Chapter 1 New Start

It has been ten Earth years since the destruction of Unicron and much has changed. Not just on Cybertron though, no, my leader, or rather leaders, have changed greatly as well. Galvatron, though I will never complain about his methods before; he was strong and powerful and that method kept us all in line; but now he was calmer, more relaxed, and a little more willing to listen to an explanation., Oriona; I'm still trying to get use to that name since she tends to response to both; she's grown a bit of a spinal unit. She's not quite the bleeding spark she use to be; still a bit too soft in my opinion, but she was leader of the Autobots.

Perhaps I should explain who I am a little more. I am Demolisher; one of Galvatron's most trusted soldiers. Or at least I was during the war. Now, I am a guard for an Earth colony that is searching for energon on the ocean floor. I'm not exactly impressed with the job, but Galvatron assigned me to this job personally so I will do as I am ordered to. I work alongside Autobots and Decepticons alike; we no longer call ourselves that though, not since Galvatron and Optimus; Oriona, Primus slaggit! I'll get it right one of these days! Anyways, the separation of our species has been dropped since our leaders destroyed Unicron and became joint rulers of our planet.

It's strange to think of them as mates. They were heated enemies on the battlefield, spilling each other's energon constantly, yet now it is hard to see that side of them. They are not overly public about their relationship; they still have to appear professional; but I have seen them swap a tender kiss here and there when there are few mechs or femmes around. What's even stranger is the fact that the whole time they had sparklings; three of them.

Hot Shot, Side Swipe, and Ironhide; all sired by Galvatron during the war. Or, in Hot Shot's case, just prior to its eruption. Now that Oriona; see, I got it; has ceased looking like Optimus Prime, you can see the similarities between all of them. But I'm curious as to where they got their blue optics; Galvatron's are as red as human blood while Oriona's; got it again; are as yellow as starlight, maybe a little darker. And it's hard to see Galvatron in any of them; they really took after their mother in looks. But Hot Shot shares Galvatron's hot temper; I've seen it while working under him for the past few years.

I'd never thought I would fear the little yellow bumper-car until I saw him pick Cyclonus up by the throat and pin him to a wall. Hot Shot lacks fangs like his father, but almost everyone could see Galvatron standing there instead of Hot Shot in the minute he snarled his authority to the insubordinate helicopter. I think Cyclonus sprung a leak during that time.

Ironhide has Galvatron's strength; that's a given. What he lacks is his father's knowledge of how to use it. The sparkling is as clumsy as an Earth ox, tripping over his own two feet at any given minute. He stutters and tries to gain the higher up's favours with tasks that any sane mech would cringe from. He doesn't understand as much as his brothers do in terms of the army and needs to be constantly reminded of his place; it's saddening really. But he is our leader's son and I will respect him no matter how little I actually believe him capable of.

Side Swipe is more like his mother in many regards, but he has his father's charisma. I've heard this youngling make a speech to the Decepticons that actually moved us to complete something we thought was impossible. He is a natural leader but he lacks the confidence to lead. Perhaps that is why Galvatron keeps him so close; to teach him how to be confident and lead others no matter what. The sparkling will learn in time; he is one that I would follow without hesitation should he ever make an order that didn't have a tremble in it. Then again, I don't blame him for being scared of most of us old Decepticons; we do tower over him.

Anyways, our goal now is to repair Cybertron. We've come a long ways from the ruins that our battle with Unicron left behind. Kaon, while never the best looking place, is making a full recovery and our leaders are trying very hard to keep it running. Iacon took less time to build since it was the capital and the Autobots tend to be a little more motivated in their own cities. The Decepticon-controlled cities were still under construction, but that was because Oriona was down-right determined to ensure that those cities were built properly and to Autobot-city standards.

She was honestly trying to help our kind, not like the past Primes that only cared for themselves. She was a good leader for us, along with Galvatron of course, but something troubles me. I've never been one to believe in premonition, but something has had me on edge for months now. Something is coming for us, I just know it. Let's hope that our leaders have what it takes to protect us.


I don't know whether to laugh or shake my head sometimes. Being a Seeker, I'm a little more relaxed when things like interface jokes are mentioned, but I'm one of the more conserved mechs. Even with my crazy mate, I still keep everything on the lowest possible level of intimacy. Galvatron, lately, doesn't seem to have that turn-off point and he's not even a Seeker! I swear, if I see him grab Oriona's aft one more time....

Oh, maybe I should say who I am. I am Starscream, former second in command of the Decepticon forces. Now, however, I am one of Galvatron and Oriona's chief advisors. Which means that I have to watch that giant aft mech try to flirt with Oriona when he thinks the room is empty. Not fun considering my mate decides to try and jump me while we're both sitting there. I might be a Seeker, but that does not mean I'm thinking about that all the time!

