themselves into a whole different pseudo-space. Even if we try finding him, we'd have no way of really finding him since he can shift his soul anywhere he wants to be. And right now we just don't have the means of finding Arago's spirit."

"Yeah, he claimed he'd come back when humanity sees their darkest days," the ex-Detective claimed.

Yui nodded. "And he already came back just recently. The Dawn of Chaos easily was humanity's darkest days..."

"Until the next few centuries," Koenma said with regret. "And to think I'll still be king of Spirit World when the next darkest day comes. It could be anywhere between now and the next millennium."

"Don't worry. We'll be ready," Kurama said. "Those of us with demon and Tenyou blood will still be around."

Kuwabara snorted. "But, not me?"

"Well, I couldn't count your chickens out yet, Kuwabara. Anyone who's been exposed to the Silver Crystal's light presumably gains an extended lifespan. And I believe you among others in your group have already been exposed to Usagi's crystal," Koenma said.

"You mean...?"

"You just might be walking and kicking over the next millennium."

Hiei snorted. "Great, that means me and the fool will be at each other's throats. Terrific."

"Say something, shorty?!"

"Kiss my ass."

As Kuwabara tried to punch Hiei, the demon zipped on the right and let him facefirst on the ground.

"Things never change..." Hiei doubled over as Kuwabara punched him in the crotch. "You... bastard..." He let out a high-pitched yelp.

Kuwabara flipped him off. "Hah, finally got ya, shortstop! Now kiss my butt!"

"Enough, children," Mizuno sighed, slapping both Kuwabara and Hiei.

"Say, isn't that...! Guys, it's that Bui guy!" Kuwabara pointed to a familiar face helping the ogres carrying loads.

As he recovered, Hiei's eyes fell on his old Dark Tournament final opponent. "Indeed, that's him."

Bui was identified being a young muscular man with short bluish-green hair, a scar on his forehead by bridging the eyes, blue pants and shirt, and orange wrist bands and tunic. Byakko was seen helping Bui pick up concrete.

"I'll be damned. How did you convince him to help?" Yusuke asked the Spirit World king.

Koenma grinned mischievously. "I have my ways and connections. He was more than willing to contribute as long as he gets to fight one of you."


Brimstone interjected. "I'll be his opponent."

"Perfect, I'll let him know," Koenma said. "And he isn't the only one. I also hired Chuu and his crew to help."

"Chuu and the others, too?" Aoshi asked.

"HEY, YUSUKE! CHECK US OUT HERE, YA STUPID BLOKE! HAHAHA!" Chuu grinned like a goofball as he, Rinku, Jin, and the others waved to the Detectives.

"Looking good, guys! Keep it up!" Yusuke hollered.

"Yusuke," Came a voice behind the aforementioned young man.

Yusuke turned around to see Raizen, Toguro, Yasha, Yomi, Shura, Mukuro, and Enki. "Hey, dad. Toguro. The gang's all here?"

"We're departing to the Meikai where our souls can rest in peace," Raizen said. "Yusuke, remember the demon blood you now possess. You still have many years until you can reach my prime and I've already envisioned you to become the Makai king."

"Defeating Arago and his forces was just another step," Toguro stated. "You're on the path to standing on top of the food chain, but tread carefully when you do. And don't be surprised if Arago ever returns to challenge your throne."

"He's going to have to pry it off my dead hands first," Yusuke vowed his claim to the Makai throne. "Count on it."

Both Raizen and Toguro faded as their spiritual essences were taken to the the Meikai.

"We'll be returning to Makai, my friends," Yomi addressed them.

"We'll see you all again. Perhaps until the next Makai tournament?" Mukuro enlightened them.

"You know we'll be there," Hiei replied.

"And this time I'm coming out on top!" Yusuke pointed to his would be opponents. "Yomi, I'll be bringing my A-game if we get paired off again."

"Be sure you do."

"Farewell, everyone!" Enki bellowed as he and the Makai residents were escorted by Botan's ferry girl assistants.

"Yusuke," Yasha approached the ex-Detective and shook his hand. "It was a pleasure to meet you and your entourage. May our paths cross one day."

"Maybe at the next Makai tournament?"

"Sure. I'll be there and perhaps we'll be opponents?"

"Wouldn't have it any other way, Yasha. Let's both bring our A-games."

"Say, where's the little one? Nadeshiko?" Kuwabara asked the half-canine demon.

"I left her in Minako, Rio, and Kohana's care. Nadeshiko asked she'd stay with them to get to know her true family better. She was born from Rio and Kohana's biological mother after all. I'll remain in contact with her."

"I see."

"Make sure the one named Natsume takes care of the half-demon canine child she will one day bear. That child is my mother's last daughter since my mother... well, you know."

Koenma nodded. "We'll be sure to send Natsume your way when you need her."

"I must go now and check with my sister clan," Yasha turned to leave. "Farewell, everyone and take care." With that, she waved and vanished.

This is definitely the feeling of a brand new era upon us. Who cares about the future when the present is looking more promising? I'll do even better than my father could hope to dream! Koenma thought, vowing to one-up his father during his thousands of year sovereignty.


Azabu-Juuban District/Sagara Residence/8:30 AM

"Mom, dad, I know this is going to be a tough pill to swallow, but..." Phillipe beckoned Kotori out of hiding.

Kotori stepped out from behind the door with Saya, toddler Adam, and older Adam.

"First, say hello to the future version of Adam," Phillipe introduced him to his parents, Jokan and Santine.

Adam bowed politely, addressing them formally. "It's good to finally see you, grandfather and grandmother. You are both looking splendid. Grandmother Santine, you look just as beautiful in your photos."

Santine was shocked seeing the future Adam as she looked between him and the toddler in Saya's arms. "You're... you're really him!"

"Honey, look..." Jokan pointed his wife to who appeared to them like a ghost from the past.

Both were beyond bewildered seeing Kotori alive and in the flesh.

"K-Kotori?" Santine teared up. "But, you..."

Kotori smiled to them both. "It's good to see you, Uncle Jokan and Aunt Santine." She ran over to hug them both. "I'm so happy to see you both!"

Jokan turned to his son. "Phillipe, how did this happen? Is she...?"

"She's back and it's a long story to tell. How about we talk about it over coffee and hot choco?"

"She was staying at my place for the last few days. Me and Phillipe wanted to keep secret until the right time," Saya briefly explained. "Kotori was too eager to see you and hated staying cooped up at my place."

"I see. Then, how did she... what brought her back?"

"Like I said, too much to tell," Phillipe said, watching Kotori hugging her aunt and uncle. "And we need to discuss about where Kotori can stay." With that, the family went to the kitchen to discuss concerns regarding Kotori's revival and her place in the world.


Industrial Illusions/8:45 AM

The Duelists took the Duel Academy students and the Signers/Futurite group to meet with Maximillion Pegasus. Pegasus showed them the Staff of Apophis, which everyone instantly recognized.

"Hey, that's...!" Syrus exclaimed.

"The Staff of Apophis," Lyn confirmed. "The same very one. I already told Pegasus about us going back in time to stop Frank. So, why don't you show him proof?"

Yusei nodded. "Right."

Jaden pumped his fist up. "Let's show him our cool powers, guys!"

With that, the Duel Academy students and the Signers/Futurites quickly invoked their Spirit Fusion forms.

Pegasus became flabbergasted seeing them unveil their Duel Monster forms. "...my word! You weren't lying when you told me they were exposed to the Staff of Apophis." The proof became further cemented as the Staff itself came to life and imbued itself in golden light. "You're kidding!" He watched the Staff float around the Duel Academy students and the Signers/Futurites.

"Like we told you, the source of their powers is derived from the Staff," Seto stated, scoffing at Pegasus' initial shocked response. "That enough proof for you?"

"But, for you all to go back to Ancient Egypt? 3009 B.C.E.? It's surreal!"

"Thanks to this key, we were able to," Yusei showed Pegasus the Time Key. "A friend of ours from our time joined us to come here to warn you all about the destruction of our future. Now we've stamped out the source of the temporal wave."

"Our future should already be put back intact," Jack said. "And this bloke here is the reason why our timeline got wiped and why he could've further muddled with the past timelines."

"Had he succeeded, there's no telling the untold destruction it would've caused to this timeline," Akiza said.

"My word, then you have our thanks, future travelers," Pegasus expressed his gratitude to the Signers and their cohorts.

Suddenly, Winged Kuriboh materialized next to Jaden.

Winged Kuriboh squeaked to Jaden, who seemingly understood him.

"Yep, it's finally over, Winged Kuriboh."

Kuribon materialized on Luna's side.

Kuribon chirped, rubbing her face against Luna's.

"That's right, Kuribon. We can all go back home."

Yugi turned to face the Duel Academy students and the Signers/Futurites. "Now that we're here. I have an important question to ask you."

"Ask away," Crow nodded.

"We've come to the point where our paths will be diverging. Me and my friends will be returning to our mundane everyday lives. Jaden, you and your friends should be resuming classes at Duel Academy. Yusei, you and your colleagues should be hearing from Sailor Pluto or Chibi-Usa about when it's clear for you to open the Gates of Time. I ask this: do you wish to keep your Spirit Fusion powers?"

This inquiry had the two groups mulling over their decision.

"No pressure. I just ask because I don't know whether any ancient artifacts like the Staff of Apophis have been sealed away in the distant future. If they have, I deduce you may not be able to access your Spirit Fusion powers with the source either sealed or destroyed."

"Well, I don't recall seeing any Staff of Apophis in any museum in our time," Trudge said.

"As for you kids from Duel Academy, you have a choice to keep or leave your Spirit Fusion powers."

"Are you kidding? Definitely a keeper!" Jaden said. "Especially if another bad guy turns up to ruin our day."

Alexis chimed in. "I have to admit being able to turn into my favorite Cyber Bladers is always fun."

"I wouldn't give up these powers for nothing," Chazz said.

"Say, bro, how about it?" Syrus offered Zane. "That Staff will give you the ability to turn into your favorite Duel Monster!"

Zane mulled over this and eyed the Staff. "May I?" He approached Pegasus and placed his hand over the Staff. To his surprise, the Staff reacted to Zane and enveloped him in a golden aura. His eyes shot open as mystic energies filled his body. This flow of power! Incredible! He jerked his hand back and gazed over his hands, which became imbued with golden light. "What... was that?"

"How does it feel, Zane?" Atticus asked.

"Stronger, but subtly so. I don't look different."

"Believe me, give it a try," Jaden said. "How about Cyber Dragon?"

"Not in this building!" Pegasus said. "Try it somewhere else!"

"Relax, that's what I was intending to do," Zane snorted.

"So, I take it everyone wishes to keep their Spirit Fusion powers?" Yugi asked, to which he got a lot of nods from the two groups. "Very well, but remember to utilize them wisely and only against supernatural threats. We don't want abusing these powers on civilians, however evil they may be."

"By the way, Seto, we've have everything back online at KaibaCorp," Mokuba informed his brother.

"Good work, Mokuba," Seto muttered. "Having seen Synchros and Chazz's XYZ monster in action, I already have an idea of a new type of Duel Monster I'd like to release: Xyz monsters. Additionally, an updated Duel Disk."

"New ideas for the Duel Monsters market? That's a great idea, Seto!"

"It'll take a while, but it'll be worth it."

"You two discussing something I should know? Hmm?" Lyn overheard them. "What's this about a new idea for Duel Monsters?"

"We'll discuss it later, but you might be intrigued."

Lyn smirked seductively. "Oh, mysterious."

"Hey, Yug, why don't we bring Mako and Bakura over to get their Spirit Fusion powers? I know Mako would kill to have some Duel Monster power so Makoto don't have to protect him all the time."


"Have you guys heard anything about going back to your time yet?" Tea asked the Signers and their cohorts.

Yusei nodded dismissively. "Nah, sadly we're still waiting, but we can afford to wait. Me, Akiza, Chibi-Usa, and RJ are heading out into the town to sight see."

"Well, we did ask if we could join y'all?" Tea said, pulling Yugi over to her side. "Right, Yugi?"

"Um, yeah... sure?"

Pegasus curiously noticed Atem and walked over to check his Millennium Pendant. "Say, is this?" He touched the Pendant as an image of the Millennium Eye popped into his head. "Is this the really the Pendant that contains all seven Millennium Items, little one?"

"Um, yes?"

"Wait, your face and the hair... could you be...?" Pegasus gaped in shock, putting both hands on Atem's shoulders.

"Atem, c'mon! You want to check out more of our town?!" Tea beckoned the prince over.

"Ok!" Atem chimed and bolted over to join the group out the door.

Atem? Did she just say... Atem?! Pegasus was left flabbergasted upon realizing whom he interacted with.


Outside on the street, Jaden, Syrus, Hassleberry, and Aster gazed in awe at Zane transformed into Cyber End Dragon.

"That's what I'm talking about bro!" Syrus cheered him.

"That's taking your game to another level!" Jaden pumped his fist up, hollering.

Alexis and Blair were baffled to see Zane in his full Cyber End Dragon glory.

"Wow, so cool!" Rei gleamed. "Zane's awesome, isn't he, Alexis? Um, Alexis?" She turned and noticed Alexis watching Atticus and Yasmin talking in private.

"Yasmin, are you really going back to the other side?"

"I'm afraid so, Atticus. I have duties to fulfill in the Digital World," Yasmin said, caressing his left cheek. She smiled. "But, we will see each other one day. I promise."


"Yes and you will know when it's time," Yasmin pointed to the other half of the pendant Atticus wore as a necklace. "When that lights up, you'll know I'm coming and I'll let you know where to meet me."

"Right," Atticus said in a sad tone.

Yasmin leaned over and kissed Atticus. "I'll see you soon." With that, she stormed off into an alleyway, to which Atticus bolted after her.

By the time he got there, she was gone.


Alexis slightly teared up, smiling and having seen her brother bid his goodbye to his girlfriend.


Shinjuku District/Outside Matsuda Bakery/9:00 AM

Takato and Guilmon walked out of his family's bakery carrying bags of bread. Meeting them outside were Takuya, Tai & Agumon, Davis & Veemon, and Masaru & Agumon.

"Sup, guys? Sorry for the delay," Takato apologized.

"Hey, did you bring us some bread?!" Davis asked as he and Veemon hungrily looked at the foot long bread sticking out of the bag.

