Hello! This story will be told primarily from Bella's point of view, but Alice will help to fill in the gaps with the Cullen household, as at this point Bella has only met Edward once. Enjoy!

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Jasper and I retreated to our third bedroom. I was rather proud that we weren't so flamboyant in our love as Rosalie and Emmett were; they had already destroyed seven rooms in the new house, and we'd hardly been in Forks for two years. At least the constant redecorating kept Esme occupied.

I shut the door quickly and quietly before I pounced.

"You little monster," he chuckled.

I raised an inquisitive eyebrow, pretending to be incensed. I craned my neck away from his intended kisses, but he caught me easily, pulling me around to face him and pushing me down on the bed.

"My beautiful, talented, wife of a monster," he corrected. I gave in with a laugh, filling my tiny fists with two handfuls of his shirt and pulling him down to me.

His shirt was on the floor and my dress was on its way to joining it when I froze. Jasper continued to apply kisses to my neck and throat before he raised his head. I didn't see him do so; I only heard his sigh. It was the fourth time this week that my visions had come at such an inconvenient time, and I knew that a lesser man would have grown impatient. Jasper stroked the back of my hand lightly as he waited for my eyes to clear and return to him. As understanding as he was, I didn't think it a good idea to tell him my theory that Bella Swan was the cause of my sudden increase in visions. He might have a harder time accepting her as my sister.

I focused in on the image that danced around my head, staring intently as though moving pixels into place. I saw my future best friend standing on a rock down at La Push, the one place we were forbidden to go. She wobbled, and I laughed, finding the situation more humorous than concerning. Although Bella's clumsiness was worrying at times, she was perfectly safe with her friends around her. Sure enough, that dull Mike Newton was only too eager to play the role of her knight errant, keeping his arms around her long after she recovered from the near–fall.

He paused near the edge of the woods, just as they were about to rejoin their friends. I paid closer attention, sure that this was the climax of the vision. Mike looked at Bella's feet nervously as he asked her to the Spring Fling. Her face became as uncomfortable – if not more so – as his own. It was certainly much redder. I sniggered as she informed him that she would be out of town that day, driving to Seattle. It was clearly a lie. Mike certainly didn't think so: he was heartened that she hadn't rejected him outright, and he offered to take her out another time. Flustered, Bella could think of no other reply than a nod. They left the woods for Mike's Suburban, he looking triumphant, and she absent as they held hands. My smirk dissolved into a snarl.

"Dammit, Edward!" My hiss elicited another sigh from Jasper. It was clear that I wasn't going to be in the mood again anytime soon.

I was fuming. I was the one who had brought us to Forks, after all. I was the one who had wheedled and plead with Carlisle in secret until he agreed that we should leave Denali for a decade or so. I was the one who had seen visions of Bella and Edward together, and Bella as my sister. As my best friend.

There was simply no way in hell that I was going to allow my poor, deluded brother to screw that up.

Things had not gone as well as I had hoped, that first day. They were no worse than I had expected, but there were occasions when I hoped my visions were faulty. Edward had been overcome with lust for Bella's blood, and far from killing her – as many would have, members of our family included – he removed himself from her presence. I was proud of him for having the strength to not kill my future sister, though the more time he spent away, the more frustrated I became.

It had been nearly two months, and Edward's absence had not been conducive to the relationship that was supposed to be forming between him and Bella. Instead, it seemed, Mike Newton – the epitome of high school toolishness – had moved in for the kill.

That would not be tolerated.

If by some fluke Bella grew to return Mike's adolescent infatuation, all my careful planning to get us to this point would be for nothing, and Edward would continue to wander the earth alone for all eternity. Not to mention the fact that I would be robbed of a shopping partner, albeit an unenthusiastic one.

Edward had had enough time to resolve his issues. He needed to come home, and come home now. And once he got here, I would make sure he swept her off her feet, away from the awkward clutches of Mike Newton, and into the Cullen home.

The only thing left to determine was the best way to lure him back from his wilderness retreat. I settled on befriending Bella. As he'd slammed his foot down on the gas pedal of Carlisle's Mercedes, in the milliseconds before he'd peeled away that first day, Edward had issued express instructions that none of us was to interact with the girl in any way, shape, or form, under any circumstances. I had never been one to follow Edward's command.

I patted Jasper's hand in apology as he picked his shirt off the floor.

"Another time," I promised, my expression unusually grim. "I have work to do."