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Billy looked over the bonfire at the pack. It had grown in the 6 years since his son had joined. Now he had to find a way to tell his son, that the woman he loved was coming back. He cleared his throat. All eyes turned to him.

"I got a call this morning from a woman who is not one of us, but has two small children who are. She recently got divorced and needs a place to raise her children where they will be safe from her abusive ex- husband. We need to see if she will be a liability to our tribe. So I came to you." He said. It might be easier if they didn't know who she was when they voted.

"I say go for it. You guys let my mother in, and she's not Quileute." Embry said.

"But she was Makah, and Makah, Hoh and Quileute have been alli's since back with Taha Aki." Quil stated.

"Does anyone know who her husband was? It might help make the decision, to know who the father of the two children is." Sam stated.

Billy took a deep breath and stared at Sam for a moment. Sam started to fidget a bit. "I didn't want to tell you her name since most of you have some bad things to say about her. So, I'll tell you the story she told me first, then I'll tell you her name." Taking a deep breath, he glanced at his son, then continued.

"She lived in Forks for about a year, before something happened to make her leave. She had a nasty breakup with her.....'boyfriend', then for all apparences her best friend abandoned her. Now I know the truth about that, but she does not. She ran down to live with her mother in Flordia where she finished High School, then decided to travel. She ended up in Texas for a bit, about 6 months after she graduated. There she met a man and ended up getting pregnant. They married, but it soon turned abusive. Last month, she left. She is currently staying at her fathers in Forks waiting for the decision."

"You still haven't told us her name." Leah sneered. Even though she and most of the girls had tears in their eyes for the nameless girl.

"Isabella Swan." Billy stated. Shouts rang up around the bonfire. Arguing broke out. Then Sam stood up and shouted, "Silence!" All was quiet while Sam stood there. Then he slowly nodded his head at Billy.