Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Romeo and Juliet.

This is just my little interpretation of Mercutio's Queen Mab.

The Wicked Queen Mab.

by hitsuzenbutterfly.

She's there, I see her;

The Wicked Queen Mab

on her Spider throne,

drinking purple blood

of the fountains of Verona.

Here I shriek,

witnessing her making

unwilling buds flower,

unwilling women mothers.

How vile, how sick,

this Wicked Queen Mab.

I wish to murder

the damn Spider.

Twisting and turning,

horrible truths morphed into beautiful lies,

spinning and weaving

creating endings full of grief.

How vile, how sick,

This Wicked Queen Mab.

I wish to murder

the damn Spider.

But why, oh why

does she enchant me so?

I feel her come closer.

Stay away! Stay away!

But this feeling,

deep in my soul

tells me not to be afraid.

I smile at her,

The Wicked Queen Mab.

"I offer no harm, dear lad,"

She cooed, "Let us spend a

Night of thrilling passion."

She's deceiving me,

She's makes fake promises

of a night of lust.

I could not resist,

oh how temptation was

stroking my face,

touching my skin with

its delicate fingers,

filling me with thrilling thoughts

of one night's pleasure

with the Wicked Queen Mab.

The excitement,

the exhileraton,

the passion,

I feel it through my veins!

I embrace her,

The Wicked Queen Mab,

And reply to her,

"Certainly, my Queen."

My Queen, my dear Queen,

the divine, lovely, and wise

Queen Mab,

how I love her so.