Mike is laying on the couch asleep the TV is on Ben and Kate walk in from the kitchen Ben looks at the couch "There he is" Kate smiles at Ben "thanks ill take it from here" Ben smiles at her and walks back into the kitchen into the Kitchen as Kate walks over to the couch and sits down beside Mike and bends down and kisses him on the cheek Mike starts to wake up Kate smiles at him "hey sleepyhead" Mike continues to wake up as he leans back against the pillow and runs his fingers through his hair "Hey" Kate smiles at him "rough day" Mike looks at her "yea I thought it would be a good idea to build and launch rockets" Kate smiles at him "That sounds like fun" Mike sits up on the couch beside her "Yea I thought it would to" Kate looks at him and puts his hand in hers "What happened ?" Mike looks at her "Well everything was going great until Hosa and Kenny decided to launch a rocket right at my elbow" Kate puts her head on his shoulder "Awww…I'm sorry" Mike looks at her "Can I ask you a question ?" Kate looks at him "sure" he holds up his arm "Dose this look swollen ?" Kate gives him a look as Luke and Ben walk in Luke walks over to Mike "Hosa and Kenny said you're a poor sport" Mike looks at him "They shoot me in the arm with a rocket what was I supposed to say good job" Luke gives him a look "Well that would have been a nice start" Mike gives him a look as as he leaves the room Mike looks at Ben "Hey are you ok Ben ?" Ben looks at him "yea I'm just fine" he passes out "Yea he's fine" They get up and start to get Ben upstairs The scene changes to Mike coming back downstairs and jumps over the couch where Kate is sitting "Well he's dead" Kate looks at him Mike smiles "Just kidding he is out cold though so how was your trip ?" Kate looks at him "It was wonderful and cold" Mike smiles at her "Well it was a photo shoot for winter wear in the alps…well at least now we can spend some time together" He leans in to kiss her when Kate gives him a look "Well" Mike looks at her "Not again" Kate looks at him "But this is a really big shoot" Mike looks at her "Where is this one at ?" Kate looks at him "In Hawaii" Mike smiles at her "Well at least you wont be cold this time" Kate looks at him "You mean we won't be cold" Mike looks at her confused "We ?" Kate smiles "We'll I know we haven't got to spend a lot of time together so I asked the people in charge if you could come and they said yes" Mike looks at her "Well what about my class ?" Kate smiles "I already talked to Mr. Tedesco and he said it would be okay but there's a chance you may have to pay for therapy when we get back" Mike looks at her for a second then gets a smile on his face "of course ill go when are we leaving" Kate gets excited "At 6:30 tomorrow" Mike swallows and looks at her "I hope you mean tomorrow night" Kate shakes her head no and Mike gives her a distressed look