Veemon drooled. "Please, as one pal to another, Guilmon!"

"Sure, we brought enough for everyone!" Guilmon said, putting the bag of bread down. He opened his revealing the Guilmon bread. "See? Takato's family makes my own bread with my face!"

Both Agumons and Veemon poked their heads into the bag. They each grabbed a handful of the bread and stuffed themselves.

"Delish!" Agumon (M) licked his lips after woofing down on some bread. "Hey, Aniki, try some! They're great!"

"Don't mind if I do!" Masaru bolted over taking a Guilmon bread. He examined the Guilmon-shaped bread with the beady red gumdrop eyes. "Hey, this is so cool!" He bit into it and munched. "Mmmm! Damn this is so good!" He quickly woofed his down as fast as Agumon (M).

Agumon (T) stuffed down Guilmon breads while Veemon chomped on a foot long bread. Davis sat down eating with his partner.

"Mmmpf!" Davis tried speaking despite his mouth stuffed with bread.

"Ok, Davis, how about talking after you swallow or you'll choke?" Tai sweatdropped.

Davis finished swallowing and wiped his mouth. "Heh, sorry couldn't resist!"

Takuya chuckled. "Sure ya can. It's called self control."

"I was going to say this bread's awesome! You and your folks bake the best bread I've ever eaten, Takato!"

"Um, gee, thanks for the compliment, Davis," Takato scratched his head, showing his modesty, which was a characteristic his fellow goggleheads lacked for the most part. "By the way, Agumon and Veemon? Is it ok? Y'know to be here hanging out with us? What about Digital World business?"

"Oh, Alphamon encouraged me and Gabumon to spend some time with Tai and Matt since we don't get the chance to much," Agumon answered. "I mean, what with our positions as the Digital World's main defenders. Athenamon thought it'd be a good idea if me and Gabumon took a break from all that stress."

Veemon nodded. "Yep, and my Dra-Warrior followers just said that me and Wormmon have some off time until we're needed."

"Yeah, it'll be a while before the Digital World regenerates itself after that war we had," Tai said. "And we're in no rush to repair everything. The Sovereigns already are using their powers to repair damage to the Central Realm."

"I'm just glad all that is behind us," Takuya folded both arms behind his head. "I can't believe we survived the whole Dawn of Chaos ordeal."

"Likewise, but like you said, it's behind us," Masaru said, wiping the bread crumbs from his hands. "Takato, Takuya, what are you two planning next?"

"Applying up to be a firefighter," replied the Warrior of Fire. "Thought I try out and see if it's for me."

"Finishing my last year of high school and deciding what to do for my future," Takato plainly said.

"You two are young, but you'll find whatever you're passionate for," Tai said. "Me? I'm both a soccer coach of a local boys' team and still in college."

"Heh, I'm Tai's assistant coach," Davis grinned.

"Me? I'm just kicking butt and taking names finding the best opponents in the Digital World," Masaru said, clenching his fist with a determined look etched on his face.

Agumon (M) chimed in. "Right you tell 'em, Aniki!"

The other goggleheads chuckled nervously amongst themselves.

"Since we're all here, why don't we do some sight-seeing?" Takato asked. "Well, at least until close to 11 or so."

"Why?" Tai's curiosity piqued.

"I'm meeting with a couple of friends. You guys already met Yugi Muto plus..."

"Rika will be there, too," Guilmon spoke up.


Tai, Davis, and Takuya snickered.

"Um, guys?"

"Go on. We won't stop you," Takuya insisted.

"Besides, you don't want to leave her hanging, Takato," Tai said.

"Thanks for understanding, guys," Takato smiled and sighed with relief. "That's why I wanted us to hang out not so I can dedicate time to her later."

"Well, what are we waiting for? There's places to see!" Davis declared.

All the while, the Digimon and Masaru were finishing eating the remaining bread.

"Grrr!" Masaru growled as he and Agumon (M) fought over the last bread like rival dogs.

Guilmon, Agumon (T), and Veemon didn't dare to get in between them.


Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/9:13 AM

Nagah arranged for a brief encounter with the Sailor Senshi, who were also accompanied by the the Neo Senshi, the eight Amazoness eight, most of Spirit Detectives sans a few, and Neo-Detectives. Lien walked over to greet the Neo-Detectives.

"Lien can stay with you," the alien girl spoke out to Yui, Cammy, Aoshi, Shingo, and Kohana. She eyed Kohana specifically and bolted over, ramming her face into the tomboy's big boobs. "Ahhh! Pillows!"

"Augh, knock that shit off!" Kohana snarled, trying and failing to pry Lien off her. Shiro appeared to calm his Tamer down. "Ugh, how can I stay mad at you?" She smiled, patting Lien's head. "Why not? Use my pillows to your heart's content."

"Heheheh!" Lien pulled her face off Kohana's chest and shot an innocent glare at Kohana's face.

Nadeshiko jumped on Lien's back and tickled her ears. Lien giggled and fell with Nadeshiko still tickling her.

"Minako Aino, I take it you, your husband, and Kohana will take care of my Lien?" Nagah asked. "I'm putting all my faith in you."

Minako nodded. "Trust me. She's in good hands and Kohana will be very good to her. Heck, we've already taken in Nadeshiko, a half-demon sister of Rio and Kohana's. See, they're getting along now?" She and Nagah both gawked seeing Lien and Kohana already making out with Nadeshiko looking at them curiously.

Both yelled out. "Not out in public! Get a room you two for god's sakes!"

Everyone laughed as Kohana and Lien yanked each other's lips off the other. Both smiled and eyed each other.

Artemis sighed happily. "Young love."

Luna replied. "Clearly so, Artemis."

"Nagah, will you staying close to our planet?" Rei asked the Neo-Rajita leader.

"Yes, for a while, there might still be some remnants of my people hiding somewhere," Nagah answered, opening up a portal behind her. "I'll be keeping close monitor on Lien as well. She and I will be keeping contact." Before she stepped through, she glanced over her shoulder and devilishly smirked. "Just so we're on good terms, in case you need help with something, don't hesitate to call me." She tossed Usagi a device resembling a smart phone with a red button lodged below a screen. "Push the button and I'll come a knocking."

"Thanks," Usagi said. "We'll stay in touch."

Waving to the Senshi, Nagah closed the portal. The last thing she saw was Lien and Kohana holding hands. She smiled one last time as the portal full closed behind her.

"Well, that's that," Yusuke wondered.

Suddenly, another distortion formed right where Nagah departed into.

"Now what?!" Makoto exclaimed.

"Nagah's coming right back?!" JunJun cried out.

Passing through a portal from their world, Athenamon, Amazoness Swordswoman, Sanzomon, Mermaimon, Titaniamon, and an assortment of the Amazoness surprised the Sailor Senshi. The Amazoness Senshi quickly amassed and walked over to meet with their queens.

"Queens Athenamon and Swordswoman, did you come to take us back?" Sely asked, bowing her head to them.

"Yes, it's time to come home and help rebuild our kingdom," Athenamon acknowledged. "We need all the hands we can ask for. Ready to go?"

Sely nodded. "Yes, my queen, but give us a moment." She walked over, shaking both Usagi and Chibi-Usa's hands. "You and your friends have been so good to us. It was honor to aid you in your battles. And it was fun while it lasted."

Minako and Aphy hugged each other.

"I'm gonna miss you, Minako! We had a ton of fun!"

"Likewise, sister!"

"And good luck with the baby."

Ai approached Aphy and hugged her. "Good working with you."

"Likewise and your mom will be happy to know her kid will grow up to be a pretty girl!"

"Aw, shucks."

Rei and Koori hugged Ary. Hermy shook both Ami and Amaya's hands. Likewise, Zey embraced Makoto and Umi. Ourany and Poseidy bid their farewell to Haruka and Michiru respectively. Hotaru and Crony shook hands.

The Amazoness Senshi reconvened with their Amazon sisters and waved goodbye to the Senshi.

"If it weren't for you guys, we'd still be stuck in that labyrinth cave!" Sely called out. "We really owe you!"

"Don't. Just us teaming up was a good enough adventure for us," Usagi reassured her.

Athenamon addressed the Senshi. "And thank you for saving my kingdom. Me and my entire sisterhood can't thank you enough. I know you don't wish us to repay you in kind, but we'd really like to one day."

"Whatever you want," Makoto replied.

Sely added. "Usagi, really had you and your friends not lost your powers and entered that cave, well I can't imagine how long we'd be trapped serving as guards against our will protecting that orb."

"Things happen for a reason," Minako said. "I mean, us losing our powers probably was the best thing that could've happened to us in hindsight. We got bitching new Valkyrie forms in return!"

The Sailor Quartet watched the Amazoness Senshi eight, getting one last look at them.

"Ok, they were an interesting bunch," VesVes sweatdropped.

"I know we were called the Amazoness Quartet, but this is ridiculous," JunJun said. "They did look like Usagi and the others, though."

PallaPalla laughed. "They got beach bodies!"

CereCere just shook her head, shrugging her shoulders. "No comment. A body like these Amazons demeans someone as beautiful and delicate like me."

"Ready to go, sisters?" Mermaimon asked Sely and her crew, leading them into the portal.

"Sailor Senshi, we must bid our farewell. Until we meet again," Athenamon bowed to them. "Take care of yourselves and your daughters. Safe journey on the road through life."

"You, too, Lady Athenamon," Ami said. "Bless you."

Titaniamon shook Makoto's hand. "And you stay strong!"

"Back at you, Titaniamon!"

"Goodbye, sisters," Swordswoman bid her farewell and walked into the portal with the others.

The Senshi watched the portal close up and reflected on their brief stint with the Amazons leading to the labyrinth test. For them, it was a road to recovery after losing their powers against Paradais and it allowed them to get to know the Amazons better than they already had before.

"Think we'll see them again?" Makoto wondered.

Usagi smirked. "Yeah, no doubt about it. We have each other's support."

"Ahem! Sorry if I'm interrupting anything!" A rough-sounding tomboy tone interjected, causing the Senshi to turn around.

Kotori Ayami arrived sweating after running all the way from Phillipe's place to Juuban. Unsurprisingly, she wasn't at all fatigued despite the distance due to her Valkyrie endurance.

"Hey, aren't you that cousin of Phillipe's?" Minako asked. "Ko-something?"

"Kotori!" Yui called to her brother's friend.

"Yui," Kotori acknowledged her.

"Kotori, you're not interrupting us, but what brings you here?" Chibi-Usa asked.

"I just want to know if you're willing to let me see you."

"Of course, Kotori. You fought alongside us against ChaosMillenniummon near the Galaxy Cauldron," Rei reminded herself as she and the Senshi had witnessed Brunhilde in action against ChaosMillenniummon.

"What is it you want to tell us, Kotori?" Usagi asked. She and the others noticed Seadramon poking his head out from behind the steps. "Hey, it's ok you're amongst friends!"

Seadramon slithered forward and clarified. "Sailor Moon? Kotori is here to see you for a specific reason. It's about her place in the world as a reawakened Valkyrie Maiden."

"Sailor Senshi, my name is Kotori Ayami, but having been resurrected by divine intervention thanks to Himura, most of my past Valkyrie memories and powers have returned to me," the dark blue-haired girl addressed, placing a hand on her chest. "From my previous life, I was and am now called Brunhilde. I know it sounds far fetched."

"Are you kidding? You're talking to a group of reincarnated warrior princesses from ages ago," Makoto replied. "If anything all of us fall in the same boat."

"And we already know about the Valkyrie Maidens," Hotaru said.

"You do?"

Suddenly, Sleipnir materialized next to Usagi.

"Brunhilde, it's been such a long time, my maiden."

Initially, Kotori was taken aback by Sleipnir's presence. Many thoughts filled her shocked mind. She then calmed down and took a deep breath. Then, a vague image from her previous life sparked a nostalgic memory, eliciting a reaction that was unfitting for her tomboy image. Kotori felt tears fall from her eyes.

Yui gasped. "Kotori, you're crying? Do you two know each other?"

"You're beginning to remember more, aren't you, Brunhilde?"

"Sleipnir? Is it really you?" Kotori cried as she slowly approached the ten-legged stallion. She paused and looked him in the eyes. "But, how? I thought...?" She caressed Sleipnir's face and embraced him, crying happily. "I never thought I'd see you again!"

"I perished? No, I survived Ragnarok. I fell into Earth sealed in an orb. Lord Odin ensured that I survive and when I awaken whoever releases me I would grant them the power of the Valkyrie Maidens. The Sailor Senshi were most fortunate to find the Orb of Minos, release me, and in return I granted them Valkyrie powers akin to yours and your fellow Maidens. The Senshi becoming Dai-Valkyries herald to your return and I'm grateful Hel of the Underworld allowed Siegfried's reincarnation to revive you, breaking you free of that necromancer's control."

"Yes, and now I'm here, Sleipnir. I'm back, but... you said there's other Maidens like me?"

Sleipnir nodded sagely. "We have much to discuss, Brunhilde. Just know, the Sailor Senshi are here to help find those Maidens of yours."

"I'd want to find them, but right now I don't think we should bother, at least right now."

Sleipnir was taken aback. "I don't think I understand?"

"We just got out of a hard fought battle and the world's recovering. Plus, the way I see we should give these other Maidens some time to enjoy their livelihoods before they're called upon to join me. Don't they deserve that much?"

"Kotori, if you're suggesting we can wait, then I have no objection," Usagi said. "You're right. These Maidens are just normal girls who don't have their memories like you do now."

"This gives you plenty of time to practice and learn to become a good leader, Kotori," Mamoru said. "You're the one who'll have to lead these girls in case a dark force threatens our planet."

"There's the likelihood the Jotunheim will return to wreck havoc on your world also known as Midgard."

"Midgard?" Minako was befuddled.

"In Norse Mythology, there are nine realms," Ami explained. "The ones most folks are familiar with are Midgard, our own Planet Earth, and Asgard, the realm of the gods including Thor. Mako-chan, you even wield Thor's hammer Mjolnir."

As she gasped, Makoto willed Mjolnir to her hand to which Sleipnir and Kotori eyed meticulously.

"Indeed, you were chosen by Thor's spirit to wield his hammer, Sailor Jupiter. You will have to be very careful whenever the Jotunheim return. They will seek for Thor's weapon which you now possess."

