By Any Unborn Child

hontou wa sora wo toberu to
shitte ita kara
habataku toki ga kowakute
kaze wo wasureta

The truth is that ever since
I realized I could fly in the sky
I've been too afraid to flap my wings,
and I've forgotten the wind

Sakura could only look at Fai and he'd make her smile.

Not just a little smile though.

It would turn out to be a huge smile, one that made her grin from ear to ear.

He would smile along with her, and that would make everything content.

He had that affect on people.

He did whatever he could to make everyone else happy, whether it meant cracking a joke or reassuring them that they did a good job.

doko he yuku no
tooku ni mieru ano shinkirou
itsuka obie nagara
futari no mirai wo utsushite

Where are we headed?
Far off in the distance we can see a mirage
Which although we fear it
Will show us our future someday

She couldn't help but wonder why he smiled so much.

She had a feeling it was to conceal something.

An inner hurt that he carried for as long as he could remember.

But why?

Why did he feel that the burden, whatever it was, had to be on him?

It didn't make much sense.

yoru be nai kokoro futatsu
yorisou koro ni
hontou no kanashimi ga hora
tsubasa hirogete

When our shelterless hearts
drew close together
Look, true sorrow has
spread apart its wings

She often wondered why he carried the pain that he did.

And why he hid it behind a smile.

Now that she thought about it, she always had two reactions to the smiles that Fai had.

The first one was reassurance,

The feeling that everything would be all right.

The second one, and the one that ultimately stuck to her ribs, was heartbreak.

The gnawing, residual sadness that never truly went away.

yoru no naka de
mahiru no kage wo yumemiru you ni
kitto ochite yukou
hikari he

In the night
Like a dream of midday shadows
I'm sure we shall fall
Toward the light

Sakura wished that she could cure whatever was hurting him.

If it was grief, she could help him get through it.

If it was torment, she could try to see who or what was causing it.

If it was self-doubt, she could bolster him with whatever he needed to gain his confidence.

She wanted to help Fai so much that it hurt.

She wanted to heal him.

She wanted to kiss him and make him better.

itsuka kimi to futari
yoru wo asa wo hiru wo
hoshi wo yume wo
natsu wo fuyu wo toki wo kaze wo
mizu wo tsuchi wo sora wo
we go further in the destiny…

Someday, with you
Night, morning, afternoon,
stars, illusion
Summer, winter, time, wind
Water, earth, sky
we go further in the destiny……

He was too kind to be in so much pain.

He was too beautiful, inside and out, to deserve so much torture.




This infernal phrase racked Sakura's brain until she felt like her ears were bleeding.

This was pure agony.

She wanted to help him.

So badly.

The only problem was that, even if she did try to help him, he'd deflect and talk about something else.

Dismissing his pain.

Making her even more upset.

On the inside.

soba ni ite ne
shizuka na koi ga hora hajimaru yo
itsuka furue nagara
futari no mirai he

Stay close to me
Look, a silent love begins
Someday we will shiver
As we head toward our future

She didn't want to show him her own pain.

Her own inner turmoil.

What she had gone through seemed minimal in light of Fai's deepest sorrow.


When she thought of the word, her eyes threatened to tear up.

Why did she feel so useless?

So pathetic?

Was there truly nothing she could do?

Wasn't there anything she could do?

doko he yuku no
tooku he nigete yuku
mizu no naka
nante kirei na koe de
futari no mirai wo

Where are we headed?
We flee into the distance
underneath the water
What a beautiful voice
Sing aloud
Our future

It was then that she realized it.

What she could do.

She could…be there for him.

Be there for him when he needed her.

And when the time came, she would try her best to heal him.

Love him.

Love him for everything that he was, and for what he endured.

She knew that he was not the sum of his tragedies.

No one truly was.

He was still the Fai that she knew and loved.

And she would be there for him.

No matter what.