Shinigami's Touch


Heavy mist suddenly started to lift from the bridge. Red liquid slowly dropped down into the sea. Zabuza stared at the mercenaries Gatou had hired on last time before he fell to the ground, having lost to much blood to stay upright.

Zabuza could hear the thugs scream something or other about killing a meal ticket and run away from him. His vision was already blurry as he felt his life leave him. 'At least I avenged Haku', were his predominant thoughts.

He could hear yelling in the distance and not long after again running feet of a hundred man. He felt oddly at peace with the knowledge that he was going to die, but who was he to ask? The mask of a bloodthirsty killer he had cultivated kept people at a distance – who was to blame them. Looking back his plans to kill the Mizukage seemed somewhat ambitious – no matter how strong he was he could not compete with someone worthy of the title of Shadow and add the little known fact that Yagura was a Jinchuuriki … well you know. What did pain him somehow was the knowledge that Haku left this world as well into the realm of the Shinigami, but then again he hoped he could find the peace there that he lacked in this life.

So he lie there, dying and actually not fearing what was to come when a blurry shape came into view. He summoned what was left of his strength as the figure started pulling blades out of his back. "Can you do one last thing for me?", he asked the man with one red and one black, until a short time ago a enemy out for his blood. Kakashi shrugged, pulled his headband over his red eye and said "Sure". "I want to see his face one last time." Kakashi didn't answer but picked him up and carried him over to where Haku lay. As he slowly walked over Zabuza closed his eyes. 'Might as well name a Konoha shinobi my successor as a swordsman, just to spite the Mizukage', he thought trying to chuckle but coming out as a rough cough.

When he was finally laid down beside a still warm body the daemon of the Mist mutter a thanks. Slowly he brought his hand up to his long time companions face. Opening his eyes one last time he look at him, noticing his already closed eyes, as if he was only sleeping, but the bloodstains on his cloths and and the gaping wound right over his heart belied the notion. 'Well the Chidori was aimed at my heart and not his...' "If only, if only I could go to the same place as you...", he whispered.

Behind him he heard footsteps again and heard metal scrap against the surface of the bridge. He didn't turn and really didn't think things through at the moment but said: "Might as well keep the blade brat, just do me proud." He could hear the boy answer something but it did no longer register. The world started to fade, the view of Haku's peaceful face the last thing in his mind before everything went black.

Naruto stared down at the two bodies. A young boy barely older than himself, with a similar past – scolded and shunned over something they had no control over. The other who seemed to be a heartless killer at first, but he had seen the tears, real tears after he had seen the one person that he was attached to. Maybe he wasn't what some people consider a perfect shinobi – emotionless killing machines – but just good at hiding his emotions. He stammered out some thanks after the missing-nin from Hidden Mist told him to hold onto his enormous sword, but then realised that even a daemon could draw his last breath. Slowly he placed his hand on Zabuza's head and closed his eyes and then just for good matter put his other hand over Haku's eyes. "May you find peace in death – both of you", the blond boy muttered silently.

Time seemed to slow down as snow poured from the heavens around him as he simply sat there doing nothing, for once being silent and thinking things over. He then realised something: Maybe it really was worth giving his life for those precious to someone than hide and have to grieve over their death. Suddenly his vision began to blur and fade into black.

Haku awoke surprised and shot up from where he was lying. 'A sewer?', shot through his mind 'This isn't what I suspected when I died – or did I?' He noticed that he was sitting in muddy water. Standing up and looking around he noticed Zabuza only a few meter away form him blinking in surprise as he looked at the low, grimy ceiling. "Well this certainly wasn't what I expected.", the older man snorted. "I certainly didn't expect you to follow me into death.", Haku answered sounding accusing. It was funny to see the swordsman's head whip around as fast as he did. "Haku?", he breathed out. The missing-nin was up almost too fast to follow and embarrassed the younger. "Well it certainly is good seeing you again Zabuza, but why aren't we dead and where are we?", Haku asked. "I have no idea about the first thing, but until moments ago I was very certain that both of you were dead and I alive, but I can be wrong about that. About the second – well I have an idea, but ain't sure about it", stated a voice behind them. Both of them turn faster that seemed possible to see a young boy in awful orange jumpsuit and with blond hair. "Naruto? Well this place seemed a bit dingy at least your jumpsuit gives it some colour...", Haku answered. "Where do you think we are?", Zabuza asked the blond. Naruto answered: "Well I ain't sure but I am sure that this sewer is the same place I found that damned furball." "Furball?", Zabuza wanted to know. Naruto made an inviting hand sign and said: "Just follow me."

They walked through the sewer what seemed hours, each step fallowed by the sound of water splashing which was followed by an echo, water dropping from the pipes overhead, which seemed to give of an odd glow that left shadows everywhere jet nothing apart the three humans seemed to even move here, no rats or other critters, what seemed odd for such an baldy kept place.

Slowly an red glow seemed to add to the weird blue-grey light. Haku and Zabuza followed the young Genin from time to time sending looks at each other. Naruto on the other hand did not notice those glances, but seemed oddly nervous too.

He suddenly seemed to halt right before a door through which the red glow seemed to originate from. "You really want to know?" he asked the other two. Both former inhabitants form Mist just nodded and followed him into the room.

