~Chapter 7~

~Kaoru Hiroi (Female Student Number 18) POV~

I slipped out the backdoor of the house I had been hiding in since the start of the game quietly. When I saw Hideaki Sugimura come in with his hands covered in blood, I knew he was deranged, and that he had to die. It was more of a mercy killing really; if I hadn't killed him, he would've gone insane. I'm not a murderer, right?

Slicing his neck open with the chain scythe that had come in my pack had been easy enough, but sitting there watching it bleed out for over an hour had been too much. I grabbed my pack and chain scythe, and left. There were more houses I could hide in, even the one next door, but I decided to go down a few houses just to get away from Hideaki's corpse.

Four houses down, near forbidden zone H-9, was the house I decided to hide in. I didn't figure anyone would be hiding inside of it since it was so close to a forbidden zone, but I didn't realize I was wrong until the glass backdoor slid open and one of the boys jumped out of the house.

As I blocked the wakizashi that he used to try to kill me with the chain connecting the two scythes of my weapon, I saw his face. Pale, angelic, rounded, with eyes green as a field, and short, upturned hair black as night. It was Hideki Takei (Male Student Number 16), my long-time crush. It was because of him that I cut my once long beautiful black hair short to make myself more resemble a boy. It wasn't too much difficulty with my flat chest and boyish features, but because of the uniform, I could never win him over. It was because, even though a lot of girls in our class had a crush on him, he was gay.

"H-Hideki! Stop!" I kicked him on his thigh, causing him to lose his footing. But as he fell, he drove his wakizashi into my thigh. I fell to one knee, and he pulled the blade out of my thigh, making me scream.

He pointed the wakizashi at my nose. "Not a real opponent like I thought you would be. Not like Soichiro was."

My eyes widen as I just now noticed the dried blood on his uniform. I knew who he was talking about: Soichiro Tsuda (Male Student Number 11). Soichiro was only one of two conservative Christians in our class, and often bashed Hideki for being gay. It seemed that Hideki finally got his revenge on Soichiro for the last few years of torment.

"Hideki please let me go." I didn't want to die, but I could see the bloodlust in his eyes; he loved the rush of killing someone, the same rush I rejected.

"Why should I? Fight for your life…and see if you're worth it." He raised the wakizashi above his head to strike me down, but I blocked with the chain again, this time wrapping it around the blade and pulling the wakizashi away from him.

"That's what I gotta do, fine!" I stood up and held a scythe in one hand as I spun the other around by the chain. He backed up a few steps, and I threw the scythe at him, carried by the momentum of it being spun.

Somehow, though, he caught the scythe by its handle. Hideki chuckled. "What do you know? Never would've thought that would work."

"Shit!" I tried pulling it away from him, but all he did was laugh.

"You want it back? Let me give it to you." He ran towards me with the blade of the scythe aimed at my chest.

Seeing nothing else I could do but die, I ran at him with the other scythe poised to strike his chest. We met almost perfectly in the middle and thrust each scythe into the other's chest. My strike had been closer to his heart, so he fell back first, as my vision began to fade. But as he fell backwards, I fell forward and pushed the blade deeper into my chest.

~Ryoko Mitsuki (Female Student Number 16) POV~

I hid behind a tree and gulped as quietly as I could as Watari Watanabe (Male Student Number 19) continued to pursue me. I guess I should be grateful that I had just enough martial arts practice from some high school friends to learn to be silent in a wooded area, it made it harder for him to find me.

Normally, I wouldn't be hiding like this, after all, he just has a hatchet, but my weapon ended up being a pot lid. And even then, all I could do was defend. Regardless of that, though, there was already a huge hole cut through it where I initially defended myself with it from Watari's hatchet.

I looked at my map and saw that the northern cliffs weren't too far away; if this pursuit went any further north, I'd have to jump into the water to escape him. But normally, the water by a cliffy region is extremely deadly and dangerous. Damn!

"Oh Ryoko…!" I stiffened as I heard Watari's voice near. This was bad, really bad. He was catching on to me quickly, and would turn out to be deadly if I didn't do something soon. "Come out, come out, like a good little girl…!"

Without another thought, I ran forward, not even bothering to stay quiet this time. I realized that regardless of what I did here and now, I was going to die sooner than later. I could hear him running behind me, gaining on me. This was going to end very soon, and not with his death, but not on his terms.

