Life can change everything in a moment. Your entire world can shatter and crash down on you, before you even know what had just hit you.

Life is cruel and there's nothing you can do about it. The people in the world are cruel and most are fools.

People say that you can choose the path in which your life goes or there's always something good that comes from what is bad.

Well those people can just kiss my ass. You don't choose the path you take, fate does. And let me tell you, fate is one fucking dirty bitch. Fate don't play fair. Fate doesn't care who gets hurt or dies. Fate just takes everything and never gives back.

Fate made my life hell. Took everything away from me. Then fate decided to be even more of a fucking bitch and throw something else into the game we all call life. Everything I knew was a lie.

Yeah, life could change at a moments notice. I knew that all to well.