(I am NOT Megan either; I can write easier in 1st person)

RoseLuv - This is in fact my older sister's story, so please don't rat on me for it being too sucky alright? I'm just reposting it. And yes, I know it is pretty bad. :P

I had just got home from the 5th grade maturation program. It was 10:00 PM, and everyone except me had gone to bed. I walked up the stairs and opened up my door. I was wearing tight jeans and an uncomfortable jacket, so I went to my closet to change.
As I took off my socks, I heard the T.V. turn on across the hall; Drake and Josh's room. But I knew what they were watching: porn, which was a word I had just recently learned.
Drake had said that it was naked girls rubbing themselves, what I now knew to be masturbation.
I felt a sense of maturity as I unzipped and took off my pants. I knew what all these words were now, and I knew what they meant.
As I took off my panties I started to hear moans from across the hall. Oh dear.
I took off my jacket and shirt and looked down at my near flat chest. I was going through puberty, and soon I would have two boobs where stubby pink nipples used to reside. And they would be real boobs, not the type that my brothers were.
I took off what I had of a bra and stared at my now completely naked body, wondering if a penis as big as Drake's would one day enter into my vagina. I remembered when I accidently walked in the bathroom when Drake got out of the shower and how big "it" was.
I put on my leotard, which felt cumfy at the moment, and slipped into bed, all the while thinking of the events before.

"Megan, why the hell are you wearing only shoes and socks! Dress out, not dress down!" My gym teacher yelled at me.
"Tammy dared me to," I whimpered softly.
"Well, since you broke rule #7, you will get a punishment!" The coach screamed.
He led me to a room with long, pointy, and jagged rocks screwed to the floor. And there were chains. He told me that he would come and get me after school, then chained my hands to the low ceiling and my feet to the ground. He flicked the left lip of my vagina and pushed my body downwards, forcing me to bend my knees. I felt the tip of a rock slip into me and felt the horrible pain.
============== I woke up to find that the lower end of my leotard was a bit wet. I wondered how I could get so horny off of a nightmare.
I looked at my alarm clock. 4/12 Sunday ; 12:23 AM. No one was awake, not even Drake and/or Josh.
It was a tinsy bit embarassing, but my hormones just took over. I just HAD to try that masturbation thing.
I slipped the panty part of my leotard aside and slowly slid my finger inside my vagina, and I couldn't tell why girls liked it so much. I hurt like crazy, but I had to keep on going. I slid my finger further in and pulled it out halfway. I did that a couple times before it actually felt good. And then I couldn't stop. I put 2 fingers inside and started to go even faster. I started to moan uncontrollably and I switched to 3 fingers. I was moaning really loud, and I kept on going faster and faster until something non describable happened. My legs felt wobbly, my back felt tingly, and my tummy about bursted into flames from a powerful orgasm. Liquid flowed out of me and went in every direction. I accidently swallowed some and it tasted quite good. My sheets were wet, along with my legs, my leotard, and almost my whole body. I fell asleep then, exausted from the session.

