Gibbs works on his boat about everynight. And every so often he gets visitors. Sometimes drinking makes all the pain go away.

I'm not trying to promote alcholism in any way. Rated for mentions of abuse, bullying, tradedy and of course drinking.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything mentioned in the story at all.


Working on a boat at night makes time go by so much faster. The bourbon however, makes time slow down. But both in a certain amount and time will stop and all the pain goes away. I like that. Sometimes you need a break from the world, a small escape from reality and let time envelope you in a manor of speaking.

So that must be why people drink. It solves so many problems and arises so many new ones. And here it's easy to get lost in the whirling thoughts in your mind like the swirling of the amber drink in the cup.

Thank God I'm still sober.