Here is your long awaited chapter. It's not very long, but I'm at a sorta road block. It took forever for me to figure out the hospitol scene and that's why this is a few days after I said it would be.

So, I was asked a few questions. I'm going to try to answer without giving anything away.

The kids are 4 almost 5. They are in Preschool. My son is 3 almost 4. He is just now starting to talk in complete sentences. My nephew who is the same age is the same way. But my other nephew who is about 5 months younger was talking in full converstions and understanding them at the age of 2. Same with my neighbors little girl. Bella is the twins mother. she is smart and very mature for her age. At any age she was mature. So it stands to reason that the kids would be too. They are also little daredevils. they have watched thier father do things no human could and think they can too. Sometimes they are childish, they are only 4. But other times you will get to see how inteligent they are. They have also had to witness thier mother being beat up by thier father from a very young age. It has affected the twins differently. Logan regresses to baby like when he's scared. Sucks his thumb and wants his mommy. Lena puts on a tough face. If she lets no one in, then no one can hurt her. She is sorta like a mini-Leah. Yes they throw tantrums. Lena had one when she got her stitches out.

Also, yes Jacob imprinted on Bella. He did it when she confronted him about disappearing for a week. He was planning on going there that night and asking her to give him time. Just like in the book when he went there and told her that she already knew the stories. But she went home packed a bag and just drove. The reason he looks aged is from the stress of not seeing his other half. He built up a mask so no one would see how heart broken he is. Remember, in the books it says that the imprint can decide not to do anything. They will just never be satisfied in any other relationship. It has never happened cause who doesn't want thier own wolf. One who will devote thier life to making sure you are always happy, and never hurt.

Yes, Seth imprinted on Lena. I figured he was the only one who could handle her. He's been dealing with Leah for years, so he's a pro by now. I was going to make Leah imprint on someone, but I want to keep it how it is. She in itself in an oddity. No, Lena won't Change. Ever. She has resistance to diseases and such because she is a direct desendant from a wolf. But she is female. she is a carrier for the Gene.

Bella doesn't know Leah is a wolf yet. That is why she only refers to Logan being able to Change when he is older. Later she will worry about Lena, but her fears are unfounded, I'm not going to have more female wolves.

This is a give away, but no one has noticed yet. Sam doesn't phase anymore at this time in the story. When Billy called a pack meeting at the beguinning, he asked Sam cause he was Alpha for so long. But Jacob is Alpha now. He still prefers to go through Sam on most things cause he's still learning. At this point and time in my story, Sam has only been not phasing for about 6 months. He can still phase if he wants to, but he wants to start aging for Emily and his kids. Bella don't know this yet, which is why you guys didn't either.

Anyother questions, just send a review or message. Sorry it's all inner intelect right now, i'm not good at conversations, but I try to get some good ones in there. And expect a juicy chapter between Bella and Jacob in the next chapter or so.

Chapter 8

As I neared my son's hospital room, I could hear giggles. I peaked in to see Carlisle making balloon animals for Logan. He currently was making one that looked remarkably like a monkey.

"Balloon animals, Carlisle?" My voice had a teasing note to it that I hadn't heard in a long time. Probably since the last time the Cullens were in town.

Shrugging he replied, "I have a lot of time on my hands. I wanted something to keep the children I treat occupied."

Letting it go because it really didn't matter, I walked over to the side table where Logan's discharge papers were.

"Anything special I should know?"

"Keep the casts dry. We put a splint on his arm for now, but in a week when the stitches come out, it will be replaced with a cast. No walking, of course. The casts on his lower legs won't allow it."

While I signed the papers a nurse came in and got Logan dressed in the clothes I brought. I turned to Carlisle as I followed the nurse that was pushing my only son. Opening my mouth, I closed it when Carlisle gave me an understanding smile and a nod. So who's the mind reader now?

After getting Logan situated in the back seat, I pulled out my cell phone to call Sue only to find a missed call and a voice-mail. The only thing the voice mail said was that Sue took Lena to Charlie's because she had some tribal things to attend to. As much as I liked Sue, I so called bullshit. Lena was probably getting on her last nerve. God only knows she gets on mine.

Pulling up to Charlie's, I wanted to beat on the steering wheel and curse like a sailer. But as I found out the moment your kids start walking up to total strangers and telling them to shut the f*$ up, you learn some impulse control. There in the driveway sitting in my normal spot, was the car I assumed Jacob now drove. As it was the car he was leaning up against the last time I seen him here.

Not being able to hash over what happened this morning and the fact that I had no clue what I was feeling towards him, (something that was love or hate or both), now was not the time to see him. In fact, I didn't want to see him for another month or so. I had planned on working myself to death, and when I wasn't doing that, spending some quality time with my kids. I couldn't help but feel that I'd been pawning them off on everyone else since I got here.

I put the car in park, threw the keys in my purse, then carried Logan into the house. The sight that greeted me would have been a cute moment if I wasn't upset that the daughter who would only cuddle me when she had a nightmare, was currently curled up on Jacobs chest sleeping deeply and not effected at all by the comments that were being shouted back and forth by my father and Jacob at the baseball game. At three foot five inches, Lena looked like an infant curled up on him.

Knowing Jacob heard me pull up with his 'super' hearing, I cleared my throat for Charlie's benefit. They both looked up at me. Charlie smiled, and Jacob smirked. I wanted so much to make a smart comment, but with the kids and my father in the room that wasn't smart.

"Hey Dad, Jacob."

"Bella, hows my little man here doing?" Charlie asked as he stood up and walked towards us. He ticked Logan for a moment, then turned and grinned at me. Rolling my eyes I turned to Jacob.

