~*.*Disciples of the Keyblade*.*~

Title: Saving

Rating: T to be safe

Warnings: Violence

Characters: Ventus, Aqua, Terra, Master Eraqus, Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan, Grandmother Willow, John Smith, Ratcliffe, various others

Summary: Aqua, Terra, and Ven mistakenly arrive in "The New World", and they're faced with principles they've never heard of before.

Special Notes: Besides the epilogue I may or may not do, this is the last chapter of Disciples of the Keyblade. As you know, this idea is courtesy of surxi25, and I hope you enjoy it!

For Dani-Chan, as always!


Ventus narrowed his eyes, raising a hand to shield himself from the sharp glint of the sun against the river beneath them. He and Terra had left the settlers' camp early, not really worrying about the "savages" despite their warnings.

"After all," Terra had reasoned. "Grandmother Willow said that Aqua was okay with them."

The blonde still couldn't believe that Terra had spoken with a tree, but he shoved his surprise away and focused on finding Aqua. Evidently the older male knew where the village they were searching for was, and he let Terra lead the way without complaint.

They were on an upraised portion of land that trailed along near a fast-flowing stream. Some beavers were attempting to dam it up, but they weren't making a lot of progress at the moment. The wildlife was plentiful here, and Ven stopped more than once to look around at the green-leafed trees, emerald grass, and paw-prints that dotted the dirt like abstract patterns.

"I don't like Ratcliffe," Terra remarked a few feet ahead of him, trudging forward without checking to see how close Ven was. His hands were shoved in his pockets, but his expression wasn't visible at the moment.

"I don't either," Ven admitted, hurrying to keep up and falling into step at the eldest apprentice's side. "He was completely obsessed with finding gold. I dug all day and I still didn't find anything interesting."

Before they had departed from the settlers' camp, Governor Ratcliffe had come out (along with his "Yes-Man", Wiggins) and practically ordered them to learn about where the "savages" had hidden the gold. A favor for a favor, or some such nonsense.

Terra grunted, dismissive of Ratcliffe and his words, pushing aside a tree branch and sliding down a slope, with Ventus close behind. The air was cool and damp and tasted of algae, evidence of their close proximity to the lake. A small waterfall crashed nearby, throwing up a cloud of glittering foam.

"Are we almost there?" Ven questioned, jumping across the water via the stepping stones. He almost slipped but managed to catch himself.

"I think so," Terra replied over his shoulder. "I got a good view of everything from the top of the tree, and I'm sure the village was at least in this direction."

Before the blonde could answer, he got a blast of leaves to the face. He shouted in surprise as the unexpected wind caught him off-guard, sending him tumbling head over heels down a hillside. He waited for the world to stop spinning, groaning, finding his body braced against the hollow husk of a fallen tree.

A big pair of dark eyes was suddenly in his field of vision, and Ven yelped in shock again.

" Ven! Are you okay?" Terra was at his side, staring down at him with concern in his gaze. He directed his attention towards the creature peering inquisitively at the blonde, smirking a little. "It's just a raccoon."

"Huh? Oh!" Getting to his feet, he smiled and offered a hand. "Hey there!"

The raccoon sniffed his hand, turning it over as if looking for something. When he didn't find it, he huffed in annoyance.

"Let's keep going," instructed Terra, already moving away.

"Wait a minute; I think we should follow him!"

Pause. "Why?"

Dusting himself off, Ven sought to find a justification for his unexplainable logic. "I've got a feeling we should," he explained lamely. Meanwhile, the raccoon was sniffing along near a bush with bright red berries.

"Riiight." Terra shook his head, sighing deeply.

"You wouldn't happen to know where the natives are, would you?" Ven kindly asked the raccoon. The masked animal cocked his head to the side, and then made a sort of barking sound before lumbering off. "I think he knows!" The boy shouted excitedly, turning back to Terra with a silly grin before racing off after the raccoon.

The ground shot downwards so abruptly that the blonde almost lost his footing, but he managed to regain it and was none the worse for wear. Sunlight dappled his skin with peculiar patchwork shapes, just like the earth beneath his feet. The raccoon was a lot faster than he looked, bounding forward with his striped tail swirling.

Terra crashed through the brush like a grizzly bear. "Are we really going to follow a raccoon?"

Ven's only reply was a cheery smile tossed over his shoulder.

