Okay guys. I am going to be perfectly honest now. Please don't murder me.

With my schoolwork and my novel, keeping up with three fanfics has proven to be impossible. And you've probably noticed that, since I haven't updated… in… months… DX. Now. I've promised you repeatedly that I won't discontinue my stories, and I'm not breaking that promise. Instead, I'm going to put two on hold and finish ONE. And then move to those two. And I want you guys to help me decide what story I should finish first.

Updates will still be slower, though. But hopefully not months slower :). In my high school I have found many new things: somewhat difficult classes, a crush/possible boyfriend, and a social life. Top that stuff with the fact that my perfectionist, high-standard-striving brain has decided that I need to publish a book before I graduate high school or I will never get into Yale (in which case I will be sad), I'm pretty busy and kinda stressed out.

But I love you guys, and you're my friends too, so I won't leave you. And I want your opinions on which story I should continue. Occasionally I might update others, but the story which you and I choose will be the one I focus on.

So, anyway: review and tell me whether Lives Will Change, By Candlelight, or Remember Your Wings will be the one! And I'm sorry for flaking out on you. I just can't deal with ten stories at once like some of you incredible people can. But kudos to you for doing it! I could never do that.

Love, hugs, kisses, birdies,


(Oh and if I did anything weird in there like randomly spazzing out about puppies, custard, or shrimp, please excuse me. I have a fever of 103. ^.^)