Anyways, for the most part, Cybertron has been flourishing since the co-leadership began. There are always areas of problems no matter how well the leaders try to rule. But none of these areas would dare to challenge the rulers considering Galvatron is still the champion of Cybertronian Pit fighting. The only one that could ever dream of beating him was Oriona and I wouldn't put it past her to knock him on his aft so that he behaved himself.

Nothing of any real importance has occurred beyond this point. Well, there are lots of humans running around underfoot now since there is a partnership with Earth. We get some of their resources to fuel Cybertron and we give them some of ours. It isn't an even deal considering we need all the fuel we can get, but it was helping us to send some of our numbers there to live while we tried to rebuild our destroyed home.

My own life isn't too bad; Wingdagger introduced me to my sparkling Padlock and he's a sensible young mech. Downright clingy to his mother though; must be an Autobot thing. Also makes alone time hard to come by since he does not like to leave her side. My other sparkling, Scattershot, is about as much a tech geek as I am. We get along fairly well as long as we're talking about technology. Other than that he's too busy being paranoid to pay attention to much else. Poor thing; this is the result of a Seeker's spark being trapped in a ground-pounder's body.

Oh, there is one other matter of importance that happened in the ten years of peace. We have found Primus; or rather, a human child by the name of "Kicker" found him for us. He is the budding example why some parents should be kicked in the head and asked what they were thinking when they were raising him. Well, the awakening of our creator helped boost Cybertron's energon rations by almost three hundred percent; a small blessing. Oriona and Galvatron meet constantly with him to see what can be done about the state of our world; it's been a huge help, all things considered.

Yet, in spite of all the good things that are happening, I can't help but shake the feeling that something's coming. All of us can feel it; Oriona will stop what she's doing and just stare off into space and Galvatron isn't much better. His horns twitch and he shudders as if he just plunged into the freezing waters off the Gulf of Alaska; I've done that because I hit a flock of geese heading south, not a fun experience. They both know that something's coming. The only thing that worries me is what is coming for us.

Is this thing going to be worse than Unicron?


I've always been afraid of the dark. Can't really help that, after all it is one of those phobias that one has no control over. I just wish I wasn't so darn vocal about it; I online my optics to darkness and fragging whimper. I can just about feel my lord shudder around me when I make that noise and he's dead! No, not really dead, per say, but rather stuck in suspended animation. Anyways, I hate the darkness and here I am stuck right in the middle of it with no way of getting away.

From about my knees, I'm trapped within the unending darkness. I can't crawl away or run from this never-ending nightmare because of that. I'm left staring at the light that's sitting just beyond the distance I can drag myself. It's a torture, especially when that four faced freak laughs at my predicament! He jeers and laughs at me, taunting me by brightening the lights to just beyond the reach I can stretch my arm out to then dimming them just as fast.

At least I have Sideways to comfort me. He's not afraid of the darkness like I am. He holds me even though I know how pathetic I must look to him. He's barely more than a ghost and I, who is still alive, fear more things than there are fuel lines in my body. But he doesn't complain, bless his spark. He's never voiced him opinion the numerous times I've curled up on his lap. He's kept me content through these long ten years, but lately he's been acting a little funny.

I watch him stare off into space for hours at lengths before he moves to stroke my helm. He never answers me when I ask him what's wrong. He probably doesn't think I'd be able to understand what he feels. He says he's an extension of Unicron and can feel what our master is going through, but I'm not so sure that's the truth. Sideways has his own spark, not an empty husk where Unicron's presence sat. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he just became so attached to him, kind of like my own predicament, that he just knows everything about our master.

I can feel a slight twinge through my legs every few days and Four-Face has started to get antsy. He keeps squealing like some Earth animal about energon; be nice if he sent some my way. Sideways' actions almost mirror Four-Face's but his moments are less perceptible to anyone but one as close as myself. He twitches and I can hear his engines whine a little before his head comes up with brightened optics. The two beings in the shadows are moving too, lifting their heads every now and again as if they can sense something too.

I understand now what is going on and my excitement joins in with the others. Unicron is on the move again. Which, if I may assume so, means that soon I might get my legs back. Four-Face had better start running if I do because so help me Primus I'm blowing his aft straight back into the pit he crawled out of!

Author's note: And that's the first chapter! This is inspired by that little monologue Demolisher gives at the beginning of the Energon series. I found it necessary to give different descriptions about what's going on in the three main settings; Earth, Cybertron, and...I'll let you all guess. Many more interesting chapters are soon to come so stick around to watch the updates; though they may be a little slow for a bit because I have exams coming up in about a week.