Chapter 11

Sophie longed for Lucy. She didn't even realize she was missing until they were already in the carriage. Thomas placed her on the seat opposite of himself, and told her to behave. Without Daddy or Papa there, she did. Thomas was frightening. She only sniffled a little, trying to be as quiet as she could. She knew that if she cried loud, Thomas would put his hands on her just like he used to. Or worse, just like he used to do to Mama.

Mama. Sophie missed her so much. She remembered the morning Mama woke her up, crying a little, but not a lot like she did sometimes. She told Sophie they had to be apart for a little while. She told Sophie she was going to see her Daddy. She had talked about him before, but not a lot. She would just sometimes kiss her forehead and say, "You have your Daddy's eyes" or "You're stubborn just like your Daddy". He didn't really exsist as anything, he was just a word that became frequent in Sophie's life.

Sophie hadn't cried much until Mama actually took her to a house, and kissed her again and again. She gave Lucy to Sophie and had to pull the little girl's arms off of her hands. "Mama will be back," she said. "Mama will be back."

Sophie wanted her back now. The very thought made her cry a little more. She knew that if Mama were here with them right now, that Thomas would be mean. He would yell and hit her, and call her those terrible names Sophie didn't really understand. Daddy and Papa sometimes said ugly words to each other, but she'd never heard them raise their voices when doing so, and they never hit one another.

She couldn't help but make noise then, and she didn't care that Thomas was right there anymore. She cried loudly, and she grew frightened. Not because of Thomas, but because of the men in black who'd tied Daddy and Papa up, and hit them a few times.

When they returned to Thomas' home, the one Mama had left early in the morning with her, promising her that she would love her Daddy and he would be kind to her, Thomas took her from the carriage and told her to walk to the house. Inside, the chubby, pink-faced lady was waiting.

"Take care of her," Thomas said, shaking his head. "I can't deal with her another minute."

"Come here love," the chubby lady said, tugging at Sophie's hand. "You must be exhausted."

Sophie wept as the lady led her up the stairs into the washroom. She drew a bath and sighed and muttered to herself the entire time. Sophie did not want to take a bath. Not here. There wasn't enough water and it wasn't warm enough. The chubby lady washed her hair too hard, and didn't let her play in the water after. She quickly dried her, and dressed her in a night gown.

"Now let's get you off to bed," the lady said, giving Sophie's bottom a little pat. "We don't want the master to be upset."

The bed was cold and lonely. Sophie remained sitting up, and cried. She tried not to make a lot of noise, but she couldn't help it. She also had to go potty, but she was too scared to leave the room. She wet herself. The bed was now not only cold and lonely, but wet.

"So you see," Arthur finished, going through some papers at his work office. "I think Botts has been embezzling money anyway." He handed Watson the file folder. "I tried going to the yard a few times, but he manages to pay everybody off."

"This is good," Watson said, nodding. He glanced at the detective. "Holmes?"

"Do you have his home address?" Holmes asked, not looking at them, but off into space.

"Yes," Arthur said. "It's the large house on the corner off of Maplenut Lane." He found a notepad and scribbled an address on it. "You can't miss it, but here's the address anyway."

They thanked Arthur and left the office. When they were about a block away, Watson asked, "So we're going tonight then?"

Sophie stopped weeping. She heard voices. Thomas' angry one, but another. Her heart soared. Mama! She tore out of bed and opened the door, moving to the stairs.

"You're a whore, Irene!" Thomas screamed. "A no-good, rotten, bloody whore!"

"What else do you want from me?" Irene said back, in a voice that was loud too, but not mean. "I came back to you! Let Sophie go!"

Thomas laughed. "If I let her go, then you'll just leave again." Sophie watched as he grabbed her chin roughly. "And we don't want that again."

"Mama." Sophie moved down the stairs, tears already streaming down her face. "Mama!"

Before Thomas could say anything, she flew into her mother's arms and Irene scooped her up, kissing her.

"I thought the nanny told you to stay in bed," Thomas growled. He eyed her nightgown. "Oh, bloody hell! She's pissed herself! I'll bet it's all over my bed!"

"She's a baby!" Irene snapped, holding onto her tightly. "And we're not staying here, Thomas."

He laughed again. "And where will you go, Love? Who's going to take you in? Your mother's dead. You don't have any family. Every man from here to Scotland knows you're a dirty whore!"

"Daddy." Sophie said into her mother's dress. "We can go to Daddy."

Irene's hold on her loosened just a bit. She swallowed hard and said to Thomas. "We're not staying here."

Thomas yelled and threw things as Irene moved to the front door. He told her not to move, that if she took one step out the door he'd kill her, and Sophie wept. She believed him.

"It's alright, Love." Irene kissed her. "It's going to be alright."

"Mama..." Sophie was trembling. She'd always believed in her mother, but now...Thomas screaming and making so much noise with his fists...she wasn't sure...