Eventually the forest floor changed, transforming into damp gray stone. The raccoon shot up into a tree, and the youngest apprentice stared after him interestedly. Just then, he noticed something moving out of the corners of his eyes. Grabbing Terra before the brunette could pass, he pointed silently at the three figures below.

They were sitting on flat rocks near a waterfall. Two women and a man. One woman had long, dark hair and an emerald hummingbird fluttering near her shoulder. She was gazing at the blonde man, who was cupping his hands to take a drink out of the clear water. The other of the trio…

"Aqua!" Ven cried excitedly, springing straight down. He ended up slipping and creating quite a splash as his head went under the pool formed by the small set of streams that were running away from the tumbling falls. Terra dropped next to him, chuckling and helping the blonde to his feet. Unbothered, Ven ran over to Aqua as she stood up with surprised delight shining in her azure eyes.

"Ven! Terra!" She called happily as they reunited, standing beside one another and practically deafening themselves as they all tried to explain what had happened to them at once.

"Wait, wait," Aqua sought to get her companions to quiet themselves, waving her hands. Taking a step back, she gestured at her amused looking companions. "Ven, Terra, I would like you to meet Pocahontas and John Smith. Pocahontas, John, these are my friends."

The sturdily built blonde settler approached Terra, offering his hand. "Nice to meet you. You must be who she was looking for." He dipped his head in Aqua's direction.

Terra returned the handshake with a firm nod. "That's right."

Pocahontas smiled, and Ven swore she had the same exact inquisitive air to her as he did. He liked her already. "Ven," she said his name slowly, rolling it off of her tongue. "That's an interesting name," she laughed. "Does it mean anything?"

"Short for Ventus, which is Latin for wind!" He put his hands on his hips proudly, baring all of his teeth in a huge grin.

Pocahontas's response was a grin of her own. She turned to Aqua and inquired, "Does that mean you're leaving now?"

"We might need to," Aqua admitted. "You see, we aren't allowed to meddle and—"

John Smith turned around abruptly and yelped, "Hey! What do you think you're doing?"

The raccoon was back, and this time his nose was buried in the blonde settler's satchel that had been deposited next to the waterfall. Something gold flashed in his pointy teeth before he scrambled up into a tree.

"Meeko!" Pocahontas scolded, racing over in a swirl of black hair, deftly climbing the jagged stones as if they weren't even there. "Give that back!"

Ven, Terra, and Aqua all exchanged looks before giggling at the couple as they endeavored to reason with the raccoon. Ven said reluctantly, "So we're just going to leave?"

"We're not on a mission. Master must be worried sick," Aqua fretted.

"I'm sure he's fine, but she's right, Ven. Besides, what are we going to fix here? We can't deal with every single little difference—" Terra was cut off by the untimely arrival of a brass compass that smacked him straight in the face. Either someone had dropped it from above the nearby ledge, or it had bounced out of Meeko's grasp.

Snickering, Ven bent to pick up the object as Pocahontas jogged over and peeked at it with open curiosity.

"It's a compass," John explained to her, taking it from the blonde Keybearer with an appreciative nod. The hummingbird tapped it with its beak before zipping off again.

"A compass? What does it do?" The native took it in her hands and rotated it. Ven watched the turning arrow as Terra and Aqua started quietly bickering behind him.

"It shows you which way is north. See? No matter how you hold it or where you face, that—" He traced the arrow with one finger. "Will point north."

"A turning arrow…" Pocahontas's eyes became cloudy as she sank deep into thought.

"Something the matter?"

"Nothing at all." She grinned to prove it, and then faced Aqua. "Before you go, why don't you come meet Grandmother Willow?"

"Grandmother Willow? Um, sure. Will...she be okay with my friends?"

She laughed again, and Ven had the feeling that she laughed a lot. "I'm sure she will," assured the native warmly.

"Oh, would that be the tree that Terra was talking with earlier?" Ven piped up.

Pocahontas appeared clearly astonished. She stared straight at Terra. "You spoke with Grandmother Willow?"

He rubbed the back of his hair. "Yeah. I think she liked me."

"Wait, what? Talking trees?" John Smith looked around blankly, prompting a collection of smiles from everyone.

"You'll see. This way." Pocahontas sprinted off, spry as a deer, and Ven pelted after her just as quickly. She was flanked by her hummingbird, Flit, on one side as Meeko the raccoon bounced down to land on her shoulder.

