Chapter One

Edward's Point of View:

We were at school in gym class. Everyone was screaming except for two people, a boy and a girl, I've never seen before. They were running around the gym trying to get out but men were blocking their path. One the biggest out of them all grabbed the girl by her neck and threw her into the wall holding her there by her neck.

"Leave them out of this," the girl said pointing with her eyes to the humans, "this is between you and me. They have nothing to do with it."

"I could let them go, but they look like they could use some entertaining," the large man said with an evil smirk while he tighten his grip around her neck.

"What was that?" I asked Alice who had had the vision.

"You know as much as I do," she snapped biting her lip. She didn't like not knowing what her visions meant.

Emment looked annoyed, "Anyone want to let us not so special people in."

"NO!!!" Alice and I snapped simultaneously.

Jasper looked around the room and said, "We should get to school."

We all got up from the living room and headed towards my Volvo in the garage.

Bella's Point of View:

I sighed. Today was Neal's and I first day of school at Forks High School. Neal was by little brother by about two years but we said he skipped a few grades.

"WATCH IT!!!!!!" I screamed at Neal as he rounded a corner way to fast. He begged me to let him drive. Big mistake.

I turned my Ipod up full blast listening to Reaching For Heaven by Diana Degramo.

I looked at the speedometer and focused with my eyes using my powers to make sure it would go above 40 mph.

He looked over at me, "Hey!!!"

"Deal with it," I mumbled.

Neal and I aren't exactly human. More like Witches, or like Neal Warlock. Neal and I come from royalty so we can do more than most witches. By the way no its no like Hollywood. No wands or potions. The only thing they got right is the spells, but we don't have to cast a spell every time we want to do something.

Neal and I moved here to live with our Uncle Charlie trying to stay low. Our brother Lucipher is after us. I still don't know why but its been going on for years now.

We were in the school parking lot now.

"Neal you are forbidden from driving my car ever again. We almost crashed three times." I drove a nice barely new Red Ford F150.

"Calm down Bella I wouldn't crash your car…"

I cut in, "At least not on purpose."

He rolled his eyes "Sure whatever Bella." That was the end of that conversation.

After going to the office and getting checked in and everything we headed for first period. I had English with Ms. Richey (sorry I don't know the name of the English teacher) As I walked down the hallway I noticed everyone staring. I was curious to see what they were thinking.

She better not steal my boyfriend if she does she doesn't know what she is in for….

Man, she is smoking I wonder is she…

She looks nice…

This what most of the thoughts consisted of. There was the occasional 'she looks nice' but for the most part boring. I don't know why the teenage girls were worried I would steal their boyfriends. Their just stupid adolescent boys in high school.

After I got my slip signed by the teacher I found a desk in the back. There were a few people who thought they were discreetly staring at me but I could tell.

The teacher was teaching Shakespeare something I've already studied at ton for the past 500 years.

Next I had Spanish then Trig and Biology 1 and it was finally lunch. As I got up from my table a boy with blonde hair and acne came to my table.

"Hi I'm Mike Newton." He smiled at me, "You must be Isabella

I didn't like this guy at all already, "Bella, now if you'll excuse me I got to go meet my brother."

His smile got bigger, Good he's not her boyfriend he thought. I rolled my eyes.

"Well bye," I jumped up and hurried out of the room before he could notice I was out of my chair.

"Hey Bells."

"Hey Neal, hows school going."

"Its so hard," he said sarcasm dripping from his voice.

I laughed and we walked to lunch.

As soon as we walked into the cafeteria I smelt it. Vampire. I looked over at Neal his eyes widen and nostrils flared.

Edward's Point of View:

Today's thoughts mostly surrounded the new girl, Bella, and her brother, Neal.

"There's Bella and Neal," Jessica Stanely said. Even though she, was halfway across the cafeteria. I turned to look I've seen them in kids heads throughout the day but the picture was hazy.

The boy Neal was taller by about a foot than the girl with dark brown hair. He was slightly muscular than the rest of the boys here. With almost teal blue eyes.

The girl, Bella, was about 5' 4 had long brown wavy hair about to the middle of her black with dark chocolate brown eyes. They both were pale about as pale as my family and me.

As she went through the line she kept looking over her shoulder with a worried expression on her face. After getting their food she and her brother went to a table at the other end of the cafeteria. And then it hit me. Her scent was fantastic, amazing, delicious. I could feel the venom rushing into my mouth. "It's a good thing she's way over there."

