I wanted to dedicate this to huytemen who reviewed my project story, Gracias mi Amigo (Spanish Moment)

Well, before I start this story I needed to go over some things with the VOCALOIDS. Since they are in Death Note some things wil be changed. Here's the list:

1. Almost everybody will have an alias

2. Everyone will be 2 years older than their real age

3. They will all be orphans except for two of them

4. I will have one minor OC that will be someone's love interest, haven't decided yet and she's based off my friend especially with her addictions

5. Finally, All the included VOCALOIDS will have a title and will go along with the original plot line, with a few twists...*Evil giggling*

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or VOCALOID, I partially own the unintroduced OC! The rest is owned by my friend Madison. If I magically happen to own Death Note there would have been more humor and Light would've died much more painfully. (Yes, I do not like Light as you can see. He killed all my favorite characters *Glares*)

(Light who just happens to be walking by) Light: What did I do?

Me: You know damn well, Mister I'm-A-Gay!

~The Rip-Release Of Luka Megurine~

St. Illia's was a orphanage full of girls and that's it. Luka liked it because there weren't perverts here. Albeit, it got boring and stupid at times. All they wanted to do was have makeovers and dress-up like little princesses that they thought they were. Not Luka, Yes, she preferred reading over make-overs, tuna over scones, and most of all KARATE OVER FLOWER-FLIPING-ARRANGING! Luka was one of the few girls at the orphanage who didn't want to look pretty and fancy. Just normal…yeah that'll happen. Note heavy sarcasm.

She just sat in her room reading her book Imitation Black, it was about a pair of twins where the girl dies and the boy takes her place only to find out that two men loved her as well. 'Wonder what they would say if they found out he had a extra piece of equipment between his legs.' Luka thought giggling. Her light-hearted moment came to an end when one of the residents burst through the door. Luka sighed when she found out if was Rei. "Luka! Luka! Headmistress Warren wants to see you!" She yelled. "What did I do this time? I haven't left all day except for breakfast." Luka whined. "I don't know maybe they don't like you so they send you to the office for torture." Rei suggested. Luka huffed at the thought of putting her book down at the best part. Nonetheless she set it down and hopped downstairs.

When she arrived in the office, Luka saw no other than Headmistress Warren and two people that she had never seen before. One was an old man about 40-50 years old and the other one looked no older than she did and had really dark bags, that or he doesn't know where to put his eye shadow. "Hello, Luka. Please take a seat." Ms. Warren gestured to a chair. Luka nodded and sat Indian-Style in it. Warren sighed and began talking she didn't want to listen, but something compelled her to. "Well, I've been looking through your semester exams. Yours were the highest in all the orphanage Luka, you got a perfect score on all of them. This here is Watari and L, Watari would like to take you into his orphanage of highly gifted children." Warren explained. "Wait, what? I cannot be that smart. I'm only thirteen for Christ sake!" Luka screamed.

"Yes, I understand. I agreed to let you go, that could be better than this place. You might be able to accomplish more in life if you went." Warren clarified. "I won't go without Rei, an that's final!" Luka protested. "Luka please-" Watari interrupted her. "Now, now Miss Warren would like her friend to come along with her it's perfectly fine." "Really? Oh thank you Mister Watari! I'll go pack right now." Luka thanked him rushing to go pack her bags.

After Rei and Luka both got all of their bags packed. They dragged it painstakingly down the steps to the front door. "We're all ready, Watari. Whenever you're ready." Rei said pushing her black hair behind her ear. "Very well, we shall leave right now." Watari smiled. Luka and Rei nodded and put the bags in the trunk before getting in the car. We saw L sitting in the front with Watari sitting next to him.

"Miss Luka, Miss Rei, there is something I should tell you. When we get to Wammys you will both have to make a name for yourselves." He informed us. "Uh, alright. I do have a name in mind." Luka replied. "Yeah, me too." Rei added. 'I have a question though, are there already kids like us in Wammys?" Luka asked a question that nagged her.

"Soon, Ms. Luka, Soon."

When he said that Luka figured out something. She was being ripped from her old one and being released into a new one.

When they arrived at Wammys they were no longer Luka Megurine and Rei Eriotu they were…