The Namikaze and the Shining Beauty

Chapter 1- A Change In Plans

Naruto runs to the hospital and finds Kakashi waiting in the hallway of the hospital. "Hey, Kakashi-sensei, I was wondering you could help me train for the exams."

Kakashi said, "Sorry, Naruto, but I am training Sasuke…he needs more help than you against Gaara."

Naruto said, "But you saw what Neji did to Hinata." Kakashi said, "And you saw what Gaara did to Lee….Sasuke might get killed."

Naruto said, "And so will I….can you just give me a scroll to help me out or something?"

Kakashi said, "Look, Naruto, I can't train you because I don't have any time to do so….Sasuke has a better chance of winning against Gaara than you with Neji. You can't control chakra, your jutsu is limited to Academy jutsu and a B-rank ninjutsu, your taijutsu sucks ass and your genjutsu is non-existent. Sasuke has a variety of Katon jutsu, the Sharingan, his clan taijutsu and a few genjutsu…..all which I can help him with."

Naruto shook in anger, "So that is it, huh….." he whispered.

Kakashi said, "You have no talent whatsoever and I can't have my reputation being sully if you lose against Neji."

That is when Naruto chose to snap and his killing intent rose through the roof, making Kakashi look at Naruto. Needless to say, Naruto was mad….no, he was pissed. "So that is how you feel, huh, Hatake?" Kakashi flinched at the way Naruto spat out his surname, "Naruto, calm…"

Naruto screamed, "Calm down….don't you dare tell me to calm fucking down, HATAKE! After all I have done for this team….who was the one who saved your ass when you got captured by Zabuza….not Sasuke, me. Who was the one who defeated Haku-san….not Sasuke, me. Who was the one that stood against Orochimaru instead of cowering like a little bitch….not Sasuke, me. You can't even stick to your goddamn motto, 'Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash.'

Kakashi said, "Naruto, I…."

Naruto said, "Don't call me that like you know me….Hatake, from now on, you will address me as Uzumaki."

Suddenly a lady perked up at the last name, "Uzumaki, wasn't that the last name of my mother-in-law, Kushina. And that face, he looks like the Yondaime….wait a minute, those bastards on the council lied to me….my fiancé is alive and that bastard Hatake brushed him off for an Uchiha brat?"

Naruto continued his rant, "And another thing, you are no goddamn teacher, hell…I bet Closet Pervert can teach better than you. What kind of sensei gives personal training to one of his students and leave the rest to fend for themselves? We could have died in the exam against Orochimaru because of your blatant worshipping, you son of a bitch."

Kakashi said sternly, "Naruto, that is no way to talk to your sen…"

Naruto said, "Sensei? You have no right to have that title….all I see is an Uchiha cock-sucker. You know what? I am done with this….I am done with this team, you, Haruno and Uchiha."

Kakashi said, "Na…." Naruto said, "Fuck you, Hatake. I will never talk to you again….I respected yo, but now I see what I mean to you…you asshole. Go ahead and let the Uchiha fuck you in the ass."

Naruto stalked off from the hospital while nurses and doctors parted the way in case Naruto would try to lash out. Kakashi, being the dumb fuck, tried to stop Naruto, who grabbed his wrist and spun on his heel with a kunai in hand and sliced his Icha Icha Paradise in half.

"Never….ever put your hands on me again, Hatake or I will kill you…..regardless if you are my father's student."

Kakashi was too much in shock to notice that Naruto knew about his heritage because partially of his book and Naruto's new appearance. Naruto was a bit taller and his once cerulean eyes were a dark indigo and slitted. His hair was not spiky, but down with a few bangs over his forehead and some of his hair was wrapped in a pony-tail that ends at the end of his jacket.

Naruto didn't care and just walked on, not noticing that his unknown fiancé was following him.

Forest- Kyuubi said, "You know, kit, he saw your appearance because your anger disrupted the genjutsu you placed on yourself."

Naruto said, "Like I give a damn about what he thinks? All he cares about his little Uchiha and his damn perverted book."

Kyuubi said, "Well, it was a good thing, I was getting tired of you playing this charade and take off that damn mask."