I reached the edge of the northern cliffs and turned around to face him. He was breathing heavily though he still carried that sadistic smile on his face that had me running in the first place. I clenched my jaw as I prepared to do what I had to. I'd left my pack behind in the panic, and I had no idea which way to go even if I did somehow live through this.

"End of the line, Ryoko." Watari took a step towards me. "It's time to let me cut open that body of yours."

After a moment to let my mind and heart decided that jumping was the best idea, I looked at him and smirked. "You will never cut me open."

"You've no where to run, my dear. Just accept that you will die by my wonderful hand."

I hate him, I really do. "You will never cut me open, and I will never die by your terms!" Finding the edge of the cliff with my foot, I jumped backwards and threw my pot lid at him like a Frisbee. "Go to hell!"

As gravity took over, I closed my eyes and let the waves take me as I hit the water.

~Yasuhiro Watsuki (Male Student Number 20) POV~

I sighed softly as I leaned back against the brick wall outside of the house where Kirie was resting. She had no idea I had followed her all the way to this house just east of a forbidden zone, and just northeast from where I could see Izumi Kagami relaxing near the river. Luckily, she couldn't see me, and had no idea that Kirie was inside this house, otherwise, she would've probably struck by now. After all, I had watched her trick Misora Kitano into sector E-3 just as it became a forbidden zone, killing Misora.

I should count my blessings that neither girl had discovered me. Both would've, without a doubt, killed me. Izumi, just because she seemed to be a coldhearted bitch, and Kirie because she didn't trust me since I saved her from Yuiko and Hiro. She had taken Hiro's weapon as she ran from me, but that was all I saw before I quietly followed her here.

I'm sure Kirie's guessed by now that I was in last year's program. But I won't tell her anything about it, even if she asked. It was far more gruesome than what I have seen of this one so far. Since we were in the Kobe region, we were placed on a mountaintop. Because of the cold, everyone wanted to leave as quickly as possible. It barely lasted two days, and I came out the winner only because I killed my best friend when we were the last two left.

I sighed again and hung my head in time to hear Beethoven begin to play over the PA system. I grabbed my map and list of classmates out from my pack, and waited for the noon announcement to begin. I had already marked off Yuiko and Hiro from my list once I got settled into this bush that I've been hiding in since I followed Kirie here.

"Good afternoon everyone!" Sakamochi's cheerful voice about this whole thing was enough to make a guy gag. "How is everyone doing this afternoon? Hey, how about, while I make the announcement, everyone takes a break from killing and grabs a bite to eat for lunch, huh? Now, for the list of the deceased. First, the boys: Number two, Kyo Aramaki. Number five, Hideaki Sugimura. Number seven, Hiro Miname. Number eleven, Soichiro Tsuda. Number sixteen, Hideki Takei." She took a breath. "Now, the girls: Number three, Yuki Oniki. Number eight, Misora Kitano. Number sixteen, Ryoko Mitsuki. Number eighteen, Kaoru Hiroi. And number nineteen, Yuiko Hino. Total of ten.

"Now, I'd like to remind everyone to be careful. Misora Kitano was caught in a forbidden zone, and her collar blew up because of that. Promise me that everyone else won't make that same mistake. Okay, good. Now for the new forbidden zones. At one, I-8. At three, C-4. And at five, H-8. Okay then everyone, until six."

Once the announcement was over, I sighed at the list of the deceased. Almost half of our class had killed each other off. Granted, I did kill Tohru Kiryu, Yuiko Hino, and Hiro Miname, but there were so many others that died. And I can only imagine how Misora must've felt when she realized Izumi, her friend, lured her into that forbidden zone to die. It's almost like I can see my old friend again as I sliced his throat open.

Oh well, at least me and Kirie weren't in any potential forbidden zone, so we didn't have to move yet. At least, that's what I believed.

The front door opened slowly, and Kirie ran out of the house and to the east. She must've seen Izumi sitting near the river, and wanted to get away.

I stood up and followed after her quietly. Even if she didn't trust me, I was going to protect her because I loved her.

25 Students Remaining

M11 Soichiro Tsuda

M16 Hideki Takei

F18 Kaoru Hiroi

F16 Ryoko Mitsuki