"Why," Jasper asked. I hadn't realized I had said that out loud.

I looked back to my family, "No reason." They all looked strangely at me.

That was weird…. Alice

Idiot… Rosalie

I wonder what is up with Edward he's really tense… Jasper

Emment was just being his old immature self.

I looked back where she was sitting. She was staring back at me with a worried look on her face biting the corner of her bottom lip.

I stared back into her eyes. Her eyes widen slightly a pun seeing mine. We kept staring at each other for another ten minutes. Suddenly she whipped her head around making her hair fly around her shoulders sending her scent towards me. I stopped breathing. She was looking out the window , almost like she was searching for something.

I turned to Jasper who was also looking at her. He turned his attention to me and shrugged, "She seems really worried about something."

I tried to search her thoughts but I couldn't. That made me really frustrated.

I heard her brother Neal say to her, "Bella calm down, I'm sure its nothing. They can't find us here."

Bella turned to her brother, "That's what you said last time," she said solemnly.

Jasper smiled, "Now she's annoyed, I think its at you Edward."

Bella turned to me, "Great," she sighed.

Neal chuckled. "Not funny its annoying," she snapped.

"Correction. Not funny for you, hilarious for me. Besides at least you can block it."

I wonder what their talking about.

Bella's Point of View:

Great not only is there one vampire but five! I had a stare down with one of them at lunch. After our stare down I could feel him trying to read my mind. I hate mind readers they really get on my nerves. Every time someone tried to read my mind I felt a little poke around my brain area. It didn't hurt, just it's so annoying.

After lunch I had Biology 2 I walked in and there he was. The same vampire I had had the stare down at lunch with. I got my slip sign and was direct to the only seat, "Please take a seat next to Mr. Cullen." I silently sighed.

I took my seat next to him and took a deep breathe. For a vampire, his scent was nice, almost sweet. Now thinking about he was quite handsome with his copper hair in a natural disarray. He had a boyish look, and quite muscular. I shook my head to clear my head. This stupid, he's a vampire. I'm a witch. Were suppose to be trying to kill each other right now.

"… will be doing a lab on" the teacher droned on. I've already done this lab before.

"Ladies first," I looked over and saw him smiling motioning towards the microscope.

I smiled, "Okay," I felt like showing off today. After a brief second I declared, "Prophase."

I cocked his head to the side furrowing his brow, "Um, mind if I check."

I smirked, "Sure, if you want."


"Like I said," I added.

He smiled a crooked smile. That smile made all the air in my lungs whoosh out of me. His smile seemed to get bigger. I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

He switched out the slide and wrote down the answer.

"So, how do you like it here?" I couldn't believe, was he flirting with me?

"Its okay I guess. Little small, but I like the rain. Very little sun."

"You don't like the sun?"

"I don't like the heat," I clarified, "Metaphase."

The rest of the lab was silent, he checked my work and I checked his. It only took a matter of minutes.

Once we were done I looked around the room. Tapping my pencil impatiently. I watch all the other humans and smiled. Some had their books open on the table and others were fighting over the answer.

"What are you smiling at?" I turned and Edward was watching me intently.

"Oh, well, everyone here just seems to make this lab harder than it has to be."

He smiled a small, "I think so too."

I gave small smile in return.

Edward's Point of View:

"I think so too."

She gave me a small smile in return.

Quickly she looked away from me and out the window searching for something again.

"Why do you keep doing that?" I couldn't help but ask.

She turned her eyes back on me, "Doing what?" she asked innocently.

"Looking out the window looking for something."

She turned her head to the head of the classroom, "I don't know what your talking about."

"I think you do."

She turned her head to me so fast her fair flew around her shoulders sending her scent everywhere, I froze and stopped breathing, "Well, despite what you think I don't know what your talking about," she snapped and turned her head back to the front of the room.

I sighed, why do humans have to be so touchy. I looked at her and saw a slight smile playing at the edge of her mouth.

"I'm sorry," I apologized.

"Its fine, sorry I snapped at you like that."

Wait! Why was he apologizing, I'm the one who made her mad.


I got up and hurried out of the room.

"Hi remember me. I'm Mike."

"Oh. Yeah, hi."

"So what class do you have next?"


Wait she had gym next, but I had gym next with the rest of my family. Suddenly I remembered Alice's vision from this morning. Bella. Bella was the girl in Alice's vision being held up against the wall by her throat. And Neal was the boy. This couldn't be good.