Chapter 28: Calming Recovery

"Out of my way!"

Sheria rolled her eyes as Kisra's voice boomed through the throne room. She could tell by the chattering that the Minions were trying to keep the First Mistress at bay, more luck to them. The Ruborian herself was leaning against the doorframe to their private chambers, currently off limits while the Blues did their work. The two women had been shocked and horrified when Vanitas brought a burned and wounded Zechs back the Netherworld, and equally outraged when they were tossed out to the throne room. Apparently, Kisra had lost patience before Sheria. A Brown flew through the air and landed on the top of the stairs as the pregnant woman stomped up. Smirking lightly, Sheria nodded.

"First Mistress, mind your manners. Would not want you to over exert yourself"

"Spare me, Ruborian. Two hours and I am done waiting."

Sheria didn't respond, but glanced up the staircase, "Do you think he'll be mad if we go in."

Kisra snorted, already on the first step, "Mad! He's lucky he is alive!"

Sheria was about to let her go up alone and face Vanitas, but it occurred to the princess that she would be alone, with the Overlord. While she was down here and not worrying at his side. Growling in annoyance, the dark skinned royal ran up after Kisra.

The private chambers were suffused in a magical glow from Zech's bedroom; a circle of Blue Minions surrounded the charred Overlord and channeled their healing power into him. As they approached, Vanitas snaked his head in, fixing the human females with an annoyed look.


Kisra leveled her finger at the dragon and fixed him with a glare hot enough to melt his scales. The black dragon tilted his head curiously as Kisra hissed out some words.

"Listen and listen well, you great oversized lizard. Move your head NOW or I will personally hang it on a wall!"

Vanitas was obviously taken back by the human's threat, while Sheria raised a brow. Who knew the white skin had it in her? Vanitas seemed ready to continue this argument when a low chuckle came from the bed.

"Let them pass, Vanitas."

Vanitas glanced at Zechs before drawing his head closer to the window. Shooting him another glare, Kisra hurried to the Overlord. Zechs was in terrible shape, burns and charred skin all over. But even now Kisra could see the Blues' magic working, his body slowly healing. Smiling warmly, Kisra took his blackened hand in hers.

"I had thought you were leaving us, Dark One."

Zechs managed a smile before murmuring, "I had learned my lesson about leaving you in Marquise. I was our third outing?"


"Right. If I recall, you threatened to kill me in cold blood if I ever stood you up again."

Kisra smiled again, before frowning as Sheria's interrupting cough. The princess had had enough of Kisra cuddling up to the Overlord, and the Ruborian did not take jealousy well.

"If you two are done, we have other concerns to address."

Kisra's voice was cool, like talking to a servant. Sheria imagined tearing it out.

"Such as?"

"The fact the Overlord is laying bedridden in his Tower, and there are countless people waiting to hear he can't fight off an invasion? What do you think will happen if Sora learns Zechs is wounded? She probably hopes he is dead after that explosion, but once she knows for sure one way or the other, our lands will be swarming with knights!"

Vanitas nodded, "She is right, Master. If they see an opening, the humans of Heaven's Peak will likely ignore the elven revolts on Everlight to attack us. All occupying Minions are naturally maintaining order, but without their Overlord they may not be able to hold off a siege."

Zechs nodded, and winched from the pain. Damn those beer swilling midgets to the deepest pits. The dwarves were not much of a problem, they would remain in their tunnels and capitol until Sora sent troops. Same with the elves, if that spoiled prince could manage on his own. Zechs needed a distraction, something to draw Sora's attention long enough for him to even hold a sword. A thought came to Zechs, and his purple eyes turned to Sheria.

"Sheria, I have need of you."

The Ruborian raised a brow, and glanced gleefully at a fuming Kisra, "Oh, Dark One?"

"Yes. Something only you and your people can do…."