Naruto said, "It worked, didn't it….I was lucky enough that I was knocked out when I fought Orochimaru….after when Haku-san died, I swore that I will get stronger….and you helped me there, Kyuubi."

Kyuubi said, "It was nothing, at least I can get some kind of freedom in your mind….I was getting cramped in that cage of yours. Someone is coming…and whoever it is has a large amount of chakra."

Naruto nodded and voiced, "Whoever you are, come out."

Suddenly a young woman in her early 20's came out from behind her hiding spot, she wore a dark blue garment over a webbed-mesh bodysuit. Her hair had a rusty red shine to it and her eyes were jade, her luscious lips were covered with blue-colored lipstick.

The woman said, "My, and I thought you were cute before, now you are just delicious."

Naruto asked, "Not minding that you are practically raping me with your eyes, but who are you?"

The woman said, "I am Mei Terumi, the Godaime Mizukage and your fiancé."

Naruto said, "F-F-Fiancé!" Mei nodded slowly and Naruto fainted from shock as Kyuubi started to laugh his head off.

15 minutes later, Naruto woke up to feel someone caressing his hair softly like a lover should. The Jinchuuriki's eyes slowly fluttered open and he was looking at Mei, who was humming softly with his head between her legs.

Then she looked down and said, "Oh, you are awake?"

Naruto said, "So I am your fiancé, huh?"

Mei nodded, "I noticed that you called yourself Uzumaki when you were chewing your bastard of a sensei out." Naruto growled as the thought of Kakashi popped up in his mind. "So you are the Yondaime's son?"

The Jinchuuriki nodded and his eyes softened as he met her jade eyes, "Yes, I am…I don't know how the hell nobody noticed that I look like a carbon copy of him."

Mei giggled, "Not exactly, those whisker marks of yours will throw everyone off...but not me, besides it gives you an exotic look to you." Her hand brushed against his cheek and Naruto felt a jolt shot up his spine.

Naruto sat up, looking at Mei and Kyuubi said, "Damn, your father got your something good for a change?"

Naruto said, "So you being sealed within me is a bad thing?"

Kyuubi said, "Besides me, but back to her…goddamn, you are getting some ass tonight."

Naruto blushed as he said, "Shut up, ero-Kyuubi."

Kyuubi said, "I am a fucking demon, I have a right to be perverted, damn it."

Mei said, "Oh, is my little Naru-chan being perverted?"

Naruto said, "No? Um, I…uh, I….just think that you are very beautiful that is all."

Mei blinked and grabbed Naruto's head, pressing her to her ample bosom, "Aww, you are so sweet." Naruto waves his hands in the air as Kyuubi whistled, "You lucky bastard, damn it, the times I wish I was not sealed. I would be tapping that ass by now…"

Naruto thought, "Mine, Kyuubi, hands off!"

Mei let go of Naruto, who was panting a bit. Mei said, "Well, since you are going to need help against that Neji kid, I am going to train you."

Naruto said, "Seriously?"

Mei said, "Yes, I can have my future husband, dying on me now, can I? Now what are your affinities?"

Naruto said, "Huh?"

Mei's eyes narrowed, "That sensei of yours fucked you up….you were supposed to know what your chakra affinity is by now…..remind me to kill him in secret."

Naruto said, "I get first dibs…but you can castrate him if you want." Mei said, "I am beginning to like you, Naruto-kun."

The Jinchuuriki said, "Me too, Mei-chan."

Mei said, "We better see the Hokage first, I need to ask him a few questions about lying to me about my fiancé being dead." She took Naruto in her arms and performed a Mizu Shunshin.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the God of Shinobi, the Professor, the Sandaime Hokage was locked in combat against his most powerful adversary, the only one that Minato Namikaze had defeated in battle….its dreaded name struck fear in the hearts of every Kage…..its name was…paperwork.

"Damn paperwork, how the hell Minato took this on in stride and still had energy to mess around with Kushina-chan is beyond me." Sarutobi thought.

Suddenly water rose up from the ground, startling the Sandaime and took out a kunai, ready to attack. When the misty water cleared, he relaxed to see Naruto with a young woman hugging him softly. "Oh, it is you, Naruto….and I see that you dropped the genjutsu. Have you been keeping up with your kenjutsu?"