"They're going to have to pry it from my dead fingers and I won't give them that chance!" Makoto said, clenching Mjolnir protectively. "If Thor chose me to wield his hammer, then he really must have faith in me."

"Because you possess Thor's strength and courage," Kotori addressed her as she seemingly started to talk like in a manner like Brunhilde. "You control thunder better than any warrior I recall from the olden days... well besides Lord Odin and Thor. However, as both are no longer amongst us, you've been entrusted to wield Mjolnir." She scanned each Senshi and used her Valkyrie senses to assess their Valkyrie powers. "Indeed, you all possess Valkyrie powers, but yours are mere imitations."

"Imitations?" Haruka scowled. "You're saying our powers mean nothing?"

"Nay, I never meant it that way. What I meant is that my power and my fellow Maidens were born with innate supernatural abilities. We were gifted with Valkyrie powers to serve as warrior goddesses that transport the souls of the fallen to Valhalla in Asgard. The Valkyrie powers granting you your forms are modeled after ours."

"In other words, our armors are mere artificials," Hotaru said.

"Exactly, but even so your armors are not downgrades from our genuine power."

The Neo Senshi were even more bewildered to learn their own Valkyrie armors were designed after the Maidens' own.

"Wow, that's so cool," Chibi-Usa said.

Haruka inquired. "For someone who doesn't have all her memories back, you know a lot about the past."

"My full memories haven't returned to me. I do know Lord Odin selected me to lead my Maidens and carry specific duties for him. Before Ragnarok, there were glorious days to be had between Asgard and the Moon Kingdom. Yes, Sailor Senshi, it's all starting to come back... slowly. Our fates were sealed on the same day the Jotunheim and the Dark Kingdom ended our kingdoms' reigns."

Sleipnir closed his eyes and remembered the tragic events that befell both kingdoms.

"Princess Serenity," Kotori addressed Usagi. "Yes, I remember you and Endymion were lovers. I can relate in regards to love with a man. Siegfried was a man I held in high regard and still do. You all now know him as Himura Tsubasa."

"Eh?! Himura?!" Usagi was flabbergasted hearing this.

"My brother is a reincarnation of a warrior from the past?!" Yui exclaimed in disbelief.

"Well, between your brother being a reincarnation of Siegfried and you awakening your Tenyou bloodline, this is crazy," Aoshi remarked. "And I'm a freaking Lycan for cripes sakes."

"But, isn't he with Jeri now?" Yusuke asked.

"Yes, but I'm willing to let Himura go... besides, I have other matters to resolve like now," Kotori said, kneeling down and bowing before Usagi. "Princess Serenity, I was not fond of you in the past. I thought of you as weak and frail. You had your Sailor Senshi guarding you. You were the pampered princess who needed anyone to protect you. And I was a warrior that spilled the blood of my enemies. I fought alongside my Maidens and we were highly regarded by the people of Asgard. However, now, my opinion of you has since changed. Your power greatly surpass my own. I witnessed you destroy Sailor Chaos, but become Cosmos incarnate. Lord Odin was said to be born from the Galaxy Cauldron like many of the gods that once inhabited Asgard. Seeing you become Sailor Cosmos brought a whole new perspective about you, Princess Serenity. I humbly put my pride aside to aid you and your Senshi."

Seadramon muttered. "Wow, Kotori..." He smiled proudly.

Usagi nodded and raised her hand. "You don't have to be formal and bow to me. Stand up, Kotori."

The Maiden raised her head, looking up to Usagi's genuine smile that touched her. "Are you sure?"

"I'm no one's superior. Even when I become queen, I won't look down on anyone."

Kotori stood and watched Usagi put her hands on her shoulders.

"Whenever you're ready to find the other Maidens, let us know."

"Thank you, Princess Serenity... or should I call you Usagi?"

"Usagi is fine."

"All right then!" Kotori said as her demeanor slipped right back to her normal personality. "All I need from you now is learning to becoming a good leader. I have to admit I'm a novice at that department."

"Don't worry, Kotori," Rei reassured her. "Usagi wasn't exactly leadership material when she started. If she can do, you'll have it down in no time."

"If you so say."

Just then, Grani, Brunhilde's spirit partner, materialized next to Sleipnir.

"Welcome back, Sleipnir."

"And how is my descendant been doing with Brunhilde?"

"She's a handful and very headstrong, but I have faith she'll learn the values of being a capable leader. After all, since Sigfried is now preoccupied with his human life, he left me in care of Brunhilde and it's probably for the best."

Both Sleipnir and Grani watched Kotori closely bonding with the Senshi.

"They're all tied to a single tragedy, Grani. And here they are reunited after millennia. It's quite a beautiful sight, isn't it, Grani?"

"Can they readily mold Kotori into a capable leader?"

Sleipnir smiled. "Aye. If anyone can, it's Sailor Moon and her Sailor Senshi. Not to mention the likes of Takato Matsuda, Takuya Kanbara, Yugi Muto, Yusuke Urameshi, and Sailor Sedna. They'll be her guides down the path of leadership."

Kotori found herself embraced and welcomed in the company of the Senshi.

"Lord Odin and Queen Serenity would be proud of seeing this, Grani. They are after all reincarnated warriors from a time long removed from the here and now. Everything's come full circle with them reunited."


Azabu-Juuban District/Juuban Park/10:35 AM

After seeing Aya depart, the Kuiper belt Senshi, Dimitri & Faith, and Taylor's dogs were confronted by Blitzkrieg, who came to deliver a message from Nagah. Karin received a similar device that Usagi got before.

"Thank you," Karin addressed Blitzkrieg.

Pivoting his eyes on Tyra, Blitzkrieg scoffed. "Oh you."

Tyra frowned as he approached her. "You wanna have another go?!" She clenched her fist.

"If I wanted to fight you, I'd be throwing down with you already and not giving your friend that device. But, make no freaking mistake, man bitch, you and me will have another go one day!" Blitzkrieg basically threw down the gauntlet for a future confrontation.

Tyra scowled, feeling so pissed a vein popped on her head. "Man bitch? Mind repeating that? I'm hard of hearing these days."

"Face it, you're a butch. There ain't anything cute or a shred of femininity about ya except your long hair and your boobs. Besides, you hit like a guy. I would know cause I felt your damn blows."

"I'll be happy to rip your balls off right here and now. What are you waiting for?!"

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Blitzkrieg turned around and walked off. "Another time. Just be ready when that time comes and let's see if you can beat me without outside help."

"I'll..." Before Tyra could finish, Helena put a hand out to stop her. "Hel?"

"No more. Just let him go. You'll have your chance to shut him up," Helena plainly said.

"Right. I shouldn't blow up like that."

Dimitri chuckled. "Tyra's got herself a rival she can play with, eh?"

As Blitzkrieg hopped through his portal, the Kuiper Senshi and company gathered to look at the device.

"It can't be trap, right? I mean, why didn't Nagah come give it to us?" Christina became suspicious. "There's something fishy sending one of your toadies to give you something."

Karin checked her phone as she got an email from Ami. "It's cool, guys. Ami just informed me Nagah met with their group and gave them a similar device. Seems like we can use this to call Nagah or one of her generals to help us if we're ever in trouble. To top it off, seems that Lien girl is staying with Kohana."

"Whoa, Lien and Kohana?" Jami blinked thrice. "Interesting pairing."

"Looks like you've got a roomie, too, Christina since you still live with Minako," Taylor elbowed the Aussie girl's side.

"Yay. I've always wanted an alien roomie," Christina beamed happily.

"Wanna reconvene with Usagi and her group? We can delve into the details Blitzkrieg told us about," Karin suggested. "Let's go."

"So, have you heard anything from Pluto yet? Chibi-Usa and her group should be leaving soon," Dimitri whispered to the Kuiper leader. "And the Nexus, has it recovered any?"

"Oh, it is. That I know for sure. But, there's no telling when Pluto will allow the Gates of Time to be open..." Karin paused as she received a phone message. This time it was from Ryo Akiyama. Then, another message came from Setsuna Meioh. Her eyes shot open.

"Karin?" Jami noticed her shooting her eyes open.

"It's nearing that time, guys. Ryo's getting the Digiteams together and Setsuna's preparing the Gates of Time."


Domino City/11:30 AM

Yugi, Tea, Atem, Chibi-Usa, RJ, Takato, and Rika watched Yusei and Akiza scour the Domino City. Yusei pointed Akiza to certain locations he might have recognized, but most of the locations now seen were demolished and renovated into the architecture Yusei was more familiar with.

"This actually would become Satellite in our time?" Akiza asked, looking around.

"Isn't it amazing how locations change overtime? Compared to Satellite, Domino City is much cleaner and pristine," Yusei meticulously scanned his surroundings. "Once Domino got cut off from the mainland thanks to Zero Reverse, it devolved and ultimately suffered from urban decay. These streets would become slums."

Tea was a loss for words. "I can't believe what I'm hearing."

Yugi nodded. "As long as disaster like Zero Reverse doesn't hit us, Domino should stay put."

"Well, good things ultimate came once a new bridge was built to connect Neo-Domino City and Satellite," Chibi-Usa stated. "It is one of the foundations that unites Tokyo."

"Yeah, Satellite's looking much better these days," the male Signer said, turning up to the sky where the sun hovered over Domino. "Still, the heat is not this bad in our time."

"Summers are still a bitch, though," RJ remarked.

Takato chuckled. "Guess things don't really change much."

Rika finished sipping her water and spoke. "Yeah really. So, these Synchro monsters are the craze in your time?"

"Yes, coupled with Tuners," Akiza answered.

"And those marks you showed us," Takato asserted.

"Our Dragon Marks and only under extreme circumstances do we use them to call upon our Signer Dragons."

"I have to say those Signer Dragons are freaking awesome" The male Tamer said ecstatically.


"Where to now?" Tea asked. "There's still a few places to check out."

Suddenly, Chibi-Usa's compact communicator went off. She answered it. It didn't take long for the girl have a serious demeanor on her face. RJ, Yusei, and Akiza ascertained by Chibi-Usa's face what this entailed for them.

"What's going on, Chibi-Usa?" Yugi inquired.

Atem looked up to Yugi and then to Chibi-Usa. "Hmm?"

"That was Pluto, wasn't it?" Takato already guessed.

Nodding, Chibi-Usa closed her communicator. "Yeah, it's time for us to go home, guys. You, too, Atem." She said with sadness in her tone. "Also, Takato, Rika, you guys should get going. Pluto told me to tell you Ryo is asking every Chosen to meet him in Shinjuku Park."

Takato and Rika already had an idea what this meeting entailed.


Central Digital Realm/Huanglongmon's Palace/11:30 AM

After meeting Ryo and Cyberdramon in Shinjuku Park, every Digiteam entered the portal to be teleported into Huanglongmon's palace. There they were called into assembly to meet with Huanglongmon and Granasmon's spirit.

Omegamon, Imperialdramon, Anubimon, Athenamon were on one side of the spacious room. Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Cherubimon, and Golden Rapidmon were on the opposite side. Takato, Takuya, Tai, Davis, and Masaru stood at the forefront of their respective teams.

"I'm glad you can all come, Chosen. I take it you know what I called you here for?"

"It's time for us to depart and return to our worlds," Tai said. "Yeah, we know that much."

Masaru groaned. "Couldn't we stay a little longer?"

"We've had plenty of time to rest, Masaru," Yoshino chided him.

"We have a room to return to and families waiting," Thomas reminded him.

"Don't worry. We had plenty of fun in this world, Aniki! I'll never forget this adventure!" Agumon (M) lightened his partner up.

Takato spoke out to Huanglongmon. "It can't wait, can it?"

"The battles against Valmarmon and Paradais have been resolved. There's no other reason to keep the others here other than holding them off from seeing their loved ones."

"They've got families just like we do, Takato," Ryo interjected. "We had plenty of time to celebrate together."

"Indeed," Harbingermon's voice chimed in as he and Oraclemon materialized before everyone. "Hello again, Chosen. We come on behalf of Ancientmon to thank you all. As for me, it was an honor fighting alongside you adamantly against Valmarmon and Paradais. The latter now has been vanquished from this reality."

Oraclemon spoke in an ethereal tone. "You won because you stood united. Had you been divided, Valmarmon and ultimately Paradais would've won. Your unity ensured that the Hope of Light destroyed ChaosMillenniummon, thus ending the reign of chaos that could've caused the multiverse to cease to exist."

Both TK and Kari picked up on the 'Hope of Light' reference.

"Hope?" TK blinked.

"Light?" A befuddled Kari wondered.

"The power Sailor Cosmos ended to fight ChaosMillenniummon," Ryo mentioned to them. "Your Crests are one of two characteristics that embodies the essence of Lady Cosmos."

"With victory gained, you ensured Ancientmon's age old enemy, Millenniummon, and Chaos were defeated," Harbingermon said. "To never again bring havoc to your universe."

Ken rubbed the back of his neck where the Dark Spore was pulled out by ChaosMillenniummon.

"So, that nasty Dark Spore really is gone?" Yolei asked him.

"It has and I feel much better without it."

"Yolei and Cody, step forth," Huanglongmon beckoned the aforementioned Chosen forward.

As Yolei and Cody came forward with their Digimon, Huanglongmon and Granasmon commended their courage.

"Yolei Inoue and Cody Hida, you two especially proved to be decisive difference makers allowing a miracle to bring forth Valdurmon, the instrument that ultimately brought Valmarmon to his knees."

Valmarmon's spirit, now encased in a jar, overheard them. "Don't think I can't hear you, Granasmon! Let me out of here and I'll show you what I could've done to that flying chicken had these two brats cheated. Granasmon, stop talking to the children and listen!"

Ignoring Valmarmon's verbal tirade, Granasmon continued acknowledging Yolei and Cody. "As long as you two keep faith in your friends and remain united against any opposition, Valdurmon will be your protector."

"We've been given quite the privilege, Armadillomon, my friend," Hawkmon said.

"I'll be darned, all right."

Yolei and Cody both bowed to Granasmon and Huanglongmon.

"This is where we take our leave. Chosen, the will of Ancientmon wishes you a safe journey back to your worlds. Until another crisis on par to this ever arises, this is our farewell," Harbingermon placed his hand on his chest and teleported with Oraclemon.