Large bars taller then the tallest tree they ever came apart seemed to stretch to an extremely high ceiling compared to the rest of the sewer. In the middle was a small paper tag with seal inscribed on it. The glow could be seen within the cage, thou all of them were unable to see whatever occupied the prison.

"Might I introduce" Naruto said, acting like a showman announcing an act "the great and mighty Kyuubi no Kitsune, though he got bested by a human and is therefore quiet grumpy." The last part was only a whisper his two companions could barely hear. "Oy! Show yourself furball – we ain't here for nothing ya know? And some answers would be nice too – seeing as you have thousands of years of experience and seem to think a lot of yourself!", Naruto shouted challenging. Not surprising a large body slammed into the bars shaking the whole chamber. "Tone it down weakling. You are nothing to me!" growled the angry attacker out.

Haku and Zabuza both had their jaws hanging at the astonishing display of disrespect towards the mighty beast. After all the fox was known to have flooded more than one country only using one of his tails by causing an tsunami. Not to mention what the beast could do with all of his tails. "So this was that powerful chakra we felt during the fight..." Zabuza mused.

"Well this is an interesting development. I was not sure about a few of my observations, but this seems to confirm it...", the giant red fox mused swishing his tails around. "It appears the sealing changed you in ways never intended to – but that can happen with beings touched by the Lords of the Realms, let alone the gods... Since I never had much dealings with the dead it appears the Shinigami's presence around you at the day of your birth left some traces." The fox drew out the last word as if caught deep in thinking. His audience glanced at each other confused not knowing what to make of the words of the fox.

Suddenly Naruto interjected: "This seems to be my mind or something like that – but that still doesn't explain you coming here." He pointed at Zabuza and Haku. The other two shinobi did not seem to be any more assured by this declaration. The fox on the other hand said: "Quiet right there – something like that. More like an accurate projection of your whole body and mind with us at the moment being located near your stomach where the seal is physically located. As for why those two others are here – the presence of higher beings – what you know as daemons, summons, guardians, gods and others – can change humans. Sometimes only the one in his presence, other times selected or all of his descendants as well. I think you have taken to call such a gift a Bloodline or a Bloodline limit. You, kit, seem to have gained the Shinigami's ability to 'devour' souls and my enhanced healing as well as a few other quirks, good luck figuring them out. I hope their presence does some good. I need a strong vessel after all. For one it would not look good among the other higher beings if my vessel was weak and reflect badly. The fact that the stronger you are, the more of my chakra you can call upon without dying or both of us loosing control, should also be considered. And finally I am somewhat in a clinch. I am yet to figure out how to get out of this seal. Yes humans have tried to seal me before, all of them failed and I destroyed them all, yet this seal is different. It connects our souls and the first time in many a thousand a years I am somewhat mortal. If you dare to die and pull me with you before I figure out how to get out of this I will make sure to torture your soul into eternity. Now get out of here, I need to think"

Surprised at the bulk of information the fox offered all three shinobi left the chamber rather quickly. "So this means we are stuck with you, at least until you die?", asked Haku being the first to break the silence. "Alright, seems as if I get to train my successor anyway. We will try to find our way around, looking for any major problems in this dump your body seems to be. If we can we will try to find some memories of your previous training, right Haku?", Zabuza said rather enthusiastic considering the situation. "You think you can come in here and leave at will?" he then asked Naruto, who in turn nodded, but didn't seem to be to sure of himself. "Then let us get this started." Zabuza exclaimed grinning. "I don't know how time in here is related to outside, but I think you should tell that Sensei of yours that you want to be alone for a while, thinking things over." Naruto nodded again and then seemed to fade. Zabuza then sighted: "Well, lets see where the road will take us." Haku nodded and agreed as both of them slowly started to walk in a direction they assumed would lead them to the represent of the mind, while still being confused as hell about their situation.

Naruto blinked startled by a snowflake that landed on his nose. He looked down on the two corpse on his feet and smiled sadly. He pulled his hands of their bodies and turned towards the crowd of villagers and his teacher. Somewhere in the background he heard Sakura loudly fussing over an injured, but alive Sasuke and said boy complaining about her being heavy, for whatever reason. Naruto was certain that if he even so much as hinted something on Sakura's weight he would already be knocked out by her.

Slowly he got up and walked towards the villagers who were already starting to return to the settlement. He did not look Kakashi in his eyes but kept them on the retreating backs of the villagers. "Sensei", he started "is it OK if I stay alone for a while, thinking things over?" The masked Jounin seemed surprised, but then shrugged, pulled his orange book out and said: "Whatever, you've got burial detail then. Just make sure you don't get killed by those thugs who certainly are still around and be at Tazuna's house for dinner." Naruto grinned, but if one looked you could easily figure it out as fake and said: "Believe it!" Kakashi not even sparing a glance at the blonde turned and walked away, picking Sasuke up, barely stopping and went in the direction of the bridge builder's house. Sakura followed them like a puppy.

Naruto glanced down, and mused: " It's just us three again, isn't it?" He chucked as he created a few clones and piked up two corpse and a heavy blade. Soon some orange figures could be seen disappearing into the forest.

AN: This is my first attempt to fanfiction, to be honest this is my first fictional text written in six or seven years. I try my best, but do not resist writing constructive reviews. I have the story planed out till after the chunin exams in more or less detail, and have a very rough idea where this will go afterwards.

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