Hey guys, I've been back into Doctor Who lately, mainly because it's an amazing show, but also because the Tenth Doctor is no longer with us. *cries* I am really excited to see how Matt Smith does, but Tennant was my Doctor and I'm going to miss him. Anyway, my best friend was giving me a back rub the other night, and I had this plot bunny just kind of hop into my vision carrying a sonic screwdriver. Of COURSE I had to follow it. Duh. So here is my latest fan fic- onward!

"Wow, I don't think I've run that hard since we were being chased by those shop dummies in London!" Rose panted, leaning against the Tardis door just as the Rhino-like creatures native to Sh'leen rumbled past them, oblivious to the blue box as it began to de-materialize.

"I know! Feels good, doesn't it?" The Doctor replied, a huge grin on his face, his own chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath, his normally unruly hair weighed down with sweat.

Rose laughed. "Only you would enjoy being chased by feathered rhinos."

The Doctor shrugged, still grinning. "In the job description, being a Time Lord and all." He leaned against the Tardis console, wincing slightly as his back made contact. "Although, I don't recall getting bashed in the side as part of the deal." He frowned, touching his ribs tenderly, sucking in a breath.

"Are you all right?" Rose asked, starting towards him, concerned.

"Yea." He nodded. "Just a bit of bruising is all- should heal right up." He looked up, his complexion once again brightening. "So, where'd you want to go next?"

Rose paused a moment, studying the Doctor's face. He was excited as usual, but he was still breathing somewhat heavily and he was supporting his weight awkwardly against the console.

"Actually Doctor, I'm a bit tired, can we continue after I get a few hours sleep and a shower?"

The Doctor's face fell, like it always did when she asked for a break, but he concented.

"Yea, all right. I could use a bit of a rest myself. See you in a little while then."

Rose bit her lip, watching the doctor walk away towards his room and a bed he hardly used. It wasn't the fact that he'd been disappointed about her need for rest that concerned her; he was always like that, it was the fact that she had seen a subtle look of relief on his face when she'd mentioned it.

The Doctor never wanted to stop. He must be really hurting. Rose had thought something was wrong, now she knew it. Knowing he would once again deny her advances if she tried to find out what was hurting him, she opted to go take a shower and then check up on him after, just to see if there was any change. If she was lucky he would be asleep and she'd be able to find something out.

She took a decent amount of time in the shower, so as to make the Doctor believe she was doing what she said she was going to. She even put on a pair of pajamas, just in case he was still up and saw her. Finally finished, she crept out of her room and scanned the corridor for any sign of him. It was very quiet, something unheard of.

Moving forward, she headed for his room, finding him laying on his back on top of the covers, still in his usual clothing, in a fitful sleep. Though he had been resting for over forty minutes, he was still glistening with sweat and his breathing was very shallow, the breaths hissing through his teeth as though pained. Brow furrowed, Rose backed out, retracing her steps to the medical room she'd seen once or twice before. Reaching it, she could tell that the Tardis was worried about the Doctor as well; a roll of bandages, stethoscope, and some kind of cream or poultice that Rose assumed would go underneath the bandages was lying out.

"Thanks girl." She breathed gratefully, gathering the items before taking a bowl of water and a cloth from the nearby cabinet.

Heading back to the Doctor's room, she placed the things on the side table and then carefully undid his coat buttons and his tie, leaving his chest bare save for a thin, sweat drenched T-shirt.

Wetting the cloth, she laid it on his forehead and neck, gently stroking his face, picking up the stethoscope in her other hand as he shuddered under her touch.

Ever so gently, she placed the bell to his breast, listening to one heart and then the other, relieved to find them beating steadily, if a little fast. His breath however, sounded shallow, and the hollow rasp of his respiratory by-pass was doing most of the work.

Moving the stethoscope around to better find what was inhibiting his breathing, she paused at his left side as he jerked violently, whimpering unconsciously away from her touch.

Settling the stethoscope around her neck, she probed experimentally around the area, finding it to be swollen and apparently extremely tender.