"Great, we're running some more," Terra complained. He certainly had their endurance but—and this was thought in a slightly smug manner—he lacked the rest of the party's speed.

This just made Ven jog all the faster.


Um…are these wetlands? I should have paid more attention to our geography lessons, Ven thought sheepishly as his armored feet sank into soft mud near the riverbank. Water twined through low-hanging branches and much of the light from above was blocked out, creating a twilight-ish glow. The setting was certainly mystical enough for a talking tree…

Pocahontas had a canoe, and after Aqua worked some magic to make all of the Keybearers lighter, they were able to use it to successfully enter the hanging ivy folds of an ancient willow tree without getting wet. Fortunately it had been parked not far from where they had come out of the forest, obviously intentional on Pocahontas's part.

"So…talking trees…" John seemed a bit skeptical, but Terra merely smirked.

"Cool!" Ven celebrated; jumping ashore the instant they hit the edges of the small island. An ancient blue-barked tree towered over them, and he waved cheerfully. "Hiya there!"

Pocahontas laughed again as Ven stumbled back. An elderly woman's face had formed in a knoll on the trunk, blinking at him in mild surprise.

"So many new faces! Step closer, all of you, my eyes aren't what they used to be," she declared. "Pocahontas, who are these?" Her eyes focused on Terra. "I certainly recognize you."

The aforementioned Keyblader shuffled to stand almost nervously behind Aqua.

"Grandmother," began Pocahontas. "These are my friends, Ven, Aqua, and John Smith." She pointed to each of them in turn.

"Step closer, step closer," repeated the tree. As all three of them did so, Grandmother Willow tittered to herself, "My, my, what handsome young faces on all of you. You all have good hearts."

"That tree is talking to me," John remarked in a rather stupefied way.

"Maybe you should say something back?" Pocahontas suggested with a sly smile.

"Uh…nice to meet you."

"Yeah!" Ven agreed as Aqua inclined her head respectfully.

"These are your friends, Terra?" Grandmother Willow queried.

"Yeah, they are."

Terra's short responses were intriguing, at least to Ven, and the blonde apprentice peeked at his friend with a question in his gaze. The brunette just shrugged.

I think he's…shy? Uncomfortable? He's hard to read sometimes.

Grandmother Willow's eyes went wide. "What in heaven's name is that?"

Everyone turned as one to see, stumbling around in the shallows, some kind of moving log with white paws emerging from one end. Meeko the raccoon broke into chittering laughter, bouncing nimbly to the ground and pulling hard on the rotted trunk of the log. A small white dog, perhaps a pug, was revealed to be the animal behind the mask. He sat there, dazed for a bit, before barking furiously at Meeko. The raccoon stuck a tongue out.

"Percy?" John said disbelievingly.

"Ratcliffe's dog," Ven told the others in reply to their silent expressions of bewilderment.

"My word, we'll never get a bit of quiet in here at this rate," complained Grandmother Willow as Percy chased Meeko around her. As Percy passed her face, she yelled, "Quiet!"

Percy yelped sharply before freezing in fright and keeling over on the spot.

"Great. You killed him," Terra joked, crouching along with John to see if the dog was okay.

Ven grinned, and then grew serious. "The settlers are looking for gold," he said. "Do the natives really have any?"

"Gold?" Pocahontas shook her head. "John already asked me. We don't have any of gold."

"That's not good. They seemed ready to kill over it."

The native looked uncomfortable, as if he had brought something rather bad up.

"Bad tidings have been going through the forest as of late," Grandmother Willow warned. "The winds of war are blowing…"

"We might need to stick around after all," murmured Aqua thoughtfully.

"We can't let a fight start!" Ven thought of all the technological achievements he had seen in the settlers' camp. He guessed that, judging by Pocahontas's ancestral garb, her tribe didn't have the same sort of stuff as they did. It could be a massacre.

Would be, for both sides, surely.

"Ven, Terra," Aqua announced, earning their attention. "I'm going to go back to the Powhatan village."

"Why?" Terra asked, arms crossed.

"I want to see if I can stop this war. By talking." She bit her lip. "After that, I'll go talk to the settlers."

"Aqua…" Ven knew how much she hated the "backwards worlds" as she called them, but she needed to know. "We're in another one of those…um…you know…"

Her azure gaze narrowed.

"The settlers don't take magic well either. Burn the witches and all of that nonsense," stated Terra in an even tone. "So…I'll go talk to the settlers. You talk to the tribe. We'll meet back here later, okay?"