As they vanished in a beam of light, a vague face resembling an elder man with a beard appeared only to vanish away.

A faint voice from the elder mans visage whispered. "Thank you, Chosen."

Some of the Digiteam members caught wind of this.

Takato muttered. "Was that Ancientmon?"

"It's time, everyone. Are you all ready to go home, Chosen of the Eastern and Northern Realms?" Granasmon inquired as he created two immense portals big enough to fit a whole group.

(Cue Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Full OP 2 – Hologram – Nico Touches the Walls)

Tai and Matt finished embracing Omegamon. Likewise, Davis, Ken, TK, Kari, and Willis bid farewell to their Digimon partners.

"Well, it was fun while it lasted, everyone," Tai acknowledged the Tamers and Legendary Warriors. "Who knows if this will be the last time? But, I think we'll cross paths again."

"By the way, you should hit up that one world with another you one day," Takato suggested. "I think you might find this Tai interesting."

"Do you remember the dimension coordinates?" Ryo asked him.

"Um, wasn't it universe DF-616 or something?"

"Yeah, and if you want to go there let me know," Ryo nodded to Tai.

"Right, will do," Tai then beckoned to his friends. "C'mon, guys. Time to go home."

"Goodbye everyone!" Kari called out, waving to the other Digiteams.

"Later, dudes!" Davis shouted.

Matt smirked. "Another me in another dimension, huh?"

"Hey, we've just discovered a Nexus of hundreds of different worlds. The possibilities are endless," Ken reminded him. "Right, Ryo?"

"Yeah, and hey, feel better without that Dark Spore in you, Ken?"

"Couldn't have it any other way, even if it meant a villain removing it from my body. Will you come by in our world again?"

"We'll see. I've got plenty of work here helping with regenerating the Digital World and all," Ryo waved Ken goodbye. "Until next time, old friend."

Following Tai and Matt, Sora & Biyomon, Mimi & Palmon, Joe & Gomamon, Izzy & Tentomon, Davis, TK, Kari, Willis, Yolei & Hawkmon, and Cody & Armadillomon said their goodbyes and headed into the portal.

Next, the DATS Team assembled and prepared to head into the other portal.

Masaru turned around and hollered loudly. "He had one hell of a blast, you guys! Hey, one day I so gotta come back to this world again!"

Agumon (M) shouted. "Yeah! So many different groups of heroes to meet! We didn't even get to meet half of them!"

"Who knows what the future could bring?" Ryo said.

Yoshino sighed. "Oh, you coming back here without us would be the worst, I swear."

Ikuto added. "I don't know. I'd like to come back here."

Gaomon looked up to his Thomas. "What do you think, master? Could we come back to this dimension?"

"I'm wrong the person to ask, Gaomon."

Chika jumped up and down excitedly. "Yeah, I wanna come back here again!"

Kouki, Ivan, and Nanami offered no comment as they simply waved goodbye to the Digiteams and walked through the portal. Thomas & Gaomon, Yoshino & Lalamon, Ikuto & Falcomon, and Chika & Biyomon ( C ) stormed into the portal.

"Takato, Takuya! Let's let our paths cross again, guys! Keep on fighting!" Masaru hollered as he and Agumon (M) waved to them. "And Phillipe, you and Kotori take care!"

Phillipe nodded in response. "We will, Masaru!"

Agumon (M) cried out. "See ya!"

Masaru and Agumon (M) were the last ones to go through the portal.

Takato and Takuya exchanged looks and grinned.

"That was such an awesome experience, huh, Takuya?"

"You said it, man."

Omegamon addressed the remaining Digiteams. "With this major crisis behind us, you're all free to return home, Tamers and Legendary Warriors. You've more than earned a long reprieve."

"Unless you wish to volunteer, leave the rebuilding to us. The Sovereigns and the recovered Holy Dragons will regenerate the sanctuary lost during the battle with Valmarmon," Anubimon stated.

"We'll be repairing the damage to our realms as well," Athenamon said.

"If you need anything, we're here to help," Takato said as he turned around and faced everyone of his colleagues – both Tamer and Legendary Warrior alike. "Here's a new era for us, guys!"

Everyone cried out in unison. "YEAH!"


Azabu-Juuban Park/12:30 PM

The Sailor & Kuiper Senshi, the Duelists, Spirit Detectives, and the Duel Academy students amassed together to see the Neo Senshi, the Signers, and company off. A few of the Tamers and Legendary Warriors to see the future heroes off, including but not limited to the Beast Tamers & their Digimon, Phillipe & Jaguarmon, Kotori & Seadramon, Vega, and Dimitro.

Chibi-Usa and RJ stood at the forefront; the former now held the Time Key given to her by Yusei. With them was Atem, who was ready to return to his time in Ancient Egypt. Koori, Ryuuhi, Adam & Deedee/Demona, Amaya, Daiki & Helbot, Umi, Ai, and the Quartet were on the left side. On the right, Yusei had Jack, Akiza, Crow, Leo, Luna, Carly, Mina, and Trudge with him. Trudge still had Professor Frank tied up.

"Guys, if you weren't for you coming back to warn us, I don't know where we'd be now," Usagi addressed the future group.

"But, we're glad you did and helped prevent this timeline from greatly being altered or wiped by a temporal wave," Yugi said, smiling with his eyes fixated on Yusei and his crew.

"We'd totally be screwed that's for sure," Jaden said. "We mean it. Thanks."

Yusei walked over as he, Jaden, and Yugi placed their hands over on top of the other.

"Our bonds has and will continue to reach beyond time," Yusei genuinely smiled. "One day should another crisis affect our timelines, we might cross paths."

Yugi and Jaden both nodded, exchanging smiles with Yusei.

"Crow, ya take care now!" Joey called out to the Signer, who shot him a thumbs up.

"See you later, Jack!" Chazz said to the Signer, who waved to him.

"Akiza, take care!" Tea and Alexis waved to the female Signer, who also waved back to them.

"Leo! Luna!" Syrus shouted to the twins.

"Atem!" Yugi called over the prince.

Atem approached Yugi. Yugi placed his hands on the prince's Millennium Pendant. Yugi examined it close and nodded.

"Make sure you take care of it, Atem."

"Yes, and keep those Egyptian Gods safeguarded. Thank you and your friends for all you've done, Yugi. And farewell, Yugi's friends for showing me there's hope and that the world is bigger than perceived," Atem waved to Yugi's entourage.

Tearing up, Tea waved to him. "Goodbye, Atem."

"Hey, RJ! Tell the future me to continue kicking ass!" Yusuke called to his son.

"Sure, hell you're king of the Makai in our time! Your future is going to look bright no matter how you slice it!"

"Heh, I'll be..." The ex-Detective said with a big grin.

Meanwhile, Sam and Max hugged both Koori and Amaya respectively. The girls both teared up not wanting to leave already.

"Max, you take care. One day, I hope we'll see each other again," Amaya said, placing her hand on his cheek.

Daiki gave Max a fist bump. "Later, dude. Oh by the way, I'm really not supposed to say this, but keep an eye out on a few series that'll blow up unexpectedly in popularity in a few years."

"Do tell?" Max asked.

"Be on the look out for Kill la Kill and Attack on Titan. Oh, and Naruto will finish before Bleach and One Piece."

Sam asked. "When does One Piece end? Please hopefully it ends before I end up kick the bucket."

Daiki chuckled as he delved into more details. "2022 and it'll be Japan's biggest selling manga until 2027 when a series about some badass dinosaur warriors written by one of Akira Toriyama's proteges kicks its ass in sales and becomes king of all manga. Think of it like a cross between Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, Shaman King, Ninja Turtles, and Dinosaucers. It'll gets published roughly after the fifth Jurassic Park movie becomes a big hit and dinosaurs become the talk of the town. Pirates and ninjas become yesterday's news when this thing hits the big charts. It's called Pangean Kings. You two will thank me later."

Max and Sam were taken aback at the notion of a dinosaur shonen and it one day becoming the next big thing in Japan.

"What's that I hear about dinosaurs?!" Hassleberry asked.

Syrus calmed his friend down. "Nothing, don't worry about it!"

"Ugh, bro, don't you think you're giving a lot away?" Amaya facepalmed.

"No way! As long as they keep it to themselves, there shouldn't be a problem!" Daiki casually said, laughing. "Oh, and get this. Marvel gets bought by Disney and will have a shit ton of profitable films, including The Avengers in 2012 and the surprise sleeper hit Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014. Yep, the audiences will love Rocket Raccoon! Dance battles will become a trend. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman will be in a movie together in 2016. Sailor V gets her own trilogy of films that are box office hits, leading to movie adaptations of the Sailor Senshi and ultimately one of the whole group of heroes by 2030. The Simpsons ends after its 30th season and Spongebob Squarepants ends production in 2020. The darn sponge tries to make a comeback a few times, even in our time, but Neo-Queen Serenity and the Senshi discover the new Spongebob was a Youma plot all along to dumb down the audiences... so they blast the Youma mastermind away thus ending the Yellow Gods' revival dead cold. Pokemon will outlive it, giving Pikachu the status as the Yellow God. Hollywood goes near bankrupt as audiences grow tired of the endless remakes, sequels, superheroes, and lack of new ideas, thus allowing independent film companies to step their games up. Horror will make a comeback. NHL dies and comes back. When Vince McMahon dies, the WWE pretty much collapses and has to collaborate with a UFC, its biggest competitor to stay afloat. Usagi will eventually become Neo-Queen Serenity obviously and Yusuke becomes the Makai king. And..."

Amaya slapped the back of Daiki's head. "Ugh, enough already! Too much details!"

As Koori sweatdropped, Ryuuhi grabbed Daiki by the collar and dragged him along.

"Why am I not surprised the sponge was a monster plot all along?" Makoto overheard them.

Rei shrugged. "I knew it the whole time. Gives me reason to find this Youma now."

Hiei added. "Give me a a few seconds to deal with this Youma matter and end that yellow monster's existence."

"But, wow, a dinosaur series becomes the next big manga hit?" Minako's curiosity became piqued. "Rio, we need to keep tabs on that."

Rio scratched his head. "Ok, whatever you say."

"Man, thanks for letting us know!" Sam called to Daiki.


"Ok, with all that noise out of the way," Chibi-Usa declared. She turned facing Usagi and Mamoru. She walked over hugging them both. "Thanks for helping us save this time and restoring the future. I love you both!" She cried passionately.

"Usa..." Mamoru murmured softly, patting his daughter's back. "You send the King and Queen our regards."

"Chibi-Usa, nah, you're not small anymore," Usagi muttered, patting the pink-haired girl's head. "Heck, you're already taller than me! I'm so jealous you sprouted from being that little squirt I first met!"

Chibi-Usa pointed her finger, making a gun gesture to Usagi's face. "Remember this? Bang!" She said in a manner akin to Yusuke and RJ like to use their Spirit Gun.

"Hehe, right."

"Small Lady, safe journey to you and the others," Hotaru approached her long time friend. She hugged Chibi-Usa.

"Hotaru-chan, thanks for fighting with us. Next time I come back, we're hanging out more together!"

Hotaru nodded. "Ok!"

"Small Lady," Setsuna stepped over to meet Chibi-Usa.

Both exchanged brief glances. Chibi-Usa hugged Setsuna tight.

"Be careful, Small Lady and see you again."

"Thank you, my friend," Chibi-Usa smiled, placing her hand on Pluto's face before reconvening with her group.

"Goodbye, Adam! You take care!" Phillipe called over to his nephew.

Adam waved to his uncle and smirked. "Stay classy, uncle Phillipe. You'll be with a fine woman one day."

Ai smirked. "Yeah, and I hear she'll be someone very special to you."

Phillipe blinked in befuddlement. "Huh? Special to me?"

Kotori narrowed her eyes. "A girl, eh? What lucky lady will fall for your irresistible charm, cousin?"

"How would I know?"

"Mom, dad! Goodbye!" Koori and Ryuuhi waved to their parents.

"Stay safe, my children. Tell my future self I'm proud of her," Rei gave them a tearful goodbye while Hiei vaguely smiled and nodded to the twins.

"Later, mom and dad!" Amaya and Daiki called to Ami and Vega.

Ami smirked. "Take care, you two. I love you."

Vega waved to them. "Continue kicking ass in the future! And tell our future selves hi!"

Umi waved goodbye to Makoto and Mako.

Ai shouted to Minako, Rio, and Kohana. "See you again, mom, dad, and Aunt Kohana! Tell Uncle Kyo I said goodbye!"

"Later, mom and dad!" RJ called out to Yusuke and Keiko. "I'll let your future selves know you're still nagging each other!"

Keiko turned to Yusuke and gave him a defeated look. "We're still going to be nagging in the future? Oh god."

Yusuke snickered. "Well, it's us. Heheheh."

"Farewell, everyone!" Karin called out to the Neo Senshi, the Signers, and their cohorts.

"We kicked butt together!" Taylor said.

Luna and Artemis finished rubbing against Diana affectionately. Diana quickly bolted off to meet with her group.

After everyone said their goodbyes, Chibi-Usa turned around facing her group. "Are we all set?" She looked up seeing Diana sitting on her head.

"Yes!" Diana chimed in.

"Let's do it, Usa," RJ replied.

Atem nodded. "Yes."

Yusei folded his arms and smiled. "Let's go home."

Nodding, Chibi-Usa resolved and raised her Time Key. She beckoned to the sky as the gate portal opened. "Time Key, open the gates to the Space-Time Door! Grant us permission into the future!"

With that, a massive pink flash of light swept over and enveloped the group. A vortex opened up and released white light that pulled the group directly into the Time Stream.

"GOODBYE EVERYONE!" Chibi-Usa, RJ, Atem, and Yusei shouted together.

The present group saw them make their leave into the Time Stream.

The future group safely passed into the Time Stream, leaving everyone else behind to witness the portal close up.

Yugi lowered his hand and smiled. "Farewell, my friends. Safe journey to you all."

Yusuke folded his arms. "Until we meet again, guys."

Takato and Guilmon still had their eyes toward the sky where the Time Stream portal once was.

Likewise, Takuya had his eyes to where the portal was.

Karin palmed her chest and smiled. "It was good to know you all."

