Chapter 24 A New Sun

Oriona held on tightly to Wingsabre's shoulders as they chased after Galvatron's humongous form. The last thing she wanted to do was fall off and be sent spiralling around in a wide expanse of nothing. Starscream was flying slightly behind and to the right of them, his face emotionless as he focused on the colossal form of his best friend and commander. Galvatron was heading towards the space-gate that would take him to Alpha-Q's solar system and Oriona knew why; Unicron wanted his head back. If he had his head back, he could regenerate the rest of his body and restart his campaign of terror.

Ironhide had radioed in for additional assistance earlier in severing Galvatron's umbilical cord. Scorponok had left to help, calling forth her "pets" to assist in the task. Already, the green cord connecting Galvatron to the pool was thinning, not that he seemed to notice. He was so bent on his task that he didn't even notice the very source of his power was being cut off. It was sad to watch him like this knowing that he had no power over any of it.

Galvatron suddenly stopped and straightened up, making them have to bank hard to avoid slamming into his wings. He looked around as if something had just occurred to him and Oriona felt her spark sink a little as he turned back towards Cybertron. Wingsabre quickly made to get around him and stay out of sight, but the sudden movement drew his attention to them. His red optics brightened slightly before his arm moved at an amazing speed towards them. Wingsabre and Oriona screamed in unison before Galvatron's hand knocked them flying. It was only a glancing blow, but it was still enough to break them apart and send them tumbling in two different directions.

Oriona's head was spinning badly by the time she realized that Galvatron's hand was looming over her. For one horrifying minute, she thought that he was going to crush her in his palm like a common parasite. Instead, his hand moved behind her to stop her from floating back towards Cybertron helplessly. She stared up at him as she bumped against his palm and saw the faintest traces of his confident smirk in place. Around it, however, was the facial expression that Unicron always bore when looking at her; a mixture of fury and desire. She really wasn't sure which part of the expression she feared more, the fury or the desire.

'Oriona?' Galvatron's voice echoed weakly down their bond.

'Galvatron!' she shouted in joy before reaching out to embrace him. 'Thank Primus you're still alive in there!'

' have to stop me,' he whimpered. 'Unicron...I couldn't stop him. He's too powerful. The super energon...'

'We've cut off your supply already,' she comforted as she tried to draw him closer to her spark. 'We'll save you, Galvatron, just wait.'

'There's no time,' he whispered before he howled in pain. 'PRIMUS HELP ME!'

"Release him, Unicron!" she screamed at him as she braced herself on Galvatron's palm. "You have no right to be doing this!"

"Oh, but I have every right in the Universe to embody my servant," Unicron's voice boomed out of Galvatron's mouth. "And his power is what I need to fuel my return. Do not think that just because you severed my connection to the super energon that you have won, dearest Oriona Pax."

Oriona snarled at him before she kicked off of Galvatron's palm. She had felt the connection cables beneath his armor bunch in preparation to grab her and would have none of it. His hand closed around nothing as she floated away from him, her optics glaring into her mate's as he turned to look at her. A cruel smirk took over his mouth before his arm swung out to slam into her. She screamed in pain as she was sent flying backwards through space, her body denting from the sheer force behind the attack. A pair of arms wrapped around her waist and stopped her from floating off into space as several jet engines roared around her.

She looked around at the Seekers that had showed up, smiling weakly at the sight of them. Flamewar had her sword out and the flames ablaze along the blade as she growled territorially at Galvatron's body. Thundercracker was hovering beside her, his gun pointed at Galvatron's face as he too growled territorially. Skywarp was darting back and forth in front of Galvatron's hand, taunting him with insulting jibes before falling back to avoid getting smacked. Cyclonus was laughing hysterically while taking pot-shots at Galvatron's optics, darting back to them in time to avoid getting headbutted away. Wingsabre was zooming around Galvatron's legs, shooting at certain spots on his armor in hopes of damaging the circuits underneath. Starscream was discussing something with Scorponok, both of them throwing glares at the giant mech. She looked up and smiled at Springer as he held her securely to his chest; leave it to the gentle-mech to catch the spiralling, out-of-control femme.