Lifting his shirt, she found the area to be a dark purple color, and the skin to be quite hot.

He'd broken a rib or two.

Brow furrowed with worry, Rose gently tried to ease him out of his jacket, heart twisting every time he whimperd with pain. Eventually she decided that despite his annoyance later on, she would have to cut him free; the pain that he was in was enough to him to pass out and stay that way, and she could make the break worse if she shifted him too much. Looking to the side, she found a pair of scissors in his drawer, and set to work cutting away the layers of fabric until his torso was bare. Picking up the cloth again, she resumed bathing his fevered body, cleaning the area as gently as possible.

Once the bruised skin was clean and dry, Rose began to apply the poultice- a sweet-smelling paste that had a strange bluish color to it. When it touched her skin an icy feeling spread through her hands.

Brushing it gently onto the affected area, she watched as the Doctor first shuddered and then almost sighed with relief, his face finally relaxing out of its agonized expression. Once a thick layer of the paste was covering his whole side, Rose gently eased herself behind his head, laying his shoulders and part of his upper body against her, feeling his hot skin and rapid heartbeats against her chest.

He stirred slightly, face grimacing in pain as she got him settled, but he didn't wake. If anything he seemed to go even stiller. If it weren't for the fact that the Tardis had given her the cream, Rose would have been worried that it was making him worse. As it was, she hoped he was just finally able to relax, freed from most of the pain.

Picking up the bandages, Rose intended to bind his ribs tightly, hoping that they would heal on their own from there. Just as she eased the cloth around his torso in the first wrapping, she paused, noticing a faint glow under his skin. Looking closer, somewhat alarmed, Rose realized that she could see the faint outlines of each of his hearts, beating and glowing through his skin- glowing with the same gold energy that had changed his entire body before.

Suddenly worried that more was wrong with him than just a broken rib, Rose froze, watching as the glow began to illuminate his veins and spread outward, concentrating around the damage, unable to breathe.

He couldn't change again- he just couldn't!

She sat like that for nearly five minutes, so afraid that the golden energy would suddenly expand, turning him into another man, stealing him from her again.

But it didn't. Instead, he woke up.

"Ahhh...." He moaned softly, grimacing as he opened his eyes, staring blearily around himself, then down at his naked torso and Rose's attempt at bandaging it. "Rose?" He muttered, turning his head so he could see her face, suddenly realizing that he was resting against her, partially in her lap. "What are you-" He looked down. "Regeneration gel-" He paused, looking up at the ceiling "Where have you been hiding that old girl?" He asked the Tardis, receiving a blink from the lights lining the walls and floor in reply. "Well, no matter, looks like it still works well."

Sitting up a bit straighter, he took his first real breath, looking relieved to be able to breath more easily. Rose found herself gasping for air as well, suddenly thawing from her shocked state.

"Doctor- are you..."

"I'm all right, bit sore though." He commented, not daring to shift from his spot too much. "Should finish this bandage, it'll help keep things in place while they heal, I would hate to have a rib prodding me in the skullrik for the rest of this incarnation- that would just be embarrassing."

Rose couldn't help but release a shaky laugh, relieved to hear his pointless banter.

"Are you all right?" He asked suddenly, looking up at her, a concerned look in his eyes.

"I thought-" She motioned at his chest, the last of the glow just fading. "I was just worried that you were" She swallowed. "Going to change again."

"Oh, the regeneration glow." The Doctor muttered, nodding with understanding. "No, that gel the Tardis gave you is just meant to stimulate the reserved energy in a Time Lord's body to mend just one part of the body. It's mainly used for broken bones." He shifted uncomfortably "Ties the muscles right up though, usually lasts for a few days."

"I could probably help with the tight muscles, if you want." Rose said, finishing the bandage as he shifted into more of a sitting position, allowing her to wrap it more easily. "I used to give my mum back rubs when she would come home from work, she always had a bunch of knots in her shoulders."