"So you think you can carry her to the car? I got my hands full with this one."

Jacob frowned but complied. After we got the kids strapped in my car, I turned to Jacob. There were so many things I wanted to say. So many things that I didn't. And I didn't' know where to start. He beat me to it.

Putting a giant, hot hand on my cheek, I couldn't help but tilt my head and lean into his caress. It was like my body didn't belong to me. The universe was pulling me towards him and the more I fought, the more it pulled me.

"Stay with me."

It was like a whisper in my ear. I found myself nodding till a giggle broke into my thoughts. Jerking myself back, I looked to see two little faces pressed against the glass of the car. I turned back to Jacob to see him looking a little dejected. Remembering his question, I answered him. This time verbally.

"The Lena needs to go to school. She missed today, and they need their own room."

"It's not safe."

"The pack is watching."

"The pack was watching last night too." I could see this was going to go no where fast. We were both stubborn as a mule. I was going to have to be strong and firm. Like with a dog. Hehe

"Damn it, Jacob. I'm not going to put my life on hold just cause some psycho is after me! It's nothing new."

"My dad would love to have you and the kids stay with us."

"I'm sure he wants two little terrors running around. They are walking disasters. Your dad's place also only has three bedrooms. No, Jacob and that's final."

I opened my door and got in before he could think of another stupid excuse to give me. I wouldn't mind staying with them, but I don't think I could keep denying Jacob if I was actually living with him. Little did I know that that day would come sooner than I hoped.

It was a week later that another episode happened. Rachel had let me borrow her stroller so I didn't have to lug a 40 lb kid around on my hip. I was picking up Lena early from preschool for a Doctors appointment. Her back needed checked to see if it was healing correctly.

It was no problem to get her checked out of school. La Push was a small town. Everyone knew everyone. It was a good thing that it was safer that way. If a stranger came to town, the news spread faster than wild fire. But then again, every one also knew your business. There were no secrets in small towns.

Walking back to my car, I had Logan in a stroller and Lena was holding on to the side of it, I didn't notice anything wrong. There really was nothing wrong. Until I opened my door to find a picture of Levi, the kids, and myself laying on my drivers seat. It wasn't that unusual I have a bunch of pictures just like that. It was the frame it was in. The kids made it for my mother last July when we visited her in Florida. It was a Christmas in July at a local park. The thing is, the last time I seen this frame, it was sitting on my mothers mantle in Florida. Now it was in my car in Washington. See the problem?

I think it was at this point when I hit a breaking point. I wasn't lying when I told Jacob I was sick of psychotic people targeting me. Now they are targeting my children. I knew how Levi was. He would stop at nothing till he got what he wanted. He proved that the pack wouldn't deter him when he killed and gutted a Timber Wolf and layed it on my bed. Now he proved that there was no place I could go that would be safe from him. He had run to Florida and back in the past week.

Not saying anything, I put the photo in the glove box and loaded both the kids in the car. Driving to Forks Hospital, I took both kids out of the car and into the hospital The Nurse sent us to a nice little hospital room to meet our new Doctor. Carlisle recommended him and said he's a very good plastic surgeon. I had decided a few weeks ago, that my little girl was not going to hide herself like Emily did. Yes, Emily was a very nice woman. But she dropped out of college because of her 'accident' and only worked on the Reservation. I had never ever seen her off of La Push territory. I have a feeling it's because of the way people stare.

The Doctor was very nice. He was young, maybe in his early 30's but he was good with kids. He bribed Lena with a lollipop then took a look at her back. He said it was healing good, and with the advancements in the last decade or so, we can smooth out the skin and reduce the scars to only thin silvery marks. Luckily Lena wasn't as dark as full Quileutes. The way her other scars healed showed that her scars would lighten with time, not darken as some dark skinned peoples did.

After we set up an appointment for 6 months from now, because he wanted her to be fully healed but not so much that the scars would be resistant, I loaded the kids back up and headed for my house. It wasn't till I was on my road did I realize the stupidity of my earlier thoughts. I knew Levi would stop at nothing. I had seen how gruesome he was, and now I was taking my kids back to the house after I knew he was in the area.

I put the car in park and just stared at my house. It looked just I left it when I went to pick up Logan. That didn't really mean anything. I'd seen Levi jump out of our second story window, land, and take off running at the speed of light. I'd also seen him scale our house onto our roof.

Debating on weather to leave the kids in the car or take them with me while I checked it out, I decided that I didn't want the kids unsupervised. Levi could have them both while I was looking around the house, or Lena could decide to drive the car through the house. Either way it wasn't good.

I had them both behind me. Well, Logan was in my arms, Lena was behind me. The kitchen was clear, so was the living room. Making our way up the stairs, I heard a muffled curse come from my bedroom. I set Logan down on Lena's bed and put my finger to my lips. They both nodded after giving me a wide eyed look. Both smart kids, they knew when to be quiet.

Sneaking was never my forte. But somehow I managed to tiptoe down the hallway to my bedroom and fling open the door. I never expected to see Jacob Black standing in the middle of the room hopping on one foot cursing up a storm. Looking around I seen a upside down Lego on the rug and had to grin. I sliced my own foot on one of those last year. Those things were lethal. Then I noticed a duffel bag on my bed.

"What do you think your doing?" I asked him. Who the hell goes sneaking around other peoples houses. Especially when they are the daughter of a police chief and have a ex husband bent on getting them back. For all he knew I could be carrying a loaded gun.

What I didn't expect was his answer.

"I'm moving in."

And all I could say was, "Hell No!"