"How are you going to take him down?" Springer demanded. "He's almost as big as Unicron!"

Oriona sighed before murmuring that she didn't know. There was a long pause before a bright light washed over their group and made Galvatron hiss in fury. Springer's grip on her slacked and she felt herself drifting away from him. The light seemed to seep between the chinks in her armor and she felt herself expanding to accommodate it. The Seekers all let out shouts of shock before Galvatron let out a roar of fury.

"Primus, you interfering swine! SHOW YOURSELF, COWARD!"

"You are one to be talking, dear brother," Primus' voice replied gently as his being surged through Oriona's limbs. "You are the one that took over Galvatron's body. Is it so wrong to even the fight for my creation?"

Oriona wondered what their Creator was doing to her before she felt his gentle touch on her back. He whispered to her that everything was going to be okay and that all she needed to do was focus. The light faded away soon after that and she was a little surprised to see Galvatron staring directly into her optics at the same height he had been before the super energon.

"Whoa," she heard someone comment.

"Oh come on! That is so not fair!" Flamewar whined. "Now Oriona really has a bigger chassis and aft than me!"

Oriona glanced around to see where Flamewar was, wondering why she sounded a little different and gawked at everyone. "Did you guys shrink?" she demanded.

"No," Springer replied before smirking. "You grew! Guess there were some really good steroids in that light."

Oriona blinked before looking up in time to avoid getting punched by Galvatron. The Seekers scattered with shouts of shock, flying to a safe distance to avoid getting ran over and squashed. She managed to turn herself enough to face the slightly unbalanced mech as he turned back towards him, growling viciously as he moved his shoulder cannons. Oriona knew that he had the advantage because he could fly, but if she could somehow get Unicron's spark out of Galvatron's chassis she could stand a better chance.

He rushed her and she only just managed to avoid getting rammed. She did, however, manage to cling to his front and flip them over and over as his momentum carried them on. She hooked her legs tightly around him while gripping his shoulders to make sure she was not so easily shaken off. Galvatron let out a bellow of rage before his hands dug at her back and started pulling at her. She clung on tightly, growling back at him as she tried to think of some way to get at Unicron's spark without harming Galvatron in the process. She knew of one way she could perhaps lure Unicron away from control of Galvatron's body, but there was no way she was doing it in front of the Seekers.

"Turn around," she ordered down the com link. "If I catch one of you peeking, so help me Primus, I'll swat you across the galaxy."

"Ooh!" Flamewar teased as she turned around. "Paxy's getting her sexy on!"

"I hate you," she grumbled as she felt her face heat up.

"But I wanna watch!" Cyclonus whined before getting smacked by Starscream and told to listen to orders.

She inhaled slightly and tried to ignore the fact that the Seekers were all snickering amongst themselves. The last thing she needed was to lose her nerve while Galvatron was clawing at her so furiously. She had to stay focused to save not only Galvatron but the entire Universe from the evil that was Unicrons.

She pushed herself up her mate's body using his shoulders as leverage and kissed him as seductively as she could manage. She felt his solid frame freeze in disbelief, as well as the faint wail of denial from Galvatron as Unicron received the full force of the kiss. She wanted to comfort him, but she knew that Unicron would hear anything she tried to tell her mate and if he found out her plan, she was in big trouble. One hand slid down his chest, teasing the armor on his abdominals with knowing fingers before Galvatron's arms wrapped tightly around her waist.

"Now, what brought this on?" Galvatron purred, his red optics darkening with lust.

"I...I can't fight Galvatron," she whispered. "Not anymore. I...I need him... And if you are in his body...that means I can't kill you."

