How to Get an X5 to Fess Up in One Easy Hour
by pari106;
Disclaimer: DA is not mine; Rating: PG-13; Summary: Zack can resist interrogation techniques better
than any other X series alive. But one woman has found a way of getting him to talk more effective than
Manticore had ever dreamed.

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**** ****


That's what it was. She was torturing him, plain and simple. And X5 599 had undergone a variety of
tortures in his lifetime. But not like this. Nothing he'd ever experienced even compared to this.

Zack tugged at the restraints that bound his wrists above his head to no avail. Alas, his captor had secured
them too well. He could not escape.

"What are the locations of the other X5s?" came the query once more. Zack's captor stood before him, her
voice firm as she spoke; an evil little smile on her lips that did not bode well for him if he responded
unsatisfactorily. Her eyes glinted with malice and amusement, and Zack swallowed thickly.


Please. That is what he'd been reduced to. To pleading. The very notion that anyone could get him to beg
would usually have made Zack livid. But at the moment there was no room in his mind for anger. All
Zack could concern himself with was ending the torment he currently endured. He *had* to end it. And if
begging was the only recourse for doing so… Then so be it.

His captor laughed. "Had enough, soldier?" she asked.

Zack still had on his clothes; his leather jacket, jeans, and boots. But she'd unbuttoned his shirt and ripped
his t-shirt straight down the middle. Then she'd proceeded to practice her ghastly art on his chest and sides.
The entire time Zack shook with the need to cry out at her ministrations, but his pride was too strong to
allow him that weakness. Instead he'd suffered silently. Now he wasn't certain how much longer he could
keep that up.

"Or do we need to resort to *other* methods of persuasion?" the evil little woman continued. Max held up
her feather…

And Zack tried one last time to reason with her before she continued this crazy game and he did something
he'd regret.


"Where are they, Zack?" she asked him again.

Zack sighed, but the sound caught in his throat when Max brought that feather up next to his right side once
again. He could *not* laugh. He absolutely would *not* laugh! He would never hear the end of it if word
got around that he was ticklish. Zack glared at his sister.

"Tell me," Max tempted, "And this will all be over."

Zack rolled his eyes and sighed. This was ridiculous. And he told Max so. She raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, really?"

Too late Zack had noticed the new glint that had come into her eyes. He froze. "Maxie…" But his
warning went unfinished…

Because then Max brought her feather down on his sensitive skin once more.

Zack's laugher echoed off the walls around them. Followed closely by loud curses.

Max grinned, triumphant.

"Now…you tell me exactly what I want to know. Or *I'll* tell everybody about that spot beneath your ribs
where you can't stand to be touched." Her voice was so damned smug.

Zack frowned, defeated. How could he argue with that?

"Okay, fine. But if you all get your asses hauled back to Manticore because you…okay! Okay! I'll tell
you! Just put that fucking thing away already!"

Max had ten addresses in her pocket by the end of the hour.

'So much for torture,' she thought to herself, happily, as she left town for Jondy's that night. A good tickle
worked ten times better.