"Wake up Megan! It's Easter!"
It was Drake, as I soon found out when I opened up my eyes. His face turned from smiley to confused, as he stared at my entire bed.
"Why is everything so wet?" He asked.
That caught me off guard. I had to think of something to say quick.
"I wet the bed. It's no big deal."
"Megan, I don't smell urine."
I sniffed the air.
"You don't?"
"No. I smell something MUCH different."
"Okay okay! I masturbated! I was only experimenting!" I yelled.
"Did it feel good?" Drake asked.
I couldn't help but blurt the truth.
"Mom, Dad, and Josh are gone buying grocieries so..."
"So..." I urged.
"Wanna know something that feels even better?"
"Of course Drake."
And then, as fast as a cheetah, Drake jumped on top of me and started kissing me, and rubbing my chest and... oh yes.
Drake was rubbing his crotch on mine, causing my vagina to get even wetter than it was from my dream. He was kissing me hard, demanding, almost, entrance into my mouth. I let his tounge into my mouth and he rapped his around mine, and mine around his.
He started to slip off my leotard, kissing me still, and rubbing my butt with his free hand.
After Drake had got my leotard off, he stopped kissing my mouth. He ran his tounge down my neck until he reached my left nipple. He started to suck and nibble on the tip, and it felt so good, I couldn't help but moan.
Drake moved his right hand to my unattended breast and started to rub and pinch, which felt absolutely sensational, while he was also rubbing my bottom softly.
I was screaming now, it just felt so amazing.
After a couple more minutes of pleasure, Drake started to take off his shirt and pants, doing it as fast as possible.
Drake's penis was stiff and hard, and I wanted it inside me.
Drake read my mind.
He jumped on top of me and slowly slid his huge penis into my small vagina, and I was yelling at the top of my lungs "YES! YES DRAKE MORE MORE MORE!"
Drake started to pump in and out fast and hard, and then he started to squeeze my nipples as hard as he could, while I hugged him as hard as I could.
Drake was pumping harder and faster than ever, and I could feel my body getting extremely hot.
Drake and I both moaned loud as we went into a scale-shattering orgasm.
I could feel my body being filled with semen from Drake, and I felt fluids exploding from me too, which would not, even by the slightest bit, leak out of me since Drake's penis was so big.
I felt hot, as if I were in a hot tub in 90 degree weather.
Drake and I both layed there, not doing anything about how loaded with juice I was.
Drake finally took his penis out of me, which made all of the fluids inside of me burst out, leaving my bed sheets, a large portion of the floor, and both of us in a wet, sticky mess.
And then we heard the door open.
Josh walked in the room wide-eyed, staring at me and Drake. He started to blush like crazy, and then Drake said something I wish he wouldn't have.
"You wanna join in?"
Josh grinned, nodded his head, and started to take off his clothes.
"Umm, how are you guys going to stick TWO penises in me at the same time?" I asked. But I knew. I was just trying to get out of this mess.
They totally ignored me.
"So, can I have her pussy since you got it last time?" Josh asked Drake.
"Uhm, what's a pussy?" I asked.
"Your vagina," Drake replied, "And sure thing Josh!"
Josh smiled wider.
And then his pants dropped. Holy hell, his penis was longer, and much bigger, than Drake's! If I could barely fit his in, how would I manage one bigger?
Josh started walking towards the bed, and Drake switched us around so that my back was on his belly, and I could feel his penis barely in between my asscheeks. Josh pounced on top of me and immediately shoved his penis inside of me. It hurt so bad, I thought my pussy (which I had recently learned about) would rip open any second. I felt something running down my crotch, so I looked down.
What I saw only made things worse.
"Josh! You're going too hard! I'm BLEEDING!" I yelled at him, tears streaming down my face. But that only made him go harder and faster.
It felt good a little while later, and I was moaning, of course, but just when I thought the pleasure was unbearable, I felt Drake's penis move into my butt.
THAT hurt much more than Josh's. I was screaming and crying, telling Drake he was taking this too far. When Josh went in, Drake pulled out. When Drake went in, Josh pulled out.
It all started feeling good then. Drake in my ass, Josh in my pussy, moaning, screaming, blood, tears, everything. I felt my back get weak and start to burn, same with my stomach. I felt Drake's semen burst inside my small asshole, and Josh's inside my pussy. I felt extremely hot everywhere, with juice filled up to the extreme inside of me.
We layed there forever, as I felt two huge penises inside of me.
When Drake and Josh finally pulled out of me, semen and blood dripped out everywhere and stained my hot pink bedsheets.
We were all a mess, and we desperately needed a good, hot shower to clean up.
We all stepped into my huge shower to clean ourselves off. I was so exausted from the last hour and a half I could barely stand. I instead sat down on the ledge and rubbed soap all over my body. Drake shot a glance at me and his penis instantly sprang up, along with Josh's soon after.
I made myself look puzzled.
"Why?" I asked.
"You just look so hot in that soap," Drake replied.
"Yeah Megan, you look good enough to eat!" Josh said.
I decided to put on a little... gymnastics show for them. I got right under the water, layed down, and put my legs behind my head, exposing my clean and pink pussy. I spread it open as far as I could and let the water fill up my insides.
A while later, water started to overfill and fall out of my pussy, so I let go of it and let it return to its closed position. I probably had a couple gallons of water inside of me, because my tummy got all fat, and it looked like I was pregnant. It felt so good, having gallons and gallons of hot water stored inside me, so I decide to take it one step further.
I rocked a little bit further back from my previous position and opened up my asshole as far as I could, and let water flow into my small bottom too.
The feeling of having over 7 gallons of blazing hot water inside of you is not describable. It's so amazing.
I closed up my asshole then, and I must've looked pretty damn sexy, because Drake and Josh's penises looked super stiff, more than ever before.
"You look pregnant with all that water inside of you. Good God, you're sexier than Lana Knight!" Drake moaned.
Lana Knight was my brothers' favorite pornstar, the one they kept a billion non-nude pictures of in their room. I wondered if my pictures would be on their wall after today.
