This is my story of how the Overlords first came to be. This draws off the games, some of Gnarl's always amusing words, and my own imagination. For the record I am assuming the lands from Overlord, Overlord 2, and mabye Dark Legend all exist at the same time and are decently close. If not Screw the rules Im the author. First attempt at a detailed story so comments are welcome. I do not own Overlord or anything like it.

Chapter 1: A Beginning

The cold winds buffeted the house, like every other house in Marquise. A simple village, it had nothing to protect it but a river on one side and a decently trained militia, though it relied on the crops and cows it sold to keep most powerful cities from attacking. Almost the entire town was made of wood, the only stone buildings were Castle Marquise, the Armory, and the Food Storage.

Inside this house were four people, a women laying on a bed in pain, a man looking over his wife with concern, a grim herbalist and a priest. The first three where expected at a birthing, a priest not so much. But this winter was long and cruel, and more died and less lived to take their place. The woman's dark red hair was ruffled and her green eyes were closed in pain as she pushed. Her husband's blue eyes grew more and more scared as the baby refused to come out. The herbalist stayed silent and applied more creams and scents to ease the contractions. The husband leaned down to his wife.

"Push, Lea, you need to push!", Lea's eyes flew open in anger and birthing pain.

"James, either you push or shut the hell up!", James grew red and stood up, the priest and herbalist chuckling. The funny scene ended when Lea screamed in pain and started thrashing about. She had never talked about it, but the magic ran through her blood. James knew of course, especially when the possibility of a baby shooting lightning became possible. Her power lay not in attack, but parting the folds of time and seeing what is yet to come. It only happened twice before, once when she saw the future of her own mother dieing, and then when she saw James marry her. This time the pain rocked her.

She saw tiny demons with glowing yellow eyes. She saw clouds of darkness cover the land. She saw a bright light shine on a metal gauntlet. She saw a crystal orb, shining with magic. Then she saw a dark warrior, eyes shining purple beneath a tri pointed helmet.

James watched helplessly as Lea gave one more scream then fitfully twitch. The priest was chanting to the Mother Goddess while the old woman worked to save the baby. Lea opened her eyes to look at her new born son. She held him and looked deep into his dark eyes. The weak mother sighed and handed the baby to the father.

"James...", James quickly leaned over to Lea, who was feeling her strength wane," him Zechs." She had time to see her love nod before she passed out. The herbalist quickly checked her pulse and sighed.

"She will live. The birthing drained her. I cannot say how, nothing like this ever happened before. Give her time to rest..."

James nodded then looked down at his son, Zechs. The baby did not cry, but stared into his father's eyes.

Once again comments welcome let me know how I did.