Setsuna closed her eyes and felt the wind blow against her hair, which flowed across with the currents. "I checked and the future timelines has been fully restored. Any discrepancies that affected their timeline are all gone."

Usagi wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled proudly. "Thank you, Small Lady. Seeing you have a band of friends and Senshi of your own, you've grown so much and become a leader. Take care, my daughter." She paused and felt Mamoru put an arm around her.

The heroes all looked up seeing the clouds part way, letting through the early midday sunlight shine over their location.

As one future was restored, the current timeline was on a path to recovery and a Dawn of Cosmos already set into motion. The heroes now look forward to wherever fate lies for them.


Ancient Egypt/Pharaoh's Palace/1009 B.C.

"He's been gone too long. I'm getting worried," Teana walked into the garden accompanied by Jono. "He should've been back, Jono."

"I wouldn't worry too much, Teana. He probably got caught up and is still trying to find the one messing with their time," Jono tried his hardest to reassure her. He paused and noticed Tea lowering her head, sighing sadly. "I'm not helping much. Listen, Teana, he'll be ok. In fact, he could drop in at any minute."


Suddenly, Atem conveniently fell from the air out of nowhere and landed on top of Jono. Jono freaked out as the weight of Atem dropped him. Teana frantically turned around and sighted Atem sitting on top of Jono.

"Ow, that was a rough landing," Atem rubbed his head.

"Tell me about it. Next time a little warning?" Jono groaned as he sat up rubbing his back.

"Atem!" Teana cried out as Mahad and Mana came bolting to their location.

"Prince! You've returned!" Mahad exclaimed as he checked on Atem.

Getting off Jono, Atem helped his friend up and checked his Millennium Pendant.

"Yay! You're back, Atem!" Mana cheered, pulling Atem into a hug. "We were so worried about you!"

"So, how did it go?" Teana asked him.

Atem gave them a genuine smile, sending positive signals to his cohorts. "We stopped the enemies. It took all of us to beat them and what an experience it was. Yugi Muto commanded the Egyptian Gods like nobody I've seen before. He and his friends were incredible!"

"Does this mean our time will be safe?" Mahad inquired to the prince.

"It sure does. Once we averted the enemy crisis, I've been assured our time will stay intact."

"Whatever the case, we're glad to have you home, Prince Atem," Mahad nodded. "Come, your father will be pleased to see you've returned, my prince."

"Let's go, everyone!" Atem called out as he bolted ahead leading everyone into the palace. As they went on ahead, he paused and turned around. Atem sighted high above the Time Stream portal. He saw a glimpse of Chibi-Usa, Yusei, and RJ waving goodbye to him. He waved back and watched the portal close.

"Atem?" Teana and Mana approached Atem.

Atem turned around and smirked. "It's nothing. Let's go." It was an honor being there fighting alongside you, Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, and the other heroes of legend. I'll keep the whole experience etched in my memories.


Neo Crystal Tokyo/Outside Crystal Palace/April 4, 3009/1:20 PM

As the Time Stream portal opened, the Neo Senshi, the Signers, and their cohorts landed just outside the Crystal Palace. They were very much relieved to be back in their appropriate time. Also much to their delight, their entire future was restored.

"We really did it, guys. I'll be damned," RJ said, widening his smile. He got down on his knees and kissed the ground. "It's good to be home!"

Chibi-Usa looked up, her eyes and mouth widening as she saw Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, the Inner Senshi, Yusuke, Keiko, Hiei, Vega, Dimitro, Kurama, Maya, and the Kuiper Senshi. Parents and friends were happy to see their children and colleagues return from a successful mission.

"Mom, dad!" Chibi-Usa cried out happily to them. She ran up to hug them both.

Neo-Queen Serenity patted her sobbing daughter's back. "Welcome home, Usa, and thank you all." She shifted her view to the Signers, Carly, Trudge, and Mina. "How can we repay you?"

"You don't need to, Lady Serenity," Yusei bowed to the Crystal Tokyo monarch. "We went to great lengths to restore our timeline."

"And we've apprehended the one responsible," Trudge showed the Moon family and company Professor Frank. "Rest assured, your highness, the scumbag's going back where he belongs. He might even get lobotomized for all the crap he's put us through."

"You wouldn't dare! I'll call my lawyers...!"


Luna kicked Frank in the groin again. Frank cried out painfully as his voice became high-pitched.

"That's for destroying our future! And this!" Luna field goaled the man's groin again. "And that's for me!" She frowned, turning her back to him.

Most of the guys cringed and held their crotches.

"You go, girl!" Carly cheered her.

Amaya added. "I second that."

Ryuuhi scoffed. "Too bad I can't slit his throat."

"Or, gouge his eyes out and gut him like a pig," Deedee hissed.

"Anyway, we'll be making our leave now," Jack addressed Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and their entourage.

"Just a moment," King Endymion interjected, stopping the Signers and their cohorts from leaving. "Please if there's anything we can do, just name it."

"Nothing more than to maintain our friendship with you daughter and her team," Yusei turned to Chibi-Usa, her Neo Senshi, RJ's crew, and the others.

CereCere smiled. "What do you think, Princess Serenity?" She turned and asked Chibi-Usa.

Standing face-to-face, Chibi-Usa and RJ extended their hands of friendship to Yusei respectively. Yusei shook both of their hands to solidify their alliance.

"If Sailor Moon and the others are able to defend their time from threats, then we so can we," Chibi-Usa announced. "From this day forth, we'll fight to defend our world from threats. As of now, we, the Futurites, will take on all comers who wish to threaten our future!"

The Signers, the Neo Senshi, and the others pumped their fists up cheering in unison. Having realized there still existed planetary threats, the heroes of the future declared to unify their efforts and safeguard their world.

The old guard stood watching the next generation uniting to set things right in the world. Neo-Queen Serenity looked up clasping her hands, giving thanks to her past self and her allies for restoring the future and ending Paradais' reign of destruction.

Let our bonds reach beyond time, everyone. Yusei, Chibi-Usa, and RJ thought together.

(End theme)


Shinjuku District/Old Hypnos Headquarters/April 5, 2009/9:30 AM

Henry, Terriermon, and Jaarin arrived to see Yamaki's team and the Monster Makers setting up shop in their new location.

"So good for you to show up," Shibumi addressed the Wong siblings. "If you'd like to help us set up a few things, we can have your stations ready to go."

"Thank you, Shibumi," Henry bowed politely to him.

"No need for the formalities. Anything to help with Janyuu's kids."

Jaarin surveyed the stations. "Looks good so far. Is this where we'll work?"

"Yes until we get things running back at the government building," Yamaki replied as he approached the kids. "Henry, Jaarin, make yourselves at home."

"Is there anything I can do? Maybe clean your windows?" Terriermon offered. "They are pretty dirty."

"Um, sure. Help yourself."

"We got spray and wipees over here!" Talley called Terriermon over.

"Watch me go to work!" Terriermon flew off Henry's shoulder and over to Talley.

"As I understand, classes start for you tomorrow, Henry?"

"Yes, Yamaki. I'm willing to be flexible with my schedule and come work here after school and my club activity."

"Ok. Just don't overdo it. Come only if you need to. Jaarin will be here most of the time anyway."

"Thank you, Yamaki, and I won't let any of you down," Henry said, looking out the window toward a view of Shinjuku. He sat down next to Dolphin.

"You sure you want to do this, Henry?" Dolphin asked.

"I am, let's get to work."


Outskirts of Tokyo/2:10 PM

Yusuke and Genkai stood away watching Yui and DarkGabumon greeting a tall, slender woman with long dark hair, a gentleman with glasses, and two teenaged kids roughly Yui's age.

Yui bowed to the tall woman. "It's an honor to finally meet you, Miss Kuroko. I'm the current Spirit Detective Yui Tsubasa."

"A pleasure to meet you, Yui," Kuroko accepted her generosity.

"Hey, you're our age, right?" The teen boy asked. "My name's Kaisei. You're kind cute!"

Yui blushed. "Oh, you think so?"

"I'm Fubuki. Forgive my brother, he's just getting used to cute girls like you at the school we go to. Oh, is that your pet?"

"No, this is DarkGabumon. He's my Digimon partner."

DarkGabumon nodded. "A pleasure to meet you all."

Kaisei gasped. "Wow, cool! Is he your spirit beast?"

"Well, kinda, but not really...?"

Fubuki rubbed DarkGabumon's under jaw. "You're so cute!"

Yui sweatdropped. "DarkGabumon tends to be shy around new people."

Kuroko noticed Yusuke and Genkai together. She waved to them.

"Should we, Genkai? The last time I came here I didn't exactly get an invite to come back."

"She was only doing so to protect her family. With King Enma, Koenma's exercised his right to address Kuroko's concerns. He and Botan already talked things over with her. We're good to go and accompany Yui inside. Kuroko herself feels much safer if a Tenyou is in her presence."

Yusuke was relieved. "Fine. Still, however Koenma was able to convince her to let me in, I'm impressed. Things definitely are looking up with Koenma in charge."

"Hence why we brought Yui along to earn Kuroko's trust again. Now, enough dawdling, let's get going, Yusuke."



Azabu-Juuban District/Hikawa Shrine/3:30 PM

Seto, Lyn, Mokuba, Max, and Sam paused right in front of the shrine. With Kaiba Manor destroyed by the Paradais Knights, it would require months of repair to build a new one from the ground up. Rather than living in KaibaCorp office, Lyn opted for them to stay in Hikawa for two reasons: in order for her to spend more time with Tyra and be closer to nature.

Rei, Cammy, Hiei, Tyra, Helena, Yuuichirou, and Grandpa Hino stood right in front of the shrine anticipating their arrival.

"Welcome to the shrine, guys," Rei kindly addressed them. "Please make yourselves at home. We've prepared the guest rooms."

"We can help take your bags," Cammy offered as she and Yuuichirou took the Kaiba and Strombergs' belongings.

Lyn and Tyra walked over high-fiving and hugging one another.

"Decided to come stay here after all, Lyn?"

"Yep, I really can't stay cooped up in that office. I really needed to persuade Mr. Stubborn here to come stay here," Lyn eyed Seto and coughed. "Besides, I feel much better working when close to beautiful scenery like this."

"Being here will relax your mind. Trust me when I say this," Helena said. "Me and Tyra do our meditating here."

"Heh, how does Seto feel about this?" Tyra chortled.

Lyn sweatdropped. "Well, when I told him we would have to earn our keep here, he didn't exactly take it well."

As Seto surveyed the shrine, Rei approached him.

"It is beautiful, isn't it, Seto Kaiba?"

"Staying here might not be a bad idea. It'll be good for Lyn and her brothers."

"And it'll be good for you, too!" Rei smiled, lightly slapping his back. "There might be something you like here that don't involve technology and Duel Monsters!" She then turned him around and gave him a wink. "And believe me just because you're one of the richest guys in the world, that doesn't mean you're skipping out on chores on my family shrine. I do expect you to earn you keep!" She winked to him.

Seto was taken aback by her direct approach. "Lyn already told me. Whatever it takes for me to stay here."

"Great! Since the boys are leaving to Duel Academy, if you aren't busy with work, I need you to sweep outside the shrine."


"And polish the statues."

"All right."

"And place charms on the trees."

"As you wish."

Mokuba chuckled. "Hoo boy, she's really gonna whip him into shape. I don;t even have half the chores he does. Sucks to be you, bro."

Max turned to Sam and snickered. "Thank goodness for Duel Academy, huh?"

"Tell me about it, bro."

"Boys," Lyn addressed her brothers. "Did you make sure to bring all you need for the trip back and for your dorms?"

"Yes, ma'am," they both answered.


Tyra addressed Max and Sam. "You two go out there, kick ass, and take names!"

"Well, we'd have to beat the best they've got," Sam said. "Namely our pals Jaden, Chazz, and the others."

"But, we'll do our best and study hard for you, Hammer!" Max called Tyra by her nickname.

"That's the spirit, boys," she said.

"So, Koori... well, the little version of her is here?" Sam asked Helena.

"She is and she's taking a nap now."

"Oh, I see."

Rei overheard Sam and smiled. "Miss the future her, Sam?"

The boy nodded, smiling from ear to ear.

"Who knows? She might be back again. Just keep believing," Cammy said as she walked out of the shrine.

Pulling out a small piece of paper, Sam kept a note Koori wrote for him. He nodded and smirked. "I will keep believing."

"I'm really going to enjoy being here. After the boys leave, what did you want to do tomorrow?"

Helena interjected. "Might I suggest we go out on the town? We can look for something to do. First of course, we have our training first thing tomorrow, Tyra."

"Oh, right!" Rei listened to their conversation. "Lyn, do you like yoga?"

"Never tried?"

"I've been taking yoga classes for a while to help lose that weight I put on after having Koori and Ryuuhi. Tyra and Helena are members of a gym I go to and they have yoga sessions I go to three times a week. Tyra can get you in with a discount if you want."

Lyn folded her arms and nodded. "Sure, why not? I'm in. Wait, what about the kids?"

"Hiei will be here. Besides, Cammy, Yuuichirou, and grandpa are always good with taking care of them. By the way, Lyn, you're not off the hook in regards of shrine chores. Maybe you can help me and Cammy with Miko duties."

"Um, sure."

The girls chattered on as Seto and Hiei stood on the sidelines hearing their conversation.

"Lyn, you're really taking advantage of this, aren't you?" Seto mumbled. "Hiei, how do you put up with this?"

"Something you get used to," the demon said as he looked up seeing Deimos and Phobos cawing. "The woman might seem controlling, but in the end living here is not bad."

"Did being a father change you any?"

"A little, but shedding the blood of my enemies will never change."

Seto cringed. "Right."

Lyn walked over and took Seto's hands. "C'mon, Seto, we're all going out for lunch! You'll be buying, right?"

"What?! Me?!"

"You've got the money, Ebenezer! Don't skimp out on us!" Tyra barked.

Helena clasped her hands and pleaded. "Please?"

"All right."

Cammy cheered. "How nice of you, Seto!"

"Thanks, bro!" Mokuba said.

"You're awesome, Seto!" Max and Sam exclaimed in unison.

Rei pumped her fist up and shouted. "Ok, lunch is on Seto, everyone! To celebrate the Kaibas and Strombergs moving into the shrine household!"

As everyone cheered, Hiei smiled darkly and muttered. "Oh, you poor rich fool."