"What about me?" Ven demanded. "I want to help too!" He looked from one of his friends to the other accusingly.

"Come with me," Terra invited with a shrug. "You know the settlers after all."

"I'll come with you too," John volunteered.

"I'll go with Aqua then. When the sun sets, we'll meet here?" Pocahontas suggested.

"Sounds good." Aqua nodded.

Grandmother Willow just watched them calmly, her wise eyes taking everything in.


"What do you mean the natives don't have any gold?" One settler exclaimed.

"That's impossible!"

"They're lying."

"We didn't come all this way fer nothin', did we?"

They were back at the settlers' camp, and the Europeans weren't taking the news of no gold in Virginia well. John Smith was trying to placate them, but they were either convinced that the tribe was lying or that there really was gold, just buried.

"This is all nonsense," snorted Governor Ratcliffe with contempt in his booming voice. His dark eyes bore into John's as the blonde stared unflinchingly back. "Of course there's gold here! The savages are just—"

"They aren't lying!" Ven shouted, growing cross with the adamant men of the Virginia Company.

"That's just what they want you to think," growled Ratcliffe in reply.

One meek young man named Thomas ventured fearfully, "But what if they are telling the truth?"

Ratcliffe rounded on him, but John interrupted him before he could start. "Why won't you listen to reason?"

"I am listening to reason! This is perfectly sound reason! There's gold here, and those bloody savages are guarding it! Keeping it from us!"

Terra snapped, "We might as well leave, these idiots aren't going to listen."

Several indignant bellows sounded from the crowd, but Terra turned his back fearlessly and marched out, followed by an infuriated Ven and an annoyed John Smith.

They griped about the stubborn stupidity of the Englishmen as they made their way back to Grandmother Willow. Ven found that he was beginning to memorize the layout of the forest, at least in this area, and he led the way as they skid down hillsides and walked past fields of golden sunflowers taller than he was. A pair of falcons passed by overhead, and John followed their flight with a pensive expression.

Pocahontas and Aqua were already there, and instead of walking straight to Grandmother Willow, the group contented themselves by merely sitting down on the far left of her, finding various perches on her upraised roots.

Aqua listened to what the boys had to say about the settlers, shaking her head as her blue tresses swayed. The sun painted the sky an eerie lavender as it dipped towards the horizon. "It can't be helped, I guess. The tribe is willing to make peace, however."

"They still think the white men are dangerous though," warned Pocahontas with a dire tone.

"They're right. These guys are stuck in their beliefs." Terra tapped his fingers against his head. "Now…what to do."

Everyone sighed. They started tossing ideas back and forth, but nothing seemed to really be plausible. The party was becoming more irritable by the second, though all of their irritation was directed towards their predicament.

"I have to go," John said at last. "It's late, and they'll be out looking for me soon." As he stood to leave, he and Pocahontas walked a short distance away and whispered to each other before embracing. Aqua, Terra, and Ven smiled—

—Until a wild whoop made the Keybearers jump up in fright.

Ven's eyes widened as a tribal warrior wielding a tomahawk jumped from the bushes, scaring even Meeko and Percy. Flit the hummingbird vanished into thin air in the blink of an air. John caught the warrior's arms, succeeding in stopping the attack, but his struggle was becoming more and more desperate as he sought to keep his attacker off of him.

Pocahontas shouted what he presumed was the warrior's name—Kocoum—and tried to stop him, but he shoved her roughly back. The Keybearers were frozen, unsure what to do, but they didn't have the time to react even if they wanted to.

Everything was happening so fast…!

With a concussive bang, a bullet whizzed out and struck Kocoum in the chest. He let out one breath, long and slow, his eyes meeting Pocahontas's as he extended a hand. He ended up gripping her blue beaded necklace, ripping it from her throat as he fell with a splash into the shallows.

John limped to his feet as the petrified apprentices trembled in shock. Thomas, the timid settler from earlier, was standing nearby with a rifle in his shaking hands. "Thomas!" John shouted angrily, ignoring his own bruises.

"I…he was…I thought…"

"Go!" John ordered sharply, and Thomas practically tripped over himself in his haste to obey.

Aqua was the first to snap out of her trance. She pounded to Kocoum's side as Pocahontas cradled his body, and she pressed a hand over his chest. Ven and Terra walked up with fearful looks.

