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For the ladies at the WA. Thanks to to all of them, with a cherry on top to TalesFromTheSpockSide for the beta work. Nerdie planted the idea...just saying!

Five times Spock removed Nyota's panties without using his hands and the one time she enjoyed it.


The natives had captured and tied the landing party to the trees and left them. Spock's fingers were digging into the tree's bark, his eyes closed in concentration.

"What are you doing, Spock?" Kirk asked, exasperated. "Could we all start contributing ideas to get us the hell out of this, please?"

"I am, Captain. The plant life on this planet is exceptionally intelligent and quite capable of responding to our desires for assistance. I am attempting to meld with this life form and request its help." He let out a breath and opened his eyes. "I believe it understood me when I conveyed my need for assistance."

"Hey!" Nyota exclaimed. Her complaint was followed swiftly by the sound of ripping clothing as a vine snaked under her skirt and tore her panties from her body.

Spock's ears turned dark green. Maybe he had revealed a little too much of his desires to the tree.

"Perhaps I should try again," he mused, almost to himself.

Nyota looked down at her tiny uniform.

"Don't you dare!"