Naruto nodded, "Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang are in pristine condition, it is just that I need new jutsu to work with other than Kage Bunshin."

Sarutobi said, "Good, good… who is this woman behind you?"

Mei said, "My name is Mei Terumi, the Godaime Mizukage and Naruto's fiancé….who was informed to be dead by one of your ANBU."

Sarutobi frowned, "I didn't inform anyone that Naruto was dead….a letter was to supposed to reach you that he was going by his mother's maiden name for the time being."

Mei said, "If you didn't, then who did?"

Sarutobi said, "That is what I am wondering about, can you describe the ANBU for me?"

Mei said, "He was wearing the regular attire for ANBU, but his weapon…it was not a katana, but a tanto….it was tipless."

Sarutobi growled out, "Danzo…that bastard always meddling in affairs. Can I see the document please?"

Mei handed him the document and Sarutobi said, "The seal is not a fake, but I didn't sign this…..the only one with this seal are myself….and…..those idiots."

Naruto said, "What?"

Sarutobi said, "My own teammates, the elders are in on this too… they realize that this would have caused war between us?"

Mei said, "So that ANBU was not yours?"

Sarutobi said, "No, they belong to Danzo, that ANBU is part of an organization called Root….it was supposed to be disbanded a long time ago, because of Danzo taking the emotions away from them. Now…I just need more proof to get him executed along with my so-called teammates."

Naruto said, "You are going to have to wait because I am going to kill them…the only reason I won't is because of their grandkids, Moegi and Udon."

Sarutobi said, "Mizukage-dono, I must apologize for the insubordination of my council and will see that justice will come as long as I live."

Mei said, "Thank you, Hokage-dono."

Naruto said, "Um, oji-san, your pedophile of a former student put this irritating seal on me, can you take it off?"

Sarutobi looked at the seal, "Yep, that is Orochimaru's work alright. Mizukage-dono, can you get behind Naruto, that way the force I have to use won't fling into the wall."

Mei nodded and got behind Naruto as Sarutobi said, "Naruto, ramen on the ceiling."

Naruto looked up and Sarutobi took his chance, "Gogyo Kaiin!" The blow made Naruto and Mei slid back a bit and Naruto shouted, "Son of a bitch, that hurts!"

Mei said, "Now that is over, can you give a chakra paper?"

Sarutobi said, "I thought Kakashi told you all of you about your affinity."

Naruto growled, "Apparently Hatake thinks that I am a nobody and will sully his reputation."

Sarutobi roared, "What? That one-eyed bastard said that? I am sure that I can find a suitable punishment for his blatant favoritism."

Naruto had a sadistic smile on his face, "I got one, oji-san."

Sarutobi said, "What?"

Naruto said, "Burn his Icha Icha Paradise books one by one and make him watch as his books slowly turned into ashes. I will be the one who does this as his punishment."

Sarutobi smirked, "Consider it done, but let's wait until the exams are over….I want to see his face after you beat your opponent. Now here is the chakra paper….if fire, it burns. Wind, it split into two, Water, it will be damp, Lightning, it will crumple and Earth, crumble into dust."

Naruto sent chakra into the paper and to Sarutobi's surprise, one side was crumpled up and the other was damp, but then the paper split in two halves.

Sarutobi said, "It seems that your bloodline has awakened….the Araton bloodline."

Naruto said, "What?"

Sarutobi said, "Your mother had a bloodline called the Araton…it allows you to combine lightning and water to create bright beams of lightning that have the ability to flow like water."

Naruto said, "Nice…..did she leave any jutsu?"

Sarutobi said, "Her and your father, here are the scrolls and they only respond to your blood…so keep it safe at all times or memorize them and then burn it just in case Hatake or Sasuke try to steal it….which reminds me…I will send word to Jiraiya to make that seal for you so it can prevent them from copying the jutsu."

Naruto said, "Who is that?"

Sarutobi said, "He is your father's sensei and I wouldn't let Mei near him, he is an open pervert."

Naruto said, "The hell? Why are all my teachers except Kakashi perverts?"