Shinjuku Central Park/4:05 PM

Takato and Guilmon sat together facing the lake in front of them. The teen used his free time to doodle a few pictures, including a full body drawing of BlazeGallantmon.

"That's good, Takato! We look neat as BlazeGallantmon, huh?"

"It's my depiction of how we look when we're Beast Biomerged, but glad you think it's spot on, boy," Takato said, patting Guilmon's head.

"I already miss the Digi-Destined and Masaru's team, Takato."

"Same here. It was fun while it lasted, but what an eventful seven days, huh? I'll never forget it."

"And neither will we," came a voice Takato and Guilmon recognized.

They turned around to see the source came from Henry. Accompanying Henry were Terriermon, Rika & Renamon, Himura & Inumon, Phillipe & Jaguarmon, Kazu & Guardromon, Kenta & MarineAngemon, Kotori & Seadramon, and Jeri with Felinismon & Leomon.

"You guys..." Takato addressed them but before he could finish Himura interjected.

"Wanna play some basketball?" Himura asked. "I thought we'd play since classes start back up tomorrow and I sadly won't be seeing you guys first thing tomorrow."

"Yeah, since Himura's graduated from high school," Inumon said. "He's looking at a few universities. Won't be long until he's a uni student!"

"That's great, Himura!" Takato said. "And a lot of us here have a year left on us."

"Not me," Kotori spoke up. "I'll be looking for some work."

"I'm sure you'll find something, Kotori!" Jeri encouraged her.

Rika sighed. "Well, it didn't take long for Izumi to see my mom. Soon, she'll be taking her test photo shoots soon."

Terriermon snickered. "When do we get a sneak peek? Ehehe."

"Terriermon," Henry grumbled.

"That's great for her," Takato said. "Takuya has to be flipping out over this."

"Yeah, and he's already applying to be a fire fighter. We'll see how that goes," Kazu said. "Man, I can't wait to finish school already!"

Kenta sighed. "You and me both, man."

"Well, me and Jaarin are starting work with Yamaki and his team," Henry said.

"Hope that goes well for you, Henry," Himura replied.


(Cue Utada Hikaru – Beautiful World)

"I don't know. I'm looking very much forward to hanging out with you guys. Let's make this last year memorable for us," the goggle head said, putting his hand out as the other Tamers placed theirs over his. "Here's to a brighter future for all of us!"



Domino City/Monorail Station/April 6, 2009/9:30 AM

The Duelists came to see the Duel Academy students off on their trip back to Duel Academy. Jaden looked over his shoulder seeing Winged Kuriboh encouraging him to go see Yugi.

"Yugi," Jaden looked back to the King of Games.

"Yes, Jaden?"

"That was one heck of a good time we had, huh? The best experience I've ever had."

Yugi nodded. "Indeed, likewise, my friend. You and your friends are a very promising bunch of duelists. Already you and Yusei's group have shown me decks not only effective but stronger than anything my friends have seen."

"You guys take care and study hard! We'll be here if you wanna duel!" Joey called to them.

"I'm not sure I'd want to duel them. I know for certain they'd kick my butt," Tristan modestly chuckled.

"Yeah, you're not exactly top-tier yourself, Tristan," Duke remarked.

Tea shook Alexis' hand. "Take care and make sure the boys stay out of trouble."

Alexis sweatdropped. "They're a handful, but I'll manage."

Chazz waved to Seto. "It was an honor dueling with you, Seto Kaiba! We and Jack sure showed that blowhard what's boss!"

Seto did nothing, but smirked just a little. Lyn noticed this and smiled herself.

"Ah, is that a smile?"


"Don't lie. I can see it on your face!"

Seto turned away, coughing as Lyn poked his side causing him to withdraw from looking at her. Lyn continued egging him on.

"Sis!" Max and Sam called out to Lyn.

"You boys take care!" Lyn waved them off. "And keep at it with those studies!"

"Of course they will," Seto replied. "Once they graduate, they'll be one of this country's best when it's said and done."

"And they'll learn more from Jaden's group of friends," Mokuba said. "They're in good shape to become great duelists."

Serenity called to the Duel Academy crew. "Goodbye, you guys!"

"If these kids keep this up and some of us won't even stand a chance against their upgraded decks," Mai assessed. "Looks like I've gotta update mine just to keep up!"

Joey smirked. "Won't have to worry about that with the new cards coming out."

Vivian grinned. "Oh, yes, new and shiny cards for me to collect! I'm gonna build a stronger deck that beats that brat's!"

Miho chuckled nervously. "I think I'll stay out of your silly rivalry with that Rebecca girl. Besides, we should be focusing more on our Senshi duties these days."

"See ya, everyone!" Jaden waved to the Duelists.

As the students boarded the train, the Duelists watched them leave and waved them off.

"I'll be waiting for you, Jaden Yuki," Yugi muttered.


Ueno District/Tenoh-Kaioh Residence/3:20 PM

Karin brought Dimitri and Faith into the Outer Senshi's household. Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, and Hotaru greeted Dimitri and his Digimon formally.

"I...I really don't know what to say?" Dimitri said nervously, surveying the entire household.

"Just make yourself at home, Dimitri," Setsuna replied kindly. "Please don't hesitate to ask us for anything."

"As long as you're Karin's friend, you're ok with us," Haruka said. "But, I have to ask you a few things, namely about your home dimension."

Michiru smiled. "Yes, I'm curious about your upbringing and who your parents are."

Hotaru added. "You're awfully similar to a young time traveler from the future we know about."

Karin giggled. "Oh, don't worry he knows and when I told him he was surprised himself." She led Dimitri and Faith up the stairs. "You two will be a sharing a room together."

"Wait, us sharing a room?"

Haruka interjected. "Um, yeah, wait a sec here!"

"Yeah, why? Is that a problem?"

The time traveler gulped. "No, but your privacy and all."

Karin nodded dismissively. "Dimitri, I trust you enough to let you see me get dressed. As it's you." She grabbed his hands. "Come on, let's talk a few things over in our room now!" She took Dimitri up the flight of stairs with Faith tagging along.

The Outers watched them bolting up past the stairs and heard Karin's door being closed.

Haruka shrugged. "Whatever, I don't care as long as they don't trash the room."

Michiru chortled. "I've never seen Karin this happy before. How cute."

Hotaru smiled. "With Dimitri here, things are gonna be interesting, huh, Setsuna-momma?"

Setsuna replied. "Yes, indeed, very much so."


With Karin's back on the door, she looked up at Dimitri sitting on her bed. Faith found a cozy spot to curl up and sleep on.

"Ah, this feels nice and warm," Faith purred.

"Karin, listen..."

"Sssh, what did I just say?" Karin said, placing a finger on his lips. "I'm perfectly fine with us sharing a room. Now, I don't know how Haruka and Michiru might feel, but they might warm up to it. Besides, this should be our time together. We never got a chance to really wind down during these last few days. I'll let you know when I need to be alone."

Dimitri moved her finger from his lips and looked up at her friendly face. "It was a long series of battles. But, I still can't forgive that witch for turning me loose on you and your friends. I wasn't careful."

"It's behind us, Dimitri. Charon's rotting in whatever hellhole she and her partners are in now. We can move on from that."

"Thanks, Karin. So, I need to ask... when Charon grabbed your Dragon Saber, was it just me or did I see an essence that kinda resembled Kensuke?"

Karin immediately reflected back to seeing Dramon X's essence dazing Chaos with a punch. "You might be onto something, Dimitri. That was something else."


She switched topics right off the bat. "Anytime. Now, let's discuss what we're gonna do now with you."

"Right. I'm already looking at construction job work."

"I can take you to see Kuwabara. Maybe he can get you a job."

"Sounds great. I'll take anything at this point."

"Yeah?" Karin smirked as she turned on music from her Ipod. What she played was some romantic music.


Karin leaned forward looking Dimitri in the eyes. After a few moments of brief pause, they locked lips and grabbed each other's hands.


Setsuna put her ear on the door with Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru by her side. The Time Guardian smirked and turned away, leaving Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru befuddled.

"Well?" Haruka asked.

"Leave them be. After all, we all can use some time to unwind," Setsuna said.

"She's right, Haruka dear," Michiru caressed Haruka's chin. "How about some strawberries?"

"Why not?"

Hotaru chuckled. "Yep, things are gonna get more livelier around here. That's for sure."


Shibuya District/Okami Residence and Dojo/5:00 PM

Setsuna greeted Okami, Suzuno, Aoshi, and Hina. Hina walked over and greeted the Time Guardian.


"Miss Setsuna!" Hina pointed to the Time Guardian.

"That's correct, little one."

"Setsuna, when will you need our daughter for begin her Senshi training?"

"I'll let you know, Suzuno," the green-haired woman addressed her. She pivoted over to Okami. "You're ok with this I take it?"

"We discussed things thoroughly and I do. Make her the best Pluto successor you can possibly make."

Nodding, Setsuna crouched over and summoned her Garnet Orb, which materialized and floated in her hands. She let it hover over to Hina, who took the orb and stared in awe at it.

"So pretty!" Hina gleamed over the object.

"Hina, when you touch this orb, it will pass on some of my power over to you and grant you magical powers."

"Magic powers?"

"Yes, and I will teach you to use them to protect people. Will you be ok with becoming my successor of the Pluto title, Hina?"

Hina grasped the object as mystic energies began seeping into the child's body. Her eyes shot open as a faint Pluto symbol adorned her forehead.

"I will, Miss Setsuna."

Setsuna smiled and patted Hina's head. "Good girl. I've given you the power, but to bring it out I'll have to teach you to unlock and utilize them."

Although she didn't understand much, Hina just complied. "Yes, Miss Setsuna." She turned to her family and excitedly addressed them. "Did you see? She gave me some magic powers!"

Suzuno smiled proudly. "That's great, dear. I'm proud of you."

"Hina, be sure and listen to what Lady Setsuna tells you, ok?"

"I will, poppa!"

Aoshi walked over and confronted Setsuna. "How long until sis dons the skirt and the uniform?"

"No telling. It all depends on her now." Setsuna turned and from the corner of her eye Hina sat down caressing the Garnet Orb. "But, I promise will be the next Sailor Pluto when it's all said and done."

"We look forward to great results, Setsuna," Okami said. "Would you like to join us for dinner?"

"Thank you for the offer, but I must leave and attend to..." She paused when she felt Hina grasping her hand. "Hina?"

"Please stay for dinner with us? Please?"

Setsuna was easily won over by the innocence in Hina's eyes. She nodded and accepted. "Is there room for one more?"

"Yes, indeed, my old friend," Okami said as he and the family walked her into their household.

Yes, the Dawn of Cosmos is really starting off on the right path. The new generation now has time to rise and take over after the old guard. I will ensure Hina is one of them... as one day my post may expire and require a new Time Guardian Whether you take that position Hina remains to be seen. There's another potential out there I hope will take my guardian post one day. Setsuna thought as the wind blew past behind her. Her hair waved along with the wind. Here's to a new age... a promising one and however long it lasts.

(End theme)


Nine Months Later


Azabu-Juuban District/Juuban Second General Hospital/December 1, 2009/7:30 AM

It was one peaceful morning in the local Juuban medical center. But, inside business stirred.

Late last night, one patient was rushed after a bout of intense labor.

And right now, she was undergoing the most excruciating physical pain and she let the world know with the base of her beautiful voice.





Rio panicked while Dr. Mizuno and a few nurses rushed in to give Minako Aino, sitting with her legs spread open and her face drenched in layers of sweat. Minako screamed so much her face turned rose. She not only grabbed, but clenched Rio's hand so tight she already broke a few of his fingers with ungodly strength. Rio clenched his teeth hard trying not to scream in pain.

Dr. Mizuno, Ami, and, Jami were in the room as well helping the nurses.

Ami encouraged Minako on. "We're almost there! Yes, I see the baby coming! Push again! Harder!"

Minako nodded and wept. "Ok..." She took a deep breath and prayed. "Here we go, Ai-chan! I'm delivering you one way or another, honey! Come hell or high dishes!"

Rio sweatdropped. "Don't you mean, 'Come hell or high water', Mina?"

Minako breathed down heavily. "Whatever, babe, like I... OH SHIT! HERE IT COMES! THE HEAD!"


The resounding cries of Minako's labor screams were heard in the waiting area. The Senshi & their significant others, the Beast Tamers & their Digimon, the Kuipers, Dimitri & Faith, Yusuke & Keiko, Kuwabara & Yukina, the Neo-Spirit Detectives, Nadeshiko, and Kyo & Selipa cringed hearing Minako's screams.

Usagi, Rei, and Keiko shuddered recalling their worst painful experience: their labors.

"God, I can't imagine what she's going through!" Kohana exclaimed. "I hope brother's giving her support in there!"

Lien, in her disguise form (looking like a black-haired, fair-skinned girl wearing a pink dress complete with a big white hair bow), turned to Kohana. "Our kind lays eggs. Do humans lay eggs, too?" She asked, naïve of a human's reproduction.

Everyone else sweatdropped and chuckled nervously over Lien's comment.

"Actually, humans and most demons give birth to live young," Yukina explained to the alien.

"Wow, really?!" Lien gasped in bewilderment.

"Yep, and for us human girls it's very painful," Usagi pointed out. "But, it's worth it in the end. Right?" She pivoted over to Rei and Keiko.

Rei and Keiko nodded, smiling together. "Oh yeah."

Rei added. "There's just something that makes you feel happy for bringing new life to this world. So far..." She watched her toddlers playing with Hiei's hair. "...they've been raised the right way."

"Likewise," Yukina said, eyeing Yusuke rolling a ball to RJ.

"Ugh, still the labor pains," Rika said. "I do admire you three for going through with it though."

Takato chuckled. "Look on the bright side, you said you don't plan on having kids for a long time."

"Or never."

"C'mon, you don't mean that."

"I can barely handle YellowKouInumon and BlackViximon. When I'm there helping Himura take care of Yusuke and Kazuma, it's a handful."

Inumon overheard them. "Oh, Rika, you're a wonderful babysitter."

Renamon nodded. "He's right, Rika. The pups love you dearly."

"Well, if you say so," the ginger-haired girl felt more better about her job.

