Crisis Age



Universe has corrupt in Looney Tunes, cannot believe it. A pierce in the balance, no one knows what has happened, yet. Black hole rose from our sun too soon, but Solar System still lives from the nova. We are not getting sucked into portal. Why?


No light. Darkness. No plants are able to breathe. We cannot breathe, use gas masks. Then, we mixed pure energy with gas molecules to make light. Kept on, created and added more elements, then created our own sun.


Restored, plants flourishing, no more chaos. Inventers and scientists are creating robots, high tech equipment to help us continue life.

Toons also changing, getting more and more anthro. Life is changing, will it be the same ever again?


Now, buildings are future, cyber worlded. Science has gone quicker than expected to us toons, we are living in a high tech world now. But strange things happen, reports seeing odd creatures in the city. More and more suspense. Cannot know, but strange one-second flashes of light seen distant, and in the stars.


Danger, danger. City is a disaster due to pollution and its filth again. But greater disaster is among us. Corrupt between universes. Sky gets darker by month, strange circular patterns often seen. Unidentified Objects seen coming and going. Not aliens, not UFOs. Creatures, strange items, plants, and odd people---now new age has begun.

Crisis Age

Author: Well wasn't that just crazy? I wonder what 'crisis' happened? Stay tuned!