Chapter 1: Back when – Bella's POV

My human memories are very fuzzy, but I remember my last year the clearest.

124 years ago I was perfectly happy, completely blessed. Shortly after returning from my perfect honeymoon in Hawaii I started to panic, I was late by nearly 2 weeks and was starting to worry.

Waiting for the test results in the bathroom, I was thanking my lucky stars that Emmet and Jasper had decided to have a (better late than never) bachelor party and take Edward to the Amazon for some interesting game.

Beep, beep, beep. The timer went off, it was time. Sheepishly I looked at the inoffensive stick with shock at the 2 pink lines. I was pregnant. What will Edward think? He will hate me, that realisation decided me; I was going to leave and stop myself from ruining his life. The note I left was the hardest thing I had to do in my life.


I love you with all my life, this is the hardest thing I have had to do in a very long time. I don't want to ruin your life you are the biggest part of mine but I have to go, so don't come looking for me and don't you dare go running to Italy.

I love you with all of my heart and more.

Bella xx

I packed my things and left, my eyes dripping with tears that wouldn't stop coming. After a short trip to the bank withdrawing what was left of my college funds from when I was known as Isabella Swan, using the money to buy a car from Seattle, leaving my truck behind heading for Halifax, Nova Scotia.

3 months – it was a very quick pregnancy - later I gave birth to the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, I named them Elizabeth (after Edwards mother) Marie and Charles Edward (my way of keeping Charlie and Edward with me) in my gorgeous baby boy. Elizabeth looked the spitting image of Edward but with my brown hair – extremely straight and her green eyes a little memento of Edward in her. Charles had Charlie's curls and Edwards hair colour and deep chocolate brown eyes. I loved them both from the word go, they were my whole reason for living now.

In my new job I made a friend: Amelia. We worked different shifts, but she helped me the best she could by allowing me and the babies to move in with her and looking after the twins during my work hours, luckily they already knew the rules: NO BITING THE HUMANS. They both grew almost 3 times quicker than a normal, human baby but the learnt even faster than that.

On my second week back to work after my 4 days off maternity leave, it was such a short time because I needed the money – it was then that I was changed. I remember it so clearly – the clearest of my human memories, on my way to the thrift store after work to get some formula, he stopped me – crimson eyes gave him away immediately ( I didn't know who he was, just what he was: vampire)

"Edward didn't send you to find me did he?" his reply was menacing and terrifying "Honey, what makes you think I do favours for anybody? I was simply hungry."

Terror had washed through me "Please don't kill me my heart has already been left with one vampire I don't want to leave my blood with you" I was hysterical and my need to stay with my babies drove me to my next move "I have 2 babies waiting for me at home please don't leave them without a mother and a father" His smile shocked me "I wasn't planning to" just then I felt his teeth sink into my neck and the fire was almost instantaneous, it took me a little time to realise what was happening but once I did I was relieved for the shortest of moments before the fire took over. I was screaming for days but with me being a little under a mile from the closest civilisation I remained undiscovered for the 3 days 11 hours and 34 minutes that I burned.

I awoke with a shock when I could no longer feel the pain and my first thought went to Edward, he would have had to be near me while I was screaming if he was the one to do it, but he wasn't. My thoughts went to Edward I just couldn't stop them, and just like that I was no longer in the middle of nowhere and it shocked me where I had ended up.

I couldn't believe it, I had teleported and done so into Edward's closet at the Cullen house in forks I knew it immediately. I was tempted to step out and lay in the middle of his bed and wait for him to return. As I was processing this thought Edward came in, he was not alone; this way the day my heart was ripped into a million pieces. He was kissing her so deeply, I felt sick and was resisting the urge to jump out of the closet and kill that bitch until she lifted her lips from his and saw her face for the first time – she looked exactly like me – or how I had looked before this happened. She pushed him onto the bed and quickly followed.

The ripping of clothes and moans that accompanied that tore me up even more. She moved down his chest with her tongue until she reached his boxers, I watched her hand slide in and grab him, the scream he exuded was unmistakable... he was enjoying himself she met her mouth to the head of his penis and started bobbing her head so fast I would have missed it had I been human but I was not and saw every detail as he grabbed her waist and flipped her onto her back. Within a matter of minutes of entering his room he had thrust into her with such force, had she been human it would have crushed her pelvis – it didn't and he started thrusting into her so fast so hard that I felt nauseous.

Harder, harder, harder – I thought the woman was speaking, but she couldn't have because she was screaming at the top of her lungs in pleasure

Yeah like that, keep screaming I love it when you do – this was Edward but again he wasn't speaking ... I could hear his thoughts.

I contemplated this and my answer was simple – I was the most talented vampire I had ever known, the first with 2 powers so far I might have more, was my new thought. But then I was thinking of my children, no mine and Edward's children.

With the blink of an eye I was back at my apartment in Canada, packing once again.