Casey slammed her locker door closed and sighed. It was only a quarter after twelve, which meant she had three hours of school left. Normally she loved school, but she had plans at four, and her day was going by extremely slowly. It was only lunch, which meant she had an hour and a half of study hall and then an hour of trig ahead.

"My, aren't we a little moody today?" came a voice behind her.

Casey jumped and whirled around. "My god Olivia! You scared me!" she snapped, only half meaning it. "Where the hell were you this morning?"

"Technically I don't have to be here until nine thirty. You, my dear, don't have that luxury. It comes with being a--OW!" Olivia grabbed the pencil Casey had thrown at her and returned it to its owner.

"You totally deserved that one. Anyways I'll see you after school. Four O'clock?"

"Four O'clock," Olivia confirmed with a smile.

Casey smiled and kissed her. Picking her backpack off of the ground, she swung it onto her right shoulder. "I love you." She turned and walked towards the cafeteria. Hopefully her day would go by more quickly now that she had something to look forward to.

After getting her lunch, she took her seat at the table she had unofficially claimed. "Chili cheese fries," she explained to Marissa, Jennifer, Taylor, and the other girls when she saw the looks they were giving her. "What? I eat lunch here once a week, and these fries are my favorite."

"I thought nachos were your favorite." Marissa nibbled on a small sugar cookie.

Taylor combed her fingers through her silky blonde waves. "That was last week," she snapped. It was no secret that Taylor and Marissa were ex best friends turned enemies. They fought constantly, both verbally and physically. Casey still refused to choose between them.

"Um, hamburgers were last week. Nachos were the week before that. Keep up you two faced bottle blonde."

Taylor slammed her compact onto the table. "You're one to talk! Everybody knows you only dyed your hair to match Casey's. Only now you look like a giant strawberry."

Casey laid her head on the table and shoved her tray away. Suddenly she no longer had an appetite. "First of all," she began slowly. "I'm the one who paid for Marissa's coloring. So if you want to insult it, fine, but know that you're insulting me and my personal choices. Secondly, strawberries aren't allowed near me, because you all know I'M ALLERGIC!!!" She got up and threw her tray away, then turned and faced the girls. "And lastly, I'm tired of hearing you two argue over trivial issues."

"But-" Marissa began.

"Shut up," Casey growled. "Just shut up."

"But Casey-"

"SHUT UP!!!" Casey gathered her things and stormed away. On any other day she would have made Taylor and Marissa work things out, if only for the lunch hour. But she had plans, and she didn't want to be in a bad mood for them. Pulling her phone out, she opened Marissa's text first.

"So why won't you date the guys we picked for you?"

Casey shook her head and typed "Because they're not my type." hen she put her phone away. She wasn't ready for ANYBODY to know she was dating a girl. While Olivia was the most popular senior girl, Casey wasn't ready to be known as "that lesbian chick." She just wasn't ready, and she was beyond grateful that Olivia understood that. Taking the stairs two at a time, she was soon in front of the library.