The Doctor glanced back at her as she finished the bandage, turning around to face her. "Well, if you want I suppose that would work- now that the bones are set there shouldn't be any further damage." He thought for a moment, looking slightly uncomfortable. "I should probably get some clothes on though- hang on. What happened to my suit??"

Rose looked sheepish. "You were in a lot of pain and I didn't want to move you around to much, I was afraid of making the break worse, so I- cut them off."

The Doctor's eyes widened, first looking at Rose, then at his ruined suit jacket. "Well, that's just brilliant."

"I'm sorry about the jacket, I'm sure we can find you a new one.."

"Yea, but we're going to have to wait a little while, that was from a specific time period." He sounded slightly heartbroken. "Going to have to wait until I can find another one without crossing my own time line..." He grimaced, a large section of his side tensing spasmodically.

"You had better just worry about the jacket later Doctor, just lay on your front for now."

Taking one last look at the ruined shirts, the Doctor obeyed, looking somewhat self-conscious now that his attention was no longer on his ruined fashion sense.

"Are you sure about this Rose, because I could just move around a bit- I'm sure it'll work itself out."

Rose gently pushed his head down to rest on the pillow, shifting to her feet so she was standing over him, his bare back now fully exposed save for the bandage. "Just let me help you." She said, laying her hands on his tense shoulders, massaging gently.

At first his entire back was rigid, his eyes darting everywhere but at her, his breathing uneven, but as she continued, he relaxed, his eyes slowly drifting closed, a contented sigh escaping his lips. Rose couldn't help but smile, she knew he'd warm up eventually. The next thing she couldn't help but notice was how firm his back was, even when he was relaxed. Despite his lanky appearance, he was really quite well built, the lean muscle under his skin responding well to her fingers.

Once she got over her initial distraction, Rose was not surprised to find a multitude of knots in his shoulders and back. After all, a Time Lord that wouldn't stop moving was bound to be tense almost constantly.

"This is going to hurt." She warned him, pressing down on his back and working her fingers into the muscle, watching him wince as the tightened area was forced to relax. When she was done he sighed in relief, cracking an eye open to stare almost accusingly at her.

"This is going to help how?" He asked, shifting his shoulders uncomfortably.

"What, you mean to tell me you've never had a back rub?" She asked, moving to a different section of flesh, working out the knots there.

"No- I would say OW!" He complained, jerking some as she hit another tender spot.

"I'm sorry but you have another one, you'll feel better after they come out, I promise."

The Doctor opened his mouth to protest but she silenced him with a push into the affected area. Clamping his mouth shut, he contented himself with gritting his teeth as she continued to banish the knots from his back and sides.

"All right, feel any better?" She asked, still massaging his side, now just to keep the ache away.

The Doctor made a face and shifted, his face lighting with surprise as his shoulders unwound, the muscle creating a strange popping sensation. "Wow, never felt that before."

"You're tellin me that I just worked out nine-hundred years of knots?" Rose asked, surprised. "With all the runnin you do I'd think you wouldn't be able to stand straight after all that."

The Doctor shrugged. "Never thought about it before." He glance up at her. "Superior Time Lord biology and all. And no- not nine hundred years, more like a few months. You don't really think that knots carry through regenerations do you?"

Rose rolled her eyes, pushing finitely at the last knot she'd missed, feeling it release with a satisfying pop. The Doctor winced and then breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh yea, I got your superior biology all right."

"It was the break. And the gel. Does wonders for the bones but wreaks havoc on the musculatory system."

"Yea, you keep makin excuses." She smirked, her eyes sparkling with amusement. "I'm just glad you're OK Doctor." She bent down and kissed his cheek before she knew what she was doing.

The Doctor gave her a surprised look, and shifted so he was leaning on one elbow, his face now closer to hers. She blushed with embarrassment. "I- sorry." She stuttered, staring at him, his brown eyes holding hers hostage.

"No no- it's all right- just a..." He trailed off, shutting them both up as he pressed his lips to hers.

So, do you like? By the way, have you EVER had someone work the knots out of your back? It feels exactly how I described it, and then some.