"Hey, guys! They're coming out!" Makoto announced

Everyone in the waiting area turned around seeing Dr. Mizuno walking forward with Rio pushing up Minako in a wheelchair. Minako a white towel bundle in her arms as she smiled her brightest. Ami and Jami also accompanied Dr. Mizuno.

"MINAKO!" The Senshi and the others cried out, quickly bolting over to meet her.

"Everyone, please no running and don't crowd too close. The baby is asleep," Dr. Mizuno demanded, placing a finger on her lips.

Ami nodded proudly. "Minako was such a troop, everyone."

"Mina, isn't she beautiful?" Usagi whispered, leaning over to see the bundle in the radiant woman's arms.

"You have no idea," Minako smiled, opening the bundle to reveal the baby's sleeping face and a tuft of light brown hair atop her head. "Ai-chan is my beautiful child."

"Can't argue with that after meeting her future self," Karin said. "And she will have an equally beautiful voice."

Christina leaned her to see Ai and touched the child's cheek. "So, cute. She's so soft!"

"Well, she was just born," Rio chuckled at Christina's remark.

"There's my beautiful niece," Kohana looked over the baby, smiling proudly.

"Ooh, a live baby!" Lien curiously poked over seeing Ai.

"Would you like to hold her, Kohana?" Minako offered her.

"Sure, if you and brother are ok."

"Go ahead, Kohana. It's only right that aunt and niece start bonding," Rio replied.

Nodding, Kohana picked the baby from Minako's lap. She held the bundled baby and cradled her. Lien and Nadeshiko looked over, touching Ai's face.

"Congratulations, you two," Kyo approached Rio and Minako. "Looks like I'm an uncle now, huh?"

Minako winked. You better believe it, bub!"

Artemis hopped onto Minako's lap and teared up. "To think I've been with you since you were just a bratty 7th grader and now you're a momma!" He was handed a tissue by Mamoru, allowing him to blow on it. "Thank you."

"I'm a grown woman now, Artemis, but still me!" She laughed, picking up and hugging Artemis. "Thank you all for the support. I mean it." She said, smiling with tears in her eyes.

"Of course we'll support you and continue to do so!" Makoto affirmed.

"Look, everyone," Keiko pointed the crew over to where Chibi-Usa RJ, Koori, and Adam looked over Ai. "So adorable."

"Isn't this so cute?!" Usagi squealed happily as she took pictures of the kids together.

"And we're looking at the Neo team in the future, guys," Yusuke said, eyeing the kids. "Isn't this awesome, guys?"

"Sure is, man," Kuwabara replied.

Hiei nodded watching his twins, Adam, and RJ bonding with Ai.

"Look at them, Hiei. Our Koori and Ryuuhi are taking after our protective natures," Rei smiled proudly, watching the twins giving their toys to Ai, who was giggling.

"Indeed, as they should be."

"And we'll help prep them if and when they're able," Karin said, turning to her Kuipers, Dimitri, and Faith. "Will you guys help?"

The Kuipers, Dimitri, and Faith nodded in response.

"We're looking at the future, guys," Takato stated, to which everyone nodded and concurred. "And I'll be looking forward to these kids growing up to the awesome Neo team we just met."

"Crazy to think we met their future counterparts," Himura said.

"Which makes me optimistic our world will remain protected in good hands," the Tamer leader said, watching the infants sitting with Ai.


Two Months Later


Shinjuku Central Park/February 4, 2010/3:20 PM

As the Tamers, half of the Legendary Warriors, and the Kuipers convened in the park, Karin and Dimitri occupied a bench discussing plans for the upcoming months. Faith lied asleep on Dimitri's lap.

"Graduation is coming up soon, isn't it, Karin?"

"Mmm, yes," the brunette, still garbed in her high school uniform, nodded while putting her backpack down. "I really gotta buckle down for the final exams."

"I'm sure you'll do fine, Karin. You've been hitting those books like crazy."

"Well, yeah I'm studying as much as I can, even pulling a few all-nighters. Between that, working part time at the museum, and preparing for our move into the condo, it's been tough on me," she smiled, placing a hand over his. "And you've kept busy as a construction worker."

"Somebody's gotta help build our budget and I made sure to find us the nicest looking condo that lets us get a view of Tokyo Tower," Dimitri turned, looking straight into Karin's eyes. They both exchanged genuine and loving smiles. "Don't worry. The move will go smoothly."

"I know and I can't wait until the move is done," Karin said, leaning over to kiss him.

Dimitri did the same, leaning down to kiss her lips.



Karin and Dimitri ended up kissing, but their lips met something else instead. The couple opened their eyes as sitting in between them was a child, a little brunette-haired girl with twin pigtails wearing a blue school uniform. Sitting on top of her was a pink-schemed Patamon.

The girl blinked thrice as she looked at the couple. "...huh?" Then, the girl did a quick double take and shrieked happily. "Ah, I found you! I found you!" She jumped up and down.

"HUH?" Karin and Dimitri were dumbfounded by the child's presence.

"Karin Osaka? Dimitri Ishida, right?!" The girl asked them.

"How do you know our names?" Dimitri asked the wide-eyed child.

"She's got a Digimon!" Karin noticed the 'PinkPatamon' sitting on the child's head.

"The name's PinkPatamon, don't you forget!" The sassy Digimon flapped her wings, snorting. She eyed Faith, who flew over to check her out. "Hey, eyes off, porky!"

"Porky?!" Faith snapped.

"That's right!"

"Behave, PinkPatamon," the girl lightly scolded her. "My name is Athena. Pleased to meet you!"

"Good to meet you two," Karin said. "But, are you a Tamer? Takato and his friends didn't tell me about a new member."

"No, no, I'm not from here!" Athena said, pulling something out from her little backpack. She pulled out what seemingly looked like a family photo. She flashed it right in front of both Karin and Dimitri.

Upon seeing the picture, the couple's eyes gaped looking flabbergasted at the mind-boggling picture. They assumed it was all a fabrication.

"Athena, there you are!" The voice belonging to Chibi-Usa came out from across Karin, Dimitri, Athena, and the Patamon duo.

"Chibi-Usa?!" Karin gaped upon seeing Chibi-Usa & Diana, the Neo Senshi, and RJ's Neo-Detectives coming over to meet them. "You're all here?"

"Yeah, we just got here. Athena somehow got split from us," Koori said. "Thank goodness you found her!"

"Tell us, is this legit?" Dimitri asked, handing the photo to Chibi-Usa.

Scanning the photo, a smile adorned the pink-haired princess' features. She giggled and handed it to Athena. "Considering the age of the photo and futuristic background, it's legit. She's y'alls daughter. Shocking, huh?"

Karin and Dimitri were both left trying to grasp this notion. They pivoted over to Athena, who scooped PinkPatamon up and floated over to the Neo Senshi.

"Surprised, you two?" Ai giggled as she and the others chuckled at Karin and Dimitri's shocked looks.

"Me a mom already in your time?"

"It's surreal, but hey we end up having a kid together. That's a good thing, Karin," Dimitri eyed Athena closely. "She's got my eyes."

"She has my face and hair," Karin noted the child's other features.

"Karin, Dimitri!" Takato called out as he, the Tamers, the Kuipers, and the few Legendary Warriors came to see them. "Huh? Chibi-Usa, RJ, and the others from the future?"

Guilmon noticed PinkPatamon. "Oh, look! That girl has a Digimon!"

"A Patamon," muttered Terriermon.

"Not just any Patamon, but a PinkPatamon," Renamon replied, gazing at Athena's Digimon partner.

"What brings you all here?" Christina inquired.

"We've come to visit and possibly to stay for a while since our parents suggested a few of our friends get more experience and train here like I did," Chibi-Usa plainly answered. "This is especially true for Athena. My mom and Karin's future self suggested I bring her here."

"Whoa, the future me did that?" Karin was taken aback.

"She felt I needed to see the past and finally meet the younger you," Athena said, smiling. "And I'm happy to meet you! I can even move in with you!"

"Move in with us?" Dimitri sputtered. "Oh boy, lucky for us our condo has a guest room."

"Is it ok if she did move with you?" RJ asked. "We'd like to get her off our backs and let you two train her."

"RJ," Chibi-Usa slapped his chest. "She's not annoying. Athena's still naïve about how the world used to be in this time. Maybe you two can show her the world before Crystal Tokyo rose?" She asked Karin and Dimitri.

Before Dimitri could say anything, Karin complied. "We'll do it. Athena?"


Karin extended a hand to Athena. "Welcome to the past, my daughter."

Athena approached her and took Karin's hand. "We're gonna have fun, right?"


"Say, if Athena is their daughter... she's part-Senshi and part-Ascendant, right?" Faith pointed out.

PinkPatamon corrected him. "Not quite. While Athena's groomed to be the next Sailor Sedna, she's merely a quarter Ascendant. She's managed to inherit an Ascendant's strength and power to bring out Ki. And she can use flight on her own! My Athena has a ton of potential I know her parents will help bring out!"

"Man, unbelievable!" Takato exclaimed. "Now, we meet Karin and Dimitri's daughter?"

"I never imagined we would!" Helena cried out.

"Our Karin actually has a daughter in the future?!" Taylor cried out. "That's... pretty cool, actually, but mind-boggling. Congrats to you two!"

"You two will know you'll end up with an adorable little girl," Jami said.

Takuya chimed in. "Man, isn't this crazy stuff! What's next? Another one of our kids comes from the future?"

Henry added. "You've got us there, Takuya."

Rika observed Athena. "Makes me wonder just how strong she could become."

Tyra looked over at Athena closely. "And she's got an Ascendant's strength. Oh boy." She said with caution regarding the child's nature and her potential.

Chibi-Usa bent down next to Athena and giggled. "This is going to be a fun experience, huh, little one?"

"Yeah!" Athena clapped her hands and jumped up whilst her pigtails flapped about like a Patamon's wings.

Karin scratched her head. This shocking revelation was still a tough pill for her and her friends to swallow. Nonetheless, Karin, Dimitri, and the Kuipers were going to show Athena the beauty of 21st century Tokyo and the wonders of being around the heroes, who she looks up to.

If this wasn't enough proof of the heralding of a new generation rising, then nothing else could possibly top this.

However, all this meant to Athena was getting to know her parents before they conceived her.


Two Months Later


Shinjuku District/Outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/April 4, 2010/10:30 AM

Today was the big day for the Japan's heroes as standing right in front of them was the fully rebuilt Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The roof and top levels of the building once ravaged by the Juggernaut was renovated to accommodate the brand the heroes' official headquarters, which Sailor Moon suggested a year prior.

One year later and there standing in the center of Shinjuku was the former Hypnos location transformed into the heroes' headquarters.

"Here it is, guys. A foundation of all our accomplishments. Heck, it's the foundation of all my artistic masterpieces!" Takato announced, gazing up at the newly rebuilt government building. Sitting between the two towers was a globe with the face of Guilmon with a giant crescent moon embellished behind it. Under Guilmon's face was the Millennium Puzzle. Blue spirit flames were embroidered all over coupled with the ten Legendary Warrior symbols displayed all over.

"You designed that symbol, Takato?" Yusuke marveled at the symbol emblazoned on the globe. "Nicely done, man."

"It's the culmination of all my artistic works. I'm darn proud of it."

Henry added. "We can hear you brag about it later, Takato."

Guilmon threw his claws up, cheering. "Yay, it looks great, Takato!"

Himura sweatdropped. "You think anything he makes is gold, Guilmon, but this I can attest to."

"Yeah, I like it, too," Yui nodded.

Kotori eyed the symbol. "It's missing something, can't put my finger on it."

"Like what, cousin?" Phillipe asked.

"Hmmm... nothing, just forget it."

Cammy and Shingo stood side by side gazing proudly at the heroes' headquarters and its symbol.

Sailor Moon gleamed at the symbol. "I love it! Great job, Takato!"

Agunimon gave him a thumbs up. "I approve. Definitely beats the heck out of the preliminary designs."

"Yeah, can't believe I actually liked my initial designs Those were junk compared to this."

"Well done, Takato," Yugi commended his design.

"It gets my seal of approval!" Joey added.

Yamaki and his team viewed the design; each of them nodded in approval.

"Can't believe it's been a full year since you suggested it, Sailor Moon," Sailor Sedna said, walking up next to the Senshi leader.

"No kidding," Sailor Venus remarked. "I thought they'd use that money just for their own personal greed, but guess they can't ignore us anymore."

Sailor Mars folded her arms and nodded. "It's about time if you ask me."

"Yeah, I'm surprised the world leaders would even bother taking up my suggestion."

"After all the years you've selflessly saved our world with Takato's group and the others, it was only fitting I'd say, miss," Yamaki addressed the Moon Princess. "Will you be going in for the tour?"

"Sure, in a moment, but I think we should all take a picture together."

"I've got this," Riley said as she and Talley had their cameras ready.

The Sailor Senshi, the Tamers & their Digimon, the Kuipers, the Spirit & Neo Detectives, the Neo Senshi, the Duelists, the Legendary Warriors, and the Chimeras amassed for a massive group shot. As Riley and Talley took pictures, soon others came by to take pictures of their protectors.

One bystander even remarked while taking pictures. "Heh if these guys weren't our protectors, they'd easily pass off as awesome-looking cosplayers."

"HOLD ON, GUYS!" Came a loud cry, causing the group to pause and notice Jaden Yuki arriving with his backpack with a cat poking its head out. "Man, did I completely miss out?!"

"Jaden?!" The Duelists exclaimed in unison.

Yugi simply nodded. "Not at all. Come join us."

"Hey, if he's getting in the picture then so should we!" Came another voice from out of nowhere.

Looking over his shoulder, Jaden sighted his friends from Duel Academy; most of them had just graduated from the academy with him. Syrus, Chazz, Alexis, Aster, Atticus, Hassleberry, Blair, and Zane approached Jaden. The voice calling to Jaden came from Syrus.

"Why did you bail after we graduated? We were gonna party things up!" Aster said.

Hassleberry pulled Jaden into a headlock. "Glad we can find ya. What'ca been up to now that you've graduated?"

"Sorry, guys, just had to take care of a few things?"

"Like what?" Alexis asked curiously.

Chazz scoffed. "Probably off on an adventure without telling us, right, punk?"

"Um, something like that! Hah!"

"Ahem!" Sailor Moon cleared her throat as she approached the young Duelists. "So, what should I call you?"