"I'm…" All of the fire left the female disciple's blue eyes. "I'm so sorry. He's gone."

Tears were running down the tribal woman's face, but again, things got increasingly complicated.

More native warriors came out of the forest, circling them with anger radiating from each and every one. They bound and gagged John, but all they did to the Keybearers was push them harshly away as they lifted Kocoum from Pocahontas's grip and hauled John behind them.

"Wait!" Terra objected. "It's not what you—"

An old man at the back of the group stopped. He turned and wheezed, "Because you are not from this world, you are excused. I recommend you leave." With that, he followed his fellows with Pocahontas already having had long disappeared with them.

Ven felt his throat burn terribly and his eyes water. Someone had died. Right there. And he hadn't done a thing. Aqua pulled him into a soothing hug, and Terra ruffled his hair, though all of their hearts were aching in horror.

"We can't leave," Ven whimpered."W-We have to stay and help Pocahontas and J-John."

"Right," Terra's voice was reassuringly strong. "We will."

"I promise," Aqua added. "Pocahontas will be back, I'm certain. Let's…let's wait for her."

They all went to sit under the knoll that became Grandmother Willow's face, and though the old tree didn't say a word, Ven could feel her sorrow.

Winds of war indeed.


Ven groaned, opening his eyes and realizing that he had fallen asleep between Aqua and Terra, who were on either side of him. Their conversation died the instant he made a sound.

"Is…Is Pocahontas…?"

"She's coming," Grandmother Willow answered the blonde Keyblader with a sigh. "She has much on her mind. Kocoum was her fiancé—or would be, if her father had his way."

"Oh." Ven scratched his hair, swallowing emptily as the ivy parted. Pocahontas came in, with Flit over her head whilst Percy and Meeko trotted at her sides, tails lowered.

"What am I supposed to do?" Pocahontas whispered dejectedly. "They're going to war."

"Yeah. We thought they would. When?" Terra asked, not unkindly.

"Dawn. They're going to kill John." Her voice cracked, and Aqua stood to pat her on the back.

Pocahontas took out the brass compass, holding it in her hands like a sacred artifact. She tapped its clear front absently, brow furrowed.

"Everyone. Look." Grandmother Willow lifted a tendril of her ivy. "See this ripple?" She tapped the surface of the water, and a ripple flowed outwards. "So small at first. But see how it grows! But someone has to start it."

"Too bad that compass doesn't point the right way in life," Ven lamented.

Pocahontas opened her mouth, perhaps to agree, when suddenly her eyes flew open wide. "That's it…the arrow…the arrow from my dreams!"

"What?" Terra, naturally.

"What do you mean?" Aqua studied the compass as if it was magical. Maybe it was.

An unexpected wind blew, hard and strong, directing everyone's hair northward as the compass's arrow spun wildly before pointing straight forward.

"You know where you must go; now you must take it!" Grandmother Willow urged as the first red tints of dawn dyed the horizon scarlet.

Pocahontas took off like a bullet, and after exchanging shocked glances, the Keybearers followed. Ven knew that Aqua and Terra would likely be left behind—Pocahontas ran as if she had the wings of an eagle—but the blonde apprentice ran like he had the paws of a wolf, and he kept up as they leaped gaps and pelted down hills.

Even he was beginning to breathe hard as the wind pushed fiercely behind him, as if seeking to goad him faster and faster until his lungs burst from the effort.

Some of the settlers? He really liked them. They seemed like good people. He didn't want any of them or the Powhatans to die in some pointless battle over fictional gold.

Kocoum's death flashed before his eyes, and he grimaced.

At last, they cleared an incline and Ven beheld the scene before him and Pocahontas.

Settlers, armed for combat, were standing with their backs to a thin strand of trees. Ratcliffe, clad in black armor, was at their head. The natives—they had called more tribes in, and their ranks had swelled—were on a small upraised rock cliff. A man that was undoubtedly the Powhatan chieftain was raising a club over a bound John Smith's head, ready to smash it in.

Pocahontas pushed swiftly through several warriors and flung her arms over her beloved's body. "No! If you kill him, you'll have to kill me too."

"Daughter, stand back," her father commanded.

"No! I won't! I love him, father." Pocahontas said this while staring her father in the eyes. He gaped at her.

Terra and Aqua finally arrived, and Ven raised a hand to stop them from intervening. She likely didn't need any help. Everyone was gawking at the sight before them.