Sarutobi said, "I am not a pervert." Naruto said, "Then tell me that Icha Icha Paradise book is not in that drawer to your left?"

Sarutobi said nothing and Naruto said, "Thought so."

Mei said, "So now it is time to start your training, Naruto-kun."

Sarutobi said, "Yes, I have to defeat this thing."

Naruto said, "Hokage-jii, I don't see how that you can't use Kage Bunshin to do it." Mei and Sarutobi both blinked at Naruto and both of them glomped him, "Thank you so much!/My future husband has told me the secret of beating paperwork."

Naruto said, "Oji-san, Mei-chan….a-air."

They let him go and Sarutobi said, "Thank you so much, Naruto…..just for that, I want you to have this…." Sarutobi took out a pass and gave it to Naruto, "This is a Sannin pass, which allows you go anywhere, now get out of here….so I can defeat my arch-enemy."

Naruto shook his head and walked out of the Tower with Mei as Sarutobi giggled in insane laughter.

Forest- "Now before we do anything, I have a hunch that you need a summoning contract." Mei said.

Naruto said, "Summoning Contract?"

Mei said, "It allows a person to summon an animal ally when you have a sort of problem. I have one that needs a suitable person and I think you are it." Mei bit her thumb and summoned a chameleon.

The chameleon opened its mouth and released a large scroll that had a white sea serpent on the scroll. "This is the mythical Yamata contract, it has a variety of animals in this contract. On in terms of strength from weakest to strongest are the crocodiles, the Komodo Dragons, the sea serpents, they prefer the term water dragons and finally the Hydra. The boss is the Yamata no Orochi, it doesn't like to be angered…so whatsoever don't anger it at all."

Naruto nodded and opened the contract, he bit his thumb and signed it. After that, Naruto did the hand signs for summoning and was sucked up into a dimension. He fell on down and got up to see that he was in a vast plain with a lake nearby.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked.

Suddenly something in the lake burst from its surface and Naruto watched as eight heads appeared from the lake. The creature had black scaly skin and green slitted eyes, it looked down at Naruto and one of its heads went down to Naruto. It spoke in a clear tone instead of that snake-like lisp, "So you are the next one to try and summon me?"

Naruto said, "Wow, you are huge….this is so awesome."

The Hydra seems amused at Naruto, "I am glad you are fascinated."

Naruto said, "I wanted to see if I could be your partner in this contract, Yamata no Orochi."

The Hydra said, "Just call me Yamata, now let me honor the deal. You seem respectable unlike the others."

Naruto said, "What others?"

The Hydra said nonchalantly, "Most of them tried to order me to do their bidding, so I had either crushed them, poisoned them or ate them."

Naruto thought, "Remember to never piss off this hydra."

The Hydra glowed in a light blue light and shrank down, Naruto had to cover his eyes and then he saw a black-haired woman with pale skin and green-slitted eyes.

"Wow….." Naruto said and Yamata said, "Like what you see?"

Naruto said, "Would you kill me if I said yes?"

Yamata said, "No, you are too cute for that. It has been ages since our contract has been used."

Naruto said, "So what do I have to do?"

Yamata said, "What you have to do is stand still, what I have to do is bite you to place my seal on you. This seal completely bypasses the process when you have a problem. If you don't want to summon me, you just do your regular hand signs to get my subordinates."

Naruto said, "Alright, Yamata, let's do it." Yamata took his wrist and bit his arm and Naruto felt something burning for a minute and then saw a summoning tattoo on his forearm. It was a tattoo of eight hydras covering his arm as if they were alive and could strike at anyone if he aimed his hand at an opponent.

Naruto said, "This is a sweet tattoo, Yamata-chan."

Yamata said, "Glad that you like it, Naruto-kun. I will expect great things from you. Now you better go now."

Naruto said, "How do I do that?"

Yamata said, "Just think that you are in the real world and it will happen."

Naruto thought about Konoha and instantly he was thrusted back in the darkness. When he opened his eyes, he saw Mei looking at him. "I see that you got the boss to trust you." Naruto lifted up his arm to show her the tattoo, "I am just that awesome….now let's get to work, Mei-chan."