It took about 20 minutes to drain all of the water from my butt and pussy out, which sadly had to go.
Drake was staring at my ass, and Josh was staring at my pussy, both wide-eyed, forever. Finally, Drake took charge and gave me a slap.
"Ow! What was that for?" I asked.
"That was just a warmup. Lay down on your belly," Drake told me.
I did what I was told. He then told me to stick up my butt a little; I did so.
I felt Drake's hand rubbing my bottom, sticking his finger in me every once in a while.
Josh then layed down right in front of me, spread his legs, lifted my head up, and told me to open wide.
I opened my mouth and found Josh's bulgy penis being shoved inside. He told me to close my mouth, and at fear of him shoving it in further, did so. I felt every vein bulging out with my tongue. Josh's penis tasted so disgusting, but I have to suck it, or else Josh may do something horrible to me.
I thought it couldn't get worse, but I was wrong by a long shot. Drake stopped rubbing and fingering my ass, and then he started to pull apart my asshole, making it as wide as possible. But why was he doing that? I couldn't stop thinking of the possibilities.
And then the worst thing happened. Yeah, it was even worse than Drake's fat dick inside of me. Instead of his penis, it was his fist! I had no idea how he was going to fit that thing in, but he did, and I had no idea how it got in there without even hurting... So I asked.
"Drake... mmmph... how did that... mmmph... slide in so... mmmph... easy?" I tried asking with half of Josh's dick inside of my mouth.
"You have so much soap on you that it just did... I WAS going to put lube on it, but that's past us now!" Drake replied.
"What is... mmmph... lube?" I asked again.
"Something that makes it so that you can stick stuff inside your pussy and ass a whole lot easier!"
"Mmmph... okay..." I managed to say.
Drake started to push in deeper, and I was letting out muffled moans through Josh moving his penis up and down inside my mouth, as if it were my... my... pussy! Was he going to squirt his semen in my mouth? Would I have to drink it? Eww! Yuck! And I thought his dick tasted bad! I wondered what his semen would taste like... just thinking of it made my stomach sick!
Drake started to move in and out with his fist, as if it were a penis. It felt good, but how was this going to get me anywhere? Or him? And then, Drake balled his other hand into a fist. I started crying, since I knew this was going to hurt, and Drake started saying "Don't worry, it'll slide right in, don't worry, everything will be okay!" But that wasn't exactly reassuring. I knew it was going to hurt me, one way or another.
My attention suddenly switched to the dick inside of my mouth, and who its owner was. Josh started moaning "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh God help me!" My guess was that whatever he was talking about, it wasn't good. I felt his semen, or cum, than I just learned, I guess, blasted into my mouth, and I tasted every last bit of it! That, my friends, was the most disgusting thing I had tasted in my whole life. I never wanted to taste it again! Nor should I! I immediately shoved Josh to the floor, to get his dick out of my mouth, and then I spit all of his cum out before it could make my mouth taste bad. Too late. My mouth tasted horrible, Josh was staring at me with a "what the hell" look on his face, and I had a fist in my ass and a fist in my pussy... WAIT A SECOND!! A FIST IN MY PUSSY TOO?! I had been so busy with Josh's cum that I had forgotten about Drake putting his fist in my delicates. He was pumping his fists harder than ever, and then I realized what was in it for me.
My legs got wobbly, my stomach burned, and I fell to the floor with Drake's hands still inside my pussy and ass. He slowly pulled them out, and my "cum" poured out all over the place. My breathing grew hard and labored, and I felt my sight grow dim, and then, nothing.
Just as we got out of the shower, I heard a loud knock on my bedroom door and a voice saying "Megan, can I come in?" I knew for a fact it was Walter.
"I thought you said they were gone for a long time, dammit Drake!" I whispered to Drake.
"Hey, time flies when you're having fun," Drake whispered back in his 'no duh' tone.
Walter knocked again, and yelled my name louder than last time.
"You boobs, go hide!" I told my older brothers. I quickly put on a towel and shouted "I'm coming!" to Walter. Drake snickered.
Once I got to the door, I opened it to find an 'Easter Bunny' with candy stapled all over it.
"Where's Drake and Josh?" Walter asked.
My face turned red and I had to make up a quick lie. Usually, it was easy to lie, but this time, I was wearing a towel with Walter dressed up as the Easter Bunny in front of me and Drake and Josh hiding in my bathroom!
"How should I know about their personal boobish lives? They're probably at a movie or something," I quickly explained.
"Oh, well I'll just leave their candy by the door then!" He said as he walked off to Boob Land.
Now THAT was a close one. My head was burning to death as I ran to go get Drake and Josh.
"What did he say?" Josh asked me.
"He just asked me where you were. I said I didn't know," I told them.
"How are we going to get back to our room?" Drake asked.
"Use my secret passage!" I pointed to the right where there was a door big enough even for the Easter Bunny to crawl through it. Drake and Josh instantly stood up and ran through the passage.
The day was almost done at 10:00 PM, so I ran upstairs to get my pajamas on.
Throughout the whole day, my ass and pussy had been aching like crazy, but if I told my parents they would get mad at me and Drake and Josh, unless I told them that they raped me... no, that would be beyond even my worst cruelness. At least Drake had used a vacuum to make sure all the cum was out of me, so that made me feel a lot safer.
Suddenly, the phone rang and, as always, I was the first to pick it up.
"Hello? ... Oh hi Sammy! ... A slumber party on Friday? ... Is anyone else going to be there? ... Jenny and Emily? ... Okay let me go ask wait just a second..."
I put the phone down and ran downstairs to ask my mom if I could go or not.
"Sure sweetie. Just be back home after lunch!" My mom told me.
I quickly ran upstairs to my room and told Sammy I could come.
I went to sleep at around 11:30, and had great dreams of Sammy, and Jenny, and Emily..........

I'm probably not going to continue this!

RoseLuv - Which is actually true because she never did finish it. Hope you liked it though :) I barely did, cause it is sort of a piece of crap.