"Look around you," Pocahontas continued in a clear, strong voice. "This is where the path of hatred has brought us."

The warriors and settlers shifted their feet uncomfortably, both archers and gunmen.

She lowered her head and hugged John even tighter, eyes slipping closed for a moment. "This is the path I choose, father. What will yours be?"

Chief Powhatan gazed around, his eyes finding Aqua's, then Terra's, then Ven's. He moved on, surveying everything as the heavens acquired a pinkish glow. The wind returned, vibrant and pleasant, carrying multicolored leaves with it that stroked Ven's skin as they passed.

Holding his staff high, he declared, "My daughter speaks with wisdom beyond her years. We all came with anger in our hearts, but she came with courage and understanding. From this day forward, if there is to be more fighting, it will not begin with me. Release him."

Someone cut John free, and Ven resisted the impulse to cheer or clap as John and Pocahontas embraced one another tightly, the love in their eyes something he had never truly seen.

What a miracle!

Then—"Now's our chance! Fire!" Ratcliffe shouted, drawing his sword.

"No!" Thomas cried.

"What?" snarled the Governor.

"They let him go!" agreed another settler. "They don't want to fight!"

He stared wildly at his troops, but no one made an effort to move. Snatching a gun, he snapped, "Fine! I'll settle this myself!"

John moved, fast as lightning. "No!" Pushing the Chief out of the way, he took the bullet and collapsed on his side as blood spilled out from his shirt. Pocahontas and everyone else gasped in horror, and she hurriedly went to his side.

Aqua went to help him, whilst Terra and Ven glared daggers at Ratcliffe. "How could he?" Ven shouted, flummoxed and angry.

Terra growled deep in his throat as the settlers yelled accusations at Ratcliffe and circled him.

"We don't need to do anything," the brunette noted satisfactorily as the Governor was tied up by his own men. Ven turned as Aqua rejoined them, her expression confused.

"What's wrong, Aqua?" The blonde inquired.

"Pocahontas told me I shouldn't heal him."

"Why in the world not?" Terra exclaimed.

She shrugged. "This world…the natives take magic better than the settlers. If John got healed, his people…they might…they're superstitious."

"Is he going to die, though?"

"No. He'll live." Aqua smiled and said gently, "I think it's time for us to go."

I guess we could end up causing even more trouble if word gets out that John was healed by witches. Or something. Stupid Keyblade world order policy…

"This was just exasperating. There was no reason for us to even be here." Terra complained.

"I'm glad we were, though. We made some new friends!" Ven grinned, earning a laugh from his companions.

Pocahontas had overheard, and she came to them as John was picked up by the settlers to take to their camp. "Are you leaving?"

"Yes," Aqua told her.

She smiled. "Thank you, for being there. I'm glad I got to meet you." She lifted an arm and moved it slowly over her head. "Wingapo."

"Excuse me?" Terra.

"It means hello. And good bye."

"I like hello better." Ven performed the action anyway, as did the rest.

"Will you be coming back?"

"Hopefully. When we finish our training. Right?" The blonde asked his friends.

"That's right," agreed Terra. "Now let's get home before Master Eraqus throws a fit."


Back at the Land of Departure, Master Eraqus frowned as they told him their story. "I'm grateful that you're safe," he told his beloved students. "However, what worries me is that force that sent you off course to begin with. Such unusual activity lately…" Shaking his head, he added, "You should all get some rest. We'll speak more about this tomorrow."

As the Keyblader trio climbed the stairs up to their room, they chatted. "Would that be the power of true love, or something?" Ven inquired.

"I believe so," Aqua replied slowly. "She saved him. And he saved her father. I hope it all turns out well."

Terra stopped at the peak of the stairs. "We all love each other, right?" He remarked without facing them.

Ven and Aqua blushed bright red.

"As friends," Terra sighed, smirking over his shoulder.

"Yeah!" Ven shouted excitedly, pumping a fist into the air.

"Good. Then if you love me, the both of you will shut up so I can get some sleep." Terra ran off laughing as his shocked-then-indignant friends chased him down the golden halls of their home-world.

Author's Note: This is it, guys. The last of it, before Birth by Sleep comes out in America, just like I planned. Still dedicated to Dani-Chan, as so intended, and expect more Birth by Sleep stories once I get the game and finish it. I probably screwed their personalities up.

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