This one is a little different from the rest I have written. Just a little something about Benjamin and Tia. All way before Breaking Dawn

Maybe you like, maybe you don't.

With the Arabic stuff, translations are down below.

If you feel the need to comment on something (language wise), then, by all means.

I don't really speak Egyptian that good- I'm still learning-, but I'm just trying to honour my roots a little x)

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The ya in front of a name is kind of used as 'hey'. So Ya Benji is sort of Hey Benji… if that makes any sense…

Aywa & na3m both mean yes.

Izzayak means How are you. (Izzayak to a guy, Izzayik to a girl.)

3ammu means His uncle. (3ammi = my uncle, 3ammak/3ammik = your uncle, 3ammu = his uncle.)
Bebsi, hihi I wanted to put it in just like that. Bebsi is just Pepsi. But the P is not in the Arabic alphabet so they make it bebsi, and I could not resist putting it in :p I think it's really funny how some words are completely twisted. The change from pepsi to bebsi is pretty small compared to how pull-over becomes biluver and pasha becomes besha.Heheh :p

Sittasher means Sixteen

Basbosa sweets, sort of pastry I guess.

Fi madrasa means In/at school.

Masaa' al kheer means Good evening.

Enta miin means Who are you (Enta = you, miin = who)

Ismi means My name (is)

Eiid mubarak means (I think) something similar to Have a blessed fest.

La' means No.

Huwwa massas el demaa2 means He's a vampire. (Huwwa = He('s), massas el demaa2 = vampire)

Huwwa wa7sh means He's a monster. (Wa7sh = monster)

Yallameans something like Come on. Go, go. Start. Shoo shoo hehe, you know what I mean.

Habibtiis an endearment like baby, or love. (Habibti to a girl, Habibi to a guy).

Ayza takli eih means What do you want to eat
Ummi means My mother

3assalis an endearment, means Honey.

Gabal Musa, Mount Moses

Enty zay el ful, means You're like the jasmine(flower)/jasmines. (enty = you/you're, zay = like, el ful = the jasmine flower

Enta albi means You're my heart (albi = my heart)

Bost al amar means I kissed the moon. (bost = I kissed, al amar = the moon)

* * *

Song; Ahwak – Abdel Halim Hafez (My favorite song of his :p)

Translations to the lyrics I used. If you're interested in the full lyrics, just google the title or something.

Tia: We atmana law ansak - And I wish if I ever forget you

Benjamin: We la-eek - I dream of finding you
Mashghool we shaghelny beek - Thinking of me, and I of you.
We einaya teegy fe eneik - And my eyes meeting yours.
We kalamhom yeba aleik - And the words written on your face,
Wenta dary - While you try to hide them.

We raeek - And I'd nourish you,
Was-ha men el leil anadeek - Wake up from my sleep to call you.
We abaat rohy tesaheek - And send my soul to wake you.
Om yally shaghelny beek - So you who has stirred my soul,
Garab nary - Try out my fire.