There was a noised, and Irene stopped. Thomas shook, only with rage, and cocked a gun at her. "Don't you dare leave me," he said, his voice just as shaky as his hand.

"Thomas..." She shook her head, swallowing.

"Get against the wall," he ordered. Irene set Sophie down, and the little girl did not want to let her go. Irene wiped the little girl's tears with her hand. "Sophie, step away from me."

"GET AGAINST THE WALL!" Thomas waved the gun around. He looked at Sophie, but said nothing.

"Mama!" Sophie wailed, but kept her distance.

Thomas swallowed, breathing heavily, still holding the gun. Sophie jumped a little, feeling hands on her. She whipped her head around and began to cry harder. It was Papa. She flew into his arms, gripping onto him like there was no tomorrow. She heard a thud, and turned back to see Daddy. He had hit Thomas with the same stick the men and black had hit him with. Only he had two of them. Thomas fell to the floor, dropping the gun, and Daddy kicked it away from him. He hit him again, and then kicked him.

"Sophie," Papa said softly. "Let go of me just for a moment."

"No!" Sophie stomped her feet. "No!"

"Just for a moment," Papa insisted, his voice still soft. When Sophie didn't comply, Papa forcefully pried her away. Sophie began to throw a fit.

She watched, still screaming as Papa joined in the fight, and he and Daddy let Thomas have it. He needed it. She had seen him hit and throw Mama so many times, and the chubby lady, and a few others that had come and gone through the front door. Now, he knew what it was like, she thought.

"Take the Goddamn girl!" Thomas spat from his place on the floor. "Take her! Leave Irene here, but take your bastard child!"

Holmes kicked him again, making him grunt. "We're not leaving without both of our girls," he said simply.

"You're lucky we just roughed you up a bit," Watson added, yanking him up by his arm. "Wait until you go to prison."

" 'Prison'?" Thomas repeated, scoffing. "I practically run the law!" He glanced at Sophie, grinning, shaking his head.

The men in black arrived some time later, and they took Thomas away. The chubby lady followed them out the door, telling the men to make sure he stayed locked up.

"You didn't have to help us," Irene said, standing next to Holmes.

Sophie tugged at Watson's coat and he picked her up. He kissed her. She leaned her head against his shoulder, fingering his moustache absent-mindedly.

"Stop being so stubborn," Holmes replied casually. "Be a woman, for once."

Irene smiled, and leaned against his side, chuckling. She kissed his cheek. "Thank you." She removed herself and looked at Watson. "May I?"

"Of course." Watson put Sophie down and she ran into her mother's arms.

"You should live here, with us," Holmes said, sighing slightly.

Irene stroked the sleeping toddler's hair. She looked up at him. "I have to fix my life first," she said. "So I can give her the one that she deserves."

"It'll break her heart," Holmes said, looking down at Sophie.

Irene smiled a shaky smile. "I won't disappear forever." She rubbed her arms with her hands. "She needs stability in her life."

Holmes inhaled slowly, but finally nodded, releasing the air through his nose. He embraced Irene and they remained that way for several moments. When they pulled away, Irene leaned down to give Sophie a soft kiss, so soft it would not wake her. She brushed the back of her hand across her cheek.

They left the room and Holmes and Watson followed Irene to the front door. Watson wordlessly handed Irene an envelope. She glanced at it, and then back at him.

"Some money," the doctor explained.

"Oh, no-" Irene started to hand it back.

"Take it," he insisted. "We want you to return one day." He smiled, and Irene knew he meant it.

She nodded. "Thank you."

She left, and they returned upstairs, and collapsed into their chairs. The sun was just starting to rise. Holmes rubbed at his eyes sleepily. Watson glanced at him.

"What a night," the detective said, yawning.

They only removed their shoes, and climbed into bed. Thirty minutes hadn't even passed when they heard the bedroom door open, and felt Sophie climb onto the bed and fall in between them. She fell asleep without a word. Holmes and Watson looked at her, and then each other.

"I suppose it's time we consider painting your old room," Holmes said quietly.

"Pink?" Watson raised his eyebrows, blinking heavily.

"Pink..." Holmes said quietly, with false menace.

The doctor chuckled, placing his arms behind his head. His fingers found Holmes between the pillows and he brushed them against the detectives'.

"Sophia Holmes," he yawned.

"Sophia Irene Watson-Holmes," the detective replied, closing his eyes.

Speaking of Sophie Irene Watson-Holmes, her eyes opened, and she sat up. "Where's Lucy?"

"I am not getting out of bed to go retrieve Lucy," Holmes slurred sleepily.

Sophie whined. "Lucy..."

Climbing back into bed, Holmes groaned, rolling his eyes. Sophie was fast asleep. He placed the doll under her arm, and leaned down to kiss her. Watson chuckled, but he was already half asleep.

The End

Author's note: Oh my goodness. I'm actually finished! *collapses* Well, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm going to answer a few questions I've received in various private messages and reviews.

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