Galvatron's hands tightened on her hips, his mouth twisting into a sickeningly lecherous grin. He growled hungrily before his mouth dipped into the curve of her neck and he nibbled on the wires hidden there delicately. She felt a wave of repulsion tug at her, but she forced herself to stretch her neck out and moan as if she were enjoying his touch. She felt one hand begin to slide towards her pelvis and she silently wished that her mate would take control of his body already. Just as his hand settled on the armor the other hand reached up to choke his throat.

He gagged in surprise before reeling backwards. His optics were wide before they narrowed in fury as the fingers tightened mercilessly around his throat. He gagged out that he was a fool for trying to kill both of them, even if he did consider touching his mate an offense. Oriona leapt on the distraction and placed a bruising and lusty kiss to Galvatron's lips. There was a long pause where she was kissing unresponsive lips as the fingers continued to close around his throat. Then, as if a switch had been flicked, both hands wrapped tightly around her body and Galvatron returned the kiss with feverish passion.

"Galvatron?" she whispered in between the kisses.

"You are a devilish fiend," he growled in response, making her spark soar in relief. "Do you have any idea how hard it is even now not to just rip your plating off and frag you senseless?"

There was a very loud shout of "do it" from one of the male Seekers and she promptly flipped them off. The others let out chorus of laughter as they cheered for Galvatron's return and for Oriona flipping someone off. Galvatron pulled her closer, his glossa pressing against her lip in a gentle inquiry of acceptance and she allowed him entrance. Their glossas danced over and around each other as Oriona and Galvatron made whatever space between them disappear. Her hand reached up to wrap around his head and pulled him a little closer while his hands pushed up on the small of her back so that she was bending backwards slightly.

She could hear Wingsabre and Flamewar laughing and cat-calling them as they kissed. She felt a heated blush bloom across her face and she had the urge to pull away and hide her face in her mate's chest. His arms wrapped comfortingly around her before he pulled back a few centimetres to bare his fangs at the two Seeker femmes. They giggled uncontrollably at the display before turning towards their mates and purring quite loudly. Oriona murmured softly that they had created monsters before Galvatron chuckled into her mouth and gently held her face in his right hand.

She felt a strange tingle in her arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing him again, almost like they had fallen asleep on her. Galvatron's hands started to feel warmer too, almost unbearably warm as time slowly trickled by. Even his glossa was starting to get a little too hot to bear. She let out a faint gasp as she felt a small ember touch the tips of her finger and let out a faint hiss as one died in her mouth. She wanted to comment to Galvatron that things were getting a little too hot when his wings suddenly caught fire.

She let out a gasp of shock and ended up choking a little on his glossa as he pitched forward in surprise. The fire, a dark red with a blue tip, spread outwards towards his body and one of his hands snapped up to beat the fire out before it touched her. However, instead of going out, the flames jumped to his hand and spread up his arm to engulf his shoulder. He cursed loudly in fear and surprise before the flames touched her hands; she had been unable to move out of momentary paralysis caused by panic.

The moment the flames touched her, they turned a brilliant shade of white. As if caught in a trail of oil, the flames ignited both of them in less time than it took to cycle air. Oriona let out a gasp of terror and clung to Galvatron's chest as the flames continued to lick over her armor. Galvatron's arms were wrapped around her protectively even though there was nothing he could do to stop the flames from growing. She felt the tingling sensation all through her body now and the flames began to grow unbearably bright.

She turned her head and pushed it into her mate's chest to shield her optics from the glare. Galvatron's face was pressed into her neck a second later as his arms wrapped protectively around her shoulders. She could hear the others yelling in hysteria as the fire continued to flare around them and suddenly wished there was some way to get rid of it. Almost on cue, the flames started to die down and the sheen dimmed substantially.

"Hey," Skywarp chirped as the flames vanished altogether, "you're alright!"

Oriona looked over at him and let out a small sigh of relief. "And back to normal size by the looks of it," she added.