"Um, well... good question? Most of us aren't students anymore?" Atticus scratched his head.

"Wow, we're up close the legendary Sailor Moon," Syrus blushed.

"How about the Neo-Duelists? Not original, but it's all I can think of?" Jaden shrugged.

"Neo-Duelists? Sure, why not?" Moon smirked. "After all, we do have Neo-Spirit Detectives and Neo Senshi. Neo-Duelists sounds about right and fitting for the next generation."

"Are we basically replacing the old guard?" Zane asked.

"Not so much replacing, but being there when we need you and most of the old guard are moving on to other things. Would you guys like to help pick up the slack... but it's up to you."

"Well, I"m in! After graduation, I'm looking for something exciting to be part of," Jaden said, shaking Sailor Moon's hand. "Count us in."

"Well, you did help save our world from Nightshroud," Syrus said. "That's a feat no one can ignore."

"Certainly not," Yugi interjected, shaking Jaden's hand. "How was that experienced I showed you? Did you learn from that duel?"

Jaden smiled exuberantly. "You bet and I'm ready to join the rankings of the best in the world. Joining y'all fight the good fight is the new adventure I've been asking for."

"Remember if any of you aren't up to joining us fighting the good fight, we won't hold any of you accountable," Sedna addressed the Neo-Duelists. "But, I'd suggest those who haven't graduated Duel Academy to finish that before signing up to join us."

"Where do we sign up?" Syrus asked. "I've graduated."

"Just so you know even if you sign up, you won't necessarily be called for action. You'll be called to do other jobs, like research and mentoring future heroes," Yamaki spoke to the Neo-Duelists.

"There's even room to teach future duelists," Yugi said.

"I'm planning to be a duelist instructor," Alexis spoke up.

"Then, if you sign up to join the hero rankings, you'll receive benefits while receiving training to become a certified duel instructor," Yamaki said. "This extends to anyone looking job and we have plenty of job openings within Legend Headquarters."

"Really? Well then, I'm in," Alexis was drawn by the offer. "Where do I sign up?"

"Do you guys still have your Spirit Fusion powers?" Yugi asked them.

"We do and we've still been using them to protect the innocent," Jaden said.

Yugi nodded in approval. "That's good."

"This is so cool! Will we get our own identification cards and other neat gizmos?" Syrus asked.

"Nah, no gizmos, but the ID cards are still in the works. Everyone who signs up will be issued one. We'll be helping with the local authorities when they need us for anything beyond their handling. We work independently from the governments of the world, but we have to adhere to their policies so there's no abuse in power on our side," Yugi stated.

Lyn added. "And let's not forget KaibaCorp is helping fund this, thanks to my wonderful, soon-to-be fiancee here."

Seto grumbled. "Not just KaibaCorp, but the Japanese government and Yamaki's organization are helping foot the bill, too."

Yusuke announced. "Anyway, c'mon, let's get y'all in for our biggest group picture! Last chance to do so!"

(Cue Dragonforce – Through Fire and Flames)

With that, the Neo-Duelists joined in with the others. More pictures were then taken from Riley, Talley, and people who came to see their protectors.

As they finished, each group walked down the steps to look back up at Legend Headquarters standing prominently as Japan's newest landmark.

Sailor Moon, Takato & Guilmon, Yugi, Yusuke, Agunimon, and Sailor Sedna painstakingly gazed over the Legend HQ symbol; each symbol on the globe and flags represented them. The Guilmon face for the Tamers, the crescent moon for the Sailor/Kuiper Senshi, the Millennium Puzzle for the Duelists, the blue spirit fire for the Spirit Detectives, and the ten symbols for the Legendary Warriors.

Kotori looked up at the flag symbol and clenched her fists. She resolved to really work extra hard to become a leader. One day, my symbol to represent my Valkyrie team will be up there! I'll strive hard for it!

The six figureheads stood proudly and turned facing their colleagues.

"This is our time, everyone! Let's go out and make the world a better place!" Takato declared.

Everyone in attendance cheered in unison and raised their fists, which signified their allegiance as heroes to the innocent and helpless. They set out to put aside personal concerns and address the supernatural threats that will continue to plague their world.

"Let's go out and make a difference in the world, guys!" Sailor Moon cried out.

With that, the hero assembly split up to storm down the steps toward the city. First came the Neo Duelists.

Subsequently after them were the Chimeras, the Neo Senshi, and the Neo-Spirit Detectives.

After them, the Legendary Warriors, the Kuiper Belt Senshi, and Spirit Detectives raced forward next.

Then, the Duelists, the Digimon Tamers, and the Sailor Senshi stormed down the steps.

Finally, the leaders raced down the steps as followed: Sailor Sedna, Agunimon, Yugi Muto, Yusuke Urameshi, Sailor Moon, and Takato & Guilmon. Flying out from Takato's pocket was a Digimon card. It flew off into the air and glided by one of the Legend Headquarters flags fluttered with the wind.

And so a new age of heroism was set to escalate with the next generation on the rise.


The End



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Apophis - ?

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-Hard Trance Techno Rave Music - trancElovE

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We like to thank all for reading this non-profit fanfic and the rest of the YuYuGiDigiMoon crossover series. It all pays tribute to Bandai, Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation, Yoshihiro Togashi, Studio Pierrot, Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha, Kazuki Takahashi and Konami.

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Season 3 Complete

(January 15th, 2010 August 8, 2014)

Season Trilogy Complete

(November 30th, 2003 August 8, 2014)


Next Story: Neos United


A/N: Yeah, this is it. It took nearly 4 years (alongside delays due to real-life problems, esp. last fall/winter) to finally finish this story; went way longer than expected. It was a long and fun ride with all the insane battles, plot twists, and stuff to make this a fun and ambitious season. It's by far the most difficult fanfic I've had the chance to write, accounting over a million words (and the only one as well). This story is the biggest game changer for events to come.

Ok, story evaluation time for readers, including my own (mine's been put in parentheses; none in any order)! No limits this time. List as many as you want. :D

-Fave Male Characters: (Yusuke, Takato, Hiei, Kurama, Yugi, Dimitri, Himura, Phillipe, Yusei, Masaru, Jaden, Joey, Seto)

-Fave Female Characters: (Sailor Pluto/Setsuna, Sailor Mars/Rei, Rika, Sailor Venus/Minako, Sailor Moon/Usagi, Sailor Sedna/Karin, Sailor Brunhilde/Kotori, Sailor Orcus/Christina, Sailor Varuna/Tyra, Lyn, Jeri)

-Fave Digimon: (Omegamon, Guilmon/Gallantmon, Anubimon, Inumon/YoukaiInumon, Alphamon, Renamon/Sakuyamon, Athenamon, Imperialdramon, Agumon/ShineGreymon, Susanoomon)

-Fave Duel Monsters: (Dark Magician, Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Buster Blader, Elemental Hero Neos, the Charmers, Kuriboh, Obelisk the Tormentor, Amazoness Swordswoman)

-Fave Male/Female Villains: (Sailor Charon/Chaos, Arago, Gamera, Madoudramon Nagah, the Demon Beast Generals, Blitzkrieg, Melancholia, BlackGuilmon/ChaosGallantmon, Igasu the Blood Moon)

-Fave Villains You Love to Hate: (Long, Necromon/Lichidramon, Kitoss, Barbamon, Sailor Charon/Chaos, Revenant, Professor Frank, Babbi, King Enma – not a villain, but you get the idea, Cain Bearer, Jeremiah Grand)

-Fave New Characters: (RJ, Kyo, Selipa, Yasha, Sailor Cosmos, Examon, Titaniamon, Koori/Sailor Blue Mars, Ai/Sailor Summoner Venus, Adam, Lien, Deedee/Demona)

-Fave Comical Moments: (A ton to name. Ones that pop to mind are Demona's reveal and her rivalry with Ai. The comedy bits from this chapter namely Minako's labor scene, Tsukiyomi's 'member' revealed and Kuwabara's reaction, the Tenchi verse hijinks, Flash's interaction with Mars & Hiei, Luna field goaling Frank, Lien's cute interactions, Tyra's reaction to Flash the Rabbit, so much more. You guys help me out here!)

-Fave Sad Moments: (Hard to say. Helena's down period was one. Janyuu's sacrifice definitely clenches it.)

-Fave Battles: (Sailor Varuna vs. Blitzkrieg fights, Sailor Sedna vs. Melancholia final confrontation, Yusei vs. Dragoon duel, Sailor Mars vs. Nagah, the Beast Tamers vs. Demon Beast Generals, Ninja Senshi vs the Amazoness clan in the labyrinth, Dark Brunhilde vs. Black Panther)

-Fave Battles (Days 6 & 7): (I would say the whole thing, but that's cheating. So: Sailor Cosmos vs. Sailor Chaos, Everyone vs. Valmarmon, Yusuke & RJ vs OmegaLong, Arago vs. Shaka/Yui and Yusuke, the Senshi vs. Gamera, Beast Biomergers vs. Demon Beast Generals, Gallantmon Shining Mode vs. ChaosGallantmon Hazard Mode, Jack/Seto/Chazz vs. Frank)

-Fave Unexpected Twists: (The myriad of various dimensions the heroes land in. Dimitri showing up, Valdurmon's ascension, Jeremiah revealing himself as the Prophet and ultimately Millenniummon, Charon's first reveal as Chaos, Kaiba Manor getting blown off the map, Brunhilde revealed as Necromon's undead soldier)

-Fave Darkest Moments: (Phillipe's transformation into the Black Panther, Inumon becoming DexInumon, Kitoss' abuse of Helena, the atmosphere of the Neo-Rajita/Paradais dimensions, Dark Brunhilde taking apart Masaru and ShineGreymon, Sailor Charon/Chaos herself, Valmarmon's revival, Vega & Jeri getting possessed by Valmarmon pieces, the heroes defeat in second chapter)

-Fave Music: (Very hard to choose. I guess the Bleach, Onimusha, YYH, Gurren Lagann, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Final Fantasy, Godzilla, My-Hime, My-Otome, Kingdom Hearts, Metallica, and Dragonforce)

-Fave Dimensions (Chap 61): (Justice League Unlimited, Final Fantasy VII, Dragonball Z, Kingdom Hearts, Bleach, Tenchi Muyo, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon/Live Action, Soul Eater, Evangelion, Hellsing, My-Hime, My-Otome, Avatar: TLA, Saint Seiya)

-Overall thoughts on series to now: (Whatever I say is bias. All I can say is I'm happy to finally complete my season trilogy. Never thought I'd do it, but it has been accomplished! All that remains are shorter-length movies, OVAs, and gaidens that continues the adventures.)

-Thoughts on remaining future arcs: (Very much looking forward to the rest of D-Reaper's Fury, Cross Generations, Valkyrie Advent, Defiants, and some gaiden stuff. Also look forward to collaborating with my contributers keeping my series alive.)

LazerWulf has been the main beta-author for a long time. Although he hasn't been around much for these last chapters, he has hopes to see this series' final completion. This brings us to Ford1114 becoming another main contributor and (re)newing wonderful ideas.

Where can we go from there? Besides Gaiden's return, I intend to focus on D-Reaper's Fury, releasing a preview for Cross Generations (set for 2015 release), and a few DFK movies fics (Daimaomon Redux will be next, might do a Battle of Digi-Gods). Yes, all this for the rest of the year if life permits.

Just like Invasion of the Rajita's last chapter, here are future stories in the works for the rest of the year (not counting the ongoing D-Reaper's Fury and Gaiden's return):

- Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms (Movie)(Ford1114 is the main author. I am merely a collaborator for a chapter or two. It's an AU stand alone movie fic. So far, the first two chapters have seen release. Chapter 3 will be co-authored by me since it involves Norse Myths with early-bird appearances of new characters before Valkyrie's Advent. Will have a total of 8-9 chapters.)

- Cross Generations (the GT adaptation of DFK. Tentatively set for 36 chapters. Ford1114 will sometimes contribute to this. Despite many changes, this will probably be less stressful of all the new stories since it will adhere to usual Kai/DFK Movies pacing. Moreover, it will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original D-Fusion's end next year. CG is the last DFKai season left.)

Starting next year, these are the stories to loosen all ends, they won't be as stressful for me:

- Neos United and The West Coasters (Specials) (The new generation is on the rise. LazerWulf will help me with the latter.)

- Apophis Rising (Special) (The return of Apophis, enough said.)

- Valkyries Advent (Movie) (Similar to Search of Kuiper Belt Senshi only with more Norse mythology involved. This will be Kotori's fic to shine.)

- Wrath of the Defiants (Movie) (This will start after the stories above are complete. The heroes facing their final enemies. Once inspired by Lycosyncer, but new ideas may pop up to better service the story. Conflicts will become more personal as certain groups of defiant humans are the next enemy. It may arguably be the darkest story in tone than most. 'Wrath of' references 'Wrath of Pharaohmon' as the alpha and 'Wrath of the Defiants' as the omega. It's the end of the age of heroes.)

- Crystal Age (OVA) (Series finale. Hopefully I get this far.)

I do recall a few years back around '08 I claimed to have another decade before retiring fanfic writing. But, with these crop of new ideas, I'm not so sure. If anything, I may scale on updates and try finding the perfect balance rotating between fanfic & original story writing. With new ideas, we have new series like Attack on Titan and entertainment as a whole changing (for the better or worse).

Most importantly, since this and Digimon Fusion Kai are my biggest fanfics, I may try releasing them on deviantart with deviants like Ford, Chaos, and others to feature them in DA groups (and finding good artists for commissions). Both old and new readers can read these good stories for years to come.

So, to those who've stayed in touch with my stories and have stuck with this fic to the very end, thank you. Those who are catching up, no rush. This story won't be going anywhere. You have all the time to read and review. :D

Until then, the next big YYGDM fic, Neos Rising, is set for a 2015 release. This is to break off from major YYGDM writings and spread out releases when it's most convenient for me. Thankfully, no upcoming fic will ever reach the ungodly lengths of this story ever. While it seems far off, it'll be here sooner than you think!

And with that, this is the end of the YYGDM season trilogy. But, it's not the end of the series. YYGDM is still here to stay! :)

I sincerely thank you and hope to see you keeping reading! I have plenty of stories left to tell.

See you again soon!