She grunted as Wingsabre leapt at her and hugged her tightly to her chest. She chastised her for acting like a little tramp to get Unicron distracted and had to make it up to Galvatron as soon as she could. Galvatron commented that he expected her in their berth that night ready for a night of fun. Oriona pretended to be depressed over the very notion of interfacing all night before she noticed a very large ball of liquid heading for them.

She pointed out the approaching sphere and everyone turned to watch it. It looked like a floating ball of energon that had been melted in an extremely hot furnace. Galvatron's wings hitched up before he murmured that it was super energon. Immediately, everyone grabbed him and held him in place, earning a very angry snarl that he was not addicted to the stuff. They all laughed at him before the ball of super energon floated by and stopped to hover a short distance away from them.

"Unicron's spark," Primus' voice surrounded them. "It is needed."

"Great," Cyclonus commented. "Where do we find it?"

Galvatron shifted before his hand closed over Oriona's. "A better question might be what will it be used for," he murmured.

"Unicron's spark will ignite the super energon and turn it into a star," Primus replied. "This solar system has been without a star for a very long time. Even though my brother is bent on destruction, his spark is capable of creating life."

Galvatron's hand tightened on hers before he pulled her close and kissed her temple. "I have to go," he whispered.

"No!" she cried out before hugging him tightly. "Galvatron, we can just..."

"Unicron's spark is merged with mine," he stated softly. "We do not have the resources to separate his essence from mine. I must carry his spark in, Oriona."

Oriona shook her head and hugged him until she was sure his spinal unit was going to snap. His arms rocked her back and forth gently as the others argued with him. Primus' presence did little to sooth the ache that was overcoming her as Galvatron's resolve hardened under their attempts to convince him not to. She let out a shaky sob as she felt his hands gently pry her off of him and hold her out at arm's length.

"Oriona, look at me," he whispered.

She looked up, not wanting to see the determination in his optics, and met his mouth. His kiss was passionate and fiery, his glossa scorching her mouth as it slipped past her parted lips. She whined softly as she clung to him, trying to drag the moment out as long as she could. She did not want to separate; she did not want to lose him to this fate. She was clinging as tightly as she could, wishing she could somehow keep him from going away.

He pulled back and whispered that he loved her as he rested his head on hers. She murmured for him to be safe as he looked over her shoulder to where the sphere was waiting. She watched him fly towards it and was stunned to see Starscream fly beside him. Wingsabre was on the verge of tears and leaning heavily on Flamewar. He must have decided to accompany his friend and make sure he was safe in spite of the obvious danger for him. Oriona inhaled shakily before whispering for Primus to protect them.

Galvatron and Starscream plunged into the ball of energon and it ignited a second later. Everyone was forced backwards towards Cybertron, their arms up in front of their faces to block out the bright light. When it had subsided a bit, Oriona stared longingly at the huge ball of plasma now shining with a brightness that even fire could not match. Her spark wailed in anguish before she felt a gentle probe and she gasped in surprise; Galvatron was still alive.

She reached out over the bond and was surprised to discover that he was almost in recharge. He purred softly that he loved her and that he and Starscream were both alright. Starscream was leaking coolant like crazy, naturally, but he was fine, aside from being a little tired. He murmured that he'd come find her when he had rested enough and was sure he could make the journey back to Cybertron without crashing and potentially killing himself. She inhaled shakily again before whispering back that she would be waiting for him.

She turned to everyone and ordered them back to Cybertron; they're work here was done.


Oriona walked into the command center and tried her best not to break down as everyone turned to look at them. Thundercracker had radioed ahead to inform the base as to what happened to Galvatron. She could see the pity in their optics and they would probably tell her that they were extremely sorry for her lose. She did not want to hear those words because she knew she would just break down and sob.

Ironhide, Hot Shot, and Side Swipe walked towards her and hugged her tightly. She returned the embrace and hid her face in Hot Shot's shoulder, whispering softly that she loved them. Hot Shot whispered that everything was going to be alright and that Galvatron would return before she knew it. Side Swipe murmured that he had left to give them all something they had been lacking; Cybertron had not had a sun in generations. Ironhide added that he wasn't dead and he would come back; it would just take some time for him to get his strength back. She smiled around a new wave of tears before gently kissing each one of her sons and thanking them.

"Oriona?" Jetfire's voice intruded upon their moment and she lifted her head up to look at him. "You okay?"

"I'll be fine," she sighed softly. "Galvatron is resting and so should I."

"You don't have to hold onto him anymore," Jetfire stated softly. "He's gone; you can drop the act."

"I was never acting, Jetfire," she replied bluntly before nuzzling Ironhide as he whispered that he had to leave. "My feelings for Galvatron have always been sincere."

"But, Oriona," Jetfire started to argue before Hot Shot cut him off.

"Jetfire, drop it," he snapped. "Even if she was faking, show a little sensitivity. Either way, she's missing her mate so just shut up and leave her alone."

Jetfire stared at him in shock before he grumbled and stormed out of the command center. Everyone looked at each other nervously before returning to their work. Oriona looked around once to make sure she was not needed before she turned and left the room, planning on heading out to the crystal garden. Side Swipe stayed beside her as Hot Shot returned to the task Rodimus had assigned him, the younger brother's optics a little unfocused as they went along.

She entered the gardens and made her way over to the benches, planning on resting there until she had the strength to return to the others. Side Swipe sat beside her and rested his head on her shoulder, murmuring that he missed his father already. She stroked his cheek before she felt something very warm slide over her armor and a small trace of light caught her attention. She lifted her head up, antennas perked, before her optics widened and she patted Side Swipe's face before hissing at him to look.

They both watched as golden rays shot across the sky, bouncing off the various crystal arrangements as they went. The normally dark and black expansion of sky was slowly blotted out by brilliant yellows, orange, and reds. They stared as a huge disk slid over the rim of Cybertron's horizon , the light shooting directly through the crystal trees and sending out a huge rainbow of colours over Oriona and Side Swipe's armor. For the first time in eons, the two of them were witnessing a Cybertronian sunrise.

Oriona stare at the rising sun and felt a tear slide down her face. Galvatron was never gone, not so long as that sun continued to rise over Cybertron's surface. She wiped her optics and whispered softly to Side Swipe that everything was going to be okay. He looked at her and smiled widely as tears tumbled down his face.

"I know," he murmured. "I know."

They hugged each other tightly, both prepared to wait for Galvatron's return no matter how long he took. They failed to notice the dark shuttle glaring at them with clenched fists. Oriona, somehow, was still under Galvatron's influences. She needed freedom from his tyranny and he seemed like the only one willing to take the steps to free her. He snorted to himself before he turned and stormed back into the Prime's Mansion; curse the sun to the Pit and back!

Meanwhile, on Earth, a pair of pink optics peered out of a very dark cave. The Seeker's wings twitched curiously before he looked at the recharging form beside him. Something big had just happened back home and he was sure his mate would know the answer to his curiosity. While he was tempted to wake him up, he knew that his mate needed to rest after the long journey to Earth. He smiled behind his face mask before petting the now orange and black mech's helm lovingly. He could wait for his mate to awaken before asking him what was going on. He was patient enough.

Author's note: END OF STORY, HOLY COW! Longer than I had hoped but at least I got it done ^w^ Also, the "D" button on my keyboard hates me right now; stupid sticky thing! Next up, the thrilling conclusion arc to the series! Will Galvatron return and be called Megatron again? Will Side Swipe ever get a girlfriend? Is there romance in Demolisher and Cyclonus' future? More sparklings? Whatever happened to Thrust and Sideways? And, most importantly, who's going to get gender-bent next? Stay tuned for the next story! Give me about a week ;p